Obama ties to Chicago corruption still haunt, Obama’s Ghosts of Christmas Past, Blagojevich appeal delay hard evidence of conspiracy to obstruct justice

Obama ties to Chicago corruption still haunt, Obama’s Ghosts of Christmas Past, Blagojevich appeal delay hard evidence of conspiracy to obstruct justice

“There is no doubt that Marley was dead. This must be distinctly understood, or nothing wonderful can come of the story I am going to relate.”

“You will be haunted,” resumed the Ghost, “by Three Spirits.”

“I am the Ghost of Christmas Past.”
“Long Past?”
“No. Your past.”…Charles Dicken, “A Christmas Carol”

“Why did Patrick Fitzgerald and the US Justice Department wait until December 2008 to arrest Rod Blagojevich?”…Citizen Wells

“Regardless of how this plays out, it benefits Obama. If there is no appeal or the appeal is denied, Blagojevich will be sequestered. If the appeal proceeds, it could drag out beyond impacting the 2012 election cycle. The intent is obvious.”…Citizen Wells, July 19, 2011

I recently issued a request for citizen journalists to assist in researching an important story that is playing out before us in real time.

The Rod Blagojevich appeal process has been delayed in direct contradiction to US Court rules and guidelines. The court reporter for Judge James Zagel, the person responsible for producing trial transcripts needed for the appeal, took a 5 and 1/2 month leave of absence and now has filed a request for an extension. She now claims to have the transcripts ready by late September.

Read the guidelines for yourself. The Court Reporter has accountability, Judge James Zagel has accountability and the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has accountability.

This case impacts a former governor and current occupant of the White House.

Over the past almost 4 years I have presented compelling circumstantial evidence why Blagojevich should have been arrested much earlier and before Tony Rezko. Certainly not after the 2008 election to protect Obama.

There is so much to keep up with about Obama, some may have forgotten some details and new readers come along, so I will be presenting some information again.

In part 1 of a multi part series, I will lay out the facts in detail that support my contention. To paraphrase Dickens, it is important to know this information to understand what is happening now.

Part 1 – Events leading up to the Blagojevich arrest.

Part 2 – Prosecution.

Part 3 – Appeal.

Oh, and by the way, another spectre from Obama’s past is about to pay him a visit soon. I will say more about this when I am permitted.

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  1. http://weaselzippers.us/2012/08/30/breaking-federal-appeals-court-rules-in-obama-admins-favor-strikes-down-texas-voter-id-law/

    Breaking: Federal Appeals Court Rules In Obama Admin’s Favor, Strikes Down Texas Voter ID Law…

    (CNN) – A federal appeals court in Washington has struck down the Texas voter ID law which required photos for voters at the polls, saying the law amounts to racial discrimination.

    The decision is considered a major victory for the Obama administration and its Democratic allies who had challenged the law.


  2. Looking forward to your mini series, CW. Who’s playing Blago? John Travolta? (ha ha) No seriously, I’m looking forward to catching up on all I’ve missed.

  3. Philo-Publius

    Obama media continues to help their candidate during the prime time coverage.

    ABC Hosts GOP-Bashing Univision Anchor Over Airing Susana Martinez’s RNC Speech

    ABC News Airs Less than Two Minutes of Condi’s Speech

    Nightly News Skewing Voters’ Views of GOP Convention

  4. Whistleblower

    You might find this “Overview” an interesting read. Considering the players involved, including but not limited to James Comey the man resonsible for Patrick Fitzgerald getting U.S. Attorney post in Chicago. CW when you get in touch with Patti Blagojevich ask her how she thinks John Chase knew the feds were recording everything.

    Journalists’ Privilege: Overview of the Law and 109th Congress Legislation

    Click to access a467237.pdf

  5. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    Real quick before I have to be off to work:

    I just watched Danial Hannon (sorry if I spelled it wrong Danny boy) on Cavuto, and it just really pees me off that someone from Britian understands our delima better than ANY of our politicians, and to be honest, some of the people here at CW.

    The single most important thing we have in front of us is the DEBT that we are accumulating every day.

    Just since Monday and the start of the Republican Convention, more than 7 BILLION in debt has been added.

    But the ONLY person who actually ADDRESSES this issue is vilified for being “anti Israel” (sorry guys and gals but this is a straight out LIE, and I’ve PROVEN it, but you folks keep spouting that LIE), “pro-pot” ( which is another BLATANT LIE, because he’s NOT “pro-pot”, he’s ANTI FEDERAL LEGISLATION REGULATING DRUGS, and he’s FOR allowing the STATES decide what is legal and what is not, which by the way is how the Constitution is supposed to work), being “pro-gay marriage” (which again, he simply wants to get the Federal Government out of our private affairs, and put that responsibility back to the STATES, which again, is how the Constitution is SUPPOSED to work) and for his Foriegn policy stance (which honestly is to stop paying Countries IE PEOPLE IN OTHER COUNTRY’S GOVERNMENT, IE bribing Government officials to get something we want, and then NOT actually getting a return on our investment).

    My view is that the ONLY issue that should be considered is his FISCAL POLICY, which I believe is the ONLY issue that we can agree that Paul is “supposedly” right about.

    I’m MORE sure now that there is NO WAY I can vote for Romney and will vote for the best person for the job, the person that WILL address this ONLY issue that we should be concerned about.

    Gotta go.

  6. Philo-Publius

    RNC Ratings Night Two: Networks Lose 17 Million Viewers Compared To Night Two Of 2008 RNC

  7. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Philo-Publius | August 30, 2012 at 5:38 pm |
    RNC Ratings Night Two: Networks Lose 17 Million Viewers Compared To Night Two Of 2008 RNC

    The 3 most important words in the American lexicon –

    1 – RATINGS
    2 – Cleavage
    3 – “Absolutely”

  8. citizenwells

    Got some news today from a player in this mess.
    Someone that I have been in touch with.
    I don’t know how this Blagojevich appeal story is going to play out except that I am going to cover it.
    Contacting Patti, maybe, at the right time.
    We still do not know how this scheme was divised & who is pulling strings.
    I still find that photo of BO & Blago from late 2008, in each other’s face discussing something important,
    very interesting.

  9. RMinNC,
    You are right. Fox has just announced that the mystery speaker is…..

  10. CW, please stay safe!

  11. citizenwells

    Thanks Cabby.
    I will try my best.
    If something mysterious does happen to me, I am depending on you all to let the world know.

  12. citizenwells

    PS-I made a decision in 2008 that I was not going to be intimidated, just like my friend
    Bettina Viviano stated recently.
    Always been fond of New Hampshire’s state motto.
    “Live free or die.”

  13. Whistleblower

    I understand what you are saying about contacting Patti. It may interest you that contact has been made in the past with the Blago camp on this subject. As this plays out keep in mind Blago and freinds did not even atempt to make John Chase part of the proceedings. That will prove to be important.

  14. You and our nation are in my prayers. If only we could restore trust in our government, truth in our judicial system and integrity in our representatives our country would be restored.

  15. citizenwells

    Thanks and God bless.
    Every morning in my prayers I ask for the truth to be revealed about Obama and to save this country.

  16. Good evening Cabby…….not braggin but………

    I predicted Paul Ryan long before anyone picked up on him as a VP. It was the most logical choice if Romney was serious about winning.

    Now with Clint Eastwood, I’m batting one thousand. So I will make two more predictions.

    One… Romney will win by a landslide in November. Obama’s HOPE and CHANGE has turned into MANURE and STINK. You can fool all the people sometime, but the second time around is another story.

    In the past 4 years, the American people have come to realize exactly what Obama meant when he said, “We are going to fundamentally change America”. Most of us know now he meant socialism/marxism change. A brand of government that is alien to everything our Constitution and the American people stand for.

    But with Romneys’ victory in November also comes very great and very real dangers.

    Prediction Two…….

    Sometime in late fall, a series of false flag operations in America will be the excuse to attempt to put martial law into effect. It will be an excuse for Obama to maintain power. From September until Jan of 2013, will be a great time of concern for the incoming president-elect and this nation. We must not permit this to happen.

    However, based on Mr. Obama’s record for the past 4 years, I put nothing past him in order to keep the reins of power.

    WE must be very alert during the next few months. WE MUST QUESTION EVERYTHING THIS USURPER SAYS OR DOES.


    I hope I am wrong with my second prediction….only time will tell.

  17. Martial law. Now is the time to share the history of martial law in the US and elsewhere and what procedures are in place to implement it. For example, I understood Congress had to play a role. But Obama seems to care little for Congress, US law and precedent. Perhaps he can declare it or put in place controls similar to martial law on a temporary basis and then seek Congressional approval but continue the game even if they deny him. Now is the time to educate the citizenry regarding this egregious outcome. Anyone have some links to good essays or articles about implementation of martial law. Truth shall overcome tyranny!

  18. CW, that has been my prayer also . Probably the prayer of most here. It is hard because Obama has done SO much damage that you begin to think its not fixable. BTW, many Rebublicans helped to get us to this point. And our apathy or inattention or whatever allowed them to get away with it.

    I’m still not ready to give up on my country though. I love her. God bless her. “God shed his grace on thee.”

    IB, vote your conscience by all means, but you will be voting for Obama… hope you know.

  19. Can’t get to Ulsterman; all other sites working. Too many hits or ratf**fing (per Don Segretti)

  20. ratf**king

    Coined by those working dirty tricks for CREEP (Nixon)

  21. RMinNC | August 30, 2012 at 7:33 pm |

    I’ve not only dusted off my tin foil hat, I’ve polished it as well. You are not crazy in your prediction #2.

    We must be alert. We must question everything as well. A certain Israeli newspaper seems to indicate a strike against Iran is eminent. Possibly during the DNC convention. This could be nonsense but maybe not. Who knows?

    Bill G, I agree with you that we need to be educated concerning martial law.

  22. RMinNC | August 30, 2012 at 7:33 pm |
    Good evening Cabby…….not braggin but………
    Ah, yes, but you are batting mighty well !!!

    I share your gut feelings about the election and also the very treacherous time between that and Jan. Just today I read an article citing the results of a very special group in CO that uses different methods than the usual polling techniques, and they have never failed for many presidential elections. They predict that this WILL be a landslide nearly as great as Reagan in 1980. I’ll see if I can retrieve the link.

    Bill G.,
    That is a very good idea to get better informed about martial law and also alert others to its terrible dangers, especially when imposed by one who has demonstrated himself to be a dictator.

    Just recently I shared lunch with a couple who are very anti-Obama, but they had no idea of the idea or possibility of martial law. We need to educate.

  23. RMinNC,
    Here ya’ go:

    Now comes a scientific study of presidential elections, from a pair of faculty members at the University of Colorado, which reinforces the political gut feeling that has been driving my prophecies to a large degree. The long-term model used for this study is the brainchild of Professors Kenneth Bickers and Michael Berry, working at CU’s Boulder and Denver campuses, respectively. Their prototype, Bickers and Berry stress, analyzes economic data from the 50 states and the District of Columbia, including both state and national unemployment figures as well as changes in real per capita income, among other factors.

    Since 1980, their model has accurately predicted every presidential election. Their analysis was accurate even in those years when there was a strong third party candidate running (John Anderson in 1980 and Ross Perot in 1992 and 1996). Perhaps most impressive, their model worked in predicting that Al Gore would win the popular vote in 2000 while losing the electoral vote to George W. Bush.

    Read more:

  24. better war porn

  25. Bill G, SueQ and Cabby…..

    Good post, lots to think about..

    We must remain alert and never sleep on watch until this fake is GONE, GONE, GONE.

  26. Wow folks….another impressive illustration:



  27. Whistleblower; Patti might not tell you but I will…It was John Wyma….If you recall it was reported that John Wyma went to the feds of his own free will, that he agreed to cooperate BUT refused to wear a wire…In the first trial of Rod Blagojevich, Wyma testified that he was appauld at Blagojevich’s behaviour and reported him to the fbi….IN the SECOND trial he admitted that he was threatened by the feds with an indictment and that is when he agreed to cooperate but still did refuse to wear a wire…It was also reported by Natasha Korechi that he was very close to Rahm Emanuel ( who he tipped off before John Chase of the Chicago Tribune), IF you LISTEN to the recordings of Rahm, it is obvious that he knows the feds are listening…John Wyma tipped off John Chase to warn his friends, yes he still considered Rod his friend…He just wasn’t willing to go to jail for him…

  28. One more point…Who knew John Wyma was cooperating when John Chase was tipped off??? The feds + John Wyma + possibly his lawyers (but highly unlikely) …The feds never would have tipped off Chase, which leaves Wyma and his lawyer…Although, the feds did find out that it was Wyma that tipped off Chase they still needed “untainted” testimony because their other key witnesses were all convicted or soon to be convicted felons.

  29. Observer…………
    WE THE PEOPLE seriously need to explore ALL ways possible to nail as many CROOKED judges as possible. Where there is a will there there will also be a way. We need to nail a few of them BIG TIME just for the purpose of making the point that they are violating the Constitutional Rights of a defendant when they find against him or her. There is a need for a few examples to be made.

  30. Wyma tipped off Rahm FIRST, this is WHY Obama used an emissary instead of contacting Rod personally, he had his address, his email, his phone and his fax BUT he called Tom Balanoff instead…WHY??? Cause Obama KNEW the feds were listening…

  31. CLINT EASTWOOD….just made my day !

  32. RMinNC | August 30, 2012 at 10:16 pm |

    RM, Clint smacked that chair around pretty well, didn’t he?

    Talk about delivering the jabs to barky in a way only he can :).

    Rubio is impressive!

  33. Whistleblower


    Here is what is crucial, the John Wyma scenario would involve Wyma either having access to the wirtaps or John Wyma taking directions realtime from someone who did. Case in point, Dec. 4th 2008 throughout the day wiretap conversations involve concrete plans and arraignments being made to finalize a deal to sell the senate seat to Jesse Jackson Jr. Case in point Dec. 4th 10:29 pm out of nowhere after sitting on the knowledge that there is a wiretap on Blago for weeks, John Chase can wait no longer calls and warns blago. Patrick Fitzgerald says in press conferance he could not just wait and let Blago sell a senate seat. Bessie it does not matter who told John Chase, what matters is who OK’d telling John Chase and who directed him to warn Blago, we know the can of worms that opens. This is why no one will ask the question. This is a big problem for them, and the very same players set precedent with the Valarie Plame nonsense. Bessie, if you have not read it yet, read the overview I posted earlier, I think you will find it interesting.

  34. Whistleblower; I think John Wyma did it….I think he got permission, was told to do it or got forgiveness…and I think John Wyma got the best deal…

  35. Whistleblower

    A good reminder of the facts.

    U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald: Untouchable Crime Fighter? Or, Politically-Driven Leaker? (Part 1)


  36. Whistleblower


    My point is, someone who new what was said on the wiretaps on Dec 4 made a decision that day to have John Chase call and warn Blago that night.
    That person, whoever it was, I can guarantee you, was not John Wyma.
    Remember, I am talking about the person who new what was said that day and made the “decision”

  37. Obama’s Campaign Is a Sorry Arse Campaign to Date

    Could it be because after all that has been said and done, the only item that can be gleaned from an overly promoted packaged silver plated turd is more turds? Now America and the world is fed up with this empty package of turds. So if they can’t sell turds, then they all that is left is grasp at any straw weapons of lies, convolution and distortion to their adversaries they can with false information. Thus MSM demeaned Ann Romney’s and Maria Love’s speech, claimed Ryan “lied”, and are attempting to play an over used and useless race card about the Republicans.

    Other than Barry “. . .needs to finish the job” and the meaningless “forward” Sotoero doesn’t dare attempt to run on his record because it is so counter productive to win votes for him. Obummer’s campaign is so bad, it’s embarrassing. Even the Dems want to distance themselves from this piece of turd. Where is Pelosi, Hillary, and an entire gaggle of swooning politicians who supported him in 2008? Why else would the Dems have to scrape the bottom of the cess pool and beg Muslims to fill the convention seats to make it look like there are still people interested in the DNC? IT’S BAD!

    While on that topic of Muslims—did you ever wonder why all the romancing of a group of people who represent less than 2% of the American voter population by the DEms while they reject over 50% of Christian America?

    I, too, predict a Romney win—BIG TIME!

  38. did romney say it takes a real american in the white house to lead?
    anyone have text of speech

  39. Mitt’s doing a great job pulling barky’s ‘record’ apart 🙂

  40. Reaganesque!!!!!!

  41. Also looks like a young Billy Graham!….esp. in the eyes!

  42. where is “city of lights on the hill”?
    wow he ended with a blast…..well there they go again !

  43. wow wolfz blitzer said he did a good job
    CNN is coming more neutral these past few nights, unbelievable

  44. Truthbetold11

    I really have a hard time voting cause of fraud and many other reasons. But romney and crew said all the right things. I hope they can follow through on there words. We need to hit reset button and restore the. Declaration of indepedence. We are all soveregin people

  45. Why The Democrats Ought To Be Scared If They Aren’t Already!

    Time for a little payback.

  46. i found the comment

    Tonight that American flag is still there on the moon. And I don’t doubt for a second that Neil Armstrong’s spirit is still with us: that unique blend of optimism, humility and the utter confidence that when the world needs someone to do the really big stuff, you need an American.

    veiled quote against obama

  47. Cardinal Dolan has given a beautiful Benediction encompassing many of our Republican points and maintaining Catholic doctrine. God bless us all.

  48. One of the tweets said that Code Pink protestors were ‘removed.’

  49. da verg | August 30, 2012 at 11:27 pm |

    i found the comment

    Tonight that American flag is still there on the moon. And I don’t doubt for a second that Neil Armstrong’s spirit is still with us: that unique blend of optimism, humility and the utter confidence that when the world needs someone to do the really big stuff, you need an American.

    veiled quote against obama
    I hope so.

  50. Here is a man, I believe, of genuine humility. His message was moving and inspirational and delivered from the heart. It was Romney better than I’ve ever heard or seen him.

    He is starting on the roughest part of this journey as he now faces the enemy full force. He and Ryan need our prayers more than ever. He’s been chosen as our standard bearer and the only man who is in a position to defeat and remove the Usurper. That is why I fully support this team.

    We must remember that they are only human and subject to mistakes, but they are the best we have at this time. Godspeed !!

  51. Hi Cabby,

    Couldn’t hve said it better myself! He had to deliver the speech of his life and like Ann, he did.

    Yes, regardless of the candidates we all chose initially, we need to pull together and get behind Romney; he’s our last hope to purge the cancer growing in the White House and return America to her former greatness.

    Pray for R&R and pray frequently; this election is for all the marbles.

  52. Hi SueK,

    Something I believe that we all should remember, and that is not everyone shows his real self as easily as some do. I have been critical at times of Romney because he seemed to have rather a stiff presence in his contact with others. The truth is that some do not wear their inward selves openly. I see him now as a person of great dedication to whatever he undertakes and also as one who is reticent to gushily reveal his inward being. He has silently gone about serving his fellowman.

    I remember the day I was interviewed for my first job at one of the big eight accounting firms in Phoenix many years ago. The managing partner came across as being saccharin sweet in the interview, and I got the wrong impression of him; however, after working there for awhile, I realized that this man was a wonderful human being and that he was genuine through and through. He was for real. Some folks worth is just not apparent on the surface to those who don’t really know them.

  53. Interested Bystander

    Sue Q commented:

    “IB, vote your conscience by all means, but you will be voting for Obama… hope you know.”

    I resent that comment.

    My vote will be for LIBERTY and what is best for the United States of America.

    My vote will take courage and be for going back to the why the Founders wrote the Constitution.

    For ANYONE to vilify me for standing up for what I believe is RIGHT, is just wrong.

    I don’t want Obama as President any more than any other poster here, and for you to suggest that me voting for the person I believe to be the best person to get us back to the Constitution, is a vote for someone I believe is ILLEGAL to hold the office is wrong. It’s just plain wrong.

    I respect your comments Sue Q, just as I respect most other commenters here, and I understand why you BELIEVE that, I just do NOT agree with your conclusion.

    Let me close with this:

    If Mitt Romney is the best CONSERVATIVES (not Republicans or Democrats) can do, then we deserve what we got coming to us. Mitt Romney was CHOSEN for supposed “conservatives” by people who “know better for us”, because “they” know that he will be able to be controlled.

  54. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    I know not many people will read my comments, and they are basically me just ranting, but I’d like to make this comment:

    My better half was asking me today about how the Republican Convention was going, and me being a third shifter, I am at work when the “networks” show “us” what THEY believe what we should see, so I told her that I didn’t know how the Convention was going.

    She said that the man who brings the newspapers to her store in the mornings was complaining about how Ryan wanted to “take medicare away from him” (she said he was 57).

    How ignorant are people? Why is it that I know that Ryan’s plan only affects those under 55, and this 57 year old doesn’t know that?

    Why is it that people are so ignorant that they don’t understand that Ryan’s plan doesn’t take Medicare away, but it allows you as an individual to shop around and get the BEST deal for the VOUCHER the Federal Government will give you, and if you want to get insurance from the Government, you can use that same VOUCHER for that.

    You see, I understand Ryan’s plan. I don’t need some pundit somewhere getting paid millions of dollars to tell me what Ryan’s plan is, or what Obama’s plan is, I will EDUCATE myself.

    And finally:

    I have read the Constitution, and for the life of me, I can’t find the place in that document that states that it is the FEDERAL Government’s responsibility to supply vouchers, OR health insurance to anyone, no matter how old or young they are.

    The TRUTH is that the majority of people have been indoctrinated in to thinking that Social Security, welfare, food stamps, medicare and medicaid, education, marriage, giving our hard earned money to other Countries and the list goes on and on are FEDERAL issues.

    The document is out there, please someone, anyone show me where in that document it gives the FEDERAL Government the power to do ANY of the things listed above.

    You won’t find it, which means that the Federal Government can’t do it, but yet the Courts and the people ALLOW it to go on, and believe me I understand that the Courts are just as responsible as the other two branches of Government formed by our Constitution.

    The Courts were essential because they were SUPPOSED to protect us from exactly what we have got. They have FAILED just as the people have FAILED because they are IGNORANT.Tthere is no other conclusion I can rationally make when our very own Supreme Court rules that Obama can DEMAND someone to do something or FINE that person because they don’t comply under the “taxing authority” of the Constitution?. But yet the people will swallow that pill and ALLOW it to happen. Under this ruling the Government simply has to DEMAND you do something, like say buy a Chevy Volt, or pay a “fine”.

    If we stay on the road EITHER party offers, our Country is doomed.

    We need DRASTIC change, and we need it yesterday.

  55. citizenwells

    You said:


    “Also looks like a young Billy Graham!….esp. in the eyes!”

    I was astounded that you wrote that. Those were my impressions as well.
    The right man, a man of God, got the nomination.

  56. Press Release

    Law offices of Dr. Orly Taitz

    H.W. Bush appointee Honorable Jorge A. Solis in Northern District of Texas is to rule on the case Taitz v Sebelius 3-12-cv-3251 and on motion to stay/ for preliminary injunction of ObamaTax brought by California attorney Orly Taitz.

    This case originated in the Central District of California, but was transferred to the Northern District of Texas, when initially appointed judge, Honorable Dolly Gee ruled No Venue in CA.

    Judge will be ruling shortly on the Motion for Stay/ Injunction, where Taitz is seeking a stay/ injunction against the Individual Mandate/aka ObamaTax.

    Taitz brought forward 2 main arguments:

    1. In 2800 pages of ObamaCare, Obama administration buried a provision, where one can be completely exempt from paying even a cent in Health Care penalty/tax, if buying insurance is against his religious believes. Such aversion to insurance can be found in Muslim religion, where insurance is considered a form of gambling. That means that individuals, who are Christians and Jews would have to carry on their backs the burden of ObamaTax, while Muslims will be exempt. Taitz argued that such religious discrimination is flagrantly unconstitutional under the Establishment Clause, Freedom of Religion Clause and
    Equal Protection clause.

    2. Additionally Taitz argued that ObamaTax is unconstitutional, as it was signed into law by Obama, who is a foreign national, a citizen of Indonesia and possibly still a citizen of Kenya and Great Britain, who got into the White House by virtue of fraud and use of forged identification papers and a stolen CT SSN 042-68-4425. Taitz attached over a hundred pages of sworn affidavits and other evidence confirming fraud and forgery in Obama’s IDs

    3. The case should be entered on PACER by the end of the or on Monday.

  57. The Problem with Barack
    By William L. Gensert

    The problem with our inchoate president is not his policies. Throughout history, pseudo-centrist socialists, peddling feel-good, free-lunch crap, while millions of minions worship their messiah’s brilliance…have often sought to dominate the discussion.

    Yet this man seriously seems to believe he is a king, free to pick and choose the laws and statutes he will obey or enforce, duly empowered to impel or forbid action by executive decree, without legislative approval.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/08/the_problem_with_barack.html#ixzz258IdyLgJ

  58. Whistleblower; “someone who new what was said on the wiretaps on Dec 4 made a decision that day to have John Chase call and warn Blago that night”

    Please explain your theory? Why would the tipster have to have knowlege of what was on the tape? John Wyma had been cooperating since October of 2008 but “refused to wear a wire”, he was privy to many conversations and was aware that Blago was being recorded, tapped and watched by the feds..also he had a personal stake in wanting Blago to shut-up…Attached is the original article;


  59. The RNC event reflected our collective disappoints and dreams. Mitt and Paul are clearly qualified, even inspired, to lead America. No candidate is perfect nor can they meet each of our separate priorities. Nor should they. The key for November is to remove an enemy of the State from the White House, to mitigate the havoc he has caused. That is sufficient. This is triage. I am less concerned with the details of the past performance or priorities of the candidates and whether they meet a certain test.

  60. Kind of expected something from Mr. Trump in Tampa. Did I miss something?

  61. This morning Obama responded to Clint Eastwood’s reference to the “empty seat” at the RNC…Mr. Obama sAID:; “This seat’s taken”.

    Eastwood reply back to Mr. Obama should be, “YEA, BUT NOT FOR LONG PUNK”..

  62. The Mysterious Case Of Obama’s Identity

  63. Bill.
    Trump serves a better role outside of the convention. It is better for him to speak out not directly affiliated with the RNC.

  64. IB,

    My intent was not to vilify you. I understand fully where you are coming from, and I do read your rants. We agree on many things. I think in your last one though, you found yourself sticking up for Ryan. Is that correct? To me that’s odd if you are so dead set against a Romney/Ryan ticket.

    As things stand now, you can’t deny that a vote for a 3rd party canidate is a vote for Obama… plain and simple. We have to get the destroyer out of there while we still have a country left.

    You can pat yourself on the back on election day that you stood your ground (and history may prove you correct), but our country is in peril. This is the “way out” as I see it.

    From the beginning, our founders comprimised. They had to. Otherwise this struggling Republic would have been nipped in the bud.

    Take care IB

  65. Whistleblower


    A decision was made to have John Chase make the call that night because of what was being discussed on the phones that day. If Blogo was not warned, the feds would witness the selling of a senate seat with in days.
    Do you think JJJ the national co-chairman of Obama’s 2008 election campaign would go down quietly ?

  66. citizenwells | August 31, 2012 at 7:33 am

    Morning, CW; just want to take this opportunity to thank you again for this forum. So much is learned from reading your articles and from the superb folks who comment here.

    You are correct; the right man, a man of God, has been nominated. I’ve been around here long enough and feel comfortable stating that if I thought this guy was a jerk I’d tell you; I’d also tell you why.

    I served proudly under his administration and watched as he challenged the ever-present Dem legislature at every turn. He accomplished what many before him could not: Balancing the budget and creating a multi-million dollar ‘rainy day’ fund-a surplus!

    He is indeed a good man and an astute businessman. If he can turn Massachusetts around, I believe he can do the same for America.

    I’m hoping that right about now, the White House is stocking up on a decent supply of Depends for this ride; I think they’re gonna need them :).

  67. Whistleblower


    The decision was made because if they waited they would have all the proof they needed to take down the buyer and the seller. John Wyma would not know this unless he was told what was being descussed on the phones that day. Bessie, Fitz said it himself he was not going to wait for Blago to sell the senate seat. Why not ? If he did wait he would have gotten buyer and seller dead to rights. (with in days) Is that not how it usually is done ?

  68. citizenwells | August 31, 2012 at 10:54 am | Bill.
    Trump serves a better role outside of the convention. It is better for him to speak out not directly affiliated with the RNC.
    Agree! His is not some typical political role, some unexpected her there to meet the expectations of the weary, longing for some kind of person who has somehow come up with something that no one else has. He’s rather an irritant to the opposition, a gadfly who has his own base of influence due to his accumulated “empire” that flies in the face of those attempting to destroy that kind of freedom to build one’s own thing. They see Trump and they can’t help but see what they hate due to their own burning jealousy and impotence to create something similar.
    Also, something else. Re: Eastwood’s “performance”. Those radical leftist pundits along with the great collective Hollywood idiocy towards this nothing naked emperor they’ve created……they are exploding today with hatred for Eastwood. How dare he reduce their “emperor” to a symbol of nothing on a chair, forced to sit to Clint’s standing lecture and opinion of him, unable to answer back, except in Eastwood’s own gutter type interpretation of the regime’s way of thinking!! What these leftists pundits were forced to look at, perhaps for the first time, was the real truth about this little man who now calls himself “Obama”; that his real self/history/identity is truly invisible, a big nothing, and they have been contented to live with and idolize this nothing, allowing him to make fools of them. And Eastwood simply held up a mirror to them and reflected back to them their own toadiness and foolishness for following this bunch of air only. Obama was made into the fool he is and at the expense of his “elitist” buddies who could do nothing more than he could do….sit on their collective stools and “take it”…..which, for the rest of us, “made our day”!

  69. Whistleblower

    Reminder about Trump,

    Trump was involved with John Thomas in some Chicago property deal.
    Trump donate 50k to Rahm and 100k to Terry McCulliff and trump never has been a republican. Be careful when it comes to Trump. When Rahm gets his casino bill passed do not be surprised when Trump gets one.

  70. Obama is a silver plated turd.

  71. Bill G | August 31, 2012 at 10:20 am |
    The key for November is to remove an enemy of the State from the White House, to mitigate the havoc he has caused. That is sufficient. This is triage.
    Triage! That is a very good analogy. At such a critical time as we face now the goal is survival of the “patient”…… Everything may not be to our individual likes and preferences, but we have to start somewhere, and the first step is to OUST THE USURPER, and then, as you say, to “mitigate the havoc….”

    Personally I believe that God in His divine Providence has led us to the best team to accomplish that.

  72. Somehow I’ve never thought of Trump as having had his own epiphany of sorts and decided to subscribe to the monastic life! That doesn’t mean he can’t be useful after he’s been personally and publicly insulted. The “enemy of my enemy” bit!

  73. Whistleblower

    One last point. The Chicago Trib had known about the wiretap for weeks. Why make the call just when the the wiretap is about to payoff big ? What made the Trib decide the night of Dec 4th they could not wait any longer if they did not know what was being discussed on the Blago taps. Who told the Trib to make the call ? The decision was made by someone who was privy to the conversations being taped.

  74. observer | August 31, 2012 at 11:47 am |
    In his own unique, inimitable way, Eastwood struck a real home run, imho.
    It was humor loaded with great truth and gave a respite before the “heavy” of the evening. The audience loved it.
    You pointed out the “empty chair” impact – Great!! Obama is upset over that, too. Eastwood really hit a nerve. I especially loved his folksy blow, “You….we ….own this country!…….the politicians, they are our employees….”

    Can you imagine what his statement about their not doing the job, “we have to let him go”, did to the “chief narcissus” in the W.H.? I imagine we won’t hear the last of that, because he is SO petty. The entire crew, including the MSM, is just a bunch of cheap thugs intermingled with psychos and ignoramuses.

  75. Looks like the media “fact checkers” need their own watchdogs!

    The Media’s ‘Fact Check’ Smokescreen

    Journalism: If media “fact checkers” are just impartial guardians of the truth, how come they got their own facts wrong about Paul Ryan’s speech, and did so in a way that helped President Obama’s re-election effort?

    ……..The problem is that the mainstream press is now abusing the “fact check” label, using it to more aggressively push a liberal agenda without feeling the need to provide any balance whatsoever. And, as the reaction to the Ryan speech shows, they are now blatantly using it to provide air support for Obama.


  76. SueQ
    You…get it…
    While idealism is fine…to an extent…it becomes damaging when it is openly displayed and advocates things that, if acted upon by many, can affect an outcome. In other words it is divisive. The very type of divisiveness that the other side is depending upon to help sway this election. It is bad enough that the electorate is so dumbed down that they would even vote for some type of animal life but, given a cause, they are even worse. Couple that with corruption, and we find ourselves with a real hill to climb where in effect, and in fact, every vote counts.
    You are not wrong to question motives that are otherwise well-intentioned… as the old proverb goes, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”…
    The simple fact remains, is that we are still in desperate need of every single legitimate vote to buoy ( conservatives ) up come November. Any distraction, even in the form of ideological thinking ( which could easily be construed as stealth politics), is merely support for the other side, as it tends to be divisive to our side. There will be a time, in the future, to proffer ideology when the deck is more evenly stacked.

  77. Went to 2016, yesterday. In the fim was the “open mike” take. “I’ll have more flexibility, etc.” but the film also carries an additional statement, very revealing. As best as I could determine, he goes on to say, “you know I stand with you”. Leaves not doubt to me were his loyalties are and are not. Anyone else, notice (?), or can expand on the take as the film did (?).

  78. Now the DNC is so desperate to bring people they are giving away tickets to hear Barry’s speech in Bars. It’s a sorry arse campaign.

  79. Clint Eastwood uses an empty chair as a prop to deliver his unique speech last night, and the audience roars with laughter! Today Obumme’rs response to Clint’s empty chair is headlined every where; “THAT CHAIR IS MINE!”, he claimed. The question I have is; Is this prophetic? Did Sotoero mean the PRESIDENT’T CHAIR as is suggested or was stupid Barry claiming Eastwoods prop of the empty chair is his? Either way the silver plated turd is pitiful!

  80. Clint Eastwood sure travelled a long way from Carmel California just to say what he ESSENTIALLY said……..”GO AHEAD PUNK….MAKE MY DAY”.

  81. Hi, folks. I got to hear last night’s convention via car radio as I patroled a housing area for a private security company.

    The speakers and the Mr. Romney–they all did so well. It gives one hope. The whole convention as been really great.

    It does no good to go into a fear mode, but something doesn’t feel right in the wind. Hillary Clinton will not be at the Democratic convention. She scheduled all these meetings in the Pacific and with China during the week of the Democratic convention.

    It seemed to me that the GOP convention was as respectful to Obama as possible. The jabs, even the Eastwood jabs, were done in good humor and good faith. The GOP has so much more class than the Democrat mob. They are giving Obama a way to bow out gracefully, to lose and accept his policies did not and never will work. Socialism, the cancer of liberty, has never worked.

    But is the Left and Obama capable of bowing out gracefully?

    I fear not. And that may be what doesn’t feel right. Some Dems, like the Clintons who are willing to reach across the isle, maybe even know this?

    Furthermore, the Muslim thing, I fear, is a lot bigger and more forminable than we wish it were. Iran is intent on nukes and I, for one, believe Obama is an ally of Iran. He has been doing everything under the table to help Iran, buy time for Iran, and help the Shiite cause.

    One of the frightening things about Shia Islam is how dying as a martyr for the cause is held in the highest esteem in that culture. Hussein was the martyr founder of the Shia sect. His example even inspired Malcolm X according to one biographer. He was being drawn to Hussein’s example before he was killed. Obama, in his book, DREAMS, says he is following “Malcolm’s call.” Would he do something drastic to become a martyr for the causse?

    I hope my worst fears are simply that: fears. But I’m wired, so to speak, to look for the ambush. I’m a retired soldier and now work as a security officer/guard. I’m always on the lookout for any anomaly where things just aren’t right. Sometimes your instincts tell you “this ain’t right,” before your head does. Sometimes it is just plain False Evidence Appearing Real: FEAR–a false fear based on our instinct to survive. But I must say, my gut feeling is, in spite of the hope the GOP convention has given me, and in spite of how good they all were at the convention, that something feels wrong. Sorry to say that. I pray my feeling is just a feeling because of what we’ve been living though the past four years.

    The economy is a really big thing. We cannot adequately defend ourselves if we don’t have a strong economy. But I see Obama as systematically trying to weaken our economy. It has been deliberate in my view.

    For me, the harsh reality is Obama is not a “nice guy” who hasn’t been able to do the job because of mistaken and misguided socialistic notions–so now he must accept we want a change of management. That seems to be the theme of the GOP convention. I could be wrong, but my sense of things tells me there is a much greater, sinster side that intersects with the Muslim world. So the R&R may be faced, not with just fixing the economy, but with violence and war as an underlying reality if and when they take office. Pray to God it’s not so. If it is so, pray to God to guide them.

    Glad I could get this off my chest. Thanks, CW, for this forum and all your work trying to expose the imposter. This site is like a support group. I Iook forward to reading the posts here as often as I can, even when I don’t have the time to comment much. Didn’t mean to be so long winded today.

  82. Coldwarvet2…………….
    One thing is certain. To my knowledge there has NEVER been a “stacking of the deck” that was done with honest intentions.

  83. I thoroughly enjoyed Eastwood’s EMPTY CHAIR presentation. It was really easy to follow what he was IMPLYING. It cracked me up BIG TIME. ” What…..I can’t do that to myself”. Interpretation is WHATEVER you want it to be! HAR DE HAR HAR. Eastwood done it all exactly right, and he didn’t give the WORDSMITHS one errant word to TWIST. LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. SIC EM, CLINT!

  84. Dean M……………
    While it might seem to appear like NOTHING, it would not be smart to disregard the fact that Soetoro’s closest, and MOST TRUSTED ADVISER is no other than Valerie Jarrett. While she was only born in Iran,I have long believed that her birthplace means a great deal more to her than they ALL would like for us to believe. When such a person is in close proximity,you NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF THAT PERSON.

  85. Philo-Publius

    Media Strikes Back After Dirty Harry Dares To Mock Obama

    This is not the tweet of a confident man

  86. CabbyAZ…………….
    I believe that The script writer for Eastwood’s performance deserves a real round of applause as well. The script was obviously read,and re read to be sure that it contained NO inferrences that the WORDSMITHS could successfully get ahold of. Today I can hear their pathetic minds exploding all around me,and in a few houses close by where LIBERALS live I can hear them screaming at each other. YOU GOTTA LOVE IT! I DO.

  87. Whistleblower; Fitz reasoning was lame and never questioned by the press…Even IF Rod did name a new Senator, he still had to be sworn in by the Senate; which never would have happened IF then Fitz made his arrest and came out with evidence of the selling of the Senate seat…WHY didn’t the press question Fitz on his tactics?

  88. oldsailor80 | August 31, 2012 at 1:52 pm |
    Wasn’t it just great? I LOVE IT, TOO. To see and hear the libs holler and yell like stuck pigs is real joy, because it shows that Eastwood’s folksy message was quite effective. It even reached the Oval Office, as there is now a pic released of the Usurper sitting in his chair with a statement that the “chair” is already filled.

  89. Whistleblower; didn’t I read some where that one of Trumps guys thought there was something fishy about Thomas? That they didn’t trust his story?? Although I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump was a red herring for use by the democrats.

  90. coldwarvet2 | August 31, 2012 at 12:52 pm |
    You…get it…
    While idealism is fine…to an extent…it becomes damaging when it is openly displayed and advocates things that, if acted upon by many, can affect an outcome. In other words it is divisive. The very type of divisiveness that the other side is depending upon to help sway this election.
    You both have hit the nail on the head. I don’t want this analogy to be carried too far, but this is WAR – a war involving many fronts and issues, but the most important right now is to rid ourselves of the scourge that occupies the Oval Office and the administration in general.

    Idealism is great and we have that privilege at the ballot box, according to the dictates of our conscience; however, during battle in wartime the soldiers must not act according to their own personal ideals but rather in consort with the leadership in order to accomplish a victory. With the military that is mandatory in order to win.

    Now granted we are volunteers in this battle we now face, but personally it behooves me to lay aside personal preferences and concentrate on the GOAL, and that means uniting like a good soldier with other patriots to produce a victory in Nov. There will be time and room enough for fine-tuning important issues later. If the Usurper is allowed to remain, there will be NO fine tuning by anyone, except him.

    Plain and simple, a vote not cast for Romney is a vote to keep the Usurper in his chair. You can argue idealism until the cows come home but the facts are as they are.

  91. Whistleblower


    The press is not asking because they know the answer. Asking questions will expose the scheme. If John Chase had not made the call, Fitz would not have had an excuse to jump the gun and move in to early. If John Chase does not make the call warning Blago, its not just Blago going to jail. Patrick Fitgerald the protector ! Now compare this to the Judith Miller/Valarie Plame nonsense. We now also have the situation that John Chase has had access to wiretap conversations that were never made public and not a peep out of the press or Blago’s lawyers. This too is part of the dog and pony show. The (David Axelrod) Chicago Tribune was also involed in John Thomas nonsense and they won’t release the Rashid Khalidi tape
    John Chase is the weak link. Time for special counsel to take a look.

  92. Dean M…………….
    With regard to the idea that martyrdom is a sort of Holy thing for some folks, but it occurs to me that the Japanese thought that the DEVINE WIND as such (Ritualistic Belief) would eliminate the American Navy. They tried, and killed a lot of our youngsters,and even sunk a couple of ships. Sadly they once again UNDERESTIMATED what the Navy would be doing WHILE the KAMIKASE PILOTS were trying to sink our ships. One hell of a lot of the Kamikases were shot out of the air before they could inflict any damage,or death. In addition they had only a finite supply of children to fly the ONE WAY express flying bombs made from airplanes. When both their human supply as well as their material supplies are totally expended the WAR will be over. The martyr notion is about as stupid as those who believe in it. There is one really nice aspect to it all………once the practitioners have wasted their human resources on suicide attacks, there will be NONE OF THEM left to do harm to others.

  93. You know, I’ve always witnessed the left to, in the end, eat their own. Here is Bill Clinton who, due to his own fears for whatever via the Obama thug crowd, himself becoming a toady of a man he obviously must hate. Is it true the rumored threats against him or his family….or the data for blackmail on both sides that would make him act this foolishly in a public statement for an actual opponent? His addiction to his own private/now public proclivities has caused him great destruction before….why involve himself in more self destruction? His political antennae are better than this! Unless…..

    Out of Touch


  94. Good guy…..thoughtful:

    Jon Voight ‘feeding’ daughter Angelina Jolie anti-Obama information [VIDEO]


  95. CabbyAZ…………Re; 2:22 PM
    Well said Cabby, and BTW you are exactly right. In open warfare everything happens for a reason. You must be on your toes 100% of the time.

  96. Cabby…words of.wisdom that have always kept this old soldier safe from harm…..an age – old axiom in all warfare which goes something like this:

    “Know thyself, but know thy enemy better”

  97. Check out the back-up meaning behind all of the symbols in this new painting by McNaughton: “Obamanation”:


  98. Wars are won, or lost, with careful planning… and flawless execution of those plans.

    Cabby, you are absolutely right….NOTHING HAPPENS THAT ISN’T PLANNED to happen.

    However, sometimes an idiot comes along that wants to change a well though out plan which creates all kinds of problems.

    “For want of a nail, the shoe was lost; for want of a shoe, the horse was lost; for want of a horse, the rider was lost; for want of a rider, the battle was lost; ……for want of a nail, the kingdom was lost .”

    Obama’s problem is , he doesn’t follow the 6P PRINCIPLE.


    This was the first thing taught to me in the “old brown shoe army”….still works very well in our modern day environment too !

  99. Philo-Publius

    ‘Pray for Obama’ sign stirs controversy over Biblical verse

    Psalms 109:8 reads, “Let his days be few, and let another take his office.

  100. Philo-Publius

    Get your popcorn, the DNC is sending in the clowns.

    Line-up of speakers at Democratic convention

    – Cory Booker, who hasn’t held statewide office;
    – Julian Castro, who also hasn’t held statewide office but apparently is the best Democrats can do by way of a Rubio-esque Latino political rising star;
    – Tammy Baldwin, who’s far left even by the standards of the House Democratic caucus and is highly likely to lose to Tommy Thompson in this year’s Wisconsin Senate race;
    – Kamala Harris, the AG of California and certified union stooge, who’ll likely follow Jerry Brown as Democratic administrator of the state’s Greece-like fiscal disintegration

    And of course there’s Fauxcahontas, the great liberal hope of the future, who’s already 63 and has run a sufficiently dismal campaign that she’s trailing Scott Brown in the bluest of blue states. Beyond that, it’s nothing but no-names; exhausted party retreads a la Pelosi and Kerry; Charlie Crist and Linc Chafee for comic relief; and a few NARAL/Planned Parenthood types to remind America what’s really important with unemployment still stuck above eight percent. That’s what’s on tap this year from the Party of Youth and Fresh Ideas.

  101. Philo-Publius | August 31, 2012 at 4:48 pm |
    Get your popcorn, the DNC is sending in the clowns.
    Sounds like a whiz-bang roster! LOL

  102. Cabby – AZ | August 31, 2012 at 5:39 pm |

    Philo-Publius | August 31, 2012 at 4:48 pm |
    Get your popcorn, the DNC is sending in the clowns.
    Sounds like a whiz-bang roster! LOL
    Does anybody want to hear what these communists have to say?

  103. Netanyahu is sick and tired of the usurper and his Muslim Brotherhood policies. The end is coming.

    ‘PM tells US ‘time has run out’ on Iran diplomacy’
    08/31/2012 10:30
    Source tells ‘Yediot Aharonot’ that Netanyahu initiates shouting match with US Ambassador Shapiro on Obama’s Iran policy.

    Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu got into a diplomatic shouting match with US Ambassador Dan Shapiro over US President Barack Obama’s handling of Iran’s nuclear program, saying “time has run out” for diplomacy, Yediot Aharonot cited a source as saying on Friday.


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