Larry Sinclair is having bail set, Biden political prisoner, Delaware, Attorney General Biden, We want answers

Larry Sinclair is having his bail set in Delaware as I write this. I am seeking answers from the Attorney General of Delaware, the son of Joe Biden. I am still waiting on a reply from the Attorney General’s office. I will keep you informed.

12 responses to “Larry Sinclair is having bail set, Biden political prisoner, Delaware, Attorney General Biden, We want answers


    LARRY SINCLAIR SHOULD BE RELEASED ON HIS OWN RECOGNIZANCE (OWN RECOGNIZANCE – Sometimes called personal recognizance. A person who promises to appear in court to answer criminal charges can sometimes be released from jail without having to pay bail. This person is said to be released on his or her own recognizance.) TO QUOTE LARRY, “THIS IS BULL-SHIT”!!!! FREE LARRY SINCLAIR!!!

  2. Keep up the pressure. Are you sure you aren’t a full time journalist? Your are acting more like one then the people who get paid to do it.

  3. *You’re

  4. citizenwells

    Thanks for the kind words.
    All I am doing is old fashioned hard work, asking questions and reporting it.

  5. StopBigEars2

    is it not weird that mr. russert was the only msm person to ask obambi about his schedule during 1999 and then he dies?

    no wonder no one else will dare ask obambi

  6. The Truth..the whole Truth and nothing but the help me GOD!!

    Give em hell, CW!!!

    ((Citizen & Zach))

  7. The audacity of the Sinclair incarceration is echoing all around the world. In a weird way, the Obama plot to humiliate and ridicule Sinclair with the painful mental picture of LS being dragged out by the US Marshals IN HANDCUFFS has boomeranged! Now, the world is reverberating with “FREE LARRY SINCLAIR …OBAMA’S POLITICAL PRISONER”

  8. zachjonesishome

    Great work CitizenWells! Zach

  9. CW – You kick ass man!!! Thanks for the update. Hopefully Larry can post bail within the next couple of days.

  10. Will they grant him bail? I hope and pray that they grant him bail. They can deny people bail though.

  11. The problem with your story is that it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

    I don’t know, maybe I’m just being too naive because I doubt that an admitted drug user received cocaine and crack in exchange for $250 and oral sex the first time he met a Illinois State Senator (who has no other allegations of this type against him) based only upon evidence that he was in a limo in said Senator’s hometown on the same night the Senator was and a polygraph test administered by a pornographic site.

    And maybe I’m just not open minded enough to find it that odd that a person who’s been arrested multiple times and had to resolve multiple warrants in the past year would be arrested for something other than his claim which is predicated upon no real credible evidence. And maybe it’s ignorance to assume that it’s not standard practice to release the arrest records to random bloggers in response to an email about possible political motives.

    Maybe I’m just being dense.

  12. To: thegreat geno…You’re from Illinois.. why would you be naive or dense about anything that involves Illinois political figures and politics..
    Great article, as always, Citizen.

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