Andrew Breitbart, ACORN, Breaking News, December 15, 2009, NY Grand Jury, Big Government, ACORN sting operations, Hannah Giles, James O’Keefe, posing as prostitute and pimp

Breaking news brought to us by Andrea Shea King, December 15, 2009.

Just got off the phone with Andrew Breitbart with news that he’s given me the green light to break:
Andrew has been suddenly summoned to appear before a Grand Jury in NY tomorrow morning, related to the ACORN sting operations exposed in Big Government with Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe posing as prostitute and pimp respectively.
Thus, he will be inflight, winging his way to NY tonight at the same time he was scheduled to be with us.  Andrew assures me he will join us at a later date and asked me to in his place,  invite Mike Flynn, editor in chief of Big Government, who has appeared several times on the Larry Kudlow show, Fox News’ Glenn Beck’s and Sean Hannity’s programs.  A quick phone call later, and Mike will be on with us.

Here’s a clip of Mike with Glenn Beck… tune in tonight!  Link to listen.

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77 responses to “Andrew Breitbart, ACORN, Breaking News, December 15, 2009, NY Grand Jury, Big Government, ACORN sting operations, Hannah Giles, James O’Keefe, posing as prostitute and pimp

  1. Is this positve? Or is there a hidden agenda

  2. I am working and listening to the health care rally in DC. What a great gathering & speeches.

  3. Patriot Dreamer

    Who is the grand jury investigating? ACORN or Hannah and James? I hope they’re investigating ACORN.

  4. Patriot.
    I just found out a few minutes ago.
    My guess, investigating Breitbart, Hannah & James.
    My position. They better by God not go after the whistle blowers.

  5. Patriot Dreamer

    If they go after the whistleblowers, then we will go after them.

  6. Laura Ingraham is fired up.
    I love it.

  7. Patriot Dreamer

    Laura is giving a great speech!


    NY State Board of Elections certifies fraudulent NY-23 Special Election tallies, even though commission admits that electronic voting machines were found to be programmed beforehand to switch votes!

  9. What a great rally
    How about that man yelling out “we don’t need no moment of silence, we need to pray to God Almight”!

  10. “Almighty” that is.

  11. CW – why would you guess that the GJ is investigating Andrew, James and Hannah? The moment I read your headline I thought the exact opposite. That is, they are investigating ACORN possibly Working Families, SEIU and others. Coumo is their AG right? If so, then his record should give us some helpful clues and what little I know of it, he seems to be bright, has good instincts, takes on and wins some tough cases.

    Are there in NYers out there that can provide more insight?

  12. Is there ever going to be a rally for the Natural-born citizen requirement? It has been nearly a year. How is the investigation of Donald Youngs Murder going? How about an Amber Alert for Barry Soetoro? When will the News Stations ever report the Real news? And I do not approve of bringing Terrorists to America. Illinois prison is to close to Michigan.

  13. John Charlton // December 15, 2009 at 2:31 pm

    Great article, John-thanks!

    Now, what?

    My town of ~ 30,000 is back to paper, fill- in-the-oval ballots after an experiment with punch ballots a few years ago. Just regular paper ballots on which I voted, birth certificate in hand, in the special MA Senate primary on December 8.

    Why do we have to be so high-tech and corruptible? Let’s get back to paper ballots and tell Chavez to stick his corrupt voting machines where the sun don’t shine!

  14. I hear this Snuggee’s ad is old but I hadn’t seen it. Thought I’d pass it along.

  15. My brother emailed me. He said I’m the only one he can tell that won’t think he is just being paranoid. He said he believes he is being watched. Besides his cell phone turning itself on & off, strange blockages on his computer that he has never seen before, there has been a different car which has been parking across the street from his house every day & stays there for 1/2 to 1 hour.

  16. d2i:

    An obama snuggee? You have got to be kidding!

  17. That ad is a joke, right?

  18. Patriot Dreamer
    I don’t think Pastor Giles , Hannah’s father is going to let anything bad happen to Hannah, James or Andrew.
    Welcome! Thanks for visiting ClashChurch, led by Senior Pastor Doug Giles, is an energetic church that meets you right where you are. Whether you are just curious about church and God or you’re a committed Christ-follower, you are welcome here.
    At ClashChurch we believe that Jesus Christ not only forgives our sins and gives us a fresh start, but that He also empowers us to live above the stuff that tries to keep us down. Our church is a place where you can leave your past behind and embrace your present God-given purpose in life. People–just like you–are discovering their new beginning in every area of life: spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially and in their families.
    If you live in Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, or you are visiting our beautiful area and you’re looking for a Christian Church, TeamClash & I would like to invite you to join us for one of our high voltage one-hour worship services.
    Thanks for logging on to Email or call us with any of your questions and I hope to meet you soon.
    Doug Giles, Senior Pastor
    ClashChurch, Aventura, Florida
    Friday, September 11, 2009
    Interview with Doug Giles, whose daughter Hannah helped take down ACORN
    In wake of the news that the Census Bureau has cut ties withe ACORN, I posted this at The American Spectator:
    I just got off the phone with Christian youth leader Doug Giles, whose 20-year-old daughter played the role of the prostitute “Kenya” in the now-famous videos.
    “A lot of young activists just caught fire,” said Giles. “I’d like to take credit, but it was all Hannah.”
    Giles said he has received an overwhelming response, entirely positive except for one negative e-mail from a “knucklehead.”
    As for the “community organizer” group exposed by the video at Andrew Breitbart’s, Giles said jokingly, “Those ACORN people are sweating in their nut-sacks.”

  19. NancyDrew-I don’t think your brother is being paranoid. A lot would depend on his line of work, etc. Possible he is being stalked. Tell him to think, does he remember anything odd in the last several months.

  20. d2i,

  21. Patriot Dreamer

    d2i, I had not seen that one! Thanks for sharing the BO Snuggie!


  22. Who the heck would want to wear a snuggee with that usurper’s ugly puss on it?

  23. d2i // December 15, 2009 at 2:53 pm

    I hear this Snuggee’s ad is old but I hadn’t seen it. Thought I’d pass it along.
    Does it come in RED?

  24. speedy-that snuggee with Obama’s picture on it is the ugliest product that I have ever seen. I doubt that I would pay more than .01 for it. Then I’d put something over the spot.

  25. Michelle:

    Well let’s just say he has been VERY outspoken about things.

  26. Glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t seen it. I thought it was funny so I’m going to assume it’s all snark. But I’ll try the phone number just for fun … hold on … I’ll be back.

  27. I told him maybe he should approach the person in the car.

  28. #

    NancyDrew // December 15, 2009 at 3:12 pm


    Well let’s just say he has been VERY outspoken about things.

    Nancy….To who and about what has he been outspoken???

  29. At the end of the snuggee ad, it says currently unavailable, so must be a joke.

  30. Bachmann and Ingraham were great at the Code Red Rallry on Capitol Hill.

  31. OMG – too funny!!! If you call the number it has a recorded snippet from 0’s Lincoln speech…halfway through the middle is someone going bbblllblblblbbllblblblblb you now how you put your lips together to make a farting noise (best descriptive word that came to mind). some one else needs to call it to confirm what I heard. Funny though!

  32. Jacqlyn: Outspoken to everyone about all the things we talk about. But also insisting that he intends to defend himself vigorously, if you know what I mean.

  33. The FRAUD is telling his lies again!!

  34. We should buy one with him on it and put illegal immigrant on it!Then go shopping!!

  35. #

    ms. helga // December 15, 2009 at 3:18 pm

    Bachmann and Ingraham were great at the Code Red Rallry on Capitol Hill.

    Code Red rally is going unrecognized once again….only Fox News is covering it!!

  36. NancyDrew-One of my 4 brothers is the same way. A friend of our family who at that time was Speaker of the House in Illinois was paid a visit in his office (local-in our town) by my brother who proceeded to rant a rave for a half hour. Later in the week the Congressman ran into my mother- maybe at the store- and he told her what happened. My mother thought OMG, what is going to say, our congressman said that he was happy the young people loved their country so much that they took such an active interest in it. As you know in families you know the rant so well that you have it memorized.
    Our other congressperson was Henry Hyde you would see him in traffic from time to time.

  37. We need to get on the phone folks and call these DemoCRAPS out on posting this BS bill for 72 hours….instead they hide it from everyone to see so the truth can’t come out! AS BECK SAYS….GET THE TAPE OUT BEFORE MY HEAD EXPLODES!!!

  38. Speedy

    If it had a picture of his butt they would be able to “fist” it! I know shame on me it’s funny but not funny! Sorry

  39. My personal theory on the Health Care debate – This is a battle between MSNBC(GE Owned) and FOX NEWS owned by Rupert Murdoch. Fox’s Bill O’Reilly is averaging about 4 million viewers to Keith Olbermann’s 1 million. The people who watch these 2 shows represent the people who help structure the thoughts of the voters. Sounds Orwellian but true. Jeffrey Immelt-the prez of GE is on a special committee set up by the USURPER. GE has yet to clean up the Hudson River polluted by PCB’s. This will be a billions of dollar clean up and I am sure this is being held over GE’s head. We are living in very dangerous and trecherous times.

  40. Muslim guilty in US Jewish center shooting

    Jurors on Tuesday rejected Haq’s defense that he was not guilty by reason of insanity. His lawyers acknowledged that he committed the shooting but said his mental illness kept him from understanding what he was doing.

    Prosecutor Don Raz said he was pleased the verdict would bring closure to the victims.

    Raz argued Haq wasn’t insane – just angry – when he stormed the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle.

    “He was tired that no one was listening to the Muslim point of view. He wanted that point of view heard,” Raz told jurors as Haq’s second trial opened in October…

  41. I just got an idea-Obama may have his CZARS, but we could have our CZARINAS.
    CZARINAS OF Health Reform (an intelligent alternative)
    CZARINAS OF Eligibility
    CZARINAS OF Constitutional issues.
    CZARINAS OF Media Free Speech issues.
    I was inspired by the ladies of Code Red and all of the ladies here and other web-sites, a different kind of ladies-an alternative to Pelosi, Boxer and the power hungry females.
    I’d rather be in the trenches with the patriots, than ever go to the Obama White House. Party crashers, if I ever receive an invitation (highly doubtful) I would refuse to go. It would NOT be an honor.

  42. Barack Hasan Obama

    Article III, Section 3: Treason against the United States, shall consist only … in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

  43. One thing about keeping your Dem registration, while intending to vote against them is you get to receive these charming mailings. Something about tea party people the Dems find offensive?
    We received an email today from John Kerry titled “Sarah Palin”. Opening it, we found a plea for DNC contributions to stop “Sarah Palin and the tea party crowd” from obstructing the things Liberals are trying to do in Washington right now.
    And it amuses us when he writes about Sarah Palin because we like Sarah Palin very much. We will work for Sarah Palin on her 2012 campaign. We also like the tea party crowd very much. We’ve gone to several tea parties. We’ve actually been featured speakers at some of them. We are Democrats who feel completely alienated by what used to be our party — and betrayed by people like Kerry who were our standard bearers.
    Needless to say, we won’t be answering Kerry’s call to stop Sarah Palin and the tea party crowd from taking down the Liberal loons in Washington. We, in fact, will do the opposite of whatever John Kerry wants us to do.
    Since we were for Kerry before we were against him, it seems.

  44. Benaiah
    Allahu Akhbar akin to Heil Hitler?

  45. Don in California

    Just saw this on Foxnews/com

    House Dems Offer Legal Status to Undocumented in Immigration Bill
    Lawmakers pushing for immigration reform say job losses and a sluggish economy should not deter legislation legalizing illegal immigrants.

    A coalition of Democrats say fixing the immigration system can help American workers as well.
    Black, Hispanic, Asian, progressive and other Democrats unveiled the kind of immigration reform they want at a Capitol Hill news conference Tuesday.
    They are proposing that illegal immigrants register with the government, pay a $500 fine for each adult, learn English, pass background checks and meet other requirements. They then are eligible for a six-year visa and when that is done a green card.

  46. Lame Cherry has a picture of Obama on her web-site that defies description, truly a sight to behold.
    Bankers will be the first to inform the world that the regulators now under Obama’s control are screaming at them non stop if a loan even approaches anything but secure. Obama has tied the banks hands and is further putting them into straight jackets, and yet there comes Birdie Obama making a statement in:
    Banks have got to start creating jobs.
    Ah earth to the bird brain teleprompter reader, banks are not in the business of creating jobs, but in the business of making money. Companies who are free from Obama mandates create jobs in expanding their work force to also make money which is why a business is in business.

  47. This is weird.
    In a blow to the bill grinding through the Senate, Howard Dean bluntly called for the bill to be killed in a pre-recorded interview set to air later this afternoon, denouncing it as “the collapse of health care reform in the United States Senate,” the reporter who conducted the interview tells me

  48. From Michelle Malkin sit:

    Don’t believe everything you hear. The Senate Democrats are not on the verge of a collapse. They are on the verge of compromising every single thing they want just so they can get a “health care reform” bill passed.

    Here’s what I’m being told:

    The Democrats have given Joe Lieberman everything he wanted. Joe will now vote for the bill.

    Ben Nelson (D-NE) is being threatened with having every major military installation in Nebraska shut down. Yes, I know, but the Democrats are playing for keeps on this and health care “reform” is more important to them than the military.

    Liberals are being told they have to accept this to give them any credibility going into next year’s election. They don’t want to be accused of “killing reform.”

    Lastly, the CBO scoring of the bill is going to look fine now that the Medicare affecting portions are going to be dropped.

    Inevitably, this legislation is going to cause health care costs to skyrocket and force people into socialized medicine.

    But Barack Obama and the Democrats don’t care. They want to be seen as doing something and beating the Republicans — with what, they don’t care.

  49. Just checkin’ in. Been in high gear for the last couple weeks. Still, getting the updates here when I can. Wanted to share another Christmas poem with the CW gang. You all have been my refuge this year – these are my gift to you all. I hope to post my favorite version of “T’was the Night” next week before Christmas. God Bless. Prairie.

    T’was the Night. . . or Day

    T’was the day before Christmas and school just let out.
    We laughed and we sang as we danced all about.
    Two weeks of freedom lay at our feet,
    “Done for the year!” sounded so sweet.

    No busses, no books, no papers to write,
    No teachers or bells, no bedtime tonight.
    I can stay in my jammies, I can sleep until noon.
    Schedule the day ‘round my favorite cartoon.

    Frosty and Rudolph will be on T.V.
    There are cookies to frost and Santa to see.
    I’ll re-stack the presents and re-stick the bows. . .
    I’ll shake everyone and count all my own.

    Mom will be running in circles all day,
    Humming “Oh Holy Night” as “Jingle Bell” plays.
    She’s looking for gifts, hid all year round. . .
    Easter will come before some are found.

    Dad will be grumbling about all the snow,
    The tangled up lights and the star that won’t glow.
    He works until dark lighting the yard,
    Then winks and proclaims, “That wasn’t so hard.”

    Grandpa and Grandma are now on their way.
    The Aunts and the Uncles are coming today.
    The house will be jumpin’, the house will be buzzin’. . .
    Bursting with noise from me and my cousins.

    We all settle in, we gather ’round the tree.
    Singing Christmas carols as I’m perched on Grandpa’s knee.
    The clock begins to chime as we finish “Silent Night” . . .
    Hugs and kisses all around before we’re tucked in tight.

    Underneath my blanket, I fold my hands to pray,
    Thankful for my family and the coming Christmas Day.
    One last Christmas wish, one last thing to add,
    A wish for all the grown-ups, a prayer for Mom and Dad. . .

    Believe in Santa Clause, as around the world he flies.
    Look upon the Season, through a child’s eyes.
    Find magic in a snowflake and wonder in a star.
    Peace in Heaven’s gift, which rest in Mary’s arms.

  50. I hope that twe is alright. Has anyone heard anything?

  51. The White House and Democratic Leadership in the Senate has told Senator Nelson they will close every military base in Nebraska — a threat that is not credible, really — but they have also offered Senator Nelson between $300 billion to $500 billion in earmarks, according to key hill health care operatives. These hundreds of billions will be available for whatever he wants to spend them on in Nebraska.

    Given Senator Nelson’s hard core earmarking history as an appropriator, the word on the street is that this is the real carrot that could get Nelson to agree to some cover amendment that would allege to protect the innocent unborn from government funding of abortion, but, in fact, would not.

    Unless a Sanders or Burris — or some other liberal — objects to the bill having no public option, then if Nelson holds the bill dies, and if Nelson does not hold, the bill passes. Given that the Dems have caved to Lieberman — this is the whole ball game — Senator Nelson

  52. Communist Goals: destroy the marriage institution……….

    “Former Minnesota state legislator Allen Quist points out that two single people each making $30,000 per year would pay $1,320 combined for private health insurance if the Pelosi House bill was in effect now. However, if the two individuals were to marry, they would pay a combined cost of $12,000 a year for the same level of insurance under the Pelosi bill.

  53. Did you know that if this healthcare fiasco of a bill passes, Americans will be paying extra taxes for years before the legislation actuall goes into effect? It is a sham, a front-loaded tax increase for a “new” healthcare system that is far worse than what we currently have.

    It seems that people who support this have simply lost their mind. I see no other explanation. This is a no-brainer: this healthcare bill is a disaster! Pity us all!

  54. Michelle // December 15, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    Hi Michelle,

    The straightforward translation of Allahu Akhbar is “God is great”.

    However, the phrase is often used by Jihadists just before they blow themselves up and/or murder infidels in the name of Allah.

    Hence, I think Heil Hitler or Heil Allah are appropriate analogies…


  55. but they have also offered Senator Nelson between $300 billion to $500 billion in earmarks
    ********correct that to 300 to 500 million

  56. Prairie: Thank you for the Christmas poem. It lifted my spirits.


  58. Prairie: Did you write that? If so, may I pass it along?

  59. NancyDrew,
    Yes it is mine and you may share it, have a Merry Christmas.

  60. Thank you Prairie. Merry Christmas!

    By Dan Balz and Jon Cohen
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Tuesday, December 15, 2009; 5:00 PM
    As the Senate struggles to meet a self-imposed, year-end deadline to complete work on legislation to overhaul the nation’s health-care system, a new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds the public generally fearful that a revamped system would bring higher costs while worsening the quality of their care.
    Obama’s domestic battles have taken their toll, as his approval ratings on key issues have sunk to the lowest points of his presidency. On health care, 53 percent disapprove of his performance, a new high. On the economy, 52 percent disapprove, also a new high mark in Post-ABC polling. Same on the deficit, on which 56 percent now disapprove of his stewardship. On the politically volatile issue of unemployment, 47 percent approve of the way Obama is dealing with the issue; 48 percent disapprove.
    Under the weight of these more negative reviews, the president’s overall approval rating has dipped to 50 percent, down from 56 percent a month ago. Other national surveys have recorded his ratings at or below 50 percent in recent weeks, but this is his lowest level yet in a Post-ABC News survey.

  62. Don in California,2933,580319,00.html

    Enviornmental Groups Coalition Files Lawsuit Challenging Alaska Offshore Drilling
    Tuesday, December 15, 2009

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A coalition of environmental groups and Arctic communities has filed a second lawsuit aimed at blocking a Shell Oil subsidiary from drilling in the Beaufort Sea.

    The group sued Tuesday, hours after a group that helps manage Eskimo whaling in Alaska filed a similar lawsuit.

    Both suits aim to block plans by Shell Gulf of Mexico Inc. to drill two wells off Alaska’s north coast.
    Why is a mexican co. doing the drilling? Don’t we have any American oil companies??

  63. Gianni // December 15, 2009 at 5:24 pm

    Did you know that if this healthcare fiasco of a bill passes, Americans will be paying extra taxes for years before the legislation actuall goes into effect? It is a sham, a front-loaded tax increase for a “new” healthcare system that is far worse than what we currently have.

    It seems that people who support this have simply lost their mind. I see no other explanation. This is a no-brainer: this healthcare bill is a disaster! Pity us all!

    One account has it going into play in 2013, some even later, and suggest this is another attempt to steal from the taxpayers again.

    More money for the underground facilities again??

  64. JJ:

    As far as the underground facilities go, my grandson thinks that’s why they really need all the money. He says it might be in case 2012 comes true! He is an interesting kid (13 yrs. old).

  65. DinC – great question! this makes little sense to me too. Anyone know?

  66. Grandson tells me to stop worrying about what the govt. is doing & research 2012 instead. He says it will give me something diff. to worry about & that none of this will matter then. What a kid! I told him to stop worrying about it, but then he asked me to watch a video with him that he found. I was speechless!

  67. I should add that the reason I was speechless was because I was not aware that he had been researching all this stuff. Kids are smarter than we know. Gotta start keeping an eye on what he is looking up.

  68. Office of the Attorney General…NY…Andrew M. Cuomo

    December 15:

    “Attorney General Cuomo Announces Interim Court Order Shutting Down All Activities Of The “United Homeless Organization” ”

    December 15:

    “Attorney General Cuomo Announces Court Victory Against National Home Protection, Inc. For Home Warranty Policy Scam That Defrauded Consumers Nationwide”

    December 14:

    “Attorney General Cuomo Sues Study-At-Home Company That Preyed On Unemployed With Promises Of High-Paying Government Jobs”

    That’s about it for now…

    Happy Night…Linda

  69. **** New Post ****

  70. 2010 Florida GOP Senate Primary: Crist 43%, Rubio 43%

  71. 40 Congressmen Call on Special Ops Commander to Dismiss Case Brought Against Navy SEALs…

  72. Kerry fundraising letter: Defeat Sarah Palin and Tea Parties

  73. NancyDrew // December 15, 2009 at 6:10 pm

    You know, I worried about Dec. 21, 2012 until I recalled the passage that says only God knows when this world will end and was reminded by a reading last week……the Mayans aren’t God.

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