Nevada Acorn director guilty, Acorn voter fraud, August 19, 2009, Las Vegas director guilty, Christopher Edwards will testify against Acorn, Amy Busefink, former regional voter registration director

From the Associated Press, August 19, 2009:

“Ex-ACORN Vegas director to testify against group
By OSKAR GARCIA (AP) – 2 hours ago

LAS VEGAS — A former Las Vegas director for a political advocacy group accused of illegally paying canvassers to register voters during last year’s presidential campaign has pleaded guilty to a reduced charge and agreed to testify against the group and another employee.

Christopher Edwards pleaded guilty this week to two gross misdemeanor counts of conspiracy to commit the crime of compensation for registration of voters. He agreed to testify against the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, known as ACORN, and Amy Busefink, a former regional voter registration director.

The case threatens the group’s ability to operate in Nevada, with the possibility that the group could have its status as a nonprofit corporation revoked, said Conrad Hafen, chief deputy attorney general for Nevada.

Hafen’s said Edwards’ testimony strengthens the state’s case against ACORN and Busefink.

“It adds to the evidence that we already have,” Hafen said Wednesday. “It makes a strong case that much stronger.”

Busefink’s lawyer, Kevin Stolworthy, said she plans to fight the charges. A lawyer for ACORN did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment from The Associated Press.

Prosecutors said in court documents that Edwards, Busefink and ACORN created a bonus incentive program that paid canvassers an extra $5 per shift if they turned in at least 21 voter registration cards at the end of the day. Prosecutors said violates state laws that prevent a system that pays workers based on the number of registrations they turn in.”

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  1. Great news, let’s just hope Mr. Edwards has some
    “protection” until the trial

  2. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    If Acord hired 59 ex convicts in Nevada alone, do the math….demographics would say that they hired 6,000+ exconvicts nationally…that’s an army…

    to what purpose would they be hiring ex convicts, most of which, if convicted for felonies, are unable to vote…no?

  3. count us out



    U.S. House of Representatives
    Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

    The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) has repeatedly
    and deliberately engaged in systemic fraud. Both structurally and operationally, ACORN
    hides behind a paper wall of nonprofit corporate protections to conceal a criminal
    conspiracy on the part of its directors, to launder federal money in order to pursue a
    partisan political agenda and to manipulate the American electorate.
    Emerging accounts of widespread deceit and corruption raise the need for a criminal
    investigation of ACORN. By intentionally blurring the legal distinctions between 361
    tax-exempt and non-exempt entities, ACORN diverts taxpayer and tax-exempt monies
    into partisan political activities. Since 1994, more than $53 million in federal funds have
    been pumped into ACORN, and under the Obama administration, ACORN stands to
    receive a whopping $8.5 billion in available stimulus funds.



    Bill # H.R.2715
    To prohibit the Department of Housing and Urban Development from providing any assistance to any organization that has been indicted for a violation under Federal or State law relating to an election for Federal or State office.
    Original Sponsor:
    Michele Bachmann (R-MN 6th)

    Cosponsor Total: 48
    (last sponsor added 07/28/2009)
    48 Republicans

    About This Legislation:

    Taxpayer Protection and Anti-Fraud Act of 2009 – Amends the Department of Housing and Urban Development Act to prohibit the distribution of any Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) financial assistance to: (1) any organization that has been indicted for a violation under federal or state law relating to an election for federal or state office; or (2) any organization that employs, in a permanent or temporary capacity, any individual indicted for such a violation, has under contract or retains such an individual, or has such an individual acting on the organization’s behalf or with its express or apparent authority.


    U.S. House of Representatives
    Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

    Click to access 20090723ACORNReport.pdf

  6. Here’s the unbroken link:

    Matthews’ fake laugh may cause you to throw up in your mouth.

  7. Patriot Dreamer

    DeLay was good until he called it a “gift certificate”. Oops! LOL!

  8. Wow, ACORN and DeLay all in one night!

    I think an e-mail to Mr. DeLay might be appropriate.

  9. Val,
    I moved this here to the new thread…

    Help! I have an e-mail called a “strategy meeting” . I’m trying to find
    where the “detail” place is to see what it
    says. How do you get to “detail?”

    Sorry & thanks, Maddie.

  10. “An Open Letter to the M&M Twins

    Michelle Malkin and Michael Medved”

    “You both have said that the 14th Amendment makes one a natural born citizen, Michelle likes this fallacy as this is her only argument for calling herself a natural born citizen, but we are not so sure about your motives Michael.”

  11. Evening, folks –
    Back from RI town hall. I arrived too late to get in, but credit to the Warwick police – they prevented Acorn from stacking the line at the doors and filling the room. Travis Rowley, one of my former students and chairman of the RI Young Republicans, managed to get inside and texted me intermittently to keep me updated. At one point his text was , “fkn crazy in here”, but according to him, conservatives outnumbered liberals in the room about 7-3 for every 10. Travis said that nearly every question was from a dissenter, and Langevin attempted to convince the crowd that the bill was not a single-payer. At one point, though, he saw Langevin ‘wink’ at a small group of liberals. Travis is now convinced that Langevin is as hard-core a liberal as they come.

    Outside it was pretty tense; whenever union people tried to make their presence felt, we (Young Republicans) made sure they no longer had the floor. Anyone who wanted to have a civil discussion was welcome, and nearly every time we dismantled their arguments with a really great weapon: f***ing logic. At nearly every turn, they just walked away when they realized they had no discussion point that could refute what we were trying to say. Truly unbelievable.

    I’ll try to put together an entry that’ll drive my leftist friends out of their minds tomorrow, but right now…I think bed is calling. I hate sleeping during humid nights. Yuck. The pillow is never cold.

  12. anyone else having problems getting the
    DeLay video to open? thanks.

  13. Patriot Dreamer

    John, thanks for the update! I look forward to reading your more detailed post tomorrow. Get some sleep!

  14. John F–Congratulations to you and the Young
    Republicans for driving the libs crazy at the
    RI town hall. Happy to hear that the Conservatives actually had a CHANCE to outnumber the libs, too—one of the very few
    mtgs. where this was the case:)

  15. GORDO // August 19, 2009 at 9:57 pm

    Love it, Gordo-thanks for posting. Let’s see if there’s any kind of response.


    John, glad you went today and glad also that Travis was able to get in.

    Looking forward to your ‘formal’ report.

    Hopefully, I’ll get more info on my end of things on Friday.

  16. John Feeny……………………………………………..

    Sounds to me like you folks lambasted the libs. Great work! How far did you have to travel?
    Congratulations on helping with ending the problem we are facing unlike one or two others who seem intent upon being PART of the problem. Keep the enemie’s manure coming back in his face as much as possible.

  17. Maddie,

    First try to forward the email and see what it says when the new window opens … mine shows the original header and that’s where the LWS ino shows up.

    At the very top of the email – where it shows From: …. and To: … next to my email addy it says “details” and when I click on it … the LWS info.

    Agian, try to forward it, even to yourself, and see what the info says. Good luck!

  18. This may sound silly …. Tom DeLay will be a contestant of the next “Dancing with the Stars” … competetion … should we vote him “In” ? Can we make him the winner? Hhmmm?

    Or maybe we should see if he can dance first. huh?

  19. Somebody needs to tell Delay what NBC really means.

    His freudian slip was classic. A gift certificate is just as relevant a document as a birth certificate when it comes to Article II requirements. You’re on the right path there Tom!

  20. Val,

    I don’t care if Delay has 3 club feet and a prothstetic leg. He’s going to win the dance just for demanding an answer from King Soetoro.

  21. JeffM,

    ROFLMAO !!!!

    Can you say … Ruben Studder?

  22. Patriot Dreamer

    WND already has an article on Tom Delay’s appearance:

    “Tom Delay – proud ‘birther'”

  23. JeffM // August 19, 2009 at 11:08 pm

    Jeff, I don’t care if he dances in a pair of black tights and a wig.

    He’s a WINNER!

    Hard for Tom to jump in on the NBC definition because of loudmouth constantly interrupting with his misinformation. No matter, though, Tom got his jabs in.

    That interview was good; stunning, but good!

  24. Over on Youtube there is a 9 minute video about DeLay – I didn’t watch it – and they are already starting a protest against Dancing with the stars because of DeLay’s comment. There’s probably another “Czar” behind this too. LOL! For real!

  25. SueK @ 11:20

    Are you talking about DeLay, CM or Frank?

  26. Maybe we should start a “Vote for DeLay” movement on Dancing With The Stars ?

    I’m just hoping he IS a good dancer!

  27. Val,

    I have a feeling that Delay is an exceptional dancer. But we will never know until officially declares him a good dancer. After all, that’s what they’re here for…to tell us all what the truth is.

  28. JeffM,

    Hopefully one of the routines will be the Texas Two-Step.

  29. Congressman DeLay spoke the truth; and I thank him. But he may have forgotten DWTS is a judged event. His defense of the Constitution may get him pilloried in an early round. 🙂

  30. Val // August 19, 2009 at 11:24 pm

    Hi Val,

    I was talking about DeLay (adding to Jeff’s comment). Believe me, you wouldn’t wanna see Bahney in tights. Trust me on that one…

  31. Everyone,

    This ‘admission’ by Chris Matthews that, BO must be a NBC given the newspaper ‘birth announcement’ is a big deal, because I just wrote two posts de-bunking that so-called birth announcement as a phantom image Annenberg Political Fact Check stole from the td blog, posted there by an anonymous blogger. Then, APFC posted this phantom image on their site and, without any authentification, concluded this was “clear evidence” BO was born in the U.S.A. (Interestingly, they never extended the lie to say, this meant, he is a NBC.) Anyway, I just wrote to Chris Matthews to set him straight.

  32. I think Christ Mathews and Bwarney Fwank should got on Dancing With The Pigs as a pair

  33. jbjd,

    Whil eyou are at it if you get a reply ask him to Prove that he ACTUALLY saw, not just a copy or a JPG, but a real Document of Birth for Mr “Obama” with STAMP and SIGNATURE without that it can NEVER be called a Birth Certificate adn he LIED and presented FAKE DOCUMENTS just like Dan Rather. Did Mathews pull a Dan Rather when he was on TV showing a paper adn calling it a BC?

  34. PRWHPF,

    It doesn’t matter. We keep focusing on the trees and miss the forest. The point is, CM is basing his belief that BO is a NBC on the fact, believing otherwise is ridiculous. I am saying, the only person who had to be convinced BO is a NBC was Nancy Pelosi, who signed the DNC Official Certification of Nomination that was the only legal document required to get BO’s name on the general election ballot. I am trying to expose he is not a NBC not by examining his record – he erased it. Rather, I want to establish his ineligibility by exposing NP had no basis for Certifying to the states, he is Constitutionally eligible for the job. When asked by regular citizens of each state, on what basis did you determine BO is a NBC, she refused to respond. I want reporters to begin asking her this question. But as long as they believe the question is ridiculous, they won’t ask. That’s why, when CM intimated he had based his belief in BO’s eligibility, on that newspaper blurb, I wanted to make sure, he knew that blurb was a fiction of APFC.

    If CM begins to believe no facts have been proffered that would indicate BO is a NBC; maybe he will ask NP on what basis she Certified, he was. (That is far more likely than having CM ask BO directly, what evidence did you produce for NP that resulting in her finding, you are a NBC?)

  35. Tom Delay will have FORUM and he needs to be educated that the issue with Obama’s lack of eligibility is already concrete, we do not need a birth certificate, for Obama has already admitted being BORN BRITISH and the matter is already set forth in the Constitution and Supreme Court precedents! The operative word is “BORN” and that can never be changed throughout the course of life no matter what he does. He was never and can never be a natural born American.

    This is the letter I sent to, Rod Arquette is station manager of KTTH, a so-called “conservative” talk show, but KIRO is NOT conservative at all and is somehow affilitated through Arquette. This stinks.

    a total lie…TOTAL LIE

    This cannot go unchallenged!

    So, I wrote to Mr. Arquette following a phone call where he promised to present the facts and logic to Mr. Medved and give his response.

    Mr. Arquette:
    You said that you believe the statement that “all 14th amendment citizens are natural born citizens” is Mr. Medved’s opinion: No, sir, that statement by Mr. Medved is simply a lie which needs to be corrected at risk of the perception that he is deliberately defrauding the American people.

    You said you would present the reasoning to Mr. Michael Medved and report back his response, since all he does is rudely apply Alinksy rule #5 and drown out all logic and intellectual thought with ridicule and nonsense and lies on his program. When I call back, I will report yours and Mr. Medved’s response to an eager Constitutional Law audience on the internet, including Mr. Leo Donofrio, Mr. Mario Apuzzo, Dr. Edwin Viera, Ph.D., J.D. Harvard Constitutional Law Professor and many others:

    Here is the LOGIC and SUPREME COURT PRECEDENT to prove Mr. Medved’s statement is an utter lie:

    The framers declared that they were not Natural Born Citizens, since they were Natural Born Subjects of Great Britain – hence the Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 grandfather clause that allowed “citizens at the time of the adoption of the Constitution” to be eligible even though they were not Natural Born Citizens. Obama is a natural born subject of the UK, by his own admission. The precedent set by allowing Obama to be President means that somebody like Kim Jong Il or Osama Bin Laden can have a child with a US woman citizen and that child can be President of the US and Commander In Chief.

    Both the Minor v. Happersett and US v. Wong Kim Ark cases state that the definition of Natural Born Citizen is not contained anywhere in the Constitution. But, Minor v. Happersett was decided 6 years after the 14th Amendment was adopted. US v. Wong Kim Ark was decided 30 years after the 14th Amendment was adopted. If the 14th Amendment defined Natural Born Citizen, then the SCOTUS in Minor v. Happersett and US v. Wong Kim Ark would have said that — but they didn’t. The SCOTUS in both cases said that we must look outside the Constitution for this answer (again since the 14th was already IN the Constitution, no 14th amendment citizen can possibly be a Natural Born Citizen). Marbury v. Madison says that nothing in the Constitution can be ignored. Furthermore, Justice Gray in US v. Wong Kim Ark, indicated that the native born child of an alien is not natural born. The Court in Minor v. Happersett also stated that such persons have doubts upon their citizenship. The term “Natural Born Citizen” is nowhere found within the 14th amendment.

    Mr. Obama admits he was a British citizen at the time of his birth via his father who was never a US citizen. To be a Natural Born Citizen, you must be born on the soil to parents who are citizens (jus soli, jus sanguinis). Otherwise we set the standard that a dual citizen can be President and Commander In Chief.

    “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

    ‘When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4,1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom’s dwindling empire. As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.‘s children…’ “

  36. bh,

    I wish people stopped wasting their time on this. No definition of NBC matters until the federal appellate court issues its definition. This endless discussion of whether BO is a NBC by virtue of the fact, his putative father was a British subject who passed on this status to his son, means nothing viz-a-viz whether BO is a NBC. Nothing.

    Now, determining on what basis NP determined he is a NBC before she signed those Certifications, is worthwhile. Because proving election fraud, regardless of whether BO is a NBC, could undo the election.

  37. jbjd said:

    “Now, determining on what basis NP determined he is a NBC before she signed those Certifications, is worthwhile. Because proving election fraud, regardless of whether BO is a NBC, could undo the election.”

    That’s true, but it still won’t close the door on future usurpers, which is the root problem here.

  38. jbjd: It’s already been decided, it’s in supreme court precedent, that the definition of NBC is nowhere in the constitution, yet the 14th is IN the constitution, so right there…NBC is not Obama and his dual citizenship.
    The main constitutional minds do not figure this irrelevant, rather of pinnacle relevance, and everything else a distraction.
    NP won’t give anyone the time of day, the system is corrupt, the Republic fundamentally dead. What CAN be done is to inform the electorate of the critical distinction between NBC and plain citizen and that Obama has never been a NBC.
    It’s the weight of the people which will matter, SCOTUS is corrupt, Holder is pathetically criminal, and the institutions which should have had these people in shackles are led by persons either complicit or intimidated.
    The people will not be so strong-armed once they know the facts.

  39. JeffM makes a critical point:
    Obama’s dual citizenship sets precedent that other dual citizens can be POTUS…imagine a dual Iranian or North Korean running our military–well what we have in terms of a sell-out traitor is not much better.

  40. CM aint never going to ask NP or anyone their basis for certification. None of the media Owhores ever will. CM is a dunce, a very well paid dunce, and his ignorance reveals that he has never even read the Constitution, and at this point he couldn’t care less about the Constitution because his impetus is to spit on anything, including that document, that gets in the way of his leg tingles.

    I often like your strategy of using their own words against them, but “they” already know they’ve committed the biggest fraud in American history and they are A. Not going to give away their power without a massive fight and if they cannot keep power they will leave America a burning ash-heap and B. Will never own up to this unprecedented crime of defrauding Americans.

    Pelosi is psychotic, and drunk on power, and totally out of touch with reality. Like Obama they use their psychosis-based audacity to perpetrate tremendous crimes right in front of our faces. They will never own up to anything, ever.

  41. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    You are way out in left field, if you think 7 SCOTUS cases is not sufficien to define NBC…its already set in stone, no definition need be sought from the court…do you actually think we need to disinterr Vattel and ask him? or hold a debate on what a NBC is with Sotomayor present! The liberals insist always on their right to define the terms conservatives must use…balderdash…!

  42. Everyone,

    Even assuming for the sake of argument, the way to unseat BO is through a court case, how long will that take? One-and-a-half terms in office? How long will it take to get your AG to contact NP as part of an investigation into charges of election fraud, demanding to know on what basis she certified to state elections officials, BO is a NBC? One hour? Two? (Have you looked at your state laws to determine whether the law in your state requires the nominee for POTUS from the major political party to be a NBC? If it does then, swearing he is before checking, is election fraud.)

    As for preventing this next time, I have anticipated that once BO is exposed, I will draft model legislation that can be adopted in each state to ensure the next party candidate is eligible for the job. How long will that take? Less time than it will take you to visit your state elections officials to make sure they promulgate rules per their enabling statute, to guarantee the next party candidate is a NBC. (Something in the law of each state that creates the office of, say, Secretary of State, the official who in most states oversees elections, includes a provision that requires the SoS to oversee elections AND to write rules and regulations to carry out this mandate.)

  43. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    Contacting AGs, I am all for it…

    Presuming that AGs with party affiliations are going to pull the plug on the Teton Dam of political corruption which surrounds Obamas usurpation…I don’t believe it, unless God intervenes with a miracle…

    The disease is not Obama’s ineligibility, that’s the consequence of the treacherous, we-know-it-all-the constitution-is-out-dated-listen-to-us-not-the-founding-fathers syndrome in Dem and Repb parties…

  44. TO:

    We all agree with you and have agredd with you BUT I have alwyas said that teh pressure keeps being applied at every angle and every issue NEVER dropping any of them because we don;t know “what tree will bear fruit” one thing can lead to another and soon we may find that “blue dress”.

    Everyone just keep up the good work more and more people are leaarning about the issue and that is a good thing. I have always sais what will shake the truth out is the Court of Public Opinion.


    Obama ” once considered deft politically and agile as a gazelle, is now looking increasingly as a deer caught in the headlights”.

    Yes, and if his narcissism won’t protect him he’ll revert to his usual corrupt tactics.


    This after Soros addressed nation and said the worst is behind us.

  47. jbjd —

    I disagree with you on this 1 issue — “No definition of NBC matters until the federal appellate court issues its definition.”

    It is this logic that has got the definition of ‘marriage’ into the mess that it is in now.

    There are simply some words that were so universally understood by the Framers, that there was no need to incorporate a definition into a very brief Constitution — ‘marriage’ was one of them.

    Be that as it may, the word Citizen appears nearly a dozen times in the Constitution, but the Clause ‘natural-born’ only once, and it is immediately followed by a 2nd qualification clause which employs only the word Citizen ‘at the time,’ clearly establishing a second Class, namely ‘natural-born Subjects (of a monarchy — of which 2 were in play ‘at the time’ — Britain and Germany), namely ‘natural-born Subjects’ born PRIOR to’ the ‘adoption of this Constitution.’ The definition of ‘natural-born’ was understood universally by the Framers.

    However, the Framers defined for us WITHIN the Constitution what a ‘natural-born’ Citizen — was NOT, that is negatively — 1. NOT a ‘natural-born Subject,’ and 2. NOT naturalized under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 4.

    Therefore, this statement is not true — “No definition of NBC matters until the federal appellate court issues its definition” — because no appellate court will, nor will any Congress EVER again attempt to further define a ‘natural-born Citizen,’ once Congress is reminded that it tried it once, and promptly reversed themselves.

    That is the importance of the statement of Lincoln’s Attorney General, Edward Bates, who wrote his opinion — “The Constitution itself does not make the CITIZENS (it is, in fact, made by them). Attorney General Bates, Citizenship, Washington, Government Printing Office, 1863, p. 8 [This Opinion is digitized in Google Books]).

  48. There is no precedent set because Obama has been sworn in as POTUS. He will be proven to be a usurper at some point in time and even if for some strange reason it never happens it still does not “open” the door for a non NBC to hold the office.

  49. jbjd —

    Why do I say “Congress promptly reversed themselves.”

    In 1790, children of American born overseas were ‘considered as’ ‘natural born Citizens.’ Many interpret the phrase ‘considered as’ to mean ‘considered to be,’ but it really means, ‘considered like,’ that is, ‘are NOT,’ but ‘are like.’

    In 1795, this was further clarified, when the phrase ‘natural-born’ was dropped from the Act.

    The fact that American children of American citizens born overseas were NOT ‘natural-born’ was more emphasized by President Jefferson, whose amendment turned them into ‘ALIENS!’

    This was the law of the land until President Pierce, when Jefferson’s law was reversed, and the 1795 law was restored retroactively. But, for more than 50 years, during the early formation of the Republic, the attitude towards immigrants was particularly harsh, when even the children of American citizens born overseas were required to live 14 years on American soil, before they were considered to be Citizens.

  50. Wow- Plains Radio is for sale- to everyone it looks like. Ed was a joke but a lot of patriots posted there to make up for Ed’s “quirks.”

  51. jbjd —

    Notice, I used ‘considered to be’ the way we use it today. That was INTENTIONAL, to show the difference in the meaning.

  52. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    I have a strong suspicion that Obama put double agents into many of the pro Constitutionalist organizations, movements, groups, forums etc…

    And that having failed to stop us by stonewalling, their current assignedment is to destroy us withing by fostering infighting and inciting those behaviours which most offend other groups…

    For that reason I urge unity for the sake of the good of the Nation and a united front against the usurper…

  53. FYI- Tom Delay is scheduled as a guest on Hannity’s Radio show today. If Hannity does not discuss the interview with Chrissy- Mr. Hammer meet Mr. Radio.

  54. NJ city considers martial law:

  55. DeLay was good for that interview,he was burned at the stake by Dems.Love it when he said he had to prove he was a resident of Texas!
    In other words they made him cough up but they do not think they have to prove anything.Plus he handled Mr. Hardball well. Totally relaxed with a grin. I was at a meeting of John Faulk last night he is trying to beat out cell phone Jackson-Lee.We did not win last time but hoping the dynamic will be better this time. I will have alot of doors to knock on again soon.I spoke about this issue with a couple of conservatives there. They were not aware of this issue.I spoke about the fact that we have a Prez with no real paper trail. Nobody really knows who he is…He agreed. I also got published in my local paper about this finally. I can post it if interested.

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  57. The Chris throwup Mathews interview with Delay is sooo infuriating – so if you talk like an American , live like an American , have relatives that are American ‘s you are a bonifide American – the bc is only an issue in that it offers proof of his parentage which is the true question – and as time passes everything he says is proving to be not as he says . As opportunity arises to continue to ask “who really is this man ?” the real question is the why – why is all proof of his past , be it school records , passport, etc….. sealed – its not to keep the “birther” question crazed ! Always throwing smoke – eventually the smoke disappears and clarity is in full view – he is a fraud who has used our system to personally gain power and wealth with a tint of revenge – his records will reveal the lies he has told regardless of where he was born is is a DUAL citizen which he admits !!!!!!! this is the fact to be examined and challenged! Talk about common sense .
    Mathews attempt to jokify the question was embarrassing – he was as fake I’ve ever seen . I can’t believe what we are having to endure !!!!

  58. Val @ 11:22: which is why they’ll be calling it “Dancing With The Czars”…as someone else already suggested…(funny, I think)
    CNN @ 8:23: I applaud, and agree with, your call to present a sense of UNITY…which is also why I am hoping for the formulation…soon…of a named “ticket” for the Constitutionalist Party; and leave some of these arguing points in the dust…for now, anyway.

  59. BHOBOO–Jeff M………………………………………….
    I too hang with your argument regarding the state of Soetoro’s citizenship (if he even has citizenship) which argument is also still alive, and well. I argue that the Constitution as it was written has served us well for a very long time with only occasional amendments.Those who think that it should be abolished, set aside or otherwise twisted, is something that certain people who in their sick little minds would perpetrate to either bring about the collapse of this country, or in their insanity try to become a dictator themselves. In answer to this I again cite the Italian impeachment of Il Duce, by the Italian people who were FED UP with his lunatic fascist BULLSH##. Nothing in this country has changed since our Constitution was written…….except people. The Constitution was written to guide people. Sadly our alleged society has become so MISGUIDED that many believe up is down, and left is right, and that is how they believe it should be. Some think that they KNOW BETTER than the FRAMERS. We don’t need to split hairs in our Constitutional law. The Constitution states very clearly the law of our land. It is about time that those who try to twist our laws to mean things that they do not mean went back to school and read the Constitution in it’e entirety. It is written in the ENGLISH language. So why the hell do people not understand ENGLISH. In grade school Grade 4 we began learning about our Constitution. In high school Government class (sophomore) we learned much more about the Constitution. How is it that so many people have never heard of the Constitution, and DON’T WANT to hear about it? Perhaps this is the reason why these people are misguided. I also think that such people can be found among Soetoro supporters IN ABUNDANCE.

  60. Maybe they’ll appoint “Tommy Tune” as Dancing Czar…would seem fitting, eh?

  61. …or better yet: Richard Simmons..

  62. …and now from the VA–the death book for veterans (hat tip to WND):

  63. If Obama, thinks, certain information, is worth hiding, from the citizens, then, this information, should be made available to the citizens. FOIA should be all that is needed, to obtain the information requested. Proof, to show, Obama, is who he says he is.

  64. Re-Do @ 10:17.

    LOL ! I knew someone here would come up with a good one! …. And, that’s a good one!

    Except … Obama will be the host of Dancing With The Czars!

  65. ***Breaking News****

    Congress Clunkers, Are ready at this moment to CRAM *Death Care* down our throats. At this moment, Harry Reid..Nancy Pelosi,are strong arming the disenters. Nuclear Option,is essentially their goal. By tomorrow, We will all be *Slaves* to the Gubbermint!

  66. Sovereignty, remember, we can all be saved by our individual states.

  67. With respect to Soetoro’s alleged birth certificate it is my intention to continue pushing this issue. Obviously there are those who believe that I am shoveling manure against the tide, but I am the only one who can make that determination in a way which will effect what I do. I am sure that there are those who my view point angers. I am further sure that if CW decides that he has read enough of my rhetoric he will advise me to move on to some other blog. Until then I guess those who I anger will need to take a long walk upon a short pier. I guess this would amount to the “LONG,” and the “SHORT” of it,pardon the punn.

  68. The birth certficate, is just a small portion, of the information ,that should be made available ,to properly vet Obama. All of his info should be made available!

  69. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Frankly, I think the court cases will ultimately prove to be nearly entirely a waste of time. As they were predicated on the assumptino that we still have the rule of law and an independent judiciary. But since our judges are appointed by politicians, whose loyalties are to the parties, which parties are loyal to the NWO folk, the judges were merely putting up a good show for the last 25 years.

    The one thing these suits serve, will not to be oust the imposter–I fully expect that if Obama is forced to disclose his vital records, regardless of what they show, he will claim to be a NBC in virtue of being a citizen–no, these cases will only serve to show that the judiciary is fully behind the revolution (it has been long suspected that Judges get phone calls to prime them and to censor their judgments).

    I think the only reason he does not show his vital records, is simply (I am not joking or saying this in humor) he does not have a long form vault BC, but only an at home birth filing, which produced a COLB, which is why he (or whoever) did not show it on his Selective Service Registration, when it asked for a BC. He does not show it, because the original filing was done by his white granmom, who stated facts that differ with his vision of self (I expect she stated that either Obama Sr. was white, or that the baby was white).

    This first wave of patriot optimism and effort, will give birth to a second way of patriotism resistence, when the full shock that American is gone, sets in, and we see that only armed civil war can restore America the beautiful..a war which must completely excise the puss of the NWO in the main parties and in the Fed and State governements.

    Right now the NWO can only strive to stone wall, incite divisions, despair, and confusion, while they put through under the semblance of legality and new order of things and totally destroy the foundations of American liberties…

  70. Kathy……………………………………………
    It is possible that if the DEMS try to ram the HealthCare BULL—- through on their own they could bring about some really bloody conflict in the US. Soetoro has proven his stupidity, and people now are looking for ways to protect themselves from his insanity. I forsee some really tough times ahead, if Pelosi ,and Reid persist. Both of them could suddenly find themselves at the mercy of some extremely angry constituents.

  71. More race baiting–

    See the video here about the man carrying rifle. Why does MSNBC not show the face of the man carrying it? Now, go to the photograph link…it’s because he is an African-American gentleman:

  72. jbjd: I hope the analogies I’m presenting work. re: Obama eligibility.
    I used to work for an aircraft company if we did our work as sloppily or as criminally as the DNC, there would be a hell of a lot more airplane crashes. When any aircraft crashes, falls out of the sky etc. it is gone over with a fine tooth comb by accident reconstruction specialists. Pilot error?, parts failed? every scenario that you can imagine. All the paperwork, all the paperwork is pulled in order to establish reason for this particular crash and to PREVENT others in the future. You could use this same analogy with car crashes and they do-brakes fail?, car ignites and burns up etc. A person is in for brain surgery and the doctor has fake documents just like Obama, how many times have we read in the paper about people who had been posing as doctors because someone did not check the person out carefully.
    I am from the suburbs of Chicago, and I think William Petersen came in one night, some guys I knew with Second City Players before he became famous. During the OJ trial I was shocked at the treatment of the crime scene. I had no idea how this worked until I saw that train wreck. William Petersen saw the same thing and developed a series Crime Scene Investigations- CSI with more series to follow. What I am trying to say is what the DNC and Nancy Pelosi did is the equivalent of an airplane crash, car crash to the Constitution and we have to get to all the truth of crimes committed against it, by whom in order to solve today’s problem and prevent future usurpers and any and all current and future crimes against the Constitution.
    Forensic accountants do this also, digging for evidence re: Madoff and drug dealers are a couple of examples that come to mind. The work is not glamorous, it is a slog, but sooner or later the pieces do come together. They can beat this dead horse lie into the ground and it will still not turn into the truth.

  73. Kathy,
    Why do you say tomorrow? What was the breaking news. Is the senate voting before the house?

  74. B.C on back should show his baby footprints??
    Is this correct??

  75. I tend to primarily agree with CNN. Until such time that our Federal offices, and courts are returned to the people, there is very little short of violent confrontation that anyone can do to extricate ourselves from the grip of the lunatic. As long as the SCOTUS, the lower courts, and all other relavent offices of the FED remain in the hands of the LIBS the problem will both continue,and get worse. It is becoming more, and more evident that the level of ANGER is growing; almost exponentially. However there is a bright side. When, and/or if the Dems do this it will spell certain disaster for them in both 2010, and 2012. If this occurs then Soetoro can be prosecuted as well, for certain things that he done early on, one of which was to forgive the murder of 17 of our US service men. He should face treason for that in time of war. Sadly we will have to wait until he is out of office. There is NO statute of limitations in wartime. He should be prosecuted as well for warcrimes in Afghanistan as well, because he was not the President of the US. As an imposter he faces a variety of probable charges, as will people like MMMSSS. Pelosi, Harry Reid, Dodd, Durbin, Leahy, Schummer, and Kennedy(if he is still alive).

  76. Truth Now,
    Certificates may also include the mother’s fingerprint/prints on back. I have three boys, fingerprinted all three times in two different states. Fingerprints on mine and husbands.

  77. Check out Michigan Congressman Mike Rogers’ statement on health care bill (OBTW, he has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology, served in the Army from 1985 to 1989 and worked as an FBI special agent in the Chicago crime office, specializing in organized crime and public corruption cases, 1989–1994–bet he knows some things?):

  78. Patterns

    The town hall meetings about HR3200 are not really town hall meetings at all—at least by my definition of a town hall meeting of which I attended many in my life time. The idea of a town hall meeting is to bring a subject for consideration to the people to ask the citizens thoughts and suggestions on the subject before actually making going forward on the proposed idea.

    For an example should we put up a monument in the traffic circle at——. Quite often the leaders have schematics, photos, and maybe even petitions from people asking that “so & so” be honored with a monument. They often pass out written information at the meeting or even better—mail it a couple weeks in advance to give people the opportunity to study it and reflect over it.

    After the leaders have presented their material the attendees have an opportunity to express their pro and con views. Yes, some people are more passionate than others. Some don’t stick to the subject. Others just sit and say nothing. That is the nature of town hall meetings. After all is said and done, the leaders will HEAR the people and either abort the project, agree to make any necessary changes or proceed as designed—depending upon the people’s response. That is a successful typical community town hall meeting.

    HR3200 town hall meetings have any entirely different tone. These town hall meetings are not held for the purpose of hearing the people. They are held to let the people know they are going to get a Government Health Care Plan (GHCP)—whether or not they want it. God (Oevil) has decided. He ordered his followers (Congress): Hold town hall meetings and order the people to accept, embrace, and love this plan. Ignore any opposition. If the non supporters get too enthusiastic, label them as un American, astral turfers, extremists and have them thrown out. What is weirder than anything else is that neither Oevil not the Congress people have to this date defined, detailed and told America what is in the bill. What is worse, I discovered after listening to several Congress people talking at the town hall meetings is they haven’t even read the bill. They are pretending to be looking out for public interest by touting this is good for America. What is wrong with this picture!

    Let’s face it. Gold is worth about $965.00 per ounce today. What if some guy in the middle of no where decided to sell gold for $50.00 an ounce. How fast and how big do you think the lines of people would be —and probably camping out, to get that gold? If HR3200 were truly wonderful, America would be grabbing it faster than government could pass it. If that were so, would the thugocracy have to resort to all of the following?

    • Assume the false position that AMERICA’S HEALTH PLAN IS BAD AND WRONG, there fore needs fixing or reform by the government(creating false crisis)
    • (creating false urgency) Must make the decision by the president’s dead line
    • Oevil using his vacation time to FORCE this bill upon an unwilling America
    • Used a child to ask Oevil questions who turned out to be a “plant”
    • TV ads promoting HR3200 (since when does the government have to buys ads to promote their “products” at our expense and Axelrod’s profit?)
    • Used the internet to ask people to “snitch on their neighbors” if any one said something “fishy” (
    • Then Orotten denies it was done for the purposes of snitching but rather to be able to answer objections which he has continually failed to do
    • E-mailed letters to millions from Axelrod ? ? ? ? ? ? (invasion of privacy, violation of. . . .)
    • Claiming AARP and others support the plan—when in reality AARP denied their support. . . .
    • Denials by Congress when confronted by actual facts in the bill, that attendees read but the town hall leaders did not
    • Paid “ Supporter of GHCP Plants” at all of OEvil’s TH meetings
    • The Democrats are holding town hall meetings and “stacking the cards”.
    • Bused in paid supporters from Acorn and SEIU
    • Acorn & SEIU they get the front seats and are permitted to bring in signs in support of HB3200
    • Any obvious non supporters are forbidden to bring their signs, are shut out when the space becomes full
    • Acorn & SEIU told if adversaries hit hard, “you hit back twice as hard”
    • These bused paid GHCP supporters are encouraged to shout down, threaten, intimidate and have even been violent against honest Americans who is merely exercising constitutional rights
    • They are planting Fake Doctors at town hall meetings
    • After all the noise and chaos they have not revealed one detail about the HB3200
    • The worst of all, HB3200 is in violation of the US Constitution

    This whole push for HR3200 is steeped in denials, lies, trickery, intimidation, attempts to suppress opposing views, and phony staging to make Evil look good at his double talking meetings. If the plan were so wonderful, why do they have to resort to lies and trickery? It also demonstrates one more time, this dictatorship’s willingness to violate the constitution. In all my years, I have never seen our American government run like a Banana Republic. I don’t believe this is the change Obama voters expected when they chose him! This is a disgrace!

    This is an awfully intensive and expensive (over $24,000,000 in ads) effort on the part of O’s dictatorship. Why the intensity? Why the spare no expense to force this program? Why the rush? Obama wants the sanction of the victim!

    America, if it is the last thing you ever do, DO NOT LET THIS GHCP PASS IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. KILL THE BILL! KILL THE BILL!

    Oh oh! Wait a minute! Something seems familiar here! Doesn’t this push to get the dictator’s HB3200 passed look exactly like the way Oevil ran the election and cheated the people into naively voting for him, an imposter?

    Remember all the crap they pulled during the election?

    • Violated the laws of the constitution and knowingly ran an unqualified candidate
    • Misrepresented Obama’s place of birth
    • To this date have not produced one legal document to prove he is qualified
    • Claimed America is bad and wrong
    • Use Acorn and voter fraud to steal delegate votes from Hillary
    • Stole the nomination from Hilary
    • Used the Black panthers to threaten and intimidate honest voters
    • Threatened MSM to suppress any discussion about Obama’s citizenship
    • Spent a billion dollars of suspicious money to buy the presidency
    • Contrived an economic banking crisis in September when McCain was leading
    • Practiced voter fraud with Acorn—same people registered as many as a 100 times
    • We still don’t know how many dead people voted

    How many people who sincerely didn’t recognize all the fraudulent actions in Obama’s campaign and voted for him are now sorry they did? The best of us can get fooled at one time or another in our lives. Once—shame on you. Twice—shame on me. If this tyrannical government gets away with this health plan. Let us not get fooled twice! America will have lost its last chance to defeat this monster peacefully. If will only get worse and worse from hence forward. Now Obama is threatening to defy the will of the people and push it through any how!

  79. Patriot Dreamer, that was ot a mistake. As you know the mother of the twins allegedly born after Obam, was able to obtain the Certificate
    and was released in a GIF file:

    It was a pretty smart statement, overcomes the argument of Certification v. Certificate.

  80. Okay, any legal beagles here want to weigh in on this one? Does it look like a good case?

    Swenson v.s. Soetoro

  81. twe-Thank you for the great video from Congressman Rogers. It is refreshing to see sanity enter this picture. I am a Democrat and I am sickened by the way the DNC, Obama and his cabal are running this country. Count on us Democrats we will vote them out of office. I am offended by the way they have treated our fellow Americans, they should be allowed to dissent, ask questions. DNC on a power trip unequaled since the rise of Hitler in Nazi Germany. Everyday the DNC is creating a back lash that they have caused by their own merits. They may have destroyed the Democratic party forever. This wing of the Democratic party are in no way law abiding citizens. Fortunately more and more citizens are waking up to this fact everyday. I don’t think the national media will be able to black out news much longer.

  82. Michelle – CSI – is equivalent to true investigative reporting – it is why Nixon was revealed which BO makes Nixon look like a model President ! But then again Nixon was a Republican – the press Bernstein has totally been a supporter of the BO – interesting -if BO were a repub the digging would commence . They all know the truth – its about POWER and GREED . They will suck us dry if we let them .

  83. I was referring to Watergate Scandal – the fraud committed on us by this administration and Congress is so far reaching , a dismantling is necessary to reclaim and reconstruct our dignity as a nation and to be truly free the truth must be revealed for all to see , not just for those who want to see .

  84. Interesting Statement by quebert:
    Why bother? Why are you all still arguing? As long as BHO was born a citizen, it doesn’t matter where he was born. If he’d only not have tried to cover up the facts surrounding his birth, evidently fearing it would hurt him in the election, all this would never have happened. He was born to an unwed, American mother, guess what, that makes him a citizen, sorry guys.

    Actually I was the senior elections clerk for the city and county of Honolulu for BHO’s election cycle, I have more direct inside and eyewitness knowledge than any other person on these boards.

    So he lied to Hawaii election board. Told them his mother was unmarried so that she was not Kenyan via marriage. This elections clerk acknowledges Obam is covering up the circumstances surrounding his birth …Wow.,,,Finally a breakthrough.

  85. Obama and God. This man has cracked. The insistent pounding of the tell-tale heart has driven him to the point of no return.

  86. Love reading this site. I’m a commenter at HotAir but they ridicule the “birthers”. It’s nice to read stuff about this controversy without all the rude comments. Other than that, HA is usually great.

    Anyway, I was wondering if any of you live in Honolulu or know anyone in Honolulu that could go to estate sales and try to find an old original copy of the Honolulu Examiner with Obama’s birth announcement. Many people that are packrats keeps piles of old newspapers and such. I have tried looking online for a copy but no luck.

    There has been talk that the microfiche was spliced to substitute BO’s announcement for that of the Nordyke twins. I would love to see the original paper. Also, if the announcements were auto generated by the hospital or whoever, then why wasn’t the Nordyke twins in the paper? Or was it? I’m not sure.

  87. Patriot Dreamer

    Georgetown // August 20, 2009 at 11:54 am

    When the Obots make the “it doesn’t matter where he was born” argument, you know they’ve lost it. LOL!

  88. Obama-this is from the heart. You are not the messiah, you are not God, you are not a natural born citizen therefore you are ineligible to serve as president of the United States of America.
    Please see a psychiatrist immediately since your delusions are clearly going out of control at an alarming speed.
    Dr. Kate had an interesting blog re: the 25 th amendment (I think) had to do with when a president becomes ill/incapacitated. Due to the clear and present danger of Obama’s mental health issues-the time for this amendment may kick in now.

  89. Patriot Dreamer: what is alerting is that quebert
    is admitting that Obam is covering the facts:

    “If he’d only not have tried to cover up the facts surrounding his birth, evidently fearing it would hurt him in the election, all this would never have happened.”

    Wonder what he meant by all this would never have happend, is something elese going on?

  90. Sounds pretty good Michelle! 25th amendment.

  91. Patriot: Actually it’s the patriots and constitutionalists who would add to the “it doesn’t matter where he was born” for it is his father’s Kenyan citizenship that alone suffices to disqualify the jus sanguinis requirement of NBC.
    The fact remains, it does not matter where he was born because he’d be ineligible no matter where, BUT since this issue is complicated to some people, it becomes a rather obvious one if it’s shown he was not born in country too.
    However, constitutionally speaking he’s ineligible no matter where e was born.

  92. TOM DELAY TODAY’S GUEST ON HANNITY RADIO. Thought it deserved a repost.

  93. All-if you have not seen this video yet it is on Andrea Shea King’s web site The Radio Patriot. Very informative from a Constitutional point of veiw.
    Yesterday on the Glenn Beck TV Show, Fox News Sr. Legal Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano spoke with CATO Institute attorney Tim Lynch and attorney Jay Sekulow from the ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice). The discussion centered on one point: the Constitution does NOT authorize the Congress to establish a health care program.

  94. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    There are so many facts claimed as true on the internet, the last thing I am going to believe is an Obot claiming to be a HI elections clerk….

  95. Patriot Dreamer

    bho boo // August 20, 2009 at 12:52 pm

    I agree, but it’s much easier to prove he’s not an NBC *if he was born in Kenya*. The most commonly understood definition of NBC is born in the United States. In my opinion, case law from SCOTUS supports the definition of NBC = born in the United States to two parents who are U.S. citizens at the time of the birth, but this definition requires judicial interpretation. And you just never know what the courts might do.

  96. Hi Oldsalt77, I am with you!

    I have suggested to the Tea Party groups, and everywhere and every one I could, the the first and most important issue is the challenge of Obama’s legitimacy as president. Almost every other issue after this one is moot. I also repeated that fighting Obama on some issue while failing to challenge his eligibility is indirectly validating his presidency. Like Oldsalt77, I will never give up until Sotoero stands up or steps down.

    Among the many reasons this is so important are the daily insult this government is upon patriots of integrity. Until this one issue is resolved, this government remains a tyranny. Sotoero is Rahm Emanual’s puppet and Axelrod and Emanuel are working on the dictatorship blueprint to have total control of every aspect of our lives. We patriots of all colors and parties will never go to sleep in peace until Sotoero is made accountable.

    In my mind they are not interested in the welfare of American citizens, but in turning America into the NWO which will then begin genocide upon Americans and people everywhere in the world after first looting every thing they had.

    In my mind this is real but secret invisibler war between them and us. Sadly the average American still believes he is under the same kind of government he was in prior to the election. No matter how many facts and how much logic is presented, Americans don’t want to believe this government has been sabotaged through a stealth infiltration. Rahm Emanel and David Axelrod are the true dictators of this government. Sotoero will eventually be dissed by them for failure to deliver–especially if this health issue is defeated.

    Between the Homeland Security Report and the Death Plan called Health Care they are trying to pass, we are doomed if we don’t defeat them within the next six months. Our last hopes of taking back America under peaceful remedies will be lost.

    My first fight is to demand the courts to demand Sotoero produce his sealed documents. You all know how that is going. To date we haven’t found one judge with the stones to do so.

    However, I base my battles upon timing. That is why I have deviated from the question of Sotoero’s legitimacy to help defeat this government health take over. I fear that this is a strategic place on their blue print of total dictatorship. If this health care takeover succeeds, it renders Americans nearly helpless to defeat or continue to fight them on any other issue. This is why they are fighting so desperately to get it passed. If they fail to do so, they may not be able to go any further because the tide of American support will turn against them in overwhelming numbers.

    I am wondering if there really will be elections in 2010. I suspect they have all kinds of tricks to avoid elections if they fail to pass the health care issue. They know they will take a big hit if there are elections. Between the health care plan defeat and the elections, chances are very good America will have beaten them back enough to take back America. They secretely understand chances will be very good they may be indicted for many, many crimes they have commited against American if that happens. They have a vested interest in holding onto their ill gotten power with their very lives. The alternative could very well mean jail.

    To the so called rational or even minded people, these words must seem extreme. One has only to look at pre world war II Germany to know, if it happened then and there, it could an may happen here and now.

  97. Patriot Dreamer

    Civis Naturaliter Natus // August 20, 2009 at 1:02 pm


    There are so many facts claimed as true on the internet, the last thing I am going to believe is an Obot claiming to be a HI elections clerk….
    I agree. Especially when that Obot has his located listed as Kentucky. Not to say that people don’t move around in this country, but that raises a flag for me.

  98. Afternoon, all –
    Heading out of work and to my physical….fun times, indeed. Here’s my post with regard to last night’s town hall. Hope you all enjoy it.

  99. Patriot Dreamer

    David Horowitz on Saul Alinsky:

    “Alinsky, Beck, Satan and Me”

  100. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Click to access SwensonvSoetoro-PetitionforGJ.pdf

    Swenson vs. Soetoro

    If it jams your browser, download it instead…

  101. Patriot Dreamer

    Thanks, John. I enjoyed reading your update!

  102. Georgetown-you should be able to find this extremely informative article via google under drkate or Texas Darlin.
    Thoughts on Our Constitutional Republic
    Blog About Constitutional Radio Archived Posts–drkate
    « The President’s Disability under the 25th Amendment-UpdateThreshold Constitutional Issues: Article II, Section I »
    The TD Community’s Discussion of the 25th Amendment
    Published August 16, 2009 Uncategorized 10 Comments
    Tags: drkate
    ©2009 drkate/drkate4justice
    I have been able now to archive all of my posts from TexasDarlin, along with the very excellent comments from the TD community’s discussion of them. As TD’s readers know, and new readers of this blog will find, the comments are often more important than the article itself, add insight to the articles, and provide extremely useful links and discussion. It will take some time to transfer these articles to my new blog, but will do so as soon as I can. Thank you for your patience.
    -brokers regarding that side of the ticket.

  103. “David Horowitz: False-Front Conservative

    David Horowitz is exposed as a False-Front Conservative after he derides the American Constitution and its requirements that a US President be a Natural Born Citizen. Then Horowitz proves to be a demagogue by decrying that “63 million people voted for Barack Obama” as being some sort of proof that this Foreign Occupier is legitimate.”

  104. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Swenson vs Soetero takes a better tactic, in that it asks for something simple, the calling of a Federal grand jury, and does not seek a final judgment on anything regarding the truth of the facts.

  105. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    I would not get too worried about the DeathCare Bill, because

    1) There is no president to sign it into law.
    2) There is no constitutional basis to impose it on those with state based policies
    3) Forced imposition will grant everyone standing to out the usurper…

    I say, “Bring it on, baby…!”

  106. Georgetown–interesting comment indeed…but, I didn’t see where he said he was an elections clerk. Would you point me to that post please?

  107. Can anyone raise Drudge report right now? I’ve tried a couple of servers but can’t seem to get them for a while.

  108. Gordo! David Horowitz is a fake, so is Michael Medved a HUGE fake…we need to compile a list of these…even MICHELLE MALKIN mocks the constitutional issues! I THINK THERE’S A WHOLE LITANY OF FALSE FRONT CONSERVATIVES!!

    …even Glenn Beck??

    They won’t touch the true issues with a 100 yard pole, and that could summarily evict this nefarious usurper post haste.
    We need to create dossiers on not only Congresspersons, but FAKE CONSERVATIVES too…CW can you add those on to your dossier page?

  109. Twitpic: Sign on the back window of a car–I love this country. It’s the government that scares me!

  110. Drudge working fine for me.

  111. Patriot Dreamer

    Drudge Report is working OK for me.

  112. Jacqlyn Smith

    An Open Letter to the M&M Twins

    Michelle Malkin and Michael Medved

  113. CA Patriot and Patriot Dreamer–Thanks for checking. Drudge now fine for me, too!

  114. bho boo @ 2:36: tricky little suckers, eh?

  115. bho boo @ 2:36: just for the heck of it:
    next to each name, write in who you think their ‘true counter’ would be…

  116. Val: someone besides me posted the “Dancing With The Czars” idea…I just thought it was worthy of a ‘re-do’…
    Who would you partner with whom? Go ahead, give us your ‘top-10’ couples…just for a kick…
    what? you don’t wanna see Bahnee Bust A Move?

  117. Patriot Dreamer

    Another hyperinflation warning:

  118. ObamaCare- The Real Scheme

    by Joe Morabito

    Hello All: ObamaCare actually has nothing to do with Health Care Reform. Instead, the real scheme relates to the redistribution of income and medical benefits and services through rationing which is inevitable from the have’s to the have not’s including 12 million illegal aliens and 20 million others that can afford to buy health insurance; but choose not to. In addition, this is really about the federal government gaining complete control over one sixth of the US economy. Obama said he did not want to run banks, insurance companies and car companies; yet he is running all of them. Now he wants to run the health care system of the US and it does not matter whether there is a public option or not, the socialist scheme in the House bill would still apply. What is being proposed in terms of intrusion into our lives is truly frightening.

    If ObamaCare was just about Health Care Reform, the law would do the following:

    Eliminate discrimination on the basis of pre-existing conditions.

    Provide the same tax deduction to people buying insurance that all get from employer paid insurance.

    Require those who can afford to buy insurance to buy it with penalties if they fail to do so.

    Require companies with 100 employees or more to provide basic care insurance on a minimum 50% co pay basis.

    Deal with life time caps on insurance through government re-insurance if someone hits $1,000,000 or more to contain liability for insurance companies which would bring down the cost of premiums.

    Assist lower income people that cannot afford to buy insurance with basic insurance and subsidies to pay for it.

    Provide for emergency care only for illegal aliens.

    Allow companies to buy insurance across state lines to provide for more competition.
    Make Medicare Advantage HMO’s available to all seniors throughout the US.

    Create a secure national repository data base using Social Security numbers so all medical professionals can access patient information from any and all sources treating a patient.

    Pass Tort Reform to stop bogus lawsuits and get malpractice judgments under control. Note: Doctors spend $30 Billion a year on malpractice insurance that is in the cost of medical services.

    DEMS refuse to do this because they are bought off by trial attorneys.

    What I suggest is the real health care reform we need. I would bet all of this could be described in a 20 page bill not over 1,000 pages that describe government control of the health care system. This is real health care reform not a socialist scheme that will bankrupt the United States and result in higher taxes and premiums for all. Feel free to distribute this e-mail to all your friends, neighbors and elected representatives. Joe Morabito


  119. Tom Delay was posted all morning as Sean’s guest for today, now it is gone and replaced with Malkin.

  120. **NEW POST**

  121. citizenwells

    bho boo.
    Sounds like a plan to me.

  122. Mr. Obama while addressing Jews using what is a Babylonian mystery religion based prayer, quoted the following:

    … the holiday period, it is decided “who shall live and who shall die.”

    Now the POS thinks he’s God.

  123. ACORN, just more of Obama Bin Laden’s close friends….along with Rev. Wright, Bill Ayres…MANY Tax Cheats…etc etc…

  124. MICHELLE………………………………………..

    Welcome to the Citizen Wells blog. Great to hear from you. You are living proof that Dems are beginning to change their viewpoints about Soetoro. Really refreshing. I hope that you remain among us for a long time.

  125. American Corruption for Obama Right Now….ACORN. When it comes right down to it, I do not have a problem dealing with the folks in the way they deal with decent folks. Intimidate them, and drag them out into the light so everyone can see what they really are….thugs.

  126. Pingback: Anita Moncrief ACORN voter fraud, ACORN background, NY Times, Obama ACORN ties, Documentary, US House report « Citizen WElls

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