Obama and Fox News, Both are controlled by Saudis, Fox hides Obama eligibility, Tony West at USDOJ helped Obama keep records hidden, Obama college records

Obama and Fox News, Both are controlled by Saudis, Fox hides Obama eligibility, Tony West at USDOJ helped Obama keep records hidden, Obama college records

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

Why was Tony West, who helped Obama keep his records hidden at taxpayer expense, promoted to the third highest Justice Department position?”…Citizen Wells

“Why does Fox News continue to hide the news related to Obama’s eligibility and college records?…Citizen Wells

What do Obama and Fox News have in common?

Answer: They are both controlled by the Saudis.

We know where Obama’s heart is.

Percy Sutton stated that Khalid Al-Mansour was “raising money” for Obama.

Percy Sutton stated that Khalid Al-Mansour was trying to help Obama get into Harvard Law School.

Percy Sutton stated that Khalid Al-Mansour was an advisor to Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

On September 19, 2012 Fox News reported.

“Obama Slides Taliban Lawyer Into Top Spot At Justice Department”

“A lawyer who came to prominence for his full-throated defense of a subsequently convicted terrorist was quietly promoted to the No. 3 slot at the Department of Justice last month, a post that puts him in charge of the administration’s policy regarding Guantanamo Bay detainees.

The move has raised red flags on Capitol Hill and elsewhere among national security stalwarts who argue that the promotion could imperil the country’s longstanding war on terrorism.

The Obama administration appointee at the center of the debate is Tony West, a longtime Justice Department lawyer who received national attention for his aggressive defense of John Walker Lindh, the so-called American Taliban who is currently serving 20-years in prison for colluding with al Qaeda in Afghanistan and taking up arms against U.S. troops.”


Fox News failed to mention that Tony West represented Obama in a lawsuit filed by retired Commander Charles Kerchner. Commander Kerchner and others have attempted to get Obama to release his records.

“Case: 09-4209 Document: 003110049041 Page: 1 Date Filed: 03/08/2010″

BARACK OBAMA, et al.,”


Assistant Attorney General”

alleged grievances regarding President Obama’s constitutional
qualifications reflect a generalized interest in the proper
administration of the law “shared by all the American people,”
App. 10, not a concrete injury particular to plaintiffs. The
Supreme Court has repeatedly held that Article III standing may
not be predicated on such injury. Plaintiffs’ attempts to
aggrandize their harms, based on oaths they have taken to support
to the Constitution, their heightened interest in constitutional
principles, or the possibility of future military service, fail.”

Obama attended Occidental on full scholarship after a pathetic academic performance and ongoing drug use.

Who was Obama’s benefactor then?

Obama’s college records will reveal who controls him and it is obvious that the Saudi control of Fox is why they will not cover this story.

5 responses to “Obama and Fox News, Both are controlled by Saudis, Fox hides Obama eligibility, Tony West at USDOJ helped Obama keep records hidden, Obama college records

  1. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Sorry CW, but slightly OT, but not entirely! Just saw this at Drudge –

    “Secret Service investigating Texas man — for lynching his chair!”


    We are definitely into Silly Season!

  2. Was the chair standing on a chair and they kicked the legs out from under the chair? It is silly and dangerous when Obama is involved.

  3. Mr. Bill (ms. helga) — It wasn’t for lynching a chair. It was for what the symbolism implied. The Eastwood monologue equated Obama to an empty chair. And in the South, before Civil Rights were made Federal and nationwide, the lynching of a black man accused of a crime could be carried out by angry mobs without law enforcement intervening.

    So, in essence, the Texas man is saying, “I want Obama dead. I would like to see this black man dead, hanging from a tree.”

    To me, that is not funny nor a joke. The Secret Service could easily see that as a threat against the President. As much as I dislike the man and his policies, this implies racism and a threat against the President.

    The thing that troubles me is the double standard. When those Leftwing jerks and nut-jobs were hanging Sarah Palin in effigy, was there a Secret Service investigation? And what about the movie staging Bush’s assassination? Was anyone investigated for that? If not, they should have been, but I heard nothing of the sort.

  4. CW – We live in a crazy world today. It is hard to make sense of anything. I think three letters are at the root: O-I-L.

    The contradictions in US policy at home and abroad comes from this: We allowed ourselves to become dependent on foreign oil and our economy is petroleum based. The reason Obama is President is the Conservative elites and insiders in Washington saw him as able to bridge the gap with the Muslim world, which would mean better relations with the places from which we get our foreign oil. The Liberal elites and insiders saw in Obama someone who could bring about some of their social agenda.

    Another big contradiction that causes Conservatives and Liberals to join hands is illegal immigration. We have become dependent on Illegal workers from Mexico and other places who can work for less (under the radar) and do manual jobs hard to fill. At the same time they present a need for social programs Liberals love to have.

    So the Saudis having a controlling interest in FOX is par for the course. Conservatives are compromising out of fear–fear for the loss of foreign oil and loss of foreign labor. Our so-called Conservative Media and Representatives are all submitting to the blackmail of foreign oil and foreign labor–the fear that if these two things were cut off, there would be an economic breakdown and disaster leading to civil unrest.

    The Liberals love this because they want to bring the house down anyway, to establish their Socialist-Fascist utopia with them in charge.

  5. Appeal of Florida Ineligibility Florida Ballot Challenge filed yesterday

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