Blagojevich impeachment trial, Thursday, January 29, 2009, Ellis closing argument, Rod Blagojevich closing arguments, Illinois Senate, Lt. Gov. Patrick Quinn, Blagojevich secret recordings, Springfield IL

Governor Rod Blagjevich is giving his closing arguments as I write
this. He is attempting to paint a picture of his concern for citizens
and obtaining flu shots when in fact he used his position as
governor to gain power and money for himself.

From the Chicago Tribune website, January 29, 2009

“Closing arguments under way at Blagojevich’s impeachment trial
10:56 a.m. Blagojevich won’t stick around; Quinn in the wings

Blagojevich will leave the Senate and the statehouse immediately
after his closing argument to return home on a state aircraft,
to avoid any “plane issues,” spokesman Lucio Guerrero said. State
lawmakers and Lt. Gov. Patrick Quinn have said Blagojevich is not
entitled to state transporation home if he is convicted and
removed before he leaves.

Lt. Gov. Patrick Quinn is at the statehouse. Quinn came own on a
state plane with Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke, who will swear
him in if he becomes governor. His two sons will also be here.

10:48 a.m. Ellis finishes, Blagojevich next

At 10:40 a.m., Ellis turned to Blagojevich’s public denouncements
of the impeachment trial as a kangaroo court that was rigged with
“sham” rules.

“These rules are even-handed and fair. They apply evenly to both
sides,” Ellis said. But he said Blagojevich was “mischaracterizing
these rules.”

“He claimed the fix in. That’s not what I have seen. I have seen a
body that has … done honor to this process and honor to this
constitution,” Ellis said. “We believe we have more that adequately
proved an abuse of power.”

Ellis said senators did not have to be satisfied that Blagojevich
did all the things he is accused of in the 13-count article of
impeachment. They only have to find a “pattern of abuse,” however
many counts that includes, Ellis said.

“The people of this state deserve so much better,” Ellis said in a
quiet voice. “Governor Blagojevich should be removed from office.”

With that Ellis finished the first part of his closing argument. He
is allowed another 30 minutes after Blagojevich speaks.

10:40 a.m. Ellis blasts Blagojevich circumventing lawmakers to
expand health care

Ellis said 60 conversations were recorded between the governor’s
home and his campaign office.

“Sixty conversations. All in which the governor puts his own interests
first,” Ellis said. “Is that not an abuse of power, right there?”

Halfway through his initial hour, Ellis turned to connections between
the Blagojevich adminsitration and convicted fundraiser Tony Rezko.
In one example, Ali Ata, executive director of the Illinois Finance
Authority, told a federal court that he bought his position at the
state with two large contributions to Blagojevich, Ellis said.

The governor also circumvented the authority of the state legislature
in pushing forward a state health care plan with getting lawmaker
approval, the House prosecutor said.

“Whether or not you belive that expanding FamilyCare is a good idea,”
Ellis said. “The point is not the ends, it’s the means.”

“We are a country of laws, and everybody, including the governor, must
obey them,” Ellis said.

10:29 a.m. Blagojevich arrives at capitol

Gov. Rod Blagojevich has arrived at the statehouse for closing
arguments in his Senate impeachment trial.

10:28 a.m. Ellis plays Blagojevich secret recordings

Ellis told senators that Blagojevich wanted to raise $2.5 million by
year’s end and engaged in three schemes of coercion.

One involved an $8 million grant to Children’s Memorial Hospital
that he wanted to result in a $50,000 campaign contribution.

“He even contemplated breaking his commitment, holding back the money,”
Ellis said.

Another involved a $1.8 billion tollway project that Blagojevich
allegedly wanted to fetch a $500,000 campaign contribution.

“If they don’t perform, eff ‘em,” Ellis quoted Blagojevich as saying.

The third scheme was a plan to trade his signature on horse racing
impact fee bill for a campaign contribution from a horse track owner.

Ellis played a series of FBI recordings of Blagojevich trying to make
sure funds were raised from the horsetrack owner before a new law
banning contributions with people doing business with the state took
effect on Jan. 1. The track owner, Johnny Johnston, was good for the
donation, the governor’s aides told him.

“But clearly before the end of the year, right?” Blagojevich’s voice
could be heard saying. His former chief of staff, Lon Monk, told the
track owner the timing of the donation could cause “skittishness” if
made too late. “Good,” the governor replied in the intercepted cell
phone conversation.

The last tape Ellis played was between Monk and Blagojevich in which
Ellis said Monk told the governor he could apply some pressure to
secure a political donation from the racetrack owner before the
governor signed a bill that would benefit him.

“Give John Johnston a call,” Monk urged. “It’s a two-minute

“I’d be happy to do it,” the governor responded.

“I think it’s better if you do it — just from a pressure point of
view,” Monk said.

“Yeah. Good.” Blagojevich said.

“I’m telling you he’s gonna be good for it,” Monk said later in the
conversation. “I got in his face.”

“Good,” the governor said. “A whole year,” he lamented about the
delay in receiving the contribution.

10:16 a.m. Ellis walks senators through U.S. Senate seat, Tribune
shakedown allegations

Prosecutor David Ellis began taking senators through the impeachment
allegations, gesturing behind him to transcripts of secretly-recorded
conversation excerpts on poster board.

The U.S. Senate seat vacated by President Barack Obama was a
“golden thing,” Ellis quoted Blagojevich as saying.

“’It’s an effing valuable thing. You just don’t give it away for
nothing,'” Ellis said, quoting from federal transcripts. “The governor
wanted to make a trade.”

Ellis talked about federal allegations that Blagojevich tried to
pressure Tribune Co.

“The evidence clearly showed that the governor tried to put a price
tag on financial assistance to the Tribune company,” Ellis said. He
had 15 conversations with former chief of staff John Harris in a
month, repeatedly directing Harris to talk to high-ranking Tribune
Company executives, Ellis said. Before helping with public financing
for the company’s sale of the Chicago Cubs, he wanted the company to
fire editorial board members at the Chicago Tribune who were critical
of him.

There would be no money from the state to help with the sale of the
Chicago Cubs “unless those editorial board members are fired,” Ellis

“The governor new what he was doing was harmful,” Ellis said. He
agreed what Harris was doing should be done in person, not on the

“Don’t push too hard, but you know what you gotta do, right?'”

It was all “an abuse of power,” Ellis said.

10:11 a.m. Prosecutor David Ellis’ closing argument”

Read more here:


70 responses to “Blagojevich impeachment trial, Thursday, January 29, 2009, Ellis closing argument, Rod Blagojevich closing arguments, Illinois Senate, Lt. Gov. Patrick Quinn, Blagojevich secret recordings, Springfield IL

  1. CW I think Soetoro did more crime than Rod can even think of. I agree with Rod, stay and fight. Barry is the one that should be investigated, Michelle’s job, the House, Foreign cash ect…. Hard to believe they just don’t make Men like they use too.

  2. zachjonesishome

    Thanks CitizenWells. In his closing did he make any hints to Obama that he’d better protect/pardon him or Obama’s goose is cooked?

  3. This may be old news, but I honestly don’t remember reading this before. Can cut & paste so here’s the info. From
    on page 29 from a post entitled “Does this make any sense?” by Thalight Guy: the form # on o’s COLB is HRS 338-13(6), 338-19 refers to HRS 338-19 ( for Hawaii revised statutes). COLB of this type issued if original is old, illegible, or ALTERED. No need to post if this has been covered before.

  4. Sorry, CAN’T cut & paste, just passed on main info from post I read.

  5. Citizen Wells, I’m off topic but there is a military judge named James Pohl, who has refused to obey Obama’s direct order to stop trials pertaining to the USS Cole Bombing. Just wondering, is the opening to a person, that “can” question Obama to prove he is eligible to issue these orders, since he has not proven his birth right to be President?

  6. I tried to find a source for the article at Dr. Orly’s. So far all I can find is other blogs, no copy of Gibb’s memo, no quotes from the Gen. on any military site. Maybe someone with better search skills can verify this story, but until then I think this smells like a hoax. If not, we are in trouble.

  7. Re: COLB. Isn’t the classification of the type of COLB prima facie evidence that the COLB is unreliable?

  8. Here’s a link to the write up on Colonel James Pohl, the military judge re the Gitmo question:

  9. Canadian4Hillary

    Military Judge refuses to Halt Trial in USS Cole Bombing Suspect (WTG, Judge)

  10. The Military To Pledge entry at Dr. Orly Taitz’ web site has a link. At the link it has a SATIRE tag. Probably not true (yet).
    Don’t get too wound up over it (as I did!)

    To see more read comments at Orly’s blog.

  11. And so it begins. A judge who has most likely been following the eligibility issue.

    This is excellent news.


    There’s a chance that Obama will make America the laughing stock of the world, but I guess one can only “hope”.

  13. twe,

    If Obama wants our U.S. Soldiers to pledge allegiance to him, he’s in for a nice little surprise…

    This dictator has no idea who he’s dealing with.

  14. Re: military oath. There’s a question asking the author if she put the tag on. The “jihad blog” or “jihad watch blog”, where Dr Orly’s comment comes from, allows other people besides the author to add tags, such as the satire tag. I could have easily added a tag…if only I knew how to “close” the tag. If I had known, the blog would have accepted my tag.

    So, let’s to hear what the author, Michele, has to say about it. It’s too important to leave to conjecture.

  15. Dr Orly has contacted me, want someone to help locate ColJames Pohl(Military Judge) Need help from some of you internet sleuths. I’m not sure how to get in touch with him. He’s the first Military personell to disobey a direct order from Obama. Orly wants to speak with him. Any Ideas on how to locate him??

  16. I was looking who Judge James Pohl is.
    Seems like he is also involved in the abu ghraib trial.

    I just wanted to say this:
    My husband is a Vietnam Veteran.
    (yeah, he’s a little older than me)
    When those pictures about abu ghraib came out, he just said “That’s nothing”
    and “It is war”

    That has nothing to do with the whole thing.
    Other than that, Judge Pohl could be starting something.
    At least a questioning of the authority.
    Could be the snowball that starts the avalanche.

  17. @Joy Brown

    Guantanamo Bay, Cuba?

    He could be very hard to locate and contact,
    simply for security reasons.

  18. I do not know the Judge’s reasoning, however it would appear it must be strong beliefs because I’m sure his career has just gone south. More than ever, we need to let him know the support behind him for refusing to follow orders from someone I believe is a usurper.

  19. – Link to get mailing addresses for Military Members

    Mailing address to request for army:
    US Army Enlisted Records & Evaluation Center
    Attn: Locator
    8899 East 56th Street
    Fort Benjamin Harrison, IN 46249-5301 – probably has a fairly descent chance of being him

    If someone in the army has an AKO account, they could look up his email as well.

  20. I also found this link at Orly’s

    As a reminder to all. The muslim world is a lot of things, but one thing is for sure. They are not united.
    Think about all the trouble within.
    When we stick our heads in the sand or exercise a missunderstood tolerance they can be on top.
    But the moment we remember what we stand for and believe, and then unite and act.
    It will be easy to play them out against each other.
    Where are the real leaders?
    Courage anyone?

  21. I listened to Blago’s appeal. I don’t doubt in my heart of hearts Blago is guilty of corrupt politics. I agree he should not be impeached before he has been and indicted and found guilty. If this is a Republic ruled by law then let the Illinois Senate act by law. It is nothing but tyranny at this stage if this Senate impeaches Blago and ignores Obama who is not a natural born citizen. This goverment is purely arbitrary and capricious. We are now in a government of tyranny.

    It is interesting to me to see when certain politicians are pushed against the wall, the first cry of agony is “This is not Constitutional”. How dearly they need the Constitution when local law becomes capricious and applies to them. How willing they are to destroy the Constitution and install a Usurper when it is popular to their political needs.

    Blago–right or wrong is merely a sacrificial lamb. However, he is an excellent examply of how necessary it is to restore America to rule under the Constitution.

    usa patriots shout

  22. Jacqlyn Smith

    Looks like some attorney needs to find James Pohl. The pentagon is trying to put the pressure on him to follow Obama’s Executive Order!!! Why aren’t these executive orders being challenged by anyone??? Don’t some of them concern us citizens like using tax money to fund abortions outside of the United States. Abortion goes against my religious beliefs and I don’t want my tax money going toward any murdering of innocent babies. I am not paying any taxes this year…..I should be getting money back but I doubt there will be any money left over to pay us….only IOU’s like California is giving out!

  23. the judge’s reasons for denying GITMO delayed hearings are posted on the internet , I believe on FOX NEWS. An excellent piece. The judge is following Congressional military legislation and offers an precise, well reasoned rebuttal to OBAMA’s attempeted bullying. Unfortunately there is a remedy, for the military and the Pentagon. And this to completely start over and withdraw. Thus starting over from scratch, costing us all tax payer money to see this court case go south. Will Obama next order the pentagon to do so? And will they abide by his wrongsided approach to the war on terror, thus, making us all less safe?

    our enemies must be laughing overseas at this turn of events, and planning more attacks against us because of the stupidity of this moron of a president ,opps, usurper, that is briefly occupying the white house.

  24. Get these to Dr. Orly please–I’ve been posibly obotted from her site and no one can figure why or how to change the situation.

    Picture, cv here and email here:

  25. my email to patrick the dome leahy

    US “senator” from the the esteemed, and now highly , in my best eric cartman voice…that’s gay…state.

    I think you will like it, if not, too bad. Enjoy it or pan it either way.

    Dr. Honorable Senator Leahy ;
    Subject: House Bill and Constitutional Issues

    I am writing as your constituent to urge you to vote NO against this fraud of a bill that the DEMOCRATICALLY controlled house passed yesterday. The bill does NOTHING to stimulate the economy. It is no more than a bill to reward all those who voted for OBAMA and give them back the $800 billion in campaign contributions. It is no more than a “spoils to the victor” bill at the expense of the rest of us. Furthermore it is tailored to fund monies to those areas to keep them voting DEMOCRAT. It is a partisan bill by any stretch of the imagination with virtually no input from the rest of America and no immediate relief in jobs, economy, nothing for the infrastructure, or boost to market confidence. I strongly urge you to vote NO on this utterly flawed piece of pork barrel legislation.

    Furthermore, I would urge your support to those of us who strongly feel that OBAMA is not an American, not eligible for the office of president, not a natural born citizen and force the legislature and courts to make a decision on the matter. Obama is hiding key facts about his background despite repeated attempts to get him to reveal a simple $12 certificate, a few college records, and the truth about his background that every American has to provide to get a job in this nation. Instead he has spent millions of dollars not providing the truth. Failure to truthfully resolve this issue will result in continued litigation, continued compromise by the executive branch subject to blackmail by unsavory individuals, political groups, and foreign influence. Are you aware that this past month the Kenyan legislature called OBAMA their native borne son? What gives? This is an embarrassment to our Constitution, an outright insult to those who died for our Constitution, and completely unacceptable.

    And please do not respond that OBAMA provided his birth certificate on the internet. In every single one of the THIRTY plus cases even OBAMA did not use that piece of photoshop fraud as evidence. Instead he is hiding behind “standing” issues, “moot” issues, and other legalese. Obama admitted in his own writings that his father is not a US citizen, OBAMA SR. never obtained US citizenship. Even you admitted as much, in verbal exchange with Homeland Security Chertoff last year that natural born means “both parents must be US citizens” (there is a youtube video of you and him saying it). You know OBAMA is NOT eligible per the Constitution. How much longer are you going to let this hoax and fraud remain? The American people are not stupid. We have impeached and removed presidents before (e.g. Johnson (VP from Lincoln because he was a Southerner), Nixon, LBJ again his policies in Vietnam forced him not to run, Nixon, Clinton, etc.). Obama is not above the law, neither is Congress or the Supreme Court.

    Thank you for listening.

  26. CW–I just put together an extensive list of resources and it disappeared…did you get the rest of it?

  27. JOY BROWN—— Out of curiosity I paid a visit to Wilkepedia. There is a whole page on Col.Pohl and there is agreat deal of information related to very recent happenings. I believe that if you were to contact US Army/Pentagon and if you explained your needs you might find them cooperative. You need to stay on the side that Col. Pohl is on to have any chance of contacting him. “Emergency traffic “might get their attention

  28. I think this is the rest of it (there’s good stuff here). Please get to Dr. Orly as per my previous two posts above. Thanks:

  29. Joy and OldSalt…careful about how you go about contacting him. You don’t want Dr. Orly’s request to get scuttled before contacting. Things can can disappear or become obe (overcome by events) very easily. I would try his personal Army address directly and also his personal email address in Texas, concurrently.

  30. Has anyone heard how the POE search is going? I keep getting antsy because it is extremely important that this INS record be found befor the Obama GOON squad does.
    I am heartened by the refusal of Col. Pohl to follow a direct order from Obama. This seems to imply that some people in the UPPER echelons are aware of certain facts just as we are. This Colonel Pohl was a judge involved with the Abu Graibh investigations. Good luck!

  31. TWE—
    I think that you are absolutely right. Being careful only takes one minute longer than being in too big of a hurry. The last thing we want is for Orley to lose the chance. It would seem that given his recent activities that he might now be under heavy scrutiny by the usurper,and his GOON squad.

  32. zachjonesishome


    Joy Brown // January 29, 2009 at 3:10 pm (edit)

    Citizen Wells, I’m off topic but there is a military judge named James Pohl, who has refused to obey Obama’s direct order to stop trials pertaining to the USS Cole Bombing. Just wondering, is the opening to a person, that “can” question Obama to prove he is eligible to issue these orders, since he has not proven his birth right to be President?

    This could be very important. I just put up a new article about the UCMJ. Could it be? I pray so. Not holding breath!

    Do you have details?????

  33. Daverg
    I absolutely agree with every word in your letter to Leahy. Sadly he is ONE of the GANG of 14,and it is very likely that your excellent letter will end up gleefully destroyed by him or one of his stooges. I liken him as an intelligent form of Joe Biden. As for the rest of the GANG, I don’t use that form of expletive in public forum.

  34. Does anybody know of a site where we can find ALL congress members with a picture?
    At Orly they are looking for the man that raised his hand for objection and Cheney never asked, remember?
    He is clearly standing there and raising his hand while everybody gets up.

  35. go to 27:32

  36. Does any of you want to be a member of the Illinois legislature? Nice guys! Just another example of Chicago politicians “cleaning house” in Springfield. You will always have a chance at self defense——–after the fact.

  37. BerlinBerlin.
    Is there a video of the congressman with his hand up?

  38. CW

    I think she says yes, at 27:32 of the video.

    To oldsalt, ty, , i sent my email to all republican senators, including shelby and mcconnel, and schumer, and several other dems. I already got a response from Harry Reid ( i send him everything) and he obviously didn’t read the letter, he said OBamA posted his BC on internet. He’s a dunce. He’s from Searchlight Nevada (or claims he is). I have been there.Nobody is from there, the light has been off for years.

    Also, sent to Boxer and Feinstein, and of course, Pelosi.

  39. twe wrote:

    Very important to pass along:

    YES – read this! I just sent the link and the entire short article to Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck.

    HOW DARE HE??!!! Is Soetoro-Obama’s last name going to be CASTRO? This is outrageous!

    Please call, write, email, fax all your senators and representatives today and let them know how you feel about this. That this is OUTRAGEOUS and that this needs to be stopped from happening.

  40. The short Dr. Orly article on that link I sent you says that Obama wants the members of the armed services to pledge their allegiance to HIM, not the Constitution any longer.

    This is outrageous! He wants it to happen on July 4th. This is what everyone has been saying – that our beloved America will be gone by July – I think that THIS move would be the cherry on top of the socialist sundae.

    Please write to your sentators and representatives. Tell them how you feel about this.


    THE DEMOCRATS..outrage at Rush Limbaugh after he said he wanted President Obama to fail.

    Please sign today and pass onto families and friends too.


  42. well, I just watched that video at 27:30 – actually from a little before – and watched it several times and cannot find the person who “objects”. where is he/she?

  43. CW
    Ironically on Nancy Pelosis YouTube channel.
    I posted the link.
    I is at 27:32
    He stands with his hand up while everybody applauds.

    Start 27:32
    At the left side, second row or so.
    A tall man with a black beard,

    At All
    I am going through the pictures.
    Here is the list.
    Some have no picture, then google.

  44. Janet,

    I think it is athe man in the grey suit, 3 people or so in from the left side, mid screen. He also appears to have a beard. A few frames before, from behind, he appears to be waving his hand.

  45. Go read about school children reciting the pledge of allegiance with a picture of Obama posted while they did this. After the pledge was done, the teacher took the picture down. Talk about indoctrination! Shocking.

  46. I found somebody from Texas
    Al Green

  47. I also think it looks like Al Green.

  48. Thank You Ladyhawke!
    I thought the man in the film is not so dark.
    But light can do a lot of things.
    Otherwise, it’s him.


    But I will keep on looking

  49. However, Mr. Green is Democrat and he voted for the stimulus.

  50. Hey everybody you might want to take a quick visit to Worldnetdaily and read the little article about US taxpayers are now expected to fund abortions. This will (to quote Glenn Beck )make blood shoot out of your eyes. I had to take an extra blood pressure pill after reading it.

  51. here is a comment from Orly’s post about the objection

    “I’m no expert on the matter, but I read at the time that objections also had to submitted in writing. If that’s the case, Cheney would have known in advance if there were any objections. Also, if there was a Congressperson who was willing to object, they could have done so in spite of the applause or they could have spoken out of their intentions to do so beforehand or afterwards.”

  52. yes oldsalt
    and the vatican is mighty steamed about it, they view this guy as the coming of the anti-christ (although some, like Hal Jordan for some reason believe anti christ will come from europe). Also, the Church here in USA said if Obama signs the freedom of choice act they will close down all their hospitals in the states. They are basically being put between a religious rights and illegal states imposition on them. They will not perform abortions either way.

  53. Daverg–
    I personally think that it will not be very long until there is a very large uprising in the United States where people put brooms and scoop shovels over their sholder and march on the Washington to clean out the sources of the ongoing bullshi-. I will be at the head of the line.
    If you haven’t yet visited Worldnetdaily,take a minute ,go there and read the article. I am having a hell of a time getting calmed back down.

  54. Illinois senate tells Rod Blagojevich to not let the door hit him in the butt on the way out

    Personally, I am going to miss this guy. He epitomizes the worst of Democratic politics.

  55. Time to really drill this home to your friends, family, and everyone you know.

    Now is the time to act. Tell everyone in your world we are under the ursurping power of a dictator and why. It’s clear by all the actions that are going on.

    We all knew this group of thugs were moving quickly, but they’re so brazen about it they’re going to shoot themselves in the foot.


  57. I hope that the enemy will be defeated before he is able to gain any significant strength.

  58. Don’t forget to pray!

  59. It’s good that Blagojevich has been finally removed. We hope that the successor will do a better jobs.. Based on his background and what people say about him, I think he will be a leader.. Hope that he will not be tempted to abuse his power just like Blagojevich did..

  60. Sing Rod sing! You’ve got the cards.

  61. salt 76

    WND is one of my favorite obama bashing sites

    which particular article are you referring too?

    supreme court shennigans?

    Rush Limbaugh fans troll anti Rush site?

    all the eligibility articles?

    death by firing squad??

    all of them?

  62. If you really want to know about “O” go to

    Really good authentic timeline, everone should read

  63. I have read a few places in the comments section of sites and on Dr.
    Orly that a person stood and objected during the certification of the
    electoral college votes. I found the youtube video and watched the
    man who stood and studied the image comparing it to the images of
    Senators available online

    I didn’t need to go far down the list to find Mr. Burris’ photo
    closely resembled the man standing! Of course, I thought, the rough
    senator appointed by the impeached Governor filling Obama’s seat.

    I have images on my site:

  64. Sorry, I didn’t read the previous post before posting mine!

    Excellent work finding it to be Al Green, he even has a beard!

  65. Jody:
    In Regards to person rasing his hand to objection: Now it could be that was what he wanted to do (object) or it could of been him sayin Haleluya, prias the lord or some sort of thing like that. I just went to a funeral where was mostley black and thats the way they where acting. Rasing thier hand and saying scriptures like Priase the lord, ect. either way it should be found out what he was doing.

  66. In regards to Obams Brother beeing arrested for Puffin on some spleef. Could this be the first blackmail opertunity? I can hear them now, Give us money or we will hold your bro and show your birth Cirtificate to the world.

  67. NBC_Vic_Hern

    Of course we are all aware that The Congressional Research Service has determined that BHO Jr is not only a native born citizen with a foreign father,
    but indeed a natuarl-born dual-citizen, LOL.

  68. NBC_Vic_Hern

    I should add that his BC “On File” in HI shows the info as having been
    FILED but never ACCEPTED per their records rules, pending further
    info gathering that never happened.

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