Obama born in Kenya, Obama Indonesian, Obama illegal alien, State election officials, Board of elections, Electors, US Constitution, Federal Election Laws, State Election Laws, Will Electoral College Electors vote for illegal alien?

Barack Obama was born in Kenya. Documented.

Barack Obama became an Indonesian citizen. Documented.

Barack Obama is an illegal alien. Documented.

No illegal alien has ever been on the US presidential ballot. Documented.

The US Constitution states the qualifications for president.

The US Constitution rules.

Federal Election Law: 

“The following provisions of law governing Presidential Elections are contained in Chapter 1 of Title 3, United States Code (62 Stat. 672, as amended):

§ 8.   The electors shall vote for President and Vice President, respectively, in the manner directed by the Constitution.”

State example: Pennsylvania Law

Ҥ 3192. Meeting of electors; duties.
The electors chosen, as aforesaid, shall assemble at the seat of government of this Commonwealth, at 12 o’clock noon of the day which is, or may be, directed by the Congress of the United States, and shall then and there perform the duties enjoined upon them by the Constitution and laws of the United States.”

Any state official, Governor, Lt Governor, Attorney General, Secretary
of State, Election Board Official. If you think you are absolved of
responsibility and are holding the DNC responsible, you are wrong. Many of you have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution. You may be subject to impeachment, expulsion and legal action. You have a duty to the US Constitution and the people of your state.

State election officials from the Secretaries of State and Election Boards
have been quoted as saying they take their cue from the DNC for candidates
placed on the ballot. That does not absolve them of responsibility.
They are bound to uphold the Constitution. These officials have been
forewarned. It is their duty to ensure that no voter in their state
is disenfranchised.

Electoral College Electors, knowingly voting for an ineligible candidate, will be violating the Constitution.
Woe to anyone with election powers, clinging to tradition, and blaming
the DNC for not vetting Obama. You have no excuse and will be held accountable.

US Constitution, Federal Election Laws, State Election Laws


15 responses to “Obama born in Kenya, Obama Indonesian, Obama illegal alien, State election officials, Board of elections, Electors, US Constitution, Federal Election Laws, State Election Laws, Will Electoral College Electors vote for illegal alien?

  1. Nice effort but you are blowing smoke and won’t create a fire.

    Obama has control of the MSM. The Socialists will obtain a super majority in Washington DC and with a year or two Obama will take total control of the Military, forcing out opposition generals.

    The writing is on the wall. We all appreciate your fighting for the Consitution but its too late. This battle should have been fought and needed to be won in the 60s.

  2. So when is Berg releasing the API tape and the tape of Barack’s Kenyan grandmother?

  3. I have a burning question no one seems to be talking about. Obama obviously does not like the Constitution. If elected, how would he take the oath of office to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States?” Except by lying. Under oath.

  4. He doesn’t like the Constitution at all, Entwife., except to manipulate it. If you get a chance, and want to see some of his mindbending socialist agenda from 2001, hit my name and it will take you to my friend’s webpage where she’s posted a radio interview with him on his concept of redistribution of wealth.

    To answer your question, from what I see from this interview, he’ll just change the laws, and it won’t be difficult with the libs loaded in Congress.

    When I first heard the audio, earlier today, I also thought of the lawsuit, and how he must have known that the suit would not stand because of his very astute knowledge of Constitutional Law. He knows all the loopholes. Unfortunately, the man does have a brain, and the man IS dangerous.

  5. I have been thinking a lot about the Electoral College myself. I enjoyed McCain’s speech today. I wish all his speeches were filled with such passion. I put a little tape of it up on my site.

  6. So when is Berg releasing the API tape and the tape of Barack’s Kenyan grandmother?

    I’m guessing never – if he was serious about defending the constitution he’d have given copies of that tape to anybody with the ability to use it. Instead all I hear are a bunch of bogus sounding excuses about how he cannot find the right kind of tape recorder and how he’s got to do some more legal stuff.

    That’s BS. If he had the tape and it proved anything he would have revealed it by now.

    What’s his motivation? The longer he keeps this going the more people will donate. What happens to all that money on November 4th… simple, he keeps it all.

    I guess some of you think I’m over-negative, but consider that Berg was a former Clinton campaigner. He probably still is, and that means he learnt all about dirty tricks from the master.

  7. Entwife

    I’m with you.

    I think he would actually have to say,

    “So Help Me God” ? right ?

  8. Sorry for delay. Been on road this afternoon.
    I will be posting on API, States voting obligations, etc in next 12 hours.
    Thanks to all.

  9. Will it help if lots of people also call the officials you spoke of to let them know we are serious about this? Do we go to their offices? Picket outside? What would you suggest?

  10. why Obama can be candidate president while no one know where is the born certificate and some say in Kenya other Hawaii, most his family from Kenya and Indonesia, Is Obama illegal allien, what the special from Him, no experienced

  11. what’s happend people in USA where is the dignity. Obama had dual citizen, where was him while people had dedicated for USA

  12. He Came A-Courting

    Here’s an interesting scenario:

    Berg is Clintonista. It’s possible that he’ll hold back from going for the jugular for both parts of the same reason. First: If he comes out now with the big gun evidence he’ll knock Obama out of the box at the polls, yes, but he kills Hillary’s chance to become POTUS this cycle, since McCain/Palin win it on Nov 4th.

    Second: If Obama wins on Nov 4th and Berg has waited to drop the bomb on Dear Leader until after the election, but before the Electoral College meets, then he might quickly take out Obama. The Electoral College would almost certainly pick Hilly, not “Gyro Tongueloose” Biden to become Prez. Hilly’s in… big time and for free.

    Another path in this second part is that if Obama wins and stays “won”, he can appoint Hillary as the Attorney General to give her confirmation-proof experience, and then to the Supreme Court when a slot opens up.

    Then of course, Obama might win and get taken out after taking the Oath and assuming office. Even with Hillary at Attorney General she could port over to VP for four years and trounce Gyro in 2012 to become nominee.

    It’s the second part, with its three-pronged advantage to Hillary, that may be at play in Phil Berg’s mind and intention more than the first part with McCain/Palin winning now.

    But then… I’m counting on Berg to put Country First… right, Phil? Or perhaps Hillary really is better for the country in Phil’s mind than John McCain. I’d like to have Berg quickly bring on a staunch, prominent McCain/Palinite Republican as co-plaintiff, to insure for all of us that this thing is going forward with all dispatch and intensity.

    I supppoe it’s possible that the Supreme Court, with what… four justices agreeing?, five? could decide to take the case on by way of expedited action on their part, certiorari, and then void the result… both Obama’s and Biden’s victory (should they win)… and disallow the Electoral College from voting for them. But boy, talk about uncharted waters.

    But then again, if Obama did win because he was fraudulent, and took in all those millions because he was fraudulent, and all the ballots are mismarked with a fraudulent name… who knows? Another election? Then we have McCain/Palin v Hillary/Whomever.

    But I really feel that the election will trump all, because McCain/Palin will win.

  13. Impeachment is not the proper legal remedy. You can only impeach a Lawful President. Since Obama is not qualified to be president you cannot impeach him. He must be removed by any means necessary. Congress can simply order his removal, or a Judge can do it, or the military can arrest and remove him, or the state department can do it, or a citizen mob can forcibly remove him. You will not be committing violence against the government because he is not legally a member of our government! The revolution has arrived. We are in a state of civil war now. It is very sad.


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