Rod Blagojevich was reindicted, February 4 2010, Blagojevich re-indicted, US Supreme Court decision, US attorney’s office Chicago, USDOJ, New 24 count indictment, Federal grand jury, racketeering, attempted extortion, bribery

From Chicago Breaking News, February 4, 2010.

“Blagojevich re-indicted, but accusations the same”

“Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich was re-indicted in his corruption case today as prosecutors seek to keep an upcoming decision from the U.S. Supreme Court on “honest services” fraud from delaying Blagojevich’s June trial.

The new 24-count indictment was handed up by a federal grand jury, the U.S. attorney’s office in Chicago announced.”

“Blagojevich was indicted last April on 16 counts, including racketeering conspiracy.

The revised indictment does not allege any new wrongdoing by Blagojevich but includes eight new counts that do not rely on honest services fraud.

The new charges include racketeering, attempted extortion, bribery, conspiracy to commit bribery and conspiracy to commit extortion.

The underlying wrongdoing still includes Blagojevich’s alleged attempt to sell the U.S. Senate seat vacated by President Barack Obama and other alleged efforts to leverage the powers of his office.”

Read more:

Blagojevich indictment:

Those paying attention and reading this blog for the past two years recognize that the Blagojevich indictment is not just about selling Obama’s seat. It is about rampant Chicago corruption that includes manipulation of the IL Health Planning Facilities Board and Obama’s role in reducing the number of members from 15 to 9. Obama was chairman of the IL senate committee that made the change and gave Blagojevich and Rezko control with only 5 members. Some of the new members contributed to Obama and Blagojevich. If you are unaware of this story, search this blog. It has been extensively reported.


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  1. Ladyhawke,

    Ladyhawke, Just when you think you’ve heard it all, it still gets sicker! To make a comment like that about that dear lady being buried in his T-shirt is proof that he’s truly a madman!

  2. Prairie // February 5, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    This caller just phoned in to tell that he personally saw the Keyes v Obama debate where o admitted he was not NBC. Now a caller is defining Native v Natural.
    If I remember correctly at one point in time Zero was described as a “native born citizen” on either FightTheSmears or FactCheck. I imagine that statement is long gone, but maybe someone took a screen shot. I think it was around Aug. of ’08.

    And, as for the soldier saying he met Obama in 1980 in HI……..I believe the soldier. But you have to remember Zero lied to his Punaho classmates, telling them he was the son of a Kenyan prince. He wrote “King Obama” into wet concrete near the school. It is possible Zero lied to the soldier about his birthplace.

  3. I think Blago should just investigate himself and declare himself in the clear.

    Worked for obama.

  4. Fernley Girl,
    You are right, it was on Fight the Smears. I never heard of the “King Obama.” I do know that TerriK was writing about o being related to HI royalty as to why they protected him (I thought it strange- but what isn’t lately). That is when TerriK’s site was shut down. Interesting.

  5. As a former Chicagoan I must tell you this is an understatement–
    “rampant Chicago corruption ”
    not to be confused with Cook County corruption, Mayor Daley Chicago Machine corruption and South Side corruption. They are all tied together in some fashion, add Mob influence etc. All the time I lived there Stone Park, Rosemont so many more I can’t remember the names were referred to as Syndicate cities-nearby cities outlying Chicago.

  6. Prairie // February 5, 2010 at 4:32 pm

    I believe U.S. intelligence, influenced by foreign powers, to be holding the cards on Obama. Who else has the power to seal documents, silence media, threaten judges, erase websites, and to blackmail or buy politicians? The CIA.


    you are a quick study.

  7. Citizen Wells, now is the time with this latest indictment to push the effort to get hold of Blago and convince him to turn evidence on Obama to save his own A-S. Obama is on a downward spiral. He surly would become America’s Sweetheart if he tied Obama to enough Corruption to get O indicted too. Information would be a great bargaining tool for a lessor sentence considering with all the charges he will spend the rest of his life behind bars. Read in the Chi Tribune that the Justice Department was refusing to delay the June trial, even with these new charges.

  8. Prairie,


  9. Joy.
    I have given this much thought.
    Blago was the original one being groomed for a presidential run.
    I wonder if Rezko (from Syria) was chosen as one of the fall guys.
    Not sure if I trust Fitzgerald, in fact I do not trust him.
    This whole thing smells badly.

  10. Prairie,

    I think that TerriK had to shut her blog down because her husband, who has only one good eye (blind in it), was injured in his only good eye and was temporarily blinded. That’s my understanding. She even had a thing up about it. So TerriK couldn’t devote time to the blog, then having to help him.

  11. They are going after Blago, because he is a WHITE GUY, 🙂

  12. Kitty,
    Thanks. I wondered what happened. She was right in the middle of forming her theory it seemed- based on the UIPA requests. She and Donofrio were all over it- then both gone.

  13. don in california

    Margie // February 5, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    They are going after Blago, because he is a WHITE GUY,

  14. Prairie Miss Tickly or TerriK took her own site down because her husband became very ill. She is still active as a Freeper.

  15. CW, as far as postings on various blogs in the Chicago Tribune, Fitzgerald is no longer in charge of the Chicago area. Obama appointed him to another position in the Justice Dept. Not sure what. Who knows, most think Blago is crazy for being a Media Darling, personally I think that is what has kept him alive. On the other hand Burris has been admonished by the ethic’s committee and basically told not to run for a full term, he has nothing to lose if he rolls. Blago’s brother has been indicted also, so there are many avenue’s to be explored.

  16. I have been trying to find a recording of Jeff Kuhner’s show today, for those that missed it. It seems that there are youtubes of other shows, so I will keep looking. The bad weather in DC may delay things.

    I think everyone (kudos to Prairie) did a great job of recounting the important points. The callers at the end were awesome, but Kuhner did not seem to understand that many of us disagree with Berg’s definition of NBC. I am sure Kuhner is getting an education via email.

    I only listened to the last half of the show. I think when I joined, Berg was claiming that there is a special office in the White House to keep Obama’s records sealed, but he did not know the name of the person in charge. Did I construe that correctly?

    Also, it seems that before I joined, that Berg claimed that Barry should be removed from office and deported – because later a caller disagreed with the idea of deportation. The caller said that due to all the national security information to which Barry has been privy – Barrry could not be allowed to leave the country and would have to be incarcerated.

    I could not help but like that possible image!

  17. Patriot Dreamer

    Michigan’s Blueprint for America
    Behold the cratering of an economy, courtesy of one governor’s Obamaesque policies

  18. Joy, I posted on Blago appointment early last year.

  19. citizenwells // February 5, 2010 at 5:38 pm

    I have given this much thought.
    Blago was the original one being groomed for a presidential run.
    I wonder if Rezko (from Syria) was chosen as one of the fall guys.
    Not sure if I trust Fitzgerald, in fact I do not trust him.
    This whole thing smells badly.
    All this corruption hidden in plain sight…….would it be possible they were actually covered by the abc agencies(one or all)since their actions were so brazen and for some reason, things went wrong and there will be more surprised scapegoats??

  20. Jacqlyn Smith

    Krauthammer: The Peasant Revolt of 2010

    Gotta love Charles in Charge!!! 🙂

  21. JJ,
    I am off to put in some bleacher time (b-ball). I actually still have all 10 fingers. Left you a note downstairs.

  22. Debra Medina on Freedomwatch with the Judge Feb.4, 2010



  24. Judging from dingle Barry’s jaw drop, he actually expected a sympathetic “Awwww. . .” reaction instead of chuckles and laughter:

  25. I just seen this over at DailyPaul, what do you guys make of this???????

  26. Has anyone seen this site before? The Craigslist link I posted above takes you to this site.

    Check out the Radio shows they have in the

  27. Bankroller….remember what he always says…”It’s not about me.”

    I am making a prediction here and now. This narcissist is about to come apart at the seams. Look for more off the cuff comments and anger seeping through….it’s going to be fun to watch.

  28. Linda from NY

    GOP Idea Man Charts Course For Solvency

    By GEORGE F. WILLPosted 06:25 PM ET


  29. Whatever it is/was was posted last Saturday, so ‘this Sunday nite’ was LAST Sunday and has already happened.

  30. Hello Wells, I guess you already saw Beck and O’Really? tag team the “Birthers” tonight as a bunch of crazies….I sure wish they would be willing to debate a “Dualer”….Leo was correct from the very beginning about the BC issue.

    Good luck with Beck….I’ve sent him every piece of documentation under the sun in hopes of prompting him to report on Barry’s ineligibility and the “NBC” clause….The SOB never even aknowledged me….At least Dobbs had the curtesy to reply back to me.

    Best of luck to you, Wells!…Keep plugging away!

  31. Andrea Shea King Show: NOW

    “… we’re talking about today’s 3-hour Washington DC-based radio show devoted entirely to the growing question of Obama’s well-hidden past. Hosted by Jeff Kuhner on Freedom 570 WTNT AM …”

  32. Hi Greg,

    It’s pretty funny to watch Mr. Cool lose his cool. I just can’t believe the stress that old Barky’s under but ya know what? It’s all his own doing.

    He’s crumbling like cornbread….

  33. C-span covering Tea Part in Nashville now. Tomorrow Sarah speaks at about noon.

  34. From Andrea Shea King, this should make every loyal American no matter the party affiliation sick to their stomachs.
    Our friends Dymphna and Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna published this post that I’m reprinting here with the hope that if you haven’t visited their site, you’ll head over for more informative pieces like this. Some very smart people at GoV… very smart.
    Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Soros
    “Democrats have a Nazi collaborator, literally—international financier George Soros—funding their phony grassroots organizations.” -Ann Coulter
    In a 1998 interview with Steve Kroft, George Soros acknowledged forging documents and pretending to be Christian to save himself from the Nazis, for which he feels no guilt or sorrow. “I was fourteen,” Soros said. “My character was made then.” Regarding his participation in confiscating valuables from innocent Jews, and serving death camp warrants, Soros told Kroft, “It created no problem at all.” Soros has no sense that he shouldn’t be there; he felt he was a mere spectator. Soros rationalizes his behavior: “If I didn’t do it, someone else would.”
    In 1979, Soros set up his misnamed foundation, the Open Society Institute (OSI). The OSI is the hub of the Shadow Party’s operation, doling out tens of millions every year to radical organizations to further the Soros agenda:
    promoting the view that America is institutionally an oppressive nation
    promoting the election of leftist political candidates throughout the United States
    opposing virtually all post-9/11 national security measures enacted by U.S. government, particularly the Patriot Act
    depicting American military actions as unjust, unwarranted, and immoral
    promoting open borders, mass immigration, and a watering down of current immigration laws
    Richard Poe explains how Soros was able to dragoon the entire democrat party:
    “The Shadow Party is the real power driving the Democrat machine. It is a network of radicals dedicated to transforming our constitutional republic into a socialist hive. The leader of these radicals is … George Soros. He has essentially privatized the Democratic Party, bringing it under his personal control. The Shadow Party is the instrument through which he exerts that control… It works by siphoning off hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign contributions that would have gone to the Democratic Party in normal times, and putting those contributions at the personal disposal of Mr. Soros. He then uses that money to buy influence and loyalty where he sees fit.
    Soros also is working to throw out our Constitution and replace it with his own version:
    “In April 2005, Soros’ Open Society Institute was the primary sponsor of a conference at Yale Law School, called, ‘The Constitution in 2020.’
    — Hat tip: JD

  35. TheSouth,

    I have listened to a few of these guys on Republic Broadcasting for a while now. Great alternative news and info!

    Wayne Madsen – Sat evening at 6:00 – 1 hr
    Dr. Winn Parker – Sun morn at 10:00 – 2 hrs
    Alan Watts – daily/p.m. – on occasion

  36. Greg Gross,

    he’s being “taken down.”

    I don’t know if you remember my posts last summer covering Lindsey William’s so called death bed conversation with one of the global elites. He said this very thing would happen. “They” were not happy with The One and he would be taken down.

    So far, much of what Lindsey had to say has been shown to be true.

  37. SueK remember how we were talking re: be alert for yourself and your fellow citizens. Obama’s crack team of security advisers strikes again.
    From Judicial Watch
    A man impersonating a federal agent easily slipped past security at a major southern California airport, marking the latest of many embarrassing gaffes for the famously inept government agency charged with securing the nation’s transportation system.
    The serious breach happened in San Diego and the scariest part is that the federal agency that got duped, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), didn’t learn about it until local police discovered it weeks later. The phony U.S. Marshal presented fake law enforcement documents to enter secure areas of the airport with a woman he claimed was a prisoner, according to the local news report that broke the story.
    After escorting his bogus prisoner to the gate and boarding her on a flight, the man simply walked out of San Diego International Airport, which annually serves millions of passengers, and returned home. Shortly after, he was arrested by local police and charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment and impersonating a peace officer.
    The TSA was totally clueless about the breach until local law enforcement authorities notified it. Shocked agency officials claim they are investigating and “working with law enforcement and other departments to make sure this does not happen again.”
    This sort of negligence seems to be par for the course at the scandal-plagued TSA, the 50,000-employee agency created after the 2001 terrorist attacks mainly to protect airlines. Although it has received hundreds of millions of dollars from Congress to fulfill its mission, the agency is best known for its mishaps and, in many cases, negligence.
    Various Homeland Security Inspector General probes have determined that the TSA leaves airplanes vulnerable to terrorist attacks by failing to ensure the security of cargo packages and not adequately conducting background checks or training for agency workers who handle cargo. Dozens of other security failures have been documented over the years in other crucial areas nationwide, including TSA workers at three major airports missing hundreds of fake bombs during a covert exercise to determine if suspicious items could be smuggled into secure areas.
    In the last few months alone, the TSA made headlines for giving security badges to a dozen illegal immigrants who had presented fake documents to work in sensitive areas of a busy U.S. airport and allowing a severely ill man with tuberculosis to board a 2,600-mile flight even though his name appeared on a Homeland Security “do-not-board” list.

  38. Okay. Have friends in like PA. Are y’all receiving the bad weather and snow now? Got to know. And hope everyone is okay.


  39. Michelle // February 5, 2010 at 9:58 pm

    Hi Michelle,

    Yup, I remember. Being a former airline rat and recently involved in anti-terror (as you know), I will say this:

    I have a huge issue with TSA. To have every passenger remove their shoes years after the extraordinarily handsome Richard Reid tried to blow up his, the concept is ridiculous. What are they gonna do about PETN in breast implants?

    I took a few ‘test’ flights myself and found many TSA agents without good command of the English language, rude, and very haphazard about their jobs. The ‘screening’ was pathetic in every airport I visited. I can tell you that a few ‘banned’ items I had in my bag were allowed to go through without pulling me aside for a re-screening, or having me empty out my bag.

    Can’t say that I blame the employees entirely; how much effort would you put into your job for a starting wage of around 21K, and working wacky hours 24/7/365? BUT, the caliber of these employees was subpar from the get-go, to say the least.

    We banged the drum for years because although passengers were being ‘screened’ (if you wanna call it that), cargo was simply loaded in the belly of the place with no security checks at all.

    TSA only reacts when there’s a previous incident; there are no preemptive measures in place for any airport. Like the town who waits for a child to be killed at a dangerous intersection before putting up traffic lights, all TSA knows how to do is react only after harm is done to the traveling public. And what they do just doesn’t cut the mustard.

    I don’t mean to sound like a snoot, but after 9/11, you’d think that this ‘new’ agency, TSA, would hire top-notch employees and pay them a fair wage. They have not.

    You get what you pay for.

  40. Blago circus will be just that and he will plead to some lesser charges and slap on wrist 2 years or so and keep obama out of the picture. this will be a no tv coverage trial. if it was a gop person. lead story every nite for a year

  41. Don…it was meant…. in say to them what they say to us….. It was in fun…

  42. tony resko is he going to be tried or just rot in jail? anyone know the story

  43. don in california

    Margie // February 5, 2010 at 10:28 pm

    Don…it was meant…. in say to them what they say to us….. It was in fun…
    I was agreeing. We speak about “him” and it is about race. Now blago being talked about must be about race too. After all, he is “not” black.

  44. SueK @ 10:19 pm
    Very good description. All the frisking of old ladies, shoes off etc. on TV I suppose is to lull
    the travelling public into a false sense of security, and loading cargo with no checks is insane.

  45. Michelle // February 5, 2010 at 11:09 pm

    Yup, Michelle…it’s all for show. People are funny sometimes (OK, most of the time); when they see long security lines and buzzers going off at security checkpoints, they think that they’ll be safe. Nothing could be further from the truth. Smoke and mirrors…

    They’ve since changed the cargo requirements and are doing some measure of screening however, all it’d take is a small amount of any number of explosives in the cargo hold, and some ‘Allahu Akbar’ wingnut with a cell phone.

    Still monitoring this most recent threat. I’m starting to really listen to what Leon Panetta has to say because he’s giving a window as to when this will happen. This is extremely suspect because if you listen to the chatter, you’ll get THE date, not a range.

    I do believe that if it happens, it will come from within and it may be an attack on ‘soft’ targets: Malls, movie theaters, sporting events, *the Olympics*-anywhere large numbers of folks congregate. We never feared one guy with a dirty bomb in downtown Boston. That could be handled. What we did fear was one guy in Boston, NYC, Chicago, LA, Miami, etc., which would completely disrupt the country.

    I’m suspect of Panetta and his range of dates. Another false flag operation?

  46. From The Times February 6, 2010

    Obama statue in Jakarta will be removed after protests on internet

    Going dooowwwnn. Going doowwwnnn. o. is going down!

  47. oldsalt78 // February 5, 2010 at 1:55 pm

    About how old would Joseph Vecchi be – I do some genealogy and found a couple of Joseph’s in Mass. age 42 and 64… not in Framington though

  48. From: The Corner Feb. 4, 2010

    The Impending Obama Meltdown [Victor Davis Hanson]

    “Some of us have been warning that it was not healthy for the U.S. media to have deified rather than questioned Obama, especially given that they tore apart Bush, ridiculed Palin, and caricatured Hillary. And now we can see the results of their two years of advocacy rather than scrutiny. . . . . . . . . ”

  49. don in california

    I was just checking out obama’s poll averages on real clear politics and noticed that the only reason his average is so high, is because of the left wing news media. cbs and abc both gave him high poll numbers which brought his average up. Otherwise his poll averages would be in the negatives, big time.

  50. What’s up with this? No cracker pictures allowed.

    Ed Schultz visits the White House…Finds West Wing almost a Shrine to Obama…Yes, Obama has fans in the WH. Watch Out!

  51. Bankroller, the look on o’s face in that video was priceless! Hee Hee!!!

  52. Scarolina………………………………………..
    Today Joeseph Vecchi would be in his mid 80s if he is still alive. The lastI knew he resided in Framingham. Ma. I have tried the White Pages but have had no success. The it is possible that either of the two that you mentioned could be offspring. If there is nothing else available then it is probable that he is deceasesd. Happens to all of us. Nobody is exempt. LOL


    Obama Admits Health Care Overhaul May Die on Hill
    Obama sounding resigned on health care, says Congress may decide ‘we’re not going to do it’

    By ERICA WERNER Associated Press Writer
    WASHINGTON February 5, 2010 (AP)

    “No, maybe he can’t. President Barack Obama, who insisted he would succeed where other presidents had failed to fix the nation’s health care system, now concedes the effort may die in Congress.”

    “Obama’s comments Thursday night came hours after Republican Scott Brown was sworn in to replace the late Edward M. Kennedy, leaving Democrats without their filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, and Obama’s signature health legislation with no clear path forward.”

    more . . .
    Cheering here!!
    “The wicked plots against the righteous and gnashes his teeth at him; but the Lord laughs at the wicked, for he sees that his day is coming.

    The wicked draw the sword and bend their bows …… to slay those who walk uprightly; their sword shall enter their own heart, and their bows shall be broken.” from Psalms 37

  54. don in california // February 6, 2010 at 12:18 am
    Thanks. I knew those polls couldn’t be telling the real story.
    How did our media become such agents of fraud? They don’t even seem to learn when they are facing bankruptcy because the viewers do not buy their lies.

  55. don in california

    CBS News 1/14 – 1/17 1090 A 50 40 +10
    NBC News 1/23 – 1/25 800 A 50 44 +6
    Rasmussen 2/2 – 2/4 1500 LV 46 53 -7

  56. don in california

    Federal Court: No, the Government May Not Prevent Further Discovery of the Takeover of AIG


    This past Tuesday, Federal district court judge Lawrence P. Zatkoff rejected the Treasury Department’s and the Fed’s effort to prevent any further discovery while the government attempts to convince the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals to overrule Judge Zatkoff’s earlier ruling rejecting the government’s motion to dismiss the federal lawsuit challenging the government’s takeover of AIG on First Amendment-Establishment Clause grounds.


    Specifically, at the time of the government bailout (September-December 2008), AIG was (and still is) the world leader in promoting Shariah-compliant insurance products. Shariah is Islamic law, and it is the identical legal doctrine that demands capital punishment for apostasy and blasphemy and provides the legal and political mandates for global jihad followed religiously by the world’s Muslim terrorists. By propping up AIG with tax payer funds, the U.S. government is directly and indirectly promoting Islam and, more troubling, Shariah.
    It’s about time the tax cheat was put under oath.

  57. ladyhawke………………………………………
    Please accept my apology. It sounded to me as though you were saying that the Constitution does not define NBC. That is for the most part correct. But it does define natural born citizen if you read enough of Amendment 14 in addition to the Naturalisation Act of 1790, and elsewhere. I in no way meant to imply that you do not know what NBC means. I was simply trying to say (in my often stuttering way) that it is not defined in any one specific place in the Constitution. Rather it is in bits and pieces throughout .Then in legal opinions there is the opinions of Benjamin Curtis.There is also some involvement in the Twelth amendment.
    It is in, and of itself a long read. As I read from one place to another I make notes. Then use this at the next place for reading. One must read extensively in many places within the Constitution, in order to really grasp what is being stated with regard to NBC. In some ways it is sort of like the Bible. Often the same subject is scattered throughout all of the books in the scriptures. Again ,bits,and pieces. To me the Constitution is a master scripture, and every part of it supports other parts of it. So in order to find a clear meaning it is necessary to read a substantial portion of it.
    At some point very soon hopefully, the SCOTUS will act to once and for all define NBC. However I have a gut feeling that there will also be heavy pressure from Congress to remove the NBC requirement of the Constitution. There seems to be an awful lot of people today who don’t really care about the Constitutional requirements of the Presidency. I think that our young people of today would vote for anyone who they perceive as C-O-O-L, no matter his qualifications. There was a reason why the NBC requirement was written in to the Constitution. Many of the framers were of British extraction themselves,and wanted to be sure that nobody could be elected if he had allegiance to a foreign government. These words “allegiance to a foreign government” is a very significant portion of the NBC definition. Dual citizenship is also disallowed. In reading the Audacity of Hope Soetoro clearly states that his FATHER was NOT a US CITIZEN. While the Article 14 present day definition says that both the father,and mother must be US citizens to be a NBC. This interpretation is good enough for me. Right wrong ,or indifferent. Please once again, I wish to apologise for not saying things correctly. In no way was I trying to be malicious. I hope that this will allow a continuation of our spirited exchanges of ideas on CW that are an important cultural activity of everyone who is an American. I very much enjoy the many view points that I read each day. Your ideas and viewpoints are important to me because it helps me decide for myself the truth about the subject at hand..

  58. donincalifornia……………………………………..
    Your AIG comment interests me big time because it has for a long time been a seriously loose spoke in the wheel so to speak,and made that way by the conduct of it’s officers. I have never supported it’s bailout, nor have I supported the bailout of the auto industry. Ford has proven that with competent management survival in tough times is possible. So it seems that the failure of GM,and Chrysler can be traced to poor management, along with the financial drain of ORGANISED LABOR.

  59. oldsalt77,

    Of course your apology is accepted! I thought it was simply a miss-communication. I was challenging Berg’s definition of NBC, which seemed to indicate that if Obama was born in Hawaii he would be considered natural born.

    I come here when time permits to exchange with like minded folks, but I spend most of my time engaging with the enemy – posting on sites that need educating. It is hard work.

    I am pretty sure I was the first to post this analogy, to illustrate what I believe the Founders could not possibly have meant, assuming Obama was born in Hawaii: If Obama is constitutionally eligible, so would the spawn of Osama bin Laden born of and American woman in New York City.

    I think the Constitution does and should prevent that from happening. I was delighted when I saw that repeated many times!

    Hopefully, you will see that I agree with you! All the best!

  60. Gordo @ 9:08pm

    I am listening to the Andrea Shea King show right now. Very interesting. Thanks for the heads up.

    I happened to watch O’Reilly tonight – talking to Beck about the supposed “birthers.” This is at least the second time this week on OR the birther issue has been mentioned. They were sickeningly dismissive. They claim that by mentioning the issue, we are playing right into Obama’s hands. What!?!

    What we really want to know is who or what has compromised Beck? O’Reilly has been long gone.

  61. Yep, twice on O’Billo’s show, alone. Billo said he’s “seen the BC”, Or “a facimile there of”.
    Bingo. Phucktard.
    This chit really pisses me off! I try to not “let it” bother me, but it is so difficult!
    I see that Jonah from WND, spoke about the NBC for most of his speech tonight at the convention, per twitter.
    Don’t know if it’s true………
    I am also concerned that a “genuine, long form BC” is in the works to be released. We all know about the vintage typewriter that was being sought on Ebay last year, right?

    It’s okay, he is definitely beginning to melt!


  62. Ladyhawke………………………………………..

    To venture a guess why Beck has suddenly transformed even his words. From this I get the feeling that Soetoro has finally (via the FCC)made it clear that the FOX broadcasting liscensures are now on the table, and if Beck is toned down then the liscensures will go back on the SHELF.


    snipped from:

    Did American petroleum companies murder hundreds of thousands of Haitians while extracting oil from their shores? In an exclusive Jan. 28 interview, social commentator and human rights attorney Ezili Danto believes “hydraulic fracturing” caused by drillers searching for oil may have caused the Jan. 12 earthquake.

    • earthquake not felt beyond Port-au-Prince
    • no one in Dominican Republic felt anything
    • it measured 7.0 & produced NO tsunami
    • no earthquake since 1771
    • the quake took place 6 miles below drilling was taking place
    • now over 20,000 combat ready troops occupy Haiti
    • Haiti has 20 times more oil than Venezuela
    • deals made in 50’s/60’s to not develop these sites
    • oil companies locked down these deposits in the 60/70’s for reserves
    • UN occupied since Bush led coup d’ètat in 2004

  64. Ann Coulter said Michelle O HAS 124 SERVANTS

    This needs to STOP.Let her pay for them.They think they own the W.H. AND CAN RUN UP BILLS AT TAXPAYERS EXPENSE.
    Can’t wait until they have to pay it all back!!
    Friend said,No Presidential Library needed for BHO.
    He has nothing to put in it!!!!!Life all sealed up???

    Congress staffers say lots of people call and are very concerned,but most do not call with info or informative sites.
    Must give sites where they can ge truth and tell them to call Orly,Allen Keyes,Military,Kerschner,Canada FREE PRESS,they have docs on several issues.
    Tell them to stand up and be a plaintiff in Orly’s Case in D.C. AND HELP HER SAVE AMERICA.
    If enough people call with Orlys info and site,CITIZENWELLS INFO AND SITE,Kerschner’s site and info, breaking news daily
    Maybe they will see they need to do something NOW

  65. Re: “!?!! // February 6, 2010 at 1:32 am

    Obama Admits Health Care Overhaul May Die on Hill. Obama sounding resigned
    on health care, says Congress may decide ‘we’re not going to do it’

    By ERICA WERNER Associated Press Writer – WASHINGTON February 5, 2010 (AP)

    “No, maybe he can’t. President Barack Obama, who insisted he would succeed where other presidents had failed to fix the nation’s health care system, now concedes the effort may die in Congress.”

    “Obama’s comments Thursday night came hours after Republican Scott Brown was sworn in to replace the late Edward M. Kennedy, leaving Democrats without their filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, and Obama’s signature health legislation with no clear path forward.”

    more . . .
    Cheering here!!
    “The wicked plots against the righteous and gnashes his teeth at him; but the Lord laughs at the wicked, for he sees that his day is coming.

    The wicked draw the sword and bend their bows …… to slay those who walk uprightly; their sword shall enter their own heart, and their bows shall be broken.” from Psalms 37″


    I just watched the extremely informative and EXCELLENT Alex Jones 7 video presentation posted on 2/4/10 at called: “Red Beckman: Obama’s NWO Plans For America Will Fail In The End,” and it is GREAT!!!

    I suggest everyone here go look at ALL 7 of these videos now. You and I and everyone will learn a great deal from them, as these short videos exactly fit in with this post here!

    Ales Jones said that Obama’s Bosses at the NWO, & the NWO & Obama’s Cap ‘N’ Trade Tax), NWO & Obama’s Death/Health-Care, Climate-Gate, Underwear Bomber, etc. and all of their Stealth NWO schemes are being exposed so fast by the USA Sovereign Americans now who are waking up and WHO ARE WIDE AWAKE, that the NWO & Obama will try OTHER ways to overthrow the USA Gov. such as with Usurper Obama writing Illegal Executive Orders trying to force the FEDERAL GOV. to overthrow the states powers with 10 Governors, (A Set up to Marial Law), USA NWO & Obama’s False Flags, declarations of Wars & the NWO through Usurper Obama signing the USA citizens Internet access away to the United Nations to moniter and to license, and to STOp Free Speech on the Internet, and by Usurper Obama being anti-2nd Amendment and trying to seal off anyone in the USA from being able to own guns & to use guns…

    Alex Jones warns us ALl Americans, that We The People are in the beginning of fighting for our freedoms and liberties by OPENLY & PEACEFULLY EXPOSING ALL OF THESE CORRUPT & LAWLESS CRIMINALS. Please see these videos!

    Alex Jones in one of the videos above took a telephone call from a man from Hawaii who said that when Usurper Obama showed up in Hawaii recently, the caller had a group of American Patriots show up with “Joker Obama T-Shirts” on under their outside shirts.

    When the Serial Criminal Usurper Soetoro/Obama was going by in the crowd, the people took their over-shirts off and showed Usurper Obama THEIR REAL SHIRT: THEIR JOKER OBAMA T-SHIRTS!

    The caller said that Obama’s jaw dropped in disbelief, he was stunned!! We The People MUST Go to Rallies and Marches Weekly & Daily, Carry Signs, Wear T-Shirts and have video parties that show a lot of Alex Jone’s, and Judge Andrew Napolitano’s and many other excellent YouTube videos to WAKE PEOPLE UP to the reality that the Corrupt NWO Foreign Offshore Federal Reserve Globalists NWO Banksters are trying to overthrow the USA and to seize power in the USA and in the world to steal ALL of our Liberties and Freedoms and Civil Rights, that will allow the One World Gov/New World Order to own ALL of the land and money in the USA and in the world, and to govern the entire world through a hand full of evil and corrupt Dictators who are lovers and worshippers of self, lovers of sins and evils, lovers of eugenics, some of whom who are Anti-Christ persons who are atheists, and some of whom are Radical Islamic Muslims who are UNGODLY and evil and horribly corrupt mafia monsters like the Globalists NWO Dictators, Usurper Obama, and some people in Congress, on the Supreme Court, and in the judiciary, and who work in the USA government and in the USA as Domestic Enemies of the USA Sovereign citizens, and the USA Constitution, and the USA Rules Of Law!!

    Even most of the Supreme Court is working with and for the NWO One World Government/New World Order corrupt Dictators.

    We The People can have Daily Open Peaceful Prayer To GOD Marches Daily, to Expose these tyrants!! They can’t win when we expose them, says Alex Jones!! Please look at the above videos as these will give you ideas.

    We can have state-wide and local Daily & Weekly Peaceful Marches, Rallies, & Prayer Meetings all over local places in ALL 50 states, and Peacefully in Washington D.C. in front of the White House, Congress, Surpreme Court, Dept. Of Justice Daily & Weekly, etc.

    Here are some comments left by some commenters atthe YouTube video: “Does Obama Have Narcissistic Personality Disorder?”

    (1) “Dr. Ali Sina is speaking the 100% FACTS & THE 100% TRUTH Re: Barry Soetoro/Obama II. Soetoro/Obama IS Insane with Delusional Insanity, and Soetoro/Obama does 100% indeed have Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Megalomania, & Antisocial Psychopathic Sociopath disorders. Barry Soetoro/Obama is demon-possessed. That is why “Obama” can lie to the faces of 308 + Million USA citizens easily! SOETORO/OBAMA IS A FOREIGN-BORN-DOMESTIC-ENEMY OF THE USA & HIS BACKGROUND IS 100% FICTION!!”


    “Barry Soetoro AKA Barack H. Obama II is a Psychopath Sociopath who is DEFINITELY INSANE With Delusional Insanity, Narcissistic Personality Disorder & Megalomania. Barry
    Soetoro/Obama DOES TRULY 100% HAVE an Antisocial Psychopathic Sociopathic disorder & Soetoro/Obama IS in fact, demon possessed as well, seriously. Barry Soetoro is a Radical-Islamic-Muslim-Terrorist-Foreign-Born Domestic Enemy & a Communist/
    Fascist/Marxist who in his Delusional Insanity he thinks he is a Totalitarian Dictator & the “Mahdi.”


    “Go To: 3W’s(dot)orlytaitzesq(dot)com – To See The MUST SEE Facts: BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA IS RESIDING IN OUR WHITE HOUSE In The USA Today Currently Using The STOLEN SOCIAL SECURITY #042-68-4425 THAT OBAMA STOLE In Felonies Between 1976-1977 FROM Connecticut & From A Man Who Was Born In 1890 Who Is Now Deceased!!



    “BARRY SOETORO IS THE 100% FACTUAL LEGAL NAME of the Punative Pres. Barack H Obama II. Soetoro is a 100% ILLEGAL ALIEN who is collecting a FEDERAL PAYCHECK under the Illegal & Assumed name of Barack H Obama II. Soetoro/Obama is a 100% Foreign-Born-Domestic Enemy-Radical-Islamic-Muslim-Terrorist & a Communist/Marxist/
    Fascist 100% working as fast as he possibly can to bankrupt & destroy the Sovereignty of the USA Govt to complete a political & a religious Coup d’etat on the USA ~ ARREST SOETORO!!!”


    “BARRY SOETORO has had over 100 law suits trying to bring out this info. into USA courts including the Supreme Court! Soetoro AKA Barack H Obama II has spent over 2 MIL DOL OF THE USA TAXPAYERS MONEY TRYING TO STOP & PREVENT ANY of his Personal I.D. Citizenship Docs & Recs from being shown to the USA citizens! ILLEGAL ALIEN BARRY SOETORO/OBAMA IS SITTING IN OUR WHITE HOUSE TODAY USING A STOLEN SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER 042-68-4425 issued in Connecticut to a deceased person who was born in 1890!”


    Americans Daily & Weekly EXPOSE Usurper Obama, Eric Holder, Tim Geithner, Rahm Emanuel, Cass Sustein, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and many others, and the NWO’s Serial Crimes and they will fail!! Let’s Roll…..

  66. Martial Law not marial typos. Sorry. I was in a hurry I have to go out the door!!

  67. Good morning.

    Just woke up and received an email with this link to yesterday’s broadcast. I don’t know if this has been posted yet………

    Jeff Kuhner – The ‘Bravest’ Man in the American Media, Does 3 hour show on Obama Eligibility–the-bravest-man-in-the-american-media-does-3-hour-show-on-obama-eligibility.aspx

  68. Linda from NY

    Friday, February 5, 2010

    Emotional Sen. Mary Landrieu Tells “Louisiana Purchase” Critics to Keep Their Mouths Shut – Video

  69. Linda from NY

    Friday, February 5, 2010

    Harry Reid Trailing All Four Possible GOP Challengers in Nevada; Nevada Rated a “GOP Pickup” for Now

  70. Goolish Creepy Barackenstein Obamatales from the Crypt.

    On the lady being buried in his shirt would be great if he was in that shirt.

  71. Linda from NY

    Friday, February 5, 2010

    Ben Stein on MSNBC Calls for Obama to “Take a Holiday from Bashing Business” – Video 2/5/2010

  72. Linda from NY

    Friday, February 5, 2010

    U.S. Unemployment Rate Falls to 9.7%; “Real Unemployment” Now at 16.5% – Video 2/5/2010

  73. Linda from NY

    NY: Elementary schools increase security after knife-carrying Muslim walks in

    Keeping our children safe becomes harder with every day that passes and every nut they allow to enter our country.

    No school in my neck of the woods allows anyone to walk in without signing in, and all doors are locked when the final bell rings!

    This should not have happened IMHO!

  74. Good morning! We’re gonna have alot of snow to shovel here when it finally stops. I was watching the Weather Channel. They are calling all this snow we’re having this Winter the “CURSE OF SNOBAMA”. Sound like something Lame Cherry would say. LOL

  75. The Neo-Crusades, Invasion by Infiltration and Takeover by Litigation and Population.

    The Jihadis are coming, the Jihadis are coming, the Jihadis are coming…
    Where is Paul Revere to Warn America.

    One if by Camel, two if by Population Infiltration and Civil Rights Litigation.

    This is a well planned and well funded Expansion Plan of ACTION. It has been happening for decades all over Europe and America. Well funded by oil money. We are funding and allowing our own demise.

    The enemy is taking residence among us, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE.
    This video has over 11 Million views BUT is anyone Waking Up? Paying Attention?

    WAKE UP!!!! Organize!!! Rise Up!!!
    The enemy is well past our gate.

  76. Linda from NY

    Sweet Tea for Convention Attendees ^ | February 6, 2010 | Jillian Bandes

    “If you read any of the extensive coverage of the Tea Party Convention going on this weekend in Nashville, TN, be prepared for dramatic stories of rampant grassroots infighting, questionable convention finances, and radical convention-goers flocking after polarizing demagogues.”

    The real story? Much different.

    Could this be about what they are talking?

    Tea Party turns nasty: ‘It’s our country – let’s take it back’

    London Times ^ | 02/06/2010 | Tim Reid

  77. BO needs to be indicted as well. He is just as corrupt if not more corrupt than Blago. They are okay with indicting Blago, but it seems bo is still above the law and is getting away with a lot of crimes. As for the “honest service”, bo is very dishonest. The powers that be are not doing anything about bo and his crimes.

  78. Linda from NY

    Obama Scolds American People…again
    The Center For Individual Freedom ^ |

    February 5, 2010 | Editor

  79. Linda from NY


    Judge: Pratt Can’t Move Jobs Out of Conn.

    NY Times ^ | 2/5/10 | AP

  80. GBAmerica // February 5, 2010 at 11:16 pm
    Barrys Auntie gets another private hearing!!!
    Why special treatment here???

  81. Linda from NY

    SueK: This one’s for you!

    The Joke’s on Patches (Patrick Kennedy)

    The American Thinker ^ | February 05, 2010 | Clarice Feldman

  82. Linda from NY

    Saudi Prince Paid for Obama’s Harvard Law Education: HRH Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin AbdulAziz Alsaud

    Compilation | Feb. 6, 2010

  83. Linda from NY

    ABC Reporter Attacks National Tea Party Convention Leaders During Press Conference ^ | 252010 | Jim Hoft

  84. Linda from NY


    THE FREEDOM POST ^ | February 5, 2010 | Matthew Burke

  85. Linda from NY

    Peter: This one’s for you! We are a Judeo-Christian Nation!

    Hillsong: High and Lifted Up!

    By jellytoast

  86. Linda from NY

    Saturday, February 6, 2010

    Glenn Beck Responds To Jon Stewart Interview on Foxnews

  87. Morning, Linda,

    Ya, old Patches and his big mouth are the buzz around here. He should talk; his entire family’s a joke.

    Something tells me that another stint in rehab is in his near future…

  88. Lord Monckton on Climate Change – Melbourne Highlights clip (2 of 2)

  89. For Peter and Jacqlyn:

    Palin electrifies crowd in Salina. ^

    | Friday February 5, 2010 | Barbara Hollingsworth

  90. February 06, 2010

    White House website attacks the filibuster

    Rick Moran

  91. Starla and all with great posts and info
    Send all to Bockman’s office MINN
    Send to Marsha Blackburns office
    Send to Deal’s office
    Send to all on list on Lawmakers questioning BHO’S eligibility listed on http://WWW.WND.COM

    Contact Canada Free Press They have numerous DOCS ON DIFFERENT ISSUES



  93. TO:
    JJ // February 6, 2010 at 9:25 am

    GBAmerica // February 5, 2010 at 11:16 pm
    Barrys Auntie gets another private hearing!!!
    Why special treatment here???
    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ///////////////

    There was a STANDING DEPORTION ORDER from 2004 which she violated While Defrauding the American Taxpayer for Housing, Medical Procedures and probably food and the money she illegally donated to her infamous nephew was Stolen from the American Taxpayer. If this was a citizen they would be in Jail.

    The 2004 order is to be OBEYED no one is above the law not even illegal invaders.


  94. Albert Gore,

    I read somehwre that Al Gore would make a killing if he invested in snow shovels and would make more money shoveling in DC.

    Man Made Global Cooling ANYONE?

  95. oldsalt

    What happened to your oldsalt 78? I see oldsalt 77 now!

  96. TO:

    Linda from NY // February 6, 2010 at 10:11 am

    For Peter and Jacqlyn:

    Palin electrifies crowd in Salina. ^

    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ /////////////////

    That is not news, it is a given. Eveywhere she goes she electrifies everyone.
    She electrifies the right with her brilliance and plain Palin common sense demeanor AND electrifies the Lefties by tickling their hate and biased brainless commenting.

    Sarah is the Lieberals Terror, when she speaks the pee themsleves like little children.

    We have a Pal in Palin.
    Palin/Bachmann 2012 and beyond.

  97. PRWH and JJ,
    They need to send Auntie back to Kenya now!
    Our tax dollars being spent here!Waste of our money!
    God Bless!


    2010: Obama wants yet another $33 billion for wars.

    If the U.S. House of Representatives votes NO on war funding, war ends.  Wars have been ended this way before.


    “Last June we were handed an opportunity to block the funding of our illegal, murderous, counterproductive, catastrophic, and hated wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The president insisted on an off-the-books “emergency supplemental” bill, and the Senate added an IMF bailout to the bill, leading all the Republicans in the House to commit what for years they’d called treason: they all voted No on war money.”

    …”President Obama has insisted on another “supplemental” this spring for $33 billion. And funding to close Guantanamo and move “the Terrorists” to “the Homeland” has been added into the bill.”

    “We only need 40 No votes from Democrats in the House if the Republicans are voting No, and we can get them. Here’s the whip list:

    Have at it!”

    snipped from:

  99. TO:
    Linda from NY // February 6, 2010 at 9:40 am

    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ //////////////


  100. Peter: You funny guy!

    Happy Day and God Bless…Linda

  101. If Auntie Obama was a Mexican instead of being a Muslim she would have been on a plane on the day that she got caught in Taxpayer Funded housing.


  102. **** New Post ****

  103. Patriot Dreamer

    The South // February 5, 2010 at 8:44 pm

    I just seen this over at DailyPaul, what do you guys make of this???????
    I have no idea. ????

  104. Linda from NY // February 6, 2010 at 10:11 am

    For Peter and Jacqlyn:

    Palin electrifies crowd in Salina.


    WOW….thanks Linda…..I grew up just 2 hours from Salina and my Aunt and cousins all live there……I see she will be in Wichita in May….I’ll have to see if my sister is going to that….she lives in Wichita along with many other friends and family….thanks again Linda for posting this!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  105. Starla // February 6, 2010 at 7:40 am
    Thank you for all the encouraging news and comments by others who see through the fraud.
    I, too, am taking heart that victory is on the horizon. The tide has turned in our favor.
    Thanks, again.

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