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Captain Connie Rhodes, Letter, Update, September 21, 2009, Letter prepared by acquaintance, Judge Land ruling, Rhodes deployment to Iraq

Larry Sinclair and I have been trying to get straight answers regarding the letter, allegedly from Captain Connie Rhodes, that states she did not authorize Orly Taitz to file a motion for stay of deployment and that she will deploy to Iraq. The letter looked suspect and we simply wanted the truth. We are still trying to verify that Captain Rhodes did in fact deploy to Iraq. Larry Sinclair did most of the work on this investigation and is to be commended.

From Larry Sinclair’s blog:

“Updated 9-21-09 @ 10:45 AM

Court Clerk Confirms He Spoke With “Acquaintance” not Capt Rhodes on Faxing Letter

I have contacted the U.S. District Court in Columbus, Georgia and spoken with Ms. Terri and a Mr. Timothy Frost in the Clerks Office. I informed both individuals that after reviewing the Letter of Capt. Connie Rhodes filed Friday September 18, 2009 the signature on said letter appears to be “cut & pasted” onto the document.

Mr. Frost states “I spoke with an acquaintance of Capt. Rhodes on Friday before the document was faxed.” Mr. Frost stated that after speaking with his boss and the acquaintance assuring the Court an original would be sent after Capt. Rhodes arrives in Iraq, the court accepted the document. I asked “would that acquaintance would be a Mr. Joe Parton,” and Mr. Frost said he would not give “his” name, and that the Court has accepted the document as authentic. Mr. Frost also stated that “if the Court does not receive an original from Iraq then there may be a problem.

I made it clear to Ms. Terri and Mr. Frost that I have no interest in this case other than verifying that the September 18, 2009 letter of Capt. Rhodes was authentic and was not filed in an effort to make Judge Land or the Court look bad. I believe Mr. Frost has confirmed for me that the letter was in fact prepared by the “acquaintance” and not Capt. Connie Rhodes, unless Mr. Frost wants to change his statement as to having spoken with “an acquaintance of Capt. Rhodes” to having spoken with Capt. Rhodes herself, since the last paragraph of the letter states:

I am faxing this as was advised by Tim, who works in the District Clerk’s office. I will mail the original copy of this letter once I have arrived in Iraq.”

I have received an email address for Capt. Rhodes and will send her an email asking if she signed the letter. Which we already know the signature was “cut & pasted” and it appears with the permission of the Clerks office?”

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