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Assange extradition prosecution pushed by deep state Obama holdovers, Glenn Greenwald: Rice, Brennan, Comey and Clapper exposed by Assange and Snowden

Assange extradition prosecution pushed by deep state Obama holdovers, Glenn Greenwald: Rice, Brennan, Comey and Clapper exposed by Assange and Snowden

“Replying to this last point, the prosecution pointed out that a Grand Jury against Assange had been established by Obama and there was no indication the investigation had been closed. Feldstein agreed, the “Obama administration was very eager to file charges against Assange and they conducted a very aggressive investigation.” All of which speaks for the point that Assange is being sought for political reasons—motivations which are common to the whole American ruling class. It was current Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden who branded the WikiLeaks publisher and journalist a “high-tech terrorist.””…Laura Tiernan and Thomas Scripps, Sept 9, 2020

“Why John Brennan, Peter Strzok and DOJ Needed Julian Assange Arrested”…The Conservative Treehouse November 3, 2019

“Assange testimony requested in Rich v Butowsky et al  August 24, 2020”…Citizen Wells


Where there is smoke there is fire.

So it is with the deep state Democrats, the left.

They are absolute masters of diversions.

Almost the entire period of the Trump Presidency, they have diverted attention away from the DNC leaks and what they revealed.

We now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the narrative of the Russian hack and collusion is false, fabricated by the deep state.

The last remaining piece of the puzzle is who did it.

Julian Assange is the one person who knows for sure where he got the data.

A mountain of circumstantial evidence points to Seth Rich.

At least 4 prominent court cases have been dragging on and have issued requests for testimony from Julian Assange.

High powered law firms have aided the Rich family.

The obvious intent is to drag this also past the election cycle.

Ellen Ratner, former journalist who met with Julian Assange, was told it was an inside job. She has finally responded after 6 subpoena attempts with sealed documents.

See a trend?

So who is pushing the control of, the extradition, the prosecution, the persecution of Julian Assange?

We were told the Obama Administration dropped this effort.

But we have also witnessed the Obama Administration appointed or controlled DOJ officials who are anti Trump and beholden to the deep state.

Here are just 2 for starters.

Megan Brown.

From CBC May 10, 2017.

“Megan Brown, a Washington lawyer who formerly worked at the Department of Justice and also with Rosenstein, believes the main challenge will be intense confirmation hearings she expects will take an “extraordinarily political and partisan” tone.
Although the future of the Trump-Russia probe itself could be thrown into question, Brown is nevertheless confident the Department of Justice will proceed with the investigation “without improper influence or any unnecessary delay” due to a change at the top of the bureau.”

From the US v Assange Affidavit in support of a Criminal Complaint and Arrest Warrant December 21, 2017.

“I, Megan Brown, make this affidavit in support of a criminal complaint”

“I am a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau ofInvestigation (FBI) and have
been so employed since February 2011.”

“The facts in this Affidavit are based on my personal observations, information
obtained from other agents and witnesses, my training and experience, and my review ofrecords, reports, articles, and websites.”


Tracy Doherty-McCormick.

From the Washington Post April 20, 2017.

“Assistant U.S. Attorney Tracy Doherty-McCormick, who examined the case under the Obama administration, also has been working on the matter in recent weeks, officials said.”


Tracy Doherty-McCormick’s name is prominent on the legal filings in this case.


Glenn Grenwald nails it on a recent Tucker Carlson interview.

Tucker investigates why ‘DOJ is pursuing Julian Assange aggressively’

Some of Glenn Greenwald’s statements:

“He exposed the lies that James Clapper told”
“and obviously this isn’t coming from President Trump.”
“This is coming from people who work in the CIA, who work in the Pentagon…who believe they’re a government unto themselves”
“They’re punishing Julian Assange and trying to punish Edward Snowden for informing the public about things they have a right to know about the Obama Administration.”
“The only people who would be angry would be Susan Rice, John Brennan, Jim Comey and James Clapper because they’re the ones who both of them expose.”


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