Neil Abercrombie lies for Obama, Hawaii News Now interview, KGMB, KHNL, Citizen Wells reference, Call meciti

Neil Abercrombie lies for Obama, Hawaii News Now interview, KGMB, KHNL, Citizen Wells reference, Call me

“Why has Obama, for over 2 years, employed numerous private and government attorneys to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells and millions of concerned Americans

Hawaii News Now,  KGMB, KHNL, recently interviewed newly elected Governor of Hawaii, Neil Abercrombie. Abercrombie, entrenched in the corruption in Hawaii and the Democrat party and an admitted friend of Obama and Obama’s parents, lies to cover for Obama’s eligibility issues.

Hawaii News Now included a reference to the Citizen Wells Blog in the interview video. I would like to thank them for doing so and I encourage them to contact me for the rest of the story, the truth and facts regarding Obama’s eligibility issues.

Hawaii News Now correctly refers to the document provided by the Obama Campaign as a Certification of Live Birth (COLB), but they interchange the term citizen for natural born citizen. Presidential eligibility requires being a natural born citizen.

In the interview Neil Abercrombie admits to being friends with Obama and Obama’s parents. He is another example from the Hawaii and Democrat party corruption machines that the end justifies the means.

Abercrombie states:

“This has to do with the people in Hawaii who love him,
who loved his mom and dad.
This has to do with the respect of the office of the president is entitled to.”

No Governor Abercrombie. This has to do with respecting the US Constitution, office of the presidency and the American people!

Many thanks to the Birther Report for the heads up on the interview.

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  1. There is also a good overview in “The Obama file” on this topic. //M-P

  2. CW……………………….
    In thinking about Abercrombie, it occurs to me that we simply do the same thing that we ALREADY do with regard to Soetoro. We simply EXPOSE everything he says as the LIE that it WILL PROBABLY be. You have the unique ability to VERBALLY trample his inane words into the ground, and expose him for the HORSE’S BACKSIDE that he both sounds,and looks like. While I don’t dislike him, I do deeply DISTRUST him, So let the chips fall where they will, and by all means …..KEEP THE TRUTH COMING!

  3. Numb Nuts Neil needs to be drug tested. Call your local School Boards, inquire what they are teaching students about the Natural Born Citizen requirement.

  4. The fraudulaent BC that we all expected is coming imo. Abercrombie is OB’s little man-servant. Unless someone of indisputable power can prove it is a fraud, the Pres. will get a big pass and lots of “we told you idiots so” from all his minions. So-called birthers(really Constitutionalists) will again take the brunt of condescending, loud-mouth opinonators. HuffyPoo will be going full force. Glad to see Andy Martin–who I don’t always like–is probably going to challenge the eligibility question by declaring his candidacy for the 2012 Pres. election. The fires have been lit and the next 2 years are going to be very hot. Stay the course and vote accordingly to get OB out.

  5. Great post, but one major correction: Obama’s Birth Certificate IS a public record.

    And that’s why Abercrombie is having to scramble to release “more proof.”

    Because I have a pending UIIPA request that will have to be granted. This they know now. On December 23, I wrote about two indisputable laws that authorize disclosure. But, there is even a third I have not yet mentioned.

    It’s time we start saying it. We have every right to his records. They are PUBLIC RECORDS according to the UIPA. It is fact.

  6. “Andy Martin–who I don’t always like–is probably going to challenge the eligibility question by declaring his candidacy for the 2012 Pres. election.”

    This man is a Chicago fraud.

  7. I know he is a fraud—which is why I said I don’t always like him– but if he can get this out in public, then I would think it would bring the light back on to this issue. We are going to need all the help we can to push eligibility front and center for 2012 imo. I didn’t particularly like Taitz either, but she did get some public attention for awhile that was legit. Now we need ‘legit’ power people to take up the cause. CW sure helps but we need a whole lot more because the OB camp ala Abercormbie is going to come out early to wipe this issue off the political map—again, imo.

  8. Miss Tickly………………………….
    I think you might mean “ALLEGED” BC.

  9. You are right Old Salt, I mean ‘alleged.’ Thank you.

    cjzack: Your point is not lost on me, but having researched the UIPA for so long now, I see Andy Martin has kept people ignorant of the laws that make Obama’s vital records public.

    But, I do see and appreciate your point about keeping this in the ‘news.’=)

  10. “Numb Nuts Neil needs to be drug tested.”

    I just read this…hilarious.

  11. It would seem that as long as the TRUTH gets out I wouldn’t be above using any means at hand to do it as long as I felt there was a more than even chance of it emerging exactly as I said it. There are really smart people on earth,and there are DUMB butts. The smart people don’t usually pass ANYTHING on for FEAR of RETALIATION, The DUMB BUTTS usually don’t have the mental capacity to remember anything long enough to tell it someplace else, or to somebody else. That leaves us with PRE PROGRAMMED people having ONE TRACK MINDS. You just give them a really deep “verbal wedgie” and provide them with the exact words you want repeated. You can rest assurred that the words will be repeated,.Exactly as you said them.

  12. Just something interesting I wanted to comment on….as I was driving last night, listening to the radio, there were TWO advertisements (on different stations) that were from the National Guard….looking to find new recruits to protect America “from within”,,,,,they seemed very aggressive.

  13. Misstickly, I am glad you found it funny. I would like to go back to my job of making folks laugh. Due to the corrupt Government I can not laugh like I was put on earth to do. Laughter is the best medicine, and I need my medication. Keep fighting for Truth and Justice. Stay safe, God Bless.

  14. Abercrombie – From The Obama File:

    “The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Democrat Neil Abercrombie [claims to have known] knew Barack Obama’s parents when Obama was born here in 1961, and he has been aggravated by the so-called Birther movement, which alleges Obama was not born in the United States and thus should be expelled from office.

    There is no independently verified PROOF that Obama was born in the United States in the public domain — none. All of the PROOF comes from two sources, the Obama campaign and, and they have allied themselves in support of Obama’s conspiracy to usurp the Office of the president of the United States.

    The “official document from the Hawaii Health Department” is debunked, here — it’s bogus. And the only people certifying the facts of Obama’s birth are these two political operatives.”

    [much more at link]


    When on earth did this trash, Abercrombie get to be friends with Barry’s dad, Obama Sr.? It seems daddy hung around only long enough to impregnate Stanly Dunham. Don’t know if she became Mr. Obama’s number 2 wife before or after she became pregnant.

    Of course good old Stanly Dunham was most definitely Hawaii’s finest as she posed naked for those horrible nude photos of her! I must say, “AberCrummy” certainly kept good company! I wonder what “Abercrummy” was doing in those days that he was so chummy with the fraud’s parents?


    1- Obama
    2- Only
    3- Orwellian
    4- Opportunist
    5- Office-holder

  17. usapatriots-shout 4:02 PM

    When on earth did this trash, Abercrombie get to be friends with Barry’s dad, Obama Sr.?
    Weren’t they all drawn together through Marxism? “Birds of a feather flock together” is the old adage. We know about Obama, Sr. and his Marxist philosophy, as well as the Dunhams – in the little red church. It would be an interesting study to trace all of the connections. Right now I don’t have the stomach for it, and it probably doesn’t make much difference anyway. It is enough to know that they are of kindred mind and spirit.

  18. Some quick commenter on the politico article mentioned that Ann was proven to have returned to Seattle within three weeks of bho’s birth. So when did Neil see this baby at “social events” in Hawaii, eh?

    Their ‘stories’ are falling apart.

  19. Some quick commenter on the politico article mentioned that Ann was proven to have returned to Seattle within three weeks of bho’s birth. So when did Neil see this baby at “social events” in Hawaii, eh?

    Their ‘stories’ are falling apart.

  20. Please delete the double post, Mr Wells….thanky!

  21. Lt. Col. Terry Lakin Court Martial : Eyewitness Speaks Out
    U.S. Naval Commander Charles F. Kerchner Jr. (Ret.) discusses his eyewitness account while attending the court martial of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin

  22. Hey People I have a question Lets see who can answer it. First HOW old was Abercrombie when Soetoro was born. His appearance puts him in his fifties. He then is about the same age as Soetoro. Giving him the benefit of the doubt I would then venture to estimate his age when Soetoro was born at approximately 5 years of age .How the hell does he personally know Soetoro’s father. He wouldn’t have even been able to talk intelligently yet. Further it is my belief that Obama senior did not remain in Hawaii after school. Am I right?

  23. For your Information/Status in Parisi v Sinclair US District Court District of Columbia. Oral Arguments set for Feb 28, 2011 @ 11:00 AM Courtroom 18.

    If case survives Motions to Dismiss/For Summary Judgment, subpoena’s will be served on the Obama’s, Axelrod, et al for phone, text messages, emails, financial records, and more.

  24. US to step up security at hotels and malls

    “We look at so-called soft targets — the hotels, shopping malls, for example — all of which we have reached out to in the past year and have done a fair amount of training for their own employees,” Napolitano said.
    How long before pat-downs, etc. will be introduced in the “soft targets”?

  25. Abercrombie – From The Obama File:

    “What bothers me is that some people who should know better are trying to use this for political reasons,” said Abercrombie, 72. “Maybe I’m the only one in the country that could look you right in the eye right now and tell you, ‘I was here when that baby was born.’ ”

    I wrote, “Abercrombie is the only human being on the planet to put Barack Hussein Obama Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunham in the same room together” in 2008 — read Abercrombie’s statement, “I’m the only one in the country…” — he’s saying the same thing. He’s the only guy to ever put Obama Sr. and Anna together. There are no photos of Obama Sr. from the early 1960s. There are no letters. Obama Sr. never spoke of having family in Hawaii — never.

    Abercrombie’s bother Hal said he never saw them together and drinking buddy Pake Zane could not recall Ann from those days but had precise memories of Senior.”
    “1962 Obama articles don’t mention wife, son”
    “Newspaper features on father present more evidence president’s story false”

    “Two Hawaii newspaper articles published in June 1962 – the month Barack Obama Sr. left the islands to attend classes at Harvard University – make no reference to his wife, Ann Dunham, or his then 10-month-old son, Barack Obama Jr.

    The articles found in the microfilm files in the Library of Congress newspaper collection in Washington, D.C., confirm questions about the veracity of the official Obama nativity story told in the president’s autobiography “Dreams from My Father.”

    In what is obviously a personality feature story, Griffin makes no mention that Obama married a woman in Honolulu and had a baby while he was studying at the University of Hawaii. Nor is there indication any plans by Obama Sr. to rejoin anyone in Hawaii before he returned to Kenya.

    Instead, Griffin appears to operate on the premise that Obama lives by himself.”

  26. oldsalt79 | December 26, 2010 at 4:33 pm |
    Hey People I have a question Lets see who can answer it. First HOW old was Abercrombie when Soetoro was born. His appearance puts him in his fifties.
    Abercrombie is now 72, so he says.

  27. Larry Sinclair @ 4:40 pm |
    Glad to hear from you Larry, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope all is well with you. You look so happy on your jet ski. Too cold and windy here in FL to do that today.

  28. P.S. – Oldsalt – I remember reading yesterday that every birthday he tries to bench press 200 lb. more than his age. He did 272 lb., right on target, so they say.

  29. Miss Tickly……………………………
    In talking with a friend this afternoon, we were discussing the Certification of live birth that was posted on Fight the smears, and he stated that because the document was NOT issued to Soetoro via HDOH,and has been long ago established to be a forgery he didn’t believe that the document could even qualify to be a PUBLIC RECORD as such. But it is in fact a PUBLIC RECORD of criminal INTENT to defraud the public via a medium.(internet).

  30. Miss Tickly…………………
    The phoney baloney BC that Miss Gibbs posted on Fight the smears was an attempt at both INTRA STATE, and INTERSTATE fraud. This would be something to document,every word of and archive it all. It will be very useful when the break happens.,or one of the FEDERAL Judges gets so damned scared that he cleans up his act and starts allowing civil suits against Soetoro to enter discovery. When this happens the dam will burst.

  31. Cabby AZ…………………..
    Shoot, there goes my age theory out the window. And I guess I have to admit that it is possible for him to have been acquainted with Soetoro’s father,as well as MMMMSSSS. Dunham. But what level any friendship would have extended to is still anybody’s guess.

  32. How long did Obama Sr. remain in Hawaii after his graduation fro UH.

  33. Oldsalt, I think we can expect a great deal of fabrication to come from Hawaii’s Gov. Abercrombie, so we should brace ourselves and BE READY.

  34. Neil Abercrombie is neck-deep in this muck:

    1) He created the fake Obama letter claiming:
    “Kapi’olani Medical Center – the place of my birth”.

    2) He sponsored H.Res 593, the House Resoultion which included the words “Obama was born in Hawaii” and which enabled Fukino’s second news release once the House voted in favor of this resolution.

    Could H. RES. 593 be used as “prima facie” evidence by the State of Hawaii to issue Dr. Fukino’s second News Release and finally make the claim “Obama was born in Hawaii”?

    I think the answer is yes, based on

    Federal Rules of Evidence
    Rule 902. Self-authentication

    (10) Presumptions under Acts of Congress. Any signature, document, or other matter declared by Act of Congress to be presumptively or prima facie genuine or authentic.

  35. Hey Cabby…………….
    Somebody needs to create a file on Abercrombie,search out every fact back to the day he was born and whenever he gets up to spin a story at least us patriots will have4 plenty of ammo to use against him. We need to get anything,and everything, about him into a master file. So that if he lies about anything we have the true fact to put in his face. Everybody get yourselves an Abercrombie file started.We need anything we can dig up even traffic tickets. Also a nice juicy scandal would help as well.

  36. Sorry for the duplication, but so to speak you have to understand that if we are to torpedo the liars effectively we need to know how much water they each draw. Get what I mean?

  37. December 26, 2010 at 5:01 pm

    “There once was a video all over the Internet, in which Susan Blake said Stanley Ann didn’t know how to change diapers, and Dunham said to Blake, “Here, you do it.” Naturally, that video has disappeared, but there are references to it all over the Internet.”
    “Susan Blake video”:


  39. ITRP:

    Wow and more wow. Neil is in deep doo doo. It took less than a day to blow holes in his stupid assertion about infants and social events.

    72 and headed to prison for forgery?

    Why do our political leaders hate us all so much? *wipes off their spit* Why?

  40. oldsalt79 | December 26, 2010 at 6:02 pm |

    Hey Cabby…………….
    Somebody needs to create a file on Abercrombie,search out every fact..

    “Abercrombie is an avid weightlifter and has a stated goal of lifting 200 lbs more than his age on each birthday.[9] It has been reported and witnessed by other members of Congress that Abercrombie can indeed do this. On his 72nd birthday, he bench pressed 272 lbs.[10]”

    Is this a “threat” or a “boast”?

    MORE STUFF,17291,17311,27342,27371,27615,28093&sugexp=ldymls&xhr=t&q=%22neil+abercrombie+gay+marriage%22&cp=31&pf=p&sclient=psy&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=%22neil+abercrombie+gay+marriage%22&gs_rfai=&pbx=1&fp=1ec0e9146fe14b62

  41. bob strauss | December 26, 2010 at 6:34 pm |

    I *know* it’s you, Bob! No wonderI have a hole in my roof! I’ll be calling the Santa Life and Casualty Company in the morning…

  42. Hi, SueK – How is it going up your way? The weather map looks pretty bad.
    Glad to see that you were able to come on-line!

  43. Cabby – AZ | December 26, 2010 at 9:25 pm |

    Hi Cabby and thanks!

    It’s a mess up here, fer shure! My area (The Snow Belt) is gonna get 18-22′ by the time all’s said and done. My winds right now are steady from the NNE at 23 MPH, gusting to 40. It just keeps on coming!

    I’m on until the power goes out…praying that won’t happen.

    We have a blizzard warning up until 6:00PM on Monday, so this is a fairly long-duration storm. The plows are trying to keep up with it, but it’s a losing battle at this point. I’ve got a 3′ wall of concrete snow at the edge of the driveway, courtesy of the town plows.

    A state of emergency has been declared by out snow-fearing, less that illustrious ‘governor’ Cadillac Deval Patrick (Barky’s pal), and all non-essential state personnel are to stay home tomorrow. I have a vaca day, so it looks like Monday will be a massive cleanup day.

    Packing my bags for AZ as I type…

    Thanks for checking. We’ll make it through, but there’ll be a lot of cussin’ to get there :).

  44. We have about a foot of snow and we are in southern Md. I hate it.

  45. Good to hear the latest from you, SueK! I remember your saying that Barky’s pal was afraid of even 3 inches of snow. LOL In all serious, though, we hope that you make it through OK and can begin “tunneling out” before too long. Truly hope that you don’t have a power outage. Stay safe, friend! Wish you could enjoy the AZ weather; however, it has clouded up again today and another storm from CA is on its way Wed. It is NOTHING like what you are going through, however.

  46. More good news for us oldsters:
    Obama Embraces ‘Death Panel’ Concept in Medicare Rule
    During the stormy debate over his healthcare plan, President Barack Obama promised his program would not “pull the plug on grandma” and Congress dropped plans for death panels and “end of life” counseling that would encourage aged patients from partaking in costly medical procedures.
    But on December 3rd, the Obama administration seemingly flouted the will of Congress by issuing a new Medicare regulation detailing — “voluntary advance care planning” that is to be included during patients’ annual checkups. The regulation aimed at the aged “may include advance directives to forgo aggressive life-sustaining treatment,” The New York Times reported.

  47. Need to get this off my chest (off-topic)

    Republican slugs that helped to pass DADT.

    Mark Kirk, Ill.
    Scott Brown, Mass.
    George Voinovich,* Oh.
    Lisa Murkowski,* Ark.
    Olympia Snowe. Maine
    Susan Collins.* Maine
    * Disgraceful Catholics

    The American military exists for only one reason… to FIGHT and WIN wars!!!

  48. hrmfc | December 26, 2010 at 10:48 pm |

    Hi hrmfc,

    We’re right up there with ya. It’s the same storm system that’s dumping massive amounts of snow all along the Atlantic seaboard.

    Think of it this way: It’ll be gone in June :).

    Be careful out there!

  49. Sunday, December 26, 2010

    “Update: Obot SMRSTRAUSS’ Links Are Being Scrubbed From Google Prior To Presidential Campaign”

    “During the presidential election, and for a very long time afterwards, SMRSTRAUSS did a lot of damage on behalf of Obama. He, his wife, and probably a host of others using the same name, infiltrated every site that discussed Obama’s eligibility issue. This crew left a trail of disinformation everywhere they posted. Their mission: to ridicule all who doubted Obama’s eligibility to serve as president, and to confuse the public by misstating the facts.”

  50. Cabby – AZ | December 26, 2010 at 10:53 pm |

    Ya, Cabby, old Cadillac or Coupe Deval, as he’s known, closed the state for 3″ of snow last year. Where the h*ll is he from? Jamaica? Eh.

    Loss of power is my biggest fear.

    Right now, the Phoenix/Scottsdale area is at 60 degrees. I’d take that in a heartbeat!

  51. hapnHal | December 26, 2010 at 11:01 pm |
    Need to get this off my chest (off-topic)
    The American military exists for only one reason… to FIGHT and WIN wars!!!
    Agree 100%. It is definitely NOT for trying some grand social experiment that is going to be disruptive beyond words. Even though there is much ground work to be accomplished before this policy can be implemented, according to reports there will be sensitivity training sessions begun very soon to condition the military to accept gays as a normal part of life. Already there are reports of service people who plan to leave the armed forces because they refuse to be brainwashed.

  52. hapnHal | December 26, 2010 at 11:01 pm |

    Evening, hapnHal,

    Scott Brown called into WRKO/Boston this past week to explain his DADT vote. Of the 6 calls he took, 5 were negative. One guy said ‘I supported you to the max, held campaign signs for you, and manned the phones. To tell you the truth, I don’t think I can support you again.’

    That’s the way many of us feel.

  53. OT.

    Anyone getting hit by this storm whose home is equipped with a PVC exhaust from your HVAC system (instead of a chimney), please make sure that the exhaust isn’t blocked with ice/snow. If it is, you’re gonna have a carbon monoxide issue in your home. It’s a colorless, tasteless gas, but is fatal if left unchecked.

    Please make sure the PVC pipe is clear.

  54. SueK 11:30PM
    Right now, the Phoenix/Scottsdale area is at 60 degrees. I’d take that in a heartbeat!
    No question about it, AZ is a great place. That is why we left Ohio some 50 years ago. That 60 degrees turns to over 100 (sometimes up to 115, or so) in the summer, but usually it is a very dry heat, except when the monsoon hits and then temps drop to 105-109, or so. Before we moved from Ohio, I remember hearing a man in a restaurant say that he would rather be in AZ with the high temp. than in Ohio with 95% humidity and 90 degrees temp.
    And he was right, imo. The winters in Ohio were just becoming too severe for us way back then. I live further north than the Phx area, and the temp. is just about 10 degrees cooler in summer and winter. It is great!!! I love living here.

  55. The fact that this Neil Ambercrombie character is discussing this issue is crazy.. Thou doth protest too loudly me thinks, again.

  56. Hi, Paxson – Been missing ya! I agree that Neil is on the fast track to something!?! Is he ultimately cruisin’ for a bruisin’?

  57. GORDO. I saved some of the SMRSTRAUSS comments & shared them with Jeffersons Rebels some time ago.

  58. How does this neil intend to disprove the constitutionalists when he is depending on that phoney baloney photoshopped COLB? He obviously has not seen the real bc either. He is definitely lying and trying to cover up by showing that piece of garbage on TV. Anyone who believes that is real by now is pretty ignorant or living in a fantasy. It is an insult to our intelligence.

  59. DrudgeReportUSA on youtube is carrying the Abercrombie story too. It appears that Instead of dispelling the birther issue, Abercrombie’s comments are bringing even more attention to the fact that Obama is a fraud.

    Abercrombie offended by Obama citizenship questions

  60. Mark my words, the fraudulent long form BC is coming. Obama and friends want this issue over and done with before the real campaigning for 2012 begins. My hope is that it does draw the bright lights out in public to the whole eligibility issue of OB’s and so backfires on them. There has to be a credible, powerful person/persons to take up the cause for the other side—the American constitutionalist side—to prove once and for all that OB is an ineligible Pres. period. Who will that be and when will they step up? That is the question. Meantime we keep the pressure on and the topic out in the open. Who cares if they call us ‘birthers’? I wear the title proudly as a Patriot should!

  61. It is possible for a 72 year old to lift a lot of weight. In so doing he gets closer and closer to the ARTHRITIS club, and accomplishes NOTHING other than LIFTING weight. If you create exceassive MUSCLE in the BRAIN it would seem to me that too dense of a brain is probably detrimental to normal thought processing …….ie “meathead”, (remember the MEATHEAD in “ALL in the FAMILY”). Somehow this all seems to fit perfectly.

  62. cjzak……………………..
    One thing is certain……….nobody is born TWICE. So for any form of BC to suddenly show up decades after the fact,will only bring one hell of a glaring light upon the person who has (allegedly) found it. Then people like Ron Polarik will follow, and he will debunk the phoneys as fast as the MORONS produce them. If they try to use newly manufactured paper,they will learn the hard way. As paper ages it picks up silicone from the atmosphere,which eventually produces the tan and brown edges to old paper. The thickness of the silicone is measureable. It accumulates at a known rate per year. By the way OLD silicone is also discernable from NEWlY applied chemical. It behaves in a certain way with age. I am sure that Polarik is aware of what I am referring to. A good FORENSIC lab will be able to nail ANY phoney documents that show up. without a whole lot of effort. The morons who think they can fool everyone are “SHOVELING MANURE AGAINST THE TIDE” mainly because they DON’T have the BASIC UNDERSTANDING of what they are trying make everybody believe to begin with. In short you need to know something about the subject before you try to create anything within that subject.

  63. Jonah | December 27, 2010 at 10:06 am | DrudgeReportUSA on youtube is carrying the Abercrombie story too. It appears that Instead of dispelling the birther issue, Abercrombie’s comments are bringing even more attention to the fact that Obama is a fraud.

    abercrombie’s BS is covered on FreeRepublic also.

  64. Another Way to Start the New Year:
    Obama to Give Manhattan Back to Native Americans?

    Don’t laugh. Obama supports a U.N. resolution that could require the U.S. to give back and relinquish sovereignty of certain lands that the Indians originally occupied. Remember when he told us in 2008 that he had been officially adopted by the Crow Nation? SOS Clinton also supports the U.N. resolution.

    “The international agreement is very serious business, one legal expert tells WND, and could cause problems for the U.S. long after Obama is gone from the White House, if made part of U.S. law.”

    Read more:

  65. Jonah – Regarding the video – I wish they wouldn’t keep saying that birthers don’t believe O is a citizen – It is he is NOT a Natural Born Citizen. Of course the average American doesn’t know the difference . We are Doomed by stupidity.
    Last nightI listened to a very scary interview on Coasttocoastam by George Knapp with Cheri Seymour. It concerned her new book “The last Circle”.
    Here is an Amazon review of the book.

  66. Wouldn’t it really be ironic if it is Abercrombie who in a moment of candor gets his tongue wrapped around his eye tooth, can’t see what he is saying and inadvertently says something which ultimately leads to Soetoro’s downfall. How sweet the thought is.

  67. The powers that be are just stringing us along on the birth certificate issue…as long as nothing serious happens we are allowed to have the fantasy that the BC will bring Obummer down. The minute anyone seriously acts upon it, or any other issue, and it appears it may go forward, that is when martial law and a complete takeover could happen.

  68. The Mental abuse of the lies being told. End this nightmare.

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  70. Kate at the”Dr. Kates view” blog sometimes does not post my comments I send there. I am hoping that “Dr. Kate” wants to bring a solution to the problem of having the ILLEGAL-ALIEN-IN-CHIEF SOEBARAKH removed through GOD and not only through human means, because this will not happen through human means alone since the world now is so fallen and so
    sinful against GOD, and is calling evil – good, and good – evil, and truth – lies, and lies – truth!! I am humbly trying to tell Kate and others, the 100% Solution to getting rid of and arresting the Foreign-Terrorist-Usurper, & 100% Illegal-Alien-Daily-Serial Criminal-Usurper-In-Chief, 100% Con-Man-Madman Barry Soetoro Soebarkah in the USA can & will ONLY happen through LORD JESUS CHRIST leading us to get him removed.

    Here is a comment I sent to Dr. Kate & she refused to post it at her blog…

    Dr. Kate said:

    December 23, 2010 at 5:52 pm

    Starla, thank you. All of what you have posted I agree with. Do you think people here don’t understand that? Just because God is not mentioned in every post as the solution doesn’t mean that He isn’t the solution! In other words, you are preaching to the choir, and the verbatim repeating of what you can easily link people to if they want to go there is really not appropriate for the posts I write and for the discussion that we are trying to engender. The discussion we have here is NOT Godless. You do not need to treat writers here as devoid of the Creator-God, we get it.”

    * * * * *

    Starla said:
    December 23, 2010 at 6:34 pm


    Not everyone who reads your blog is a Christian or knows GOD. Have you ever thought about that? Do you understand this?

    I personally love hearing about GOD everywhere and in everything!! GOD is perfect and people need GOD to lead every part of our lives, education, government, relationships & family, & every part of our careers & our lives.

    People in our government have thrown out & eliminated GOD who brings wisdom, virtues, morals, ethics, & truth to people – out of our government in America. This is the sad reality people are living in – in America. We The People can’t allow this. When you want to talk about solutions in America, We The People, you & I, & all Americans MUST talk about GOD.

    Truly, the PERFECT ALMIGHTY GOD can help Dr. Lakin’s life & case. GOD should be acknowledged everywhere & in everything, & then the solutions from GOD will become a living reality for people. GOD wants to solve the problems people have in the USA government, and in each of our lives, that is why I mention GOD, to give honor to GOD, and to let GOD lead us in life.

    I am reading a great book now called, THE NAMES OF GOD by Lester Sumrall. In this book, I am learning that GODS’ NAMES teach people to understand many things about GODS’ love, care, help, & providence. Unless you and I mention GOD, people won’t learn about this information, who do not know this information.

    I would wager that some people who read this blog who are Christians do not know the extent of what GOD’S VARIOUS NAMES in the Holy Bible mean in GODS’ LOVE & CARE FOR US. I hope people read this great book, both Christians, and people who aren’t Christians yet. That is why I mention GOD THE HEALER, and GOD THE SOLUTION everywhere I can.

    * * * * * *

    I hope people read this great book, THE NAMES OF GOD, by Lester Sumrall! What a very helpful and excellent book to read!


    # # # #

    Please Let us Remember Daily that Serial Criminals & Liars love to work together in their Sins and Crimes Against Humanity & Crimes Against GOD with Satan the Devil the GREAT DECEIVER leading them against GOD & against humanity.


    Let Us Remember that GOD ALMIGHTY calls the Father of ALL Liars, & the Father of ALL Lies, Satan the Devil, the Father of Evil, & the Father of Death & Hell…..and the adversary & enemy of humanity!! Satan the Devil is currently on earth now with legions of demons from hell in this spiritual battle people are in & Satan is trying to lead people to sin against GOD and to commit crimes against GOD & humanity.

    We The American People MUST Come Back To GOD ALMIGHTY, WHO IS PERFECT FOREVER TRUTH & PERFECT FOREVER LOVE, PERFECT FOREVER WISDOM, & PERFECT FOREVER RIGHTEOUSNESS, & PERFECT FOREVER HOLINESS, & PERFECT FOREVER VIRTUES & PURITY, & PERFECT FOREVER LIFE to conquer sin and our enemies who attack, subvert, & try to overthrow & destroy the Rule Of Law in the USA Constitution; & who attack, subvert, & try to overthrow & destroy GODS’ PERFECT FOREVER LIVING DIVINE LAWS that GOD Commands people to Obey that are written in the HOLY BIBLE on earth!


    CONSTANT DAILY TRUST & OUR CONSTANT DAILY FAITH IN GOD 234/7/365 EVERYWHERE – as WE The American People SHALL OVERCOME On Earth ONLY- IN, BY, & THROUGH LORD JESUS CHRIST IMMANUEL – YESHUA – EVERY SINGLE TIME – On Earth – as it is in Heaven because GOD Is The ALMIGHTY FOREVER LIVING RULER Of The Universe, & Heaven & ALL Of Earth! DAILY Honor & Obey GOD, & Constantly Trust GOD, Constantly Pray To GOD Daily, & As we Daily Love GOD & Make GOD Known, Loved, & Obeyed, & HARK!!!! GOD Will Lead Us To Victory – EVERY TIME!! THROUGH LORD JESUS CHRIST – YESHUA!

  72. Just a comment on Abercrombie regarding his relationship with Øbama sr., it is legitimate. He was a drinking buddy with Øbama sr. In fact when Øbama sr did return to Hawaii it was not to see his ex-wife and son, but it was to visit with Abercrombie and his toher drinking buddies.

    However, in reports that I have see previously Abercrombie could barely remember Ann Dunham being at anything with Øbama sr. I remember seeing one comment from him about seeing her at one meeting. He said nothing about seeing her as a pregnant woman. He also said nothing about them being married.
    One very big hole in the Øbama narrative is the claim that Øbama sr. left Ann and Barry when he left Hawaii to attend Harvard for his Doctorate. The fact is that immediately after Barry’s birth Ann enrolled at Washington State University for a bridging course which commenced in the fall of 1961. The records showing her enrollment in the course have been released.

    It is Barry who is the liar when it comes to the details. Abercrombie is now lying to protect Barry, and he has changed his own story on what he remembers. It is not possible that he was around when Barry was born.

  73. If there is anything that you should take away from every report, discussion, video, article, book about Obama’s biography is that ALL of it was force-fed to you by Obama, his Campaign, his collaborators, and his lapdog media.

    EVERYTHING came out of a single source of fabricated fiction, “Dreams From My Father,” which was first released in 1993 and 1995 – to coincide with the launching of Obama’s political career for a seat in the Illinois Senate that was HANDED to him by Alice Palmer who vacating it in a run for Congress.

    Over the next ten years, it underwent SIGNIFICANT alterations before being re-released in 2004 to coincide with Obama’s campaign for the US Senate – which was a cakewalk after his operatives at the LA Times forced a judge to release the divorce proceedings of Jack Ryan, a Republican who would have wiped the floor with him had it been keep private as it should have been.

    From 2007 until the present day, the details of Obama’s biography have changed faster and more often than a weather vane in a tornado.

    His mother had been called, SHIRLEY ANN DUNHAM, in the 1995 edition. She became STANLEY ANN DUNHAM in the 2004 edition with the lame story about her father, Stanley Armour Dunham (not his real name), wanted a son.

    Obama’s father, Obama Sr., was reported to have abandoned Obama when he was 2 yrs old, but now we know it was his mother who left his father three weeks after he was born.

    But, folks, take this to the bank: the only white woman with whom Barack Hussein Obama Sr. had a son was Ruth Nidesand (later Ruth Ndesandjo).

    Shirley/Stanley Ann Dunham never met Barack Hussein Obama Sr.


    This fiction has been regurgitated more times than all the freshmen at all the frat houses in the country. It is total BS, and if people want to blindly repeat it as if it were the Gospel, then they are the morons and idiots, not the so-called “Birthers.”

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