Leo Haffey, Background on arrest, No bond, Legal defense fund, Obama thugs, Nashville corruption?, Leo the lawyer and patriot, Nazi Germany revisited

If you have not been following the arrest and incarceration with no bond, of attorney Leo Haffey in Nashville, TN, I urge you to read the recent articles on this blog. You will be outraged.

A lot of facts regarding the case have been presented on this blog. The charges made against Leo are highly suspicious and the bond hearing judge, Gloria Dumas, recently had a lengthy formal complaint filed against her by the Tennessee Judiciary Committee, just a few days after Haffey’s hearing. Leo Haffey filed a motion from jail to have Judge Dumas recused.

This does not undo the unfair hearing.

Leo Haffey deserves an emergency bond hearing to allow access to his records.

Fellow blogger Aristotle the Hun was following the case and brought it to my attention. Here is a an article he just sent me with more background information:

“Who Is This Guy Leo Haffey I Keep Hearing About? 

My first contact with Leo the Lawyer (Leo Haffey) was back on March 27th of 2009.  I had discovered a post on a forum that struck me as “brass tacks” straight line reasoning with inescapable conclusions.  I posted it on my blog “The Steady Drip.  It was awhile before I knew Leo’s real name but that evening I got this thank you note.

      Leo the Lawyer said…

    Thanks for posting & hosting! 
    Love your Blog!

Leo’s article is archived at Two ideas to empower Patriots-by passing lawyers if you would care to review it. Here is a short excerpt:

    by EA_LEO 
    People tend to either credit lawyers and judges far too much or discredit them to the extreme. The truth is lawyers and judges are greatly restricted by the privilege of license or of office. The people who are patriots have far more freedom of action and far less restrictions in our society. 
    Did you know that any citizen patriot can bring a criminal case against Barrack Hussein Obama in the County in which they reside? You do not have to be an Attorney General to indict a ham sandwich or a Barrack Obama. If a patriot had evidence of a crime committed by the 2008 BO campaign and that patriot presented said evidence to a sympathetic Grand Jury with a charge of conspiracy to commit said crime against Barrack Obama, that patriot could get BO indicted like that proverbial ham sandwich.

I had been blogging about the power of Citizen Grand Juries to directly counteract the conspiracy of the government against the people.  Leo quickly understood the legal theory and the supporting Constitutional Provisions and case law. 

The very next day this blockbuster headline grabbed my attention: Barack Hussein Obama Indicted in GA.  Carl Swenson at http://www.riseupforamerica.com/ had scooped everybody and without warning had empanelled a Citizen Grand Jury and acted while the rest of us were still arguing legal theory.

From that point forward Leo and I corresponded on a regular basis.  I became National Spokesperson for American Grand Jury and Leo advised me, and collaborated with other leaders in the Citizen Grand Jury movement while writing some of the early motions.

On April 29th I got a cryptic email from Leo “Where the Bodies R Buried in Tennessee?”  The email had a link to a RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) case concerning the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Election Commission.   This was an issue Leo was working on in Nashville having to do with missing computers from the Nashville Elections Commission.   I didn’t understand it, and I didn’t respond.

On April 30th Leo’s next email seemed hastily composed and was confusing: “Mayor, Police Chief, Former VP & Nashville DA. Next Door Neighbor CRIMINAL LAWYER Brent Horst.  If anything happens to me those are the suspects. PI Grady Vaughn has more details.  Keep the Faith, Leo Haffey.

At least I now knew Leo’s real name.  However I was beginning to suspect that Leo wasn’t just brilliant but maybe a little weird.  Less than an hour later I got this email “Have surveillance cameras surrounding my house. I have video of Nashville PD and neighbor, Nashville CRIMINAL lawyer Brent Horst, harassing me, my wife and my daughter.” 

My day job is as a psychotherapist.  My red flags pop up when people start claiming that folks are out to get them.  Yet Leo made it clear that he had video evidence of police harassment.   Next Leo sent me several news links along with this message: “These seemingly petty burglaries are to the Nashville BO Campaign what Watergate was to the Nixon Campaign.”  Since delusions of persecution are not reported by the news media, I decided I should start paying attention to the corruption and police intimidation situation Leo faced in Nashville.

At 8:54 PM on May 2nd I got this email from Leo’s 11 year old daughter: “my dad was arrested and he said if he was, that i should email you.”  At 4:05 Am I get this email from Leo: “Don’t report this because I don’t want any Grand Jury members to be scared off by this Police harassment, but please add judge Thomas w. Brothers, Brent & Tracy Horst of 6953 Highland Park Dr. Nashville, TN to the list of co-conspirators along with, Mayor Dean, Police Chief Serpas and District Attorney Johnson. Those are the people for the Constitutional Grand Jury to indict, along with BO, in Nashville.  Keep the Faith, Leo P. Haffey”

One could easily forgive Leo if at this point he reacted to the intimidation by keeping his mouth shut and presenting a low profile.  Not Leo!  The next email said: “Please have the Grand Jury Foremen in Tennessee contact me. I want to present evidence against all the co-conspirators in Tennessee that I know about. Keep the Faith, Leo Haffey.” Leo might have been brave enough to testify to a Citizen Grand Jury in Nashville but there wasn’t one in existence.  It wasn’t until June 18, that I was able to announce


I told Leo that there was not Citizen’s Grand Jury in Nashville yet.  Rather than thinking he was out of ammo, later on May 3rd Leo asked me to post this message on my blog:

    Co-conspirators Tom w. Brothers, Karl Dean, Ronal Serpas, & Torry got my neighbor the CRIMINAL Lawyer Brent Horst & his wife Tracy to file false charges.
    But it backfired on all of them. My daughter is doing fine. Isn’t she Great! Thanks for your help! That is all I can say at this point. Other than:
    It is very important that Patriots know to do this: 
    1) Find the CROOKED politicians in your City or Town that supported BO. 
    2) Link these CROOKED politicians to crimes committed by the BO Campaign. 
    3) Charge CROOKED politicians and BO as co-conspirators in the commission of campaign crimes, and you have a Criminal Case against BO that can be prosecuted in Court in your County Seat. 
    4) Of course, you add all the other Crimes that BO committed elsewhere to your INDICTMENT also. But to prosecute BO in your State, you have to link him as a co-conspirator to crimes committed in your State.

I have a stat counter on my blog.  I was able to detect the hits coming from Nashville.  Leo was really rattling the monkey cage of some big monkeys.  Over the next few days I got dozens of emails documenting the evidence and suspicions Leo had about corruption in Nashville.  He asked me to act as a depository for all of his evidence because he wasn’t sure he would be able to protect his documents, and he had some serious concerns about his own life being in jeopardy.

Over the next few days there were reports of unmarked and marked police vehicles parked outside Leo’s house.  I didn’t realize it, but Leo had also been working on the child abuse and molestation activity at a local mosque.  Pam Geller at Atlas Shrugs really blew the lid of that case, but nothing was done and children remain in danger.  Go here for a review of the various Crimes and Corruption Leo the Lawyer Exposed in Nashville.

I posted this notice on a blog in Nashville:

    The power elite in Nashville are perverting justice! The police, politicians, judiciary, and administrators of government are conspiring against the citizens. Citizens have the constitutional authority to investigate corruption and establish justice.
    All citizens who have evidence or reports of crimes, violations of oath of office, or sabotage of justice by elected or appointed officials are encouraged to report their information to the Nashville Citizen’s Grand Jury. Those who wish to serve as members of the Nashville Citizen’s Grand Jury can contact xxxxx 
    Honest public officials who faithfully serve “we the people” are expected to support the Nashville Citizen’s Grand Jury. 
    A member of the Tennessee Bar will act as advisor to the Nashville Citizen’s Grand Jury.

That last line in the notice might have been a mistake.  Of course, those who knew the situation immediately guessed who the “member of the Tennessee Bar” was.  By May 13th Leo was back in jail. We heard from Leo again on May 20th was able to send this email: “Help! On the 13th, I was arrested again by the Nashville PD without Probable Cause and falsely imprisoned, first at the Metro Jail, then I was taken to Nashville General Hospital where I was physically and mentally abused. My blood pressure medication was withheld from me for 38 hours. Then, I was taken to Middle Tennessee Mental Health Institute where they repeated tried to force me to take anti-psychotic medications.”

I live in south Florida.  I felt powerless to help.  However, I was able to determine that the Mental Health Professionals did their jobs according to the book, and Leo was released as “not being a danger to himself or others.”  However, Leo couldn’t go home.  Leo’s neighbors had contacted Leo’s wife right after he was arrested and told them that the Neighborhood Association was going to place a lien on her home and take the house away from her if she did not file a restraining order against Leo so that he could not return home.  Leo took up residence in a Holiday Inn.  Things were really getting nasty. 

Leo was rearrested in September and this time his bond was revoked.  This is where he remains:

HAFFEY, LEO PATRICK Facility: Criminal Justice Center 
Unit-Pod: 2-E 
Security Level: Minimum

Citizen Wells has posted some top notch investigative stories on this case, https://citizenwells.wordpress.com/

The rest of the details are at the blog I started for Leo http://freeleohaffey.blogspot.com/ 

The facts are being hidden by the authorities. We are using private investigators to find out what we can. We will not release our research until it is nailed down tight. 
The “unconfirmed and unofficial story goes like this: 
Leo is an entertainment attorney in Nashville. 
Nashville is a liberal enclave in an otherwise moderate to conservative state. 
Leo was an active Democrat and worked on Democratic candidates campaigns until Obama came along. 
Leo has acquired some powerful enemies by being anti-Obama and attempting to expose local corruption. 
When Leo began his anti-Obama activates and began advising Citizen Grand Juries, his enemies amplified their animosity toward him. 
Leo had some marriage problems which his enemies exploited by pressuring his wife to file abuse charges against him. 
After Leo was arrested, Leo’s wife had the integrity and courage to resist, and decided to “out” the people who had pressured her to file the false charges and sent this email to the Nashville DA: 
Nashville Obama supporter Brent Horst THREATENED to SUE me if I didn’t help him get an Order of Protection against my husband, Leo Haffey. 
Also Nashville ADA Bottoms pressured me to get an Order of Protection against my husband, Leo Haffey. 
I would appreciate it if you and Nashville District Attorney Torry Johnson would investigate Mr. Horst. 
I am in possession of further documentation about Leo’s wife being pressured to file false charges and my wife and I have interviewed Leo’s wife thoroughly. 
The people who are trying to harass Leo are neighbors. They used the Neighborhood Association to threaten Leo’s wife that they would file a lien and take her house away if she didn’t file a charge against Leo. Leo’s wife is now being represented by counsel, so she isn’t likely to fall for that kind of pressure again. Leo arranged for her to have counsel while he was in jail. 
· The charges against Leo were dropped, or soon will be, because Leo’s wife withdrew her allegation. 
· Without skipping a beat Leo, was then charged with molesting his 11 year old daughter. One of his neighbors is a social worker, and I suspect her of involving the authorities. Child abuse accusations can be made anonymously without the accused ever knowing who the accuser was. 
· Both the wife and daughter told the truth, and these charges were dropped. 
· One of Leo’s enemies filed a false charge of vehicular assault – This was the same woman I suspect of making the false charge of molestation – no witness – no injuries – but they managed to get Leo arrested have him admitted to a mental health institution. Leo properly refused all medications without being informed as to what the official diagnosis was. There was none. 
· The doctors said he wasn’t a danger to himself or anyone else, and released him 
· Next he was re-arrested on the vehicular assault charge and they revoked his bail 
· That is why he is in jail now. Leo continues to resist their attempts to administer drugs to him without a diagnosis. This has an uncanny resemblance to the plight of political prisoners in Russia back a few decades ago. 
Caution: I live in Florida and my only sources are Leo, his wife, and his daughter who I communicate with regularly. I may not have all the details straight.

Leo needs simple help from a lawyer in filing a Write of Habeus Corpus, to get him out of jail.  Once released, Leo can participate in his own defense. 

WE NEED YOUR HELP! I have established a Defense Fund for Leo at http://freeleohaffey.blogspot.com/ to reimburse an attorney to act on his behalf, and to pay Leo’s bond.

One hundred percent of your donation dollars go to provide legal services for Leo.  I am not charging any service fee whatsoever for collecting the funds.  The funds will be deposited by PayPal into the non-profit organization, Interfaith Ministries, a Florida Non-Profit Corporation (N37613) organized under the Laws of the State of Florida April 10, 1990, where I serve as President.” 

I leave you with this thought from Pastor Martin Niemoeller, a German anti-Nazi activist

 “In Germany they first came for the Communists,
and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.

Then they came for me —
and by that time no one was left to speak up.”


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  1. Leo’s neighbors had contacted Leo’s wife right after he was arrested and told them that the Neighborhood Association was going to place a lien on her home and take the house away from her if she did not file a restraining order against Leo


    Bulls**t with a capital B………..channel 5 news loves to air this kind of thing…..that the neighbor was intimidated????????/Nahhhh..I know channel 5 , all she had to do was call them…..

  2. JJ.
    Not sure I understand.
    Please elaborate.

  3. Very interesting.

    SueK–we had frost this am…but everything survived.

    What a great discussion about forgiveness last night. Thank you CW for letting us do that. God bless all. Happy Lord’s Day!

  4. twe // October 11, 2009 at 10:33 am

    Happy Lord’s Day, twe!

    Down to 38 here-no frost-a few perennials are hanging on. 80+ cactus out there in a self-built greenhouse…they’re coming in *today!*

    Am checking my dollars to see if I can send something to help Leo. There but for the grace of God……

  5. I just received this email. Although all of us here are already quite aware of b.o.’s past, it may be interesting to watch:

    This will be on Oct 11th :

    Sunday night at 9 PM Eastern.

    This Sunday Fox news, is going to air a very important documentary about
    Barack Obama, Sunday night at 9 PM Eastern.
    The report will go back to Obama’s earlier days, showing even then his
    close ties to radical Marxist professors, friends, spiritual advisers, etc.
    It will also reveal detail his ties to Rev.. Wright for 20+ yrs. How he was
    participating with this man, and not for the reasons he states!
    The report has uncovered more of Obama’s radical past and we will see
    things that no one in the media is willing to put out there. It will be a segment
    to remember.

    Mark your calendar and pass this on to everyone you know: Sunday night, 8
    PM. CT; 9 PM ET. Democrat or Republican, this report will open your eyes
    to how YOUR country is being sold down the road to Totalitarian Socialism.
    If you care about the direction of our country, pass this notice on to
    everyone you know.

  6. Nancy, even though I hope you are right, I’ve seen that email before and it turned out to be untrue.

    Checking the schedule at Fox for tonight, it is not listed:


  7. Not only has Leo got problems trying to fight for himself, but so does his wife. She’s trying to hang on to the house, the kids, probably her sanity. Just because any couple may have had fights in the past does not mean they are not united. I’m sure that poor woman is beside herself with fright and possibly unable to communicate with her husband meaning she does not know which way to jump. If she were my sister, or friend I would get her and the children out of there-come on you’re going on vacation to my house. Leo must have some very interesting information for them to react with such violence. Maybe we need to start setting up some safe houses while America is under this totalarian regime. Somewhat like the French resistance did in WW2, against the Nazi’s. Same enemy different face. Let me be the first to offer mine. CW-if you need a safe house you just let me know I’m from a big family so that person would be a brother or sister or cousin. I’m in South Florida near a big university for access to research materials.

  8. I’m outside Atlanta and can house people in transit!

  9. Sandy-

    Looks like you’re right. I guess I should double check everything before I comment! Sorry about that everyone. Looks like I’ve been had!

  10. Thanks Michelle.
    I have repeatedly told Haffey’s wife that we are there for her.

  11. I just don’t understand how they can get away with now allowing Leo communication. I suppose he cannot have visits either? Even the worst of the worst prisoners have those rights!

  12. Good Sunday morning, I will continue to reach out to news channels to try and get one to cover the story on Leo H. It is a life changing story, about what is happening in our country. Does Leo have a fund to donate to? This is a good time to share something that is kind of like a warning, or a beware that takes place in your spirit and discernment. Check peoples MOTIVES, as we go along in our daily lives this will be a great help. Wouldn’t it have been nice if someone had checked O’s motives for wanting to be POTUS. I do pray for O because the Word teaches me to, and I pray for him to be removed and replaced with a man who has a heart for God. I still believe that the unpardonable sin was committed by O when the muslim day of prayer took place(Mark 3:29). Be prepared for the days to come with wisdom and discernment, check peoples MOTIVES stay on a good health routine, keep your priorites in line. If God be for you who can be against you? Be encouraged the answer is on the way. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. GOD bless you all!!

  13. CW-Leo, his wife and their children are welcome too. Our house is by a grade school so the kids would fit right in. This is a very child and pet friendly neighborhood. Just down to earth nice people. I think I’m worried about their nerves more than anything else. When I experienced some really bad nerve racking stuff in my life, I couldn’t eat or if I did that was worse, ask Leo and his wife if they are eating ok. This can take more out of person than you can imagine, after this is all over they will need to take some type of vacation and get a complete rest.

  14. Sorry, I can’t house anyone. My mother is on hospice now. No prognosis.

    Sandy–Thanks for letting us know about Nancy’s post. I would have been looking for it. Thanks Nancy…you meant well.

    SueK–no frost? Wow! I’ll have to look up that microclimate.

  15. carmen // October 11, 2009 at 11:33 am

    Morning carmen,

    Leo’s Defense fund:


  16. I think that Leo’s investigating the abuse at that mosque may be playing a substantial reason for what is happening to him. I remember Atlas Shrugs covering that. Does anyone know if she is doing anything to help Leo?

  17. The South–thank you. Great vid. Very important. I must have missed it…who was that guy? Was he the university president?

  18. The South-Great video-now you are seeing the other side of Illinois. I swear to God not everyone in Illinois-Chicago is insane. Bill Ayers unrepentant murderer. Investigating that monster along with continuing ACORN investigations will reveal all, all that Obama and Crime Family have tried to hide.

  19. SueK Thanks

  20. Thanks South-

    That is an important video. They did not give that gentleman’s name. They only referred to him as “an individual”. I’d like to find out more about this.

  21. CW-Might as well go straight to the top re: WRONGFUL CONVICTIONS. I think if I remember correctly seeing Barry Scheck in an interview his father was in the entertainment industry and possibly as a lawyer or an agent so he would be familiar with the work people like Leo do.
    Barry Scheck
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Barry Scheck
    Born September 19, 1949 (1949-09-19) (age 60)
    Queens, New York, U.S.
    Barry C. Scheck (b. September 19, 1949 in Queens, NY) is an American lawyer. Although he received national media attention while serving on O.J. Simpson’s defense team, winning an acquittal in the highly publicized murder case, Scheck’s more influential legal work lies in his dedication to exposing wrongful convictions as director of the Innocence Project
    More recently, he served as attorney of the wrongly accused Duke University lacrosse player Reade Seligmann to represent him in a civil lawsuit filed on October 5, 2007 against the city of Durham, North Carolina, its former district attorney, Mike Nifong, He also was responsible for clearing John Restivo, Dennis Halstead, and John Kogut after 18 years in prison for the 1985 Lynbrook rape and murder of Theresa Fusco, when DNA evidence proved them innocent and exonerated others.[2]
    Scheck is a professor at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, where he established the first Innocence Project. He is Director of Clinical Education for the Trial Advocacy Program and the Center for the Study of Law and Ethics, and a former staff attorney at the Legal Aid Society of New York. From 2004–2005 he served as president of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. In 1996 he received the Robert C. Heeney Award, the “NACDL’s most prestigious award… given annually to the one criminal defense attorney who best exemplifies the goals and values of the Association, and the legal profession” (NACDL website “Awards” section).

  22. Forgive me if this was already posted (I saw it somewhere):


    Looks like the man in that video South posted is Mark Thompson.

  23. Nancy,

    I posted a request the other day for anyone with a facebook account to get a message to Pamela Geller @ Atlas Shrugs. No response from anyone. I don’t have a F/B acct nor will I sign up. It’s the ONLY way I saw on her blog, other than Twitter, to get a message to her.

  24. Just Me-

    I have emailed Atlas in the past. I do not see a link on her website anymore to email her. When I look for her address in my address book, it is simply “writeatlas”. Don’t know if that is complete enough to write her. I will try.

  25. Nancy, thanks!

  26. Just Me-

    Atlas’ email is writeatlas@aol.com

  27. CW,

    so…….you’re saying that right now all you need is a lawyer that will file a writ of habeas corpus? This lawyer doesn’t even have to agree to represent Leo outside of filing the writ?

    I wonder why the counsel representing his wife couldn’t find a lawyer to simply do that.

    If the papers were drawn up, could Leo file them on his own behalf? If so, perhaps we could find someway or someone to help with that.

  28. Nancy….don’t feel bad. I cleared my schedule and plopped in front of the TV one Sunday evening a few months ago…..and it never came on…..lol

    talk about being “had!”

  29. JustMe // October 11, 2009 at 12:04 pm

  30. DONE! Sent an email to Pamela Geller.

    Thanks Nancy & Jonah for the email addy.

    Please send as many as possible in hopes of her reading at least one of them and responding.


    Can any of you answer my question to CW about the writ of habeas corpus? If this is Leo’s immediate need, how can we get this handled?

  32. CW has a new post.

  33. CW,

    Does this help?

    pdf of form for writ of habeas corpus

    Click to access ao241.pdf

    A habeas corpus petition is a petition filed with a court by a person who objects to his own or another’s detention or imprisonment.

    Habeas corpus petitions are usually filed by persons serving prison sentences.

  34. I find this entire story unnerving. Just Me asks a great question above – why can’t his wife’s lawyer file HC? Or one of his partners?

    Parsing words and being careful how you, CW, and Steady Drip, are reporting this matter to the public is to be admired. When meeting bloggers through private email and then phone conversations, you learn whether or not these folks are for real or just jerking you around. I speak from experience.

    However, Leo’s plight, as explained clearly in this post as well as others you’ve posted tells me this is the real deal. Leo has now successfully communicated his plight and his authenticity to the two of you bloggers. Therefore, your validation of his plight lends great credibility to this poster and I believe this man and his family are in a world of hurt.

    I hate to say this, but Leo may be safer in minimum security than out on the streets. Then again….

    Thank you for staying on top of this story and for trusting your gut. I fear we’ll see many more stories like this one IF we don’t stop them NOW.

    I’d love to donate, however, I do not do PayPal. Is there an address you can post where folks like me can send a snail mail check?

  35. btw, CW, thanks for the open thread post. Seeing how critical Mr. Haffey’s situation is, it is important, at least to me, that this thread be dedicated to comments and support for his injurious plight.

  36. Looks like Leo can fill out the Writ of H/C form himself, if I’m understanding what I’m reading. I posted a pdf of the form on both threads, now I guess it’s just a matter of how to get it to him. I’m assuming they still withhold his mail, no visitors, ???? CW, is this correct?

  37. Leo’s neighbors had contacted Leo’s wife right after he was arrested and told them that the Neighborhood Association was going to place a lien on her home and take the house away from her if she did not file a restraining order against Leo


    Bulls**t with a capital B………..channel 5 news loves to air this kind of thing…..that the neighbor was intimidated????????/Nahhhh..I know channel 5 , all she had to do was call them…..

    Elaborate?? Sure…..
    1) neighbor’s story is suspect
    2) before allowing any crap like that intimidation to go down, call channel 5 and expose it….they are known for airing stories like this ..check their reputation
    3) how would a homeowner’s assoc. put a lien on anyone’s house????
    4) how did association get involved if the neighbor didn’t complain??
    5)all comes back to music industry/lawyers/d.a?? and another example of the ‘good ol’ boys’ club sticking together protecting their own corruptness??

    Personal experience with a company giving my job application to a cleaning crew…..I complained to channel 5 and within minutes they took my information, had the president of the company locating me and apologizing and changing their policies about privacy!!! (story was not aired)

    People in Nashville do respect when channel 5 calls.

  38. sandy // October 11, 2009 at 11:00 am

    Nancy, even though I hope you are right, I’ve seen that email before and it turned out to be untrue.

    Checking the schedule at Fox for tonight, it is not listed:

    Appreciate the post,..was about to locate a neighbor with cable…I don’t have tv, but would have found one for that!!

  39. JJ,

    I sent an email to a couple of departments at Channel 5. I got an auto response indicating they receive hundreds of emails daily and they may or may not respond. I posted the contents of my email for others to copy. I believe it’s on the previous thread.

    In so far as the HOA, I know they can put a lien on your home for not payment of dues, and other infractions, but for this?….Someone is really twisting the bylaws of the HOA to instigate this.

  40. Criminal Attorney/neighbor from his website:

    Currently, Mr. Horst’s practice is focused on handling the most serious charges primarily around Child pornography cases, sex crime charges, federal drug charges and violent crimes.

    Also has a practice in Florida.

    I wonder why he wasn’t investigating the mosque????

  41. JJ.

  42. JustMe.
    That is my understanding.

  43. I emailed Devvy Kidd last year about Leo Donofrio’s lawsuit against the illegal PP and she ran with it…many articles…

    will email this topic to her now….

    and she is on conference call every Wednesday with Committees of Safety……….definitely a relative issue………

    yeah, ties right in with law enforcement and state militias…….

  44. Okay, CW,

    We have the Writ of H/C form. Now just have print it out and figure out how to get it to him.

    Have you, Aristotle the Hun, or his wife tried getting things to him?

    Surely, someone higher up on the food chain if “confronted” in person with a delivery for Leo would be forced to get it to him.

  45. I alerted you last year about Donofrio’s lawsuit against the fraud of a pres………thought you might help this lawyer in Nashville or help get situation exposed……….
    On citizen wells blog… https://citizenwells.wordpress.com/2009/10/11/leo-haffey-background-on-arrest-no-bond-legal-defense-fund-obama-thugs-nashville-corruption-leo-the-lawyer-and-patriot-nazi-germany-revisited/#comment-61781
    Leo Haffey, Background on arrest, No bond, Legal defense fund, Obama thugs, Nashville corruption?, Leo the lawyer and patriot, Nazi Germany revisited

    Thanks, good luck and God bless for all you do expose with your writings and conference calls.

  46. CW, if you or Aristotle tried to fax or mail (sent certified) the Writ H/C form to him at the facility and it wasn’t delivered to him, that would seem to add to his case in the long run. Attempts need to be made to get it to him.

  47. Someone is really twisting the bylaws of the HOA to instigate this.

    Yes, Justme…someone is really pushing buttons …someone with some leverage to get others to look the other way??

    God, I grew up in Tn…I’m so ashamed……however since moving to KY, will say I came across information about the MOsques and it curled my toes…….

  48. I am going to the next thread. This information
    on Leo’s situation is incredulous. And this is
    happening in America to a Patriot and impacting the whole family.
    This fight must continue to free Leo Haffey NOW!

  49. Maddie…. More on Nobel Peace Prize.

    Q. What did Barry Do?

    European news articles.

    London Times said “the Nobel committee is in danger of putting the entire comedy industry out of business. SCRAPP THE NPP.”

    In the Gardian an online opinion poll asks. Did BO deserve the 09 NPP. More than 70% reponded NO!”

    The Swiss (Basier Zeitung) said “BO is entitled to the NPP, because he made peace, a kind of peace, with Hillary Clinton!”

    Finally, Democrats remember in the future when you tout that Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize, ask what did you get? A PINK SLIP!

  50. Just received this …….at the bottom, notice the last three headlines…..

    Hello **** Here is the latest from NC5 Investigates

    Franklin Dad Considers Hunger Strike in Japanese Jail

    Now, after capturing international attention for trying to rescue the children who were abducted from him, Christopher Savoie may be contemplating even more drastic action.

    Insurance Company’s Denial Leaves Debt, Unmarked Grave
    The grandmother of a murder victim is on the hook for thousands of dollars in funeral bills. A NewsChannel 5 Investigation raises questions about how the life insurance company handled the case.

    Mom Claims She Fell For Concert Ticket Scam
    Taylor Swift’s recent concert in Nashville was one of the hottest tickets in town. One mother learned a tough lesson trying to get tickets to the show for her children.


    Debate Over Metro’s Convention Center Heats Up
    Memo Questions Funding for Proposed Convention Center
    DUI Officer In McNair Case Reassigned To Another Precinct

    NC5 Investigates: Abducted to Japan

    A highly charged parental-abduction case from Franklin, Tenn., turns into an international incident in Fukuoka, Japan. NewsChannel 5 investigates.

    If you know of something we should investigate, join our efforts to expose corruption, government waste, scams and other wrongdoing.

    Japanese Prosecutors Hold Savoie Another 10 Days
    Was U.S. State Department Involved in Savoie’s Plan?
    Producer: Japanese Jail ‘Taking Toll’ on Savoie
    Recordings Reveal Kids, Mom Who Abducted Them
    Escape Plot From Metro Jail Inmate Involves Helicopter

    NC5 Investigates: Nashville Convention Center more>>

    Memo Questions Funding for Proposed Convention Center

    Read Former Finance Director’s Memo On Convention Center (.pdf)

    PR Bills Show Airport Spent $10,000+ On Holiday E-Card

    Council Showdown Over Convention Center Contract

    Dean-Tied PR Firm Snagged Another Metro Contract

    NC5 Investigates: Consumer Alert more>>

    NTSB Proposes Changes For Air Ambulances

    Mom Claims She Fell For Concert Ticket Scam

    Debt Collectors Make Threatening, Harassing Calls

    State Cracks Down on Contractor

    BBB Lists Companies Consumers Can Do Without

    NC5 Investigates: General Sessions Court more>>

    Metro Clerks Delete Tickets Behind Judges’ Backs

    Clerk’s office tightens controls over ticket deletions (.pdf)

    Read statement from Susan Grannis about ticket deletions (.pdf)

    Judge Works Second Job While Courtroom Waits

    Judge Admits ‘Issues With Being Late’

    You’re In Court; Where’s The Judge?
    By Phil Williams

    (channel 5 would run with this Haffey wrong…and yes I clicked and forwarded CW’s post)

  51. JJ,

    I’ve been vaguely aware of the activity happening on this soil. First, the Muslim school in NY (I believe), then the recent school in Virginia that applied for and received approval for expansion. The “front” organization in Dallas that was recently convicted of involvement in the 9/11 terrorists. And, of course the rather large settlement in Michigan.

    I was surprised at Magna Carta’s post about Tyler TX’s infiltration. That’s a beautiful area of TX just outside of Dallas. Gorgeous lake, pine trees, beautiful homes – many of them retirement or 2nd homes. Wonder how they feel about their community now?

    Add to this, the recent female appointee of “O” to further our understanding of Muslims and Sharia Law.

    It should curl all of our toes!

    My understanding is this is one of the fastest growing religions. Supposedly because it’s simple and very little is ask of members in order to become a Muslim.

  52. “I’d love to donate, however, I do not do PayPal. Is there an address you can post where folks like me can send a snail mail check?”

    Interfaith Ministries
    10202 Vanderbilt Drive
    Naples, FL
    Leo is visited regularly by his wife and daughter. I get his letters but he can’t get mine. Any lawyer could visit him but I have been rebuffed or ignored by all the lawyers I have contacted in Nashville.
    Death threats were made against a channel 5 reporter. Leo’s email: “I go to Court tomorrow at 9 am, if you all don’t hear from me by tomorrow night at the latest you can expect that there has been foul play. Please follow up for me with Phil Williams of http://www.NewsChannel5.com in Nashville. Phil has investigated judge tom w. Brothers among other corrupt politicians in Nashville. ”

    “Mr. Williams,

    I have been working with reporters in New York, Los Angeles and Florida to expose the cover up by the Nashville Police Department of the sexual abuse of children at the Al Farooq mosque in Nashville. To silence me, the Nashville PD has arrested me 4 times without probable cause in the last month.

    Evidently, Policeman C. Adkerson must have thought I was communicating with you because while he had me in a holding cell, he spoke about how you were going to meet with an untimely death.

    I will send you a fax later this afternoon with more information. Any help that you could provide me in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


    Leo P. Haffey”

    “Small details about the five Middle Eastern men arrested Feb. 5 with Tennessee driver’s license examiner Katherine Smith are slowly surfacing. Smith died Sunday in a fiery car crash, a day before she was to appear in court.”

    “FBI probes terrorism link to mysterious death
    Southern Illinoisan (Carbondale, IL) – Sunday, February 17, 2002
    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Shortly before 1 a.m. last Sunday, witnesses saw flames erupt from the back seat of a 1992 Acura Legend as it crawled along a two-lane road skirting farm fields in the little Tennessee town of Piperton.

    The driver breathed in the flames, her lungs searing, as the car veered off the road and came to rest against a utility pole near the Mississippi state line. There were no skid marks or furrows in the grass to indicate the driver had hit the brakes.

    A witness rushed up and pulled open the car door, but the driver was not moving. She appeared to be already dead. When the first volunteer firefighters arrived, the car was engulfed in flames.

    From the very beginning, it didn’t look right, said Steve Kellett, chief of the Piperton Volunteer Fire Department.”

    Incidents like this could explain why channel five is not reporting. Channel 5 has been repeatedly informed about these issues by Leo and they have done nothing. I have personally contacted every news reporter on channel 5 with no results.

    This isn’t just a neighborhood squabble. There is International terrorism and murder involved.
    So, JJ, I suggest you reconsider your opinion of Channel 5 rather than question the veracity of Leo’s account.

  53. Aristotle the Hun,

    Oh my. I feared this might be the case the way it’s been carefully revealed.

  54. Incidents like this could explain why channel five is not reporting. Channel 5 has been repeatedly informed about these issues by Leo and they have done nothing. I have personally contacted every news reporter on channel 5 with no results.

    And now do we finally get it??? This is how the bastard got in the White House, voter fraud– oh, yes– and threats from Middle East terrorists…….I still believe that this nation was threatened with bombs strategically placed in large cities……just the mere mention would keep the most dedicated patriot quiet…

    Thanks Aristotle……..my toast is about to come up…I knew something was wrong when Channel 5 hadn’t covered this……

    “the will of God will never take us where the grace of God will not protect us”

    we are under attack and now it’s close to home, huh??

  55. JJ,
    If you don’t have cable, you can watch Fox live on Tikilive.com

  56. A woman from Greenville, SC just sent the first contribution. It was a small amount but I’ll bet it was a sacrifice for her.

    I will tell Leo that she was the first!

    Luke 21
    1He looked up and saw the rich putting their gifts into the treasury; and he saw a poor widow put in two copper coins. And he said, “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all of them; for they all contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty put in all the living that she had.”


  57. Well folks it sounds as though Channel 5 are a pack of gutless blowhards. Hell would freeze over before I would ever allow some damn middle east B-A-S-T-A-R-D- to dictate to me. If one shows up at my home,and tries to intimidate me, or my wife,I know exactly how to handle him.
    Where it concerns Leo we need to learn who is pulling the strings,then we grab the strings and drag the little bastard out into the boondockers, and do a little “MOONLIGHT” remedial therapy.

  58. ATH & CW,

    I’m reading a book by Russ Baker, investigative journalist, titled Family of Secrets, Bush Family Dynasty. (www.familyofsecrets.com)

    He has a primary website about his investigations. Thought, if you weren’t familar with him, you might have a look. He doesn’t seem to back away from the deeper connections.


    Baker specializes in national/international reporting on abuses of power and violations of the public trust, as well as solutions to those problems.

    Have story ideas to suggest? Comments? They’re most welcome at: Russ@RussBaker.com

  59. “MOONLIGHT” remedial therapy

    Hi “Old Salt”! here is the salute you deserve!

    Nice to see you here. You pop up in the darndest places.

    In the Navy the kind of “therapy” you talk about was some times called “shower justice” or a “blanket party”.

    At least that was true of the Navy we served in.

  60. WOW!

    A lady from Abilene, TX just sent in $500. God bless the American thirst for justice.


  61. aristotlethehun

    Another $100 from Gainesville, FL

    I was reminded earlier today that caring about Leo and helping him is one way to live up to the spiritual obligation “I was in prison and you visited Me!”

  62. Video: Anita Dunn: Fox News “research outlet for the Republican Party”

    Reliable Sources October 11. Reliably liberal Howard Kurtz interviews White House Communications Director Anita Dunn.

  63. aristotlethehun

    A note from Leo’s 11 year old daught that I just had to pass along:

    my dad thanks you for all the support

    ily! sooo much :]

  64. Pingback: Leo Haffey, Update, October 14, 2009, Notes from Leo, Nashville TN, Davidson County, Obama thugs, Stolen laptop computer with the names, social security numbers, dates of birth, and addresses of every voter « Citizen Wells

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