Obama administration most corrupt in lifetimes, Holder US Justice Department corruption, Blagojevich Rezko Zagel Fitzgerald, et al

Obama administration most corrupt in lifetimes, Holder US Justice Department corruption, Blagojevich Rezko Zagel Fitzgerald, et al

“Why did Patrick Fitzgerald and the US Justice Department wait until December 2008 to arrest Rod Blagojevich?”…Citizen Wells

“I believe I’m more pristine on Rezko than him.”…Rod Blagojevich

There is so much to write about today Thursday, December 8, 2011. I just heard Rush Limbaugh state that this is the most corrupt administration in his lifetime. Rush had just remarked about the emails that have surfaced indicting Obama, Holder and the US Justice Department in an effort to push gun control in the US.

Yesterday Rod Blagojevich was sentenced to 14 years for some of the  corruption that he was involved in in Chicago and Illinois with Tony Rezko, et al and with cooperation from Barack Obama. We also learned yesterday that Tony Rezko is appealing his conviction.

Today, December 8, 2011, former senator and NJ Governor Corzine stated that he doesn’t know where the money is.

Judge James Zagel, Patrick Fitzgerald, Eric Holder and the entire US Justice Department have done their best to protect Obama. By waiting to prosecute Blagojevich, crafting 2 trials while dropping counts 1, 2 and 4, they have insured that even if Blagojevich appeals his conviction, it will be defered until after election cycles affecting Obama.

Rush, I am older than you. This is the most corrupt US Administration in my lifetime or that I have read about in history in this country.

More details to come.


19 responses to “Obama administration most corrupt in lifetimes, Holder US Justice Department corruption, Blagojevich Rezko Zagel Fitzgerald, et al

  1. CW, among others here, I am older than you or Rush, and agree that “this is the most corrupt US Administration in my lifetime or that I have read about in history in this country.”

    My greatest fear is our country’s electorate. Recently there was an article which stated that the Republicans were told to attack Obama’s policies but not him personally, because there is a large percentage of people who still like him but don’t like his policies. They feel sorry for him and would probably want to give him a second chance. (Ughh!)

    Isn’t it interesting that when G.W. Bush was president, most of those who didn’t like his policies didn’t like him either. In fact they hated him.

    What wicked spell has come over our voters? How can they possibly continually to like someone who is destroying everything we hold dear?
    By some mysterious process the deeds are disassociated from the person. Lambs to the slaughter.

  2. The media has had the major part in the continuing deception of the electorate. Most folks do not know, or don’t care to know, what we do about Obama, the man.

  3. “On private call, Republicans say attacking Obama personally is too dangerous”

    “Recent polling data indicates that while the president suffers from significantly low job approval ratings, voters still give “high approval” to Obama personally, Thompson said.
    Voters “don’t think he’s an evil man who’s out to change the United States” for the worse–even though many of the same survey respondents agree that his policies have harmed the country, Thompson said. The upshot, Thompson stressed, is that Republicans should “exercise some caution” when talking about the president personally.”


  4. Gordo……………..
    If we knew for certain that Soetoro is eligible to hold the office of POTUS then I believe that we in all probability would be inclined to respect him. Until he takes the initiative to prove to all Americans that he IS ELIGIBLE it is very likely that I along with a hell of a lot of other Americans will say whatever we choose to say about him,insulting or not. Besides we have that privilege anyway by virtue of the Bill of Rights. So as far as I am concerned Soetoro can take a LONG WALK ON A SHORT PIER.

  5. I really think that so many Americans were fooled by Soetoro, because he TALKED SO NICE as a few have put it. To squander your voting right because somebody TALKED NICE is what I tend to see as ridiculous. Further it tells me that the problem isn’t necessarily with the person who talked so nice, but more accurately put the result of PLAIN IGNORANCE on the part of those who swallowed his load of manure,and even now are returning for SECONDS. I call that plain STUPIDITY.

  6. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    The “Corzine + Clinton + Obama + connection” will be the final torpedo that sinks this corrupt ship.
    Google says so.

    “Corzine + Clinton + Obama + connection”


  7. Cabby…..the Republicans will not attack Obama personally simply because he is half-white, and half-black. They do not want to alienate the half-black.

    Only a matter of ‘political correctness”, or as I always say, “political incorrectness”.

  8. The press is only too happy to point this out. To me, I don’t really care if Gingrich has a gay family member. Many people do.


  9. Truthbetold11

    So obama had donald young

  10. Wayne Madsen’s report on Obama and Emanuel


  11. I personally believe that our last hope lies with somebody who has the same background as Gingrich. Granted there are a few issues which relate to him at a personal level,but I don’t think that having an “alleged” gay family member would necessarily detract from his experience in government. I would be more inclined to compare him with what we NOW HAVE, and vote accordingly.

  12. Old Salt, I agree with your assessment of Gingrich. There will be a lot of political stuff brought up, too, but he does say that he is not the same person as he was fifteen years ago.

    I heard on TV that he recently met with a large group of very staunch conservatives in the D.C. area, and they grilled him mercilessly. Afterwards they gave him a standing ovation.
    This was a group that do not want to vote for Romney.

    I’m still listening and learning.

  13. Citizen Wells please read my post on Alex Jones:

    I realize we’re in the midst of tremendous chaos that scares the hell out of everyone. Please accept that something is being done and it’s growing towards an ending. The complexity of this criminal system is seriously complicated and tedious to disarm. Also, it’s difficult if even impossible to tell who you can trust from who is known to be a criminal. The truth is the movement involved with disarming this criminal system knows to a large extent who is who. We are fighting a criminal system that is deeply embedded within our social fabric and they like chaos and confusion. They have taken decades to build it to this point and we’ve all been sleeping while it’s been done. Now we’re waking up and seeing reality along with crying but realize that for some time the fight against them has been ongoing. To explain more about this requires reviewing history which I’m not interested in entertaining right now.

    If you read my Alex Jones post please realize that the approach to disarm this criminal system is different. The nature of how this criminal system works required a different approach otherwise success wouldn’t be possible. Believe me, I’ve gone through total hell for years dealing with this and I’m lucky to be alive and would be the first in live to want to see this end tomorrow.

    Posting doesn’t work well but I’m open to meet with you for coffee….. I’m currently in Aurora, IL.

    Federal Whistleblower since 1998
    Marty Didier
    Northbrook IL

  14. I have said from day one that I think that Gingrich at the very least, has FOREIGN POLICY EXPERIENCE, and by virtue of being a NBC would be the UNQUESTIONABLE leader of our military forces as well. Further I doubt that his domestic policies would trade away the US SECURITY either Unquestionably we need to stop Soetoro from getting a second chance to ruin the country any further. As it stands now it will take decades to fix up what he and his slimey friends have screwed up. It could take a very long time to get rid of the Congressional slime as well. If we are to ever get America back to what it was for over 200 years then it is essential that we demand that our elected LEAD instead of MISLEAD,and STEAL FROM TAXPAYERS.

  15. I tend to agree with the commentor,Marty Didier UP TO A CERTAIN POINT. He is right when he implies that the CRIMINAL element is DEEPLY ENTRENCHED in our society, and I also agree that they were allowed to do their thing while the rest of us pursued the American dream,and/or slept. WE THE PEOPLE FAILED to watch what was happening within our government. Now we will PAY THE FIDDLER. Admiral Yamato is alleged to have said to his peers after the attack on Pearl Harbor, ” I fear all we have done is AWAKEN a sleeping giant, who will now rise up and consume ALL OF US. Guess what happened!

  16. BYE BYE ALL…………sleep tight, an don’t let the bedbugs bite.

  17. oldsalt79: Thanks for the reply. It’ll be later that you will agree with me….

    Federal Whistleblower since 1998
    Marty Didier
    Northbrook IL

  18. Marty Didier’s post on Alex Jones:

    There is another side to this story…. Of course what we know involves high level corruption of the highest kind. And the corruption is throughout the Government to where reaching out to someone at high level questions the possibility that if it might even help. I’m a Federal Whistleblower and have been since 1998. My story is very different since I haven’t surfaced other than in posts and a Youtube video (other parts planned but on hold for specific reasons) however everything I’ve been talking about is now coming into focus.

    The huge international drug system shown with pictures of our solders working in poppy fields needs to explain that the proceeds from the sale of these drugs is in large part FUNDING the movement to change our Democratic government into a Dictatorship. This has been in the planning for decades.

    Along with a huge International Drug and Distribution system is a huge laundering system. This involves big company names in the Hospitality Industry. The big banks/financial groups are well known to be behind the economic chaos we’re all seeing. But back in 1996 the family I was in were deeply involved in this criminal system as playing an important role with laundering drug money. They had been doing this since the later 70’s and their connection with with CIA operatives. Their planes which were flown with the help of Clyde O’Connor were also shipping stolen children from the US to foreign countries, black market human body parts, nuclear materials and much more. The CPS groups in many counties around me appear to be involved with the CIA with setting up for stealing children.

    There are reasons why I haven’t surfaced in the public and also why I continue to be a Whistleblower. What I did is similar to what General Smedely Butler did in 1933. General Butler didn’t know what he was getting into yet he did what he could to do the “right thing”. A valuable lesson was learned from his efforts as in 1934 attempts to surface the traitors terribly failed and he suffered the consequences for the rest of his life. A member of his family told me there is suspicion that he was murdered in a hospital. When I came to the conclusion that I needed to do the “right thing” I didn’t know what I was getting into either but I knew that something had to be done. Luckily the person I went to were from the “right people”. This problem had to be approached from another angle using all known past attempts that tried to disarm it before. General Butler’s attempt though was a failure was a good example of what not to do.

    We all want this to end. Far too many people have died and the numbers keep growing. I’m with everyone that something needs to happen but the truth is it will happen on it’s own accord. Sorry but I’m not allowed to explain what that means other than you can trust that it will end. When it ends and after everyone learns the details you will realize why this path was chosen was the right one.

    There is far too much to talk about with this story so this is it for today.

    Federal Whistleblower since 1998
    Marty Didier
    Northbrook, IL

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