Orly Taitz interview, March 17, 2009, Steve Malzberg, Lawsuits, Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Scalia, Obama not eligible, Birth Certificate, Obama not natural born citizen, US Supreme Court, US Military plaintiffs, Malzberg radio show

From an email we received:

“We received word from Steve Malzberg that Attorney Orly Taitz will be on his show today.    
     As much of our country knows (and increasingly other parts of the world), she is the relentless California attorney who is seeking to have Mr. Obama release his Original Birth Certificate (and other documents) now to prove his eligibility for president, especially as our young troops are about to be sent to Mexico, as new “economic” measures are signed, etc.
     So, it’s a must catch, especially with all that’s happening.
    She will be on Super Steve’s show today, 3-17-09,
    at 4pm (Eastern), on 710-am radio…
    and online at  www.worradio.com. , http://www.wor710.com/
    http://www.wor710.com/pages/418904.php  3-6pm. (Eastern)
    Among other items, she will likely be discussing her recent public interactions with Supreme Court Justice Scalia and Chief Justice Roberts.
    Again, this is a must catch, regardless of party, as any transparency issues  involving eligibility affect our nation right to local law enforcement, our military, etc. (many bcc’d herein).  Further, she will likely discuss  the apparently unbelievable actions of certain court employees.
    By the way, we have not seen the original birth certificate…nor have any of you.  So we don’t know whether there is eligibility or not. We think we all should know, especially those of us that voted for him.   Don’t you?
    Many of you will logically ask, as we did, “Well, he must have shown his birth certificate  when he was vetted.  I had to show mine for my job” (especially law enforcement).
   OK, we couldn’t find it; not at Party (both) sites, the State Departments, the Electors, etc.  If any of you can, please show us…or just save time and listen to Dr. Taitz and Super Steve.
   Please circulate; it is a most important show………..
, as we did, “Well, he must have shown his birth certificate when he was vetted.  I had to show it for my job” (especially law enforcement).
   OK, we couldn’t find it; not at Party (both) sites, the State Departments, the Electors, etc.  If any of you can, please show us…or just save time and listen to Dr. Taitz and Super Steve.
   Please circulate; it is a most important show………..”

Orly Taitz website:



43 responses to “Orly Taitz interview, March 17, 2009, Steve Malzberg, Lawsuits, Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Scalia, Obama not eligible, Birth Certificate, Obama not natural born citizen, US Supreme Court, US Military plaintiffs, Malzberg radio show





  3. #
    ms. helga // March 17, 2009 at 12:33 pm



    “This article is no longer available”.

    I even checked the Home Page for the list of articles and see nothing like the screen shot.

  4. Nowhere does a court clerk have the discretionary power to dismiss a case as do those in SCOTUS.

    Justice Scalia commented that the constitutional importance of a case supercedes the narrow confines of court rules of procedure.

    May I amplify that by saying that a fundamental question of Constitutional law, namely the Article II eligibility clause, demands a sua sponte Supreme Court definition of Natural Born Citizen.

    The lower courts have been tossing Plaintiff vs Obama cases out on standing, but the real issue is that there is no mandatory authority on which those courts could substantively rely.

    It is analagous to Gay Marriage. Marriage, under Natural Law and laws of succession, has been understood to be between a man and a woman of different lineages. Gay activists want to subvert natural law through civil rights actions.

    Natural Law also defines Natural Born Citizen, . . . but the socialists want to liberalize that definition in order to promote global Marxism.

  5. KATIE –

    You are right. The Headline was Geithnart’s Father hired Obama’s mother to be on the Ford Foundation. It must have been “too explosive” for the internet police!!

  6. “His father, Peter Geithner, is a former top official of the Ford Foundation who knew Obama’s mother when she was working on “microfinance” in Indonesia.”

    From this article: http://www.newswithviews.com/Kincaid/cliff297.htm

  7. More scrubbing going on around Obama, Geitner, and whomever else receives that greatest of all disinfectants–sunlight–which Obama claimed was how he would run things. Uh, sure, yeah, right.

    Dg out this story. We need more on Obama’s mother, her work on microfinancing in Asia and the Middle East, Geitner, and the whole sordid affair.

  8. IS IT ONLY ME –

    Does Glen Beck remind any of you of the part played by Peter Finch in “NETWORK”? “I WANT YOU TO GO TO YOUR WINDOWS AND OPEN THEM AND YELL etc”

  9. BerlinBerlin

    paralegalnm // March 17, 2009 at 12:45 pm

    I understand they are afraid to open that can of worms.
    What I don’t understand is that they even don’t ask about the records etc.
    It might be clear that if Obama was born overseas to only one American parent which was also too young to transfer citizenship, that this is not a Natural Born Citizen.
    Of course if he was born in Hawaii as he claims and his parents were not legally married, because his father was already married.
    He might be a NBC by definition.
    Some will still say that his British citizenship came through the blood and does not require legal married parents.

    For me personally the NBC clause makes more sense every day, because Obama is clearly not devoted to this country, and that might have to do with his background.


  11. there is no real obama

    check it out!! 100 addresses, fake SS #’s, no SS card , fraud!!

    Will the real OBAMA please stand up?


    we have a fake in the WH out to destroy America!

  12. da verg –

    I sent- http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/107238-3/ -to the DRUDGE REPORT

  13. ms. helga
    here is another scene from the same movie with a nicely done addition

  14. ms. helga // March 17, 2009 at 12:51 pm

    KATIE –

    You are right. The Headline was Geithnart’s Father hired Obama’s mother to be on the Ford Foundation. It must have been “too explosive” for the internet police!!
    Amazing, isn’t it? Does anyone know how to use the Google cache to pull it up? If it’s been scrubbed, we should try to get a screen shot.

    Thanks ms. helga – however after last week’s example of what’s going on with Google and Wikipedia, I won’t use either one any more, and tell as many people as I can to boycott them.

  15. BerlinBerlin

    Read this please:
    Everybody who opposes is going to be labeled “Terrorist” soon.
    Constitutionalist, Ron Paul supporter, you name it.
    Also Obama has this new “Hate Speech” law at hand.
    Of course opposition against Obama is always rooted in hate, this is what we are facing all along.
    Nice set up.

  16. BerlinBerlin

    Everybody who opposes Obama…

    (I missed a word and the word was “Obama”, don’t even want to write his name anymore.
    This morning I woke up and the first thing I saw was “666”.)

  17. BerlinBerlin


    Due to other obligations, I will do Steve Malzberg show in NY at 2:30 PT/5:30 ET, instead of earlier time.
    Yesterday I did Betty Jean show and Adam Manus show- you can find them in archives
    Posted by Dr. Orly Taitz at 3/17/2009 10:56 AM |

  18. BerlinBerlin @ 3:47,

    Thanks for the heads up!

  19. Transparency or Idiocy?

    A late night comedy show is not a respectable venue for a sitting president. imao
    I think this is very demeaning to the office. But, hey, look who we’re dealing with here.
    What’s next; the cartoon channel?

    UPDATE 1-Obama scores a first with Jay Leno appearance


  20. helga

    did you drudge post it????

  21. sorry
    MS helga

    my apologies

  22. For all of his posing for holy pictures and headlines, this is what is really happening:

    “The Obama administration is allowing AIG to bail out the rest of the world with your tax dollars.”

    Read it here —


  23. BerlinBerlin

    Medvedev orders large-scale
    Russian rearmament
    Agence France-Presse, by Nick Coleman

    Original Article

    Posted By:Persecutor2, 3/17/2009 4:23:35 PM

    MOSCOW – President Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday announced a “large-scale” rearmament and renewal of Russia’s nuclear arsenal, accusing NATO of pushing ahead with expansion near Russian borders. Meeting defence chiefs in Moscow, Medvedev said he was determined to implement reforms to streamline Russia’s bloated military and stressed Moscow continued to face several security threats needing robust defense capacity. “From 2011, a large-scale rearmament of the army and navy will begin,” Medvedev said.
    Of course, I mean, the word’s out.
    The president of the United States is a loon.

  24. So is Orly doing the radio show on 710AM at 5:30p.m. EST today? I am listening in the car right now and it is the Hannity show playing right now.

  25. Citizen Wells,
    Read your book review on Barnes & Noble.
    Sweet job there!

  26. citizenwells

    Thanks Dabig

  27. BerlinBerlin

    I just heard Orly, she was on 2:30 – 2:45 PST

  28. BerlinBerlin

    My husband saw a huge police protected car and bus caravan on the freeway in LA.
    Is the idiot already here?
    Suppose he has nothing to do between today and thursday (Leno) in Washington, ha?

  29. Okay, after hearing how only the media in other countries are willing to take on the story of Obama’s lack of NBC status, I’ve come to a conclusion. We might be wasting our time complaining to Americans. Perhaps we should be throwing our time, effort, and money into complaining to foreigners.

    All these lawyers and all that money. So many letters, emails, and phone calls. All have been aimed at getting a judge or elected official to do their job or to wake up the population to the dire need for action. It’s all pretty much been a failure.

    However, this country HAD allies. Most of them are now either nervous, depressed, or outright ticked off.

    So, we appeal to our former allies. We The People can mail, email, fax, post, and call the media and officials of other nations like England and Israel. We tell them that America is basically being held hostage. Millions of Americans are well aware that Obama is not a legal president, but our courts are so corrupt, nothing is being set right. Remind them that all the stuff Obama is doing will be ruled invalid once this all comes to light, so it’s better to get it over sooner.

    Appeal to our former allies to ask the tough question: Why should they deal with a country when its new leader might not be legitimate? Should they agree to any summit or treaty when it might be attended by an usurper working against America’s will and the world’s best interests?

    If we can convince them of the truth–that this is not just a few nuts on the internet–they might start rumbling. England’s already disgusted with this usurper. Israel realizes it has lost its number one partner. Australia has already started down the liberal path and knows where we are headed. When some of the most powerful nations on Earth start to ask questions, America will HAVE to deal with it.

    Help contact folks like Dr. Orly, WND, Berg, Rush, Hannity and whoever might listen. Tell them the plan to bring in a bigger audience.

    America has asked for and accepted help from other countries in the past. Without that aid, the Constitution might never have been written. It only seems natural that we ask for aid again, as we have another tyrannical foreign dictator to get off our backs.

  30. Has any body noticed Timmy Geithner’s birth date and Barry’s? (born August 18, 1961) Tim
    (August 4 1961)

  31. da verg –

    I sent the article but as you see nothing reported so far.

  32. BerlinBerlin

    PEOPLE ARE WATCHING THIS LUNATIC…. Glenn Beck, Fox News’ deranged media personality, has been telling a national television audience that the Obama administration might be setting up secret “concentration camps” to lock up conservatives. The president, Beck believes, may be using FEMA in this conspiratorial drive towards “a totalitarian state.”

    Here is the article, especially also read the comments. Funny view to the other side of the fence.

  33. This gets wierder by the minute. My birthday is also August 18, 1946, and I am as honest as the day is long.bkw

  34. I’m sure, Brenda, there are plenty of
    “good” people in August.
    Pisces here–“Jaws”–dum, dum, dum,
    ready to attack the Usurper…….:)

  35. citizenwells

    From MommaE blog radio:

    I just want to tell you that nights Show is on! We will be talking about Berg, Joyce and Hemenway’s response to the Judge denying the Hollister case and wanting to Sanction Attorney Hemenway!!

    Please read the last paragraph as it is about our BRAND NEW UNLIMITED CHAT AND HOW TO GET TO IT!!

    Please post this on your Blogs, any Blogs you are associated with and send to everyone in your address book. Link, call in number and times for the Show is below!


    Call In # 317-565-1392

    5:00 PM Pacific Time

    6:00 PM Mountain Time

    7:00 PM Central Time

    8:00 PM Eastern Time

    I hope to see you all there. Please join the new Chat room! It on on the home page of Monks Media. Just put in a Nickname and click connect! If you come to Monks on Internet Explorer then the show should automatically play in Windows Media Player. To enlarge the chat go to the bottom of the chat box and you will see some buttons, click on the one with the 4 little black arrows pointing to the middle and it will enlarge to cover your whole screen.



  37. Two articles on Lame Cherry:


    Rush Limbaugh exposes the story where the money has gone. Forget the AIG bonses, just a smoke screen!!!!!

  38. Correct me if i am wrong; but if somehow Obama were to be violently removed from office by an assassin; the event would not qualify as noteworthy since he has been elected under false pretenses making the votes that were cast worthless and McCain currently the uninaugurated President of the United States in abstentia; all the bills having been signed by Obama also illegally upheld by those involved who must all by law be considered traitors to America. As we are still currently at war; when will the mass executions of all the traitors take place?

  39. BerlinBerlin

    “As we are still currently at war; when will the mass executions of all the traitors take place?”

    I think the 4th of July is the day of choice.

    (Actually the 14th of July -Bastille day- sounds good to me too, but You Americans are not so cozy with the French, right?)

  40. Change is one thing we can believe in. It is appropriaate at this time to change political mascots. The elephant and donkey do not accurately represent the mood of office these days. Enter the Tiger and the Lion.
    Republicans are obviously number two now. They epitomize the tiger in aggressive posture to regain America’s respect and votes.
    Democrats have been lion all along.

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