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Save New Jersey Initiative

It is only fitting that Barack Obama campaign for New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine. They have so much in common. Especially when it comes to connections to crime and corruption  and wasting taxpayer’s money on their own agenda.

From the New York Post, October 24, 2009.
“Corzine, cash & corruption”
“New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine really has no shame.

Just hours after Bergen County’s longtime Democratic machine boss, Joseph Ferriero, was convicted Thursday on three federal felony corruption counts — which could land him in prison for 20 years — New Jersey’s governor proudly defended having written him personal checks totaling nearly a half-million dollars.

That’s right: Corzine, the Wall Street multimillionaire, and his family have funneled no less than $441,600 of their own money to keep Ferriero’s arrogant political machine rolling.

And Corzine claims to be leading the charge of ethics reform in the state.

During Thursday night’s final gubernatorial debate, Corzine claimed — with a straight face — that “when I have written checks to the Bergen County Democratic Organization, it is not to Joe Ferriero.”

Tell that to anyone who knows Jersey politics; Ferriero practically ran Bergen County single-handedly.

Corzine insisted that he “took on Joe Ferriero myself, long before the federal prosecutors.”

Yet, as one observer put it, if taking on Ferriero meant giving him nearly $500,000, feel free to take us on anytime.

In fact, even as Ferriero was being probed by the grand jury, Corzine sent out a statewide glossy flier that not only endorsed the Bergen boss, but praised his political tactics.”

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Birds of a feather do flock together. We know that from Obama’s past close associations with the likes of Tony Rezko, Rod Blagojevich, Stuart Levine, et al.
Now Obama is not only revealing his true character, his popularity and support are plummeting and his first priority is saving face by trying to keep the unpopular NJ Governor Corzine from losing to a Republican. Instead of doing the job of Commander in Chief, focusing on the war in Afghanistan, he is spending time and taxpayer money to support his crony, Corzine.
From the NY Times, October 21, 2009.

“Obama Campaigns for Corzine in Close Race”
“Hoping to spare his party an embarrassing defeat in one of the year’s most closely watched elections, President Obama on Wednesday campaigned alongside Gov. Jon S. Corzine of New Jersey, saying that a Democratic victory in the state would help the president carry out the political change he was elected to bring to Washington last year.

Mr. Corzine is the first incumbent governor to seek re-election since the economic crisis hit last fall, and he is locked n a tight race with the Republican nominee, Christopher J. Christie, who has criticized Mr. Corzine over New Jersey’s spiraling taxes and rising unemployment.”
“The appearance was part of a political blitz for Mr. Obama, who appeared in New York Tuesday to raise more than $3 million for two Democrats and is scheduled to stump in Massachusetts and Virginia next week.

Mr. Christie was careful not to criticize Mr. Obama, but said that New Jersey voters were savvy enough to judge Mr. Corzine on his own record.

“Air Force One is leaving tonight,” he said. “If they vote for Jon Corzine, President Obama isn’t moving in to run the state.””

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Obama will travel to NJ on Monday to spend more taxpayer money


From the Star Ledger,  October 28, 2009.
“Corzine’s money fuels his comeback”
“Gov. Jon Corzine continues to tap into his personal fortune to dramatically outspend his opponents in a comeback bid for a second term, reports released yesterday show.

Corzine, a former Wall Street executive, has spent $23.6 million on the general election, compared to Republican Chris Christie’s $8.8 million and independent Chris Daggett’s $1.2 million, according to the state Election Law Enforcement Commission.

Corzine donated or loaned his general election campaign $22.6 million of its $24.1 million, writing checks to cover TV ads, several pollsters and a $15,000 hall rental for President Obama’s visit to Fairleigh Dickinson University.

The Democrat has now dedicated more than $120 million of his own money in his campaigns. He spent a combined $100 million on successful bids for U.S. Senate in 2000 and governor in 2005.

The governor dismissed questions about his spending yesterday, saying “I have no idea” whether the financial advantage enabled him to pull even in recent polls.”
“Christie said Corzine’s wallet played a “huge role” in changing the dynamics of the campaign.

“When somebody outspends you 3 to 1 on nothing but negative ads, that has an effect, there’s no question that has an effect,” he said in Monroe Township. “That’s quite a thing to be up against.””

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The Citizen Wells blog is asking for your support to save New Jersey and effectively, the country.

What we are asking for is simple and is based on a simple and proven concept.

Six degrees of separation.

“Six degrees of separation is the theory that anyone on the planet can be connected to any other person on the planet through a chain of acquaintances that has no more than five intermediaries. ”

This is a simple strategy that is at the heart of grassroots efforts.

Contact as many people as possible and have them do the same. If you have a blog or website, put up article(s) about what is going on in New Jersey. Quote this site, borrow info from this site or create your own article. I am not looking for credit, just results.

We cannot let Obama and Corzine steal this election to validate Obama’s agenda.

We cannot let corrupt politicians buy votes, especially with taxpayer dollars.

Let’s roll.



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  1. CW, Walnut Creek is a nice place, but entirely too close to Berkeley (where I taught last year)!

  2. I need a little help here. What am I missing?

    Something is off, way off on the accepted vs. filed data on Obama’s COLB.

    If you look at the Nordyke twins certificates of live birth in the lower right and left hand boxes it says “date accepted by local reg.” and ” date accepted by reg….” and something follows i can’t make out. The dates accepted are Aug 11,1961. They were born the day after Obama Aug 5, 1961. The mother’s signature is Aug 7, 1961.

    If you read the DOH 11-1-4(d) it states “The date when the department actually receives a document is the date of filing.”

    The signature of attendant on the Nordyke twins is that of an MD on Aug 11, 1961. The MD signs six days after the twins are born.

    Hawaii DOH did not actually receive the Nordyke twin documentation until Aug 11, 1961 after the doctor signed the forms. I assume the hospital sent the documentation to the DOH. They filed and accepted the documentation on Aug 11, 1961.

    Obama’s documents show up on Aug 8 1961, and are still not accepted in 2007 on the factcheck COLB.

    If Obama is born at Kapiolani Maternity & Gynocological Hospital the night before the Nordyke twins how did they get the signature of the attendant md so fast? It took the Nordyke twins 6 days and their documentation shows up on Aug 11, 1961 and on the same day it is filed, it is also accepted.

    O’s documentation shows up on August 8, 1961 during business hours so really only 3 days time after his birth and is filed but not accepted by 2007.

    Something fishy here is going on.

    edit note: Aug. 4, 1961 is a Friday. O is born Friday night. The Nordyke twins are born Saturday afternoon.

  3. Prairie
    This is interesting. Maybe one of the lawyers could let us know if a convicted criminal can let a law license in Illinois, but at this point we don’t know if Obama was convicted or not. Let’s see he’s a self proclaimed car thief, drug addict, (probably dealt too) God knows what else, and the press didn’t think this was worth a look. Sometimes I think insanity is contagious. From this criminal background to so called “elite” places, elite is a figment of their imagination. Who would want to have anything to do with these self proclaimed elites they are more like the scum of the earth. My proudest boast is that I am an AMERICAN CITIZEN.
    Sometimes the law takes some interesting twists and turns. Here’s one example:
    Illinois law prohibits issuing a private detective license to convicted felons. But two employees of the state department that oversees the investigating and licensing of detective agencies and securities firms are convicted felons, and there is no law barring that.
    This quirk in Illinois law was turned up by Chicago Sun-Times reporter John Stebbins, who last Sunday revealed that a number of convicted felons are employed in state law-enforcement agencies, some in high positions.

  4. It is just amazing what has been in black and white print and ignored by the press.
    i.e. drugs, robbery, and dual citizenship.

  5. Patriot Dreamer

    The latest health care bill has arrived from Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives. It’s *1,990 pages* long. Good grief!

  6. CW-this is for you. I see that Corzine is affiliated with Goldman Sachs. I wonder if anyone is investigating Goldman Sachs? I know they are called the smartest guys in the room, I beginning to wonder if that is code for the biggest crooks in the room ala ACORN, SEIU, Madoff and that extensive list. Something about Goldman Sachs just doesn’t add.

  7. Patriot Dreamer-How to end this nonsense forever. Pelosi has to read all 1990 pages out loud and they have to sit there and listen.

  8. Patriot Dreamer
  9. Patriot Dreamer

    Michelle // October 29, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    LOL! 😀

  10. Interesting read from 2007 about SAD’s youth, an interview with a classmate. Speaks of her atheist views and communist teachers. Specifically mentions the teachings of the Communist Manifesto (on 3rd page).


  11. Socialism and the bringing down of America:

    A TIme for Civil Disobendience
    From Oct. 28th through Nov. 4th, there will be a coordinated number of civil disobedience actions across the US organized by the Mobilization for Health Care for All . After over 100 people have risked arrest across the country in sit-ins in the last month, there is a shift in the debate about health care reform in our country. For info on actions in your ares click on the dates below…


  12. Patriot Dreamer

    “Pelosi Unveils the Balloon-Boy of Health Care Plans”
    by Prof. William A. Jacobson

    I’m watching Nancy Pelosi’s press conference announcing the final House Democratic health restructuring bill. It’s 1990 pages.

    We’ll see what the bill really says once we have time to analyze it, but here’s what we know from prior versions, news reports, and Pelosi’s talking points. The plan is phony and false political posturing: More benefits for more people with more choice, and it costs nothing and saves money.

    Here’s the truth: The Democratic proposals will cost more money, raise insurance rates for everyone, cause people who already have insurance to lose coverage, get government intimately involved in our lives, eliminate any hope of introducing cost competition into the system, lead to de facto rationing, and are based on contrived financial assumptions which never will happen.

    It’s all hot air surrounded by hype wrapped in made-for-TV faux reality. It is the health care version of the balloon-boy hoax.

    In the next 2-3 weeks we will know whether there are enough moderate Democrats to breath some sanity into the legislative process and to deflate the Democratic hot-air flying saucer before we all crash.


  13. Go Tell it to the Marines

    Judge Carter, by the grace of our Creator you and Jerome Simandle came into this world equal in your nakedness, but we have seen the difference in what you both have done with the time allotted to you by that same Creator. The annals of history and the hopes of our national posterity now rest on how decide to leave your mark on your judicial career, as a US Marine or an internationalist traitor. My only wish is that you remember our motto, Semper Fidelis!


  14. Based on this criteria I think they are not worth minimum wage.
    Written by Richard Rahn
    Wednesday, 28 October 2009
    Public opinion polls show the performance rating of Congress at record low levels. Given that Congress and top administration officials are requiring pay cuts for those in the private sector whose companies have performed poorly, should not the same standard apply to those in government who have had a major responsibility for running the economy into the ground?
    Don’t presidents and members of Congress always claim credit when the economy is performing well? So isn’t it fair to blame them when the economy is in a mess?
    Could it be that one reason Congress has performed so poorly is because, for 100 years, its members’ compensation has been totally unrelated to their performance? (All wise observers know that one reason socialism fails is that workers are not rewarded for superior performance or penalized for performing badly.)
    I do not claim to know what the “right” pay is for members of Congress, but I do know their present compensation system makes no sense. Such a system gives them no vested interest in protecting the rest of us from inflation or any interest in pro-growth economic policies.

  15. All-you’re going to want to go to Dr. Kates Web-site
    October 29, 2009 at 10:22 am
    One of the Chicago affiliates has the video and has confirmed it. I think also Alan Keyes has that video as well.
    I want to publish these letters soon, gather comments from here on perfecting the letter, and then they go. I will post them here on scrib so that others can use it.

    Thanks for your comments!

  16. Linda from NY

    Michelle: This one’s for you!

    Pay to play ambassadorships


  17. Linda from NY-
    Obama-Capone not a lot of difference.
    “Hope and Change the Chicago Way.”
    As a former Chicagoan as usual we are mortified. Did you read Dr. Kate yet you will be glad you did.


    who sent donations to The Post & Email

    Please read the following:


    I wrote an email to about 40 of you on Tuesday, but have only heard back from about 6 of you…

  19. Patriot Dreamer

    This just in:

    Bad news for Orly. Judge Carter has granted the government’s (Dept. of Justice) motion to dismiss.

  20. CNN now rates last among cable news networks. Gee, I wonder why that is. The good folks over at PowerLine think it might “be attributed to the network’s liberalism in general and its attacks on, and sniggering denigrations of, normal Americans.” Well, maybe. But maybe all they really need is a change of slogan. And so, always ready to throw enough rope to our flailing Mainstream Media, I’ve come up with some suggestions:

    CNN: We Report, You Turn On FoxNews To Find Out What Really Happened

    CNN: Where Glenn Beck Used To Work

    CNN: The Most Trusted Name In Sniggering Denigrations of Normal Americans

    CNN: Because No News Is Good News

    CNN: The President Likes Us; He Really, Really Likes Us

    CNN: Where You Get All The Rush Limbaugh Quotes You Won’t Get From Rush

    CNN: Saturday Night Live Fears Us!

    CNN: No, Really. We Used To Have Glenn Beck.

    CNN: When The President’s A Hologram, Shouldn’t The People Who Cover Him Be Holograms Too?

    And my personal choice:

    Yes, We CNN!

    And my own………
    CNN: At Least We Don’t Have O’reilly

  21. Michelle // October 29, 2009 at 1:10 pm

    Hi Michelle,

    Disgusting news regarding Carter….just another schill.

    Do you have a link for drkate’s site; I can’t seem to find that story.


  22. Venice,

    Wasn’t sure if you saw the two other books (earlier versions) written by Tarpley that are available on docstoc.

    “Obama, The Post Modern Coup – Making of a Manchurian Candidate” and “The Unauthorized Biography of Barack H Obama.”

    I ran across this and thought this was interesting – now probably a “given” to most readers. Nonetheless, it’s simply more proof of what we are dealing with, why the paper trail of “O’s” past is so fragmented, and why the media is complicit in the coverup.


    “Was the hand that rewarded Ayers and Dohrn the same hand which has promoted and fostered the career of Obama? All indications are that it was, and that it was a hand attached to the left side of the US intelligence establishment.”

    “One of the remarkable things about the Weatherman faction was that so many of its leaders were the sons and daughters of the US ruling class, and especially of those with obvious links into the intelligence community, be it through the OSS, the CIA, or the foundations.”

    “Believe it or not, the foundation-funded left CIA (or left FBI, as the case may be) has taken care of Bill Ayers so well that he is now a tenured professor of education at Northern Illinois University.”

    “It must always be understood that the Weathermen were in no way honest radicals gone astray, nor yet authentic communist revolutionaries: they were wreckers, saboteurs, and provocateurs who had been sent by the intelligence community into the student and peace movements for the purpose of destroying them.”

    “Here again, Thomas Ayers’ seat on the board of General Dynamics, the largest US defense contractor for the Pentagon in most years, tells us everything we need to know about the relations of the Ayers family to the intelligence community.”

  23. Patriot Dreamer

    SueK // October 29, 2009 at 1:32 pm

    Hi Sue, you can find it at the following link. Go about halfway down in the article. It’s the second bullet paragraph. Also in the comments.


  24. Patriot Dreamer // October 29, 2009 at 1:36 pm

    Hi PD…got it-thanks!

    In light of Carter’s ruling today, this tape may be one of the last hopes we have…

  25. BTW, what happened to Carter’s definitive statetment that Orly’s case *would* be heard on the merits and these foolish delays and technicalities wouldn’t happen?

    Was he threatened? Paid off? Barky’s legal bill isn’t $1.7M for nothing…a lot of that dough has gone to those who can bring him down as hush money.

    Totally disgusted with this ‘justice system’ in America. Corrupt. Every damned one of them!

  26. Linda from NY

    Michelle: I read drkate’s blog as often as I can thanks to you and the links.

    Have you listened to a re-cast of her radio show where she had jbjd and d21 speak yet? I was able to access it after I returned home late last night. There will be another show next week, same time, same place.

    This Chicago “Pay to Play” scheme shows up everywhere…never ceases to amaze me how many are “signed, sealed, and delivered” to serve the “Puppet Masters.”

  27. Patriot Dreamer

    Hi SueK, I do think that MissTickly and Leo Donofrio might be on to something. If the COLB that BO displayed online at his FightTheSmears website is *in any way* different from what Hawaii has on file in his vital records, then many more questions will be raised. And BO’s popularity has been brought down to the point where the news media might actually start asking the right questions (for once!).

  28. SueK-on page 29 the court said they have sworn affidavits that Orly tried to get them to perjure themselves. Can she now sue for libel? Can she fight this in court? Does she have to hire a lawyer? I’m sure she addressed this before when she was first accused and she has a video of them swearing to just the opposite outside the courtroom prior to this. ????? I’m especially thinking of Inspector Smith.

  29. In my opinion, Judge Carter is a piece of sh!t.

    Please excuse my french.

    The citizens of this country are the slaves of an unaccountable federal mafia.

    The time has come.

    That is all there is to it.

  30. SueK-how long everyone has been looking for that tape, is this a coincidence or what? Judge Carter does his ruling-The tape appears with this tape is someone trying to make the entire Judicial System look like fools or all of us WE THE PEOPLE in general? A happy accident? You could not invent a story this weird.

  31. Judge Carter is just as bad as the rest of the unconstitutional and treasonous judges. How can he dismiss a case of fraud against a big fraud and treasoner? What the heck is his problem? He was supposed to do a trial in January. This really stinks. Carter is a bad judge! I thought he would be something of hope for saving our country. He is totally going against his oath!

  32. Nancy Peacock

    Off topic, but what I’ve read so far in Pelosi’s Healthscare bill, I’m not favorably impressed and I hope Congress runs away from it as fast as it can. Also, by inducing the Congressmen with pork for their districts to vote for this bill, is that not bribery? Don’t we have laws against that? Does anybody care about this anymore? I feel so alone.

  33. JustMe,

    I’ve been quite aware of Tarpley’s other texts, but I’m much happier reading them on line. I guess I’m now a complete internet convert. Thanks.

    Good to see you’re back on board. Wasn’t sure how much yesterday took the wind out of your sails. It certainly took some out of mine.

  34. Judge Carter’s ruling can’t be too much of a surprise, but it is disappointing nonetheless. It’s already, Obama has so many skeletons, it’s such a question of time.

    Meanwhile RCP is showing the lowest approval ratings thus far, and that includes all the strongly biased polls.

  35. should be it’s “alright”.

  36. venice-who is RCP?

  37. Moving beyond, that is, assuming at some point soon — certainly well before the 2012 election — Obama will be ousted as ineligible (either by political pressure once Alan Keyes recovers in tort fraud against BHO or some other direct judicial directive to leave), there seem to be two opinions on determining a successor POTUS. (Biden would certainly be a no-go as connected to the ineligibile Obama fraud.)

    Orly Taitz seems to think there’d be a special election. I’m not so sure. Wouldn’t Congress select a successor under the Constitution? Any discussion on this would seem to be of interest.

  38. Patriot Dreamer

    from Judge Carter’s decision (this is not good):

    “Taitz encouraged her supporters to contact this Court, both via letters and phone calls. It was improper and unethical for her as an attorney to encourage her supporters to attempt to influence this Court’s decision. Despite these attempts to manipulate this Court, the Court has not considered any outside pleas to influence the Court’s decision.

    Additionally, the Court has received several sworn affidavits that Taitz asked potential witnesses that she planned to call before this Court to perjure themselves. This Court is deeply concerned that Taitz may have suborned perjury through witnesses she intended to bring before this Court.”

  39. There is at least one critical flaw in Judge Carter’s logic and ruling.

    “One of those limits is that the Constitution defines processes through which the President can be
    removed from office. The Constitution does not include a role for the Court in that process.”

    The statement above is true.
    However, only as it applies to the POTUS.
    And, to be POTUS, one has to be eligible.
    Winning the popular vote.
    Winning the electoral college vote.
    Getting the approval of Congress.
    Being sworn in by a Supreme Court justice.
    None of the above alone makes one POTUS.
    First and foremost, one must be constitutionally eligible.
    Therefore, Carter’s rational is incorrect.
    Obama, as an illegal usurper, traitor and possible illegal alien
    can be removed and arrested.

  40. I read Daniel Lucas Smith charges against Orly, it was obvious he is ‘white trash trolling for cash’

  41. CW, you are sooo right!

  42. Thank you for your concern.

    It most definitely took more wind from my sails. Decided it was best to drop anchor and just immerse myself in the hypnotic effect of the sound of water slappin against the side of the boat. …i smile…

    I have the hard copies of these books, that I’ve scanned here and there. But, like you, I feel it seems easier to read them online.

    This ruling by Carter, disappointing for sure, comes as no surprise. Add that to the list – on the heels of “O’Really’s” hit piece a couple of nights ago on Orly.

  43. Hi All,

    Back to the topic at hand in a minute, but I listened to Dame Truth and Dr. Kate’s ‘interview’ with jbjd scheduled for last night.

    It didn’t happen.

    I guess we’ll have to wait for an explanation as to why.


  44. CW – here’s an opportunity to get all your Chicago research on V. Jarrett in front of more eyes and ears.

    There’s a new website dedicated to exposing White House senior adviser/Chicago consigliere/real estate mogul Valerie Jarrett.


  45. I think Lucas is a patsy, a useful idiot, a provocateur. He couldn’t be anything else, especially after this ruling.

    What do you think, Venice?

  46. Patriot Dreamer // October 29, 2009 at 1:42 pm

    Hi PD, I dunno. I just hope that *someone* has *something!* The Good Lord knows there’s more than enough circumstantial evidence out there.

    The courts (whom we thought were the defenders of our freedoms) are useless.

    That’s not gonna be the way to go, IMO. It’ll take some ‘private detective’ work such as what’s been going on with Miss Tickly, Leo, jbjd, and others.

  47. No judge in this country is going to hold the first black bastard president to anything at all under any circumstance at all. There is no constitution. The federal government is the absolute enemy of america and her people.

  48. Just Me-but Orly has Lucas on tape swearing the direct opposite.

  49. Michelle // October 29, 2009 at 1:46 pm

    Ya, Michelle, I wonder about those affidavits.

    I don’t know what, if anything, Orly can do, but I’m sure she’d got her team on it,

    Do we really know what’s true and what isn’t these days?
    Michelle // October 29, 2009 at 1:52 pm

    People have been looking for this tape forever and you’re right…why does it pop up now? If Dr. Keyes does/did have it, why wasn’t it produced previously?

    My head is ready to explode. Work just ain’t getting done today…

  50. Venice

    Sorry, my post @2:14 should have been addressed to you.

  51. Jack-“once Alan Keyes recovers in tort fraud against BHO ” is this a different case that Judge Carter ruled on today?

  52. Go vote NOW!

    This is one poll you may wish to vote in!!

    If you haven’t heard this, the White House is accusing Fox News of not being a legitimate source of news, calling them biased, etc. They have tried to block Fox reporters from news conferences, etc., but the other news networks are fighting back (in favor of Fox) and caused the White House to back down. NPR has put a survey online for us to voice our opinion. If you want to vote in this survey, go to the link below and cast your vote. Currently it is neck to neck, so your vote will make a difference. Let’s show them how we feel about honest conservative news reporting.


  53. Patriot Dreamer

    SueK // October 29, 2009 at 2:21 pm

    It’ll take some ‘private detective’ work such as what’s been going on with Miss Tickly, Leo, jbjd, and others.
    I agree. We are getting close, IMO.

  54. SueK-Is this not the craziest stuff you ever saw? Sometimes I wonder if it is not the Biggest Sting Operation the world has ever seen? Get all the crooks in one place. The government has lost all trust with WE THE PEOPLE, losing respect is next.

  55. Hey Cater- so concerned about the 69 million that voted for him- what about the 230 million that DID NOT!

  56. Jonah-just did it 53 White House 45 Fox

  57. Prairie-good point. Not looking at all the fraud evidence, well more is pouring in.

  58. Well, so much for the original “spine” that expressed the need for this Constitutional question to be heard on the merits … for the sake of the country. Meanwhile, due to this CIC’s policies, the judge’s fellow Marines will continue to die because they can’t even readily engage the enemy. What else is new in this cowardly generation.

    If the Judge, without question, accepted the affidavit against Orly from the same man who also swore the validity of his discoverd BC, why didn’t the judge accept that as well?

    I’m afraid that Judge Carter ran with the mouth too early on and could not back up such announced bravery with action.

    I don’t remember Orly asking anyone to contact the judge’s office, but frankly, I think NOW is the time to do so. He certainly showed, in the end, a judgment of favorability to the defendants, since their own defense during the pre-hearing was anything but satisfying. And not to give an eligible candidate his day in court based on an argument that he would not have had a chance anyway to win is the worst kind of defamation of freedom under the Constitution. Once again, “it’s the judge, stupid”, applies….not the law.

  59. Linda from NY

    jbjd: Last night, I returned home late from my engagement, but was able to listen to drkate’s radio program where you and d2i were guest speakers. And…I was impressed!

    Your journey through the caucus, primary, and general election processes was of great interest to me since I took that journey with you. With each new piece of the puzzle you uncovered, we learned how the DNC progressed to “selecting” the candidate of their choice in spite of existing laws, procedures and literally, common sense.

    We saw, at every turn, how they circumvented the election process to their advantage to affect the result they had pre-determined, I believe, long before the Rules and By Laws Committee met on May 31, 2008. And yet, this was perfectly legal because they were a “Private Club or Corporation” not subject to the law.

    The DNC continued their deception when the delegates met at Democratic National Convention. In order to complete their election fraud plan, the DNC flexed its muscles through both legal and possibly, illegal means to bring about the nomination of their “selected” candidate.

    Bells, whistles, and flags went up on the night of the Democratic National Convention. To the horror of Clinton delegates, the writing was “on the wall.” No matter how much they complained and objected, Clinton was out.

    Couldn’t we see this coming as we learned with dismay about the plans for the Greek Amphitheater? We should have known all along it was a “done deal.” But, we kept believing otherwise.

    However, we know “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry,” and it is the “awry” we are investigating now. IMHO, even the most hardened criminal “slips up” at some point and it is at that point, we will catch him!

    Thank you for all your hard work. I look forward to the day it will all come to fruition.

    I look forward, with anticipation, to the second half of your “presentation” next week. Thank you for agreeing to participate in this valuable presentation/analysis of the General Election of 2008.


  60. Michelle,

    I’m not sure what difference having a “tape” makes? He has people in higher places that “have his (Lucas) back.”

    IMHO It was all too random the way he came on to the scene and provided a hopeful fairy tale like ending to this situation with the birth certificate. Orly has uncovered much too much. Probably more than “they” thought could be uncovered – more sloppy work on the underbelly’s part.

    When “they” have used “O” up, and only then, will we see so called “justice” working again. And, we’ll jump up and down and shout, “finally!” But…it will be on their timetable, not ours. And, it will appear as though our justice system is working for us once again.

  61. Judge dismisses California eligibility challenge

    Plaintiffs promise appeal of ruling protecting Obama


  62. Obama wins another case. This is actually getting funny.

    Obama ………… 100 pts.
    Citizens ……….. 0 pts.

    Obama could go on a shooting spree, and the courts would dismiss the case, because the families of those killed would not have standing.


  63. I think it is time we change focus. I think a class action lawsuit by all RNC donors (injury remember) against McCain and the RNC for putting forth an ineligible canidate is in order. We need to call him out to bring light to this ****ing mess! He should be bombarded with daily letters and counts of soldiers dying due to his treasonous silence and conspiracy.

  64. Dr. Kate,
    That is quite a statement. How can we confirm that a “Chicago affiliate has the video and has confirmed it.”?

    I checked Alan Keyes website Loyal to Liberty and he doesn’t mention anything about a video.

    This revelation would blow this fraud out of the water. Why isn’t this video being posted far and wide?

  65. I am writing my Senators one last time trying to get their help with Hawaii. The filed vs accepted information of the COLB vs the Certificate of live birth is driving me mad.

    The Nordyke twins info from certificate of live birth. Born Saturday Aug 5, 1961. Kapiolani Hospital. Mother’s date of signature Aug7,1961. Signiture of attendant MD Friday,Aug 11, 1961. Date filed and accepted by DOH local reg. Friday, Aug 11, 1961. Certificate numbers 151 61 10637 and 151 6110638.

    O’s information from COLB. Born Friday night Aug 4, 1961. Date filed by registrar Aug 8, 1961. Certificate number 151 1961 10641. We can’t ascertain from the COLB the mothers date of signature or the attendants rank or date of signature. We also can’t ascertain where in Hawaii he was born.

    How did O get a number beyond the Nordyke twins when he was filed on Aug 8,1961 and they were filed and accepted on August 11,1961? Plus what’s with the extra numbers?

    Why was O’s information never accepted by the DOH? It shows still filed on the COLB issued in 2007.

    If O was born in Kapiolani how did he get his paperwork so fast? It took the MD 6 days to sign the twins paperwork.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  66. Hey JJ,
    That was my comment to Dr. Kate. LOL!

  67. JustMe-“random” I keep trying to think of this from the point of view of the plotters. If they did their “job” right we would have never known the difference. Screwed up? a lot?, or screwed up on purpose by a patriot who was leaving crumbs? while looking like he/she “was only following the orders.” Thomas Jefferson said never trust your government he was so right, must have known creeps like the ones we’re enduring.

  68. what tape are you guys talking about

  69. @prairie:

    I agree with you that it is time for another course of action. Any attempt to get the court to enforce the constitution for anyone other than homosexuals is utterly futile. Much as I hate to say it, Orly, just give up and go be with your family. Whatever happens is gonna happen. There ain’t gonna be no heading it off at the pass, the piper is coming, and he’s looking for his due.

  70. Patriot Dreamer

    First Bill O’Reilly, then word that the videotape exists from the Alan Keyes/BO debate, then Judge Carter’s decision is published. Weird timing, anyone?

  71. I can’t get excited about the tape until we see it. I’m also skeptical of Keyes who “can’t remember the exchanage.” I think they may be sending out the news today to keep us from rioting over Carter’s motion.

  72. Linda from NY

    Awww, come on guys! It’s not over until the fat lady sings, and she ain’t singing yet!

    Michelle reminded us in one of her remarkable posts of Edison who made 3,000 some odd mistakes before he successfully invented the light bulb. In other words, Americans are not quitters; we do not back down even in the face of adversity or disappointment. We might lose some battles, but we will win the war!

    We can all be disappointed, but please, let us not be discouraged.

    CW is correct in this thinking. And…we have only “begun to fight.” We need to support those who are “on the front lines” fighting for our life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    Apuzzo, Kerchner, and Taitz have been successful in exposing the court’s position. They are not finished exposing the “fraud,” and neither are we!

    Let’s put our heads together, quit our bi******, and get to work!

    Carry on Patriots!

  73. HonorFirst,
    Dr. Kate is referring to the 2004 Keyes Obama senate debate where Obama says to Dr. Keyes he is not an NBC and it doesn’t matter since he is only running for the senate.

    Post n email has witnesses popping up and testifying to the tape but to date the tape has not surfaced. Dr. Kate is saying now it has.

  74. Buraq 08,

    I agree with you. Orly needs to be with her family. She has been a true patriot – a fearless one!

  75. “It’s thought that Alan Keyes also has a copy of the tape”???

    Hey, how come Alan Keyes has stated that he just doesn’t recall that discussion when questioned? And he is thought to have a copy of that tape of the whole debate? Certainly that tape then would have been entered into the lawsuit and he would have put it forward himself to the public. …as would have his attorney, Orly.

    More than likely we’ll see Kreep putting the blame for Judge’s ruling all on Orly.

  76. Patriot Dreamer

    Is it possible that someone sent Keyes a copy of the tape recently? So, before he didn’t have it, but now he does?

  77. **NEW POST**

  78. McChrystal will more than likely resign. Afghanistan is looking worse by the hour led by a clueless CinC. The blood of the finest fighters on earth being spilled needlessly. O is trying to make up his mind what to do. I am reminded of when the archangel Michael argued with the devil over Moses body and Michael said “The Lord rebuke you!” I say to O and Carter ‘the Lord rebuke you’ (Jude 9)

  79. Linda from NY

    Patriot Dreamer: Good thinking IMHO! That is a possibility in light of the fact that Keyes does not seem to recall the incident.

    One of the witnesses mentioned, I think, someone other than a news organization was taping the debate. Is it possible that person caught the “defining words?”

    Sure…anything’s possible at this point!

  80. Linda from NY

    carmen: He will! He will! Have Faith He will!

    Bless you…Linda

  81. Folks,

    Do NOT be disheartened. More and more people are questioning whether Obama is Eligible. These Lawsuits made that happen.

    Don’t you think Obama and his Handlers thought this eligibility issue would disappear once the Usurper won? It did NOT disappear and, in fact, GREW.

    Do not forget that the Big Guns could not bring down ACORN…took 2 young adults with a vision and a camera to do that.

    May just be someone who is able to hack into a file or someone who produces a tape.

    Obama won by a small margin and his Polling numbers show he is losing ground with the people who voted for him.

    Next week’s Election’s will be very telling as it is more of a mandate on the Usurper.

  82. United States Justice Foundation
    Executive Director Gary Kreep

    U.S. District Court in California dismisses Obama case

    U.S. District Court judge slams attorney Taiz saying her “argument often hampered the efforts of her co-counsel Gary Kreep (“Kreep”), counsel for Plaintiffs Drake and Robinson, to bring serious issues before the Court.


  83. worthy of repeating – even back in 1992 this was all known?:




    (on the tape the guy sounds like “honest John Q. average citizen)

    (from WND) –

    I can’t prove whether it’s true or not, but in light of all that is happening, it just doesn’t seem that far-fetched anymore. All I know is that Tom Fife is a real guy – not some e-mail scam. I’ve talked to him. He was a government contractor with an active security clearance who took notes on his trips for debriefings with the Defense Intelligence Agency within the Department of Defense. This is what he wrote down after it happened in 1992, before anyone ever heard the name “Barack”:

    “The first time I heard of Barack During the period of roughly February 1992 to mid-1994, I was making frequent trips to Moscow, Russia, in the process of starting a software development joint-venture company with some people from the Russian scientific community. One of the men in charge on the Russian side was named V. M.; he had a wife named T.M.

    V. was a level-headed scientist, while his wife was rather deeply committed to the losing Communist cause – a cause she obviously was not abandoning.

    One evening, during a trip early in 1992, the American half of our venture were invited to V. & T.’s Moscow flat as we were about to return to the States. The party went well and we had the normal dinner discussions.

    As the evening wore on, T. developed a decidedly rough anti-American edge – one her husband tried to quietly rein in.

    The bottom line of the tirade she started against the United States went something like this:

    “You Americans always like to think that you have the perfect government and your people are always so perfect. Well then, why haven’t you had a woman president by now? You had a chance to vote for a woman vice president and you didn’t do it.”

    The general response went something along the lines that you don’t vote for someone just because of their sex. Besides, you don’t vote for vice president, but the president and vice president as a ticket.

    “Well, I think you are going to be surprised when you get a black president very soon.”

    The consensus we expressed was that we didn’t think there was anything innately barring that. The right person at the right time and sure, America would try to vote for the right person, be he or she, black or not.

    “What if I told you that you will have a black president very soon and he will be a Communist?”

    The out-of-the-blue remark was met by our stares. She continued, “Well, you will; and he will be a Communist.”

    It was then that the husband unsuccessfully tried to change the subject; but she was on a roll and would have nothing of it. One of us asked, “It sounds like you know something we don’t know.”

    “Yes, it is true. This is not some idle talk. He is already born, and he is educated and being groomed to be president right now. You will be impressed to know that he has gone to the best schools of presidents. He is what you call ‘Ivy League.’ You don’t believe me, but he is real and I even know his name. His name is Barack. His mother is white and American and his father is black from Africa. That’s right, a chocolate baby! And he’s going to be your president.”

    She became more and more smug as she presented her stream of detailed knowledge and predictions so matter-of-factly – as though all were foregone conclusions. “It’s all been thought out. His father is not an American black, so he won’t have that social slave stigma. He is intelligent and he is half white and has been raised from the cradle to be an atheist and a Communist. He’s gone to the finest schools. He is being guided every step of the way and he will be irresistible to America.”

    We sat there not knowing what to say. She was obviously very happy that the Communists were doing this and that it would somehow be a thumbing of their collective noses at America: They would give us a black president and he’d be a Communist to boot. She made it quite obvious that she thought that this was going to breathe new life into world Communism. From this and other conversations with her, she always asserted that Communism was far from dead.

    She was full of little details about him that she was eager to relate. I thought that maybe she was trying to show off that this truly was a real person and not just hot air.

    She rattled off a complete litany. He was from Hawaii. He went to school in California. He lived in Chicago. He was soon to be elected to the Legislature. “Have no doubt: he is one of us, a Soviet.”

    At one point, she related some sort of San Francisco connection, but I didn’t understand what the point was and don’t recall much about that. I was just left with the notion that she considered the city to be some sort of a center for their activity here.

    Since I had dabbled in languages, I knew a smattering of Arabic. I made a comment: “If I remember correctly, ‘Barack’ comes from the Arabic word for ‘Blessing.’ That seems to be an odd name for an American.” She replied quickly, “Yes. It is ‘African,’” she insisted, “and he will be a blessing for world Communism. We will regain our strength and become the number one power in the world.”

    She continued with something to the effect that America was at the same time the great hope and the great obstacle for Communism. America would have to be converted to Communism, and Barack was going to pave the way.

    So, what does this conversation from 1992 prove?

    Well, it’s definitely anecdotal. It doesn’t prove that Obama has had Soviet Communist training nor that he was groomed to be the first black American president, but it does show one thing that I think is very important. It shows that Soviet Russian Communists knew of Barack from a very early date. It also shows that they truly believed among themselves that he was raised and groomed Communist to pave the way for their future. This report on Barack came personally to me from one of them long before America knew he existed.

    Although I had never before heard of him, at the time of this conversation Obama was 30-plus years old and was obviously tested enough that he was their anticipated rising star.”

    There have been attempts to discredit Fife with made up details, but the original version of Fife’s story is posted online. Fife can be reached at: thefife@hotmail.com.

    Whether you believe this story or not, believe what the Communist Party USA has to say. Spending our way to the largest government in American history won’t stimulate anything … other than the agenda of the Communist Party: taking over the private sector and capping people’s salaries. And that’s just for starters.

  84. JC…thank you. I found the article and saw where the tape was mentioned.

    I believe the conversaton did take place…whether or not there is an “unedited” tape floating around somewhere to prove it is questionable. Especially if one of the witnessess said the O campaign called c-span after the debate and corrected O’s statement. I am sure all evidence has been destroyed or “silenced” like so much of the other “human” evidence. If you know what I mean. Very dangerous this game of politics!

  85. 151 1961 10641 aka Obama

    151 61 10637 and 151 61 10638 Nordyke twins

    Someone still needs to explain why the girls were born later, yet their numbers are preceeding aka Obama.

  86. Let me guess about the numbers…..I mean with all the twilight zone things going on why not suppose that the aka Obama team searched for the holders of the BC of that time period and this is the only dead body applying in that time frame (possibly with no living relatives) or this is the only scum who would sell his BC for a hefty price.

  87. I guarandamtee you if you search out the bc of those born 2/3 days before and 2/3 days after, you’ll find one dead BC holder or one rich dude BC holder.

    Advertise for those numbers and births the week of August 4, 1961.

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