Philip J Berg, Press release March 3, 2009, Obama destroying US Constitution, Article II, Section 1, Berg vs. Obama, Hollister vs. Soetoro a/k/a Obama, et al, Attorney General Eric Holder, Gun ownership, HR 45, House bill


For Immediate Release






: –


For Further Information Contact:

Philip J. Berg, Esquire

555 Andorra Glen Court, Suite 12

Lafayette Hill, PA 19444-2531

Cell (610) 662-3005

(610) 825-3134

(800) 993-PHIL [7445]

Fax (610) 834-7659

Berg States Obama is Destroying “our” U.S. Constitution

by “not” following Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution

and “limiting” the 2





nd Amendment re “guns”

(Lafayette Hill, PA – 03/03/09) – Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the first Attorney who

filed suit against Barack H. Obama challenging Senator Obama’s lack of Constitutional

“qualifications/eligibility” to serve as President of the United States and his cases that are

still pending,





Berg vs. Obama [2 cases – 1 under seal] and

Hollister vs. Soetoro a/k/a

Obama, et al





announced today that he is concerned that in addition to Obama


following the Constitution, Article II, Section I, by






being Constitutionally

qualified/eligible to be President now is “limiting” the 2






Amendment through his

Attorney General Eric Holder who has quietly introduced legislation to curtail ownership

of guns by individuals throughout our United States.

Berg stated, “Wake up America! Obama is attempting to limit your gun

ownership rights by secretly introducing legislation through Attorney General Eric

Holder, said legislation to curtail gun ownership!”





Berg continued, “ It is very important





to be aware of a new bill HR 45

introduced into the House. This is the Blair Holt Firearm Licensing &

Record of Sale Act of 2009. [I learned about this from the Peter Boyles

radio program.] Even gun shop owners didn’t know about this because it

is flying under the radar. To find out about this – go to any government

website and type in HR 45 or Google HR 45 Blair Holt Firearm Licensing &

Record of Sales Act of 2009.

Basically this would make it illegal to own a firearm – any rifle with a

clip or ANY pistol unless:

•It is registered

•You are fingerprinted

•You supply a current Driver’s License

•You supply your Social Security #

•You will submit to a physical & mental evaluation at any time of their


•Each update – change of ownership through private or public sale must

be reported and costs $25 – Failure to do so you automatically lose the

right to own a firearm and are subject up to a year in jail.

•There is a child provision clause on page 16, section 305 stating a child-

access provision. Gun must be locked and inaccessible to any child under


They would have the right to come and inspect that you are storing your

gun safely away from accessibility to children and fine is punishable for up

to 5 yrs. in prison.

Listen to Peter Boyles – on KHOW 630 AM in Colorado in the morning. He

suggests the best way to fight this is to tell all your friends about it and

spring into action. Also he suggests we all join a pro-gun group like the

Colorado Rifle Association, hunting associations, gun clubs and

especially the NRA.


Remember – If you take my gun, only the criminal will have one to use

against me.




HR 45 only makes individuals less safe.”

Berg continued, “The Obama candidacy is the biggest “HOAX” perpetrated on

the citizens of the United States in 230 years, since our nation was established. Obama

must be legally removed from office.

I believe that 10 to 15 million people are aware of the Obama ‘HOAX,’ and we

must make 75 million people aware. When people are made aware of the Obama

‘HOAX,’ that Obama has






proven he is constitutionally ‘qualified/eligible’ to be

President; that Obama has






produced his original (vault version) ‘Birth Certificate;’

that Obama has






produced legal documents to show he legally changed his name from

his ‘adopted’ name of ‘Barry Soetoro’ from Indonesia; they will demand Obama be

removed from his office of President of the United States.”

Berg concluded, “I am proceeding for the 305 + million people in ‘our’ U.S.A.,

for ‘our’ forefathers





and for the tens of thousands of men and women

that have died and/or been maimed defending our







with our legal fight to prove that Obama is not


qualified/eligible to be President.”




The following is an update on my three [3] pending cases regarding my

challenge to Obama’s lack of qualifications/eligibility to be President.

Also, I am preparing to file a 4th case – Quo Warranto [challenge person in

office – that does not meet the qualifications].

As you know, I was the first to legally raise the issue – having filed my

lawsuit on August 21, 2008, before the DNC Convention

Status of Cases:

Berg vs. Obama







Third Circuit Court of Appeals No. 08 – 4340


This is case that was dismissed in U.S. District Court, Eastern District of PA

Judge Surrick dismissed for lack of “standing” by Philip J. Berg

This is case that I bypassed Third Circuit to U.S. Supreme Court – where U.S. Supreme

Court denied several Injunctions and to hear case.

However, case is still alive in Third Circuit.

Berg vs. Obama







U.S. District Court

For copies of all Press Releases and Court Pleadings, go to:


Case filed under seal on 11/07/08 – cannot be discussed

Hollister vs. Soetoro a/k/a Obama






Berg filed 1






Amended Complaint for Hollister on 2/09/09 after Soetoro/Obama and Biden

filed Motion to Dismiss

Berg also filed Response in Opposition to Motion to Dismiss

This is the case of retired Air Force Colonel Hollister who is on lifetime Presidential recall.

Hollister needs to know if recalled by Soetoro/Obama – must he obey an Order by legal

President or disobey the illegal Order by a constitutionally

ineligible/unqualified “Usurper” President.





U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, No. 08-cv-02254




Berg filed Brief on 1/20/09

Response Briefs from Obama, DNC and FEC filed on 2/17/09 (Appellees)











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  1. Thanks for posting a new thread…we were getting concerned about you CW.

  2. Doesn’t look like the usual typing of CW though.

  3. CW – you have more supporters than you know!

  4. I enjoyed the “depth” of information posted
    on the previous thread, too. Thank you CW
    for your hard work here.

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  6. Those Judges Are Guilty

    A movie called Judgment at Nuremberg was produced and released in 1961. It was the true story of four German judges tried in 1948 for war crimes three years after the most important Nazi leaders had already been tried. These judges used their offices to conduct Nazi sterilization and cleansing policies. Since the cold war was heating no one wanted anymore trials as Germany and allied governments wanted to forget the past.

    Spencer Tracy played the retired American Judge, Dan Harwood who went to Germany to do the job. Burt Lancaster played Judge Ernest Janning, the one judge out of the four for whom the German attorney Hans Rolfe, (played by Maximillion Schell) most passionately defended as the “good judge” who by his sentencing did the least harm. The real life Judge Ernest Janning’s name was Schlegelberger. The story details the trial, the testimony from many victims, and the soul searching struggle of Judge Dan Harwood to reach a fair and objective decision—especially about Judge Hans Rolfe. Finally Judge Harwood renders his decision by finding all the judges equally guilty. Attorney Hans Rolfe, Judge Janning, and several other members of the court are shocked into a state of disbelief. Hans Rolfe had so beautifully pointed out what a benevolent and fair man Judge Ernest Janning was.

    The almost last scene shows Judge Harwood walking through the holding cell where the judges were detained. The American judge stops at the cell of the German judge who basically said nothing through out the whole trial and gives him a long look. Finally, Judge Janning says in a shocked whisper; “Why? Judge Harwood answers him in the wise old voice of Spencer Tracy;
    “You knew you were guilty the first time you sentenced an innocent man.”

    “In its decision, the Justice trial tribunal considered what it called Schlegelberger’s “hesitant injustices.” The tribunal concluded that Schlegelberger “loathed the evil that he did” and that his real love was for the “life of the intellect, the work of the scholar.” In the end he resigned because “the cruelties of the system were too much for him.” Despite its obvious sympathy with Schlegelberger’s plight, the tribunal found him guilty. It pointed out that the decision of a man of his stature to remain in office lent credibilty to the Nazi regime. Moreover, Schegelberger signed his name to orders that, in the tribunal’s judgment, constituted crimes. One case described in the decision involved the prosecution in 1941 of a Jew (Luftgas) accused of “hoarding eggs.” Schlegelberger gave Luftgas a two-and-a-half-year sentence, but then Hitler indicated that he wanted the convicted man executed. Although Schlegelberger may well have protested, he signed his name to the order that led to the execution of Luftgas. Another case cited by the tribunal concerned a remission-of-sentence order signed by Schlegelberger. Scheleberger explained in his decision that the sentence imposed against a police officer who was convicted of beating a Jewish milking hand would have been bad for the morale of officers. “

    One day every judge in United States who threw out a case against Obama asking him to produce his birth certificate and other documents based upon “Lack of standing” or any other technicality instead of merit, will be found guilty, too. They will be found guilty of breach of duty, failure to uphold their oath to protect and defend the Constitution, and maybe even conspiracy with the defendant, and possibly taking a bribe. Every judge who had the opportunity to do one simple request—order Obama to produce the documents that proves he is eligible by the requirements of the US Constitution to be a legal president—and failed to do so unwittingly became a traitor and a coconspirator with a usurper in the Whitehouse. This includes the nine traitors in the Supreme Court who literally had a clandestine meeting with Obama, a plaintiff in several pending lawsuits in the Supreme Court.

    Every one of these judges who failed to do the right thing when asked in his/her court is responsible the existing National Security and Constitutional crisis which now exists in America. A simple court order could have prevented the anguish and grief so many concerned citizens now suffer because of this question. Each and every judge knew he/she were guilty when they dismissed the case instead of making the simple order. They should no longer be permitted to serve as judges. Their names along with the case numbers and their actions should be posted on the inter net hall of shame and they should be sanctioned for crimes against America.

    “Richard A. Posner, federal court of appeals judge and one of the most astute observers of the legal scene, noted that it is not only German judges that might over-identify with popular causes. In The New Republic, Posner wrote:
    Perhaps in the fullness of time the growing of marijuana plants, the “manipulation” of financial markets, the bribery of foreign government officials, the facilitating of the suicide by the terminally ill, and the violation of arcane regulations governing the financing of political campaigns will come to be no more appropriate objects of criminal punishment than “dishonoring the race.” Perhaps not; but [the story of the German judges] can in any event help us to see that judges should not be eager enlisters in popular movements of the day, or allow themselves to become so immersed in a professional culture that they are oblivious to the human consequences of their decisions.”

    Unless Obama succeeds in his blue print to convert the Presidency into a dictatorship and totally turn America into an enslaved country, he will be legally removed from office along with a whole crowd of others. All will be indicted and tried for conspiracy, perjury, acts of treason, and more. It won’t make a difference if only ten people or ten thousand people conspired to harm America in the name of a 2008 Presidential election—all those who played major roles and knowingly supported Obama in spite of the fact he is not a “natural born citizen” will be found guilty and held accountable according to law. We will return America to a Republic under rule of law. WE will make certain these people will be held accountable for the crimes against America. We will not allow America to turn into another Nazi Germany. Every one who knew Obama did not qualify and ignored the Constitution is guilty. It is only a matter of time.

    Therese Daniels © 3/2/09

  7. CW It is great to see you. I worry alot, it must be hereditary. Sure is getting interesting. It sure would help to know fact from fiction. Who’s job is it to investigate and prosecute goverment officals? I would like to work with that team. Anyone with any info. on that would be appreciated. God Bless America.

  8. Did Obama just sell the United States ? This is not fun and games folks !

    We’ve been warned

    Whatever you do, DO NOT let them take your guns !!!

    This could lead this country into a Civil War !

  9. This is an outrage and just another excuse to squeeze groups of dissenters.
    The people must wake up! The word must be spread! Our liberties and constitutional rights are being shredded one by one!
    Got three guns in the last month……get them while you can folks!

  10. Dear Mr. Larson,

    Thanks for contacting NRA-ILA.

    HR 45, although a registration scheme, does not pose an immediate threat. Many
    bills are introduced with full knowledge that they will not go anywhere.

    Please visit our website … px?id=4329
    to see more information on this legislation.

    If the anti-gunners in the U.S. Congress begin pushing for this bill, we will
    use all of our power and influence to prevent its passage. As of now it has
    only a sponsor, without any co-sponsors. It is in a committee and is not up for
    a vote.

    We’ll keep everyone posted at and in our magazines.


    Krista Cupp
    NRA-ILA Grassroots Division

  11. BerlinBerlin

    The South // March 3, 2009 at 8:24 pm

    This is another great read from LameCherry!

    It also explains why there is such a thing as the NBC clause, and why Obama is unfit.

    Unfortunalety I think “America” is still asleep!

    Otherwise he will be thrown into a dark, cold and wet hole (Bastille anyone?)

  12. The sooner a civil war the better! I want this to happen now! We need to just geter done!

  13. Great letter similar to the one posted this morning. Written by RobL:

    March 3, 2009

    Open letter to Mr. David Brooks
    The New York Times and
    Re: A Moderate Manifesto


    I must say, David Brooks, while I have considered you to be an intelligent and thoughtful observer of the political landscape in the past, I detested, and despised your unwitting love affair with Soetoro this last fall. It was all you could do to gush over him at every chance just like the rest of the main-stream sycophantic media, too old or inept to be careful with your incontinence: always feeling post-urinal-drip running down your leg, thinking it was love. You disgusted me.

    NOW you come to the realization of what and who Soetoro is, and represents. Too late. Too late for you, too late for the citizens, too late for the country. You wanted investments in education and energy and reduced cost health care for all. Were you listening to Soetoro before November 4, 2008 ? Did you pay any attention? The so called ‘investments’ in education will be designed to repay union patronage. Do you remember this man’s pledge to bankrupt the coal industry? Were you asleep? Health care expansion while reducing costs. When has government, particularly an avowed semi-Marxist one, reduced the cost of anything? You could not have been sleeping. You must be stupid.

    A party swept up in revolutionary fervor. It wasn’t just the party. It was a racist effort to put an intelligent, albeit evil, untested, incapable black man into the most important job in the world, at a most crucial time. Racism? Yes, racism. That would be the only viable excuse one could have to elect someone with a hidden familial (possibly foreign born) background, communist upbringing, extremely questionable associates, a background with haters of Israel, lack of real worthwhile experience, lack of legislative experience, an inconceivably evil legislative agenda focused on the murder of children, and no executive experience at all. That’s it. No matter what his background, his race trumped everything. I call that racism.

    Now we have an unfettered megalomaniac in the White House, who seems to be suffering from severe NPD. Behind the scenes (through tax cheat Geithner, MY GOD, THEY‘RE ALL TAX CHEATS) he brought us TARP, and now the Four Trillion Dollar Budget, with no end in sight to trillion dollar deficits, billions for Acorn and Hamas, the four hundred billion bump, another two hundred billion plus today, the non-stimulating trillion and a half dollar Stimulus, yet another Trillion as a down payment for Health CARE. A DOWN PAYMENT? And now we have Gordon Brown coming to ask us to provide a couple of trillion, plus, for welfare for the entire world, for a Global New Deal? All of a sudden you are worried about the deficit? You and your ilk are responsible for this.

    Taxes. He was speaking out of both sides of his mouth from the start, and it didn’t take a complete fool to figure that out. Reduce taxes on ninety five percent of the people, and at the same time repeal the Bush tax cuts. Taxes are going up for everybody. EVERYBODY. Were you out on a weekend picnic with Holder so that you missed this?

    NOW you lament that Soetoro is “not who we thought he was.” But “his character is inspiring” you say. Spends all of his time in the Illinois State House voting ‘present,‘ he’s all for infanticide, spends his time with terrorists and communists, hangs out with those who would bury Israel, has an unmitigated racist for a pastor who is oh so reluctantly thrown under the bus, clearly is trying to do everything he can to hide what he is, and who he is, and to you, David Brooks, this man is “inspiring?” I must say, I’m disappointed.

    You quote in your piece, Clive Crook, who said that Soetoro is a president who is “a conviction politician.” There are millions out here who will not rest until Soetoro is a “convicted politician.” He is a liar, he is a Marxist, he is an impostor. You need to accept the responsibility for helping to elect him, and realize that this country would have been so much better off with a move to the right, and not the “intellectually vapid“ center, where you seem to want to be.

    Block “unchecked liberalism“? You’re too late, and about six trillion dollars short. Alternate vision? Give it a rest. You seem to be singing ‘kum bay yah’ as you think we’re all “in it together.” This while Pelosi says of bipartisanship today that the Republican’s should be happy with what they got; she basically was saying with her typically haughty condescendingly arrogant manner that she could have squashed them like the bugs she thinks they are.

    Most of us out here in the real world are having a hard time understanding what has happened. Once you get inside the Beltway, around Washington D.C., it is as though you have entered the modern day version of Wonderland. What the hell is going on? The Executive and Legislative branches are attempting to run all over the Constitution, and the courts seem to be applauding their every move. Soetoro has been secretly planning the illegal internment of millions of Americans, if they happen to become ‘disagreeable.’ How many of us are to be penned up like animals in Stalinist-styled gulags? To quell the uprisings they’ll be using Soetoro’s DoDD 1404.10 from January 23, 2009, to provide “restoration of order…and stability operations.” I don’t think you have any idea just how disagreeable the American People are about to become. The revolution is gaining ground daily. Those who ignore it, do so at their own peril.

    Either grow a pair, or become a democrat.


  14. Therese Daniels:
    Thank you, yes “Judgment At Nuremberg is a great movie & I will watch it again soon. Another appropriate movie for our time is “Sophie Scholl”.

  15. I’d hate to see some kind of a civil war, but things may be heading in that direction now. It’s just a sad, sad situation, to be honest with you. Then you think that we have such a very divided America. I can pick out several divisions now. An America with BO and his congress hacks, an America that is completely liberal (total idiots), a conservative America that can’t understand the eligibility deal and an America that does understand it and wants the Constitution.

  16. Well I read more than post but I too was getting concerned about CW and am happy all is ok.
    Since I’m a regular at TD Blog as well I know she doesn’t have time to contribute much at times as well and just leaves an open thread , thank goodness !

  17. BerlinBerlin

    @ Stephanie and Therese,
    when I read Therese’s post about Nuremberg I was thinking about all the people in the resistance nobody ever heard of.
    Sophie and Hans Scholl, Graf von Stauffenberg.
    Thank God they made those movies “Valkyrie” and “Sophie Scholl”.

  18. Everyone needs to understand there are folks out there starting bogus Associations to take our money under the claim of supporting gun rights, but their upper management are actually gun banners! With any contributions actually going to gun ban groups

    American Hunters and Shooters Assoc. I believe is the one the NRA has ran several articles talking about this assoc. being tied to Brady and others! So don’t send anyone, any money but the NRA before you check them out with the NRA! I personally would not trust anyone else but the NRA! I would not be comfortable in relying on any info from them. How could we know they are not actually run by gun banners???

    We have 84 socialists now in Congress and a couple in the Senate! Many, if not all, have strong ties to Communist Party USA ( CPUSA) and several other bad news groups! They all need to go, next election if there is one!!!?
    If they call themselves “Progressive” or “New Party” Dems. they are in this group.. commies and socialists! There talk and proclaimed policies sound good, but not their true agenda!

    Reid and Pelosi not on the latest lists but were on the last ones I saw.
    Obama’s address, phone number, tied to PSL…

  19. According to WND, a soldier has already been gagged from talking about BO’s eligibility:

    Sick, sick, sick, why should he be gagged? There is only one who should be gagged — well, maybe 3 at least.

  20. BerlinBerlin

    Wonder why they don’t silence the rumours with……
    a valid long form birth certificate (the one with hospital and doctor’s name)

  21. Article says restricted to speaking to the media!!

  22. Wonder why they don’t silence the rumours with……
    a valid long form birth certificate (the one with hospital and doctor’s name)
    Because no such document exists 🙂 at least not in US 🙂

  23. Columbus, OH TEA PARTY–just got an
    e-mail on Columbus’ lst TEA PARTY REVOLT-
    Date: March 15, 2009 at 1:00 p.m. —meet at
    the Statehouse downtown with your signs
    (any topic). After “protesting” at that site,
    the group will head down Broad St. toward
    Battelle Park and symbolically dump a
    bag of tea into the river. Hope any of you guys who live near here can make it. I can’t wait to
    get my signs ready—one of them will question
    “eligibility” and the other the road to Socialism
    and how mr. soetoro is trying to destroy
    America. If anyone has more suggestions for
    other signs (I need a total of 4) let me know.

  24. @BerlinBerlin
    TY for the heads up.

  25. Ignore BO and his wanna be authority! He doesn’t have any!

  26. Jacqlyn Smith

    Maddie // March 3, 2009 at 11:22 pm

    Columbus, OH TEA PARTY–just got an
    e-mail on Columbus’ lst TEA PARTY REVOLT-
    Date: March 15, 2009 at 1:00 p.m. —meet at
    the Statehouse downtown with your signs
    (any topic). After “protesting” at that site,
    the group will head down Broad St. toward
    Battelle Park and symbolically dump a
    bag of tea into the river. Hope any of you guys who live near here can make it. I can’t wait to
    get my signs ready—one of them will question
    “eligibility” and the other the road to Socialism
    and how mr. soetoro is trying to destroy
    America. If anyone has more suggestions for
    other signs (I need a total of 4) let me know.

    Maddie—How about a sign questioning his Aunt who is illegal still in the USA….or all his tax evader picks???

  27. Has anyone else seen this article where whites were told to “go home” from city council meeting in Detroit? One person even cited Obama’s vision for unity and was told that HE shouldn’t say HIS name here. WTH is this world coming to? I guess I shouldn’t sound so suprised, I’m really not.

    On another note, I saw on Harry Reid on a clip on Greta tonite whining that the Repubs just say “No” to everything, they won’t work with us, they want Obama to fail. Does anyone else here think that Obama and his croonies act like a middle school clique!

  28. Oops forgot to post the link about the Detroit city council mtg. where whites were told to go home…

  29. Rocknee……
    The restriction of military personell against even discussing current events amongst themselves has been around for a long time. I can remember such practices during the Korean war. Unbeknownst to a lot of Americans was the anger towards HARRY TRUMAN which manifested ifself very quickly when the draft was used once again. Many families faced losing their ONLY remaining sons. Many had already lost sons in WW2. I think that had Truman not been on his last time around he would have been beaten by IKE anyway. Unfortunately IKE did nothing to end the draft either. I can still remember the protests that occurred when families last sons recieved their draft notices. I also know that there was open talk of insurrection against the Government. Later in the Korean war the draft laws were changed, to not draft the last remaining son of a family who had already lost a son in WW2. Really the probability of war with NORTH KOREA was already making itself known as early as 1949. It however didn’t get going very well until late 1950. Harry Truman was re-elected in 1948. Today we again are witness to a growing anger in the United States. This time it is because of the erratic behavior of our (alleged)President,compounded by his ILLEGAL status which renders him NOT the PRESIDENT at all. He is Barry Soetoro, and is not the elected President. In reality the US has no legal Constituitionally qualified President at all. We have a USURPER who is squatting in the Whitehouse, and PRETENDING to be thePOTUS. As such it becomes the job of the US Congress to act to correct it. Since they obviously will not, then it is the job of the judicial to remove him. It has become obvious that the SCOTUS is totally corrupt and do not intend to uphold the Constitution any longer. This means that we are now reliant upon the Military to remove him,and this is becoming more doubtful with each passing day. Now we are at the absolute bottom of the barrel,and the only remaining option is the National Grand Jury, convened by the People and for the people. Should this fail then ARMED INSURRECTION is the only remaing option.

  30. EVERYONE…….
    You need to obtain a copy of the current GLOBE NEWSPAPER. There is a condensed story of Obama’s homosexual behavior told there. I assume that the Globe story is taken from Sinclair’s book. There is a lot that I feel like saying but if I were to do that I would probably be asked to leave Citizen wells blog. I am angered, and sick to death of the usurping A##hole,who is living at 1616 Pennslyvania Ave.

  31. Air Force Brat

    Oldsalt76 is right about the gag order being commonplace. The military man who was gagged is only being prevented from talking to the media, not from participating in the suit. It happens in most high-profile cases, and is a safeguard against anyone accidentally blurting out anything that might endanger the case.

    I got the Globe issue with the Sinclair excerpt in it, and found it interesting. So did the checkout lady, who gazed long and hard at the cover and titles. Wouldn’t be surprised if she snagged one of the other copies later on.

  32. Air Force Brat

    I suppose it’s possible that I’m mistaken in the first paragraph in my prior post. But if so, it’d be the first time I’ve EVER heard of a gag order meaning automatic enforced withdrawal from a lawsuit.

  33. BOLO (Be on the Lookout)


    General Brutus

    Yes people, it CAN happen…

  34. Has anyone here checked on Donofrio lately? Boy is he buzzing, especially with Appuzo…

    Interesting stuff here with “Quo Warranto.”

  35. I’ve never written to my senators and congressmen in my life. I have now received 8 letters from them responding to my e-mails. I can’t believe how fast this administration is moving. It was definitely planned.


    I have to wonder if Limbaugh may be running in 2012.

  37. My advice for Limbaugh and Steele is to NOT
    let the liberals turn any of their Republican
    comments about each other into a “big circus”
    which the libs are happy to do. Limbaugh and
    Steele need to “get along” and shut up about
    EACH OTHER! They are on the “same side,”
    in the end!


  39. CW

    Kuddo’s to you and yours for keeping this insanity OUT THERE.

    Each week it has been “leaking” drip by drop, and now a puddle and then soon, a FLOOD, into the msm.

    Been lurking more than participating these days, but be sure, that YOU have lots of support … and much more to come.

    We all appreciate your hard work to save our Constitution.

  40. It is also imperative that everyone should know that the present and (alleged) US Government will move to block any further attempts by any person ,or entity to sue for ANY reason in any efforts to force the publication of any of Obama’s personal history. It is time that the public realised this.Lawsuits will be futile. The only hope left is that our armed forces together,not just a few from each branch, but the ENTIRE US MILITARY,Army,Navy,Marine Corp. Coast Guard TOGETHER IN their ENTIRETY form a coalition which represents the PEOPLE of the United States of America. It this point they will go to 1616 Pennsylvania Ave and ARREST SOETORO. He will only be released when he proves his eligibliity,and legal name. If he refuses then he should stand trial under a military tribunal.

  41. I heard first thing this morn on radio that Senator Cornyn of Tx. is urging a pull to the center,not to the right, in order to win the upcoming elections.I’m so fed up with these traitors!McCain is another globalist that is responsible for selling out this country. They run immigration like a candy store and when the cultural homogenity is absent they want to sell out their own population. They have permitted for years the infiltration of multiculturalism in our schools, Jihad infiltration in our govt,and want the real Americans to run to the left. Are you kidding me?
    My stationary will be marked throughout with STOP THE TREASON when I write these politicians from now on.
    Also, I wrote the Brooks guy and sent him the visual comparisons on the COLBs from HAWAII + a copy of a real birth Certificate from Hawaii.
    EVERYONE should nail this guy,he is such a DOLT!

  42. Jacqlyn Smith

    AP // March 4, 2009 at 2:01 am

    Has anyone else seen this article where whites were told to “go home” from city council meeting in Detroit? One person even cited Obama’s vision for unity and was told that HE shouldn’t say HIS name here. WTH is this world coming to? I guess I shouldn’t sound so suprised, I’m really not.

    On another note, I saw on Harry Reid on a clip on Greta tonite whining that the Repubs just say “No” to everything, they won’t work with us, they want Obama to fail. Does anyone else here think that Obama and his croonies act like a middle school clique
    I think we all need to flood REid and Pelousy with calls and faxes concerning their incompetance and support the REpublicans who did say NO. I for one am calling Lidsey Graham to commend him for voting NO and going on Greta and telling the whole world what hypocrites these idiots are who are running our government in Pelousy and Reid!!!!

  43. jcd: Thank you for the link to Donofrio & Apuzzo!
    Donofrio wants it out there -so we need to post it on as many sites as possible.

  44. Stephanie would welcome you. Thanks

  45. Does anyone else feel like they are watching a very suspenseful movie and keep looking at the timer to see if its almost over? I think its starting to give me a panic disorder…would that mean that I have standing?

  46. Cady–Wow! A good concise summary.

    jcd–carlisle? Hmmm! What year group?

  47. AP,
    I know exactly what you mean, except it comes with a sobering knowledge that this is reality and not just some form of escapist entertainment.

    I am shocked, horrified, disturbed, disappointed, grief stricken, angry, sad and sometimes feel helpless all at the same time.
    It is important that we keep reminding ourselves that these feelings must become fuel for action.
    We must resist these changes as a united conservative front.

    Our efforts are growing in participation and awareness, but we are still a loose coalition of groups. I am hopeful that the Tea Parties or some other event will be the catalyst to join these groups together.

    It just seems as if events are occurring to destroy this country at a pace designed to keep us from organizing in time to set the roadblocks of public pressure necessary to at least slow things down.

    Without the fair reporting from the propaganda machine we sometimes call the MSM, it is left to us to get the word out. It is simply not happening fast enough, in spite of efforts like this great site and others.

    Pray……….pray hard…….and don’t let us tire of our campaign to tell others and pressure those that are in a position to help this effort.

    I look to the colonists and I pray that we have the patience that they had in watching their small movement grow to eventually become the birth of this great nation. I am hopeful that the labor pains that we must suffer for a rebirth of this nation will not come with such a high price. But it is indeed time to step up the pace….IMHO

  48. BerlinBerlin

    Bullett proof glass and little control huts being built in Minnesota.

    I really wish it was jus tinfoil hat stuff.
    And, yes, I too feel like I am watching a weird movie.
    Feel that way since I realized that people arround me could not figure out how they are being manipulated.
    Hillary, Sarah… the witch hunt.
    And this slimey Obama guy, who is such a bad liar.

    Well, going back to the Nazi-Germany comparison.
    It was surely not the courts that took him out.
    The military at least tried.
    That’s the way to go, I think.

  49. BerlinBerlin
    >I really wish it was jus tinfoil hat stuff.
    Me too, this has been so weird! I did find a site about tinfoil hats if you want to make your own. I would never order one as you don’t know if it’s been tampered with 🙂

  50. BerlinBerlin

    Yeah Eagle, You can never be too careful!
    The Aluminati are everywhere!
    hihi 🙂

  51. Aluminati, I like that. Guess we can keep our sense of humor, at least for now

  52. BerlinBerlin: Are the German papers reporting on Obama’s lawsuits?

  53. BerlinBerlin

    I don’t think so.
    But I am also not reading German newspapers here.
    As an immigrant I try to live in the American culture completely.
    But at one point I wrote emails to a bunch of newspapers, with reference to web sites etc.
    First of all, when I visited the internet pages of those newspapers I got the impression they are all on board the Obama train.
    Second I got only one response, but no follow up questions.
    That was : “Der Spiegel”
    On thre other hand, when American Supreme courts judges and Congress men and women as well as Senators have a problem understanding the issue.
    The press overseas will go with what the MSM here reports.

  54. Berlin,
    Perhaps Eastern European Countries who will be harmed by his policies. Here is a Czech newspaper which has a article about him making a deal w/ Russia. Of course I don’t have a clue of what they are saying. Also the Brits aren’t very happy w/ him because of the way he treated Brown. I wrote a comment to both. I am just trying … The White Rose were an inspiring group of young people.

  55. BerlinBerlin……
    This is why it is extremely important to our cause that our counterparts the world over know the truth before the MSM can poison their minds with their lies.
    If we are to win the battle we need the belief of our friends in our cause. Without it winning the WAR is in doubt.

    “He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat;”
    “He is sifting out the hearts of men before his judgement-seat;”
    “Oh, be swift mysoul,to answer him!be jubilant my feet;”
    While God is marching on.

    FROM; “Battle Hymn of the Republic”
    Julia Ward Howe 1862

  56. BerlinBerlin

    Thinking about it….
    Maybe Orly or CW could write a press release with all the important points.
    Not too wordy, but with all the important links and names.
    We could go country by country and send it out by email.
    It does not have to be translated, since English is the internet language.
    I would volunteer.
    Europe, Asia, Australia, South-America, Africa.

  57. If we are to win the coming war it can only be accomplished by ALL Americans TOGETHER. We cannot afford any armchair generals, or educated GUESSES. In addition we will need ALL of our military forces as a coalition on our side. If we can get even one or two of our joint chiefs to publically come aboard we will have put a serious crack in the Government dam. When the remainder of our military services become a Coalition of the People and is declared as such the dam will FAIL, and Obama,along with the GANG of 14 will be looking at the inside of Leavenworth for a very long time.




  60. Berlin Berlin…….
    World publicity is the BANNER of our fight. The TRUTH needs to be sent to every country on EARTH, on a continuous basis. But not only the truth must be sent the PROOF of what we say must be included. This must also be repeatedly presented to ALL Americans continually as well. Everyone on Earth must be made to see the truth, because only when everyone on Earth knows the truth will we be able to take back our Constitutional government.

    “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord;”
    “He is tramping out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored;”
    “He hath loosed the fateful lightning of his terrible swift sword”
    His truth is marching on.

    From; Battle Hymn Of the Republic;
    Julia Ward Howe 1862

  61. There’s a good rely from the Dept. of Vital Statistics, State of Hawaii, posted in the Plains Radio forum about all this. Sounds like they even know that was a fake he posted online…

  62. citizenwells

    From MommaE blog radio:


    I just want to tell you that this afternoon’s show is on.

    All kinds of good things to talk about and it will be 90 minutes of hot topics, updates and fun. It should be a HOT, rocking show, as well as interesting.

    Please post this on your web site, blogs or any blogs you are associated with or have access to and send to everyone in your address book.

    Link, schedule, call in number and times for the Show is below!

    Call In # 347-237-4870

    NOON PM Pacific Time

    1:00 PM Mountain Time

    2:00 PM Central Time

    3:00 PM Eastern Time

    I hope to see you all there. There are 3 ways to listen to the show, they are as follows:

    1. When you get to the Show page if the show doesn’t immediately start playing for you,
    you can click on the radio on the right, minimize the page and listen while doing something else.

    2. You can enter the chat as a Guest and read what is being said while listening.

    3. You can register/log-in and chat while listening.

    The choice is yours.

    I hope to see you all there.

    MommaE and Matt

  63. This site was posted here last week it is a great place to find the newspapers all over the world. Start commenting “be jubilant my..” fingers Thank you oldsalt!

  64. detroit council and obama , birds of the same feather


    different modes of communication

    but their goals are the same.

    be afraid
    and be cautous

    we are dealing with thugs here, no morals or ethics whatsoever.

  65. LadyPatriot

    ms. helga: do you have a link for the info on the rush news?
    Thanks for all the informative links from everyone else.
    Stay the good fight.

  66. Jacqlyn Smith

    cd // March 4, 2009 at 8:24 am

    Has anyone here checked on Donofrio lately? Boy is he buzzing, especially with Appuzo…

    Interesting stuff here with “Quo Warranto.”

    This information was up on the Rightsideoflife website earlier this morning but now it is gone!! Does anyone know why Phil took it down??? Just wondering???

  67. GO RUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  69. Jacqlyn Smith

    I read a while back Phil is pro Obama!!

  70. Find all the old photos of Patton and Churchill that you can. How often do you see them smiling? Not very often. I can’t trust this current breed of politician. To a degree, not Bush, McCain, and especially crisis-man Obama.

    …smiling while passing these bailouts — look at the pictures. It tells it all…

    They know they are having their way. Churchill and Patton rarely smiled. They knew the job they had to do would make few happy. They knew the threats they had to face. They had true concern for the people they had to defend.


    We’ve got garbage right now. Blago, Obama, even McCain with the fake smiles, unwillingness to press the issues, the paid-for machine behind it all. This is ludicrous. NAME ONE REPUBLICAN in the Senate or House that has any respect for the founding fathers. There is none. They’ve proven that. (Well, there were a few from TN).

    And they all smile as the house of cards comes down. But we will turn the house of cards against them.

    We all need to start running for office and become the government. What’s our alternative to Obama when he’s out of office?

    We need to be willing to become the government — that means you and me running on honest platforms, starting small, and putting real American voices of reason and God-fearing honesty back in office.

    We need a conservative / libertarian / constitutionalist George Soros. We need the newspapers of yesteryear that questioned the rats. We need a Churchill and we need a PATTON.

  71. Air Force Brat

    Jaqulyn Smith — the info is still there, as of about 30 seconds ago:

  72. BerlinBerlin

    @Stephanie // March 4, 2009 at 2:30 pm

    This page is great!
    It has links to the homepages of all the news papers too!

    Now we need a volunteer to write a press release about all this.
    NBC clause
    law suits
    background info like the bogus COLB in comparison to a real birth certificate.
    Video from CPAC (crowd applauding the speaker who makes remarks about the communist not US born president)
    with links and everything, but not too long.
    Also it must be understandable for someone who is not familiar with the issues.
    I cannot write it, because my English is not on that level.

    Has anybody a good writing style and time to do that?

  73. BerlinBerlin

    p.s. @ all

    The idea is to write to international news papers all over the globe!

  74. Those that can should send the GLOBE MAGAZINE to Oreilly.He held up the Gobe when Michael phelps was caught with a bong.Wonder if he would hol dup the current one with OBAMA??
    Some congressmen and media need to read the Globe

  75. Larry Sinclair will be on major radio show FRIDAY

    Pass this on worldwide!!
    announce Friday what show

  76. BerlinBerlin – You can use “Google” Translate section to send out in every language.

    That was how I did the Apple Strudel recipe.

  77. BerlinBerlin

    Hey Ms. Helga,
    and that is how I realized You don’t speak any German, but used a computer translation program! LOL!

    No, I think English is just fine, everybody in the news business speaks some English.

    Those translation programs are not doing it, You shold read some of the results in English when they used chinese text. ROFL.

  78. Lady Patriot –

    I heard Rush on his radio show just after noon EST. I am sure if you go to his website now it is mentioned. This would be the biggest event of the year and raise a ton of money for charity. Rush is good at that.

  79. Lady Patriot –

    Here is the story on Rush

  80. Lady Patriot –

    Here is the written & vizual speech by Rush at CPAC

  81. BerlinBerlin

    The Manning Report:

    I don’t only want Obama to fail miserably.

    I want black folks to be embarrassed by him for the next 2000 years.

  82. The Manning Report:

    I like that guy

  83. Air Force Brat

    Hmm, why is my prior comment still awaiting moderation? This is unusual.

  84. BerlinBerlin

    Yeah Eagle,
    he is one fine warrior for the cause!

    @ms. helga,
    I think my first reply about the translation program was a little harsh.

    After I thought about it I realized those programs are very helpful to get an idea about the content of a foreign language text.

    But since the computer just translates words without grasping the meaning, such things as figurative language or sayings are totally “lost in translation”.

    For a press release it would be not adequate.

  85. Rigman –

    Just saw you words on Churchill and responsible people running for Congress. My theory is that all men and women serving in war zones now are the ones who should be seeking office. They paid with their dedication and devotion to this country. As far as Churchill . I loved his quotation to his people when he said “I see that Herr Hitler has said that he will ring our(the English people) neck like a chicken- some chicken, SOME NECK”

  86. If someone has talked about this, I apologize for posting it again. I’ve been tied up on a depo. At the place, under the latest news, it has this, which I think is extremely interesting, “…a defined and serious injury”:

    “A Defined And Serious Injury

    People forget that Obama’s lawyers have already admitted that whatever is in Obama’s bona fides would, “cause a defined and serious injury” to Obama and/or the DNC.

    During the Federal Circuit Court ruling on Phil Berg’s claim, judge, R. Barclay Surrick, ruled that any objection or refutation had to be served within thirty days. The Obama team contented itself with a motion to dismiss the case and a protective order.

    In these motions, Obama’s lawyers argued that revealing the information (birth certificate, citizenship in other countries, etc.) would “cause a defined and serious injury” to Obama and/or the DNC. They argued that revealing these documents raises a “legitimate privacy concern” and the above mentioned risk that “particularly serious embarrassment will result from turning over the requested documentation.” The source of that embarrassment was not specified.

    That’s why Obama fights the release of his bona fides — “particularly serious embarrassment will result from turning over the requested documentation.” — his own attorneys said so.”

  87. Interesting how Soetoro/Obama had his opponent in is Senate race unsealed his divorce records, stating it would be in the interest of the public. There is more interest in the public eyes of all his sealed documents. Fight on my fellow Patriots. Never give up the fight for America, do our parents and Forefathers Proud. God Bless America !!

  88. BerlinBerlin

    “particularly serious embarrassment will result from turning over the requested documentation.” — his own attorneys said so.”

    If Obama is not embarrassed by himself by now, I don’t know what could make him.

    Was he born as Barriette and had a gender change or what?

  89. >Was he born as Barriette and had a gender change or what?<

    LOL!!!! ROTFL!

    Well, maybe he did! Anything with him is possible, I guess. But maybe it’s a case of who’s your daddy?

  90. This part is what I wonder, “cause a defined and serious injury” to Obama and/or the DNC.”

    Now, as you-all know, that’s got to make everyone wonder what the heck?

    So, something must really be a kicker!

  91. citizenwells

    This was posted by “stophate” on Congress Watch.
    You may recognize this rabid Obamanot.

  92. BerlinBerlin

    He is developing the same hamster cheeks that Davis had.

    But why would it be an embarrassment to be the son of a pedophile Communist?

    …when You are Barack Obama?

  93. Kitty: And yet they have no qualms about releasing presidential confidential files that could cause embarrassment to the USA and a former Pres. Methinks that should enter into requests for OB’s info. He let the cat out and he should have to pay now. Far as I’m concerned, he cancelled his supposed privacy protection right there. He made it public and his background should be public record too. It always should have been as a qualifier to being Pres. I think this has been discussed before and I hope some legal angle can be worked out with it that forces the release of his past documents.

  94. please provide link to direct clause from defendant stating “defined and serious injury to OBama and DNC”. The original source from the court or PDF or ??


  95. I don’t even get the reasoning here. Isn’t ANY investigation that discovers a crime assumed to injure and embarrass the criminal–and the law is presumed not to care?

  96. BerlinBerlin

    quote: “Again, Citizen Wells shows how hateful and dangerous he really is. Domestic Terrorists like Citizen Wells are no laughing matter and should be dealt with swiftly.”

    Well, he conveniently left out what we’re really talking about here.
    But it would surprise me, if an Obot actually responds to the issues.
    Instead, just like through the elctions, they call You a “hater”.
    (I don’t even hate Obots, it would really give them undeserved importance. It is more like an annoyance, maybe like bad weather on vacation. You cannot change it, but You can ignore it.)
    The “dealt with swiftly.” part is laughable.
    This is when those anonymus keyboard heroes want to sound like real men, or what?
    We know who You are, Obots.
    Just by reading Your rubbish.
    You have neither a brain nor balls, just like the fraud and imposter You defend.

  97. Larry on Major radio Show FRIDAY

    In Globe now,book review of tell all book !!

  98. citizenwells –


  99. BerlinBerlin

    when I read the selfrighteous tone of Obots like “stophate” I really have to give Axelrod some credit.
    He has this army of upper class hobby civil rights fighters at hand.
    Eternally defending Obama despite of all his shortcomings.
    Just for the fact that he is (ahem) black?
    Well, his mama was white and his daddy came by airplane and not on a boat, as Pastor Manning points out.
    Axelrod knew he has a powerful card and he played it.

  100. Different Presidents, a Different Corps

    Military bloggers mock Obama with video

    Watch the Marines and you will understand.

    posted –

  101. Jacqlyn Smith

    Berlin-Berlin & Rocknee—Thank you I did find it. Phil had moved it to the feature stories and I didn’t see that. Thanks again.

    On Larry Sinclair….I think we should all write and call Oprah to have him on her show to promote Larry’s book!!! It is only fair since she thinks Obama is some sort of “messiah”!! I double dare her to interview Larry!!! That would really raise her ratings!

  102. BerlinBerlin

    Halfrican American and Marlboro Man! 🙂

  103. The Manning Report:

    I don’t only want Obama to fail miserably.

    I want black folks to be embarrassed by him

    pass on, please.

  104. RED FRIDAY: The following was received from the Wife of our adopted PFC Friend

    If the Red shirt thing is new to you, read below…Last week, while traveling to Chicago on business, I noticed a Marine sergeant traveling
    with a folded flag, but did not put two and two together.After we boarded our flight, I turned to the sergeant, who’d been invited to sit in First Class (across from me), and inquired if he was heading home.No, he responded. Heading out I asked?No. I’m escorting a soldier home.Going to pick him up?No. He is with me right now. He was killed in Iraq,
    I’m taking him home to his family.

    The realization of what he had been asked to do hit me like a punch to the gut. It was an honor for him. He told me that, although he didn’t know the soldier, he had delivered the news of his passing to the soldier’s family and felt as if he knew them after many conversations in so few days. I turned back to him, extended my hand, and said, Thank you. Thank you for doing what you do so my family and I can do what we do.
    Upon landing in Chicago the pilot stopped short of the gate and
    made the following announcement over the intercom.
    Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to note that we have had the honor of having Sergeant Steeley of the United States Marine Corps
    join us on this flight. He is escorting a fallen comrade back home to his family. I ask that you please remain in your seats when we open the forward door to allow Sergeant Steeley to deplane and receive his fellow soldier. We will then turn off the seat belt sign.” Without a sound, all went as requested. I noticed the sergeant saluting the casket as it was brought off the plane, and his action made me realize that I am proud to be an American.
    So here’s a public Thank You to our military Men and Women
    for what you do so we can live the way we do Red Fridays.
    Very soon, you will see a great many people wearing Red every Friday. The reason? Americans who support our troops used to be called the “silent majority.” We are no longer silent, and are voicing our
    love for God, country and home in record breaking numbers.

    We are not organized, boisterous or overbearing.Many Americans, like you, me and all our friends, simply want to recognize that the vast majority of America supports our troops. Our idea of showing solidarity and support for our troops with dignity and respect starts this Friday — and continues each and every Friday until the troops all come home,sending a deafening message that … every red-blooded American who supports our men and women afar, will wear something red.

    By word of mouth, press, TV — let’s make the United States on every Friday a sea of red much like a homecoming football game in the bleachers. If every one of us who loves this country will share this with acquaintances, coworkers, friends, and family, it will not be long before the USA is covered in RED and it will let our troops know the once “silent”
    majority is on their side more than ever, certainly more than the media lets on.

    The first thing a soldier says when asked “What can we do to make things better for you?” is. “We need your support and your prayers.” Let’s get the word out and lead with class and dignity, by example,
    and wear something RED every FRIDAY.


    posted –

  105. Citizen Wells,

    Leo is back and joined forces with Mario Apuzzo, well worth reading. Link says it all.


    Today I had a five hour meeting with New Jersey attorney, Mario Apuzzo. The meeting was entirely focused on the issue of Quo Warranto.

    Bottom line: we’ve identified a subset of plaintiffs who have a much more viable path to standing to institute an action in Quo Warranto than active military. This subset of plaintiffs would not be exposed to possible court martial since they are not military plaintiffs. And there is no prevailing need to place this burden on the backs of our military. Our military can retreat in peace on this issue. There is a new hope with a greater chance of success. This new hope has several layers of possibility. Attorney Apuzzo and I will be joining forces to see this matter receives the attention of proper Government officials.

  106. “The Manning Report:

    I don’t only want Obama to fail miserably.

    I want black folks to be embarrassed by him”

    Yep, if you’re talking about Dr. Manning, he’s totally great and just lays it on the line, which is the truth. More power to him and those who hear the truth of the matter. I love listening to Dr. Manning. He gets down on that long-legged Mac daddy.

  107. #

    LM // March 4, 2009 at 7:35 pm

    Different Presidents, a Different Corps

    Military bloggers mock Obama with video

    Watch the Marines and you will understand.

    posted –

  108. Ankeny v. Daniels: Mr. Ankeny and Mr. Kruse Go to Court in Indiana

    They are saying that 3 of the four main persons running for the office needed to resign from the senate before the Nov. 4 election for electors. They are saying that since their names were the only ones on the ballot and the way the constitution is worded, they couldn’t be sitting senators and be selected to be “electors” at the same time,because the election is to elect electors and not president, they were not eligible to run if they were still sitting senators on November 4th. And then, and “this is the sweet part” they added at the end of a rock solid argument oh ya, we also want to check on the eligibility of the candidates.

    The bottom line is there are many questions that need be answered before Mr. Obama could be deemed eligible as per the constitution requires…parent’s citizen status is one but also his birthplace and if he ever lost or renounced any citizenship during his time living in other “countries” as he has stated, and if so, did he try/succeed in getting it back? Mr. Ankeny and Mr. Kruse added the question could senator obama legally run while still holding his senatorial office? Any and all of these issues could have eliminated his eligibility to be POTUS.

    Sarah Palin only qualified!!

  109. If someone has talked about this, I apologize for posting it again. I’ve been tied up on a depo. At the place, under the latest news, it has this, which I think is extremely interesting, “…a defined and serious injury”:

    “A Defined And Serious Injury

    People forget that Obama’s lawyers have already admitted that whatever is in Obama’s bona fides would, “cause a defined and serious injury” to Obama and/or the DNC.
    >>>>>>link on this please.

    and berlin berlin

    i can write, i even took a technical writing class about 20 years ago. can’t you tell?

  110. why this adm sucks

    when you look very closing at the wording of that inexperienced geithner you hear things like “there are plenty of other ideas floating around out there”. He is managing on THEORY and hypotheticals. Every American should be reeling now with these statements. I know the professional money makers are. Just look at the major market indices since the tyran has been in control since last november. Only one direction there, nary a hint of a rally.

    And that direction is DOWN DOWN and DOWN.

    Want more?

    Yes , the tyrant needs to step down.

  111. Pingback: Arrest Iminent ? Citizen Wells Calls for Armed Uprising Against the US Government « Real Democracy

  112. BerlinBerlin

    Yeah, thank You da verg!

    It should be a understandable for constitution newbies, and also interesting inspite of all the law stuff.
    Not too long not too short, You know what I mean.


    NBC clause

    law suits (Berg, Taitz, Donfrio etc.)

    background info like the bogus COLB in comparison to a real birth certificate.

    Video from CPAC (crowd applauding the speaker who makes remarks about the communist not US born president)

    The Hawaiian law to allow birth certificates for foreign births (maybe a link to the COLB of this chinese guy)

    and so on

  113. IMO Soetoro had gender reasignment surgery. That’s why barry will be a pussy when he declines Rush’s debate.

  114. truthbetold11

    A law maker in massachusetts got 40 million dollars in stimulus aid, Great work, NOT!!! Because the money is not going to the 100 or so police officers fresh out of the 30 week academy that they sweated, The Governor is asking a huge gas tax largest in nation and is on vacation in the caribeen this week while these officers are at home going to the unemployment line. Crime is down in boston due to great police work. This is part of the national security force plan, make crime go up and justify a special security force, it all to easy to implement, The resident in the white house is slowing dismantling america brick by brick, God helps soon!

  115. Larry on Major radio Show FRIDAY

    In Globe now,book review of tell all book !!
    Any guesses which radio station this might be?
    Good luck to Larry–Thanks for speaking out!

  116. Air Force Brat

    Oklahoma’s Senate passed two important Joint Resolutions today: SJR-10 (declaring sovereignty — it’s the companion bill to HJR-1003) and SJR-11 (rescinding calls for a Constitutional Convention). Link below:

    At last count, a total of 31 or 32 states so far had either declared sovereignty, introduced sovereignty resolutions/bills, or were planning to do so.

    Obama may end up being king of not a whole hell of a lot.

  117. First of all, I want to add my 2 cents re Leo Donofrio’s new law epistle (Quo Warranto) he is working on. This appears to be a huge distraction at the exact moment that Dr. Orly Taitz is getting up a good head of steam. These military guys WANT to say “show me your qualification/eligibility papers to lead this country before I blindly follow your orders” and more and more are willing to put their money where their mouth is, so to speak. Dr. Taitz is on the verge of getting enough military people together to make it impossible for the media to ignore this subject. I think Messrs. Donofrio/Apuzzo should extend professional courtesy and refrain from distracting midway through her very difficult task.

    Secondly, CW, with my rather benign comments, I have been knocked off the web more than once — I can only imagine what kind of c**p they have put you through. Thanks for your courage and perserverance through some very tough attacks on our freedom of speech. I hope we are able to turn the tide back in the right direction.

  118. Kathy,

    IMO Soetoro had gender reasignment surgery. That’s why barry will be a pussy when he declines Rush’s debate.

    SHAME on you!!

  119. Leo’s brief, on Quo waranto ,part 1, is up on his site, and makes a good read, unless you’re an obot. Looks like Leo and Apuzzo have found the “silver bullet”, to oust the usurper.

  120. Read Leo Donofrio’s brief, now posted at his site, Quo warranto part 1., the remedy to the usurper.

  121. citizenwells // March 4, 2009 at 6:47 pm

    This was posted by “stophate” on Congress Watch.
    You may recognize this rabid Obamanot.
    We do, and let’s all agree he/she/IT is not worth wasting our time engaging. CW stands on his integrity. The Obamanot is not worth taking up the space on this blog.

  122. truthbetold11 // March 4, 2009 at 9:59 pm

    A law maker in massachusetts got 40 million dollars in stimulus aid, Great work, NOT!!! Because the money is not going to the 100 or so police officers fresh out of the 30 week academy that they sweated, The Governor is asking a huge gas tax largest in nation and is on vacation in the caribeen this week while these officers are at home going to the unemployment line. Crime is down in boston due to great police work. This is part of the national security force plan, make crime go up and justify a special security force, it all to easy to implement, The resident in the white house is slowing dismantling america brick by brick, God helps soon!

    truthbetold11, I live in MA, unfortunately (maybe you do, too), home of Kerry, Kennedy and Frank.

    Yes, a 19 cent gas tax in addition to raising tolls is on the table. Police officers and firefighters being laid off, our infrastructure falling apart, but this state has never seen a tax it didn’t like.

    Our Illustrious ‘Governor,’ Deval Patrick is in Jamaica on vacation while his state is crumbling, but you know what? His really good buddy is none other than Barry Soetoro. Not to worry.

    Enough said.

  123. Read where the publishing company publishing Larry Sinclair’s book was threatened so much they backed out. He said he would start his own publishing company and get ur out.

  124. Anyone who spends over $1M USD to prevent a Vault Birth Certificate from being disclosed to the American public instantly has my attention.

    Unlike McCain, Obama refused to show his Vault Birth Certificate and refused to comply with his previous agreement with McCain to limit political funding to Public Funds of $84M USD. Obama went onto accept over $660M USD for last years campaign.

    Obama did not inherit $1.45T USD of debt from the Bush years. Obama took over this debt due to democrats blocking President’s Regulatory Oversight Agency for Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac on in 2003. This was repeated by democrats blocking McCain’s co-sponsored bill of S.190 which would have also prevented the democrats bilking Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac in 2005.

    The Media (MSM) orchestrated a propaganda Blitz Krieg for Obama, because GE controls MSNBC, NBC, ABC, etc etc and is in collusion with Obama to become the main supplier for the USA Government. Notice that one cannot buy stocks in US Government businesses. Wait for GE to drop lower went from $11+/share to $6+ within a week.


    Albeit the ‘standing’ issue, can anyone say with any certainty, that there is a ‘duty’ by the U.S. Supreme Court, to assure the Citizenry that a President/Candidate Is Certified by the Constitutional Standards.

    Yes we all heard that Congress should be the avenue via their processes. But, but, but, being that we are dealing with the 3 Arms Of The American Government__one is to check counter check each other__right?

    What the hell is there to reciting ‘words’ with Chief Justice Roberts? Chief Justice Roberts was VETTED and ‘STANDS FOR SOMETHING’ does He not????

    Doesn’t the fact that He himself by swearing in Barry, VOUCHSAFEs SOMETHING?????????

    Barry signed a statement in Nevada I believe that states he is an American Citizen. Is Robert’s just going to take Barry’s word for this??? Did Congress send up the VETTING Check List on Barry proving to Roberts that this man is Vetted?

    If Congress did not send up a Checklist on Barry, then why in the hell do we have Roberts swearing in Barry if Roberts himself did not vett him????

    We could go to the nearest Grade School in Washington DC and let a 3rd grader swear in Barry Soetoro__am I right?????

    Why do we have Roberts doing it__has someone cleared this man for the Chief?

    Doesn’t Roberts have his credentials on the line here???? If he does, isn’t there a conflict of interest now established? All but Alito met with this SOB when Roberts had a closed door meeting with Barry.

    I believe we must deal with one Supreme and that is Alito. Roberts imo, is a defunct prima-donna along with the rest of the Supremes save Alito.

    I believe Roberts should be suied to disclose if he has any credentials on the line when he issues the words of the Constitution to be upheld. He took the Oath after an intense vetting by one of the 3 Powers Executive, Judicial, & Legislative.

    If Legislative owed a duty, then how is that duty ‘certified’ for Roberts to go forward on the level of Himself being THE UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT JUSTICE????


  125. BerlinBerlin

    @queenfisher // March 4, 2009 at 10:40 pm

    Orly is getting lots of criticism from people who are supposed to be on the same side.
    I am usually just registering this, because I think discussing this is contraproductive.
    Orly has her own strategy, that is to put everything out and to involve as many people as possible.
    I am very impressed by her energy and I totally support her.
    The fact that she is not an ivy league lawyer is a plus in my opinion.
    This situation requires new answers and strategies.
    Donofrio is more the theoretical type. he wants to have the perfect case and looks for the perfect plaintiff, judge etc.
    This is more a brainy exercise with him.
    Orly is out there talking and talking.
    Working and working.

    Well, whatever, just wanted to say that I’m with You on this qf!

  126. Breaking (and unfortunate) news: The NH Sovereignty Resolution was defeated by the House.

    A re-working of the Resolution is on tap. Pray…

  127. BerlinBerlin

    … and I remember that LD had his “wussy” post up for quite some time when other people were still working to get Obama challenged….
    -just saying-

  128. Wanna grade the Usurper’s performance so far? Have fun!

  129. Berlin,

    I know you know this, but all those attorneys have their own gifts and work from different angles. Orly has one, Leo has another, Mario has several too. Let’s hope and pray one can get through. I also heard another thing from an Indiana hearing that sounded promising. What have you heard about that?

  130. I like Leo, but he’s delusional if he thinks AG Holder and US Attorney Taylor are going to initiate a quo warranto action against Obama.

    I also don’t agree with him on his stand against Dr.Orly!

    The woman has busted her ass for months on end to get someone, somewhere to pay attention and oust the usurper Obama.

    Everyone in the country has tried everything they can “legally” think of to get a single case heard, and all we get is **crickets** from the courts.Chicken shit judges are scared of the illuminati and the powers to be.

    I personally think Orly and all the military personnel as well as the Officers are the best change we have.

    The more military we get supporting Orly, eventually the media is going to have to start covering the story.

    All we need is “one” high ranking military Officer to step up to the plate and challenge Obamas legitimacy, and it’s GAME OVER !

    Leo already had one “fail proof”…”rock solid” case that failed, even though is was the most solid case out there.

    I seriously doubt that any super secret ninja lawsuit is going to get anywhere.

    The time for political correctness has come and gone.

    It didn’t work in the beginning and it won’t work now.

    The only hope we have is the military to get more involved so that it causes a huge ruckus and the media starts to cover it.

    If they try to court martial someone and put them in prison for defying the president, then they damn well better be willing to prove the person they are court martialing wrong.

    The only way to legally convict someone is to bring the necessary evidence forward. Simply said; if an active duty military Officer is brought up on court martial and tried, the defending attorneys will have to bring evidence proving Obamas eligibility, and that simply is not going to happen!

  131. truthbetold11

    The chalice show go there and listen to stephen pidgeon it puts the whole case in a new light

  132. goodtimepolitics

    Please someone tell me why it is that Obama treats Hamas so nice and he was so rude to the British PM ? Something just does not seem right about this. Didn’t he say that he was going to change how our allies looked at us? Something wrong with this picture? What do you think?

  133. Air Force Brat

    goodtimepolitics: He likes Hamas. And he hates America and her allies.

  134. Kitty Kat77….. Question; If at the hearing the Obama lawyers said that all of this would create an”embarrassment”, as such ,I can’t help wondering why the SCOTUS didn’t look upon this as a partial admission of the truth, and why DIDN’T they THEN act upon it immediately. Something really rotten in Denmark.! To me it confirms nearly all that I have said about the SCOTUS. It also solidifies my belief that nothing will get to a hearing status,no matter WHO writes it,or how well it is prepared. I personally believe that going forward lawsuits will be a waste of time. We need to do exactly what the Obama lawyers were afraid of ,”EMBARRASSMENT” the WORLD OVER.

  135. “I have read a fiery gospel writ in burnished rows of steel:
    “As ye deal with my contemners,so with you my grace shall deal;
    “Let the hero,born of woman,crush the serpent with his heel,
    Since God is marching on.”

  136. bob strauss

    Glory glory hallelujah, glory glory hallelujah…..

    This is AOL asking to vote on Barry!Report card!F AND F AND F AND FFFFFFFFFFF!

  138. GBAmerica –

    Straight FFFFFFFFF’S Here Too.

  139. I gave him all straight F’s, but his average is a D.

  140. I did all FFFF’s too, popped up average D too.

  141. goodtimepolitics

    Thanks Air Force Brat at least now I know that I am not wrong in feeling that he hates America and its allies. I feel that he is out to bankrupt The United States and will try to do it within his first 4 years.

  142. Air Force Brat

    This one is too good to not pass along. Apparently “The One” isn’t universally adored, at least not by a certain Brit reporter:

    There are some Obot comments at the end, of course, but some good rebuttals of those comments as well.


  144. F’s across the board. I wish they had an F– but it wasn’t on the poll.

    I don’t think it will hit F overall because AOL is still skewing the results.

  145. Copy this letter from Dr Orly and fax or mail to your State Representatives, Senators and US Representatives

    Let help Dr Orly get this going…thanks!

  146. I don’t understand why we don’t get a million patriot march to the supreme court?? We have standing, it is our country, our tax money!!!!!

  147. From our friends at World Net Daily

    Senator: Eligibility is up to the voters
    Republican Martinez implies constitutional requirement for presidency can be bypassed

    No satisfaction, but at least it is an answer that doesn’t referece the HI. Health Dept. or Fact Check.


  148. Senator Martinez (Rep) just condoned MOB RULE.



  150. Jacqlyn Smith

    If you are listening to Fox News they said Biden is in secret meeting with AFL-CIO in Florida…no cameras allowed. I wonder what secret deals they are making now!!!

  151. LM, for goodness sake, instead of shilling for Orly, please, help her to proof her documents and then make appropriate corrections to both grammar and style, before mailing. Her credibility suffers as much from poorly written documents as from the outrageous claims she is making that BO is not a NBC. (And we want her to be believed!)

  152. The South, you are mistaken in your ‘take’ on the culpability of military personnel who refuse to obey orders. It is not up to the individual soldier to determine the eligibility of the POTUS. He is still the CIC. I am not advocating that, military personnel sworn to uphold the Constitution and who have a good faith belief BO is not a NBC and is therefore undermining the Constitution, obey his orders; I am saying that, disobeying his orders will subject them to the full force of the UCMJ. Dr. King said, if you choose to fight an unjust law; don’t expect not to go to jail. (“One who breaks an unjust law must do so openly, lovingly, and with a willingness to accept the penalty.” From Letter from Birmingham Jail.)


  154. Fernley Girl

    For those of you choosing sides with one attorney or the other: Does it matter? No. The wheels fell off the justice bus a long time ago. The judiciary is part of the problem, not part of the solution. They all belong to the same club, and we weren’t invited to the party.

  155. my market advisor just made this brilliant observation about the usurper tyrant and his policies:

    when your focus is everywhere, you have no focus

    and that is his plan to bring socialism to america,
    how much longer until this toon , this emperor with no clothes, is permanently defrocked?

    how much longer? The people are sick of this charade already.

  156. decentAmerican

    More confirmation that the Usurper is a complete idiot: his unfailing reliance on the teleprompter:


  157. Let’s Get It Right

    We are all mad as hell and don’t want to take it any more. One night we fell asleep secure in the knowledge we were in the United States of America. The next morning we woke up to the madness of an Obama raping, violating, and destroying America at tornado speed. We discovered we have been betrayed by both the government and MSM who suppressed vital facts that would have prevented the horror we our now facing. Nothing in American history has ever prepared Americans to either prevent or stop the treasonous crimes and total destruction from within America is now facing. This is war. We the people are being defeated into enslavement. It is a particularly heinous war because the enemy is our own government, and the strategists, aggressors and many enemies are nearly invisible. They are hiding in the closets, backrooms and cesspools all over the planet. Our only proof they exist are Obama, a usurper in the Whitehouse and the laws, bills they are passing against Americans and their clear objective of destroying America through bankruptcy, a weakening of America’s defense, and the absolute control over our free speech and right to bear arms. These are all symptoms of a government transition from Republic to dictatorship.

    When many voters began to realize we needed more information about this strange new Democratic candidate from no where than we were getting from MSM, we began searching the inter net. What came forward was a composite of extremely negative information which led to more questions that we soon learned all information had been sealed. That in itself would have been enough information for rational voters to not vote for Obama. Nothing about this election was rational.

    We began venting our suspicions and frustrations on the blogs. Soon a very clear picture came forward as described in the first paragraph. Obama is an imposter supported by an invisible enemy. Now, many brave patriots are stepping forward in many ways to protest America’s destruction. The states are declaring their sovereignty. Philip Berg, Leo Donofrio, Dr. Orly Taitz, and others have brought and are bringing law suits demanding Obama release his sealed documents. Attorney Stephen Pidgeon is spearheading a NATIONAL GRAND JURY. We The People Foundation, CUSC.Org, Citizenwells, USAPatriots-shout and thousands of others have web sites working hard to keep information coming forward. The advice is everything from say “we want to impeach Obama, to write to your Congressman, Senator, or state representative and tell them we don’t want the stimulus plan, or the new budget, or the. . . . .” Finally a group—The Tea Party has found a very innovative way to protest the government.

    I couldn’t agree more the idea of PROTEST. The louder, more persistent, and passionate the protest is, the better. Protest by millions of letters. Send them to the Supreme Court, to congress, to the media, to your Senators, and whomever else necessary. Make signs and gather groups and protest loud and clear on every street corner, in front of every TV station and newspaper office. Tell the world—“Hell no! We won’t take it any more.” Write with all your blood and guts on the blogs and send copies to editors or the press and every news castor and TV station you can think of. Throw as many tea parties as you can—everywhere, as often, as loud. Let’s continue to do so until every one in America—Republicans, Democrats, Independents, patriots get on the same page—remove Obama, the usurper from office and restore America to the Republic under the US Constitution.

    However, I want to be clear on two issues.

    1. Be absolutely certain however you choose to protest is honest and lawful. Do nothing that will give any adversary an opportunity to discredit or use the law in some way to harm or make you look guilty for something you have not done.

    2. Do not put the cart before the horse. This means do not give credit, acknowledge, or validate Obama’s illegal presidency in any manner. All protests must be first directed to A. A is A as Aristotle would say. What I am trying to say is—protesting anything Obama does as President-putting the control of the census bureau in Rahm Emanuel’s power, his stinkulus and all spending plans, his funding of Acorn, his housing recovery plans, and the rest of his evil ad sick-a-nitum agenda to diminish America is dumb. What I mean is—if people protest Obama’s actions without protesting his legality to be president, they are inadvertently making his imposter role as president legal by acknowledging him as president which he is not.

    Protesting Obama’s bills is a waste of time and energy because it only prolongs the main issue—Obama’s legality as president. Therefore, if all protestors focused on the one and only main issue—Obama’s legality as President then chances of getting him removed as a usurper are stronger. Once removed so will everything he did as president be declared illegal and unenforceable. So all the issues he has created will automatically disappear once Obama is declared a usurper. For this reason, I disagree with the Tea Party Group who only protested Obama’s spending plan and not the fact Obama is a usurper. The Tea Party group needs to focus not on Obama’s issues but on his legitimacy as president. Those who claim “Impeach Obama” need to replace that with arrest Obama. Under the law, a usurper can not be “impeached” as he is not the legal president—he must be arrested. Therefore all protests in order to be truly effective need to concentrate on A. Obama is not a legal president.

    Since Dr. Vieira explains better than I ever could, l include these excerpts from his wonderful article “Stand Up or Step Down.”
    “Fourth, if he turns out to be nothing but an usurper acting in the guise of “the President,” Obama will not constitutionally be the “Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States” (see Article II, Section 2, Clause 1). Therefore, he will be entitled to no obedience whatsoever from anyone in those forces. Indeed, for officers or men to follow any of his purported “orders” will constitute a serious breach of military discipline—and in extreme circumstances perhaps even “war crimes.” In addition, no one in any civilian agency in the Executive Branch of the General Government will be required to put into effect any of Obama’s purported “proclamations,” “executive orders,” or “directives.”

    Fifth, as nothing but an usurper (if he becomes one), Obama will have no conceivable authority “to make Treaties”, or to “nominate, and * * * appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the Supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States, whose Appointments are not * * * otherwise provided for [in the Constitution]” (Article II, Section 2, Clause 2). And therefore any “Treaties” or “nominat[ions], and * * * appoint[ments]” he purports to “make” will be void ab initio, no matter what the Senate does, because the Senate can neither authorize an usurper to take such actions in the first place, nor thereafter ratify them. One need not be a lawyer to foresee what further, perhaps irremediable, chaos must ensue if an usurper, even with “the Advice and Consent of the Senate”, unconstitutionally “appoint[s] * * * Judges of the Supreme Court” whose votes thereafter make up the majorities that wrongly decide critical “Cases” of constitutional law.
    “Seventh, if Obama does become an usurper posturing as “the President,” Congress cannot even impeach him because, not being the actual President, he cannot be “removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors” (see Article II, Section 4). In that case, some other public officials would have to arrest him—with physical force, if he would not go along quietly—in order to prevent him from continuing his imposture. Obviously, this could possibly lead to armed conflicts within the General Government itself, or among the States and the people.”

    The underlying problem will not be obviated if Obama, his partisans in the Democratic Party, and his cheerleaders and cover-up artists in the big media simply stonewall the issue of his (non)citizenship and contrive for him to win the Presidential election. The cat is already out of the bag and running all over the Internet. If he continues to dodge the issue, Obama will be dogged with this question every day of his purported “Presidency.” And inevitably the truth will out. For the issue is too simple, the evidence (or lack of it) too accessible. Either Obama can prove that he is “a natural born Citizen” who has not renounced his citizenship; or he cannot. And he will not be allowed to slip through with some doctored “birth certificate” generated long after the alleged fact.

    On a matter this important, Americans will demand that, before its authenticity is accepted, any supposed documentary evidence of that sort be subjected to reproducible forensic analyses conducted by reputable, independent investigators and laboratories above any suspicion of being influenced by or colluding with any public official, bureaucracy, political party, or other special-interest organization whatsoever.”

    Dr. Vieira wrote this before the election. I believe even he could not fantasize that the Supreme Court and MSM would have allowed an issue as vitally important to America to get this far. Now all we have left after being betrayed by Congress, Senate, MSM, and the Supreme Court is us—WE the People. That is why it is so important we get it right. Time is of the essence. The longer Obama is in office, the harder it will be to undue all the damage he is doing. Therefore we must focus our energy and protests on the main issue. We must unite in one voice and one message. OBAMA IS NOT A LEGAL PRESIDENT. HE IS A USURPER. HE NEEDS TO BE ARRESTED AND REMOVED FROM THE WHITEHOUSE. THE SOONER THE BETTER.
    Therese Daniels © 3/5/2009

  158. Berlin: Thanks.
    The South: Your comments are right on in my book (3/4 @ 11:48 P.M.).

    I question Donofrio motives. Reason is, I have watched and read everything I can get my hands on for some time now. It appears to me that everytime someone actually has a solid case going on — there is some type of distraction that separates and confuses the issue. Unless paranoia has got hold of me, Donofrio is trying to divide once again — sounds like part of the Alinsky program to me. I hope he quits with the warning to the military people, and butts out until Orly has a chance to finish her goal.

  159. Is the GE greenhouse gas business benefiting from Obie’s favorable press coverage?
    Obie does have a special “friends and family” plan, Chicago style…

    btw… We don’t need to pick sides with the Attorneys. I support both groups (and everyone else suing Obie). They should have different views and approaches, as that makes a favorable result more likely.
    Best of luck to all the attorneys involved!

  160. @rocknee
    Shame on me for what? What I said was a metaphore relating to Larry Sinclair’s accusations. Get over it. Loooosen up please.

  161. jbjd – you sound like Obama idiot.



  163. Jacqlyn Smith

    I saw on Fox News where Gupta has stepped down from being Surgeon General….wonder what that is all about???

  164. I don’t think the courts are going to allow anything to come to fruition … unless more of the citizenry catches on due to the falling of their own bottom lines and therefore futures with this POTUS. And Obama is working so fast that the downward spiral will occur BEFORE any constitutional questions will be solved.

    Instead I believe that the audacious shock troop effect being used on the public MUST be answered with same. There has to be another SHOCK effect to the other side. … through public shouts of suspicion of mental instability of this president … or even loud accusations of treasonous actions and policies, and deliberately planned for the demise of the country. It is already being noticed by a few getting alarmed by the state of their livelihoods and savings. CNBC’s Cramer, for example, a life long liberal Democrat, is screaming that we’ve elected a Leninist. I would say that it isn’t just a question of ideology, but rather real vengeful thought processes that have for their goal a fulfillment of Rev. Wright’s desires – to help their version of god – to damn America! It’s intentional and it’s extremely dangerous.

  165. LM —

    jbjd is NOT an Obama Idiot!

    Actually, the entire QUO WARRANTO argument that is all the rage, was FIRST proposed by jbjd!

    That approach is currently being undertaken by other attorneys, and basically, some of them have badly screwed up the original idea proposed by jbjd, which was well thought out, and very well written.

    I have not seen your comments before, so I am trying to be charitable, because jbjd is one of the smartest people we have working with us!

    Enough said for now!

  166. Ms. Helga: Sniffing what?


    This more damning than funny coming from a strong pro-Obama blog. Do they realize they have just revealed in true form the makings of a puppet?

    While the use of a teleprompter is a known quantity for the prez, the extent of his dependence on it is fully articulated here.

    This is why his speeches are like background noise, with little substance and filled with opium to mesmerize the crowds. Surprising from Politico.

  168. magna carta

    Hollister v. Soetoro dismissed.Judge made some cheeky comments threatening sanctions against plaintiff side.
    Re case said”The best thing to do is to let this die as quickly as possible”…I think he’s referring to the Republic.

  169. Stephanie –


  170. The South and everyone, the problem is, while individual military can be said to have the obligation to refuse to obey an order from a CIC they have a good faith belief is a threat to the Constitution; absent a ruling BO is not a NBC, from a deliberative body authorized to generate such a ruling, these military will not escape paying the legal consequences for disobeying the POTUS. Even Dr. King pronounced that those who in good faith defy unjust laws must be prepared to endure imprisonment.

    I hope you are able to see the distinction I am trying to point out. In no sense do I advocate evading or defying the law, as would the rabid segregationist. That would lead to anarchy. One who breaks an unjust law must do so openly, lovingly, and with a willingness to accept the penalty. I submit that an individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for law.

    (One more note to The South, the military Complaint was my idea, as spelled out in a memo posted on my blog and distributed widely in early November. I contacted Orly directly and, when she began assembling military Plaintiffs, contacted her again, to make sure she understood the simplicity of the legal action I proposed. That is, no claim BO is not a NBC but rather, a good faith belief whether he is; no claim to have figured out what information is in missing documents but rather, a reference to what documents BO has produced; and documented inconsistencies in the record. Only inactive military, subject to recall – I would have preferred national guard, as stated in my November memo – would have been named Plaintiffs. Orly promised, if I would draft the complaint, she would file it. That was 2 months ago, before the Congress ratified the EC vote. Then, she changed her mind. In other words, she did not come up with the idea to use military Plaintiffs to gain standing in federal court; I did. She did not come up with Quo Warranto, nor did Leo; Berg is the first to file this (using a ‘military’ Plaintiff!). She is really good at getting press attention; obviously, she has a fascinating personal story. But, I wonder whether she does us all a disservice for pursuing ‘legal’ strategies not grounded in law; and whether her frenetic activities actually translate into tangible positive results.

    Bob, thank you so much for your defense. I never respond personally to such attacks. Luckily, I have people like you who know my work, to defend me. I did not propose the Quo Warranto cause of action. My Complaint was much simpler; just ask the Court to Declare whether BO is a NBC. Even though Orly tried her best to persuade me, that I should ask the Court to ‘do something if he is not’; I maintain, once we have a ruling by a federal court, Congress will do the rest. Because at that point, they know, their jobs depend on it.

    P.S. I am awaiting one piece of information from HI elections officials before posting my individual state letters of complaint to the AG, charging either the D state chair or NP with election fraud.

  171. What was the judges name again?

    We need to know because we’re tracking all the anti-republic socialist judges who we will be personally yanking out of their courts here in due time.

  172. jbjd,

    While I respect much of what you say, I feel strongly that these suits and cases, albeit excellent for exposure to the cause, are merely a waste of legal time.

    Not because of standing. Not because of merit. Not because of anything of value (or not). These cases will fail because the judicial system, along with the rest of the federal government, is in complete disrepair. It is falling apart before our own eyes.

    Resolution to this issue will not occur by legal means. It will be resolved through forceful means just like what occurred back in the 1770’s. It is because in order for a corrupt government to survive, it must steal and lie to its people right to their faces

    Make no mistake here folks, get your things in order. We are about to witness something we haven’t experienced as a country in over 200 years.

  173. My husband and I wonder what would happen if ALL Americans (or at least the majority) just stopped paying taxes.

    Can they arrest everyone?

  174. Fernley Girl

    IMO not enough people would participate, and the protest would be silent. Neither the government nor the press would announce “x number” of Americans refused to pay their taxes in protest. For those of us willing to put ourselves in jeopardy
    there are better avenues of redress.

  175. Urgent Poll – Vote Now and Make Your Voice Heard

    Economic Crisis: Who’s to Blame?

    Government Bailouts…Good for America?

    Concern Citizen

  176. ok…Bob…thank you

  177. National Grand Jury Declaration “URGENT UPDATE”

    Posted by constitutionallyspeaking on March 3, 2009

    Still Seeking Jurors from SD, ND, NE and KS. Please give this serious consideration in light of all that is happening and what is coming down the road in future legislation.

    for further questions and assistance in signing up.

    Contact Stephen Pidgeon at:

  178. Fernley Girl wants your name & email & appears to be a commercial, not a political site

  179. jbjd,

    Yes, i’m aware you were the one who prompted Orly and others on certain cases and procedure (hat tip)

    I have to agree with JeffM on this.

    Some of the finest legal minds in the country have been trying to put together a case to be heard before “one judge” and to date **crickets**

    I really don’t think there’s a case out there that can be put together, to get a judge to touch it with a 10ft. pole. No judge wants to be the one who brought down the chosen one.

    As soon as they see it’s a case against Obama, they start side stepping and dancing around it with every little legal and not so legal technicalities they can squander together.

    This is going to take “extreme” measures at this point.That’s why i say the more military that come together (proper procedures or not) the better chance we have of getting some media attention.

    I firmly believe that the most brilliant lawyer in all the world could sit down and write up the most perfect, well thought out case in world history against Obama, and it still would NOT see the light of day!

    This is going to take sheer numbers and possible force. The fix is in, and until enough people come together with pitch forks and torches and march into some court room and “demand” that a judge sit his fat ass down in that chair and hear a case on it’s actual merits, instead of side stepping it, we are never going to be heard.

    Sometimes you’ve just got to go the extra mile to get things done. There’s not a judge, congressman, senator, secretary of state, governor, news anchor in the country, that’s going to put their careers on the line.

    It’s a damn shame!

  180. I hope you are able to see the distinction I am trying to point out. In no sense do I advocate evading or defying the law

    >>>the law has already been broken, we have no legit president, the Congress is illegal, as is the president. They are the ones who would be in jail. The CONSTITUTION no longer exists, there is no law. What is your basis for defying “the law” when none exists at the current moment in time on the FEDERAL executive level?

  181. “IMO not enough people would participate, and the protest would be silent. Neither the government nor the press would announce “x number” of Americans refused to pay their taxes in protest. For those of us willing to put ourselves in jeopardy there are better avenues of redress.”

    Yes, I know that, but consider, if enough people who voted for him get sick of it enough, which some already have, then that might be a good thing. Not that I don’t want to pay taxes, but it’s going down the drain to support evil purposes and we know the whole thing is totally staged!

  182. Orly just posted that an active duty member of military intelligence just joined her suit.

    The more the merrier!

    Now we need some Top Brass to jump in here, and when that happens, the topic will start to get some traction 🙂

    I wish an entire military platoon, or an entire military base would jump on this…lol…then we’d get some attention!

  183. Anyone have any ideas what to do with
    401k money in the stock market? Should
    it come out now before who knows what
    happens. And then what to do—are the
    banks safe?

  184. It’s time to lay off Orly. jdjb, you cause more dissension than you do good. If you’re so damn perfect, file your own case or shut up and leave those that try alone!! You can descent without ripping people apart.

  185. Columbus, OH—tomorrow BHO coming
    here –closed to public event at Aladdin Shrine
    Center (Stelzer Rd.) very near the Columbus
    International Airport. Got an e-mail that
    said “picketing” obama on the sidewalk
    in front of the building is very welcome.
    If you’re close to Columbus, come on down.
    Picketing 9 a.m. on …

  186. nawanawanga

    Maddie: We’re all panicking…
    The stock market will plunge further, so though you’ve “lost” you could regain if you sold now and bought again when it’s lower, theoretically, but then again Obama’s intentions are to wipe out capitalism altogether, and private ownership, so again, what do we do?
    It would seem stocks in Chinese industry might be good because they don’t allow a debt based economy!
    I would say bonds but they’re going to go under just after the stock market tanks too.
    It’s late in the game for gold, but anything tangible, anything which can be bartered, might be a good idea. Buy 2 years of nonperishable foods, like lyophilized (freeze dried), dried rice and beans that you keep really moisture-free, canned, dehydrated…that’s a life insurance policy you can never go wrong with. Buy some solar panels, energy will cost a premium soon.

  187. magna carta

    Would somebody check out latest on Orly’s site and let me know if I get it? Is this a verification that the MO. Rep. will have a judicial hearing/investigation on this issue?

  188. Joy— that’s is correct. I admire Dr. Orly and
    EVERYTHING she is doing. No one is this
    endeavor deserves to ever be torn down— it
    will take ALL of us WORKING TOGETHER
    to bring him/them down!

  189. thanks, nawanawanga, I need all the ideas
    I can get.

  190. The South, if well-informed citizens like you have become so cynical that you believe the ‘system’ is already irreparably harmed then, BO has done his job well. And he has been greatly helped by the histrionics of those practitioners who have encouraged your cynicism by proclaiming the rule of law is dead (just because they failed to successfully assert the law to achieve their stated goals).

    Anarchy is not a viable alternative to what I believe is BO’s unlawful Presidency. Would you foment sufficient dissent in our military ranks so that our enemies will launch an attack against us in our weakened state, just to prove a point?

    Individual citizens like you have not begun to fight, who have not personally visited the offices of their elected officials, and calmly and rationally laid out the indisputable facts. (And when I say “facts,” I mean this, literally. My military Complaint contains a cogent synopsis of the issues surrounding BO’s NBC issues. Practice presenting your case to your state officials. And remember, you know too much for someone else with little knowledge of these facts, to take in all at once.)

  191. COLB wont do in Missouri!
    Big step in the right direction:

    A little late…..but an affirmation of something nonetheless!

  192. JeffM

    You sound like a man of action, kick ass and take names later.

    For Oldsalt76 also. From both your view point, hypotheotical, when the shootin starts, whats gonna happen. Whites shootin blacks, arabs, mexicans, illegals or what. Also, will there be a list in Wash DC to round up; obama, 535 reps, judges, state level, list goes on!!!

  193. Kittycat77

    Dear IRS,
    I am sorry to inform you that I will not be able to pay taxes owed April
    15,But all is not lost.

    I have paid these taxes: accounts receivable tax, building permit tax,CDL
    Tax, cigarette tax, corporate income tax, dog license tax, federal income
    Tax, unemployment tax, gasoline tax, hunting license tax, fishing license
    Tax, waterfowl stamp tax, inheritance tax, inventory tax, liquor tax,
    Luxury Tax, medicare tax, city, school and county property tax (up 33 percent
    Last 4 years), real estate tax, social security tax, road usage tax, toll road
    Tax, state and city sales tax, recreational vehicle tax, state franchise
    Tax, state unemployment tax,Telephone federal excise tax, telephone federal state and local
    Surcharge tax, telephone minimum usage surcharge tax, telephone state and
    Local tax, utility tax, vehicle license registration tax, capitol gains
    Tax,Lease severance tax, oil and gas assessment tax,
    Colorado property tax,
    Texas ,
    Colorado , Wyoming ,
    Oklahoma and New Mexico sales tax, and many more
    That I can’t recall but I have run out of space and money.

    *When you do not receive my check April 15, just know that it is an
    Honest Mistake. Please treat me the same way you treated Congressmen Charles
    Rangle, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and ex-Congressman Tom Dashelle and, of
    Course, your boss Timothy Geithner who happen to be Democrats along with
    All those “Change Obama” Nominees who had Withdraw due to not paying their taxes.
    No penalties and no interest.*
    P.S. I will make at least a partial payment as soon as I get my Entitlement Program
    Stimulus Check.

    Ed Barnett

    Wichita Falls

  194. Maddie

    Reported on Rush today FDIC will be gone by summer.

  195. I agree. Cynicism at this stage in particular is very harmful because it plays into the hand of the opponent. And that is precisely their intent.

    Try to imagine an ER physician attending to an MVA victim approaching death. Vitals signs must first be stabilized. It is rational thinking at its height. That’s what must happen here because the consequences are just as dire if you don’t.

  196. True, learned in POW training have to stick together to defeat the enemy. Another thing taught, it’s best to escape immediately after being captured.

    The longer he is in office, the harder it will be to remove him!!

  197. jbjd,

    You have no idea what i’ve done to inform my elected officials (short of sticking a pitch fork through their shoe) to make them listen.

    I as well as millions of others have called, emailed, telephoned, faxed, called to schedule a meeting, etc. until our fingers and feet are bleeding. None of them care to listen, even when the facts are presented to them (see Constitutional Hall of Shame) those are the same response we get no matter which approach we take to get their attention.

    No, i’m not looking to have the “entire” military drop ranks to put us in a weakened state that would make us vulnerable to attack.That’s an idiotic presumption in itself!

    The problem is, the most important individual in our military is the POTUS. So if he’s not legitimate, then who the hell else is?

    So, if it takes an entire battalion or platoon to take his ass out of office, then so be it!

    While you’re spending all your time criticizing others on their approach, there’s an impostor sitting in the White House pretending to be the most powerful man in the world, that’s in charge of the most powerful military in the world.

    I truly hope that you are correct, and all hope of the legal system is not gone, but i reserve the right to question whether their is any legitimacy left, as you can see, to date, not one case has been heard.

    Now instead of spending all your time criticizing everyone, why don’t YOU file the damn lawsuit yourself.Stop giving everyone advice and jump in your own car and drive down to your local court house and file it YOURSELF!

    You seem to be a very intelligent individual, but you seem to be spending more time grading every ones test papers instead of taking the test yourself!

    If your case is so perfect, then what the hell are you waiting for?

    You have a chance to save our country, and instead you’d rather criticize all others that are doing everything they know how to do, to save it!

    Please stop criticizing others and telling them what they need to do to get a case heard, and get off your **** and file the damn case !!!!!!!!

    I’m not trying to be disrespectful, but you’ve been at this a long time, and i just think if the case you present is so powerful, then you really owe it to your nation to get the case heard.

  198. From the Steady Drip too bad they didn’t have this law in place in all 57, uh…er…um..50 states prior to the election!

    Closing the barn door after the wolf gets in.

    Here is a step in the right direction. Maybe next cycle we can actually get an honest election, at least in Missouri.

    Missouri Bill to Require Birth Certificates for Presidential Candidates March 4th, 2009
    Missouri Representative Wayne Cooper (R-Camdenton) has introduced HJR 34. It has 15 Republican co-sponsors. It requires presidential candidates to submit a Birth Certificate to the Secretary of State, and says a certificate of live birth is not an adequate substitute. It also requires voters to show government Photo-ID at the polls, bans same-day registration, says the deadline for registering to vote will always be 4 weeks before an election, abolishes absentee voting unless the voter will be absent from the county or can establish illness, and says no one may be paid to register voters. This would all be one very large amendment to the Missouri State Constitution. The sponsor titles it “The Voter’s Bill of Rights”.

  199. Orly posted that 2 US Attorneys signed stipulation for demand of info. Can anyone interpret this for me? I’m a little confused on it!

  200. Maddie, you wrote:
    Anyone have any ideas what to do with
    401k money in the stock market? Should
    it come out now before who knows what
    happens. And then what to do—are the
    banks safe?

    Maddie, my thinking is this, which keep in mind that I have no money period to worry about this, but I hear others saying buy into gold, etc. Then it’s a guarantee that they can’t take your money from you. Which they shouldn’t, I mean, my goodness, you’ve worked hard to do this, so it’s just evil, in my opinion.

  201. I second that…AP

  202. Oh, Rocknee, that’s is funny and what’s scary is that it’s the truth! LOL!

  203. kittycat77–thank you for your idea–when
    people “buy gold” is it gold jewelry or what?
    coins—where do you buy them? As you can
    see I don’t know too much about any of this.

  204. maddie

    I heard Glen Beck say he buys antique gold coins!!

  205. Everyone!

    Go easy on jbjd. I do believe I once read that he could not be seen on tv so it might be that he is in a position that he prefers to not get exposed.

  206. Maddie,

    Do not buy gold mining stocks, but gold buillions.

  207. Fernley Girl

    Maddie, some analysts think the “new bottom” for the Dow will be 3500. A few months ago they thought the bottom would be 6500. Use the search term: Dow 3500. If you convert to gold, which some predict will more than double in value, be certain to purchase gold that is not registered with the government. Take physical possession. Don’t put it in a safe deposit box. The U.S. money supply has increased by 271% in the last 3 months.

  208. Seriously – could someone with financial expertise please present a strategy for dealing with 401 K plans and retirement plans that are heavily vested in the stock market. Should one take the stiff penalty and withdraw the funds – or leave them to ride out the storm? Never in a million years would I have thought that we would have to be concerned about pulling out our retirement funds at such an early age. But – is it worth the risk to let them sit and continue to watch their value decline? Any advice would be welcomed.

    Does anyone believe that there is any chance of ousting this untouchable from his place of power? I cannot believe that he won, that he was inaugurated into his position, and now that he is residing in the wh – trampling over our Constitution and rights. Any words of encouraged would also be welcomed. I don’t see a bright future ahead.

  209. LadyPatriot: I took out my IRA’s with a 10% penalty in September, invested heavily in Microsoft I got out just “in the nick of time”. Now I don’t know where to go (please no Nigerians contact me).

  210. If your employer matches contributions, keep buying in with one hand and fighting Obama-ism with the other.

    Do the math. Even though the market halved, the matching contribution evens it out . . . plus, you are buying at basement prices.

  211. Fernley Girl

    You have to make your decision based on certain educated assumptions. We took o’s words and background literally and made adjustments last October. You need to understand how the money supply affects prices in the market and the marketplace. No one can provide absolutes for investing. The best anyone can do is look to the past, see what happened under a similar set of circumstances, and then make a decision you believe will best protect your interests.

  212. nawan & paralegal: Thanks for the input. It is interesting to hear all different views on this topic. We are in a quandry – and I think this economy is only going to get worse. But is it worth the penalties incurred ? And paralegal: interesting viewpoint on the fact that purchases of different stocks are being bought at basement prices. So do you think that things will turn around any time soon – to even the losses out? I can’t see thow anything in this spending plan (stimulus package) will actually help to stimulate the economy – at least not in a timely fashion. Again thanks for all the input from everyone.

  213. nawan & paralegal: Thanks for the input. It is interesting to hear all different views on this topic. We are in a quandry – and I think this economy is only going to get worse. But is it worth the penalties incurred ? And paralegal: interesting viewpoint on the fact that purchases of different stocks are being bought at basement prices. So do you think that things will turn around any time soon – to even the losses out? I can’t see how anything in this spending plan (stimulus package) will actually help to stimulate the economy – at least not in a timely fashion. FernGirl: Thanx for the informative lesson on supply & demand. Do you think with this influx of money that is supposedly being poured into our market from the pork package, that things will turn around? Even if this is a huge debt for future generations & the money is earmarked for special projects and special interest groups? Again thanks for all the input from everyone.
    March is just looking very bleak – and I thought February was bad!

  214. Thanks to ALL my friends here for your
    help and support. I am closing my 401K
    tomorrow and going to follow up with the
    suggestions. I’m glad to know that the
    safety deposit box is not the place to put
    the gold after I buy it. I probably would have
    done that. Now at least I have direction in
    this chaotic, frightening time caused by
    an imposter in the White House. We must
    get him out by any means possible.

  215. nawanawanga

    I’m selling my rental house, at a bargain price, because I want to buy some farmable land elsewhere. THREE times I got this email:
    “I was in the same situation and found this site that offers President
    Obamas new Mortgage&Debt relief program, if you want to check it out”
    go to

    I suppose it’s lenders prospecting for a commission for Obama’s forced renegotiated loans. They are SO aggressive!

  216. Oklahoma Senate Passes Bill Affirming State Sovereignty

    Oklahoma Senate Passes Bill Affirming State Sovereignty Over Those Powers Not Granted to the Federal Government by the Constitution
    Written by Larry Greenley
    Wednesday, 04 March 2009 18:15

    Oklahoma is still leading the rest of the states in affirming state sovereignty over those powers not granted to the federal government by the Constitution as secured by the Tenth Amendment. On February 18 the Oklahoma House passed HJR1003, a bill affirming Oklahoma’s Tenth Amendment sovereignty powers, by a vote of 83 to 13. Today the Oklahoma Senate passed its version of the bill, SJR10, by a vote of 25 to 17.

    At least 15 other states have already introduced resolutions similar to Oklahoma’s HJR1003 and SJR10 resolutions, including Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Washington. Pennsylvania and several other states are also considering such resolutions.

    Click here to conveniently email your state legislators in support of Tenth Amendment resolutions similar to Oklahoma’s. You’ll be supplied with a blank message to your state legislators. Just use the information and links in this article to learn whether your state has already introduced a Tenth Amendment resolution or whether you need to urge your state reps to go ahead and introduce such a resolution. Armed with this knowledge, you can compose an appropriate email to send.

    In another piece of good news, the Oklahoma Senate also passed by a resounding vote of 45 to 0 a resolution (SJR11) to rescind all of its previous calls to Congress to convene a constitutional convention (con-con). Click here to read a review of which states have also rescinded their con-con calls over the past 10-20 years. The more states that rescind their con-con calls the less chance that a dangerous con-con will ever be called.

  217. AP, I will interpret Orly’s work or you.

    As I have posted here several times previously, Orly had no legal basis to issue subpoenas for personnel information to all of those federal agencies she posted on her site. Instead, very simply put, these agencies have merely decided to treat those subpoenas as requests for public information, which requests can be submitted by any citizen, to any federal agency. And the letter she just posted from the DOJ informs her of this decision.

  218. (should be ‘for you’)

  219. nawanawanga

    FDR seized gold, that’s why Beck buys antique coins, they’re the exception.

  220. decentAmerican

    Hello — can someone who knows please update us on Larry Sinclair’s book? I thought it was supposed to be released on 3/1. I expected it to be covered up by the media, but I haven’t heard a thing about it on blogs, and it used to be listed on barnes and noble, but now it is not there at all ? Is it delayed, or is it off the shelf?

    thank you.

  221. Air Force Brat

    Aristotle — I posted that yesterday. Guess no one noticed. It’s good news, though.

  222. Lawrence of Arabia once said —

    I have 18 complaints about living in London. But strangely, London seemed to be completely unmoved.”

    What does this little proverb mean?

    Let me make an analogy.

    I live around little children who walk to school across my yard, but my sister lives where horses graze all around her in huge pastures.

    My nuisance is nothing like hers — because where she lives, half her year is spent swatting horseflies.

    I notice it when I go to visit her, but no one who lives there pays any attention to the fact that the person they are talking to is constantly flinging their baseball caps at the horseflies, just like the horse flings its tail.

    The whole scene is comical to me — a visitor, an outsider.

    But, the people who live there are totally oblivious to the whole scene.

    I think that this is what Lawrence of Arabia meant.

    This is what we should see: we see a Congress, the Courts, and the White House all constantly swatting horseflies attracted by all the dung they leave behind every night where they live and work, that they don’t see how strangely bizarre and comical their actions and behavior really are to those of us who look in at them from the outside.

    They really, really are our hired help, and they really, really are clueless!

  223. Citizen Wells, JeffM , jbjd, or anyone, the comments from Sen. Martinez if accurate strike me as being maybe the first admission of something other than ignorance in regard to Congress’ failure to properly vet. The comments also at least suggest a reason for deliberately ignoring a sworn obligation. Self-incriminating?

    This excites me enough to press my Congressman for an answer beyond the nonsense they all offered in responses as in the Hall of Shame. I hope others will also be inspired to do this.

    Also just days before the joint session I followed the prompt to send notarized “Point of Order notices” to some congressmen. Any ideas how or who might be able to utilize these?

  224. Pre- 1933 gold coins cannot be confiscated by the government. Buy those. Also…you may want to buy some solid silver coins, like dimes, for bartering. Do so soon as supplies are short.

    I moved a lot of my 401k to a gold fund backed 100% by gold…….
    you might want to look into that

  225. DON’T PANIC –


  226. David A, glad you asked. This excerpt is from a letter FL Senator Mel Martinez wrote to constituents in December. You might read the whole letter, which is posted on this blog under Constitution Hall of Shame. Clearly, Mr. Martinez is washing his hands of the issue, even prosletyzing his constituents that regardless of their concerns, BO’s Presidency is a done deal, notwithstanding Congress had not yet certified the EC vote. (Senator Martinez has announced he will not run for re-election.)

  227. Martinez doesn’t need to run for re-election,
    after his LUNATIC comments, he’d never
    be re-elected. What an absolute IDIOT!

  228. Protest reminder for Columbus, OH:
    Picketers meet on sidewalk in front of
    Aladdin Shrine Center on Steltzer Rd. very
    near the Airport. 9:30-1:00 pm. protesting.
    Let’s show Mr. Usurper what we think of his

  229. kittykat77…….
    You have wondered what would happen if people refused to pay the ILLEGAL income taxes which are IMPOSED upon us each year.
    For such an action to have a real effect it would require every person in the US who has any income to act in unison. It would not be wise for the Federal Government to attemt to prosecute all of the people in this country. As jbjd stated is everyone prepared to go to jail. In actuality such an action would do more to damage the services that are now in place,and have been part of our lives for some time. Nor would it necessarily dislodge the USURPER.
    In another comment of jbjd I read ,to my surprise, what seems to indicate that even he is beginning to think that the barrage of lawsuits are futile. I have said this for some time, because it was very plain early on that the SCOTUS is corrupt. In reality this will continue. I further believe that we must create a well written, and very public campaign to DISCREDIT, our illegal president. Everytime he acts on something, or makes a public remark it needs to be turned around, and used against him,in well written articles ,published in ALL of the newspapers on Earth. When he becomes so discredited that his constituents will no longer listen to him, he will be finished. We have one hell of a battle in front of us, and few people realise the magnitude of it. The battle has already begun. GLOBE has bravely taken the initiative,and have shown that they stand with our Constirution, and will publish everything relating to Soetoro,bad,good,true,or untrue! If we can find a few more of such entities, we can increase the volume of articles that discredit him exponentially, and thereby putting him constantly on the defensive. Properly worded articles which have clear meaning, must become a constant barrage the world over. If Globe is willing to run the GAMMIT there must be others who only need a little incentive to get started. We need to seek them out. One of these seems to be the London Telegraph. Recently I forwarded a story to them which reflects what I believe to be the basic thoughts of everyone on Citizen Wells,and beyond. However for me to attempt to convey the real thoughts of everyone is not fair. You need to transmit your own thoughts in large volume to people like Globe and London Telegraph. This is only a beginning,and will require a lot of hard work,and persistance of everyone. You need to seek out publishing companies both in the US,and overseas. Send them your OWN viewpoints,and not the views of the MSM. Write articles which specifically relate to an Obama action. I guarantee that they WILL read it, and if they like it they might publish it. Who knows they might even solicit your continued articles, possibly even pay for your views. I also guarantee that such a venture will keep your mind on the cutting edge of things.

  230. The transcript from CNBC’s “Kudlow.s Money Politics”

    “JIMMY ROGERS: Larry, those guys in Washington just do not get it. They are destroying the economy. They are destroying the currency, right before our eyes. It is mind-boggling to me what’s happening. They hired this guy, Geithner, who’s been wrong for fifteen years. Larry, if I were on your show for five weeks and I was wrong every week, you would not have me back. This guy has been wrong fifteen years in a row. And Bernanke? He’s been wrong 350 weeks in a row. These guys don’t get it.”

    Jimmy Rogers has moved to Singapore.

  231. ……….and that government of the people, by the people,and for the people,shall not perish from the Earth.

    Gettysburg, address; November 19, 1863

  232. We need lawyers willing to SUE MEDIA FOR MALPRACTICE.
    For example CNN in October was in the very courtroom with cameras when testimony linking Obama to ACORN criminal activity was put forth. They chose not to go with the story as it was a “game changer”. No, DUH!!
    This is deliberate and an attack on the citizenry using words or omission of pertinent information.

    The web of Obama’s control does not reach so far that every news outlet could stand up to the RAGE they’ve created in the citizens of this country at what they’ve perpetrated upon us.

  233. CNN and ABC and MSNBC are loaded with dough and ripe for a barrage of wrongful harm suits. THAT’LL teach ’em!
    Here’s yet another, among thousands. I personally fed critical informational stories to my local paper The Seattle PI and they were utterly ignored during the campaign. They are now going out of business and I say good riddance.
    “The unholy alliance between the White House and ABC’s George Stephanopoulos goes beyond mere conference calls with President Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.
    The executive producer of “This Week” is married to newly-confirmed United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice.
    Such was reported by Commentary magazine’s Jennifer Rubin Thursday:
    You know those fawning little bios which the MSM runs? Well sometimes you learn the strangest things: “[UN Ambassador Susan] Rice is married to Canadian journalist Ian Cameron, executive producer of ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos.” Wait. The EP of a top Sunday show is married to a top Obama official? Shouldn’t this be disclosed on air, at least when they are discussing foreign policy?
    Just as fascinating, Broadcasting & Cable reported Cameron received this position in October:
    It’s official. Ian Cameron has been named executive producer of This Week With George Stephanopoulos, based in Washington.
    Cameron had been a senior producer at World News for the past seven years.
    What kind of objectivity can this program possibly have concerning the White House if its executive producer is married to a high-ranking member of the Administration?

  234. DEFENDOURFREEDOMS.US published a new entry entitled “Copy of Open Letter, Demanding Investigation and Immediate Action To U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr.” on 3/6/2009 5:16:00 AM, written by Defend Our Freedoms Foundation.

    Copy of Open Letter, Demanding Investigation and Immediate Action To U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr.

    To: Senate, Congress, Governors, Domestic and International Media and Private Citizens:

    RE: Copy of Open Letter, Demanding Investigation and Immediate Action To U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr.

    Below is a link to a letter sent out to Attorney General Eric Holder certified mail on March 3, 2009.

    This is a large file and was converted into a web page for review.


  235. BerlinBerlin


    7:19 They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumblingblock of their iniquity.

    7:20 As for the beauty of his ornament, he set it in majesty: but they made the images of their abominations [and] of their detestable things therein: therefore have I set it far from them.

    7:21 And I will give it into the hands of the strangers for a prey, and to the wicked of the earth for a spoil; and they shall pollute it.

    7:22 My face will I turn also from them, and they shall pollute my secret [place]: for the robbers shall enter into it, and defile it.

    7:23 Make a chain: for the land is full of bloody crimes, and the city is full of violence.

    7:24 Wherefore I will bring the worst of the heathen, and they shall possess their houses: I will also make the pomp of the strong to cease; and their holy places shall be defiled.


    Listen to this radio-show!
    I found this on



    I meant to have posted this last week, but I kept forgetting to get it on.

    It’s from the daily Rick Wiles Internet radio program.

    The program for listening to–at least first, is the one from Monday, February 23rd.

    The title is “Prophetic Warning To America”.

    The introduction part starts at about the 15:20 mark, and the nitty gritty part at about the 16:45 mark.




  238. Jeffm…….
    You reflect my exact beliefs. All lawsuit against Obama will in one manner, or another be disposesd of by any invented reason that they can. Here is the main reason; The Obama coalition has already passed the point of no return. They are COMITTED, and for them it is now “DO OR DIE”. The Obama coalition consists of Congress,Senate ,SCOTUS, and in all probability much of the top military brass. We are facing one hell of a fight, and it will be unlike any battle that we have ever fought before.

  239. Ms. Helga,

    Thanks for posting RCP article. I erringly posted it on a wrong post this a.m. I agree, it is a must read.

  240. After watching this battle for over a year, I agree with oldsalt 76. This administration has been in the making for years. Obama was slated to win before the primaries, never mind the election.

    That being said however, as I have said before, this is no time to roll over and die.

  241. Ms Helga, Here’s the story:
    Lame Cherry

    Tuesday, March 3, 2009
    The Occidental Obama
    As the Obama meandering trail of life becomes the interstate highway of courtroom trials for our beloved leader, Birdie Obama, it perhaps is time to weave the fabric of Barack’s Muslim, Kenyan, Indonesian, Hawaiian serape to explain just what he is hiding by hiring his platoon of lawyers.

    What is taking place is indeed conspiracy as in the sense a violation of the RICO Act. This involves the state of Hawaii and Occidental College, if not Columbia of New York and Harvard.

    What requires explanation in this is a generation of crime in supplanting the United States for money. It is as simple as that in local government policy being fed huge sums of money at the behest of Ford Foundation incorporating globalist policy into American culture.
    Barack Obama is simply the tip of this iceberg which he desperately must conceal, along with all these other benefactors or beyond embarrassment, people will go to prison.

    The first task in need of explanation is why would Hawaii aid a known illegal of British birth in illegally obtaining a fake birth certificate?
    The answer is in 1961 the American public had not yet been herded by Teddy Kennedy and socialists into providing welfare benefits to illegals. Hawaii had a large population of illegals who were slave labor, but were a huge burden to the system in poverty and crime.

    The Hawaiian answer, as it was a Democratic state and still is was to start registering all those foreign kids by the thousands. The purpose being to tap into all those federal hundreds of millions then which would profit the state.
    See all of those poverty programs flowed funds into the pockets of the retailers as the golden goose pipeline. If one makes citizens out of illegals, then Hawaii converts a debt into their asset in obtaining more funds and growing the socialist system which empowers Democratic liberals.

    The fact is there are hundreds of thousands of Barack Obama’s registered in Hawaii. Do you think even a Republican governor sitting on this explosive mess wants any of this coming out?
    An entire state sold out the United States for filthy lucre, because they were importing Asian slave labor. That does not make a great headline, nor, did they probably ever expect a money train welfare illegal would somehow get hisself installed as President which would expose the entire Hawaiian fraud, and you know very well that all of those records would have to be gone through and verified so an Obama repeat would not occur, in all 50 states.

    Talk about a nightmare huh? The nightmare would be the removal of Obama under Quo Warrantus which is being attempted now and 49 other states suing Hawaii for the money it would cost to check all of their records over the Hawaiian fraud.

    Hawaii has always been a corrupt enclave like Rhode Island. Hawaii was the conduit in the Clinton years to get Chinese communists a stake in the United States Stock Market, to which Hawaii had the first meltdown in this scheme in costing their investors a fortune and ruining their banks.

    That is why Hawaii is in collusion with Barack Obama. There were involved in massive welfare fraud and do not want this coming out.

    With this kind of background, in families being “informed” of the opportunities involved in engaging in illegal citizenship, one Stanley Ann Dunham, hauled her little African eastern boy to Indonesia, until the jungle fever wore off, and then dumped him into the Hawaiian system again where Grandma Dunham was stuck with the kid.
    Grandma Madelyn Dunham did earn some money in BankHo, her bank in Hawaii, but I suspect that the prestigious school Barry got into, was the same game that brought Barack sr. to America on a free educational route.
    Barry Obama Soetero was tapping into the welfare system of Hawaii, and in knowing what twisters the Dunhams were, this takes us into Occidental College.

    Amusingly Occidental College, basically means round eye college as occidentals are of the European origin who reside in North and South America. The place Obama chose to be dumped into by the Dunhams, was like many of the colleges in that 1979 period in tapping into government resources of free money to “educate” foreigners.
    One has to understand colleges in America do not operate to educate children. They are conduits of establishing globalist brainwashing into children and as dry cleaning of billions of dollars in funds in “research”.
    For example Wisconsin has a female professor who took huge amounts of cash for global warming, and one of her subjects was studying how the Great Lakes absorbing carbon gases affected warming. One might as well studied your bathtub water for the effect as if you look at a map you see the Great Lakes are dots compared to the oceans.
    There are numerous studies linked to this gravy train of funds which flow into colleges and back into corporations whose equipment and services are purchased.
    It is the Warren Buffett money flow into Walmart for his Chinese investments. except in this case it is college money laundering.

    So the Dunhams were adept at illegal activities in scamming the American system, so it is a conclusion by what Barack Obama has been up to with his platoon of lawyers that he is covering something up.
    Remember it is public information that Barry Obama upon going into college became Barack Hussein Obama. Liberals have explained this away as, “Barack was more intellectual sounding”. Not a chance, because what was going on is this:

    A college career recruiter shows up and says, “Barry come to Occidental as you will have fun”.

    Barry goes home and tells Gram Dunham he wants to go have fun. Either money is tight or the Dunhams are basic welfare swindlers and being cheap as they are, Gramma and Mama, put their heads together and say, “Hey, we can get a free education if we dust off Barack sr. being a British subject.”
    They tell Occidental that and Occidental says, “Great, but we need documentation”.

    “Crapper in the wrapper, “Stan and Mad say as all they got is a bogus Hawaiian birth certificate making him Americans.

    Then Stan and Mad remember that Barry was adopted by Indonesian Papa Soetero. They tell Occidental this and provide Barry Soetero school records from Indonesia and Occidental says, “Eureka, you have struck it rich pilgrims. There is golden grants in them Indonesian hills!”

    So Birdie becomes Barack and Occidental gets a big ole Obama grant to go with all their other foreign student federal grants they have been milking the system for at the behest of the globalists.

    The problem now is, Occidental never figured their scammer would produce a person in the White House. See this system was designed to Americanize 3rd worlders with globalist nonsense and then bury them back into Indonesia, Russia and Kenya to ruin those peoples lives.
    Occidental now has a huge problem as it engaged in federal student loan fraud which gave them like many of these globalist programs huge bankrolls to profit off of in exchange for Rothschild plans.

    None of these geniuses ever suspected a scammer scamming the system would have a parent who would eventually tap into the Ford Foundation money and fellow traveler contacts which would start opening doors, including psychiatric research doors in reprogramming a Birdie dope head in Columbia to become Barack the communist organizer of Chicago.
    Stanley Ann Dunham got greedy in out of necessity. She tossed Barry away in abandoning him in trying to get rid of her reminder of jungle fever, but still had this reminder turning into an eyesore dope head. She took this looser, put him into a program to “fix him”, laying Bill Ayers mindset onto him, all for the purpose of making her sexual mistake into something which would soothe her troubled breast.
    The problem is Stanley looks like she embezzled funds from Ford to give Birdie a jump start at life in making her mistake into her glory. As this blog noted, Birdie was only supposed to be the new Jesse Jackson in bringing in the black vote at the beginning.
    He though was transformed by his programming to take the lead of self fulfillment in being President when Hillary was forced to take a dive.

    Not for one moment though have the Rothschilds nor Rockefellers not known Barry Soetero is dripping wet with fraud. Bill Clinton constantly hinting at “Constitutional qualifications” means in the boardrooms where these people meet, they have discussed it, have the paper trail and have Obama by his testicles that Jesse Jackson wanted to cut off.
    Jackson pronounced the race was now complete and there was no more need for “black affirmation” as the race has now reached the mark.

    The globalists know all of this and are shedding the black vote for the hispanic vote with Obama as their judas goat in betraying blacks. The globalists know full well how precarious of position Obama is in. They know if this comes out the country will be in chaos and they know if Obama stays in office the continued economic attack on America will simply provide their conduit in establishing their global order.
    These financiers win no matter what as they have set this out to play out this way.

    Strangely Orly Taitz, the lawyer who has the best option to bring all of this out and shine a light on the sordid money fraud situation betraying the United States is a factor the globalists hope for as the more turmoil created the better it is for the global order.

    At the very least in this, Barack Obama is guilty of federal money fraud. As Tom Daschle and Tim Geithner just said “Ooops sorry” and paid it back, it could end there for Obama in the foreign student loans IF he had not shown a pattern for the period from 1971 to at least 1982 in passing hisself off as Barry Soetero, resident of Indonesia as an adopted son from British Kenya all to tap into the American money supply.
    A normal moral person would never have gotten themselves into this mess, but Obama because of his programming and what that did to his phobic compulsion disorder has been ploughing on in this using the shield of the patricians who created him as they are powerful and connected people.

    Occidental College opens up the door to Barack Obama declaring in writing he is not American, but foreign. This progresses to Columbia in this fraud as Birdie at home with the racist base elements as he dope slides along, concludes he is owed a little summer vacation with his Pakistani buddies.
    Always the Dunham corner cutter, he goes into Pakistan once again on an Indonesian passport which signifies again Barack Obama is Indonesian as Americans could not get into Pakistan.

    Obama would have probably gotten away with the money fraud, if he had not been too cheap and decided he just had to flip the bird to the American system and get into Pakistan. Those records prove he is an affirmed triple citizen of British Kenya, Indonesia and America, if not Canada registration too.
    Any part of which disqualifies him for President of the United States.

    Birdie Obama is like the crook who steals a million dollars, but has to go back and pick up the bank President’s pen in greed and that is the 20 dollar item that gets him busted.

    There are federal records for these Obama applications for funding in the Department of Education. As of Barack Obama attempting to further smear George W. Bush in releasing Bush documents, to take the heat off of Birdie, the Dunham, Obama, Soetero education files are now open to the Freedom of Information act as all papers associated with a President are, as Barack Obama made this a presidential issue when he hired attorneys to cover up what was being hidden at Occidental College.
    This is a matter for the Justice Department as it is money fraud of college funds and it is a matter for the Republican minority in Congress to demand and hold hearings investigating this.

    Those records all exist and if someone destroyed them and they are missing, that is a federal crime of which Barack Obama is benefited by, as in he is then a guilty co conspirator in another felony.
    If you get money from someone illegally, and someone else burns the papers protecting you, you are just as guilty as the person who lit the match.

    That is how all of this ties together from Hawaiian welfare fraud, Occidental College student finance fraud and Barack Obama currency fraud defrauding the American public of funds and places of education for it’s own citizens.

    This is really a large issue of global scale and Barack Obama is the tip of the felony iceberg. Someone is going to come forward with the papers which will light this up as it is in the globalists interests to do this. It will though come out as the scenario of operation is exposed here in tying it all together and as more people figure it out, then the conversation becomes, “I’m not following that crook in the White House”, and Barack Obama occupying that House or in exile does not matter as he will cease to be Prime Minister as America and then Congress ignores him.

    Russia has figured this out people, President Medvedev brushed off Obama’s overture on European missiles linked to help in Iran. They know Obama is finished and are going to Jimmy Carter fillet him for concession as Obama needs them and they do not need Obama.
    A simple alert for people who have not noticed this Nixonian Clintonesque Obama era, the Russians and Chinese have just declared the United States under Obama as unnecessary.

    Richard Holbrooke pissed on the President of Iran, well President Medvedev just pissed on Barack Obama and America today.

    You people at AOL, Politico and other mania outlets attacking “birthers” or this site, you had better do a reality check as your Obama on an issue you claim does not exist, just proved it matters to the people with nuclear missiles aimed at America.
    You Obamaniacs did this and no matter how deluded you are into thinking he is your mahdi, the real world has just dismissed him as already not being leader of the United States.

    The time will come when the American majority ignores him. Then what will Obamaniacs do as you have growing numbers of military already refusing to follow orders from Obama without those papers you claim do not matter?
    Areas of America are already discussing not paying taxes and just going gopher with their guns and survival foods. You Obamaniacs are about to be facing this alone with a world class fraud who is looking to abort you abandoning you to wars you will be fighting as the US military stands down.
    I warned of this in not wanting it in any way to come into the United States Military for the upheaval it can cause.

    The Russians just slapped the person in the Oval Office across the face today as Obama gave them all they demanded. Every terrorist, every world leader just witnessed and noted what happened.
    They are coming now for America and this all traces back to the Occidental Obama.

  242. decentAmerican

    Heard the publishing company received so many threats they backed out. Larry Sinclair said he would start his own publishing company and publish the book.

  243. citizenwells

    I spoke to Larry Sinclair this morning.
    He is working on the publishing co. It is very time consuming.
    The Obama Camp will take any measures to attempt to silence him
    and anyone else questioning Obama.

  244. citizenwells

    From MommaE blog radio:


    I wanted to let you know that I will be doing a show on Sentinel Radio today and possibly every Friday afternoon. It will be one hour of Politics and fun. There is a special chat room for this show and this is the link for the chat

    Please post this on your blogs, any blogs you are connected with and allowed to post on and send to everyone in your address book. Link to the show, call in number and times are listed below.

    Call In No: 646-727-2652

    12:30 PM Pacific Time

    1:30 PM Mountain Time

    2:30 Noon Central Time

    3:30 PM Eastern Time

    I hope that you will join us for the show. You can just listen, or you can choose a Nickname and join in the Chat while listening. The choice is yours.


  245. CW

    What your take on the Lame Cherry story?

  246. kittycat77 // March 5, 2009 at 6:47 pm

    My husband and I wonder what would happen if ALL Americans (or at least the majority) just stopped paying taxes.

    Can they arrest everyone?

    It is my experience years ago (my husband has been self-employed off and on for 34 years) that due to an inconsistency we weren’t aware of when we made a mistake, the IRS goes into your bank account and gets what’s there as a first step.
    A friend at the bank alerted us, we paid the IRS…end of story.

    Today?? I have no idea what measures they take…….I do know that the sheriff of any county has jurisdictional authority and can prevent any intervention or actions taking place by federal agencies, yes, IRS, CIA, and FBI, etc. In fact, it has been written recently that not only can the sheriff order them out of their county, they have the authority to arrest the officers/agents.
    State vs. Federal???

  247. jbjd // March 5, 2009 at 2:46 pm

    LM, for goodness sake, instead of shilling for Orly, please, help her to proof her documents and then make appropriate corrections to both grammar and style, before mailing. Her credibility suffers as much from poorly written documents as from the outrageous claims she is making that BO is not a NBC. (And we want her to be believed!)

    Is it me, am I stupid, or am I the only American citizen that gets it??
    It wouldn’t matter if God Almighty came down himself and wrote this argument–IT WILL NEVER SEE A COURT OF LAW!!!
    This is bigger than any can imagine, which is why Dumbo made it as far as he has and is not being removed.
    The ‘end of the world’ or ‘the end of America’ as we know it?? I don’t know, but I do know that more than legal scholars are involved in this crisis and it had to have been planned for years.

  248. BerlinBerlin

    At first I didn’t understand who she was: “Pam Roach”

    Pam Roach is a State Senator from Washington.

    Here is an email exchange with her about the requirement to be a NBC to become POTUS.

  249. Therese Daniels, I wholeheartedly agree with your statement that, what needs to precede any discussion of BO’s latest blunder is the fact that, he is not Constitutionally eligible to be POTUS. In fact, if I may synthesize your impassioned essay… Participating in a reasoned analysis of any aspect of BO’s is ‘presidency’ legitimizes the fraud that is his occupation of the Oval Office.

    And that, in large part, is how he got to where he is. That is, by ‘looking Presidential’ during the primary campaign, he fooled people into thinking of him as a president. (And by claiming he had won the D primary, he tricked people into believing HRC had lost, notwithstanding she amassed more pledged delegates from votes cast and won the popular vote. In fact, unable to harass her into submission from February through the end of May, the DNC finally resorted to stealing pledged delegates from her to give to him and, even worse, donating pledged delegates to him from Uncommitted votes, choosing to appear unjust to ‘win’ rather than lose fair and square.

  250. I just received this from a Cal. online friend with money–I have none.

    All pension funds, private and public, are done. If you are receiving one, you won’t be. If you think you will in the future, you won’t be. PBGC will fail as well. Pension funds will be forced to start eating their “seed corn” within the next 12 months and once that begins there is no way to recover.
    All annuities will be defaulted to the state insurance protection (if any) on them. The state insurance funds will be bankrupted and unable to be replenished. Essentially, all annuities are toast. Expect zero, be ecstatic if you do better…………

    Interesting read and reinforces what I’ve been reading for 4 months, or since Nov. 4th.

  251. BerlinBerlin

    You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.

    You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.

    You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.

    You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.

    You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.

    You cannot build character and courage by taking away men’s initiative and independence.

    You cannot help men permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves.

    ~ Abraham Lincoln~

  252. citizenwells

    I just posted an update on Hollister v Soetoro

  253. citizenwells

    Lame Cherry is usually spot on (Brit phrase).

  254. JBJD STATED, “Orly had no legal basis to issue subpoenas for personnel information to all of those federal agencies she posted on her site.”


    Orly is in a war against ‘attrition’ because ‘first’ the denials ’caused’ legal action.

    The Democratic party is committing collusion in their design to restructure America which must violate the Morals of the Constitution.

    Barry has spent well over $1M in just his Birth Certificate alone to keep it hidden. Barry has high powered attorneys to prevent information coming out of Harvard, Chicago Law, & Occidental.

    Do you really think it is because of the policy you suggest is actually (ask & receive)?

    Barry’s modus to implement Government control over the States is one of inverting logic/metaphors & taqqiya. This Federated Republic was founded upon the Individual States who then designed the Government only for Protecting Our Shores.

    Why would any retard send off our money during this time of financial implosion so people overseas can have abortions?

    This guy is a scab!

  255. Rocknee // March 6, 2009 at 2:25 pm


    Heard the publishing company received so many threats they backed out. Larry Sinclair said he would start his own publishing company and publish the book.

    This is why Dumbo has backing from billionaires; if he can achieve this kind of threat to a publishing company, he can achieve the same with MSM.
    We have seen this for months. This is BIG, folks.

  256. Jacqlyn Smith

    citizenwells // March 6, 2009 at 2:33 pm

    From MommaE blog radio:


    I wanted to let you know that I will be doing a show on Sentinel Radio today and possibly every Friday afternoon. It will be one hour of Politics and fun. There is a special chat room for this show and this is the link for the chat

    Please post this on your blogs, any blogs you are connected with and allowed to post on and send to everyone in your address book. Link to the show, call in number and times are listed below.

    Call In No: 646-727-2652

    12:30 PM Pacific Time

    1:30 PM Mountain Time

    2:30 Noon Central Time

    3:30 PM Eastern Time

    I hope that you will join us for the show. You can just listen, or you can choose a Nickname and join in the Chat while listening. The choice is yours.


    Why doesn’t Larry Sinclair go on MommaE radio show and discuss his book???

  257. I hope Larry S. is successful in publishing his
    OWN book. I know it will sell big time.

  258. Rocknee,

    oldsalt76 and myself along with others know the score here: Anticrist Fascists: 50…Patriots…10.

    That score is about to change here soon, and the fascists are in for a real surprise. I, like others posting on the Internet are prepared to get physical (and by prepared I mean PREPARED), or at least work with the Patriot movement against the tyrannical government we are seeing in a way that helps all involved.

    Keep your eyes, ears, and fingers open. War is coming. Get prepared by arming yourself, getting an emergency plan, and stocking up on food and supplies. Get involved with the Committees of Safety.


  259. A casual read of the Code of Judicial Ethics advises judges to avoid decisions or public appearances that suggest political bias.

    In the face of a question of fundamental constitutional law (Art. II eligibility) versus plaintiff standing, the long list of case dismissals indicates either abject fear, or the appearance of political bias towards the defendant, Obama.

    If the Supreme Court was asked, simply, what is the definition of Natural Born citizen as required by Article II, the answer would not be political.

    It would, however, beg a response from Barack Obama . . . as he would face the court of public, and media, opinion.

    Without a Declaratory Judgment from the Highest Court, would Obama just shrug it off and say, “Well, that’s their opinion.”

    Unfortunately, the Republicans refuse to ask this question in an ad hoc caucus. Congress does have constitutional powers to write naturalization law (Art. I, Sec. 8, Cl. 4). The role of the Senate hearing on McCain’s natural born eligibility proves my point.

    Unfortunately, Americans have become so immoral and base, that they worship liars and robbers of the Treasury . . . as long as they get away with it. Their respect for Natural Law is, as I opined for Obama, “Well, that’s their opinion.”

    For a complete analysis of the fraudulent Obama election, see

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