Obama COLB, August 3, 2009, Certification of Live Birth, Hawaii Department of Health refused to authenticate, Janice Okubu, public information officer, Dr Chiyome Fukino

World Net Daily has reported something that I was certain was the truth. In the quagmire of reporting by the MSM and on the internet and the well crafted half truths straight out of “1984”, no official from the Hawaii Department of Health ever stated that they issued the COLB displayed by the Obama camp. From the WND article dated August 2, 2009, by Jerome R. Corsi.

“In response to a direct question from WND, the Hawaii Department of Health refused to authenticate either of the two versions of President Obama’s short-form Certificate of Live Birth, or COLB, posted online – neither the image produced by the Obama campaign nor the images released by FactCheck.org.

Janice Okubu, the public information officer for the Hawaii DOH, also had no explanation for why Dr. Chiyome Fukino’s initial press release last October and subsequent press release last week also avoided declaring the posted images to be of authentic documents. 

In June 2008, Ben LaBolt, an Obama campaign spokesman, released the initial short-form Obama COLB to various newspapers including the Los Angeles Times declaring, “This is Sen. Obama’s birth certificate.”

This short-form Obama COLB was released as a .jpg Internet image, displaying no signs of having been folded or of carrying an official State of Hawaii embossed seal.”

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74 responses to “Obama COLB, August 3, 2009, Certification of Live Birth, Hawaii Department of Health refused to authenticate, Janice Okubu, public information officer, Dr Chiyome Fukino

  1. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=105758

    This is off topic, but when the public is asked to do with much less, party lines begin to evaporate. This article is no surprise.

  2. bho boo,

    Iwent to your DU blank document this morning. Now I cannot get there. What is up with that?

    Kenyan gov’t site down

  3. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Click to access 142.pdf

    Mentions a E F Lavender who clerked for a law partnership at Melbourne, Australia, in 1893, if he was just 20 at the time would be near retirement in 1961…then again his son could have followed him in the trade and emigrated to another British Colony.

    There is a Eric Lavender who is a missionary and attending a meeting in Uganda: and a kid on face book Conney Lavender from Kenya…

  4. I had forgotten BO distributed his COLB to the LA Times. I wonder whether this was a “Certified” copy, with a raised seal…

  5. oh man, I got a TERRIBLE headache. PLEASE GO AWAY, anything I can do for it? I would sit in the sauna and steam it out, but probably pass out.

    I see the BEST the OBOTS can do is hit on poor Lou Dobbs, is that ALL they can come up with?
    Go after DOBBS for reporting the TRUTH?

  6. da verg–

    If this is like the worst headache of your life, please have someone take you to the hospital. Take two aspirins.

    A horrendous headache could be a sign of stroke.

  7. Nancy Peacock

    Better go to the hospital while you still can.

  8. da verg,

    Last thing you should do is sit in a sauna. It increases intracranial pressure. I agree with twe.

  9. Guys, he just has a hangover from the beer yesterday. He’ll be find by tonight.

  10. http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=389×6205189


    “ColbertWatcher Donating Member (1000+ posts) Journal Click to send private message to this author Click to view this author’s profile Click to add this author to your buddy list Click to add this author to your Ignore list Sun Aug-02-09 07:17 PM
    Original message
    Calling all DUers with Photoshop! Your country needs you! Updated at 12:55 AM

    Regarding the “Kenyan birth certificate” (found here), a fellow DUer made an excellent suggestion:
    cliffordu Sun Aug-02-09 03:43 PM
    20. We need to create THOUSANDS of them and ship them all over the f###ing place.

    bury the f###ers in precise fakes, all just a little different from each other.

    I wanna see heads explode. I wanna see people drooling from the breakdowns.”

  11. Off topic but interesting–

    Young Americans for Liberty (interaction with DC police for not having a permit):

  12. February 25, 2008, operatives dispatched to Kenya finds Obama birth certificate from the Kenyan city of Mombasa

  13. Patriot Dreamer

    Read this posting from Polarik and the Hawaii COLB:


  14. http://www.weirdtown.com/find/chat/where/kenya_chat.jsp

    Someone join this group of Kenyans chatting live and ask them where Obie was born and what year Kenya was called a Republic.

    I couldn’t get in:0(

  15. Local Tea Party patriots held an anti-Obama Care protest at Missouri Senator Claire McCaskills district office today at 5850 Delmar Blvd in St. Louis. The protest was organized by Americans for Prosperity and the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition.

  16. Igor Marxomarxovich

    Obama qualifications to reform health care:

    No birth certificate

    Cannot stop smoking

    Difficulty telling the truth.

    Narcissistic personality disorder

    Therefore, I Igor produce Obama Birth Certificate at http://www.igormaro.org

    Compare Obama Care vs Igor Care at Obama vs Igor Care

  17. da verg,
    Yeah, the aspirins are a good idea should you just have a hangover, I’d also drink plenty of water today as alcohol dehydrates your system. Dehydration causes headaches.

  18. citizenwells

    Thanks for that brain tickle.

  19. Not only can alcohol dehydrate you, but it seriously lowers your magnesium level. Go order some Jigsaw Health Magnesium w/SRT (a sustained release formula) and keep it around. It won’t help you today, but you should always be taking it. Lower magnesium levels can cause sudden death. Don’t mean to scare you, but it can. It can cause a heart spasm.

  20. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Abotu the Kenyan BC:

    The age for Obama Sr. is 25 on the form, not 26. the “6”‘s used on the form have a squater bottom loop. Its clearly a 25. Obama Sr. was vain, I guess he felt that since he had entered his 25th year of life he was 25. Perhaps that’s how you count in Luo or in Swahili…

    Also, its being reported that the 1963 Constitution of Kenya describes a Republic as form of govt.

    The Obots know this, because they are posting only the front cover of the constitution, which does not have the name “Republic” and hiding what is in the text (by not citing that).

    The Lie-Faster-than-the-second-hand-on-a-clock Machine is in full swing.

    Just assume any criticism by now is a pure lie.

    No watermark. No German seal. No historical irregularities.

    The funnies one is that the font on the form is from 1995. An assertion without any proof.

    Obots know how to scare by making a bald face lie that is calculated to inspire doubt in the truth. They act like a pack of demons during an exorcism…everything that comes out of their mouth is a lie…true sign that their “Messiah” is an anti-christ…

  21. ccwarrior,

    I posted to Orly a few days ago that Wayne Madsen was reputed to have a copy of a Kenyan Birth Certificate.

    Previous to that i basically posted the identical post about a month ago.

    He may have been the finder of it or possibly Mr. Jerome Corsi.

    Why everyone waited till now, if they do indeed have the original remains a mystery.

    Then again the Hawaiian divorce decree may have had the Kenyan certificate that Michele and Barack left off of the checklist. OOOPS !

  22. I have already seen several news clippings from prior to Dec 1964 with Kenya being referred to as “Republic of Kenya.”

    There were several posted on freepers.

    Also, students in the US on exchange were called students from “Republic of Kenya” in as far back as at least one clipping showing 1961

  23. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Google Report on “Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate”

    Yesterday I reported that this link gave 250 thousand plus links, as of this post it is up to


    Thats an increase of 100,000 pages on the net in 1 day.

    “Deafening” would be a mild attribution to describe this….

    Also, I think it was Obama’s College friend who came forward and confirmed he said he was born in Kenya, that got Orly to consider the authenticity of this document in the jpg image.

  24. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Google Censorship report:

    Googles results for the search I just mentioned list

    has 6 links implying or terming the Kenyan BC a fake, the WND link is subordinated

    CW’s page is now moved to 4th place.

    The greatest comedy of Google is that the first link which calls it a fake is a link to a site called

    The Moderate Voice!

    The gall of these Obots: they are bold face liars and deceivers! And Censors!

  25. ty ty ty, i drank some gatorade, tuna sandwich, that seeems to help
    next recyling center, better drive with AC on, sun is beading down too hot

    I was thinking about the OBAMA dilema and the framers allegiance mandate to only one nation: USA via the NBC clause for the president. I can reveal what I am thinking now, but OB, I mean BO has his Blackberry. The situation is that BO can easier message his clan in Kenya, who want obviously to remain in power. So the allegiance edge is in clear play here. Also, instructions could have been made during his prior visit. More allegiance problems. The BO-Kenya power play remains in effect. Any communications between the two should be dead on for any lawsuits to capture. But this is jsut a minor idea in whole scheme of things. Maybe I still have my hangover, and none of this makes any sense?

  26. TO: jbjd // August 3, 2009 at 11:11 am

    I had forgotten BO distributed his COLB to the LA Times. I wonder whether this was a “Certified” copy, with a raised seal…

    NO SEAL, from what I understand of the story they sent to LA Times and others a JPG of the COLB

  27. Civis,

    College friend ? What was the source of that article ?

  28. PD/JeffM/JS/Shout: I see the (my) suspected HRC-bot has made an ‘appearance’ (pun intended) here today…got any fuel, or even an antedote, for my ‘symtoms’?….hmmmm?
    Or are you still remaining ‘open-minded’?…which is fine, too…but like I posted earlier: “watch out for that ‘sucker-punch’.”
    check back with y’all later…gotta go do some work…yeh…I actually have stuff to do today…YIPPEE!!

  29. that would be ‘symptoms’….were I not in a hurry.

  30. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Da Verg,

    Kenya’s national honor and interest will be to confirm that Obama Senior is the real father. To prove that they must reveal the BC. Because the original vault copy in HI does not have Obama Sr. listed as father, so says Andy Martin. I surmise this is because Dunham found out that the marriage was bigamous and did it to spite him. Later when she calmed down, the Divorce Court demanded to see the Kenyan BC to prove paternity, because the HI BC did not prove it!

    After the divorce, she has the HI BC amended, thus the existence of non-original vital recordS

  31. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    The source is not anything that can be linked to on the Web. I have it from several witnesses who comment on diverse blogs and who gave particular details of the same testimony.

    I believe this classmate is going to be one of the block buster stories on WND this week…but that is pure speculation on my part…

  32. Da verg,

    Maybe with a Satellite phone with encryption, but not the Blackberry.

  33. Jacqlyn Smith

    Off topic here—I don’t normally watch The View…but I saw that Michelle Malkin was going to be on and I tuned in….she was awesome even though Joy the bigot Baher tried to shut her off….Michelle kept plugging away about this being the biggest THUGACRACY in the history of our nation!!! Malkin/Palin 2012…..they will clean out DC….you betcha!!!

  34. Just recieved my Brother Hawaiian Birth Certificate. It is the Same Certificate of Live Birth (Short Form) that Obama Has. It cost him $15.65 to get it. I Still believe that Both Forms are True and Valid. I Believe that Obama was born in Kenya, and that she registered him hawaii for Welfare and US Citizenship.

  35. twe @ 12:25 re vid (comic relief/OT):
    guy on the right made me recall a line from an old “Cheech and Chong” bit:
    “…HEY!!, that Dude’s got my chirt on,
    man!…he’s wearing my CHIRT!”
    (made me LOL, anyway…)….
    guess you had to be there!!

  36. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    Obama’s COLB is entitled “Certification” not “Certificate”

    World Net Daily is reporting that the ever mischeivous HI govt has changed the name of the Certification to Certificate to make Obama’s claim look stronger…

  37. Patriot Dreamer

    Re-do, I think that I am in agreement with JeffM. We basically have dueling documents (COLB vs. certified copy of registry of birth). Too early to tell if the new CCOROB is a fake or not, but we know for certain that the Hawaiian COLB was photoshopped!

  38. Someone needs to have a one on one with F.B.I. Director Robert Mueller, a simple presentation of the facts of concern.

    These guys may be shielded by protocol and bureaucracy’s, and may not see the trees from the forest.

    When i was in sales in the D.C. area, i used to call the office of F.B.I. Director, Louis Freeh, what a rush that was. Spoke with him two or three times, and actually had him sitting at my desk in front of me back in Tysons Corner Virginia.

    Wish he was still there, he’d answer the phone every time.

    Obama’s goin down.

  39. CVN wrote:
    Da Verg,

    Kenya’s national honor and interest will be to confirm that Obama Senior is the real father.

    roger that
    and that would be the Kenyan equivalent Congress, which has repeatedly passed resolutions, despite the dictator and BO’s clan brother dictator in charge, that OBAMA is their native son.

    I think Dr. Taitz, and others, could claim these resolutions as proof? No?

    Nice serve , Orly!! Way to go, baby!

    Опрокинем по стаканчику!

    Na zdorovia

  40. Jacqlyn Smith, Two women in the white house!!!

    JS Says “Malkin/Palin 2012…..they will clean out DC….you betcha!!!”

    Will they make cookies too? Geeesh, If I said that….LOL JK 😉

  41. Jacqlyn Smith

    Greg….I’m sure if you caught them at the right time of the month they would probably be up to making cookies…..LOL….just think of all the multi-tasking that would be going on!!!


  43. The narrator is Mike Wallace, the father of Chris of Fox News.

  44. OH -And by the way – THE USURPER had a relative who belonged to the MAU MAU.

  45. I just happened upon this blog Anechoic Room quit by accident. I happen to be in the anechoic chamber business and I believe I know this guy…but I digress. The top story on the page is “There is no panic button” is inspiring but the video at the end of post “The Cactus Cuties” singing “The Battle Hymn of The Republic” brought tears to my eyes.

  46. zachjonesishome

    I almost forgot about this. On twitter. This Kenya Birth Certificate bumped it.

    CrystalChaliceWe are having pizza as we get together all the details for our service to Congress. a@DefineNaturalBornCitizen.I am getting ancy to get out

  47. OT, but a goodie.

    Specter, Sebelius booed at town hall (*Philly style*)


    *Go Philly*

    More citizen video on (angry) Philly town hall available on youtube.


  48. Patriot Dreamer

    New article from World Net Daily:

    “O’Reilly invites Farah, disinvites him”

  49. Four large earthquakes in California gulf. One was 6.9 and felt in Phoenix. Go look at Drudge.

  50. Chicken chit Oreilly doesn’t want to stick to the “facts” and give a “true” interview, that would in anyway discredit his ratings, by proving that Obama isn’t elligible.

    He wants to totally control the interview, without letting Farah spill the beans on Nationwide TV.

    Farah is too smart for that trap (Oreilly used to write for WND before he got his cable show) and that’s why he put forth the interview stipulations.

    Oreilly…..you’re a Chicken-Chit!

  51. Patriot Dreamer

    The South, I bet O’Reilly wanted to get into another one of those shouting matches that he seems to enjoy so much! Joseph Farah was right to have those conditions.

  52. Re: Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate: @ObamaJustSayNo I believe this is likely a forgery. Karl Rove

  53. kittycat – I can’t wait for Arizona and Nevada to become ocean-front property!!!

  54. Patriot Dreamer

    Greg, what’s your source for that quote?

  55. Patriot Dreamer

    Go0d commentary from WND’s Joseph Farah today:

    “NOT the last word on Obama’s birth”

  56. Okay…..off topic….but you all know my need to feed my humor monkey.

    Why I am a Tiger fan….and Golf usually bores me:


  57. Thanks Sandy, We needed that.

  58. I know linda. With all this stuff happening to our country, we need a two minute humor break here and there! It is a battery charger for me….

  59. sandy // August 3, 2009 at 4:02 pm

    Thanks Sandy…just backdrafted coffee out of my nose.

    I’ll send you a *great* one via e-mail tonight. You’ll need to sit down. You’ll also need to put down the beverage :).

  60. Farah needs to go on Lou Dobbs show! That would be a huge swift kick in the pants to … O’Really?

  61. Patriot Dreamer

    New advert from Kerchner & Apuzzo:


    Please go there and VOTE also vote on bottom right on the Racist Skip Gates.


    Lou DOBBS vote is running close please Vote and Pass it on to like minded people that wants news REPORTED not censored or biased.


  63. *****NEW POST******

  64. citizenwells

    New post with a new look at old information.
    Bishop McRae contacted me last year.


  65. Whenever I see quotes like those of Karl Rove or any other Republican, I find them disingenuous.

    If Obama is found to be ineligible, so would one of their darlings, Bobby Jindal.

    That’s too bad, because I think he would probably be a very good POTUS, but the Constitution must be followed.

  66. Jacqlyn Smith


    Val // August 3, 2009 at 4:26 pm

    Farah needs to go on Lou Dobbs show! That would be a huge swift kick in the pants to … O’Really?

    Val—I just sent a huge email with Farah’s post…..I challenged everyone to boycott O’Reilly and encourage Dobbs to have Farah on his show!! Please everyone here do the same thing…..when we put a dent in O’Reilly’s ratings he will think twice….it’s not the left wing watching him….it’s us radical right wingers!! LOL~

  67. PD @ 2:12: ?…I get the feeling I must’ve written something misleading, as I am unsure of your comment to me…

    anyway: like the “Dueling Banjos” thing…I’m a big bluegrass fan, and can play a bit of that myself…guitar and/or banjo…’hee-haw!”
    GG @ 2:29 re 2 ladies in the WH: has the ring of a “sorority-thing”…who do you suppose will be given charge of planning the proverbial ‘panty raids’?! …heh, heh…

  68. Patriot Dreamer

    Re-do, I think I might have misunderstood something that you wrote earlier. No worries!

    I do feel like we have dueling documents, though! (hence the dueling banjos!) 😉

  69. PD: “roger that”.

  70. Millions of illegal immigrants broke the laws of a sovereign nation! We must go after the purveyors who attract these, poor uneducated people! To be honest I’m fed up with supporting any person, who crosses the border, stays on an expired tourist visa. The corporate world have for decades, dumped these people on the doorstep of Taxpayers. We, as Americans cannot even access, half the benefits that are handed to illegals on a free platter. Don’t let the fumblers in Washington weaken E-Verify–part of the SAVE ACT. Politicians must not dissolve such local police laws as 287(g) or severely cut back on lightening raids by ICE. As you read this commentary we have the US chamber of Commerce, ACLU, The Council of Foreign Relations and a whole retinue of business concerns, who don’t believe they should be dictated to–BY A LARGE SLICE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

    Our laws have been manipulated for the benefit of ruthless organizations, who runs on profiteering and corruption, with the big fat dollar bill. Alas, it has become–THEM–against us. YES! To a orderly points system for the ultra skilled immigrant, who does not feed at the public welfare trough? But–NO–to the poor, uneducated–who cannot support themselves or their larger families. We must build on the technological illegal worker extraction process called E-Verify. We must rigidly penalize all employers who refuse to follow immigration enforcement. There must be adequate funding to construct more deterrents in the SAVE ACT, to make it impossible for illegal labor to fraudulently bypass E-Verify. We can no longer afford to be a welfare country, for anybody who enters the United States.

    The usual imbeciles in the Democratic leadership, Reid, Pelosi, Feinstein and most you can guess for yourself. Now if the Democratic health care package goes through–TAXPAYERS WE WILL STILL BE UNDERWRITING all the foreigners that businesses can use. There is a sordid conspiracy going on with a group called “IMMIGRATIONWORKSUSA” brought and paid for by corporate–CHEAP LABOR–executives.DON’T LISTEN TO WHAT THEY SUPPOSEDLY INSPIRE. This group wants the Free movement of foreign labor, across our border without any restrictions All the truth, without the lies at NUMBERSUSA. DO NOT STOP HARASSING THE LAWMAKERS, AS YOUR CALLS ARE REALLY WORKING. Contact your lawmaker TODAY! at 202-224-3121 INFORM ICE IF YOU KNOW OF A PARASITE BUSINESS, UTILIZING ILLEGAL LABOR.

  71. Here is the reason the people need to be assured that the President meets the Constitution’s natural born citizen requirement:

    The President of the United States is one of the three branches of government. He is the Executive branch. The nation speaks to all people through one voice, the President’s. The President can make treaties, grant pardons, sign and veto legislation, appoint a Cabinet, as well as Supreme Court Justices. In addition to these duties, the President knows the nation’s most important and secure secrets, and as the Commander in Chief of the military, has the military’s nuclear launch codes at the ready, and who can arguably, either take steps to weaken the nation, or even destroy it. In the words of Vice President Dick Cheney, “The president of the United States now for 50 years is followed at all times, 24 hours a day, by a military aide carrying a football that contains the nuclear codes that he would use and be authorized to use in the event of a nuclear attack on the United States. He could launch the kind of devastating attack the world has never seen. He doesn’t have to check with anybody. He doesn’t have to call the Congress. He doesn’t have to check with the courts. He has that authority because of the nature of the world we live in.”

    Mr. Obama claims that he was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961. As his only evidence that he meets the Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution’s requirement that a President be a natural born citizen, he produced a document called a “Certification of Live Birth,” which he posted on his website under the title: “Barack Obama’s Official Birth Certificate.”

    At first blush, it is case closed. A closer examination of the facts, however, reveals that Mr. Obama failed to point out on his website that his posted “Official Birth Certificate,” as he called it, is actually a 2007 computer-generated, laser-printed summary document of his 1961 vital record(s) on file with the Hawaii State Department of Health. What we do not know, however, is what 1961 vital record the Certification of Live Birth is summarizing.

    In 1961 there were at least six different procedures available to obtain a vital record (birth certificate) that the Certification of Live Birth could be summarizing. Each one has a different degree of reliability and trustworthiness that warrants scrutiny (Copied with permission from http://birther.com).

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