NC unemployment rate 9.7 percent for August 2012, Increase over July, Biggest increase in government jobs, Labor force participation rate?

NC unemployment rate 9.7 percent for August 2012, Increase over July, Biggest increase in government jobs, Labor force participation rate?

“Guilford (Large NC County) appears on it’s way to a third consecutive year with annual jobless rates in double digits. Economists say that likely hasn’t happened since the Great Depression.”…Greensboro News Record December 2, 2011

“With a 63.7% labor force participation, “conditions in the labor market are considerably worse than indicated” in July’s report”…economist Joshua Shapiro, WSJ August 3, 2012

“We tried our plan—and it worked. That’s the difference. That’s the choice in this election. That’s why I’m running for a second term.”…Barack Obama

From the NC Department of Commerce September 21, 2012.

“North Carolina’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate increased 0.1 of a percentage point in August to 9.7 percent. The national rate declined 0.2 of a percentage point to 8.1 percent. North Carolina’s August 2012 unemployment rate is 1.0 percentage point lower than a year ago.

“Looking at the data long-term, North Carolina has added nearly 98,000 nonfarm jobs since January 2010,” said N.C. Department of Commerce Deputy Secretary Dale Carroll. “Our workforce partners and our employment
service offices across our state are committed to helping employers put citizens back to work in North Carolina.”

Seasonally adjusted Total Nonfarm industry employment, as gathered through the monthly establishment survey, increased by 1,100 to 3,953,400 in August. The major industry with the largest over-the-month increase was Government, which gained 8,400.”

I will report on the Labor Force Participation rate in NC soon.

The unemployment data by county in NC will be released next week.


39 responses to “NC unemployment rate 9.7 percent for August 2012, Increase over July, Biggest increase in government jobs, Labor force participation rate?

  1. United States of O-merica: President Relies On Cult of Personality in Tight Election

    Yes, this is what rational citizens can’t believe can still be happening:

    It’s difficult to understand how a president with the most failure-ridden foreign and domestic policy in modern history still stands to win some 47 percent of the American vote, according to the latest polls. But the answer is simple. Since 2007, Barack Obama has been building a cult of personality reminiscent of fascist leaders. With the help of his celebrity friends and the cynical hijacking of cherished American symbols, the Obama campaign has made this presidential race less about uniting Americans than about uniting Americans under the One.

  2. Steyn doesn’t get into just who the puppeteers (that admitted $1,000,000 paid education) are, but it’s still a good description of the product of “elitist” education today:

    Steyn: Obama from a ‘pampered and cosseted elite of no achievement’

    Read more:

  3. This is really one of the most excellent pieces written to sum up an era which can actually give any kind of creedence to an Obama ideological type regime:

    September 21, 2012
    Obama and Religious War
    By James Lewis

  4. More from the supreme clueless of the world:

    U.N. Human Rights Council Condemns “Malicious And Deliberately Provocative” Mohammed Cartoons And Film…

    Have you ever heard/read a more unabashed pronouncement of cowardice
    than this? What high paid toadies to evil are willing to speak from on high:

    “In the case of Charlie Hebdo, given they knew full well what happened last week with the film, it seems doubly irresponsible on their part to have published these cartoons,” he told reporters in Geneva.

    Well the barbaric torturing thugs certainly have this group in their pockets.

    Don’t hold your breath to hear them condemn actual scourgings and crucifixions of Christians in Yemen!

  5. Observer,
    Thanks for the excellent article giving a background from a historical perspective as to why the world stage is where it is today This ties in somewhat with Dean M.’s post re. O.I.L.

    We in America are indeed in a sad state of affairs when our leaders can’t discern who our enemies really are. We are allowing the murderous, pillaging, radical jihadists into the highest echelons of government with barely an effective whimper.

    The Marxists have been slowly infiltrating our government for at least the last sixty years, and now “they” have the President of their dreams, except he is not aggressive and Leninist enough for some of them. Evil is never satisfied. The gates of hell are wide and open and ever ready to receive.

  6. It would appear that Beck is another one suspecting “Ambassador” Stevens of being CIA…..assigned, supposedly, to rescue the arms given to the rebels to overthrow Gaddafi…..another gun runner coverup/distraction with Stevens thrown under the bus this time.

    And WHI was concerned about the rather suspicious behavior of Stevens moving his location, in the dark, and without protection….as if he knew he was being targeted for a hit via the regime….that he was perhaps on to something about the powerful weapons given to the Islamic thugs for the purpose of overthrow. Another one of our own killed by the leftist policies of the regime.


    Was Ambassador Stevens a “regular” guy who just loved the Libyan people? Why did he ride around at night in an unarmored vehicle with CIA agents?

    What’s behind Libya? Who was on protective detail? Why did spontaneous crowds have RPGs and active mortar fire? Why was the Ambassador left for dead when everyone else ran out? Who’s asking these questions? GLENN BECK!

  8. CitizenWells,
    I think Obama meant that “his plan” did work, just not for people looking to work. I’m sorry it’s so bad for the people of North Carolina, but your doing better than here, unemployment is greater than 12%, and the next round of layoffs is coming in January, no matter whose elected. I can only pray that Americans put country before skin color and special interests for the next election.

  9. As I said before in a previous post…

    There is no doubt in my mind that if Obama truly wanted the controversial video taken down, it would be! How many times here at CW’s have we noticed youtube videos as well as certain links that were embarrassing to him suddenly disappear? DON”T TELL ME HE DOESN”T HAVE THE ABILITY TO TAKE IT DOWN IF HE WANTED TO! He’s speaking out of both sides of his mouth.

    The ugly truth is he wants this video to continue! In fact I would not be surprised if he was responsible in some way for its production. I believe there are several reasons this might be desirable from his standpoint.

    #1… he can continue to blame the video for the violence and as things ramp up and spin out of control, he will have the excuse to declare martial law… possibly cancel elections.

    #2… an executive order is being drafted as we speak granting him the power to shut down the internet for purposes of National security.

    IN SHORT… THIS WAS PLANNED!!!!! PLAIN AND SIMPLE! No wonder upon hearing that the ambassador was missing, he simply went to bed. When he awoke, the ambassador was dead. I suspect he smiled.

  10. Appeal of Florida Obama ineligibility ballot challenge filed yesterday.

  11. Pete.
    Best wishes.

  12. SueQ | September 21, 2012 at 1:27 pm |
    No question about it – Obama is again up to his ugly tricks of deception and pretense. I agree completely that this has all been planned to the best of his “ability”. There is probably nothing that he wouldn’t do to cement another four years to finish his work. In another post you made a comment that has been resonating in my head re. the Mid-East: It goes something like this, “He lit a match over there and then threw gasoline on it.” That is so aptly put, too.

  13. observer | September 21, 2012 at 11:22 am —

    “Steyn doesn’t get into just who the puppeteers (that admitted $1,000,000 paid education) are, …”
    Because it’s just another ‘rinky-dink technicality’.

    From April 28,2011:

    “Steyn: Don’t end Obama’s presidency on the birther ‘rinky-dink technicality’”

    “One reason why I don’t want to get into, don’t particularly — never got excited about the birther business – I don’t want this president discredited and kicked out on a technicality,” Steyn said. “This isn’t like when Snoop Dogg found himself up on that murder rap and got acquitted on a technicality. I don’t want this president to be convicted on technical grounds. I don’t want this presidency to end on the technicality of whether he was born in Hawaii, or whether he was born in Mombasa, or whether he was born on the planet Krypton. …

    … It’s not enough to end his presidency simply on some rinky-dink technicality like where the guy happened to be born. That’s my view on the thing.””

  14. Median income in Ohio hits 27-year low and more coal mines were reported closing this week.

    Same in Virginia. Apparently Ohio and Virginia voters think this is positive or just don’t care…the poll numbers continue to rise for Obama in these critical swing states.

  15. How to Lose the Most Important Election of Our Time by Not Really Trying
    by Don Feder—grasstopsusa/question-3189665/
    The author may be relying too much on present poll results, but I can’t deny that he speaks the truth. The more people that understand what is truly at stake, the better it will be for all.

  16. CW. What do you think about this?

    I live in the golden state of California, which is broke and has no
    gold. Today I went on my weekly business trip to LA to pick up auto
    parts. LA is about three hours away from my residence. As previously
    reported, I had some anti-Obama bumper stickers made and I paid for them out of pocket. So, I thought I would see what type of reaction I would get with bumper stickers plastered on my truck. But, a strange thing happened.
    I must have drove past more than a thousand cars and trucks on my trip


    1. Neither party cares about Ca. as the election has already been
    determined before the polls close in this state.
    2. People are fearful of retaliation on choosing a candidate by placing
    a bumper sticker on their car.
    3. Ca. is full of libs so why vote, my vote won’t count.
    4. Bumper stickers are outdated and I don’t want to mess up my car with a
    stupid bumper sticker.
    5. I don’t care who wins, I don’t like either candidate.
    6. Can’t read English (I made one is in Spanish)
    7. Were getting ready for a campaign blitz, in November.

    Oh well……..
    Hi, Ho, Silver!

  17. hapnHal.
    Some combination of the above.
    I actually have at least 2 conservative friends from CA.
    One now lives in NC, formally N CA.

  18. Remember back in 1987 when photographer Andres Serrano got National Endowment for the Arts funding to display his “artistic” photograph titled “Piss Christ”? Remember the uproar, especially from Christians who said it was highly offensive? Even so, I don’t remember people being killed and embassies under seige as a result of the offensive piece of “art.” So now, some enterprising artist should do the exact same thing, except this time submerse a figurine of the Prophet Muhammad in a jar of his own urine and title the masterpiece “Piss Muhammad.” Do you suppose this piece of “art” would receive National Endowment funding? No it would not. In fact, the artist would likely be brought up on federal hate crime charges.

    Thus the diabolical religious double standard is exposed for all the world to see.

  19. cabbyaz | September 21, 2012 at 4:12 pm |

    Hi Cabby,

    Can’t figure out what’s going on here in VA. Everybody knows the majority of northern VA (highly populated) will vote for Obama because so many there work for the fed. In the rest of VA (of which I am a part), I honestly know of nobody that will vote for Obama. NO… not a single one… well, I do know one.

    Problem is, we have a candidate here by the name of Virgil Goode, (a really decent man… Constitution Party… and not necessarily a problem because he’s good) whom Cuccinelli decided was allowable on the ballot. We also have Gary Johnson (unfortunately I seriously considered him at one time… please don’t hold that against me) and others. Meaning the vote is split. Outside the metro area, the folks here have a very scrappy attitude. They don’t appreciate DC telling them what to do.

    So, I would guess that outside of Northern Va, most will vote against Obama however that plays out. I’m hoping we go for Romney.

    I suspect the polls are wrong.

  20. “Journalist Mark Tapscott Obliterates Obama’s Manufactured Past; Never Law Professor”

  21. “Video: Fox News Reports Barry Soetoro’s Manufactured Past; Michelle Obama’s DNC Lies”

  22. .Today Rush said that they are going to bring out that Serrano “art” again…..”reintroduce” it after all these years.

    Face it…the regime is an “in your face” abuser of Americans and makes a mockery even of himself when he goes on and on (with Hillary) about how America is so respectful of ALL religious faiths. I’d like to have a dollar for each time Hillary has used the word “unacceptable” while the world burns and our own servants are brutally slain. I can see how she flunked the D.C. bar exam….she truly has a limited vocabulary….and is not too great on the real facts either

  23. WOW!

    VIDEO: Pamela Geller on CNN’s @ErinBurnett, abruptly cuts segment at Hamas-CAIR description, FULL AUDIO secretly recorded

    A little twit and her dictionary are soon parted by Pamela!

  24. Observer; wasn’t Tony Rezko a big donar to CAIR?

  25. Bessie, you’re the expert….I found only this:

    CHICAGO CRESCENT: Rezko, Blago, CAIR, a million bucks and… Abraham Lincoln

    September 21, 2010 | Patti Villacorta

    Rezko brings Emir of Quatar to Chicago for dinner with Blago and other “high-ranking officials” in 2006. Emir donates $1 million to Lincoln Library. Ahmed Rehab, director of Chicago Hamas-linked Cair office wins”Licolnland Legend” award.

    Más en

  26. I have always liked Pamela Geller.
    I now love her.
    Thanks Observer.

  27. Coming soon to America? After all, Zero is more than likely still an Indonesian citizen:

    “Moderate” Muslim Indonesia Threatens To Close Catholic School For Not Teaching Islam…

  28. Like we said earlier: Obama Ripped For Profusely Apologizing For Mohammed Film But Staying Silent On “Piss Christ” Exhibit In NYC

    Maybe if we spend the next two weeks rioting day in and day out he will condemn it? Still doubtful.
    Religious groups are blasting President Obama for not condemning am anti-Christian art display set to appear in New York City and one Republican lawmaker said he is “fed up with the administration’s religious hypocrisy.

    “Piss Christ,” once branded as a “deplorable, despicable display of vulgarity,” will be displayed at the Edward Tyler Nahem Gallery in Manhattan on Thursday. The artwork features a “photograph of the crucifix submerged in the artist’s urine.”

    Religious groups and some lawmakers have already started sounding off – and making comparisons to the controversy over a recent anti-Muslim film. The low budget movie “Innocence of Muslims” sparked violent and deadly clashes across the globe. […]

    Rep. Michael Grimm (R, C-NY) wants to know why President Obama hasn’t denounced the exhibit and said he’s fed up with what he called the administration’s “religious hypocrisy.”

    “The Obama administration’s hypocrisy and utter lack of respect for the religious beliefs of Americans has reached an all-time high,” Grimm told Fox News. “I call on President Obama to stand up for America’s values and beliefs and denounce the ‘Piss Christ’ that has offended Christians at home and abroad.”

    Keep reading…

  29. I saw this FOX news “special” but it’s worth watching again….Romney campaign ought to be able to make several ads using it:

  30. Examiner series is pretty good. Keeps to issues moderates will be open to considering. Doesn’t address the fraud, but we may have to be thankful for getting something out there.

    Fox covering it is interesting; perhaps they are looking to be able to defend their past biased coverage. Never will forgive them for aiding and abetting treason.

  31. So I have worked on DOING something about the Usurper for 4 years. I post an appeal brief here, and get virtually NO RESONSE. What is wrong w/ you people? Do you think you are actually doing something be talking in this echo chamber. Get out of the basement and show up in Tallahassee. These judges have been allowed to make their nonsensical rulings becaise they are vurtually in private— no media— no onlookers. Don’t listen to OBOTs like JBJD. This case has proper standing for the court to answer the question— it is perfectly w/in Fla statutes. She is a PUMA and lover of Howard Zinn— what does that tell you? Get a clue. No one will save us but us.

    I will make them ALL lie in the light of history. History will know who sold out the Republic and will spit on them.

  32. dualer,

    Tell me, why won’t your friends over at WND do something to support Orly Taitz, the one person that has been doing all of the heavy-lifting since day one?

    And I guess I don’t know JBJD as well as you seem to. If you ask me, I think she has done a pretty damned good job of trying to educate the electorate on how to combat this issue.

    Good luck & shove it, all in the same breath.

    Sorry, I haven’t had my coffee yet.

  33. Taitz and JBJD are both OBOTS. The get out of your basement and do something. I have completely embarrassed JBJD at her own blog multiple times. This is an echo chambe. Until angry crowds start showing up at court, no media will cover it, and corrupt judges will rule in private.

  34. Pingback: How Romney Wins » Duffy's Political Soapbox

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