Tony Rezko sentencing delayed, Judge St. Eve delays again, December 16, 2008, Rezko Blagojevich and Obama linked, Rezko contributions to Obama, Obama indictment next?

Why Barack Obama should be indicted

Part 6

One or more of the following events should happen:

  • Obama steps down.
  • Obama is forced to prove eligibility.
  • Obama is indicted and/or arrested.

If one of the above does not occur within a few months,
perhaps we should look to the Declaration of Independence
or Thomas Jefferson, for our next strategy.


The Chicago Tribune, in an article dated December 16, 2008,
has revealed that the sentencing of Tony rezko has been
delayed again. Apparently Rezko has been talking and revealing
corruption links to Blagovich and other lawmakers. Obama’s name
was mentioned during the Rezko trial and Patrick Fitzgerald has
recently been investigating a real estate deal between Rezko
and Obama. Here is an exerpt from the Tribune article:


“Fundraiser Rezko’s sentencing delayed _ could add to Illinois Gov. Blagojevich’s problems
By MIKE ROBINSON | Associated Press Writer
12:26 PM CST, December 16, 2008
CHICAGO (AP) — Jailed political fundraiser Tony Rezko’s sentencing for corruption was delayed indefinitely Tuesday, most likely adding to the legal problems of embattled Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

The sentencing date of Jan. 6 was erased by U.S. District Judge Amy J. St. Eve. The action appeared to signal that Rezko’s on-again, off-again relationship with the federal prosecutors investigating Illinois government was on again.

Both federal spokesman Randall Samborn and Rezko’s chief defense counsel, Joseph Duffy, declined to comment after the hearing. Duffy responded to a blizzard of questions by saying, “Merry Christmas, everybody.”

Rezko was a major adviser to Blagojevich and raised more than $1 million for his campaign fund. He started talking to federal prosecutors last summer, a few weeks after he was convicted of fraud, money laundering and bribery-related counts in June.


Then he stopped talking and demanded to be sentenced as soon as possible. Now that January date is canceled.”
“News stories about Rezko’s trial had put a spotlight on then-candidate Obama, who tried to distance himself from Rezko and sent $150,000 in Rezko-related contributions to charity. All of those contributions were to Obama’s state legislative and U.S. House and Senate campaigns — not his presidential race. Obama also had to answer questions about an unrelated 2006 real estate deal with Rezko that Obama now calls a mistake.”

Read more here:,0,6039019.story

Patrick Fitzgerald investigation of Obama, Rezko land deal


44 responses to “Tony Rezko sentencing delayed, Judge St. Eve delays again, December 16, 2008, Rezko Blagojevich and Obama linked, Rezko contributions to Obama, Obama indictment next?

  1. But Obama said he investigated his staff and found himself and his staff to all be innocent. Where’s Rahm Emmanuel? Probably under the Bus with Obama’s Grandma. (I Still think she is alive and under Witness Protection). Lets see the ONE weasle out of this one. Uh…Uh…Uh… I…Uh…Have…Uh…Nothing…to do with Uh… Tony Rezko.

  2. Way to go!! Keep fighting for the truth. The Truth shall set us free. I am still waiting on the criminal charges for all those involved with the
    SEC and Housing disaster. There will be no more buying your way out of punishment.

  3. Obama intervenes personally on the Michelle tape and Imam document: An urgent meeting held in Oslo between API and Obama’s representatives only hours before the US Electoral College is scheduled to meet.
    Posted by africanpress on December 15, 2008

    The two months saga nears the end. API did not expect any contact meeting to be initiated by Mr Obama in an effort to tone down the tape and Imamdoc story that has been kept alive by API for the last 60 days.

    In a secret meeting held in Radison SAS hotel in Oslo yesterday night between Mr Korir and Mr Gregory Burns, it became clear that the President elect did not wish the story be kept alive any longer, especially because there are now issues with the Governor of Illinois coming up that may place a new burden on Obama.

    The President elect in the words of his emissary wants API to stop circulating the story about his Wife’s call to API.

    The meeting was attended by Korir, his legal representative, Mr Burns and Mrs Bryant Madelene.

    The two personalities told API that they were despatched to Oslo by Obama’s senior advisor. ?The two travelled?back to Washington immediately after the meeting and inside their briefcase taking with them an agreement signed by both parties on how to bring the tape/Imamdoc to a close. On their way to Washington, they will make a stop-over in the UK and hold a short meeting with the Imam and his UK legal representative.

    All this is happening hours before the Electoral College takes their seats to deliberate on the US Presidential elections that took place on the 4th of November.

    The details of the agreement will not be made public, but API wishes to inform the readers that the parties have agreed to hold a final meeting in Washington in the next 7 days. The deal signed yesterday night was not conclusive, because API has set forward some demands that must be met if the tape and the Imamdoc is not to be made public. One of the demands is to hold a joint press conference with Obama’s senior advisor when announcing the details on the final agreement.

    By API Editorial

  4. No offense Zoppo.
    API lost all credibility weeks ago.

  5. Heard a faint rumor coming down the pike about another pay for play deal involving Bill Richardson. Anyone else catch any of that? I think Fox is reporting it.

    Can’t Obama even wait until he’s POTUS before he starts getting into trouble? The man is just too impatient.

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    You’ve probably all seen this, but interesting in light of Fitzerald’s success in deferring Rezko’s sentencing.

  8. Jerome,
    You were correct, I saw it on drudge the other day and no one reported on it… interesting the buddies that surround him… Here it is

  9. And now there’s even more blockbuster info from the Gina Cobb web site:

    Rezko’s Lawyer Owns Obama’s House
    By DemocracyRules

    This is another scandal that just keeps growing. When it first became known that Rezko helped Obama buy his house, Obama himself called the deal “boneheaded”.

    Now things look much worse, because Rezko ‘s lawyer owns the house. His name is William Miceli, and Obama formerly worked for him.

    Documents here Download 5046_Greenwood_AV_Lexus

    Why would Rezko’s lawyer own Obama’s house?

    There are several explanations, and none look good. Obama tried to buy the house because Michelle wanted it. “According to My DD: Direct Democracy, in 2004, Barack’s wife, Michelle, was on the board of the Commission of Chicago Landmarks and in this capacity, learned of a designated historical home in Kenwood that was for sale — the home and the adjacent land at 5046 South Greenwood.”

    But the sellers were asking more than the market value. They also insisted on selling the adjacent empty lot at the same time. The house and the two lots together made an attractive package, because it became a corner property with a big yard.

    House picture here

    The price was too high for Obama, so he went to Rezko for help. Rezko’s plan was to buy the adjacent property on the same day Obama bought the house. Obama would still have to overpay, even for just the house. But once the whole deal was finished, the package would become a reasonably good deal.

    Obama (or William Miceli) bought the house, and Rezko’s wife bought the adjoining lot. Then Obama got a strip of the lot from Rezko’s wife for about $100,000. This did two things. It expanded the house lot, which increased the house value. The picture shows a new fence that Obama had built along the new property line. It also made the adjacent lot so narrow, it’s unlikely anyone who bought it could make money building something on it. They might not even be able to get a building permit. So essentially the deal gave Obama a house and the use of two lots.

    Michelle had the house she wanted, and the Obama’s had a house that looked “Senatorial”.

    But the deal was unethical because Rezko had conferred a benefit by helping Obama obtain something he couldn’t otherwise afford.

    And since Rezko’s lawyer actually owns the property, a benefit is still being conferred to Obama all the time he lives there.

    But wait, there’s more! The mortgage is way too high. It’s so high it violates the lending rules for Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, which carries the mortgage. Why? And who pays this mortgage? Why would Obama pay a mortgage on a house he doesn’t own? Does he just pay rent, while Rezko’s lawyer pays the mortgage?

    But wait, there’s even more! It’s now clear the adjacent lot was overvalued by Rezko’s bank. At the time, an appraiser said it was worth $500,000. But Rezko’s bank unilaterally upped the value to about $650,000. This enabled Rezko’s wife to get a bigger mortgage on the lot. A bank employee found out, and complained this was mortgage fraud. Overvaluing a property to get a bigger mortgage is against the law. The employee blew the whistle, but he was fired. Now he’s suing the bank.

    But wait there’s even more! Rezko borrowed money for the deal from his friend and backer Nadhmi Auchi, a British billionaire from Iraq who was mixed up in the oil-for food scandal. Auchi has a very complicated past, and he’s very litigous about any mention of his name.

    Does Nadhmi Auchi effectively own or control the house Obama lives in?

    Now there’s word that Patrick Fitzgerald is getting interested in these dealings. I sure hope he does.

  10. I covered Rezko for the Trib and there’s nothing there that’ll effect Obama. Before, during and 4 times after the trial (last time 2 weeks ago) the judge, prosecutor and the attorney general made public statements clearing Obama of ANY wrongdoing. It was remembered by many as something you never see in a trial. Everyone that had any power to indict Obama went out of their way to exonerate him. He’s not going to be busted for any Rezko dealings. And Rezko will NEVER turn on Obama. Word is he knows where the bodies are buried (figuratively). You might get him on something else but it won’t be Rezko. Actually most of us here in Chicago don’t think he’ll ever face any criminal culpability, he’s way too careful and way to smart. It’s that teflon coating that won’t fail him. Bet ya.


    Since the Supreme Court has now prevented itself from acknowledging the question of whether Barack H. Obama is or is not an Article II “natural born citizen” based on the Kenyan/British citizenship of Barack Obama’s father at the time of his birth (irrespective of whether Barack Obama is deemed a “citizen” born in Hawaii or otherwise) as a prerequisite to qualifying to serve as President of the United States under the Constitution — the Court having done so three times and counting, first before the Nov 4 general election and twice before the Dec 15 vote of the College of Electors — it would seem appropriate, if not necessary, for all Executive Branch departments and agencies to secure advance formal advice from the United States Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel as to how to respond to expected inquiries from federal employees who are pledged to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States” as to whether they are governed by laws, regulations, orders and directives issued under Mr. Obama during such periods that said employees, by the weight of existing legal authority and prior to a decision by the Supreme Court, believe in good faith that Mr. Obama is not an Article II “natural born citizen”.

  12. If you read or glance at all the Hawaii Statutes from
    338-5 to 43 there are many ways to file for a colb.
    The colb can be changed, etc…but originals “sealed”.
    When the Director of the Health Dept. said the records
    have been “sealed”, it might very well mean they were
    “Altered” at some point. Another “person” may very
    well of “filed” for the COLB, perhaps Ann Dunham’s Mother.

  13. Rachel.
    No judge or prosecutor has cleared Obama of anything.
    Nice try.

  14. Rachel,

    Just a word of caution to you. Smart has nothing to do with getting caught. One’s baser instincts (and Obama has many of them) sooner or later prevail. It is unfortunately the law of the land and cannot be altered no matter how much one tries.

    Nixon may have been among the smartest of presidents, certainly more than Obama. It didn’t work. There are many, many more examples.

  15. I’ll be happily surprised if the bc stuff bears fruit, but it sure doesn’t look like it ever will. I guess they’re too afraid of the people who always riot rioting again. What if the law-abiding citizens ever rioted? Then again, they’re the ones who don’t get a free pass, like Barry.

  16. Also, if Obama admits the purchase of this house was, “a mistake”, why hasn’t he moved out of it?

  17. Looks like Lawdawg was right again. Justice kennedy denied the petition in Lightfoot.

  18. rrobin mentioned that Obama’s house owned by Rezko’s lawyer… see Gina Cobb link….

    If you look at he full document, the assessment appears to be for 2006…

    Click to access 5046_greenwood_av_lexus.pdf

    So it appears as though WILLIAM MICELI owns the property….

    but when you look at Obama’s income tax Schedule A Line 6 (Real Estate taxes -$16,181) and Line 10 (Mortgage-$60,449)

    see page 8 of pdf…

    Click to access obama_2006_tax_return.pdf

    It looks like the Obama’s claimed a deduction on a house they did not own..???

    How could this be?

    Did the owner claim this as a deduction, too?
    Did the owner allow Mr. Obama to claim a deduction on property owned by WILLIAM MICELI?

    This looks like something that might require some more digging to understand.

  19. venice // December 17, 2008 at 9:08 am

    Good point.

    Simon Diamond // December 17, 2008 at 9:14 am

    Whenever someone says that to me, “Can you imagine the riots if Obama is removed from office?” My response is always, “Courage is not the absence of fear, but to move forward in the face of fear.”

  20. can you imagine the riots, if he is not removed?
    (and guilty of perjury?)

    take your fear mongering elsewhere, please.

  21. API has no credibility, none whatsoever.

    right side of life posted:
    “Berg v. Obama: Application Refiled with Justice Kennedy
    December 16th, 2008
    According to the docket of Berg v. Obama:

    Dec 15 2008 Application (08A505) refiled and submitted to Justice Kennedy.

    This marks the first time that this case has been re-submitted to a Supreme Court Associate Justice since Justice Souter first received it on October 30, 2008.


    Now I am confused. Why re file to Kennedy and not to Alito, Scalia, or Thomas? Are we fishing for the Supreme Court Justice on the fence? I thought the case was still “pending” and I further thought that Souter docketed for sometime in January, like Jan 9th?
    Clarification anyone? Thank you.

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  23. ORLY goes ALL IN, re submits to chief justice! With Kennedy above, these lawsuits are slowly ticking off the strict constitutionalists by this theory. I don’t subscribe to it, for reasons I am not going into now because I would like to see what happens during the Congressional session.

    Lightfoot is being resubmitted to Chief Justice Roberts. See analysis

    I am writing an open letter to Chief Justice Roberts, I am resubmitting the petition to him. I could use an easy route and resubmit to Thomas and Scalia, but we already know that they are voting for the constitution. My concern is that twice during conferences the full court voted against the petitions, de facto against the constitution. At least 4 Justices had to vote yes for the petition to go to the oral argument. Since it didn’t go there, it means that not only liberal Justices: Souter, Stevens, Bryer and Ginsburg and swing vote Kennedy voted against, but one of the conservative Justices: Roberts or Alito voted against as well, and I decided to zero in and see, which one is it. I need to resubmit not to Thomas or Scalia, but to either Roberts or Alito and by process of elimination, I will know which one is it. He will not be able to hide behind the conference anymore. I decided to write to Roberts. It will be an open letter, that will be posted on the Internet, it will be read at the numerous radio stations around the country, including the radio stations around all the military bases, it will be in the video form on U-tube, the whole country will be watching him. Roberts will not be able to hide, he will have to show to the whole nation, whether he is for the constitution of this country or whether he is ready to tear it apart in favor of some new world order conceived by a few bankers and the trilateral commission.
    Additionally, Roberts has a duty to swear in the new president. This duty can be seen as a ministerial duty.
    Lastly, the candidate needs to put his hand on a bible, that says that bear false witness is an abomination and I wonder, how Roberts, a Catholic, feels about it, based on all the massive fraud committed by Obama.
    If at the end of the day our Judiciary, our law enforcement and our government fails us, we will have the right to remove the usurper using all means necessary. Our army is sworn to uphold the constitution, they have the right to remove the usurper from the White house to uphold the constitution, and we still have our second amendment right and we might need to use it to defend our rights and freedoms, guaranteed to us by our constitution.

  24. Obama cuts off news reporter. Looks like the one got choked up a bit 🙂

  25. kennedy denied BERG today, according to blog posting

  26. now we can see who spits on the constitution next.

  27. must be one of the other three cases Berg has filed

    because , AMerica’s right just wrote:

    Berg v. Obama to Reach Conference on January 9, 2009

    Philip Berg’s case against Barack Obama and the DNC, the first such lawsuit and the one broken here at America’s Right, will be discussed by the Supreme Court Justices at conference on Friday, January 9. This is the same type of conference seen in Wrotnowski and Donofrio, only Berg has filed a petition for writ of certiorari and not merely an application for emergency stay.

    For all intents and purposes, this is a distinction with no discernable difference when it comes to the eventual outcome — I still feel that the odds of any of these cases being heard on their merits are slim to none to completely insurmountable.

    Unfortunately, because of time constraints, I cannot discuss this any more today. A few days ago, I discussed a realistic approach to where Berg’s case goes from here — please take a look.

    In the meantime, it’s back to work for me.

    Posted by Jeff Schreiber 0 comments

  28. zachjonesishome

    From America’s Right:
    Berg v. Obama to Reach Conference on January 9, 2009

    Philip Berg’s case against Barack Obama and the DNC, the first such lawsuit and the one broken here at America’s Right, will be discussed by the Supreme Court Justices at conference on Friday, January 9. This is the same type of conference seen in Wrotnowski and Donofrio, only Berg has filed a petition for writ of certiorari and not merely an application for emergency stay.

    For all intents and purposes, this is a distinction with no discernable difference when it comes to the eventual outcome — I still feel that the odds of any of these cases being heard on their merits are slim to none to completely insurmountable.

    Unfortunately, because of time constraints, I cannot discuss this any more today. A few days ago, I discussed a realistic approach to where Berg’s case goes from here — please take a look.

    In the meantime, it’s back to work for me.

  29. Ovomit can hire a small army of attorneys to defend his worthless A$$>>(__I__), The reality is,He can’t meet the requirements to be Potus. Also,I am confidient that he will be exposed,via, the piercing and probing intellect of honest fourth right americans. read it right! Its sounds to uncomplicated correct? Well its not! When, American’s fundamental freedoms and liberties are TROMPED on, by Comunist SCUM and our rights are being exploited, by Liberal Marxist Trolls with Roid rage, Freedom loving Patriots will rise up in defiance. Liberal Trolls think that conservatives are out numbered and we don’t stand a chance against their NWO agenda! Wait just a minute! Guess what? They as it is (predictable) under estimated the wisdom,knowldge and tenacity, of true american patriots! you can bank on that. Therefore, I thank god there are patriotic people all over this nation fighting this battle on many many fronts. Thank you Mr. Wells.

  30. WND is also reporting Berg was denied?

  31. TheRightSideofLife is reporting it to be a docket mix up? What’s the real story?

  32. Hey…what is this texas darlin is reporting about Obama’s mansion phone number beign linked to the Socialist and Liberation Party?


    Now we have cases from Washington STate ( a new one) and Mississippi ( an under the radar one) rising through the system!

  34. Obama has long time ties to the US Socialist Party.

  35. Knowledge is power and as folks learn the truth they will realize how to use their power against the lies and fraud of Obama. Many fear there will be riots. There may be a few from the same folks who riot after a football game with results they don’t like. The riots will be few. The anger will be great, and it will end up being directed at those responsible for the fraud on America. Obama, Media, and the Socialists in the DNC and RNC.

  36. Yeah…but how dumb to link the NATIONAL number to his house? The SF office listed on the website is the same address as his campaign headquarters there.
    How long do you think it will take them to change this now that word is out?

  37. goodtimepolitics

    When they say they are sending the money to charity, do we know what charity it goes to and does the politicians then claim it on their income tax return?

  38. Huh. I just read an article that mentioned Obama’s grandmother’s “passing”. I say “passing” because he announced a broken hip and then a few days later she died of cancer. Was she ever treated for these things?

    Question: Now that she’s “dead”, we can easily call every single hospital in Hawaii (start with the close ones, of course) to find out if she was there as a patient in 2008. It is now public record that cannot be sealed. Let’s start calling.

    We can also ask if and when a death certificate was created. That is also public record.

  39. Janet, you are a genius. If we can show that grandma never died, the jig is up for Obama.

    Good work. You are a true American. God bless.

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