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** See Update Below **

The US Supreme Court has denied Philip J Berg’s Writ of Certiori
that challenges Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president. The
court did, however, grant the Anderson Amicus Curiae brief associated
with Berg’s lawsuit. Jeff Schreiber of Americas Right provides the
following information.

“A motion filed by a third party seeking permission to file a amicus
curiae–“friend of the court”–brief was granted, but with certiorari
denied in Berg’s case, it is unclear whether granting the amicus curiae
motion is anything more than a formality.

Philip Berg’s lawsuit against Obama and the Democratic National Committee,
filed on August 21, 2008 and first reported here at America’s Right,
questioned Obama’s eligibility to serve under Article II, Section 1 of the
United States Constitution–which requires in part that the president be a
“natural born Citizen” of the United States–and was previously dismissed
by the Hon. R. Barclay Surrick from District Court in Philadelphia. While
the Supreme Court’s denial of Berg’s petition for certiorari today was not
accompanied by explanation, the mere result shows on its face that at least
six Justices agreed with Surrick’s determination that Berg lacked standing
to sue.

“Of course, I cannot help but be disappointed because the Supreme Court
Justices are the ultimate protectors of our Constitution, and in this case
they really let us down,” Berg said. “They let America down. They let all of
us down. This is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated against this country.
Forget politics for a minute and just think of the Constitution — next week,
we’ll be swearing in a president without even knowing for sure whether or not
he’s qualified constitutionally to serve in that office. There are so many
unanswered questions about Barack Obama and, today, the Court just told us
that we’re not even permitted to ask.””

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** UPDATE **

I received the following comment that I believe to be factual:

“URGENT From Lisa regarding Today’s SCOTUS ruling
written by Linda Starr, January 12, 2009

Here is a very brief explanation of what today’s ruling means to us…

What today’s ruling means is that WE’RE STILL ALIVE in the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals. Phil filed a Petition for Writ of Cert BEFORE JUDGEMENT (in the 3rd Circuit) with SCOTUS. They denied the petition for Writ before judgement under Rule 11 because the case before the 3rd Circuit is still pending and there is still a legal remedy available to our case in the lower courts. If this case is denied at the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, THEN Phil can once again go back to SCOTUS for remedy. The SCOTUS may yet grant the motion for emergency injunction against counting the votes for Soetoro/Obama – in effect, preventing the Inauguration on the 20th. As I understand it, then Biden would serve until this is resolved in some fashion. And Roberts COULD REFUSE to swear in Soetoro/Obama if this isn’t resolved.
If it comes to that, then Roberts could state that Barry needs to cough up the documents proving he is eligible, or he won’t be sworn in. We jsut don’t know what might happen next.

In the meantime, Bill Anderson’s motion for “permission” to file his case as a friend of the court was granted.


Phil is putting together a press release to be posted today on”

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  1. I’m really starting to get a NERVOUS feeling in my guts. The Supreme Court has denied case after case.Looks like they just keep scheduling them for conference to “run down the clock” and let Obama in while appeasing the rest of us by keeping us “hoping”.

    I wonder if the reason Bush moved all these troops was to prepare for The People should they get out of control once we find out that the United States has been highjacked.

    The New World Order 😦

  2. What’s the affect of the GS-SF 86 process? Has that been applied to bho?
    Where can an acknowledgment of it be found?

  3. you don’t have standing

    we don’t have standing

    nobody has standing

    we are all lying down in the prostate position, i guess……..

  4. This is a good explanation from another blog on why the denial took place. Basically, the Supreme Court is kicking it out until Berg’s appeal with the lower court is ruled upon.

    Denied Before Judgment?
    written by Lane, January 12, 2009

    What does this mean? How is this different from simply being denied?

    Lane, Mr. Berg’s appeal (petition for writ of certiorari) to the USSC was of the decision of the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Ordinarily, the appeals process would take Mr. Berg’s appeal first through the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals (the next higher court up from then District Court), and then (if necessary) to the USSC.

    In this case, Mr. Berg filed concurrently with the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals (and his appeal is still active–unresolved–there (Docket #08-4340 in the 3CCoA) and the USSC. The USSC allows such “before judgment of the lower court” filings under USSC Rule 11. If you look at the USSC docket for Mr. Berg’s petition for writ of cert (the one that was denied today), you’ll see the notation of “Rule 11” near the top, which is USSC shorthand for “this case hasn’t been resolved yet through the normal lower court appeals.”

    So, “denied before judgment” simply means that the case has not yet been resolved in the lower court (in this case, the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals), and the USSC is declining to hear the case at this time. Once the case is concluded in the 3CCoA (and that would be several months before it is even heard, as the initial briefing period has barely begun in the case), that final decision could still be appealed to the USSC (via another petition for writ of certiorari by whichever party–Mr. Berg or Obama, et. al.–is unsuccessful in the appeal).

    Sorry for such a long-winded response. I hope it made sense.

  5. What must be done at this point.. A Million Patriot’s March.. to the USSC on January 16, 2009. If you care about America’s future, you will find a way to be there. We need many people to fight, and March !!!

  6. This should not be surprising to anyone.

    The very person who is swearing Obama in is John Roberts, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. It is clear they do not have doubts about Obama’s eligibility. Why else would they schedule Orly’s case for two days AFTER the Inauguration?

  7. I’m NOT an attorney, so I’m guessing here that this is the BEST decision that Berg could get —

    Since Berg is alleging a CRIME of fraud has taken place, had there been a judgment, he could not come back to court again.

    However, since his case was ‘denied before judgment,’ he is FREE to refile his case in the proper venue, which I believe is in PA state courts, where he has standing.

    I think what SCOTUS is saying is this, “not here, not now,” we’ll see you again when the FACTS have been adjudicated in a Lower Court.”

    In any case, it means: : “This ain’t over, by a long shot!”

    But, we’ll let him tell us, at his first opportunity.

    But it also tells us that “Lawdawg” has proved he (or she) is a GOOD source, and one that we need to treat kindly!


  9. Has anyone read Lame Cherry today? While I was there reading between the lines, I realized that I have to ask this question. Has anyone that y’all know of searched for Stanley Ann Dunham’s passport whether it be in the U.S. or Canada?

  10. Wells — I added a sentence explaining the “before judgment” thing a bit.

    Berg’s case is technically still active in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, but considering he was denied cert at SCOTUS, it likely isn’t going anywhere.

    Sad day for the Constitution.

  11. Bob –

    You are definitely not a lawyer, because that is the strangest explanation.

    The Supreme Court is denying all these petitions because they don’t have merit. A lot of bad lawyering is involved, too, but basically the cases haven’t succeeded because there is no way they could.

    Berg can continue in the 3rd Circuit, but the result isn’t going to be any different. He will be looking for donations, I’m sure. Or you can donate to Orly Taitz to keep her futile case going.

  12. Lawdawg, by the way, said NOTHING about the amicus brief, about the before judgment, and his/her assertion that it was unanimous was unfounded.

    He took a guess. Basically, his comments were akin to saying that Richard Simmons is gay. He doesn’t need inside information to do that — it’s just the obvious answer, and like the odds of Berg’s cert petition being granted, the odds of Richard Simmons being a womanizer just are long as hell.

  13. Thanks Jeff.

  14. Jeff.
    PS-We are nowhere near finished with this.
    Ultimately, economics rules.

  15. URGENT From Lisa regarding Today’s SCOTUS ruling
    written by Linda Starr, January 12, 2009

    Here is a very brief explanation of what today’s ruling means to us…

    What today’s ruling means is that WE’RE STILL ALIVE in the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals. Phil filed a Petition for Writ of Cert BEFORE JUDGEMENT (in the 3rd Circuit) with SCOTUS. They denied the petition for Writ before judgement under Rule 11 because the case before the 3rd Circuit is still pending and there is still a legal remedy available to our case in the lower courts. If this case is denied at the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, THEN Phil can once again go back to SCOTUS for remedy. The SCOTUS may yet grant the motion for emergency injunction against counting the votes for Soetoro/Obama – in effect, preventing the Inauguration on the 20th. As I understand it, then Biden would serve until this is resolved in some fashion. And Roberts COULD REFUSE to swear in Soetoro/Obama if this isn’t resolved.
    If it comes to that, then Roberts could state that Barry needs to cough up the documents proving he is eligible, or he won’t be sworn in. We jsut don’t know what might happen next.

    In the meantime, Bill Anderson’s motion for “permission” to file his case as a friend of the court was granted.


    Phil is putting together a press release to be posted today on

  16. Patriot —

    I admit I’m not a lawyer. I’m an historian.

    I hope I can better read the future, if I better know the past.

    So, when will you admit you’re not a patriot, and that you know nothing about anything?

    To the others, wait and see — Lawdawg is a good source, and you’ll get better info only after you recognize it — and quit dissing it.

    And, if I am wrong, Berg will not file in PA state court, but if he does, then you’ll know I’m right.

    So, at least you can TEST my opinions — because they are not based upon the thin ice of the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot.

  17. zachjonesishome

    I have also felt that Berg’s standing argument was weak. I believe that both Hollister and Lightfoot have better arguments. It is still the time to be contacting the Court. Keep Fighting this fraud.

    OBAMA –

    Born in
    Africa, now
    Masquerading as an

  18. Bob –

    I’m not going to explain it to you, but you are completely wrong. What you think the significance of the Supreme Court case is is a non sequitor. Like saying that because it is winter there are no ripe peaches on the apple tree.

    Think about that one.

  19. The only value the public is getting out of having challenged Obama’s legitimacyhas been the forcing the Senate, Congress and the Supreme Court to expose their true criminal conspirator selves. They have failed to serve the public by keeping their oath to protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States. If action is the result of thought, then by the actions of these elected and appointed officials towards all the public who have begged them to demand Obama disclose his legal documents to prove he is qualified, they have coldly ignored. They failed because it has been a conspiracy to ignore the people and do as they please. There is no valid reason for them to refuse to demand Obama disclose his records and prove to the voters he does qualify to serve as president.

    If Obama went into the public streets and shot and killed ten people in plain site of dozens of witnesses. The powers would say Obama is innocent because those people should not have been standing there where Obama–cleaning his gun–could have accidentally shot them. There fore all those didn’t die let’s put them on trial. We are now a lawless country without any umbrella of protection since the Constitution is a defunct document of history.

    This mess is greater than Obama who merely knew how corrupt the existing elected officials are used them to his own benefit. This is the result of 40 + years of corrupted elected officials who need to relinquish their seats or be forced to resign immediately. WE the people must fire, terminate, and vote out the entire Congress, Senate , and Supreme court for breach of fiduciary duty.

    usa patriots shout

  20. Therese.

  21. decentAmerican

    It just seems to me…. Roberts could have denied Berg’s case from the get go, but he let it proceed to conference. REgardless of whether or not it was approved after that, Roberts did see some inkling of merit to it, or else he would not have allowed it to conference.

    yet, Roberts is the one doing the swearing in! How can that be? For him to do the swearing in, he MUST be sure of the eligibility of Obama. Yet, if he was sure, why did he let Berg’s case go to conference?

    Seems to me to be a contradiction. If there is some doubt in Roberts mind, even a 0.5% doubt, then he can not legally do the swearing in.

    Every politician knows about covering their arse. I do hope that Roberts knows what he is doing, because he can affect his own career and legacy.

    I have to have faith that in the end, there is always Justice.

    I have to. There is nothing else to hope for.

  22. who is Linda Starr? (monica l. coming back) and why is her statement to be believed?

    and why hasn’t the lower court ruled on this already?

    what is taking them so long?

    sounds like a barrel of monkeys to me….at this stage?

  23. Linda Starr and Lisa work with Philip Berg.

  24. This is the latest from Lame Cherry, and could this person be right?

    “Supreme Court Denies again……….duh
    The Supreme Court once again denied the basis of a case based upon legal walls designed for the courts to not enforce the laws they do not want to enforce.

    I posted this on America’s Right, but as I do not know if the webmaster will post it in comments, it will be posted here as a record of how to deal once again with the British subject subject of Birdie Obama.

    As pointed out, all of these cases are based upon incorrect proceedings as the courts will hide behind “standing” or other bogus terms as Barack Obama for a majority of racists in America and those guilt ridden yet over slavery for their own psychopathy reasons “is” their catharsis, their cleansing, of all transgression in their thought, word and deed.
    Harry Smith bawling on CBS and outing his racist parents is but one of numerous examples on the right and left for the reason Obama is getting away with a big fraud, because apparently the Justices have their own racist laundry they are cleansing in Obama’s halo.

    As I have pointed out, the way to deal with this case which no one proceeding with this will be humble enough to take on is to base cases in the British Nationality Act of 1948, which enhanced the original act and was supplemented in 1965. Mr. Obama and Mrs. Dunham Obama are both subject to the 1948 Act as they are under it in it makes them both perpetual British subjects. There is no expiration in it and only a public renunciation which is legal will negate British citizenship.

    I have pointed out that Mrs. Dunham Obamas passport application is available to anyone with her death certificate obtained legally. This application will show “intent” in her going to Africa if Birdie Obama was born there.
    This “intent” is what builds cases so real subpoenas can be issued to get at the real evidence in Barack Obama’s passport details as he stated he was in Pakistan and if no US passport was issued or if he did not travel on a US passport, it means he was a citizen of another nation.

    There are all sorts of legal meanderings which I have shared with the people doing these cases to obtain Mr. Obama’s passport data which is the only data which is viable, because Hawaii was issuing birth certificates to illegals and a birth certificate proves absolutely nothing, except if evidence is produced Mr. Obama is a foreigner, a usurper, then the Hawaiian certificate is another 20 years in prison on fraud.

    So the key in this is the British Nationality Act of 1948 which Mr. Obama is born under. The courts being required to render verdict on this is what the cases should have been filed under, because Mr. Obama admits he is British and therefore without expiration, he is British under the 48 Act as it is perpetual.
    As I have pointed out the War of 1812 was fought over this very subject of zeal of British Law arresting Americans or former British subjects on the high seas. The courts must affirm or deny British Law as the Supreme Court has been caught quoting foreign law the past decade and this makes ALL things Barack Obama open to court challenges by individual citizens.

    File under 1948, then the courts in dealing with their own Ginsburg and Brier “rulings” based on foreign law are subject to being challenged, and in that, the United States Supreme Court will have to hear and issue subpoenas for Barack Hussein Obama’s passports of American and Indonesian orign, Stanley Ann Dunham’s various passport applications and an investigation into if she has British travel permission out of Canada to fly to Kenya, and the root of the facts in Pakistani and Kenyan visas with Indonesian passport data covering all of Mr. Obama’s travels and that of his mothers.

    One files cases to get at the data needed, but must file a case which is formed to make the court do your work for you in the case.

    All of these people should know this who are involved in this. Make this United States Supreme Court deal with it’s rulings and that is how one breaks this open to settle it.

    This scenario gives the Justices something to hide behind in international law rulings and for those who understand these things, Justice Scalia has allies on this court in numbers to bring this international law citations challenge to the full court for a hearing.
    Then let the liberals in Ginsburg and Brier stand in the last years of their sitting to be recorded as the people who turned American law to British law. In knowing liberals, including Souter, they will flee from such a thing tarnishing their legacy and in fleeing that, they will abandon Barack Obama in this usurption if proven by factual records.

    This could have all been addressed in December when this was brought up and sent to those involved in this and none took it up.

    I hope it dawns on someone to couch these suits effectively as it is already to late for a socialist John McCain, but will leave a leftist Hillary Clinton as President of the United States when Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden are negated due to fraud.

    Stop focusing on the nuances of the law in “friends of the court” to “centiorari” and start making the court work to achieve one’s end. That is what Henry Waxman did in lambasting tobacco and how liberals have established law like infanticide as a right. “

  25. Here is a Press Release from Phil Berg. I have to say…he sounds quite clueless. He does not inspire confidence. But anyway, here is his explanation of the Court ruling.

    For Immediate Release: – 01/12/2009
    For Further Information Contact:
    Philip J. Berg, Esquire
    555 Andorra Glen Court, Suite 12
    Lafayette Hill, PA 19444-2531
    Cell (610) 662-3005 U.S. Supreme Court No. 08 – 570
    (610) 825-3134
    (800) 993-PHIL [7445]
    Fax (610) 834-7659 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    U.S. Supreme Court denies Berg vs. Obama
    Berg states he is disappointed for the 300+ million U.S. citizens, for our “Forefathers” and for the tens of thousands that have died defending “our” Constitution and we will fight on as Obama is “not qualified” to be President

    (Lafayette Hill, PA – 01/12/09) – Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the Attorney who filed suit against Barack H. Obama challenging Senator Obama’s lack of “qualifications” to serve as President of the United States and his case, Berg vs. Obama, in the U.S. Supreme Court announced today that the U.S. Supreme Court has “denied” our Petition For Writ of Certiorari Before Judgment.

    Berg said, “I am disappointed for the 300+ million U.S. citizens, our ‘Forefathers’ and for the tens of thousands that have died defending ‘our’ Constitution.

    I am committed to keep our efforts going to continue litigation until the truth of Obama being ‘not qualified’ for President comes out. The Obama candidacy is the biggest ‘HOAX’ every put forth to the citizens of the United States in 230 years.

    In addition to the current case in the U.S. Supreme Court, we have or will have:

    1. A case filed two [2] months ago captioned Berg vs. Obama, said case ‘under seal’ so I cannot comment further;

    2. The case of Hollister vs. Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama, filed 12/31/08 in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, Civil Action No. 08-02254; said case being an ‘Interpleader’ case with the Plaintiff, a retired Colonel from the U.S. Air Force, who is questioning whether to obey or disobey an order if Obama recalls him, based upon whether or not Obama is a ‘qualified’ President;

    3. The case that was denied in the U.S. Supreme Court is still pending in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in the case of Berg vs. Obama, with our Brief due by January 20, 2009; and

    4. If Obama is sworn in as President, we will file a Petition for Writ of ‘Quo Warranto,’ a case that will challenge Obama as being ineligible to serve as President because he is ‘not qualified.’

    Berg states ‘if Obama is sworn in’ because Obama knows he is ‘not qualified’ and he should hold a Press Conference and Obama should state that I, as a black American, received more votes than anyone else on November 4, 2008 for President and on January 8, 2009 the Joint Session of Congress counted the Electoral College votes and announced that I am President-elect, but because of things in my background, I cannot be sworn in as President. However, Obama is not man enough to state the above!

    More and more people are aware of the fact that Obama does not meet the ‘qualifications’ for President. When the truth finally comes out, individuals including Barack Hussein Obama, Michelle Obama, Howard Dean [Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC)], other top officials of the DNC, senior campaign staff and some of his new administration should be brought into the criminal justice system, indicted and tried with incarceration for those convicted.”

    Berg continued, “Obama is setting himself up to be blackmailed and perhaps he is already being blackmailed. He was the candidate for ‘change,’ but look at his cabinet – 70% from President Clinton’s days and how about his Secretary of Defense, Gates. Give me a break!

    There is nothing more important than ‘our’ U.S. Constitution and we will fight on!”

    For copies of all Press Releases and Court Pleadings, go to

  26. Patriot —

    You have a lot to show me before I try to follow any one of your sentences.

    You’re full of quips and vacuous jokes and analogies that bear no scrutiny. And, I see my jokes to you have to be explained — a bad sign.

    If Phil Berg can’t explain what the Court did, then who really can?

    However, I think my prediction is pretty good about where this goes next, after Phil can stop and think about it.

    In the meantime, why don’t you be a real Patriot and send him lots of money. He’s appealing for some money right now!

  27. What is the most interesting aspect of Lame Cherry’s comments is this:

    It is now known that Ann Dunham and Obama’s First Wife were lifetime friends. When did they ever meet, unless Ann went to Kenya at some time or other.

    Think about that one!

  28. Barbara

    i don’t see what you just posted on obama crimes.

    i see a post that says it isn’t over, yet.

  29. I understand how easy is thinking one lawsuit is much like another. But comparing the military lawsuit to the other cases already filed is comparing apples and oranges. And in court, that makes a difference. Here are the material ways this military Complaint differs from the others. 1) It does not allege BO is not a NBC; it alleges Plaintiffs have a good faith belief he is not. 2) It does not provide evidence BO is not a NBC; it provides examples of conflicting data leading to Plaintiffs’ good faith belief. 3) It is only a well-pleaded Complaint and not a Complaint-Cum-Legal-Memorandum in support of a Complaint; the Legal Memorandum follows, once the Complaint is filed. The well-pleaded Complaint gives Defendant notice that Plaintiffs seek a Declaratory Judgment from the Court based on the fact they face imminent liability (as Defendants) under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Most of the other cases filed were based on Mandamus, that is, the cause of action that allows citizens to ask the Court to order government officials to carry out a ministerial dutyI understand how easy is thinking one lawsuit is much like another. But in this case, they are actually apples and oranges. And in court, that makes a difference. Here are the material ways this Complaint differs from the others. 1) It does not allege BO is not a NBC; it alleges Plaintiffs have a good faith belief he is not. 2) It does not provide evidence BO is not a NBC; it provides examples of conflicting data leading to Plaintiffs’ good faith belief. 3) It is only a well-pleaded Complaint and not a Complaint-Cum-Legal-Memorandum in support of a Complaint; the Legal Memorandum follows, once the Complaint is filed. The well-pleaded Complaint gives Defendant notice that Plaintiffs seek a Declaratory Judgment from the Court based on the fact they face imminent liability (as Defendants) under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. (Most of the other cases filed were based on Mandamus, that is, the cause of action that allows citizens to ask the Court to order government officials to carry out a ministerial duty of the job. But as I have stated in the military Complaint, no provision of any state or federal law explicitly requires any state actor to vet the candidate for POTUS for Constitutional eligibility for the job. These Mandamus cases tried to impute such a duty; but the courts – judicial branch – will not tell government officials – executive or legislative branch – what to do, absent some clear cut authority. So, Plaintiffs in the military Complaint do not ask the Court to tell anyone to do anything. They merely asks for a legal opinion. What Defendant could object to that?

    definition of amicus….
    Definition: Latin term meaning “friend of the court”. The name for a brief filed with the court by someone who is not a party to the case.

    “… a phrase that literally means “friend of the court” — someone who is not a party to the litigation, but who believes that the court’s decision may affect its interest.” William H. Rehnquist, The Supreme Court, page 89.

    Amicus Curiae briefs are filed in many Supreme Court matters, both at the Petition for Writ of Certiorari stage, and when the Court is deciding a case on its merits. Some studies have shown a positive correlation between number of amicus briefs filed in support of granting certiorari, and the Court’s decision to grant certiorari. Some friend of the court briefs provide valuable information about legal arguments, or how a case might affect people other than the parties to the case. Some organizations file friend of the court briefs in an attempt to “lobby” the Supreme Court, obtain media attention, or impress members.

  31. i think the fact that the supreme court granted the above is a good sign…
    fingers crossed…

  32. Great Job, CW. I’ve been checking out your site everyday for a while now. I wonder what the chances of getting some conservative celebrities like the Nuge, Hank Jr., Kid Rock, or Charlie Daniels to speak up on the this issue would be?

  33. I hope Mr Obama will stop the war between Israel and Gaza !

  34. This is just indicative of the overwhelming liberal bias of the Supreme Court. Roberts, Thomas, Scalia, Alito…they’re just angling to protect Obama for their own partisan political purposes.

  35. @Bar Paris,
    funny, I actually think Obamas double talk when he was in the middle east encouraged the Hamas to take action.

    His unclear commitment, trying to have it both ways. The behaviour we know from his campaigning days. This is going to create some difficult situations. Gaza being the first.

    But on the other hand, this is what You get when You elect a totally unexperienced politician for such an important office.

    His computer-hacking white-guilt trust-fund-baby supporters are about to find out.

    Hope Obama will stop the war?
    Really the wrong blog, hope here is hoping he is going to be called what he is: FRAUD

  36. Bob et al.,

    Think about this. You profess to be absolutely certain about the law, meaning what you think the Constitution says, but then are befuddled by why the court does this or that.

    I’m not going to explain why the court did what it did or why granting permission to file an amicus brief means nothing that help your cause, though I do know the answers.

    It just seems like one of you might pause to think, well maybe we don’t really know what we are talking about.

    Visit Loren’s link, you might learn something. Or, see What’s Your Evidence (I think that is what it’s called) for a pretty complete rundown of the evidence and legal authority.

  37. Here’s what’s happening:

    1. Berg’s case is going down to the Court of Appeals.

    2. Supreme Court has nevertheless accepted the amicus brief that, regardless of Berg, Supreme Court MUST issue a stay until the matter is resolved (either at the Court of Appeals or through one of the other actions now before the Supreme Court or Obama voluntarily withdraws for the peace of the country) because it would be catastrophic damage to USA if Obama were inaugurated and LATER determined inelligible (that is, because all actions by the Federal Government under an inelligible Obama would be void or voidable).

    3. Supreme Court currently has a Stay set for Conference on 1/16/09 and can Stay the 1/20/09 Inauguration of Obama to be replaced by the swearing in of Biden under the 20th Amendment (at least to serve as Acting President until the Obama constitutional elligibility is resolved).

    4. Alternatively, the Supreme Court can retroactively Stay (after 1/20/09) — say on 1/23/09 at its scheduled conference on the Lightfoot case — the Obama Inauguration until the eligibility issue is resolved

  38. I definetley agree with Margie above. We need a Million Patriot March to the USSC! Shouldn’t be hard to do in 4 days with so many millions fighting to have Obama called ineligible to be POTUS. Let’s meet on the steps of the Supreme Court building on Friday. Post this on every site you can think of.

  39. decebtAmerican said:

    Every politician knows about covering their arse. I do hope that Roberts knows what he is doing, because he can affect his own career and legacy.

    I have to have faith that in the end, there is always Justice.

    I have to. There is nothing else to hope for.

    (I have no hope–I feel the SC have been expressing all along in stalling, they, as Congress, believe to be above the law.)

  40. Is it true on the Supreme Court walls is inscribed, “let justice be done, though the heavens fall”?

  41. Berg’s case might be “alive” in the 3d Circuit court of appeals, but it’s on life support and fading fast. In denying his motion for a TRO, the court said that he lacked both standing and a likelihood of success on the merits. That means that on their first glance, the court found Berg’s case severely lacking.

    “Even if Appellant possessed standing to raise the issue of President-Elect Obama’s constitutional eligibility to be President, no justiciable controversy is presented, as Appellant seeks adjudication of a political question. Accordingly, Appellant has not shown a likelihood of success with respect to his appeal.”

    Who knew Republicans and their sympathizers were so in favor of frivolous lawsuits!

  42. Linda Starr’s optimism is infectious. Thank you, CitizenWells for your continued commitment to keeping us informed.

    God bless America!

  43. truthbetold11

    The court has been renamed to the ” Supremes” they sing before big crowds and big pay days, the number 1 hit Denied is a all time hit! and so is No Standing, Monty Python has come out with the book The judges who say deny,deny a classic

  44. Patriot —

    There’s more than one “Bob,” in case you haven’t noticed.

    It’s time to get out your 3-D glasses, in order to help you keep things straight.

  45. From MommaE blog talk radio:


    I just want to tell you that nights Show is on! Phil Berg and his Assistant Lisa will be the Guests on my show tonight to talk about the Supreme Court, what it means and what is happening. All kinds of good things to talk about and it will be 60 minutes of hot topics, updates and fun.

    Please post this on your Blogs, any Blogs you are associated with and send to everyone in your address book. Link, call in number and times for the Show is below!

    Call In # 317-565-1392

    5:00 Pacific Time

    6:00 PM Mountain Time

    7:00 PM Central Time

    8:00 PM Eastern Time

    I hope to see you all there. You can just listen by clicking the Red Listen Live Button on the top left, or you can click on Live Chat in the middle of the page, put in a Nickname, click Chat and chat while listening. The choice is yours.


  46. It would be more accurate to say:

    “I hope Gaza will stop the war between Israel and Gaza!”

  47. Patty, The Foreigner’s won. America was sold to the highest bidder. It didn’t happen over night, we only have a few days to get it back. America will never again be, what it was created for. One Nation Under God. They will bring in there version of a god.

  48. Anyone been to Paris or London 10 years ago… and then return within the last 2 years?

    No sign of the French or Britt’s there!!!

  49. From MommaE:


    Below is the show announcement for Mark McGrew’s show on MommaE Radio Rebels tonight immediately following my show on Monks Media!

    I hope that you will all go and hear Mark’s show as it will be a continuation of the information that we will be talking about and what we can do! Here is the link, call in number and times: Call In # 347-237-4870
    5:00 PM Pacific, 6:00 PM Mountain, 7:00 PM Central, 8:00 PM Eastern.

    I hope to see you all there.

    MommaE for Mark

    Mountain Publius Goat
    Special Guest
    Talk Radio Monday Night
    January 12, 2009
    We will be discussing filing Lawsuits against the United States Congress.
    Congress violating the
    Constitution by confirming an ineligible person, Obama for President-Elect
    Also for violation
    of U.S. Code of Federal Regulations: Chapter 1, Section 15
    Mountain Goat is a prolific writer on many blogs and forums
    with a wealth of information for us.
    Click here to listen live: Mark McGrew Radio Talk Show
    Call in to speak your piece at: 1-347-237-4870
    Show time is 8pm EST 7pm CST 6pm MST 5pm PST

    Mark S. McGrew

  50. CW, I have to ask ,what is the one on Jan.16th .Isn’t that Phil Berg’s too?

  51. Trudy.

  52. Sample Letter of Resignation:

    January 12, 2009
    We the People
    United States of America
    Washington, DC,

    Dear We the People,

    Please accept this letter as resignation of my position as Congressman/Senator with my last day being January 20, 2009. My decision to resign was made after long and careful consideration after the unlawful election of Barry Soetoro (i.e. Obama), an usurper. I want to express my sincere gratitude for a rewarding employment experience with We the People and my constituents, personally. This decision to pursue another opportunity was not an easy one. However, it is the right for me at this time as I work toward fulfilling my personal and professional goals.

    My efforts until my end date will be to wrap up my projects here and turn over my responsibilities as smoothly as possible. Please let me know what you expect so this process is completed to your satisfaction.

    Again, thank you for all support and understanding.



  53. Whichever Bob –

    Read Greg’s post, he knows what’s going on.

    I’m still not going to explain why the granting of the amicus is meaningless because I’m kind of amused by youse guys thinking its significant.

  54. bar paris wrote:

    “I hope Mr Obama will stop the war between Israel and Gaza !”

    Yes, bar paris, as long as he is standing at a podium with the words, just words, showing on a teleprompter, I’m sure he can convince anyone of anything.

    Otherwise it will be uh uh uh uh uh ….
    which is a curse word in Gazan so I don’t think that would work out very well.

    (yeah, I know, I just thought bar was probably pretty gullible) 🙂

  55. CW: Do you have an opinion to the reasoning above of the post from LameCherry posted here by KittyKat at 3:03? The premise is very different and I was wondering if there is any merit to that approach? Quite interesting.

  56. In Palin We Trust

    I bet all this ineligibility is suddenly and CONVENIENTLY “discovered” once Obarfa is inagurated. See, then Biden (who has desperatly wanted to be President since like forever) has a serious chance at it if Obarfa is then found to be ineligible. Biden would NOT serve temporaily, HE WOULD BECOME POTUS. I bet Nancy Pegrossi will help him with the “discovery” to get the nod as his new V.P.! The second position she could claim as being the first woman to hold.

    Really…has anyone really thought about the Biden angle? He really wanted to be President…or wants to be President.

  57. In Palin We Trust

    sorry for all the typos!!!!!


  59. biden can not even complete a sentence without stumbling on his hair plugs

  60. Lynn from Texas-Proud Red State

    The fix has been in for awhile now. The SCOTUS was never going to hear any of these cases. Can you say President Obama? Oh well, the truth eventually comes out, it always does. And when it does, Obama will probably be retired and we’ll all be paying for his Secret Service protection for life!!!

  61. Jacqlyn Smith

    Please read the article below. This sounds fishy to me!!! Do you suppose he was getting rid of incriminating evidence on Obama. Why can’t there be access to Obama’s passport if this guy got it illegally???


    Ken Timmerman RSS ARCHIVE

    Print Page | Forward Page | E-mail Us

    Obama’s Intelligence Adviser Involved in Security Breach

    Monday, January 12, 2009 1:46 PM

    Article Font Size

    Obama’s top terrorism and intelligence adviser, John O. Brennan, heads a firm that was cited in March for breaching sensitive files in the State Department’s passport office, according to a State Department Inspector General’s report released this past July.

    The security breach, first reported by the Washington Times and later confirmed by State Department spokesman Sean McCormack, involved a contract employee of Brennan’s firm, The Analysis Corp., which has earned millions of dollars providing intelligence-related consulting services to federal agencies and private companies.

    During a State Department briefing on March 21, 2008, McCormack confirmed that the contractor had accessed the passport files of presidential candidates Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and John McCain, and that the inspector general had launched an investigation.

    Sources who tracked the investigation tell Newsmax that the main target of the breach was the Obama passport file, and that the contractor accessed the file in order to “cauterize” the records of potentially embarrassing information.

    “They looked at the McCain and Clinton files as well to create confusion,” one knowledgeable source told Newsmax. “But this was basically an attempt to cauterize the Obama file.”

    At the time of the breach, Brennan was working as an unpaid adviser to the Obama campaign.

    “This individual’s actions were taken without the knowledge or direction of anyone at The Analysis Corp. and are wholly inconsistent with our professional and ethical standards,” Brennan’s company said in a statement sent to reporters after the passport breach was made public.

    The passport files include “personally identifiable information such as the applicant’s name, gender, social security number, date and place of birth, and passport number,” according to the inspector general report.

    The files may contain additional information including “original copies of the associated documents,” the report added. Such documents include birth certificates, naturalization certificates, or oaths of allegiance for U.S.-born persons who adopted the citizenship of a foreign country as minors.

    The Obama campaign acknowledged at its “Fight the Smears” Web site that Obama was a foreign national until the age of 18, by virtue of his father’s British then Kenyan citizenship.

    “Since Sen. Obama has neither renounced his U.S. citizenship nor sworn an oath of allegiance to Kenya, his Kenyan citizenship automatically expired on Aug. 4,1982,” the Web site stated.

    “Fight the Smears” attempted to debunk rumors that Obama was not a U.S. citizen by producing a 2007 computer-generated copy of his certification of live birth.

    “The truth is, Barack Obama was born in the state of Hawaii in 1961, a native citizen of the United States of America,” the Web site states.

    However, “native citizen” is a colloquialism, not a legal term. It is not the same as “natural-born citizen,” the requirement to be president set out in Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution.

    Chief Justice John Roberts has scheduled a Supreme Court conference on Jan. 23 on Lightfoot v. Bowen, one of several cases alleging that Obama is not a “natural born” citizen because of his birthright British citizenship.

    The State Department chalked up the passport file snooping discovered in March 2008 to “imprudent curiosity” by contract employees hired to help process passport applications.

    Asked by reporters during a campaign stop in Portland, Ore., to comment on the breach, Obama said that attempts to “tap into people’s personal records” were “a problem not just for me but for how our government functions.

    “I expect a full and thorough investigation. It should be done in conjunction with those congressional committees that have oversight so it’s not simply an internal matter,” he added.

    Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice phoned Obama and personally apologized for the breach. “I told him that I myself would be very disturbed if I learned that somebody had looked into my passport file,” Rice told reporters. She phoned Clinton and McCain and offered similar apologies.

    Following the breach, State Department managers met with Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Joseph Biden, whose committee has oversight over the Foreign Service and the passport office. Biden will be sworn in as Obama’s vice president on Jan. 20.

    The State Department Office of Inspector General (OIG) issued a 104-page report on the breach last July. Although it is stamped “Sensitive but Unclassified,” the report was heavily redacted in the version released to the public, with page after page blacked out entirely.

    The problems posed by the breach were so serious that the inspector general recommended that the State Department conduct “vulnerability and risk assessments of all passport systems” to identify security weaknesses and suggest “a timetable for implementing corrective actions.”

    Acting Assistant secretary for administration William H. Moser sent a six-page reply concurring with the recommendation, all but one paragraph of which was blacked out because of the sensitivity of the information it contained.

    Had Brennan been appointed CIA director, as rumored in the Obama campaign shortly after the election, senators also would have questioned him about an article he wrote in an obscure foreign policy magazine over the summer.

    The article, entitled “The Conundrum of Iran: Strengthening Moderates without Acquiescing to Belligerence,” appeared in the July issue of “The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science.”

    Among other recommendations, it argued that the next U.S. administration should grant political legitimacy to the terrorist organizations Hezbollah and Hamas, and should exercise “strategic patience” with Iran rather than engaging in “bellicose” rhetoric and coercive diplomacy.

  62. natural born wa

    –Have I missed something or am I the only one finding it odd how SCOTUS worded the order on 12 January 2009?…specifically “The petition for a writ of certiorari BEFORE judgment is denied”.

    The motion of Bill Anderson for leave to file a brief asamicus curiae is granted. The petition for a writ of certiorari before judgment is denied.

  63. The amicus brief is from an Arizona elector. This Arizona elector (a McCain elector) achieved standing on January 8, 2009 when the congress certified the electoral vote. Arizona law states that an elector can compel the Attorney General to discover the eligibility of candidates. Berg is attempting to have Soetoro’s birth certificate subpoenaed through this elector who has standing. The Supreme Court just agreed and confirmed that this elector has standing. The republican of Hawaii sealed Soetoro’s BC months ago. If the circuit subpoenas the BC, Soetoro may be in serious legal and political trouble.

  64. Cw, Again I awake to see, nothing has changed. I recall asking you to fix this mess. Please remove the corruption in our Government. Thank You. 🙂

  65. Jacqlyn.
    I believed that the McCain/Clinton inclusion was a diversion from the get go.

  66. Ace —which Supreme Court–Arizona’s or
    SCOTUS? I hope this leads to the goal.

  67. CW—-I tend to agree with you!

  68. In reference to the post above about the passport brief: The mention of Biden being involved at some point is curious. Could this be how he got to be the VP nominee? Maybe he knows the truth via the passport investigation. Maybe he told Obama you better pick me or it’s curtains for your run for the Presidency. He already knows how to win elections via questionable tactics and has seen it all in his years involved, so he probably felt there was a good chance the Dems could pull it off at this time. He knows he won’t ever get elected on his own because he’s tried and failed miserably. He isn’t getting any younger either. Biden now could become Pres. if OB is found ineligible. He could even provide the leak himself if he has the goods. Wow, I am now looking for conspiracies in every corner of the government. We all should become writers for some of the crime shows. We’d all win Emmys. The trickier part is knowing what is really the truth on this stuff. Will we ever know really?

  69. Sorry above should be “passport breach, not brief”

  70. ACE–thanks for the primer and info on the amicus brief. That’s awesome!

  71. Ace –

    You are wrong. The Supreme Court accepted Anderson’s amicus. They did not decide he had standing. Different things entirely.

  72. money is the root of all evil!!!!!!!

  73. Did anyone else see this on Restore the constitutional republic?

    “It was reported that at, on the Ed Hale show last night, that a INS (Immigration and Natualization Service) document, certified copy, shows O’s mother returning to the USA from Kenya, 6 days after O was born. I did not hear the report myself, as I was listening to MommaE at that moment, when I switched over, the chat room was talking about the news just reported about this.

    Allegedly, this news of the existence of the INS document was picked up by CNN approx 10 minutes later (cited Plainsradio by name), and Fox Nex reported that CNN reported it, about 10 minutes after that. K. Oberman himself spoke about it, and Fox news was to feature it on the Greta van sustrin Show last night.

    This is the link regarding the rumor of CNN reporting it (note Plainsradio report was not a rumer, but confirmation from the investigator who has the document in hand):

    First from the Greta’ open blog:


    The comment, last night, that I read there, was posted at about 8:24 PM (the link might be the 01/11 one) Today when I tried to get to that page, the interface was preventing anyone from reading the commen on that page, UNLESS you choosed the show all comments section.

    Then I found that on Greta’s Blog all the comments priot to 11pm had been erased. And that the comments on the previous days blog, which appeared before her show, where also erased.

    Also, no posts with the term “INS” were appearing.”

  74. Hi….I listened last night. Steve Pidgeon was on and it was brought up that they have a certified copy of a customs form that Barry’s mom filled out upon returning to the US 5-6 days after Barry was born.
    The document has not been posted yet and it has been reported that all notations of it have been scrubbed from CNN and Gretawire.
    Listeners to Ed have experienced quite a few ups and let downs so most are waiting to celebrate unitl AFTER the document is released.

  75. Thanks, Sandy. I sure hope Stephen has it in a very safe place under lock and key and has many copies scattered with different people.

  76. First, There is no longer any law in the United States. All of the legislators after having been duly warned have installed what would otherwise be an ineligible President to lead the United States. Our elected officials have on mass committed Treason, knowingly and willfully.
    Justice Roberts will swear in Obama under the guise that he is legally unaware and that there has been no ruling to contradict what would otherwise be the legal functioning of the political system. Until and unless the functioning of that system is Proven to be flawed there is no action for Roberts to take.
    They are catching us in the proverbial catch 22-They have had an easy time avoiding us on the Internet and ignoring the issue in the Media and dismissing it in the Courts-I would suggest that small groups or large groups if possible get in front of the local Courthouses every day possible and make yourselves seen-they will find that difficult to deny when there are faces behind the voices. It is this or ultimately the complete loss of the Constitution-say goodbye to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly next!

  77. Almost nothing posted here about this Ed Hale bombshell is true. First, Steve does NOT have the INS document in his hands yet. He is waiting to receive it but hasn’t as yet. That was verified by Ed’s wife in the chat. Second, what was put on Gretawire was on the blog on that site and not posted by Greta or FoxNews. Third, nothing was said about any of this on CNN or FoxNews. The only place anything was posted about the INS document and the references on CNN and Fox was on the blog on the Greta site and it was determined by everyone on Plains Radio chat that the whole thing was a hoax. Probably posted on Greta by an Obot who was listening to Ed on Plains talking to Steve about the document. It sure got everyone excited though. I and others were on the chat and also watching tv to see if the references on Gretawire posts to all this being talked about on CNN and Fox was true and nothing at all was said anywhere on tv. It was all a hoax.

  78. Patriot —

    This “Bob” has always argued against Berg’s case EVER being in Federal Court —

    I believe that if he had he filed where he should have — because it really is a ‘member derivative’ lawsuit against the DNC and its standard-bearer — for FRAUD and MISREPRESENTATION, then he would now be much further along.

    However, we would not now have this very good AMICUS brief, either.

    So, I won’t criticize Berg, because SCOTUS has opened the door for him to file his case where it really belongs, in PA courts.

    I think if he does that, he will gain the kind of success that will attract the funds he needs to help pay his bills. A few victories now and then always helps to raise money.

    By losing all the time, he only dries up his financial support.

    But hey der, that’s for him to decide.

    So, don’t get sunburned standing out der on that thin ice! Okay der now!?

  79. Here is an article how Obots got caught posting racist comments on a conservative blog.
    They just don’t seem to know that this is not a video game, but the reality.

    Btw. I did not listen to Ed Hale, but he should not play those games.
    Alerting people, and then saying, the info is on its way, then saying I haven’t seen it yet, then it turns out to be nada.

    I really hope there is something to the INS paper.
    I really do.

  80. zachjonesishome

    Just a comment about people posting in others’ names – I saw that a post was put on Hal Turner’s blog by Zach – That is not me. I do not post on Hal’s blog. His site is frequented by many racists and anti-Semitic characters. I want no part of either. I do go there occasionally just to keep track of what they are doing. I’m fairly sure the FBI is checking there frequently also.

  81. “Btw. I did not listen to Ed Hale, but he should not play those games.
    Alerting people, and then saying, the info is on its way, then saying I haven’t seen it yet, then it turns out to be nada.

    I really hope there is something to the INS paper.
    I really do.”

    You’re right, BB, I’m going to wait until I see the document now. I sure am hoping, though.

  82. Ed Hale is a moron who should never be believed! Honestly, who else makes declarations he “has a bombshell” and then later adds a caveat that he “doesn’t actually have it in his hands yet, but he will soon”. Ridiculous! I don’t know why anyone has him on their programs at all!

  83. I haven’t read all the comments and this may be “old news’, but if not a new lawsuit has been filed – Strunk v. US Dept of State and Homeland Security

    Here is the link to the lawsuit Strunk v. US Dept of State and Homeland Security

  84. I just rechecked Gretawire and the original post is there around 8:30 last night so even the claim that the blogs had been scrubbed is wrong.
    Goodness…there are so many rumors out there.
    Interesting to note is that if they do not have a copy, how was it certified? Someone had to certify it…correct?
    Someone in Ed’s chat room spoke with the friend of Stanley Ann Dunham (Susan Blake) today who was quoted in the recent article as having been paid a visit in Seattle by Obie’s mom right after his birth. She believes that Obama was born in Honolulu because she says she was told this by SAD.
    Lot of crap out there…gotta let the dust settle and the chips fall where they may. In the mean time…try not to get our hopes up too high!

  85. Gracie.

    “Dateline Friday 1/2/09:

    As of today I received the go ahead from the DC District Court for the FOIA case (08-cv-2234) in re the Dunham / Soetoro (Obama) records (complaint attached) presumably with filing date 11/26/08.

    As of 12/26/08 I sent an additional FOIA to DHS re Soetoro and Dunham (the Ford Foundation / CIA connection) in preparation for amending the Complaint 08-cv-2234 to include DHS also – to be sent by tomorrow.”

    This is a good site for news on lawsuits

  86. In case you were wondering why your tin foil hat was beeping:

    Obama MUST be stopped before inaguration!

  87. Leonard Apple

    Strange that you think Bill Anderson is an Arizona elector because Arizona doesn’t think so. The Arizona electors were (according to the Arizona SoS and National Archive websites):
    Bruce Ash, Kurt Davis, Wes Gullett, Sharon Harper, Jack Londen, Beverly Lockett Miller, Lee Miller, Bettina Nava, Randy Pullen & D. Michael Rappoport.

    Mr Anderson’s own amicus curiae says that he was an elector of an elector on November 4th, 2008 ; in other words he was a voter. His standing would be the same as that of any other voter.

  88. OK. Here’s something else to look at–a notice that a bill has been introduced to eliminate the two term limit:

  89. Sandy – are you the one who called in to the Momma E show on Sunday night w/ Phil Berg and Lisa? I didn’t catch the name of the caller, but the gentleman said something similar to what I’ve been thinking since Fitzpatrick did his press release re: Blago.

    Fitzpatrick is obviously used to high profile cases and press conferences. But when he came out that day to talk about the corruption at the “highest levels” and how ‘Lincoln would be turning over in his grave’, he looked seriously flustered to me. Was the Lincoln reference because it’s happening in the state of IL, or was the Lincoln reference because Obama is trying to use President Lincoln to bolster his own image?

    It just struck me as odd on the day of the press conference, even before we knew where it was going to lead.

  90. Johnny Majors

    CW: Would you like to meet sometime? I have the funds to fly anywhere within U.S. and would love to schedule an asskicking (of you) .. You deserve to be beat for promiting such lies.

    I bet you’re a single lonely person. You’re wife and/or girlfriend (or boyfriend?) probably left you because they couldn’t stand you.

  91. I believe that Theresa Danials hit the nail squarley on the head. I think that some nice clean copies of the INS form that Stanley Anne D.Obama filled out when she was returning to Hawaii via Sea-Tac Airport should be made and published in every newspaper throughout the United States, and Europe as well. Let the world know the truth where he was born. After all the form says he was born in Kenya.It was written on the INS form by Obama’s own mother.We really no longer need the vault birth certificate. It should also be published on the internet by as many websites as possible throughout the world. Perhaps a little foreign criticism of our SCOTUS, and Congress would shame some of our people like Pelosi, Biden, Durbin, Schummer, Reid, and all the other left liberals who think that they are GOD,and everyone should kiss their backsides. They will cause their own downfall. Unfortunately it might take awhile for this to happen. In the interim all Americans will suffer.

  92. please watch this video this is why the government is spending our money like water to bring down our economy and replace it with the amero and inforce the north american trade union this is scary how can we stop this master plan

  93. And you know the INS form says he was born in Kenya, how?

  94. There is no such INS form.


    Do you not find it odd that Joe Biden has not resigned from his Senate post? He is in Irag as Senator/Vice President elect. I read that Joe Biden was in charged of the committee overseeing the Passport. Maybe, he had seen Obama’s BC. Joe Biden’s attitudes and demeanor have been very strange through out the election and up to now. I would bet that he knows something about Obama’s BC or Passport.

  96. Johnny Majors.
    I would be more careful if I were you.

  97. Yeah. there is no such INS form.

    And Ed Hale is a gigantic liar, by the way. So are 99% of the Birthers, in general.

  98. Oh ja,
    and by the way.
    To all the lefties who support the Hamas terror because they fall for the propaganda.
    Strange bedfellows You’ve got

  99. By the way, by the way.

    To all those non-lefties named BerlinBerlin.

    Your president’s middle name is Hussein.

    That’s where the problem lies, atleast for you. It has nothing to do with the Hamas, or Gaza, or Israel.

  100. zachjonesishome

    I’ll put money on Wells. What crap to put up with. Zach


    citizenwells // January 13, 2009 at 5:49 pm (edit)

    Johnny Majors.
    I would be more careful if I were you.

  101. by the way, btw, by the way postscript –

    what the hell is ‘gretawire’.

  102. Joyce Stangland

    major(johnny) what? We all here at this website have seen the threat to CW. YOU BEST GO LAY DOWN BY YOUR DISH major (johnny)what!
    CW is more of a man than you will ever think of being. . . . He is a very HONORABLE MAN! He is fighting to save our COUNTRY.
    We must be getting close to diggin out the crap,…. the obots are getting a little ugly.

  103. sc_dem. I don’t know what country you live in, but in the United States of America the President’s middle name is Walker.

  104. a call to arms by a few thousand people, given the 70 million or so voters who were pro-Obama, is the real threat that the government will act upon.

    so go ahead and ‘resin up your bow, and play your fiddle hard’.

  105. ha. are you from Texas also, Katie? i’d venture to say so.

    again – fiddle…meet Katie. resin to your delight.

  106. CW,
    I do think that Mr. Majors is threatening you.

    Like someone here said, we must be close to finding out more. It’s making them nervous.

  107. From MommaE:


    Below is the information for MommaE Radio Rebels Show Hosted by Mark McGrew tonight. I am sure that it will be another great show. Marks show will start immediately after my Show on Monks Media.

    Please post this on your Blogs or any Blogs that you are associated with and send to everyone in your address book that you think would like to hear the show.

    I hope that you will all go and hear Mark’s show. Here is the link, call in number and times: Call In # 347-237-4870
    5:00 PM Pacific, 6:00 PM Mountain, 7:00 PM Central, 8:00 PM Eastern.

    I hope to see you all there.

    MommaE for Mark

    Neil Turner
    Special Guest
    Talk Radio Tuesday Night
    January 13, 2009
    Do Military Officers have to obey Obama’s orders
    if he is not eligible to be President?
    Neil Turner is a Plaintiff in Dr. Orly Taitz’s lawsuit in the US Supreme Court.
    Click here to listen live: Mark McGrew Radio Talk Show

    Call in to speak your piece at: 1-347-237-4870
    Show time is 9pm EST 8pm CST 7pm MST 6pm PST

  108. Caron just said on the chat that she talked with Steve and that he would NOT have the INS doc by Friday, but would explain to Ed on the show Thursday nite.

  109. Sounds like the Obots are getting scared. That’s good!

    Oh and sc_dem…

    102 million registered Voters DID NOT vote for Obama. and it was 67 million not 70.

    When the truth comes out a whole lot of those 67 million will drop Obama like a rock starting with the MSM. They will be the first to turn on him for the sake a ratings.

    Then there will be the sound of 102 million Cheers.

  110. To the Obama thug posting as sc_dem

    “By the way, by the way.

    To all those non-lefties named BerlinBerlin.

    Your president’s middle name is Hussein.”

    FYI my president is Horst Köhler.
    I don’t know his middle name, but it is certainly not Hussein.

    Political uninformed bloggers like You might be more familiar with Angela Merkel, she is the Chancellor of Germany.

    It is never too late to learn, but in Your case it would be better to start with fundamental stuff.
    Like courtesy or common sense.

    BTW kiitycat77
    I agree that the sudden Obot attact lately are a sign they get nervous.

    Do You also feel like You are a teacher in a class full of spoiled teens?
    Can’t take them serious.

  111. sc-dum –

    Wow – ACORN is really doing their job. We’re adding more voters everyday. Now it’s over 70 million? Wonder how many of them are deceased or illegal??

    As for where I live…it could be TX or it could be any of the remaining 56 states your candidate knows about.

    CW – thanks for letting the rest of the world see just what pathetic, petty, and uninformed Obots post to your site. They should all be SERIOUSLY concerned about the loss of their rights that is coming if this man is not stopped.

    Note to self – time to buy stock in KoolAid.

  112. I’ve always found it interesting that people on the left, which claim to be all for peace, are always the first to resort to violence when they can’t win a discussion.

    Keep up the good work CW.

  113. Katie, love what you said… LOL!

    This INS document must be making them more nervous. Personally, I’m sick of all of their threats. I would try to figure out who sent that, CW, if you can, and report that person.

    Oh, did y’all hear that K-Love, the Christian radio station, mentioned that the INS document had been found? I saw this at restore the constitutional republic.

  114. What I just approved is just the tip of the iceberg.
    I notified the FBI several weeks ago when I received a clear
    death threat. Can we trust the FBI? Not sure anymore.
    I do hope that they read this blog.

  115. CW:

    I hope that we can trust them, and I sure hope that they read this blog too. Maybe they can become educated where BO is concerned.

  116. Citizenwells –

    Wanted to stop by and thank you for all that you are doing to expose Obama for the fraud that he is!

    Don’t let Johnny-boy Major-dummy and his nasty threats bother you. He’s just part of the typical, ObamaBorg Kool-Aid drinking Bot-mind who have no job and nothing better to do than to sit in their parent’s basement and make stupid threats on blogs.

    From the Borg link:

    “The Borg were a pseudo-race of cybernetic beings, or cyborgs, from the Delta Quadrant. No truly single individual existed within the Borg Collective (with the possible sole exception of the Borg Queen), as they were linked into a hive mind.

    As is common with fictional characters, the ObamaBorg Bots are not to be taken seriously. Thus, we make fun of them:

    Drones also contained failsafes designed to deactivate and even vaporize their own bodies, thereby allowing the Collective to eliminate damaged or dead drones without leaving remains to be exploited by outsiders. (TNG: “Q Who”) The captured drone Third of Five also made comments indicating that this vaporization may have been a form of resource reabsorption. (TNG: “I Borg”) One of these failsafes was intended to automatically deactivate drones experiencing strong emotional states, which the Borg interpreted as a sign of disconnection from the hive mind. (VOY: “Human Error”)

    Just substitute “hive” mind for “ObamaBot” mind.

    Have a nice day!

  117. I hope and pray we stop 0bama and have been writing letters and signing petitons like all of you. But in the end does it really change anything?

    The evil tiumvirate of 0bama, Pelosi and Reed, together with a near super-majority in Congress will just legislate it away. Even if we stop obama, not too likely at this point, they will just replace him with Biden, Pelosi or Clinton. Maybe a little less evil, but still bad news.

    This is only a battle in a much larger war. Our country id broken. It has slowly been breaking for a long time. Now the alarm is sounding. I think we all hear it. It says, “Our country is now officially 100 percent broken!”

    Why hasn’t some leadership emerged, like our Republican Party, to direct this battle? They have hung us out to dry. We are splintered in blogs like this all over the web. Our numbers are impressive but our efforts are not coordinated and thus ineffective.

    That is changing!

    A exciting new idea to form a coalition of all groups all accross the web and a well defined plan to co-ordinte us and refocus our patriotic efforts has finally occured.

    This coalition and plan will lead us to a unified party of massive numbers and not just the winning back of our country but the fixing of our severely broken government.

    For more information on the coalition visit:

    For more information on the detailed plan to win back our government visit:

    Together we can change the future and secure our freedoms and liberties once again. United we stand! United We Stand! UNITED WE STAND!

  118. TO JOHNNY MAJORS: There is no greater person than Citizen Wells and his work trying in trying to protect the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES. There are thousands of us that will stand beside him in any threats that you make. Get a life, if you don”t agree with what we do on this blog, I’m sure Obama can find you a home. God Bless You Citizen Wells, Stay Safe, if you need us we’ll be there.

  119. Just a thought…it seems to me everyone is knocking this Ed Hale character, and he may have proven to be a character, however, he stated that he had the divorce decrees of Obama and Soetoro…so time will tell the rest of the story. It seems to me we are fighting each other and not coming together as we should. We are not tin foils or kool aid kids, we are a people and mostly we want the best for our Country. So God bless our endeavors and allow us to take back what was stolen from us. Thank you CW, texas darlin and all of you wonderful patriots who are fighting in our own way to take that which was stolen.

  120. To SonOf1776:

    It’s not about “stopping Obama.” And, no offense intended, but statements like that only serve to lessen the credibility of these cases, IMO.

    These issues are about upholding our constitution and the laws of this country. Period. Like I’ve read on this blog and many others, it’s never been about Obama. It’s about whoever comes next.

  121. joy.
    Thanks and God bless.

  122. @Tim Allman
    I agree, even though I was irritated about the way Ed handled the Obama divorce document story.
    He sure has good intentions, but loves to inject some drama.

    We have to stand united.

    Believe, GOD will make a way.

  123. I personally don’t like being told this, “oh, we have secret stuff that will be revealed,” etc., because that just doesn’t fly well with me at all. If someone has something, forget the crap the MSM pulls, just let those of us who love the U.S. know it. We’re supposed to get standing strong and pulling for the truth of the matter. When someone says “oh, I have secret stuff,” that just goes to show they are playing a power trip. Well, I have enough of that in this day and time. It’s stupid. I’m sure that we all do. So just let the truth fly and we’ll uphold the truth, if it figures out to be so.

  124. Well, the thing with this “secret stuff” around the Obama divorce paper was very stupid.

    I mean saying on radio that the content is dangerous for Obama and then telling it comes via FedEx from Hawaii.

    This guy and whoever his handlers are has tons of money.
    Corruption is the way he rolls anyway. And the way things roll generally in the US these days.

    He should have kept quiet about it and revealed it after he had it secured.

    But generally, his goal is our goal.

  125. Kittycat77,

    I to do not like the games either, however, some ego’s require the cat and mouse game…if you got the goods, show, otherwise keep the intel until confirmed and then show the goods…

  126. Lizzi,

    I respectfully disagree.

    0bama is the one breaking the law and attempting to become a usurper by violating the constitution. Therefore, we are exactly trying to stop 0bama.

    See what the 0bama-mania has done to us? We are even afraid to directly use his name. It is now not politically correct to say “stop 0bama”, we must only say “uphold the Constitution”.

    Even I am guilty. I rarely spell 0bama with an ‘O’. I try to use ‘0’ (zero).

    Screw that. I say call it like it is.

  127. Here’s my reasoning on the cat-and-mouse game. I think that all it does is cause more conspiracies and theories on top of it. If all is out in the open, it reveals the light of the truth! Truth = light and vice versa. Of course, we’re working with the other side here, so that is concealed, which is darkness.

    All in all, I want the light to spring forth, the truth! Guess you can see what I’m saying. If the truth had been revealed in the beginning of all of this, we wouldn’t be having this discussion at all. I’m tired of all of the O-bots in a big way. They are helping to conceal and are basically walking in darkness, which it shows from the way that they talk to others here and everywhere else.

    This is very, very sad. I hope that they come to the light/truth.

  128. Kittycat77,

    I totally agree, however, no matter how bright the light shines, the Obots will never admit nor see the light…In some regards it is reminiscent of the time of Moses, where Moses when to Pharaoh per Gods instrution and to no avail, it is as if their hearts are harded to all truth. Why is it that when the truth is stated, some are totally blind to it…it just amazes me…

  129. Tim, they can all be opened to Yahweh’s truth, but the whole thing will be up to them. It has to do with “hearing,” and IF and WHEN one decides to hear. That was always the hardest for me to understand years ago, but a person MUST want to hear. Once they do, a light enters into their minds, the light of truth. Yahweh says to turn to him and he’ll turn to us. He always gives us the choice.

    Anyway, in the Days of Our Lives in the BO saga, have you read on Restore the latest? Wow, this is something and let me post it.

    She’s answering a person named Justice:

    “Justice, that is Dr. Orly Taitz! She is very tough and we are so lucky to have her on our side! She saw what was happening and I am sure it reminded her of her home country Russia! Glad to have you aboard!

    Ed is going to release the document either Friday or Monday. The document, according to Ed, is in a safe place but he does not have a hard copy as of yet. Steve apparently has the document. It states that S.A.D Obama’s (funny, her initials are SAD) port of entry was Miami six days after Obama was born and she arrived with a child. Ed gave us the document numbers in the room. However, you can not get to the doc on line due to it being that all records from that far back are on film. It sounds like the real thing. Globe is suppose to have the document as well so that they can run the story next week!

    Guys, if you were not on Plains last night, Steven P. told this story about a Barrack Obama that died in a plane crash in Pakistan in 1979. It was a private jet with a pilot, co-pilot, and two (?) passengers. After an investigation the plane was fine but the flight crew was overcome by nerve gas and that is the reason the plane crashed. One of the passengers on board was a Barrack Obama. Steve stated a number of times that he was not tying this to our Barrack Obama (wink wink)! FREAKY!

    Ok, I see now that you guys have somewhat covered the micro fishe thingy!


  130. A debunking of the sole claimed evidence for Berg’s claim that Obama was born in Kenya–the only known complete transcription of an Oct. 16, 2008 phone call between Ron McRae and Obama’s step-grandmother Sarah Obama of Kenya–should be read by anyone interested in the truth of how that conversation has been misrepresented. Go to and search for “A Full and Complete Transcription of a Phone Call between Ron McRae and Sarah Onyango Obama of Kenya”. In short, Sarah Obama (Obama’s step-grandmother) never said in that phone call, or intended to say or mean, that Obama was born in Kenya. If facts matter, study this transcription and the accompanying notes and analysis there.

  131. CW

    I can only imagine what you are going through. You’re a brave soul.

    We do need you.

  132. redneck sympathizer

    So…they have tracked the INS doc and also have a # now they are just trying to get their hands on it? I hope I got this right the first reports were more optimistic.This will not be evidence perfect but would cast enough doubt to maybe get a subphoena?Just trying to understand.Thanks.

  133. Remember folks, the constitution says that PEBO is ineligible to “serve” as POTUS.

    I believe he hasn’t committed the crime of “serving” illegally, until after he is sworn-in and commits an illegal act as president.

    Please don’t misunderstand me, this guy is as evil as the Babylonian bastards that have conspired to commit this coup de tat, and it turns my stomach everytime I have to see him on my TV and listen to the debased Media lemmings fawn over him.

    I am disturbed and confused as to how any justice of the SC could swear him in in light of all the cases already lying before them and uncountable additional cases coming up through the pipeline. It will not end until it is resolved.

    Let’s hope they recuse themselves from swearing him in as they should.


  134. Gordon,

    I appreciate what you have written and sincerely hope that you are correct. However, I keep getting this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that nothing is going to happen to Obama. I fear that he will get away with the biggest fraud in the history of our nation.

    I have asked the following on several blogs and NO ONE has answered my questions. I hope that someone here will.

    I’m just your average, natural born United States of America citizen and registered voter who wants a question or two answered.

    First and foremost, I would like to know why Barack Hussein Obama is spending close to a million dollars in order to not show any judge or the public, his vault-length COLB (which would have cost about $15.00 to obtain), show the judge(s) in the Berg vs. Obama lawsuit case, and thus demonstrate to every American voter that he is eligible for the office of the POTUS – as per the three requirements listed in Section II of the Constitution.

    I would also like to know why SCOTUS has taken to full conference with the 9 justices several of the lawsuits (like Berg vs. Obama re: Obama’s natural born citizen proof); yet, each time has had the writ of Certiorari denied. It has been assumed that the denial is because Mr. Philip Berg, as an ordinary U.S. citizen (like me!) and registered voter (like me!) has been deemed to be “without standing” to bring such a case forward to SCOTUS.

    Can someone tell me why this is so?

    If Mr. Berg (or any of the other SCOTUS plaintiffs) are deemed not to have standing on an issue as crucial as the eligibility question(s) regarding a president-elect, then where does our God-given status as “We the People” live? Aren’t our elected (and/or soon to be elected government individuals)and appointed justices supposed to SERVE US? Isn’t our Constitutional, Democratic-Republic supposed to serve “We the People” – NOT JUST serve at the whims of THE ELITES IN OUR GOVERNMENT OR IT’S OFFICIALS? What ever happened to the Constitutional guarantees that grant us a government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE?

    On another blog, a commenter wrote:

    “On next Tuesday Barrack Obama will stand on front of the Capitol and swear his allegiance to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

    If Barack Hussein Obama is not a natural born citizen of the United States of America, as SPECIFICALLY REQUIRED by our Constitution for the position of POTUS, then Obama will be sworn in as a usurper – fraudulently “swearing his allegiance to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States” which he has already violated by lying about his true citizenship status and heaping the biggest fraud upon the American people in the history of our nation – via his illegal and illegitimate candidacy.

    What a sad day for America.

  135. Christinewjc.
    We will vote them out of office and/or expel them.
    The MSM will regret their role in promoting him.
    Stay tuned.
    Every dog has his day.

  136. Thanks for responding, Citizenwells. However, I am still hoping and praying – ever so fervently – that the fraud doesn’t get into office in the first place!

    At another blog where I posted my questions, I just noticed a new posting with a link to a website that has a huge amount of information regarding how easily a manipulation of a birth certificate from Hawaii can occur. I’m passing it along because I thought it might interest you. Perhaps, if it is given to the right person or people, they could use it to our advantage against Obama?

    Here’s the website link:

  137. Here is a laugh from the attempted amendment of the natural born clause 2006:
    “Additionally, considering that the Founding Fathers presumably included the natural born citizen clause in the Constitution partly out of fear of foreign subversion, the current stability of the American government and the intense media scrutiny of presidential candidates virtually eliminates the possibility of a “foreigner” coming to America, becoming a naturalized citizen, generating enough public support to become president, and somehow using the presidency to directly benefit his homeland. The successful implementation and maintenance of a separation of power amongst the branches of government as well as the effective checks and balances in today’s government make this scenario extremely unlikely.

    Click to access Herlihy.pdf


    Jerry Moore of Gate House Newsmedia published an opinion piece in Wheaton, IL Leader that has been picked up by several papers. One of the few columns published in mSM addressing the controversy. In this case, any coverage is probably useful.

  139. Rhyme or reason to SCOTUS action ?

    I thought these might be of interest on the eve of the last SCOTUS action prior to 1/20. Time will tell.

    just say no to

  140. More info re: Natural Born Issue at:

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