Larry Sinclair is free, Why was Sinclair arrested, Another failed attempt to smear Sinclair, Parties responsible should be held accountable

Larry Sinclair was transported to Delaware and appeared before a
judge. Sinclair was allowed to return home.

Why was Sinclair arrested?

I have it on authority that they tried to arrest Sinclair before
the news conference began.

Did the DC police fabricate a warrant in order to arrest Sinclair?
First Axelrod and the Obama Campaign attack and try to discredit

Next multiple death threats were made.

Then Jane Hamsher, on her website, encouraged Obama supporters
to sign a petition to try to prevent Sinclair from speaking at
his news conference.

Then Sinclair is arrested before he can answer more questions.

Is this the kind of change you want? This is the kind of change
the German people got with the Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

I intend to get to the bottom of this chicanery.

11 responses to “Larry Sinclair is free, Why was Sinclair arrested, Another failed attempt to smear Sinclair, Parties responsible should be held accountable

  1. zachjonesishome

    You are so right on the mark here Mr. CitizenWells!! Your comments are up here and with the military. Zach


    This is a YAHOO group promoting the vote of John McCain. Senator Hillary Clinton was the more qualified person for the job. This group feels that the Obama Camp made special deals behinde closed doors in smoke filled rooms to receieve more delegates than he earned rightfuly in Florida and Michigan. This group stands for equal representation and all votes count!

  3. Citizen: I would have never have imagined having such a front row seat to history and to a tragedy in a democracy. In middle school, I was glued to the Watergate controversy and the resignation of a President, but this is so more than those politicos could ever have imagined.

  4. I don’t doubt that this was a set-up. Look what the Demos and their minions in MSM did to try to portray Marines as war criminals. I hope you are able to get to the bottom of this.

  5. Joe Biden and his son will not give you any answers. Joe’s vying for the VP slot. I think a deal was made with BO’s campaign. Biden got BO his Sinclair arrest warrant and Biden gets VP. It’s all so dirty.

    Just be careful. These are Chicago THUGS you’re messing with here! They don’t play nice. Get protection. I do hope Larry has protection too? There’s nothing these people would like more than to have Larry commit suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head 3 times. If you get my drift? BE CAREFUL!

  6. I hope we get answers soon.

  7. Hello,

    I would like to know how to be a part of Larry’s blog. I have been reading it every day – all day. I swear my husbad is going to divorce me over the time I spend reading the posts. I don’t know what info you need from me. I have never blogged before – I just want to say hello to Larry and wish him well. I’m a little concerned about how much info to give out. I do own a consignment boutique in Florida and I can give you my websie info. It’s not a good one, but I am for real and really want to help out and give my support and ideas that I have. So, what do you need from me to get me on board?



    I was trying to access or see a newspapaer report on the warrant and I found this website. They charge 8 cents to see pages. I,m too cheap.

    In our local paper we see arrest records and charges. I don’t know in which paper his arrest would be noted. The Washington post might but It might be noted in a lesser local paper. Still looking.

    The charges may have been a bench warrant since the Colorado warrant is under review. ie the motion to dismiss. The bench warrant is usually issued whenever a suspect of opportunity present themselves. The fact that they had to wait until he was seen at the conference would point to a time delay in getting the warrant issued at the last possible moment when the press conference started or Larry was seen entering the NPC facilities. Larry will need to address the Colorado Warrant and verify his legal status outside of Minesota when he travels to prevent this from chasing him off the public stage.

    The colorado warrant probably never made it to the DC police thus the Delaware bench warant.



  10. This whole corruptive affair to discredit Larry and bury the truth has gone from disgusting to repulsive. The news media corporate, the supposedly investigative journalists, and the money grubbing, egotistical, weak minded politicians should be ashamed of themselves. Integrity and personal has gone out the window completely and The People have been manipulated on a criminal level.

    I am so disappointed in Greta and I will never trust her “nose” for the truth again. I expected Bill O’Reilly to stand up and make some noise; but, he didn’t.

    Larry has been treated horrendously and this nation, as a whole, is tolerating it. It has been a LONG time since I have seen anyone present their truth, hold themselves together, and continue their journey with as much strength, diplomacy, and courage as Larry Sinclair. Go Larry! 🙂

  11. Infinite Gratitude to the Divine and all the earthly soldiers enlisted to this cause.

    Divine Protection to all.


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