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** Update below **

Jonathan Turley, a Constitutional law Professor, is scheduled to appear on MSNBC tonight, Thursday,
December 4, 2008 on Count Down. According to Leo Donofrio, Jonathan Turley is wrong about his lawsuit,
Donofrio versus Connecticut Secretary of State, that is currently before the US Supreme Court
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Constitutional law Professor Jonathan Turley will appear on MSNBC’s count down tonight and according to his blog he’ll be discussing this case.  Unfortunately he got it all wrong.  Here is the comment I left at his blog. It is awaiting moderation, but other comments have been cleared since I left mine:

naturalborncitizen 1, December 4, 2008 at 4:53 pm

Mr. Turley,

My name is Leo Donofrio and my application before the Supreme Court says, within the body of the pleading, that I believe Mr. Obama is a Citizen of the United States – born in Hawaii. Your report above is not accurate.

My law suit challenges his status as a “natural born citizen” based upon the fact that his Father was a British citizen/subject.  Mr. Obama admits, at his own web site, that he was a British citizen/subject at birth.  He was also a US citizen “at birth”. He does not have dual nationality now, but the Constitution is concerned with the candidate’s status “at birth”, hence the word “born” in the requirement.

You have completely mis-stated my lawsuit. I have repeatedly said, over and again, that I believe Obama was born in Hawaii. I have criticized everyone who has said Mr. Obama is not a citizen. I believe he is a “native born citizen”, but not a “natural born citizen”.

The law suit is based upon what distinction the framers drew between the requirement for a Senator and Representative, which only requires “Citizen” status as opposed to the requirements for President, which requires “natural born Citizen” status. As you are aware, this is an issue of first impression for SCOTUS.

Please do not go on national TV and mis-lead the viewers. For a more in depth discussion, please see my response to today’s ABC News faulty report at:


Leo C. Donofrio, Esq.”

Read more here:


** Update 8:12 PM **

I just watched the segment. Apparently Jonathan Turley got the message about Donofrio’s argument.

Here are some quotes from Olbermann and Turley:


  • “Crackpot lawsuit”
  • “Dumbest lawsuit ever”
  • “Yes, this crap again”
  • “Bogus claim of citizenship”


  • “Odds heavily against”
  • “Argument not going to appeal to justices”

I never watch MSNBC for obvious reasons. They were in bed with Obama during the election campaign.

Keith Olbermann please respond and clarify some things for us:

  • Are you on the payroll of the Obama camp?
  • Do you care about the truth?
  • Would you recognize the truth if it bit you on the ass.
  • Do you care about this country?
  • Do you ever do any real research?

I really would like an answer. Provide one and I will publish it.