Hollister v Soetoro update, December 6, 2010, Colonel Gregory Hollister lawsuit, Petition for Writ of Certiorari

Hollister v Soetoro update, December 6, 2010, Colonel Gregory Hollister lawsuit, Petition for Writ of Certiorari

Despite the Orwellian lies being told in the mainstream media by the likes of Anderson Cooper, not only have there been more than a couple of lawsuits challenging Obama’s eligibility, the second one in a few weeks is on the US Supreme Court docket and it was also filed by a military officer.

Citizen Wells November 8, 2010.

“For Immediate Release – 8 Nov 2010

Kerchner et al v Obama & Congress et al Petition for Writ of Certiorari Distributed for Conference by the Justices on 23 Nov 2010

Contact Attorney Mario Apuzzo for more details and comment at:
Mario Apuzzo, Esq., Jamesburg, New Jersey
Tel: 732-521-1900, Fax: 732-521-3906
Email: apuzzo@erols.com
CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)
Pennsylvania USA
Lead Plaintiff, Kerchner et al v Obama et al

Read more:


Gregory S. Hollister, Colonel, USAF, Retired, has a Petition for Writ of Certiorari on the docket of the US Supreme Court.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,
My lawsuit against Obama has reached the US Supreme Court (copy of Docket attached).  Our legal team has done everything gratis to this point – however, there are certain costs we cannot avoid in moving forward to get a final ruling.
Having said that, I am including a link to a website I am still refining requesting donations to help defray costs for the effort.  We have held off on doing this for two years but it is time for me to solicit help. 
Therefore, please review the US Supreme Court docket and the website at the link and provide comments, suggestions and any donations you can afford.  Please feel free to forward to any and all you think may be interested as well.
We have been trying to get a website up for our non-profit but not there yet so I have done this through our for profit corporation.  Therefore, I will donate a majority of what is contributed to our non-profit and pay tax on the remainder as “income” so you are fully aware of what we are doing.
The website link is www.ResurgentEagle.com
Sincere thanks and best regards
Greg Hollister

Gregory S. Hollister, Colonel, USAF, Retired
President, Hollister Enterprises LLC

No. 10-678  
Gregory S. Hollister, Petitioner
Barry Soetoro, et al.
Docketed: November 23, 2010
Lower Ct: United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit
  Case Nos.: (09-5080)
  Decision Date: March 22, 2010
  Rehearing Denied: August 23, 2010
~~~Date~~~  ~~~~~~~Proceedings  and  Orders~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Nov 22 2010 Petition for a writ of certiorari filed. (Response due December 23, 2010)
Nov 22 2010 Appendix of Gregory S. Hollister filed. (Volumes I, II, III)

~~Name~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    ~~~~~~~Address~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~Phone~~~
Attorneys for Petitioner:    
John David Hemenway 4816 Rodman Street, NW (202) 244-4819
  Washington, DC  20016  
Party name: Gregory S. Hollister
Attorneys for Respondents:    
Neal Kumar Katyal Acting Solicitor General (202) 514-2217
  United States Department of Justice  
  950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.  
  Washington, DC  20530-0001  
Party name: Barry Soetoro, et al.



33 responses to “Hollister v Soetoro update, December 6, 2010, Colonel Gregory Hollister lawsuit, Petition for Writ of Certiorari

  1. charlesmountain

    Thank you everyone for the welcome. I check in to this site, sometimes twice a day. I feel strongly that Obama is a dangerous man and must be removed from office before he can begin ruling by Executive Order. I have made it my mission to inform my family and friends about his ineligibility and the hiding of his past. I have downloaded the Free PDF file from WorldNetDaily and it is a comphrehensive detailed account of the facts from the COLB to his SSN to the Lakin Courtmarshal. I would like to know if anyone else has downloaded,read it and forwarded it to friends and family. I think it is an excellent tool to bring the facts to more people. Thanks again and here is the link. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=199373

  2. Hopefully after BO’s WikiLeaks, SCOTUS will realize that time is of the essense to prevent BO from devastating the US and grant cert. in the case brought by Berg.

    In future cases, Attorneys should motion for a hearing upon Original Jurisdiction before SCOTUS in every case that is filed. Our Country can not withstand much more treason by BO and his co-conspirators.


  3. On December 5, 2010 U.S. Representative Ed Royce (R) wrote an article titled “Much WikiLeaks Criticism of Hillary Clinton Off the Mark” that was posted on http://www.redcounty.com.

    The exchange is so interesting, I wanted to share it with you.

    The following exchange which is in response to Representative Ed Royce’s article took place on:

    SHERMAN TANK post, December 6, 2010

    Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

    I absolutely DISAGREE with you Mr. Royce. Though I posted a similar comment earlier, it seems more apt to post here, under this so-called article titled “Wikileaks Criticism of Hillary Clinton Off the Mark.” Not only does Hillary Clinton deserve the criticism, she deserves it tenfold! AND, I am stunned at my Republican colleagues (Newt idiot Gingrich too) coming out and asking for Assange’s head on a plate. Mr. Gingrich’s analysis, as yours Mr. Royce, is fatally flawed. Remember, this was supposed to be the TRANSPARENCY administration. Well, we finally got our transparency didn’t we.

    Gingrich refers to Assange as an “Active Enemy Combatant.” Imagine that! An ACTIVE ENEMY COMBATANT. I wonder what Mr. Gingrich calls Mr. Obama, who destroyed our Country in less than two years. I wonder how Mr. Gingrich refers to my Republican colleagues who allowed this (Obama) to happen and who kowtow and defer to this fraudster in the Oval Office. When Americans have no clue what their taxes will be, what the country’s budget is, if they will ever be able to make their mortgage payments, feed their families, or ever get a job again: PLEASE Define “enemy combatant” for me Mr. Royce.

    Obama and all those Senators and Congressmen go home to marble entries with
    dinner waiting on their dining room tables, and a reserved parking space, we all
    go home to fear and insecurity, scared out of our wits not knowing what the hell
    is going on and whether or not we will be able to survive — I mean that
    literally, I’m in that boat. We are NOT on a government payroll, there are no
    more payrolls for us. Now we will be taxed Jan 1, taxed if we live, taxed if we
    die, taxed whether we want that healthcare crap rammed down our throats or not. Where do you suggest we get the money to pay for all that Mr. Royce?

    I differ with the widely held view that Assange committed treason, that he
    should pay for what he did. He isn’t an American citizen, he owes America
    Nothing and he cannot be tried for Treason — AND — he didn’t do nything,
    meaning, he didn’t steal any documents!. I have no clue how he acquired them but obviously it was not first hand. Obama’s name is nowhere in those documents — why’s that???!!!



    Assange did the American People a favor, and here’s why. First, I now know what the job description of a US “Ambassador” is. It is to spy and dig up dirt while enjoying the spoils of elitism. Second, I now know what the job description of the US Secretary of State is, spy on our counter parts and dig up dirt under the guise of friendship and Diplomatic Immunity and the rest of us poor sods be damned. Third, that the so-called GLORIFIED title of Ambassador and Secretary of State is nothing more than an expense account hooked up as “gossipmonger” that gets paid to travel and dine excessively while the rest of our country struggle to find jobs, feed our families, and keep a roof over our heads. I COULD HAVE DONE THOSE JOBS WITHOUT GOING ABROAD. Gee I wonder how Hillary Clinton came up with the 11 million dollars in cash to buy that massive New York real property last year, Diplomatic Immunity anyone?


    usapatriots-shout post December 6, 2010

    Dear Mr. Royce,

    You do of course understand how suspicious your article appears to “real”
    Republicans don’t you? It makes me wonder if you need to get Brownie points with Hillary Clinton for some odd reason, and that the purpose of this article is to suck up to her. If that is the case, I suppose I shall have to live with it, but at least it explains your remarkable disconnect with what’s going on. If in fact, that is not the case, then sir, with all due respect you’ve lost your mind. The fact that you have to defend Hillary Clinton in any way shape or form, makes me wonder what you yourself have to hide and perhaps what Wikileaks may have on “you.”

    Many of us Republicans are fed up with even our own party, no I am not some Palin zealot, but I am extremely distraught with what my party is doing. In case you missed it Mr. Royce, we everyday citizens are dying out here, we cannot make mortgage payments, we cannot feed our families, noting that the “U.S. added just 39,000 net jobs in November (2010),” like that Sherman Tank poster above aptly states, is that the best our representatives can do? I believe that this devastation is totally lost on our party, but of course, especially lost on this inept and incompetent White House. The disconnect with reality is bright as day. The effect of the Republicans’ cavalier attitude coupled with the White House’s ignorance is absolutely lost on you and the rest of my party Representatives.

    The president has time for vacations, shopping, basketball, golf, and frankly the rest of us are sinking hard and painfully so. He, and I dare say “you” are disconnected by us, the common folk. You need not do more to make us see, to make us notice. It is obvious. It is blatant. When we see people like that idiot Newt Gingrich going to a White House dinner for this, dinner for that, musicals, and honoring Paul McCartney and others, oh, Black Tie events no less; it is really hard to give any of you Representatives any benefit of the doubt. None of us who pay for those Galas, “with Hillary Clinton” who put that gala on, could afford the gas to travel there let alone the money to rent a tux. Those Galas for the Washington elites are what are angering us. Do you understand
    that? The Newspaper Headlines if they wanted to be truthful, should really read: “Washington Parties While the Rest of America Goes Under.”

    Therefore Mr. Royce, given the aforementioned, you will now understand why I must support the poster Sherman Tank’s view, that Wikileaks appears to be the only modicum of truth that we-the-public may ever see. And it is for that reason, that Hillary Clinton should be held “finally” accountable for her actions. Finally, we, down here in the trenches get to see what you all have been getting paid to do with our money, spying, traveling the world at taxpayer expense to spy and write reports on visitations to pre-paid global jetsetting escapades. Simply, Mr. Royce, we are not amused. We are not impressed. We are, in case you missed it, angry as hell.



    Orly needs us to make calls http://www.orlytaitzesq.com Pass on please

  5. We are going to have to make our elected officials know in no uncertain terms that we want BO legally removed now.

    Demand that your Congressman, Senator, County DA, Sheriff, State Legislators, Governor, Attorney General etc. take legal action to remove BO before he completely destroys our Country.


  6. Re: Free Speech | December 6, 2010 at 6:24 pm |

    We are going to have to make our elected officials know in no uncertain terms that we want BO legally removed now.

    Demand that your Congressman, Senator, County DA, Sheriff, State Legislators, Governor, Attorney General etc. take legal action to remove BO before he completely destroys our Country.


    # # # #

    Very well said. I 100% agree with this statement.

  7. Thanks so much, the fight is getting stronger!! I just wish we can get off the birth certificate, and deal with the fact, his Father was not an American Citizen. permit me hint, keep out foreign influence, John Jay. Or with the 14th Amendment…I find no fault with the introductory clause, which is simply declaratory of what is written in the Constitution, that every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignity is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born citizen…John A. Bingham

  8. Charlesmountain……………………………
    I am happy to have you among us. I am sure that others in the blog look forward to reading your viewpoints. We need all the intelligent people we can find. We become the messengers of our conservative,and Constitutional foundations. Welcome aboard!

  9. To ALL………………………………..
    About 20 minutes ago I was watching Bret Bair,and as usual Charles Krauthammer was his usual excellent,but………….then came a LIGHTNING BOLT, they were small talking and out of the blue the gentleman at the far end of the table said “maybe the LIBS will start questioning his birth certificate”.He was referencing possible Liberal retaliation against Soetoro for cutting a “NO TAX INCREASE DEAL WITH THE GOP. I am FORCED to add that this is indeed the first intelligent thing that I have seen Soetoro do since he took office. He has openly defied his own party. They are all HIGHLY INCENSED, and MIGHT TRY SOMETHING. At least his words proves to me that the MSM DOES KNOW about the BIRTH CERTIFICATE debacle,and I am comforted by the thought that any one of the FOAMING LIBERAL MOUTHS might turn to some really dirty work like convening a Federal Grand jury to look into Soetoro’s past. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. The Democratic party has a history of this sort of treachery.

  10. That was Jonah Goldberg, brilliant conservative and patriot, and I fear, a regular Fox commentator no more.


  12. Bill G……………………………..
    You might be right! In the past such surprise words have proven real killers of the person who utterred them. Shepard Smith once utterred the same words,and was really raked over hot coals for it later.

  13. Bill G……………………………..
    I don’t know about you but while I believe Glenn Beck means well,and has to a point brought out volumes regarding the progressive movement in the US, he has become somewhat subdued in his usual veracity. Perhaps his present contract with Murdoch is about to expire, and he might be in need of some brownie points.

  14. Glenn Beck is no dummie,he tells has story,but his own survival is tatamount,and without a doubt comes first.

  15. everybody………………..
    Need some pain meds. I’m out of here! From my DIRTY LITTLE TRAILER,in SLIME CITY, g,night all.

  16. http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/home/daily/site_120610/content/01125106.guest.html

    Rush: “Where is…? I want to ask this to the Reverend Jackson: Where are the WikiLeaks cables proving that the CIA invented AIDS? Where is Obama’s birth certificate? Where’s the real good stuff? Where’s all the good stuff?

    This Assange guy is just not worth his salt.”

    Rush is making a fool out of BO.

  17. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Bill G- you’ve got that right! I’ve been posting for quite sometime about how obvious it is that Murdoch and Ailes have declared a blackout regarding the “birther” issue. Beck has been such an outstanding resource in exposing the Marxist/Soros-led agenda….with one *glaring* exception. One has to ask themselves, if Beck has been so fearless in said exposure, why has he never touched on the one topic that would render all discussion-that would render every act by this administration- null and void? Curious, “ain’t” it?

  18. Free Speech | December 6, 2010 at 8:18 pm |
    Rush is making a fool out of BO.

    I think he is getting some help from the usurper himself.

  19. Old Salt and All,

    Do not let barry fool you. His MO is clearly to cause as much destruction as possible on both sides. Just when the libs are getting their way BAM he swings back a bit towards conservative views. Keep watching he will turn back around on the very next issue.

    This is his master plan, to tear down our great country in whatever way he can.

    Remember Jan 20 is close, but the closer we get the more desperate barry and his minions will become. If we make it to that day, “they” will have lost a very large chunk of power. I feel “they” will pull out all the stops to keep it……………

  20. charlesmountain


    Click to access Obama_Eligibility_Primer_FORWARD6.pdf

  21. Do you really believe the SCOTUS OR ANY OTHER COURT IN THE LAND is going to take and rule against “NOBAMA” ? THESE courts have been being infiltrated for so long with lawyers,who became judges and are SOCIALIST-MARXIST ALL all way from their “LIBERAL-SOCIALIST” colleges they attended —by socialist ,marxist “PROFESSORS”
    I hate to say this “OUR AMERICA” has been duped and waited too long !
    But “MIRACLES” do happen and I shall:
    Sir Winston Churchill

  22. Please help me drive traffic to the post I just put up! I have breaking news and the mystery is solved, too!

    Dr. Fukino resigned her position or was let go this evening.

    I learned this in an autoreply that came SEVEN minutes after I sent her a UIPA request.

    The mystery is solved, without question. Please read this very important post all the way to the end to find out how this mystery was solved and why Dr. Fukino may be gone….

    People, I have HEAVY evidence pointing to some serious infractions involving two state agencies and several people, in my hand–there have been MANY people who were denied due process rights and equal protection under the law.

    For now, see how the seal, FINALLY answers this question at the end of my post.


  23. Hi Citizen Wells, I live in NC, but have a number of contacts in the government in Hawaii, or know people, particularly in the outgoing Republican party in Hawaii. Could you give Miss Tickly my email. I may be able to help.

  24. Court asked to order Napolitano to pay up
    Lawsuit cites damages from groping, scanning

  25. Call Today to Stop the Dangerous New START Treaty Take Action!

    December 6, 2010

    Call your U.S. Senators and tell them not to let Obama and Harry Reid’s lame duck Senate repudiate Ronald Reagan!

  26. ALL Humans To Be Microchipped By 2017 -Master plan

  27. CW………………………………
    I have always thought that the name Keith was that of a MALE not a female.

  28. oldsalt79.
    Me too.

  29. How about pursuing this through “Petition For Declatory Judgement” Ex-Parte on what constitutes a “natural born citizen” without naming Obama or any other individual. Just get the court to rule on what this term contemplates.
    This is the meat and potatoes of the case, once this has been judicially determined, then apply it to Obama ipso-facto. The work has already been done.
    This way the suit cannot dismissed for “lack of standing”, precluding such a determination AFTER the case has commenced.

  30. I wish MissTickly well. She was an industrious researcher, seems to have dropped out, and now returned. I’m thankful such “bulldogs” exist. They are the type of people who will eventually blow this thing wide open.


    Her present enthusiasm and hyperventilation is misdirected. I have one in my hand – an official “sealing” device. It consists of two corresponding plates – one with dimples and an opposing one with bumps. Upon being forced together by a mechanical device (like a press or pliers – vice grips) the two plates fit exactly together. If applied to something thin like paper the paper is forced to assume the desired shape.


    The paper will then be RAISED on one side and EMBOSSED on the other. In the context of such a sealing process, raised and embossed ARE THE SAME THING.


  31. Here is a good example. The terms are so interchangeable that the word “embossing” is used as the name of the process to create a raised seal. You can see from the “Create Your Own” example that the plates show no preference. One depresses and one raises – simultaneously.


  32. charlesmountain

    I feel as if this Wikileaks debacle is just another scene in the final act as the left pushes us towards collapse, chaos and into the arms of the One World Order. The Global Elitist totalitarians are using leftism, anarchists and Islam as a third, fourth and fifth rail to achieve their goal(s). They are using what they percieve to be is the universal attractivness of Marxism and Socialism.
    Wikileaks is just another divisive tool being used to divide elements in both the right and the left. We just need to get through the rest of this lame duck session unscathed if possible and gain some breathing room with the next Congress. Once there no quarter must be given. I would like to see a Bachmann, or a Boehner come out and give an absolutely, no holds-barred speech of their lifetime and lay out the complete destructive anti-american liberal agenda in all its hellishness immediately! And make their case and prepare the American people for the storm and economic hard times that will follow in the fight to retake our country and liberty! No more of this tip toeing around and side-stepping! Come out , be fearless and expose this INTENTIONALLY destructive administration and its agenda. No more using words like incompetent, shallow and narcissim. This has all been pre-planned and thought through. Stop the playing of games with the American people and tell us what most of us already know!

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