Blagojevich impeachment trial, January 29, 2009, IL governor Blagojevich impeached, Blagojevich closing argument, Prosecutor closing statement, Chicago corruption, Pay to play, Illinois Senate, Blagojevich tapes

The Impeachment Trial of Governor Rod Blagojevich of IL
is expected to conclude on Thursday, January 29, 2009.
The senate prosecutor will provide his closing statement
and Rod Blagojevich has announced that he will provide
a closing argument. It is believed that Blagojevich will
be allowed to attend.

Listen to Blagojevich Impeachment Trial


71 responses to “Blagojevich impeachment trial, January 29, 2009, IL governor Blagojevich impeached, Blagojevich closing argument, Prosecutor closing statement, Chicago corruption, Pay to play, Illinois Senate, Blagojevich tapes

  1. I just heard on Cavuto that Blago’s going to speak at his impeachment trial tomorrow. He won’t answer any questions, but will make a closing argument.

  2. Oh damn. *slink* I only read as far as …..The senate prosecutor will provide his closing statement…..

    Sorry, I’ll read the whole post from now on.

  3. I hope Blago tells the world in his closing arguments that Obama told him to sell his seat to the highest bidder.

    Wouldn’t that be fun…

  4. I have written quite a bit about the Obama and Blagojevich ties to
    Chicago corruption.
    Obama was obviously instructed to reduce the IL Health Planning Facilities Board
    members from 15 to 9. Blagojevich had power to appoint 5 members. 5 members control
    the vote. Rezko and Levine were at the center of this. Rezko’s ties to Obama
    are long and strong.

  5. CW,

    What are your thoughts on the Fitz?

    Do you think he has the moxy to go full tilt on Obama? Or do the patriots in the country have to nudge him along a little…

  6. I am listening to Glenn Beck’s interview of Blago right now.

    Reading between the words, I think the guy has a lot on Obama. Like many of you, I also think that is why he is not going quietly into the night. Moreover, I think the signal – or implied threat – to Obama is the list of names he keeps listing as those would like to call as witnesses.

    I call it the Chicago thugs now running the White House.

  7. Jacqlyn Smith

    Glenn Beck is so awesome!! I think he will give O’Reilly a run for his money!!! Keep it up Glenn!

  8. Off topic, but do we have any educated guesses on when the U.S.Dollar will finally collapse?

    Heard they just passed the Stimulus bill even though a majority of Republicans were against it.

    My personal opinion is: They are trying to forcefully collapse the dollar, so they can introduce their new ‘Amero’ and move us closer to a One World Government/Money.

    The stimulus package will have absolutely no immediate effect on us, and looks like most of the money is going towards BS programs.

    I predict the U.S.Dollar collapses by July of 2009.

    Any thoughts ?

  9. Folks, just a “reality check” to inform you WHAT you are up against. From Chuck Baldwin:

    “A Very Real New World Order”

    “In a letter written to Colonel E. Mandell House, President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government of the U.S. since the days of Andrew Jackson.”

    That is 1837 dear friends. This is much more than just about Obama. Dealing with him is only a symptom, certainly not the cure…

  10. Fitzgerald has plenty on Obama.
    The question is, who controls the USDOJ.
    Also. how much will Rezko, Levine, Weinstein, Cellini, Blagojevich, et al, talk?

  11. jcd,

    I am a Constitution Party member for this very reason. I was one of the proud few who voted for Mr. Baldwin.

    The CP is a welcome home for all Patriots. And I am very proud to be part of a great organization of those who value this country above and beyond all tyrannies.

  12. truthbetold11

    He who takes crooked ways will be found out proverbs 10 the key word is will

  13. GOP holds the line: 244-188. This crap sandwich is all yours, Dems
    By Michelle Malkin • January 28, 2009 06:21 PM

    The House version of the $1.1 trillion Generational Theft Act of 2009 is all the Democrats’ doing now.

    Not one Republican voted for it. (1 Republican had to leave early).

  14. @venice
    This whole socialist BS and classless society crap makes me sick.
    How about learning from history?
    (well, that would take that the Oshits mean what they say- they don’t, all lies)

    Anyway, learning from the history of the eastern European failed socialism examples:
    There is no classless society.
    It was nation wide impoverishment.
    No freedom no rights.
    And a upper class of party goons.
    They ate caviar and drank champagne.

    I am from West-Berlin, but we could watch DDR (GDR) television.
    Total brainwash, zero reality.
    (they had good kid programs though)

    both of Your articles went in this direction.
    My answer AK-47.
    And I’m not talking about basketball.

    This has to be exposed and held accountable.

    And by the way, Ocrap is proposing the very same thing that Bush already did without progress. Stimulus.
    I am stimulated to laugh.

    It that his answer for the economy? O boy!

  15. The South – I just said the same words to my husband yesterday. Dollar collapse by July ’09. I don’t have a clue where the idea came from.

    I also said I predict the market will go up in the short term to make it look like all is hunky dory.

    “Mark my words…”

  16. JeffM, I have been mulling over the CP myself. I was — well, became Republican, although now I don’t know about that.

  17. Hi,
    I just found out about this new Sarah Palin page.
    Already signed up1
    It is very new and still in the making.

    Go Sarah!

  18. BerlinBerlin,

    Your experience is vast and significant , so is mrj.’s who often posts here. As you can tell I concur. But like parents who try to impart the perils of their mistakes, you too are swimming upstream.

    But the effort must continue because with repeated warning, it will slowly infiltrate the minds of those that first begin to see the ill effects of this ill-fated government. It will take time, but it will happen. So one must not give up.

  19. Readers,


    Many of us now realize that to return power back to We The People we must UNITE the various groups and organizations across the internet and establish a secure network where we can work collaboratively with each other to take coordinated action.

    We can not be successful in the plan to form a United Coalition unless everyone donates their time and talent to this Unification effort.

    Please support this effort by donating your talent and time to this cause. We must lay the proper foundation to advance this movement and to do this, we need to perform important research. This must be done to avoid chaos and to attract other groups to this so we can start taking coordinated action.

    Visit this blog post to find out what you can do TODAY

    Many members have already volunteered to help and if more of you donate your time, we can have the new United Coalition site populated by the end of the week.

    Select a How To or Issue to research. This task will take only about 1 hour of your time and will take a huge burden of of me and free up my time to start getting group leaders together which is currently happening. I will be on Chalice’s radio show tomorrow talking more about the Coalition.

    Again, several large groups have already committed to joining the Coalition. Finally all the talk about Unification is actually starting to happen and then we can all start collaborating and planning and implementing our strategies on the secure software platform.

    Please help. If you can perform a google search and copy and paste, you can make a tremendous contribution to this project!

    Thank you in advance for your support and your dedication to preserving our Constitutional Republic.


    Visit United Coalition of We The People USA at:

  20. “Burn up the phone lines”

    Yesterday Repubs went on TV and burned up the FOX screens almost shouting at us “Call your senators and representatives. Keep calling. If people don’t call, they think you don’t know or don’t care one way or the other.”

    And hundreds of thousands of people called and Glenn Beck shouted “Our constitution is hanging by a thread” and O’Reilly shouted “Most of the items in the stimulus package are for entitlements or sod or hollywood or other things that are not stimulus but simply democratic spending”.

    And then NOT ONE SINGLE Republican voted for it today!!! I was so proud of them for standing up and thinking for themselves rather than following the leader, following in a cute little line behind the Pied Piper.


    One step at a time, folks.
    Now the vote goes to the Senate.
    Please call call call — you only have two senators, it would only take you five minutes.

    Please call your two senators’ offices and leave a quick message tonight or in the morning — something like:
    “I implore you NOT to vote for the stimulus package the way it is. It is no good, too many things in there that should be a separate bill. The bill the way it is will bankrupt America. I will not vote for you if you vote for this bill.”


    Obama wants everybody on his side AND get his way. It looks like he will only succeed on one. Not a good start for him.

  22. Please don’t refer to it as a stimulus package. It’s a pay-to-play corruption of our government officials.

    Here’s the new campaign whenever you email, write, or call.

    “Uphold your oath to the Constitution or U R FIRED!”

    Make them see it and hear it until they believe it. IF our country survives two years until the next election, I want those currently in elected positions to see it when they close their eyes at night.

    U R FIRED!!

    U R FIRED!!

  23. My senators are Feinstein and Boxer.

  24. Berlinberlin, I’m sorry.

  25. Glenn Beck told Blago that his name was mentioned in the stimulus pakage – Illinois will not get any dollar until Blago is out.

    Isn’t that a form of PAY TO PLAY?

  26. Blago will whimper like a suckling to whom ever has the best deal. IMO. Fitzy can not be trusted. That was aparant when he spent 2 years and millions of tax payer dollars trying to prosecute Libby. Fitz knew damn well he had the wrong guy,and proceeded at any cost only for his own bloated pathetic ego. Don’t put all your eggs in Fitzy’s basket. He’s another corrupt member of the Chiago Mob.

  27. kittycat77,

    The Republican Party is a lost foal. They will go the way of the dodo just like the Whig party did in 1860.

    They have become a corrupt organization and they have lost their base. We will see more jumping ship from the party once everything falls apart financially.

  28. NWO…yep…I just spent 2k on gold for my daughter’s NON-MARXIST COLLEGE FUND. I saw pics of the amero being printed in CHINA.
    We need to aid the obliteration of the two parties as they seek the death of America.All divisions in all forums must be addressed in terms of Patriot vs. Globalists.When you call your reps refuse to use any other definitions.
    Say,”will Senator Cornyn be voting for the patriot party today?”or we cannot let the globalists destroy our kids future….etc.
    Grab the language and framing from them call them out.

  29. Here’s a great quote from John at

    So far we’ve spent close to $2 trillion on bailouts, none of which addresses the underlying causes of the credit crisis and resulting cascading failure throughout the financial sector and thus none of it will do anything to help the economy recover. If someone has cancer you cut out the cancer, you don’t build a new billiards room for the nurses.

  30. I called Senator Lugar this morning, and they hung up on me. So much for We the People.

    Is this a good time to buy gold?

  31. this is a’ vote for me in 4 years scam bill ‘ this has so much pork in it, porky pig better watch out

  32. Kim,

    This is all phony mony. The bailouts are essentially checks by the government that will bounce at the federal reserve.

    Our nation is at the brink (more like the edge of a cavern) of a major depression this country has never seen. congress (yes, lower case c) is well aware of this. They are buying time before the massive collapse occurs. They are also jockeying for positions on the payout schedule so that they can survive the collapse of the nation as a whole.

    Make no mistake the world is in for another great depression that will make the 30’s look like a prosperous time. All the cards have been dealt. We have no money. All of it has gone overseas and our debts have stacked up horribly against us.

    If you look at American history over the past 300 years, every 75-80 years this nation encounters a depression. We are right on the mark right now and based on the world economies, it’s looking bad. No, it’s looking absolutely horrible.


    Good piece on Soros. Enlightens one on the direction the economy will be headed for, with ancillary effects on American sovereignty.

  34. It’s the economy stupid…that’s the reason for the troops on our soil. When the sheeple wake up and realize the government and the banks have sold us out it won’t be pretty. 😦

  35. Don’t think it’s coming to America? The usurper has been flaunting it in our faces.

  36. JeffM,

    How well I know it. I’m stocking up on food and water and I’m buying a gun if there are any left on the shelves. It’s like a nightmare that you can’t wake up from!!!

    The Republicans did well to go against the pseudostimulus. It’s all on the obamanation and the dems.

    But here’s another good quote from Dennis D same blog I last referenced:

    The Stimulus bill is a disgrace. Its nothing more than a vote buying spree for Democrats. The only thing it stimulates is Chris Matthews Leg. Any American who actually reads what it contains will be disgusted. I was and I voted for Obama. How many shots do we have at spending 1 Trillion to energize the economy? We needed to get it right the 1st time. I am disappointed in Obama for not making some sort of compromise. Now the Dems are stained with this mess just a week into the Obama presidency.

  37. Kim,

    Just out of curiosity when and how did it occur to you that Obama was trouble?

    You don’t need to respond if you don’t wish to. I continue to be perplexed about this for many Obama supporters.

  38. I am not nor have never been an Obama supporter.

  39. is there any merit in filing a lawsuit , once uh uh bama , signes this “bill” under the claim that it is unconstitutional because obama is unconstitutional? And present the evidence as known to date:
    – grandmama affavidavit
    – obama sr was a polygamist, non us citizen
    – obama’ mama under age illegal marriage
    – obama not a natural born citizen, illegal alien.

    ????? merit or no merit???

  40. Sorry,
    nor have EVER been an Obama supporter.

  41. Kim,

    I understand what you are saying. You are a great patriot for getting prepared and seeing the light of truth.

    Make no mistake. Both American political parties are in this together in corruption. The partisan ties go deep. They understand that in order to survive this turmoil, they must “bond” together. But this political “bonding” comes at a price. And that price is at the expense of this nation’s existence.

    This is a big mistake. It’s essentially putting an entire group of differing invertebrate species into the political snake pit.

    No matter. We have all seen the light here. We are all patriots bonded to one cause. One nation of freedom. One fruitful end to a disastrous path. It matters not what our beliefs are. Our sovereignty and liberties are being attacked. This is the silver lining in this national cloud. We know who we are and we will stop at nothing for the truth and protection of our liberties.

    This is what will make us victorious over tyrannical forces. We will stop at nothing for the truth and the protection of our sovereignty. God bless us all. We are truly powerful. Never forget our power and we will prevail.

  42. What I see is that both Democrats and Republicans are corrupt under the elite banksters that are really in power. Those in government have secret passageways to protection from the storm they are creating: The NWO which includes reducing the population in America. They are bankrupting our country first and lining their pockets…then they’ll slip away while the great good patriots of our once wonderful country make our final stand!

  43. Kim,

    Bingo! Thanks for posting thayt excellent summary.

  44. “Obama’s attempt to foist the blame for the failure of American capitalism on the American people is nothing short of a libel, the purpose of which is to obscure those social interests that are really responsible for the unfolding catastrophe and justify even deeper attacks on the working class.

    The working class bears no responsibility for the collapse of the financial system and the resulting recession that is developing into a full-scale depression. Working people have no control over the policies and actions of the multimillionaires and billionaires who bestride Wall Street. They had no say in concocting the Ponzi schemes that generated multimillion-dollar compensation packages and colossal personal fortunes for the financial aristocracy until they collapsed, as they were bound to.

    Working people are the victims of the maniacal greed of the corporate-financial elite, which itself is an expression of fundamental contradictions within the irrational economic system over which they preside. One would think from Obama’s remarks that the broad masses of people in the US have been living the good life. In reality, for three solid decades they have seen their social position decline and their living standards deteriorate as an ever-greater share of the national wealth was funneled into the bank accounts of the ruling elite.”

  45. not going to cooperate

    I always wondered if people started at the very low end of the judicial scale, what would happen, especially if they did it en masse?
    For example, in small claims court, cases are usually based on contractual understandings.
    Our contract as US citizens is violated because Obama fails to meet his contractual eligibility requirements. Therefore, we have been “harmed” by virtue of paying for his programs. Therefore, we should demand a “refund”.

    Seriously, what would happen after the laughter subdued, if you just demanded a refund from Obama?

  46. not going to cooperate


  47. “To assert their own interests working people will have to break with the Democrats and Republicans and mobilize their strength against the Obama administration. Only the creation of a workers’ government and the establishment of real democratic rule by the majority can break the power of the financial aristocracy and make possible the reorganization of economic life to meet the needs of society as a whole.”

  48. I only agree in part with the previous quote, but found it interesting.

  49. If Fitz wanted Obama he could of had him long ago. Fitz needs to be investigated for protecting Obama. I still think he called off the investigation of the selling of the senate seat before Obama would be dragged into it.

    Obama is untouchable.

  50. I think the easiest evidence is SR 511 which shows that a natural born citizen is born of “US CitizenS”. It is undisputed that the “S” means plural, and that one parent is not plural and so therefore both parents must be US CitizenS.
    It does not say “one or both US citizens” it simply says “US citizens”. It does not say “a US citizen, it says US CitizenS”. Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro signed this, so he does not dispute its content.

    He just flagrantly broke the rules. I would use his pathetic attempt at cleverness (and Claire’s) to his detriment.

    What argument is there? He said it himself?

  51. no good, It’s really a joke isn’t it. This is more ridiculous than a sitcom. Who is in charge of upholding the law in this country? This fraud is so obvious at this point, I can’t believe law enforcement hasn’t acted to arrest this guy. Oh well, at least they still have their radar guns so they can arrest you for going 5 mph over the speed limit.

  52. Please read – Don’t do anything – except copy and paste this address onto your address bar.

    Then click on the right scroll bar and go down to Page 17 and 18.

  53. not going to cooperate, and all,

    What can we do to protect our savings in case the big nasty occurs?

    Those of us with substantial stock and cash assets could loose everything.

    I am thinking to close my IRA and 401K. Then take say 75% of my cash and buy mostly gold coins but also some silver coins. The silver coins would serve as currency as they are small. The gold would be the savings.

    If anyone knows more about how to do this and what are the best coins to buy, please advise!

  54. SonOf1776
    Some coin shops sell rolls and bags of silver coins. Have a look at goldeneaglecoin dot com to get an idea of what’s available

  55. A very perceptive quote —

    When small men begin to cast big shadows, it means that the sun is about to set.

    — Lin Yutang

    Of course, the small men are Obama and all of the rest of the D.C. crowd —

    And the sunset is . . . ?

  56. I found an interesting comment on oilforimmigration.

    Dave Davis // Jan 29, 2009 at 6:46 am
    I have an idea that might have some merit. Alan Keyes lost the Illinois Seantae election to Barack Obama in 2004. Would it be possible for Keyes to file suit in Illinois and claim that he should be the Senator, that Obama was not a US citizen and therefore Alan Keyes has suffered damages. He would have been the highest legal vote getter in that election. In fact, Obama then vacated the seat and tthe Governor selected another person to fill the seat that rightfully belonged to Keyes. If this is not likely, perhaps Keyes could file a multi-million dollar civil suit against Obama directly for civil fraud and get his birth records through “discovery” and if Obama failed to produce the records, Keyes could seek “summary judgment” in the matter. A multi-million dollar judgment against Obama for failing or refusing to prove his citizenship would really open the eyes of the public and create an even bigger outcry to get the facts.

    Dave Davis // Jan 29, 2009 at 6:52 am
    I have one additional comment to make about my idea for Alan Keyes to sue Obama. That is, if you will recall. O.J. Simpson got away with murder in the criminal trial but…the Goldman’s nailed him in the civil case. Perhaps a civil case would eventually lead to a criminal case regarding Obama. I’d like comment from any attorneys who might read this and my previous postede comment.

  57. LM,

    You think that’s interesting, check out what they were saying on 1/20:

    Click to access 20.01.09.pdf

    Start reading on page 35.

  58. son of 1776

    what sort of big nasty are you talking about?
    It depends what you are doing. You can transfer the account overseas, if you like. Or keep it, and transfer the funds into foreign curriency EFT like the swiss , french, austrialian, japanese, etc. You can put it into foreign bond funs (i.e. new zealand, etc.).
    Or you can cash it out, pay the penalty, and stick it in a bank deposit box, hope the bank don’t burn down, or in your mattress.


  59. da verg: Good ideas…we are not financial wizards, but with all the printing presses smoking 24/7 our money will lose value, and with Obama’s manufactured crisis transitioning to another currency altogether, we need to knowNOW what we can and should do!
    I cashed out my GNMAs, and I don’t know where to turn. I’m trying to sell a rental property I own. I may mortgage my main house to the hilt too, so if something dire happened I wouldn’t lose the value of it…like for example if you were forced out for some reason. I hate being “drastic” but then again all my instincts say I must be. I bought my first gun in my life, I am taking lessons, I have stocked up on food and firewood, and then I go about acting normally too. If any of you have advice, we are desperate for solid moves to make in case some sort of “big nasty” does occur, which Biden predicts!!

  60. Kim // January 29, 2009 at 1:00 am

    What I see is that both Democrats and Republicans are corrupt under the elite banksters that are really in power. Those in government have secret passageways to protection from the storm they are creating: The NWO which includes reducing the population in America. They are bankrupting our country first and lining their pockets…then they’ll slip away while the great good patriots of our once wonderful country make our final stand!

    Kim–you get it!! Spread the word–I suspect those underground facilities have been built from stolen monies from government agencies by the PROMIS software used for years to spy on all other country’s banking institutions and possibly steal from those too–good for you, girl, you hit it on the head!!

  61. Tonight’s Crystal Chalice Show
    January 29, 2009 by crystalchalice
    Greetings Patriots!
    Along with Plains Radio Network and The Crystal Chalice Show we have launched a series of 8 shows on the topic of
    “Unity for our Constitutional Republic”.

    This series will present conversations towards unifying a federation of groups under a large super structure. The purpose of this “Super Structure” is to coordinate and communicate with groups sharing the passion to restore the Constitutional Republic. This will be done without the individual groups losing their identity. There will be different levels that participating groups can chose from as part of this proposed Federation.

    Our first show featured Steve Pidgeon, Steve Marquis and Dean Haskins. You can listen to the replay of the show at

    The second show is tonight: Titled: Igniting a Grassfire

    Igniting a Grassfire:
    Tonight, we will begin with a brief summary of the topics from last week:
    Data Management: getting your own data organized
    Education: How do we educate the populace?
    How to Harness a Grassfire: Reflections on the nature of grassfires.

    Following that, a group of panelists will join in an open forum to discuss various approaches to forming a Federation. This is a preliminary conversation of ideas.

    Panalists who will be on the show tonight

    Citizen Wells: Originator of

    Dean Haskins from
    Cort Wrotnowski: Connecticut lawsuit
    Jean Kulig: Originator of , a successful ‘ning’ community mobilized on a state by state level.
    Steve Marquis : Originator: Steve is active in pulling this conversation together and will help direct the panel discussion during the second hour.

    Netty Wisbaum : Workforce Organizer
    Louise S. Workman: Workforce Organizer
    Frank Connell: Workforce Organizer
    Maureen Crosen: Workforce Organizer

    The Crystal Chalice Show is aired on (see the link on this webpage) Thursdays 6pm to 8pm cst. Shows are archived on this blog.

  62. no good
    i don’t know what to tell you, except joe biden is an idiot. I wouldn’t listen to him if you paid me.
    suits action:
    for a class action lawsuit, someone from Vermont posted one on other board, betrayal.
    for civil cases:
    damages? Obama hasn’t damaged anyone yet except for McCain (and he aint’ suing because he’s a moron). Keyes (and he is), and all those people that gave Obama money (and none of them are suing because he “won”, including mickey mouse). And now , via Pelosi and friends they pass a big “to victor go the spoils” bill to get all of their $800 billion campaign contributions back in form of FEAR and GREED tactics (i.e. more layoffs, more this , more that) without a single program or payback that benefits our economy in any significant manner.

    As soom as Obama signs something that uses our federal tax money, then we may have damages. But what is recourse? Sue because it’s unconstitutional because obama is unconstitutional, then the burden of proof is on you, not him.

    Some other mechanism is needed. Grand jury via a favorable prosecutor/judge (e.g. recent cheney indictment in Texas)? Outright defiance? Our representatives surely have let us down and are not sticking up for us. The cases so far in court haven’t found a favorable venue.

    I know there are plans out there, and people are not going to tip them off yet. But OBama and Democrats are surely acting like scared cats with their policy decisions, quick action, lack of transparency. Double talk and political posturing. Obama is acting liked someone has the goods on him and he’s making tracks as fast as possible before he’s caught red handed. His body language is all wrong. But those of already in the know, know why that is the case.

  63. as far as the FED getting the “printing presses going printing money”. This is the common description of the process whenever CONGRESS passes these huge budgetary measures. In realty, what they do in most cases is issue federal treasury bills (and bonds). That is what the public and other nation buy. So the money comes in. Considering relative interest rates, being low now, this is a great time for the government to lend because the interest rate is low. Want more incentive for the government to lend and in the process actually MAKE money at it? (get this it happened during the depression, and as recently in Japan). The economic stituation gets so dire that YOU will actually PAY the government to HOLD your money (yes, it’s when interest rates go negative). And that has been the trend in interest rates for the last 6-9 months. Trends are hard to beat it is a combination of market psychology, government cooperation and incentives (we definitely don’t have that now), risk/reward ratios, and perceived return on capital investment. The basic functioning and producing and manufacturing elements of our economy is sound (and don’t blast me for sounding like that idiot McCain); however, the confidence level has been severely damaged. But I don’t believe we are as bad as the lame stream media makes it out to be. Remember , when it gets on cover of TIME magazine sentiment is at extreme level. Speaking of which, aren’t they due to put another mug of Barry on it? (i was at the Borders and saw Barry made MAD magazine, it wasn’t very complimentary).
    end of my take on financials for now.

  64. What about credit unions?

  65. Don’t you just love Blago? Hope he does take Rahm down with him!

  66. BerlinBerlin wrote:
    My senators are Feinstein and Boxer.

    That’s OK. Those two, almost more than anyone else, need to be called and told that the American bankruptcy package, otherwise known as the stimulus package, needs to be changed A LOT. “Cut it in half and make it mostly tax cuts. Otherwise when your term is up, I will not be voting for you.”

  67. Kim,

    Sorry for the question, misread your post.

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