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Larry Sinclair has moved his blog to his own website:


Larry Sinclair was attacked and smeared before his move and many of the attacks came from bloggers on WordPress. Those attacks continue on WordPress, despite the notifications sent to WordPress. Many of the attackers of the smear campaign use screen names of legitimate commenters in an attempt to discredit Sinclair.

Intelligent and informed truth seekers hopefully will see past this charade.


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Larry Sinclair has moved his blog from WordPress to his own website. Sinclair’s former blog on WordPress was:


Larry Sinclair’s new blog on his website is:


Prior to leaving WordPress, Larry Sinclair and those following his story were subjected to personal attacks, death threats and public display of private information. Some of these attacks and violations of law came from other WordPress blogs. Larry Sinclair and other bloggers have reported some of the worst of these violators.

I have reported the worst WordPress violator several times. This violator has been consistently in violation of WordPress policies as well as violating the law. On one occasion after reporting this blog run by the lowest forms of humanity, retribution was attempted and my blog was temporarily suspended. I have emailed Matt Mullenweg of WordPress on two occasions. The last email was sent as a courtesy to alert him  to the severity of the situation and the possible legal ramifications. Here is a copy of the email:

I am sending this as a courtesy to you.
I spent over 30 years in IT and about half that time in my
own software/consulting business.
I and others have complained multiple times through the normal
channels at WordPress about the “XXXX and XXX” blog.
The last time, several weeks ago, I was ignored.
I am all for free speech.
However, this blog has gone far beyond the bounds of decency
and the law. I can say, with a fair degree of confidence, that they
will be the target of legal action.
They encourage and allow a wide degree of socially and legally
irresponsible acts.
Citizen Wells
I have received no response to this email and a followup email.
I have been informed that Matt Mullenweg is an Obama Supporter. This does not imply that he would be involved in suspicious or biased activities. However, what I have seen play out on WordPress recently is alarming. I would like to hear from WordPress. I am not accusing WordPress of anything, but what has transpired must be addressed. If free speech is not permitted on WordPress, then that should be stated up front. Likewise, if entities are allowed to have carte blanche to attack and intimidate others, that, too, should be spelled out in the policies.
WordPress, please clarify your position.
Citizen Wells