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Larry Sinclair has moved his blog to his own website:

Larry Sinclair was attacked and smeared before his move and many of the attacks came from bloggers on WordPress. Those attacks continue on WordPress, despite the notifications sent to WordPress. Many of the attackers of the smear campaign use screen names of legitimate commenters in an attempt to discredit Sinclair.

Intelligent and informed truth seekers hopefully will see past this charade.


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  1. sisterrosetta

    “BHO will not be able to win re-election to the Senate in 2010 when they get done with him, because they are going to destroy him.”

    From a Trusted Source:

    Re: Any more predictions?!

    HRC needs a big push for fundraising in July….because she has a very real shot at beating BHO in fundraising for the month. If she does, the bulk of that money would go to HillPac, as her debt will have been repaid. A large HillPac fund means she can influence superdelegates, because she has the cash to help all who supported her. BHO will not have any cash to be able to do that.

    We need $18 million between now and the Convention, but I would like to see that raised between today and the last day of July. It’s not a lot if we work really, really hard and get creative.

    The problem is that we are no longer reaching people who do not come to HRC sites on the internet. I am thinking of ways to do that, but have struck out so far. Because HRC can longer tell people in primetime to donate via, I don’t know how to get through to people who don’t read blogs.

    Please help find a way to do that.

    I actually think his birth certificate coming out in July will be what you are seeing — it will say one of the following:

    (1) BHO’s parents aren’t married
    (2) BHO’s father is listed as Arab and muslim and not black
    (3) BHO has, possibly, the name Muhammad either before or after Hussein in his name (speculated online with no backup, but it’s interesting theory)
    (4) Birth certificate shows a non-US birth

    There is a reason this certificate is being hidden from the press…we just need to figure out why.

    Nothing the GOP has will be used before the Convention…I have that on direct authority from McCain camp. They don’t tell me what they have, but they have told me that BHO will not be able to win re-election to the Senate in 2010 when they get done with him, because they are going to destroy him.

    That will happen only when he becomes the nominee. They know HRC will win this if she is the nom, and they do not want to see that happen.


  2. sisterrosetta


    See just the banter between pissant and wtc911 at:

    Or read the whole thing:

  3. Barb, Atlanta, GA

    I’m glad to know you are still here Larry. Little bit of a fright when I saw your old site was gone. Keep the Faith!

  4. sisterrosetta

    Tuesday, July 15, 2008

    the ultimate disaster in American presidents

    “No Barack Obama and Joe Biden terrorizing Larry Sinclair, a homosexual along with Donald Young who did not benefit from associating with that branch of the Democratic party.”

    My goodness, this Lame Cherry has a strange way of looking at things.

    This is one woman I would love to sit down with.

  5. sisterrosetta

    Obama’s Left – A Trojan Horse (Donkey) Approaches

    This entry was posted on July 15, 2008 at 8:12 pm

    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    I have met so many of you on this journey.

    Zach is one such gentleman.

    “This election is one of the most important in our history for many reasons. The most important of these is that for the first time our government could be in a situation where primarily only the voices coming from the extreme left could very well dominate the discussion and legislative action regarding the critical issues facing our country’s future for years to come.”

    Read the whole thing.

  6. Thank you, CW…Your such a great man and loyal friend!

  7. Listening to a caller named “BigEars” on Roger Fredinburg right now. To paraphrase:

    They talk about Larry Sinclair’s rap sheet and his credibility. We’ll I remember a man on T.V. a few years back, I think his name was uh…Clinton. He had all the credibility in the world, he was the President. He looked right at me and said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” When he actually did. That’s what credibility means.

    Wow, how true “is” that statement!

    Depends on what the meaning of the word is, is.

  8. sisterrosetta

    Advance Indiana said…

    In the case of Sinclair, this is a person claiming to have first-hand knowledge of certain events. He has put his assertions in a sworn affidavit, they were laid out in a federal lawsuit and he has stated them publicly in writing, by name and in a video-taped recording.

    He has opened himself up to more investigation of his background than Barack Obama, the man who would have his hand on the button.

    He has given health records to reporters. He has provided hotel receipts. He has offered names of fact witnesses and offered up his cell phone records, and I could go on. He has paid a big price for coming forward.

    An Obama blog set up to discredit him has been exceptionally harsh on him. It turns out that the anonymous blogger behind that blog himself has a criminal record for fraud and check deception.

    Moreover, Obama openly speaks of his life spinning out of control from drug use in his autobiography but apparently thinks the matter is off limits once the initial disclosure is made.

    As to questions surrounding his birth, Obama has been caught on several occasions telling something short of the truth about his family background. The “natural born” issue is fair game because it’s a constsitutional requirement.

    John McCain’s birth gets questioned in the NY Times and the Washington Post, but noboby can ask questions about Obama’s birth.

    McCain comes from a prominent American military family. Much is already in the public record about his family history. Obama comes out of nowhere and is a mystery to people. Never before has someone gotten so close to the presidency about whom so little is known.

    Bloggers are right to dig for more information about his birth, such as was he adopted by his Indonesian father. Why do classmates in Indonesia know him by a different name than Obama? Why do classmates say other things about the religion he practiced but now denies?

    Why are dates for a marriage and divorce given for his parents and then his own wife says his mother was single when he was born?



  10. Nice post…Nurse where have you been. Missed your comments and links?

  11. I don’t know Bitch and Man hired a p.i. to investigate Larry. They’ve got some “evidence” about Larry’s stay in Gurnee. Why won’t Larry take these people on?

  12. Mr. Wells (Yes I understand this is probably not your real last name),

    Would you be so kind as to post upcoming radio interview and appearance times of Mr. Sinclair so that we can hear these live? That is if you are aware of them in advance.

    I do most of my reading and commenting on that story here as opposed to Mr. Sinclair’s site and it would make tracking the story a whole lot easier.

  13. caringnurse1

    What happened to larrys new site? I got on it this morning, now its gone…Help, please..

  14. Citizen What has happened to Larry’s site. Can’t connect to site…States the site may be having problems? Any ideas or comments?

  15. Has Sinclair’s site been hacked as of now? I can’t get into it; I get errors going into it now.

  16. StopBigEars2

    is Larry’s new site down?

  17. What happen to Larry’s blog? Has it been shut down?

  18. StopBigEars2

    That spoof of “Ned ” calling the GayNetwork was quite unique on the Hal Turner Show.

  19. Citizen,

    Have the Powers That Be finally managed to shut down Larry’s website? I have attempted many times this evening to access his site and I get the same message:

    Oops! We can’t find the webpage you’re looking for
    Here are some suggestions:

    Check the address for typing errors such as instead of
    If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s internet connection.
    If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that your browser is permitted to access the Web.

    I have been following his story since Jan and don’t understand why his page is not available. I saw earlier he said there were 583 attempts to access his password today.

    Please let us know what is going on.

  20. Ignore my last post. It’s possible Larry was busy working on his site. I am now able to reach it and see he has posted new articles. TY

  21. citizenwells

    This is from Larry:


    We apologize for the inconvinience. At the present time we’ve had a fault from nature. One of the electrical relays was hit by a lightening strike and is down at the present time.

  22. Leeballz // July 16, 2008 at 8:04 pm

  23. sisterrosetta

    (July 17, 2008) Boston Beatnik Speculates Obama supporters = Anonymous? (a leaderless online collective of writers, hackers and protesters)

    Wednesday, July 16, 2008

    Posted by Boston Beatnik at 8:57 PM

    If you’re not familiar, Anonymous is a leaderless online collective of writers, hackers and protesters. They have famously been protesting the Church of Scientology for months now.

    Recently, I have noticed comments on YouTube videos that are pro-Obama featuring Anonymous speak like “epic win” or “epic fail.”

    That alone got me thinking.

    However, the biggest clue comes today as DOS or denial of service attacks are shutting down Larry Sinclair’s website and other related websites.

    Dear Obama supporters, you are scary. You are militant and weird and your attacks on free speech are increasingly violent.

    Is this really the best way to represent your candidate?

    UPDATE: In a top news story on Google News tonight, Obama cites the threat of cyber attacks. How ironic. Are you Obamatards now speaking in code that only Marxists can hear?

  24. sisterrosetta

    (July 17, 2008) “OBAMA’S FAKE BIRTH CERTIFICATE: why I’m right, and they’re wrong!”

    Posted by Polarik on Wednesday, July 16, 2008 7:56:15 PM

    Go to website to see images:,_and_they%e2%80%99re_wrong!.thtml


    “OK, it’s time to let the genie out of the bottle, and prove, once and for all time, that the
    images posted on the Internet are NOT true, original copies of Obama’s birth certificate
    (rather “Certification of Live Birth”, or COLB), that they NEVER WERE true, original
    copies, and if anyone tells you anything different, that they are flat-out wrong. Period.
    Exclamation point.”

    ”That’s it, folks. Listen, if I had the original scan to work with, as opposed to the copied Kos image, I could have produced an absolute, dead ringer for the Kos image using my 8-bit graphic editor. But, I do not have the original scan, and the Kos image is far from it.

    To conclude: I just proved that the Kos image is not a true copy of a paper document by demonstrating why the text on the Kos image looks so differently from the text on the new COLB image. I have ruled out ALL other theories as to how the Kos image got to be the way it is.

    I have also shown that all of the images on the internet are directly related to the Kos image, so if the Kos image is a fake, then all of them are fake.

    It is time to stop the fraud being perpetrated on the American public. It is time to demand that Obama produce a paper record of his birth instead of carrying on this charade.”

  25. sisterrosetta

    If above link doesn’t work, try:

  26. sisterrosetta

    OBAMA’S FAKE BIRTH CERTIFICATE: why I’m right, and they’re wrong!

    Please see thread with follow-ups at:

  27. itsagirlthang


    am I in trouble?

  28. sisterrosetta

    Is Wells not well?


    You are always my first stop on the internet highway with my morning coffee.

    I miss you.

  29. Seriously, doesn’t our government do a background check on people running for President? Background investigators will come and visit your family and friends and talk to them about you if you are trying to get any job that has some level of clearance. So they do that for the President too I hope. If so, then surely Obama had to produce something. If not, then that’s just plain scary.

    Right now there are 4 things that make it so I could never vote for Obama.

    1) Socialist – In my humble opinion; socialism breads laziness. To me Obama comes off as a huge socialist, if not communist. I dislike communism even more then socialism.

    2) Birth certificate – The arguments on the web that the .JPG version of his birth certificate is suspect still has not been adequately answered. Where is an official copy?

    3) Bigot – Obama hangs out with far too many bigots not to be a bigot himself, or at least a closet one. The community he is aligning himself with presents itself as being more racist then those they are accusing of being racist, and I’m not just talking about his church.

    4) Larry Sinclair – I don’t think I really have to go into the details of this one for this audience.

    I suspect many voters have the same issues. Numbers 2 and 4 are problems that can be easily corrected with the truth. Simple actually in comparison with numbers 1 and 3. Numbers 1 and 3 show me a major character flaw, a victim mentality. His memoirs (though admittedly I have not read) also seem to show the character image of one with a victim mentality. Not what I’m looking for in a President personally.

  30. citizenwells

    I am well.
    Thanks for your enthusiasm, help and concern.

  31. sisterrosetta

    (July 18, 2008) “For Anyone Who Ever Lost a Loved One to AIDS or HIV”

  32. What has happened to Larry Sinclair’s web site? Why was it suspended? I thought that it was back up, but I can’t get it. Thanks.

  33. What happened to

  34. I was wondering what Happened to Larrys site !
    Wow it is amazing the stupidity these arse will go to, to stop the truth from coming out isn’t just simplely unbelieveavle the corruptions they pull ! They continue to pull more and more ignorance every day !
    God Bless You Larry for being the American Trooper you are ! I hope you get it back up there for people to see the truth isn’t what happened that on of them idiot obot air headed trolls that hate seeing the truth and the true Obama being shown ! Obama s self is showing through to so many now !

  35. Larry send links out to All your supporters for them to send all info out for people to buy your Book ! we will advertise it and get the word out about your book for People to continue to buy .

    Real True Honest Americans need to stick together ! Obama resign respectfully or impeachment may be on its way soon hopefully !
    You are a disrespectful ignorant Non American , racist unprofessional arse terrorist ruining our Country !

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