Barack Obama talked to Rod Blagojevich, More Obama lies, Obama Blagojevich meeting November 5, 2008, Discuss US Senate replacement, Obama camp lies, Ties to Tony Rezko, FBI mole John Thomas links them, December 10, 2008 Obama news

Just yesterday, December 9, 2008, the day that Rod Blagojevich was arrested,
Obama told another lie and stated he had not talked to Blagojevich.

Obama lied about talking to Rod Blagojevich

Today more evidence has surfaced of contact between Barack Obama and Rod Blagojevich:

“Ill. governor meeting with Obama today

By Carol Sowers
Wednesday, November 05, 2008 at 10:39 a.m.
CHICAGO, ILL. — Now that Barack Obama will be moving to the White House, his seat in the U.S. Senate representing Illinois will have to be filled.

That’s one of Obama’s first priorities today.

He’s meeting with Governor Rod Blagojevich this afternoon in Chicago to discuss it.

Illinois law states that the governor chooses that replacement.”
Read more here:

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  1. LIAR LIAR. Those are the only four letter words I will write here because I am a lady (and I don’t wish to be censored).

    What else is he hiding that we are NOT YET aware of???

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  3. Obama…..LIAR,LIAR Pants on Fire….

    My, my what a real sleeze bag we have on our hands for the next four years.

  4. As Mike Huckabee quips: The five scariest words to any governor:

    “Will the defendant please rise!”

  5. He is not inaugurated yet and if inaugurated isn’t guaranteed 4 years.

  6. And the librals thought bush was bad wow this puts the xtra icing on the cake can’t believe how nieve some americans can be. this one the oblhama bots can chew on.

  7. Did you say inaugurated?? Dude, he’s not even President -Elect yet!!!!!!!

  8. Mr. Wells,

    How do you do it? Thanks for keeping watch for us out here.

  9. The more that time passes the skeletons are coming out of obamas closets like pastor manning says.

  10. Your link has been taken down!

  11. US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald noted this complaint makes no charges with respect to other parties, including the President-Elect. But he also noted there were many lines of inquiry yet to be pursued. This matter does seem viral; additional major figures may yet be implicated.

  12. I care and I work my butt off.

  13. PS-I get a lot of help from good caring people.

  14. #

    RMinNC wrote // December 10, 2008 at 3:55 pm

    Obama…..LIAR,LIAR Pants on Fire….

    My, my what a real sleeze bag we have on our hands for the next four years.

    No, not years …… DAYS. Maybe more than four, but DAYS.

  15. SOP.

  16. It does appear that the article was removed. I have looked at other article id’s from 217580 to 217592 and they all do appear to be from November 5th. 217582 and 217583 do appear to be missing.

  17. I am glad that we have part or all of it copied and in front
    of the public.

  18. The Importance of Cicero in Western Thought
    by Fjordman
    I recommend this read for a deeper understanding of the mess the West is in nowadays…

  19. Great work everyone.

    The connecttristates link is now “unavailable,”…….hmmmmm……but the cache is still out there on google:

    son.of.a…… the content has disappeared off of google’s cache just within the last 5 minutes. Hopefully someone saved it before it went down.

    What a lie.

  20. A number of commentators (including El Rushbo) are wondering aloud why US Atty Fitzgerald dropped his bomb now rather than wait till his corruption case(s) were better developed/solidified (e.g., exchange for Blago “selling” Obama’s Senate seat actually transacted).

    Seems to me Fitzgerald is aware that the Supreme Court needs to “drop ITS bomb” (Obama not a “natural born citizen”) this Friday — before the Electors vote next Monday; hence Fitzgerald’s big case would be shoved to the back burner as almost an irrelevent afterthought if he waited until after Obama was disqualified by the Supremes. (Fitzgerald has worked too hard and too long to have his investigation and case pushed aside by what undoubtedly WILL BE the story of the century — Obama disqualified from the Presidency under the Constitution’s Article II.

  21. I have been watching the Fitzgerald investigation play out all year
    and Obama should be next.

  22. The emperor is butt-naked and he’s lying his a$$ off.

  23. You know, Why don’t you spend some time actually doing something good for America and for your fellow man, rather then endlessly trying to proclaim to everyone how you must be smarter than 67 million other people; That you know the constitution better than the justices that spend their whole career studying and defending it; That you have better inside criminal information than people who spend their career (fitz) finding and prosecuting these cases ; That you’re someone better than all these people., I can go on and on, but it will fall on deaf ears. You will believe you’re being a stand up human being . You are alligning yourself with Cultist hate monger preachers, and insane fraudulent criminals just because they fit your agenda.

    It all boils down to the fact that you’re ten times more currupt than your conspiracy theory paints obama as being.

  24. CW — you’re very sharp-eyed. People around here are propping up their easy chairs ready to turn on the 4:00 PM local news and run it all evening.

    I overheard this at the Chinese take-out, where they were saying that they weren’t “cooking tonight.”

    There’s a real sense that something is about to POP!

    The fact that there’s 6 inches of snow and 20 degrees out makes the idea of shopping at the Mall a whole lot less appealing.

    My own view is that Bush should appoint US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald as a “Special Prosecutor,” with an open portfolio to root out corruption in Illinois government would be a real blessing to this region of the country.

  25. Stay tuned.

  26. Is there a lawyer in Florida who might be interested in filing an emergency stay with the state Supreme Court? I have a well-documented mandamus file, with no response received from certified correspondence. Thanks.

  27. To all of the doubters out there, read this!

    On October 29, 2008, Daniel Pipes traced the money that bought Obama’s “Mansion.”

    Step 1 — U.N. Oil for Food Program (Saddam Hussein’s deposits in Paris)

    Step 2 — French banking giant BNP Paribas (yes, the same bank where Obama’s grandmother worked for in Hawaii many years ago (under its Hawaiian banking name) — to Nadhmi Auchi, a major shareholder, and on to Tony Resko, a major Obama fundraiser.

    Step 3 — To Tony Resko –On June 15, 2005, just twenty-three days after receiving Auchi’s $3.5 million, Rezko partnered with Obama in a real estate deal to buy Obama’s “Mansion.”

    Notice the smiling face in the top photo —
    “Rod Blagojevich;” and shaking hands in the bottom photo — Tony Resko and Barack Obama.

    O. J. Simpson’s “murder gloves” didn’t fit this tight! — A little levity (I apologize!)

    Blago is probably already on the phone, asking for money not to squeal!

    Read the whole article very carefully — the reason is was not more widely read, is most people need a scorecard to keep the player’s names straight, unless you know your current history.

    For the rest of you — these are bad, bad, very bad boys!

    They make Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves look like a child’s cartoon show!

  28. Jerry, I do not know to whom you were writing in your angry post. I suppose it was just put out there for all of us to read. You are certainly uninformed or else you would know without a shadow of a doubt that Obama is not qualified to be president under the Constitution including all the articles and all the amendments. The proof is right in his own words and on He had dual citizenship at birth (US & English) and therefore is not a “natural born citizen”. PERIOD. Cut and dry.

    The Supremes have laws and procedures they must follow in responding to lawsuits. For example, they just dismissed Donofrio’s “stay of election” part of his suit because by the time it reached them, the election was over. But the rest of his lawsuit is STILL PENDING.

    Please don’t be so angry that your candidate has turned out to be a liar. He said he didn’t meet with Blago to discuss his replacement but then there it was, in black and white, that they met on Nov. 5th in the afternoon in Chicago to discuss his replacement. And lo and behold, someone like you just took down that webpage.

    I say someone like you, meaning someone who just refuses to believe anything could be wrong with Obama. But I will ask you the question I keep asking myself: “Why would he rather pay 3 teams of lawyers over $700,000 to keep from having to show his long form birth certificate …… rather than JUST SHOW IT? If he has nothing to hide, why is he hiding it along with his college records which might show he received funding as a foreign student. Open your eyes!

  29. American4America

    Bob-and anyone else interested in some more research on the ‘mansion’ topic and the trail, you can check out gopmom’s web site

  30. American4America

    I, also, read (can’t remember where) about the loan officer for the transaction being fired for not doing monkey business with the appraisal price. He is suing the loan company for wrongful termination. This may be what Fitz was referring to about the subpeonas for the records concerning the land deal.

  31. Bob, I just copied and pasted your post and emailed it to Hannity, Greta & O’Reilly. I hope you don’t mind.

    It was from the post that started like this at 6:36pm:

    To all of the doubters out there, read this!

    On October 29, 2008, Daniel Pipes traced the money that bought Obama’s “Mansion.”


    This is so important. My printer is out of ink but before this webpage is scrubbed like the others, would someone please print out that article and mail it to Patrick Fitzgerald and even Chief Justice Roberts and how about anybody else you think is powerful enough to do something about this. Here is Fitz’s adddress:

    United States Attorney’s Office: Patrick Fitzgerald
    Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division
    219 S. Dearborn St., 5th Floor
    Chicago, IL 60604

  33. I’m watching closely. Great work Citizen.

  34. Jerry — I have personally worked with some of these people when they were young, enthusiastic, and idealistic —

    I tears me up to see how they have been turned into convicts, informants, bitter and frustrated, and corpses!

    I don’t think you have a clue!

    You can’t read a story about some of the real corruption I witnessed myself, where guys learn to talk to each other in sign language in bathrooms with running water, because you believe someone is “wired!” And, this isn’t HBO!

    Bill Beavers, one of the guys who got caught, has this to say — When you taking “tainted money” and get caught, “the money tain’t enough!”

  35. Jerry —

    Here’s a little my story — 35 years working in Illinois — showed the Feds just how $200 million of their funds were being ripped off — still, it cost me over $100,000 in legal fees just to escape the State in one piece — so I left forever! I was born there — just up the road from Adlai Stevenson’s farm.

    I was in the lobby of the Conrad Hilton the night of the riots across the street in Grant Park.

    Illinois was once the proud home of great Statesmen!

    So, don’t tell me to do something “good for America! I can tell you stories that will leave you sleepless for years!

  36. This Blagojevich story seems to be a well timed diversion from the certificate issue, the only issue that really matters.

    I’m not biting on it…

  37. The KHQA report has been taken down thanks to TexasDarlin we do have a screecapture see:

  38. Tom you make a valid point.
    However, the Fitzgerald investigation is, I believe, homing in on Obama.
    Obama is the next logical choice to be indicted.
    The executive branches are failing us.
    We have the legislative and judicial left to protect us.
    Legislative when Congress meets to verify and count Electoral votes.
    Courts and Justice Dept to rule on or arrest Obama.

  39. Thank you citizenwells, for easing some of my anxiety. This whole situation with this lying empty suit has bothered me for months.

    I’m at the point where I don’t even believe his grandmother died the day before the election but there are two reasons why he would say she did: sympathy vote and it’s a good reason why she can’t live in the White House even though the maternal grandmother will.

    I just don’t believe ANYTHING he says any more. It always seems that the opposite is actually the truth.
    “I never spoke with Blago about this.”
    He did speak with Blago about this.

    “I will help Hillary with her debt”
    He didn’t (well barely)

    “I won’t vote for the FISA bill”
    He did.

    “I will take public funds if McCain does”
    He didn’t.

    “I gave up smoking”
    He didn’t.

    “Ayers was only a guy in my neighborhood”
    No, they all knew eachother very well and for years.

    “I never heard Wright say those things”
    Of course he did, he admitted he attended the church twice a month for 20 years.

    Etc. So why should I believe a single word he says now? I am so disappointed.

  40. EVIL … Till the end of my days I will know in my heart I have seen true cowardice and evil poke it’s head through on these message boards.

    Till the end of your days you will refuse to admit that you ever made a mistake. But the way you perpetrate your lies is what is so evil about it.

    Go ahead, continue censoring any type of logical debate on here, just so you can pretend that your side has more credence than it really does. I’m taking snapshots of my responses so that I can post on my own blog the depths to which your side will slant and lie and cheat to try to make an invalid point.

  41. Approved as example.

  42. Logical, sincere, honest non attacking debate is welcome here.

  43. It’s so obvious how extremely divided this country is. Your side obviously represents the insane extremist – but non-the-less.

    The battle lines have been forming for years. Jim Morrison’s quote one of his songs “They’ve got the guns but we’ve got the numbers”

    THANK god almighty we have the guns and the numbers now. We have the true power. Now it’s time to do something moral with it. Lincoln did something Moral with his power – He had to go to war against the ignorant south before morality reigned supreme. As terrible as it is, this cycle of history has reared it’s head again. We may very well be on the cusp of civil war again. There are a lot of angry people on both sides. God is looking down in sorrow at the whole lot of us. Fighting, Bicking, Accusations, Refusal to reflect on our own lives while casting so much hate and judgement on the other side.

    You live in a glass house and you’re casting a lot of stones lately.

  44. You are confused.

  45. CW,

    One more thought on the Blagojevich ‘diversion’ point. Just the fact that the msm is “all over it” shows that the whole thing is smoke and mirrors imo.

    Maybe they throwing in a little ‘Fitzgerald’ for effect.

    BTW, appreciate your efforts here. Thanks

  46. Oh Adam, why not just sit by the fireplace and snuggle with Eve instead of coming on here to try to incite people? You live in a glass house and you’re casting a lot of stones.

    I am calm and happy knowing that justice will eventually be done. So I am going to light my fireplace now and wait for goodness to reign.

  47. Thank you, citizenwells, for keeping out the creeps who have no facts to disperse but simply want to namecall. It is stressful enough to deal with That One. I come here to learn.

  48. Adam —

    Try this on for a “side.”

    My grandfather built the bridges that you cross into the Chicago Loop (or see in the Batman movies). My great uncle built the skyscraper that is now Chicago City Hall — both were city workers, and both proudly union.

    My great grandfather built the 1933 “Century of Progress” for the City of Chicago, and my great uncle built skyscrapers that have since been town down for new ones.

    My mother won an award for having the “I Will” Spirit of Chicago for the 100th Anniversary of the Chicago Fire. My father was an executive of a major pharmaceutical company. My oldest sister (as a baby) was the first penicillin patient in America.

    I used to walk into the Mayor’s office and have his Secretary call me “Bob.”

    I have been welcome in the living rooms of people you see on TV.

    But, today, I live “in exile,” because I “crossed the Chicago Machine” by cooperating with the “Feds.” I have been “blacklisted” from any job in America in my own name.

    I was prosecuted, alright — but, that saved my life!

    But, the prosecutor who had charged me quit, saying — “I thought I could tell the good guys from the bad guys. You’re one of the ‘ good guys.’ I can’t tell anymore, so I am out of here!”

    My sister, who worked with me, fared even a worse fate, though she is free to hide “in exile,” too.

    Today, she lives surrounded by Amish farmers who report to her, 15 years later, whenever dark cars with Illinois plates come into her neighborhood, — because where she lives, you don’t wander in by mistake.

    We both keep dogs to tell us when there are people on foot somewhere around our property.

    We pay to attorneys to own our property, so that there’s nothing on the public records. My InterNet connection is (still 5 years after he died) in someone else’s name (and fictional).

    My own attorney (who got us off) had a nervous breakdown (from his disillusionment), and spends his summers standing in the middle of a trout stream, so he won’t have to talk to anybody.

    I believe Larry Sinclair!

    I’m simply telling people this, because people been watching too much TV, and haven’t seen their Liberty slowly being taken away.

    Our Constitution is all we have left to preserve our life, our liberty, and our pursuit of happiness. Without the Constitution, I’d be dead now! — It defends the truth!

    I’ve done my service to America! And, America’s worth saving! I tried living in other countries, but they never heard of “free speech,” and the “right to bear arms.”

    So, you have to know what’s going on!

    Places like this website tell you — and much earlier than anyplace else. And, I am someone who needs these kind of “early warning systems,” in order to survive!

    Try living on my “side” for awhile — I don’t think you’d make it through the year!

  49. Adam….lay off the meds dude ! Take a nap, then wake up and try again.You’ve apparently just started following this subject “or” you’ve been poisoned by the kool-aid 🙂

  50. Adam, are confused!!!

    Citizen…. we meet again. After two years of reading, research, sadness, hope, anger, and watching the nomination being stolen from Hillary Clinton by a total crook -I am more hopeful then ever.

    Barack H. Obama is indeed next in this long sorted mess.

    Thank god.

    and thank you Citizen for keeping me (and everyone) informed.


  51. Thanks all.

  52. What a shame, ‘if there is money anything is negotiable’, the excuse that KHQA is
    providing for removing the article, that was there in their archives since November 5, 2008, now after people find out that the article could be use as a proof that BHO had a meeting with Blago to talk about PEBO’s seat in the senate, now they say it was an event that never happened.

    Where is the editor of this news channel? He allowed a story like that to be publicized knowing it was not verified first if indeed these two men were having a meeting and now they just say ‘it was suggested in the story’, oh it was fiction and we took it as
    real news. Welcome to where is the evidence? Now you see it, now you don’t.


    KHQA Clarification

    Wednesday, December 10, 2008 at 4:04 p.m.

    KHQA TV wishes to offer clarification regarding a story that appeared last month on our website The story, which discussed the appointment of a replacement for President Elect Obama’in the U.S. Senate, became the subject of much discussion on talk radio and on blog sites Wednesday.

    The story housed in our website archive was on the morning of November 5, 2008. It suggested that a meeting was scheduled later that day between President Elect Obama and Illinois Governor Blagojevich. KHQA has no knowledge that any meeting ever took place. Governor Blagojevich did appear at a news conference in Chicago on that date.

    Obamians are removing evidence with the best way in doing it, with money? Journalists that post news, are ready to say if it backfire, it was the readers fault, for believing in a suggestion?

    My goodness, we cannot continue our protest in a passive manner if this abuse of power continues, we will be in a dangerous stage in our lives where we continue losing our will to fight, and accept whatever the government will impose on us. To avoid that, we must use whatever means to prevent this chaos, and send a sound and clear message that we will not support and accept a deceitful dictatorial government. Period.

    Time to act, enough with protesting in the Internet and as a hot topic for conversation. This is a really serious situation. The government just don’t care if we find out about their lies, they simply believe, that citizens in the USA do not dare to be aggresive, that we just ‘talk and whine’ and nothing else.

    Government think they have us under control like zombies!

    Government sees us as people that get angry but then after some weeks, ah those voters will think, “oh it will be four more years,” then we will vote and change the administration.
    No, it never was that way. We thought all these years our votes counted, but not, they (the establishment) decides who the next president and new cabinet will be, only that we insist in believing that it was our votes that removed a failed President and political party.

    One day they (the government) will have the surprise of their lives if they continue abusing us, bailing out all those billionaires, but never thinking in erasing the debt of many responsible citizens, who are struggling right now to have enough money to pay off their bills, no on the contrary (government thinks)let’s put more pressure on them.

    The government was put there to protect us, and to keep up us feeling secure and in
    an ease state of mind, not to protect fraudulent businesses and companies.

    But since this is the end of the Constitution too as I see it, their behavior is without
    control, too arrogant against us. My opinion, time to put a stop to it! It is our
    responsibility too, to protect us from the government unfairness!

  53. simplemindedme

    To Adam,
    I’d appreciate some clarification about the immoral Southerners that you mentioned in your reference to Lincoln, the Great Emancipator…A Republican.

  54. To all; Keep your wits about you. Those of us who value the Constitution may be called to sacrifice for it. Those on the dark side will foment hatred and chaos. Do not be provoked by them. Patriots need to support one another and unite and be strong. Take faith and heart and understand, that you each have been called to a new American Revolution, as commanded by our Declaration of Independence. Be wary but be calm and let us work together to regain our freedom.

  55. Brandon: Obama has millions of supporters who would stand up to an insurrection that you are suggesting. I will be the first to sign up on Obama’s side. Go ahead and get your group together and do more than talk … The majority of people and military is on our side. I will say good riddance when you fall.

  56. Jesse Jackson jr. said to the Washington Post :

    “The natural reminder here is O.J. [Simpson] — how does an African American candidate attack a white woman?”

    Karma is a bitch.

    Wonder where the “How racist!” screams were back then.
    Oh right, the race card works only for Obama. And, of course, he had nothing to do with it.
    Had he ever anything to do with anyting?

    I am so glad to see Jesse Jackson jr., the spoiled brat of a real civil rights fighter, standing there and sweat.
    The cold sweat.
    Pop corn and drinks everyone, the countdown begins.

  57. Oh, I forgot to mention,
    of course the “white woman” was Hillary.

  58. I’ve been studying a book about Abraham Lincoln’s days as president elect. With comments like Brandon’s and all the anger on both sides; and the vile comments made about Obama; this is looking VERY much like the dawn of the first civil war. The problem is; If such an internal conflict breaks out again – We would likely have major foreign involvement. This would likely end up being WW3 if this were to happen.

    Do you really want to go there?

  59. Damn, Adam! How many times did you read Revelations while watching Taxi?

  60. Bob, I have much empathy for you and your sister. You did the right thing–you told the truth, and it is a shame people are afraid for their lives for telling the truth. I would love to hear some of the stories you could tell. Just stay safe–that is the most important right now.bkw

  61. the citizens of our country must unite against these tyrants or we are doomed nothing but corruptness has taken over the government I just can’t how we can let this go on and they are watching to they know that many americans are catching on to there game the american citizens can follow the constitution or else we are done as a country.

  62. Let’s do the job that the MSM refuses to do! Report the news that happens about Barry.Why not do mass mailing. Just like the candidates do when they are running for election. Send them out telling about the lawsuits in the supreme court and state courts. We can get the word out. We can set up a fund to pay for printers and buy the names and addresses. The DNC and RNC has every ones names and addresses. We can even print pictures on the mailers!

    Remember when the soldiers dropped the leaflets to the people in Iraq to let them know what was happening. It sure got the word out!

  63. I didn’t realize how depressed I was over the entire Obama situation for months until today when I suddenly cheered up! Now I can hardly wait for Thursday’s news and Friday’s news.

    Fitzgerald to the rescue! And I honestly think the SCOTUS is doing what they must do to lay low (denying the obvious parts of the lawsuits because they referred to Nov 4th which has already passed, but still pending on the rest of each). Because the MSM didn’t bother reading or understanding any of it they just reported the whole suits were dismissed.

    The fact that 20,000 troops were ordered back here by Bush means something is about to blow.
    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.

  64. Do we need to plan for the day that Rush & Co become mere putty in the hands of Rupert? I assume most of us are aware that Murdoch told Roger Ailes to softpedal the stuff on Obyebye, and the order then went out to Rush, Sean and others?

    I know some of us have tried to get the afternoon talkies to at least mention the lawsuits. Much luck? I didn’t think so.

    So…… what to do about this for the future? If Biden gets the nod… shiver… the MSM will do its job, the job they should have done afore. Not even our shellshocked, non combat media could overlook Joe The Gaff, so he’d be toast in the public’s eye and Rush will probably be unleashed by Rupert to sally forth on poor Joe.

    If Hilly gets the top slot… shiver… the MSM will carry her water just like with O. Rush may not be allowed to set foot in the arena. It’ll be up to folks like us to prevent the radical idealogues on the left from communizing America.

    Now, I much prefer Hillary to what’s his name?… the guy who won the election… but I don’t prefer her THAT much. But she at least loves America as much as she does the New York Cubs, so I’d be ok with her until she killed her first baby in the womb or started reading FBI files.

    But yo, hey, anyway… I figure we got some thinking to do about how to circumvent Big Brother without becoming clandestine cells.

    Do you suppose McCain/Palin have a transition team ready? I hope they’ll need one.

  65. Mark Leonard, executive director of the Soros-funded European Council on Foreign Relations and founder of Tony Blair’s think tank, Foreign Policy Centre, in a column in the Fabian Society’s New Statesman, entitled “Dinner in New York with George Soros,” first brags of Soros’ recent brilliant political successes, and then cries about blocked access to the President-elect:

    “George Soros has invited me for dinner in his Central Park apartment… Soros has had an incredible year. He helped launch Barack Obama’s campaign for the presidency with an early donation; put forward a plan to deal with the financial crisis that many say was Gordon Brown’s inspiration; and he has a ringside seat on events in Georgia (Putin still blames the Soros Foundation in Tbilisi for causing the coloured revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine)…. “

    So, he makes pretty clear that Soros “launched Obama” ands his financial plan is London originated.

    He continues to whine about Soros’ loss of control over Obama: “The next morning I join the hordes of European diplomats descending on Washington…. But Obama’s people are not playing ball – he has forbidden anyone involved in the transition from talking to foreigners, so even my old friends on his team are cagey about meeting up.”

    Whom is he loosing control to? “His loyal camp has yet another reason to be nervous: the naming of Hillary Clinton as secretary of state. They thought they were in line for the best jobs, but now have to look on as Clintonistas are floated for key posts….”

    If Soros and his controllers are loosing control of their puppet, they may, like the cornered animals they are becoming, attempt to sabotage the take-over by eliminating him. History has shown that even a corrupt opportunist, such as Thomas Becket (or Obama?), can and has, “stepped up to the plate” when saddled with great responsibility. Simply remember, King Henry II had Becket assassinated for doing so! The timing of the Bogo scandal may indicate a shift in strategy on the part of the Soros crowd. In fact, if the main stream media starts paying attention to the BC/Records/Sinclair issues we should not be naive enough to think we bloggers caused it. We already know they are all totally controlled.

    In addition, Mark Leonard’s lamenting that the Russians have spoiled the British/Soros game with Georgia shows that Soros’ international influence may also be eroding.

  66. Brenda:

    I sometimes stay with my brother in Virgina (none of us live in Illinois, anymore), so I’m heading out today for a few weeks — so this appealed to me:


    Rep. A. Smyth (VA), House of Representatives, December 1820:

    “When we apply the term ‘citizens’ to the inhabitants of States, it means those who are members of the political community. The civil law determined the condition of the son by that of the father. A man whose father was not a citizen was allowed to be a perpetual inhabitant, but not a citizen, unless citizenship was conferred on him. ”

    What this is saying is, that Barack Obama is welcome. but he can’t presume to “rule!” I say that with intent, because that is the words that Valerie Jarrett used on national TV, when she said that Obama will be prepared to “rule” on day ONE.

    Valerie Jarrett is Obama’s number 1 choice to replace him in the U.S. Senate from Illinois.

    She too needs to learn the definition of “citizen” from the First Chief Justice, John Jay, that an American citizen is sovereign without subjects.

    I hope it is not too much of a distinction, but in America, We, the People rule, and the President works for US — and not the other way around.

    But, about 40 percent of us now believe differently —

    That is NOT a change that I can believe in!

  67. TurnRight

    Hannity did mention “A” lawuit last week… and mentioned he’s getting emails about “it”.

    He said he doesn’t think this will go any where. I am not sure he knows how many suits there are pending.

    My point: American’s cannot be outraged about something they do not know about.

    Even a “reasonable Democrat” would want to uphold the Constitution.

  68. GUESSWHAT9:12PMDec 10th 2008


    The media deliberately ignored Obama’s connections to Tony Rezko (convicted felon), Valerie Jarrett (known in Chicago for her housing fraud and slumlord deals), James Meeks (rabid homophobe), Yesse Yehudah (whom you have probably never heard of, but who gave Obama a $10,000 bribe 8 years ago), Mayor Daley (where do we begin?), Rod Blagojevich (who you are hearing about only now, and whom Obama worked for, alongside Rahm Emanuel, back in 2002), Emil Jones (the absolute worst of what Illinois has to offer), Jeremiah Wright (of whom you’ve only seen the smallest tip of the teensiest iceberg), Jan Schakowsky (wife of convicted felon Robert Creamer, who taught at Camp Obama), Vera Baker (the mystery woman of Martinique), and whole host of others.

    There is honestly enough Chicago political scandal Obama is directly involved in to keep explosive stories in the news, like this week’s Blagojevich-a-palooza, every week for the next 4 years.

    The most damaging one is the Yesse Yehudah bribe, which the media continues to ignore, but which seems awfully similar to what Blagojevich is accused of doing.

    Remember, the complaint against Blagojevich alleges he told Children’s Memorial Hospital that if they wanted an $8 million state reimbursement, the CEO needed to give Blagojevich a large campaign donation, in the realm of $50,000.

    Obama did the same thing 8 years ago, but with Yesse Yehudah and a $75,000 community grant Obama diverted to Yehudah when he was in the state senate. Yehudah is a Republican, so it seemed strange at the time that Obama, a Democrat, would push for a $75,000 grant to Yehudah’s personal charity. And then, even more strangely, Yehudah, a Republican, arranged for 10 $1,000 contributions to be made, all on the same day, to Obama’s campaign fund (at the time, Obama was hurting for money, coming off an unsuccessful 1998 bid to take Bobby Rush’s seat in Congress). 10 people who had never given to any political campaign before, and who could barely afford to pay their own rent, and were all associated with or employed by Yehudah in some way, all decided to give $1,000 to Obama — out of the blue, on the same day. And that same day, surprisingly enough, was the day the grant cleared to Yehudah.

    In essence, Yehudah got $65,000 from the state grant for himself, and Obama’s fee for arranging this was $10,000 for his own pocket.

    And then there’s the deal Obama struck with Tony Rezko, which enabled Obama to buy a mansion he could not otherwise afford,. . . . .


  69. This is for Adam:

    The south learned from its mistake of loosing the first Civil War. … I can assure you, WE will NOT loose it again. So BRING IT ON!!!! We are ready…

  70. agnesmoorehead

    Thank you, Citizen Wells, for continuing to put the truth out here. What they “have” on Blagojevich is no more, no less, than any public official in the state of Illinois. Like others have already stated, it’s the timing of his arrest and charges that make me LOL. Of course, it’s about keeping the eye off the one thing the MSM still refuses to look into – Barack Obama’s qualifications to hold the highest office in the free world.
    None of this Blagojevich “stuff” is news – it’s nothing we haven’t known about locally (save for the taped stuff) for several years. But my greatest fear is that Fitzgerald has been bought off. I know so many who have contacted his offices for months regarding Larry Sinclair, Barack Obama, the TUCC, to no avail. Unfortunately, there has to be something in it for him to make such a show of prosecuting a governor with a 14% approval rating, other than the fear that he would (gasp) choose the highest bidder to fill Obama’s Senate seat. The MSM is reporting this as if it’s never happened in Illinois before. It’s business as usual.

  71. Our government is not accustomed to receiving immediate responses to their “crimes” (via internet).

    If you notice, back when there was an OVERwhelming response to the immigration issue, they reacted in our favor.

    But NOW, they are starting to IGNORE US.

    They don’t like transparency, no matter WHAT they tell us.

  72. Let me give you an insider’s tip!

    Ignore Blago! (He’s bad bad bad — I agree, but he’s also nuts!)

    Watch, instead, what EVERYONE else does!

    There’s got to be a reason that Fitzgerald interrupted his investigation — and I think that it was to watch what EVERYONE else does. That is what he did in the Plame case — he’s repeating it here!

    Remember, only 3 minutes of 300 hours of taping were released.

    Here’s the ones to watch: Rahm Emmanuel, Valerie Jarrett, Jesse Jackson, Jr., Alan Stern (union boss – fronting for Jarrett) — they’ve been shown to be inside the loop!

    The ones to ignore: David Axelrod, Lisa Madigan, Richard Mell (father of Patti Blagojevich) — they’ve all just proven that they are out of the loop!

    Something is about to happen — the ‘insiders’ are about to come crashing down upon themselves, because they are too much like Obama himself (wet behind the ears!).

  73. Mrje –

    Thanks for that post a while back.

    Yes, they’ve mentioned it… mennnntioned it. Howmsoever El Rushbo and our Mr Hardest Hitting – Most Entertaining – Most Whatever guy on the radio can’t hide behind what they tell us are their opinions about the lawsuits not going anywhere. They know about the potential calamity trailing Barry O. They’re muzzled and afraid to speak.

    Obie’s people have been saying that the lawsuits aren’t going anywhere. For our flagship bringers of the news to be of the same opinion as the neuronally and politically-morally challenged on this issue illustrates the extent of co-option that the top echelon at Fox has forced.

    We need to start thinking about alternate means of staying abreast. If it actually becomes necessary to do so my preference would be some form of organization with really real paid reporters in a recognizable press organization. That way the First Amendment guarantees would come more into play as the obtaining of press status would help combat any distortion of the First that the Fairness Doctrine may bring. It could be that Citizen and Americasright and others would start being subscription services to pay the cost. Maybe they could start C-Bay… ‘C’ not standing for ‘liberal’.

    And the comments alluding to the Arkansas Hilly-Billys having something to do with Odoodoo’s current doo-doo are spot on. Ol’ Bill said a few monhs ago that he doesn’t “… begrudge any ‘natural born citizen’ for running for president”. There’s a hint in there somewhere.

    Obie’s cabinet picks look like a Hillary transition team. But what’s in it for Obie? How about “Pardon me, would you like some change with that?” And for Hilly? She gets to be picked over Biden for Prez if before Jan 20th, and bumped up to V.P. if afterward. She’d be the most politically active V.P. we’ve ever had. Biden would probably have lunch over at HER place. Plus she’d have the cover of only being the V.P. Biden would take the arrows.

    I’d love to see Fitz shake the tree real hard and have all the apples fall off. None of ’em will fall very far away I’m thinking. It’s interesting, and pun intended, but just how rotten is Obie to the core?

  74. PaulG78,

    Great snoop work! Also check out this site.

    It also contains Governor Blagojevich’s press release from November 5th, plus, lots of other interesting links.


    You are appreciated. Keep up the great work!

  75. Music Producer

    A video message to our electors:

  76. Adam…I find your post from Dec 10 very interesting where you guote from a Jim Morrison song..analize what Linclon did morally in the Civil War and finish up with what you think God is thinking looking down on us all. All this while calling some people on this blog “insane extremist “. Talk about being all over the place..Wow. !! Need to put those Door CD’s away when you watch the History Channel and the preacher stations.

  77. Is THIS why the whole Chicagoland area was buzzing last night about the other shoe that was about to drop?

    Change You Can Believe In . . .

    On November 10, 2008, Governor Rod Blagojevich held a 2-hour long conference call with Obama advisors in Washington DC discussing the sale of the Illinois Senate Seat.
    This is the same call where Blags famously uses profanity to refer to his good friend, Barack Obama, “F— him. For nothing? F— him.”


    The Wall Street Journal reported:

    “The call lasted about two hours. On the phone were Mr. Blagojevich, his wife, his general counsel, an unnamed adviser, and John Harris, the governor’s chief of staff and his co-defendant in this week’s case.

    ” But what’s drawing the most interest is who was on the line from Washington, and the sequence of political events that followed that same night and in the ensuing days regarding Barack Obama’s close friend and adviser, Valerie Jarrett.”

  78. “Candidate Number 4” resigns post . . .


    “Deputy Illinois Gov. Bob Greenlee has resigned his post following the arrest of Gov. Rod Blagojevich, a spokesman for the governor says. “

  79. simplemindedme:

    What are you trying to say? Of course Lincoln was a republican. But have you ever seen a political map of his day? It’s very close to being like todays map of red and blue states. Except there has been an almost exact reversal of parties. The southern states in 1860 were the blue democratic states and the northern were the red. Nearly no one at all voted republican in the south back then. Now it’s the vast majority who vote republican there.

    So anyway, don’t pretend like Lincoln was of your party when it’s essentially not the same party now.

  80. herewego: I was born in the heartland of the south. I know first hand the ignorant attitudes there.

    You guys have a few extremist militant groups. You’re already being investigated for trying to incite an uprising , so you’ll likely be killed on spot as soon as you show you’re armed and resisting arrest.

    Good riddance.

  81. Johnny.
    Care to be more specific?

  82. So now the Wall Street Journal reports about the two hour conference call in which Obama’s vacant seat was discussed? Why can I not stop laughing?

    During Obama’s entire almost half hour press conference today, all I could do was smile and think that his words, just words, were all meaningless and he knows darn well he is just going through the motions.

    As someone has suggested, Soros made him and he can un-make him and it looks like he is. As you may recall, originally, it was Hillary he wanted as prez. But when he saw the country swooning for the Inexperienced One, he had to go with it.
    Now that the country got what they wanted to relieve their white guilt or get what they (black) felt they had coming to them, now the game is over and his original will be sitting in the oval office come January 20th.

    And forget the Civil War ’09 idea, folks. This will be a peaceful transition. You’ll see. It will be a medical problem, a spot on his lungs, and he has to step down, oh feel sorry for me, yes Obama we do, boo hoo.

  83. I read awhile ago on the comment section of a blog that “they” were getting close to “getting” Obama on a wire transfer fraud. I assumed the post was a reference to the Auchi-Resko wire transfer prior to Obama’s purchase of Obama’s Hyde Park mansion. The sale wasn’t even recorded in the Obamas’ names. (BTW Blago’s wife worked for Resko’s firm!) For a good review of the Resko-Auchi-Iraqi Oil for Food-Obama connections go to:
    This may be the next shoe to drop.

  84. More specifics ? It’s pretty self explanatory. Feds will arrive at door with a warrant for peoples arrest who’ve made threats against our government on here and elsewhere. The suspects will likely act all tough and resist arrest, showing their weapon. A bullet will be fired toward their head. Bullet will pass into their skull, bouncing around inside causing massive brain hemorrhage. They will go into hypovolemic shock, and die a quick death.

    What other specifics are you asking for?

  85. simplemindedme

    To Johnny,
    Yes, Johnny, I know of the party reversal. That was the intent of my statement about Lincoln. I apologize for my statement’s lack of clarity.

  86. You people are absolutely ridiculous.

    1. Obama did not talk to the Gov.

    2.If he did, there would be a record of it on the wire transcript, sence the FBI tapted the Gov.’s

    3. And even if obama did talk to him, whats the harm? It is not un-normal for a president-elect to talk to the Gov. about his current open seat, and who he would like to suceed him.

    4.The FBI who is charging the Gov. with these alligations, has repetely said that nor the president -elect or any of his people around him are found to have ANY wrong doing.

    5. Obama DID NOT LIE. He made it cleear today that HE DID NOT talk to the Gov. but, he didnt say anything about others in his office, and made it clear that he would see if there was any contact between others in his office and the Gov.’s office. Thus indicating that ther might of been contact of others in his office and the Gov. BUT MAKING IT CLEAR THAT HE HIMSELF HAS NOT TALK TO THE GOV.

    How is that “liying”????

    And last but, not least the whole “guilt by association” b.s, just shows how sore you people still are over the beating you got on Nov. 4th.

    Can we say 365 electoral votes??? LMAO!


    Obama has done nothing wrong nor are they’re any charges againts him. and the fact your trying to link this to Obama, is just the classic “guilt by association” scheme that the re-thugs have tryed to do FOR YEARS.

  87. Lisa.
    Perhaps you need to read the Legal Notice post and the Rezko Trial Transcripts.
    A little less Kool Aid might help too.

  88. To Citizen Wells—
    Respect to You
    Respect, Respect !!!!!!!!You are Truly Patriot !!!
    Happy Holidays to You And Your Family !!!

  89. Thanks you.
    Best of the season to you.
    God bless.

  90. “Kool aid” Of all the meaningless, irrelevant, annoying , overused things… You sound like a broken record saying that over and over…

    What does that whole thing imply anyway? Kool aid acid tests of the 60s? If so , outdated would be another good word.

  91. Do some reading.

  92. Also in response to your comment to Lisa:

    You say you don’t condone personal attacks here but that’s what the whole “Kool aid” thing is, a thinly disguised personal attack; suggesting someone must be “on drugs” or somehow not intelligent enough to share the supposedly superior opinions of yourself.

  93. The Obama camp, Dan Shoman et al (get used to legal terminolgy) started
    and continued using it.

  94. Regardless, this whole notion that the justice or judicial system is going to save you is about to fly out the window. Later today you’ll definitely 100% for certain find out your last big hope in the courts has failed. Mark my words.

    Also, that whole legal notice you sent to Fizgerald is laughable at best. The fact that you start the document out with the whole charade about Obama not being a citizen has secured the fact that that they will throw the fax away as soon as they read that line.

  95. Since Obama is no longer in the Senate it seems your petition should be removed.
    The US Supremem court will not even hear any questions of him or what the definition of a Native Born Citizen is. It’s a lost battle.

  96. The earliest known use of the term in its figurative, non-literal context (that is, outside descriptions of people actually drinking real Kool-Aid), is from a 1987 quote about former Washington, D.C., mayor Marion Barry in the Washington Post.


  97. and just as I suspected:

    “This expression can also be used to refer to the activities of the Merry Pranksters, a group of people associated with novelist Ken Kesey[citation needed] who, in the early 1960s, traveled around the United States and held events called “Acid Tests”, where LSD-laced Kool-Aid was passed out to the public (LSD was legal in the U.S. until 1966). Those who drank the “Kool-Aid” passed the “Acid Test”. “Drinking the Kool-Aid” in that context meant accepting the LSD drug culture, and the Pranksters’ “turned on” point of view. These events were described in Tom Wolfe’s 1968 classic “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test”. However the expression is never used figuratively in the book, but only literally.”

  98. Thank You Citizen Wells. It seems many can’t handle the truth. I appreciate all your effort, in bringing us the facts. God Bless You, and America.

  99. Pingback: Blagojevich indicted, April 2, 2009, Patrick Fitzgerald, Robert Blagojevich, Patricia Blagojevich, Friends of Blagojevich, federal wiretaps, FBI, Grand jury convenes, Obama indictment, Chicago corruption « Citizen Wells

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