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Dr. Orly Taitz and World Net daily are reporting that Dr. Taitz has a copy of Barack Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate.

Here is a copy of the Kenyan Birth certificate:


The document is certainly compelling. Here are some more reasons to believe that this document may be Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate.

From an USafrica, June 3, 2008:

“Today, the historic dateline of Tuesday June 3, 2008 has become etched in the collective history of mankind as a worthy milestone. “Tonight, we mark the end of one historic journey with the beginning of another– a journey that will bring a new and better day to America. Because of you, tonight, I can stand before you and say that I will be the Democratic nominee for president of the United States.” With those soaring words, the history of this day continues to resonate all over the world as Senator Barack Obama, the savvy, hardworking son of a Kenyan immigrant and White mother, shattered the iron-gates of what seemed culturally and politically impossible.”


The Citizen Wells blog reported the above article on June 10, 2008. In that article it was noted that we had corroborating evidence from a reporter behind the scenes. This reporter is well connected in Washington, DC and Chicago. The reporter’s name was and is protected for their safety.

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Philip Berg quoted in Citizen Wells article of August 25, 2008:

“”We really don’t believe he was born in Hawaii,” Berg said. “We think he was born in Kenya.”
The presidential candidate’s father, Barack Obama Sr., was born and raised in a small village in Kenya, according to Obama’s campaign Web site.
Berg’s suit claims the senator’s grandmother, brother and sister, who live in Kenya, believe they were present during Obama’s birth in the African country.””

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From the Texas Darlin blog, October 11, 2008, (updated)

“Coast Provincial General Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya
Update 2, 10/12/08 10:40 AM ET:  Since originally posting this story Saturday,  Atty. Philip Berg’s office informed us that they cannot discuss this matter due to pending litigation, which is understandable.”

“At this time, we have no further independent verification. However, the reason we published this story and the reason we will keep the story on this blog is that the language in Berg’s filing — which is a matter of public record — is specific about the Kenyan birth place, and we assume that the claim is based on something besides wishful thinking.

Update 1, 10/11/08: Please note that the information about the Kenyan BC is based on a tip that has not yet been verified. The information about the lawsuit is confirmed, and was taken from the court record.”

“Judah Benjamin’s analysis follows the Foreword.”

“I have received an unverified tip that certified copies of a Kenyan Birth Certificate (BC) for Obama were sent from Kenya, and have been received by three separate individuals. I am told that these documents are certified, with an embossed seal, and display the name of the hospital where Obama was born, as well as witness signatures.

Reportedly this BC reflects information filed Oct. 9 by Philip Berg. See item #18 on this docket, page 10, the relevant language of which, underlined in red, is captured here in a screen shot:
It reads:

…Obama was born at Coast Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya located in Coast Province…

We do not currently have any additional confirmation of this new information. If it is an accurate tip, the implications are disastrous for Senator Obama and his backers. For that analysis, we proceed to Judah Benjamin…”

(The link to the Texas Darlin blog does not currently work)


Philip Berg has Sarah Obama on tape, October 26, 2008:

“Berg said, he is in possession of a native-language audiotape of Sarah Obama, Barack Obama’s paternal grandmother, stating on the day of the last presidential debate that her famous grandson was indeed born in Kenya, and that she was present in the hospital for his birth.”

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Modern Ghana News and MSNBC verify that Obama was born in Kenya:

“For Ghana, Obama’s visit will be a celebration of another milestone in African history as it hosts the first-ever African-American President on this presidential visit to the continent of his birth.”

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  1. Afternoon, everyone –
    Just a heads up on something significant, as least as it concerns the conservative movement. Some or all of you may have heard of the conservative rap song that came out a couple of months ago. The two students who produced it – Josh Riddle and Dave Rufful – are outstanding young men and Dartmouth students and basketball players. They’ve just released a second song, once again touting conservative American values.
    Rufful is one of my former students. With the arrival of the new song, the two young men have updated their website, and on it is a significant blurb about the books written by both Travis Rowley and myself, as we’re all from the same school and all trying to lend our voice to the cause. If you get a chance, check it out.

  2. It looks more authentic than the COLB that was foisted on us.


  4. “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”

    John Adams, ‘Argument in Defense of the Soldiers in the Boston Massacre Trials,’ December 1770

  5. Watch. The MSM won’t touch this story with a ten-foot pole. Watch. This will be the mother of all stonewalling events. They will try to keep it on the Internet as a “lunatic fringe” event. If someone happens to mention it, it will simply be made out as battling birth certificates, so which one are you going to believe?

    Watch. This is going to get good.

  6. This sure is getting interesting.

  7. From the BBC.. A plane from Heathrow London on its way to Spain had emergency landing today..All the passengers were evacuated safely.. I sure am glad Orly wasnt on that plane.

  8. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    I scanned an old Newspaper into Photoshop and compressed it with the jpg set on 8 bits, just like the image of the Kenyan BC. Then I reopened the image in Photoshop to see if it has pixelation comparably the same as the Kenyan BC jpg.

    It does.

    So those obots who claim that the pixelation around the letters only of the Kenya BC jpg proves its faked, are liars. Jpg compression does this to all documents with a standard color paper, because it is easier to compress continuous tones than areas with text…



  10. Happy Birthday, to you.
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday, Mister Resident,
    Happy Birthday to you.


  11. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    As for the Kenyan BC bearing the name “Republic of Kenya”, objections to this are moot, since Kenya became independent in 1963, and after that it could not longer call itself a Crown Colony. As for a republic, the Constitution had already been in the works for years, since the British Colonial Governor as early as 1955 began to prepare the colony for indepence. And In the British Commonwealth colonies in Afria became Republics (South Africa, Rhodesia, Nigeria etc..).

    Obots are grasping for straws if they attack the name Republic of Kenya. Seing that the civil administration of Kenya was trained by Brits, they would have new forms printed immediately for the sake of National Pride…

  12. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    As for Obots who claim Obama is legit, because of the COLB jpg on line.

    Constitutionalists can now claim that he is illegit on the basis of the Kenyan Certificate of Registration online.



  14. The chickens are coming home to roost!

    For more details about the Obama cover-up and the truth about is complete lack of natural born citizenship status see my essay on the subject:


    M Publius Goat
    My Writing at Goat’s Ledge:

  15. Does anyone have a link to Orly’s site. I had to delete the last one because of an attack.

  16. Jacqlyn Smith

    This may also be the smoking gun that proves he is an illegal alien and therefore serving in the senate was illegal too!!! Tom Fife’s story with that Russian woman he met may well be true and the Communist take over of the USA….anything is possible at this point!

  17. ms. helga // August 2, 2009 at 2:11 pm

    Hi Ms. Helga,

    Please see previous blog regarding your eBay question.

    Sending this to Drudge now…

  18. Jacqlyn Smith


    bob strauss // August 2, 2009 at 2:17 pm

    Does anyone have a link to Orly’s site. I had to delete the last one because of an attack.

    Orly’s site is still under attack!!

  19. citizenwells


    I have updated this post



  20. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    Google is playing games on this Kenyan BC.

    If you search “Obama’s Kenyan BC”, they give a link to a 2008 article on a different document, debunked in a youtube video, and then a link to your blog, here, posted on June 10th.

    No links at all to this birth certificate. Nor to current articles or debates at Free Republic about this!

    I guess Google is not the up to date objective search Engine that they’ve been claiming to be.

    Or they are just


  21. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Yahoo is also censoring, they have even older links…

  22. Send it to Drudge. Send it to all your sources. Get the word out.

  23. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Dogpile lists on the first page, under the same text search for, “Obama’s Kenyan BC”, a link to Free Republic discussion of this news. It cites that this result was provided by Google.

    This is proof that Google is censoring the search result and not putting it on the first page of search results…

  24. twe // August 2, 2009 at 2:23 pm

    Hi twe,

    Sent to Drudge; sent to all my Obot friends :).

  25. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Lycos also has no links to this news? out of date software, or censorship?

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  27. citizenwells

    Civis Naturaliter Natus.

    Citizen Wells is #2 on this Google search.
    obama kenya birth certificate

    I added an update to that article.

  28. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    Good for you to update that older article.

    That’s fighting fire with fire.

    Let’s see how long it takes them to remove the link to your older post!

  29. Obot’s are getting vicious, in their attacks, on Orly’s site, along with threats of RICO suits, against Google, talk of murders, and Kenyan birth certificate. I can’t log onto Orly’s site, the Obot’s have blocked access.

  30. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    The google link to this post, of Aug 2, is on second page, 6th down from the bottom…

    No links yet to Free Republic or WND on pages 1 or 2…

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  32. Bob,

    I get on okay with this, IE.


  33. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    Google up any newspaper or news outlet, in the USA or overseas which did an article on Obama’s eligibility and send them the WND article link


    urging them to cover this story! and be the first in their state or country to do so!

  34. cnn

    Done, to the newspaper I have been sending articles. Got first reply today, she is out of office. Left emails addys for four associates. Sent it to them.

  35. Orly must feel this is the real deal having already electronic filed.

  36. Civis Naturaliter Natus @2:05 pm

    As for the Kenyan BC bearing the name “Republic of Kenya”, objections to this are moot…… (snipped)


    Civis NN,

    I totally concur!

    See under “HISTORY”



    *Quotation and double space added for emphasis*

    At independence in 1963, Kenyatta became Prime Minister. The following year KADU dissolved itself and

    ” Kenya became a republic”

    with Kenyatta as its first President.

    Hence “Republic of Kenya” on Barky’s alleged 1964 birth certificate.

    But alas, the obots will still try to twist the facts to suit their own agenda. It’s just best to ignore their ignorant blather.

    *Press on for the truth Patriots

  37. Civis Naturaliter Natus // August 2, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    …And, CNN, have just sent it to my local AIP branch telling them to ‘make it go viral.’

  38. citizenwells

    Followup comment.
    I added some background to my post to put the alleged copy
    of the Kenyan BC in context.

  39. Sandy,
    I can understand you being ‘blasted’ at another site. We have been through this so many times before. Getting our hopes up, etc.
    Let me get this right:
    This new information is being talked about all over the internet.
    A photo of certificate is posted.
    Dr. Orly is flying to the UK tomorrow to verify the document.

    I just don’t understand why all of this information has to be posted before the fact.
    IMO, it should be very secret and processed down the right channels.
    After everything if verified, then bring it all out for us to rejoice and we will be able to say “I told you so”.
    And we can watch the ursurper go to prison, hopefully with his buddies.

    I now worry about Dr. Taitz safety, travelling with the document. This should have never been publicized.

  40. Google actually does link to the WND article, if you use the “options” button and choose “recent results,” after the search list comes up.

    I just typed, “obama birth certificate.” After using options, WND was the second item/

  41. Has anyone noticed the #47-044 at the top of the document?

    Obama was 47 last year when he was running for the office of the 44th President of the USA.


  42. I thank all of you for your hard work, I know all h—- is going to break out! Mostly I thank God for His faithfulness, many people have been praying that the truth will come out. “God’s Word said that everything hidden will be revealed.” We must stand by Men and Women who love this country U.S.A. and the Constitution. We must never be hoodwinked again. God bless you Berg and Taitz for your “love for Americans” I dislike the name “birthers”…but that ok, this baby is coming out!

  43. I agree with you they should never show their hand, to these idiots.

  44. 🙂 yeah!

  45. Question? Anyone? Thanks!

    The Kenya Republic Act 1965 states: was in force on 12th December 1964, or, having been passed or made before that date….etc.

    *My question: Does this mean that Kenya was governed under a republic before the republic actually went into force on December 12th 1964?

    Kenya Republic Act 1965


    1 Operation of existing law

    (1)Subject to this Act, all law which, whether being a rule of law or a provision of an Act of Parliament or of any other enactment or instrument whatsoever, was in force on 12th December 1964, or, having been passed or made before that date,…………..

  46. Patriot Dreamer

    Ms. Helga,

    This does not sound to me like the document Lucas Smith claimed to have as described in his eBay auctions. He claimed that document has the name of the doctor and some more info.

  47. WOW! This is great news.

    Is it more realistic that this document could indeed be verified easier than getting the the Hawaii certificate released? I sure hope so!

    I have been so frustrated with the blocking tactics on Dr. Orly’s site, as I’m sure everyone has. But….it speaks volumes…says they’re running scared.

    I will continue to monitor the situation here. Thanks in advance to all of you for providing updates.

  48. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    No, the act your refer to the the Act of the British Parliment, which merely recognizes the fact of independence, by declaring all previous laws regarding the Crown Colony to apply to the new Republic.

    It is obvious that when you have a prime minister, Kenyetta, you have a new Republic. Crown Colonies die not have prime Ministers.

  49. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    Your 2 posts are now showing 2nd and 3rd, with WND’s 4th and 5th, when searched under “Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate”.

    You’ve been WND!


  50. Leo posted in the comments section of his blog that Orly does not have the actual document, but only an image of it.

    He apparently got that information from the court filing.

  51. I just got off the telephone with a 53 year old Kenyan female who immigrated to the US in 1970 and subsequently settled in our city. She was born in Nairobe in 1956. She told me that Kenya did not provide birth certificates upon birth then. It was up to people to apply for their birth certificates. She stated that she did not have hers until just before she immigrated to the US.

  52. Jacqlyn Smith


    Ladyhawke // August 2, 2009 at 4:00 pm

    Leo posted in the comments section of his blog that Orly does not have the actual document, but only an image of it.

    He apparently got that information from the court filing.

    How does he know…..it isn’ t the original if that is what he is saying….it is a copy of the original….just like the one from the OBOTS that they posted on line!!

  53. I think I’m going to say a prayer for Dr. Orly, I think she needs all of our prayers, right about now.Don’t you all think so?

  54. JS,

    Leo implied that he read it in Orly’s filing – Orly has a picture of the copy of the original.

    I’m going to read the filing and get back to you about it.

  55. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Old Salt,

    Its makes sense then that the BC was requested 3 years after the birth.

    Regarding the Republic of Kenya, one must remember that Kenyans were eagerly fighting protesting and working for Independence. They were not going to wait 12 months for the British Parliment to officially declare them independent, nor for anyone to call them a Republic. They went into action immediately. They were not pharasaical pencil pushing bureaucrats like we have now in the USA government.

  56. Now Orly’s site is a “Reported Attack Site!”

    I’ll try to find the filing another way.

  57. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Oh my!

    What will the House now do, seeing that they declared Obama born in HI just the other day!

    Won’t they look like Jack A–sses!

  58. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Just noticed that Google’s reporting an additional 20,000 links to the search “Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate” in just the last hour!

    Its spreading like wild fire!

  59. Patriot Dreamer

    The thread at FreeRepublic is going wild!

  60. J.S.

    I read Orly’s filing.

    She has a color photo copy of the certified copy of the original. I guess that’s legally a “picture,” as Leo called it.

  61. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    If you do an advanced search on Google, allowing only links that are 24 hours recent, it gives 60,000+ links on the search “Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate”…let’s watch how this increases in coming days…

  62. it looks like a fake to me

    see how it is positioned to look like a pancake on top of an Indian rug

    fake fake fake

    I have two more beers to finish in my 12 pack
    10 down, two to go, and it’s only 4 30 pm

  63. zachjonesishome

    Just checking in. I am still not going to get too excited. For a Sunday, I am getting more than the normal amount of syndicated views on my blog. Some news people are working today.

    Fingers are crossed but I’m not going to hold my breath. The multiple citizenship angle is strong. I wish this information had been kept private until it could be verified, triple checked, chiseled in stone.

    Is there more reason to be hopeful than I am aware?


  64. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    We should point out, that Taitz is seeking to know from the Court whether it is authentic, by making the Motion she had made. She is leaving it to discovery to authenticate it…

  65. zachjonesishome

    I hope this can be verified before Sotomayor is voted on. Zach

  66. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Da Verg,

    “see how it is positioned to look like a pancake on top of an Indian rug”

    Sounds like you have already had too many beers.

    Doesn’t look anything like a pancake.

    Nor does that look like an Indian Rug…

  67. zachjonesishome

    Civis Naturaliter Natus // August 2, 2009 at 4:30 pm

    We should point out, that Taitz is seeking to know from the Court whether it is authentic, by making the Motion she had made. She is leaving it to discovery to authenticate it…

    That’s going to take some time and create opportunities of mischief.

  68. I still think it’s ‘weird’ that the #47,044 is on that document.

    Obama was 47 years old, when he was sworn in as the 44th President.

    I hope i’m wrong. God speed Orly !!!!!!!!

  69. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    I think Obama might be trying to use the Fukino statement to prepare a new lie, namely that he was adopted, and his real parents are both US citizens.

    Thus Kenya will have to reaffirm his paternity in Obama Senior, and thus protection of a Kenyan BC will defend the country from being implicated in a conspiracy by a con-Artist gone to the white house.

    Seeing that many in Kenya don’t like the Luo tribe, the opposition can use the real fact of his Kenyan birth to bring down the government. So there are lots of truth seekers even in Kenya…Plus, it will be in a book, bound, in British style: you cannot rip out a page without leaving traces…

  70. From Lame Cherry’s site:

    “Stanley Ann’s papers were filed in January of 1964. Her other court procedings I believe in the series of documents shows to March of 1964.
    Look closely at the date of this document issued out of Kenya, February 17th, 1964. This would fit the timeline in Stanley Ann filing, lawyers discussing legalities of custody and residency as an America (not a natural born American). Stanley Ann’s Lawyer would have requested a copy of this birth certificate so that she would have sole custody of the two year old child.

    So in reasonable deduction, this is the Lawyer’s copy of the Stanley Ann Dunham Obama divorce proceedings. He kept it in files for his legal protection and the family or law firm kept them as everyone does in boxes of papers which mean nothing to anyone.”


  71. Why would they want it to look like a pancake? ROFL

  72. zachjonesishome

    Thank you CNN. I will be back later hopefully. My wife and I are having dinner with some friends. I will be the only non Obama supporter there. They will say something and I will have another glass of wine.

    I would much rather be here with you guys.

    Hope all this works out. Have a Great Evening. Zach

  73. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    On can look for associations in numbers till one is blue in one’s face. Coincidences in numbers are meaningless. You could say this argues that God was mocking the fraud from his birth, or that the BC is a forgery. Neither is proven by the coincidence of finding a 47 and a 44 on the document.

    BTW: his father is a Brith, therefore he never was 47 years old when he became president, because he never became president!

    Oops the Obots don’t get that….!

  74. Civis Naturaliter Natus @ 3:57 pm


    No, the act your refer to the the Act of the British Parliment, which merely recognizes the fact of independence, by declaring all previous laws regarding the Crown Colony to apply to the new Republic.

    It is obvious that when you have a prime minister, Kenyetta, you have a new Republic. Crown Colonies die not have prime Ministers.


    Civis NN,

    Thanks for your reply and explanation.

    I “think” we’re on the same page, however, to clarify my question:

    Kenyatta’s new government was formed shortly before Kenya became independent on December 12th 1963.

    *My question phrased differently:
    Before the Kenyan republic was officially enacted on December 12th, 1964, was Kenya; under Kenyatta’s government, ruled as a republic until the official enactment?

    Reason for my question:
    If it were, then wouldn’t any birth certificate issued between December 12th 1963 and December 12th 1964 and thereafter, include “Republic of Kenya” on them?

  75. Jacqlyn Smith


    Civis Naturaliter Natus // August 2, 2009 at 4:16 pm

    Oh my!

    What will the House now do, seeing that they declared Obama born in HI just the other day!

    Won’t they look like Jack A–sses!


    This is all in God’s plan….they will all be revealed and then we can throw them all out with the bath water!!!

  76. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Lame Cherry is saying that the folds are consistent with it being stored in envelopes of that period, as used by lawyers. Forger would not know that easily.

    There is too much info on this BC to make charge of forgery probable. We’d have to presume that this was one of the best forgers in the world…

    Luo tribe name, home town of Obama Sr., Dunham, delay in issuing BC, use of Republic rather than Crown Colony…

    Time will tell however…

  77. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    A: Kenyetta was a Prime Minister, not a dictator. Talks about independence were led by him and a panel of other Kenyans in fall of 1961 in London.

    Its an African mentality, American Mentality thing. Only an American legalists would object to “Republic of Kenya” and insist on some other title.

    Ask the Obots, if not “Republic of Kenya”, what should be there?

    No rational answer can be given to fit the facts…

    He who doubts must give the explanation…

  78. What about the argument concerning Obama Sr. having the wrong age?

  79. A poster at lucianne weighed in with this, relative to the “Republic of Kenya” issue:
    “Officially, according to the 1963 Constitution of “THE REPUBLIC OF KENYA,” … “Every person born in Kenya after 11th December, 1963 shall become a citizen of Kenya…”

    Therefore, “REPUBLIC OF KENYA” would be the correct language on any relevant official certification of birth in February 1964.”

    If true, that seems to put this issue to rest.

  80. December 12 1963 is my birthday by the way….


  81. Civis NN,

    What I’m trying to get at in my previous comment to you:

    Kenya wasn’t officially declared a republic until December 12th 1964.

    Barky was born on August 4th 1961.

    Why then does this alleged birth certificate have “Republic of Kenya” on it?

  82. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Google Report:

    Under “Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate” links in last 24 hours, Google has erased 3,300 links in past hour…

    Generally sites critical of this news, as listed in this Google search, begin with mockery…no clear headed analysis. Wow, its their Messiah’s BC and yet they give it no respect! How heretical of them…(sarcasm)…

  83. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    Because it was requested on Feb. 17, 1961, 3 months after Independence!

  84. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Opps that should be 1964

  85. Why would mom list Obie’s birth as Hawaii when he went to school in Indonesia? Any clue?

  86. Re the date of bc being 1964. Lame Cherry and others have linked the date to the divorce proceedings and custody of said Obama jr. They (divorce)seem to match up. Indicates this could be why it came out and why the Obot machine didn’t find this copy. Needed for divorce procedure and custody issue and was buried in a lawyer’s file. If true, then the Obama thugs forgot to look at this when they scrubbed/sealed all his records. I sure hope this is true because it lends a lot of credence to this being legit. Wow.

  87. The time line for issuing the document seem spot on. Feb 17, 1964 would fall between the time the divorce was filed, and when it was granted.

    Also, didn’t Obama go to Indonesia when he was 3 years old? If so that would also explain why someone needed a copy of the bc in 1964, to get him into school in Indonesia.

  88. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    This is my theory.

    She gave birth in Kenya, but when she tried to get Barry put on her US passport, they told her she was 18 not 19 years of age, and that the Nationalization Law of 1952 prevented her from passing citizenship on to a child born overseas of a non-citizen father.

    Thus, having met Obama Sr’s first wife at the Maternity Hospital (Obama Sr. would have his women folk there to visit), she gets fed up and takes the kid home and goes to school in WA. Has her mother file for a HI BC, to get Barry US citizenship status…

  89. #

    Civis Naturaliter Natus @ 5:14 pm


    Because it was requested on Feb. 17, 1961, 3 months after Independence!


    Thank you Civis NN!

    I must have missed the “requested” thing if it was posted. My apologies.
    I saw your corrected date of 1964. Thanks for your patients.

  90. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    On the School record in Indonesia, Dunham lists HI, because in indonesian law (as explained by a local there, commenting at Apuzzo’s blog) the child must be under the nationality of the father or the mother. He was Indonesian, she was American. A BC showing Kenyan would make papework all that more difficult…

  91. Lame Cherry also says it’s legit by the folds and color of the document!!


  92. Jacqlyn Smith

    Lame Cherry is spot on and I believe Dr. Keyes may have stumbled upon all of this in checking into who was the attorney for Dunham when the divorce was being negotiated….she had to pursue it because she wanted to marry Soetoro…..needed that birth certificate for adoption as well!!

  93. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Regarding the “Republic of Kenya”

    notice that the entire document only has this on the bottom left corner.

    This is consistent with the transition of governement from Britian to Kenya, because one would expect that under the new govt. a newly designed form would carry the Flag or Shield of the Government, the Republic. But this BC only has a “note” in the corner, showing that a new format had not yet been designed or issued. Seems they were just reusing the British colonial one, with this slight modification.

    A forger would not be that astute…

  94. So what happens to the Supreme Court? They could have stopped this thing! They all need to go down!

  95. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Also note that the WND story says that they have in hand other Kenyan BCs and this one is sufficiently similar to make it credible.

    Do obots have any Kenyan BCs to compare it to?

    Ask them…

  96. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    I agree: we need to ask for the resignation of everyone involved in the Joint Session, of all Obama’s appointments, and of the entire Supreme Court. Clean house…the quicker the better.

    When the truth comes out watch what they’ll say:

    Hilary will say, “I had no idea. He fooled me too!”

    SCOTUS will say, “We rejected cases because they were badly argued, and we have no investigatory authority, so you cannot blame us!”

    Biden will say, “Obama’s team picked me so late, and faulted me for so many things, I did not have time to consider the detailed facts behind this issue, but took his word on it. You can’t be a VP candidate if you question your top man!”

    The Dems will say, “We are as much victims of the fraud as all American: we stand with all Americans now and pledge that we will do everythign to correct the problem, just give us a chance!”

  97. CNN,

    Do you have any links to other and similar Kenyan BCs? I would like to start sending them to Obots!

  98. No games, just fact

    Ok, You have found out the truth. I dare you to do anything about it though. Your worst nightmare will be a daily harsh reality if you try. Mark my words.

  99. Saw this comment on
    “just spoke to a Unit Commander in the National Guard. he is calling a Unit meeting TOMORROW where they will sign a declaration of some sort stating they will only except orders from the Governor and are breaking ALL federal ties.”

  100. Does anyone know how to get through the “malware” warning that blocks Dr. Taitz’s blog? The warning window gives a choice of “continue” or “cancel” but when I click on “continue” I just get another warning window. This is unbelievable.

  101. You this is too funny. I guess someone had to make up a birth certificate for you guys. This has fake written all over it and I can’t believe that Orly fell for it. Well I take that back, I can believe that. This is bigger than the prank that was played on Sarah Palin. Has any one of you took the time out to look at the age that is listed for Obama’s father? Let’s see, His father was born Nov 24, 1936. Which means at the time of birth of his son, he would be 24 yrs old and NOT 26. Also, who ever is playing this joke really has a great sense of humor, birth record 47,O44 and not 47044. Could it be that Obama was 47 years old when he was the 44th President of the United States. Just think she is on her way to England to verify this. Too funny

  102. Jacqlyn Smith


    Civis Naturaliter Natus // August 2, 2009 at 5:38 pm


    I agree: we need to ask for the resignation of everyone involved in the Joint Session, of all Obama’s appointments, and of the entire Supreme Court. Clean house…the quicker the better.

    When the truth comes out watch what they’ll say:

    Hilary will say, “I had no idea. He fooled me too!”

    SCOTUS will say, “We rejected cases because they were badly argued, and we have no investigatory authority, so you cannot blame us!”

    Biden will say, “Obama’s team picked me so late, and faulted me for so many things, I did not have time to consider the detailed facts behind this issue, but took his word on it. You can’t be a VP candidate if you question your top man!”

    The Dems will say, “We are as much victims of the fraud as all American: we stand with all Americans now and pledge that we will do everythign to correct the problem, just give us a chance!”

    CNN—-The Bidens and the Clintons are all deep in the DOO-DOO-here and anyone thinking that is not so are still being duped by these Nazi Dems and Repubs…..Sarah Paling may have been the innocent victim in all of this…..I would not put it past McCain to have not known what was going on either….maybe why they are all trying to silence Palin now!!

  103. Alex Jones @ http://www.infowars.com and http://www.prisonplanet.com is covering this story right now. FINALLY. I’ve written to him numerous times to get Orly on with him. He’s talking to Phil Berg now. I wished he’d gotten in touch by Orly FIRST. Phil is calling it a potential bad fake. He’s hoping it’s not, but….blah, blah, blah….”I was the first,” “I did this, I did that,” Barf!

  104. Jacqlyn Smith


    Jim // August 2, 2009 at 5:51 pm

    You this is too funny. I guess someone had to make up a birth certificate for you guys. This has fake written all over it and I can’t believe that Orly fell for it. Well I take that back, I can believe that. This is bigger than the prank that was played on Sarah Palin. Has any one of you took the time out to look at the age that is listed for Obama’s father? Let’s see, His father was born Nov 24, 1936. Which means at the time of birth of his son, he would be 24 yrs old and NOT 26. Also, who ever is playing this joke really has a great sense of humor, birth record 47,O44 and not 47044. Could it be that Obama was 47 years old when he was the 44th President of the United States. Just think she is on her way to England to verify this. Too funny

    Too funny has gone on long enough….it must end OBOT JIM….we’re not waiting for your kool aid to wear off….by then our whole country will have been taken over by this communist regeime with Ali-Obama and his 40 CZARS!!!!

  105. due to the speed which this thread has grown, just since I posted something (important to me, anyway) just early this morning…and think it would be ‘OT’ here…I hope some of you (shout and those like-minded) will review some late comments there. I resisted the urge to drag ’em over here, ’cause this current one seems to need to remain focused. When you have a chance, please. (from 11:09 this a.m.)…
    cnn re ADF: sorry; I stand corrected. Their focus is strictly ‘religious freedoms’, and not as diverse as I had hoped…didn’t mean to steer you wrongly. They are ‘noble and passionate’ in their own arena and area of expertise, from what I can tell.

  106. Jim

    Looks like 47,044 not 47,O44

  107. If this is true, that is, if Obama can be proved to have been born in Kenya, there is no fallback position as far as his being a citizen. His mother did not have residency standing to transfer citizenship to him. And clearly a “natural born citzen” — while this term has been debated — is someone born in the US. Stepping back, the ramifications of this being proven are so monumental. Just imaging the reaction of the black community? No matter what the evidence, they will see this as Obama being victim to the white man. Living in the LA area, I remember the Rodney King riots. Time to stock up on ammo.

  108. hey jim what if you are wrong and it is real will you chomp my poop you troll.get out of here.

  109. Passage from the bottom of Lame Cherries latest article, is hilarious!

    Breaking News: Obama Pelosi retroactively annex Kenya as 51st US State as of August 3rd, 1961, Gordonian Knot Brown, signs the papers making it all legal.

  110. Anyone know where Obama is today? Any concerned looking attorneys seen scurrying about?

    It just occurred to me – let’s send the WND story to Helen Thomas!

  111. Ladyhawke ^^^^^^


  112. Lady, Lady! @ 6:05: YES! LOL! I like that idea!
    just the look on her face the few times the camera spotted here listening to some ‘blah-blah-blah’ non-answers…it looked like she was gonna either burst or bite her tongue off!

  113. typo: “…spotted HER listening…”…I’ll bet she’s just been dying to give ‘im a piece of her mind and some good old

  114. Jacqlyn Smith


    Ladyhawke // August 2, 2009 at 6:05 pm

    Anyone know where Obama is today? Any concerned looking attorneys seen scurrying about?

    It just occurred to me – let’s send the WND story to Helen Thomas!

    So far the Lame Stream Media are all crickets…..no one is about to chirp yet…..they did though when the bogus one on the internet proved their theory that the FRAUD was born in Hawaii….they are all pathetic COWARDS like HOLDER…this would all be over by now if Holder had done his job….he needs to go for obstruction of justice…..he would not accept the Quo Warrantos….many people are coming down when the CRAP hits the fan!!!

  115. Isnt Obama and family vacationing in Marths Vinyard at Cae Cod?

  116. Mark…… no I won’t and that is disgusting too. All I did was present facts.

  117. Mark..Be nice

  118. Jimmy,

    Such a typical Obot you are! Verbs in the wrong tense, poor sentence structure, no command of the English language. No wonder you voted the way you did-probably couldn’t comprehend what was written on the ballot.

    Jimmy, why don’t you run along over to the Daily Kos and play with all your little Obot buddies; it’s OK-they know you there.

    Hurry!!!! Your Kool-Aid is getting warm.

  119. Its difficult typing with this wrist brace on

  120. Jim……

    You trolls are sounding strangely like “birthers” when the movement began discussing the factcheck photograph of the COLB.


  121. Mark/Jim: like the man said…”
    “Don’t make me have to come BACK there!…
    Don’t THINK I won’t pull this car over!…
    Don’t MAKE me have to come back there…!!”

  122. Be careful on Orly’s site—as I posted on the
    other thread, last night one of the links there
    shut my computer down completely with a
    weird error message. Now I can get the Net, but
    not Word Perfect, clearing out files, or Norton
    Utilities. Anybody have any computer help with
    this. Should I call Microsoft tomorrow?
    Some things load others do not. Everything
    was fine until I visited Orly’s and clicked on
    the link. Error message was something like
    “Soren/Saran”—anyone know what this is?

  123. But SueK, it’s sooooooooooo much funner over here. I can’t wait until Orly comes back and says… “I’ve been duped” And I will work on me english grmer.

  124. On the great revelation of the Kenyan BC,
    I am very hopefully optimistic. My husband’s
    warning me not to get too happy about it just yet,
    says we’ve all been disappointed so many other times.
    Question: If this IS right, will it be enough (It
    should be) to get him removed immediately
    or “fairly soon?”

  125. #

    Ladyhawke // August 2, 2009 at 5:40 pm


    Do you have any links to other and similar Kenyan BCs? I would like to start sending them to Obots!

    Ahh, why? So they can corrupt those sites too?

  126. south @ 6:04: any idea what the state tax rate’s gonna be there? you know, news says folks are fleeing CA and other big-tax states for places like Texas…taking the big bucks with ’em…wonder how many U-hauls will be seeing some action headed for the 51st?!

  127. Maybe the FIRST PERSON to “talk” about this
    will be PALIN—What do you all think???
    Why not?? She has “standing” in that obama’s
    deception in the general election caused her
    distress. (don’t know the legal wording, but you
    get my drift)!

  128. Jacqlyn Smith

    Kim—-Which National Guard unit and in which state??? What’s your source besides someone said so. 🙂

  129. too bad “To Tell The Truth” isn’t still on the air…or “What’s My Line?”…would make tv worth watching again….maybe…

  130. Time to ignore The Troll, folks.

  131. Jacqlyn Smith


    Jim // August 2, 2009 at 6:30 pm

    But SueK, it’s sooooooooooo much funner over here. I can’t wait until Orly comes back and says… “I’ve been duped” And I will work on me english grmer.

    Great thing about this BC Jim is that it just didn’t suddenly appear on the internet….Dr. Taitz actually has this copy in hand and she is the one who released it on the internet so you should be the one worried about being duped…..the FRAUD has lied about everything else what makes you think he didn’t lie to you to be POTUS….get off the kool aid and use some common sense….I know it is difficult but TRY!!!

  132. WishUponAStar

    It is about time that we had the smoking gun in our hands to take down this house of ill repute that is now our White House. The thugs that reside in it and all their minions and thieving czars need to take a hike, get deported, and live with the others at Gitmo. So we better not close Gitmo, for our great country of America, will be well served by having many prison cells occupied in Gitmo – namely those who comprise the Obama x-administration. And while we are at it, let’s bring back water boarding as a suitable exercise option! just in time dont you think?

  133. This is the site I go to for Dr Orly…I have no problems at all


  134. Jacqlyn Smith, I am looking for further information on the national guard story.

  135. He hasn’t lied to me Jacqlyn and by the way… all kidding aside. I like your name. Very unique.

  136. glimmer of “hope”

    “”Thomas Lifson
    It is starting. Open mockery of Barack Obama, as disillusionment sets in with the man, his policies, and the phony image of a race-healing, brilliant, scholarly, middle-of-the-roader.””


  137. Jacqlyn Smith

    Very important. i need verification that E. F. Lavender was British colonial registrar in Mombasa, Kenya in 1961.
    July 31st, 2009

    Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments »
    Very important
    July 31st, 2009

    1. I need experts who can authenticate documents from Kenya.

    2. I need to find people who were born in Kenya in 1961 and have their birth certificate. I need to see it, I need to see how it looks like.

    3. I need to know who was the British registrar in Mombasa in 1961.

    If you have info, call me 949-683-5411. No crank calls please, and be short, please. I really don’t have any time for stories

    This was posted by Orly at her site on July 31st…something was brewing then!!

  138. Jacqlyn Smith


    Kim // August 2, 2009 at 6:45 pm

    Jacqlyn Smith, I am looking for further information on the national guard story.

    Thanks Kim….I have someone I emailed asking about it!!

  139. Jacqlyn Smith


    Jim // August 2, 2009 at 6:45 pm

    He hasn’t lied to me Jacqlyn and by the way… all kidding aside. I like your name. Very unique.

    Jim…This is not a Pay to Play site…..Thank you though…my mother named me and I am a “natural born” citizen….could be PREZ someday!!

  140. citizenwells

    No games, just fact, Mark James or whatever your name is.
    You by God better be careful who you threaten.

  141. back to the top of the thread:
    question (from close-up view at WND article):


    What is the significance? of the third entry from the bottom which reads:
    “Signature, Description and Residence of Informant”…and then to the right it reads,
    “B.H. OBAMA, Father
    Honolulu, Hawaii, UNITED STATES”…
    can someone explain that to me, please? thanks.

  142. ran out of beer, GF going to store to get some more

    let me see here

    we have a Kenyan official putting out a piece of paper, with a Kenyan certificate in February of 1964

    listing Obama Sr as resident of Hawaii

    nearly 2 1/2 years AFTER the birth?

    what such a LONG wait?? The piece of paper is looking pretty fuzzy to me right now, maybe I can’t see it clearly.

    Ok beer, I mean GF, walking in door now….

  143. *why such a long wait?

  144. Patriot Dreamer


    Obama senior was living (residing) in Hawaii while he was attending school.

  145. My fingers, eyes, and legs are crossed. Let’s hope this is the real thing! I am praying Dr. Taitz has a safe trip. After all don’t forget Odinga, Obama’s cousen is there looking out for him. Remember what happened to Dr. Corsi.

    Either way–the damn is starting to leak. I truly feel it will burst sometime between now and the end of the year.

  146. CW: sorry, you just MAY have to pull over the ol’ Belvedere!…

  147. What is the significance? of the third entry from the bottom which reads:
    “Signature, Description and Residence of Informant”…and then to the right it reads,
    “B.H. OBAMA, Father
    Honolulu, Hawaii, UNITED STATES”…

    >>>it means that Father was in Hawaii, outside of Kenya in 1964 when the bureacrats got around to catching up on their paperwork in southside of Chicago…opps…I mean Kenya. Baby (this whole saga reminds of Mel Brooks movie the Producers, and Dick Shawn playing Hitler and always saying “yeah Baby”…and Nazi in audience saying “the fuhrer never said dis baby….etc. etc. etc.”
    boy I need another beer.

  148. PD: thanks for the clarity…as usual; nice to be able to count on you!

  149. Jacqlyn Smith


    Re-do // August 2, 2009 at 6:53 pm

    back to the top of the thread:
    question (from close-up view at WND article):


    What is the significance? of the third entry from the bottom which reads:
    “Signature, Description and Residence of Informant”…and then to the right it reads,
    “B.H. OBAMA, Father
    Honolulu, Hawaii, UNITED STATES”…
    can someone explain that to me, please? thanks.

    This might explain some of it…

    Here we go:

    Ann filed for Divorce Jan. 20, 1964 (Inauguration Day – what are the odds?), and the date was set by the presiding judge for the trial to commence 30 days after Obama SR would have responded to his notification, sent to Cambridge, Mass (Cambridge – what are the odds? ).

    Judge Samuel P. King who granted the divorce – last I heard was retired and alive (for now) in his 90s in Hawaii — MAY or MAY NOT have asked to see the Marriage Certificate. BUT, I bet Judge King asked to see Obama JR’s Birth Certificate to confirm Ann’s claims that Obama SR was in fact the father. That is “standard” policy to have a Birth Certificate in case the mother asks for child support from the father (or Welfare) later after the divorce. Judge King probably told Ann to produce a birth certificate before or at trial, which would have been sometime in mid- to late-February 1964 HAD Obama SR answered his notice that was sent to Cambridge.

    When Judge King wrote the order on Jan. 23, he had his clerk notify Obama SR via what’s referred to as a “knock and nail”. That is, the postman leaves the notification on the door for (generally) 10 days and retrieves it after that time passes — signed or unsigned. That order was sent on Jan. 23 via airmail from Hawaii and was probably posted on Obama SR’s door Jan. 27-28.

    Obama SR’s notification was unsigned by him and apparently IGNORED — either he didn’t want to accept it OR he was NOT at that location.

    However, Judge King granted the divorce to Ann Obama (which changed back to Ann Dunham) exactly 60 days from when the original order was request by Ann by default.

    NOW, my guess is that Judge King asked to see Obama JR’s Birth Certificate before he’d be willing to grant the divorce, either at trial or by default on March 20, 1964. Ann probably didn’t have the birth certificate when she filed on Jan 20. That’s when this birth certificate would have been generated — before trial for the 1964 divorce.

    Important side note: the Certificate issue date of Feb 17, 1964, is JUST A FEW SHORT MONTHS AFTER KENYA BECAME INDEPENDENT on Dec. 12, 1963. TO THIS DATE, this may be the only certificate on Kenyan file today if British documents were sent to the UK for archiving leading up Kenya becoming an independent nation.

    If you note the date on the Certified Copy, it was created by the Registrar in Kenya on Feb. 17, 1964. The Kenyan Birth Certificate would have been issued in the midst of the divorce — AFTER the divorce was filed by Ann in Hawaii on Jan. 20, but BEFORE the divorce was granted by Judge King on March 20.

    Furthermore, it’s quite plausible that once Ann actually had this Kenyan birth certificate in her hands, and the divorce was granted on March 20, her attorney, George Kerr, counseled her on Hawaiian birth certificate “loopholes” and told her how to file for a Hawaiian “Certificate of Delayed Birth” to get Welfare or OTHER support for young Obama as a child of a non-supporting foreign national.

    As Hawaiian law allows, that CODB could have been “upgraded” later to a “Certificate of Live Birth” in the 60s or 70s, which would then be a “root document” of the shorter “Certification of Live Birth” we see today presented as proof of birth from Barack Hussein Obama II.

    I can’t vouch for the veracity of the Kenyan birth certificate itself, not knowing how or from whom Orly obtained the birth certificate (the chain of evidence). It may have been obtained quite surreptitiously from the only filed Kenyan birth certificate record copy requested — likely generated from the 1964 divorce.

    It’s QUITE possible that all other copies of this Kenyan birth certificate may have been scrubbed from Kenyan archives, but this one may have survived in a lone Vital Statistics office somewhere in Kenya not known about until now.

    HOWEVER — the dates DO “line up” for the Kenyan Birth Certificate to be REAL.

  150. PD: okay…but can’t you just hear ’em pointing to that and saying, “SEE, what did I tell ya?!”

  151. Patriot Dreamer

    da verg,

    The theory is that Dunham needed a certified copy of the birth certificate as part of her divorce proceedings. It looks to me like Obama Sr. was the original “informant” for Jr.’s birth certificate, and then Dunham requested a certified copy of the registration of birth later.

  152. Please go over to Larry Sinclairs’s site and wish him well. He is done blogging and is going to start
    enjoying life again. I will miss him and I do believe his story. I purchased three books.
    He is a Hero. I just pray Dr. Orly can make the
    truth come out about this birth certificate.

  153. WOW, JS: you outta teach some o’ them FOX-ites what investigative journalism’s all about; maybe they once knew, and just forgot?!
    so all that leads me to another (probably naive) question then: if the mom did all that to get government aid, as I understand what you wrote, would there be any indication or reason for documenting their ‘status’ relative to what school little Barry could attend…anything that would be either in their favor, or possibly even a restriction? (you can give me the short version this time…hehe..”yes”, or “no” will suffice…or even, “lame question”. I appreciate that you took the time to post the in-depth account; hopefully other readers will benefit, too.

  154. now I’m in need of a brewsky…

  155. Pass this http://www.judicial-discipline-reform.org

    Sotomayor who she is

  156. Pass this http://www.judicial-discipline-reform.org

    Sotomayor who she is ???????????

  157. da verg……time to perk a pot…..lol

    I am trying not to get my hopes up. However, I believe this whole thing to be good no matter if it is a forgery.

    Let’s say it is a forgery and it has been “leaked” in recent days to discredit birthers. So what? All it will do is bring more attention to the matter of his natural born citizen status.

    I hope it is real, but he is not natural bornon two other fronts as well. He is Indonesian and his daddy was not a US citizen!

    Bring on the spotlights….good or bad…..Americans love a mystery and will follow it to the end!

  158. one last thing before I go for a cold one:

    SHOUT: this is the last time I’ll bring it up (unless otherwise provoked)…I appreciate that you wrote you plan to remain ‘open-minded’ re my suspicion(s)…I do hope you’ll keep an eye out for the ‘sucker-punch’…so far only JS & JeffM gave me a bit of confirmation.
    There were 156 comments when I started my evening fare-thee-well; will look forward to y’alls activity between now and sometime tomorrow afternoon, PDT.
    don’t let the bed-bugs bite.

  159. Patriot Dreamer

    I am also concerned about the possibility of a “sucker punch”, but for now let’s wait and see what happens.

  160. Jacqlyn Smith

    Re-do // August 2, 2009 at 7:10 pm

    WOW, JS: you outta teach some o’ them FOX-ites what investigative journalism’s all about; maybe they once knew, and just forgot?!


    Re-do—-Sorry…I have to leave for church….I will post more later as I am Pacific time and am up until 1 or 2 in the a.m. usually as my husband goes to work on the graveyard shift!

  161. http://www.wnd.com has the story and close-up picts of the BC. It has a signature and a raised seal.

    I had no problems getting on Orly’s site.

  162. citizenwells // August 2, 2009 at 6:53 pm

    No games, just fact, Mark James or whatever your name is.
    You by God better be careful who you threaten.

    You’ve got support where they have never thought to look.

  163. Explosive Back Breaking News

    Goldman Sachs-Deutsche Bank
    Now Subject of Massive Criminal Investigation


  164. truthbetold11

    just got back from camping with the boys great to get away in nature, This news is what i’m talking about. public opinion is very curious right now even on the dems side, saying what if he’s lying. back in the battle again

  165. one more factoid Mombasa was part of the state of Zanzibar until 12 December 1963 when it was ceded to be incorporated into the newly independent state of Kenya.

  166. Jim……

    you need to dig a little deeper……

    find a new trail……

    that one went cold when exposed a few hours ago

  167. so you already knew…… Ok my bad. Thanks Sandy

  168. I knew that talking point was shot down hours ago

  169. The reason Taitz has stated that we are receiving attack site warnings is she had posted two posts with malware links included. She said she has since taken them down.

  170. Larry will sadly be missed. the usurper being born in Kenya goes along with the fact that he was cut or “circumsized” They probably did not perform them there.

  171. my pardon, NOT cut NOT circumsized

  172. cq
    I thought the same thing myself this past week when I read the description on Larry’s site

  173. smoke this jim:

  174. This is certainly GREAT NEWS!! Ever since I heard about Berg’s lawsuit during the primaries in 2008, I have been praying for a “smoking gun” to be released to expose this usurper fraud! I hope to God that this will be IT!!

    When I started typing my own blog post reaction to the news, I wanted to label it, “Crappy Birthday, Mr. Resident.”

    But I decided to go with a more traditional theme: Breaking News Re: Bogus POTUS

    The Lamestream media won’t be able to hide this discovery!

  175. The Obots are now posting that E.F. Lavender is a soap sold in Africa.

    They even have a link:

    I do not have time to look into this right now – but will after dinner, here on the left coast.

  176. Jim…..I think you all should demand to see the original Kenyan long form from 1961….


  177. Ladyhawke

    Someone on freepers stated E.F Lavender was a registrar.

  178. truthbetold11

    Watch obama and a manufactured crisis soon

  179. I’ve also read that Lavender was a Sir name or something to the sorts?

    Whether it is fake or real, it brings more and more attention to the issue, and raises more doubts.

    If it’s a forgery, who ever did it, did a damn fine job. Perhaps it was someone on our side? Maybe they brought forth a forgery to discredit O’s COLB, and put more pressure on the media to expose it.

  180. Crystal–
    I downloaded the Malware (at malware.org) free
    trial—It has not cleared up whatever got in my
    computer last night on Dr. Orly’s site. I’ll be
    calling Geek Squad tomorrow. I can’t fix it.
    But, I will be very selective which sites I access
    from here on–probably just this blog, WND,
    Gretawire, and my e-mail. That’s it!
    For anyone who thinks these “cyber attacks”
    can’t get through Norton or any other antispyware antivirus programs, think again.
    I thought my computer was well-protected and it happened very easily and quickly–zap, a
    little error message and the computer completely shut down. Any comments from
    anyone of this?

    (as Amended to 2008)

    Chapter I
    The Republic of Kenya

    Click to access Kenyan%20constitution%20amended%202008.pdf

  182. sir name or family name equates to “last name”

    Christian name equates to “first name” (it doesn’t mean the person is a Christian by religion)

    Sir name and Christian name —used by the
    British (in France sir name is nom de famille).

  183. I’m having a hard time wonderfing why google hasn’t scrubbed that timeline entry for 1961.

    Too darn funny!!

  184. Dueling Forgeries for the win!

    I believe this document is a fake, just like the Hawaiian COLB. But that’s the beauty of things:

    The Internet is not an official, legal, binding source of legal citizenship documentation. The game is played both ways, and until genuine documentation is obtained, these forgeries will continue…on both sides of the globe.

    GAME ON!

  185. How nice that this has happened on the eve of Hillary’s African trip…


  186. If nothing else – this episode will shine a bright light on the importance of authenticating documents. Especially ones that are easily forgible and have no legal chain of custody.

  187. Sandy

    Saw two entries for BHO, born June 4 and Aug 4. Is that what you were referring too?

  188. So, let’s assume for a minute both documents are a forgery.

    Where exactly would Soetoro be born then? Answer: Canada.

    Which would explain why he was in Washington with his mommy dearest.

  189. correction on my post above:

    spelling surname (not sirname) sorry

  190. No…..It actually says he was born in Mombasa….on GOOGLE of all places…hee hee

  191. Sandy—
    Don’t get the connection. Hillary’s trip to Africa—are you thinking she can pick up another copy of bobo’s BC??

  192. Oh…..I feel like I have made our little troll work too hard.

    Okay Jim….here it is:

    Yes, Mombasa DID remain a technical land of Zanzibar until it ceded the city to Kenya when it declared independence. However Britain LEASED the 10 mile strip of land called the “Coast Province” (including Mombasa) for the “Dominion of Kenya”. So while the actual property was technically belonging to Zanzibar, they did not occupy that area and Kenya operated from the late 1800’s until they ceded the land in independence.


    sorry….I couldn’t resist making him squirm a bit

  193. There’s E. F. again in Lame Cherry article:

    E.F. Lavender and M. H. Miller are the lofty names of people of mediocrity who managed the unmanageable in keeping an empires records for our still beloved Queen Elizabeth II while by shear weight of the monotony of time broke Luo and Pashtun rebels into slumbering mortality as the eternal empire bored the restless spirit into the tamed subject.

  194. I had seen it on freepers earlier andnow that they are over 4,000 posts, I am glad someone reposted.

    I would have had a time digging that one up

  195. JeffM, it is funny you bring that up. I have always thought that BO was born at Peace Arch Hospital just over the boarder. I have been unable to confirm that. I like this current situation as this is going viral and will hit the MSM son. THis is not going to die down and that is all good.

  196. Someone posted at Freepers that Orly would be on this radio show tonight at 10PM Easter time.


    Don’t know if it’s true, but will tune in fo-sho!

  197. I hope this is right—the going viral part–
    I expect to hear it non-stop on TV soon–
    maybe Lou Dobbs will lead and then Hannity.
    Rush should broadcast it tomorrow, too.

    Now, all we need is Sarah Palin talking about it.
    She can get the interviews. Would be great.
    Signing off ’til tomorrow, computer willing…

    If anyone here is a computer geek with any
    thoughts on how to solve problem I posted,
    just leave me a message here. Thanks.

  198. By 1920 the name of the “Colony of Kenya” had been established. This is per


  199. zachjonesishome

    CitizenWells -Are you back yet?

  200. I must say that I am really lovin this. it is Sunday evening and this has gone viral. It is everywhere! True or not this will be big news tomorrow and I can’t wait!

  201. Hi Jeff and Greg,

    Please share why you think Canada?

  202. Here is what I think. BHO is toast! I say that because we have two what JeffM has called duling BC’s. Each side can and will claim that the other side is posting a forgery. Only one way to settle that argument….as Sam says…OMG!

  203. Greg Goss,

    Interesting point. What’s even more interesting is that Soetoro would now be a citizen of not one, not 2, not 3, not 4, but 5 nationalities by age 10:

    1. Canada
    2. U.S.
    3. Kenya
    4. Indonesia
    5. Great Britain

    Sheesh, what a problem for this man. He doesn’t know his up from his down.

    Remember people, children are in a class unto themselves. Sure, their parents can claim their citizenship to be renounced, but who’s actually looking at the documents? Would Indonesia actually think Soetoro would have 3 other nationalities besides being a U.S. Citizen? A divorced white mother from the U.S. They’re thinking, “this kid’s an American”. So, they renounce his U.S. citizenship and the U.S. doesn’t know about his other 3 nationalities because Hawaii allows multi-nationals to become full blown U.S. citizens, no questions asked. By law, Barack changes from a KenUSABritaCanadian citizen to a IndoKenyaBritaCanadian citizen.

  204. SueK said:

    “Please share why you think Canada?”

    It’s really simple:

    1. Kenya doesn’t release the documents
    2. Hawaii doesn’t release the documents

    Law of deduction is: Neither of them have any documents because he wasn’t born in either location!

    That leaves the closest neighboring nation to Washington state: Canada.

  205. Didnt Joseph Farah say something will be release in a few days that will stunned us. Maybe, this will be OMG!

  206. JeffM // August 2, 2009 at 10:21 pm

    OK, Jeff, makes sense but, has anyone, to your knowledge, checked this angle? Might documents be sealed there also?

    Now, what the heck is sealed in Hawaii and Kenya? We know that both locations are pretty much under a gag order.

    What about Canada?

  207. truthbetold11

    During the election i was telling a few friends that if the cia,fbi,nsa,hls,etc have been doing their jobs the information was probably obtained years ago. Why? thats their job and yes there are some who take defending the usa very seriously. So if this it or a small glimpse of what someone has this will go viral. consider a small spark in the forest can set the whole forest on fire

  208. SueK,

    Not sure who’s checking or not because quite frankly Soetoro could have been born just about anywhere and it could wind up being a proverbial goose chase.

    If I were investigating this man’s background, I’d follow his mother’s travels within 3 weeks of supposed delivery (we’re all assuming he’s as young or as old as he says he is, just like Chester A. Arthur did to hide his father’s nationality).

    That means the following:

    1. Travel to and from Canada from Washington
    2. Travel on or around Washington (doubtful as he would have claimed birth in Washington instead of Hawaii)
    3. Travel to and from Kenya
    4. Travel to and from Boston (possibility as Obama Sr. was planning to go there anyway)

    There are only 3 really plausable locations for birth:

    1. Canada
    2. U.S.
    3. Kenya

    I’m guessing Canada, which explains why Congrass and other goons in Washington DC are less concerned about his “allegiance” than we are.

  209. In looking at Stanley’s Ann’s alias at the time she could used a number of name s and could have recorded BHO name as anything making a search pretty difficult. If we had someone in the area then they could search the dates for a birth that might match. I have tried to solicit people from the area but no luck so far.

  210. Just a level-set here folks:

    The very fact we’re having this discussion about fake COLB’s and Kenyan Birth Certificates concludes one definite fact:

    Barry Soetoro, aka Obama, aka Dunham is not a Natural Born Citizen as this unique citizenship is self-evident.

  211. As they say in the UK JeffM, here here!

  212. truthbetold11

    camping this weekend i brought up the citizenship. They all said he was born in hawaii blah blah! So i brought the natural born clause. their like What!!! so i esplained and you could see a huh attitude like wow that is interesting, folks . what we know about the natural born issue is about 90 percent of pop don’t know it or care about it. keep opening doors people will wake up

  213. JeffM // August 2, 2009 at 10:33 pm

    Thanks for the analysis, Jeff. This story is so complicated and of course, it’s all conjecture at this point.

    Even if his birthplace was Canada, Congress should be just as concerned since it’s not the U.S. (even though we think of Canadians as our siblings).

    Same deal, no matter how you slice it-not an NBC!

    Monday should be an interesting day, eh? (Oops…those Canadian roots popping up again).

  214. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    What reasons do you have to say you think this Kenyan BC is a fake? Feelings only?

    As for those who want to know why the entry bearing Obama Sr.’s name is entitled so.

    You must understand that this is a Certificate of Registration. That is, it is a document which confirms that the Birth took place 3 years previously, and therefore it testifies to the information being written in the vital record; it is not the vital record itself.

    Also, in Kenya, as you can see from the websites of their Embassies. You didn’t get a BC at birth. You got a BC when you requested it, even if that request was 50 years later.

    So the information about age and residency is not at the time of the request but at the time of the vital record creation.

    As for Obama Sr. being 24 or 26: until we can verify what day he was born on, this is merely gratuitous assertion. Without the presentation of the original BC for Obama Sr., the declaration of his age on the Certificate of Registration for Barry, could be true, or erroneous, or a mistake. Its immaterial to the veracity of the document. Actually argues for its authenticity, because a forger who is right on on all the other details would not make a mistake on only 1 detail.

    I chalk it up to Obama Sr.’s vanity, claiming he was older. Maybe you are supposed to have a second wife only after the age of 25?

  215. #

    Army D.A.V. // August 2, 2009 at 9:12 pm


    Someone on freepers stated E.F Lavender was a registrar.

    Thank you. I was concerned

  216. I’m going to bed. I never thought Ed Hale could top his worst until tonight.

    He has, once again, twisted his own story to take credit for this latest development.

    Yes, in the same fashion that he took it upon himself to tell us all that he shot bigfoot and it’s lover, that he had documents coming from here and there, that he had port of entry proof, that he gave the kenyan birth documents to the FBI that were being sold on ebay………

    Tonight, he breaks down in dramatic fashion, threatening to kick anyone off who doesn’t stop typing so he can “get something off my chest,” he confesses that he did’t give the kenyan BC to the FBI at all but to Orly….

    I mean the man has no shame and will stop at nothing to be the center of attention. And, thos gathered at his alter just keep feeding.

    He said he lied so peoplewouldn’t think he was on the take…….has had the document since September. WTH???????

    Please do what you can to help save people from the cult of Plains.

    The whole operation over there would be obscene if not so sad for those cult followers.

    Geez….I am so disgusted…..I feel dirty after having visited that place…..

  217. CNN,

    I have not been able to verify Obama Sr’s date of birth online – and verifying birthdates is part of my job.

    I am guessing it came from one of Obama Jr’s books, but reading them would be too painful.

  218. Sorry for the typos….

    It is late and my keys are still sticky from the coffee spill….lol

  219. QUESTION:

    What happens to Judge Sotomayor’s confirmation as Supreme Court Justice if the Constitution’s “natural born citizen” Presidential eligibility requirement is subsequently determined applicable to Barack Obama on the basis of Article 2’s exclusion of dual citizenship birth (doesn’t matter whether Obama born in Hawaii since his dad was Kenyan/British citizen at the time)? It would seem prudent, if not dereliction of Constitutional duty in not so doing, for the United States Senate to defer voting on Judge Sotomayor’s confirmation at the very least until there is determination, now imminent, on standing in Kerchner v. Congress (USDC NJ) on that precise issue (Congressional failure to take up the raised and known constitutional ineligibility question prior to declaring a Presidential winner in the vote of the electoral college). For the full Senate now to proceed to vote to confirm Judge Sotomayor (an otherwise lifetime appointment) before then, would be a knowing and very substantial exacerbation of any inherent Constitutional crisis — compounding the previous Congressional dereliction. That is, the Executive Branch, as well as conceivably all actions of a Congress under a President determined ineligible, would leave the Supreme Court as an essential unfettered remaining Branch of the Federal Government, that is unfettered so long as Mr. Obama’s nomination to the Court is not yet confirmed by the Senate.

    Will not one Senator, let alone Republican Senator, raise this issue on the Senate floor? The nation is watching.

  220. sandy,

    I stopped listening to Plains Radio and Ed Hale the day Leo hung up on him.

    It was a good decision. I only listened at all to hear Leo.

  221. Jack,

    Search Edwin Vieira, Jr. He has written extensively as to your questions.

  222. Nancy Peacock

    Barack Hussein Obama Sr
    Born: 1936 in Nyangoma Kogelo, Siaya District, Nyanza Province, Kenya

  223. Nancy Peacock

    Maddie, do a system restore; that’s what I had to do.

  224. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    After the restore download SEVERAL anti-virus programs, and do a full system scan with both.

    You need several anti-virus programs running constantly now a days.

    One computer expert told me that is because each coompany is writing viruses to attack their competition.

  225. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    Some obots are claiming this jpg has a watermark security statement. I find no such thing.

    Can you see anything of the like?

  226. Sandy you can’t be serious about that video. Nancy thanks for provingmy point about Sr.’s birthday. So how can he be 26 at the time of birth? I might have gotten the date wrong but not the year. He would be at least 25 not 26. Also, why is Orly asking for help now AFTER she has filed in Federal court? that sounds (_|_) backwards. Oh well.

  227. Maddie, yes do a system restore to a date prior ro your infection. You’ll find it under ‘Accessories”, System Tools’ and “system restore’. This will usually fix most problems and any MS documents, pictures, personal files, etc. will not be affected by going back in time. Just be sure to restore to a date prior to the infection.

  228. Maddie,

    Download free avg…………….make sure you do not have any other anti-virus programs installed/

    After AVG is installed , restart you computer in safe mode, run avg …………..

  229. oops enough !!!!!! Obama and his birth certificate..
    its really too much..

  230. Jim,

    Is there a post from Orly requesting new help? I can only find her request last Friday – asking questions that only made sense after the Kenyan BC was revealed.

  231. Sorry all, I forgot that Jim is a troll and should not be fed. I’ll make up for that in my next post.

  232. Was just at rightsideoflife and an obot posted that Coast Provincial General Hospital didn’t exist in 61. I’ve been trying to get some info on when it was built but haven’t come up with anything yet. My guess is that Orly and Farrah researched it already, but does anyone know exactly when that hospital was built? Thanks.

  233. I am hping this document is true. However, I’m really starting to have my doubts. Specifically the fact that the Republic of Kenya, at least as far as I can find out didn’t come into existence until the end of 1964. The E. F. Lavernder issue doesn’t bother me. And the 24 vs 26 age of the father doesn’t bother me. But the Republic of Kenya thing does bother me. If anyone can shed any light on that point I would be very interested.

  234. Oh, just one more thing. If this does prove to be fake, I believe it is a terrible blow to Orly Taitz. It will have damaged her credibility significantly. I am hoping she did vet this document and has reasonable explanations for what initially seem like inconsistencies.

  235. There is hope! My daughter just turned me on to a very hip black guy – who is producing very conservative political videos – entertainingly anti-Obama. I will try to post links. Please send them on to young people. If I am unsuccessful, go to youtube and search for ZoNation. This guy is going places.

    I think there are more, but please pass them on.

  236. Hi Maddie,

    Army is right-free AVG is the software my computer guy downloaded when I got a new computer this April; in fact, I cancelled Norton with still some time left on it because AVG is better and costs nothing.

    The software will run a system scan for you every day, if you want. It really is good.

  237. I had some great inspiring conservative links to youtube productions from a young black guy in my last post. Suddenly, I am waiting moderation.

    Please go to youtube and search ZoNation.

    You will not be disappointed.

  238. ZoNation: Affirmative Action and Socializing the Big Three

    On You Tube – this was really good. I have still not learned the hosts name – but it’s like he is the conservative anti-Obama who actually is hip. If this guy can click with youth vote – Obama would really be toast.

  239. I hope this spoils Obama’s vacation….

  240. Vacation? Well Mr. President should start packing his bags; it’s a long way back to Kenya!
    No wonder he was upset about the President of
    Hondorus being booted out; must have looked like a premonition or live nightmare coming to his doorstep.

  241. I hate to poop on this party, because I’ve been as skeptical of Obama’s citizenship as the next guy. But a close look at this document, about 2 thirds of the way down, you see “Signature of Registrar” followed by a TYPED name. Idon’t see any way to explain this away. Nor do I understand why Keyes wouldn’t notice this.

  242. Tom from Florida

    I know that Orly spent a lot of time investigating the document before releasing it. My wife helped with some of the research. Orly had names of others that were born in Kenya in 1961, and Kenyans that could verify what should be on the document.
    Now that Orly has completed her verification she needs to submit the document to the court and have them act upon it. The court will not make a judgement without verifying that the document is valid.

  243. Attn.: Civis Naturaliter Natus

    ” “Hilary will say, “I had no idea. He fooled me too!” ”

    Hillary said early in the campaign that BHO has “no American roots” therefore not electable. But she did not follow up. Neither did the GOP.


    Most of you are celebrating too early. The politically-correct judges will not authenticate it whether it is genuine or fake. They will find some technicality, such as standing or no jurisdiction to weasel out of their sworn responsibility. The media will pronounce it fake and call Orly even worse names than before and the whole thing will be swept under the rug.

    It may have some value however. It could elevate the debate and some of the main-stream media will have difficulty totally ignoring the issue.

  245. Whule listening to coasttocoastam.com last night I heard the host-George Noory state he would soon have a debate with a Birther and a skeptic. When he gives a date I will notify all.

  246. Jacqlyn Smith


    Jdboyer // August 3, 2009 at 12:26 am

    Oh, just one more thing. If this does prove to be fake, I believe it is a terrible blow to Orly Taitz. It will have damaged her credibility significantly. I am hoping she did vet this document and has reasonable explanations for what initially seem like inconsistencies.

    This doesn’t damage anyone’s credibility if it is not real…It just proves that the one the Obama people put on line could be a FRAUD too with no one coming forward to say they witnessed his birth in that Hawaii hospital he claims to be born in…..the hospital isn’t even saying he was born there…..wouldn’t they have a record of his birth there??? I say Kenya is probably more accurate…especially when the word on the street in Kenya is he was born here!!!

  247. Jacqlyn Smith


    Ladyhawke // August 3, 2009 at 1:59 am

    ZoNation: Affirmative Action and Socializing the Big Three

    On You Tube – this was really good. I have still not learned the hosts name – but it’s like he is the conservative anti-Obama who actually is hip. If this guy can click with youth vote – Obama would really be toast.

    Ladyhawke—-Alonzo Rachel has been around for a while and he does put out great videos. He had many out before the election slamming Obama but I guess his messages didn’t get out to enough young people…..I just did a new one after the beer summit called “I see white people” very interesting to say the least!

  248. Jacqlyn Smith

    Sorry…not I just DID a new one….should be I just SAW a new one!

  249. Jacqlyn Smith

    A commenter at Dr. Keyes website….Loyal to Liberty posted the following about the attack on Dr. Taitz website….I did what this person advises and now I am able to access her website….this did work….it seems google is in bed with the FRAUD and his THUGS…another arm of this THUGACRACY at work!!!

    Dr. Keyes,

    Do you use Firefox? I don’t know about IE, but on Firefox, Google (the official search engine of the ObamaNation) will give you the “attack site” warning, hoping to scare you away from the site. To correct this, go to Tools>Options>Security and uncheck the box that says “tell me if the site I’m visiting is a suspected attack site.”

  250. OriginUknown

    Just passing off a link to the Pertinent dates of Kenya’s independence, could be useful info for debates.


  251. zachjonesishome

    Good Morning. Zach

  252. Jacqlyn Smith

    At Dr. Taitz site…a question and Dr. Taitz answer….this tells me someone stepped forward with the document who had it and got it in 1964….HMMM….the divorce attorney may still be around!!!

    woops says:
    August 2, 2009 at 11:10 am

    How can the registrar’s seal be dated the year 1964 when all this takes place in 1961?

    dr_taitz@yahoo.com says:
    August 2, 2009 at 11:10 am

    that is when they got the certified copy

  253. If anyone wants to make their own certificate, click here http://upload.democraticunderground.com/img/09/bc_template.pdf

  254. I might change the code word for “I LOVE OBAMA” from “ABSOLUTELY” to “UHH-UHH”


  255. These bills being created required birth certificates is a bad idea.

    Pretty soon everyone and their uncle will be attempting to get one so they can run for POTUS as an NBC when they are indeed a naturalized citizen.

  256. Here is how Democratic Underground reacted to the Mombasa birth registration…

    “Regarding the “Kenyan birth certificate” (found here), a fellow DUer made an excellent suggestion:
    cliffordu Sun Aug-02-09 03:43 PM
    Calling all DUers with Photoshop! Your country needs you!
    20. We need to create THOUSANDS of them and ship them all over the f###ing place.
    bury the f###ers in precise fakes, all just a little different from each other.
    I wanna see heads explode. I wanna see people drooling from the breakdowns.”

  257. Maybe Orly did this for the USURPER’S BIRTHDAY which is tomorrow. We were all supposed to send a card to USURPERVILLE,DC-REMEMBER?


  258. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Boo Bho…

    Don’t fake a gov. document, that is document fraud.

  259. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Jim Adler,

    There is a typed name in the Signature field because what goes there is the typed name of the Signature as the signature appears on the original Vital Record.

    This jpg is not of the orignal vital record.

    This is not of a copy of the original vital record.

    This is of an apparently original certificate of registration attesting to what is on the original vital record.

    It was requested in 1964, therefore it bears the Republic of Kenya name, because Kenya became independent in 1963. Those who say it became independed in 1964 are half stupid half liars: half stupid, because they are confusing an act of the British Parliment that regards the Common Wealth of Nations (Britain’s colonies and ex colonies) and the act of the sovereign state of Kenya, in achieving independence.


    In sum, all the arguments against authenticity I have heard so far are based on ignorance and malice. There are no substantial or probative arguments against its authenticity.

    If you have questions, read the posts on this thread. Several of us have tried to answer most of the common objections and I will post responses to others that I see on other blogs…

  260. I for one am not going to let the Obots dim my enthusiasm for the Kenyan birth registration.
    Stay strong, patriots!

  261. Jacqlyn Smith

    DITTO KIM!!!!

  262. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    As for the precise timeline for Kenyan independence see this work by Dr. Kevin Shillington, “Encylopedia of African History”


    Explains that Kenyetta due to tribal motivated political tensions in 1962-3 decided for a Republic and that the trained Kenyans in the former British Civil Service were used to promote this unified view of the Nation.

    Thus the “Republic Of Kenya” is as much a true statement on this Certificate as it is political policy of the Kenyetta government in early 1964, and thus represents an inexpungible testimony to the authenticity of the document seen in it.

  263. “Roses are red,
    Violets are blue…

    Now we have a Kenyan one,
    That makes two!”


  264. Jacqlyn Smith

    Does anyone know the time that Apuzzo and Kerchner go to court today???

  265. Orly claimed she was going to be in London at 7AM and only there for a few hours. It is now just 2PM….no word.

  266. Jacqlyn Smith

    Here is how someone at Apuzzo’s site explained the document that Orly has!!!

    The “CERTIFIED COPY OF REGISTRATION OF BIRTH” is a “CERTIFIED COPY” of the “REGISTRATION OF BIRTH”, which was signed by “Joshua Simon ODUYA, Deputy Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages for the Coast Province of Kenya”.

    Xerox launched the world’s first plain paper copier, the Xerox 914, in 1958. I doubt Joshua Simon ODUYA had a plain paper copier in his office in 1964. http://www.xerox.com/go/xrx/template/inv_rel_newsroom.jsp?Xcntry=USA&Xlang=en_US&app=Newsroom&ed_name=NR_2008Oct21_70th_Anniversary_of_Xerography&format=article&view=newsrelease

    Thus, the “CERTIFIED COPY OF REGISTRATION OF BIRTH” includes the type-written name of the “Signature of Registrar”. The actual signature of the “Signature of Registrar” would be on the ORIGINAL “REGISTRATION OF BIRTH”, not the “CERTIFIED COPY”, as it is a “COPY”.

    The signature of “Joshua Simon ODUYA, Deputy Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages for the Coast Province of Kenya” on the “CERTIFIED COPY OF REGISTRATION OF BIRTH” attests to the existence of an ORIGINAL “REGISTRATION OF BIRTH”, which includes the ORIGINAL “Signature of Registrar”, E. F. LAVENDER, as well as the ORIGINAL “Signature” of “B.H. Obama, Father…”

  267. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    Says that Jomo Kenyetta became the first President of the REPUBLIC OF KENYA in dec. of 1963!

    This article is from 1999. So we have a confirmation here that the Kenyatta government in 1964 was styling itself a Republic before the formal declaration thereof in Dec of that year.

  268. Nancy Peacock

    Anyone know what Kenya’s national language is?

  269. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    From other biographies of Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya’s First Prime Minister / President, I found that he was previously a clerk in the British civil service, and that he employed these folk to strengthen his government.

    Probably the best response to an Obot who says that the Certificate should not say “Republic of Kenya” is to respond with a question, “Then what should it say? Are you objecting because the truth is objectionable to your political doctrine, or because you know what it should say? It cannot say Colony of Kenya, which is what Kenya was called before Dec. of 1963, when Kenya became independed. What do you call a country ruled by a Prime Minister? I’ll give you a hint: The Republic of France, the Republic of Italy, the Repubilc of South Africa, the Republic of Rhodesia, the Republic of Nigeria, etc. etc. etc..”

  270. Civis Naturaliter Natus



    See all their embassies home pages in countries where English is not he primary language. Their Embassies have info for Kenyans in English…

  271. Nancy Peacock // August 3, 2009 at 9:17 am

    Morning Nancy,

    English and Swahili. The language spoken depends on where you are in Kenya.

  272. Patriot Dreamer

    Kenya was a British colony prior to its independence. Seems reasonable to me that official government documents would be in English.


    I was in NJ over the weekend and followed this and posted some comments here that somehow never made it. Funny things were happening to the computer I was using. After I visited Orly’s site and read adn commented on her site I tried to e-mail the pic to some of my contacts and in teh e-mail I could do everything BUT couldn’t type anything in the Adress Area…it was very strange.

    Ohh-BUMMER, KENYA say BUSTED with your hand in the Fraud & Forgery Jar? Ohh-BUMMER wipe your face you have Fraud & Forgery all over it.

  274. KENYA speaks ENGLISH it was a colony of the United Kingdom until 1963.

    Obama, by his own admission states that his birth was governed by British Act and that he was a Kenyan until he was 21. What he doesn’t say is that at that time he had to REVERT back to being governed by British Act (British Citizen) probably until TODAY. We have a USURPER who is Governed by the Queen in the White House.

    IF THIS IS PROVEN LEGIT, then what?

    Line up the buses the vinyl handcuffs and arrest them all in the District of Criminals and all their accomplices in the media. Abolish the Gov’t, and Federal Courts make good use of the FEMA Camps to house all these criminals until they can be tried and senteced. Appoint a temporary military overseeing gov’t until we have a new election and new gov’t. ARREST ALL THE CRIMINALS and not one of them allowed to be elected again.

  275. Republic of Kenya.

    This is at the bottom of the Document and it could very well have been added to all Document requests to make them official Kenyan Documents and they probably have a diff BC Form used for new births after independence BUT the older ones they just added that in. That could be one possible common sense explanation

  276. Compare it to a known valid, 1961, or 1964, BC, issued by Kenya, or see what Berg has up his sleeve.

  277. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    In short,

    When any Obot questions the authenticity of this Kenyan Certificate of Registration of birth ask them first:

    1) What is your proof or evidence that puts this aspects of the jpg or document in doubt? Give me citations, not just your personal emotive speculations based on your political and religious dogma that Obama is your god/messiah/anti-christ…

    2) no need for n. 2, because they won’t get past n. 1 for the most part.

    If they make a gratuitous assertions, like “It ought not say ‘Republic of Kenya’ because Kenya did not declare itself a republic until Dec. of that year: say,

    a) What proof you have that no govt documents used this title prior to the formal declaration, since obviously no one woke up in Dec. and began to think for the first time they should call Kenya a republic.

    b) What proof have you that Kenya called itself anything other than a republic after its independence 3 months before this Certificate was issued?

    And so on…

    I notice that the Obots have psychologically flipped: they’ve been telling us to believe what is on the Internet and not to question anything, but their attacks on the authenticity of this image go way beyond any critism of the HI BC.

  278. Although, Jim’s “Make your own birth certificate” is pretty identical to the one shown. The age of the paper and ink, the peculiarities of an inconsistent 1960’s press and what it does to the paper, the raised stamp and signatures, make it unlikely to be a forgery. In addition, the person creating the forgery would be placing himself in great jeopardy. Eventhough this is a Kenyan government document, forging such a document is punishable in the U.S. and you could serve a lot of time for it!

  279. Everyone as appreciation for what Larry Sinclair did we need to PROMOTE HIS BOOK far and wide.

    Anyone that has cloud with WND they need to do a Feature Article on the book and a Review. Try and get other outlets to do the same.

    Keep in mind if not for Larry & Phil we probably would have no eligibility issue.

    The least we can do is BUY & PROMOTE the book.

  280. Using common sense. what would you have to do to do the forgery……Remember, WND says they have inspected other Kenyan birth certificates for comparison. so they should have a good idea what they look and feel like. First you would have to have printed on the same brand, thickness, grain, etc….paper. Then you would have to put the document through the destructive process of a press and typewriter to print the image of the form. You would have to use ink to match. Most of today’s inks are formulated differently. You would have to let it stand for months to let the ink convincingly dry and cure. You would have to provide signatures that are accurate and match the registrar. The inks for the signature would also need to fit the formula and match the time frame and would need time to dry and cure. You would have to accumulate and discern the information that would be authentic and required to be on the form. Which in this case, they do, and it fits the time frame for a request by the court for the purpose of a divorce. Then you would have to acquire and or reproduce a stamp for the raised image. Which also has it’s characteristics of aging! Finally you would need to fold and age the document physically. the folds would need to correspond with the way they were mailed to the recipient during that time. so that’s the simple thought process. Imagine what it would take to accomplish it.

    Finally, to address the initial naysayers, there appears to be only four pieces of info that give a glimmer of doubt. The use of “47044”, “Mombasa”, “Republic” and the father’s age. The 47044 is easily a weird coincidence. You can make something out of anything. Just look at the old Kennedy-Lincoln death coincidences. Using the words District: “Mombasa” and “Republic” of Kenya is not only easily explainable, but also verifiable on documents from the same place and time period. WND has seen similar document’s and apparently they say thye say the same thing. Finally, the father’s age could just be a typo! So, in conclusion my gut tells me 99% this is the real deal.

  281. fine, dig up ONE other document that says “Republic of Kenya” prior to December of that year. Simple. If WND has access to other documents like this one then why not post them so people can compare for themselves?

  282. TO: Brjam // August 3, 2009 at 11:25 am

    The FOLDS:

    The folds could alswo be pu tthere after when someone folds the document to fit in a small place like a box or wallet. They don;t necessaritly have to be from when it was mailed. Also not having any folds could be a sign of it being picked up instead of mailed. Most people go and pick up important documents instead of having them mailed so they don’t get lost in the mail.

  283. Civis: read what I wrote, I quoted Democratic Underground THEY are the ones forging government documents (you accused me–and the quotes and link show I didn’t write that!)
    I was trying to show what the bots are planning!

  284. Patriot Dreamer

    Just FYI: Citizen Wells has started two new threads.

  285. http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=389×6205189

    This is where DEMOCRATIC UNDERGROUND is promoting illegal activity to prevent the truth about Barack Obama…they’re encouraging illegal federal document fraud, in the USA and Kenya

  286. Call Congressmen with sites to review Tell them Dr Taitz has 160 military in suit demanding all records be released Also has spent 1 million $$$

    to keep records sealed.America has a right to see!

  287. Here’s their plotting at Democratic Underground to make fake BCs…
    “28. Okay, I will try to make one. (Post suggestions in reply) Updated at 12:55 AM

    I am going to say he was born in some refugee camp under UN control and write it mostly in French, but I’m only fluent in Google translator French, so if anyone can help with “translation” that would be awesome.”

    GO TO ic3.gov



    * United States Code


    ODINGA ONLY RUNS HALF OF IT! thanks to Obama helping him to incite genocide


    In a war he said they can’t fight, they can’t win, and not to touch the poppies! He’s an insane treasonist!

  290. GG @ 10:44: yes, “here, here!” is good…but as I posted previously, my favorite is from the tour de France announcer, (referring to a cyclist chap not in a good position)
    “he’s in a spot of bother now!”

  291. 10:14PDT…now onto the 2 new threads…
    yeow…lots of ketchup work to do…y’all been busy through the night!

  292. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Boo Bho,

    My comment to you was not that I though you were forging, but that I thought you thought that forging was a legit political protest.

    I am sorry for my misunderstanding. Your posts here are always good and I appreciate them..

    As for the age of the father, Anon at the Right Side of LIfe, has noted that it is 25 not 26, because the 5s on the document have a larger loop thatn the 6s. Obama Sr. was past his 24th birthday and thus in his 25th year of life…perhaps it is a cultural thing to say you are 25 in that system of counting, perhaps he was vain…perhaps it is Luo thing. In any event it is nothing disproving authenticity.

    As for why Mombasa at not Nairobi: Mombasa was the Luo city (the tribe is wide spread in Kenya by 1961), it is a sea side resort (A woman in late term in a hot land and a husband noted for always wanting the best hotels, vacations, wines, dinners) makes sense to go to Mombasa and wait for the release of Jomo Kenyetta, who was supported by the Luo tribe, and whose release was greated by 10,000 wel wishers, and later in Sept by 100,000.

    I tend to think that if the Obama couple was in Kenya in the summer of 1961, Obama Sr. stayed there till september. And that Dunham went back directly to WA not even going to HI. Because she was ashamed to have married a bigamist. And from that point on she makes a point to distance herself. Getting a divorce in 1964, when she finds that Obama Sr. has a 3rd gal (soon to be wife).

  293. This document would be easy to prove.

    The Kenyan Birth Certificate shown has the book number and document number. (Book 44B Document 5733)

    Call the Kenyan District office — ask to buy Document #5739, or #5750 or #5725…(make up a number). That document will be sent to you. Then check it out against doc #5733 which is supposed to be Obama’s.

  294. Jim Adler, regarding the signature of Registrar, someone else asked about that. But remember what you are looking at. This is essentially a COLB. The original information, including the signature of E. F. Lavender would have been on the original. All this is indicating is that E. F. Lavender was the signature of Registrar on the original document. And that is confirmed by the signature of the Deputy Regestrar at the bottom of the document.

  295. I think people who are creating their own “birth certificates” are missing the point. No one is doubting that this birth certificate is unauthenticated. That’s why Tiatz has filed a motion with the federal court. It’s through that motion, if it is granted, that the validity of the document will be tested.

  296. Jacqlyn Smith

    Can’t we citizen file the same motion to have the FRAUD’S BC authenticated??? If they are going to authenticate the Kenyan…..while we’re at it…let’s authenticate the Hawaiian one!!

  297. Well, it’s been a long day. And I must say I am somewhat disheartened. I don’t know if you’ve seen the “Banford” (sp?)image that is appearing on the web, but it’s clear from reviewing this, there is a definite link betwen the two. Which document is the parent and which one is the child is the only question, but it doesn’t look good. And frankly, if this is bogus, I’m somewhat frustrated with wnd for not doing a proper document inspection. I’m also highly disappointed in Taitz for running with this before she had complete answers to every aspect of the document, including the “republic” issue. If it turns out I’m wrong and the doc is real, I’ll taker her out to the finest restarant in MissionViejo to make it up to her. But right now, it doesn’t look good.

  298. Did I mention that it doesn’t look good?

  299. Yeah! BO’s real birth certificate is here, and he’s a fraud. We need one of our OWN KIND in the Whitehouse. Luckily Republicans know this is a NATION OF LAWS.

  300. Just a note. I wanted to menton that I found Joseph Fahah’s article — which I can’t locate anymore on WND — claiming he felt Taitz’ Kenyan Birth Certificate a fake all along, was the heighth of intellectual dishonesty. In his article, he claimed that he felt a journalistic responsibility to mention the KBC because it was news (I’m paraphrasing). Well, anyone who read the initial story on WND can clearly see that it is written in such a style, that the impression is WND did a vetting of the document and gave their stamp of approval. I think everyone who read the article, felt more reassured by the claim that WND had done a comparison of the document to other Kenyan birth certificates, and found them similar. Well, as a result of all of this I think that Orly Taitz reputation — unless she can answer all reasonable questions regarding this Kenyan birth certificate — and WND, have both had significant damage done to their respective reputations.

  301. The timing of Obama’s latest school children indoctrination speech is no coincidence. September 8, 2009 is meaningful to Obama for an entirely different reason. (See below.)

    Something of Interest, posted elsewhere on the Net:

    “Discovery hearing” re: Obama’s Kenyan BC, request for depositions of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates scheduled for September 8th, 8am.

    08/21/2009 44 MINUTES OF IN CHAMBERS ORDER by Judge David O. Carter: ORDER SETTING SEPTEMBER 8, 2009 HEARING ON MOTIONS: (See document for details.) In summary, the Court sets for hearing at 8:00 a.m. on September 8, 2009, (1) the Discovery Motion, (2) the Service Notice, and (3) the Ex Parte Application. All parties are ordered to be present.

    The Clerk shall serve this minute order on all parties to the action. (rla) (Entered: 08/21/2009)


    This is a Restricted Web Site for Official Court Business only. Unauthorized entry is prohibited and subject to prosecution under Title 18 of the U.S. Code. All activities and access attempts are logged

    This entry was posted on Saturday, August 22nd, 2009 at 6:05 am and is filed under Uncategorized. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed”

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