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From World Net Daily, December 8, 2009.
“Sean Hannity: ‘Where’s the birth certificate?'”

“Sean Hannity today defended Sarah Palin’s recent comments about Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility for the presidency and WND’s pursuit of the story.

He said the question about his original, long-form birth certificate has still not been answered.

“What was so wrong in saying that, ‘Can we see your birth certificate?’ … We were told early on that, in fact, somebody else had looked at it and confirmed that it was legitimate. So, I mean, what was wrong with people saying, ‘Wait a minute. You know what? In light of the fact of where your, your father came from, et cetera, uh, let’s just make sure that this is a legitimate birth certificate’? … It was not asked by the mainstream media. It was asked by places like WorldNetDaily, who, I think, were just doing due diligence considering it’s a constitutional mandate. … I think a lot of people were just afraid to ask the question.””

“Last week, Palin, the former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate in 2008, said the public is “rightfully” asking questions about Obama’s eligibility.”

“”I think it’s a fair question, just like I think past association and past voting records – all of that is fair game,” Palin said. “The McCain-Palin campaign didn’t do a good enough job in that area.””

Read more:

This is a good start


The other part of the obvious question, the question that begs to be answered is:

Why has Obama spent so many resources, spent well over a million dollars of somebody’s money, employed legions of private and government attorneys to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and other records. Innocent and eligible presidential candidates do not do that.

If you ask the first question, you are bound by decency and honor to ask the second question.


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  1. In read in another place that hannity backtracked when he talked later about this to mark levin.

    Is that true?

    What’s with these people that state the obvious, then feel the need to backtrack?

  2. >>>>>>Pete, you wrote to ZJITO,
    …I think that the 2007 COLB is more important than you think. Why? Because if it were legitimate COLB, printed by the State of Hawaii, and they had a transaction request for it, they would have waved it under our noses already….

    But hypothesizing what BO would or would not do given an authentic COLB is off track. The point is, WH Counsel Bob Bauer, BO’s attorney in Hollister and, counsel to the DNC Services Corporation admitted to the federal court, that COLB means nothing. That is, he went so far as to inform the court, BO released a document to the public, indicating he was born in HI.


    That’s all you have to say. In short, attempting to legitimize his client’s Constitutional eligibility for POTUS, to the federal court; the best evidence Bob Bauer came up with was his word to thejudge, his client had previously produced documentation for the public AND APFC said, it was “genuine.”<<<<<<

    I did get this part. I am aware of the hypocrisy as involved with the court. My point is EXACTLY that. They could have WAVED THE COLB UNDER THE NOSE OF THE JUDGE, but directed the judge to the internet.

    The fix is in, when Judges accept 'internet documents' as originals. More telling, is that they won't even deliver the 'said' 10 dollar copy from the internet to the judge…..and you should know why!

  3. Sean must have received an avalanche of email in response to his comments. I emailed him and received this…….

    The recipient’s mailbox is full and can’t accept messages now. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you. Please try resending this message later, or contact the recipient directly.

  4. zachjonesishome

    Good morning. I would have quoted you this morning if I had seen this post in time. Have a great day. Snowed in here and will probably lose internet soon. Have a great day! Zach

  5. Patriot Dreamer

    From the previous thread:

    SueK // December 8, 2009 at 10:26 pm

    SueK, next time you go to the polls, bring a laptop with you. Then if they ask you for identification, you can bring up a web site with a digital image of your birth certificate. Make sure that you redact out your birth certificate number. And also digitally change your “race” to a continent – “Australian” might be a good one. And then let them know that a former employer says that this digital image is genuine. 😉

  6. yo // December 9, 2009 at 8:17 am
    In read in another place that hannity backtracked when he talked later about this to mark levin.
    Is that true?
    What’s with these people that state the obvious, then feel the need to backtrack?

    It doesn’t matter if they backtrack. The left has been successful in portraying birthers as idiots to the general public. When personalities like Sarah and Sean make mention of Obama not revealing his original birth certificate, the subject is brought to the forefront of internet controversy. This keeps the issue out in the open. Then they can step back and disassociate themselves from the birthers. Rush Limbaugh is a showman extraordinaire and I don’t believe for one second that a caller who misrepresented his topic and instead mentioned BO’s COLB, could have “accidently” got through Snerdly. This strategy obviously works.

  7. Patriot Dreamer

    Jewish immigrant champions Christmas

    She didn’t reach the shores of America until she was 44, but Irina Koltoniuc, now 65, has never forgotten the thrill of that first impression.

    It was December 1989.

    “It was like stepping into a fairy tale,” she said. “There were ornaments, lights, trees everywhere we looked. It was so festive, and such a joy to see everyone free to celebrate what was important to them.”

    Back home in Lithuania, where she lived in the capital city of Vilnius, religious freedom was nonexistent, which is why she soon became alarmed at what’s now become an all-out attack on all public displays or expressions of faith.

    Though she’s an observant Jew, attending Shabbat every Friday at B’nai Moshe in Brighton, where she resides, Koltoniuc nevertheless delights in this season of Christmas.

    When she first called here four years ago, it was to share her anxiety.

    “I am afraid,” she said. “For people like us, who have already been down this road, it scares us to see what is happening because we do not want to go down that road again. We see America turning into the kind of society we came from, where everyone was worried about offending someone else and where it was dangerous to draw attention to your beliefs.”

  8. Wayne Madsen has reported numerous times the information available from the National Archives provides pertinent and compelling information that “O” did a stint with the CIA – employed with Business International Corporation, a KNOWN CIA front company. Have a feeling this is why no one will touch the issue of the BC. If and when they do, it will be when they’re “ordered” to, taking down another empire the powers that be created. He is an “owned” man, and you better believe everyone in the media got ((that)) memo.

  9. Patriot Dreamer

    Richmond, Virginia homeowners association to let WW2 Medal of Honor recipient fly flag:

  10. John Charlton

    Yes, but those who worked in the CIA have said that no CIA agent has a bogus SSN, only crooks and KGB agents do…so was he CIA, or a double agent?

  11. I was at the grocery store the other day and dropped some coins in the Salvation Army bucket. The ringer said, “Happy Holidays!” as I was walking away, so I whirled around and said, “Did you ‘happy holiday’ me? MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!”
    He looked rather sheepish, but then a broad grin spread across his face.

  12. World Net Daily

    “Closed Chrysler dealers to drive Obama’s eligibility…”

    Questions “the ONE’s” authority

  13. Patriot Dreamer

    “Report: Senate Democrats drop the public option”

    In favor of expanding Medicare to people 55 and older, and some other things.

    but read comment from poster:
    galenrox on December 9, 2009 at 2:22 AM

    “Listen and tell everyone you know, this is a scam. If this bill makes it to conference they can reinsert the public option, and it won’t be subject to a filibuster. They have 50 votes, they’ll never get 60 with the public option.
    If the senate is allowed to pass a bill without a public option, the only hurdle is the abortion issue in the house, which I suspect will dry up as a problem issue mighty quick when the only thing standing between us and government health care is the liberals.
    Public option or no, so long as there is a house bill with the public option nothing can be allowed to pass the senate.”

    article and comment from:
    Remember who Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky is: she is married to Robert (Bob) Creamer, who wrote his book on how to transform our health care system as a means to achieve political power while he was in prison. There are some articles on Creamer at the following link at:

  14. JustMe: This is an older, but interesting article about Obama & Business International. It discusses Clinton & what he was doing in the 1960s as well:

  15. Patriot Dreamer

    Health alarm finally rouses Mike [Bloomberg] and gov

    Better late than never, Gov. Paterson and Mayor Bloomberg have woken up to a pending disaster aimed at New York, otherwise known as the health-care overhaul. A letter they wrote to Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand is so damning about the cost to the city and state that two questions arise.

    First, why are Schumer and Gillibrand, along with local House Democrats, supporting legislation that would slam the home team? Second, why did Paterson and Bloomberg not speak up sooner, given the Medicare cuts and tax hikes they suddenly worry about have been on the table all along?

    Paterson and Bloomberg say the proposed “Medicaid policies could add close to $1 billion annually in new state Medicaid costs to New York.” They say the only way to compensate would be for them to cut millions from other programs.

    They call a separate federal proposal “devastating” to the city’s Health and Hospitals Corp., saying it would mean closing nearly all neighborhood clinics while still leaving millions of New Yorkers without insurance.

    For the rest of the article:

  16. PD @ 9:32 ,

    Awesome news !!!! I was hoping that would be the turn out ! Thank you for posting.

    ; )

  17. Patriot Dreamer

    “A True Tale of Canadian Health Care: Why some patients need to go to the U.S. for surgery”

  18. yo // December 9, 2009 at 8:17 am

    In read in another place that hannity backtracked when he talked later about this to mark levin.

    Is that true?

    What’s with these people that state the obvious, then feel the need to backtrack?
    The horsehead under their sheet??

  19. Please tell the OBOTS that EVEN IF the Hawaii Certification of Live Birth posted on is valid, it still does not prove that Barrack Obama was born in Hawaii or that he is a natural born citizen or that he is was always a citizen of the U.S.

    Genealogists know that birth certificates are sealed when they have been amended, due to legal actions such as a name change or an adoption. These documents are usually opened only by a court order. The Hawaii COLB is merely a partial transcription and would reflect the changes without revealing all the information on the original document. One are more of the following Hawaii laws could apply to Barrack Obama’s birth certificate.

    §338-17.7 Establishment of new certificates of birth

    §338-20 Adoption.

    §338-20.5 Adoption; foreign born persons.

    §338-21 Children born to parents not married to each other.

    Since there is no record of marriage between Stanley A. Dunham and Barack Obama SR, his surname could have been Dunham at birth. His birth certificate could have been amended to show the name Obama. If he was adopted by Soetoro, as his Indonesian school records suggest, the BC could have been amended to surname Soetoro. This BC could have been used to acquire a foreign student scholarship for college as well as a passport to go to Pakistan. Finally another amendment could legally change the name back to Obama. Or Barack could have even been born in Kenya and a name change or adoption could have occurred. One are all of these scenarios are possible. The end result would be a Certification of Live Birth that shows Barack Obama was born in Hawaii on August 8, 1961 to parents American Stanley Ann Dunham and African Barack Hussein Obama. And IF Obama Sr. is listed as father on the original BC then Barack Obama was born a British subject.


  20. John,

    Wish I could answer that $54 million dollar question. All I can say is that Webster Tarpley and Wayne Madsen, to name a few, both speak in “matter of fact terms” about his CIA stint and the fact his mother was involved with them as well.

    Wayne Madsen said a couple of weeks ago to forget the BC issue and focus on the passport issue, that’s where you’ll “get” him. Tarpley has Phil Berg on weekly for updates on the BC issue.

  21. Patriot Dreamer

    Val // December 9, 2009 at 10:01 am

    Val, you’re welcome! I’m glad it turned out well, too.

  22. Kim // December 9, 2009 at 9:34 am

    I was at the grocery store the other day and dropped some coins in the Salvation Army bucket. The ringer said, “Happy Holidays!” as I was walking away, so I whirled around and said, “Did you ‘happy holiday’ me? MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!”
    He looked rather sheepish, but then a broad grin spread across his face.
    Stay away from WALMART…….I worked there for only 3 weeks (couldn’t lift 25 pounds).

    When one customer related his job situation, cut hours and other topics, etc, I said, stay strong, God works in mysterious ways……
    I was told I couldn’t say that ………just be warned.

  23. Just had a nice long chat with Nathan Deal’s office….202-225-5211…..I was told that they were still working on signatures for the O letter..I asked a lot of questions….The main issue is where is the money coming from for his defense?? She was interested…….

  24. I don’t always agree with Malkin’s view……on this I do.

    A Kodak moment of intolerance circa 2002:

    On October 11th 2002, the Kodak Corporation, as part of the company’s continuing “Winning & Inclusive Culture” campaign, sent out a memo to all employees regarding the Human Rights Campaign’s annual “Coming Out Day.” Among other things, the memo ordered employees to:

    “Acknowledge your level of awareness of this topic, and share your personal willingness to understand. Acknowledge his/her courage to publicly share this personal information.” 8

    One employee, 23-year Kodak veteran and devout Christian Rolf Szabo took offense to the memo and emailed the company the following response:

    “Please do not send this type of information to me anymore, as I find it disgusting and offensive.”9

    Mr. Szabo’s right to express his religious beliefs in the workplace is protected by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The act prohibits discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion, or national origin. The “sex” mentioned in Title VII refers to gender based discrimination against a person. It contains no legal reference to homosexuality.

    However, the corporate thought-police have little use for Federal Statues. Szabo was immediately reprimanded by his supervisor, who informed the entire company that,

    “our behaviors must align to the Kodak values [as outlined in the Winning and Inclusive Culture] campaign.”10

    Szabo was then asked to sign an employee commitment plan stating he regretted what he had written and outlining steps to prevent a similar incident from reoccurring. When Szabo refused to reconcile his Catholic faith with Kodak’s Winning and Inclusive Program, he was fired.

    What is truly terrifying about the Szabo – Kodak incident is that Szabo was fired not because he violated any law or statute, but because he rejected the groupthink mentality demanded by Kodak. No longer is job performance or company loyalty sufficient for continued employment; an employee’s core beliefs must now conform to a Leftist political agenda.

    I may not agree with your sexual orientation, but don’t cram it down my throat.
    Freedom of expression is being taken to a new level.

  25. Regarding Kevin Jennings, the so-called “Safe Schools Czar”, please take a moment to get rid of this pervert.
    Click on your state & sign petition letter to get rid of the safe schools czar:

  26. John Charlton @9:32 Julia Child was CIA during WW2, it may still have been called OSS during her field work. I wonder how many other Americans were CIA who later became famous.

  27. Nancy Drew,

    Great find.

    If you want a more realistic vision of how leaders are “selected” watch this documentary produced by Alex Jones. It fits with most of what’s written in the “Lobster” rag, (mentioned in article you posted above). It answers a lot of questions about many inept leaders that have occupied the White House.

    Video 1 of 9 – American Dictators

  28. JustMe: Thanks for the link. I will watch.

    Speaking of the OSS and CIA, check this out:

  29. Michelle,

    The list is endless…many in the media are/were on the CIA’s payroll.

    You may be interested in the book, “The Mighty Wurlitzer.” Among those discussed in the book, Gloria Steinheim – who was on their payroll. She was paid to infiltrate various groups and create pointed movements especially on campuses. One big movement the CIA used her for to initiate the break up the families – working towards where we are today – was the women’s lib movement.

    The same has been stated about Ayers and his wife, Dorhn. The Weather Undergound was a CIA funded front. I posted an article on this a while back. You can Google it, if you like.

  30. Patriot Dreamer

    Mark Penn (Hillary Clinton’s pollster during the 2008 presidential election cycle) got $5.97 million from the stimulus: for THREE jobs:

  31. Patriot Dreamer

    correction to previous post: Mark Penn’s firm(s) got $5.97 million.

  32. JustMe: Have you ever read about the bizarre events politicians supposedly participate in at Bohemia Grove?

  33. JustMe: Have you ever read about the bizarre events politicians supposedly participate in at Bohemia Grove? Or was it Bohemian Grove.

  34. Patriot Dreamer

    Nile Gardiner at the UK’s Daily Mail online wonders “Does Obama have it in for Britain?”



  37. Nancy Drew,

    Yes, I have. There’s some actual footage of it in the documentary I posted above, American Dictators. Alex was able to sneak in and film some of it.

    In other documentaries I’ve watched, as well, someone that worked the event at “The Grove” supplied film footage and additional info about what goes on there. It’s real.

  38. NancyDrew, Thanks for the link on getting rid of Kevin Jennings, he is not fit to be around children our founding fathers would have had him in front of a firing squad. Beck should get on him now, Van Jones was gone shortly after Beck got on his case….Called Arne Duncan 800-872-5327………Demanded that Kevin Jennings be removed

  39. Ms Helga,

    you got that right. I would just change your statement from the U.S. to the world. They have their fingers in every election pie throughout the world.

  40. JustMe – Something I posted some time ago –

    I have just had my 2nd Epiphany. The first one was that “ABSOLUTELY” was code word for “We love Obama” Now here is the 2nd one:

    Modern American Politics is NOT-







    to be continued . .

    ms. helga // August 8, 2009 at 11:28 am



    OK – I have just had my 3rd Epiphany in 24 hours. After reading about the “enemies list” it came like a Bolt out of the Sky.


  41. Carmen: Thanks. I’m calling, too. I am also sending to everyone on my email list.

  42. I don’t think Beck could even discuss what Jennings is promoting, it is so beyond disgusting. He would have to touch on it lightly on the air & refer people to a website to read it.

    We saw a poll somewhere that said no sitting president has ever lost a re-elction with approval ratings above 51% the month before the election, and no sitting president has ever won re-election with approval ratings lower than 47% (or s0…we think it was 47% but could have actually been 49%, though that feels too high). Currently, Dr. Utopia’s approval is 45-47%, depending on the survey. It is still just under three years away from 2012’s election, but Dr. Utopia has the lowest approval rating of any president at this point in his presidency in the history of these surveys. He is ranked lower than CARTER right now.
    Ace of Spade alludes to Dr. Utopia trying to cram an economy-killing Copenhagen treaty down the throats of Americans, attempting to ram it through the Senate.
    What happens if he does this? That should really be a Quetion of the Day unto itself, but it does tie in with today’s question, as Ace notes. We can’t imagine someone running for re-election after subjecting his administration to what will be a mighty smackdown of epic proportions.
    We don’t know about you, but if the United States Senate tries to ratify a treaty subjecting this country and our economy to international control by way of that Copenhagen insanity, we will march on Washington and occupy that city until the Senate is dissolved by the people and a new government is formed. We’re serious. That Copenhagen treaty is end of the Republic-grade toxicity…it is the match that would spark a new revolution, one that will hopefully drive every Democrat out of office if this administration dares do this.
    As we said, all of this is speculation, but we wonder what vibes you are getting out there.
    If Dr. Utopia does intend to be a one-term president, what sort of lunacy do you think he will try to force through in the three years he has left?

  44. Did anyone watch the Cheney/Hannity interview last night? Hannity asked what Cheney thought about the KSM trial being held in NYC. (I am paraphrasing, because I can’t find the clip at Fox.) Cheney stated Obama was giving “aid and comfort to the enemy” by allowing the trial to take place in the US.

    Did Cheney, in a roundabout way, call Obama a traitor?

    Legal definition of treason:

    “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.”

    I got the definition here:

    I’m not very good with searches, so if anyone can find the clip I would appreciate it. TIA

  45. JustMe – Here is my “Absolutely” theory again –


    ms. helga // November 28, 2009 at 12:51 pm

    I have discovered the code word for “We Love Obama”. When I reveal this word you will immediately realize that By God ms. helga is right. After watching the TV and listening to the radio these many years it finally struck me like a bolt of lightening. After I reveal this word start listening and watching and I guarantee you will agree with me in no time. The only danger is that it may cause a syndrome.

    I will reveal the syndrome and reveal this word on the next post.

    Next Post




    FROM USURPERVILLE(google it)

    Ms. Helga

    PS- The proper use of “Absolutely” might be used on a gravestone.

    Here Lies John Doe
    Born January 1st , 1932
    Died December 12th , 2015

  46. The EPA ruling on CO2 as a pollutant gets around the Senate having to pass a bill. The EPA restrictions will possibly be tougher than the Cap and Trade Bill would have been.

    “George Will writes that any emissions reduction targets, whether they come from the EPA, cap and trade, or a Copenhagen treaty are simply unattainable: “Barack Obama, understanding the histrionics required in climate-change debates, promises that U.S. emissions in 2050 will be 83 percent below 2005 levels. If so, 2050 emissions will equal those in 1910, when there were 92 million Americans. But there will be 420 million Americans in 2050, so Obama’s promise means that per capita emissions then will be about what they were in 1875. That. Will. Not. Happen.”

  47. Obama and his minions are dangerous pollutants-everything they get near becomes polluted. Now Jennings is trying to pollute the schools-what’s next X rated schools, XXX rated schools, NP-13 rated schools? Obama Jarrett polluted South Side of Chicago with their corruption-for 20 years as a community organizer-ACORN, SIEU. Obama and minions are hazardous to health-physical and mental.

  48. Michelle // December 9, 2009 at 11:53 am

    You know we are going to Hell in a handbasket when we learn the Chuck Barris of the Gong Show infame worked for the CIA. We have finally got the Government We Deserve.

  49. Ms Helga,

    I remember your posts very well.

    It seems complicated, but it really isn’t, as your 3rd epiphany shows. No longer can we be naive.

    The book, The Mighty Wurlitzer – How The CIA Played America, is a great read. It even details how the CIA has shaped the culture of the U.S. over the decades.

    The author writes about the fact there was a parallel Cold War going on – the Cultural Cold War – that involved the CIA. They were tasked with raising the cultural status of the U.S. to that of countries such as Russia by supporting/ promoting literally every facet of the arts. Propagandizing it for covert reasons.

    They still have their fingers in it shaping it today through the likes of social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. All are products of the CIA.

  50. ms.helga-No country deserves a government this bad, none-convicted murderers in this country receive better treatment.

  51. JustMe — Thank you for the Mighty Wurlitzer info. Are you familiar with the Tavistock Institute in London? Google it up. It supposedly wrote the music for the Beatles and the CIA had John Lennon killed. Look up the Tavistock Group also. It is run by a Joe Lewis. Among its’ investors is Tiger Woods. They are building in Nassau,Bahamas.

  52. Kim // December 9, 2009 at 9:34 am

    I was at the grocery store the other day and dropped some coins in the Salvation Army bucket. The ringer said, “Happy Holidays!” as I was walking away, so I whirled around and said, “Did you ‘happy holiday’ me? MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!”


    I was at the grocery store the other day. My neighborhood is mostly Jewish. The Salvation Army guy said Merry Christmas, and I yelled Happy Hanukkah! Jesus was Jewish, and he celebrated Hanukkah!, and he rejected the pagan day of 12/25!

  53. ms. helga

    I am not familar with Tavistock, but will look at it. I read a book a good 10 years ago on John Lennon. He was greatly feared by FBI/CIA. The FBI had a huge file on Lennon – the book I read shows actual images of some of the contents of that file. Primarily they were threatened by many of the lyrics and their effect on our society. I’d heard rumblings they had him killed, but because I wasn’t surprised, I didn’t even bother to “vet” it. Hopefully many are beginning to see things more clearly now.

    Thanks for the info.

  54. Patriot Dreamer // December 9, 2009 at 8:52 am

    Hi PD,

    Nice idea with the laptop however, I don’t have one and the poor poll workers were confused enough last night; I don’t think they were expecting the production of a BC :).

    One gentleman did mosey over and say that we should be checking I.D.s in order to vote.

    The point trickles through one person at a time…

  55. Justme – I hope CW doesn’t have the entire CIA come down on his site because of our 2 posts.

  56. I won’t be surprised to hear that Google-Youtube and Wikipedia will be owned by the CIA. “1984” will then be complete.

  57. Patriot Dreamer

    SueK // December 9, 2009 at 12:56 pm

    Hi SueK! I was just being facetious about the laptop thing. I’m glad you brought your BC to make your point. I would have loved to see their faces!

    And I agree: photo I.D. should be a requirement to vote.

  58. Ms Helga,

    you can consider “it” complete.

  59. Patriot Dreamer

    *********CW has a new thread up**********

  60. Linda from NY

    Sue K:

    You funny girl! Wish I could have been a “bug on the wall!” Hahaha!

    Warning: We do not want anyone calling the “men in the white coats” to come and get you! With all of those crazy Dems you have in that state, it could happen. However, I suspect they were clueless as to the “real” reason you brought your BC…don’t you?

    Even though I live in a very “blue” liberal state, I have no problem at my polling place; know all of the ladies and gents who work there year after year; real close to my home and purely Repubs.

    I vote because there is a bake sale every year at my polling place…nah!

    Happy Day…Linda

    PS One year my very young daughter yelled out after I finished voting…Did you vote for so and so? My face went beet red, and everyone got a good laugh. [I duck-taped her mouth for subsequent votings…nah, but I did warn her it was a “secret” for whom we vote]

    BTW, at the time, she was a big fan of Peter Jennings…she watched him religiously every night lol…go figure…she knew more of what was going on in the nation and world than anyone her age, however, she no longer gets her news from the TV…wonder why, not.

  61. Lord Monckton on Info wars from Betrayal blog.
    Report from Copenhagen:
    it gets worse by the minute! If Obama signs this fraud treaty there will be no turning back.
    everyone should watch this today!

    also interesting

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