Obama, William Ayers, Marilyn Katz, Terrorists, Radicals, Mayor Daley, Chicago Machine, Chicago Tribune, October 12, 2008, John Kass, the Chicago Way

John Kass has an article about Mayor Daley, Chicago radicals and Obama, William Ayers and Marilyn Katz and how mayor Daley deals with radicals. Here are exerpts from the Chicago Tribune article dated October 11, 2008:
“Daley reins in radicals — the Chicago Way
John Kass
5:26 PM CDT, October 11, 2008
Turn on the TV news when John McCain is picking up undecided voters by invoking Barack Obama’s relationship with unrepentant American terrorist William Ayers and, invariably, some liberal talking head will sniff in disgust and say Ayers is no big deal where Obama comes from.

Unfortunately, that’s true. Ayers is a terrorist. But this is Chicago.

Obama and Ayers are neighbors and they worked together on school issues with the same foundation. Obama’s political coming-out party was held in Ayers’ living room when Obama was running for his first political office.

And the boss of Chicago is Mayor Richard Daley. Mayor Shortshanks has thrown his protective embrace around both men. These are facts.

But the reason Ayers is not a big deal in Chicago has to do with the Chicago Way, and the left fork of that road that has been bought and paid for by the Daley machine, subsidized by taxpayers who foot the bill for public relations contracts from City Hall.”

“One friend of Obama and Ayers is former ’60s radical Marilyn Katz, now an Obama fundraiser, strategist and public relations maven. She’s often a go-to quote for reporters to knock down the Ayers-Obama story.”

“What that story and many other pro-Obama articles gloss over is that during the violent protests of the 1968 Democratic National Convention here, Katz was the security chief for the radical Students for a Democratic Society. She once advocated throwing studded nails in front of police cars, back in the SDS days when the group was alleged to have thrown cellophane bags full of human excrement at cops and cans of urine and golf balls impaled with nails.”

“Now, as Daley prepares to lay off more than 1,000 city workers, he’s given Katz and other public relations firms five-year contracts that could pay them as much as $5 million each for consulting, advertising and promotion.”

“Happily, I beg to differ. Ayers is a terrorist—the narcissistic son of privilege and clout—whose father, Thomas, was the boss of Commonwealth Edison and a friend of the late Mayor Richard J. Daley. As a leader of the ultraviolent Weather Underground, Ayers admitted to helping bomb the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon in the 1970s. He should have been sent to prison. Instead, Chicago political clout allowed him and his wife, fellow radical Bernardine Dohrn, to magically join the payrolls of universities here.”

Read more here:


So, once again, we have Obama tied to terrorists and corruption.

Kick Obama out of the senate and help prevent his election to the presidency:



9 responses to “Obama, William Ayers, Marilyn Katz, Terrorists, Radicals, Mayor Daley, Chicago Machine, Chicago Tribune, October 12, 2008, John Kass, the Chicago Way

  1. It doesn’t seem to make any difference to the news people and alot of Obama supporters what Obama has done or whom with. I will never understand it. Can’t his supporters get what is going to happen if he becomes President. I bet they will care when they lose their Constitutional rights. I just hate the fact I will have to pay for their stupidity. But, at least I can say “I told you so”.

  2. INTERESTING email I received from friend:

    Thought you’d find this interesting. Celeste and Loren xxxxxxxxxxx
    are Missionaries in Africa and can shed some firsthand light on
    one of our Presidential candidates.

    Thanks for sending out an alert about Obama. We are
    living and working in Kenya for almost twelve years now and know his
    family (tribe) well. They are the ones who were behind the recent
    Presidential election chaos here. Thousands of people have been
    displaced by election violence (over 350,000) and I don’t know the
    last count of the dead. Obama, under ‘friends of Obama’ gave almost a
    million dollars to the opposition campaign who just happened to be
    his cousin, Raila Odinga, who is a socialist trained in east Germany
    … He has been trying to bring Kenya down for years and the last
    president threw him in prison for trying to subvert this country!
    December 27th elections brought cries from ODM (Odinga Camp) of
    rigged election. Obama and Raila speak daily. As we watch Obama rise
    in the US we are sure that whatever happens, he will use the same
    tactic, crying rigged election if he doesn’t win, and possibly cause
    a race war in America

    What we would like you to know is what the American
    press has been keeping a dirty little secret. Obama IS a Muslim and
    he IS a racist and this is a fulfillment of the 9-11 threat that was
    just the beginning. Jihad is the only true Muslim way. We have been
    working with them for 20 years this July! He is not an American as we
    know it. Please encourage your friends and associates not to be taken
    in by those that are promoting him. It is world wide jihad. All our
    friends in Europe are very disturbed by the Muslim infiltration into
    their countries.
    By the way, his true name is Barak Hussein Mu hammed
    Obama. Won’t that sound sweet to our enemies as they swear him in on
    the Koran!?

    God Bless you.
    Pray for us here in Kenya . We are still fighting for
    our nation to withstand the same kind o f assault that every nation,
    including America , is fighting. Takeover from the outside to fit the
    new world order. As believers, this means we will be the first
    targets. Here in Kenya , not one mosque was burned down, but hundreds
    of churches were burned down, some with people in them, burned alive.
    Jesus Christ is our peace, but the new world order of
    Globalism has infiltra ted the church and confused believers into
    thinking that they can compromise and survive. It won’t be so. I will
    send you a newsletter we sent out in February documenting in a more
    cohesive manner what I’ve tried to say in a few paragraphs.

    Love, Celeste
    Celeste and Loren xxxxxxx

  3. Need to reach more independent/UNdecided, voters at this time.

    Folks like Neil Boortz have this type of audience.

    We need to tap into issues his listeners care about.


  4. This is a good summary of recent events, found over at james4america


  5. To All:

    It is at the very least the responsibility of Candidate for President John McCain to expose what we all know about Obama. However McCain wants everyone else to do his bidding to expose Obama. In the up coming debate all McCain would have to do is mention the truth about Obama such as his birth certificate problem, all of his negative associations and the election could be won; and won despite the fact the press in love with Obama.

    So you can blame the press who are not doing their job, but the real blame must fall on John McCain. Sadly I will vote for McCain by default!

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