John McCain, Wilmington NC, Town Hall Meeting, Monday, October 13, 2008, Larry Sinclair attends Town Hall Meeting, Sinclair Information sheets, Cape Fear Community College, Schwartz Center, Republican Party, No Sinclair signs allowed

Larry Sinclair made a last minute decision to go to Wilmington NC
for the John McCain Town Hall meeting at Cape Fear Community College.
I just spoke to Larry and he has a ticket to attend the Town Hall
Meeting. Sinclair has been busy this morning passing out info sheets
and talking to people near the Schwartz Center.

To those unaware of who Larry Sinclair is, Sinclair alleges that he
and Barack Obama had several drug and sex encounters on November 6, 7,
1999. The first encounter was in a limousine. Larry Sinclair came out
with a YouTube video in January 2008 after multiple unsuccessful attempts
in 2007 to contact the Obama Camp. Larry Sinclair has received incessant
personal attacks, death threats and incarceration in Delaware,
orchestrated by Joe Biden’s son, the Attorney General of Delaware.

Larry Sinclair also alleges that he was contacted by Donald Young, the
gay choir director at TUCC, Obama’s former church, shortly before
Young was murdered in December 2007. Larry Sinclair provided information
to the Chicago Police.

The Citizen Wells blog has covered the Larry Sinclair story more than
any other source. I met with Sinclair yesterday. We can corroborate
much of Larry Sinclair’s story. After covering the Larry Sinclair
story all year, I can say without hesitation that Larry Sinclair has
much credibiliy. Barack Obama has no credibility.

For the first time publicly, Citizen Wells can make this statement:

Larry Sinclair could not have made up his story of the encounter with
Obama in November 1999. Why? Sinclair could not have had the details
of Obama’s whereabouts when he first mentioned his story. Obama’s
speaking engagement at NW Law School was not widely know until a few
months ago. I checked the internet archives and the law school
appearance did not show up. Barack Obama was at least in Chicago by
at least the morning of November 8, 1999.

Another point I would like to make is this. When I first began
investigating Sinclair’s allegations in January 2008, they appeared
preposterous. I first checked the official Ilinois Senate records.
Obama was not present for the November 4, 1999 session. One thing led
to another, with all the attempts to silence Sinclair making his case
stronger. Now with all the knowledge of Obama, his past and his associations, Larry Sinclair’s drug encounter fits nicely in the
puzzle picture that reveals the real Obama.

I just spoke to Sinclair. A young person took Sinclair’s sign as he
was walking in, even though others held signs that said “NoBama”.
Larry Sinclair is inside the Town Hall Meeting and will attempt to
ask a question.

Stay tuned.

Read more from Larry Sinclair here:

10 responses to “John McCain, Wilmington NC, Town Hall Meeting, Monday, October 13, 2008, Larry Sinclair attends Town Hall Meeting, Sinclair Information sheets, Cape Fear Community College, Schwartz Center, Republican Party, No Sinclair signs allowed

  1. BO probably does not want to release his medical records because they will show possible drug addiction treatment, maybe Hep C, a STD or worse (?)… and of course, may show his origin of birth.

    A strong young man like himself should not have anything to hide from his supporters, right?

    Geesh, I think McCain’s medical records that he submitted for scrutiny, must weigh 70 or 80 pounds!

  2. God Bless Larry Sinclair for his hard fight.
    That man is a Hero and a Rock!! I don’t know
    how he can keep up the strong fight without
    getting depressed and down in the dumps. I hope
    the Lord helps him be successful for America needs a miracle right now.

  3. “We can corroborate
    much of Larry Sinclair’s story.”

    Who is ‘we’ and please publish any and all corroboration of one single aspect of Mr. Sinclair’s story that you have corroborated.

    Corroboration has so far been nil for anything Sinclair has said. We’ve waited 9 months for corroboration.

    John McCain shook my hand also and signed my son’s flier. Just what does that prove? McCain has done the same to literally thousands druing his campaign. I also have a signed flier by Obama and a handshake. This proves exactly what?

  4. I was just at lunch and CNN was on one of the TVs where I was eating. For the entire time I was there, the graphic on the screen said “Palin’s Abuse of Power” or something to that effect. Then all of these emails and documents were flashing on the screen in regard to “Troopergate.”

    I asked myself, and the people I was eating with, how American’s can think they are living in a free and open society when real abuses of power are taking place (Sinclair’s arrest from Delaware on trumped up charges) and they go unreported. That event (Sinclair’s arrest) actually is relevant to the current situation, but the media is so in the tank they refuse to report anything like that on Obama.

    I seriously can’t believe that people can watch the MSM and think that they are getting accurate and fair information. The MSM has decided that this is the year to try and influence the opinion of the American people without even hiding their bias, and if you look at the polls they are succeeding. Proof IMHO that American’s now can’t think for themselves and need to be spoon fed an opinion.

  5. Leeballz

    CNN was abusing their power during your lunch.

    They “bank” on the notion that American’s are just too busy to do anything but read the ticker/headlines in order to be “informed”.

  6. He probably wont release his medical records or college papers because it might have his birth place on it.

  7. Well someone illegally leacked Governor Palin’s school records, so now it’s time for someone to leak Obama’s records from Columbia University and Harvard. Come on, get on it.

  8. I agree. As I have said before, someone should “leak” alot of things on Obama because we all know someone knows alot more than they are saying. Tony Rezko, Stuart Levine, Odinga, grandma, Kalida all know alot but because they want for our America to go down the tubes they won’t say a word–at least not yet. I am praying Mr. Berg’s lawsuit comes to pass. I am praying that Mr. Jerome Corsi’s hit the MSM. I hope and pray Larry Sinclair’s allegations come out. Andy Martin will find out many things in Honolulu. If all of this can come out before the election, all of these people should be awarded. I’m not forgetting Citizen Wells either. He has been fabulous in keeping everything up to date. Hip Hip Hoorah for all of these people. I just cannot praise them enough.

  9. I’ve written many articles in support of Larry Sinclair – however I think it’s time for him to release all of his corroborating evidence.

    I know that earlier on he was asked by his lawyer and some journalists to keep some details of the story quiet – however we are at code-blue here: It’s time for Larry to reveal everything he knows including the hard facts and corroborative evinced.

    I just do not understand why it is that Larry has not given the American people all the facts he can. Mere allegations will not allow us to impeach Obama bin Lyin.

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