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FEC 2008 FOIA request, Philip J Berg lawsuit, Old information viewed with 20 20 hindsight, Citizen Wells exclusive

FEC 2008 FOIA request, Philip J Berg lawsuit, Old information viewed with 20 20 hindsight, Citizen Wells exclusive

“Why has Obama, for over 2 years, employed numerous private and government attorneys to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells and millions of concerned Americans

I was going through some old paperwork recently and reexamined a 2008 FOIA request I made to the FEC regarding any information they had about the Philip J Berg lawsuit which had just included them as a defendant. With the clarity of 20 20 hindsight, several items of interest are presented.

The Citizen Wells blog was definitely in the mix questioning many aspects of Obama’s past in 2008. This blog was one of the first entities anywhere to announce the Berg lawsuit due to the efforts of faithful followers. Here are the actual heads up that we received.

“Date: Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 4:24 PM
Subject: About to break news”

“My name is XXXXXXX XXXXXXX of XX. I have been working with Phil Berg on
this project. Here’s the scoop.

Attorney Phil Berg of Philadephia, PA alleges that Obama is not a us
citizen nor his he “natural born” and within the next 30 minutes will
be filing a complaint and motion for a temporary restraining order
prohibiting Obama from running for Office of the President and
enjoining the DNC from naming Obama as a nominee for Democratic
Presidential election.

Go to the US District Court, Eastern District of PA, 2nd floor Clerk’s
Office on 601 Market Street in Philadelphia, PA”

“Date: Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 6:40 PM
Subject: Update from xxxxxxx”

“I just spoke to Phil Berg. The suit is filed in Philadelphia in the
US District Court, Eastern District of PA, at 601 Market St, 2nd
floor District Clerk’s office. There will be an emergency hearing in
the morning to determine if they will issue the temporary injunction
barring him from running anymore.”

On August 21, 2008, the following was reported at Citizen Wells.

“We were given a heads up earlier that a complaint was being filed in US District Court, Eastern District of PA. The complaint is a follows: ”for an emergency temporary restraining order prohibiting Obama from running for president, and enjoining the DNC from nominating Obama as the Democratic presidential candidate.””


From the FOIA documents sent to me.

Cover letter pg 1, 2.



Within approx. 24 hours of the filing of Philip J. Berg’s lawsuit, the following memo surfaced. Notice “Re: Victory in Berg v. Obama” What does this mean?

Scribd pg 3


Letter to FEC referencing an email.

Scribd pg 6


“August 18, 2008”

“This is a request for an opinion”

“email which I have received from a friend in Arizona”

Email received by letter author from a friend in Arizona.

Scribd pg 7


“I did not find anything to confirm or refute this story. Should everyone (extra should) wait til later to see if this hits the fan?”

Scribd pg 8


“Interesting! Now what? Who dropped the ball or are we all being duped? Who do you know whom you can forward this to who might be able to help answer this question?”
Response from FEC.

Scribd pg 4


“You ask the Commission to consider issues arising in an email circulating on the internet. The email, which is attached to your letter, asserts that a candidate for President is not eligible to be President because the candidate may not be a U.S. natural-born citizen. You ask how the legal requirements for obtaining and maintaining U.S. citizenship would apply to the assertions made in the email.”

“The Act authorizes the Commission to issue an advisory opinion in response to a complete written request from any person about a specific transaction or activity that the requesting person plans to undertake or is presently undertaking.”

The letter is dated 3 days before the Berg lawsuit.  

The wording above indicates to me that the person who sent the email and the person who wrote the letter are likely involved in the election process as election officials or are involved in a political party.

The following comments are particularly interesting.

“Interesting! Now what? Who dropped the ball or are we all being duped?”

“Should everyone wait til later to see if this hits the fan?”

The FEC response states “your inquiry does not qualify as an advisory opinion request.”

However, the FEC website states:

“Election Administration

The FEC’s Office of Election Administration (OEA) serves as a central exchange for information and research on issues related to the administration of federal elections on the state and local level.”

Who “dropped the ball”? Obviously the FEC.