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Duty is the most sublime word in our language. Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more. You should never wish to do less.”…Robert E. Lee

I slept, and dreamed that life was Beauty;
I woke, and found that life was Duty.
Was thy dream then a shadowy lie?
Toil on, sad heart, courageously,
And thou shalt find thy dream to be
A noonday light and truth to thee…Ellen Stugis Hooper

I was discussing politics, the internet and news reporting during the past several years with an older friend of mine yesterday. The word and concept of duty came up and I was instantly reminded of one of my favorte quotes spoken by Kathryn Hepburn in the movie “Rooster Cogburn”, one of my favorite movies.

Scott Brown is running for US Senator from MA. Scott Brown is a fine example of living a life of duty.
From the Scott Brown for US Senate website.
“Senator Brown is a proud member of the Massachusetts National Guard, where he has served for nearly three decades and currently holds the rank of Lt. Colonel in the Judge Advocate Generals (JAG) Corps. Brown was awarded the Army Commendation Medal for meritorious service in homeland security following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. His career in public service began as selectman in Wrentham. He then went on to serve three terms as a State Representative and won his current State Senate seat in a special election in 2004. He is currently in his third Senate term.
In 2004, Senator Brown received the  Public Servant of the Year Award from the United Chamber of Commerce for his leadership in reforming the state’s sex offender laws and protecting the rights of victims. He has also been recognized by the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) for his work in creating an environment that encourages job growth and expansion in Massachusetts.”

We all have important duties to fulfill. Certainly, voting is one of them. We must do more than simply voting ourselves. We must stay involved, stay informed and encourage others to do the same. We must help elect Scott Brown for the good of the country and the good of the citizens of MA.
Six degrees of separation

“Six degrees of separation is the theory that anyone on the planet can be connected to any other person on the planet through a chain of acquaintances that has no more than five intermediaries. ”

Contact everyone you know, ask them to do the same and contact people in MA. Urge them to vote for Scott Brown. Let them know we are beside them.

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  1. Morning, All,

    Lowell Sun (informal) poll hot off the presses. Small sample, but I’ll be watching the numbers:
    Today’s Question for Jan. 16

    Who are you going to vote for in Tuesday s Senate election?

    Total Votes = 370

    Republican Scott Brown
    245 Votes, or 66.21 %

    Democrat Martha Coakley
    99 Votes, or 26.75 %

    Libertarian Joseph L. Kennedy
    4 Votes, or 1.081 %

    I won t be voting
    22 Votes, or 5.945 %

  2. SueK:

    Did you see this?

    Need poll watchers, election judges, other volunteers for Brown, keep fraud out of this election


    Happy Day…Linda

  3. Lieberman may endorse Brown? I hope that’s true. Zach

  4. Sorry, this is a bit long, but it really hits home.

    This is a poster from the Lowell Sun named ‘local guy’ and he details the facts very well.

    Ciakley is always telling people to ‘look at her record.’ Well, here it is:

    1) In 2005 Somerville police officer Keith Winfield was strongly suspected of raping and genitally burning his 23-month-old niece with a hot curling iron. As DA, Coakley headed a unit that investigated without taking action at first, and later allowed him to be released on personal recognizance with no cash bail. Winfield ultimately was prosecuted by Coakley’s successor as DA and given two life sentences. And remember, the details of this story critical of Coakley appeared in the ultra-liberal Boston Globe (note the angry tone of the comments to the piece, as well).

    (2) In 2008 a father punched out a janitor in a Market Basket supermarket because he found the employee reaching in under a bathroom stall in the men’s room to touch the leg of the man’s 4-year old child while the boy was urinating. The illegal alien janitor was charged with indecent assault (he later no showed at his hearing), but the boy’s father was also charged with assault. Coakley’s comment on a radio show? “We really discourage people from self-help.”

    (3) Coakley was originally lax in prosecuting the man who ended up being one of the most notorious of the Catholic priest child abusers, Father Geoghan. In her defense in this case, however, is the fact that at the time the evidence first came into her hands (mid-90s), such cases were very difficult to prosecute. Read the whole thing for the rather complex details.

    (4) But Coakley’s worst performance by far came in connection with the Fells Acres day care child abuse case (please read the entire link to get a flavor of the situation). Gerald ”Tookie” Amirault, along with his elderly mother and sister, had been convicted during the day care child sex abuse scare of the 80s. But he was widely known to be innocent by the time Coakley came on the scene as DA, and his mother and sister had been freed years before.

    Gerald had received a unanimous recommendation from the parole board for his release. But in 2001 Coakley lobbied that he be kept in prison, and she was successful. As a result, an innocent man was kept behind bars for another three full years to add to the fifteen he had already served.

  5. Linda from NY // January 16, 2010 at 10:23 am

    Morning, Linda,

    Yes, I’m aware of this-thanks!

    Nothing for my town; the larger cities are in need of poll watchers, and Scott’s campaign is aware of it.

    We always have a police officer (Pete) and I’m sure most of the smaller municipalities do, as well.

    I’ll check it out, though.

  6. SueK–morning! Wish I could have seen Angel watching the vid…even though you got the eye for it!! Ha!

  7. I just posted Maatha’s latest ‘gaffe’ about Curt Schilling being a Yankees fan on the Lowell Sun forum.

    In these parts, the Red Sox, Fenway Park, and everything related to them, is sacred.

    To say that Schilling is a Yankees fan is like saying that Barky is a legal POTUS.

    She has just lost Sox fans. In droves.

    For anyone who doesn’t know that Schilling was a huge contributing factor to the Sox’ 2004 World Series win (their first W.S. in 86 years, thus, ‘reversing the curse’), here it is:


    Her stupidity reminds me on John ‘Lurch’ Kerry attempting to talk about baseball several years ago by naming player ‘Manny Ortez.’ There was no ‘Manny Ortez’ in the Red Sox lineup; there was, however, David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez.

    How much more out of touch can these two get?

  8. twe // January 16, 2010 at 11:04 am

    Morning, twe!

    I’m picking up the disposable digital cam today. I’ll see if I can get a pic of him watching the vid.

    He was upset because when I brought him in, he was busy ‘free-ranging’ in the foyer. He does NOT like to be disturbed when exercising his freedom!

    I should get used to the stink eye, because I’m sure I’ll get it again at the polls on Tuesday, especially when I flash my B.C. again….

  9. SueK–yeah, that was like when Teddy called Sammy Souza, Sammy Sosa …and another name gaffe I can’t recall write now…oh yeah, I think it was that he called Mark McGuire Mike McGuire! Sheesh!!

  10. From the thread before this one….to Michael and everyone else here!!!!

    Michael // January 16, 2010 at 7:22 am

    Here are some links I read that are VERY IMPORTANT To Read:

    (1) “The Shot Heard Round The World… Scott Brown & Rudy Campaign In Boston” Article & YouTube Video Here with Rudi Gulianni Campaigning in the Streets in Boston With and For Scott Brown – Author: Jim Hoyt


    Michael….below is a great line from that article………

    Massachusetts is ready for a nude-skinned Brown man with no trace of a Kennedy dialect.

  11. SueK-I just thought of something. You are expecting a large voter turn-out-I am so not an earlier riser always was a night person. On election day I get up at 5 am so that I can be first one in line-I expect the lines to be long but it will be cold. Hot coffee or something, if the folks have to wait in a long line outside?

  12. This is the republican conservative from Pompano Beach Florida who is running for congress to replace Wexler’s seat who resigned a couple weeks ago. He needs the same push as Scott Brown is getting. We need more people who are against bo agenda.

    Curt Price for Congress

  13. SueK @ 11:14 am
    Thank you for clarifying the sports analogy-if you are not a sports fan like me you just have no knowledge of who’s who and what’s what. I was aware of the Red Sox winning after 86 years. I think the Cubs are still trying to break their curse. That’s about it.

  14. Good morning all. Still praying for Senator Brown. Get used to the title.

  15. SueK @ 11:18 am Animals watching other animals on TV.
    Louis Rukeyser was very popular in Chicago suburbs Wall Street Week-Owens Mills, Maryland. It was on Friday nights PBS-anyway as soon as Louis came on my dog would come in and hang on his every word-must have been the quality of his voice. I thought it was a little off the wall but evidently lots of peoples dogs did the same thing. People sent in their videos of their dogs watching Louis. It was a riot.
    It was always fun when Louis had his father Merle on too. He would say to his father-worst recession since depression (does our government arrange these recessions) doom, gloom. His father would always say- they said if about the crash of 1871-name at least 10 different messes, then things would change, get corrected etc. His father I guess was trying to say nothing lasts forever (altho the torture seems like it will never end). I think America is ready to clean house like never before. Economically, politically, spiritually, morally. Its’ been a little overdue. With new people like Scott, I swear he will bring more like him into the political arena.

  16. Don in California

    Good morning to you all. Still praying for Scott Brown. He is a breath of fresh air.

  17. CHRISTIANS WAKE UP from you Erosionist Lieberal induced stupor. Martha Coakley says Catholics shouldn’t work in Emergency Rooms….who will ask what she would do with Muslims taxi drivers that REFUSE to pick up Jews, drunks, anyone carrying liquor, etc….Hey Marth how about we attach a light to the heads of Cathlic Nurses to signal they can’t attend anyone that ends to end an inocent life? How about we put a light outside religious hospitals that won’t sin by ending innocent life?

    Well that is what was done for Muslims taxi drivers in I believe Minnesota. Muslims also get exclusive prayer rooms and footbath BUT CATHOLICS get pushed aside and while their religious rights are VIOLATED by CROCKS like Maatha COAKLEY.

    Erosionist Lieberals are the pinnacle of ignorance. Thso that vote for them especially CHRISTIANS are sinfully stupid.

  18. http://texasdarlin.wordpress.com/2010/01/15/another-hillary-democrat-for-scott-brown/
    SueK-You’re going to love this one. I would print these up for any Democrat who is wavering on voting for Scott. I really think he has 50 per cent or more of Dems.
    Another Hillary Democrat for Scott Brown
    January 15, 2010 by texasdarlin
    TD NOTE: susan h has been publishing intelligent comments on this blog for as long as I can remember. Today she posted the following….
    Hi TD, missed your wonderful blogs and insights all these months. Hope you are doing well.
    We need to BREAK the stranglehold on the majority Senate and if we have to vote out big democrats to do it, so be it! I had always felt the worst situation (be it democrat or republican) was for one party to have all 3 -the White House, Senate and House of Reps – that was an insane way to do business and this WH is reprehensible, calling itself Transparent and then holding secret meetings in the middle of the night, cutting secret deals to favor this one or that. I imagine Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez carrying on like this, not the democratic congress which vowed to be transparent. Did Obama ever promise anything during 2008 which he has kept?
    I am so very disappointed in the “blue dog” type democrats, most especially Mark Warner and Evan Bayh, who I held out to be moderate, fiscal conservatives, common sense, intelligent men who would bring us back to center when the Obots tried to put forth their far left leaning marxist type agendas. But everyone has caved in! I am appalled! It is like the Denver convention all over again when all the super-delegates were afraid to speak up and support who they really wanted to support (Hillary) but instead were threatened, bribed, intimidated, coerced, and who knows what else to support the fraudulent Obama.
    Good luck to Scott Brown. Sure hope MA voters have the GUTS to send a message to Washington: We are fed up and we’re not going to take it anymore!
    Thank you, susan h.
    REMINDER: Although recent polls show a Scott Brown surge, there are four days left in this campaign and it’s critical that we all do everything we can to keep Scott’s momentum going full-throttle until every last Massachusetts voter has cast a ballot next Tuesday. Go here to help:
    Update: For another excellent explanation of how a Hillary Democrat could support Scott Brown, visit Hillbuzz

  19. BTW the man falsely accused of pedophelia served almost Two Decades in jail while “innocent” and STILL TODAY HAS TO WEAR AN ANKLE BRACELET adding Insult to Injury and financial damage because it costs him abouty $500/month. This is Going On Now under Maatha Coakley’s Tenure as Attorny General in Mass.
    Horrific INJUSTICE… Maatha Restore this Innocent man’s Life and he needs to be paid REPARATIONS. Maaatha should be brought up on charges for this INJUSTICE ALONE.

    A man gets sent to jail for something he didn’t do, then when it is proven he is innocent he continues in jail. When he is finally “released” he continues with an ankle bracelet and still BEING PUNISHED even though he is innocent.

    SOMEONE please ask Maatha if he was innocent why does he continue imprisoned???

  20. Sue K-this is a new twist that the Hillbuzz guys discovered. Looks like some of DNC’S old tricks aren’t working too well. Forewarned is forearmed.
    Then, there’s another group of people we are certain is on the DNC payroll, but we haven’t figured out how to place them in the above — really, they could be trolls, concern trolls, and Eeyores all at once. They’re the “purists”, who specifically target any Republican running for office, hoping to push the magic button with conservative voters to get them to stay home on voting day because the Republican candidate, whoever he or she is, “is not conservative enough”. The sick twist to this is that, if you pay attention to political forums, these same purists say EVERY Republican candidate is not conservative enough. NO ONE is conservative enough for these people. They claim Reagan is their hero today, but if Reagan was running for anything today, they would certainly be attacking him for not being conservative enough himself. That’s because, in our opinion, these people are most likely college-age Liberals getting paid to drive down Republican support for a candidate and demoralize conservative voters.
    There is a major psy-ops effort underway against Scott Brown’s voters in Massachusetts. If Democrats are sending all of their big guns to the state to campaign for Martha Coakley, don’t you think they’ve also mobilized their troll army as well?

  21. Peter-I wonder if there is a local chapter of Project Innocence in MA? Their lawyers and assistants have freed many innocent people who were convicted-mostly on DNA. This man definitely needs some help.

  22. Watch all the POLLS!!

    ACORN is pouring into Mass. They are coming to PIMP for the anti-religious freedom neo-commie CINO ( catholic in name only) Maatha Coakley.

    I said long ago we need to film everyone going in and out of each and every poll for investigation and evidence. There are people voting in multiple precincts using organized voting lists of FAKE or real registered voters. There is DAMPANT ELECTION FRAUD. ACORN doesn’t spend money registering Voters just for the hell of it. They use this lists on a concerted and organized effort of Voting Fraud to tort the efforts of real voters and STEAL ELECTIONS.

    Scott Brown and every citizens needs to pitch in like a Neighborhood Crime Watch and keep elections Honest.

    Citizens’ CIS – Massachusetts Operation Election Watch and Video Surveillance.

  23. Over on HuffPo I was surprised the read the Demonrats are livid at Ben Nelson for asking that his perks go to all states, not just his. They know this is impossible and they feel he will use this as a ruse to withdraw support. Maybe/maybe not. They also summarily attack anyone who mentions that allowing union members not to pay taxes on their health care vs. the average joe, is totally and completely unfair. This aspect will never sit with the American people, I fear we will see violence errupt against unions from the vast majority, because while they suffer it’s very obvious that the minority obamakins get benies they don’t.

  24. Did you all know that Orly had to get rid of her comments section on her site…..too many hackers coming in…..she has some software that cleans up the hacking every 15 minutes but it is occurring more often than it can clean up….the poor woman doesn’t have a chance!

  25. #

    terminu // January 16, 2010 at 12:31 pm

    Over on HuffPo I was surprised the read the Demonrats are livid at Ben Nelson for asking that his perks go to all states, not just his. They know this is impossible and they feel he will use this as a ruse to withdraw support. Maybe/maybe not. They also summarily attack anyone who mentions that allowing union members not to pay taxes on their health care vs. the average joe, is totally and completely unfair. This aspect will never sit with the American people, I fear we will see violence errupt against unions from the vast majority, because while they suffer it’s very obvious that the minority obamakins get benies they don’t.

    terminu…..my thinking is if we would kick out all of the illegals from our land then we wouldn’t need Unions…..let everyone get paid what they are worth…..I believe UNIONIZATION has been the down fall of this country…..they serve a purpose to a certain extent but I think they are way too big now!!!

  26. terminu @ 12:31 pm
    When I read about Ben Nelson and the Unions-looks like they cut a “deal” with just about everybody, except the American people/taxpayers/voters. This goes so far beyone unfair it is amazing. They are calling this Healthcare Reform?? What reform? Where?
    This bill was a piece of garbage although lengthy from day one and everyday since it’s existence it has gotten more and more rotten. Scott is right it is a bad bill, back to the drawing board.

  27. Hi All,

    Gotta hit the campaign trail shortly, so I’ll chat with y’all later.

    I’m going up to sales-tax-free New Hampshire for pet supplies, and also to look for MA license plates to chat ’em up about Scott. Many MA residents (especially in the border towns) head on up to NH for tax-free shopping, so I’m expanding my campaigning to our friendly neighbor state to the north.

    I just sent this e-mail to my MA pals on my list. Again, sorry for the length, but I think they’ll get it. The links are to Ayla and the Massachusetts Miracle piece you’ve already seen:
    Morning, All,

    As you know, I’m not what you’d call ‘politically inclined’ however, Tuesday, January 19 is a very important day.

    We have the chance to turn over a new page and start down the road to saving America.

    Ted Kennedy held this Senate seat for 47 years..47 YEARS! His policies were ultra-liberal and A-OK with the Democrat machine here. They’re not OK anymore.

    It’s time for a change. If you’ve noticed, your freedoms are slipping away under this current administration and moving the country in a direction closely resembling that of the former Soviet Union: Health care takeover, auto industry takeover, bank takeover. What’s next? Do you really want to know?

    Scott Brown is that change. A good, decent man whose philosophies harken back to what America once was; not one who keeps an innocent man (Gerald ‘Tookie’ Amirault from the Fells Acres Day Care Center case) in jail for 18 years, prosecutes a father for decking an illegal alien whose child was being groped in a supermarket rest room, or fails to prosecute a man who raped a toddler with a hot curling iron. To add insult to injury, she has called our hero, Curt Schilling, a ‘Yankees fan.’ That’s Martha Coakley’s record.

    I’m attaching two videos. Please give them an eyeball. One is Scott’s lovely daughter, Ayla, singing the Star Spangled Banner on the 4th of July at the Hatch Shell with Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops. The second is a powerful piece about our history here in Massachusetts, and what we need to do.

    While I would never tell anyone how to vote, I will say that *getting out to vote* on Tuesday is extremely important. The thugs will be out attempting to rig the vote; we know that already, as they’re coming in by the busload. Just please be aware of it.

    Here’s to a new day!


  28. SueK @ 12:40
    Sue I think I know how to freeze a crowd of Scott’s supporters in place.
    Down here in Florida they have open air theatres where they put down a screen or a sheet or something turn on the video, DVD and call it a movie.
    Obama gets off plane-you have Scotts people in place and they play the Ayla video. All of Scott’s supporters burst into singing the Star Spangled Banner with Ayla-the trick is synchronizing the timing. It would make you know who-really, really mad.

  29. Michelle // January 16, 2010 at 12:55 pm

    Hey Michelle,

    I don’t even know where he’s gonna be yet, but it’s a lovely idea. Not a lot of time…

  30. I saw O on fox news asking for donations flanked by Clinton and GW. O inspired just the opposite with his flat delivery, the hyposcrisy of his words.
    GW said people want to send blankets, but instead just send cash and trust him and O to make sure it gets distributed.
    No thanks, I’ll contribute to Salvation Army instead.

  31. Kim // January 16, 2010 at 1:05 pm

    Hey Kim,

    I saw that, too. Contributions locally and to known charities are the way to go.

    Did ya notice how grey Barky’s hair was?

    Just goes to show you what happens to you when you try living a lie…

  32. I also seen Clinton/Bush/? not sure his legal name. Was hoping Clinton or Bush would have said, this clown is not a natural born citizen…..

  33. should have been “hypocrisy” lol

  34. (This is a BRILLIANTLY written piece – please don’t skip over this post. I personally downloaded the PDF file and am forwarding it to others.)

    Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) gave a speech Wednesday night about health care reform which is a must-read…all of it.

    You can read the full text here:
    http://www.rossputin.com/blog/media/RyanHealthCareSpeechJan2010.pdf (See attached)

    Ryan’s speech is notable for a few things:

    First, it is a devastating broadside against Progressivism, not just against the health care “reform” being proposed by Democrats.

    Second, he makes clear that conservatives who oppose the Democrats’ “reforms” are not in favor of the status quo, but instead support a different set of reforms for a system we all agree has serious problems – problems which are caused by government, and for which more government intervention is not the solution.

    Third, Ryan closes by paraphrasing an extremely important argument made recently by Charles Krauthammer, that “Decline is a Choice“, with Ryan believing that the 2010 elections will show Americans rejecting that choice.

    Congressman Ryan’s speech is one of the best and most important I’ve seen in a long time and I encourage you all to read it and share it. It’s no wonder that Ryan’s name continues to surface as one of the key young leaders of the GOP and as someone likely to be encouraged to run for president some day.


  35. Kim @ 1:05 pm
    I will give at church tonight, I know they will have a special collection. Cash will be used to purchase food and water to the victims. There are many groups -religious, secular who are down there on a permanent basis. Still a struggle with distribution.
    They can’t handle clothes, shoes, blankets at this time too big of a mess.
    Living in South Florida after Hurricanes no power for a week, month, months in some cases. This is what the Haitian or any people will treasure later. 100 per cent cotton T-Shirts-used and washed 3 million times, comfortable and you are going to get grubby. Blankets cotton, jeans-also used-soft and will get grubby. Looks like from the video they could use some hand tools. As they start making progress they will let people know what folks need down there. South Florida has a large Haitian community they will keep us informed.

  36. Michigan volunteers headed to Mass to help Scott Brown:

  37. This is one of the groups that has been going to Haiti for a long, long time. Frank McKinney is a local legend here in Florida-very well respected and liked. When he first came to Florida not a dime in his pocket. I think Frank had ADHD issues too. Very interesting guy-I think he really likes building things, and sharing due to his blessings.

  38. twe.. thanks.. had I known I would have went with them. I am from Michigan.

  39. Scott Brown, Frank McKinney crazy can be a very good thing.
    “I said, ‘Who is that crazy guy?'”
    McKinney’s Delray treehouse comes down, raises money for Haitian relief
    DELRAY BEACH — For celebrity-author-developer Frank McKinney, it was a publicity stunt, to be sure, to chain himself to his treehouse today. But the cause was good — his charity in Haiti — and it became all the more poignantly urgent this week when the country was brought to its knees by an earthquake.
    Soon after McKinney built the treehouse in 2001, he ran afoul of the city’s historic preservation board, which ruled that the treehouse was built without proper authorization.
    Through the intervening eight years, McKinney protested, appealed and lost his case, and when the end of the treehouse became inevitable last month, he invited friends to watch it be moved to a new spot 35 feet southwest on his property on A1A across from the Atlantic Ocean.
    For $25, attendees could watch a big yellow crane lift the treehouse out of its aerie. To sweeten the deal, McKinney, he of the long surfer-blond locks and lanky muscular, build set off by a sleeveless shirt, chained himself to the treehouse until it was delicately set down on the ground.
    Surrounded by photo-snapping admirers, McKinney said, “This (indicating the now earthbound treehouse) pales in comparison,” pointing out that each of their $25 donations translated into 250 meals in Haiti.
    After his speech and a buffet lunch on the porch of his home, McKinney excused himself to fly to Haiti. His charity, Caring House, has built 11 houses, including one for orphans, in an attempt to ease the housing crisis in Haiti.
    After hearing of the earthquake on Tuesday, McKinney chartered two airplanes, which he filled with a cadre of 10 search and recovery experts.
    Eric Miller, a critical care nurse from Pueblo, Colo., and part of the search team, got to know McKinney when he noticed the distinctive-looking author’s face on the cover of Make It Big, the first of McKinney’s five self-help and inspirational books .
    “I said, ‘Who is that crazy guy?'”
    Miller bought the book and got in touch with McKinney and the two men discovered their shared interest in assisting Haitians. Tuesday, Miller agreed to lend his emergency-care skills to the team .
    The group will be living out of the tents and food in their backpacks for at least a few days, perhaps longer.
    “I have no delusions about what we’re going to see there,” Miller said. “The screaming, the smells will be overwhelming. But we will be able to have an impact on individual lives.”

  40. You Decide

    Will Obama’s Campaigning in Massachusetts Help Democrats Keep Kennedy’s Senate Seat?


  41. LM–Thanks. I voted.

  42. twe, ‘thinking’ about cheating at the polls is one thing; willing to admit publicly not only you were thinking it but also you would do it, given the opportunity, is a whole other level of depravity. Thanks for the clip.

  43. Margie: You’re welcome. Here is the link to the rest of the article with more pictures, etc.


  44. jbjd: You’re welcome. Some people have no scruples.

  45. O Executive Order seeks to “synchronize and integrate” state and federal military forces:


  46. jbjd @ 2:15
    “whole other level of depravity”
    Just hearing things like that makes me sick. One man, one vote.

  47. I found the vote tallies for that poll on FOX were interesting, for what these numbers failed to reflect. That is, those D’s who support BO – and in MA, there are thousands of them – who tend not to vote in off-year elections – and there are thousands of these D’s, too – would be moved to vote, if he asks them to.

    In general, people who hate BO so much that, his recommendation on any issue sends them in the other direction; seem to forget that, millions of their fellow citizens do not share these views.

  48. O Regualtion Czar advocated removing people’s organs without express consent:


  49. http://voices.kansascity.com/node/7244
    What will happen if Brown pulls off the impossible?
    Submitted by chazzykc on January 15, 2010 – 7:32pm.
    Dumb and Dumber (pelosi & reid) continue their unfettered march to a democrat party implosion of epic proportions.
    It is hard to believe that the arrogance of a few misguided ideologues (include Obama as well) will, in less than 18 months, resuscitate a comatose GOP, completely alienate the vast moderate/independent 45% of American voters, and build their own suicidal pyre.
    If Brown actually wins in Massachusetts AFTER Obama goes up there on Sunday you can start blowing taps on your cornet for the dems for a few years and the match for the pyre will have been lit.
    Maybe Obama would then pull a Clinton and begin governing from the middle.
    We can only hope
    Annoy a liberal: work hard and be happy.

  50. I’m pleased to announce I’ve just been inducted into the “Sliced Finger Club!”

  51. I wish my old buddy Bill was in my house so that I could tell him to his face. Bill, you are not sitting where the citizens are sitting-we think the Obama government is abusing power, in addition to their corruption problems, inept problems, wasteful spending, czars ACORN, SEIU, coddling terrorists, locking citizens out of town hall meetings, insulting them. Mr. Bill wake up, back to Earth Bill.
    Said Clinton, “I thought Massachusetts knew more about American history than anybody else, and understood the Boston Tea Party was a revolt against abuse of power, not against government itself.”

  52. Ask your Rep. Senator ect….(or Demand) they go to the National Archives and Read what a Natural Born Citizen is… and Demand justice for the American People. And Buy a gun, don’t worry about registering it, we have no laws.

  53. Patriot Dreamer

    twe // January 16, 2010 at 1:58 pm

    The ends do NOT justify the means. I will remember Ed Schultz as someone who believes in winning at any cost. Unacceptable. PERIOD!

  54. Patriot Dreamer

    SueK // January 16, 2010 at 12:40 pm

    SueK, nice letter!

  55. Patriot Dreamer

    Scott Brown campaign pics (note the SEIU members FOR Brown!):


  56. PD–You are absolutely right. The ends do NOT justify the means, though there are many in society that think so.

  57. Here’s just the pic of SEIU members for Brown (hat tip to Patriot Dreamer):

  58. Patriot Dreamer

    twe, thanks for the larger version! 🙂

  59. Patriot Dreamer

    Obama Fights for Bay State
    Democrats Fear Losing 60-Seat Senate Bloc as Republican Surges in Polls

    “One liberal Democrat, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D., N.Y.), said lawmakers were full of anxiety about Ms. Coakley’s chances. Many have decided that, if she loses, the party would have no choice but to cram a health-care plan through as quickly as possible. Another option would be for the House to simply take up the Senate-passed bill and sent it to the White House.”


  60. Scott is having a statement at 4PM regarding an ad with him depicted as a UPS driver by Dem. Party.
    Sounds like he will file criminal complaint…..

    Man….I can’t leave my computer for a second….

  61. Patriot Dreamer

    Coakley’s Saviors
    The health-care industry rides to the Democratic rescue.


  62. Patriot Dreamer/twe,

    That picture is priceless! I sent it to Lucianne.com as a suggestion for her home page. It needs to be passed around!

  63. Patriot Dreamer

    Curt Shilling says:

    “I’ve been called a LOT of things…
    But never, and I mean never, could anyone ever make the mistake of calling me a Yankee fan. Well, check that, if you didn’t know what the hell is going on in your own state maybe you could….”



  64. Just posted at lucianne:
    January 16, 2010 617-335-8333


    Dan Winslow, counsel for the Scott Brown for U.S. Senate campaign, will hold a media availability to announce the filing of a criminal complaint against the Massachusetts Democratic Party regarding a recent mailing paid for and sent by the Massachusetts Democratic Party. Winslow will make a statement and take reporters’ questions at MassGOP Headquarters in Boston TODAY at 40 PM.

    Massachusetts GOP Headquarters
    85 Merrimac Street, 4th Floor

    Could it be about the UPS ad?

  65. The criminal complaint has been missreported apparently.Here’s what a commentor said:

    ATTENTION: The criminal complaint is not about the UPS ad, but for a mailer from the Massachusetts Democrats saying Brown would turn rape victims away from emergency rooms.

  66. The prediction market has Scott ahead:


  67. Patriot Dreamer

    Spelling correction to my post at 3:48 pm:

    Should be Schilling – not Shilling

    But at least I can spell Massachusetts!


  68. I was flipping through the channels last night. It is obvious the dem pundents have a new strategy. The phrase I head over and over was “everyone does it.” This was applied to breaking campaign lpromises, paying special interest groups and bribes for votes. No more denying, but justifying. They are on the defense- we are on offense!

  69. It looks like it was the disgusting Coakley rape flyers that were sent out:

    Breaking: Scott Brown to File Criminal Complaint against MassDems
    by: Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno
    Sat Jan 16, 2010 at 14:16:21 PM EST


  70. Patriot Dreamer

    I thought the Cape Cod Times endorsed Martha Coakley. Did they change their mind?


  71. truthbetold11

    P D one of those seiu members is a friend of mine a social worker good guy 3pm tomorrow at mechanics hall scott brown, a famous worcester landmark google it should be electric. also i mentioned to someone about possible bigvoter fraud and big gov may be all over it in worcester covering it. lets hope

  72. Just back from interstate campaigning.

    TBT, twe, Peter, anyone else out there from MA, Can anyone go to this on Sunday? Just got it via e-mail from the BrownBrigade:
    A message to all members of BrownBrigade

    Please join us tomorrow for The People’s Rally for Scott Brown in Worcester at 3:00 pm at Mechanics Hall. The momentum continues to build for Scott Brown as we head into the final 72 hours of the campaign.

    Let’s show them that not even a Presidential visit can slow us down. Martha Coakley has a launched one of the nastiest negative campaigns in history. She is counting on this Presidential visit to help save her failing campaign.

    President Obama, Martha Coakley, and the Democrat’s powerful political machine know that the choice we will make on Tuesday, January 19th will send a powerful message to the big-spenders, bigger government politicians in Washington. We need to show them that we want Scott Brown as our next US Senator and not another rubber stamp for their big government agenda.

    Join us tomorrow so we can let them know that they need to quit expanding our government and defending wasteful spending, and start expanding this economy and defending our jobs.

    Mechanics Hall
    321 Main Street Worcester, MA
    Doors open at 3:00 PM –Rally Begins at 3:30 PM

    See you there,

    Pete Fullerton
    Political Director

    Visit BrownBrigade at: http://brownbrigade.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network
    Please post if you can go!

  73. TO:
    Jonah // January 16, 2010 at 4:27 pm

    It looks like it was the disgusting Coakley rape flyers that were sent out:

    Breaking: Scott Brown to File Criminal Complaint against MassDems
    by: Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno
    Sat Jan 16, 2010 at 14:16:21 PM EST


    More free publicity for Scott Brown.

    When I went to thsi page the first thing that pops up is a Scott Brown Ad. Great!!

  74. TO:
    SueK // January 16, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    Just back from interstate campaigning.
    Join us tomorrow so we can let them know that they need to quit expanding our government and defending wasteful spending, and start expanding this economy and defending our jobs.

    Mechanics Hall
    321 Main Street Worcester, MA
    Doors open at 3:00 PM –Rally Begins at 3:30 PM

    See you there,


    I have to go to Lexington so I’ll time it to go there with the family and bring my yard signs to hold up. I say lets move the rally to where BZero AKA Prez Steve will appear….and BOOOOO the crap out of B()

  75. truthbetold11

    I will be there and write back ground report after rally. This state is going to shock the country and the world. I pray god uses me to do his will. My childrens future is at stake. We lost at least 12 christians from our sister church in haiti. Time to draw near to god.

  76. truthbetold11 // January 16, 2010 at 5:27 pm

    Hi TBT,

    I’ll try to make it. Let’s see of Peter, twe, and anyone else can go. We can coordinate if we have a group from CW going…

    I’m so sorry for your loss in Haiti. Prayers going out for those in your sister church.

  77. Regarding my last post, I think Gateway Pundit jumped the gun with an old FoxNews Boston story.

  78. said long ago we need to film everyone going in and out of each and every poll for investigation and evidence. There are people voting in multiple precincts using organized voting lists of FAKE or real registered voters. There is DAMPANT ELECTION FRAUD. ACORN doesn’t spend money registering Voters just for the hell of it. They use this lists on a concerted and organized effort of Voting Fraud to tort the efforts of real voters and STEAL ELECTIONS.


    Iis it now to the point that every voter is to be photographed at the voting station???

  79. Patriot Dreamer

    truthbetold11 // January 16, 2010 at 5:27 pm

    truthbetold11, I’m so sorry for your church’s loss.

  80. After this Election,Time for all to get Informed by
    reading ,CATASTROPHE by DICK MORRIS!!!!

    Talk about corruption !! Chapter 8 and 9 WOW !!
    Same back room deals are going on right now!!
    America needs to be OUTRAGED AND ALL NEEDS INVESTIGATION.Many need to be CHARGED.





  82. Rally of the People tomorrow:

    Mechanics Hall
    321 Main Street Worcester, MA
    Doors open at 3:00 PM –Rally Begins at 3:30 PM

    At this Rally they should just let average people go up and speak for a couple of minutes and tell their story why they are there and why they support Scott Brown. Give us a voice to energize each other we DON”T need to hear from any of teh Talking heads other than an MC to keep it flowing.
    It would be UNPRECEDENTED and Tea Party like.

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