* Breaking News *, Delaware Drops Charges against Larry Sinclair, Reliable source, Attorney General of Delaware dismissed charges, Larry Sinclair story, * Breaking News *

I just learned from a reliable source close to the story, that the Delaware charges against Larry Sinclair have been dropped. The Delaware Attorney General’s office has dismissed the charges against Sinclair.

I just spoke to Larry Sinclair on the phone and he stated “no comment at this time.”

For those not aware of this story:

Numerous attempts were made to prevent Larry Sinclair from speaking at the National Press Club on June 18, 2008.

Immediately after the news conference, Larry Sinclair was arrested on a warrant from Delaware and taken to a local jail.

Several days later, Larry Sinclair was transported to Delaware. Sinclair appeared before a judge and was released on an unsecured bail.

Larry Sinclair secured the services of former Delaware Attorney General Richard Wier. Attorney Wier abandoned Sinclair the evening before his next court appearance. Larry Sinclair returned home and later secured the services of Mr. Francis E. Farren.

The story that Larry Sinclair tells now is the same one he told me when he was arrested.

If you have not listened to or read Larry Sinclair’s story of his encounter with  Barack Obama in November 1999, his news conference or the details surrounding his arrest, I urge you to do so. Larry Sinclair has a new blog radio show that will air tonight at 11:00 eastern time.

Learn more about the Larry Sinclair story here:



Listen to the Larry Sinclair blog radio show here:


Visit the site to Impeach, expel Senator Obama:



22 responses to “* Breaking News *, Delaware Drops Charges against Larry Sinclair, Reliable source, Attorney General of Delaware dismissed charges, Larry Sinclair story, * Breaking News *

  1. Hmmmmmm. Now why would they do that? Hmmmmmm.

  2. That’s the question Iam asking!!

  3. That is great for Larry! I’m so happy for him. This is one less thing for him to worry about. As relieved as I feel for him, I’m sure he is feeling 20 times more! They obviously don’t want this sham of a charge to get any publicity and especially a statement from Larry on the courthouse steps. You’d think after all this time that the MSM and the legal people and the politicians would start to ask the question, “Larry is not backing down, and has been tromped on repeatedly, and BO has not responded to anything so far, so just what is going on here? Why hasn’t this gone away and could there be anything to this story?”

  4. Hi CW,

    Excellent news! One less distraction.

    Hope you are well. I’m looking forward to the radio show tonight.

  5. What’s up with this?

  6. yes, hmmmmm. This is on the heels of another story where the Biden’s abused their power to bully someone else? OR, did their strategy back-fire with the realization that this story may rise to the surface with all of its scum? OR, perhaps there never was a case?

  7. This is another form of civil terrorism. Is America just going to stand by and watch?

    If it happens to one, it can happen to many.

  8. DAMN ( excuse my language), but you CW have made my day today with these news. I love this guy, he has more cojones than millions of us “GO LARRY” CW I was listening this morning to larry on his radio show and you came in and talked to him, thanks for supporting Larry

  9. Great news! I hope Larry feels at least a little bit better now! Thanks CW!

    Here’s my new post about the history being made this week. not all of it is good.



  10. Now that the Denver convention is over (meaning Larry won’t be able to make it to the stadium before the coronation), they drop it. Hmmmm no red flags there. I wonder if Larry has any recourse for the false DE online news article and the false arrest.

    I hope Larry makes it to Republican convention.

  11. Things that make you go “Hmmmm..” is right. It appears every effort was made to keep Larry Sinclair from getting anywhere near Denver. Thank heavens the charges have been dropped, but I still fear for Mr. Sinclair’s safety.

    Thank you CW.

  12. This is just the beginning of a huge story that the MSM can no longer suppress. Right now Larry Sinclair as a slam dunk legal action to take against attorney general Biden’s rampant abuse of power against a private citizen. This was obviously a politically motivated action to protect Senator Obama, and at the very least Sinclair wins cases against Delaware for false arrest and false imprisonment. And this is just for starters. My goodness is this going to get good.

  13. Pingback: Obama, Biden, Delaware Drops Charges Against Larry Sinclair - From CitizenWells « ZachJonesIsHome - Helping to Keep an Eye on the Larry Sinclair Allegations

  14. zachjonesishome

    I have to say I agree with Ralph: “DAMN ( excuse my language), but you CW have made my day today with these news. I love this guy, he has more cojones than millions of us “GO LARRY””

  15. They may have signed a settlement agreement with Larry whereby he would not sue. This may be the reason why he had no comment.

  16. Interested Bystander


    This is great news for Larry.

    I said on BHDC that Larry would be vindicated, and sure enough.

    I guess this makes “Gumby’s” contact in Delaware as reliable as Larry’s “family” member, Larry’s “ex-lover”, the “limo driver” stuff, and the claim from Scott Covington that he had evidence as to where Obama was on the 7th of November, 1999.

    Maybe some of the folks “over there” will realize this, and get out while the getting is good.

    You know soap opera writers couldn’t script a better story than this.

    This is why I am an Interested Bystander, more twists and turns than a Formula One track.

    Hey CW, stay safe. Thanks for the great information.

  17. I hope Larry can sue Delaware bit time! Does anyone know if Larry plans to sue? Certainly he could sue for false arrest, mental anguish and for all attorney fees and costs he incured. I hope Larry still has his good attorney who will go for it!

  18. Hello CW!

    Thanks for the great news!


    I’ll be listening to your blog radio show tonight.

    Love you, bud

  19. I don’t think Larry would give up his right to sue. He wants to be sure Biden is brought down, too. But of course, lawsuits cost money…

  20. If Larry does not confirmd the story about the dropped charges, who does?

  21. If Larry does not confirm the story about the dropped charges, who does?

  22. congratulations larry. keep rocking.
    the corporate media is looking more and more foolish by the nanosecond.

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