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  1. Wow! How awesome is this?!!!

    This is where the rubber meets the road. Thank you, thank you!

    ps. Thanks CW, too, for starting another thread!

  2. CW, do you know–Is this an open letter to the JCS or did the author really send this to them?

  3. twe.
    I am in regular contact with Doug Schell and he sent it to me earlier.
    I am playing catch up after some grueling travel.

  4. I have not had a chance to speak or email with Doug, but he is a man
    of conviction and action, so my guess is that he sent it.
    When I hear more I will pass it along.

  5. He should have also cc’d the Justices at SCOTUS!

  6. Thanks CW. Try to get some rest…but let no one let their guard down.

    By the by, I just saw the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is going to be on “60 Minutes” after the game in a few minutes. How coincidental!

  7. You are advocating treason. I intend to call the FBI tomorrow and inform my representatives.

  8. Ballot Box – Lost
    Executive Branch – Lost
    Legislative Branch – Lost
    Judicial Branch – Lost
    MSM Media – Lost
    Right Wing radio – Lost
    Military – ?

  9. I have posted on my blog a template for a military Complaint against Barack Obama, seeking Declaratory Relief in federal court. Plaintiffs in this Complaint have standing inasmuch as they are potential Defendants in a military prosecution under the Uniform Code of Military Justice in the future, related to the possibility that in order to uphold their oath of service to support and defend the Constitution they could be compelled to ignore orders given by a CIC they establish in the Complaint they have a good faith belief is Constitutionally ineligible for the job. http://jbjd.wordpress.com/

  10. Ladies and gentlemen. Your captain has just turned on the “fasten your seatbelts” sign.

    We are in for some turbulance. For your safety, please return to your seats as soon as possible.

  11. zachjonesishome

    Welcome back CitizenWells! As a Veteran, I sincerely hope the military will support the Constitution.

  12. The letter to the JCS is a great idea. I give it about as much direct chance as the SCOTUS and Congressional efforts, but they all have indirect influence. It puts the concept into people’s heads at least. At some future time that could be critical. This last ditch effort to enlist the support of the military will play out over the next couple weeks. I hope it works but fear it will not.

    To all of you, like myself, who have written letters, signed petitions, donated money and followed the lawsuits, get ready for the next coarse of action. We have together spent an enormous amount of time and money in a valiant fight. But it was not enough. Now our efforts need to be re-directed at a higher level towards the only two remaining avenues we have left open to us.

    First there is the ultimate act of repeating 1776. That avenue is always open to us and our forefathers spoke often of it as the final check and balance we the people hold. It would be ugly. It is obviously the last resort. But as only one of two possible paths, it might not be so far off.

    Second, there is the chance to unite like never before and through the political process win the elections in 2010 and 2012. This will be a major undertaking and require an extremely focused leadership. Being the peaceful and legal means I think we must pursue this first. Only if this avenue should become obviously closed to us can the other one be moved to the front.

    I believe there will only be a limited window of opportunity for this. If there is to be a chance to win back our country through elections, it will be in 2010 and 2012 only. Here is why. 0bama, Pelosi, Reed and the near super-majority in the Congress will and already are doing everything in their power to make it impossible to ever be peacefully removed from power.

    But they cannot do it overnight, I hope. I also believe that 0bama and crew will more likely than not so royally screw up this country, and in a short time, that they will make our unification easier. This is why I give the chances of taking back our country through an election at least a fair chance but say there will only be a limited window in which to do it. That window will be closed in time.

    So I am calling for a massive unification of us all, one like no other in history. Here is why. Our government is broken. It has slowly been breaking for a long time. On Jan 20 the alarm will sound saying that it is now officially 100% broken. Completely and undeniably dysfunctional.

    If our government was working, someone like 0bama could have never made it into a primary. If our government was working, the economy wouldn’t be going rapidly down the tubes. If our government was working, none of would even be here. We would all be off enjoying our families and favorite pastimes.

    I think it is obvious to most of us that the government must be restored to its original constitutional form. It must be put back to a government of, by and for the people and not one of, by and for the government and the rich. A hard reset back about 100 years to just before the Federal Reserve and the IRS.

    So, how do we unify? How can so many of us, spread over so many different blogs and sites ever be unified when we are splitered all over creation? A new and exciting site is rising up to take on just that mission. It is the first I know of to address this important task. If successful, it will reach out to all existing Christian conservative patriotic sites, groups, parties and individuals and create a unified mission. It does not seek to combine any of these, but to become the top-level co-ordination point of all, allowing us to unify as one but remain as separate as we wish.

    Please go check it out. Please join if you are so inclined.


    Just remember, only two paths remain open to us. Either will require unification on a massive and grand scale.

    For our families, our country and perhaps our very existence we must unite and we must do it now. 2010 is not far off.

    Evil will triumph when good men do nothing.

    And finally, what can we the people do to help? We can be the voice of the massive grass-roots movement that gets out the word. UNITE! Spread the word. Tell everyone you know. Post on all the blogs you frequent.

    United we stand, divided…. well lets not go there.

  13. awesome letter. The Military makes us proud.

  14. yes and what did he say. When President-elect Obama is the President he (Obama) will be his boss.

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  16. >Second, there is the chance to unite like never before and through the political process win the elections in 2010 and 2012.

    This may be an option IF you believe the election results we get are the truth. I wonder but that’s JMO

  17. SonOf1776:

    Your first idea is a wash. Why? Because the electoral process is clearly “broken”. By broken I mean rigged, paid, circumvented, etc. We cannot create the change you suggest because there is no legal avenue to do so.

    That leaves the second option. A horrible and terrifying option, but the only option we have should no other government institution step up to the plate and do what they should do to protect We the People.

  18. sonof1776, If this government is allowed to stand and Obama is allowed to be POTUS, any chance of unification will be so thwarted by the silencing of what few voices of dissension there are; and I believe that our ability to unite online will also be taken…what little freedoms we still have are being taken away…how can we wait until 2010 or 2012?

  19. @ Mary Brown

    in re ADVOCATING Treason.

    If you voted for Obama without knowing if he was eligible, you COMMITTED treason!

  20. CW
    Mary Brown is an Obot, posts under that name also at Orly’s page.

  21. This is treason. It is one thing to believe that Obama is not a legitimate President, and you can believe it all you want. It is quite another thing to urge the Joint Chiefs of Staff to conduct a coup against the democratically elected government of this nation.

  22. Mary, why do you think that is advocating treason? Just wondering what your thinking is?

  23. CW,

    I hope the JCS take heed and do their duty since no one else in authority plans on doing what they are sworn to do.

  24. When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bonds which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments is instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

  25. The only way, if nothing else works, in 2 years if we survive is to try and vote all of them out due to their dishonesty and self serving ways. None of them deserve to be in office.

  26. Canadian4Hillary

    Great post CW!! Just listened to Berg on MommaE show, someone made a site to consoliated info….


    kinda a one stop shopping for info!!!

  27. I recently read a comment posted on a conservative website which the person who posted it said that when Stanley Anne D.Obama was returning to Hawaii from Kenya after giving birth to LI”L BARRY she opted to enter the US at SEA-TAC International airport. Allegedly she passed through US Customs, and at the same time filled out required INS forms because of her newborn. She done this putting the name Barack Hussein Obama, on the appropriate line. She then filled in the rest of the form which included the birthplace of LiL Barry. (Kenya). The INS are sticklers for accuracy ,and record keeping. I would bet that the INS record of her entry could be retrieved very quickly by someone who knows how to navigate INS archives. Retrieving such a document would be the most damaging evidence yet, because it bears his own mother’s signature. Further, I would bet that if a certified copy of the document was to be put in the hands of Chief Justice Roberts, it would bring the inaugeration to a screeching halt. This is because he would not be able to get around the signature. He would be forced to act just to save his own backside. This info is only a few days old. I believe that sombody had better jump on it fast because if the Obama GOON squad learns about the existence of the INS records,it will all dissapear in minutes.

  28. Mary Brown get a life. WE can deport you with Obama if you don’t watch your step!!! By the way…..the FBI has already been informed of this site and is reading what you say too!!! Obama can be no one’s boss if he is ineligible and a USURPER if you know what I mean. WINK! WINK! You betcha!!!

  29. Many thanks Dr. Schell for your efforts on this matter.

    Perhaps it should have been better not to state Da One’s birthplace as not being Hawaii so emphatically, but rather suggested that there is information to the contrary and that it should be looked into by the PTB.

    As much as I believe in this cause, I think we are fundamentally a nation lead by lemmings who are not interested in rocking the boat unless it leads to personal gain, so I doubt this will receive any more of an actual response than I did when I contacted my Republican senator on this issue.

  30. To Mary Brown,

    TREASON has already occurred, compliments of barry soetoro, DNC, Congress, and possibly the SCOTUS (we’ll see when they sort out the pending cases of now, Jan 16, Jan 23, and beyond).

    We The People are attempting to restore the integrity of our Constitution. Without it and without a qualified President, we will all have a front row seat for the beginning of the end.

    Call whomever you wish, but when you get to your elected rep, please ask him/her why no objection to the confirmation of the electoral vote? And be sure to ask him/her to tell us all who verified soetoro’s qualifications.

    Can’t wait to hear what you found out………

  31. SonOf1776…

    I agree! WE really need to take this country back in time about 100yrs. prior to the Federal Reserve and the IRS. The Federal Reserve is “world bank” owned by elites.There is “nothing Federal” about it.

    All the money that we pay in so called income taxes is merely the interest owed to the bankers for printing the money for Congress.There is NO law that says we have to file 1040’s and the Amendment to the Constitution was NEVER ratified.

    The shame of it all, is that Congress has full authority to shut it down and print our own money but refuses to do it. Every time a President tries to do away with the Federal Reserve “He gets Assassinated”.

    THE FEDERAL RESERVE and the IRS have killed this country.

    Want the real story of the Federal Reserve and the IRS? Grab some pop-corn and watch this Film Documentary produced by Aaron Russo.

    It will BLOW YOUR MIND !!!!!!!


  32. I want Obama out as much as anyone but that poll is misleading. They didn’t say they were unsure they could follow orders. They were unsure of his leadership.


  34. Good evening, Citizen Wells –


    Not Forgotten: Barack Obama (Soetoro)’s eligibility…

  35. First, IMO we should wake up and KNOW voting machines are made overseas, and rigged. Google it.

    –copy–Still, the battle before us is one just as amazing and against similar odds as our country’s founding fathers fought against Great Britain; and we should take it just as seriously even though most of the people may today be unfamiliar with Law; all it takes to remedy that and win this battle is a little study and application of the law.

    We must learn our history and the law to win our country back. Learning is not enough — we must also act and follow the law to reseat our original jurisdiction government and, like our country’s founding fathers, we must live worthy of the King of Kings’ promised support. Corp. U.S. is easily controlled with law, if you know the law and follow it. This is exactly why Team Law is involved in helping people learn the law; it is also why we support The Way of Kings™, which helps people learn how to lawfully move ownership and control of assets out of Corp. U.S. and back into its rightful owner’s hands.

    We directed you to the factual information that exposes and debunks the myths shown above, but it also exposed the necessity for resolving our current situation and made it necessary for you to do something to save yourself and our country. The solution is found in following the following five steps:

    If you are not living worthy of the blessings promised by the King of Kings, you need to repent and get your life in order so that we all can stand together worthy of the blessings of the King of Kings.
    If you have either a different religious persuasion or none at all, please forgive us for addressing this message to the bulk of our country’s population and work together with us regardless of religious differences — this battle is for Freedom and the future of our country.
    We have to spread the word. If you have not already reviewed the links shown in this topic, do it now! They give you the supporting history necessary to understand the truth about what is going on in America today.
    Study the truth and keep studying our history and the law until you can defend it from your own experience with it; get involved with Team Law for support in learning our history and the law. We promise we will not do your work for you (nobody can), you have to do it yourself if we are to win. We also promise we will do all we can to support your effort.
    Get involved and participate in the original jurisdiction gubernatorial election in your state. We need to seat all of the original jurisdiction governors up for election each year from now on. Contact Team Law for help and support in this work. With our governors in place they can lawfully reseat the country’s Senate, which is necessary to confirm a national election of our country’s President; and,
    Finally, we have to awaken the people themselves to what is going on. When that happens we will hold a lawful election of the President of the United States of America and reseat our original jurisdiction Constitutional Republic.
    When this is done, the battle will be over and we will have won, but the war does not end there, it requires eternal vigilance and faithfulness; we must remain a righteous people and teach our children and our children’s children so that we never come under such subjugation again.




    –snip– :

    In 1993 we discovered the original jurisdiction State Governors’ seats were vacant.
    -please see these links and study this. TRUE, Thx, NOOBAMA

  36. You have to see this-Check out these pictures of Obama:


  37. The Coalition that Sonof1776 is speaking of is the United Coalition of We The People USA.

    The purpose of the Coalition is to UNITE various Groups and Organizations. This will allow each group to retain its own identify, members and “causes” but will allow us to plan, coordinate and implement activities across Member Groups so we can all come together in a UNITED fashion.

    The need for the Coalition is obvious, too many of us are spread out across the internet and the sites we visit DO NOT have the technology in place which allows their MEMBERS to work in a collaborative fashion for a common purpose.

    Many of us are just spinning our wheels and feeling frustrated due to the lack of direction. Hopping from group to group and blog to blog is NOT the best way to share ideas, plan strategies with outline a course of action with other like-minded Citizens.

    If we are to take back our Country, we NEED to bring the right technology, people and ideas together. We need Unification!

    The Coalition will allow us to organize, plan and implement strategies so the Actions we take can be Coordinated and Purposeful. The Coalition will also allow us to share resources and talent across Groups so we can avoid duplicating our efforts.

    There is a long battle ahead of us and there are too many issues for just one Group to address. That’s why we need a Coalition, or a Group of Groups that are fighting to defend our Constitution, preserve our Republic and return the power back into the hands of We The People.

    Please read more about the Coalition on http://wethepeopleusa.ning.com/group/unitedcoalitionofwethepeopleusa and read the Welcome letter in the Group Discussion section which details this effort and discusses why a Coalition is neccessary.

    Thank you in advance for your patriotism and participation.

  38. The word is getting out. Keep up the great work and we will continue our efforts, as well. The truth will be revealed.

  39. Copied from American Thinker:

    Can’t the conservative websites, like American Thinker, America’s Right, Atlas Shrugs, Gateway Pundit, Ace of Spades, etc…, join together and ask their readers to unite in a ban against the MSM. Even PUMA websites have shown disgust at is what is passing for news these days. I disagree with the argument that I have heard explaining that a ban would “do no good” because it would be impossible to bankrupt these liberal machines, and that they would only be “bailed out” by liberal money. I believe that this is a very powerful time for a large scale ban of the MSM and it’s advertisers. Not only would it hurt them and their supporters financially, it would send a message to those in charge that we will no longer allow ourselves to be spoon fed the propaganda that they are feeding us. We will instead find and support journalism that is unbiased and fair in it’s fact gathering and reporting.

    I really believe that this is the time to send this message, before it is too late. The power of the left is becoming increasingly alarming, and Americans that value liberty and independence should stand up now before all that they value is destroyed!

    Readers of this post, please ask all hosts of websites that you frequent to form and join a ban today of America’s MSM. It is too important that we show that we expect a voice in our country. We are, after all, the majority, even though the MSM and corrupt left would have you believing otherwise.

    CW, what do you say?

  40. Jacqlyn Smith

    Citizen—-You were asking where I heard about Michelle Obama losing her law license…..It was court ordered in Illinois…not good!!! I saw the information from Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs. She posted it on Dec. 25, 2008. Very informative….you need to read it!!!

  41. Obama is not going to get away with his BC issue – SEE BELOW:

    01/09/2009: PRESS RELEASE – Berg states U.S. Supreme Court has “not” made a public decision regarding Berg vs. Obama U.S. Supreme Court Case

    (Contact information and PDF at end)

    (Lafayette Hill, PA – 01/09/09) – Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the Attorney who filed suit against Barack H. Obama challenging Senator Obama’s lack of “qualifications” to serve as President of the United States and his case, Berg vs. Obama, [is in the U.S. Supreme Court with two (2) Conferences scheduled on 1/09/09 & 1/16/09] announced today that the U.S. Supreme Court has “not” made a public decision yet regarding his case.
    Berg said, “I am making these remarks because of the ‘wrong’ statements circulating that the case of Berg vs. Obama in the U.S. Supreme Court has been dismissed. We checked with the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday afternoon, January 9th and “no” decision has been made. We will have to wait until at least Monday for the decision regarding what took place at the Conference on January 9th.
    Please wait with us. Hopefully, the U.S. Supreme Court will grant our Writ of Certiorari as there is nothing more important than “our” U.S. Constitution.”
    Berg continued, “We are committed to continuing litigation until the truth of Obama being “not qualified” for President comes out. The Obama candidacy is the biggest “HOAX” every put forth to the citizens of the United States in 230 years.
    In addition to the current case in the U.S. Supreme Court, we have or will have:

    A case filed two [2] months ago captioned Berg vs. Obama, said case “under seal” so I cannot comment further;
    The case of Hollister vs. Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama, filed last week in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia; said case being an Interpleader case with the Plaintiff a retired Colonel from the U.S. Air Force who is questioning whether to obey or disobey an order if Obama recalls him, based upon whether or not Obama is a “qualified” President; and
    If Obama is sworn in as President, we will file a Petition for Writ of “Quo Warranto,” a case that will challenge Obama as being ineligible to serve as President because he is “not qualified.”

  42. twe.
    Yes I know.

  43. taradiddle.
    You are right.
    There are 2 powers we definitely have.
    Hit the MSM in the pocketbook and vote the jackasses out of office.
    Theoretically we have the power to recall or impeach as well.

  44. Jacqlyn.
    Did she find the reason it was court ordered?

  45. Gordon said:

    “…against the democratically elected government of this nation.”

    PROVE IT!!!

  46. I am in total agreement with Mary and Tim and/or others that believe this is treasoness in the first degree. I have been lurking on other sites that are advocating treason. I will be reporting all of them to the FBI, Secret Service, NSA, et. al. I can’t believe you call yourselves Patriots and then advocate some of the craziness and venom you are spewing.

    The most looney site of all that is advocating treason is Madame Putin’s, better known as Dr. Orly. She list innocent people’s personal info on her site, such as their Soc. Security #’s, addresses and phone #’s (ID theft waiting to happen). Some of these people are elderly. Can you imagine these elderly people getting calls from all these internet nuts. In addition, she calls herself a lawyer. I would like to know a lawyer of WHAT. What her cult should be asking her is she legally in this country and whether she legally have a law/dentristy license. I highly doubt she is legal on either.

    Everything you people have tried is for naught. On January 20, 2009 we will have Pres. Obama–get used to saying that name.

    Justice Roberts will administer the oath of office on January 20, 2009 and he will be proud to be part of history.

    Today, you will get word that Berg’s case has been DENIED. Just like each and every case will be denied.

  47. JeffM, Kim, Others

    I agree that what will likely happen is that 0bama and crew will make it impossible for us to ever again win an election. I have been warning of that for a long time.

    But the alternative is very very ugly. It would need a massive base of people to to succeed. We are nowhere close to that. So, where do we get such numbers from?

    By uniting. The focus of the unification should be to restore the constitution and kick out all of the Congress who are illegally not adhering to it. The first legal means to do that is in 2010, which is not far off. We may not even be ready by then. It may take longer.

    Once a massive unification fails to win an election because 0bama and MSM supresses it then we have the grounds and the numbers to do the dirty deed. That would be the final straw.

    But, what if we win in 2010 and actually change the balance of power back in our favor in Congress. Then 2012 becomes more do-able.

    There is also always the chance that 0bama will so quickly screw things up, we will win in 2010 or 2012 by a landslide as MSM and his goons jump ship. It is equally as likely that from the ashes of a hard deep economic crash, there will rise up a revolt better than we could ever hope to accomplish on our own.

    It is why I advocate the peaceful and legal means first, then failing in that, we have the unity and numbers and know what has to be done. Another point to consider is that if we try to unite into a revolt, that is actually conspiracy. If we unite to truly win elections and are illegally locked out, then we are ready and did nothing illeagal to get there.

    all groups accross the internet will be co-ordinated into one massive unifiaction.

    Step 1, all of us who are presently involved need to unite. I think we already are. Go join a group if you haven’t already.

    Step 2, all of us must recruit like crazy. People should be sent to resistnet, screamineagle, wethepeople, etc… where their e-mails can be captured and where they can read news of the unification. Do it by blogging. Do it at church. Do it at work. JUST DO IT!

    Step 3, as the numbers of the unification grow, a particular party and platform will emerge as the favorite choice. This is already starting on resistnet. Since we are mostly Christian conservatives, you can bet that the choice will be along those lines. Both parties and candidates are already being discussed.

    Step 4, when the numbers are large enough, we throw our support to the party of choice.

    If enough of us particiapate at the grass-roots level, the unification will succeed. We need massive numbers.

    Everyone here can be proud of being part of that. Just get out the word.

  48. Iran Warns Of Bilderberg Plot To Plunge World Into Total Chaos


  49. Thank you CW for posting my comment. I know you don’t agree with me but at least you are willing to let other viewpoints be posted on you site. Unlike the other sites (Orly) that will simply delete them. I have followed your site for sometime and even though I don’t agree with any of what you write, I must say you are one of the more intelligent blog masters.

    That’s what I don’t like about some of these blogs–people will take things as fact, without first validating them. By the way, the
    Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen said on 60 Mintutes last night (and I am paraphrasing) that he would follow any order issued by Pres. Obama.

  50. I was reading some site last night that said Ed Hale on his radio program last night said he has solid info. I believe it was BHO’s Indonesian passport. I don’t want to give too much credit to Ed Hale, I don’t follow him and have read that he is a bit of a loon, but doe anyone know about his “new” information? He said it will come out this Friday and “it’s over for Obama”
    Anyone ??????

  51. Libby Jones——And where did you get this information. Are you an insider working with the SCOTUS and were given this information ahead of time???? The FBI will soon be coming after you too!!

  52. CW—This is what I found at Atlas Shrug…no reason but court ordered. Read below what one person said about it…………

    in 1992 Michelle Obama was still an active member of illinois bar but had left sidley austin law firm to go work for mayor daley YES that Mayor Daley in Chicago
    -she worked as Daleys “assistant” for a year and a half-
    (that term drives me nuts but that is how it is listed on her BIO–she was his “assistant…” thats a FACT!
    now what does a harvard trained ‘assistant” do for the most corrupt mayor and city gov in america…???
    after working in 1992 for Daley…in 1993 she assumed a role in some community organziing venture called PUBLIC ALLIES (another community organizer in the family?)
    my smell test tells me as Daleys assistant…she was not always doing something kosher…and in 1992 she was still member of the bar…perhaps after her dealings with him and for him…she was CAUGHT doing some shenigans…and was put on court ordered inactive status later in 1993–after the issue was brought to the ADRC attention.
    seriously, it is not a far stretch of the imagination to wonder if MO was working for Daley in 1992 and her license went on COURT ORDERED INACTIVE STATUS soon after her connection and work with him…that she is not guilty of SOMETHING unethical (which is all it needs) or worse…she did something illegal.

  53. Libby.
    Philip Berg has been warning of an impending constitutional crisis
    and he is absolutely correct. Exactly what form this crisis will take
    is uncertain, however, most in the military take their oath of allegiance
    very seriously. Enlisted men swear an oath to defend the constitution
    and it also includes allegiance to the president. The Officers’s oath
    does not include the allegiance to the president.
    Obviously if Obama was eligible, he would have taken the path of
    least resistance and provided documentation.
    This is the real smoking gun.
    It will not go away. Most of us are trying to resolve this issue
    using legal channels. Sadly, our system of checks and balances
    has eroded. When the rule of law and the US Constitution are
    no longer heeded, the results may be chaos and anarchy.
    We have been warned.

  54. 08-570

    The motion of Bill Anderson for leave to file a brief as amicus curiae is granted.

    The petition for a writ of certiorari before judgment is denied.

  55. It is disturbing to see so much resistance to the $12.50 question—Why the secrecy Mr. Obama?

    $12.50. All it takes to prove qualification. AND HE WILL NOT DO IT.

    A very dangerous line is about to be crossed.

  56. Berg Case Denied at SCOTUS.

  57. I dont know what would cause a lawyer to lose his/her license, but I do know what would cause a R. N. to lose his/her license and that is a conviction for a felony… At time of license renewal, we nurses must sign whether or not we have committed a felony and that is the ONLY question we are asked

  58. It’s official Berg was DENIED cert!!!
    Exactly what any first year law student knew would happen.

  59. petra.
    A first year law student does not know their ass from a hole
    in the ground. Some graduates don’t.
    It is clear that the US Supreme Court has failed to do their job even prior
    to Berg’s lawsuit.
    Two things must be cleared up immediately.
    1. Natural born citizen.
    2. State duties in presidential elections.
    The laws are on the books in regard to the above, but the non statesman
    politicians and judges are passing the buck.

  60. Simone.
    Take your low life Obama camp attacks elsewhere.
    I am fed up with your attacks on decent people such as Dr. Taitz and
    Sarah Palin that care about this country.

  61. I think becasuse we are all over the place, and more site starting up daily, to get Obama out, we are not united, it will not be accomplished.
    —-Please see my prior post (if we revolt, that is what they want, then they can do the Martshall Law police state)—-copy–
    We have to spread the word. If you have not already reviewed the links shown in this topic, do it now! They give you the supporting history necessary to understand the truth about what is going on in America today.
    Study the truth and keep studying our history and the law until you can defend it from your own experience with it; get involved with Team Law for support in learning our history and the law. We promise we will not do your work for you (nobody can), you have to do it yourself if we are to win. We also promise we will do all we can to support your effort.
    Get involved and participate in the original jurisdiction gubernatorial election in your state. We need to seat all of the original jurisdiction governors up for election each year from now on. Contact Team Law for help and support in this work. With our governors in place they can lawfully reseat the country’s Senate, which is necessary to confirm a national election of our country’s President; and,
    Finally, we have to awaken the people themselves to what is going on. When that happens we will hold a lawful election of the President of the United States of America and reseat our original jurisdiction Constitutional Republic.
    When this is done, the battle will be over and we will have won, but the war does not end there, it requires eternal vigilance and faithfulness; we must remain a righteous people and teach our children and our children’s children so that we never come under such subjugation again.




    –snip– :

    In 1993 we discovered the original jurisdiction State Governors’ seats were vacant.
    -please see these links and study this. TRUE, Thx, NOOBAMA
    —–Please, just spend a few and research from the above site. This is the right way to get our government back. Check it out please!!

  62. Would it be worthwhile if everyone contacts their cable or satellite service providers to let them know we are boycotting the MSM?
    I won’t watch CNN or MSNBC. Which of the others are on our s*** list?

  63. CW,

    Thank you for your response.

    Would you then be willing to contact your fellow conservative blog hosts, and together call for a ban on the MSM and their advertisers?

    I think it is important for people to feel that they are doing something as a united group to fight against those (MSM and the radical left) that manipulate America and force her to bow to their liberal/socialist plans.

    Please ask for this ban.

  64. You guys will never realize this, but Libby was doing you a favor.

  65. taradiddle.
    Stay tuned.
    It is in the works.

  66. Judging by the comments of some of you it is obvious that you have never served in a military service which is ultimately commanded by the POTUS .In that role he is referred to as the Commander in Chief. If he is NOT Constitutionally qualified to be the POTUS he is NOT a legal Commander in Chief. Any person who is serving in any of our military forces IS within his rights to refuse to carryout an order given by an illegal CIC. He might later by Court Martialed for his act but the prosecution must prove that it was a LEGAL order. An illegal CIC cannot issue legal orders to our military personell. Only a legal CIC can do that. That sir is for the most part the long, and the short of it. I spent a total of 6years in two of our services. I was first a “grunt” for two years, then a swab jock for 4 years. This was just before and during the Korean war. Many of our youngsters have never heard of the Korean War. It did happen, and over 50,000 service men lost their lives.

  67. In my above comment I made a typo error on line 7. It should read “He might later be court martialed. I mistakenly entered the word “by” instead of “be”. Sorry about that!

  68. You are wrong Old Salt. Obama will be presumptively the CIC and “I don’t consider him legitimate” no matter how firmly believed will not be a defense to insubordination.

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  71. CW, If permitted, I would like to make a few observations:
    (1) Hypothetically speaking– If Pres. Elect. Obama, accompanied by Berg, went to Hawaii and had the Hawaii officials open the vault/safe or wherever that original BC is kept and it was proven that he really was born in Hawaii–that should settle one of the issues regarding the BC (you would think). But that’s just it–it wouldn’t settle the issue because someone, somewhere would than probably accuse Berg of being in on a cover up.

    (2) There is no where in the constitution that states BOTH parents have to be citizens–I am not a lawyer but I truly think that this is one of the things that the US Supreme Court took into consideration when they denied the cases.

    (3) I also believe that Pres. Elect. Obama received 69,456,897 votes. That number just doesn’t signify votes, it signifies the peoples will. Personally, I don’t think any judge in the land is willing to overlook this historic number of votes. If memory serves me right, I think this was the most votes ever received by any presidential candidate.

    (4) Regarding US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald–he had no quams about arresting Gov. Blog. before he could appoint a US Senator (even though he eventually did). I think he was in such a rush to arrest the Gov. that he might have compromised that portion of his case. I state this for a reason–if he wanted to rush to stop the
    Gov. from appointing a Senator don’t you think if he had any, I mean any pertinent or teeny, tiny illegal evidence or wrong doing by Pres. Elect Obama he would have stopped him during the primaries and he would have body slammed him during the general election. Mr. Fitzgerald seems to be a man of integrity so I don’t think he would have let Obama get this far if there was anything there.

    Just some thoughts.

  72. Libby.
    1. Innocent people don’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars
    and employ an army of attorneys to avoid issues.
    2. Natural born citizen, in the context of how and when the US Constitution
    was written, demands that the parents have allegiance to the US via being
    US citizens. This also impacts the child’s citizenship, especially when the father is a citizen
    of another country.
    3. The Electoral College was set up to specifically handle the issue of the
    public being fooled.
    4. Mr. Fitzgerald has been working his way up the office ladder, indicting
    in a methodical way that ensures snaring the big fish.

    PS-The “popular vote” has no significance in the US Constitution.
    It is also worth noting that the founding fathers also set up the Electoral
    College to prevent high population centers, then a handful of states, from
    ruling the rest of the country and more sparsely populated areas. In terms
    of the popular vote, Obama won just over 25% of the counties and if one
    examines the land mass and area won by Obama, it is a picture that
    would frighten the founding fathers as much as his being ineligible.

  73. 1) There are a 1000 or so Certs a year to the SC. They only accept a handful every year.
    2) Denial of the Cert is probably because Berg petition the SC after failing in District Court when the next step he should have taken was to go to the Court of Appeals.
    3) The SC has performed its duties. Just because you don’t agree with the decision does not mean they didn’t do their job.
    4) Those of you who believe that the SC is afraid to take this case show little respect for Roberts, Alito, Scalia, and Thomas and the rest. They did not get to their positions by being wimps.
    5) Those of you who believe this was not a democraticly conducted election show your disrespect for our system. Again, just because you believe the people were mistaken in their vote does not negate the fact that a large majority of Americans voted for Obama.
    6) Those of you who believe Obama is not a legitimate President can believe that all you want.

  74. Not that it will matter to anyone here, but check out US Code > Title 8 > Chapter 12 > Subchapter III > Part I > § 1405 and then get back to us about how Obama is ineligible.

  75. The Word.
    No offense, but what is your point?




    Part I–Nationality at Birth and Collective Naturalization

    Sec. 1405. Persons born in Hawaii

    A person born in Hawaii on or after August 12, 1898, and before
    April 30, 1900, is declared to be a citizen of the United States as of
    April 30, 1900. A person born in Hawaii on or after April 30, 1900, is a
    citizen of the United States at birth. A person who was a citizen of the
    Republic of Hawaii on August 12, 1898, is declared to be a citizen of
    the United States as of April 30, 1900.

  76. The point is: “A person born in Hawaii on or after April 30, 1900, is a
    citizen of the United States at birth.” Nothing there about parents’ citizenship. If Obama was born in Hawaii, he’s a natural born citizen. Period. If you (or anyone) has proof he wasn’t born in Hawaii, present it. Simple as that. A certified copy of his BC has been made available and attested-to by the appropriate State of Hawaii official. The pursuit of this has all of the smell, look and feel as those who believe the US government downed the WTC.

  77. Dear Dr. Schell, the American people sure could have used your services the past eight years, when we have had to had to deal with a very treasonous and law-breaking President Bush. What’s curious is that you’re waiting until the end, to not go after the actual criminal, but a Constitutionally elected President who has no record in office with which to question as of yet. Very curious.

  78. The Word.
    Almost no one is questioning that if he was born in Hawaii he
    is a US citizen.
    Being a US citizen is not enough.

  79. Steve.
    If we had a constitutionally elected president, the controversy
    would go away.

  80. Mr Wells: You know and I know that there are quite a few innocent people that have been incarcerated unjustly and they had to spend money, maybe not hundreds of thousands of dollars, but money none-the-less to prove their innocence. If not for the Innocence Project, quite a few would still be jailed–all because of false witness and/or a rumor. As far as I know and please correct me if I am wrong, no one knows definitively if Obama paid a dime, just internet rumor. I know the Obama BC case brought against Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner–she was represented by the Ohio Attorney General’s office. Sometimes, money has to be spent to prove your innocence.

    As far as the “context” of the Constitution on “natural born”, that’s left to interpretation and I believe not even the Supremes have been able to resolve that issue, thus the denials. There is no definitive definition in the Constitution for “natural born”.

    I do believe the issue of “natural born” should be resolved. I just don’t think it will occur during this administration.

    I agree with you on the Electoral College. Quite a few of us felt the same way for the 2000 Presidential Election. Congress was supposed to tackle this issue after the 2000 election but of course they didn’t.

    This would be a great issue for you to take on. You have the intellect and where-with-all to accomplish something Congress couldn’t or chose not to. Plus you have a serious following. All great things starts with one person or one fabulous idea.

    Mr. Fitzgerald will never indict Obama. If he were going to indict, he would never have let him get this close to the presidency.

    One last thing, I have followed you since the Larry Sinclair days. You and a few others seemed much to intelligent to fall for his tawdry nonsense. Glad to see you have distanced yourself.

  81. Regardless of where Fauxbama was born, or to whom, if at age nineteen, as an adult, he is still a citizen of Indonesia (by virute of having renewed his Indonesian Passport), and never, afterwards, re-claims his U.S. citizenship, nor affirms his allegience to the U.S. (which would, at best, make him a naturalized citizen), he would be an Indonesian citizen even now. If Fauxbama applied, and was accepted as a foreign student, and recieved student loans as a foreigner, not as an American, the ruse is confirmed.

    Add to this that it would be fraud and a felony to have been in the U.S. Senate as a foreigner: he would have committed a federal offense covered by the False Claims Act, and he would potentially be subject to jail time, fines, restiution, and damages.

    This should answer any and all questions as to why such an individual would want to cover up his past. Why is he spending millions, with now three teams of attorneys working to keep his past a secret? It should be obvious.

  82. “Being a US citizen is not enough.” – I’m pretty sure Obama is 35 years of age or older. Otherwise, his being born in Hawaii makes him a natural born citizen (“A person born in Hawaii on or after April 30, 1900, is a
    citizen of the United States at birth.”). The fact that Hawaii was, by the time he was born, a state just adds to it. So, Obama meets those two requirements as spelled out by our Constitution, plus he’s been a resident of the US for more than 14 years.

  83. Libby
    Regarding (2)

    Article II section I states (in part):

    “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President”

    Do you know why it says, “or a Citizen of the United States at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution”?

    Because at the time of adoption of the Constitution, those adopting it were British subjects AT birth. Just like Obama! Obama himself has admited he had British citizenship AT birth! However, Obama (obviously) doesn’t fit the “or a citizen of the U.S. at the time of adoption!”

    Obama (might) be a citizen…perhaps a native citizen or perhaps a naturalized citizen, but he certainly is not a natural born citizen, and neither were the founders…and they knew it…thus the need for the clause that exempted themselves!

    Another way of looking at this through modern spectacles: The Framers and Founders were entitled to British Passports, yet they were also citizens of this country (because of the Declaration of Independance). Obama (aparently) a citizen of the U.S. was entitled to a British Passport as well.

    Therefore, he is not a natural born citizen, and therefore can not be POTUS.

  84. The Word Said:

    “Not that it will matter to anyone here, but check out US Code > Title 8 > Chapter 12 > Subchapter III > Part I > § 1405 and then get back to us about how Obama is ineligible.”

    That’s odd. I don’t find the term “Natural Born Citizen” anywhere in U.S. Code.

    Could you please direct me to the proper legal reference?

    I’ll make it easy for you. It only exists in one place and that’s Article II of the U.S. Constitution. SCOTUS is the ONLY branch of government who can interpret this. If they run away from these cases and ignore the problem, it will rear its head again and we will all be threatened by the enemies who dwell within the borders of this country. Make no mistake dual citizenship is an enormous issue in this country. Allegiance of citizens to enemies is at an all-time high. 90% of all naturalized citizens still remain active citizens of other countries. It’s becoming a severe issue for the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and law enforcement agencies across the nation to track down abettors to terrorists. Funding and support for terrorists is being done by U.S. Citizens right now, and that’s why is almost impossible to track them completely.

    So I ask you, if SCOTUS ignores their oath, who is there to ensure the requirements of the Judicial Branch remain in tact? If they fail, no one else can interpret it because no one else has the authority, and WE THE PEOPLE would be put in harm’s way. If Obama is deemed a Natural Born Citizen, so be it. But refusal to interpret the law, their sworn duty, is grounds for removal from office.

    Why is this the case? It’s easy. Set a precedence through intentional inaction. Create de-facto law.

  85. RXSID: I truly appreciate your response and I love a good, honest debate, but please look at the first seven words of Article II, Section I “No person except a natural born Citizen” and ask yourself one question “What exactly does that mean?” Does it mean that both parents would have to be “natural born”–those seven words doesn’t state that. Does it mean one American parent and one foreign parent–those seven words doesn’t state that. So in my opinion and obviously the Supremes it’s open for interpretation.

    Your second statement “or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President”. You also stated “Because at the time of adoption of the Constitution, those adopting it were British subjects AT birth. Just like Obama! Obama himself has admited he had British citizenship AT birth! However, Obama (obviously) doesn’t fit the “or a citizen of the U.S. at the time of adoption!”

    Well, where does that leave our second Pres. John Adams (British subject) and his son, John Quincy Adams, our sixth president. This rule you just stated would obviously cover our second president but would it cover his son the sixth president. When did that rule end? Did it end with the first three presidents or did it just apply to the first president.

    As I said before, it’s all left up to interpretation and that’s why the Supremes will never deal with it.

  86. Mary Brown and all the rest of you who do not even know what the word Treason even means. Dereliction of duty is what the Military is doing in not removing you and your African leader from this country NOW.
    Your threats Mary going out to the Patriots of this Country for doing what is required, by any Person ever having said the Pledge of Allegiance ,or the Oath of Duty, is not treason on your part ,it is legal sedition under the laws set down by the Hague..
    Therefor you are to be respected as a Foreign subversive ,or Invader, and if proven to have not ever have said these oaths ,then you would be granted all the respect and honors of a POW if captured .
    Your Leader has broken no laws in this Country ,he hasnt been seen reciting the pledge ,and he certainly does not respect or honor the Constitution.
    Thus he is immune to all prosecution as to Treason ,being an invader WE have allowed him to get as far as he has ,so it is WE who have broken the law and are guilty of Treason or Dereliction.
    Mary Brown is exactly correct , to the Victor goes the spoils. If Americans sit on their tails and do nothing, then Obama has done nothing except defeat this Country.
    Its WAR and thats just the way it is.
    The Founding fathers gave us the rights and the tools to stop this ,and we have not.
    So stop whining and become good Comrades.

  87. Dale –

    Wow, you have a lot of power. Is the POW camp for everyone who doesn’t agree with you in your backyard?

    If you are going to be watching the POWs and Margie is going to be storming the Supreme Court, and CW writing this blog, who is going to be left on the front lines?

  88. History Will be Made

    Captain Moroni, you are close to breaking the law and advocating treason here buddy. Could you cite the federal code that identifies the 3 classes of citizenship you invented?

  89. There should be a way to get copies of his college apps to see if he applied as a “foreign
    student” Or what about the college yearbooks,
    was he in an “Exchange Students” club or the like? Someone is going to let out a clue to
    what he was doing during this period of his life that will lead to his dual nationalities, etc.
    And to Libby—you obviously don’t live in
    Ohio where our illustrious ACORN-loving
    Sec. of State Jennifer Brunner has been
    on the hot seat for all the crap she pulled. Brunner doesn’t need to bother to run
    for Voinivich’s seat either–Ohioans will NEVER
    elect her after supporting Obama’s slime
    politics here. Remember in the primaries
    OH went for Hillary Clinton by a landslide.
    They knew a great leader when they saw one.
    Now all I see is a Chicago thug and a FRAUD.

  90. Actually you are reading this wrong ,this is the Very law as written in the Articles of Engagement .
    I am in no way on Mary browns side , but if we sit on our butts then we have no one to blame but ourselves.
    Look at this Comment section ,Talk, all Talk.
    In the mean time our Enemy is furthering his cause in his propaganda and rhetoric.
    The Nazis were not tried because they started the War ,they were tried because of War crimes against POWs and Civilians.
    This type of Government Pushing around is what lead to the 1st civil war.
    All we hear is what we Better do ,or else.
    Thank you GW for the Patriot act ,it now allows Obama to Order the Army to fire upon Civilians.
    And fire they will , those who believe otherwise will be the first to fall.

  91. Interesting that Dr. Schell is basically petitioning a “preemption” of a scenario that Dr. Vieira, http://newswithviews.com/Vieira/edwin186.htm proposes is not even plausible, but will be inevitable…

  92. Dale –

    Didn’t the fact that many of our fellow Americans were kept in brutal and immoral condition of slavery have something to do with our first and only Civil War?

    Your comment tells me a lot about where you are coming from.

  93. Miss Jones:

    I would like to kindly point out my recognition of the legitiate votes for Obama. Including, but not limited to:

    Mickey Mouse
    Homer Simpson
    Glenn Beck
    Rush Limbaugh

    And several other people who managed to make it to several states in less than one day to vote for him.

    Sign those people up for the Olympic Games cause they are definately gold atheletes! Or, in Obamas new regime, Solid Gold Atheletes!

  94. Soetoro/OBama = SOB (use for PE)
    Barry Usurper Soetoro/OBama = Barry USOP (use after inaugurated)

  95. See what the Russians are saying about Obama:
    Go to: http://usapatriots-shout.blogspot.com and read what the Russians are saying about:

    Obama: Deceiver, Cheat, Swindler, Liar, Fraudster, Con Artist

    Why is it the whole world knows and admits the facts about Obama and our disgusting American Press thinks Americans are so stupid the press can continue lying and suppressing information and we won’t know the cowabunga from shinola.

    Hell no. We won’t take it any more. The resistance to media lies and political abuse is just beginning. They will be made accountable for the flim-flam they are trying to pull.

    This is what I say: Obama is a major threat to America’s national security.

  96. Patriot : Liberal Hogwash..

    I never mentioned anything about Slavery ,you did ???

  97. I am hoping we return the US to her former glory myself but maybe that is not possible .

    I mean ,We ,ALL, built a Saturn Five Rocket.
    We ALL Helped the USS Nautilus Crash through that Ice.
    We ALL ,Pushed Allen Shepherd to Go into Space.
    We All knew People would be Starving if it were not for U.S.
    We ALL pulled that Little Girl out of that Well in Midland Texas.
    We ALL stayed Brave and never gave up when, Apollo 13 was on Her way Home.
    We all fainted When Chuck Yeager Broke the Sound Barrier.
    We All made a Company called, Microsoft , RCA , GE , Westinghouse , Zenith , Boeing ,Hughes , Grumman , GM ,Jeep , Ford , Harley Davidson and Indian Motor cycles ETC!!!!!
    Names like ,,The Marines , 82nd Airborne , 7th Fleet , NORAD.
    Heroes like ,JFK ,Reagan ,then some other guys ….
    We made ,CCR , Alabama , Tom Petty , George Strait ,Lenard Skinnerd , Elvis , Jewel , John Anderson , Pat Benatar and Fleetwood Mac.
    Television was never the same as we saw Worlds we would never see , Story’s we would Dream about , and The Silver Screen showed us Entire Reality’s we only read or dreamed of.

    Then we saw :
    We Buried JFK ,and Regan.
    We ,Watched as Our Shuttles Burnt into Fire balls.
    Our Military became a Police force with no real direction.
    Our hero’s were silly People on a Show called,Surviver.
    Our kids Lost all Concept of an America built on hard work and faith.
    Our Company’s had to Build cheap, o, junk to compete with cheap imports ,then the Imports became better.
    All of a sudden the Gun Owner was Categorized as the Nuts who were shooting up our Society .
    Our Media was as bad as the tabloids that line the Super Market Isles.
    Our Millitary is feared even by the ones who supported Them when others were calling them Murderers ,this is a dangerous bond to brake Guys.
    And this was all just our last two generations.

    But we are still the kids who watched Niel Armstrong Step onto the Moon.
    We are still the ones who can look at a 57 Chevy and say WOW.
    And we are all the Ones who cried on 9/11.

    We Dont want to Hurt anyone from Any place in this Country , We, So want to be Americans now and Forever.
    To see the Next things our Children will do as the future Heroes of this Country, Ours WAS, the Greatest Generation .
    And we Hope we never hear the names, Shiloh , Antietam , Gettysburg , ever again.

  98. Dale –

    You said the Civil War was about the government pushing around the citizens. What citizens? Those in the south who wanted to keep their fellow Americans in slavery?

  99. Patriot (and I use the term loosely) If you take the time to study what the Civil War was really about you wouldn’t be making such stupid statements.

  100. an i n s form has been discovered it will be made available through the GLOBE MAGAZINE THIS WEEK END…… the certified paper has dunham bringING a 6 day olD enfant back from KENYA……. if this is refused as evedence then it’s is TIME……..01 14 2009

  101. The worst has already happened. A usurper is entering the White house January 20, 2009 aided and abetted by Congress, Senate, Supreme who are all conspirators in treason against the the US Constituion and the American public.

    Our work is cut out for us. We are no where near ready. We are just beginning.

    The fight to take back America is now. The idea of taking back America through the election process is ridicules. It was through the election process America was betrayed. Therefore, we must seek other methods of taking back America.

    Time is of the essence. WE must begin now.

    This will be the greatest challenge the American public will face since 1776. First we must be aggressive and diligent in disclosing facts and truth about Obama, MSM, and the elected officials who betrayed us. This won’t be easy since most people who believe in Obama are experts at denial and avoidance. Persistence is on are side.

    Second, slowly and firmly Americans are uniting. We must continue to do so as openly as time permits. Then when the Obama secret thugs start their oppression against us, we must continue secretely. We must find new leaders of integrity, loyalty to the Constitution and America to replace the traitors who are misrepresenting us. This will take time and courage.

    Third we must take back control of MSM to report the facts truthfully and openly. I don’t know how. I am sure we will find a way. We must create our own system of public communication that will supersede MSM. The inter net in itself is not sufficient.

    Fourth, we must enlist the help of other free countries. Other free countries can be very helpful in disclosing the facts suppressed by MSM. They can also be helpful in many other ways. We will need all the help we can get.

    Fifth we must take every action in our power without violence to win back America. This means supporting Dr. Douglas W. Schell’s plan. The military may be almost our last hope. If we the people fail to win the military on our side, I fear Obama will not hestitate to use the miliary to shoot any one who opposes him down in the streets. You have only to look at Obama’s cousen Raille Odinga to see the methods approved by Obama.

    Sixth we must know our enemy. It is my observation we are seeing only the tip of the iceberg regarding the plans, the depth of penetration into our government, the money Obama supporters have, and the numbers elected officials who are part of this coup d’etat.
    WE must ferret out every invisible power and money source that promoted Obama and expose them and some how diminish their power. If we are to win, we must know every thing. At this stage, we don’t know enough.

    While we were in a naive state of trust all was well in America, our enemies were doing their due diligence. Obama’s journey to the Whitehouse was a well planned fraud. Let no one tell us he was elected through “democratic process.” He was not. This entire election was a fraud. This is a God awful wake up call for us.

    The above suggestions are not in any way solutions to the enourmous problems we are facing. They are meant only as a point of departure for all loyal Americans to begin to come to grips with the horror that has come upon us.

    I am merely saying in order to solce a problem, we must first identify the problem.

    Please support my web site usapatriots-shout.com

  102. Patriot— Perhaps you will want to refer to the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
    Also before you can have insubordination you must have a reason for it. The burden is upon the prosecution to prove it! Disobedience to a specific order is justified if the order is known to be an illegal order,such as being ordered to action by an illegal CIC. This does not translate to insubordination.

  103. Patriot- After reading your comment regarding the Civil War I can’t help wonder where you went to grade school. Have you ever heard of “states rights”. Re -read why the Civil war began in the first place. Unfortunately the mission later became quite different. It turned into an extremely bloody, senseless, and costly war which really didn’t need to happen, and even today still provokes arguments about it. I realise that people from the Southern states might view it differently; which I guess is their prerogative. Throughout my military schooling I believed in certain principles,without which it becomes difficult to lead military personell. Specifically, strict adherance to the chain of command, and respect of our senior officers. If the Chain of Command is flawed, or illegal at the top then certainly no one at lower echelons can be held liable for disobeying either an illegal direct order, or one that is perceived to be illegal. Again the burden is upon the prosecutor!

  104. Old Salt – I was relying on my grade school education. I have a BA in American history and a law degree.

    But please feel free to rely on your grade school knowledge of history.

  105. Patriot, you claim to have a BA in American history and you state the Civil War was about slavery? You sure that’s not a BS degree?

  106. Some of you may be confused as to why matters concerning our Constitution are getting the cold shoulder from certian politicians and most of the legal system. The blog post below may give some good insight to this. Part of this commentary is from an intelligence analyst at Think-tank in Washington D.C.


  107. On top of that the so called “elections” you just seen, is nothing but an “election? of the
    which is nothing short of being “Evil” in nature”
    See: < The Thirteenth Tribe, by Auther Kosetler”

    than you !! and without [pre]judicial-positions”

  108. Well, I note all the riots and unrest that have occurred since the inauguration of President Obama. Looting. Murder. Bestiality. Mormon on Mormon crime. All these things were predicted beforehand, if the government failed to act in preventing the usurper from taking office.

    The Dow is down to 1250. The Iranians have built and launched a nuclear weapon against Jerusalem. You can’t say Doug Schell didn’t warn us.

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