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I have revealed the lies/misrepresentations/sloppy reporting of Ben Smith once before. I can take no more.

In an article dated October 31, 2008, Ben Smith completely misrepresents Obama’s citizenship status and the Philip J Berg lawsuit that states Obama is ineligible to be president. Here is an exerpt:

“Cover this! Inside the nastiest ’08 rumors

by Ben Smith”


Probably the most widely e-mailed Obama “tip” at the moment alleges that he isn’t a natural-born American citizen and thus isn’t eligible to run for president. This began in the die-hard pro-Hillary section of the blogosphere, which spent part of the summer discussing laws that deal with the citizenship of a child with one American parent born abroad. When it emerged that this challenge wouldn’t hold water if Obama had been born in the United States, the focus shifted to the allegation that he had been born outside the United States.

In August, a Pennsylvania lawyer, Philip Berg, filed suit in federal court in Philadelphia. Berg, who also has been active in arguing that there was “government complicity” in the attack on the World Trade Center, demanded that the court force Obama to produce his original birth certificate. The court dismissed the lawsuit.

So why isn’t this getting wide coverage? Well, first, there’s lots of evidence that Obama was born in the United States, and none that he wasn’t. The campaign handed over an official copy of his short-form birth certificate — the standard document produced by the Hawaii Department of Health — to Factcheck.org. And Poliltico has confirmed the authenticity of a contemporaneous announcement of his birth in the Honolulu Advertiser.

Berg fights on, though, on a website with supporters known as ChileMan, ChileWoman and MommaERadioRebels. He recently told conservative talk radio host Michael Savage that he has an audiotape of Obama’s Kenyan grandmother recalling the candidate’s birth in a Kenyan hospital.

“l’ll release it in a day or two,” he said six days ago.

A spokeswoman for the Hawaii Department of Health, Janice Okubo, said she’s forbidden by state law from releasing birth certificates, but directed a reporter to the FactCheck.org item dismissing the rumors.”

Read more here:


If Ben Smith was being honest, or accurate or not in bed with the Obama camp, he would have stated that Berg is more concerned about Obama being an Indonesian citizen. That being said, there is no real evidence that Obama was born in the US. There is evidence that Obama was born in Kenya, including corroboration from multiple family members. The documents Smith is referring to can be obtained by anyone. And now for the piece de resistance. Obama put up a fake birth certificate on his website and later changed it and his story. John McCain produced a vault copy of his birth certificate for congress. Obama has resorted to legal wrangling to avoid accountability. Obama is Indonesian and has not provided an oath of allegiance to prove US citizenship. In a journalistic feat of extraordinary proportions, Smith quotes (regurgitates left wing propaganda) Annenberg’s Factcheck.org, which now has zero credibility. 

So why is Ben Smith and Politico.com reporting lies and misrepresentations? Which combination of the following applies:

  • Sloppy reporting.
  • Bias.
  • Sensationalism.
  • In bed with the Obama camp.
  • Getting paid by Obama camp or puppeteers controlling Obama.
  • No concern for this country or the Constitution.
  • An elitist attitude of superior insights and all knowing persona.

So, Ben Smith, care to respond?

I triple dog dare you!

Citizen Wells

Help Philip J Berg defend the Constitution:



13 responses to “Politico.com, Ben Smith, Rumors, Lies, Sloppy reporting, October 31, 2008, Obama Camp, Ben, How much are they paying you?

  1. Citizen:

    I agree 100% with your post.

    Considering the press is protected by our constitution, is there anything we can do as citizens that can make the press legally culpable if they conspire to hide the truth and mislead the public? Such as withholding the LA Times Video Tape. Or……………………….

    If our country goes into a Constitutional crises as a result of the press not vetting Obama and deliberately conspiring to hide his true identity.

  2. Joe.
    Help spread this around.
    AOL is referring to Politico’s “rumors” and is helping to spread the lies.

  3. The SC isn’t going to listen to Smith.

    The more coverage this lawsuit gets the better.

    However it seems to me that the burden of proof in court is on Burg’s shoulders. Berg has to prove in court that the BC that Obama had or the one he has posted on his website is not Obama’s real birth certificate and is a forgery.

    Or else a law needs to be passed by Congress pronto, not going to happen, that each candidated running for a Federal office needs to produce a Vault copy of their BC.

    Bottom line, Obama has and continues to show the world a BC and it is Berg’s responsibility to prove in court that that BC is a forgery.

    Only after he has done that does the issue of whether Obama was born in the U.S. or not come up because Berg can prove in court that Obama has not produced a valid BC the one that Obama claims is valid has to stand of his proof of birth in the U.S.

    Even if Berg proves that that BC is not valid that does not prove that Obama was not born in the U.S. All that proves is that Obama has not produced a valid BC. Then it is a matter of determing if a vault copy of Obama’s BC is available. It could be that in Hawaii at the time that Obama was born they didn’t keep those records. If they didn’t then there were be no document to prove that Obama was born in the U.S. even if the document that Obama claims is his BC is invalid. So again Berg is stuck.

    If however, Hawaii kept those records from when Obama was born and the state of Hawaii, i.e. Obama can’t produce that doucment than Obama has no proof that he was born in the U.S. provided that Berg can prove in court that the BC Obama claims is valid is in fact a forgery.

    The othe option is for Berg to bring some kind of actual evidence showing Obama was born in Kenya. Not very likely that this will happen.

    The other point of Berg’s claiming that Obama lost his U.S. or Kenyan citizenship when Obama moved to Indonesia would again require bringing as evidence into court some official documentation from the govenment of Indonesia showing that Obama was in fact an Indonesian citizen. Given that Indonesian is the most heavily populated Muslim country in the world that is not going to happen . The Indonesian govenment would never release that information unless they were forced to do so and then they would probably destroy it and claim they don’t have it.

    The shcool records can be discredited by the argument that Obama needed to put down Indonesian citizen to be admitted. The fact that Obama put down Muslim doesn’t mean that he wasn’t born in Hawaii.

    In my opinion Berg would never be able to get substantial enough evidence to prove that Obama lost his U.S. citizenship. I also don’t think that Berg has enough evidence to prove that Obama went to Pakistan in 1981 traveling under an Indonesian passport.

    Bottom line is that while Berg is I am sure correct and Obama was not born in the U.S. and is not a U.S. citizen I just don’t see how he could prove it. As judge Surrick basically said. “Berg don’t bother this court with evidence coming from the National Inquirer”

  4. I think the problem is that Berg has not presented any conclusive evidence that contradicts the documentation that the Obama people have presented so far – at least nothing that a court of law would find conclusive.

    I keep hearing about things allegedly spoken by Obama’s family but I’ve not seen a sworn statment or heard a recording. That means there’s probably no evidence, and therefore nothing he can take to court. He’s not even got any proof that the birth certificate that Obama’s people presented is false – it’s just allegations.

    Unfortunately the drive-by media are going to keep trash talking Berg until he can present something conclusive. Berg better wise-up because he’s making us all look bad. Even if he’s right he’s going to loose bad unless he presents evidence.

    So far all we have is Berg’s word – and the promise that all the evidence is going to be shown real soon (where have I heard this before… oh yeah the API tapes).

    My theory – Berg is a BS artist who is trying to discredit us conseravatives by taking bogus arguments based on non-existent evidence to court. And when the judge throws it out he blames everybody but himself for loosing. When it gets reported it the spin will be “Look at those crazy conservatives who abuse the legal system”.

    The best thing we could do is cut Berg off – let him fight his own fight as we must fight ours.

    I know that we all want to believe that Berg has what it takes to defeat Obama, but I think we just have to look at his record and conclude that he’s not who he claims to be.


  5. Citizen Wells’ message in this post is absolutely important, and should not be treated lightly.


    Look, even Tito has got it!
    And as he wages war, he does it with a grand sense of satire.

    No effort is too small.

    Watch how others, who are not even resident here, have willingly volunteered their time and resources.

    What makes it so important to them?
    What do they know that some real voters don’t?
    What do they have in common with the other campaign?

    For one thing, they understand the power of “mobilization”, of getting on board, of doing everything to attain what you want to achieve.

    Something…..Constructive……Daily…Consistently… …Building momentum…..Never Stopping….Till the End!


  6. Druge is reporting a developing story that


    “Some told the DRUDGE REPORT that the reporters are being ousted to bring on documentary film-makers to record the final days; others expect to see on board more sympathetic members of the media…….”

    Thought there may be a connection with this post by Citizen earlier today and the future implications.

    Read about that story here:


  7. “Drudge”

    Sorry about the spelling error!!

  8. Citizen Wells,
    Let’s start something (I left comments on this theme with TD and Jeff Schreiber)

    Today is Halloween all over the world but in Britain we celebrate Guy Fawkes Day on Nov 5th. bonfires are lit and an effigy of Guy Fawkes, one of the conspirators who tried to blow up King James I four hundred years ago is burned. It can be quite a party.

    Now that’s quite a significant date for burning an effigy of somebody why tried to bring down the a government.

    I wonder if in the future on Nov 5th America will celebrate Obama Day?

  9. zachjonesishome

    Mr. Thorpe. Let’s hope not. Let’s hope McCain wins and Obama just goes away. Zach



  11. I think Obama actually killed Young himself, with his bare Muslim hands.

  12. Just an update to keep the caring, normal Americans informed.
    I am getting a lot of personal attacks from the wacko left wing fringe, the core of Obama’s support. As usual, most can only sling insults
    and the zombie party line.
    They never come back with well informed knowledge.

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