Obama campaigns in MA, Obama to stump for endangered Massachusetts Democrat, Martha Coakley, Suffolk poll shows Scott Brown ahead of Coakley

From MSNBC, January 15, 2010.

“Obama to stump for endangered Mass. Dem
Poll shows GOP candidate up; race could tip Democrats’ 60-vote majority”

“BOSTON – His health care bill at stake, President Barack Obama plans a trip to Massachusetts to campaign for endangered Senate Democratic candidate Martha Coakley amid release of a poll showing an edge for the Republican Party in the race to fill a Senate seat Democrats have held for over a half-century.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said that Obama would appear at an event for Coakley in Boston on Sunday.

A Suffolk University survey released late Thursday showed that Brown, a Republican state senator, with 50 percent of the vote in the race to succeed the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy in this overwhelmingly Democratic state.

Coakley had 46 percent. That amounted to a statistical tie since it was within the poll’s 4.4 percentage point margin of error, but it was far different from a 15-point lead that Coakley, the Massachusetts attorney general, enjoyed in a Boston Globe survey released over the weekend.”

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“President Obama: Support Martha Coakley for U.S. Senate”

View this report from News 7 in Boston

Will Obama’s visit to MA help Martha Coakley or hurt her?

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  1. Obama will visit Massachusetts to help endangered Democratic Senate candidate [ORGANIZE FOR OBAMERIKA]

    Barack Hussein Obama, IslamoFascist Organizer in Chief



    Slightly over a year ago, the American people elected a young African American to the presidency and increased the Democratic [COMMUNIST/MARXIST] majority in the Congress. President Obama’s victory represented a repudiation of right-wing ideology, politics and economics and a setback for neoliberalism in both its conservative and liberal skins.

    This [COMMUNIST/MARXIST] victory was a long time in coming. When it finally happened it did so not only because of the brilliance of the candidate, but also due to the broad shoulders of a people’s coalition…

    Barack Hussein Obama – “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security [COMMUNIST/MARXIST] objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded [to intimidate and oppress the opposition into submission to ISLAMOFASCISM].” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tt2yGzHfy7s&feature=related


    Article III, Section 3 – Treason against the United States, shall consist only …in adhering to their Enemies

  3. Please, please, someone show up to the rally in a “YO, STEVE” t-shirt.

  4. Bringing this over fm previous post. Vicki Kennedy’s ad for Coakley says, “It’s the people’s seat!”

  5. I read somewhere that 0’s favorable numbers in Mass hover around 60%. Can any of you Mass. folks verify this?

    Yes. It will help Coakley and build momentum in the final stretch. B/w this and the Chavez machines (if there are any) and ACORN/SEIU filling out fraudulent absent ballot forms then this may be the move that helps to rebuild lost momentum.

    Then again, Brown has rum a meticulous campaign and it is obvious he is connecting with the people. This move means everyone is going to have to work twice as hard over the next several days to get him across the finish line. It’s more than doable.

  6. Prairie–that’s priceless!

  7. Ditto what Prairie said!!! That would be priceless.

    And the Kennedy ad using the “people’s seat” only reminds the viewer of Scott NOT Maaatha.

  8. Will need to check out where he’ll be and the time.

    Idea for a sign (hat tip to Greg G):


  9. SueK-What is Plan B if the low-life Dems try to deny Scott his seat? anything organized?
    First we have to help Scott win-by not being apathetic. I think most voters have already made up their minds and will not be deterred. I don’t see how Obama has helped any Democrats lately-actually I see that he has driven more Democrats AWAY from him and the DNC than toward. Hillbuzz guys really love Scott and will keep their ears to the ground and if they hear any funny stuff coming out of the DNC they will report it immediately. As former Hillary supporters they are experienced and now know what to look for.
    “At every local Senate office, at every local federal office, people need to protest. This needs to be a Tea Party on steroids.

  10. It’s Friday and 5 o’clock somewhere! Go Scott Brown!

  11. Hillbuzz guys at it again.
    We’d love to see a Photoshop depicting Dr. Utopia coming to Massachusetts, with his cult of personality in tow, to rescue or ruin Martha Coakley, depending on your perspective. This narcissist is the biggest egomaniac on the planet: does he really think he will make things better for Coakley?
    It reminds us of Cleopatra coming to Rome on that giant sphinx in the Elizabeth Taylor version in the 60s — the most expensive boondoggle of a movie made up until that point, with no expense spared, and as many millions funneled to personal friends as possible. While the studio was going bankrupt, the director had real silk used for the sales of ships that were being burned in battle scenes. Reminds us of all that silk the current first couple farts through in the White House, with their lavish vacations, “fashion icon exploits”, and other nonsense while tens of millions are out of work and struggling to pay rent in this country.
    We’d love to see a depiction of Dr. Utopia riding a giant sphinx with his face on it, heading to Massachusetts like Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra…or like Xerxes in 300 riding his own giant ego-machine.

  12. Yo, Steve!

    Somebody start printing the t-shirts.

  13. SueK @ 2:41 pm
    Without Obama on it-will everyone get the Steve Dunham Kenya connection?
    I just wonder how many other aliases could be out there?

  14. Michelle // January 15, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    Haven’t heard anything, Michelle, but Scott is well aware of it, contrary to Bahney Fwank saying it ain’t so.

    Right now, we’ve gotta stay pumped and get out the vote (I just got a coworker’s husband 🙂 ).

    I’ll check in with the hillbuzz boys later…

  15. Zero has no clue. He thinks he can come to MA and tell the voters here that they should elect MC because of what hangs in the balance in Washington. ie, A filibuster proof majority.

    Well just go ahead and try to tell a New Englander what to do…So he, the Fed, is going to tell a state who can represent them?

    What happened to bi-partisanship? Not only does represent the fed he is also representing Democrats. So he is being partisan on two levels. This kind of power wielding will not be tolerated in the land of the free,/i> So in the words of a great President…”Bring it on!”

  16. Howie Carr has Gerald ‘Tookie’ Amirault on, the guy Maatha framed and kept in prison for 18 years..

    This should be interesting….

  17. Linda from NY

    DSCC uses World Trade Center image in anti-Brown ad; Update: Rudy erupts


  18. Patriot Dreamer

    Barney Frank: If GOP wins seat, health care dead

    Well, health care won’t be “dead”, but I sure hope this health care legislation is!

  19. Linda from NY


    The book on Deval: All talk, little action (MA gov is Obama light) MA dems all in trouble

    The Lowell Sun ^ | Jan 15, 2010 | Peter Lucas


  20. Linda from NY

    Brown vs. Coakley: A GOAL Statement of Support


  21. I think signs should state:

    Steve Dunham Come Clean – We Know

  22. Tookie and his entire family are voting for Scott.

    What a surprise 🙂

  23. Patriot Dreamer

    SueK, I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!

  24. I had a girlfriend in my 20’s that used tookie to refer to something else. I had never heard it then or since until this very moment. Thanks for the memories. Zach

  25. Hee hee, Zach!

    His name is Gerald; nickname: Tookie.

    Not what you’re thinking, I’m sure, but glad the name brought back some memories :).

  26. If Brown wins, you might consider buying stock in the Health sector short term. Take your profit and go to a Tea Party! Zach

  27. I’m off to read the Amirault article. Zach

  28. Ruh-roh. I REALLY don’t want to be a downer on this election, but everyone HAS to be aware of what we’re doing with.


  29. I remember that. I could only get through half. Terrible! I’ll stay with my memories thank you. Zach

  30. http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D9D8BJU04&show_article=1

    Obama scheduled to go to Massachusetts. Has no one learned yet that whatever that man touches turns to dust?

  31. Zach,

    The whole thing was a setup; none of that ever happened but it’s disgusting to read the trumped-up charges, which were never investigated.

    This woman is who some people are voting for in MA.

  32. Greg Goss @ 3:08 pm
    “Well just go ahead and try to tell a New Englander what to do” Love it.
    I got in more trouble for this with my father starting around 2.
    Dad-Where did you go? Nowhere
    Who did you go with? Nobody
    What did you do? Nothing
    Did he really think I was going to rat myself out?
    Got spankings, got punished-behaved better-still don’t rat myself out, I will admit to mistakes no problem, but for the sake of our country I could rat-out Obama and minions in a heartbeat. I just don’t have anything-suspicions all over the place-but nothing concrete. Of course Zero minus has pointed to where most are at. I still think Ground Zero for Zero is the South Side of Chicago, we are missing something there.

  33. More disgust with Coakley

    Warning: Pretty upsetting article:


  34. This is from here. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/2429320/posts?q=1&;page=81#77

    Brown takes:

    100% of Republicans(20% of voters) = 20%
    65% of Independents (50% of voters)= 32.5%
    10% of Democrats (30% of voters) = 3%

  35. someone in mass.should go to where Obama is and Ask if his daddy was a US citizen and put him on the spot

  36. You you guys know anything about this:

    Case number No. 09-724

    The Real Truth About Obama, Inc., Petitioner
    Federal Election Commission, et al.

    Docketed: December 22, 2009
    Lower Ct: United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit
    Case Nos.: (08-1977)
    Decision Date: August 5, 2009
    Rehearing Denied: October 6, 2009

    ~~~Date~~~ ~~~~~~~Proceedings and Orders~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Dec 16 2009 Petition for a writ of certiorari filed. (Response due January 21, 2010)
    Jan 11 2010 Order extending time to file response to petition to and including February 22, 2010.


  37. Patriot Dreamer

    I’m predicting an “earthquake” in Mass. on Tuesday!


  38. From what freerepublic posts in its comments, the fervor of Brown support directly seen in Massachussets hasn’t been seen in years. That’s a dead give away (so is the 4 Million) Unless voter fraud takes place on a grand scale (and maybe even then) expect to see a Brown win.

  39. SueK // January 15, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    I’ve seen that kind of thing before with AG’s. I was an appellate attorney in the late 80’s with a public defender’s office. Disgusting.

  40. Did we fine a Judge for sale yet? Can they all be criminals?

  41. Patriot Dreamer // January 15, 2010 at 4:09 pm


    Praying for an 8.6……

  42. 8.6 would be just fine.

  43. Rush Limbaugh is making a big mistake
    with his comments on Haitian relief efforts.
    I understand his support of GW and Katrina,
    but to slam callers and come out with the
    negative remarks sure aren’t going to help
    earthquake victims in Haiti (or anywhere).
    If Mr. Limbaugh doesn’t want to help Haiti he
    should remain “quiet” on the subject or inform others where they can go (links) to do so.
    I wonder if he’d be saying the same things if HE had taken his vacation in Haiti during the quake instead of Hawaii where he acknowledged receiving excellent medical care. Some compassion Mr. Limbaugh is in order I would think!
    I join the ranks of BOTH SIDES who are
    condemning his remarks. I am ashamed of his behavior!

    from Politico….

    He also appeared to discourage help for the island nation, saying, “We’ve already donated to Haiti. It’s called the U.S. income tax.”

    Critics have characterized Limbaugh’s comments as insensitive and tone-deaf at a time when heartbreaking images of the devastation dominate news coverage.

    Confronted with some of that criticism, Limbaugh slammed a caller as “close-minded.”

    “What I’m illustrating here is that you’re a blockhead,” Limbaugh shot back. “What I’m illustrating here is that you’re a close-minded bigot who is ill-informed.”

    “If you had listened to this program for a modicum of time, you would know it,” he said. “But instead, you’re a blockhead. Your mind is totally closed. You have tampons in your ears. Nothing is getting through other than the biased crap that you read.”

  44. zachjonesishome @ 3:38 pm
    Would a quicker way be to just ask Bobby Jindal if he is considering running for president or vice-president-or really anything in succession? and on what basis-he being not NBC?

  45. Michelle – I’m just trying to give Talk Radio a way to approach the subject and keep it in the news. Zach

  46. Patriot Dreamer

    Perhaps I should have said “nor’ easter” given what happened recently in Haiti. I think you all know what I meant, though.

  47. He’s not a NBC because of the citizenship of his parents. I like him but …..

  48. I would hate to be trying to watch TV in Massachusetts this weekend. Political ads 24/7

  49. There doesn’t appear to be any moderators censoring comments at the WSJ website. Hence, at least for now, free speech is alive and well at the WSJ. So, please consider posting comments at the WSJ, such as at the following article…

    Obama to Campaign in Massachusetts Ahead of Tuesday’s Election

  50. “Do it for Teddy”……………..

    in memory of his support for Obama over
    Hillary Clinton
    in memory of his help for MJK
    in memory of his heavy drinking
    in memory of his elitism
    in memory of his social “activities”


  51. Maddie–“Do it for Teddy”…you forgot…in memory of Chappaquidick

  52. Patriot Dreamer @ 3:45 pm
    Thank you for the article I had no idea it was about all of those terrible cases from the 80’s. There were so many in the country at that time, it was like a national epidemic-that suddenly came out of nowhere.
    It reminded me then of Arthur Miller’s great play The Crucible-I saw it with George C. Scott and his wife Colleen Dewhurst. I wonder if there is a video somewhere-it was on TV-Greatest play with the greatest actors/actresses I ever saw. This insanity got so bad in Chicago at the time, the lawyers wrote into the Chicago Tribune advising the disgruntled wives (crazy women) to quit using sexual abuse upon their children in divorce petitions. They warned them these children know the truth and they will grow up and hate you for depriving you of a father. Yes-there are cases of abuse, but it should not be used as a weapon just because one or the other spouse is on a power trip, or money, or ????.

  53. Patriot Dreamer

    has this been posted?

    One year out: President Obama’s fall
    by Charles Krauthammer


  54. http://www.wbur.org/2010/01/15/absentee-ballot

    I worry about this whole absentee ballot opportunity for ACORN/SEIU fraud.

  55. Patriot Dreamer

    Michelle // January 15, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    You’re welcome. That’s a pretty eye-opening article, isn’t it?

  56. “In the beginning, even the applications that went out and the requests that came were minimal amounts,” said Maria Tomasio, the chairwoman of the New Bedford Elections Department Board of Commissioners. “But now between the beginning of the week and today … all of a sudden there was a huge surge.”

    Tomasio said requests have more than doubled in the past 10 days and that the department was struggling to keep up with the sudden requests.

    In Boston, elections officials said more than 5,000 absentee ballots have been filed or requested. The number for the Senate primary on December 8 was about 2,500.

  57. Okay. Time to find a ballgame and pop a top. Zach

  58. PD–great article. Thanks for posting.

  59. Jacqlyn Smith

    The FRAUD in our house is so-o-o-o-o-o-o full of CRAP I can smell it clear over here in Nevada!! LOL:) 🙂 🙂

  60. Zach, I am so sure that that case is legit. I don’t like the URL and I am unable in the 30secs I have at this time to find verification but I will look into it.

  61. Don in California

    Zack, check this out:

    No. 09-581
    Title: Jamal Kiyemba, et al., Petitioners
    Barack H. Obama, President of the United States, et al.

    Docketed: November 13, 2009
    Lower Ct: United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit
    Case Nos.: (05-5487, 05-5489)
    Decision Date: April 7, 2009
    Rehearing Denied: July 27, 2009


    Dec 8 2009 Order extending time to file response to petition to and including January 13, 2010.
    Dec 14 2009 Brief amici curiae of Legal Historians and Habeas Corpus Experts filed.
    Dec 14 2009 Brief amici curiae of Guantanamo Detainees, Umar Hamzayevich Abdulayev, et al. filed.
    Jan 13 2010 Order further extending time to file response to petition to and including February 12, 2010.

    Attorneys for Petitioner:
    Christopher P. Moore Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP (212) 225-2000
    One Liberty Plaza
    New York, NY 10006
    Party name: Jamal Kiyemba, et al.

    Attorneys for Respondents:
    Elena Kagan Solicitor General (202) 514-2217
    United States Department of Justice
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
    Washington, DC 20530-0001
    Party name: Barack H. Obama, President of the United States, et al.

  62. SueK @ 4:02
    “Shriners Hospital for Children in Boston recovering from burns.” God Bless the doctors and nurses who donate their time and talents to the Shriners hospital. I know they did this for one of my girlfriends sons in Chicago for years. A bad burn when he was a baby.

  63. I’ve never seen this:

  64. This is not going to help Martha !!!! Biggest Football weekend besides the Superbowl who’s going to go see Steve !!!!!

  65. Patriot Dreamer @ 4:31 pm
    Those cases were so sick just rethinking the evil really made me sick. The Crucible was about the hysteria surrounding the Salem Witch Trials-can you imagine the ACCUSATION resulting in so many deaths? The accusation was given the weight-don’t investigate, don’t follow-up-just kill the innocent victims and by all means do not let them be heard in court.

  66. Lame Cherry’s insertion of Obama in Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham is hilarious. I especially like this passage:

    Would you? Could you?
    In a Larry Sinclair limo car?
    Eat them! Eat them!
    Here they are.

    Check out the rest at:


  67. Benaiah,

    I had to rewrite John Charlton again. My e-mail that I wrote to him a couple of days ago came back undeliverable. So I used another e-mail, an AOL e-mail.

    Shoot, now he probably thinks that I never wrote to him.

  68. zachjonesishome SueK @ 4:24 pm
    I could watch Scott 24/7-Martha not at all.
    Sue now is the time to slip in Ayla-help a girl-to help her father WIN BIG. This can be good for a good ten points.

  69. Just tweeted on masen:

    nanarcr: @wilsonpd Where will Obama be in MA on Sunday? Want to show up in wheelchair, hold sign #YouLie on 1 side, #DeathPanel on the other #MASen
    less than 20 seconds ago from web · Reply · View Tweet · Thread Show Conversation

  70. masen tweet:

    Gunservatively: “Please do for Coakley what you did for Chicago’s Olympic bid.” http://tinyurl.com/ydfgmjw (expand) #obamafail #Coakleyfail #MaSen #fail #tcot #gop
    less than a minute ago from web · Reply · View Tweet

  71. Hi twe,
    The line of sarcasm about Teddy’s help
    with MJK (Mary Jo Kapecknic) was it.

    I thought about the comment I heard on
    the news “do it for Teddy” so I thought I’d
    put a twist on that (the truth!)

  72. twe,
    If Brown wins and gets confirmed will this
    Health Scare Bill go down FOR SURE?

  73. I emailed my brother yesterday who lives on the Cape and I told him to please vote for Scott Brown. He said he was going to vote for him, that Coakley would be a disaster.

    I heard today on the radio that Brown is 15 points ahead! YAY!!!!!!!!

  74. masen tweet:

    SPADOC: Scott Brown is the “Capt Sully” of the good ship Massachusetts! He will get you down safe! Let him lead! #masen #tcot
    less than a minute ago from Power Twitter · Reply · View Tweet

  75. 41st vote tweet:

    MrBlog1: yesterday 500 Scott Brown signs in Littleton, in AM. All gone by lunch. #masen #41stVote #tcot
    1 minute ago from web · Reply · View Tweet

  76. 41st vote tweet:

    RoryRazon: Just got a text from a left(ish) leaning friend “…all this anti Brown stuff makes me want to vote for him just because” #MAsen #41stVote
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  77. Anyone see Cavuto today? Had the Gov. of Nevada on who said Nevada would have to pull out of Medicare if this bill passes.

    Ques.: What is all or a majority of states pull out of Medicare, what then?

    What a mess this H.Scare B. is.

  78. kittycat77 // January 15, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    Try calling your ISP and ask them to refresh their cache. Explain to your ISP that The Post & Email has new servers with the following IP address:

    Can you access the website with the above link? If so, just use it until your ISP refreshes their cache…


  79. correction: what IF (not is)

  80. masen tweet:

    jakeease: RT @STXherry HA! RT!!! @JusticeMcKean Maybe Coakley should think about running in a state that’s easier to spell, like M-A-I-N. #masen
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  81. comments from hubby…

    Why don’t we run Michelle Malkin for POTUS?

  82. SueK and all Mass folk:

    Download and print your own Scott Brown signs:


  83. Masen tweet:

    half a minute ago from web · Reply · View Tweet

  84. Catholic League statement

    Coakley trashes religious liberty:


  85. keith // January 15, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    someone in mass.should go to where Obama is and Ask if his daddy was a US citizen and put him on the spot
    Why hasn’t this happened already? There have
    been many opportunities. Anyone of us here
    would do that in a flash. So, WHY hasn’t
    it happened? And, yes, I agree with you. Someone needs to ask the simple question.

  86. Maddie @ 4:15 pm
    Just so you know we have a very large Haitian community here in South Florida. Little Haiti in Miami, and in all our little towns Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Riveria Beach. Americans born here, parents-grandparents-family here and in Haiti. Many civic and religious groups have been going down there for years. They know the truth. The political mess started with Papa Doc duvalier and his crime family of thieves and murders and God only knows what else. The country has been ruled by the so-called “elites” .001 of the population who have just decimated the country. Now Haiti has the worlds attention. The dollars which will be collected will go straight to food, water, tents-the basic necessities. What the world including USA will provide run-ways, heavy equipment for restoration projects, essentially building an infrastructure which they never have had. Politicans stole that money and now they can’t steal it, the world is watching, plus they’re probably homeless too. Haiti has been deforested-coal for cooking-they will be supplied with the new solar cooking things-approx cost $20.00. Haiti nees to do beach renourishment-South Florida doing same, it’s an erosion thing. Sea-grape, mangroves-they have very tangly roots and hold that soil. They need trees of every kind. I cannot tell you how much our Haitian friends and neighbors will appreciate anything. I know I will be facing some very heart broken people over the week-end. I cannot imagine one who will not be touched by this disaster. Haitian people work here, but they always send money home so that their relatives would not starve.

  87. Something tells me that B. Steve O isn’t thinking this through very good:

    “Obama administration to allow Haitians in US illegally to remain because of earthquake… ”

    I feel for the Haitians, but is Steve doing this out of the goodness of his heart, or is he doing to for political reasons? And there are other factors to figure in.

    That’s from Drudge, but there wasn’t anything up on it yet.

  88. SEIU’s purple buses coming to Mass:


  89. Zach, The case concerns the group Real Truth that was blocked from disseminating information about then Senator Obama. It is a 1st and 5th amendment issue and appears that it will be heard by SCOTUS. Not sure it means much.

    Read the case here. http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/data2/circs/4th/081977p.pdf

  90. Comment on another site:

    Thank you keith. I have been disqusted with Coakley. I wasn’t even going to vote till she insulted me as a nurse and a catholic. Now, I’m pissed and Brown has my vote. The unions are about to shoot themselves in the foot.
    melinmass | January 15, 2010 4:21 PM

  91. Obama administration to allow Haitians in US illegally [if they move to Massachusetts and vote for Coakley]

  92. Maddie // January 15, 2010 at 5:20 pm
    keith // January 15, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    I think I know why. Because you didn’t have a ticket to any of the events were Obunion has been. All of these places screened just like the certain town halls this past summer. This is done so he looked good. What these OBOT idiots fail to realize is that if you are doing good things you wouldn’t need to keep people out and you would have the light of day on all of your activities. They travel in DARKNESS!

  93. another masen tweet:

    craigsmartin: RT @melli_fera: The election of #ScottBrown will be a medical miracle! It will cure 100’s of Dems who are hard of hearing. #masen #tcot
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  94. live oak @ 5:08 pm
    “15 points ahead”-be still my heart.
    Still take nothing for granted. This is what happens to you when you get burnt in 2 iffy elections here in Florida. Don’t be complacent, or apathetic. Really I’m so serious DND is a very sick, scary entity and I’m a registered Dem. They are NOT worthy of trust.

  95. Maddie @ 5:12 pm
    From what I have seen Scott Brown would make a great president. I think he will bring in a lot of new faces.

  96. “

    Can you access the website with the above link? If so, just use it until your ISP refreshes their cache”

    No, I already tried that and tried it again, still get the message.


  97. masen tweet:

    loveHisWords: RT @ResistTyranny: #Coakley: Don’t want to murder babies? Don’t work in a hospital: http://is.gd/6ic8V (expand) #MAsen #41stVote
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  98. aja@ 4:44, The usurpers audience will consist of SEIU thugs and Acorn criminals, set to vote multiple times for Martha if they can get away with it. If ever we needed poll watchers this is the time. I wonder if the black panthers will show up at polling places? The same two with billy clubs Holder would not prosecute in Philly.

  99. masen tweet:

    thegipperreview: @Obamasbaddream: She’s Anti- #Catholic , Anti-Irish, Anti- Fen-way Park!!!! Wait a minute,she wants to be Senator of Massachusetts? #masen
    less than a minute ago from HootSuite · Reply · View Tweet · Thread Show Conversation

  100. Martha Coakley definitely has a keen likeness to the infamous “Wicked witch of the East”,who we are all familiar with. The only difference seems to be in the domain that each occupies. One of these are a figment of sombody’s imagination, but the other is truly alive,and real. but for some unknown reason Coakley hides her BROOM. I personally think that Martha Coakley is in fact the EMBODIMENT of her make believe counterpart. This seems to be proven by the fact that she stands idly by watching the assualt by her GOON upon an innocent reporter. I believe that if this BI**CH has a law liscence it should be rescinded forthwith because this IS NOT how any representative of the law behaves. She should have commanded her goon to stop immediately, yet she stood idly by watching and obviously ENJOYING every second of it. This attests to her TRUE NATURE which is now KNOWN to be on a par with a TRUE “WICKED WITCH OF THE …NORTHEAST”

  101. masen tweet:

    ronbridges: MA has huge Catholic pop and Coakley says they need to stay out of ER. Huh? Shes writing “Political Suicide for Dummies!” #masen
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  102. truthbetold11

    Just got back from WPI college where bill clinto n was speaking. The energy was awesome for brown outside 500 people plus .coakleys crew seemed quiet. brown is gaining steam

  103. Last time Obama came to NJ 3 times to ‘stomp’ for Corzine’ 4 times, he got kicked really hard on his a**! He helped to get a Republican elected governor! Let him come to Ma to give the Dems the kiss of death! Keep it up everybody! Kick the usurper’s a** again and again and again and again…………….

  104. Truth Be Told,
    Thanks for ground reporting.
    Twe…diggin the tweets.
    Here’s a comment on the purple buses coming in:
    Republicans, Independents and the unaffiliated should pose as Democrat voters needing a bus ride to the polls. Or just ask for a ride. Don’t explain your preference. Flood their buses with Brown voters.

    NOW! Remember the Nike ads: JUST DO IT!

  105. truthbetold11

    4 in a row attack ads on news station against scott brown. This negative ads wont work this time

  106. truthbetold11

    Saw a old friend of mine there and he had a seiu shirt on but a scott brown sign. even the unions are seeing the tidal wave coming

  107. Does anyone know the forum in which usurper will speak for Croaker?
    I see that as a real protest opportunity!

  108. TRUTH…I’m diggin your 5:50….

  109. Rush Limbaugh: “Where’s the Cost-Benefit Analysis on Haiti?”

    RUSH: But, look, we have to understand something. The press, the State-Controlled Media, the Democrat Party politicize everything. That’s what’s so laughable about them jumping on my case for politicizing this business in Haiti. They politicize everything. And they look at everything through a political prism.

    Now, here’s the Media Tweak of the Day. I would like to ask Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, Rahm’s brother, if they’re planning on cost-benefit considerations for the victims of the earthquake. Remember, we’re going to have cost-benefit analysis to assign health care to people in this country, does it make sense to invest the money in their survival? Are we going to do the same thing in Haiti since we’re the lead country? Are we going to use the same principle in Haiti that we’re going to use here when Clinton and Obamacare finally sees the light of day? Are we just going to decide some people are not worth saving in Haiti? Or are we going to try to save ’em all? What are we going to do?


    RUSH: Will somebody ask Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, who is Rahm’s brother and one of the lead White House people on health care, whether they’re planning cost-benefit considerations for each Haiti victim? Will they consider age, potential contribution to society, all the other factors that we are assured are not death panel guidelines in our own health care system? This rescue, however compassionate, should have at least the same transparency that Obama promised for our health care. And remember, he told a woman about her 95-year-old mother, (paraphrasing) “No, no, we probably wouldn’t give her a pacemaker. Give ’em a pill.” How many Haitians will we decide to give a pill? A legitimate question.

    Ezekiel Emanuel: Deny Coverage to Elderly and Disabled for the Greater Good

  110. On Thursday the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of a display including the Ten Commandments in Leitchfield, KY, on the second floor of Grayson County’s courthouse……….

    ACLU???……SUCK IT UP!!!!

  111. SEIU comming to Mass. in purple buses. That’s Obama’s traveling audience of “yes men”, and you can be sure they will be in his audience on Sunday.

    I wonder if he is going to interrupt Sunday football so he can get a national audience to preach his propaganda to.

  112. SUEK
    Maybe Coakley and the alleged rapist were getting it on in their spare time.

  113. SueK our local news is on. The Brittany Gangel (spelling) from MA is back on the missing list. 7 Lynn University people students and faculty believed to be buried in the collapsed hotel in Haiti.

  114. Wouldn’t it be sweet sweet sweet if BHO “personal touch” actually made it worse? ! ! !

    Who would ever have thought that Massatwoshits might actually save our collective butts?

  115. LJ—
    I forgot about any screening. I never
    attended an Obama event, thank God.

  116. Bob Strauss……………………………………….

    Many decades ago there was a very effective way to handle GOONS at strike sites, and election polling places. It is COUNTER GOONS armed with BASEBALL BATS. In John L Lewis’s day it was very effective, in the southern coal states. Many of the strikers suddenly found themselves in extreme pain, with some real mountains on their heads.

  117. If anyone has a mandolin slicer be careful. I just
    chopped off part of the end of my thumb using
    one I got for Christmas. I was slicing potatoes with it when somehow my thumb got under the
    guard —-guess I’ll be sticking with a regular knife in future.
    for SueK–
    How long does it take for your thumb to
    clot after this? Was surprised at the bleeding.
    Have gauze and polysporin and tape on it now–
    second go around with that.

  118. JJ
    I love your post on the Sixth Court. It is about time our appelate courts started acting like appelate courts. Now for the Ninth Court, where the confirmed idiots reside.

  119. truthbetold11 // January 15, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    Thanks for the report from the field, TBT.

    Great news!

  120. Maddie @ 6:25 pm
    do you have any liquid bandage in the house? or some electrical tape that stuff really sticks. Is it throbbing I imagine it hurts.

  121. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704281204575003433828439728.html?mod=WSJ_Opinion_BelowLEFTSecond

    Peggy Noonan, another fine writer:

    “And of course the public is reacting. All politicians are canaries in coal mines, they’re always the first to feel the political atmosphere. It was significant when the Democrats lost the governorships of Virginia and New Jersey two months ago. It is significant that a handful of House and Senate Democrats have decided not to run this year. And it is deeply significant that a Republican state senator in Massachusetts, Scott Brown, may topple the Democratic nominee to fill Ted Kennedy’s former seat, Martha Coakley. In a way, the Republicans have already won—it’s a real race, it’s close, and in “Don’t blame me, I’m from Massachusetts”!

    Mr. Brown’s whole story right now is not about disconnect but connect. Massachusetts has an 8.8% unemployment rate, and graduates of the commonwealth’s great universities can’t find work. An old Boston Republican hand said of the race, “It’s 100% about policies—health care, taxes, what’s the plan on the economy?” Mr. Brown charges that Ms. Coakley’s support for cap and trade and health care will amount to $2 trillion in taxes in the next five years.”

  122. Go Scott.

    Buh bye Steve.

  123. To all MA Patriots: Be careful if you get into
    protest/rallies/activities where you we be
    confronting the opposition. They can be really
    nasty—they aren’t the peaceful tea party rally
    types we are used to. Just BE CAREFUL.
    Hold your signs but don’t speak to “them” is my
    advice. They will start a fight fast.

  124. correction: will (not we)

    It’s hard to key with a sore thumb.

  125. Maddie // January 15, 2010 at 6:25 pm

    Hi Maddie,

    Gotta run to the vet in a few minutes, but apply direct pressure on the wound after you’ve rinsed it off. Get a Band-Aid and apply it tightly…this will give you more direct pressure.

    Leave the Band-Aid ON. If you’re still bleeding through, apply another Band-Aid on top….don’t remove the old one.

    That should stop it.

  126. If Brown wins, it will not simply defeat the Health Scare bill 41-59. A bunch of Democrat senators will wake up and run scared. Look for a rather spectacular failure of this Bill from Hell.

  127. Maddie……………………………………..
    JUST A JOKE,…”It wasn’t the machine it was the operator.” I know it hurts though. I was helping my wife last year making saur kraut to ferment in a crock. I was using the kraut cutter. Well guess what? I removed some of my own thumb also, and what I said earlier is exactly what my wife told me. It didn’t make the pain go away though. Just bandage it up good, and take some extra strength Tylonel. Or if more serious definitely visit the ER. It will thump for awhile, but the good news is EVENTUALLY it will subside. I wish I could be more encouraging, but facts are facts, and history is history. I will pray for your speedy recovery! NO OFFENSE INTENDED, JUST TRYING TO INDUCE A SMILE, in a difficult time. Sometimes this helps.

  128. OldSalt77, When I saw those videos presented on this site showing Obama at an SEIU event it showed me that they are a relatively small number of thugs making a big ruckus to intimidate honest citizens. A traveling circus of people getting paid to cheer for Obama and make it look like they really care about his policies.

  129. Patriot Dreamer

    Maddie // January 15, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    If Brown wins and gets confirmed will this
    Health Scare Bill go down FOR SURE?
    It’s hard to say. Certainly the pressure will be against them, but now they are hinting at using the reconciliation process to pass it anyway:

    “Senate Can Pass Health With 51 Votes, Van Hollen Says (Update1) ”


    They are obsessed with passing this thing. Forget about jobs, forget about the economy (looking more and more like a double-dip recession or possibly even a depression). Just pass whatever.

    And here’s the “dirty little secret”: individual states can pass their own health care reform any time they like — it doesn’t have to be done by Congress. In fact, it’s probably better this way, because the states can experiment and see what works best for them. What works for Alaska probably does not work for Rhode Island. More importantly, if the residents of a state don’t like it, they can “vote with their feet” and move to a different state.

  130. CARLYLE……………………………………
    What you see in a few Liberals running is only the beginning. Wait until the voting starts later on this year. You will probably see some records set for 100 yard dashes. All of the records will be from Liberals who were heading for the train or bus terminals to GO HOME. Sadly they are in for still another surprise . Their own constituents will be waiting at their state line with deep frowns on their faces, and maybe a few baseball bats.

  131. @ Michelle:

    OMG @ Ayla Brown singing The Star Spangled Banner!

    That brought tears to my eyes.

    I’m going to need a tissue.


  132. oldsalt and others:

    I forget where I saw it a few days back,

    dems were saying some of the older folks are stepping down to make way for new blood in the party. my first thougth was the old ones pocketed enough and are willing to live merrily on it for their remaining years, maybe write books/speak for more money.

    I’m just saying we should not be naive to think them stepping down is only what we think, we have to know they have other plans up their sleeves. losing 2 gov seats is not gonna make them cut and run from plans they have been implementing for 40+ years.

    it’s not unheard of people even falling on their swords/spending time in jail etc, just to further their cause/agenda.

  133. Patriot Dreamer

    truefreedom // January 15, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    Don’t forget lobbying. Big $$$ there, too.

  134. Patriot Dreamer

    “Catholic Groups Outraged After Martha Coakley Tells Them to Find New Work”


  135. Bob Strauss………………………………..

    You are dead on with your assessment. The SEIU membership being on site only attests to the fact that THIS IS THE ONLY WAY that they have left to try to convince others to vote, or act in the way that the TOP GOON THINKS they should. Most of them are mental morons. I once read that “One cannot possess both a HAIRY body, and a functioning brain as well.”

  136. I hope Barry/Steve takes a dump while flying to Massachusetts and the pilot only has one parachute and he is wearing it!

  137. Buraq ’08 @ 6:58 pm
    Ayla’s is by far my favorite rendition. I would so use it to put “Dad” over the top. Did you see picture of the whole family? Mom is beautiful and both daughters not only gorgeous but very polite and talented too.

  138. masen tweet:

    Raging_Red: Why is the ‘Special Envoy to Haiti’ [aka BILL CLINTON] here in Worcester, MA when he should be in, oh… I don’t know… HAITI? #masen #tcot
    half a minute ago from web · Reply · View Tweet

  139. from http://twitter.com/GovKaineBrow tweet

    From depths of Hell, Saul Alinsky cast his absentee ballot for #MaSen for Scott Brown to cause as much chaos as possible

  140. It will only be a matter time before the media is all over those Brown girls like they treat Sara Palin and her family.


  142. Great pic (be sure to read the writing underneath):


  143. tweet

    “We never pay attention to the polls.” Martha Coakley. Or the facts, her constituents, or the Constitution… #tcot #masen via @Cyberrat1776

  144. tweet

    hospiceRN54: RT @clobrien: RT @ScottBrownMA: People gathering around state w/homemade signs, energy enthusiasm is great – keep it up! #masen #tpp #tcot
    half a minute ago from TweetDeck · Reply · View Tweet

  145. Raging_Red: It’s nice that Obama is coming to Boston on Sunday, on our dime, instead of going to Haiti where it would make more of a difference. #masen
    1 minute ago from web · Reply · View Tweet

  146. Patriot Dreamer

    “Rasmussen: Three different Republicans within six points of Boxer in California”


  147. This is wonderful! A little two-year-old boy pulled out of rubble and is okay.


    And my message earlier from Drudge, I thought BO was bringing in a bunch more illegals. That’s not a good thing because with that happening you can bring in a lot of diseases unless they’re checked out. What it meant was, the illegals here can stay here right now. I don’t see a problem with that at all.

  148. If you are looking for a way to help the people of Haiti, the following organization has an incredible ministry…

    Engineering Ministries International

    Engineering Ministries International (EMI) is a non-profit Christian development organization made up of architects, engineers and design professionals who donate their skills to help children and families around the world step out of poverty and into a world of hope.

    EMI’s Response to the Catastrophic Earthquake in Haiti

  149. From http://twitter.com/mocajavawv

    “Obama is about to become the longest serving lameduck president. #tcot #masen #sgp #ocra about 2 hours ago from HTC Peep

    Aunt Zeituni must be thrilled. #tcot #sgp #ocra #masen about 2 hours ago from HTC Peep

    After next Tues, 46% will be the good old days for the Coffee-fetcher-in-Chief. #tcot #masen #sgp #p2 about 4 hours ago from HTC Peep

    Just read that Coffee-fetcher-in-Chief will join Bill in MA to campaign for Coakley.#tcot #masen #sgp about 5 hours ago from HTC Peep”

  150. Linda from NY

    Catholic Groups Outraged After Martha Coakley Tells Them to Find New Work


  151. Linda from NY

    Michelle: This one’s for you!

    Rubio Raises Money For Brown


  152. masen tweet

    WooHooYoo: Are there any good golf courses in Mass. this time of year for Obama? #masen #41stvote or maybe a visit to Aunt Zeituni?
    less than a minute ago from TweetDeck · Reply · View Tweet

  153. masen tweet

    Gunservatively: RT @arlenearmy @MassRon @GregWHoward Every patriot in #MA needs to pick a polling place & bring a good video camera. #tcot #masen #41stvote
    half a minute ago from web · Reply · View Tweet

  154. Linda from NY

    Clinton fights for Martha, rails against ‘Tea Party’


  155. Bill Clinton “If we elect Brown the earthquake wins.” – He must be smokin’ that wacky tobacky again.


  156. Repost




  157. Ooooooh!!!! Ouch!!!!

    Cambridge Police Endorse Brown (nightmares for Skippy Gates and Coakley’s husband who, I believe, retired from there)!!!!!!!!


  158. re my 7:53–I just gave the Cambridge Police Endorsement another look. INDEED! Right in the statement it says that Coakley is giving the impression that, because her hubby retired from there, that Cambridge PD is endorsing her. NO!!!!
    It is endorsing Brown!!!!!

  159. bob strauss // January 15, 2010 at 7:13 pm

    Hi Bob,

    Don’t think that’s gonna happen. Scott’s wife (and the girls’ Mom), Gail Huff, is a general assignment reporter for Channel 5 here in Boston.

    As George H.W. Bush used to say: ‘Wouldn’t be prudent.’

  160. Don in California

    Prairie // January 15, 2010 at 7:49 pm

    Bill Clinton “If we elect Brown the earthquake wins.” – He must be smokin’ that wacky tobacky again.

    But, but, he didn’t inhale!!

  161. Benaiah @ 7:26 pm
    Those skills are so desperately needed. They need infrastructure-runways-airports-wells, running water. Supplies are trickling through. Donations are very heavy, but still having troubles getting food, water to the people. UN lost a lot of personnel.

  162. Michelle,
    I don’t have liquid bandage or electrical tape.
    I did use a giant bandage that has a lot of gauze
    in the middle of it and more polysporin. I’m going to have to update my first-aid supplies–had problems finding big enough bandages.
    It is still hurting which every time you touch it on something it hurts. I’d like to see if the piece
    of my thumb is going to grow back to the rest–
    this sounds weird unless you’ve ever done this.

  163. Don in California

    I wonder why the refugee are coming to the U.S.? Isn’t the D.R. and Cuba closer??

    I know, I am being cold hearted. I really know why. We are still the best country in the world and they know it.

  164. OldSalt77—

    You are right on—it wasn’t the machine, it was me operating it—-no license for the stupid thing.
    Now the slicer has been boxed up and put in the cupboard. So much for that.
    Thanks for the good wishes on recovery.
    Sounds like we are two peas in a pod—both of
    us know how to nearly chop off our thumbs!
    We both should stay away from machinery
    WITH BLADES! Thanks again, OldSalt:)

  165. SueK,
    While you’re off to the vet, I’d like to look
    into the bandage and take it off and start over
    again and review the damage. May I please?
    Or are you back from the vets?

  166. Observation from the field:

    Even if the purple buses are rolling in, it’s too late for SEIU to corrupt the absentee ballots. Here’s why:

    Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and it’s a holiday for federal, state ,and local workplaces; some private sector companies are working.

    Now, many city and town clerk’s offices historically close early on Fridays in MA, and I’m sure even more have done so in advance of the holiday; it was suggested that if you wanted an absentee ballot, to pick it up before today at noon, or call your municipality to see how late they’d be open today.

    So, all absentee ballots are cut off as of today. No more.

    If SEIU wants to fix this election, they’ll have to do it through intimidation and physical violence, and not by futzing with the absentee ballots.

    Too late.

  167. Maddie,
    I once did something similar (I play with my hubbies power tools when he is not at home) anyhow, it surprized me how well and fast it grew back. It was a pretty ugly.

  168. Maddie // January 15, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    I’m back, Maddie.

    Only take the bandage off if it’s stopped bleeding.

    If it has, take a peek then replace the bandage with a new one if it’s bloody; you don’t want bacteria to get in there. Change it every time you wash your hands, or get the bandage wet.

    You’ve gotta keep the wound clean and dry so that it’ll heal; you don’t wanna have to go for stitches if it’s a deep cut!

  169. Linda from NY

    Red Tidal Wave Hitting Massachusetts!

    ConservativeAmerican.org ^ | 1/15/9 | Peter Andrew

    Posted on Friday, January 15, 2010 6:01:13 PM by Peter Andrew Conservative


  170. Patriot Dreamer—
    If they can get it past with only 51
    votes that’s definately not good unless we can
    get more to vote “no.”

    Ques.: Will they need 60 to pass IMPEACHMENT proceeding against bo?
    We will need Brown for that, too!

  171. Linda from NY

    Coakley Offers Seniors No Advantage-The Massachusetts race has major ramifications for all seniors.


  172. ZACHJONESISHOME………….REF 09-724

    Very interesting! Perhaps…..this time something concrete will result from the action. I too will be watching. Certiorari has failed in the past, but I think more for the reason of corruption at the DOJ rather than being the wrong procedure. I pray constantly that just ONE judge will contradict the mandates of his/her peers and do what is right.

  173. Jacqlyn Smith


    Linda from NY // January 15, 2010 at 7:45 pm

    Clinton fights for Martha, rails against ‘Tea Party’



    Linda….there were 193 comments about this story and I didn’t see many of against Brown…..nearly all of them voiced their disgust of Clinton going in there and trying to tell the Massachusetts citizens how to vote…..you should read them…..I think Brown will WIN with double digits…..I don’t care what Clinton and Gibbs say!!!

  174. SueK,
    The bleeding has stopped, but my thumb
    looks bad. I just wrapped it back after
    peeking at it. I don’t do well with injuries.
    Can I just leave it until tomorrow now?
    (I don’t have another big bandage like this one).
    Sorry, I am a whimp with no medical knowledge whatsoever. I wondered if I could bleed to death through my thumb–family member said “no.”

  175. twe // January 15, 2010 at 7:49 pm

    Hey twe,

    That’s the web site I used to print the signs that decorate the Scott Brown shrine (my garage) and my vehicle.

    I also used that site to print a smaller sign to send to my union :).

    Thanks for the reminder-if you have a color printer, they come out *great!*

  176. I am a MA independent (actually, I hate to admit it but I’m still a registered dem, lol). I am really excited about Tuesday and will be voting for Scott Brown. I believe he has the big mo which will carry him to victory!

  177. Prairie,
    Thanks for sharing. It’s amazing how sharp these
    blades are–and power tools—I’d better never
    get near them. Did you have to have stitches?

  178. twe // January 15, 2010 at 7:55 pm

    Wowsie, twe!

    A police endorsement from the People’s Republic of Cambridge???

    Yup, I understand that Maatha’s hubby was a former Cambridge cop.

    Ya think maybe the endorsement might have something to do with Sgt. Crowley of Prof. Skippy Gates fame? You know, the Cambridge police that were acting ‘stupidly?’

    I’m really surprised at this…Cambridge is bluer than moonbat blue!

  179. Linda from NY


    Thanks for alerting me to the comments…I do not usually read them unless directed to note.

    If people are ignoring Clinton maybe, they will ignore pp, and it will turn out to be simply a photo shoot.

    Won’t it be grand when Brown wins this election, and all of that extra effort from the DC Gang comes to naught?

    Happy Night…Linda

  180. oldsalt77 // January 15, 2010 at 6:26 pm

    I love your post on the Sixth Court. It is about time our appelate courts started acting like appelate courts. Now for the Ninth Court, where the confirmed idiots reside.
    You know what they say……..city by city…county by county……state by state…we can get our country back and put God in His rightful place.

  181. Linda from NY


    This MA Special Election is so exciting!

    You have been one “Busy Lizzy” lately! Sounds like the “grassroots” are blooming in MA!

    Thanks for all of your updates…we really appreciate your effort.

    Happy Night…Linda

  182. Maddie // January 15, 2010 at 8:24 pm

    Sure, Maddie…leave it until tomorrow. If it still looks bad or feels ‘hot’ to the touch, I’d have it looked at.

    I did the same thing slicing suet for the birds this week.

    If you feel it’s healing up tomorrow, please do lay in a new supply of bandages, just in case. It must stay clean and dry!

    E-mail me if you have a problem, OK?

  183. Linda from NY


    You poor dear! I think most of us can relate to your “cutting” situation so please do not feel bad.

    Hopefully, the resident MDs here will help put you back to your former self.

    Feel your pain…I smashed the nail on my thumb some years ago, and the nail took forever to grow back…not to mention it was blown up like a balloon and hampered just about anything I had to do.

    Hope you feel better soon…Linda

  184. Linda from NY // January 15, 2010 at 8:39 pm

    Linda, I need a Valium. I’m not the type of person who can take this kind of stress over a long period of time.

    Busy-yup-trying to work, get reports from the field, tend to the pets, and deal with a blown out right knee, BUT, I’m so proud of the citizenry here who are proving that they’ve had enough!

    Just came back from the Vet. She’s on board, as is her Vet. Tech. and Receptionists. I feel as though I’m campaigning…I guess that in a way, we *all* are!

  185. oldsalt77 // January 15, 2010 at 6:43 pm

    JUST A JOKE,…”It wasn’t the machine it was the operator.”
    Pain medication/drugs…..a wonderful invention!!!!!

  186. oldsalt77 // January 15, 2010 at 6:02 pm


    You are a *very naughty* young man 🙂

  187. Linda from NY



  188. SueK, I hope you’re right, but years of watching democrats distort people’s records has me a bit skeptical.

    The left wing media are a disgraceful bunch of elite wannabees and probably haven’t learned their lesson yet. Maybe after Brown gets elected to the senate they will realize their approach is misguided, and they will act more patriotically in the future.

  189. Linda from NY

    The Coakley fallacy

    January 15, 3:28 PMColumbia Conservative ExaminerAnthony G. Martin


  190. JJ,
    Yes, medication is a wonderful thing when you
    need it. I’m taking aspirins. Thank you.

  191. Maddie,
    No stitiches, that would give me away and I would have to fess up. I nicked it with a ban saw blade. Healed well, can’t even see it now. Neosporin is great. Take some advil. The fingernail I ripped off with the drill also healed. Then there was the time I had to depants because I had gotten myself tangled in the belt sander. If my husband was smart he would either lock up the tools, or me.

  192. Thanks, LindaNY, for your kind words.
    I thought getting this mandolin gadget was
    so neat as I had never used one—well, I found out, NOT so neat.

  193. @Michelle:

    I haven’t seen that picture of Mr. brown’s family.

    I haven’t seen his daughter before I viewed your video.

    From what I have seen, Mr. Brown and his daughter seem very respectable.

    I truly hope this man wins. This country doesn’t not need any more bottom feeding politicians like Coakley.

    Some of the things that I have read about this woman, Coakly, are just astounding!

    God Speed, Mr. Brown, God Speed.

  194. Maddie,
    Regift it to Michelle, she has some garden vegies to chop.

  195. Hopefully Scott Brown wins Mass, stops Deathcare, and helps Obamas rating plummet even more.

    Eventually those ratings will get so low, that some one in the country with a legal back bone will allow a case to be heard on Obamas little citizenship issue.

    Hopefully it will be a Democrat, I just love watching them eat their own.

  196. Prairie,
    OMG—What on earth HAVE you been up to?
    I feel better just reading about YOUR antics,
    kiddo!!! I wouldn’t know a ban saw or belt sander if I saw one—probably better that I don’t. You are definately brave. Glad everything worked out o.k. afterwards.

  197. Clarification,
    Michelle O (Mrs. Steve) and “toxic” veggies.

  198. Anyone know how to get WBZ 1030 Boston live online?
    MArtha is on with Dan Ray on my way hom eI was listenig and it was 100% anti- “Ms No Assets”.

  199. Linda from NY

    Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley Scores A+ for Response to Foreclosure Crisis


    “BOSTON – Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley has been recognized by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) for her Office’s work in responding to the foreclosure crisis. The grassroots organization released a first of its kind report earlier this week, “Attorneys General Take Action: Real Leadership in Fighting Foreclosures” that analyzed the work of 51 Attorneys General in responding to the foreclosure crisis and recommends best practices and cutting edge strategies they have employed. Along with Attorney General Coakley, 5 other Attorneys General received a score of A+.”


  200. truthbetold11

    Scott brown will win if everybody has the same idea that that their vote counts. need to moblize the troops. worc police are backing scott fire dept etc. Their is a nice buzz in the air

  201. oldsalt77-
    old salt is right, every little bit helps.
    This is from Baltimore, Maryland.

    I saw on the news tonight-packages that Catholic Charities was able to deliver. It has everything in a package the size of a suitcase.

  202. Prairie,
    Complete with a first-aid kit, too:)

  203. Linda from NY // January 15, 2010 at 8:44 pm


    You poor dear! I think most of us can relate to your “cutting” situation so please do not feel bad.

    When I was 12, a firecracker exploded in my hand…….totally deformed my thumb for a while.

  204. Bob Strauss, Have alot of catching up to do as I still need to finish the last thread. But I read your post about Harry Reid. Please let us know what we can do to help dethrone him.

    I’m in Oregon and am now thinking nationally rather than just locally. It’s actually kinda cool cuz it’s near impossible here…so how good it feels to be pumping my energies into other places that are waking up!

    It feels great not to feel like I’m spinnin’ my wheels for a change.

  205. John Charlton

    Greg Goss,

    The database error you receive when you attempt to visit


    is because your ISP is still sending you to the old ip when you request our domain.

    our domain’s new ip is in all the networks world wide, it must be your ISP which is blocking their own dns cache from updating…

    As I erased the database at the old ip, you will get that error when going to it.

    That old ip will shortly be turned off, and that should cause your ISP actually ask another computer about our whois information.

    If you internet provider connects to the trunk line through the Planet, then that might be a problem, since our old site was on that same trunk line…

  206. truthbetold11

    twe your right with the camera at polling places

  207. Prez Steve coming to Boston is gonna be the penultimate HUMILIATION and his first realization he is not MLK or JFK but just a PEON that most disdain and dislike. He will OBOMB and it will backfire for “Ms No Assets”.


  208. SueK // January 15, 2010 at 8:45 pm

    Linda from NY // January 15, 2010 at 8:39 pm

    Linda, I need a Valium. I’m not the type of person who can take this kind of stress over a long period of time.
    Lest I repeat my earlier post……….

    Pain medication/drugs…..a wonderful invention!!!!!

  209. OldSalt77 & Michelle,
    You guys are both right, these people are broken to the core, they need our help no matter how little it is. Think about how
    our help is helping to rescue some who were
    discovered today under the rubble. Little
    miracles, but the work must be fast.

  210. JJ—

    I hereby nominate you President of Pain
    Medication Dosages as of tonight.


  211. kittycat77 @ 7:24 pm
    Thank you, the expression on that little boy’s face when he saw his parents priceless.

  212. John Charlton // January 15, 2010 at 9:14 pm

    Greg Goss,

    Uhhh, what language are you guys speaking??

    We dweebs are astounded at your knowledge!!!

  213. truthbetold11

    What part of mass is the usurper going to anyone? boston

  214. JJ—
    Just read your posting about the firecracker–
    wow—that would have been horrible. Glad it
    eventually got better.

  215. Jacqlyn Smith……………………………………..
    Clinton is a known deviate,and liar. Gibbs is also a proven LIAR. So how many people are coing to take the word of known liars? That is if they are in possession of their faculties.

  216. Prairie @ 8:59 pm
    What are you trying to do to your little self?

  217. BTW you herd it here first BIG ISSUE TOMORROW that will work against Coakley on WBZ Radio tonight she said that Curt Shilling was a Yankees Fan…..that is going to be a STINGER.

  218. Maddie // January 15, 2010 at 9:19 pm


    I hereby nominate you President of Pain
    Medication Dosages as of tonight.

    Seriously, I am extremely weary of pain meds and have a high tolerance to pain….thank God; however, my sister has been addicted for 40 years and I have seen the destruction if abused.
    Sad stories I could tell.

  219. Prairie-this is for you.

  220. Got my 3 Scott Brown signs today…the New and Improved Scott Brown Signs PURE WHITE background instead of the blue libtards background

  221. WBZ 1030 radio is the biggest news radio in Boston and has the most backwards online listen live I haev ever seen. I’m surprised they are not still connected thru the MIT mainframe with a rotary dial tel.

  222. Real good show on Hannity tonight. He had the brother of the guy that MMMSSS. Coakley tried to incriminate. He told the actual story.

  223. So any potential Massachussetts voters who watched Hannity tonight will probably be voting for Scott Brown later.

  224. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=aPg2UfFaCh9c&pos=9

    The threat by Dems to pass health care with 51 votes and Obama’s decision not to go to Massachusetts, is a tacit admission by Dems that Brown will win.

  225. Passing health care through a process of reconciliation with 51 votes however is complicated, so the threat is quite lame.

  226. JJ @ 9:25 pm We had a neighbor addicted to drugs for 36 years. I hope that I never ever have to take a drug. She was like Judy Garland, Anna Nicole Smith, Elvis and a whole bunch more-uppers, downers, tranquilizers, relaxers every day. What a horror to witness from when I was a little kid to adult hood. When they top it off with an alcoholic drink, I don’t know how many times she nearly killed herself that way.

  227. truthbetold11

    ayala brown should have a free concert sunday in boston noone would go hear the president lie

  228. Peter @ 9:25

    Please tell me you’re kidding?

    Schill, a Yankees fan?????

    This will be her demise!

  229. What’s all this protecting Obama stuff? He has been “protected” since the election cycle and he still looks like an incompetent idiot.

  230. Don in California

    Something new has popped up with the UN:


    U.N.’s World Health Organization Eyeing Global Tax on Banking, Internet Activity
    Friday, January 15, 2010
    By George Russell

    PrintShareThisThe World Health Organization (WHO) is considering a plan to ask governments to impose a global consumer tax on such things as Internet activity or everyday financial transactions like paying bills online.

    Such a scheme could raise “tens of billions of dollars” on behalf of the United Nations’ public health arm from a broad base of consumers, which would then be used to transfer drug-making research, development and manufacturing capabilities, among other things, to the developing world.

    Read the rest at the above link.

  231. “Seriously, I am extremely weary of pain meds and have a high tolerance to pain….thank God; however, my sister has been addicted for 40 years and I have seen the destruction if abused.
    Sad stories I could tell.”


    I personally understand. I had a brother-in-law addicted to pain meds, but he was in very severe pain with his back, even after surgeries and is almost crippled, and he is disabled. Just about crippled. And I have no problem with pain medications where someone has this horrible pain and can’t get relief. That’s why I never thought that bad about Rush’s addiction because he wasn’t using his pain meds for recreation use. Yes, he was addicted, but he was in real pain from a back surgery gone not the way that he wanted. He was using them to survive his pain, then became addicted. When you’re taking them for pain, you do worry about addiction, but you still have to have something. Whole different circumstances of someone using them recreationally, honestly.

    But there is evidence that sometimes, not all the time, pain medications make your pain worse. It’s something that I can’t recall the name of right now. Maybe I’ll think of it later. However, it doesn’t happen to everyone, and it doesn’t happen all the time. You must have mercy for the sick, and not everyone has the same pain level. Some people’s pain levels are more acute than others. That means nothing except differences in the make-up of a person.

    I do know this, JJ, for those who are in constant pain, and you have to have extreme mercy for them since we may all be in their shoes someday, then they have to have pain medications. I mean, you don’t hold off mercy from someone because you think that they are addicted to pain meds and they have a medical condition.

    Our grandmother had to have extreme pain medications because she had all kinds of bad arthritis and was elderly. Her RA was so bad, and she had several different kinds of arthritis, but you couldn’t touch her because of extreme pain. It crippled her up so. What’s strange is that she had the best mind in the world for remembering and was so sharp at her age, knowing all kinds of stuff, but her poor body was in agony. I haven’t figured out what is worse. Her type of pain and circumstances, or my husband’s other grandmother who had dementia. Her body was good, but her mind was gone. It was like two extremes comparing people.

    Personally, I think #1 was the worst because she had her mind intact, totally, yet touching her caused extreme and agonizing pain and then she passed away after a botched surgery. It then destroyed her mind and body in a big way.

  232. TO:
    GORDO // January 15, 2010 at 9:40 pm

    WBZ 1030 Boston live online:


    Thanks that is what I had tried many times but it would never worked BUT now it did.

    Thanks again.

    Coakley was on for an hour and I listened most of it and every caller was for Scott Brown

  233. Peter 909: WBZ radio here. Click on left under the logo where it indicates:


  234. @Peter Fransisco:

    I live in an area of Florida where I receive zero news radio signals. I use this guide to access the radio programs that I like to listen to. I’m not sure if the one you seek is there, but it’s worth checking.


  235. venice @ 9:39 pm
    So Obama is going to be kind to the people of MA and not darken their doorsteps by going to campaign for Coakley? Is that definite? and yet he expects folks to campaign for him. Nice.

  236. I read Brown was ahead in two recent polls–
    the one above the CW stated and another
    called ____ Target (forgot the first word).

    BO should not go to MA. He should be concentrating on national security, the economy, and Haiti at the moment. And
    if he doesn’t like that, he knows where the
    door is!

  237. Maddie—get well soon…and take it easy.

  238. Michelle,
    I agree with you. He desserts others yet he
    expects folks to campaign for him. He’s as
    narcissistic as it can get—all for him, to h*ll
    with others.
    As I already said, he knows where the door is,
    hope he leaves soon.

  239. Jacqlyn Smith


    venice // January 15, 2010 at 9:41 pm

    Passing health care through a process of reconciliation with 51 votes however is complicated, so the threat is quite lame.

    Venice…..I was thinking the same thing…..if they thought it would work they would have done it by now!!

  240. Maddie @ 9:53 BO cannot do anything that you mentioned. He has not figured out his job yet. He is incapable. His priorites are all askew. Now that it is NOT all about him all the time-he is lost.
    The EGO has crashed.

  241. Peter 925–Yikes!

  242. twe,
    thank you. I going to follow all the good advice
    I’ve gotten here. Thanks to everyone!!!!!
    Thanks, twe, it’s going to be an exciting few
    days now until Tuesday. I hope the Brown turn out is large. That should be a good sign.
    I’m sure he has his callers in place to remind people to show up on Tues.

  243. Buraq ’08 // January 15, 2010 at 9:51 pm
    I hope that you’re not by the evil rock pythons. Scary.

  244. I’m still reading that Barky is coming to MA.

    If anyone has different info, please post; I’m looking at local media outlets and they all say he’s coming.

  245. Peter F: Thanks for the hat tip. That’s the game!

  246. Michelle ,

    Excerpt taken from my link @ 9:34pm.,

    “With the election still four days away, Democrats are still hoping that “something could happen” to change the dynamics of the race. But until that thing happens, the situation as it exists today explains Barack Obama’s decision not to travel to Massachusetts to campaign for Coakley.”

  247. Yeah, SueK–O is still coming. Some folks are just catching up.

  248. Jacqlyn,

    I had read a few months ago about the process of reconciliation. It’s not just a process of getting 51 votes. If it had been that easy they would have done so in August when the push for health care was on.

  249. Coakley is really gaffetastic!

  250. I don’t know why Soetoro isn’t utilising our amphibious Navy. It seems really ridiculous to me. Whenever there is a need to get high tonnage ashore in a hurry it is our amphibs who can do it. They have the machinery, and everything necessary. Hopefully Soetoro will come to his senses and send an LPH loaded with the hovercraft, and a convoy of our auxiliary cargo ships loaded with supplies. The hovercraft can carry really serious tonnage and drive right up on the beach. No problem. The Carl Vinson can operate helicopters but they can’t carry anywhere near the tonnage that one of the Navy’s hovercraft can. Something like 80 tons of cargo each trip.

  251. I’m taking tuesday off. Wake up! bring kids to school,vote 830am. Hold sign in front of town hall and watch all the people who know me have to wave . Who knows maybe i can change 10 or so undecided just because i know them. every vote will count

  252. Michelle,
    Sadly I believe it’s true. I’m wondering who is running the show. Of course, we believe he’s the puppet of ???
    I hope that the 51 vote plan can’t work.
    Actually wasn’t that just on budget matters?
    How can they spin it to get to do this on
    the Health Care Bill? Michelle, we have to
    be on our toes and three steps ahead of them
    from all angles. This is mind-boggling.

  253. twe,

    The link I posted at 9:34 was indeed posted at 7:15 this morning, so perhaps there has been a change of plan and O will be arriving in Massachusetts.

  254. schilling and doug flutie are in scotts corner the sports stations. tom brady would be nice as well

  255. Venice–the news about O coming to Mass broke this afternoon.

  256. TBT11–yeah brady would be nice…

    check this out:


  257. http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D9D8BG884&show_article=1

    twe, just goes to show, you must always check on the time an article is printed. I thought my post was a late evening announcement reversing the afternoon one.

  258. Listen to Talk radio?

    Many links:


  259. OldSalt77–
    Sounds like a grand idea to me—a hovercraft
    with large tonnage delivered right up on the beach. Aid workers then get the supplies to
    the sick and wounded. Hovercraft goes back
    out to sea and loads up from the cargo ship
    (how does that loading actually work?? I’m guessing that’s what happens) and returns to shore again.
    OldSalt, maybe you should contact operations
    and make this suggestion since Soetoro isn’t
    using his brain (what’s left of it)!

  260. Linda from NY // January 15, 2010 at 10:09 pm
    This current DNC is beyond stupid, who do they think these independents are-many are Dems who are disgusted and horrified by this cabal of evil men-DNC, Obama, Reid, Pelosi etc. their power tactics out of a Nazi playbook. They are way beyond arrogant and Pelosi with her astroturf to my fellow Americans, that really did it for me. Whether you are Republican, Independent, Unenrolled you are still my fellow Americans and you did have a right to be heard-not locked out, assaulted, terrorized, victimized, insulted. I hope their aristocratic oligarchy implodes on their obnoxious heads.
    “Slow to recognize it? Democrats downright discounted and criticized the legitimacy and power of this growing movement. That arrogance is now their Achilles heel.”
    As a voting block, Independents prove that audiences aren’t monolithic. They’re pragmatic and solutions oriented. They’re turned off by overly politicized messages.

  261. SueK he will be here SUNDAY and he will be HUMILIATED.


  262. TO:
    Buraq ’08 // January 15, 2010 at 9:51 pm

    @Peter Fransisco:

    Thanks. Hey what part of FL? I been most places in FL and latelly Bradenton and Port Charlotte

  263. SueK,
    If M keeps sinking in the polls maybe
    bo won’t show his face (I wouldn’t).
    Still have some time for him to reverse
    his trip and stay out of MA. We can only hope.
    Ques.: Why isn’t bo in Haiti, anyway?

  264. OldSalt77–
    Do you remember the video re: the Berlin Airlift when they were trying to get food and materials in. Didn’t the American General get it down to a plane landing one a minute or one a second.

  265. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/08/24/democrats-ponder-one-bill_n_267166.html

    For those interested, here’s an article on reconciliation.

  266. SueK & Peter,
    Promise you will yell out “Where are your
    documents” or “Unseal your records Mr.
    Soetoro” or “Where’s the BC”?
    Great idea, Peter, just had to horn in on this.

  267. SueK -what I liked best about Scott’s campaign other than the man and his message.
    He filmed everything on the streets of MA and I got to see the neighborhoods and the folks. Much of it looks like the neighborhoods in Chicago,-guess you can’t do this in the suburbs where I grew up-houses too far apart. Not good at Halloween time that’s for sure. Thank Scott for sharing a bit of the real MA with the rest of the nation.

  268. I know a helicopter couldn’t carry much, but
    why don’t they have some of them dropping
    food and supplies into the more remote areas
    that are so hard to access now by road?

  269. SueK: This is for you and the kritters 😉

  270. My union nurse wife amazing got her teacher friend to vote for scott brown on tuesday. Why because my wife saw 4 neg attack ads against scott in a row. Coakley offers nothing positive. Call any friends u have in mass. we need to win by a touchdown

  271. twe // January 15, 2010 at 10:32 pm

    I know that was for SueK but,
    AWWWWE! That was cute!

  272. twe @ 10:32 Sue will be so touched. That was so damn darling. No wonder she loves her critters.

  273. Venice,
    How interesting. We should keep a copy of this handy for ref. How clever—deal with the non-budgetary issues later
    …Democrats try to get 60 votes to waive the Byrd Rule — which would then allow the inclusion of those non-budget-related provision in one bill that would require only 51 votes for final passage.

    Venice, thanks for the informative post.

  274. An Angel for Scott for protection and a win. They are calling it the Massachussets Miracle.
    DOMINION: Michael the most well-known archangel who strengthens our spirit during difficult times or dangerous situations. His name means “He who is like God.” He is the chief over the dominion order of virtues, angel of repentance, righteousness, ruler of the fourth heaven and conquerer of the evil and negative energy that seeks to pull us away from God. It is thought that Michael was the angel that Moses communicated with at the Burning Bush and that he is also the angel who saved Daniel from the lion’s den. Archangel Michael inspires Truth, patience and Love. In Catholicism, he is the patron angel of policemen who guides and guards them as they work to protect us. And he is also the one who leads our souls to heaven.
    GUIDANCE: Angel of Miracles

  275. They try to do this it will open the door for massive lawsuits and the pres having to open his records that are hidden from the public

  276. Bill Clinton: If We Elect Scott Brown, the Earthquake Wins. What’s he smoking?


  277. Portuguese Revolutionary War Hero – Peter Francisco // January 15, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    Now CHRIS DODD insults Americans from Teea Parties while writing a letter for Coakley

    Why does Dodd think he has any pull…..his numbers are in the tank…..just like CROAKley’s!!!

  278. Maddie,

    You’re welcome and I hope your thumb is doing better. SueK has given you good advice. Sounds like you’ve almost removed a flap of skin. That will probably eventually detach and the thumb should heal well. But as Sue says, be careful with infections.

  279. @Peter Fransisco and Michelle:

    I am in northwest Florida in a little, country town called Milton, which is about 25 miles east of Pensacola and about 30 miles north of beautiful Navarre Beach.

    No pythons around here that I have seen, but we have pygmy rattle snakes, massive alligator snapping turtles, black widow spiders, brown widow spiders, brown recluse spiders, and bears.

  280. Radar Ziva:
    Some more of that wacky tobacky, I guess, but of course he doesn’t inhale.

  281. Oh, I thought I’d missed something.

  282. twe // January 15, 2010 at 10:24 pm

    Wow, twe…Joe, the ‘guy from Boston’ actually spoke a paragraph without throwing the F Bomb? Amazing!

    Magna had asked if we all talked like that but no, just Joe :).

  283. JJ,

    If you ever think of having your own website with a wordpress interface, ASK a friend who’s don it before, because learning about how to do it as you go along, when you are not a computer buff, is 2 weeks of work and study…and if you don’t have that time, you are really up a creek….

  284. These guys mean business…..

    HillBuzz calls on Americans: Make Sure the GOP is Ready to have Brown Seated

    January 15, 2010 in Campaign 2008, Campaign 2010, Campaign 2012, Capitalism, Economy, Family values, Politics, socialism | Tags: HillBuzz.org, Martha Coakley, ObamaCare, Scott Brown, Senate Majority | Leave a comment

    from the guys at HillBuzz:

    “VOLCANIC needs to be what we set our rage to. The response to Democrats’ efforts to stall Brown’s certification and ram a Healthcare Rationing Bill through before he can get to Washington to save the day must be met with all the resistance, verve, and passion of our forefathers when they battled the British in our first War of Independence. We’re serious when we say that, should Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and our current president really do this, every man, woman, and child with a car or enough money for a plane or train ticket needs to head to the Capital and FILL THE ENTIRE CITY OF WASHINGTON, DC with protests the likes of which have only been seen in European and Latin American countries when their governments falls…”


  285. TO:
    Buraq ’08 // January 15, 2010 at 10:48 pm


    I have been to Santa Rosa county loved Ft Walton Beach. but never made it out to Pensacola Bch.

    I know of a Dome on the beach there.

  286. Radar Ziva @ 10:43 pm
    Sounds like Mr. Bill is a little cranky, I saw him on TV last night he looked exhausted. He had been working all day for Haiti. Bill is not 22 anymore, I think once upon a time he could work three days straight no sleep, Mr. Bill those days are gone. I think he knows Martha is a lost cause too, all the pretending in the world is not going to make it so. I also saw Father Bush on TV and he had a cane-first time I ever saw him showing signs of age-no way should he go to Haiti. The Haitian people love Bill Clinton, but I think they will see another side of George W. Bush then they will like him better.

  287. Maddie // January 15, 2010 at 10:24 pm

    Well, Maddie, the way I see it is if Barky didn’t think Maatha had a chance, he’d stay away; obviously, he thinks she has a shot, so he’s coming.

    He’s more interested in getting his cronies elected than people dying in Haiti…

  288. I pray this person is right……

    Believe It Or Not, Brown Can Win This Thing

    Posted by Dan McLaughlin (Profile)

    Friday, January 15th at 8:19PM EST


    Too good to check: Jim Geraghty hears that Scott Brown’s campaign has internal polls showing him up 11 points:

    I’m getting the sense that the folks hearing this are almost a little incredulous, but it seems every demographic and key group is breaking to Brown in the past day or two.

    Geraghty also notes conflicting reports that Martha Coakley’s internal polls show her either even or 3 points back.

    At this point, it’s hard to know what to make of any of the polls, given the unique situation of a special election in January; nobody should be counting chickens for a Republican in Massachusetts, ever. But this can’t be bad news. Now, it will be up to President Obama’s visit on the Sunday of a 3-day holiday weekend to save Martha Coakley’s bacon. If she loses decisively, it may be the last invitation he gets this year.

  289. Michelle, no doubt Bill has his own agenda, not to mention a mix-up of priorities.

  290. Buraq ’08 @ 10:48 pm
    Down here in South Florida they were doing turtle rescues, it just got too cold for them.

  291. Scotts coming to worcester in the am. I have to coach my sons b ball game. I wish i could go and help out but will be there in spirit

  292. twe // January 15, 2010 at 10:32 pm

    OMG, twe, that was great!

    Angel just got up, so I’ll bring him in and show him! I’ll guarantee that he will NOT be impressed :).

    Sending that one out to all my critter pals…thanks!

  293. Is this guy serious…..I thought Scott set the record straight….the seat belongs to we the people….NOT your DADDY!!!!

    Democrat Entitlement: Patrick Kennedy Begs to Save “My Father’s Seat”

    January 15, 2010 in Campaign 2008, Campaign 2010, Campaign 2012, Capitalism, Economy, Family values, Politics, socialism | Tags: Martha Coakley, Michelle Malkin, ObamaCare, Rep. patrick Kennedy, Scott Brown, Ted Knnedy | Leave a comment
    “Please volunteer to help in the race for my father’s seat”
    By Michelle Malkin • January 15, 2010 03:51 PM

    The Kennedy family still thinks it’s their seat, not the people’s seat.

    Patrick Kennedy just e-mailed out the following SOS:

    DCCC Rapid Response

    Michelle –

    I want to ask for your personal help in the Special Election for my father’s seat taking place in just 4 days.

    The latest polls show Democrat Martha Coakley in the lead, but her Republican opponent is right on her heels in a race that represents the critical 60th vote for health insurance reform and the rest of President Obama’s agenda.

    Please help us by making calls at Democratic National Headquarters in DC between now and Election Day on Tuesday. Together we can make thousands of calls that will put this great candidate over the top.

    Please sign up to volunteer in DC.

    Thank you so much. Your efforts will make a big difference in this race!


    Rep. Patrick Kennedy

    Paid for by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.
    430 South Capitol Street, S.E. Washington, D.C. 20003
    (202) 863-1500 – http://www.dccc.org
    Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.


  294. Michelle/Radar Ziva: no Bill’s priorities are where they usually are…Hillary was set to briefly touch down in Haiti. He’s up here; she’s down there.

  295. folks dont be misled the dems have a trick make it look like your way ahed and dont need to go vote that your vote wont matter. nice try

  296. @Peter Fransisco:

    Pensacola Beach is okay. It isn’t as nice as it used to be back in the early 90’s when I lived there, because there seems to be a bit more of a criminal element in that city nowadays.

    Navarre Beach is the other end of Santa Rosa Island , the eastern tip of it basically. It’s truly a beautiful place. I try to spend as much time at the water’s edge as I can during the summer. I snorkel when it’s flat, and I boogey board and attempt to surf when there is a swell.

    I have thought that I would like to spend the rest of my life here. The air is so clean, and the people are so friendly. The only other place I might consider retiring to is Denver, Colorado to be near my brother and the great outdoors.

  297. Twe, you’re right. We all remember what Bill was doing when our government was shutting down.

  298. Jac Smith–not only did Scott say it is the people’s seat, so did Vicki Kennedy (see my embed earlier today).

  299. Anyone have any wisdom on the potentially dirty deed the Boston (liberal rag) Globe is gonna try to nail Scott with on Sunday?

  300. SueK–you’re quite welcome. This had “SueK” written all over it!! Did you notice when that came up, there are a whole series of other kritters vids like that over on the right hand side?

  301. Might be that he posed for Playgirl Mag in 83?

  302. Jac Smith: That Vicki Kennedy vid, where she says it is the people’s seat, is at 234 on this post (almost at the very beginning)

  303. kennedys have been washed up in mass for ahwile. ted was great at spending our money and boozing it up

  304. “Begs to Save “My Father’s Seat” This is sickening you should win/lose on the merits.
    Who writes this garbage for the Dems-way too much Oprah, Soap Opera distasteful nonsense. This isn’t politics its pathetic. Live in the real world. DC is starting to resemble La La Land.

  305. Jacqlyn Smith // January 15, 2010 at 11:00 pm

    Hi Jackie,

    Please understand that ‘Patches’ Kennedy is another shining example of their moronic family. He has a taste for illegal substances, and has been in and out of rehab. Cocaine, alcohol, prescription drugs, ‘impaired driving,’ and a bipolar disorder makes him fit right in with his family.

    He is the son of the late (but not great)Ted ‘The Swimmer’ Kennedy and Joan Kennedy, both of whom are/were chronic alcoholics.

    Yup, Patches is the family’s poster boy…

    Another complete loser from that clan…

  306. >>ONLY IN AMERICA<<

  307. twe // January 15, 2010 at 11:05 pm

    I didn’t notice, twe, but I’ll take a look!

    There’s now a web site decidated to the furred, feathered, shelled, and scaled members of this Earth called ‘Pet Tube.’ It’s hysterical!

  308. Not to worry, SueK, Brown has nothing to hide . . . and he’s very good at it, it seems.

  309. twe,

    I just brought Angel in and let him watch the vid. What an idiot I am…sitting at the computer with a hamster in my hand, trying to show him how very talented these hamsters are.

    He gave me the (beady) stink eye.

  310. Won’t affect the Brown’s poll numbers or voters.

  311. #

    twe // January 15, 2010 at 11:08 pm

    Jac Smith: That Vicki Kennedy vid, where she says it is the people’s seat, is at 234 on this post (almost at the very beginning)

    Thanks twe….I did watch it earlier…..problem is she doesn’t have the seat for the right people….it is for people who believe in freedom and not tyranny!!!

  312. maddie, my sympathies over your accident. It sounds very painful!
    I had a mishap myself last night, fell on black ice and fractured a bone in my elbow.
    I don’t usually take pain pills because they often cause migraines for me, but darvocet is working for me for this injury today.

  313. #

    LM // January 15, 2010 at 11:40 pm

    You Decide

    Are You OK With Backroom Deal on Health Care?



    LM….They didn’t have as one of the choices…..

    HELL NO!!!!

  314. To all our MA friends here, there was a post at FR about a subshop in MA supporting Scott Brown. If any of you feel so inclined, please give them business! And send website to all you know to support their boldness.


  315. It’s taking over 2 hours for my comments to finally appear. I think I will call it a night.

    Best of luck to Brown and I will be praying for him.

  316. Found at…..


    And he doesn’t even talk about the extravagant Christmas vacation they all took to Hawaii while the Undie-bomber was running loose!!!

    After Obama Tells America “Everyone Must Sacrifice” the White House Throws 1 Party Every 3 Days in First Year
    Wednesday, January 13, 2010, 7:08 PM
    Jim Hoft

    Back in January 2009, before he signed his failed $787 billion stimulus bill into law, Barack Obama told America that everyone must sacrifice for the greater good. Everyone must have “some skin in the game.”

    What he meant, of course, was that everyone would have to sacrifice to lift American out of the worst recession since the Great Depression except for Barack and Michelle Obama.

    Now we learn that the the Obama White House has held one party every three days in first year of Obama reign.
    Rep. Bob Latta (R-OH) reported:

    Let the good times roll” – and roll they have at the Obama White House, while nearly 11% of the workforce remains unemployed, nearly four million Americans are losing their homes, and terrorists ride the open skies.

    In fact, according to the Chicago Tribune, the stylish Ms. Rogers and the party-hearty First Couple hosted no less than 170 parties and social events through December 3 of 2009. And that does not even include the 17 parties and 11 open houses – feting more than 50,000 guests – ABC News reported the Obamas hosted throughout the Holiday Season.

    For those not counting, that means by January, 2010, Ms. Rogers had staged one gala White House event every three days throughout the first year of the Obama Administration, making the once austere Executive Mansion look more like party central.

    More… Alaskan added this:

    No wonder the Secret Service has problems at the Whitehouse. Security is no longer their primary duty, they are now Bouncers at the bar.

    ID please.

  317. To Maddie with the sliced thumb. 24yrs ago I was using a sewing machine and somehow my left index finger got in the way. The needle went right thru my nail (about 1/2 way down from the tip) and out the other end and snapped off the machine. It happened in a split second and I didn’t even feel it. I was so terrified of pulling out this “thick” needle that I went straight to the ER. Not much blood at all but the reason I”m posting this is that they gave me a “tetanus Shot” right away, peroxide, and offered pain medication. It did throb. Hope you heal quick so you can keep posting.

  318. Another black mark for the DemoCRAPS….read the whole story at…


    House Judiciary Committee Rejects Voter Intimidation Inquiry
    by Connie Hair

    The House Judiciary Committee this week voted down a resolution of inquiry that would have required the Department of Justice (DOJ) to explain to Congress why it dismissed a voter intimidation case involving members of the New Black Panther Party at a polling place in Philadelphia in November 2008.

    The measure, H. Res. 994, was defeated 15-14 on a straight party-line vote. Rep. Daniel Maffei (D-N.Y.) originally “passed” on his vote, but then changed to “no” to bring about the resolution’s defeat. Had the resolution gone through, it would have moved to the full House for a vote.

    Not all committee members were in Washington for the vote due to the truncated work week — less than 24 hours — to facilitate the Democratic Caucus retreat on Thursday and Friday. (The Republican Caucus has their two-day retreat in the last week of January.)

  319. >>>ONLY IN AMERICA<<

  320. Video: WH Press Corps ask Gibbs about Obama, CSpan transparency again

  321. An oldy but a genuine goody!

  322. LM // January 16, 2010 at 12:26 am

    LM, the man is a lying, blithering idiot.

    I’m hoping that the press gets so disgusted with him that they start reporting the TRUTH!

  323. John Charlton

    Who would have thought that in MA, the Spirit of the Minimute lived on….

    The Kennedy reign was a nasty epoch, it sesm the MA residents realize its now or never to free themselves from the yoke…

    If Brown wins, the Dem supermajority will break ranks with Obama, because they will see that it is political suicide to stand with a man who cannot even win a senatorial race in MA, the bastion of the DNC

  324. Coakley’s Controversial Past

    Senate candidate’s role in notorious sex case raises judgment questions


  325. Does anyone know of another site where we can get all of postemail’s info? I’ve tried everything, the old site, the new one, different computers…everything…just can’t get on. I used to be able to and I miss the reading there.

  326. Bay State Seat Up for Grabs?

    Michelle Malkin breaks the Massachusetts senate race


  327. LM and everyone, This apparently isn’t even her worst screw up. Ann Coulter has an article out describing in detail a case where she let innocent people rot in prison for being accused falsely of similar crimes. It was in the 80’s when liberals were accusing everyone and their mother of child abuse…I’m sure we all probably know victims of the push for finding a child abuser around every corner in the 80’s(thank you liberals!)

    Everyone knew they were innocent. There wasn’t a shred of proof. The children even grew up to discredit the stories they were coaxed into by therapists at the time.

    Coakley did NOTHING. She had the opportunity to set innocent ppl free and she did NOTHING.

    That is evil in my book!

  328. Maddie,
    If you are still here….My suggestion is to get a splint at the drugstore. They have them with like a four prong that would cover the tip of your thumb. Also, I think the drugstore would also have pre-made butterfly stitches made of adhesive tape that you could put across the cut, before you add the splint. You would leave room at the end of the splint as to not touch the cut, and allowing air to get in. The splint will also protect your thumb from being hit. Hope this helps.

  329. Re: Coakley’s “Catholic” comment, here is an good line of response from hillbuzz::

    ***Bev Says:
    January 15, 2010 at 6:50 pm
    It’s pretty bold of her to say devoted Catholics shouldn’t work in the ER considering the number of hospitals in this country that are of religious affiliations…Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Jewish…it’s the GOVERNMENT that should stay out of the ERs, not the Catholics!

    Moe Says:
    January 15, 2010 at 7:16 pm

    PapaJoe Says:
    January 15, 2010 at 7:31 pm
    Bev, well stated! Holy words.

    Tamara Says:
    January 15, 2010 at 8:11 pm
    With National Healthcare, the Government will be into ALL of our business.

    Marian Says:
    January 15, 2010 at 9:40 pm
    Most excellent point. I shudder to think what our health care would look like in this country without the charity and commitment of Christian organizations.

  330. Wanted to add that about the same time I started having trouble with thepostemail site, I’ve also had alot of trouble with therightsideoflife site. Don’t care for that site as much, but I’ve given up going there anyway because it always makes my computer freak out.

    I’m thinking something strange is going on.

  331. If any of the bot keep trying to say that a NBC is jus soli only, point out that the Civil Rights Act of 1866 made such a person a non-citizen at all!!

    “… all persons born in the United States and not subject to any foreign power, excluding Indians not taxed, are hereby declared to be citizens of the United States”

    For Obama, the US Codes since are all that even made him a US Citizen AT ALL! For indeed, he was born a British Citizen by Descent and he STILL IS ONE.

  332. Another one bites the dust.


  333. Most likely this has already been posted, but it could not be harmed with repeating:

    It’s awesome!

  334. Hello! My Name Is STEVE DUNHAM!

    When Barry comes to MA, Everyone wears name tags and t-shirts with “My Name Is STEVE DUNHAM” printed on them. This can even go “viral” with TV celebrities and normal folks showing up with these in public. No one will know what it means giving us all the opportunity to explain it to them!


  335. “Ms I was raised Catholic” had to be reminded that she IS STILL A CATHOLIC, because she probably ISN”T. She doesn’t act like she is when she shows support for religious discrimination agsint Catholics in Hospital by stating Cathlics shouldn’t work there if they have a problem with birth control and abortions.

    This is such BS, if someone gets raped and they go to the Emergency Room for a morning after pill at 3 AM..first they should be at the police station and second the morning after pill doesn’t have to be taken within hours there is time and the “victim” has plenty of time to get to her doctor or elsewhere. Thirdly if it is COMMON KNOWLEDGE that Religious Hospitals won’t do the morning after pill “smart” people won’t go there to get it, if you are an adult you don;t go to a pediatrician for care.

    ANYWAY here is Maatha’s Croakley’s Anthem.

  336. I told you guys The Yankee Fan Issue would be HUGE. As soon as I heard it I knew it AND SHE KNEW IT AS WELL and made a PATHETIC attempt to hide it.

    Curt Shilling and all Red Sox fans get INSULTED by Coakley. She says he is a Yankees Fan, then triesw to say she said it just to see if the host was paying attention. PATHETIC LIEberal LIAR.

    Anyone that Votes for this PATHETIC POLITICIAN doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously. Any Catholic that intends to vote for this Lost Soul needs to REPENT and go to church instead of going to vote.

  337. Peter, I’m not Catholic and I’m offended by what she said!! How dare she!!!!

  338. from a globe article :
    “Some in Coakley’s inner circle say it was mere complacency. One adviser said the early strategy also fit Coakley’s personality – she is not a natural campaigner, she does not like to grandstand, and she is averse to stirring up controversy.”
    So Mass Voters, why do you want a Senator in DC who is averse to possibly stirring up controversy? My understanding is that is largely what will happen in DC, there is controversy about each piece of legislation she would have to deal with.

    From her debate and her remarks and excuses for her flubs just this week – I get the sense, she would NOT be a strong and clear leader, that is for sure. The people of Mass. deserve better then her feeble, 1/2 hearted attitude/approach.

  339. My 2 cents on the Limbaugh issue. I don’t trust the gov’t as a charity either! Give to someone you trust, NOT the gov’t. If you want it to actually get to those who need it, give to Red Cross…it may not be perfect, but better than the gov’t!

  340. Philo-Publius

    My 2 cents on the Limbaugh issue. I don’t trust the gov’t as a charity either! Give to someone you trust, NOT the gov’t.

    If you listened to his entire show, that’s exactly what he said. Actually, the segment was a set up for the media who he knew would run the story out of context as they usually do with comments he makes. Rush exposed them the following day.

  341. Here are some links I read that are VERY IMPORTANT To Read:

    (1) “The Shot Heard Round The World… Scott Brown & Rudy Campaign In Boston” Article & YouTube Video Here with Rudi Gulianni Campaigning in the Streets in Boston With and For Scott Brown – Author: Jim Hoyt


    — Comments From This Article:

    Comment #5: Jan. 15, 2010 at 7:37 PM

    Martha Coakley… ?
    Hell Noakley

    Comment #8: Jan. 15, 2010 at 7:37 PM

    Great video.

    Jan. 19 it will be, “The Scott heard round the world.”

    From Cape Cod to California, we’re with you.

    Go Scott Brown!


    (2) “Catholic Groups Outraged After Martha Coakley Tells Them To Find New Work” Article By: Jim Hoyt


    — “Bill Donahue with the Catholic League Also Released A Statement Today Following Coakley’s Attack on the Catholic Faith.”


    (3) “Teresa in Fort Worth, TX Says:

    January 15, 2010 at 11:40 pm

    URGENT!!!!! Just read this – the voting machines being used are susceptible to EASY manipulation:


    Also, the Dems are threatening reconciliation on HC Bill if Brown is elected:


    Time to get angry, people – I don’t know if there is some way to encourage everyone who is voting for Scott Brown to INSIST on a paper ballot that is ONLY hand-counted; it sounds like these machines can (and have) been hacked before.

    Brown’s campaign might need some vigilant poll watchers at every polling place – I wouldn’t put it past the Dems to try and rig this race….”


    (4) A Commenter named Maureen says, “I think Martha’s campaign is nearing the tipping point into disaster” – go to:


    Comments From This Article:

    #1 – “Martha Coakley: Worst…Candidate….Ever.”
    Jan. 15, 2010 At 12:15 pm

    #2 – “The incompetence of the Coakley campaign is astounding.” Jan. 14, 2010 at 12:16pm

    #3 – “Martha Coakley:
    (A) Keeps innocent man in prison for political gain ok,
    (B) Keeps guilty baby rapist out of prison for potential gain ok,
    (C) Uses the deaths of 2,700 Americans for political gain ok.”

    #4 – How about flat-out stupid? Scott Brown was awarded the Army Commendation Medal for meritorious service in homeland security following 9/11.

    Posted By: A Conservative on January 15, 2010 at 12:50

    A Comment From Another Web Site:

    “Candidate Martha Coakley is running political ads that DO NOT spell the name of the state of Massachusetts correctly. This is the height of the RECKLESS & ARROGANT, POWER-CRAZY, CROOKS & CRAZIES DRUNK WITH POWER, DRUNK WITH CARELESSNESS, DRUNK WITH INSANITY attitude of the Ted Kennedy “Pour Me A Drink” Of ZERO TRUTH, ZERO HONESTY & VIRTUES & INTEGRITY, ZERO ETHICAL MORALITY, Completely Corrupt, Completely Out-Of-Contol, And Extremely Dangerous Status-Quo Truly Insane & Crazy Mind-sets Of The Crooks & Crazies Liberal Democrats.

    Martha Coakley’s Campaign Is Saying: Screw you people of Massachusetts. And Screw you USA. We Demon-crats are going to steamroll Demon-crat Martha Coakley in to pass Usurper-Foreign-Born-Domestic-Enemy Barack Obama’s 100% Evil & Insane Agenda’s down your throats!! Why bother to spell Massachusetts correctly? We are filling… Teddie’s Seat!! Teddie’s Seat is OUR-Seat-For-Life!!

    Who cares about you 308+ Million USA Legal Citizens who are only the slaves we oppress, and steal from, and destroy?! We only care about: Our Own Lives, Fattening Our Wealth Daily, And Power Now and Forever So We Can Commit ANY Kind of Crimes We Want, And So We Can Get Away With Our Lawlessnes & Crimes, And Passing OUR 100% Evil Agenda’s!! That’s us: The-Demon-Craps-No-Morals-Crooks & Crazies-Demon-crats-From-Hell!! That’s Who We Are!!

    — Jan. 15, 2010 at 9:55 pm


    I am sending this email to the Scott Brown Campaign to warn him to watch out for George Soros and other’s who will Definitely try to rig the election for Coakley by using hacked & manipulated Online Voting Internet programs.

    I am 100% against using ANY online electronic voting machines where the manipulation of the votes in Voter Fraud is EXTREMELY & OBVIOUSLY EASY TO CONTROL.

    I will strongly advise Scott Brown to ask for every paper ballot to be hand counted for this election. Scott Brown is a very rare and an extraordinary individual, like a George Washington or an Abraham Lincoln were. Scott Brown must get into office to literally save America from ruin!!

    Scott Brown will have to follow the rules for this by getting a certain number of signatures of people who request this in each precinct…

    I hope that HUGE NUMBERS OF Volunteers from Massachusetts and ALL Different States travel to Massachusetts and stand with the people of Mass. outside at every voter polling place with signs supporting Scott Brown, so the people going into the voting booths can see enormous support of ALL Massachesetts and ALL the entire 50 states in the USA Support Scott Brown For Congress To Literally Save The USA From the Out-Of-Control and Extremely Dangerous Lawlessness Insanity Of The Crooks-and-Crazies-Democrats Daily Crimes!!

    Oldsalt77: You are very astute to see perfectly clearly that Martha Coakley is the exact perfect embodiment of the Wicked Witch Of The West!!

    Martha Coakley is the Wicked Witch of the South – From Hell Literally too!!

    Has anyone noticed that the Crazies & Crooks Demon-craps From Hell, like Clinton and the Usurper-Foreign-Born-Domestic-Enemy Barack Obama are stumping for Caokley and spinning their own Constinual Constant Lies for Coakley?

    This is yet one more sign HOW THOROUGHLY POISONOUS & TOXIC the Democratic political party has become!! In my opinion, BOTH the Democrat & Republican parties should disband. They are both 100% Completely Hazardous & Poisonous & Toxic Garbage Dumps of 100% Complete Corruption that produced the Illegal & Unconstitutional Illegal Alien Barack Obama Administration that is terrorizing our nation in the War Of Terror that Barack Obama has actually declared on ALL USA Citizens & on the USA from Our White House!!

    Wake Up America Quickly!! Work your butts off 24/7/365 to save the USA from the evil forces of Hell & Satan the Devil who are literally trying to destroy the USA and us, through Constant Prayers To God, In the Name Of Jesus, and through Constant Work To Save The USA 24/7/365!!

    Keep a Constant Vigilance of Prayers going up to GOD in the Holy Name Of Jesus for Scott Croakley to be protected by GOD and to win this Most Important Seat in Congress In the History Of Massachusetts & The USA!!

  342. This Sentence SHOULD Say:

    Keep a Constant Vigilance of Prayers going up to GOD in the Holy Name Of Jesus for Scott Brown to be protected by GOD and to Win this Most Important Seat in Congress In the History Of Massachusetts & The USA!!

    Barack Obama & Soros do NOT have ANY Power to STOP THE POWER & THE HOLY WILL OF GOD on Earth from Winning & TRIUMPHING !! AMEN!!

  343. truthbetold11 // January 15, 2010 at 10:07 pm

    A noble effort……WHATEVER IT TAKES!!!

    Jacqlyn Smith // January 15, 2010 at 10:45 pm

    Portuguese Revolutionary War Hero – Peter Francisco // January 15, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    Now CHRIS DODD insults Americans from Teea Parties while writing a letter for Coakley

    Why does Dodd think he has any pull…..his numbers are in the tank…..just like CROAKley’s!!!

    (sort of like Pee Wee Herman testifying for someone in a child abuse trial???)

  344. Good morning CW, et al,

    So “Scummer” the Senator from N.Y. believes Mr Scott is a far right “Teabagger” ?


    I firmly believe “Scummer” is a “Further Left “Scumbagger”…

    Go! Scott!!!!!


  345. John Charlton // January 15, 2010 at 10:52 pm


    If you ever think of having your own website with a wordpress interface, ASK a friend who’s don it before, because learning about how to do it as you go along, when you are not a computer buff, is 2 weeks of work and study…and if you don’t have that time, you are really up a creek….
    No problems…….waaaay above my pay grade!!!!

  346. Radar Ziva // January 15, 2010 at 11:07 pm

    Might be that he posed for Playgirl Mag in 83?
    Let’s see now……….that’s a hard one for the Dems…….the moral and ethic dilemna…….

    Naked for Playgirl Mag vs.naked in an airport stall prostituting for gay boys.

  347. Philo, I agree with what you said about Rush.

  348. Naked for Playgirl? That does it, he is definitely gonna win now! LOL.

    I mean who cares! Is that all they got on him?

  349. Linda from NY

    Democrats Accuse Brown of ‘Radical’ Ties as Senate Election Nears


  350. Linda from NY

    URGENT Appeal for Help to win Massachusetts and STOP ObamaCare


  351. Hi all. Everyone be careful with Tylenol. There is a recall, which I haven’t heard anyone speaking about on the news. Read these comments after the story about how many have become ill. I believe it should have been pulled from shelves in September, but was not.


  352. Linda from NY

    Bank Tax Is Centerpiece of Party’s New Populism



  353. OT, but regarding muslims and pigs, you gotta see this, if it has not been posted before. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but supposedly this is what General Pershing did to punish muslim extremists before WWI & he used plenty of pork:


  354. ticktock // January 16, 2010 at 1:47 am

    LM and everyone, This apparently isn’t even her worst screw up. Ann Coulter has an article out describing in detail a case where she let innocent people rot in prison for being accused falsely of similar crimes. It was in the 80’s when liberals were accusing everyone and their mother of child abuse…I’m sure we all probably know victims of the push for finding a child abuser around every corner in the 80’s(thank you liberals!)

    Everyone knew they were innocent. There wasn’t a shred of proof. The children even grew up to discredit the stories they were coaxed into by therapists at the time.

    Coakley did NOTHING. She had the opportunity to set innocent ppl free and she did NOTHING.

    That is evil in my book!

    I taught public school, worked at 6 daycares, and operated a home-based preschool for 4 years………

    NEVER……..I SAID NEVER ……believe the words from a young child’s mouth about any issue as serious as child abuse.

    Little ones take cues and will say whatever they think the interviewer/teacher wants them to say!!!

    As I read this story of the false charges, I was sick to my stomach at the injustice……..I could lock the cell door for this Coakley bit** for as long as this man and his family served, for I believe he wasn’t the only one convicted.

    This is the story that needs repeating over and over.

  355. Linda from NY

    Purple for Brown: SEIU Member Supports Republican

    American Spectator ^ | 1/15/10 | Robert Stacy McCain


  356. Linda from NY

    Martha Coakley’s abortion remarks spur flap


  357. Yes JJ, Others were falsely convicted and jailed also..for a very long time….It destroyed his whole family.

    I agree about Coakley. She should be locked up for this with the key thrown away. And then another life sentence for ignoring a real case. She’s despicable.

  358. Linda from NY

    Analysis: Senate race underscores voter anger

    Breitbart (AP) ^ | January 16, 2010 | Liz Sidoti


  359. Linda from NY

    Need poll watchers, election judges, other volunteers for Brown, keep fraud out of this election


  360. Linda from NY

    What can Scott Brown do for Dems? UPS ships off legal salvo


  361. The polling places in MA needs to be watched starting now and until Monday closing time. Need to film all in going and out going people at the polls over the weekend and Monday. The Republicans needs to check the count on the voting machines before the doors open.

  362. Linda from NY

    Obama in Desperation, Heads to Massachusetts (Obama’s Lollapalooza)

    Tea Party Express ^ | Jan 15, 2010 | Sal Russo


  363. Linda from NY

    OT…but important…

    Did Communism Fake Its Own Death in 1991?


  364. Linda from NY

    Eyes are on President Obama to set Martha Coakley’s ship right


  365. Linda from NY

    ticktock: This one’s for you!

    Columbus elementary school employees and PTA violate state election laws (Oregon)


  366. Linda from NY // January 16, 2010 at 8:25 am

    Democrats Accuse Brown of ‘Radical’ Ties as Senate Election Nears

    Amazing, absolutely amazing……..you want radical ties???

    I’ll give you radical ties………the aka Obama way!!!!

  367. Linda from NY

    Notes and news from Bill Clinton rally at WPI


  368. Jac Smith 1139pm: Yeah, but Vicki saying it’s the people’s seat only reminds folks of who said it first: Scott Brown. It’s like she is advertising for Brown!!!!!

  369. SueK: I wish I could have seen Angel watching the hamster vid! Sounds like a Kodak moment…even tho she was giving you the eye!

  370. Linda from NY

    Martha Coakley backs plan to unionize FedEx


  371. Linda, That kinda stuff goes on all the time! Especially up in the Portland area, no one bats an eye. I used to work in one of the public school districts and they did that stuff at employee meetings! They try to intimidate ppl with their very jobs if they were to protest it…It’s totally illegal, but the unions are bigger than the law up there….one of the reasons we moved alllll the way down to the other end of the state! Lars Larson is a very conservative radio host up there. I’ll make sure this story gets to him. Thanks.

  372. To: “Hello! My nam is Steve Dunham!” and all.
    One of my favorite shows back in the ’60s/’70s was “To Tell the Truth”
    Will the real Steve Dunham…….please stand up?!!! (drum roll)

  373. Linda fm NY: Thanks for posting the UPS article. I know for a fact that the Brown site was notified of this as soon as the fliers arrived in mailboxes, which was Thursday. You can be sure that all those fliers went out. They were sent to registered Democrats and unenrolled who voted Democrat in the primary.

  374. Linda from NY // January 16, 2010 at 8:58 am

    Need poll watchers, election judges, other volunteers for Brown, keep fraud out of this election


    Doesn’t matter when the machines are compromised.

  375. Linda from NY // January 16, 2010 at 9:00 am

    What can Scott Brown do for Dems? UPS ships off legal salvo

    from one comment on the link:::

    This is just too funny! The state’s AG, the person responsible for trademark and brand protection steals the brand of UPS to mock her opponent. Priceless. She really doesn’t want to win this Tuesday.
    Did she steal UPS’s trademarked property? Absolutely! She never got permission, never asked! Doesn’t get any better than this…

  376. January 15, 2010 3:36 PM
    Mark Steyn: Can Obama hold Teddy’s seat?

    A Massachusetts pseudo-“election” has bizarrely morphed into a real one.


  377. Joe Lieberman Endorsement Scott Brown Latest Polls Show Widening Lead (Rumor?)


    Like who cares?

  378. **** New Post ****

  379. SueK @ 12:43 am re: Gibbs-I agree why is the press taking this garbage. Rebel press report the truth. Obama was it 8 times (recorded, documented) who said it was on C-Span. Obama were you lying then, now. Why the change of heart? Trying to HIDE something? The press should keep pounding away at this.
    I hope this article brings joy to your day.
    Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler
    Thursday, 14 January 2010
    For all their power-grabbing fascist arrogance, the Democrats in Washington are coming to resemble Mack Sennett’s bumbling-fumbling Keystone Kops more with each passing day.
    Republicans in Washington are in a certain kind of awe over the Dems’ performance. Walk around the halls of Capitol Hill. You don’t need name tags to identify the Pubs from the Dems. The former are walking with zest and smiling cheerfully – except when they cast a glance of astonished puzzlement at the latter shuffling dejectedly along and refusing to look at their cheerier colleagues in the eye.
    How could everything go to hell so quickly? That’s the question both are asking themselves. It is a mystery to both.
    “I guess we really are in a state of shock and awe over what they have done to themselves,” says a buddy of mine who’s chief of staff to a principal GOP Senator. “I just hope we learn the right lesson from it.”
    “You think the TeaParty folks are mad at the Pelosi-Reid-Obama Gang?” he asked me rhetorically. That’s just anger in a teapot compared to the cauldron of hate boiling the Left. One by one, he listed the Dem constituencies that are in a state of disgusted rage.
    more……(and the body language has it.)Michelle

  380. #

    ticktock // January 16, 2010 at 5:44 am

    My 2 cents on the Limbaugh issue. I don’t trust the gov’t as a charity either! Give to someone you trust, NOT the gov’t. If you want it to actually get to those who need it, give to Red Cross…it may not be perfect, but better than the gov’t!

    I’m with you…..I think Rush is getting a bad rap…..we have plenty of people here in this country who are hurting……but I do think they should try and help the Americans who are over there…….I think they should help somewhat but the rest of the money should be charity and not tax payer money!!! In other words if you want to donate then that is your choice….it shouldn’t be mandatory!!

  381. Michael // January 16, 2010 at 7:22 am

    Here are some links I read that are VERY IMPORTANT To Read:

    (1) “The Shot Heard Round The World… Scott Brown & Rudy Campaign In Boston” Article & YouTube Video Here with Rudi Gulianni Campaigning in the Streets in Boston With and For Scott Brown – Author: Jim Hoyt


    Michael….below is a great line from that article………

    Massachusetts is ready for a nude-skinned Brown man with no trace of a Kennedy dialect.

  382. obama is more concerned about this race than he is about jobs, economy, and right now especiall haiti..

    i would think he would be spending more time on this than using taxpayer dollars to go promote a democrap who lines up with him on his illegal movements.



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