Bart Stupak, Obama pressure, Obama Administration Bullying Congressman Stupak, Abortion funding, Taxpayer financing of abortions, Obama thugs

“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”…Matthew 6:24


Congressman Bart Stupak is being bullied by the Obama thugs to remain silent and accept the Reid Nelson compromise that allows taxpayer financing of abortions.

“Greta Interviews Bart Stupak over White House Bullying”

From Life News, December 23, 2009.

“Stupak: Obama Admin Bullying Me to Accept Abortion Funding in Health Care”

“Congressman Bart Stupak, the pro-life Democrat who has been the consistent champion against abortion funding in the health care bill, says the Obama administration is trying to bully him. Stupak says in a new interview that he will not back down in the face of pressure from the White House.

Stupak told CNS News that the White House and top Congressional Democrats are attempting to twist his arm to accept the Reid-Nelson “compromise” language that still allows massive taxpayer financing of abortions.

“They think I shouldn’t be expressing my views on this bill until they get a chance to try to sell me the language,” Stupak told CNSNews Tuesday.

“Well, I don’t need anyone to sell me the language. I can read it. I’ve seen it. I’ve worked with it. I know what it says. I don’t need to have a conference with the White House. I have the legislation in front of me here,” Stupak said defiantly.

Stupak said the White House specifically requested that he not talk about the Nelson sellout and the language that the Senate has approved via the Reid manager’s amendment.

Stupak said that the White House “asked me just to hold off for awhile and not to say anything about this language.”
He told the conservative news outlet, “But as soon as the news broke that they had this [compromise], and they got the 60 votes, folks were asking me, and I’m not going to run from the issue I’m going to stand up and say, ‘Look, here’s my objections.’ Here – it’s not just my objections – but there’s a number of my [colleagues] who feel strongly about this issue, and these are the parts that have to be fixed.””

“Stupak said after Nelson’s compromise that he will not back down and will “hold firm” against abortion funding.”

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Congressman Bart Stupak, we stand beside you in spirit and in person if necessary.

Don’t back down.

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  1. from wikipedia – “EMBEZZLEMENT”

    Embezzlement is the act of dishonestly appropriating or secreting assets, usually financial in nature, by one or more individuals to whom such assets have been entrusted.[1]

    sounds like congressional modus operandi these days….. hmmmmmmmmmmm – criminal!!!

  2. “If they expect the House to accept the Senate bill, it’s going to go down in flames,” Stupak told

    Stupak said he would not vote for a bill that resembled the one the Senate is set to be passed later today.

    “The Senate bill will not receive support in the House,” Stupak said. “If they tell us we have to take that bill without changes, it will not survive the House. Regardless of the abortion language, there are just too many objectionable items in there that at least I see, and in talking with maybe a half-dozen other members, they sort of see the same thing.”

    Stupak objects to provisions in the Senate version that allow special “carve outs” for certain states for increased funding for Medicare/Medicaid. People like Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) and Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) have received hundreds of millions of dollars in additional Medicaid benefits for their states in exchange for their votes for the Senate bill.

    “All the rest of us that live in states that did not receive that exception, why would we [be] inclined to give Nebraska or Florida or Louisiana a special break underneath the bill and expect the rest of us to pay for it?,” said Stupak.

    (possibly a ‘redistribution of wealth’ move??)

  3. Merry CHRISTmas Everyone!
    Merry CHRISTmas AMERICA!

  4. Good Morning,
    America and everyone,
    Merry Christmas!

  5. I think that Stupak should join in with the eligibility issue of the bully usurper bo. Bo is a hateful, cold hearted evil person who bullies people, pushes them around and tries to force them to vote against their conscience. Shame on bo. He is the lowest, dirtiest, most evil, rogue, criminal, fraud, treasonous dictator of a usurper.


    OT, but…………

    What happened to the pandemic H1N1 that was going to kill us all if we didn’t get a vaccine???

  7. JJ // December 25, 2009 at 2:23 pm

    I’ll take this one, JJ :).

    It’s a bust. Just like the 1976 version of swine flu was.

    This H1N1 is winding down now, and we’re all not dead….

    Recalls of batches of vaccine because ‘they weren’t strong enough’ just proves this was a scam from the get-go. No research, no testing, no positive (just negative) results, but lotsa dough for Big Pharma.

    As we predicted…

  8. SueK……..and have we learned a great lesson from this???

    Some have; some sadly never will!!!

  9. JJ // December 25, 2009 at 2:57 pm

    Well, JJ, those who’ve followed this blog and others have, I hope!

    I learned my lesson well when I worked on the plans for the H5N1 ‘pandemic’ back in 2005, which also never materialized. Sure, it’s great (and necessary) to be prepared, but to throw the public into panic is not the way to go. Unfortunately, the bureaucracy has other ideas in order to have their pals in the Pharma industry profit from any panic, and we see the result now.

    The only thing I asked folks to do during this ‘pandemic’ was *research,* to make sure that what was going into your body was what you were told it was. As we saw, this was not the case. Don’t believe what the Feds, your state, or local health departments are telling you-be a savvy citizen and make your own decision, regardless of all the hype.

    I pray those who bought into this and got the vaccine will be OK; they may not know for many years because autoimmune disorders take a long time to develop . I can personally verify that. Very sad that it all came to this and for what? Nothing.

  10. My take on Stupak…

    It’s a diversion to take us off the main issue. The main issue isn’t abortion funding. The main issue is the total unconstitutional 2700 pg. slavery takeover of American citizens.

    Stupak will hold out, they’ll ‘compromise’ on this issue (for now) and then it’ll be all hunky dory to vote for this monstrosity.

    Sorry – I’d love to believe he has any integrity and can stop this thing. But we’ve been down this orchestrated road before and this will have the same outcome.

    Then he’s gonna get a nice, big fat bribe for holding out.

  11. I wonder if the wise men who wrote the constitution resorted to bribery, intimidation, arm twisting, or threats of any and all kinds to get their articles written?

    How Reid, Pelosi, Hussein or ar any one of them can stand upon a dung heap of votes obtained through the basest means find honor in this alleged victory is an absolute window into the souls of corrupt amoral power grabbing thugs. It is worse than looking into Pandora’s box! Sadly, just as many evils upon the world will be released!

    When I think of Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and the rest of the co authors of the US Constitution, I imagine they must be out of control with indignation over the abuse of our consitution by these Chicago thugs style of politics. I sure wish they would return today, and help us out.

    Three cheers to remove the bum from office!

  12. I’m afraid I’m in total agreement with Katie. This is all smoke and mirrors; we’re all witnessing a show. In fact, I’d now go as far as to say that what many – but certainly not all – of us felt was the last bastion of reasonably honest reporting – Fox News – is doing nothing more than keeping the people pacified and entertained while the entire plan unfolds. We’re being led to believe that we can effect change at the polls, but it’ll never happen.

    Only a revolution will save us now.

  13. ObamaCare funds abortions and ObamaCAIR funds terrorists

  14. Look what Santa and his elf’s are doing for us.

    “Merry Christmas All”

    Free Republic “The List”

    The list, for Obama’s Forty Eighth Week in Office

    “The List” for 12/25/2009

    Obama has a $4,000/day two-week Christmas vacation.

    A US diplomatic car allegedly tried running over a Defense Ministry security guard recently at an IDF checkpoint in the West Bank.

    The government has removed cap for Fannie and Freddie aid. The Treasury Department said Thursday it removed the $400 billion financial cap on the money it will provide to keep the companies afloat. Already, taxpayers have shelled out $111 billion to the pair, and a senior Treasury official said losses are not expected to exceed the government’s estimate this summer of $170 billion over 10 years.

    “The List” for 12/24/2009

    Obamacare directs the secretary of health and human services to award federal grants worth billions of dollars to educational institutions that train medical-service providers. However, “priority” for federal dollars is to be given only to those institutions offering “preferential” admissions to underrepresented minorities

    The Obama administration pledged to back Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, no matter how great their losses

    The Treasurey Dept.and the Federal Housing Finance Agency, approved as much as $6 million in pay for the CEO’s of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

    White House Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton said Thursday that Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel’s job is “very safe” in the wake of a letter penned by a surprising political couple requesting the Justice Department to investigate him

    Early in the morning on the 24th of December, the senate passes health care bill by a vote of 60 to 39 on a straight party line vote, enters final stage

    Wednesday expressed frustration with the way the Senate does business, saying the use of delaying tactics there harms the nation’s ability to “deal with big problems in a very competitive world.”

    “The List” for 12/23/2009

    New GM CFO’s pay exceeds gov’t limits: The new chief financial officer at General Motors Co. will receive a salary of $750,000 next year, but he’ll get up to another $5.45 million worth of stock starting in 2012 if GM successfully sells shares to the public.

    Obama’s landmark health overhaul has cleared its last procedural hurdle in the Senate and is headed for final passage Christmas eve
    Exultant senate Democrats prepared to deliver a Christmas Eve win to Obama with passage of health legislation

    Obama funds Alabama disaster relief on the same day the Senator from Alabama switches parties from Democrat to Republican

    Democrats refuse to fund “Gitmo II” in Illinois
    Audio: Obama calls into a local Washington, D.C radio station and identifies himself as “Barry from D.C.”

    Obama quietly signed an executive order that makes an international police force immune from the restraints of American law.

    Rebuffed this month by skeptical lawmakers when it sought finances to buy a prison in rural Illinois, the Obama administration is struggling to come up with the money to replace the Guantnamo Bay prison.

    A host of medical services that insurers must pay for in California from cancer screenings to diabetes treatment to two-day hospital stays for delivering mothers could be weakened or lost if the health care measures pending if Obamacare becomes law.

    “The List” for 12/22/2009

    White House says it is unaware of Ornaments on tree
    Transvestites, Mao And Obama Ornaments Decorate White House Christmas Tree

    VIDEO: HHS Secretary Sebellius says everybody will pay into abortion fund

    The White House counsel’s office has barred congressional investigators from interviewing Jackie Norris, former chief of staff for First Lady Michelle Obama, about events leading to the firing of AmeriCorps inspector general Gerald Walpin.

    Obama support for measure to pay almost $900 million over the next 10 years to extend federal employee benefits to homosexual couples

    Obama and world leaders are on the verge of finalizing a climate deal that caps the global temperature rise at 1.5 degrees but punts major emissions decisions until 2012

    Obamacare: ACORN qualifies for funding

    70% of growth in the 3rd quarter was “Cash for Clunkers”

    Obamacare unrepealable? Video of Sen. Jim DeMint (R., S.C.) …. discovered some “particularly troubling” rule-change provisions, especially with regards to the proposed Independent Medicare Advisory Board, which he finds could be unrepealable:

    Congress writes “no change” law that might make Obamacare unrepealable

    VIDEO: Liberal reporter Ceci Connolly admitted to Greta Van Susteren that the Senator Dodd received a $100 million sweetheart deal from the White House in the Obamacare bill to help him with his re-election.

    White House picks a “Cyber Czar”

    Tent city for the homeless in Colorado named “Obamaville”

    “The List” for 12/21/2009

    A top executive of American International Group Inc. has been granted a $4.3 million pay-package bump by the troubled insurance giant’s majority owner the U.S. government because the executive has decided to remain with the company. Kenneth Feinberg, the Obama administration’s pay czar, approved an AIG request to grant the executive a long-term compensation package that includes stock options with a current value of $3.26 million and an additional incentive award of up to $1 million. The package comes on top of the executive’s 2009 base salary of $450,000.

    Obama will meet with chief executive officers and presidents from a dozen community banks today to discuss his proposals to boost small-business lending and his plans for regulatory overhaul.

    “During his syndicated radio show Friday, lMSNBC host Ed Schultz relayed to listeners how he observed ‘Morning Joe’ Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski take feedback directly from the White House during their program last week.”

    Gets Former Sequoia Co. VP Named as adviser to U.S. Election Assistance Commission

    E-Vote scandal info connected to Obama appointments and the potential to affect the 2010 elections

    Obama makes 4 questionable appointments to the “Election Assistance Commission”. Individuals tied to New York’s “E-Voting scandal

    Obama said Monday that federal agencies will cut roughly $19 billion from government contracts this fiscal year, putting them on track to meet his goal of trimming $40 billion in fiscal 2011.

    The CBO reported that Harry Reid spent $1.2 billion to buy off democrats for the Obamacare vote last night.

    VIDEO: Obama- “We can’t continue to spend as if tax dollars were “Monopoly Money”
    Health care legislation backed by Obama passes key test in Senate on a 60-40 vote

    “The List” for 12/20/2009

    Obamacare insurance regulation will destroy the private insurance market

    White House senior adviser David Axelrod on Sunday pushed back against Republican characterizations of Democratic health care reform efforts as driven by the very backroom deals that then-candidate Barack Obama decried during his presidential campaign. “I challenge the notion that it hasn’t been a transparent process,” Axelrod told host John King on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

    ABC financial reporter, Bianna Golodryga, is has been dating Obama’s Office of Management and Budget director, Peter Orszag, since the summer of 2008

    The federal government spent $3.5 trillion during President Obama’s first year in office. This far exceeds the spending for any other first-year president.

  15. From previous thread…….

    LM // December 25, 2009 at 5:01 pm

    You Decide

    What’s the Most Pressing Issue Congress Hasn’t Given Attention To?

    What do you think is the most pressing issue Congress has not given enough attention to during its long battle over health care?

    Jacqlyn Smith // December 25, 2009 at 5:13 pm

    LM // December 25, 2009 at 5:01 pm

    You Decide

    What’s the Most Pressing Issue Congress Hasn’t Given Attention To?

    What do you think is the most pressing issue Congress has not given enough attention to during its long battle over health care?


    I voted other…..we all know that the eligibility issue is the biggest and most pressing thing that needs to be addressed!!

  16. What is the full story on the “E voting scandal”?

  17. SueK–thanks for your kind words yesterday. My mother has developed some necrotic tissue in one of her feet, and both feet are a bit discolored. We can no longer put socks on her and have to keep the sheets and covers off the feet. Yesterday she hardly ate at all and didn’t even have the strength to sip water through a straw (so I dropped some into her mouth a little bit at a time). Today, she slept most of the day but ate well–ham, potatoes, veggies, key lime pie, chocolate chip cookies with melted caramel center, candy, glazed cinnamon buns, etc in small bits. But, at least it was a variety and she was hungry. My mother-in-law, who has severe arthritis, came over with my sister-in-law for a few hours because she knew I couldn’t be away from home for very long. So, we had a nice Christmas.

    Hope yours was good as well.

    Blessed and Merry Christmas, too, to all here! God bless you.

  18. Breaking News……there was a terror attack on a Delta plane coming from Nigeria through Amsterdam to Detriot……suspect tried to detonated a new device that didn’t work….injured himself and passengers next to him……connection found to Al Quida…..more news later!!!

  19. twe // December 25, 2009 at 6:29 pm

    Whew, twe…..great to hear from you and get a report.

    You probably haven’t been following all the posts, but CWers have been asking about you for the last few weeks!

    Glad you checked in.

    Yes, inactivity can certainly lead to necrosis; the trick is to monitor for any infection and as you say, don’t irritate the area with fabric.

    Sounds as if Mom had a pretty good Christmas dinner today-that’s encouraging! When the appetite hits, you do all you can to accommodate it.

    Glad your relatives could come and make this a special day…believe me, I know first-hand how hard it can be to deal with all this.

    I stuffed the pets full of their favorite foods, so it was a nice, quiet day. A lot of audible munching going on, though…

    Please know that you, Mom, and your family remain in my prayers, and will stay there for as long as it takes.

    Merry Christmas, twe!

  20. Jacqlyn Smith // December 25, 2009 at 7:17 pm

    Here it is Jackie:,2933,581153,00.html

    And I’ll bet that when Barky was briefed, he *still* didn’t think we have a problem with Islam…

  21. Katie // December 25, 2009 at 3:21 pm

    My take on Stupak…

    It’s a diversion to take us off the main issue. The main issue isn’t abortion funding.
    Agreed…because anyway you swing it……the premiums you pay are not allocated by procedures; they are placed into a common fund and distributed as how the ins. co. deems profitable or necessary…….like your household budget at home…..right??

    So, everyone who pays premiums into any ins. co. is certainly supporting abortion payments…right??
    Not directly, but indirectly, as sure as you’re supporting drug, alcohol, and tobacco treatment…….right???

  22. SueK (and all)–thanks again for all the moral support. You’re right. I haven’t been following all the postings. Thanks to you, and all the CW’ers for all the moral support and prayers. It’s nice to be missed!

    We have food out for the birdies and they are appreciating it!

    Hospice has been great here. The health aide even came today…though I said it wasn’t necessary. Still it was greatly appreciated. Carolers even came earlier in the month.

    Love to all!

  23. SueK–one more thing…glad your critters are enjoying their Christmas feastings. They are God’s creatures, too!

  24. An “act of terrorism” is what the plane incident is being called. Airport security has been upped
    at all airports in U.S. A passenger on this Delta plane “jumped” the suspect while the fire was
    being put out —panic in the surrounding rows
    near this suspect insued.

    CNN news now.

  25. Terrorism suspect has ties to Al Quaida.

    FOX &

  26. twe—
    Glad to see you again. We have all been watching for your postings.
    Happy to hear you and your mom and family
    had a very nice Christmas. How great that your
    mom did eat pretty well!
    Please keep in touch as you are able.
    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!! Blessings to all!!!!!!!!!!

  27. obama some how had his hand in this. they dont move without him. he’s the silent leader of the muslim world and they know it

  28. SueK–
    Hi kiddo! Merry Christmas again to you & your
    little darlings! I just realized in all the frantic
    weeks that Cosette did not get a present–I felt
    horrible today realizing that! Off to Petsmart
    this week to make up. This is the first time that
    has happened ever—I’m frazzled.

    Do you believe this plane terrorism tonight?
    On Christmas Day!!!!!!!!

  29. twe // December 25, 2009 at 8:11 pm

    So good to hear from you, twe. My carpet has been *much* too clean lately!

    Glad Mom is getting the attention she needs; it’s comforting when folks go above and beyond for ya.

    Yes, the birds here are diggin’ their goodies, as well, and my inside brood, well, they get goodies all year long

    The are indeed God’s creatures, but my standard line when they act up is: ‘You guys would drive God crazy, too!’

    It has no effect on the bad behavior….

    Please check in when you can!

  30. lame cherry great post

  31. Maddie // December 25, 2009 at 8:23 pm

    Hiya, Maddie, and Merry Christmas to you, the hub, and Cosette! I’m sure she’ll take a raincheck for the present-make it for New Year’s and she’ll be none the wiser…You’ve had a lot going on lately. She’ll forgive you.

    Unfortunately, I DO believe the flight threat-I’ve seen it too often. If you study radical Islam, you began to realize that there no respect for anything; not human life, not sacred religious days, not children-nothing. It’s like they’re programmed. So, Christmas to them only means another opportunity for jihad.

    Dying to see a picture of the skank…I’ll bet he’s a real looker like Richard Reid, the shoe bomber. Wonder what the excuse will be from the White House.

    This should be good….

  32. truthbetold11 // December 25, 2009 at 8:29 pm

    Merry Christmas, TBT.

    I looked, and looked again, just to be sure.

    What do ya make of that clubbed right hand? It’s very apparent!

    BTW, there’s a winter weather advisory up for Worcester County until 11:00AM on Saturday. Be careful out there!

  33. Jacqlyn Smith, If you are still here, I just received an invite on my face book to join Dana Mullineux in a petition in Nevada to recall Harry Reid. She lives in Nevada and says they have researched and by the laws there, have the right to recall Reid. Just thought you might want to know. I can be support in getting the word out but at present I live in Mississippi and don’t think I could sign the petition, What say you?

  34. Is this a false flag operation intended to create the appearance that Barack Hussein Obama is not a jihadist?

    Passenger Lights Explosive on Delta Flight

    …As the plane was on final approach to Detroit Metropolitan Airport, the suspect [Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab] lit and set off what were at first described as fireworks or firecrackers but may have been another type of explosive.

    Please note, the state run media first reported this purported act of terrorism as someone setting off some firecrackers on board the airplane…

    CNN is now reporting it as an act of terrorism, and that Barack Hussein Obama is calling for tighter security…

    CNN Breaking News: White House calls airliner incident attempted terrorism

    If this was truly an act of terrorism, why did Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab wait until the final approach to blow up the plane?

    If this was an act of terrorism, wouldn’t it have made more sense to blow the plane up over the ocean?

    Why government, media seem oblivious to widespread infiltration by Islamic radicals

    Hasan asked Islamic leader about killing U.S. soldiers
    Radical imam tells news service of exchange with Fort Hood suspect

  36. No churchgoing Christmas for the first family

    …while the First Family intended to find a local church to attend when they moved to Washington, concerns about crowds and displacing regular worshippers has prevented them from finding a new religious home during their first year here.

    The real reason the first family hasn’t found a local church

  37. Don’t believe it, it’s a con.
    It’s all for the voters back home.
    They will steal this election.

  38. Sue k quiet in mass about senate seat. looks like their trying to run out the clock for coakley before the find out she is a fruad as well. go scott brown

  39. The threat of terrorism and whether the threat was fully carried out by the terrorist is STILL
    TERRORISM to the innocents involved.

    The passengers on that Delta plane experienced
    TERRORISM, pure and simple.

    We need to stop these radical muslims–clean
    out ALL THE CELLS IN THE US, immediately–
    ship them back to their countries of origin.

  40. There was another disturbance on a plane
    from Amsterdam today—a man arrested supposedly for being drunk—was briefly
    reported by CNN—authorities do not know
    if there is a link to the Delta flight terrorism.
    First comments are they don’t think so.

  41. The cult of personality…

    Retracing the footsteps of young [Barry] Obama

    …retrace the steps of young Barry Obama, from the ice cream parlor where he worked in his youth to the nearby basketball courts where he developed his passion for the game.

    Merchants are cashing in on Obama’s presidency — these dolls show the president playing a ukelele or surfing.

  42. SueK–
    There are some comments now that the
    device may be a combined hydrogen/peroxide
    one. What is your take on that kind of combination? Thanks.

  43. Maddie–thank you also for your kind words and Merry and Blessed Christmas to you…and to your parents as well.

    Love to all!

  44. They don’t have to stand on dung heaps. They ARE DUNG THEMSELVES!

  45. truthbetold11 // December 25, 2009 at 9:11 pm

    Hi TBT,

    May be, but I think you’ll see things start to heat up after Christmas.

    Waiting for Scott’s regional office in Littleton to open; I plan to make a visit or two.

    Howie Carr and the Herald are endorsing Scott; the Globe will certainly endorse Coakley because they’re a left-wing liberal moonbat rag. Sorry they weren’t put out of business when they should’ve been.

    Let’s see what happens. Are we sick enough of the Dems yet?

  46. Maddie // December 25, 2009 at 9:36 pm

    Hi Maddie,

    Well, hydrogen peroxide, the kind you buy at Walgreen’s, is a good disinfectant that you can use for minor wounds and abrasions. The store-bought kind is usually about 3% hydrogen peroxide.

    Industrial grade can be up to 30% and that’s when it can get dangerous.

    Hydrogen peroxide is known as an ‘oxidizer’-it gives off oxygen. Now, we know that for combustion, we must have oxygen, fuel, and an ignition source. All this guy needed to do is perhaps mix the peroxide with another chemical (name it-there are many) and flick his Bic for a combustion reaction. This is apparently what he tried to do.

    I haven’t seen anything on the substances used yet-they may be testing them-but I’d be interested to know what he had. That’ll tell the type of reaction he was looking for: ‘fireworks’ or something more deadly.

    Please let me know what else you get on this-It’s nice to brush up on my Chemistry!

  47. EVERYBODY …………….



  49. twe-SueK-so glad to hear from you twe, your mother must have been so hungry, she polished off quite a bit of food. Good Job. We were worried about you. We miss your humerous stuff too as Sue says everything much to clean at her house. Sue your reactions to twe’s humor, was hysterial in and of it self. I have to get you guys something from another web-site be right back.

  50. The guys at hillbuzz requested prayers for a very sick friend. This was one of the responses. I thought it was so lovely I wanted you guys to see it.
    51. AC Says:
    December 25, 2009 at 3:15 pm
    Offering prayers now. Our parish priest told a story a couple of weeks ago at Mass. The rector at his seminary was assigned to be chaplain at the Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa’s order) AIDS hospice home in Washington DC some years back. This is where the indigent receive loving care during their illness. The priest was completing the Good Friday services at the home and then began to take the Crucifix around for veneration (Catholics touch or kiss the cross in love and gratitude for the One who redeemed us at such a great cost)when one man kept motioning for Father to bring the cross to him. The sisters told the priest to be careful as the man was often violent, even biting the sisters who cared for him. Father made his way over and carefully put out the cross for the man, and he grasped it, kissing it over and over with tears streaming from his eyes. Father blessed him and asked why he was so determined to venerate the cross. The man said that he was not Catholic, not a believer, and that he had spent most of his life hating religion and religious people. As the terrible disease began to ravish his body he suffered from being unable to care for himself at all. The sisters cleaned up his vomit, changed his diapers, cleaned his wounds and bore his insults and attacks with serenity, and even with a smile always on their faces. Whenever he asked why they were smiling, and what they had to be joyful about, they always answered with one word, “Jesus”. The man told the priest that he didn’t know anything about Jesus, but he wanted the joy those sisters had. He asked to be baptized, which Father did on the spot, and he died later that night. God is Love and He is in the midst of our suffering. May Joe know peace and joy in the midst of his trials.

  51. People like Stupak give themselves away. They think everybody is stupid. People like Stupak are ELECTED people. They don’t have to ACCEPT any BULLYING from anyone. That sort of CRAP is what you would expect from such people. They whine that they are FORCED to do this ,or that. They were not elected by their constituents to WHINE, OR ACCEPT alleged BULLYING. If they accept it then they are COWARDS, and DON’T DESERVE to be our REPRESENTATIVES, to begin with.

  52. Old salt 77,

    December 25, 2009 at 9:45 pm

    They don’t have to stand on dung heaps. They ARE DUNG THEMSELVES!

    Thanks for the rewrite! You said it perfectly!

  53. SueK–
    I knew you’d be the go-to person on this!
    I’m trying to listen on CNN because FOX isn’t doing it now (or wasn’t). I didn’t think of hydrogen peroxide coming in high %s.
    What if the passengers didn’t react and nail him?
    We are living in a very frightening time all around.

  54. Act of terrorism my ass! Just another false flag operation to train the sheeple there’s a boogie man “alquida” out to get you at every stop sign.

    Watch the new airport security tighten up to new heights.

    There will be new laws passed in Congress, as they will now need to plant chips in everyone to track them, and keep us safe from the boogie-man.


    Nothing happens with the shadow government, they don’t want to happen!

    Just another attempt at stripping us of our rights.

  55. The South………………………………..

    Right again, bud! The sad part is that it is getting really tough to discern fact from fancy, where such acts are concerned.

  56. There always thinking at hillbuzz, totally naked might do it.
    Islam is, as Liberals repeatedly say, “The Religion of Peace”
    Just look at how they’re shouting “We come in peace!” as they are blowing everything up. What are you going to believe? Your eyes or your ears?
    On November 17th, Muslims in Atlanta staged a hijacking attempt on Air Tran Flight 127 to Houston — in what appears to be another attempt to encourage the PC-police to relax security in American airports, by creating an environment where the TSA is afraid to do its job for fear of being accused of profiling Muslims.
    Well, Muslims are the ones blowing up airplanes. Until they stop doing that, profile the living s*** out of them. Make them fly totally naked, with no carry-on bags allowed, or don’t let them fly at all. Inconveniencing members of “The Religion of Peace” is a small price to pay for permanently preventing these animals from bringing down any more airplanes.

  57. oldsalt77 ,

    Yes it is getting hard, maybe that’s part of their master plan; to keep us confused.

    I think today was a warm up for the real deal. There will be another major ‘shadow gov’t attack’ on the US before long.

    They know we’re pissed and restless, and they’ve got to get us under control before we retaliate.

  58. It’s all a show put on to deceive a gullible public.


    From July:

    “DeMint Defends Obama Against ‘Birthers’ — But Little Else

    Ever since he pronounced the health care debate an opportunity to “break” the president politically, Senator Jim DeMint has been the White House’s favorite partisan foil.

    On Monday, however, the South Carolina Republican found himself defending Barack Obama from the fringier elements of his own political party: the conspiracy theorists who insist the president was not born in the United States.

    “I may have disagreements with [the president] on issues,” DeMint told the Huffington Post. “But he is my president, he deserves our respect, and we need forget that nonsense …

    “He is not only a citizen,” he added, “he is our president.”


    “… forget that nonsense …”

    Demint would have the “uninformed” believe WE are demented.

    Notice how British-at-Birth is not mentioned, just the birth location. They avoid BaB for a reason.


    These Republican deniers are in agreement with this:

    From July:

    “It is curious to ponder. Who knew “the birthers,” this horde of fringe Republican funbots who are right now attempting to prove that President Obama was not actually born in Honolulu to mixed-race parentage back in August of ’61, but instead was really spawned in some sort of bizarre test-tube experiment in a secret underground bunker in the ’20s (or something) — who knew they were so ready to spring into action? I sure as hell didn’t. But Lord, I certainly am grateful. Such entertainment!”

  59. GORDO @ 10:48
    Senator Jim DeMint
    “He is not only a citizen,” he added, “he is our president.” In your dreams DeMint.
    Obviously Senator DeMint has all the documentation we have been looking for. Actual documentation that is admissible in court. Send it on over. We Constitutionalists don’t take any one’s “word for it”. How did so many of us miss the memo?

  60. If it was up to me, I would love for our entire government-legislative and judicial for a tour of Obama’s fairyland of 20 years as a “community organizer”. They wouldn’t be waxing poetic about that idiot after that tour. Better spend a week living there.
    “Grim proving ground for Obama’s housing policy
    The candidate endorsed subsidies for private entrepreneurs to build low-income units. But, while he garnered support from developers, many projects in his former district have fallen into disrepair. ”
    The reason they fell into disrepair so fast is they used sub-standard everything, charged the highest bucks possible, paid by the taxpayers-the difference went into Obama and Jarretts pockets/campaigns. Nice work if you can get it.
    Poor people yet again used as pawns. I wish that Pastor Manning would go down there with a video camera and do some interviews of the folks who live there. You would hear stories that would put a curl in your hair.

  61. Michelle // December 25, 2009 at 10:12 pm

    Michelle, aren’t we glad that twe checked in on this Christmas day?

    I do miss all the links to funny stuff, and so do the guinea pigs…no molecules of food to snarf up from the floor! I even had to get one of those plastic rug-protector thingies for work when I checked in on my breaks.

    I’m sure twe will be back to post more snorting, food-spewing, liquid-choking links soon!

    The story of Joe was amazing, and so appropriate for the day. Thanks so much for posting it!

  62. Maddie // December 25, 2009 at 10:26 pm

    Yup, Maddie, it’s from my days as a college prof. teaching safety in the workplace. Some of the chemicals the companies maintained were pretty nasty, so I got to know a lot of them and the processes for which they were used. These were not your supermarket-type ‘cleaning chemicals’ that’s for sure!

    Yup, hydrogen peroxide, and a lot of the common chemicals we use daily do indeed come in industrial strength and that was why it was so important to make sure folks knew what they were dealing with at work. ‘Right to Know’ laws, ya know!

    I think that you’ll be seeing more passengers react if they perceive a threat. I don’t think they’ll hesitate to take matters into their own hands if they see something funky going on onboard an aircraft.

    I say just get on the plane naked with a pig, and that should do it :).

  63. Sue K @ 10:12 It was so good to hear from twe. Your poor little guinea pigs, no treats from spills- like little furry vacuums. You make me laugh so hard.
    Wasn’t that a wonderful story about Joe. Those little nuns, God bless them-I do not know how they do what they do. Sure accomplished a miracle with that poor sick man. To think it all started with one little nun, Mother Teresa who had a better idea to make the world a better place.

  64. Because Demint seems to REALLY like Soetoro…………maybe a questionable relationship!!!!!. However if he is so damn knowledgeable about Soetoro’s eligibility why doesn’t Demint spend the $20.00 to obtain a copy of the CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH,and post it on the internet so that all of the alleged speculation will go away. Just think he would become an instant celebrity.He needs to be publically invited to do this for us birthers.

  65. Dr. Orly has some up to date info on her web-site.
    “We believe this was an attempted act of terrorism,” a White House official said.
    I just can’t believe how smart these White House officials are in this administration. What did they think this was an invitation to dance?

  66. Of course if Demint refuses then we will ALL know that he is just another BLOWHARD like ALL of the others he hangs with, most of whom seem to have diaharrea of the pie hole, and constipation of the cranial cavity.

  67. For anyone who thinks that a law is not repealable, you need to remember if about 250,000,000, highly incensed people were to converge upon the Whitehouse I am fairly certain that ANY law would be repealed almost IMMEDIATELY.

  68. Michelle // December 25, 2009 at 11:18 pm

    It *was* good to hear from twe, Michelle. I just worry about the family dynamic with a Mom in hospice, just as I worry about Maddie’s situation with her parents. I suppose that’s something all us kids have to deal with at some point, but that doesn’t make it any easier. I pray for everyone involved.

    The pigs are fat little porkers (actually, they’re rodents) and never want for anything. They just like to ‘steal’ food in fact, I’ve nicknamed them ‘Hoover’ and ‘Eureka.’ Funny you should mention ‘furry vacuums!’

    It was indeed a wonderful story about Joe; sometimes, people surprise us. At least he found peace before he passed away. It was a pleasure to read that!

  69. oldsalt77 // December 25, 2009 at 11:42 pm

    “diaharrea of the pie hole, and constipation of the cranial cavity.”

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    You have a way with words, OldSalt!

  70. SUEK…………………………………………….

    I know how attached you can become to pets. I have a little Bichon frize dog that I have become so attached to that she is almost like a daughter. I am a sucker for her situp trick and she knows it. She gets all sorts of goodies. I have no control over myself in that regard. It really isn’t healthy for her to ingest too much human food scraps. I know this as well as my own name. I am just too attached to her. My wife has a little Havanese. He is not as clever at begging as she is. But he too is able to get control over us humans. He gets 50 % of the scraps. Actually I love both of them!.

  71. oldsalt77 // December 26, 2009 at 12:18 am

    Yes, OldSalt, they’re family-my only one, in fact!

    All of my guys are vegeterians (and are all rescues), so I don’t mind giving them an extra piece of Romaine lettuce or a bit of kale for Christmas-it’s good for them and they think they’re ‘sneaking’ it.

    Life would be pretty dull without them!

    Would love a dog, but I’m now allergic to them. When my little ones cycle out, I’ll be retested and ‘desensitized’ if need be!

    I’m sure your Bichon and your wife’s Havanese got some extra goodies for Christmas ;).

  72. SUEK

    This year we didn’t generate much food scraps. We visited some friends at South Bend, and shared Christmas with them . They live only a few blocks from Notre Dame University.

  73. Portuguese Revolutionary War Hero - Peter Francisco

    Merry CHRISTmas one and all.



  74. Portuguese Revolutionary War Hero - Peter Francisco


  75. PRWH

    Hope you had a very Merry Christmas too! I guess after a few Chardonnays it would be a MERRY…. charisma!!!!!!!. I didn’t do any of that yesterday.

  76. oldsalt77 // December 26, 2009 at 12:41 am

    OK, OldSalt, but I’m sure that you and the Mrs. will make up for lack of scraps this year 🙂

    Hope the weather out there didn’t put a damper on your plans.


  77. No, Mr. DeMint, he is YOUR president.

    You do not speak for me, and neither does your party.

  78. *******Here is some news*********

    Orly Taitz – Motion to Transfer Carter Case to Judge Lamberth in Washington DC
    December 26th, 2009

    AGJ comment: The US Attorneys representing Obama said Carter could not hear the case BECAUSE of Jurisdiction. They maintained that only a court in Washington DC could hear the case because Obama resided in Washington. Orly agreed!

  79. *****This is absolutely Hilarious cartoon*****

  80. GOP lawmakers change tune on costly health plans

    Guess they just don’t get it, do they?

  81. EPA’s regulatory grab invites court challenge

    Guess the courts are going to be busy in the New Year!

  82. Michigan Forces Business Owners Into Public Sector Unions

    What next?

  83. Judges Gone Wild: Michigan defines judicial bias down

    This might be good…what do you think?

  84. Hmmm…

    KY Sen Poll: Paul Takes Commanding Lead In GOP Race (leading Grayson by 19 points, 44-25)

  85. White House unleashes vicious partsian attack over heatlh care vote

    What? Oh yeah, blame the other guy!

  86. Here we go again!

    It’s time for immigration reform (Graham-Schumer) (BARF ALERT)

  87. Is the mandate to buy health insurance constitutional?

    DUH! NO!

  88. Yikes!

    Ready, debt, go: $12 trillion OK

    Pretty soon you’re talking about real money!

  89. ‘Postpartisan’ Not: Prez a failure on own terms

  90. Jacqlyn: Another one for your “Library!”

    “A Sarah Palin Primer”

  91. oltsalt77: This one’s for you!

    Extending Federal Benefits to Same-Sex Couples Will Cost $898M [Taxpayers Pay For Perversion?]

  92. Linda from NY – That’s good news about Dr. Paul. I saw an interview with him and he seems good.

    On another topic –

    On Dec. 23, I posted an article on both and Canadian Free Press. This article has gotten some attention on the 9/12 project site. The article is basically calling for shutting down D.C. on the day of the State of the Union (disunion) address. If you are so inclinded, I hope people will spread this idea and see if something can be organized. Thank you, Zach

  93. Latest Nobel Awarded Makes 4 Nobel Prizes For Obama!

    “Hilarious news items from the future such as Hillary Captured and Barack Claims To Be Lost Imam fill the future news section of the game that this article reviews. With real T.V. Interviews and Radio clips of the founders, one by Breitbart TV, the man who exposed ACORN, the game is decidedly anti-Obama and anti-government and was created by a combination of Liberty loving Ron Paul Supporters and Conservatives.”

  94. Fannie / Freddie – What Does Treasury Know?

  95. Obama’s Anti-Israel J-Street Controlled Czarina of Anti-Semitism is Attacking The JEWS

  96. Reasons to be fearful: Democrats face triple whammy for elections

    The London Times ^ | December 26, 2009 | Charlie Cook

    Ya think?

  97. Court Martial of the Navy SEALS

    This stinks! PROTEST ALERT!

  98. America and Russia: Rivals united by a common enemy?

    Wonder what pp thinks of this…

  99. Just received this twitter from Dr. Orly:

    DrOrlyTaitzEsq please read on my blog my notice of hearing for January 25 and motion to transfer Barnett, Keyes et al v Obama to DC

  100. Linda from NY – What is up with Obama’s Hand?

  101. Zach:

    Isn’t that the hand with the middle finger he used to show a few people what he thought of them?

    Isn’t he left-handed, too?


  102. Zach:

    There is also a picture of pp with his hair parted straight down the right side of his head…cannot remember where I saw it.

    Unfortunately, a lobotomy is performed in the front of the head, isn’t it?

    Happy Day…Linda

  103. Zach:

    I saw your article about closing down DC…it was quite inspiring…Thanks.


  104. William:

    Thanks…I needed that; I think we all did!

    Happy Day…Linda

  105. Reading Rainbow…

    Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution: The Alinsky Model – by David Horowitz

  106. Avatar: the most expensive piece of anti-American propaganda ever made

  107. Twelve Anti-Family Gifts from Congress

  108. The massive accounting blunder that should sink Obamacare

  109. Linda of New York…………………………………..

    One thing is certain, I am not a deviate in any way,and their sort of lifestyle both turns my stomach,and angers me. I find myself even more incensed by the thought of being forced to become a benefactor of the slimey bastards who engage in deviate sex. I was not brought up in this sort of mindset, and as I stated am angered by those who do. God did not provide us with our genetic abilities to engage in deviate practices. We were given this ability to reproduce our kind. If my view point angers those people then they should understand that when they try to ram their lifestyle down my throat they will indeed find themselves in one hell of a fight. Our alleged society has already been infiltrated, and morally weakened by these people. Their SICK,SLIMEY,and otherwise warped mentalities,and deviate practices, has caused BILLIONS of dollars worth of ILLNESSES which taxpayers have ALREADY had to pay for. It is not our fault that their weak minds cannot grasp reality. Now we have a KNOWN degenerate as an alleged President of this country,(thanks to those like him.) They do not think that their day of reconciliation is cominng. They think they will live forever. I have a news bulletin for them. It is coming,and it will be your worst nightmare, come true. TOO LATE BABY, YOU DO IT YOU PAY FOR IT!

  110. This is funny…The Republicans have landed!


  111. it is pretty obvious we no longer have a balance of power between the legislative , executive, and judicial branches of government as envisions by our founding fathers and our Constitution.

    When will the people stand up and DEMAND justice and return to the Constitution.

  112. A Very Merry Christmas And Happy New Year

    What’s the matter Louise? You unhappy?

  113. DAVERG………………………………….

    You just asked the question that creates the definite thunder of unheard footsteps towards the whitehouse. I believe that people have come to realise that the thunder of footsteps should occur in 2010, and should be in the direction of the nearest ballot box. Yes it should generate a thundrous ROAR, and when each of us reaches the ballot box we know exactly what to do. Otherwise there will be a need for 300,000,000 people to converge upon the WH, and change the laws ourselves, after the dirt has been swept out the door.

  114. I thought Obama’s speech in Cairo was suppose to make all Muslims love us so terrorism would stop. Someone didn’t get the memo that the world is suppose to love us now, but instead they still are trying to blow up planes. Guess Obama’s kumbaya theory of talking to terrorists isn’t working.

  115. oldsalt77 // December 26, 2009 at 10:35 am

    Morning OldSalt,

    Butting in here, if I could.

    Your post is spot-on and I agree!

    Look, I don’t particularly care what people do as long as it doesn’t interfere with my life or well being; it’s being TOLD that I MUST accept a particular lifestyle, religion, or philosophy that pees me off.

    Anyone who tells me ‘this is the way it should be’ when my personal philosophy, religion, and inner core disagrees, is courting a fight.

    It gets tiring to have to support people who make bad lifestyle choices and as you say, if you choose to pursue destructive behaviors (and there are many), pay for it yourself-don’t count on your state or the feds to bail you out. Don’t tell me that your religion and beliefs are the right way to go, and mine are wrong; don’t make decisions for me.

    I think this is where where we get into a tussle with the PC crowd who think that their way is better than yours.

    Believe what you wanna believe, but leave me alone and don’t tell me that you’re right and I’m wrong. This is still America (at least for a little while longer) and I will live the way I want and believe what I wish. I refuse to cave in to any group’s demands when I don’t believe in those philosophies.

    Off my soapbox now.

  116. Linda from NY // December 26, 2009 at 8:07 am


    KY Sen Poll: Paul Takes Commanding Lead In GOP Race (leading Grayson by 19 points, 44-25)
    My husband does business with the Mennonites in logging and one saw the bumper sticker in his window…..’Rand Paul, Senate 2010′ and said, “you’re alright aint ya” with his thumb up and that’s about as good an endorsement needed in Ky……an Amish or Mennonite.

  117. oldsalt77:

    I understand perfectly from where you are coming.

    Just as we should not be forced to pay for abortions, we should not be forced to pay for the deviant behavior of others. Unfortunately, we pay for the “right” of any person to destroy him/herself as well and the consequences that arise from addictive behavior of all types. Wonder if this “rehabilitation service” will be removed in the New and Improved Health Care Compromise Bill…

    Are we our brother’s keepers? It would appear we are whether we want to be or not.

    Thanks for your input.

    Happy Day…Linda

  118. When or if the alleged Healthcare Bill hits the street, then we ALL need to join forces the country over, and refuse to accept it, and file class action against Congress for attempting to ram an unconstitutional bunch of insane bullsh## down our throats. It is ILLEGAL no matter how it is stacked up. I believe that if enough Americans stand up, join forces, and converge upon Washington, in an UGLY frame of mind we can create the “Ill wind that changes towards the usurper” so that he can “Stand with the MUSLIMS”,and if I manage to have my way about it he will have a size 11 up his infected anus.

  119. JJ…………………………………….

    Rand Paul allegedly has his own set of problems that he could bring into government with him. While I do not yet know enough about him, my relatives in KY are indeed taking an indepth look at him,and his past. Hopefully I will know a lot more about him soon!

  120. Linda,

    That quote about our brother’s keeper irritated me during the campaign and the message it implies which is avoiding personal responsibility and avoiding accountability for personal choices made which forged an individual’s life.

    I agree with you – we are being forced to be our brother’s keeper – which has nothing to do with freedom and nothing to do with charity. If charity is forced, it’s not charity, I’m not sure what it is, but it’s not charity. LOL!


    Merry Christmas!

  121. #

    Joy // December 25, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    Jacqlyn Smith, If you are still here, I just received an invite on my face book to join Dana Mullineux in a petition in Nevada to recall Harry Reid. She lives in Nevada and says they have researched and by the laws there, have the right to recall Reid. Just thought you might want to know. I can be support in getting the word out but at present I live in Mississippi and don’t think I could sign the petition, What say you?

    Joy…I haven’t heard about it…..can you post the petition here????

  122. DAVERG………………………………………

    I hope to hell that people begin to send the message to the WH that we are not going to accept the bullsh## that is flowing from it, and if they don’t understand plain english then we need to present them with our HANDS ON ALTERNATIVE MEASURE. Convergence with a FORCE OF MILLIONS.

  123. Iconic Freedom:

    I agree…it is a choice one makes that should not be a burden to others either born or unborn.

    What consequences do people pay for their behavior if the expenses resulting from that behavior are paid by others? [i.e., taxpayers]

    I want the freedom to choose to which charities my “love” and “caring concern” go. I do not want to be told for what I must pay or give.

    With freedom, comes responsibility. It is about time people take responsibility for their own actions and not rely on others to pick up the tab.

    And…the intrusion of government into our personal lives is not only unnecessary, but unwanted!

    Thanks for your post…Linda

  124. oldsalt77 // December 26, 2009 at 11:08 am

    I know nothing about him……..just the sentiment here that Grayson is not what this state needs for representation of the people…….

    Like I said, if a Mennonite community is waving bumper stickers, I’m really listening to them.

  125. oldsalt77:

    I agree…storm the Bastille…uh, the WH and Congress and rid our country of the “true” deviants!

    If I were a bug on the wall of the Halls of Congress, what stories I could tell…just saying.


    PS SueK and I are right behind you, but you have to teach us to “shoot” first…please…thanks.

  126. And also, Paul’s wife was born and raised here in this community…, lots of signs in the yards.

  127. Linda from NY // December 26, 2009 at 8:23 am

    Jacqlyn: Another one for your “Library!”

    “A Sarah Palin Primer”


    Linda…..Thanks for this piece…..I totally agree with the commenter there……Palin is our woman to clean up the corruption. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  128. Don in California

    Good morning all and I pray that you each had a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

    It has taken me some time to get caught up. Thank you all for your comments and advice. I wish I could write as well as most of you do.

    Bear in mind, just because I am not adding my comments, that I am reading and agreeing with most of what I read here. At this time, I don’t have any ideas on what we can or should do to return this country to the Constitution. I do know that, as for myself, I agree that a mass march on DC would be good, but congress has already shown that they don’t care what we the people want. To really make an impact, the crowd would have to be big enough to block DC to the point that nothing gets in or out. But, do that and then the cops and possible military would get called out. I just don’t know what the answer is.

    May you all have the best new year of all time.


  129. **** New Post ****

  130. Michelle–thank you also for your kind words.

    Happy Feast of Stephen today all!

  131. JJ………………………………………..

    Signs in yards are OK, and I am sure that the wives of most politicians are OK, but after all is said and done it is the politician himself and/or herself that we end up stuck. The rest is only background.

  132. Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe!🙂. I’ll go and read some more!

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