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November 2010 elections, 5 months away, Blagojevich trial, US economy, Obama approval ratings, Cornered animals predictable

November 2010 elections, 5 months away, Blagojevich trial, US economy

The November elections are 5 months away. Obama has the lowest approval ratings in history. More and more people see the picture of the real Obama emerging. Unemployment is high, the US economy is faltering and security of the US in the world arena is in jeopardy.

It is apparent that no court, no legal remedy will challenge Obama’s eligibility in the near term. I believe that the Obama controlled US Justice Department will work to shorten the Blagojevich trial. As cocky and self confident as Blagojevich appears, he is no fool. The spectre of many years in prison is a reality if the trial plays out the way the Rezko trial did. Obama and the Democrats will do whatever is necessary to keep this circus from playing out too close to the elections.

Obama and the Orwellian and Gestapo like Obama administration are attempting to control the internet. They already control the mainstream media. I have a simple message for Obama, the FCC and any Orwellian component of government that attempts to thwart our efforts to present the truth.



I and many others are committed to getting the truth out to the American public. I, if necessary, will tour the country and/or cooperate with other concerned Americans to keep the real news flowing.

We must change congress this November. It is our only chance to save this country.