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Just in from Chalice:

“August 20, 2009

Written by Chalice

Patriot’s Heart Network (PHNMedia.com), in the name of our members and represented by Attorney Stephen Pidgeon, along with Carl Swensson (RiseUpForAmerica.com) Robert Debeaux, Robert Pinkstaff, and Dr. Penny Kelso have successfully filed a petition in the US District Court in Washington, D.C. requesting a Federal Grand Jury be assembled to look into high crimes against the United States of America and against our 1st amendment rights. Defendants on the Petition are Barry Soetoro, (aka Barack Obama) Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean and the Media. These crimes include Conspiracy, False Personation, Intimidation of Voters, Fraud and False Statements, Fraud and related activity, Treason and Misprision of Treason. The motion for relief seeks the appointment of a Federal Grand Jury by the Chief Judge of the DC Court, Royce Lamberth.

This issue about Natural Born Citizenship status and the eligibility to be President is NOT a fringe issue. It is not mere fodder of the misdirected gullible tin hatter clubbers. The mocks of those who attempt to minimize and/or toss away sincere American voices as those who just have ‘no clue.’ Qualification to serve as President is a SERIOUS Constitutional issue and it is time that “We The People” get the answers in which We are entitled. We have been ignored, mocked, and laughed at by many. We remain undeterred in our determination to move forward.

For the past several months, we have alerted the various branches of government to our grave concern about the eligibility of this President to hold this position of power. Two weeks ago, we served Congress with testimony of the grave concerns of 1.2 million voices. In return, we received signed receipts and/ or photographic evidence that We the People have served Congress notice of these Constitutional issues! (Information about the trip is available HERE) Through joint efforts with Rise Up For America, we provide information on how citizens across the country can follow-up with their elected Congressional officials.  Attorney Generals have been duly informed as well. One action, PHNMedia encourages all to take is to ask their Senators and Representatives to Define Natural Born Citizen. We did so in DC and found neither Senator interviewed knew the meaning, but they voted to confirm the Electoral College!  The video or audio evidence of these interviews will be valuable as part of this case.

Yesterday, another step in our journey for the truth has been taken.

The Petition filed yesterday will go before Chief Judge Royce Lamberth (Bio Here ) This Petition calls for the convening of a Federal Grand Jury. Read the full Petition HERE. The allegations of Treason, Fraud, and Misprision are not to be taken lightly! Our complaint calls out Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, Pelosi, Dean AND IMPORTANTLY the media! However, make no mistake, once a Grand Jury is convened, others may be identified for their complicity in this cover-up. High crimes against our Republic are taking place while those responsible to act and report on such matters remain deafening in their silence. It is crime punishable by terms from 3 to 20 years in jail for falsifying birth documents. This is more serious when it is in pursuit of a Federal job. We the People have not seen the proof Obama is eligible to be President. This Petition before the District Court lays out with solid evidence and reasoning, the fact that our First Amendment Rights were abridged by the crimes of the defendants on the petition.

We, the plaintiffs in this case encourage all of you to read the 181 page Petition. There are other action points we offer for your consideration. Please visit www.phnmedia.com to be kept abreast of these. Join www.phnmedia.net to become part of the Plaintiff voices from Patriots Heart Network.

It’s simple, really. We the People, DEMAND from the Media to accurately “Define Natural Born Citizen.” We DEMAND from all branches of our government PROOF that the person in the White House is NOT a Usurper. We demand proof of his eligibility. If eligibility is not established, then our nation and all of the laws return to January 19, 2009. Every action that a Usurper takes are nullified when lack of eligibly to serve is established. It is the US District Court where such matters are heard. It is in this court where We the People demand Redress through the appointment of a Federal Grand Jury.

We cannot do this alone. We DEFINITELY need your help! Join us today!”

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  1. Is this going to be a friendly court? Hasn’t this court denied anything like this before?

  2. Remember — who is a ‘natural born Citizen’ is important to every American.

    These are the statistics from the 2000 Census (those from 2010 will be published a few years).

    Click to access native.pdf

    Note this footnote —

    “1 This table includes only the native population; natives are those born in the United States, Puerto Rico, or a U.S. Island Area (e.g., Guam), or born abroad of a U.S. citizen parent.”

    But, 246 Million were BORN in United States.

    Eligibility is ALSO a birthright given to 2nd generation Americans born in the United States.

  3. For all those who commited treason on the United States of America via the ursurper Obama we all wish you a long life in jail. Due to your inactivity on the birth certificate issue, so much evidence re: other crimes was unearthed-that all crimes and criminals will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Because it is just and to prevent this from ever happening again, but most importantly it is the will of WE THE PEOPLE.
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    Video: DefendUSx on the last eight months. Since April 01
    Obama has now become a noose around the neck of every American Democrat
    by DefendUSx August 20, 2009 12:17
    By JB Williams
    It’s now official—the average American is not as stupid as Washington DC Democrats and their international leftist friends thought. Their mystery messiah has already gone from hero to zero after only seven months in power, and Obama has now become a noose around the neck of every American Democrat, and every international fascist who “hoped” Obama could usher in Marxist “change.”
    Nobody can organize a community like a good old fashioned communist thug can. It worked long enough to put a mystery man in the Oval Office, thanks to international socialists working through CPUSA – SPUSA and DSAUSA, funded by literally hundreds of leftist front-groups operating as special interest 527 organizations.
    Here’s a short list of the BIGGEST leftist front groups – America Coming Together – Joint Victory Campaign 2004 – Media Fund – Service Employees International Union – American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees – MoveOn.org – New Democrat Network – Sierra Club – EMILY’s List – AFL-CIO – League of Conservation Voters.
    Who spends an obscene $1 Billion dollars to win a lousy $400,000 per year job, and why?
    The people behind Obama expect a return on their investment. And they are NOT the kind of folks you want to disappoint… These folks make Capone look like a choir boy.
    Before the ink was dry on Obama’s fake Certification of Live Birth (not to be confused with an actual birth certificate), Obamanation was off to confiscate control of banking, insurance, energy and auto manufacturing. Before they knew what was happening, the American people woke up the proud new owner of Government Motors and $13 Trillion in debt.
    But it wasn’t until Obamanation tried to confiscate control of 1/7th of the US economy by nationalizing the private American health care industry that the people took to the streets in protest.
    On the heels of dozens of angry Town Hall meetings turned public tar and feathering parties for countless career DC bureaucrats, Obama and his Democrat partners in crime found themselves in a historic freefall from popularity among average American taxpayers. Eight months into office, Obama has bounced Jimmy Carter from his famous position as America’s worst president.
    The people behind the puppet in our Oval Office did what leftists always do. They over-estimated themselves, under-estimated the American people, and over-played their hand. They actually thought that Americans would sit quiet as unbridled leftists trampled all over 300 million Americans.
    That was the good new….
    As Obama becomes an anvil chained around the neck of DC and international leftists, he becomes a liability to their agenda. These folks have an interesting way of dealing with political liabilities.
    Losing control of their agenda and in a power-slide towards the bottomless pit of political has-beens, Democrats are desperate to keep their international friends at bay. But at the same time, being career politicians always focused on self-preservation, they must find a way to get re-elected by people ready to lynch them in Public Square.
    Obama has foolishly allowed himself to be pushed into a no-win position, in his unlikely quest to “make history” by becoming the first “black” mystery messiah allowed to sit at the big desk with his finger on the red button.
    In short, he’s in way over his head, just as many worried would be the case with a freshman politician complete with blank r√©sum√©. Nancy “crazy as an out-house rat” Pelosi is no help and Harry Reid is headed for the political boneyard no matter what.
    Teddy Kennedy is in no position to lead the young lad out of the woods, and wannabes like Chucky Schumer and Bawny Fwank will soon be looking for an escape hatch of their own.
    Time to Bring in the Heavy Artillery and Circle the Wagons
    Since Obama just won’t become the “transparent president” he tricked so many voters into voting for, the issue of his constitutional conflict won’t go away. $1.35 million in legal defense fees later, the demand to see proof that he passes Article II requirements is getting louder.
    Despite around the clock media efforts to paint every constitutionally conscious American a “right-wing racist Timothy McVeigh,” the people seem only further agitated by the leftist suggestion that NO American citizen has “proper standing” to question their employees (elected representatives) on even the most fundamental questions.
    Obama’s problem with Americans isn’t the mulatto color of his skin. It’s the bright RED color of his belief system and agenda. He is undoubtedly making mentors like Saul Alinsky, Frank Marshal Davis and Bill Ayers quite proud. But he is clearly losing the support of many Americans in that effort.
    Before the dissent gets any wider spread, they have to do something.
    Out of nowhere comes Obama’s “experts” on national security, the Southern Poverty Law Center. At the time of SPLC’s founding, Julian Bond, who currently chairs the NAACP, was named the fledgling group’s first President.
    On the basis of these folks, Obama’s Department of Homeland Security issued a “Right-wing Extremist” threat analysis, labeling every American with a gun or bible, or willing to publicly oppose Obama, a “potential domestic terrorist.”
    Yesterday, British newspaper The Independent published a story titled The right-wing crackpots taking over the mainstream, in which British leftist writer Rupert Cornwell proceeds to assault all American citizens who are currently speaking out against Obama’s “global” agenda, and warns of coming civil unrest, and of course, his authority on the matter is the Southern Poverty Law Center.
    From the report, one SPLC official says, “every element is in place for a “perfect storm” of home-grown extremism. For the first time, the detested federal government is run by a black man.”
    There ya have it! That was easy! It’s all about the “black man!”
    “A struggling economy fuels discontent, with illegal immigrants accused of stealing American jobs.”—Or is it that unemployment has doubled to the highest level since the great depression, under the “black mans” brief administration?
    “The military, long a breeding ground of the far right, is sending home veterans in vast numbers.”—Yes, those crazed military veterans…
    And don’t forget… “Finally there is the internet, which simultaneously propagates and intensifies the feelings of true believers—and the conspiracy theories they devour.”—The so-called “birthers” have made headlines all over the world?
    Clearly, Cornwell received his talking points memo from David Axelrod, who obviously got his from the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Observer got the memo too, and they wasted no time attacking every American at odds with Obama’s agenda.
    It’s American Patriots against the world, or at least the leftists of the world.
    Cornwell concludes, “So might not elements even further to the right enter the fray—“sovereign citizens” who believe they are above the law, or the new “Oath Keepers” movement, of soldiers and police officers past and present, who believe their duty is to the constitution, not to elected politicians? Perhaps the healthcare rallies and the SPLC report were no coincidence, after all.”
    Well, let me just say that I think Obama’s life could in fact be in danger, but not from Tea Party protesters, Town Hall protesters or so-called “birthers.” All of these folks are well aware of the reality that assassinating the first “black” president would be counter-productive to their agenda.
    The Obama press has been burning the midnight oil trying to make certain that Hillary Clinton’s “right-wing conspiracy” ghosts were set up to take the fall for any misfortunate event that might befall an increasingly unpopular president. No “right-winger” is likely to even break wind in Obama’s direction.
    His leftist international friends are quite another story however…
    These are BIG buck—BIG socialism folks who play by no particular set of rules, like George Soros. As Obama becomes more of a liability than an asset to their cause, it is his own people who are most likely to make a martyr out of the mystery messiah.
    In the British Observer, writer Paul Harris is even more extreme in his column, Fears for Barack Obama’s safety as healthcare debate fuels extremism … and once again, we see the report from the Southern Poverty Law Center.
    The stage is being set… If anything happens to Obama, the entire world has been put on notice that Americans opposed to socialism from a “black” nobody president who won’t even release his birth records, are responsible.
    This leaves the door wide open for Obama’s own friends to commit the crime with impunity, as they have already placed the American patriots’ finger-prints on the imaginary murder weapon.
    It would be the perfect crime blamed on the perfect right-wing storm. It’s brilliant!
    The leftist press around the world has already accused and convicted “right-wingers” of the murder. Talk about your grand conspiracy… Nobody does it better than the international leftist cabal.
    But who is this Southern Poverty Law Center responsible for all of the recent “hate speech” aimed at constitutionally concerned American citizens opposed to bankruptcy-by-communism in America?
    In 2007, SPLC identified 888 separate “active hate groups” in the United States.
    Despite the events of 9/11 and an ongoing threat of additional terror strikes here and abroad, not one of the 888 “active hate groups” identified was Islamic. Detroit Michigan had more violent killings than Iraq and Afghanistan combined, but none of the groups responsible for those killings made the list of 888.
    Only white, capitalist, constitutionalist, Christian, pro-freedom, in other words, “right-wing extremists” made the list.
    Black on white crime is not “hate.” Black on black crime is not “hate.” Muslim on Christian crime is not “hate.” According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, only white, Christian, capitalists opposed to Marxism and attending Town Hall meetings are guilty of “hate.”
    That’s what their report says, and everyone from Obama’s DHS and FBI to England’s press has bought that report hook, line and sinker.
    I too fear for Obama’s life… But not from any of the people attending Tea Parties or Town Hall meetings in an effort to talk with their elected representatives.
    I fear that Obama’s life is increasingly in danger from the very people who put him in power – The people he is currently failing, as the American people stand up to stop his secular socialist global agenda.
    I am 100% opposed to the Obama administration and today’s Democrat agenda. But I am here to tell you that the worst thing that could happen in America today is for Obama to be assassinated. Every Obama opponent knows this. He would be safest if he were guarded around the clock by American conservatives opposed to his entire agenda.
    Only his leftist partners around the world would benefit from his assassination. Their agenda would move forward unchallenged if anything were to happen to Obama or his family.
    As his agenda meets with serious resistance at home, his puppet masters abroad will lose faith and eventually, their patience. Only a freshman senator would have fallen for the trap Obama finds himself in today.
    He can’t win… If he’s very lucky, he can only live to tell about it one day.
    Obama has spent an entire lifetime surrounded by some of the world’s worst thugs. If he is unable to move their agenda forward, his life will be at risk from within his own ranks.
    However, the nation and the world will pay a heavy price, as both are being conditioned to blame it on average Americans who simply oppose all forms of intrusive tyrannical government.
    As Obama’s agenda is shut down by average Americans, his friends will turn on him. Liberals are already warning him not to back off on nationalized health care. But the people are not going to allow it to go forward.
    Even though I oppose everything Obama is and everything he stands for, I pray for his safety. You can bet your last dollar… his well organized community is falling apart as his agenda begins to crumble. They will be very motivated to ignite a second civil war as they watch their agenda die a brutal political death.
    Nothing would ignite a second civil war faster than the assassination of Barack Hussein Obama. I can only pray that the Secret Service does not take their cues from the Southern Poverty Law Center. If they are no better at understanding political security than British op-ed pages, Obama’s life is indeed in danger.
    Not from so-called “right-wing extremists” angry over Obama’s blatant disregard for the Constitution today. But from within his ranks, as those who placed him in power, become saddled with his failures.

  4. truthbetold11

    Wow!!! I was wondering when stphen pidegeon would surface and he did in a big way. The federal grand jury must protect us from these rogue officals who had been filled with lust for power and wealth, and false fame. This will must go viral

  5. Michelle // August 20, 2009 at 3:46 pm

    Michelle, I second that “Wow!’ from TBT11.

    Never thought of it this way, but I’ve always thought it’d be his own insiders would be the ones to take him out, one way or another.

    He’s part of a much bigger picture and he’s just their ‘agent of change.’ If he fails (and he’s well on his way) they’ll dispose of him like yesterday’s trash.

    Thanks for the interesting read.

  6. I am a Democrat and a Constutionalist. What I find particularly scary re: this article. The way this lunatic fringe has screwed up Obama eligibility (why do I get the feeling we were never supposed to find out) and everything else they touch. Can you imagine them trying to commit a “wag the dog” scenario by taking out the San Francisco bridge for example, screwing that up and taking out California. The sooner that this is taken care of lawfully, the better and safer all of the people of the United States of America will become. WE THE PEOPLE are for all the people of the United States and her Constitution , the government has gone with money and power and corruption and lost their integrity in the process.
    From Dr. Jack Wheeler – America’s “Indiana Jones” of Conservatism – his latest post at To The Point News.
    Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler
    It’s starting to feel like 1995 all over again.
    For 64 years, the Democrats possessed a monopoly of power in the House of Representatives (the two interruptions in 1946 and 1952 when the GOP eked out a tiny majority then quickly lost it don’t count).
    The Dems’ arrogance and conviction they had a moral “divine right” to their monopoly doubled in size when the Pubs tore themselves apart in an internal power struggle, with newcomer Newt Gingrich replacing long-serving Bob “You’ve got to go along to get along” Michael as Minority Leader.
    The Dems laughed at Newt’s “Contract With America” as an amateurish and typically “stupid Republican” campaign ploy for the 1994 mid-term elections. They couldn’t care less over the tidal wave of public anger building up over their arrogance – and that of the new Dem president, who was trying to ram a government seizure of health care down the throats of Americans.
    They were gobsmacked when they lost 50 seats and their majority to the Pubs, and were in a state of catatonic shock when Newt became Speaker Gingrich on January 4, 1995.
    The Republicans were on a roll, Big Government was to be rolled back to its Constitutional limits, our Republic was to be rescued from the miasma of liberal cultural destruction, the Democrat Party was to be dismantled like the Soviet Union.
    It was all over 105 days later. On April 19, 1995, the Oklahoma City Federal Building was blown up by a man portrayed as a right-wing anti-government terrorist.
    Bill Clinton, the Democrats in Congress, and the entire gang of their enablers in the media were able to smear the Gingrich Republicans and anyone advocating less government control over their lives with the brush of “right-wing terrorist” Timothy McVeigh.
    (What enabled them to do this was a picture, one heart-breaking photograph, as described in Limbic Pictures from April 2005.)
    Today, this summer of 2009, we have eerie echoes of the months that preceded the OKC bombing. As public anger rose against the Dems and the Clintons, hardly a week passed without some media exposé of the threat of “right-wing militias.” Remember?
    So what suddenly appears in the media this week? Headlines blaring “Officials See Rise in Militia Groups across US.”
    Articles quoting Zero’s Dept. of Homeland Security: “White supremacists and militias are more violent and thus more likely to conduct mass-casualty attacks on the scale of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.”
    “It’s only a matter of time,” claims an agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms, the same outfit of fascists that precipitated the Waco Massacre (see America’s Saddam from September 2002.)
    Yes, it is only a matter of time – until Zero and his Chicago thugs perpetrate some heinous terrorist act for which they and the media can blame “anti-government un-American right-wing hate groups .”
    Don’t think that Nancy Pelosi’s accusation of “un-American mobs” of “angry right-wing” protestors at town halls “waving swastikas” was an emotional outburst. It was setting the stage. Folks, we are being set up. Just like in 1995.
    The only question is, what sort of staged terrorist act will be perpetrated? That there will be one is a sure bet. What it will be is anyone’s guess. My own guess is that it will be a staged attempt (which will of course fail) on Zero’s life.
    One tip off: the media is starting to run stories about death threats to Zero and connecting them to “right-wing protests.”
    The goal of such a failed attempt will be to unleash black race riots, justify massive thuggish violence against any Tea Party public gathering, and morally shame conservatives into shutting up or else be shunned as part of “Racist America.”
    But I could be wrong. Maybe Rahm Emanuel and his SEIU thug buddies will conclude that such an attempt is not shockingly heinous enough to stop the public anger against them and their boss in its tracks. So maybe they’ll go for duplicating that photo in Limbic Pictures – deciding, hey, it worked for Bill Clinton, right?
    Personally, I don’t think that Slick was evil enough to actually perpetrate the OKC bombing. The famous British journalist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard told me after exhaustive investigation he was convinced it was an FBI sting gone wrong.
    (The FBI had an informant close to McVeigh and knew all about the plot. They meant to catch McVeigh just before the act, but they screwed up and the building blew.)
    Are Zero, Emanuel, Andy Stern of SEIU, evil enough to perpetrate an actual act of “right-wing terrorism” rather than stage a failed attempt? I don’t know, and that’s frightening enough.
    What we do know is that we are up against an evil worse than the Clintons, worse than has ever occupied the White House and the halls of Congress. This evil will not go quietly into the night. The more it is pushed into doing so, the more desperately depraved will be its attempt to keep its power.
    So the question is not, will Zero go to Oklahoma, but when. We must expect it and not be surprised. And we must be prepared to reject the fraud with all the physical and moral strength we can muster.

  7. Jacqlyn Smith

    The Queen Bit** herself now demands 26 servants to wait on her hand and foot all for a price tag of only 1.75 million/year.


  8. Still waiting to hear from some of the legal beagles here at CW’s blog?

    Does this case from Pidgeon look good????

  9. History will tell the whole story.

    I often wonder what history will say about this election a hundred years from now.

    It has bothered me for a long time that Barry Sotoero and his puppet masters might get away with their evil scheme to transform America from a republic to a dictatorhisp/oligarchy. I wondered if history would record the transistion as a choice of the American people since they voted for Obama.—- Or would history tell the true story of the great resistance people have raised against this usurpation.

    These are critical times. I hope our historians and recorders of the truth keep for all posterity every document filed in every court demanding Sotoero prove his eligibility, every grand jury presentment, all the signs from the tea party rallies and the town hall meetings, every video and all other documentary evidence of this protest, resistance, and fight the American people are waging against this travesty upon the innocent citizens of this great and good nation–America.

    While Americans don’t want this forced upon them, neither does the rest of the world want to see Amera stolen either. America–no matter the criticism other countries have–has been the inspiration and hope of the rest of the people on the whole planet. If we lose America, so goes the rest of the world.

    If so, then let history tell the true story of the criminal low life’s who stole it through deception, intimidation, bribery, and any other means of trickery it could invent.

    The Work of Swensson, The Federal Grand Jury, Patriot’s Heart and Stephen Pidgeon is brilliant, bold, and vital. I support– as I am certain most of you support– their efforts 150%. I will do whatever I can on my part to work toward their success. Most of all their work will be a permanent record to become part of the great historical documents that will let all future generations know how Barry Sotoero, Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod. George Soros , MSM and the entire collection of slimy, nefarious character who stole or tried to steal America!

  10. SueK-besides being a Democrat I am an NBC of Chicago, but I grew up in DuPage County, Illinois. Cook County politics has been corrupt forever , hence the designation cesspool of corruption-world class and internationally known now. I want everyone to know most Chicagoans are honest hard working people, under the dictatorship of Chicago politics as usual. Very sick, but with Obama and fellow criminals it has become the sickest government allowed to flourish in the United States possibly the world.
    My fondest wish is that the extreme right wing billionaire and the extreme left wing billionaire spend all their money on their chosen candidate negate each other and leave all of us alone. I am conservative on only 2 issues the Constitution and spending the taxpayers money. On most other things I am a moderate/centrist-leaning a little left/right depending on the issue, as I think most Americans are. Let us hope that when the pendulum swings back, it is in the middle and our Constitution is held to be the sacred document that it always was. I personally like the push and pull of politics, but Obama and henchmen are like people who try to put a nail in a board with a jackhammer. Totally out of control and their abuse of power hasn’t been seen since Nazi Germany.

  11. USAPatriots- shout
    I have been thinking about this for awhile. Yes let history record that many Americans took their Constitutional obligations to heart and resisted a corrupt government. We will honor those who took up the challenge to our democracy and castigate all the evil doers and we will name names. Their legacy for corruption will last forever.

  12. So, then: (only a little OT):
    what’s with this g’uaranty’ report?


  13. sorry: ‘guaranty’…apotrophe-0 again…sheesh.

  14. like I said before: dyslexia strikes from emit-ot-emit…ya just never know when or erehw.

  15. Michelle // August 20, 2009 at 4:34 pm

    Understood, Michelle.

    Like the economy, most things in life have a way of righting themselves without outside interference. This has not been the case with these thugs and as long as they continue to futz with this country, the worse it’ll become.

    As you hear in many YouTube segments of Town Hall meetings, people just want to be left alone and don’t want the ‘government’ interfering in their lives. People can run their own lives, thanks very much, and as one senior citizen said ‘The government messes up everything it touches.’

    I know Chicago politics well, and I also know that the people of IL are decent, hard-working folks; it’s the politicians who create the problems.

    According to the laws of Physics, a pendulum cannot remain to the right or the left-it eventually finds that middle ground.

    Praying that it finds equilibrium soon.

  16. Thank God for Carl Swensson, PHNetwork and Steve Pidgeon, et al.

    Boy, this Grand Jury Movement really rocks!!

    Maybe we can give judges “No standing” as a big thank you for shoving us out of our own court system during an election.

    What a bunch of phony judges!

    God bless America and Go Go Go Grand Juries!!

    With Love to the Plaintiffs from We the People.

  17. Anyone know when we will get a response to this? Will it be in my life time?

  18. This certainly is a hot potato……we’ll see if he tosses it

  19. I am very proud of these patriots for their dedication and persistance.
    here’s a link of a Gene Green townhall in Houston.This gene Green is a TOTAL SELLOUT.He has enough MS-13 members and couchsitting Reconquistas so he can abandon American citizens. Check out the action that occurs here in Texas.The blond guy saying hey you “wanna take over America..” clarifying what these thugs are saying is the same guy that got the footage on Jackson-Lee cellphone that had a doc plant and total disrespect for her constituents. I am hoping we can get her out this election! America deserves better.

  20. ooops here’s the u-tube link

  21. Wow! That youtube is frightening

  22. amy1,

    That is frightening, so on a lighter note, everyone can get a chuckle out of this. Except that the implications are too serious.


  23. The above refreshes from time to time so the current image of Obama might not show.

  24. TO:

    Magna Carta // August 20, 2009 at 5:33 pm

    ooops here’s the u-tube link

    You all know what I love about this video?
    Police with BILLYCLUBS!!! I’m glad to see that the LIE-beral Feminizers haven’t infected Texas yet.

  25. venice // August 20, 2009 at 6:31 pm

    Good one, Venice-thanks!

    Be sure to read the comments-priceless! A couple of people mention a crack pipe….

  26. The only solution to illegal immgration is DEPORTATION.
    IT solves the uninsured illegal problem, makesw everyone legal and documented back home. It also unites families and keeps children out of harms way.
    DEPORTATION is the only Fair and Just Solution.

    Next solution is NO TRANSLATIONS paid for by taxpayer gov’t beyind if you need a translator make sure you provide YOUR OWN.


    I just read this on Lucianne-


    The only first three readings in the morning for me are Drudge-Lucianne and CW, BUT not always in that order. We need to do something to put this site out front as PROUD TO BE BIRTHERS. Time is of essence as the Usurper is becoming vulnerable and we must take advantage. Matt Drudge became famous breaking the Monica Lewinsky story and Lucianne Goldberg followed suit. Now we have to create an interest in the fact that Obama is not eligible. I stated the other day what I thought would create some interest in our cause. Obviously no one saw it or didn’t care so I will suggest it again. For those of you who might think I am doing this for my own publicity, CW gave me that pleasure by making me the owner of the word “USURPERVILLE”(Google it up)


    ms. helga // August 17, 2009 at 1:25 pm


    To CW and all my fellow posters,

    It is beginning to feel as if all our postings are going to naught. I think what we need to do is have our own little event that might cause us some notoriety and God knows we need it. I sometimes feel as if we have been screaming into the wind and no one listens. This could be the plan. CW announces that this site will be having a 12Hour, 24 Hour, or One Week etc USURPATHON. The purpose would not be to raise Money BUT to raise Awareness to the fact that our dear leader is not legal due to the simple Natural Born Citizen clause of the Constitution. Each poster could say how this illegal act has caused effects and affects on us in our own lives. In my case what bothers me is that my father was a US Naval Reserve Officer during the 2nd WW and the Korean war. If he had been a politician he could not have run for President, even though he was born in Boston, but because his father was born in Canada. The biggest effect or affect or both is that when proven will make everything signed to have been for naught. The longer this drags on the more trouble will be brought onto this country. The most dangerous aspect is that a foreign nation could hold him hostage with proof that the CIC is inelegible.
    Any way an idea..


  28. “Death panels” already exist…
    Transcript of a hospital communication to a family:


  29. Glad to hear about the Federal Grand Jury
    Petition filed. Hope it succeeds.
    Excellent postings. The thought that the left
    could stage/carry out an OK like event and
    blame the Conservative Right is unbelievable.
    However, the fact that the Left has been talking about the OK bombing makes this even more
    frightening. Thanks for the articles.

  30. Last night (either Fox or CNN) heard that Alexrod has received MILLIONS from

  31. Pelosi saying….. if “we” don’t pass this healthcare bill I don’t know when we’ll get a chance to do it.

    What part of NO “we the people” ARE NOT interested in your d*mn healthcare bill

    I advise you, Ms. Pelosi, to start thinking hard about YOUR leading role in ELECTION FRAUD.
    We the People will hold YOU accountable.

  32. maddie,

    See my last post.

  33. Want to talk profit- Obama & cronies have guaranteed $10 billion in loans to Pertrobas as Soros invested $811 million in the same company.


  34. maddie-I abhor violence. If a president has to be propped up by an act of unbelievable violence, well what’s up with that picture. Sick, sick, sick and they will get caught, we all have become much better detectives since they went berserk with the Constitution. When I think of Oklahoma city I see in front of my eyes the fireman with the little baby girl. Is there any money or power worth that little girl’s life? and all the other victims of Oklahoma City and their families. Sept the eleventh the same. All innocent victims. All forever. If God forbid any of this was proven to be “arranged” for political purposes God help the perpetrators. Money and power, you can’t take it with you, it is an illusion and what’s wrong with going to work and making an honest living. Good for the body, good for the soul.

  35. First, I love the term and the idea of a “usurpathon”! Or would that be “an” usurpation?

    Second, a comment on this:

    “The way this lunatic fringe has screwed up Obama eligibility (why do I get the feeling we were never supposed to find out)…”

    Who is the HELL would be STUPID enough to think that we wouldn’t find out? Oh, yes, obots. Figures.

  36. venice // August 20, 2009 at 7:30 pm

    Hi Venice,

    Nice vid, but I still think Malkin (as well as Hannity and the rest of their ilk) are sellouts.

    They all rail against this administration’s policies yet, won’t get to the meat on the bone of this issue-Barky’s illegitimacy. They dance around his issues and discuss them until they turn blue but the bigger picture remains-his ‘policies’ would never be if his background was investigated in the first place.

    I’m happy to see the pleadings for a Grand Jury-that’s the crux of this whole thing.

    As many have said before: ‘Put up, or shut up!’

  37. Here is someone STEPPING UP and worth Volunteering for ESPECIALY since he is going up against Bwaerny Fwank.

    Welcome to the Sholley for Congress website. Thank you for wanting to know more about my candidacy. We have endeavored to make this site appealing, informative, and enlightening. Please contact us if you have any questions, suggestions, or wish to support the campaign in some capacity. This site is loaded with facts and information. Somebody once said to President Truman “Give em hell Harry.” He replied “I just tell them the truth, and they think they are in hell.” My sentiments exactly! Enjoy your visit.

    The Fourth Congressional District consists of twenty-nine cities and towns from Newton and Brookline in the north to Fall River and Wareham in the south. I live in the beautiful and serene rural town of Norfolk which is between Millis and Foxborough.

    I believe in less government, fewer taxes, term limits, common sense solutions to problems, and the impeachment of judges who do not adhere to the Constitution, attempt to make law, or thwart the will of the people. I also believe in public service, not personal enrichment at the taxpayer‘s expense. The original intent of our elected representatives was to be a citizen legislator who would serve the people for a limited period of time. We now have an entrenched class of professional career politicians who engage in petty partisan politics, and nothing is getting done. Even worse, government continues to become ever more intrusive in our lives.

    We have to do better. We must protect and defend our liberties or we will surely lose them. The current financial crisis must be solved as quickly as possible. We must make sure that it never happens again, and prosecute those responsible. We must ensure that we leave our children a secure financial legacy. We must also solve the serious problems of inflation, energy dependence, illegal immigration, influence peddling in Congress, lack of confidence in the dollar, our financial institutions, and the loss of manufacturing jobs overseas. I will be part of the solution, but first I need your vote.


  38. Hi PF,

    I’ve been getting e-mails from the American Independent Party regarding Sholley.

    I’m not in the 4th Congressional (and thank goodness, am not represented by Bahney) but will send the Sholley web site to my pals ‘down south.’

  39. Alex-now I am trying to figure out what order did all these events take place. Obama is approached by his handlers, we will fix it so you become potus. Obama do you want to go for it? Yes-did he at this point tell them his problems with eligibility? or just forget about it? As people started questioning is that when they started to invent documentation of the history? I guess I’m still working on the who, what, when, where I think we all know the how. What is Acorn really? the enforcer to the Mobbed-up Capo Obama? I can’t wait until they are all in jail also, the testimony is going to be very interesting. I heard long ago in Chicago that the mobs tentacles run long and deep now I understand what they were talking about.
    The similarities between the Obama administration and the mob almost identical, except for one thing-the capo’s knew and understood power and how not to draw attention to oneself. Evil yes, stupid no. That is where Obama blew it-he has drawn way to much attention to things the mob would prefer to remain hidden.

  40. SueK,

    You’re absolutely right. But sometimes to resolve something complex one has process many angles.

    Right now the thrust of opposition has to be against the current administration. To mobilize public opinion, the public has to be informed about the facades that are hidden (and there are too many deadly ones right now, the biggest of course being his legitimacy).

    Right now it matters only relatively who exposes the massive fraud. All the horses have to be led to the same trough, and each horse will be motivated by different events.

    I post links that IMHO offer valuable info, so that people (there are hundreds who lurk and don’t post, maybe thousands) create a richer picture for themselves that gives legitimacy to the illegitimacy issue.

  41. Sholly sounds excellent. Anyone living in his district needs to start door-knocking for this guy TODAY!I may send him a little.Maybe he can help tell his contacts that have friends or relations in 18th district Houston..we must get rid of Queen,cell-phone Jackass-Lee.

  42. TO:
    SueK // August 20, 2009 at 8:27 pm

    Hi PF,

    I’ve been getting e-mails from the American Independent Party regarding Sholley.

    I’m not in the 4th Congressional (and thank goodness, am not represented by Bahney) but will send the Sholley web site to my pals ‘down south.’

    We don’t have to be in his district to help him.
    I am not in his district either BUT will do what I can to Exterminate the Political Pigs

  43. PLus alot of my people (Portuguese) live in his district I need to start opening their eyes, especially to the religious erosion that Fwank has brought on

  44. http://www.americanthinker.com/2009/08/the_racial_straw_man_in_the_he.html

    When you itemize the number of times the race card has been played recently in this so-called “post-racial” era (remember the recent photo of Obama with the post-racial book in hand) it satirizes the technique.

  45. venice // August 20, 2009 at 8:35 pm

    Hi Venice,

    You’re right, too. I think if we keep approaching it from all angles, something’s bound to give.

    It’s just very frustrating to see the ‘media’ (even the ‘fair and balanced’ bunch) dance around this; I assume the reason why is threats, in the true Chicago style.

    It’s gotta break, and soon.


    Magna Carta // August 20, 2009 at 8:40 pm

    Hi Magna,

    Yeah, from what I’ve read about Sholley, he’s the guy! I’ve only contributed to one political campaign in my life, and Earl Henry Sholley will be the second.

    Now, if you have a viable candidate in Houston’s 18th to oppose the Queen, please post and I’ll flip a few bucks their way, too. She’s an embarrassment to the Great State of Texas!

  46. Wow….some long comments tonight. I have some reading to do.

    New post – http://conrest.blogspot.com/2009/08/ill-keep-saying-it.html

  47. Thanks Sue,
    His name is John Faulk.Apparently his web site caught the attention of the Library of Congress.I will be door-knocking and blogging for him soon.

  48. JF 8:58 et al: Respectfully; I hope you’ve got the stamina for it…it’s beginning to read like a revolving door to me…a lot of the same debates over and over; only when there’s a fresh post from CW, and the first few ‘talk-backs’ does there seem to be some genuine momentum…then it’s down with the same (irrelevant, much of it seems) back-n-forth;
    NBC matters…no it don’t…but it does…then the BC-thing…

    would be nice to ‘keep the MAIN THING THE MAIN THING…’ so, like…pick a top-3, or something…

    until tomorrow, folks; aDios Amigos.

  49. Can someone explain in plain English what this is about? I understand that a Grand Jury can be requested. But I don’t think such a request necessarily has to be granted. I don’t think there are even issues like standing or jurisdiction. It seems the judge has complete discretion as to whether to honor such a request, and doesn’t even have to explain himself if he decides not to.

    I would like to have hope that this may be a key to unlock “discovery” – but I don’t understand why any judge would want to touch it. Wouldn’t it just go into a black hole and never come out?

  50. Magna Carta // August 20, 2009 at 9:03 pm

    OK, Magna, thanks-I’ll look him up. A few dollars coming his way from BahneyLand.

    I think that this is the only way.

  51. truthbetold11

    This is why we are not crazy!! Say we are all at a football game with 75,000 fans. Tom Brady throws a touchdown near the sideline. The place goes crazy!!! Then the lowly umpire waves his hands no touchdown. We all go crazy and call him a liar and you stink etc! We all saw it. slamdunk touchdown. Then we all looked at the jumbotron replay and sure enough his toe was on the line. Wow! 75,000 were all wrong. You see sincerity doesnt equal truth. Just because millions voted for obama and were sincere and believed he was legit. Doesnt equal the facts and the truth about him. Thats why this won’t go away people are seeing the truth come out and some day soon it will overflow.

  52. It seems as though we have an instance here of the pot calling the kettle black…

  53. Charming Liar….. Progressives Turn on Obama as Air America Exposes Fascist Drug Deal
    Video: http://countusout.wordpress.com/

  54. Is there a Johnny Tucker in here? We need to talk.

  55. Hey John,

    Nope, I’m not Tucker but I just posted a rebuttal. I think you’ll like it. Please approve it and post.

  56. Sue –
    The poor lad. He’s no idea how misguided he’s allowed himself to become.

  57. Prairie-
    “Want to talk profit- Obama & cronies have guaranteed $10 billion in loans” is this legal ? will it be on the transparency Obama web-site, along with the $80 Billion back door pharma deal.
    I finally found something that Obama can do well, I have been looking and I finally found something I could compliment him on. He is without doubt the most accomplished liar I have ever seen/heard and he does it with a such a straight face. Must have come from years and years of practice. He is ineligible, lied his way in, now we should truth him out. Every time he tells one of his lies, we should refute it and make it go viral. Better if we could run side by side comments or dueling videos.

  58. John, and that’s how it all starts. I agree that he seems to be a ‘lad.’

    Obots here, and now, Obots on your site. They’re like bugs in July. Time to call the Orkin man.

  59. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB125055572526338767.html

    Please scroll down to 2nd paragraph right of the photo. What a revealing Freudian slip when Gibbs states ” I don’t think the president ever believed that all of the people were going to agree with him all of the time…”.

    Surely Gibbs you must mean “you can’t fool all the people all of the time”.

  60. OT: What happened to Tom DeLay as a
    guest on Hannity?

  61. SueK –
    They’ve no clue what they’re messing with. I hope they try to find me and only further prove my point. These freaks are terrorist Nazis who resent anyone who has had the absolute nerve to live a decent, respectful life.

    Pay attention to the Joker’s line, freaks – “I chase cars. I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I caught it.”


  62. That’s some angry people, folks. All they’re doing is exposing themselves, probably out of desperation.

  63. maddie // August 20, 2009 at 10:16 pm

    Maddie, this has happened before: Someone says something ‘controversial’ and to garner ratings, they’re booked on whatever show. Once the anticipation is high, they’re canned at the last minute, or canned without the audience knowing about it until the show airs.

    Typical MSM crap.

  64. This cartoon was made over 50 years ago. It predicted today:

  65. What is up with this poll? It was either not done by random sampling, or they stretched and contorted the meaning of “public option” in their questioning. There is no way in hell 77% of Americans favor a public option in the healthcare debate, yet this is what this poll is reporting. Wow, really bad stuff here.


  66. Michelle,
    I agree with your theory about the left being his demise.
    What will it take for the people of Chicago to get these corrupt politicians out of office? I love Chicago!
    OK bombing -I highly recommend Jayna Davis http://www.amazon.com/Third-Terrorist-Connection-Oklahoma-Bombing/dp/1595552367/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1250824508&sr=1-1 she was the first reporter on the scene.

  67. Well I sort of answered my own question. I did a little background on the poll I reported above. It was conducted by SurveyUSA and commissioned–that is paid for–by MoveOn, a red flag right there. And it didn’t explain how they chose the 1200 adults who participated in the poll. And look at how the question was asked:

    The survey asked 1200 adults how important they feel it is “to give people a choice of both a public plan administered by the federal government and a private plan for their health insurance? First of all, this is a double-barreled question, a no no in scientific polling. It has two parts, thereby confusing people about public option AND private insurance. It should have simply asked about the public option. When it is asked correctly, such as when the Wall Street Journal polls people about this question, only about 43% of people say they are in favor while 48% oppose.

    Yeah, MoveOn is not trustworthy. It is a junk poll.

  68. Patriot Dreamer

    Gianni, many polls in this country are biased – either to the “left” or to the “right”. That particular poll was commissioned by MoveOn.org.

  69. Patriot Dreamer

    Never mind. Looks like you already answered your own question.

  70. Good Evening, Citizen Wells —


    Eligibility Update: Swensson v. Soetoro Filed; Apuzzo, Kerchner on Obama’s British Citizenship

  71. Anyone who wants a copy of Larry Sinclair’s book I have a copy which I will give to anyone who asks for it. All I ask is for you to pay the postage. Anyone who wants the book, please so state to the attention of oldsalt77. and I will provide additional instructions.

  72. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    I see that the US Census is confused too.

    Natives are not those born overseas of 1 US parent. Natives are only those born in the USA or its territories or possessions…

    Nor are all born in the USA natural born citizens, …

    Someone needs to write the US Census office a letter…its shameful the ignorance that abounds in DC…




  74. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2009/08/21/lets_be_honest_about_death_counseling_97982.html

    A reasoned approach to death counseling. It underscores the excercise of power by the state channeled through the influence of a doctor’s words.

    Sometimes a doctor’s words are a gentle nudge. Sometimes they are not. The mandate as ordered by the state is where the problem lies.

  75. AL – That piece says it all. Wonderful


    From Leo Donofrio’s blog, http://www.naturalborncitizen.wordpress.com


    US Defense Security Service Guidelines, Federal Statute 50 USC 435 and Executive Order 12968 Indicate That Various Agency Heads Should Deny President Obama Access To Classified Information

    A thorough review of national security clearance guidelines and federal statutes indicates that various heads of government agencies in charge of disseminating classified information should deny access to classified information to President Obama unless and until he undergoes a statutory background check and achieves a proper security clearance.

  77. Pingback: Petition Filed In D.C. – Defendants are Barry Soetoro, (aka Barack Obama) Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean and the Media – The BOPAC Report « “The BOPAC Report” & Larry Sinclair’s Allegations – ZachJonesIsHome

  78. Morning, all –
    This is yet another in my slowly growing line of heroes. I want to have a parade for this guy with “Stars and Stripes forever” playing in the background.

    God, I need a cigarette. Or, I guess a cigar would be more appropriate.

  79. Patriot Dreamer

    “The Death Book for Veterans”
    If President Obama wants to better understand why America’s discomfort with end-of-life discussions threatens to derail his health-care reform, he might begin with his own Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). He will quickly discover how government bureaucrats are greasing the slippery slope that can start with cost containment but quickly become a systematic denial of care.

    Last year, bureaucrats at the VA’s National Center for Ethics in Health Care advocated a 52-page end-of-life planning document, “Your Life, Your Choices.” It was first published in 1997 and later promoted as the VA’s preferred living will throughout its vast network of hospitals and nursing homes. After the Bush White House took a look at how this document was treating complex health and moral issues, the VA suspended its use. Unfortunately, under President Obama, the VA has now resuscitated “Your Life, Your Choices.”

    for the rest of the article:

  80. Patriot Dreamer

    Obama’s “Friends”

  81. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    A researcher with the nik “Miss Tickey”, who posts at Leo’s Blog, has found the golden key which explains Obama’s motivation for not disclosing his original vital records, or even asking a Judge to take judicial notice of them, in response to any case.

    It all has to do with a little know passage in HI laws in which HI states that it will not defend the probative value of any information in a later or amended vital record filing, but that it remands to the court or body before whom the vital record is given as evidence, the authentication thereof.

    Seeing that Okubo said there are “original vital records” in the plural, this can only be if there was an amendment filed.

    Therefore Obama refuses to show his original vital records, because the changes made would then be subject to court scrutiny, and may not withstand challenge. He refuses to show anything, but the jpg image, to hide which facts were changed…

    For details see comments on Leo’s post regarding the waiving of the British Citizenship argument in Cook’s case before Lazarra…

  82. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    In other words, the original filing could have been done by Marilyn Dunham, Obama’s grandmother, while the Obama’s were in Kenya: for the birth annoucement merely lists the address of the Obama’s in HI, which address is actually that of Marilyn. The original record has Kenya as place of birth, but subsequently it was amended to be born at home.

    Okubo, on account of the HI indemnification clause, can say he was born in HI, because she is reading the amended vital record, and incurrs no guilt before the law by not admitting what is in the first original vital record…

    The amendment was filed without supporting evidence that would withstand scrutiny.

    In otherwords, even if a COLB is produced which matches the jpg on the net, it is not prima facie evidence of anything, according to HI laws, now that HI admitted there are, in the plural, original vital records…

  83. High crimes against our Republic are taking place while those responsible to act and report on such matters remain deafening in their silence. It is crime punishable by terms from 3 to 20 years in jail for falsifying birth documents.This is more serious when it is in pursuit of a Federal job. We the People have not seen the proof Obama is eligible to be President. This Petition before the District Court lays out with solid evidence and reasoning, the fact that our First Amendment Rights were abridged by the crimes of the defendants on the petition.
    Just can’t post this portion enough.
    Let’s all read the full petition link above,
    at JeannieJo

  84. the KEY….

    now that HI admitted there are, in the plural, original vital records…

  85. *** New post ***

  86. Off Topic, but imp.:
    Ohio teenage girl may be sent back to Muslim parents and face “honor killing” for converting
    to Christianity. She’s in FL presently and court
    will decide tomorrow. Fox has been covering it
    and WND has the full story.

    Islam is a BRUTAL religion and Americans
    should stand up against the horrific practices
    that the Muslims bring with them here to this
    country (or elsewhere for that matter).

    This girl is, I believe 17 and has been baptized
    a Christian and has chosen Christianity for her religion. Prior to this, his father and brother
    have been known to beat her for having
    a Bible and Christian literature.

    I hope FL does not send her back to OH.
    She will be labeled an “apostate” and surely

  87. Prairie,

    The POTUS is a Constitutional officer, elected by the people, whose access to classified information is not restricted by the same logic that restricts such access to, say, contract employees. Of course, the POTUS is not immune from prosecution under such criminal frameworks as, say, Treason or Conspiracy.

    maddie and CNN,

    Old news. See “jbjd, BIRTHER.” http://jbjd.wordpress.com

  88. I believe NBC has been determined by HR 511 in April 2008 by the Vote of Congress&Senate regarding the Democrats demand that John Mc Cain show his CBC and other personal records which he did. They passed the above bill,99-0 and 435-0 stating the he was a NBC because both parents were US Born Citizens,therefore Obama can never be a NBC since his Father Obama Sr. was born in Kenya and a British Subject. Obama studied Constitutional Law in college and knows many different ways he can avoid this Constitutional issue,and one way is to hold a “CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION” where 34 States request this meeting and it is my undertanding that 32 States have requested this Convention. If it is held(1st 1787) the people who have selected to the Convention can change the Eligibilty Requirements plus any other Ammendment or right that we currently enjoy.Also be aware that “EMERGENCY POWERS” were agreed to and iniated by FDR on March 9,1933 and are in force today which allows the Federal Government to put MARTIAL LAW into effect due to almost any Civil Unrest or Katrina,Flu Pandemic and many,many other emergency issues. We the people are being challenged on our basic rights and for the past 45 years the Federal Government has abused and spent our country to the very point of Bankruptcy. The best way to take back our country is to ATTACK,ATTACK the current Administration on there Health,Cap&Trade,Immigration and the huge Spending programs that are designed to pay off their supporters and keep them in office. There is much,much more……..

  89. Maddie and CNN–jbjd is correct on rules for classified access by POTUS.

  90. I am quite aware, but not an expert. But I believe jbjd is correct. One of the Obot refrains is that the FBI or CIA surely wouldn’t have let him slip through unless he was basically OK, security credentials wise. This is BS. Nobody ever vetted him in this regard. One reason I am so sure is that I am an expert in security clearances for government contractors. And with just what we already know about his foreign connections, he would have never passed such a check.

    So, if the electorate were stupid enough to pick an out and out spy/agent, they are allowed to do that. But it’s not a constitutional thing, it is a statuatory thing. It is a simple law that could be easily changed. This is something we ought to agitate for. We need everything thing we can get to prevent the presidency ever being usurped again.

  91. I’m not sure why were so concerned with security clearance. It’s pointless. The moment Obama is denied anything, he will turn around and fire them and replace them with someone who will give him the clearance. It is obvious that with such a large majority, conservatives have been too generous letting liberals permeate our educational and politcal system in the future, conservatives have to become more aware of who they hire and promote. Conservatives need to become better weasles and by becoming educators, journalists, social workers, and politicians and join the Socialist and Democratic parties. We need to take things back. We need to hire our and fire the opposition. let’s make them work in the factories. We need to infiltrate, divide and conquer!

  92. cw – have you read this article – I believe its a huge finding of definition of the eligibility clause in the Constitution – would like to hear others reaction after reading – I already know the who what where and why of such a clause – but it is made plain and clear in Chief Justice Story’s declaring its significance to the presidency !!

  93. carlyle – read the above site I mentioned – nothing needs to be changed in a our system in order to prove Obama is not qualified under our constitution – we have to use the mechanism of redress to put the truth on the table – we have been made cripple by the fear of being called racist if we challenge this man of no trail – we have the right to demand proof that he taught law , that he traveled with a US passport and had no foreign passport , that he paid his way through college and did not receive foreign student aid , that his campaign was free of foreign contribution , that he was Pres of Harvard Law review , etc etc etc for all of this shows he is telling us the truth and he is a man of honor and principle – why is all of this denied – why is so much smoke being blown in our face , why has he not shown us he renounced his Kenyan citizenship on paper ( word only doesn’t count for legal purposes ) all these questions point to he hiding from the American public who he is because otherwise we would not have found him electable to be CIC – one lie after another is not only embarrassing , no matter the truth but in this instance it is fraud committed against the American people and Our Government – all those in compliance are equally guilty for aiding and abetting the lie forced on us

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