Philip J Berg, Press release, February 24, 2009, Michael savage, Radio interview, Berg vs Obama, 2 cases, 1 under seal, Hollister vs. Soetoro aka Obama, Senator Obama’s lack of Constitutional qualifications, eligibility, President of the United States

Philip J Berg Press release dated February 24, 2009:


02/24/09: PRESS RELEASE – Berg on Michael Savage Nation (Contact information and PDF at end)(Lafayette Hill, PA – 02/24/09) – Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the first Attorney who filed suit against Barack H. Obama challenging Senator Obama’s lack of Constitutional “qualifications/eligibility” to serve as President of the United States and his cases that are still pending, Berg vs. Obama [2 cases – 1 under seal] and Hollister vs. Soetoro a/k/a Obama announced today that he will be on Michael Savage Nation tonight at 6:30 p.m. E.S.T.Berg stated, “I am thrilled to be on Savage Nation as Michael Savage has a widespread audience [10 million listeners who tune into Savage each week – on WOR in New York, KNEW in San Francisco, WKRO in Boston, or hundreds of other stations nationwide] and Michael asks the tough questions. The last time I appeared our dialogue regarding Obama was so great that I turned out to be the longest guest ever, being on for 1 ½ hours.

My appearance will help in our efforts to spread the word as the major media continues to refuse to cover this story – the most significant story in the history of our country; the biggest “HOAX” perpetrated on the citizens of the United States in 230 years, since our nation was established. Obama must be legally removed from office.”

Berg continued, “I believe that 10 to 15 million people are aware of the Obama ‘HOAX,’ and we must make 75 million people aware. When people are made aware of the Obama ‘HOAX,’ that Obama has not proven he is constitutionally ‘qualified/eligible’ to be President; that Obama has not produced his original (vault version) ‘Birth Certificate;’ that Obama has not produced legal documents to show he legally changed his name from his ‘adopted’ name of ‘Barry Soetoro’ from Indonesia; they will demand Obama be removed from his office of President of the United States.”

Berg concluded, “I am proceeding for the 305 + million people in ‘our’ U.S.A., for ‘our’ forefathers and for the tens of thousands of men and women that have died and/or been maimed defending our Constitution, with our legal fight to prove that Obama is not constitutionally qualified/eligible to be President.”

The following is an update on my three [3] pending cases regarding my challenge to Obama’s lack of qualifications/eligibility to be President.

Also, I am preparing to file a 4th case – Quo Warranto [challenge person in office – that does not meet the qualifications].

As you know, I was the first to legally raise the issue – having filed my lawsuit on August 21, 2008, before the DNC Convention

Status of Cases:

Berg vs. Obama, Third Circuit Court of Appeals No. 08 – 4340
Berg filed Brief on 1/20/09
Response Briefs from Obama, DNC and FEC filed on 2/17/09 (Appellees)
This is the case that was dismissed in U.S. District Court, Eastern District of PA
Judge Surrick dismissed for lack of “standing” by Philip J. Berg
This is case that I bypassed Third Circuit to U.S. Supreme Court – where U.S. Supreme Court denied several Injunctions and to hear case.
However, case is still alive in Third Circuit.

Berg vs. Obama, U.S. District Court
Case filed under seal on 11/07/08 – cannot be discussed
Berg filed Motion to Unseal – decision pending.

Hollister vs. Soetoro a/k/a Obama,
U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, No. 08-cv-02254
Berg filed 1st Amended Complaint for Hollister on 2/09/09 after Soetoro/Obama and Biden filed Motion to Dismiss
Berg also filed Response in Opposition to Motion to Dismiss
This is the case of retired Air Force Colonel Hollister who is on lifetime Presidential recall.
Hollister needs to know if recalled by Soetoro/Obama – must he obey an Order by a legal President or disobey the illegal Order by a Constitutionally ineligible/unqualified “Usurper” President.

For copies of all Press Releases and Court Pleadings, go to:

For copies of all Court Pleadings, go to

For Further Information Contact:

Philip J. Berg, Esquire           

555 Andorra Glen Court, Suite 12                                                     
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444-2531
(800) 993-PHIL  [7445]
Fax (610) 834-7659
Cell                 (6…   

First hour interview between Berg and Savage
begins just after 17 minutes in.

First hour interview 

Second hour with additional comments from
Senator Shelby of Alabama.




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  1. Check out Drudge Report, right column.

    soetoro wants to ban assault weapons!

    well, what did you expect? The first move of a tyrannical government is to disarm the masses. Then tell them what to do and how to do it. And coward-slime Holder is justifying it by saying that it will prevent the violence on Mexico from spilling over into the Southern States.

    I have a better idea, Holder. Why not just CLOSE the borders and ENFORCE the current laws? Why in God’s name would you want to disarm law-abiding citizens who need to defend themselves from the potential violence?

    Or are you trying to disarm us so we are unable to resist your criminal efforts? Or is it to some other loyalty that you do this?

    Folks, do not let them take your guns and ammo. That will be the beginning of the end. The Second Amendment stands above all attempted laws to limit our rights. Don’t let them do it!

  2. Thank goodness we are hitting another gun show this weekend. Better hurry folks!

    Thank you Phil Berg for your tireless efforts. You are hanging on to this mission to expose Obama like my bulldog hangs on to her chew toy! Thank God for your dogged pursuit and willingness to expose yourself to only God knows what for the sake of your country!
    You sir, are a TRUE Patriot!

  3. Tea parties scheduled throughout the country:

  4. Alex Jones radio online
    11AM – 3PM Central

    He is talking right now about this very topic.

    I am listening everyday to his show. Time is running out. Jones is a sound VOICE OF WARNING.

    Check it out.

  5. Watch out for the PIED PIPER in the white house he will lead you down a road of no return


    Barack Obama and Larry Sinclair: Coke-Sex-Lies and Murder to be released March 1, 2009,

    On News Stands every where Thursday, February 26, 2009. Get your copy before they are sold out. “New details in BLOCKBUSTER BOOK!”

    Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro is caught up in a new gay sex and drug scandal . Find out all the details of the letter Michelle Obama received from the MAN who claims to be her husband’s lover.

    posted –

  7. How come we know more about The Anointed One’s dog’s pedigree than that of the owner. We all know that The Messiah refers to himself as a “mutt.” But one would think that he would protect his children from shame by producing that which he says he has. One would think that anyone who beat out Jesus in a recent poll would have more pride in what his “disciples” think of him.

    But, he has helped coin a new phrase akin to “..where’s the beef?”

    “..To his ever-lasting shame, Transparency is not his name.”

  8. Rush Limbaugh was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT today in pointing out how this all is for Obama’s ‘Personal Power.’ — And, Rush pulled no punches at all in his analysis.

    He left little doubt that Obama will be the Tyrant that the Founding Fathers feared would someday arrive — and that he is now here already, and living in the White House.

  9. I just came back from WND,and I have found still more evidence of Obama’s slimy ways. He managed to slip a provision into the stimulus package which allows ACORN to collect millions if not billions of taxpayer money. Obama the end is near!

  10. Dick Morris (who once worked for Obama) writes in The Hill today —

    . . . that Obama is a panic peddler.

    “Obama has been instrumental in purveying fear and spreading doubt. It is his pronouncements, reinforced by the developments they kindle and catalyze, that are destroying good businesses, bankrupting responsible people and wiping out even conservative financial institutions. Every time he speaks, he sends the markets down and stocks crashing. He doesn’t seem to realize that the rest of the world takes its cue from him. He forgets that he stands at the epicenter of power, not on the fringes campaigning for office. This ain’t Iowa.”

  11. I came up with best conclusion I could think of why obama won’t release his orginal birth cert, He could spend millions of dollars making a fake. But if the cia,fbi etc did there jobs the last 8 years or so watching him, then they must have a copy of the original and are waiting for him to produce a fake copy!! The old lets see if we can flush him out along with his cronies

  12. Did anyone catch this on FOX today between 4 and 5:00? The DOW has dropped over 4,000 points since the first TARP money was unloaded …. and now Obama/Congress is about to unload the second TARP —

    since the DOW is only around 7,500 now …
    if it drops even half that amount as before – 2,000 points …

    that brings it down to 5,500 — does this number scare the hell out of anyone?

    It is definitely time to store water, food and other supplies.

  13. morris never worked for obama, as far as i know

    savage is going to have berg for lunch

    second time on, and nothing has happened since first time he was on. Berg has much ‘splain’in to do, Luceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!

    Yum this strudel is good,
    next on agenda Helga’s viner schitzel or
    col klink’s au Sauerbraten or gen. berkhaulter’s
    Holsteiner Schnitzel , sausage plate anyone? (- Bratwurst, Knackwurst or Smoked Polish – served with German potato salad, red cabbage, sauerkraut, mustard and a dinner roll.), Jaeger Schnitzel (or jaeger girls?),
    Zwiebel Rostbraten? German Rostbraetl?(what’s that?), Pork Osso Bucco…hey where did that come from? Schultz?
    (i know nothing…..nothing…..nothing……)
    man i love that program, but back to the food…one recipe at a time please..

  14. Janet –

    Don’t worry. The faster and lower the market goes down, the faster will be the end of THE ONE. After he is gone the market will go up like a rocket. truthbetol11 just before you makes an interesting observation.


  16. Post this news everywhere, folks! Holy Cow, we have just been completely sold down the river!;topicseen#new

  17. I have a better idea. Stop with the legal chess. When are the silent majority going to revolt. Resist. Defy? This entire cluster Fu#* is going nowhere. The legal system is redundant and MOOT! Same with the so called *million Man March* scheduled in March. The solution to removing the SLIME BALL Soetoro should of happened months ago! Yet, there he SQUATS in our white house! Who in the sam hell is protecting this POS!!! Where is the United States Department of Justice? Playing pocket pool? The entire government is useless! And I for one will not obey one law that communist congress passes. Never! Glen beck does a hell of a job firing us up..but where is his outrage about Soetoro? Well it seems glen isn’t as outraged as he shows on msm!!! He’s another phoney as far as I can see!!! Sarah palin?? Where is her outrage? That seems to be absent as well. Michael Steele. Another RINO! All the so called conservative warriors are spinless and frankly make me sick! Think about it! There is nobody in government at this time u can trust!


    Morris also speaks of collateralized debt obligations among many nations.

  19. Obama also has his college records sealed WHY/
    May be an illegal,like Berg says.Was adopted by his step father.May be an Indonesian.
    Real name may be Barry Soretto.
    Military joining lawsuits and Reps lots of news here also

  20. is BERG on SAVAGE now?

    i can’t find it
    still finishing my strudel

  21. Iowa would never have voted for him if they had known the truth.If lover boy Edwards had not been in the game he would never have won.Also lots of caucuss fraud
    Like Accorn fraud got him elected and also
    ILLEGAL FOREIGN MONIES ARABS $$$$Why not investigate this???
    Buy the Globe today

  22. Think a link on Citizens front page with Berg and SAVAGE

  23. da verg —

    I thought that would surprise people. But here is the video — it was well known that he was sent to Kenya to work with his cousin by Barack Obama.

  24. The imminent domain thing (post from rrobin)
    seems to come from the Hal Turner Show site.

    I remember reading posts that this is a far right kinda guy. Doesn’t mean it is not true.

    But this seems to be the source article.

  25. da verg —

    When following politics you have to keep you eye on the pea under the shell. Never, never, never believe anything you hear, only what you can see, and sometimes not all of that.

    CW has one of the best sites around, right here right now, to keep a eye on what is REALLY going on.

    Whenever Hannity and other have Dick Morris on his show, I turn it off — because I know he knows more than he ever lets on. He is calculating, and a ruthless operator, and has worked against those people I think have had real answers to our nation’s problems.

  26. I just read the comments on the Hal Turner Show. (!?!)
    They seem to hate a lot over there,
    still the article might be true, but is not confirmed.

  27. This country is divided the way obama wants it to be, he wants chaos so he can take our guns. Watch and be ready at all times, stay close to god


    Anyone want to explain to me how that graph works on the right?

    All I see is we are spending way more money than we are getting in and for some reason the debt is still going down

  29. Kathy, I’m with you. It’s time to stand up and fight for what you believe in. At the very least protest. There are Tea-Party protest in a lot of cities tomorrow. You can find the link on
    I’m going all the way from Austin to Ft. Worth. I know it’s not taking up arms, but if that starts TX will be first. It is frustraiting but we have to use all of the peaceful options we can first. And when that is all exhausted then the time has come. Join the Tea-party in your city tomorrow it will make a statement.

  30. Edmond,
    If your household budget or checkbook looked like that you would be in jail. And yet they are stiffleing business and our economy but year after year they are showing more revenue coming into the government.?? How does this happen? They are planning to take what they want. And their spending still exceeds their income, they don’t have any intention of paying for it. They just want to take what they want.

  31. Kathy—I agree with you, totally. I have been
    so frustrated waiting for someone to have some
    steel in their spine to SPEAK UP on the media,
    and nothing of substance. Glenn B. is talking
    everyday on radio in “vagueries” and not spitting out exactly what the issues are and then
    Greta, Sean, O’Reilly will not tackle the real
    facts and get them out either. Where is Sarah Palin, whom I believe has the “guts” to do it?
    Would a e-mail campaign to her do the trick?

  32. GLOBE Magazine —-today’s issue came out
    with a well-done article on Obama’s “secret
    life” of sex and drugs and alleged murder. Larry Sinclair’s book with a detailed account of his relationship with BHO comes out March lst.
    White House reaction is discussed.
    Does anyone know if Barnes and Noble
    will be offering Sinclair’s book?

  33. Maddie.
    Sinclair’s book is listed on B&N website.
    I posted a comment there today to repudiate the Obama weasels.

  34. oops…make that CPAC

  35. From CPAC Obama eligibility referencd by Cliff Kincaid

    Also a new derivative that fits KLEPTOCRAT

    Quote from Thomas Edison

    for all the bums in the whitehouse and congress who have never had the kind of job with, you know, real responsibility

    Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.
    Thomas Alva Edison

  36. Dave you beat me by 4 minutes

  37. Who will enforce the law when it comes to corruption in “high places?”
    I signed the WND petition – still no Birth Certificate.
    Supposedly Rep. Shelby has withdrawn his statement:
    Supreme Judges don’t confront eligibility, nor that Berg and others seriously. What happen to the oaths they took to “uphold and protect the American Constitution?”
    Everyone seems “afraid” of something regarding this matter – secretive and backing out, silence.
    This is an older article, but makes some interesting observations.

  38. Did anybody hear that?
    Gibbs opened the press conference with a threat against Santelli?
    “I don’t know where he lives, I don’t know where his house is…”


  39. MAFIA in power…..

  40. Fbi cia are on vacation.

  41. Maybe I was just naiive. I’ve known of course that Obama is ineligible to be POTUS and that Pelosi shot him through the voting process in a number of underhanded, illegal ways, but I honestly never could have imagined in my wildest dreams what a nightmare his first 39 days have been!

    I guess I didn’t realize the extend Pelosi and Obama (and don’t forget “never proud of my country” Michele) would go to in order to absolutely destroy the country and turn it into the socialist/communist/ keep-us-under-the-thumb mess they want.

    Very sad.

  42. yeah, that should have been “extent”, not “extend”.
    it’s late.

  43. watch Ron Paul opening’s statement before Ben Bernanke testimony before House Financial Services Committee on 2009.02.25

    Ron Paul opening’s statement before Ben Bernanke testimony before House Financial Services Committee on 2009.02.25

    and don’t miss the reaction of those two creeps that call themselves jounalists.
    “You know what, we’re gonna take a commercial break!”

  44. oops! forgot to paste the link,
    intead I pasted the title twice.

    (I agree Janet, it’s late)

  45. Well, well,well,….It appears that I was right about POOR LITTLE HILLARY…….She has just granted EMINENT DOMAIN TO CHINA….. While I am not yet fully aware of the consequences, and/or the liabilities generated by such an action, it is my intention to FIND OUT. Most everyone knows that this law is often used by municipalities to acquire property when they want it badly enough. I have long held that it is a damned “law” which was perpetrated by CROOKED politicians for the purpose of STEALING the real properties of HONEST hard working people. This alleged law should be removed from the books in EVERY state. Let the SLIMY politicians PAY A FAIR MARKET PRICE for what they want. There is a classic example of such a politician sitting in the Whitehouse, and pretending to be our President.

  46. Maddie…….
    Don’t look for any of them to change their verbal recitations. They have an INCENTIVE to keep it toned down. It is an illness called FOXITIS. ( I hear that it originates in their ……..”POLICY”? ……You guess what I mean!

  47. I am both a ex grunt, and later a 4year member of the USNavy’s “Blackgang”. For those who are questioning what I mean by Blackgang, it is a term which originated within the Merchant Marine, and makes reference to those who are members of the engine department aboard ship. I have covered many thousands of miles, and been in all but a few of our seas. In the course of my travels I have also witnessed wars, and the results of wars. Wars are usually perpetrated by derranged leaders who decide that they are the MESSIAH. They create a huge armies, and begin attacking their neighbors. They kill ,rob,rape,and pillage anything,and anyone. If this all sounds a little familiar, it actually occurred between 1931 through 1945 in Europe. It was called NAZI-ism. I see this sort of behavior happening again in several countries. Iran is probably the least stable of any country on Earth. If they acqutre nuclear weapons it will be only a very short time until they decide to test their nukes on Israel. While Israel has long been an allie of the US it is very doubtful that our illegal president would even lift a finger to help them if they were attacked by AHMADINAJAD. We probably will not be in a condition which would allow us to help them. It is even probable that we would not even be able to defend ourselves successfully. At present our government is so caught up in it’s greed, and insanity, that our defense is the furthest thing from their minds. Of late I have been hearing persistant rumors that our US Navy is going to be made about 40% smaller. This idea is one of the most insane notions that has yet to emerge from the Soetoro crowd. It appears that our MSM supports this idea as well. Great, I hope that the first to be attacked is our alleged MEDIA. They need to have the enemy make all of them a second anus. Perhaps such an act would finally get their attention. They refuse to tell the truth even when they are hoplessly caught in a lie. This goes hand in glove with the usurpur who is presently occupying the Whitehouse. He is the darling of the MSM. Even when they KNOW the truth. That is primarily why I have said many times that everytime we catch them in their lunatic lies, we need to give it all GLOBAL publicity,over a long period of time. Let the world see what they really are firsthand. The alleged MSM has become an out of control beast,and is in dire need of having the roof cave in upon them. I believe that this will soon occur. After the smoke, and dust clears we might see a changed media. When Obama is finally exposed we will see the MSM scurring about like rats leaving a sinking ship,and trying to find a safe HOLE to crawl into.I liken them with a wall covered by cockroaches. When the light of day strikes they scurry for cover to HIDE.

  48. goodtimepolitics

    The tea party protest is growing across America and maybe, just maybe it will wake up a few more senators and get them on the band wagon. Obama is driving this country into bankrupt! There is many protest today Friday, February 27, 2009

  49. Can anyone confirm that China will be holding eminent domain as collateral? This seems outlandishly far-fetched to me.




  51. Ms. Helga
    I will be out in Houston today. I’m taking my “Join or Die” flag from the American Revolution and my “come and Take it” from the Texas Revolution.

  52. I found this on free republic in a comment
    Freedomsfirst is planning a ‘million man’ march on Washington. HALF A MILLION have already signed up.

    (Many of you have remarked that the march needs to be NOW, not in Sept. Please note what the founder of Freedomsfirst has to say about this under the ‘Dear Friends’ email second paragraph))

    Anti-Obama organizations are being united for a ‘million man’ march on Washington. The permit is secured

  53. Buy the Globe Magazine today
    reviews of Larry’s new book
    read about it here
    Tell all to buy it and pass on web site

  54. speedy…..
    I really hope that it turns out to be around 250,000,000.This would turn into a real pile of manure ,and garbage right on Obama’s front steps.

  55. Berlin…
    Have you seen this article about high-end cars in Berlin being burned?

  56. Da Verg–
    Dick Morris never worked for Dumbo, correct……..

    Guess who was sent with Dumbo to Kenya to negotiate stopping rioting and slaughtering of innocent Christians by Odinga??

  57. truthbetold11 // February 26, 2009 at 8:56 pm

    This country is divided the way obama wants it to be, he wants chaos so he can take our guns. Watch and be ready at all times, stay close to god

    (I have been watching for a ‘false flag’ from either source, foreign or domestic I am so skeptical now.)

  58. From Mario Apuzzo’s web site:

    BlogTalkRadio MommaE Radio Rebels Show – Friday 27 Feb 09 – Kerchner v Obama Case Update & Q&A

    Hi all,

    I am pleased to announce that I and the lead plaintiff, Mr. Charles Kerchner, in the ‘Kerchner et al v Obama et al’ case, will be on the MommaE Radio Rebels talk radio show Friday evening, 27 Feb 2009, from 8:30 to 10:00 p.m. EST. The show is on the network which is broadcast via the internet. I will be providing an update for the case. Mr. Kerchner and I will then take Q&A from the host MommaE and via phone calls from the listening audience. There is also a chat room which the listeners can participate in live while the show is on the air. Feel free to spread this announcement to people interested in this case. I hope to hear from you Friday night on the radio show.

    To listen to the show live Friday night or via the archives in the On Demand section after the show is broadcast, use the below link which will take you straight to the show. Listen to the lead in intro music for about 3 minutes after which the show starts:

  59. Why Rick Santelli is right about feeling a threat from Obama’s White House Press Secretary —

    This was Rahm Emanuel a couple of months ago on Chicago TV —


    Back at his home, Emanuel appeared “beet-red,” according to an ABC News cameraman who was invited inside by Emanuel to use his bathroom this morning.

    “I’m getting regular death threats. You’ve put my home address on national television. I’m pissed at the networks. You’ve intruded too much, ” Emanuel said, according to the cameraman.

  60. Guess who was sent with Dumbo to Kenya to negotiate stopping rioting and slaughtering of innocent Christians by Odinga??

    >>>umm, George Clooney?
    ummm, that rock singer, whats her face- > Cherly Crow? umm, that other rock singer>Bruce Sringstreet?
    I don’t know, who?

  61. old salt

    i hear ya, isreal blasted HILLARY today calling her virtually TWO FACED and that she’s not the SENATOR from NY who said she supported ISRAEL 100%.

    Isreal is feeling isolated, Iran’s nukes will likely be taken out this year.

  62. @Stephanie // February 27, 2009 at 10:51 am

    Thank You!
    No, I haven’t seen this before.

  63. You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
    You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
    You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
    You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.
    You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.
    You cannot build character and courage by taking away men’s initiative and independence.
    You cannot help men permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves.

    –Abraham Lincoln

  64. I wish we all would give this some serious thought. It’s not what you think it is, read all of it. See if you think we are being caught.

    Catching Wild Pigs

    A chemistry professor in a large college had some exchange students in the class. One day while the class was in the lab the professor noticed one young man (exchange student) who kept rubbing his back, and stretching as if his back hurt.

    The professor asked the young man what was the matter. The student told him he had a bullet lodged in his back. He had been shot while fighting communists in his native country who were trying to overthrow his country’s government and install a new communist government.

    In the midst of his story he looked at the professor and asked a strange question. He asked, ‘Do you know how to catch wild pigs?’

    The professor thought it was a joke and asked for the punch line. The young man said this was no joke. ‘You catch wild pigs by finding a suitable place in the woods and putting corn on the ground. The pigs find it and begin to come everyday to eat the free corn. When they are used to coming every day, you put a fence down one side of the place where they are used to coming. When they get used to the fence, they begin to eat the corn again and you put up another side of the fence. They get used to that and start to eat again. You continue until you have all four sides of the fence up with a gate in the last side. The pigs, who are used to the free corn, start to come through the gate to eat, you slam the gate on them and catch the whole herd.

    Suddenly the wild pigs have lost their freedom. They run around and around inside the fence, but they are caught. Soon they go back to eating the free corn. They are so used to it that they have forgotten how to forage in the woods for themselves, so they accept their captivity.

    The young man then told the professor that is exactly what he sees happening to America . The government keeps pushing us toward socialism and keeps spreading the free corn out in the form of programs such as supplemental income, tax credit for unearned income, tobacco subsidies, dairy subsidies, payments not to plant crops (CRP), welfare, medicine, drugs, etc.. While we continually lose our freedoms — just a little at a time.

    One should always remember: There is no such thing as a free lunch! Also, a politician will never provide a service for you cheaper than you can do it yourself.

    Keep your eyes on the newly elected politicians who are about to slam the gate on America .

    “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have”
    Thomas Jefferson

  65. Laurie
    Interesting story and a nice post. Thanks

  66. Kim: Obama is a wannabe Lincoln. Do you think he ever read that quote? I don’t.

  67. Looks like Obama is kissing up to the military!!
    Wonder why?? Does not want them coming up against him.!!
    Wait until they all find out who he really is!!
    Tell military to join Dr. Taitz for lawsuits
    So tired of this deceiver!!!


  69. Obama has zero interest in one term, he clearly has a lifteime plan for the usa, When are people gonna get invloved and make a stand, I go to a local coffee shop and the guy there is a socalist and hes asks me why i think his bill won’t work. Well i said he has zero credibility and frauded his way to the white house, he said how do you know? Because i do my homework!!!! i don’t fall for the rah rah speeches,

  70. from oilforimmigration:

    “IBANEZ placed the following excellent letter. It certainly deserves a place on the frontpage. Personally I feel honored to be addressed together with a true hero, Dr. Orly Taitz who should be liste as one of the great patriots in U.S. History. But really it is too much honor for this here David Crockett who is just a guy standing for the Constitution.

    – David Crockett

    To David CROCKETT
    To DR Orly TAITZ

    Today, the facts are that he is holding the Office of President and Commander in Chief.

    The US Constitution’s requiremement for holding the Office is not a Privacy Act record but a public and business record.

    The US Archivist and the NARA possesses the public records concerning every President of the USA.

    The US Archivist and the NARA possesses also the record of the US Constitution with the legal writting of the Nat Born Citizenship clause.

    The US Archivist and the NARA posseses also the record of the US Senate Resolution N° 511 -110th CONGRESS, definiting what is legally a Nat Born Citizen of the USA.

    The NARA cannot refuse to provide to the public the NARA’s records that proves that the President
    (dual or trial national UK/KENYAN/INDONESIAN/US citizen) is or isn’t a Nat Born Citizen of the USA.

    What kind of Certification of Natural Birth Citizenship of the USA or US Senate or Congress Résolutions the US Archivist and the NARA can provide to the public under the last name of Soetoro or the factual one?

    Also, if the FEC has recorded that the Democrate Candidate became President, then the FEC must possesses the public Nat Born Citizenship’s record in the FEC electoral dossier for B.O.

    What kind of Certification of Natural Birth Citizenship the FEC can provide to the public and Plaintiffs?

    The US Archivist, NARA and at registered the “business records”, they are responsible for providing the loyal information of Nat Born Citizenship and respond specially to the Members of the Armed Forces that are concerned about it, because receiving orders of the Commander in Chief through the Commanding Chain.
    They dont need any Private Act record, but all the not-Private Act records, and the “business records” registered by the FEC and the US Archivist concerning the US President (usurper).

    Is a Public or Business record the UK/Kenyan citizenship or it is a Privacy Act record?

    Is the Indonesian Citizenship of his mother and his own Indonesian Naturalisation and re-Naturalisation a Public record or a Private record?

    Is his mother minority and prohibition to confer her US citizenship, at birth in 1961 a public record or a private record?

    As you know from the biggining the Certification of Live Birth of the Internet only states:
    -father: AFRICAN
    -mother : CAUCASIAN

    Under the US Constitution the parents and the US jurisdiction at birth make the Nat Born Citizenship.

    Also the Certification states:
    The Hawaiian place of birth does not make the Natural Born Citizenship of the USA;
    The Hawaiian soil confers the Hawaiian state citizenship, and the State of Hawaii confers to him the US Citizenship…………..but only the parents, if US cititens can confer to a Hawaiian Native the Nat Nirth Citizenship. And that is and will be never possible
    because of the age of the US mother and because is father was an Alien.

    About the “Native” concept,
    Remind that the Hawaiian SOIL can give natural birth to a tree, a flower, an orchidee etc……. but only a mother and a father can give Natural Birth to a person…

    To confer the sole Natural Birth Citizenship, both parents must have a sole citizenship.

    If the parents have different citizenships at birth of the child, the child inherits their Two Citizenships and become a Natural Born Dual Citizen of the Countries of his parents.

    The US Const prohibits to a person that is a Natural Born Dual Citizen to be President.

    Who could phone or write to each member of the Armed Forces, to educate about the fact of Nat Born Dual Citizenship and the violation of the US Const requirement?

    It is a matter of National Security that the supreme orders come from a lawfull and eligible person to hold the Office of Commander in Chief.

    It is a matter of National Security that the members of the Armed Forces be loyaly informed about the legitimity of the person that give them orders?

    Its irrational and of vital danger to be receiving orders from a source that is not authorized by the US Constitution to do it.

    That is why the members of the Armed Forces need transparency, investigation and the truth.

    The problem is that transparency is still dennied.”

  71. berlin berlin

    nice post

    sort of stops ahmamidgetman, castro, kim, putin, chavez from marrying an American,having their son elected president,and taking over America– dead in their tracks , doesn’t it?

    how come no one brings up this subtle point? The framers of the constution also didn’t want , not only King George and his family taking over America, but fully realized that Europe was run by same families. All of the royalty of every nation was virtually related to one another! Hapsburgs, etc. Spain, Russia, England, all same family. America wanted out of that tyranny.

    Now we are back to it. SHAME !!

  72. twistedmetalshardz

    My apologies for going off topic here, but …
    Is anyone familiar with that fat maggoty piece of sxxx from seattle named Patrick McKinnion?
    He’s some IT slug blogging at yestodemocracy who is obsessed with this blog and the comments left here.
    Lots of biggot, racist, hatriot, keyboard warrior and other tired, lame ass left wing slogans being tossed around.
    No solutions there. Just lots of pablum puking lemmings.
    He spends hours everyday writing opinions on every comment and leaves plenty of clues in his snide remarks as to his identity. Amazing how this computer nerd thinks he’s so smart, bragging about his qualifications.
    Comrad McKinnion, drink some tea, lay off the kool-aid and twinkies, get that knot out of your panties and quit squealing like a little girl.
    Also, careful who you choose to insult because they may come back to bite a big hole in you and
    at least they won’t have to hack YOUR outdated copy of an off-brand anti-virus & firewall program that you bought in the bargin bin at Wal-Mart 6 yrs. ago, bitch. Glad your not trying to hide.
    And yes, those would be the same troops, moron. Your unsupported claim of 6 to 1 donations does not translate into 6 to 1 support for the usurper in thief, correct?

    Just drawing a line in the sand with my keyboard, you jitbag.

    (jitbag: n. a condom used by obama and tossed in the cesspool.)

    (condom: n. Obot; usually a democrat)

    Sorry for going off everyone, but I wanted people to be aware of him if you’re not already and the middle aged, sexless nerd McKinnion will no doubt get around to reading this and spewing more pablum puke.

    check out this feb 16 post.

  73. Yeah, I thought it was very nicely explained, that’s why I copied it.

    The other day I saw a YouTube with Rick Sanchez defending Obama about the Shelby remarks.

    There is really nothing more to say.
    He holds up a printed copy of something that is clearly not a birth certificate and this is it?
    Those people don’t get it (or don’t want – or are not allowed to).

    If Obama in person applies wth this copy for a passport, he will be sent home.

    But obviously for the presidency it is good enough. Come on.

  74. @twistedmetalshardz

    I thought the Obots are mostly just paid bloggers, prostitutes that would do the same favour to the next John.

    Sorry, don’t want to offend prostitutes by this comparison.

    Obsessed with this blog and not being able to comprehend the natural born citizen issue,
    what a torture.
    Didn’t Obama say he was against torture.
    (or did he say he was against it before he was for it before he got elected… whatever)

  75. I guess You are all the local tea parties.

    Have to stay home with a flu, but I was curious about the Santa Monica Pier Tea Party.
    The local one for LA.
    So I googled Santa Monica Pier and Webcam.


    Santa Monica Pier Cam


    ‘Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not.’ ~ Thomas Jefferson


    1. An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.

    2. A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone.

    3. Colt: The original point and click interface.

    4. Gun control is not about guns; it’s about control.

    5. If guns are outlawed, can we use swords?

    6. If guns cause crime, then pencils cause misspelled words.

    7. Free men do not ask permission to bear arms.

    8. If you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any.

    9. Those who trade liberty for security have neither.

    10. The United States Constitution (c) 1791. All Rights Reserved.

    11. What part of ‘ shall not be infringed’ do you not understand?

    12. The Second Amendment is in place in case the politicians ignore the others.

    13. 64,999,987 legal firearms owners killed no one yesterday.

    14. Guns only have two enemies; rust and politicians.

    15. Know guns, know peace, know safety. No guns, no peace, no safety.

    16. You don’t shoot to kill; you shoot to stay alive.

    17. 911: Government sponsored Dial-a-Prayer.

    18. Assault is a behavior, not a device.

    19. Criminals love gun control; it makes their jobs safer.

    20. If guns cause crime, then matches cause arson.

    21. Only a government that is afraid of its citizens tries to control them.

    22. You have only the rights you are willing to fight for.

    23. Enforce the gun control laws we ALREADY have; don’t make more.

    24. When you remove the people’s right to bear arms, you create slaves.

    25. The American Revolution would never have happened with gun control.

    This was sent to me by a friend. I thought I would share it with you.


  77. Sanchez lives down the street……so…..why not use this space to enlighten him about the NBC issue and I will copy/print your thoughts and make sure they all make it to his mailbox??

  78. I am so tired of zero getting away with all the crimes he has committed. He gets away with fraud, lies, probably being behind Donald Young’s murder. I read the Globe. Pretty interesting. I can’t wait to read the book.

  79. goodtimepolitics

    We have a few more questioning who Obama really is. And CPAC, Cliff Kincaid, head of the conservative group Accuracy in Media, suggested that President Obama is a Communist. Maybe the republicans are waking up to the fact that Obama needs to show the American people some proof. Now the time to contact your congressmen!

  80. Citizen, sorry this is off-topic. I know you are from North Carolina. Are you aware of any sovereignty bills in the works? I have contacted my rep and senator. I got a response back from my senator stating “our rules precluded this type of resolution”. Was wondering if anyone else knew what was going on….

  81. San Francisco, CA — “The San Francisco Chronicle” newspaper has CONFIRMED a government plan code named ENDGAME.

    Story reveales that upwards of 775,000 American citizens are on lists to be rounded up by our government.

    Now, a major, main stream newspaper has published confirming details!

    Rule by fear, or Rule by law?

    Operation END GAME

    They’re already preparing for civil unrest !!!

    Whatever you do, do not let them take your guns!

    Tell your friends, family, neighbors, and everyone who will listen.



  83. Air Force Brat

    Oklahoma City’s “Tea Party” today had over 400 attendees. Not bad for almost no advance notice of the event.

    Tulsa’s “Tea Party”, which had a lot more preparation time and advance notice, had many more attendees than OKC’s did.

  84. Air Force Brat

    By “no advance notice”, I meant that it was pretty much a last-minute decision to hold a Tea Party in Oklahoma City, not a matter of no one knowing about the Tea Parties being organized across the country.

  85. DC Tea Party

  86. A great man. A brave man. Join him!

  87. woosh –

    That was a powerhouse. I’ll send that to everyone I know. God Bless that young man. He is the symbol of what made this country.

  88. Dr. Taitz has 97 Military plaintiffs joining in lawsuit.It is growing.!!!!
    Tell all military friends to view her site



  90. Da Verg..
    Guess who was sent with Dumbo to Kenya to negotiate stopping rioting and slaughtering of innocent Christians by Odinga??

    >>>umm, George Clooney?
    ummm, that rock singer, whats her face- > Cherly Crow? umm, that other rock singer>Bruce Sringstreet?
    I don’t know, who?

    I never figured why Bill Clinton sent Dick Morris summer of 2006.
    Any answers??

  91. CW–thanks for the heads up on Larry Sinclair’s
    book being availability at Barnes and Noble.
    And, yes, the “weasels” had led me to believe
    the contrary.

  92. Denver Tea Party had 200 – 250 people and it was great to be able to yell at those inside the Capitol that we are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. So glad I went and we can explode this thing the more people spread the word around the country! Today was just a first step and you CAN make a difference when we all do our part to be heard. The Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem never meant more to me than it did today.

    For a ridiculous glimpse of how much government has intervened in our lives, has a great story about the Tea Party movement, including this tidbit:

    “…comes news that Iowa state officials have banned the use of tea by Tea Party protesters holding an event tomorrow in Cedar Rapids.

    The tea violates environmental standards because it will DISCOLOR THE WATER”

    Well, duh!

  93. Why did the Israelis and American Jews here
    support the usurper? Now, they see what they
    should have seen as obvious before the election.
    Don’t blame Hillary Clinton for their “voting”
    error!!!!! Anyone with a brain should have been
    able to see through the fraudulent liar!

  94. Heard on Columbus, Ohio radio today that
    the usurper is coming here next Friday.
    He is playing up the police recruiting class
    with the local mayor Coleman. I think it’s
    pay back for the “Acorn activities” that
    were rampant here in Ohio.

    Anyone know if a Tea Party Revolt is on
    for that date? Columbus has a Santa Maria
    replica of Columbus’ ship. It would be an
    interesting venue to throw tea overboard
    into the Scioto River (not sure about the
    legality of that?). Another venue, of course,
    would be at the state house.

  95. Haahaa! Regular TV mentioned “Tea Party.” Isn’t that wonderful?

    I do want to say something at CW. I’m thankful that CW lets me say the name Yahweh, the one in the Scriptures. Some places are stopping the name Yahweh from being said. This should send up a “red” flag to anyone. The Scriptures say we must call upon the name Yahweh, yet why do other places allow a false name such as Allah to be called upon, yet they stop you from saying Yahweh? He’s the one in the Scriptures, which the Scriptures say we must call upon. I.e., this is his name!

  96. Will someone please tell me the date on the GLOBE? I can only find the one dated March 2, 2009 which talks of Bush wanting to commit suicide. Totally different front page. Help!!!! Thanks. bkw

  97. I just read it was March 9, 2009.

  98. Declaration of Treason – this is an amazing letter.


    This has a good diagramatic representation of the strategic elements of what has happened predominantly in the last year. It corresponds to many elements I have been pondering as well.

    It does not include, because of its complexity and because much has yet to be verified, the component parts of Obama’s 20 year run up to his current position. That may have to be left to the history books.

  100. What was once a conspiracy theory is now documented fact. Consider this from the San Francisco Chronicle:

  101. kittycat77 —

    Actually, in Hebrew the name is YHWH, which no true Jew would ever pronounce, and so the original vowels have been lost to history.

    In any case, it is almost certain that “Yahweh” is NOT correct. It is merely a scholarly guess, just like “Jehovah” is merely a scholarly guess.

    How was that? The Jews would speak out ‘Adonai’ (“Lord”) whenever the saw the name YHWH. They would even write the vowels for ‘Adonai’ beneath the letters YHWH to make sure there would be no mistake.

    Not knowing this to be the case, early scholars added the vowels for Adonai to the letters YHWH, and ther result was “Jehovah,” which of course was wrong.

    And so, no one really knows what is authentic, except for the letters YHWH. Since that is the case, and it appears to me that you wish to be authentic, this would get you the closest to the original intent:

    If you want to be authentic, then use YHWH.

    If you want to be understood, then use LORD.

    However, Jesus suggests that we use the name ABBA, which means “FATHER.”

    Finally, if we wish to follow the actual practice, then we would add to the title LORD the words “Creator of Heaven and Earth,” in order not to be misunderstood with any minor “Lords.”

    In any case, “Yahweh” is really no better than “Jehovah” — both are neither one really the best name for God.

  102. Bob, you write:
    ” Actually, in Hebrew the name is YHWH, which no true Jew would ever pronounce, and so the original vowels have been lost to history.”

    Number one, “no true “jew,” can you explain who the Jews are? How about this, bet you can’t! There was no one from the tribes of Israel, i.e, the House of Israel, or the House of Judah that were ever called “jews” except for the very, very small remnant that came back from Babylonian captivity! And then it was like a nickname of that group!

    BTW, Bob, are you like one of the Bereans in the NT? Well, you’d better hope that you’d be like them. They were thought extremely highly of Saul (Paul) in the NT. Why??? Because they searched everything that Paul said to see if it was so, meaning the truth! Just so happens, Paul only taught by the books of the OT. Not the NT, which was not available.

    Everything you said about the name Yahweh, Bob, is false. I don’t know where you get your research from, but it can be proven the pronunciation of Yahweh’s name, which has always been known. So I suggest you go back and study the issue.

    It is the 4 vowels, which you do know this, don’t you?

  103. One more thing. This just strikes me as crazy the people in the U.S. Low and behold, they NEVER have a problem and argument about the name Allah, which is a false deity, BTW. Yet there are so many ignorant people in the U.S. who profess to know the Scriptures and profess that it’s the truth, yet they can find a pronunciation of Yahweh’s name? Give me a break! What kind of idiots do we have in this country and that they can’t figure this out? All the information is out there to gain a pronunciation, and yet no one can figure it out, and then they don’t have enough brain cells in their heads to study the Bible to REALLY SEE WHAT IT SAYS?

    If you think the Muslims have the name of their deity down pat, what about the name of YOUR DEITY? Does he even have a name? No wonder we’re in trouble as a nation. No one can even find out truthful information except to call the name of OUR DEITY (of the Bible) by a false name, or a no-name, yet that’s okay with them.

    Go figure!

  104. Million man march will amount to 1000 white peeps. If ya think this march will match the black one..u have wishful thinking. It will not come close to the black million man march. Get a grip.

  105. Brenda,
    The date on my copy of the Globe is
    March 9, 2009. It was at the grocery store
    Thursday this week, don’t know how it
    works nationwide. The title on the front is
    “Michelle breaks down over Obama Gay
    Scandal!” The article appears to be well-
    researched and straight to the point.
    I can’t wait to read the Sinclair book.
    Hope you can get a copy of the Globe.
    If you have a Wal-Mart nearby, they usually
    have the Globe promptly.

  106. Interesting comment by Kramer today
    about stocks going down…

    No stocks are “Obama-Proof!”

    That says it all—BOBO destroying the
    economy, one stock at a time…… IMO

  107. Kittycat, actually Bob is correct. I have studied religeons fairly extensively and he is correct about YHWH. I am impressed that all of you have taken more than the ordinary amount of time to research this.
    And on the bright side that makes us all extra-ordinary people. We need more people like us in the world today.
    We don’t need to be focusing our anger and frustration in on each other, if we lose our passion in that manner then we implode. I respect that this passion for our country and our God are all tied together. But we need to focus on our common fight. Focus on the strengths and common beliefs that we find in our hearts. I know that this can feel hopeless especially when the news media is ignoring us. But we cannot lose our focus, and let our anger and passion tear down our team. Rather than concentrate on each of us as individuals we need to bond together, and stay committed to our common goal. Which is to get BO out of office.
    Everyone here is after the same goal. When that goal is met then we can debate our religious beliefs.

  108. News Flash—Greta V. S. on “On the Record”
    covered the “TEA PARTIES” —Tea Party
    Revolts across the nation today! Lots of
    pictures, lots of signs and interviewed
    people about why they were protesting.
    It was very good coverage. We are on a ROLL!
    Keep it up.

  109. You are SO correct, Steve, thanks for the
    reminder. We do have one BIG GOAL to
    fulfill, and you nailed it 🙂

  110. Tea Party Cleveland Ohio
    Interviewer asked people if they believe Obama was born in the USA.

  111. BerlinBerlin,
    Thanks for the link. I guess there’s no question who the person behind the camera voted for….


  112. Kentucky Introduces Sovernigity Bill!!

    Just here sitting and eating some chow and thought. Obama is not going to have to appoint any SCOTUS justices any time soon unless one dies.

    Do you think any of them are going to resign and miss this big one?

  113. I attended the Tea Party in Sacramento today and took lots of pictures. I am not sure what to do with the file. It was a great group with amazing signs on the busiest street by the Capital. The traffic was amazing with incredible loud horns and fist pumps through open windows.

    Anyone want me to post the ridiculous response I received today from Barbara Boxer to my letter in opposition to porkulous package?

  114. Regarding the current issue of The Globe – so far all of my local places still have last week’s issue. The cover is something about Bush being suicidal – yeah right – I wonder if California is boycotting it?

    I looked yesterday and today.

    Has anyone in California been able to obtain it?

  115. Ladyhawke
    Yeah post the response.
    I wrote Feinstein and got a really stupid blabla form letter back.

  116. And, I haven’t looked for the GLOBE , but I will tomorrow.

    I’m in Los Angeles.

  117. @Steve
    yeah, the Interviewer thought he exposes the protesters.
    But in reality he exposes himself by believing there was a birth certificate produced.
    It is insane that the discussion ends for those people pointing to a computer forgery.

    Father: African
    That’s just ridiculous. Show me one birth certificate where they state the race as “African” or “Europen” for that matter.

  118. Folks we’re looking towards HYPER INFLATION

    “Obama’s budget projections are based on incredibly unlikely gross domestic product (GDP) growth projections of 3.2 per cent in 2010, 4.0 per cent in 2011, 4.6 per cent in 2012, and 4.2 per cent in 2013. Growth of 2-3 per cent is more likely – which means even higher federal deficits than Obama projects.

    The Dow closed today at a 12-year low. Obama is doing nothing to instill investor confidence. He is, in fact, doing the opposite. Geithner is an idiot. The rest are socialists.

    Mine isn’t one of them, but for families earning $250,000 or more ($200,000 for individuals) Obama is not only eliminating the Bush tax cuts, he is also limiting the deductions on mortgage interest and charitable contributions. That will push more people into higher tax brackets, and into the alternate minimum tax (AMT) calculations. It won’t affect me personally, but the people it does affect will have to reduce costs somewhere to come up with the higher taxes.

    And how do you help the real estate market by reducing the deductibility of mortgage interest?

    Federal spending in 2009 will approach $4 trillion, or 28 per cent of the gross domestic product of the United States. This represents a one-third increase in the size of government – in one year. The estimated $1.75 trillion deficit is larger than the last five Bush deficits combined. Obama’s budget contains $1.4 trillion in tax increases, increases that will ultimately affect all Americans – not just those earning more than $250,000 per year. The $646 billion energy tax hike will, for example, be passed on by industry and utility companies to all customers.

    The guy is nuts…

    Buy gold. The Dow is going to go down even further…”

  119. Yes, Ladyhawke, please let us know what Boxer said, prolly something about factcheck per chance? yuck

  120. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco

    EROSIONISTS (Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, Communists, Rinos, Etc) are planning & destroying our American Traditions, Culture, Celebrations, Way of Life, etc. EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of EVERYDAY
    Conservatives/Traditionalists are under constant attack time to FIGHT BACK.

    Wait a minute immigrant Muslims Cab Drivers can refuse to take certain passengers probably Including Jewish and they are licensed and provide a service and Doctors can’t refuse to murder a baby? We won’t force a Muslim Cabbie to take a drunk home but we will force a doctor to commit murder of a baby?

    Wait a JUST A MINUTE HERE: A woman can decide to do whatever she wants with her body and her life BUT A DOCTOR CAN’T? Freedom for some at the expense of another ..hmmm … sounds like the whole “obama” Obanomics Plan of GUSH UP POVERTY money for some from the sweat of another.

    Erosionists Love to compare abortion with capital punishment and they say they prefer to have a murderer in prison for life. I agree I think what is good enough for a murderer should be good enough for the abortion victim, therefore no more abortions from now on we will use the Erosionists solution for Capital Punishment for Abortion Victims. Instead of having an abortion, taking of a life which Erosionists OPPOSE, the child has to be born and put in Jail for Life.

    We do away with Capital Punishment and Abortions using an Erosionist Solution for both, VICTIM EQUALITY. They both will spend life in prison without parole.

    Conservative Solutions using Delusional Loonie Erosionist Logic.

    What “smart” man spends $1,000,000.00 hiding a $20 Document unless he has something HUGE to HIDE.
    PONZI PREZ…sunshine is waiting for your Records & Documents.

    BTW on the Sinclair book it not the book that is out it is a Review of the Book on Globe Magazine (Tabloid) you can see some of it here:

  121. Dear Mrs. Ladyhawke:

    Thank you for contacting me regarding H.R.1, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. I appreciate hearing your views on this critical bill, which has passed Congress and was signed into law by President Obama on February 17, 2009.

    There is a very simple, urgent reason for this legislation: We need to save jobs and we need to create jobs. We need to act quickly and boldly because at the rate we are shedding jobs, we are heading into deeper economic turmoil.

    This is a time when the nation must come together. In my view, the Senate had three choices:

    One was to do nothing. Doing that, to me, would be a hostile act because it continues the dangerous status quo. Our second choice was to wait for the perfect bill, and of course each Senator would write his or her perfect bill and we’d stall. Or our third choice was to pass the compromise; that is the choice Congress made, and I believe it was the only common-sense choice before us.

    I also want to point out that without Republican votes in the Senate, a Republican leadership filibuster would have succeeded. The Republicans who voted for the bill did so out of a deep concern that doing nothing is unacceptable.

    H.R.1 will inject $787 billion into our economy through tax cuts and spending on projects to save and create jobs. It will make significant investments in vital infrastructure projects, give much-needed aid to our states, and help to create and save millions of American jobs.

    This legislation is far from perfect. But we are in a deepening economic crisis, and I believe it was necessary for Congress to move swiftly to stop it from sliding further. California’s unemployment rate is an unacceptable 9.3 percent, and nearly 600,000 jobs were lost nationwide in January alone. Now is the time to invest in our country and our people.

    We know that this package alone will not solve the entire problem; we must also address the housing and financial crises, and we will do so.

    Again, thank you for writing to me on this important issue. Be assured that I will keep doing all I can to help get America’s economy back on track. I will continue working with the Obama Administration and my Senate colleagues on both sides of the aisle to enact legislation to stimulate growth, create jobs, and make American businesses more competitive in the global economy.

    Barbara Boxer
    United States Senator

  122. My response to Boxer:

    With all do respect,

    You cannot possibly believe this!

    Please do nothing more – my 401K cannot take it! The economy cannot take it!

    You are killing the economy, the stock market and the United States of America. We will never be able to repay what you in the Congress are now spending. You may not sense it, but average Americans – like your voters – are mad as Hell right now and probably have had enough. Most of us – like me –have plans to move out of California. That’s your legacy.

    Thank you for sending me this ridiculous form letter.



  123. I found a site where you can find patriots in your state:
    Has anyone applied for the National Grand Jury? I am strongly considering it.
    It is so exciting to see Americans waking up and finding that our hearts are strong!

  124. It seems tbat Senator Feinstein also just wrote back to me. She made it seem as if it was a personal letter with an attachment:

    Dear Mrs. Ladyhawke

    Thank you for writing to me about the current state of the economy, and the actions Congress has taken to address this severe economic crisis.

    As you know, on February 17, 2009, President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (H.R. 1) into law. This important legislation represents a significant investment by the Federal Government in an effort to create jobs, improve our Nation’s aging infrastructure, and assist struggling states. I agree that this bill is not perfect and understand your concerns, especially as our Nation faces an expected budget deficit of over $1.2 trillion this year.

    My decision to support this legislation was a difficult one. In the end, I felt it was critical to take immediate action to provide the President with the tools needed to stabilize the economy and stem further job losses. Please find attached my statement in support of the bill that further details the reasons for my vote.

    Once again, thank you for writing. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact my Washington, D.C. office at (202) 224-3841. Best regards.

    U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein

    Floor Statement

    “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009”

    Friday, February 13, 2009

    Mr. President, I rise today to offer my support for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

    Our economy is in dire straits. And urgent action is required to get the economy moving and reverse the alarming trend of job loss that is currently plaguing our cities.

    This nation is in the grip of the most serious recession in more than seven decades. American families are increasingly facing tough choices as economic indicators tumble across the board.

    Bad news has fallen like a row of dominoes. Our current economic situation is a result of many different problems, all developing at the same time. Several major factors precipitated this crisis.

    Chief among them was the collapse of the subprime housing market that sent shockwaves through the financial sector of the American economy.

    This was the direct result of a scheme in which poorly underwritten loans promoted by unregulated mortgage brokers and lenders were sliced, diced, securitized and spread all over, with severe consequences that are global in scope.

    Unregulated markets schemes like this were a fertile breeding ground for greed and fraud.

    The Enron scandal of the late 1990s was a smaller-scale precursor, costing taxpayers billions of dollars and ending in the collapse of the energy giant, as well as the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in Enron investments held by more than 50 mutual funds and insurance companies.

    Enormous state deficits have deepened with the combined effects of rampant foreclosures and plummeting property values which have significantly cut into revenues.

    And local governments, trying to maximize returns for taxpayers with investments in firms like Lehman Brothers, have lost their money. They are looking to the state for help, and the state is looking to the federal government for help.

    The financial sector is currently held aloft by a lifeline from the federal government. Main Street is also looking to Washington to provide an injection of financial stability.

    There are many different vectors of this economic crisis. But there is only one sure solution. And that is the infusion of large amounts of capital into the marketplace from the only place with the capacity to do so, which is the federal government.

    It’s time to give the American people some good news for a change. It’s estimated that the bill could help sustain and create up to 3.5 million jobs over the next two years – with 396,000 in California alone.

    The bill before us is far from perfect. But we need to give the president the flexibility and resources he needs to create jobs and revive our ailing economy.

    This bill will not meet every need, and some difficult choices have been made in order to move it forward with the 60 votes it needed to secure passage in the Senate.

    But faced with a choice of taking action to confront this crisis, or simply dithering away as families lose their jobs, their homes and their hope, I think the choice is clear: We must support this economic recovery package.

    President Obama inherited an unprecedented fiscal mess when he took office last month.

    The National debt is $10.7 trillion

    This year’s budget deficit is projected at $1.2 trillion.

    The GDP fell by 3.8 percent last quarter, the worst showing in 26 years.

    Unemployment is skyrocketing, at 7.6 percent nationwide. Since the recession started in December 2007, 3.6 million jobs have been lost. More than 598,000 jobs were lost in January. Economists say three million more could be lost by the end of this year.

    In California, We have a 9.3 percent unemployment rate. There are at least 1.7 million unemployed workers in California.

    We have the 4th highest foreclosure rate in the nation. There were 837,665 foreclosures filed in 2008, up 110 percent from 2007.

    The state budget deficit has reached $42 billion.

    This has real and serious implications.

    The Governor has had to halt public infrastructure projects. Public employees are being furloughed and local governments are planning to slash the critical services upon which taxpayers depend.

    The bill before us will not solve every problem, but it will provide funding for critical investments that will create jobs and get our economy moving again.

    First, it will fund transportation. It will provide $29 billion for highways and bridges. California’s share by formula will be at least $2.6 billion.

    This bill will also provide $8.4 billion for public transit – i.e., subway, bus, and light rail projects. California’s share by formula will be $1 billion;

    Another $1.3 billion will go for Airport capital improvements. And $9.3 billion will be invested in Intercity Passenger Rail, including $8 billion targeted at building High Speed Rail.

    In total, the bill provides roughly $50 billion for transportation. These projects will not only modernize the corridors used to transport passengers and goods that move across America, they are also a critical part of the jobs creation goal of this package.

    Experts estimate that between 27,000 to 37,000 jobs are created for every $1 billion invested in transportation projects. So, an estimated 1.5 million jobs could be generated by transportation projects funded in this bill.

    Second, it will fund water projects.

    We have a huge water infrastructure problem in this country. The Government Accountability Office and EPA report that the nation faces a $300-500 billion water and wastewater funding gap over the next 20 years.

    That’s why it is so important that this bill includes a substantial investment in water infrastructure.

    For the Army Corps of Engineers, the bill provides $4.6 billion for construction, maintenance, etc., that will create 37,000 direct jobs and 102,000 indirect jobs.

    For Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds, the bill provides $6 billion, of which California would receive $444 million.

    The Bureau of Reclamation will receive $1 billion, including $126 million for Title XVI Water Recycling and Reuse Projects.

    The U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis estimates that for each additional job created in the water and sewer industries, 3.68 jobs are created in all industries.

    So, investing in these projects will help create millions of jobs here at home, and better protect human health and the environment. This is a vital investment.

    Third, this bill will provide critical funds for housing.

    It is widely recognized that the roots of this economic recession were in the bursting of the housing bubble. Last year, there were more than 830,000 foreclosures filed in California alone, an increase of more than 100 percent over 2007.

    So, it is important that the bill makes a major commitment to stabilizing the housing market — and to helping hardworking Americans avoid the devastating loss of their homes through foreclosure.

    The bill provides the Public Housing Capital Fund with $4 billion to help local public housing agencies address a $32 billion backlog in capital needs. California’s share by formula will be $118.5 million.

    The HOME Investment fund will receive $2.25 billion for state and local governments to acquire, construct, and rehab affordable housing.

    It is critical that Congress do whatever we can to help restore and foster the American dream of home ownership – and this bill is part of that effort.

    Fourth, the bill will boost funding for our nation’s healthcare and education systems and provides increases for other safety nets, including:

    This means $87 billion will be provided for Medicaid, with California receiving an estimated $10 billion. Another $13 billion will fund0 Title I Education. Another $12.2 billion will fund Special Education. There will also be $2.1 billion for Head Start and Early Head Start.

    A sum of $20 billion will go for additional food stamps benefits. And this bill also supplies an additional $100 per month in unemployment insurance benefits.

    Finally, this bill funds Energy initiatives.

    This legislation makes a serious down payment towards our permanent shift away from fossil fuels and towards a more sustainable energy system.

    The bill invests in efficiency, providing $5 billion to weatherize the homes of low income individuals through the Weatherization Assistance Program.

    It also establishes a tax credit for 30 percent of the cost to homeowners that weatherize their own homes, and provides cities with $3.2 billion in block grants to assist them with building codes, efficiency improvements to their own facilities, and renewable energy projects.

    These efforts will help us realize the goal of weatherizing millions of homes.

    It invests in a “smart grid,” putting $4.5 billion into an effort to improve electricity delivery through technology.

    The legislation will allow WAPA to build new powerlines, to deliver renewable electricity to California consumers who would otherwise continue to depend on coal power.

    And finally, this legislation establishes a grant program at DOE and expands a loan guarantee program.

    These two steps will help capital intensive wind, solar, geothermal, and cellulosic biofuels projects move forward even at a time when financing capital projects has become all but impossible.

    Bottom line: these are all investments that will either provide an immediate benefit to local economies by adding jobs or will help shore up the safety net for Americans who have been hit by the crisis

    This is a very welcome sum of investment in states that are facing grim scenarios today.

    One headline recently asked whether the “Golden State is rusting.” (Monterey Herald)

    But the truth is, California is not alone in suffering these consequences. Every state in the Union is feeling the painful effects of this downturn, and every state needs this injection of investment at this critical time.

    President Obama has stated clearly that this economic recovery package is the tool he needs to get our economy back on track and move this country forward.

    The millions of people who are losing their jobs and their homes have no use for partisan bickering. Re-enacting Washington’s usual ideological battles won’t stop any companies from downsizing, free up any credit for businesses in need, or put food on the table of a family in need.

    Candidly, I would have written a very different bill than the one before us. And there are some aspects of this bill that I would still like to change – I would have liked to see more job-creating infrastructure projects and fewer costly tax cuts.

    But despite the imperfections in this bill, I believe we must recognize the enormous task at hand by providing the president with the resources he needs to get the job done.

    This bill is a major part of that effort, and it should be approved.

    Thank you.

    Sincerely yours,

    Dianne Feinstein
    United States Senator

  125. It appears they have shared Cliff’s notes on responses to the smelly tourist chattering class who don’t care about the pork (except that they do care about the pork).

  126. kittycat77 —

    The first use of the name for God in the OT is “Elohim,” not YHWH. YHWH is the name revealed only to Moses, and no one else.

    For years scholars believed this was the 3rd person form of the verb “to be,” which would be translated as “HE IS,” but they were unsure.

    In the last 20 years or so, archeological finds have discovered this from the time of Moses, the “Y” in YHWH may have been in his time used for the 1st person form of the verb “to be,” and so the correct translation may be “I AM.

    If you look up “I AM” you will see that is used in a unique way many times.

    However, back to Allah. Allah is simply the Arabic for “El.” That is interesting to us, because that is the name for God used by Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and his twin brother, Esau. It is only much, much later, that the name Allah was related to the Moon, and so now we have the famous symbol of Islam, the Crescent Moon.

    The reason we can know how to pronounce Allah is that Arabic was first written AFTER the invention of “vowels.”

    Hebrew and a number of other ancient languages was first written down BEFORE the invention of vowel.

    There is also an Indo-European language that was written down BEFORE the invention of vowels, and that is Etruscan. No one has yet been able to successfully translate Etruscan.

    Also, we have discovered Greek written not in alphabaic form, but in syllable form. This may help us to push back the time when Homer actually wrote down the Illiad, and that his poetry was developed when Greek was actually written in syllabic form. It appears that from the time of Ulysses and Nestor (who are historical figures), that Greek was written in syllables, and not the alphabet.

    The word alpha is Hebrew for “Ox” and “Bet” is Hebrew for “Home.” The word “alphabet” them simply means your “house” and “car.”


  128. Citizen Petition to U.S. Senate:

    Total signers: 132,828
    Your Sponsor:

    The Petition States:

    The “Law of the Sea Treaty” petition states:

    As an American citizen, I am signing this petition opposing Senate ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS or “Law of the Sea Treaty”). The Law of the Sea Treaty is a dangerous threat to our nation’s sovereignty. It places the United States under an international authority, subjects our nation to direct taxation by the United Nations and could hamper our military. The Law of the Sea Treaty is a bad idea that was rejected by Ronald Reagan and should be rejected by the U.S. Senate now. I urge you to vote against ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty.

    Just Say “NO” to Sea Treaty

    Concern Citizen

  129. repost—need your assistance
    think there should be a “tea party” in
    Columbus, OH this coming Friday because…

    Heard on Columbus, Ohio radio today that
    the usurper is coming here next Friday.
    He is playing up the police recruiting class
    with the local mayor Coleman. I think it’s
    pay back for the “Acorn activities” that
    were rampant here in Ohio.

    Anyone know if a Tea Party Revolt is on
    for that date? Columbus has a Santa Maria
    replica of Columbus’ ship. It would be an
    interesting venue to throw tea overboard
    into the Scioto River (not sure about the
    legality of that?). Another venue, of course,
    would be at the state house.

  130. Seems like these tea parties are gaining steam, but the govt is waiting to pounce and scatter such attempts before they get to big, remember fear is what is driving this govt and hate is leading the country, when you have hate in you it has to go somewhere and we are the victims.

  131. Direct all Military friends,active and retired to over 97 joined in lawsuit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    link to 550 Billion money market crisis 9/18/08
    withdrawn in 1.5 HOURS!! Crisis was needed
    some say SOROS involved.?
    Where exactly did all our economic problems come from??
    Forbes said get rid of mark to market and rid of payroll taxes and the ecomomy will turn around
    Looks like there is a BIG SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST AGENDA??
    America needs to stop this madness article
    We elect public servants,NOT messiahs!

  133. Just read on that Obama skipped the National anthem and prayer.
    Isn’t he clever??
    Larry Sinclair says Globe Magazine has Great reviews on his tell all book,out soon

    Lets’ make this a no. 1 best seller!!

  134. Ladyhawke // February 28, 2009 at 4:15 am

    My response to Boxer:

    With all do respect,

    You cannot possibly believe this!

    Please do nothing more – my 401K cannot take it! The economy cannot take it!

    You are killing the economy, the stock market and the United States of America. We will never be able to repay what you in the Congress are now spending. You may not sense it, but average Americans – like your voters – are mad as Hell right now and probably have had enough. Most of us – like me –have plans to move out of California. That’s your legacy.

    Thank you for sending me this ridiculous form letter.



    ONe new neighbor from Rancho Cucamonga, and one online friend looking at this time to Nevada–you are right–think the politicians left there can support 10 million illegals??

  135. JJ
    dick morris did not work for clinton in 2006?

    you mean 1996?

    what do you mean?

  136. Citizen Wells, my last comment is still in moderation

  137. Attention all military! Send to all!

    Go here and vote on “Should a soldier serve if he doesn’t think the president is legitimate?” The link is about three paragraphs down in the article. Here is what you will be voting on:

    Should a Soldier serve if he doesn’t believe the president is legitimate?

    Yes, a Soldier takes an oath to serve the nation and President Obama was duly elected. 1st Lt. Easterling is just trying to get publicity and he should be court martialed.

    If a Soldier in good conscience does not believe the president is constitutionally eligible to serve, he should not execute his duties and is right to protest the president’s orders.

    Easterling should continue to honor the dignity of his men by executing his orders as given. He should pursue other avenues to challenge the legitimacy of the president.

    (Note–I had to double-click to get the link to come up):

  138. Is the awards show the same one that Newt G – spoke at? I saw something onGretta last night and it said it would be shown on Fox today at %. Newt blew BHO and Pelosi away! I love him!! It was a riot. He lowered the boom and it was a riot!


    The articles states that Obama is doing it “wrong both ways”. Unfortunately I fear that is his intent.

  140. I read somewhere, maybe a month ago, I am not sure where, that courtmarshalling was waived by the supreme court for this special lawsuit by the military so they can find out the eligibility of the usurper, since they have the best standing and are in harms way. They deserve to know the truth of who they have for a commander in chief.

  141. @Val:

    Newt Gingrich spoke lso at CPAC.
    Here is the live stream, but you can also see the speeches of thursday and friday.

  142. Obama elected by Acorn voter fraud,Foreign $$$
    ,which is illegal.Also America was deceived by the MSM AND some in Congress that know who he really is.The Constituion says if one knows of a fraud ,in this type of case they are to be indited for a coverup.Period!
    What is he hiding???? over 800,000 spent to keep the BIG secret.This is wrong!
    America needs to know asap so we can stop the takeover from within??
    This is serious,don’t you think??
    pray that the military have not died in vain!!!

  143. Hey twe,
    the article about Lt. Easterling had a comment section before.
    They took it off!
    free speech is a scary thing, I guess.

    Also the “poll” had two answers that were negative and one that was positive towards Lt. Easterling.

    Still the supportuve answer got the most votes, but bothe negative answers together were more than that.

    Deceiver at work.

  144. Heard yesterday the tax tables for 09 are the same as 08. WHERE’S THE TAX CUT FOR THE 95% or anyone??

  145. Gingrich/Palin in 2009

  146. The federal government is supposed to keep the country safe. That is their main purpose. They aren’t doing anything about securing our border with Mexico but have their hands in everything they have no business in.
    What is wrong with this picture?

  147. Interesting post from a commentator on the Cedar Rapids Iowa article on Michelle Malkin about banning the dumping of tea into Cedar river.

    Unreal… I can’t believe the question even has to be asked!

    I’ve asked this question before, and I will ask this question again.

    At what precise point should the German people have raised up and stopped Hitler? And just how should they have done it?

    I don’t have the answer to this question. But I think it’s a worthy topic and something every patriot needs to be thinking about.

    Before now I have always hated it when people compared everyone and their brother to Hitler. But we now have a man whose goals are much the same.

    And we’re asking whether or not we should dump tea into a river?

    Interesting question…just how would they have stood up to Hitler?

  148. Just a Question:

    When Obama or the “Great Pretender” gets ousted, notice I did not say IF, will all of the Bills passed and signed be reversible? I am looking at all the stupid bills being passed and signed into “Law” and when found to be an usurper, they all become null and void. Talk about the Stock Market taking an upswing. Anyway, how will it all be undone and set back to where it was when the USURPER took over. I hope there is a good accountant keeping track of all of those funds that will have to be returned to the Treasury. Then again, would those losers who were hired to be Cabinet members and the associated czars have to return the funds paid to them for being on the payroll of the usurper. The more time that goes on till the ONE is ousted, the price to US is astronomical. BTW, would the Cabinet Members and all of the so called appointees be able to collect unemployment?

    God Bless our wonderful troops who have given more than we will ever be able to repay, especially the patriots who have signed on the the current and future lawsuits trying to discover the truth about “The ONE.”

  149. Speedy and everyone else, in reference to your recollection that military Plaintiffs might have received guarantees in advance they would not be in jeopardy by becoming Plaintiffs in a military lawsuit… If military Plaintiffs in a Declaratory Judgment case face no liability in the future then, their case does not present a controversy that can be litigated and, therefore, becomes only a request for an advisory opinion. This means, the federal court has no jurisdiction to hear it. You might have gotten your idea of ‘exoneration before the fact’ for military Plaintiffs from Orly Taitz, who bragged on her blog that she was discussing with Pentagon officials how to free up from jeopardy any military Plaintiffs before she filed a military suit. But even assuming she was telling the truth and, in addition, could have obtained such guarantee from the military not to prosecute military Plaintiffs under the UCMJ; then she would have killed her chances of avoiding a motion to dismiss on this case, too, which motion would have been granted not for lack of standing but for lack of jurisdiction.

  150. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco

    To Berlin Berlin,

    They stopped the COMMENT area because we CRASHED that comment area with Pro Lt Easterling, a Modern Day Peter Francisco Hero ( ), Comments.
    Also because many weren’t following their rules with outside LINKS and stuff. But we BURNED UP THAT COMMENTS AREA. Congratulations to all the Patriots that participated there with me. Especially Snow Flake & Earl.

    The Article was BIASED and TWISTED the FACTS & teh Poll was Biased BUT I saw the poll differently.
    There was ONE answer basically said:
    1-Do your job and shut-up He is the President.(unsupportive of Easterlings actions).
    Tthan they split the Supportive answers in Two (which is Distorting the Results):
    1-He has a right to do what he is doing OR
    2- He should continue doing his job while trying to quietly find a resolution to the problem.

    I see the results this way:

    Opposed to Easterling 27%

    Supportive (with current tactics) 41%
    Supportive (but diff tactics) 31%

    AGAINST 27 %
    IN FAVOR 72% (41% + 31%)

    A Huge WIN for the TRUTH and that is a site used by over 10 MILLION PEOPLE.

    Our Voices are Getting Numerous & Louder keep it up Patriots.

  151. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco

    To AP:

    At what point should the Germans have stopped Hitler?

    I have a more recent event: Did we learn anything the the PONZI SCHEME and Bernie Madoff (Bernie Made OFF with the Money)?
    For 10 yrs we had a Patriot Harry Markopolos WARNING and WARNING and no one LOOKED INTO IT. They probably called him a Conspiracy Nut. If they ahd acted 10 yrs ago people with still have their 50 Billion.
    Now lets used what we learned from that Ponzi Scheme adn look into these PONZI PREZ.
    Err on the side of CAUTION.
    Trust but Verify!

    If he is Qualified what is the HARM? But what if he is not and we don’t find out until 7 yrs from now when we are Destroyed as a NATION?
    Maybe than we will have the Erosionists (like Barney Frank, Pelosi, Reid and the other STOOGES) blame it on the Republicans, Corporations, The Rich, etc and calling for MORE ELECTION REGULATION.

    Risk evaluation do nothing or act?
    Err on the side of Caution.

  152. Orly has the fake Certification next to an authentic Certificate of live birth.

    Save this link and send it to all those people that always say “haven’t You seen the BC?”

    It is just sooooo obviuous.
    (Race father: African LOL!)

  153. America needs to demand the truth now
    Enough of this deceptor
    elected officals are to serve the people not the other way around.
    America demands proof.
    Who is he really?
    book The Man Behind The Mask by Andy Martin should be a good read.
    Also Larry Sinclair’s new book.He has a lot to tell
    Lots of truth out there Need to tell America

  154. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco

    Bailouts? Did you say BAILOUTS or FAILOUTS?

    These are not Bailouts they are FAILOUTS it is a Planned Way to Gush Up Poverty and bring FAILURE to the American Way of Live. There is a light at the end of the Tunnel if we refuse to participate and legally find a way to NOT pay any taxes we will end this failed policy quickly. Bartering is a good idea or shutting business down or downsizing for awhile. More people unemployed more hands to receive and less hands producing and paying taxes. If there is No taxes the handouts will end in FAILURE and “obama” will FAILOUT.

    Let’s learn from the Community Organizer and ACORN playbook. Bring change by any means even if it is thru radical & chaotic means. Put a huge burden on the system so that it will collapse. Protest and demand more & more. Eventually they will give in and not be able to fullfill promises & obligations and FAILOUT. This is how ACORN destroyed the banking & financial system. This is how ACORN got away with FRAUD in voter registrations drives, etc. Overburdening & overloading the system into giving in and then collapse.

    It is also time to analyze your financial situation and make hard decisions. Consider not paying your debt, credit cards, mortages, etc. These loansharks could care less about you. They get lowered interest rates and “bailouts” but the consumer only sees rates go UP and their limits lowered to make them look MAXED OUT and destroying their credit score (FICO). This in turn got their APR’s raised with other Creditors and it snowballed from there. Same APR’s as high as 37%. Time to teach them all a lesson. Time to give yourself a BAILOUT. Stop paying, keep your CASH and get your hand out too.

    Don’t worry about your FICO score, we’ll all be in the same boat. They will have to lower FICO averages and lower limits in order to lend when things turn around. This happened in the 90’s if you had 12-24 months of clean credit they could care less what happened prior to that. It can be fixed in a couple of good years. Time to bring these policies to their knees. We don’t want a long slow FAILOUT we want to make it happen quickly so we can quickly turn back to the way we were which made us prosperous with American ideals not with failed frantic financial fantasies that NEVER worked anywhere anytime.

    America and our Traditions, Culture, Celebrations, Way of Life & Everything that made us great is under Constant Attack by the EROSIONISTS time to Stand Up and Speak Up. Remember NO JUSTICE NO PEACE.

    Obanomics = GUSH UP POVERTY and eventually O-pression.

    This is the BUSH 3rd TERM (on Steroids) that Erosionists Warned us about. Endless War, Huge Deficits, loosing liberties and Ballooning Government. Warmongering Continues where are the Erosionist Professional Protesters Code Pink & Cindey Sheehan? What happened to “War is not the Answer”?



    Bush “W” created military support and rebuilding jobs in Iraq that helped to end Socialistic Dictator and build a Democratic country, Iraq.

    Bush’s 3rd Term “O” is creating Welfare & Social Jobs with a Socialistic Dictator that will Destroy a Democratic country, America.

    Bailouts = Failouts

    Reaganomics = Trickle Down Economy (equal opportunity for all)

    Obanomics = Gush Up Poverty (equal poverty for all)

  155. Mieke and Therese hosts of USAPatriots-shout, a blog talk radio program, share information that is rarely broadcast on main stream media (MSM). We believe the truth supersedes labeling, party affiliations, and “political correctness”. Join us Sunday night as the great “Opinionators” give you our take on what’s happening with our country!

    you don’t want to miss this broadcast

    . . is now
    Sunday night (03-01-09) 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.
    Pacific Standard Time

    Topic is:
    Is Obama a Communist?

    We are proud and honored to welcome Marion A. Valentine
    who will be discussing the results of his research into Obama’s background and political affiliations. Mr. Valentine has spent nine years in the Navy in military intelligence.

    What a great opportunity to call in or write and share and discuss these issues!

    You can write to the chat room at

    All the technical probkems that porevented lasat week’s program from streaming have been corrected. Usapatriots-shout

  156. Alan Keyes says BHO is a radical communist.

    Talk about Larry Sinclair and what he knows also
    Be great to interview Larry

  157. @Rocknee
    Gingrich/Palin? Neither one of these ppl are qualified! Tell me one thing Palin or Gingrich have done to expose Obama. Just one.

  158. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco

    To Kathy,

    Palin/Gicrich lets not Destroy our own. These people are politicians and they have to wait for teh tide before they surf.

  159. Da Verg, I read the story and was absolutely perplexed–Bill Clinton was said to have sent Morris to Kenya in 2006 with Dumbo to quell the slaughter, civil unrest caused by Odinga.

    The year could be wrong by only a year, but the writer of the article seemed to be quoting Morris and Morris was horrified and came home with the stories somehow.

    One reason Morris is so anti-Dumbo and I pondered, you weren’t too darn impartial–you went with him there!!!

    Will search for the story–but you know it’s probably dead in the water–I do know that I received Morris’s newsletter by email and went off on him when he reported parts of the horror he witnessed and email was returned; which led me to believe what I had read about his adventure the summer of 2006 or after the election Odinga lost.

    Dates may be sketchy, but the jest of the story I definitely got was Morris went to Kenya with Dumbo!! Purpose?? A wonder.

  160. goodtimepolitics

    Col. Oliver North says Obama is untruthful! He has many examples here on his page!

  161. Hale Turner Show- “ENDGAME” this summer?

    As most U.S Patriots already know, the U.S. federal government has a vicious operational plan code named “ENDGAME” which it can activate if it feels it is losing control of the nation due to economic or other collapse.

    The stated goal of ENDGAME is to cut the head off any political dissent and bring the population under absolute martial law with little or no resistance.

    Today, I received information that the plan is to be implemented by this summer.

    ENDGAME includes lists containing the names, addresses, photos, car descriptions, license plate numbers, lists of close friends / relatives and other detailed identifying information of about 775,000 living Americans whom the government feels pose a threat to their implementation of absolute despotism in the USA.

    Once implemented, those 775,000 American citizens are to be rounded up, quickly and quietly, so that the rest of the population is left leaderless. The 775,000 will be killed outright.

    That’s why the US Government ordered one million plastic coffins to be manufactured in Georgia and pre-positioned around the country within the last two years. (Story Here)

    That’s also why, for the first time since WW2, the government has activated a Combat Brigade of the US Army here at home!

    The 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team (BCT) has spent 35 of the last 60 months in Iraq patrolling in full battle rattle, helping restore essential services and escorting supply convoys.

    Now they’re training for the same mission — with a twist — at home.

    go to this site to read the rest.

  162. Most states have enacted laws requiring the candidate for POTUS from the major political Party must be eligible for the job. (The Official Code of GA Annotated (O.C.G.A.), §21-2-5, “Qualifications of candidates for federal and state office; determination of qualifications.” Reads: “Every candidate for federal and state office who is certified by the state executive committee of a political party … shall meet the constitutional and statutory qualifications for holding the office being sought.” Yet the Democratic Party managed to get the name of its candidate onto the general election ballots notwithstanding overwhelming circumstantial evidence shows he is not a natural born citizen (“NBC”).

    In order to complete drafting complaints to Attorneys General (”A’sG”) in each state, charging that the executive committee of the state Democratic Party committed fraud by forwarding to the chief elections official in the state – usually the Secretary of State (”S of S”) – their statement that Barack Obama is the official nominee of the Democratic Party for the office of POTUS, so that the state could print his name and or the names of his Electors on the general election ballot, notwithstanding it looks like he is ineligible for the job; I need to see the documents these state party chairs submitted to their state officials. I have already obtained this information for HI; there, the state party merely forwarded under the state party cover letter, a copy of Nancy Pelosi’s “DNC Official Certification of Nomination,” saying Barack Obama was their candidate (and that he was Constitutionally eligible for the job). Presumably, this was the procedure followed in other states, too. But I need to see the documents. That’s where you come in.

    I need you to forward a request to your S of S for a copy of the documents, if any, that were provided to that office by the executive committee of the state Democratic Party and were the basis of the state’s decision the Party had satisfied all state requirements to print the name of Barack Obama and/or the names of his Electors on the general election ballot. Most states have public records laws mirroring the federal Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”), entitling you to such information, on a timely basis. You could check with your S of S. Requests for records should be made in writing, referencing the public records law in your state.

    Let me know what you come up with, ASAP. Thank you.


  164. Oh my gosh, Rush was on fire and loved that he was on live….. even CNN showed his whole speech.

  165. Rush Limbaugh received the “Conservative of the Year” award, which was presented to him at CPAC after his 1 1/2 hour speech!!

    **Congratulations to Rush…A great American Patriot**

  166. I just had the pleasure of listening to Rush Limaugh”s “Address to the Nation” speech at the Cpac Convention televised on Fox News.

    IT WAS GREAT! It was inspiring. He used words and language as they were meant to be used. Honestly, directly, and accurately. There were no hidden messages or convolution of words or truth. It was straight talk and clear ideas.

    Among the many up lifting ideas and comments he shared, he plainly admitted he wanted the President to fail. He made it clear he wants the President to fail because he doesn’t want the country to fail. He knows—as we all do—that if Obama succeeds with his agenda America as we know it will fail. He couldn’t have expressed my own thoughts better.

    Don’t miss 3-1-09 between 8 & 10 p.m. pacific standard time.

  167. Rocknee,

    I’m with you on that one!

    Gingrich / Palin

    I LOVE Newt!

  168. The rush is on! bumperstickers!!!

  169. We need more like Davy Crockett! This was sent to me from

    In the early 1800s Congress was considering a bill to appropriate tax dollars for the widow of a distinguished naval officer. Several beautiful speeches had been made in support of this bill. It seemed that everyone in the House favored it. The Speaker of the House was just about to put the question to a vote, when Davy Crockett, famous frontiersman and then Congressman from Tennessee, rose to his feet.

    Mr. Speaker, I have as much respect for the memory of the deceased and as much sympathy for the suffering of the living as any man in this House, but we must not permit our respect for the dead or our sympathy for a part of the living to lead us into an act of injustice to the balance of the living. I will not go into an argument to prove that Congress has no power to appropriate this money as an act of charity. Every member upon this floor knows it. We have the right, as individuals to give away as much of our own money as we please in charity, but as members of Congress we have no right to so appropriate a dollar of the public money. Some eloquent appeals have been made to us upon the ground that it is a debt due the deceased. Sir, this is no debt. We cannot without the grossest corruption, appropriate this money as the payment of a debt. We have not the semblance of authority to appropriate it as a charity. I cannot vote for this bill, but I will give one weeks pay, and if every member of Congress will do the same, it will amount to more than the bill asks.

    There was silence on the floor of the House as Crockett took his seat. When the bill was put to a vote, instead of passing unanimously as had been expected, it received only a few votes. The next day a friend approached Crockett and asked why he spoken against a bill for such a worthy cause. In reply, Crockett related the following story:

    Just a few years before, he had voted to spend $20,000.00 of public money to help the victims of a terrible fire in Georgetown. When the legislative session was over, Crockett made a trip back home to do some campaigning for his re-election. In his travels he encountered one of his constituents, a man by the name of Horatio Bunce. Mr. Bunce bluntly informed Crockett, I voted for you the last time. I shall not vote for you again.

    Crockett, feeling he had served his constituents well, was stunned. He inquired as to what he had done to so offend Mr. Bunce. Bunce replied, You gave a vote last winter which shows that either you have not capacity to understand the Constitution, or that you are wanting in the honesty and firmness to be guided by it. The Constitution, to be worth anything, must be held sacred, and rigidly observed in all its provisions.I take the papers from Washington and read very carefully all the proceedings of Congress. My papers say that last winter you voted for a bill to appropriate $20,000.00 to some sufferers by a fire. Well, Colonel, where do you find in the Constitution any authority to give away public money in charity? No Colonel, Congress has no right to give charity. Individual members may give as much of their own money as they please, but they have no right to touch a dollar of the public money for that purpose.

    The people have delegated to Congress, by the Constitution, the power to do certain things. To do these, it is authorized to collect and pay moneys, and for nothing else. Everything beyond this is usurpation, and a violation of the Constitution. You have violated the Constitution in what I consider to be a vital point. It is a precedent fraught with danger to the country, for when Congress once begins to stretch its power beyond the limits of the Constitution, there is no limit to it, and no security for the People.

    I could not answer him,said Crockett. I was so fully convinced that he was right.I said to him, Well, my friend, you hit the nail upon the head when you said I had not sense enough to understand the Constitution. If you will forgive me and vote for me again, if I ever vote for another unconstitutional law, I wish I may be shot.

    After finishing the story, Crockett said, Now sir, you know why I made that speech yesterday. There is one thing now to which I will call your attention. You remember that I proposed to give a weeks pay? There are in that House many very wealthy men, men who think nothing of spending a weeks pay, or a dozen of them, for a dinner or a wine party when they have something to accomplish by it. Some of these same men made beautiful speeches upon the debt of gratitude which the country owed the deceased, yet not one of them responded to my proposition. Money with them is nothing but trash when it is to come out of the people. But it is the one great thing for which most of them are striving, and many of them sacrifice honor, integrity, and justice to obtain it.

  170. I would love to see Rush or Hannity or a true blue Conservative with a “VOICE” run for 2012!

    We need someone who knows how to get folks pumped up. We need a “loud” and “Patriotic” figure leading the way, that knows how to speak in a way that makes the goose bumps stand up on the back of your neck !

    That’s the reason Ron Paul can’t win an election. He has all the tools and the Founding principals at heart. He’s just NOT and orator at all. His voice is shaky, and he’s not a great speaker that gets crowds fired up.

    I hope the Conservative party puts someone in the mix who knows how to speak in a way that just makes people want to run out and join the military 🙂

    We Need A Rock Star that can make the crowd come unglued when they speak.

    Maybe Ron Paul can take some speech and crowd explosion lessons…lol…and do something to scratch up or deepen his voice. Maybe he should swallow some sand paper before he talks, to help toughen that voice up a little 🙂

  171. Some rich sports fiqures need to voice up or they soon will perish in due time, to many cowards are afraid to step up and speak the truth !! Tiger Woods needs to speak up for freedom

  172. What was Rush’s home run? Did he stand proud and use his media fame to announce to the viewing public Obama’s lies? NOPE. Not a home run. Rush hannity. Beck are NOT patriots! When they rid themselves of their own personal agendas, they mean nothing! All they amount to are band aids for all the pissed off anti obama peeps. Please quit putting your faith in these fake warriors! They have done nothing but maintain the silence on the main issue that would expose Obama! If u want a *Grass fire*? Light one in Barry’s pants!

  173. Kathy

    Tell me one thing anyone including you have done to opposed obama. When does that become a criteria to get this country on the right track. Gingrich is smart and know what the economy needs to get back to capitalism. Created the thing in mid 90’s you know, lower taxes, that thing. Palin has been governor of a large state.

  174. Plenty! I do what I can control in my town. BTW what do u do? Type useless emails to your state officials? Have u ever turned your car around and confront anti war sh#t heads by yorself? Have u confronted obama supporters at a city open once a month meeting? Don’t question me. Cuz I have!! U try it!!!

  175. A lot of braging. Whining. Tatleing on barrys latest BS! Who cares!! be ready to defend your shit! Barrys rule is not legal! All foreign countries know it, shut up!! And prepar to defend this nation! Legalities at this point don’t matter!!

  176. Must see on plains radio forum, A video shows how they made the fake obama birth cert. please upload it to this site asap

  177. No answer? I challenge any blogger in cw’s blog to go to a monthly publc city hall meeting. By yourself and challenge them. You have nothing to loose or fear! Stand up! Don’t blog other national efforts. Make your own. Take every oppurtunity to defy and voice your opinion while u have that right. Who gives a damn who hears u! Say it at every oppurtunity that comes upon u! Turn a damn local or national paper over that displays obamas face! Hopefully some one will ask u why u did thay. Then tell em!!!! I do daily. It aint easy being labled unhinged! Who gives a crap? I don’t!

  178. On a sad note, Paul Harvey has passed away. He’s been around forever. He did love this country too.

    BTW, Steve, I have studied the sacred name Yahweh thoroughly. It is pronounced Yah-oo-ey. It is a name that already consists of 4 semi-vowel letters being as these letters anciently are vowel letters also. You can transliterate it into English as Yah-u-ay or whatever way you wish to produce the sound. If you understand the “w” is a double u sound, then it’s fine to transliterate it as Yahweh, keeping in mind about the “waw” that has the “oo or u” sound. The “u” is a long “u” like in the word “too” or “true.”

    Also, when you say the trigrammaton Yah-u, as is in the case of many suffices in Scriptural names, or in the case of the prefixes, well, you already have 2/3 of the sacred name there. Such as Yahushua son of Nun. Then the many names with the theophoric element as suffices.

  179. Kathy,
    I hear your frustration because we all share it,
    those of us who love our country, our Constitution, and our freedoms. I know what
    you mean with the papers. I move Globe
    issues (like the lastest) that are placed on
    the lowest shelf almost out of sight completely–
    I move them up to eye level. I agree with you.
    We can challenge and speak up no matter what.
    FYI: There are We Surround Them Glenn Beck mtgs. going up in most states. I just found
    out there is one here in Columbus, OH on
    March 13 at Roosters on Olentangy Rd.
    If we stay involve and fight on we will reach
    our goal– getting the usurper OUT.

  180. Keep me in moderation CW u know what I have typed is available to any person in this blog. People!!! Make your defiance known to all on your turf! U have that right! That’s where the little grass fires start.

  181. Kathy, can you please visit my blog and read, “HELP ME HELP YOU”?

    I am doing the best I can to arm you with the tools that will accompany visits to the offices of your state elected officials.

  182. Maybe it will take a new party.
    Not only a new tea party.

    The question comes up among us that actually understand the NBC clause, why is Jindal handled as the new hope?

    First of all I think he is too young, but he’s not a NBC.
    (look who’s talking, I’m not even a citizen, but a permanent resident, and I know that)

    Also I think he is not strong enough and not the least bit entertaining.

    Unfortunately You have to be that, even if we think it is secondary.

  183. Rush Limbaugh should be sent to Antartica to cover the penguin migration news.

    He is in the same boat as Ron Paul. Both claim to be patriots and spit all over the Constitution. Both will have their day in public court. I wish them both the best of luck not getting cast into a dark “prison” where they belong.

  184. Has anyone been to this site where you can find and network with patriots in your state?
    Has anyone here applied for the National Grand Jury? I am strongly considering it.
    It is so exciting to see Americans waking up and finding that our hearts are strong!

  185. This is frustrating.

  186. Has anyone here applied for the National Grand Jury? I am strongly considering it.

  187. Kathy…

    Kathy // February 27, 2009 at 10:19 pm

    “Million man march will amount to 1000 white peeps. If ya think this march will match the black one..u have wishful thinking. It will not come close to the black million man march. Get a grip.”


    Why do you “hate” white people?
    That seems to be your point here, I know we have been told to be PC for many years now. Strange how even I after all these realize that PC only stands for “Whites” not anyone else.

    As a person who beleives in fairness and equality somehow something is very wrong in what is being projected this past year and by people like you. And I suspect you are maybe “white” so why do you hate “whites?”

  188. I see there are many looking for a new Party that will stand up for what is right. Please check out

    America’s Independent Party is THE NEW HOME OF CONSERVATISM in America! Interesting read.

  189. Please forward this link to every police officer you know:

  190. truthbetold11

    Paul the Roman citizen. When the great apostle Paul about to be killed for his faith, He told the commander that he was a Roman Citizen, the commander said” I had to pay a big price for my citzenship” Paul said ” I was born a citzen” The commander and the people withdrew in fear that Paul was a roman citzen! Citizenship has true POWER!!!

  191. truthbetold11

    Acts 22-22-end of chapter

  192. AL // February 28, 2009 at 8:35 am

    Citizen Petition to U.S. Senate:

    Total signers: 132,828
    Your Sponsor:

    The Petition States:

    The “Law of the Sea Treaty” petition states:


    Thank you for the link , I’ve signed and was happy to know about this petition exisisted.

  193. Kim // February 28, 2009 at 2:18 pm

    “The federal government is supposed to keep the country safe. That is their main purpose. They aren’t doing anything about securing our border with Mexico but have their hands in everything they have no business in.
    What is wrong with this picture?”


    Simple and to the point just perfect !!!!! 🙂


    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    Barack says we need to have a conversation about race in America . Fair enough. But this time, it has to be a two-way conversation. White America needs to be heard from, not just lectured to. This time, the Silent Majority needs to have its convictions, grievances and demands heard. And among them are these:

    First, America has been the best country on earth for black folks It was here that 600,000 black people, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew into a community of 40 million, were introduced to Christian salvation, and reached the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever known. Wright ought to go down on his knees and thank God he is an American.

    Second, no people anywhere has done more to lift up blacks than white Americans. Untold trillions have been spent since the ‘ 60s on welfare, food stamps, rent supplements, Section 8 housing, Pell grants, student loans, legal services, Medicaid, Earned Income Tax Credits and poverty programs designed to bring the African-American community into the mainstream. Governments, businesses and colleges have engaged in discrimination against white folks — with affirmative action, contract set-asides and quotas — to advance black applicants over white applicants. Churches, foundations, civic groups, schools and individuals all overAmerica have donated their time and money to support soup kitchens, adult education, day care, retirement and nursing homes for blacks.

    We hear the grievances. Where is the gratitude??

    Barack talks about new ‘ladders of opportunity’ for blacks. Let him go to Altoona ? And Johns town , and ask the white kids in Catholic schools how many were visited lately by Ivy League recruiters handing out scholarships for ‘deserving’ white kids.? Is white America really responsible for the fact that the crime and incarceration rates for African-Americans are seven times those of white America ? Is it really white America ‘s fault that illegitimacy in the African-American community has hit 70 percent and the black dropout rate from high schools in some cities has reached 50 percent?

    Is that the fault of white America or, first and foremost, a failure of the black community itself?

    As for racism, its ugliest manifestation is in interracial crime, and especially interracial crimes of violence. Is Barack Obama aware that while white criminals choose black victims 3 percent of the time, black criminals choose white victims 45 percent of the time?

    Is Barack aware that black-on-white rapes are 100 times more common than the reverse, that black-on-white robberies were 139 times as common in the first three years of this decade as the reverse?

    We have all heard ad nauseam from the Rev. Al about Tawana Brawley, the Duke rape case and Jena . And all turned out to be hoaxes. But about the epidemic of black assaults on whites that are real, we hear nothing.

    Sorry, Barack, some of us have heard it all before, about 40 years and 40 trillion tax dollars ago.

    This needs to be passed around because, this is a message everyone needs to hear!!!

  195. I believe that Dick Morris did in fact wotk for Slick Willie. I don’t remember the exact dates but I am certain of this. I believe that Morris was an advisor to Clinton or campaign manager.

  196. Kathy // February 28, 2009 at 9:07 pm

    “What was Rush’s home run? Did he stand proud and use his media fame to announce to the viewing public Obama’s lies? NOPE. Not a home run. Rush hannity. Beck are NOT patriots! When they rid themselves of their own personal agendas, they mean nothing! All they amount to are band aids for all the pissed off anti obama peeps. Please quit putting your faith in these fake warriors! They have done nothing but maintain the silence on the main issue that would expose Obama! If u want a *Grass fire*? Light one in Barry’s pants!”


    You’re agenda is questionable, but this comment would be correct…. Rush did little during the primaries or GE to keep Obama from being elected, in fact his verbal disagreements with McCain and vocal lack of support meant many on the right either voted Obama or stayed home. Now he and others who kept quiet except to go against Hillary have found their voices again.

    But as I’ve heard them say in the past it’s easier to be the opposition then the supporter as a radio host. Duh!!!!!!

    ( No I don’t hate Rush, for all reading this, but many on the right did little to keep Obama from being elected, and that is the way I see it )

  197. Excellent article on how detrimental Eric Holder’s attitude is:


    2/28/09 Obama Grants Eminent Domain Rights to China!!!!!

    The time for partisan bickering just ended. This is as serious as a heart attack. Obama is going to spend so much money, which he intends to get from China via the sale of government backed bonds, that the Chinese apparently don’t think he’ll be able to make good on them.

    So President Obama gave the Chinese eminent domain rights to American land and businesses as collateral — i.e., if we don’t pay, they now own America.

    The written agreement was brought to Beijing by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and was formalized and agreed-to during her recent trip to China.

    This means that in the event the US Government defaults on its financial obligations to China, the COMMUNIST Government of China would be permitted to physically take — inside the USA — land, buildings, factories, perhaps even entire cities — to satisfy the financial obligations of the US government.

    Put simply, Obama has now actually mortgaged the physical land and property of all citizens and businesses in the United States. He has given to a foreign power, their Constitutional power to “take” all of our property, as actual collateral for continued Chinese funding of US deficit spending and the continued carrying of US national debt.

    This is an unimaginable betrayal of every man, woman and child in the USA.

    And this guy sits in the Oval Office as an usurper, ineligible to constitutionally hold the office. Alan Keyes might be on to something.


  199. Kathy // February 28, 2009 at 9:56 pm

    “No answer? I challenge any blogger in cw’s blog to go to a monthly publc city hall meeting. By yourself and challenge them. You have nothing to loose or fear! Stand up! Don’t blog other national efforts. Make your own. Take every oppurtunity to defy and voice your opinion while u have that right. Who gives a damn who hears u! Say it at every oppurtunity that comes upon u! Turn a damn local or national paper over that displays obamas face! Hopefully some one will ask u why u did thay. Then tell em!!!! I do daily. It aint easy being labled unhinged! Who gives a crap? I don’t!”


    City hall meeting are you in a big city , so you go to the city hall meeting like maybe Chicago, New York, LA , Denver etc?? Or are you talking small town USA??

    Sorry Kathy, I’m trying to figure you out and what is your point and I actually mean that sincerely.

  200. BerlinBerlin // February 28, 2009 at 10:58 pm

    “Maybe it will take a new party.
    Not only a new tea party.

    The question comes up among us that actually understand the NBC clause, why is Jindal handled as the new hope?

    First of all I think he is too young, but he’s not a NBC.
    (look who’s talking, I’m not even a citizen, but a permanent resident, and I know that)

    Also I think he is not strong enough and not the least bit entertaining.

    Unfortunately You have to be that, even if we think it is secondary”


    I would agree , I don’t see him as a leader but also the NBC issue with him.

  201. BerlinBerlin

    @Rocknee // March 1, 2009 at 1:00 am


    That’s funny that You post this now. I was just at the AIP home page and wanted to listen to a radio show with Alan Keyes.
    The host was obvious a black man, because he used the term”black” or “black people” so often in just a few sentences, that I had to tink “what a creep!”
    I’m aware that lots of black people see the world only through the race glasses. More clear to me since the 2008 election.
    My husband is a black man, some of his friends really outed themselves as black racist selfrighteous idiots.
    Emails about Palin and stereotyping were beyond taste and also beyond politics.
    Because I could not stand black bla and black blabla of this host I have never heard Alan Keyes.
    But I thought, white people don’t do that. We don’t use the word “white” ten times in every sentence.
    Is that some kind of collective race obsession?

  202. Al, so far this story has only been traced back to Hal Turner. I don’t think it has been confirmed.

  203. Berlin Berlin

    The point is we (White People ) and I mean the majority of us have gone way beyond that , we started the PC , we chose not to play the “racist ” games in our childhood and I’m talking about people who grew up in the 60’s and beyond .

    What people like myself didn’t get was that we were the only ones doing this it seems, I have had my eyes openned in 2008 , the White race alone got beyond color, silly us, since AA now blames me for the unimaginable slights I was never responsible for and now I’m supposed to spend the rest of my life paying for????

    For someone that grew up in the 60’s and thought our generation helped to demand that equality for all races and genders worked well I certainly have been naive now haven’t I???

  204. I would like to add all these discussions that CNN and MSNBC etc want to have on Race is ridiculous….Or should I say is insulting since it is geared to making “White America” embarassed into accepting AA’s on their level.

    Now that makes me so angry because I’ve been past that my whole life and most others are as well, and I resent being lectured to ….it’s seems it’s the AA that need the lecture. so the premise is entirely wrong as well as being insulting…

  205. BerlinBerlin

    I am from Berlin/Germany and live here only a few years.
    This whole race thing is really deep in the USA.
    Just think of official forms where You have to mark Caucasian or African American or Other.
    (other is especially ridiculous)
    We really don’t do those kind of things in Europe and maybe nobody in the whole world does.
    I was with my husband (who is dark) in an Indian store.
    There was a girl from India with very black skin.
    A short while ago I read an article and told my husband about it:
    A man from India had filed a law suit in the US that he was a “caucasian” and he won it.
    (he might have been irritated with the choices on the official forms)
    The German language is a Indo-European and can be traced back to Sanskrit, I think.
    So there was this girl, blacker than my black husband. But Indian, historically the cradle of Europe.
    Genetically she might be closer to me, but visually she seems closer related to my husband.
    You get what I am trying to say?
    This whole race stuff is very unclear, therefore the categorisation should be stopped.

    Well, that will not cure the African Americans from their race obsession, but it will be a good idea.

    Other than that I’m no expert in American race relations.
    But this post is a very good read:

    Kim // March 1, 2009 at 1:26 am

    Excellent article on how detrimental Eric Holder’s attitude is:

  206. BerlinBerlin


    quote: “….it’s seems it’s the AA that need the lecture. so the premise is entirely wrong as well as being insulting…”

    I totally agree.

  207. BerlinBerlin

    The above mentioned article about Eric Holder is here:

    (the link was not complete)

  208. Please sign today

    We, the undersigned, assert our rights as citizens of the United States in demanding that the constitutional eligibility requirement be taken seriously and that any and all controlling legal authorities in this matter examine the complete birth certificate of Barack Obama, including the actual city and hospital of birth, and make that document available to the American people for inspection

    Total Signatures: 301,068

    Petition Link Below

    please pass on to family and friends.

    Concern Citizen

  209. I believe IMHO conservatives are placing Jindal out there as a possible Candidate for ’12 because they (conservatives) want to get the NBC clause out there. Opinions????

  210. ILBlue // March 1, 2009 at 12:27 am
    Why do you “hate” white people?
    That seems to be your point here, I know we have been told to be PC for many years now. Strange how even I after all these realize that PC only stands for “Whites” not anyone else.

    Politically correct:
    Illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a “turd by the clean end”.

  211. Jacqlyn Smith

    BerlinBerlin // March 1, 2009 at 3:00 am

    I am from Berlin/Germany and live here only a few years.
    This whole race thing is really deep in the USA.
    Just think of official forms where You have to mark Caucasian or African American or Other.

    This stupid stuff helps the government figure out if you are being discriminated against. We are all Americans…..unless you are here illegally. Why do we need such nonsense on forms???

  212. oldsalt76 // March 1, 2009 at 1:22 am

    I believe that Dick Morris did in fact wotk for Slick Willie. I don’t remember the exact dates but I am certain of this. I believe that Morris was an advisor to Clinton or campaign manager.

    I searched many outlets last night–all sites labeled Morris as a political consultant and compaign consultant for the Odinga campaign…all labeled Morris as going to Kenya for the Odinga campaign..any other results, please advise, for I got nauseous considering the acts of Odinga.

    Google, Odinga, Dick Morris, Clinton advisor, Obama

  213. Jacqlyn Smith

    The following message from Larry Sinclair is on his website….I don’t know how many of you know about Sinclair but he has been in the fight of his life(literally) threats and all to get his book about Obama printed and out to the public. Please read and help pass on his information. The THUGS in the White House are at work against him and are protecting the USURPER and his sleezy partner MO from getting the truth about Obama and his relationship with Larry out!!!

    Sunday, March 1, 2009
    DEAR MR. “BASTARD CHILD” PRESIDENT: “Show The World What Kind of Man You Really Are” coward!
    In the now infamous Saturday “YouTube” weekly Presidential address Barack Obama talks tough to those groups he says is prepared to fight him over his plan to destroy this Country. Obama talks tough without the guts to back any of it up. Obama tells the lobbyist he knows they are preparing a fight and “So am I.” Tough talk from a gutless “Bastard” child who for more than a year now has used his kool-aid drunk worshipers to fight me, one little old Larry Sinclair over the truthful allegations made about “The One” being a closet homosexual, having lied about his cocaine use and about his intimate and sexual relationship with the murdered Donald Young.

    Stand up Mr. President (and I use that term loosely) and fight, you skinny coward ass “Bastard Child.” Show America and the world what you really are once and for all. Why continue to run and hide behind those who you have paid and promised favors to to protect you from yourself? Since your kool-aid drunk followers say you are a “man” and not a “mouse”, stand up, in front of the world and deny that you:

    1. Engaged in crack cocaine use in 1999 with one Larry Sinclair;

    2. Engaged in not one, but two sexual acts with one Larry Sinclair;

    3. Were involved in an intimate and sexual relationship with one Chicago resident, Teacher, Choir Director of your church, Donald Young;

    4. Provided cell phone numbers of one Larry Sinclair to Donald Young and asked Young to find out everyone Larry Sinclair had spoken to about your 1999 encounters.

    5. and those working for you had Donald Young murdered on December 23, 2007…..

    I call you out Mr. “Bastard Child” (President??), show the world what kind of gutless, coward, lying, closet faggot of a man you really are.

    Facts are facts, and Barack & Michelle Obama knows that every statement made by Larry Sinclair to be 100% truthful. Michelle Obama knowingly protecting Barack Obama and withholding evidence makes her just as guilty, as does the acts of David Axelrod, Robert (uh, uh,uh,uh) Gibbs, etc… make them just as guilty.

    The efforts recently made by Obama surrogates in threatening, harassing, and intimidating a printing company to back out of simply printing and binding a book that details these facts, demonstrates just how scared the gutless “Bastard Child” fraud truly is.

    Show the World Barack Obama how much of a Man you really are, or should I say “are not!”

  214. Damn, Larry on fire today….lol

    The guy has guts, that’s for sure !

  215. Another Tea Party planned for NYC Friday, March 13, 10 a.m. meet at the bull on Bowling Green, down in Wall Street.

  216. While the prez can be brutal indeed, his need to be adored is much greater. His words are his ‘greatest weapons of mass destruction”. He has nothing else. Any destruction will come from others, as it has to date.


  218. what started as peaceful demonstrations in France turned violent. Did ANYONE see this on our MSM?

  219. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco

    Stop the Outrageous Growth of Gov’t in DC: Act Responsibly, Act in your Family, Act Locally, Act Conservatively…..BUT ACT.
    By Peter Francisco, Forgotten Revolutionary War Super Hero

    I, ALSO get upset at Rush, et al, their BIGGEST FAULT is not facilitating the ORGANIZATION of us like minded Conservatives to take on these Erosionists. They need to Lead and Spearhead the Militant Activitism of Protest and Organize Events that will Promote our point of View with a Loud Organized Voice that Nobody Can EVER Ignore again. The Silent Majority need to have a Loud & Proud Majority well Organized and well funded all working in the same direction of going back to Conservative & Traditional Small Gov’t with Personal, Family and Local Responsibility with minor Gov’t interference. Conservative websites and bloggs have the same problem, lack of ORGANIZED one voice efforts. Too many little voices. We need to Combine into a Conservative Conglomerate Voice of Action.

    We don’t need all these vast amounts of web sites and blogs some of them very nice and elaborate with so much information, information overload, that is hard to keep up with. We need a very simple direction and basic site with a massive e-mail list with calls to action with helpful information to help Conservatives on a way Forward for them and Their Families and Business. We NEED LEADERSHIP. Guidance and most Important Massive Action. If we had 100,000 People with “pitchforks” Surround the People’s White House with a Clear Voice “Mr. “obama”, or whatever your name is, in the name of We The People and Our Constitution, you hereby given one week to Show Uncontested Verifiable Proof to our Commission of Constitutional Scholars and Documents Experts, that you are Qualified to live in the People’s White House or we’ll be back next week to Throw You Out. We are putting Congress and The Supreme Court on Notice, Next Month we’ll be back for you for allowing it all.”

    Believe me we wouldn’t need any Court Cases we would be Heard Around the World.

    Conservative Radio Celebrities, Journalists, Bloggers, Etc. need to take a more Personal Hands on Role to Organize a Movement. Michael Savage likes to say all the time: What can I do? I am just one guy with a radio show. Mr. Savage you have more power than ACORN. You have More Power than ACORN, ACLU, Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan, Rev Wright, Moore, Gore, Soros, Cindy Sheehan, Code Pink, FemiNazis, GLADD, Etc. Combined. You have US the Silenced Majority.

    Your power is waiting for you to Build a Hoover Damn to Organize it and put it to Good Use. Your power is waiting in Lake Silenced Majority. Mr. Savage Build the Damn DAM that will tear down this “obama” “dark” wall of transparency and his Obanomics of Gush Up Poverty with Gov’t Growth & Erosionism of our American Way of Life, Family, Culture, Traditions, Celebrations, etc.

    Mr. Savage call a Summit of your conservative colleagues and organize a Conservative Consortium. The Conservatives need Leadership to STOP the Erosion that is plaguing our country. Conservative Talking Heads’ words are nice but organized actions is what we need. We as a majority of “cowards”can’t sit quietly by unorganized while the well organized, well indoctrinated, well funded, technology savvy, Media Backed minority Constantly Ridicule, Litigate, Attack & Erode Our Long Standing Way of Life into oblivion. We are at a Cross Roads with a very short window or opportunity to turn the tide . The tide is building against us, but if we don’t take a stand now we will have lost the opportunity and lost the battle and the Moral and Cultural War FORVERE to the Erosionists that grow their ranks with every school Indoctrination Graduation, every Proganda Program from Hollywood, Every Liberal Twisted TV Broadcast, etc.

    All these Talking Heads need to go back and Learn from the father of the Talking Heads Jerry Williams from Boston he had Politicians Scared and Empowered the people to keep Gov’t at Bay. Since he has been gone in Massachusetts we lots so many freedoms and have become the Nanniest of the Nanny states. The media/press is part of the Founding Fathers plan for checks and balances BUT the wolves are in co hoots with the coyotes to come after the sheeple.

    Growing Gov’t is KILLING US at every turn with a Growing Class of Dependency for Votes, More Handouts, and More Personal & Family Failure on the backs of fewer and less willing workers & investors.

    Our job now as Traditionalists & Conservatives is to be militant, take action and take a hit, sacrifice and Contribute in Legal Way to make sure there is Total Collapse of this FAILOUTS Erosionist Gov’t Policies. I wrote before on how this can happen. Analyze your situations and everyone do your part within the confines of the law. We can quickly cripple Obanomics into a Failure by a our combined short sacrifice or loose our American Way of Life FOREVER and have to suffer a long hardship greater than the Great Depression. “obama’s” Obanomic policies of Failouts, handouts, greater dependency, bigger gov’t, erosion of the family, etc will dry up investment, eliminate the taxpayer (worker and rich alike) and bring us The GREAT O-PRESSION.


    First don’t buy into these Gov’t Idiotically Stupendous Solutions. They Never Worked and Never Will. It will just spread and stretch the misery. If you don’t believe me just look at any Major City in USA most all of them are run by some form of Gov’t like what we have in DC now and have been run that way for decades. Please tell me one of them that is a success. By success I mean qualify of life is up, Families strenghtened, education improved, crime reduced, taxes & fees were lowered, business boomed, Private employment grew, unemployment lowered, drugs eradicated, corruption and influence corrected, more moral, etc. This is all the proof we need that Erosionist (Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Rino, etc) Policies Failed it never worked in any city or state and it will Never Work in DC.

    Here is what you can consider doing to do your part without waiting for anyone else to step up and lead or an organization to get going. Please pass it on:

    1: Analyze all your debt and consider to stop paying it so you too can get a Handout. Just look at all your bills if you don’t pay them it will be a huge amount of cash you keep in your pocket. Save the money that you won’t pay and try to put most of it aside to use as Cash as needed.

    2- If you have credit card consider to keep one or two in good standing. The ones that have treated you well as a customer I personally would advise against: Chase, Advanta, Citi, etc. any of the ones that have lowered limits making customer look Maxed Out which reduced their FICCO Scores which in turn started a domino effect with higher APR’s and more Lowered limits creating an unwarranted downward spiral for the customer. Use the other to buy everything that you need, even get cash advance (to build up saved cash) or use their promotional checks to pay utilities or to build more saved cash. When you have these cards maxed stop paying them and dump them. When they start calling you tell them you have no money and can’t pay because of the financial crisis. From what I hear they are very understanding BUT they will keep calling you with the same dumb question, as if things have gotten better. If you can’t handle these calls consider changing your telephone number. You may want to get a cell tel. and call them up tell them you will no longer have a tel. because you haven’t paid the bill. When they call, tell them sorry wrong number, etc. There are Cell Companies now like Boost Mobile or PCS Metro that have unlimited plans for starting at $45/month.
    The intent is to Build Up Cash, Eliminate Debt, Cut Down Costs, Sacrifice and Save, Get Handouts, Loophole or Eliminate Taxable Income to help quickly Crash Obanomics.
    Afterward as our country rebounds and rebuilds be ready for Opportunities that will help you family and economy back to the Old Fashioned Traditional way it used to be.

    3- Consider moving in with someone else for a yr or two to share expenses and stop paying your mortgage, rent, utility bills, etc. This will further CRASH the economic and housing market and save you/family and the other person/family money. Remember not long ago most houses had 3-4 generations living together.

    4- Consider every legal avenue not to pay taxes, don’t invest, barter, quit your job, etc. Close out your bank accounts and keep cash either in a fireproof safe or in a safe deposit box.

    5- Find ways to save money travel less, grow your own garden, cook at home especially soups are cheap and easy to make and healthy, etc. Save water, electricity, heat, etc.

    6- If you don’t own a house a house start planning to eventually buy a cheap house for cash if possible. Maybe to start do it with a family member or friends. Prices are way down and will come down even more. Soon you may be able to buy a house for the cost of a down payment a couple of yrs ago.

    7- If you own a house and you are upside down (under water, negative or no equity or value) or even if you are not look around, you may be able to find a house better than yours for half the price. You may want to buy the other house as your new home and say that you are selling your home. After you buy and move to the new half priced house and you can’t sell the old one just walk away. Congratulations in a few months you reduced your mortgage in half and still have your own home. You may have some liability for the other mortgage but you will be in a much better situation than if you had to pay that HUGE mortgage or were foreclosed on and with no place to live, at the same time you just freed up another house that will be bought up by someone else at a more affordable price. This is a correction in a market that was artificially inflated by dumb Erosionist policies to put everyone in a home no matter how bad their credit or income was. This Ponzi Scheme benefited the banks with fees, Erosionist Liberals with more dependency and votes until the House of Cards came tumbling down. Believe me many Rinos fell for this PONZI SCHEME ALSO. Now they are at a newer and bigger Ponzi Scheme: Big Gov’t for all at the cost of the few. The only problem is those few didn’t get rich by being stupid and they won’t be stupid now. Obanomics will mean Equal Poverty for All.

    Please analyze and proceed with caution &common sense. First and foremost look out for you and your family. Don’t fall for the Gov’t Failouts PONZI SCHEME. In the end as it has been told in History Cash is King. Keep your Cash and find ways to have more and more Cash because the Opprotunities will be Great just like they were in the Great Depression. Some of the biggest owners of real estate today were the ones (and families) that had cash during the Great Depression and bought properties for dirt cheap.

    Stop the Outrageous Growth of Gov’t in DC: Act Responsibly, Act in your Family, Act Locally, Act Conservatively…..BUT ACT.

    By Peter Francisco, Forgotten Revolutionary War Super Hero lets learn from him Never Give Up!
    090301 12:29 VR contact:

  220. Army D.A.V.

    Ex-KGB Uri Bezmenov On Ideological Indoctrination

    1985 interview………………

    Part One


    Part Two

    Courts are just by-passed…………………..

  221. The Tea Party people should give away Globe
    Magazines with Larry’s new book review.
    Also give his web site.
    Larry is hot today!!

    blog this site.Larry knows BHO well!!

  222. CADY – I wonder who in the US actually wrote that article for China Daily. All they left out was the part about the USURPER walking on water!


    “And that I am arrogant. Neither of these things are remotely true. I can tell you a joke to illustrate this. Larry King passed away, goes to heaven. He’s greeted by Saint Peter at the gates. Saint Peter says, “Welcome, Mr. King, it’s great to have you here. I want to show you around, give you an idea of what’s here, maybe you can pick a place that you’d like to reside.” King says, “I just have one question: Is Rush Limbaugh here?”

    “No, he’s got a lot of time yet, Mr. King.” So Saint Peter begins the tour. Larry King sees the various places and it’s beyond anything we can imagine in terms of beauty. Finally, he gets to the biggest room of all, with this giant throne. And over the throne is a flashing beautiful angelic neon sign that says “Rush Limbaugh.” [Laughter]

    And Larry King looks at Saint Peter and says: “I thought you said he wasn’t here.”

    “He said, he’s not, he’s not. This is God’s room. He just thinks he’s Rush Limbaugh.”[Laughter] [Applause]

    So you see I’m not pompous. [Laughter]




  226. Cady–
    You could be absolutely right! I too had read some comments on WORLD NET DAILY that implied this thinking. It wasn’t hard to figure out the realities of this sort of venue. Hillary must be stopped! In essence she is GIVING WAAY our country. She is another Democratic Lunatic.who likes to believe that up is down.

  227. kittykat 77–Judjing from the text of your recent comments it would appear that you are of the Jewish faith. I applaud you in your strength. To see a POTUS who potentially would enjoy seeing your demise it occurs to me must create some very special concerns regarding him. I personally believe that his intent is a much bigger notion which he is following. He wishes to enslave all mankind,and rule the Earth. I believe that before this ever occurs, he will be hearing the following refrain from millions of lips;…… “Mine eyes have seen the Glory of the coming of the lord, He is TRAMPING out vintage where the grapes of WRATH are stored….He hath loosed the FATEFUL LIGHTENING of his TERRIBLE SWIFT SWORD……by Julia Ward Howe 1862. I dearly love this old and meaningful refrain. It seems to say everything that I believe in. I think that Obama would have very good reason to shudder when he hears a large crowd singing this as they advance toward him.

  228. Obama Politicians Proved Their Lack of Moral Turpitude

    We lived in a poor run down and rough neighborhood in Detroit when I was going to grade school. My family seemed to be the poorest of them all. My father was cruel and abusive to me and my mother. Life was very hard and terrifying for me then. School and reading were all I had to hang on. The stories I learned and read about another life of people with outstanding character and vision are all that kept me going. These were the people who made the world a better place because of the finest within them. I knew one day I would find the finest within me.

    Some of the highlights of my childhood experiences were discovering the finest within humanity through the attendance of wonderful concerts of classical music, ballet, and art museums. I could take abuse at home for months after one visit to an art museum. Best of all were the stories of George Washington. Remember why he cut down the cherry tree? Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Abe Lincoln, Patrick Henry, Alexander Hamilton and many others who contributed to the greatness of the American Republic all gave me the courage to aspire to develop the finest within me.

    Though I never reached any place of public significance in my life, I always respected and admired those who did climb to a place of major public trust and influence. My belief was they could never have attained their powerful positions with out outstanding good character and the manifestation of the finest within themselves. In my naïve way, I trusted our elected officials and our government as I am certain most Americans who voted for them did also.

    Oh yes, I wasn’t quite so naïve as to be unaware of crooked politicians and dirty dealing. The scandals were plastered in MSM. The bad guys were caught, exposed and made accountable. Life went on. They were the exception and not the rule—so I thought. It was my mistaken idealistic belief that 95% of our elected politicians were courageous, patriotic, honorable, loyal to their sworn oaths and fiduciary duty to the public, and above all well educated and learned regarding the Constitution, American & world history, and believed in acting for the highest good of the country above their own political gains. It took me over fifty years to discover I wrong I was. It took the 2008 election to awaken me to reality like a pitcher of ice water thrown over me while in a deep sleep. Maybe most Americans are more sophisticated than I am and already knew and accepted what I finally learned, but not dumb optimistic me. That is why when I finally discovered the whole reality of what happened to America during my fifty years of sleeping, I went into a traumatic shock from which I have still not recovered.

    Nancy Pelosi, Hilliary & Bill Clinton, Harry Reid, Obama and the Democrats gleefully shout; “We won! Now you have to do it our way.” If these knuckleheads realized what their statement and their so called win revealed about their inner characters they might not be so willing to shout; “We won!” Everything about this Democratic win is a monument to the bad characters of those who participated in supporting Obama. Obama’s win reveals the foulest within these people.

    This so called win of the Democrats is the most shameful and heinous win in America’s political history. It was a win upon a slippery slope of BLATANT CHEATING. The dregs of humanity (Obama’s campaign managers, friends and funders) orchestrated this win by a show of willingness to commit criminal conspiracies, lies, cheating, rape of our Constitution, voter fraud, harm to others, and riddled with disgrace of every kind. This past election revealed to the whole world how thoroughly the Democrats lust for power corrupted them. These bottom of the barrel slimy characters have proven themselves to be so totally lacking in moral turpitude by their actions in this election, they were willing to commit any crime and violate any sacred law or American tradition to reach power. They willingly did commit crimes at the price of their own personal decency and integrity. They willingly announced to the world their lack of moral turpitude. Now anyone can get what he want from them by “making them an offer they can’t refuse.”

    The Democrats and many Republicans totally under estimated American intelligence. They thought Americans either wouldn’t notice their crimes, not care or simply forget them. In their shameful win, the Democrats and many Republicans continue to commit crimes and violate the US constitution and work towards the destruction of the American Republic.

    Any one of the items listed below would be enough to make a person of decency and integrity sick with guilt from a troubled conscious. It appears not one of the items listed below bothers Obama or the Obama camp. Obama’s campaign advisors, any workers, and any elected politicians who were aware of these items and continued to support him should be worried one day they will have to be made accountable for what they did to America in trade for thirty pieces of silver. The whole world is thoroughly aware of all the items mentioned below:

    1. Obama stole the delegate votes from Hilliary Clinton who should have been the Democratic Nominee to run. (Moral turpitude, ruthlessness)

    2. Obama was never properly vetted to prove he met the three eligibility qualifications to be president. When the ridicules Democrats realized they had a potential winner in Obama, they were so corrupt they didn’t even bother to properly check him out. When they finally realized this was a serious issue, they simply conspired to shove the issue into a closet and conspired with MSM to suppress the story. Nancy Pelosi is the defendant of some law suits accusing her of committing perjury by signing that Obama qualified to be president. (moral turpitude, betrayal, criminal & Constitutional violation)

    3. Obama made clandestine deals with Hillary to get her to support him instead of oppose him (which Hilliary should have done.) Obviously Mrs. Clinton chose career over country. (moral turpitude, betrayal)

    4. Obama violated the election rules and accepted millions of dollars of foreign money to finance his campaign. Not one Democrat seemed to have a problem with that—as long as he won. (moral turpitude & lawlessness)

    5. Obama has a long and exclusive list of nefarious characters with whom he was and is associated—most who belong in jail–Some who are in jail and others who are going to jail. Obama made the real estate deal of the year through some of those suspicious characters. That also didn’t bother one single Democrat whose actions proved that obtaining power was more important that protecting the American People. (moral turpitude & lawlessness)

    6. Obama went to Europe when he was campaigning and tried to supersede Bush’s powers by attempting to make a deal with the government of Iraq to stall the withdrawing of American troops until after he was elected. It is treason for any politician but the president to make deals with foreign governments on behalf of America. That was soon suppressed and forgotten. That also didn’t seem to bother one Democrat as long as Obama could become president. (moral turpitude, lawlessness, treason)

    7. Then the big attack on America came in the form of a Cloward-Piven sabotage of a falsely created economic crisis in America. How convenient for Obama that came just at the time he needed it most to turn the American voter away from McCain to Obama. Not one Democrat seemed to care about the major harm this caused America and the world. (moral turpitude, lawlessness, & intent to harm America)

    8. When Obama was challenged in the judicial system to produce his birth certificate and other records to prove his presidential eligibility, he paid a small fortune to attorneys to buy off judges to dismiss cases on technicalities at he price of our NATIONAL SECURITY. Now America is in the greatest Constitutional and National Security Crisis in her history. Did the Democrats care as long as they could steal power? (moral turpitude, lawlessness, recalcitrance, treason, intent to harm America)

    9. Obama had the gall to pull a cheap shot and produce a forged document calling it his proof he qualifies. What is worse are the number of Senators and Congress people who have actually conspired with this forgery to claim Obama is qualified. These idiots refused to challenge Obama on January 8, 2009 when the electoral votes were counted because they “were afraid they would be laughed out of their careers.” Isn’t it comforting to the trusting American people to know the people they elected to office to work for them placed their careers above our country and our rights. (moral turpitude, disloyalty, breach of duty, ignorance of the Constitution, and conspiracy)

    10. Let us not forget Acorn (about to receive 5.2 billion dollars from Obama’s stinkulus plan) that has been indicted in 15 states for voter fraud. These cases—to the best of my knowledge—are still in the courts today. Another issue Democrats seems to have no concern or embarrassment over. (moral turpitude, conspiracy, lawlessness)

    11. When his opponents posted ads Obama didn’t like he tried to get the DOJ to have them removed. (moral turpitude)

    12. Remember. America is still the greatest country in the world and even the poor have a better life standard than many in other 3rd world countries. Obama through exaggeration and convolution of the truth belittled, berated, and hurt America to persuade the gullible that America is such a terrible country it needed change. His change. (moral turpitude, betrayal, ruthlessness)

    13. Obama is himself a living violation of the US Constitution. He is not qualified to be president. So what does this pillar of society do? Obama perjurers himself by taking the oath of Presidency with Justice Treasonor Roberts. Now there is an imposter and usurper in the Whitehouse aided and abetted by the Supreme Court. (moral turpitude, criminal conspiracy, lawlessness)

    14. Obama created a false image of himself when in went to Germany where he gave free beer and a great rock&roll band to attract a crowd to make it look like the Germans came to see him. There were also other issues about Obama’s visit between him and the German Chancellor. (moral turpitude, conspiracy, lawlessness)

    Now the Democrats are in a great big rush to continue passing laws, bills, directives, plans, and orders to obtain total dictatorial control before Americans actually take them out of office for breach of the US Constitution. What on earth makes these gangsters in congress thing we the people are going to continue turning the cheek in the face of all the slaps the American people have received this past year? What makes these knuckleheads think they are fooling us? Everyday and in everyway, we the people are growing more knowledgeable, stronger, and more determined than ever to take back our country and return it the Republic under rule of law of the Constitution it was designed to be.

    Therese Daniels c March 1, 2009


  230. Keep up the good work folks. Remember, this site, like others, is the MOUTHPIECE for the movement. Tell all of those you know and everyone you don’t.

    Keep it coming, and don’t let anyone tell you that you are wasting your time here. The minute the damn cracks they’re all going to be coming to us for answers.

  231. Thank you Therese – I hope you’re sharing this on all the blogs you can.

  232. Air Force Brat

    Therese is right. And the American people — the REAL American people — will prevail.

  233. Great post Therese-thanks!

    Regarding point #13, I’d like to know if anyone else had the same impression I had. The original Oath was botched, then a second oath was done ‘in private’ with no Bible (I personally think that Soetoro’s hand burned a hole in that Bible from his deception) and no media.

    Did Roberts botch it because he knew that Soetoro was a usurper? Why wasn’t the Bible used for the second Oath?

    Anyone have any wisdom on this? It just seems very odd to me.

  234. truthbetold11

    The bible itself isn’t holy its a book with words. its what you do with the words that lead to salvation, faith is from hearing the message about christ. Obama wanted image of no bible in a picture, Its all about the obama image watch and see money conviently printed without in god we trust!

  235. Stephanie— Is Jindel not Constitutionally
    qualified to run for POTUS?

  236. truthbetold11

    Keep a eye on chappie james the first black 4 star general of texas national guard. He is the one who will bring balance to the force, Go chappie a true american hero and patriot!!!

  237. truthbetold11, in the memo I posted in November proposing military Plaintiffs could establish standing in federal court to establish whether BO is a NBC, I suggested that, members of the National Guard about to be deployed could be great Plaintiffs. I have not done the research to determine how these ‘troops’ go from the jurisdiction of the state (the Governor) to the jurisdiction of the President qua CIC. Do you know anything about this issue?

  238. decentAmerican

    Hi, does anyone know how Sinclair’s book is doing? it was supposed to be just released today, but barnes and noble has it “out of stock”. I do hope that it has sold out, as opposed to B&N not stocking it due to pressure from the Usurper minions. If that is the case, we can kiss goodbye to freedom of speech.

  239. Maddie,
    From what I have heard Jindal say -“my mother was 4 months pregnant w/ me when she came to this country” & some research it doesn’t look like he is a NBC. Here is a site that talks about the issue

  240. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco

    Decent American,

    And anyone else.

    The book has been delayed due to immense harrassment of the Printing Company bit ObaMORONS.

    Globe Magazine has a Great Review on thebook and it will be out very soon.

    For more info and also great rants on “obama” visit Larry Sinclairs site:

    Today he had a great rant calling out “obama” .
    Larry challening “obama” to sue him if he thinks he is lying or slendering him.

    Great Drama this “obama” but our country is in Peril in all this.
    Obanomics is upon us get ready for Gush Up Poverty.

  241. Kittycat77 —

    Obadiah means ‘ebed yah — servant of Yah — transliterated into Greek, it is Obadias.

    Ezekiel is Yechezel — God will make strong, the Greek is ιεζεκιηλ (Iezekiel).

    Both of these names combine a Hebrew name for God, and of course they were pronounced when speaking the name.

    To be sure, I know the 12 tribes of Israel, and the history of the Captivity from a Hebrew perspective both from the Bible and Josephus, but I am NOT here trying to write ALL I know in brief paragraphs.

    I’m merely trying get a feel why you seem to want to use a particular spelling of the name of the God of Moses that was fashionable for about a generation of modern scholarship, but now is coming under closer scrutiny on the grounds that those scholars who researched it may have made an error, much like the translators of the King James Bible did 400 years ago, when they transliterated the name Jehovah.

    I could show you examples from Ebla or Ugarit, in Akkadian or Hittite, Latin or Greek, Hebrew or Aramaic, but I don’t think that it would help you at all.

    You see, I’m a strict constructionist when it comes to Scripture, as much as I am when it comes to the U.S. Constitution.

    I not only study the language but also the punctuation and the accentuation, because it helps me to know when a writer who is writing knows in detail what they are talking about.

    I find many scholars to be slipshod, because they fail to take into account scholars in German or in French.

    This is very similar what other people writing here are seeing taking place in front of our eyes in Congress, where letters are sent out to constituents that prove constituents have a better grasp of the issues than Congress does.

    In fact, it is not different from what occurs in the subject you have chosen to study.

    How are you able to know with certainty that what you are researching is at all accurate?

    You stated confidently information that I have studied in the original languages for more than 40 years, and said things that I have never seen before — ever, and I have a massive personal library on the subject. I cannot find any author among the many I have read who agree with you. That’s all.

  242. Sue K–and isn’t the “Oath” to be given at
    12:00 NOON. For your comments and the
    time and wording and missing Bible and
    “wrong” name—it doesn’t seem that a
    US POTUS WAS sworn in!!! (GOOD!)
    Evict him NOW!

  243. DEFENDOURFREEDOMS.US published a new entry entitled on 3/1/2009 2:56:53 PM, written by Dr. Orly Taitz.

    I need patriots-volunteers to help me write letters to different governmental agencies and companies e-mail

  244. Right, Maddie, and I understand that the Oath was given slightly past noon, which means that Biden (ugh!) was President for what, 10 minutes?

    The Bible isn’t a necessary requirement for a POTUS to se sworn in according to the Constitution rather, a ceremonial gesture from what I’ve read. Still, it seems to be present at every inauguration I’ve seen.

    Botched Oath, past noon, no Bible second time around, no press or audience for the ‘do over.’ This ‘president’ was a fraud from Minute #1.

    And ‘they’ all know it.

  245. LM: Of course we will be checking that that is really Dr. Orly Taitz’ email address.

  246. AOL News has an article about Obma Rumors @
    In spite of their storong bia the majority of people voting think there isan issue with Obama’s eligibility.
    We need to write AOL and ask them to get he facts straight. (I will.)

  247. Hi Citizen Wells,

    I haven’t seen you around for a few days. I hope all is well, friend.


  248. Bob, Obadiah means ‘ebed yah — servant of Yah — transliterated into Greek, it is Obadias.

    And it’s also written Obad-yahu as well as Obad-yah. The “yah” form is a later invention, but even at first, it was still understood and pronounced as yah-u. Just like the northern Israelites pronounced yodh-waw as ‘ya-u,” same pronunciation as Yah-u. Let’s don’t forget, they are vowel letters anyway.

    And I do appreciate your years of study, however, there is always something for everyone to learn. Keep in mind that 40 years in Yahweh’s time is nothing to human time, just very little time in his time frame. But it’s a long time to us, yet should be humbling considering it’s nothing to him.

    Go download Chapter 9 of the Sacred Name Yahweh book.

  249. Theresa Daniels

    i grew up in detroit too

    as soon as i was old enough, l left and

    i grew up near the ghetto

  250. truthbetold11

    jbjd, must be the vibes i get when i see a appointment like that and wonder the meaning behind it as well as he deserves the appointment, Dr Charles Manning says things about obama only he can say and get away with it, so it must come from one of his peers aswell to help ease the major impact it will bring when the truth fully comes out. It won’t work with orly,berg etc! It has to be from a team joint effort, the lawyers need to assemble a dream team or it will be destroyed by the obots, not enough publicity yet, I believe resko,blago,burris and company will help the case go forward, Its hurry up and wait.

  251. Suek
    Here is another thought for you. What if Chief Justice Roberts knew for certain that Obama was not really Obama. Could this be the reason why the BIBLE was omitted from the second swear in. It is as important with regard to the legality of the swearing in process as is the exact wording. If this is the case then in reality the US does not have a valid President. Also could it be that this was deliberate so that the public would figure it out. Again if he is not legally sworn in then he is NOTHING and could be removed today by any common police officer,and legally the Whitehouse security could do nothing to stop his arrest without violating the law themselves. It is entirely possible that Roberts done this because he knew this was possible,and that the American People would also realise this and walk into the Whitehouse and arrest him.

  252. TwistedMetalShardz

    “Now, when ya git yer mind right …”
    This guy went from eating dog biscuits to drinking kool aid.
    Some people never learn.

  253. Hello Old Salt,

    That’s what I was alluding to in my earlier post. I wonder about the Bible. If this was a ‘legit’ do-over, shouldn’t all the ‘trappings’ of the original Oath be present? Was this really done for the American people to figure out?

    I suspect that Roberts, along with the rest of the SCOTUS know he’s a fraud. This is also why I believe that the Oath was botched in the first place. A little nervous about the travesty you’re about to be party to?

    I just think that there were too many ‘mistakes’ on this Inauguration Day to chalk up to coincidence.

    It seems we’ve opened up a new avenue of conjecture, here. Am curious to know if anyone knows if, in fact, this Oath was legal? I read after the Inauguration that the do-over was performed so that there would be no question that Soetoro did indeed make a ‘proper’ Oath.


  254. AL-
    If it is true that Hillary in fact did this as a representative of the US Government then it is imperative that ALL states need to move very quickly to establish their sovereignty. It would seem that this would be the only way to counteract any eminent domain attempts by a foreign power,or from the US Government

  255. If this was the reason why Roberts administered the second oath without the Bible it could well have been a TELLTALE move specifically designed to tell the American people that it was now OK for us to fix up what the voters screwed up, and that he had opened the door for us to do it legally.

  256. These thoughts conjour up the question if the SCOTUS would even move to intervene in his removal. If they do not intervene then it would suggest that we read it all correctly. Now all we need a “good ole boy” REDNECK SHERRIFF FROM HAZARD KENTUCKY to go in and make the arrest.

  257. And I don’t mean BOSS HOGG either!

  258. nawanawanga

    Which states have NOT moved towards sovereignty? They need to be hounded into reality. I heard 26 so far have made the move, seen the light.

  259. goodtimepolitics

    Obama eligibility tops Internet giant America Online News today! We need to keep pushing for the truth until Obama proves his eligibility no matter how long it takes.

  260. Air Force Brat

    nawangawanga — it appears that 31 states are doing it so far. Link below:

  261. kittycat77 —

    Now I understand the exact point where I disagree strongly with you — “they are all VOWEL letters anyway.” — NO.

    They are all CONSONANTs. That is where we disagree, and where I think your reading has taken you down the wrong path.

    That is why I also talked about “Syllable” writing.

    The earliest writing were “Heiroglyphs” or “priestly writing.”

    Cuneiform took these heiroglyphs, and converted pictures to meaningful syllables. Only much, much later were these syllables reduced to alphabetic symbols that we use today.

    For example, Ugaritic is an alphabetic language written in syllables.

    Most of this stuff has only been understood only in the last 100 years since World War I, when the science of cryptography (breaking military codes) was applied to unknown ancient languages.

    Still, there are some things that are still in the dark, but not this: VOWELS were only as a very late development, and much, much too late for Moses.

    Moses wrote all his work using an alphabetic script of 22 Consonants.

    At the time of Moses, Greek was written in syllables. The addition of vowels was a significant development.

    In fact, the invention of the modern alphabet with vowels was as significant invention as the Internet is to us.

    A whole new professional class was developed called “the Scribe.” They were the ancient “Techs,” who understood the business of writing, and they lived in their own villages like priests, and business people came to them to have things written down for the first time in history.

    They are the predecessors of the modern academic lawyer. Only then, did the full alphabet develop that we know and use today.

    All of this took place many, many years after Moses, and still today academics are still having trouble deciphering earlier writings by the priestly class like Moses, who was a Levite, remember?

  262. Nation of Islam Leader Farrakhan Pushes ‘Obama Energy’

    Sunday, March 01, 2009

    ROSEMONT, Ill. — From a three-hour keynote address by Minister Louis Farrakhan to $10 T-shirts, mentions of President Barack Obama were everywhere at the Nation of Islam’s annual convention in a Chicago suburb.

    Despite a flap with the Nation of Islam on the campaign trail, the enthusiasm for Obama within the Chicago-based movement — which has embraced black nationalism since its founding in the 1930s — was used as a launching point for celebration, intellectual discussion and a call to action.

    “There’s an energy among our people that has never been seen before, never produced by any man or organization before,” Farrakhan said of Obama before an estimated 14,000 followers Sunday. “But we must not allow our people to live in a false world of euphoria. We must accept our responsibility to build our communities.”

    Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam have vigorously supported Obama, even when Obama’s campaign tried to distance itself from the 75-year-old Farrakhan. After the minister spoke highly of Obama last year at a convention in Chicago, Obama’s campaign released a statement condemning some of Farrakhan’s past statements that many have considered offensive.

    In a speech days after the election, Farrakhan acknowledged that he then purposely laid low, keeping his praise quiet, so as not to affect Obama’s chances at winning the presidency.

    It was a move many attending the weekend conference in Rosemont said they understood.

    “Minister Farrakhan didn’t take offense,” said Audrey Muhammad, who edits “Virtue Today” magazine, geared at women in the movement. “We understand how politics work.”

    Ishmael Muhammad, the movement’s national assisting minister, claimed Farrakhan’s words were twisted.

    “He did not want to say anything the media could use to hurt his (Obama’s) chances to become the president,” Muhammad said. “They want to keep demonizing Farrakhan, despite the good he does.”

    Farrakhan, who temporarily ceded leadership in 2006 to an executive board while he recuperated from prostate cancer complications, looked strong and healthy Sunday.

    He spoke for three hours in a rousing keynote address, often interrupted by standing ovations. Religious leaders, including the Rev. Michael Pfleger, as well as rappers Snoop Dogg and Doug E. Fresh also attended, sitting on the stage behind Farrakhan, nodding and clapping.

    The minister spoke mostly of Obama and the duty that Nation of Islam members have before them. He also criticized U.S. and local leaders for privatizing state and government businesses and for U.S. attitudes toward war-torn Gaza.

    Farrakhan told followers to be prepared to make sacrifices as Obama begins work on the faltering economy.

    “Debt is another form of slavery and oppression,” he said. “It’s gonna take more than a stimulus package to bring America from where she is.”

    For some, that included looking to the Obamas as an example.

    Broyny Flowers, 32, traveled from Detroit to attend the convention and a standing-room-only session called “The Michelle Obama Effect.” Presenters discussed the first lady’s approach to marriage, parenting and even how she stocks the shelves at the White House with organic food.

    “She is a representative of what virtue is,” Flowers said. “She is an anchor for Barack.”

    At the convention bazaar, signs of the nation’s first black president were everywhere. Framed magazine covers and DVDs were for sale. A white T-shirt with an image of Obama between Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. sold for $10.

    “The impact they are having on the world is being a happy family, an educated family — the American dream,” Audrey Muhammad said.

    posted –,2933,502888,00.html

  263. Dr Orly Taitz’s new e-mail is

  264. BerlinBerlin

    oldsalt76 // March 2, 2009 at 12:02 am

    Here is another thought for you. What if Chief Justice Roberts knew for certain that Obama was not really Obama. Could this be the reason why the BIBLE was omitted from the second swear in. It is as important with regard to the legality of the swearing in process as is the exact wording. If this is the case then in reality the US does not have a valid President. Also could it be that this was deliberate so that the public would figure it out. Again if he is not legally sworn in then he is NOTHING and could be removed today by any common police officer,and legally the Whitehouse security could do nothing to stop his arrest without violating the law themselves. It is entirely possible that Roberts done this because he knew this was possible,and that the American People would also realise this and walk into the Whitehouse and arrest him.

    I believe also that the first oarth didn’t go wrong by accident.
    The second one is in my opinion not valid, who were the “journalists” that were present?

    The American people should stop being bothered by being called a racists.
    That really went a long way for him. (yawn!)

    The fact that he didn’t give anybody time to read the “stimulus” is reason enough to wake up!

    Yesterday at a radio show I heard the idea that Bush was blackmailed with worse thing to happen to this country to sign the bailout in last autumn.

    Maybe that is what goes on all the way?

    From election to oath to stimulus.

    The man also said, forget about writing letters and all those nice civilized efforts.
    We should start demonstrating in front of politicians houses!

    Speaking of “nation of islam”,
    the guy also said that Obama is neither a muslim nor a christian.

    In that sense Farrakhan is just a useful idiot (my words).

  265. Lurker,

    It’s always nice to see you “around”. I miss the ole days, my friend. But, I always keep my eye out for you. And you continue to bring a smile. I hope all is going well for you, … ffrrt ( oops, sorry! – *wink* *wink*) and yours. One day … maybe one day … the party will be!

    G A L

  266. >They are all CONSONANTs. That is where we disagree, and where I think your reading has taken you down the wrong path.<

    Bob, any good Hebrew grammar book will note that the letters aleph, hey, waw and yodh are vowel letters. And they were used as vowel letters long before the introduction of vowel signs.

    Also, Bob, consider Josephus, a Jewish High Priest. He lived in a time where the sacred name was still being revealed to members of the Jewish priesthood.

    In Jos. Wars, 5:5:7,it states:

    His (the priest’s) head was covered by a tiara of fine linen, wreathed with blue, encircling which was another crown, of gold, whereon were embossed the sacred letters, to wit FOUR VOWELS (phonhenta tessara).

    Compare this to Exod. 28:36-37. Where the priest’s miter had upon it: sacred to Yahweh.

  267. oldsalt76 // March 2, 2009 at 1:15 am

    These thoughts conjour up the question if the SCOTUS would even move to intervene in his removal. If they do not intervene then it would suggest that we read it all correctly. Now all we need a “good ole boy” REDNECK SHERRIFF FROM HAZARD KENTUCKY to go in and make the arrest.

    Hey, watch it!!!

  268. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco


    Civics needs to be taught more I think. I wasn’t born in this beloved country and I know more or less what SCOTUS does.

    SCOTUS makes Decisions on actions brought before the Court PERIOD.
    They are not a law enforcment and investigating intitution. They don’t look out for us. They SAY NOTHING unless ASKED. In simplers terms they are like those animal little kid toys UNLESS the child pulls the string nothing happens.

    Remember the wolves (Most all Politicians) and coyotes (The Press) are in co hoots against the sheep.
    NOBODY is looking out for We The People & The Constitution BUT WE THE PEOPLE.
    WE HAVE THE POWER as dismal as it looks NEVER EVER GIVE UP. We are making Huge Progress. The enemy is well organized (Media, ACORN, SOROS, etc) has great technology and education (Obama & Paid Bloggers THEY ARE EVERYWHERE) Propahanda and Brainwashing has hoodwinked many and “COWARDLY” Fear of Racism many more BUT keep chipping away as time goes by General Washington’s Continental Army kept growin, better trainned and with one little victory here and there gained a foothold and then it was History…The greatest Military Force at the time got defeated by farmers & peasants that HAD FREEDOM, TRUTH & GOD on their side.

    We are gainning a foothold……………

    “obama” will make History he may be the first Half-breed (or Mix-breed) President to have been arrested and EVICTED from the People’s White House.
    Never Give Up, Never Give In…..Truth & God is on our side. It is much easier to fight at a keyboard than what Peter Francisco had to endure even when his fellow Patriots turned and ran many times he stood his Ground Never Gave Up and outmuscled and out witted the enemy many times. He was the TRUE ARMY OF ONE.

    Read about HIM and get INSPIRED:

    God Bless US

  269. >Here is another thought for you. What if Chief Justice Roberts knew for certain that Obama was not really Obama. Could this be the reason why the BIBLE was omitted from the second swear in.<

    I’ve wondered this too, Berlin.

  270. BerlinBerlin and Kittycat 77, yes, I agree with you both. This has been sticking in my craw since Inauguration Day.

    Again, I have to go back to the ‘do-over’ which was done to remove any challenge to whether or not this was a legal Oath. By stating that fact publicly, I have to wonder if ‘they’ knew of this brewing movement to oust The One even before he was inaugurated. I suspect they did.

    The question is: How can we find out? The first Oath was totally screwed up and the second Oath seems to have been done on the sly with no Bible. All I’ve seen of it is a brief film clip with basically no audience to witness it.

    This still sticks in my craw.

  271. Kittycat77 —

    I’m sorry. what you are telling me is neither SCHOLARHSHIP nor LINGUISTICS.

    “YHWH” is a collection for 4 consonantal pictographs — “Y” is derived from the pictograph for “ARM,” “H” is a pictograph derived from an “OPEN GATE,” “W” is derived from a pictograph for “STAFF,” for “STICK”, and “H” is a pictograph derived from an “OPEN GATE.”

    In Exodus 3:14 it is written as the pictograph for”Ox, Open Gate, Arm, Open Gate,” and translated as “I AM.”

    They are ALL CONSONANTS!


    You are confusing APPLES and ORANGES.

    In the British Museum, there are proto-Semitic inscriptions in STONE from SINAI written in the most ancient form known by linguists to date of the 22 CONSONANT NW Semitic alphabet(about 1700 B.C.), written only in Consonants.

    Moses wrote like this: NTV NGLSH SPKRS WLD KNW WHR T PT TH VWLS.

    Only much, much later was this converted to NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKERS KNOW WHERE TO PUT THE VOWELS.

    Some of this SCIENCE is has been only been understood in the last 100 years, and it has unlocked our understanding of archives stored in museums around the word for more than 300 years, unread and misunderstood.

    Look up Michael Ventris, Linear B, and you will get a simple taste of what I am writing to you about. Here’s a good introduction —

    It’s obvious, — we are on totally different pages.

  272. SueK, I think a lot of people are wondering this about the oaths. Then I’ve also wondered, as maybe you have, the SCOTUS had those lawsuits come through. I’ve wondered before if they had that stuff investigated and know the truth of the matter. And if the truth came out, in their minds, then there might be riots!

  273. BerlinBerlin

    either the second oath was done by his legal name “Soetoro”.
    Maybe the bible is constitutional not required.
    Certainly was not demanded by Barry S.

    Or there was no oath taken, therefore no bible required.
    The otherwise so publicity seeking Obama does never do anything without press coverage.
    The picture just shows two guys holding up one hand.

    This means Biden is president.

    On unauguration day I thought to myself, the only two people that look really happy are Laura Bush and Joe Biden.

    Obamas will never look happy, they just don’t do happy.

  274. BerlinBerlin

    “And if the truth came out, in their minds, then there might be riots!”

    That was maybe true around January 20th.
    Now after a little “change” people on all sides realize that Obama has no answers.
    Especially not for the economy.
    Maybe they wanted a little reality to sink in, before the truth does not cause anyone to feel betrayed.
    Actually it will make lots of people feel relieved.

  275. Bob, I’m sorry. what you are telling me is neither SCHOLARHSHIP nor LINGUISTICS.

    Stop using that baloney on me, Bob. You are starting to sound like a lib and all the little mind games they use to make a person think they’re an idiot. I already know that the consonant issue is a common misconception in Hebrew and that it is taught by some. If you’ll study the history on it, then you’ll see where the false teachings of the Pharisees come into play and how this false teaching even came about. It’s amazing that people hang on so tight to the teachings of the Pharisees even today in spite of Yahushua’s teachings about them.

    And I also know that the sacred name is 4 vowels. In the Greek it was written with 7 Greek vowel letters.

  276. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco

    SCOTUS did not and can not look into the Merits or Investiage anything UNTIL they decide on Legal Code or Precedent if they can TAKE UP THE CASE. They each time decided not to take the case, therefore No MERITS were discussed or looked at. I think all these Procedures are good to keep everyone at bay, busy and spending money and for us to keep the pressure on. SCOTUS cannot Act unless someone pulls the right string. They are not law enforcement they are the Deciders of ONLY what is presented to them.

    This will be Resolved either by Military Lawsuits, Military Action, Press Scrutiny or People Uprising or any combination thereof.

    KEEP THE PRESSURE ON little by little IT’s working…CHANGE one MIND at time till the numbers are in our favor.

    Most important is thatNo Birth Certificate is NEEDED by not having two qualified citizen parents “Obama” is DISQUALIFIED. But asking for BC and Records is great to keep them busy and keep the pressure on.

    Another good way to keep the Pressure on is pass out the info on Book on “Obama” Lies, Murder, etc.

  277. Go Orly !!! Farrakhan says keep up the momentum while BHO/is still riding high

    COMMUNIST: Obama best in decades!!
    radio shows narcissism and Obama and abortion

  278. Berlin, I think there very well could have been riots, but I don’t think it was as bad as what some people would think, plus we’ve had riots in the U.S. before and they were stopped. Something is just really fishy with all of this stuff, the so-called oath — well, just everything pertaining to BO. Since he’s losing much popularity now, maybe it’s a good time for some of those citizenship lawsuits to actually be heard.

  279. BerlinBerlin,

    Happiness, while transient requires a certain peace of mind, a certain sense of security. Look at the Obamas, where in the world would they derive that from? Its a complex issue, even though it seems simple on the surface.

  280. G A L // March 2, 2009 at 10:58 am


    It’s always nice to see you “around”. I miss the ole days, my friend. But, I always keep my eye out for you. And you continue to bring a smile. I hope all is going well for you, … ffrrt ( oops, sorry! – *wink* *wink*) and yours. One day … maybe one day … the party will be!

    G A L

    Hello Blabs, my friend!

    I keep an eye out for you also, and am always happy to catch your comments. You make me smile too! I miss the old days as well, but the fight’s not over by a long shot. I hope all is well with you and yours too! Drop an email if you’d like. My address hasn’t changed.

    Your friend always,

  281. Kittycat and Berlin, something fishy, indeed. The Oath fiasco simply ties into everything else that’s wrong with this ‘president’ and his ‘administration.’ Sebilius just nominated. Holy crow!

    It’s all coming out, bit by bit. It’s always been said that if you give someone enough rope… well, the rope is getting longer.

    Only a matter of time.

  282. truthbetold11

    Truly the mob is in in the white house everybody from chicago is there in full force, so much for the justice system, I pray that someting is done or this country will not make it. The media is on deaf silence for the truth or they will be fired from their jobs by the head honchos

  283. truthbetold11

    The executive orders that bush wrote are being ammended as we speak go to federal registry and see the sheanagians goingon ,like cat and mouse

  284. I just hear that obama approved to go after terrriost in the usa and hold them in prisons . now could that mean anyone who rejects him would be considered terriorst . there is a list with 8 million americans on it who the gov think could be trouble makers could this be what the fema camps are for ,

  285. BerlinBerlin

    Hi CW, are You okay?
    We’re getting close to comment # 300, that’s a little scary.

    Found this on LameCherry”

    “These Obamas are the po folks you see moved in to watch the house while the owners are gone and when the owners come back, the bank accounts are empty, the vehicles have been drained of gas and the lawn looks like an Arkansas trailer park.”

    “There is something detestable in billions of people in this world wiping their butts with their hand while the Obama’s have non stop parties serving 100 dollar a pound Japanese beef.
    There is something absolutely subhuman on the Stalin scale in carrying on in these worst of times like French royalty.”

    “What the heck is wrong with Montana black Angus beef? Why couldn’t Obama promote that American product to his Asian guests who have been shutting down American imports”

    “The Obamas are the bone pickers of black elitist welfare extravagansisms.’

    “The Obama’s can not handle the White House. Require them to pay for it as in these times I no longer am willing to fund Michelle Antoinette and her poodle Birdie.”


  286. Hey Lurk,

    Thanks for the nod! I think I have more than one of yours, not sure. If you still have mine – hit me !



    Some said it time ago, some said it yesterday, tomorrow most everyone will be saying just this.

  288. magna carta

    My husband suggested that a lady here in Houston has bees that totally took over her home,had to move out and so it made since that ACORN could maybe housesit that lady’s house…I could also think of more situations where the glamour of that job might wear off pretty fast.We just need some creative setups….

  289. “YHWH” is a collection for 4 consonantal pictographs — “Y” is derived from the pictograph for “ARM,” “H” is a pictograph derived from an “OPEN GATE,” “W” is derived from a pictograph for “STAFF,” for “STICK”, and “H” is a pictograph derived from an “OPEN GATE.”

    Bob, now that I’ve had a chance from working on a deposition to get back to you, are you talking about Paleo-Hebrew? Well, there are meanings for each of the letters, yes. One thing can mean a door, an open hand, etc. Some places that note this do not agree on what means what. But I do understand what you’re talking about. I will agree with this and have known it for some time. However, this is still their writing and they write words with this, meaning spoken words just like we speak words today.

    For example, in Exod. we read:

    Exo 17:14 And Yahweh said to Moses, Write this, a memorial in a book, and set it in the ears of Joshua, that I will utterly wipe away the remembrance of Amalek under the heavens.

    In other words, they are writing “words” in a book so it can be read. And that is just as people do today, read words. This would have been the archaic Hebrew, the paleo-Hebrew, not the Hebrew-Aramaic that was called Assurith. That is the Hebrew-Aramaic that is in the MT, the Aramaic Square. When Judah and the few remaining joined to them, came back from Babylonian captivity, they had then started using more of the Hebrew-Aramaic which they picked up from the nations around them, from Babylon, which was known as a profane language.

    Also, Bob, those letters making up Yahweh’s name are vowel letters, or semi-vowel letters. We have a couple of semi-vowel letters in our English language today, the “y” and the “w.”

    Like I stated, any good Hebrew grammar will note this. The vowel signs that were invented by the scribes anyway didn’t come into being until around the 6th and subsequent centuries C.E.

  290. kittycat77 —

    Unfortunately, the answer remains “no,” the letters are not vowels, they are consonants, and also “no I am not talking about ‘paleo-Hebrew.’

    What I am pointing out is that the whole idea of writing has been pushed more than 1500 years earlier than what was previously known, and that Moses wrote in an environment where his readers were highly literate.

    It is only in the last 100 years that we have learned exactly how literate they really were.

    How that all relates to today and today’s economy, it is possible to understand now that when Pharoah arranged to meet with Abraham, he was looking for a “financial bailout,” because Abraham was an EXTREMELY wealthy individual, and not some poor itinerant nomad lost somewhere in the desert.

    The history can be read in an entirely different light, because we now have so much history opened to us to compare with.

    In other words, the more things change, the more things stay the same

  291. Well, Bob, I disagree with you, and yes, they were semi-vowel letters. They still are semi-vowel letters too! We can agree to disagree on this. Personally I do believe you’re incorrect, but that is your business.

    But I do agree with you that Abraham was extremely wealthy. So was Lot. Abraham was like a king in his time, was very, very wealthy, and probably taught the Egyptians mathematics and astronomy, which he learned personally from Yahweh. Lots of people picture Abraham as being a desert nomad, which is far from the truth!

    I do agree with Isaac Newton on many things, that much has always been known and lost. The ancients were very intelligent, probably more so than people as of today because they were healthier for one thing.

  292. nawanawanga

    ” Obama releases secret Bush anti-terror memos
    Obama releases secret Bush anti-terror memos (AP)
    Oh, yeah amigos.
    Dust off the chairs at Nuremeburg. ”

    Well maybe the Republicans in power will finally get off their asses to prosecute Obama properly and stop protecting him.

  293. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco


    This is all very interesting and it has waited over 3000 yrs do youguys think this discussion could wait another few months while we concentrate on Saving Our Republic?

    I don’t know if anyone else feels the same or not. I am just a “nobody” on this board.

    I wrote a whole LONG plan and ideas on a WAY FORWARD not one Comment one way or another. But for a few days now I been hearing this back and forth about vowells or consonants at first it was interetsting……but now it’s starting to get annoying.

    Sorry the candor but I’m a Conservative Realist.

  294. According to Rasmussen polling, the president’s approval rating index has been declining steadily since the phony inauguration. The index was +28 on Jan. 21st and as of Friday it was only +8.

    Now THAT’S change we can believe in!

  295. BerlinBerlin

    National Awareness of Freedom Day
    April 15th 2009

  296. >According to Rasmussen polling, the president’s approval rating index has been declining steadily since the phony inauguration. The index was +28 on Jan. 21st and as of Friday it was only +8.<

    I’m surprised it’s not -8.

  297. BerlinBerlin

    @Portuguese Patriot Peter
    “I don’t know if anyone else feels the same or not. I am just a “nobody” on this board.”

    Nobody’s a Nobody.
    But I have to admit that the moment I spot something like:
    “vowels”, “consonants”, “paleo-Hebrew” or “Yahweh”
    I scroll down.

    Call me ignorant, Sorry.


    This is all very interesting and it has waited over 3000 yrs do youguys think this discussion could wait another few months while we concentrate on Saving Our Republic?

    Yes, I supposed we could, but honestly, I don’t know where to go to discuss this with him.

    BTW, any truth is worth discussing at any time and anyplace, wouldn’t you agree? It’s because of a lack of truth that we are in the condition and situation that we are in America presently. And if you don’t think that things that happened 2,000 years ago or 3,000 years ago have affected us in some way, then think again. The stuff that I was studying recently showed me that liberalism has been around a long, long time. To this very day we are suffering the consequences of it.

  299. Bob, Zapem has a religion section that no one rarely posts there. I will agree to discuss this. That is up to you! Have you ever joined on Zapem?

    Whatever, I always wish to discuss on a human level and not a bashing someone level. If you know of someplace, please let me know. But it won’t be tonight because believe it or not, I like House. Don’t really know why except it gives me a break from my job because I get sick and tired of listening to attorneys argue at times. Although sometimes it’s kind of funny!

  300. Is there anyone in the US that can put a stop to this tomorrow?

  301. charmed goat

    Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco

    I concur!! I lurk here EVERY day because the comments in general are so great – and while I guess the vowels/consonant conversation might be interesting in some kind of weird scholarly debate competition between brainiacs, it makes me jumpy and annoyed (and, might I add, left feeling incredibly mentally inferior which is REALLY annoying and a little depressing).

    Peter, I actually cut and pasted your plan and put it in my archive. Excellent work and I’m sorry I didn’t comment on it. I get so into lurking and making my comments mentally, I forget how I’ve felt in the past when I’ve made what I thought was a well thought out comment on a blog only to be ignored for mindless and incessant bantering amongst the “cool kids.”

    We are in the midst of terrible, confusing and frightening times; and personally I am on somewhat of a bi-polar roller coaster ride from it all. One day I feel completely empowered and fearless, then the next I feel as if I have to pack my shit immediately and head for Canada before End Game kicks in and I’m dragged off into the night and shot, y’know? Should I pay down my debt or run it up? Should I walk away from everything and hide in the woods? Or hunker down and hope I’m not forced out of my home. Should I start a garden or should I stock up on canned goods? Should I buy guns, and if I do, could I or would I really shoot at someone who comes to take me away? The questions go on and on and on and on. For what exactly do I prepare?

    So, Peter, I absolutely agree. I wish we could focus on getting the usurper out of the white house along with all of his shady buddies and despicable wife before our country is ruined FOREVER. This is fast becoming a country that is NOT the country for which I was raised to believe in and die for if necessary. I have a renewed sense of awe and respect for people who have come here from other countries to escape and build a dream here with nothing but the clothes on their backs. If Americans have to do that after the usurper gets done with this country, where the hell do we go?

  302. Air Force Brat

    E-mails work just fine for such discussions. Saves a lot of scrolling time too.

  303. Perhaps the Vowels and Consonants discussion can find a more appropriate forum. It’s CW’s call, tho.

  304. Air Force Brat

    But also, kittycat77, you made very, very, very good points in some of your posts — such as the oddness with the oath(s), for example.

  305. If you love liberty and what the Constitution guarantees, this is for YOU!

    If you consider yourself AMERICAN before Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, etc., then PLEASE take 5 mins. to watch this and share this with other blogs and your contact list.

    This video on the Continental Congress 2009 (NOT to be confused with a Constitutional Convention) is one you will want to pass on to your family, friends, acquaintances, and other patriot groups:

    Forward this, download it, burn it to a DVD and hand it out liberally.

    The Revolution is in motion.

    Keep it going.

  306. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco

    Maybe you guys can exchange e-mails or start a separate blog or something.

    I agree that History after us going forward that is why I think we should Concentrate on the MISTAKE happening now so they don’t last they don’t affect us for 3,000 years.

    What’s done is done bury the dead and look out for the live ones. Let’s concentrate on evicting Obama from the People White House and his auntie from People’s TAX PAID Public Housing.

    Get the Pitchforks and lets March on Washington ENOUGH IS ENOUGH now looks like we may have a Real Murderer, not a war crimes murderer, BUT a Murderer as President. or
    for more info.

  307. >Rocknee // March 2, 2009 at 7:58 pm

    Is there anyone in the US that can put a stop to this tomorrow?<

    Yes, there is someone who can put a stop to this, but will they do it? I think it’s the senators and governors who could. Do y’all think this? Maybe we people can. Then count the judges in and consider that they could have probably done it.

    BTW, the vowel/consonants discussion should probably not be here at CW’s, yet one has to sort through this tedious stuff to get from Point A to Point B. I will stop the discussion, but I also feel that Bob and I can have an intelligent discussion about this subject if given the chance. Perhaps we can agree to discuss or simply move on. If we discuss, we will agree on a place to do so. I’m game. I love discussions about truth and trying to figure out things. This is all a part of finding out things and seeking truth. It’s just the way it is.

  308. Correction////////////
    When I said The job should be done by a REDNECK SHERRIF FROM HAZARD KENTUCKY,I meant to imply that such a person would probably be the only person around having the testosterone to do the job. I spent a lot of my NAVY days ingesting alcohol with a few of these people.They are great to have around when a bar fight begins. As long as these people like you they are your best buddy,,,,but if they DON”T like you they CAN be your worst nightmare. Most of the time they only need a couple of beers to be willing to prove it EITHER way.

  309. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco

    Charmed Goat, that name is no B ehhehhhD LOL

    I appreciate your comments, that is why I wrote that Way Forward to make people think , plan and ACT. 6 months from now may be too late to get your things in order.

    If you didn’t see the Peter Francisco website I encourage everyone to take a look it is a quick read but INSPIRING, how did a man like that get Overlooked in History.

    We need man like Peter Francisco and Davy Crocket Now. Thanks to the person that shared that story.


    Great Video Dean Haskins does a Great Job and has a great voice. I have followed him in Restore The Republic they need our support.

    As I mentioned before we need more activism and some Umbrella group strenght is in number. We are doing a great job and starting to turn things around. But if not for Stock Market on a free fall I don’t think many would have listened to us. Lets make sure that continues everyone do your part. The quicker we destroy these UNAMERICAN Ideas the sooner we can start putting things back together. Please everyone pitch in and do your part however little it helps.
    Donate a dollar, pass info on, comment on a blog, join and a friend and convince another friend. STRENGHT IN NUMBERS.

    Lets be the Termites that eat away the ACORN.

    They have PAID BLOGGER hired by visit the site and click on Employment Opportunities to see for yourself they also had Paid Bloggers all over the internet during the campaign. Most of them may have been paid with untraceable Debit Cards funded with illegal donations from Foreign Countries.
    But we have Loyalty, Common Sense and the Will to Find the Truth.
    God Bless US

  310. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco —

    If you want to “Save our Republic,” Peter, then you have to know how we got in the mess we are in.

    I have used this debate with kittycat77 to illustrate exactly THAT POINT.

    Unless we can agree on the FUNDAMENTALS of what we are talking about, then we ALL are going to go in different directions, and no one will know if and when we left the track.

    I am pleased that you finally expressed your opinion, because I thought everyone was being simply DENSE.

    I hope you are totally exasperated! Because, until you are, nothing will get done!

    The very words that you are using are LOADED with history — others have used them for good or for bad — and we have to know what they did.

    If you know your history, you can see that America is entering into a time in history that lasted for ancient Israel for 400 years, and it was called the Era of the Judges, when everyone did what is “right in their own eyes.”

    Is there a better definition of liberalism than that? My answer is this: We have to understand each other, and have rules that we agree to, if we are going to “Save the Republic.”

    The problem that I see, is this — you can’t just call it the way you want to. SOMETHING has to be grounded in reality.

  311. Picked this idea on

    Sarah Palin is very good friends with the Gov. of Hawaii. If Barry is not a US citizen and there are no naturalization documents to prove this, then does the Gov. of Hawaii have to honor the sealed requests of Barry.

    Emailed her at: or

    Like to see Sarah Palin put an end to this.

  312. Our Comander in Chief:


  313. Sorry, here it is again:


  314. Thanks to everyone that helped me find the GLOBE. I finally found it yesterday. I just hope Larry stays safe. bkw

  315. BerlinBerlin

    had to look up the word “tepid”
    …lukewarm LOL!

  316. Katie posted: This video on the Continental Congress 2009 (NOT to be confused with a Constitutional Convention) is one you will want to pass on to your family, friends, acquaintances, and other patriot groups:

    Of the military’s response to BHOs speech last week. I do have one question though…don’t military officers usually salute the POTUS or is this only in certain circumstances?

    Anyway, compare BHO video to this one of Bush’s. Quite different I must say.

  317. Oops sorry Rocknee! I just noticed when my computer refreshed that I posted the same link as you.

    BTW Rocknee…I was about to ask the same question you did…Isn’t there someone out there that could end this fiasco tomorrow and let the truth be heard! *praying*

  318. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco

    Are we lookign for a Modern Day Peter Francisco or David Crocket?

    The only one I know is Sheriff Joe Arpaio but UNFORTUNATLY the only way that would work is if we got ObamaFRAUD to visit Maricopa maybe we can use Larry Sinclair as bait.

    There are no easy fixes. The fix is in….Holder was correct in one thing we have become a nation of people that COWER. But Patriots are stepping up a Movement is Growing. I can see already in many comment areas the tide turning the Paid Obama Blogger from starting to COWER.

    Just keep doing what you are doing and pass the word around God or some other force is Helping us everything Obama touches backfires.

    This will be a resolve by Loud Voices creating an AVALANCHE so big that No One will be able to IGNORE.

    Keep the Pressure on The Truth is on our side and when you are fighting for Truth God is on your side.

    God Bless US.

    PS Berlin and everyone else that commented THANKS FOR THE KIND WORDS.

  319. Just saw a quote from Reagan on Hannity…

    ” In this time of economic crisis government is not the answer to the problem, government IS the problem.” {sic}

    This applies now! Ya think!!?

  320. Check out the article on “Transparent Obama” on this blog today. Interesting stuff re his release of documents:

  321. Rocknee, great clips,I was wondering what kind of reception they gave the usurper at Camp Legeune. Looked pretty chilly to me. Thanks

  322. Brenda–glad you found a copy of Globe —
    just think about it, not only is BHO an
    “usurper” in office but could well be a
    “murderer” in office, too!

    Everyone: Check out Glenn Beck’s web site and
    sign up for the meetings on March 13th.

  323. And that’s okay, Bob, I can take a hint and it’s obvious that you don’t understand. Maybe it’s you talking around in circles.

  324. CW,

    You alive out there amigo ?

  325. Those Judges Are Guilty

    A movie called Judgment at Nuremberg was produced and released in 1961. It was the true story of four German judges tried in 1948 for war crimes three years after the most important Nazi leaders had already been tried. These judges used their offices to conduct Nazi sterilization and cleansing policies. Since the cold war was heating no one wanted anymore trials as Germany and allied governments wanted to forget the past.

    Spencer Tracy played the retired American Judge, Dan Harwood who went to Germany to do the job. Burt Lancaster played Judge Ernest Janning, the one judge out of the four for whom the German attorney Hans Rolfe, (played by Maximillion Schell) most passionately defended as the “good judge” who by his sentencing did the least harm. The real life Judge Ernest Janning’s name was Schlegelberger. The story details the trial, the testimony from many victims, and the soul searching struggle of Judge Dan Harwood to reach a fair and objective decision—especially about Judge Hans Rolfe. Finally Judge Harwood renders his decision by finding all the judges equally guilty. Attorney Hans Rolfe, Judge Janning, and several other members of the court are shocked into a state of disbelief. Hans Rolfe had so beautifully pointed out what a benevolent and fair man Judge Ernest Janning was.

    The almost last scene shows Judge Harwood walking through the holding cell where the judges were detained. The American judge stops at the cell of the German judge who basically said nothing through out the whole trial and gives him a long look. Finally, Judge Janning says in a shocked whisper; “Why? Judge Harwood answers him in the wise old voice of Spencer Tracy;
    “You knew you were guilty the first time you sentenced an innocent man.”
    “In its decision, the Justice trial tribunal considered what it called Schlegelberger’s “hesitant injustices.” The tribunal concluded that Schlegelberger “loathed the evil that he did” and that his real love was for the “life of the intellect, the work of the scholar.” In the end he resigned because “the cruelties of the system were too much for him.” Despite its obvious sympathy with Schlegelberger’s plight, the tribunal found him guilty. It pointed out that the decision of a man of his stature to remain in office lent credibilty to the Nazi regime. Moreover, Schegelberger signed his name to orders that, in the tribunal’s judgment, constituted crimes. One case described in the decision involved the prosecution in 1941 of a Jew (Luftgas) accused of “hoarding eggs.” Schlegelberger gave Luftgas a two-and-a-half-year sentence, but then Hitler indicated that he wanted the convicted man executed. Although Schlegelberger may well have protested, he signed his name to the order that led to the execution of Luftgas. Another case cited by the tribunal concerned a remission-of-sentence order signed by Schlegelberger. Scheleberger explained in his decision that the sentence imposed against a police officer who was convicted of beating a Jewish milking hand would have been bad for the morale of officers. “
    One day every judge in United States who threw out a case against Obama asking him to produce his birth certificate and other documents based upon “Lack of standing” or any other technicality instead of merit, will be found guilty, too. They will be found guilty of breach of duty, failure to uphold their oath to protect and defend the Constitution, and maybe even conspiracy with the defendant, and possibly taking a bribe. Every judge who had the opportunity to do one simple request—order Obama to produce the documents that proves he is eligible by the requirements of the US Constitution to be a legal president—and failed to do so unwittingly became a traitor and a coconspirator with a usurper in the Whitehouse. This includes the nine traitors in the Supreme Court who literally had a clandestine meeting with Obama, a plaintiff in several pending lawsuits in the Supreme Court.

    Every one of these judges who failed to do the right thing when asked in his/her court is responsible the existing National Security and Constitutional crisis which now exists in America. A simple court order could have prevented the anguish and grief so many concerned citizens now suffer because of this question. Each and every judge knew he/she were guilty when they dismissed the case instead of making the simple order. They should no longer be permitted to serve as judges. Their names along with the case numbers and their actions should be posted on the inter net hall of shame and they should be sanctioned for crimes against America.

    “Richard A. Posner, federal court of appeals judge and one of the most astute observers of the legal scene, noted that it is not only German judges that might over-identify with popular causes. In The New Republic, Posner wrote:
    Perhaps in the fullness of time the growing of marijuana plants, the “manipulation” of financial markets, the bribery of foreign government officials, the facilitating of the suicide by the terminally ill, and the violation of arcane regulations governing the financing of political campaigns will come to be no more appropriate objects of criminal punishment than “dishonoring the race.” Perhaps not; but [the story of the German judges] can in any event help us to see that judges should not be eager enlisters in popular movements of the day, or allow themselves to become so immersed in a professional culture that they are oblivious to the human consequences of their decisions.”

    Unless Obama succeeds in his blue print to convert the Presidency into a dictatorship and totally turn America into an enslaved country, he will be legally removed from office along with a whole crowd of others. All will be indicted and tried for conspiracy, perjury, acts of treason, and more. It won’t make a difference if only ten people or ten thousand people conspired to harm America in the name of a 2008 Presidential election—all those who played major roles and knowingly supported Obama in spite of the fact he is not a “natural born citizen” will be found guilty and held accountable according to law. We will return America to a Republic under rule of law. WE will make certain these people will be held accountable for the crimes against America. We will not allow America to turn into another Nazi Germany. Every one who knew Obama did not qualify and ignored the Constitution is guilty. It is only a matter of time.
    Therese Daniels © 3/2/09

  326. I emailed my Senator Patty Murray the following questions:
    “Why did Obama help Odinga campaign for president of Kenya knowing he threatened genocide if he lost (because he was vocal about it)?” (And we all know he did commit genocide.)
    “What is going on with Obama granting eminent domain collateral to China for his huge spending bill debts?”

    I’d like to see what she says in response.

  327. I was surprised to learn the total net worth in all of Fort Knox plus the strategic oil reserves is “only” $500Billion. The entire asset worth of Great Britain is also “only” $500Billion. Just puts into perspective Obama’s $1.3Trillion in new taxes and his $800+/-Billion spending bill.

    C’mon, he knows we’ll never be able to repay it. He doesn’t care if he gives away chunks of the USA as lost collateral. His whole agenda is to destroy America.

  328. Also, I cannot post on the AOL “birthers” mocking poll…the whole wording of the poll is meant to bias the outcome.
    We are not birthers, THEY are, however, ANTICONSTITUTIONALISTS and absolutely batpoo crazy if they think this country can survive a usurper.

  329. twe // March 2, 2009 at 10:41 pm

    Check out the article on “Transparent Obama” on this blog today. Interesting stuff re his release of documents:


    Twe, if this is correct, this thing has just been broken wide open!

    I was wondering about FOIA and if it would apply; with what he did regarding the release of Bush’s documents it apparently does, now. Do you think that The Chosen One realizes the repercussions of this?

    “This means that Barack Obama’s birth certificate, passport, college records, writings from college and all personal information are now subject to access to courts as he was waived the executive and personal privilege right by releasing Bush documents.”
    The idiot just opened up legal precedent so ANY of us, Berg, Orly can file FOIAs to get his documents! He thought he was releasing the liberal dogs of hell onto only BUSH; he just committed legal suicide!

  331. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco


    Thanks very much.

    Great articles there BUT the one that I really Liked was the OBMANATOR probably 3rd or 4th one down.

    My computer restarted on it’s own before I saved the Obama & Bush speeches to Troops can the person that Posted that be kind enough to Repost.


  332. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco is this the post you were asking for?

    Katie posted: This video on the Continental Congress 2009 (NOT to be confused with a Constitutional Convention) is one you will want to pass on to your family, friends, acquaintances, and other patriot groups:

    Of the military’s response to BHOs speech last week. I do have one question though…don’t military officers usually salute the POTUS or is this only in certain circumstances?

    Anyway, compare BHO video to this one of Bush’s. Quite different I must say.

  333. twe and SueK – I saw the Lame Cherry post earlier today, too. What does it mean?? (rhetorical question) I haven’t seen anyone else pick up on this or explain it so I hope someone with a much higher understanding of these things can define it for us mere mortals.

    I swear, the “O” must be for the big Onion – as the days go by it gets so complicated it’s like peeling the layers of a giant onion. Onions smell and make you cry.

    I used to like onions…

  334. If this is true?

    On a day when this blog alone brought to attention the fact that Barack Obama has waved presidential privilege opening up his passport records, birth records and criminal records due to Obama’s release of Bush Presidential Files, along with the much more vital examination of the hidden sexual messages against children in the covert sexualization of the world’s innocent population, we now take a moment for rich people with too much time on our hands.

    I highly doubt the lawyers taking up the Obama eligibility cases have noticed that Barack Obama has just laid their golden goose egg in the most inept decision of his administration led by his Justice Department in Eric Holder.

    What I mean by this is today in a malevolent, low grade prick move, of leftist origins, Barack Obama released a ton of Bush White House memos concerning executive policy decisions.
    Executive privilege is something all Presidents guard with their last breaths, because all executives have something to hide as being President is a dirty job. This is the reason all Presidents in protecting their own future butts with both hands do not ever release past Presidential workings.

    Barack Obama though has done just that in a mean spirited, liberal, cutting off your nose to spite your own face. Obama and the goons “think” they are setting a political fire to once again deflect heat from them and instead focus it on George W. Bush to feed him as meat to the liberal press as a continuing Davide Letterman hate object.
    The problem in this which I doubt anyone has noticed is Barack Obama by doing this, releasing personal memos, executive discussions and decisions, has opened up his entire political entree in everything he has done since he decided to be President as that is Executive which has legal precedent concerning Richard Nixon in the Committee to Re Elect the President.

    See by Birdie Obama doing what he did, now all the smear and quip pro quo which the Obama camp engaged in against John Edwards where the press was fed information to go after Edwards instead of Obama’s sex capades is open to freedom of information.
    This means Lawrence Sinclair has legal right to all of Barack Obama notes, files and memos concerning him and anything Obama, his staff or “outsiders” contracted to engage in, for the courts to pour through and find.

    ***This means that Barack Obama’s birth certificate, passport, college records, writings from college and all personal information are now subject to access to courts as he was waived the executive and personal privilege right by releasing Bush documents.***

    Barack Obama is an idiot and I would personally like to thank him for his and his people’s political suicide binge they are intent upon for themselves.

    As Obama has executive problems in court actions he is now engaged in, this brings this all into the White House in past history which was protected under the law, such as passports and college records. Every last detail is now subject to subpoena and Freedom of Information Act.

  335. I’m sure it’s here somewhere, but, can someone please post contact information for Michael Steele including his email if available.

    I would like to send him a message from a registered Democrat who voted Republican for the first time this past year.

    Thank you!
    PS. Has anyone heard from Zach ?

  336. Lurker ….. ( like the old days )


  337. Pingback: State Sovereignty Movement - 31 & Counting! « Goodtimepolitics

  338. Nawanawanga,
    I prefer the term “Constitution Deniers”

  339. Katie,

    Rocknee explained this beautifully. Executive privilege is just that and Soetoro has dashed this privilege by exposing Bush’s confidential info. This opens the door to the scrutiny of his records. The privilege is now bastardized. These memos and other information is sacred stuff and he’s just opened the door wide to bring the scrutiny upon himself.

    We were waiting for one major screw up from this guy. This may be it.

  340. Val I was wondering the same thing about Zach. Has anyone heard from him?

    BTW this is the 350th post and haven’t seen anything from CW lately.

    Are you OK Citizen Wells?

  341. Zach left a message that he would be away with no computer access for 3 weeks – seems like that was about 2 – 3 weeks ago.

  342. BerlinBerlin

    Yesterday I heard this on the “my two cents” radio show:

    The 2009 predictions of a psychic named Michelle Whitedove.

    She says about the Obama presidency: “I see a JKF style assasination, plot and cover up being formed to take out Obama”

    It will be blamed on KKK, white supremacists or terrorists, but it is a set up.


    I remember reading a similar prediction on the David Icke page.

    My great friend, the Zulu shaman, or sanusi, Credo Mutwa, has written a poem to express his thoughts on what he sees as the true nature of Barack Obama and the agenda for Africa and the world that he represents.

    “An actor walks upon the floodlit stage of life
    wearing a mask of an angel beneath a demon’s gown.
    Pretence smiles upon the crowded hall of life
    holding out hope as bright as it is false.
    Son of a woman in whose veins flows the blood
    of ancient Ireland and dark Africa’s plains.
    You are Obama, nick-named the standing king
    You are Barack, oh, son born to deceive
    The suffering hoards of Africa look up to you,
    See a black saviour where nought but a Judas strides.
    An entrapper of nations, bringer of dismal war
    Behind the robes and the nylon wings of hope
    Oh, may those who look upon you, see you as you are.
    May those who hope in you behold you as you be
    A prince deceitful to bring down Africa’s shrines
    A siren who leads Africa’s ships onto rocks of obliteration.
    Your rule my lord will not be one of peace
    Your reign my king will not be one of smiles
    Even as we speak in caves both dark and dank
    Enraged fanatics plot your dark demise
    They will put around your head a bloodwet martyr’s crown.
    Oh black Kennedy following the one before
    May God forgive thee and thy fiery spouse
    As you walk in silence from the stage of life
    Barack Obama, blessed son, Oh standing king.”

    Credo Mutwa

  343. Product of U.S, Canada, Mexico was on a label on a package of meat in a Kroger store in Michigan. Obviously the new World Order is coming about. Has anyone else seen such labels? Seriously if there was something wrong with the meat, how can they track down the problem? Was the problem in the U.S. Canada or Mexico?

  344. Greetings from a long time lurker…Not sure if I saw this on this blog, interesting economic graphs.

    Does anybody notice that something major must have happened in January 2006, all the graphs tanks around that time. What happened in the beginning of 2006?

  345. BerlinBerlin

    I think they have number codes.
    Made in the EU (European Union) is the same thing.
    There has to be detailed information available.

    The EURO btw. has been bad for all the countries in the beginning.
    Worse for those that used to be considered “cheap” for holidays and such.
    Like Spain, Greece etc.
    But also in Germany the prices got higher.

    If they are really planning the AMERO it will be brutal for people in Mexico in the beginning.

  346. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco

    Product of Canada USA Mexico

    I have a name for it:
    Sociedade,Society/Societe’ of Canada USA & Mexico or SCUM for short.

  347. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco

    Assassination if it happens it will be an INSIDE JOB to stop the DEBACLE and create a Martyr Hero bigger than MLK who accomplished nothing worthy or ethical.
    ObaMORONS will believe this for History like JFK but a bigger FRAUD. At least JFK has a record and didn’t accomplish by FRAUD.


  348. SCUM for short

  349. This may have been posted previously somewhere and apologies if it has and I’m sending old info.

    This is an Obama timeline and is authored by a gentleman by the name of Don Fredrick. It’s updated constantly.

    If there’s **any** question about this man, this pretty much solves it. A very long read, but well worth the time:

  350. BerlinBerlin

    Yeah, I also wish it will not happen and he will be taken out by his ineligibility.

    To produce a martyr bigger than MLK and JFK they have to do it soon, his popularity is going down day by day.
    Also it is very obvious that he has no answers.
    The stock market falls each time he speaks about his economic plan (what plan?)

  351. If you need a bit of hope in regards to our military, check this out…make it go viral:

    If *you* want to get involved:

    April 15th Tax Day Tea Party:

    March on DC:

    Hard core Patriot action (me!): (he’s starting a new group…just getting off the ground…this would have been Nathan Hale’s group)

    Pat Dollard Nation’s Anthem (turn up the volume):

    “Obama Lied, America Died” bumper stickers (disclosure: I put this together):

    Copy-and-paste the above and send to everyone you know who still gives a cr@p about America.

    Let’s roll.

  352. Margie—WOW! What a coincidence! I just
    returned a package of ground beef with the
    same label on it you are talking about.
    I didn’t like the idea of eating meat that couldn’t
    be ID’d as to origin. Then, I went to Meijer and
    found the SAME label. The comment from the
    meat manager was —well we usually get the
    beef from the US or Canada, but if there is a
    shortage it may come from Mexico! I have
    the same concerns you do!

  353. One peed off American!


    March 2, 2009
    Via Fax to: Senators McConnell, Lugar, Hatch, Grassley, Shelby, Mc Cain, Gregg, Bennett, Crapo, Alexander, DeMint, Chambliss; and House Members Boehner, Lewis, Sensenbrenner, Dreier, Hall, Barton, Smith, Ros-Lehtinen, Camp, Bachus, Gohmert, Buyer, Goodlatte, King, McHugh, McKeon, Mica, Cantor, Issa, Lungren, Inglis, Hoekstra.

    This country is fast coming apart. It is up to you individuals to resolve what could end up as a second revolutionary war. And one is brewing.

    My concern is the continued desecration of our Constitution. Congress has somehow decided that Washington D.C. is due representation. What do you plan to do about Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands, Samoa, Mariana Islands, Midway, Wake, and the rest? NOT WITHOUT A CONSTITUTIONAL AMMENDMENT, YOU DON’T. Honor the Constitution. Every last one of you will be thrown out of office if you don’t turn this misguided ship around, and fast. America is getting ready for a fight on several different levels; Congress doesn’t have any idea just how furious people are. You’d better get your heads out of your collective rear-ends and put an end to this crap. You did, at least, with the exception of those damn fools Specter, Collins and Snowe, manage to keep yourselves together with regards the fraudulent Stimulus Bill. Thanks for that.

    What the hell is going on with you people? You are running all over the Constitution. You’ve been secretly planning the illegal internment of millions of Americans, if they happen to become ‘disagreeable’: to be penned up like animals in Stalinist-styled gulags. Using DoDD 1404.10 from January 23, 2009 to provide “restoration of order…and stability operations.” I don’t think you have any idea just how disagreeable we are about to become. Go ahead, make our day. Websites denying that military personnel would EVER act against their fellow citizens are springing up. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MINDS?

    In addition we have this unfettered megalomaniac in the White House, who is suffering from severe NPD. Behind the scenes (through Geithner, the tax cheat, MY GOD, THEY‘RE ALL TAX CHEATS) he brought us TARP, and now the Four Trillion Dollar Budget, with no end in sight to trillion dollar deficits, another four hundred billion budget bump the other day, billions for the bastards at Acorn, who will spend every dime of it to DEFEAT YOU, the non-stimulating trillion and a half dollar Stimulus, yet another Trillion as a down payment for Health CARE, A DOWN PAYMENT? And now we have Gordon Brown coming to ask us to provide a couple of trillion plus for welfare for the entire world, with a Global New Deal?

    No representation in Congress for Washington D.C. without an amendment. Period.


  354. Rocknee explained this beautifully. Executive privilege is just that and Soetoro has dashed this privilege by exposing Bush’s confidential info. This opens the door to the scrutiny of his records. The privilege is now bastardized. These memos and other information is sacred stuff and he’s just opened the door wide to bring the scrutiny upon himself.

    We were waiting for one major screw up from this guy. This may be it.
    Can we please have FURTHER clarification
    on exactly what this means in light of
    obtaining Soetoro/Obama’s records???
    Thank you. I am praying hard on this one.

  355. tonite on glenn beck he will be talking about the fema camps ,he was on fox new this morning and said a lot of people have been contacting him on this issue , so he decided he would debunk peoples fears . but what he found was unbelieveable and will talk about it tonite . good for beck to bring this out to the american people

  356. Maddie,

    Response from Dr. Orly:

    This is just a theory, in practice the courts can say no, denied and you are talking to the wall

    Orly Taitz DDS Esq

    26302 La Paz ste 211
    Mission Viejo Ca 92691

    Not sure rather it has been fully debunked!

  357. Michael Steele

    Tell him to contact Dr Taitz also

  358. Maddie,

    A quote from The Enlightened One himself:

    “Going forward, anytime the American people want to know something that I or a former President wants to withhold, we will have to consult with the Attorney General and the White House Counsel, whose business it is to ensure compliance with the rule of law. Information will not be withheld just because I say so. It will be withheld because a separate authority believes my request is well grounded in the Constitution.”

    (He has a NERVE talking about adhering to the Constitution!)

    Now, the way I read the lamecherry post, if he was to reveal Bush’s executive orders, he could also reveal the executive orders of every other former President and dare them to sue if they didn’t like it. His above statement alludes to the fact that HE would be included in those actions however, the approval of releasing his information would cycle back to the usual suspects-his ‘people.’ As we know, they’re all part of this.

    I’m sure that Dr. Orly’s post via Rocknee is probably what would happen: Request the records until you’re blue in the face and be shot down time after time.

    Will continue to see if I can find anything that gives some hope.

    I am not a FOIA expert. Does anyone know why his sealed records could not be subject to FOIA?


    Resistance coming from many angles, including the Democrats.

  360. Someone posted earlier that next thing you know they will take “In God We Trust” off our money. … Already happening. Has any one noticed the new bronze dollar coin? It’s not on it! I refuse to take it where I work. I just give it back and tell them the bill just went down by $1.

  361. The South,

    Thankyou for the link. What a vortex of turmoil we are facing. Where the debris will land when all comes to a head, or worse still with consecutive ignitions is anybody’s guess.

    But I firmly agree with the author. BO is the tip of the iceberg, and if that is America’s solution, imagine what the problem must be.

  362. Jacqlyn Smith

    Val—If this is the same one I am thinking of you will find the “In God WE Trust” on the edge of the coin. You have to look carefully to find it.

  363. BerlinBerlin

    Since CW is not posting any new cases.
    Maybe that’s news:

    Ankeny and Kruse vs. Daniels

    Click to access OppositionMotionDismiss_final.pdf

  364. Rockne –

    Great Fax to those Politicians (from the latin”poly” meaning many – “tics” Blood sucking fleas.)

  365. citizenwells

    A recent situation has put me behind.
    Thanks for everything.



  367. Everyone, the federal Freedom of Information Act only applies to specific public records to which we are entitled access. If you want access to any other records, this takes a court order.

    Here is a snippet of my response to a reader of my blog, who asked about this IN case, Ankeny v. Daniels.

    Mick: Okay, read what I could find. (Plaintiffs still haven’t posted their documents; I read Defendants’, as well as some commentary from Plaintiffs. I still cannot determine what is Plaintiffs’ cause of action.) Here’s what happened. Plaintiffs have read a line from Bush v. Gore – not a holding but only dicta – and are alleging based on this line that, individual citizens have no right to vote directly for electors. So, the Governor of IN should not have signed the Certificate of Ascertainment for the electors directly chosen by the voters on November 4, 2008. But they misread the law. The SCOTUS in that case did say, citizens have no federal or Constitutional right to vote directly for electors. But the state legislatures did give them this right, in the laws they enacted to include the names of electors on state ballots. In other words, even taking the SCOTUS’ dicta as holding, nothing prevents states from granting rights not otherwise found in the U.S. Constitution. ADMINISTRATOR

  368. Georgie, you asked:
    “Does anybody notice that something major must have happened in January 2006, all the graphs tanks around that time. What happened in the beginning of 2006?”

    The Democrat Congress.

  369. Thanks, jbjd.

    Aren’t WE THE PEOPLE entitled to access Soetoro’s sealed records? Don’t WE have the right to see our ‘president’s’ documents?

  370. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco

    To SUE K,

    If we had a Republican Party and members that weren’t “Race Cowards” they would have called for those Documents right at the end of the Primaries.

    If Palin didn’t get Hushed up by McAmnesty she would have called for those records to be unsealed.

    If we had an Ethical Press instead of Obama Pournalists they would called for those Records to be Unsealed.

    If we had an Organized Conservative Movement with Leadership we would have called with a loud voice that couldn’t be ignored.

    Like I said before we need maybe ONLINE to start out with a Conservative Only News Medium to give us our news. Maybe also give a voice to Conservative Talkign Heads. Make it a cheap Subscription Based like $10/yr so that Erosionists have to PAY to Hear what we are saying.
    Get Rush, Hannity, Savage, Levine, Newsmax, WND, etc…involved. Time to Ignore the rest of the news and Stop watching them and giving them your money. Cancel Cable. Cancel Newspapers and Magazine. We have a great opportunity with this Crisis to Cripple most of those that have harmed us in the past.

    We need Ethical Leadership with no Apologies to no one. We are Citizens and Voters just like the Erosionists and have been Demonized long enough for just voting.

  371. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco

    Pitchfork Protest,

    The only we will see those Documents is if enough of us show up with pitchforks in front of the People’s White House and tell illegal Fraudulent Squatters to Get Out.
    BTW we don’t need to see any friggin documents. It si well established that “obama” is not Natural Born Citizen no matter how many documents he shows it WILL NEVER CHANGE THAT FACT. By the fact of his dad being a Foreign National which Obama admitted and is Well Recorded he is disqualified. Needs to Qualified Citizen Parents even in he was born in teh Lincoln Bedroom in the White House wouldn’t make him anything but a simple citizen NOT a Natural Born Citizen as Required by teh same Constitution he Swore an Oath to obey. Just on those ground alone he needs to be Evicted and arrested.


    What is troubling, even though accurate about this article, is the assumption that the Obama administration’s intention is to aid the economy and do it in a timely fashion.

    It must be obvious to many by now that that is not the case. The current argument given by many like Shultz on CNN last night, is that the gravity of the economic situation will require much time, much much time for its recovery.
    This is more smoke and mirrors, just like the election promises.

    According to this article the current interventions by this administration make it clear they are not in any hurry. More importantly it argues that any effective interventions would have declared themselves as such by now.

  373. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco, thank you. You’re right.

    The last time I was this unnerved was on 9/11.

    What has happened to us?

  374. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco

    To SueK,


    We have become a nation or gadgets (remote controls, video on demand, drive thrus, cell phones, etc) and Google Geniuses. Everyone is an expert in everything “Google Genius”. We forgot and pushed into elderly housing the sources of experience, knowledge and wisdom and replaced them with gadgets & young indoctrinated wisdom.
    Little children are not raised by elders anymore they are at a VERY young age sent to gov’t indoctrintion camps with young indoctrinated caretakers. Etc.
    We have 4% of the world’s school children and spend MORE than 28% of the world education budget and we have Erosionists ALWAYS ssaying it is not enough.
    The Education Reform Act of 1960’s was a TOTAL Erosionist (physoclogists, psychiatrists, educators, etc. FAILURE….but all Erosionist Program they are NEVER a Failure to be Scrapped. They just need eternal tweaking it is not the program tha failed , it is the funding, implementors, it’s the recipients, it’s society, it’s the buildings that they are in, it’s the areas that they are in, etc.
    Tell me ONE Erosionist program that ever worked well? Tell me ONE that was an admitted failure and scrapped and we returned to what was Working & a Well Established Tradition (Conserved). Erode, Erode, Erode….Erosionists are on a constant battle to Destroy our American Way of Life, Culture, Traditions, Celebrations, etc.

    To find our soul (our way) again, we need a Electrical Malfunction that will knock out electricity for at least 6 months. This will silence the Google Geniuses. Maybe that will return us to being God Geniuses (Beings), instead of Google Genius and we will start appreciating and respecting our elders and those that came before us. There is NO ONE alive today that has more common sense or wisdom that any of the signers of the Constitution I don’t care how many Modern Moronic Degrees they possess.

    God forbid we ever get attacked I hope they take out the Grid…it will be uniting & learning experince. Gadgets Gone.

  375. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco, yes, all that has happened in a brief amount of time (by historical standards). None of it good. Technology, while growing by leaps and bounds, has proven in many cases to be a curse rather than a blessing. But it’s here.

    I just look at the way our society’s mindset has changed-look at what just happened with this election. I hate to use the cliched phrase ‘the dumbing down of America’ but it has come to pass. The ‘Yes We Can’ wool has certainly been pulled over the country’s eyes with blinding speed; many never knew it, and still don’t.

    For a presidential candidate not to be vetted and literally shoved into office with the history and agenda he has (aside from being a usurper) makes me question exactly who makes the rules these days. We already know who breaks them.

    Your term ‘erode’ hits the nail on the head. Moral erosion has been slowly damaging the fabric of American life bit by bit. Is there a way to reverse that? I sure don’t know, but we see it happening. Right now.

    We need to get back to basics; back to what made this country great; back to the Supreme Law of the Land. There’s no other way…

    Let’s just hope that we’re not going the route of Nazi Germany but I fear we’re well on our way. Glenn Beck gave a report on the FEMA camps this morning with the promise that more would follow in his report this evening. It was canned. This is some of the stuff that’s frightening. Very frightening.

    Thank you for your response.

  376. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco

    To SueK,

    Glenn Back, that doesn’t surprise me Fox is a RINO Network no COnservative should watch it or support it. That is why I said we need to do an Online News Network were we get Conservative News Straight Up without having to appease the Erosionists and live withing there insults or constraints.

    ON the wool pulled over our eyes. I bet you if this election was discussed at teh kitchen table with elders that haven’t ben indoctrinated and young voters learned from their elders like it used to be NEITHER McAmnesty Nor Obama would even been in the Top 5 of either party in the Primaries.

    These Google Geniuses don’t know ANYTHING withou Googling and Cut n Paste. You ask them the most basic things they don’t know.

    I hope this Crisis will also blow up education and we go back to education at home til 6 or 7 and then a choice of religious schools, charter schools or home schools. Get rid of these gov’t schools already at least the way they are set up and Union Controlled Money Pits.

    We can’t compete not because we lack education we are Over Educated…we can’t compete because we lack discipline, respect, obediance, common sense, ethics, and life/work experience & knowledge. We graduate 30 yrs that never worked one hour on ANY job. Some never even had chores.

  377. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco, let’s see if Glenn Beck *ever* airs his ‘investigative report.’ He’s in the can with the rest if them under the guise of ‘investigative journalism.’ No matter, though-as long as he has the medium to even ‘suggest’ something is valuable, I think.

    If our elders were around to see what was going on today, you can bet there’d be many stories about the Great Depression, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, etc. The young voters today are being ‘educated’ by the Internet. Again, the dumbing down.

    It has always amazed me that so called college graduates, while having degree in hand, can’t read, write or speak properly. There’s no work ethic anymore-their hands are out for their salary, but with no work connected to it. The Entitled Generation. No discipline. Why? Because they were never taught it.

    Your last paragraph-common sense! We have some pHDs who can break the genetic code, but can’t seem to tie their own shoes. Then, there are the others who want everything done *for* them. Again, the entitlement. The scary part of that is that these people vote. For whom? The party that directs them to rely on the government for every facet of their lives.

    And that’s how I believe we’ve ended up this way: Total moral and ethical breakdown.

  378. JBJD…..
    Question; (states that have passed soveriegnty action), under the laws of the state do they then have the RIGHT to declare that the alleged President is no longer their president,and be able to enforce it. Wouldn’t this in reality be secession from the union.? States rights?

  379. jbjd……
    If all 50 atates were to secede from the union, there would no longer be three branches of our FED. It seems as though something like this would be workable, perticularly if each state made a sworn allegiance to a new Fed. I guess what I am saying that in so doing they would create a NEW Federal Government at the same moment that they declared their secession from the present union.
    If something like that would occur,it seems that the entire problem could be ended,and a lot of senators would be unemployed, including Pelosi, and Reid.

  380. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco

    to olsalt76,

    You don’t need all 50 states all you need is a handful of states that secede and recall or void out their DC representation and create their own temporary gov’t and Refuse to send any Tax Revenue to the Fed. This would put DC in limbo and chaos. If those states do well, which they should. They will actually have more of their revenue since states usually get less back than what their citizens send to the IRS. DC takes alot off the top to sned off to other countries, wasteful spending, run the Fed, etc.

    We need a wholesale shake up of this country… never sends Good Money after Bad Money. Giving Bailouts (FAILOUTS) to most of these companies is almost as bad as investing with Bernie Madoff. FAILOUTS are the new Ponzi Scheme….from a PONZI PREZ & The PONZI CONGRESS.

    This is The Bush 3rd term Erosionists WARNED US ABOUT except it is QUADRUPLY WORSE.
    Warmongering continues, soldiers continue getting killed, lies continue, tax & waste increased, deficits Quadrupled, etc.
    Bush 3rd term on steroids.

    Obanomics = Gush Up Poverty & O-pression

  381. Of Course It’s His Faut! Barack Obama Is A ” Bankrupt Welfare-Poverty Nation Planned To Happen!”

    Every time Obama opens his mouth he steals from the American People more of their wealth and more of their jobs .He Steals Their security, their safety,their hopes and dreams,their futures, stealing more of their civil rights and their Freedoms. Obama’s change is the deceitful destruction Of The USA and The American Way Of Life As We Know It.He is abusing the hopes and faith of the American People Who Entrusted Him With It Only To Betray Them and will end up Enslaving Our People-All Of Us!

    Stop listening to this liar! Look at what he has done already,there is no truth or integrity in B. Obama. See him for what he is-he’s a phony -a fraud. Look at his hit and run politics that attacks our economy almost daily,as he steals from us more of our money and when he gets it -what does he do? He moves on to the next lie to serve his own agendas to allow him to steal more of our money.He is deliberately destroying our economy.deliberately destroying the American Dollar so we’ll have no choice when they force us to another currency that will rob us of what we may have left if anything at all by then.We need to stop him before it’s too late and start speaking up. If we don’t and people don’t wake up Obama- he’s like the pied piper and he’ll be leading us all right off the edge of that cliff into a bottomless pit…

    Americans, We are nothing without Our Freedom,don’t let it be stolen from us without our consent. Americans Are Not Cowards Nor Are We Fools And We Should Never Allow Ourselves To Be Silenced! Stand-up and Speak-up and be counted.Use your voices.We all need each others Voices.Right Now more than ever before is not the time to be silent for any reason. Our Country and Futures literally Depends on it.The steadily falling economy IS Obama’s fault, he is doing this Deliberately- See The Truth by Looking For The Truth Beneath The Surface Of His Deceitful Words…

    What comes out of Obama’s mouth is “Just Words” Misleading,Deceiving, Empty Words…

    We all need to speak-up and say “Enough!” Say “No More!” Time to Braver,Be Bolder,Be Stronger- Time to “Be Freedom”….To Remain Free….

  382. Hi everyone can you help me by writing glenn beck and asking why he did not report on the fema camps , he was going to do a show to try and debunk them and said he could not beleive what he found out and he would report it on his show , but when it came time to do the report he said he had to do some more research / maybe he was told not to report on them somthing is not right he always speaks his mind , i wrote to remind him when is he going to do the show to let the people really know what the fema camps are for , could others write him and ask him not to forget to do the show on fema , i think he found out somthing and is afraid to tell the people what he found ,
    Thanks cady

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