ACORN, Judge Nina Gershon, US Constitution, Idiot judges, US Congress, ACORN funding, Open thread, December 13, 2009

We must give Congress an enema in 2010. Vote out jackasses, vote in statesmen who adhere to the US Constitution.

With the assistance of a new congress, we must next remove the illegal usurper Barack Obama.

Then we must remove incompetent, biased judges, state officials and then fix our schools.

Many of you are aware of a absurd decision by US District Court Judge, Nina Gershon. There are several possible reasons for Judge Gershon arriving at her unconstitutional conclusion. I can state with authority that the far left wackos have inundated the internet with their Orwellian word smithing to make it appear that Congress has broken the law by cutting off funding to ACORN. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Read the decision, do some research and check back here. I have read enough already to know that this judge should be impeached.

Judge Nina Gershon Decision


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  1. It’s mind boggling how much corruption and graft is making rounds in Washington.

    I guess these idiots really are ignorant to our history because this level of corruption sparked the last 2 wars on U.S. soil.

  2. Sunday, December 13, 2009 Email to a Friend ShareThis.Advertisement
    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Sunday shows that 23% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty-two percent (42%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -19.

  3. BREAKING NEWS – Tiger Woods to run for Robert Wexler’s 19th District seat of Broward County, Florida. The Democrat Party says they are thrilled to have such a hero. Stay tuned for further news..

  4. just wondering

    How do we get rid of judges?
    Michelle, I am so glad that that number is growing. I do not know why the strongly disapprove number is not way over 50%!

  5. Harold Louderback (U.S. District Court Judge, 1933): Louderback was brought up on impeachment charges for allegedly having repaid a Senator who had promoted his candidacy for judge by paying fat receivership fees to the Senator’s brother, an officer of Louderback’s court.

    Harry E. Claiborne (U.S. District Court Judge, 1986) falsifying his income tax returns.
    Senate removed Claiborne from office by a wide margin.

    Walter L. Nixon (U.S. District Court Judge, 1989) committed perjury before a federal grand jury.
    Senate removed Nixon.

  6. When I heard ACORN had lost it’s funding my first thought was, that was easy, maybe too easy. Good riddance.

    Now they’re back, wanting their funding to be restored, and they will probably get it, unless we get rid of the USURPER, the leader of the corrupt boil on the government’s back, ACORN.

    Why they ever funded ACORN in the first place is a question that needs to be answered. Why would the government fund an organization that concentrates on promoting only one party the democratic party? If the organization is promoting partisan politics it shouldn’t receive government money.

  7. We must make certain that the unconstitutional/left wing driven ruling from Judge Gershon
    is overturned.

  8. Hastings, was removed as a judge now he’s a Representative of Florida (I think).

  9. just wondering -I was outside raking it is hot here again in Florida I was thinking numbers plunging and this is from a guy who promised everything to everybody all the time. His numbers started falling June 30. I don’t think they will ever recover. Most intelligent people when they see something is not working, should say to themselves, maybe there is something wrong with my plan and modify, re-work, whatever is necessary to accomplish a good outcome. Not Obama he just plunges ahead with a plan that’s even dumber than his original plan. He suffers from Louis XIV syndrome, the Sun King the Earth revolves around me. Wrong again. He will never get over his “historic” thing-failing to realize that the American people want a good government, sensible and definitely Constitutional and NOT corrupt. Other than the Constitutional problems I think corruption is our second greatest problem. The good news-most of America has awakened -The Sleeping Giant- and do not like what they see and are doing many things to correct these abuses. The DOA Media, another failure. Web-sites like Citizen Wells, jbjd, Big Government, the Obama File and many others were created in such a short time and look at the huge accomplishments they made. The lawyers-trying their hardest to get the Judicial system to get their houses in order. If as American citizens they ever get “standing” when they are not astroturf along with the rest of us citizens, who pay their salaries, I am a firm believer in DONT BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU.
    It is the White House not Versailles-hence France’s revolution.
    9/12 March 2 million people show up-not reported or marginally reported. An effort by the American people of many disciplines coming together for love of country, their Constitution, their military, their fellow man. What a learning experience this has been. My biggest shock was the level of corruption-Obama’s people with their thug tactics really have done a great job showing us exactly where the corruption is. We would be fools not to remove the Cancer/Corruption surgically, radically and swiftly. In this case sunshine would be the radiation treatment so needed at this time.

  10. CW it’s hard to get rid of corruption once it has it’s claws sunken in to the government’s piggy bank.

    I can’t believe the blatant corruption, out in the open, for all to see, and yet it continues, and our politicians go along with it as if nothing is wrong.

    DC needs to be cleaned up from top to bottom, it has become a cesspool of corruption, lobbying, and fraud.

    I hope they are sent a strong message in the next election, shape up or ship out!

    ” Coupled with his formidable intelligence”
    I would definitely want to see proof of that-that is one giant LIE-most of the time he can barely string two sentences together-then when the hari-kari teleprompter crashes he really has a problem. In Chicago guys like Obama were referred to as Major BS’ers. The village of Chicago did a very bad job of containing this idiot.
    As Napoleon discovered in the snows of the Russian winter, grandiose dreams of world dominion are never realized. However, those who pursue that hectic fantasy can cause terrible trouble before they are stopped. In this age of proliferating nukes, we cannot afford such dreamers. This should be the winter of Obama’s discontent.
    Once a century the world gets to suffer the delusions of mad-men-Napoleon, Hitler? Terrible prices paid the world over.

  12. This is at the JAG Hunter’s site….don’t believe the lies you are hearing….nothing is off the table as of the below date….

    Saturday, 12 December 2009
    JAG HUNTER here:

    The Monroe County Grand Jury so far refuses to hear the case regarding OBAMA’S TREASON. OBAMA’S TREASON IS STILL ON THE TABLE!

    Related criminal charges also remain to be formally introduced to the Monroe County Grand Jury.
    Presently we are awaiting formal written permission to appear before a full Grand Jury comprised of thirteen members.
    We’ve been waiting since Wednesday, 2 December 2009.
    A Grand Jury representative will announce the date of our appearance in writing, probably in the same letter wherein permission to appear is granted.
    The Thursday, 10 December 2009 local newspaper report is dead wrong. Linking to the report would be just as wrong.
    Staff writers for the Monroe County Advocate-Democrat newspaper who cover the Courthouse beat are:
    Mr. Michael Thomason: Phone: 1.423.442.4575 (Madisonville, Tennessee)
    Mr. Tommy Millsaps: Phone: 1.423.337.7101 (Sweetwater, Tennessee)
    Ms. Mia Rhodarmer–Editor & Publisher–employs Staff Reporters Thomason and Millsaps. Email:
    Mia’s telephone number: 1.423.337.7101.
    Ms. Reneé Ezell is the Clerk to the Monroe County Grand Jury.
    Clerk Ezell’s telephone number: 1.423.442.5936.
    A select few are being notified on a moment’s notice regarding new information. After a brief time, new information is posted here.
    Right now, you folks know what I know.
    If you have questions call or email the people named above. Don’t expect truthful or informative answers.

    Climategate: Barack Obama’s rule by EPA decree is a coup d’etat against Congress, made in Britain
    Neither Congress nor the American people like being made into fools. This should be interesting.

  14. A new billboard on I-70 see it at…..

    Billboard Warns: “Prepare For War”

    The European Union Times reports on a new billboard off of Interstate 70 in Missouri provides a short “citizens guide to REVOLUTION of a corrupt government” and issues a call to “PREPARE FOR WAR.”

    This billboard replaces one that warned that the socialist “Obama-Nation” is “coming for you.” It’s unclear who the owner of the billboard is, but the first one was the work of a “Missouri businessman.”

    While it’s unclear who owns it, the Lafayette County Republican Central Committee seems to endorse it.

    From the comments: Dale Caruso writes, “It is just getting more and more interesting — or perhaps ominous would be a better word. Since the beginning of this year, it has been like watching a faucet drip — now it is becoming more like watching a small steady stream. IF people continue to think of this in terms of “Libs” and “Conservatives” — “Democrats” or “Republicans” — then they won’t see it until it smacks them in the face. I think this is more the PEOPLE of the United States wanting their country back.”

  15. Well, thanks to Congress spending like there’s no tomorrow, our nation is drowning in unprecedented debt. They need to put a moratorium on ALL unnecessary spending! Passing another omnibus bill is crazy! We must STOP SPENDING NOW!

    Remember the 1970s wage and price freeze when almost all wages and prices were placed at a standstill? We should all hold Congress’ feet to the fire and insist that CONGRESS place a MORATORIUM on ALL spending unless it is necessary to the very life and breath of the nation’s existence. No more porkulus. No more pet projects.

    SUS – Stop Unnecessary Spending!
    MOS – Moritorium on Spending

    Most of the contributors here know how to contact their Congressmen and women but there are many who visit here who have never written to their Senator or Representative. The website has simplified the process for newbies.

    Please write to Congress about omnibus and healthcare NOW!

    Speak from your heart, no profanity or threats. Keep your letters brief.

    And pass this on to everyone who is concerned about the direction our country is heading.

  16. Michelle // December 13, 2009 at 12:24 pm

    Aftanoon, Michelle,


    If this is indeed a coup not only against We, The People, but Congress as well, they will have been duped, just as we’ve been.

    Do you think that this will make Congress PO’d enough to start the poceeding to boot his sorry azz out of Our House?

    Just a thought. What say ye?

  17. VIDEO: Drug Cartels Infiltrating U.S. Politics & Military

  18. Bachmann: Fight Health Reform “Every day when you take your vitamins” (Good article, Bad headline)

  19. Two researchers attribute Norway light to HAARP, anti-ET space-based weapon of mass destruction

  20. Why the elite wants Christianity out of politics – ALAN KEYES

  21. 13 Salvation Army Kettles Stolen In Charlotte

  22. Sue,

    I hope and pray that this EPA decree may be the final straw that wakes up Congress. Up until now the Halls of Congress have been infiltrated by a bunch of lapdog eunuchs.

  23. Hutchison sticks to Republican themes in trying to oust GOP governor [Perry – TxGov]

  24. The Obamamible Snow-Man

    December 13, 2009

  25. Updated Congressional Vote Score Card


    Please keep this score card if you think it will help us in the 2010 Election.


  26. Senate sets Sunday vote on massive spending bill

  27. Fight (“… be like Braveheart, fighting to the end to save freedom.”)

  28. Sue K-The ones who hold the key to all of this is the Democratic Party, their choice is go down with Obama forever or rein that idiot in, or here is a wild thought, go with the Constitution. Expose all the frauds-jbjd’s Three Card Monte-she did all their work for them. I have lost track of all the various frauds. He is too corrupt ie. toxic-radiation toxic.
    Meanwhile here in Florida-this story started about a month ago Billion dollar Ponzi scheme-same as Madoff but less dollars. Obama, Madoff, Tiger Woods, Scott Rothstein facile liars, that’s about it. The federal government is on it-seizing more ill gotten booty.,0,2757240.story
    By the time his alleged $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme collapsed last month, court documents show he had a stake in more than 100 corporations and businesses. Most were low-profile investment vehicles, with names like 2133 IP and CI27, designed for expediency and to obscure assets. Others were shares in trendy restaurants, flashy vodka companies and beachside hotels that echoed his lavish lifestyle.

  29. Jonah // December 13, 2009 at 12:50 pm

    Hi Jonah,

    Yup, let’s see if they all realize they’ve been duped; if any of it gets through their azz-kissin’ brains, they’ll finally realize what we’ve been saying all along.

    And Congress *can* remove him! Will they?

  30. Sunday funnies……

    The “Warmers” creed:

    One thin September soon
    A floating continent disappears
    In midnight sun
    Vapors rise as
    Fever settles on an acid sea
    Neptune’s bones dissolve
    Snow glides from the mountain
    Ice fathers floods for a season
    A hard rain comes quickly
    Then dirt is parched
    Kindling is placed in the forest
    For the lightning’s celebration
    Unknown creatures
    Take their leave, unmourned
    Horsemen ready their stirrups
    Passion seeks heroes and friends
    The bell of the city
    On the hill is rung
    The shepherd cries
    The hour of choosing has arrived
    Here are your tools

    Al Gore

  31. Michelle // December 13, 2009 at 1:14 pm

    Ya, Michelle, what will the lapdogs (as Jonah puts it) do? Lead or follow? The choice is theirs.

    Sorry, I don’t follow jbjd, so I’ll take your word for the Three Card Monte.

    And all the Ponzi schemes are getting tiresome. Let’s just say we live in a culture of corruption that’ll take a lot of time and effort to make right. If it can ever be made right again.

    Ponzi schemes while people in CO are living in tents…

  32. SueK-the same EPA that said it was safe to work on the “pile” 9/11, thinks Global Warming is a fact. Let’s hope the Clima-gate people have a big break thru.
    I can’t get the rest of this story, I don’t know what it means-hopefully the implosion part is accurate.
    To The Point News
    HALF-FULL REPORT 12/11/09
    Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler
    Friday, 11 December 2009
    Certainly the best news of the week is that Copenhagen is imploding. The “Climate Change Conference” is where the world’s Fascist Left intended to cement its control of a global bureaucracy. But then China and India balked, demanding they be paid oodles of Western money to reduce their “carbon footprints.” Whereupon every hick country from Tuvalu to Sudan demanded they be bribed as well, calling the bribes “climate reparations” from America and the West.

    Knowing there is utterly no way to extract hundreds of billions in such bribes from Congress, the chief US negotiator at Copenhagen, Todd Stern, publicly told all those demanding bribes to forget it. The US rejects “any notion of debt,” he said. “Any sense of guilt or culpability or reparations” are “categorically rejected.”

    Stern is no conservative. Take a look at his bio. Yet this guy – under orders from his boss, Hillary Clinton, which is intensely interesting – has done the quintessential thing most necessary to protect America: reject envy, tell the envious their guilt-mongering has no power.

    There’s still a week to go (the conference ends next Friday 12/18), but this is high drama unfolding. The US has finally told the world to take its envy and shove it. This is Hillary at work, folks, doing a number on Zero who would never do such a thing. Lots of drama on several levels. Enjoy the show.

  33. zachjonesishome

    Afternoon. Checking in. That darn Global Warming is causing another snow/ice storm here.

    At a press conference, chief US negotiator Todd Stern said, “I completely reject the notion of a debt or reparations” in terms of moral responsibility on the part of the United States for its historical emissions, though he recognized the “historical role in putting emissions into the atmosphere.” Stern reminded the press that the United States would never join the Kyoto Protocol structure, instead working towards a parallel international structure that requires both developed and developing countries to make commitments to emissions reductions. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said that the greenhouse gas endangerment finding made yesterday was intended to “make up for lost time,” and would be complementary to whatever legislation Congress enacts.
    The Washington Post further damaged its credibility as a paper of record by publishing a Climategate-vs-Copenhagen screed by Sarah Palin, as a climate-denial caucus of Republican House members announced their intentions to head to Copenhagen to tell the world they will work against their president on the international stage. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) stood on the House floor pledging to “fight the globalist clque.”

  35. zachjonesishome
    Weather for FL – 82°F | °C
    Current: Partly Cloudy
    Wind: S at 11 mph
    Humidity: 69%
    Not normally this hot, we are hoping for cooler weather soon, I have porches to paint.

  36. Barack al-Husseini Obama, Grand Mufti of DC

    Hitler, The Mufti Of Jerusalem And Modern Islamo Nazism

    “The Grand Mufti …stipulated the common grounds between National Socialism and Islam…”


    Haj Amin al Husseini

    Barack Obama’s Islamist ties to Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said and Ali Abunimah

    Ahmadinejad: Iran will always stand by Palestinian resistance

    Article III, Section 3: Treason against the United States, shall consist only … in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

  37. TO:
    citizenwells // December 13, 2009 at 11:28 am

    Harold Louderback (U.S. District Court Judge, 1933): Louderback was brought up on impeachment charges for allegedly having repaid a Senator who had promoted his candidacy for judge by paying fat receivership fees to the Senator’s brother, an officer of Louderback’s court.

    Harry E. Claiborne (U.S. District Court Judge, 1986) falsifying his income tax returns.
    Senate removed Claiborne from office by a wide margin.

    Walter L. Nixon (U.S. District Court Judge, 1989) committed perjury before a federal grand jury.
    Senate removed Nixon.

    ONLY 3 judges removed in 76 yrs and none in the last 20 yrs? That is hard to believe especially with the levels of Corruption that goes on.

  38. I received the following email from Andy Martin…..have any of you heard about this in the news????

    Illinois corruption fighter and U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin discloses legal confirmation that Obama Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is being investigated by the Chicago Public Schools for financial fraud and some sort of connection to the death/suicide/murder of Michael Scott in November. The U.S. Department of Justice and FBI are also evaluating Martin’s separate Freedom of Information demands.

    Chicago corruption exclusive:

    Chicago Board of Education links Obama Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to investigation of financial fraud at Chicago Public Schools, death of Michael Scott

    U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin discloses Arne Duncan is subject of Chicago Board of Education financial fraud investigation


    ANDY MARTIN /2010

    “The name you can trust”

    Republican for U. S. Senator

    30 E. Huron Street, Suite 4406

    Chicago, IL60611-4723

    (312) 440-4124




    Political corruption fighter Andy Martin says there is a clear “Chicago way” coverup of financial fraud by an Obama cabinet official

    Martin says the refusal by Chicago officials to release Arne Duncan’s financial records is a legal confirmation that Duncan is linked to an investigation of financial fraud at the agency

    (CHICAGO)(December 13, 2009) Republican U. S. Senate candidate and insurgent “Internet Powerhouse” Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference Sunday, December 13th to announce that the Chicago Board of Education is refusing to release Obama Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s financial records because of an ongoing corruption investigation linked to the death of Michael Scott.

    In a Freedom of Information request, Martin asked for copies of all of the “credit card payments/statements using Chicago Public Schools credit cards” for both Scott and Duncan (see letter below).

    Attorneys for the Board of Education have refused to turn over either Scott’s or Duncan’s credit card records on the grounds they are both under investigation.

    “If they won’t turn over Arne Duncan’s financial records at the Chicago Public Schools because they are ‘under investigation,’ then Arne Duncan is under investigation for financial fraud,” Martin will charge in his news conference.

    “Barack Obama, Richard Daley and Arne Duncan owe the American people an immediate and complete explanation of why Duncan’s financial records are being investigated. My letter seeking release, and the Board’s refusal to release them, are self-explanatory. Someone is under investigation for financial fraud, and that ‘someone’ includes an Obama cabinet secretary, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

    “We are appealing the refusal to produce the records of both Scott and Duncan.

    “Once again I am leading the way in exposing corruption in Illinois. When I go to Washington as a U. S. Senator I will do to Barack Obama in Washington what I have been doing to Obama in Chicago: exposing his corrupt practices and associates,” Martin says. “Who vetted Duncan? Why is he under investigation?”

    December 13h news conference details:


    U. S. Senate candidate and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin


    Southeast corner of Huron and Wabash Streets,


    Sunday, December 13, 20091:00 P.M.


    Internet Powerhouse and U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin discloses that Obama Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is linked to Chicago financial fraud, death of Michael Scott


    (866) 706-2639; Cell (917) 664-9329 (not always turned on)




    “The name you can trust”

    Republican for U. S. Senator/2010

    Suite 4406, 30 E. Huron Street

    Chicago, IL60611-4723

    Toll-free tel. (866) 706-ANDY

    Toll-free fax (866) 707-ANDY

    Web site:


  39. Peter Francisco-
    At the end it says Cook County being what it is means institutional corruption. We have to find a way in our country to put out corruption when it is a small fire, before it becomes a raging inferno. It is so important. I think we need a national scam/corruption 800 number and/or web-site somewhat like America’s Most Wanted “you will remain anonymous”, this corruption is costing our country dearly.
    In the wake of the 1980s federally initiated Operation Greylord Scandal that rocked the community and exposed a judicial system rife with corruption. incompetence, intrigue, and influence peddling. a blue-ribbon panel was assembled to examine the ills of the Cook County courts and issue recommendations that would contribute toward noteworthy, long overdue reform. The Special Commission on the Administration of Justice in Cook County (better known as the Solovy Commission), was established in August 1984 by the Chief Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Harry G. Comerford. The Commission received its name from its chairman. Attorney Jerold S. Solovy from the high profile law firm of Jenner & Block. Mr. Solovy also chairs the Illinois Supreme Court Commission, established on January 6, 1992 to perform essentially the same tasks as the first Solovy Commission. with respect to the Supreme Court.

    Solovy and his colleagues took a comprehensive approach in evaluating court administration. Judicial ethics, and the day to day mechanisms of Traffic Court, the Law Division, Adult Probation, and Felony Courts. The task force published fifteen separate reports containing 165 recommendations spanning a four-year period. No more Greylords and much-needed change is the hoped for intention.
    An amazing array of 92 individuals, including many well known defense attorneys, court bailiffs, clerks, and 13 esteemed veterans of the bench were indicted in Greylord, a scandal with far-reaching repercussions that stemmed from an “old boy network;” the result of too much familiarity among the courtroom crowd. “It started out by someone doing a favor, and then some more favors,” Bailey recalls. “When does a favor become a bribe? Eventually the guy doing the favor says I’m not doing this for the fun of it. I think I should be compensated for it.”
    Without a workable system of judicial rotation, and the creation of the type of Inspector Generalship Judge James Bailey, the Chicago Crime Commission, and the Solovy Commission envision for Chicago, it is probable that such scandals will occur again. “Time will only tell,” Bailey cautions. But it would not surprise me.” It should really not surprise anyone -Cook County being what It is.

  40. This snipped from article tittled HOWEVER:

    Besides denying that America is a Christian nation in his April 6 news conference in Turkey, President Obama told the Turkish Parliament on the same day: ” We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world — including in my own country.”

    The suggestion that Islam has shaped America in any substantial way is ludicrious. As Robert Spencer asks:

    Were there Muslims along Paul Revere’s ride, or standing next to Patrick Henry when he proclaimed, “Give me liberty or give me death”? Where there Muslims among the framers or signers of the Declaration of Independence, which states that all men — not just Muslims, as Islamic law would have it — are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Were there Muslims among those who drafted the Constitution and vigorously debated its provisions, or among those who enumerated the Bill of Rights, which guarantees — again in contradiction to the tenets of Islamic law — that there should be no established national religion, and that the freedom of speech should not be infringed?

    The primary contact our Founding Fathers had with Islam occurred during their struggles with the Barbary pirates, who from 1500-1800 carried over a million European Christians — including some Americans — into Muslim slavery. For centuries the Knights of Malta protected Europe from the Barbary pirates, but after their demise the European powers decided that paying tribute to the Barbary rulers in exchange for protection was easier and cheaper than fighting them. (Hello Somali pirates!!). But this galled the Americans. In 1786, while Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were in Europe, they asked the ambassador from Tripoli by what right Tripoli could claim tribute from nations which had done his country no injury. Jefferson and Adams reported the ambassador’s response:

    It was written in their Koran that all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet [Mohammed] were sinners, whom it was the right and duty of the faithful [Muslims] to plunder and enslave; and that every Muslim who was slain in this warfare was sure to go to paradise.

    When Jefferson became president in 1801, he refused to pay tribute to the Barbary states, and Tripoli, Algiers, and Tunis declared war on the United States. The American Navy blockaded the coast of North Africa, and American marines stormed “the shores of Tripoli” and captured the city, forcing the Barbary rulers to agree to terms of peace. The Barbary states soon broke the treaty and demanded tribute again, and President James Madison again sent the U.S. Navy to the Mediterranean, forcing the Barbary states to again sign a treaty of peace.

    Clearly, Islamic influence on the United States was minimal, and what little influence there was, was mostly negative.

    Much of the Muslim world has a negative view of the United States. Sadly, Obama seems to think the Muslim world will warm up to our country if he shares their negative view.


    Be sure to check other articles there and videos

  41. Don in California

    Why can’t we do this for people running for President of the U.S.???

    Criminal background checks proposed for homeschoolers
    Plan called most ‘overbearing law in the English-speaking world’
    Posted: December 11, 2009
    11:25 pm Eastern
    By Bob Unruh
    © 2009 WorldNetDaily
    A proposal in the British Parliament calling for mandatory criminal background checks for parents who want to homeschool their children is the most “overbearing law in the English-speaking world,” charges a U.S. advocacy group.
    “This bill is breathtaking in its scope and reflects a perverse level of suspicion towards parents who home
    -educate their children,” said Michael Donnelly, a staff attorney and director of international relations for the Home School Legal Defense Association.
    The group is the world’s premiere advocate for homeschooling and has been active in cases in Europe as well as the U.S.

  42. Don in California

    Didn’t pelosi go to college?


    7 of 10 American colleges censor speech
    Report says continued flouting of Constitution ‘an ongoing scandal’
    Posted: December 11, 2009
    11:25 pm Eastern
    By Bob Unruh
    © 2009 WorldNetDaily

  43. Don in California

    I remember seeing a House rule that required that all bills reference the Constitutional authority for the bill. Does anyone have a link for the house rules?

  44. Just in time for CHRISTmas a new Community is Organizing probably with ACORN and Obama Help it is called: Obamaville, Colorado.

    Why isn’t this “great Obama news” om all the Slave Press news media?
    See Video here:

  45. Obama v/s Palin their numbers are tied. What is the most interesting to me, is Obama got all the help in the world-Media etc. Sarah on the other hand received just the opposite.
    December 13, 2009
    Palin on the Rise; Obama is Old News
    By Jack Kelly
    The object of Mr. Gibbs’ scorn was Gallup’s tracking poll for the day before, which showed only 47 percent of respondents approve of the job President Barack Obama is doing, with 46 percent disapproving.
    Perhaps Mr. Gibbs’ skin was thin because this was the lowest ranking for a president at this point in his presidency since Gallup began conducting presidential approval polls in 1938.
    I’m sure a 6-year-old with a crayon could do something not unlike that,” snarked White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs Tuesday.
    Could Barack Obama — who now seems so last year — inspire that kind of devotion today?
    The turnabout in fortunes is all the more remarkable because no political figure in recent history has been subject to such vilification from our news media as Sarah Palin. No malicious rumor was too preposterous to report. No accomplishment was important enough to mention.
    Meanwhile, no presidential candidate or president has received more favorable press coverage than Barack Obama.
    President Barack Obama has enjoyed substantially more positive media coverage than either Bill Clinton or George W. Bush during their first months in the White House,” concluded a Pew Research study last May. Forty-two percent of stories in major newspapers and television news programs about Mr. Obama were favorable, compared to 22 percent for Mr. Bush and 27 percent for Mr. Clinton.
    “The press just acted like this guy walked on water,” Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz said during the campaign.
    That’s changing, in both directions.
    The reaction of liberals to Sarah Palin — which is like that of vampires to garlic — indicate she is the Republican they fear most. With good reason, Mr. Fish thinks.
    “Perseverance, the ability to absorb defeat without falling into defeatism, is the key to Palin’s character,” he wrote. “Her political opponents, especially those who dismissed Ronald Reagan before he was elected, should take note.”

  46. How about a Background check of EVERYONE that receives a Taxpayer Funded Check?

    Maybe we can add to that Drug Tests as well to anyone receiving a Taxpayer Funded Check(Gov’t Check)? Whether it is gov’t employee, an elected official, a judge, a welfare or foodstamps, etc.

    I say Criminal Background Checks and Drug Testing for ALL OF THEM. Don’t want to be checked? Don;t accept our taxpayer funded check you have teh Freedom to do that…be self-reliant.

    This is one of the Solutions needed top give our country back to it’s citizens and weed out crime and corruption.

  47. Don in California

    I receive SS and military retired pay and would be willing to have a background check and drug tests done. I would have NO problem complying.

  48. Received this today………..

    SO MUCH FOR BEST BUY …until they make a needed correction !
    I looked this up on Snopes and it is true.

    Our family in the past 15 or so years have spent THOUSANDS of our hard earned DOLLARS at your stores in Memphis, Tennessee. camcorders (2), computers both desktop (2) and laptops( 3) audio systems, surround sound system (1) and HAD PLANNED to buy a laptop for my wife this CHRISTMAS, but since you choose to eliminate MERRY CHRISTMAS from your advertising, and showing wishes to the Muslim holiday instead, we will NEVER darken your doors again. I am emailing this to people on my contact list who are CHRISTIANS and asking them to do the same.

    Have a Happy and Holy Merry Christmas!!


  49. Is there any way through a court order or something where we can get the reports as to why Barry/Mechelle were disbarred in Illinois? That would tell us a lot about them! I think it would prove that his legal name is Barry Soetoro.

  50. Ginger-I think people have tried but all that information “sealed”, but people on the streets of Chicago would know. I know she was patient dumping that could be part of the trouble.

  51. JJ // December 13, 2009 at 3:22 pm

    Hi JJ, and thanks for this post.

    I sent Best Buy (where I buy *all* of my music) a similar e-mail, but there were a few words in that e-mail I can’t post :).

    Suffice it to say that got a little CHRISTmas greeting from me….

  52. This is driving the Democratunderground nuts –

  53. I received another:

    I went to Dillard’s yesterday to buy a gift card for my wife. They didn’t have a card that said “Merry Christmas”. I mentioned it to the clerk and she said they aren’t even allowed to say the words. Another clerk said “I’ll say it” then she said “Merry Christmas”. Good for her! She’s not afraid to lose her job knowing that’s better than losing her soul.

    My decision next year is to not buy anything from any store that has this policy and I wish the entire country would do the same. This would be a great opportunity to teach kids the real meaning of Christmas. I’m told that if I deny Him in public he’ll deny me before the Father.

    If my Christain beliefs are offensive then I can only assume my money is, too.

  54. Don in California

    JJ, even our money says “In God We Trust”. So, it would be insulting to give them any of that Christian money. Right??

  55. ms helga@ 4:02
    I can’t find the link what are they saying re: rense?

    Also, PC or p.c. Showing an effort to make broad social and political changes to redress injustices caused by prejudice. It often involves changing or avoiding language that might offend anyone, especially with respect to gender, race, or ethnic background. For example, Editors of major papers have sent out numerous directives concerning politically correct language. This expression was born in the late 1900s, and excesses in trying to conform to its philosophy gave rise to humorous parodies.

  57. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) stood on the House floor pledging to “fight the globalist clque.”

    Are these the words that make you sleep better?? At least all our congress hasn’t totally lost it. Amen.

  58. I have one important question: When we
    oust the present Congress and replace it with
    statesmen/stateswomen who will uphold the
    Constitution, is there any GUARANTEE that
    they in turn will OUST the Usurper BHO?

    I need this promise prior to voting. How
    about the rest of you—how do you feel
    about this?

  59. Don in California

    I approve of this idea! The Repubs should do it before the end of the day!

    Open Call to

    By JB Williams
    It’s official folks, with the Democrats steamrolling over the GOP filibuster intended to stop another TRILLION in wasteful spending yesterday, Republicans in congress have been handed their hat once again.
    Congressional Republicans MUST WALK OUT immediately!
    You must pack your bags, close your offices, refuse to enter the congressional chambers for one more pretend vote in which the Democrats will hand you your hat once again.

  60. c.n.d.e. ville II

    Truth Now // December 13, 2009 at 8:11 am
    O was elected by Sequoia software,Acorn fraud and Foreign $$$$$,which is illegal!!
    Which means the people did not elect him at all; he doesn’t have and never did have the majority of the American vote.

    If bogus software can pump out false vote counts, approval poll “methodology” can also pump out false (as in, too high) poll counts.

    I cannot think of ONE American voter (who is not a member of ACORN) who would approve of ACORN members getting access to our hard-earned bucks.

    o.’s real rating is probably something like -98. imo

  61. We need to get some of Barry’s “comrades”
    from colleges interviewed and let them say
    if Soetoro was known as the “foreign student”
    on campus.

  62. SueK // December 13, 2009 at 3:59 pm

    JJ // December 13, 2009 at 3:22 pm

    Hi JJ, and thanks for this post.

    I sent Best Buy (where I buy *all* of my music) a similar e-mail, but there were a few words in that e-mail I can’t post .

    Suffice it to say that got a little CHRISTmas greeting from
    Nice to hear..I’m too poor to shop, but I can damned sure afford stamps for ACLU “CHRISTMAS CARDS”!!!!…3 already and have more to send………

    Of course, in Ky, we say Merry Christmas and if someone doesn’t like it, since the majority are church-going people, they keep silent…….
    I am thrilled when someone at my job (cashier) says those words to me..

  63. c.n.d.e. Ville II—

    O was elected by Sequoia software,Acorn fraud and Foreign $$$$$,which is illegal
    WHO is investigating this fact? Agree with you

  64. c.n.d.e. ville II

    Michelle // December 13, 2009 at 11:50 am
    “Not Obama he just plunges ahead with a plan that’s even dumber than his original plan. He suffers from Louis XIV syndrome, the Sun King the Earth revolves around me. Wrong again. He will never get over his “historic” thing-failing to realize that the American people want a good government, sensible and definitely Constitutional and NOT corrupt”

    You’re right. I believe his goal IS to have the earth revolve around him.

    America is just a step along the way.

    His plan does not and never did involve the welfare of America. He is not and never has been American in any way, shape, or form.

    He does not care one iota about what the American people want, and never has.

    He is steadily proceeding with his REAL plan.

    However, America is not cooperating as expected. We’re putting a real wrench in the works. Yea, US!!!

  65. I’m boycotting Best Buys this year for the same reason we all know now.
    Another good word for Hobby Lobby—nice
    Christmas spirit and greeting there. I was helped by TWO clerks at the same time–good service, and found what I wanted and more.
    They have frequent sales, great craft items,
    interesting educational toys & trains (Thomas the Train & accessories are there), nice home dec fabric & reg. fabric, furniture, beads, scrapbooking, and more. Nice Christmas music while you shop, too. I had a very pleasant day there yesterday.
    Thanks, Hobby Lobby, for a nice Christmas
    shopping experience in Ohio.

  66. #

    Michelle // December 13, 2009 at 4:13 pm

    ms helga@ 4:02
    I can’t find the link what are they saying re: rense?


  67. OT: don’t want to change the great discussion
    here by posting this, but later when you get a
    chance read WND’s article on the Atlanta Air Tran flight experience Americans had with
    the 13 Muslims on-board who pulled off a “trial run” onboard. It will make you definately
    pay attention to what we are up against with
    Islamic terrorists, the Islamic religion, and
    CAIR who sets up the Muslims’ legal defense.

  68. Maddie // December 13, 2009 at 5:02 pm

    We need to get some of Barry’s “comrades”
    from colleges interviewed and let them say
    if Soetoro was known as the “foreign student”
    on campus.
    The a**hole never went..his name was on the roster…….and if there are any grades, tests, exams, essays, term papers, ect, they are by a well-paid imposter,,,,,,,,,,I truly believe this……how can one be head of the Harvard Law Review and not write one paper???

    How can one be head of the Harvard Law Review and not be remembered??

    How can one attend all these schools and not have profs remember them…..

    I bet if I suffered a terrible accident and my pic was in the papers, every professor/ teacher from my college would recognize me from 30 years ago.

    Don’t try to figure my age…….I was a late bloomer!!

  69. JJ,
    I’m joining you in that. I boycotted Best Buys
    this year and will add any other store to the list that “denies” Christmas in any way.

    Thanks for telling us this.
    “My decision next year is to not buy anything from any store that has this policy and I wish the entire country would do the same. This would be a great opportunity to teach kids the real meaning of Christmas. I’m told that if I deny Him in public he’ll deny me before the Father.
    Right again!!!!!!!!!!!

    If my Christain beliefs are offensive then I can only assume my money is, too.”—
    Yes, that is right!!!!!!!!!

  70. JJ—
    Excellent points above on BHO’s “college”
    background. The Harvard Law Review—
    Is it comprised of a large group—wonder how
    many and who would answer a few questions…
    this would be an interesting avenue to follow
    thoroughly. The profs, students—no one
    knows him? Something very strange about
    that. Maybe he has no transcripts.
    Maybe he never attend college at all. If so,
    Mr. Usurper, PROVE IT–PRODUCE those
    DOCS, NOW!

  71. Maddie // December 13, 2009 at 5:02 pm
    We need to get some of Barry’s “comrades”
    from colleges interviewed and let them say
    if Soetoro was known as the “foreign student”
    on campus.

    We see our current president in a picture from his college days, sitting next to his self-professed best friend and roommate, Sohale Siddiqi. These photos were taken in 1981, according to the NYT article.
    (Be sure to read the comments. I had to look up the definition of gaydar 🙂 )

  72. OT: Another idea of getting Congress WOMEN
    to rebel…

    Women sometimes will be the first to take a stand. Since there is a Democratic majority, maybe these Democratic WOMEN
    would stand up against the usurper since
    he cheated their former fellow female Senator
    Hillary Clinton out of the Dem. nomination.

    It’s a long shot, but wonder if there is enough
    animosity still to make that happen.

  73. Jonah,
    Interesting article and comments on “friends”–
    pixs look odd–bo sitting too close to his buddy.
    Other guy’s pose with hands seems strange.
    Saw the “gaydar” comment— I’m guessing –does this mean “gay” radar??? Never saw that
    term before.

    If you run into any more “friends” of Barry
    and their comments please post.

    Thanks, Jonah.

  74. I’ve decided to carry a copy of my BC with
    me and produce it when asked for I.D.—
    along with a “few” extra comments

    (what do you think, SueK, Queen of BCs at
    Voting Polls:) —You go girl:)

  75. BUCHANAN: Ron Paul’s Hour of Power
    If not derailed by the establishment, the audit may happen.
    By Patrick J. Buchanan
    Sunday, December 13, 2009

    The decades-long campaign of Ron Paul to have the Government Accountability Office do a full audit of the Federal Reserve now has 313 sponsors in the House.

    Sometimes perseverance does pay off.
    If not derailed by the establishment, the audit may happen. READ MORE…….

    I have been doing some thought processing.
    We need a Judge to save this country.
    This might have been discussed before.
    How about putting ads in all the papers and also on the internet:
    A Honest God Loving Judge who is willing to stand up for America. America will be lost if one is not found ASAP.
    (or other contact persons)

  77. Joyceaz—

    Interesting idea. They need to work with
    We the People—no Obama “shills” need apply.

  78. Anyone who continues to shop at WORST BUY is a complete moron. You’d have to be a tree stump to pay what they are charging, regardless of their anti-American and anti-Christian behaviors.

    It’s called the INTERNET and you can pick up items for up to 50% less than this douche nozzel company charges, including shipping.

  79. Jonah—
    On the audit—Yippee!!! I hope this comes about. Thanks for telling us.

  80. Maddie // December 13, 2009 at 5:52 pm


    I want pictures…. 🙂

  81. One place Barry hasn’t checked for his BC—
    Outer Space—Let’s send him there–one way.

  82. Michelle,
    Looking back on the thread…
    you were saying MO was “patient dumping”—
    what is that? Thanks. Maddie.

  83. Hi SueK–
    Good evening:) Yes, I’ll get A. to take pixs if he
    will. I want to take it to the stores. I’ve got a
    copy in the van as we speak. I have to warn
    you I’m not a NBC (but, unlike bo, I know it!)
    I can’t wait to see the reaction when they say
    I.D. and I pull this out. I’m thinking about my
    reply if anyone challenges me.

    I can say something like” this is a B.C.—something you haven’t seen from the POTUS.”
    Or….. any other suggestions???? I need more
    ideas…. thanks.

  84. Maddie // December 13, 2009 at 6:58 pm

    Hi Maddie,

    You may not ba an NBC but then, you’re not running for POTUS (even though some here at CW would nominate you in a flash!).

    You could say something like: ‘You asked me for I.D. so here’s my BC. Don’t you think that if asked for your BC you should produce it?’

    How about: ‘Here’s my BC. I wonder what Obama’s looks like?’

    Or, the one I’ve used already: ‘Here’s mine. Where’s Obama’s?’

  85. c.n.d.e. ville II

    This one’s for you, Sue K.:

    “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” Thomas Jefferson

    Throwing this one out as well. Also by Thomas Jefferson.

    “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”

  86. c.n.d.e. ville II

    Maddie // December 13, 2009 at 5:05 pm

    c.n.d.e. Ville II—

    O was elected by Sequoia software,Acorn fraud and Foreign $$$$$,which is illegal
    WHO is investigating this fact? Agree with you
    That’s the problem . . . . Who IS investigating this fact??

    That quote is from Truth Now, who is sounding the alert — to get this problem fixed before the next big round of elections.

    Good going with your b/c strategy!!!!

  87. c.n.d.e. ville II // December 13, 2009 at 7:19 pm

    Hi c.n.d.e. ville II,

    Bee-you-ti-ful, and so true!

    Thanks to you and Mr. Jefferson for the pep talk!

  88. Whack a Banker game, proving to be a hit in Britain.–.html

  89. More Fun with Liberal Hypocrisy

  90. Some of the Obot sites have written articles regarding the ACORN ruling to not only
    make it appear that ACORN was treated unjustly, violating their constitutional rights
    (flagrant lie) but some of those sites will attack your computer.
    I hopefully will put up a detailed article tomorrow.
    This judge & her decision must be challenged!

  91. Congressional Candidate L.Torgerson Tonight on The Weekly Filibuster Radio Show

  92. Obama’s ‘fraud’ associate to run for Iraqi parliament

    And the wheels on the bus go round and round…

  93. Our country has left the prniciples of God. God is 5 th on most peoples list these days. Just by the way we live. its hard on sundays for my boys to play football because games are at 9am 10 am etc right at church time. This tells you where the left gets more people who fall for there kids playing sports then serving god. We must return to God’s will or else

  94. Don in California

    Linda, and about three Repubs voted for it. Can you say “You’re fired”??

  95. NiteCap @ Freedom Radio with Neal Puckett

  96. Video Collection of NY Based Islamist Groups

  97. Don in California:

    You betcha!

  98. The Change We Seek: The Obama Presidency At One Year (The Communist Party Weighs In)

    Pay attention, please…it appears the CPUSA is pleased with Dear Reader.

  99. Sue K:

    Good Lord! This cannot be a coincidence!

    It is frightening when the very people you rely upon to protect your health become a deterrent to your health!

    Somebody should be sued!

    Happy Night…Linda

  100. WHITE HOUSE Blackmailing Congress and corps. TO SUPPORT CAP AND TRADE. MUST Stop cap and trade !!!

    food will double,gas uP 4,00,utillities double,WILL BE THE END OF AMERICA AS WE KNOW IT.

  101. I saw on FOX News that my senator, Dem. Claire McCaskill voted against the bill today. She was holding out so I thought she was waiting for her $300 million, like Mary Landrieu. I was surprised McCaskill actually cast a NO vote but then I realized the vote was not close. Her vote wasn’t even needed to get the bill passed. She probably was just voting NO to placate her constituents who have been swamping her with emails and phone calls. We’ll see what happens when the health care bill goes to a vote.

  102. US National Guard celebrates 373 years

  103. The European Union The Soviet Union World ( Rev. Manning video )

  104. Linda from NY // December 13, 2009 at 8:40 pm

    Hi Linda,

    Haven’t we been talking about this for months? Didn’t we agree that the shot would cause more complications than the flu itself? Weren’t we likening this current rush through shoddy, incomplete clinical trials to the 1976 swine flu debacle and the incidence of Guillain-Barre? Didn’t we talk about the local, state, and federal media campaigns to get people vaccinated?

    No, it’s no coincidence! This was all planned. Enough people weren’t lining up for this poison, so a ‘shortage’ was created to egg people on. All of a sudden, people wanted something that wasn’t readily available. All orchestrated.

    And remember when the vaccines were being manufactured? They were created with the stipulation that no manufacturer could be sued if there was a negative reaction to their vaccine. First time in history that’s happened. When you read or hear that the vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued for any negative reactions, bells should go off and red flags in quantity should pop up in front of your face.

    BTW, adverse vaccine reports are also coming in from Europe, especially Ireland. I mentioned this a few posts ago. And we know who’s in Europe, don’t we? Our old pal, Baxter.

    I just wonder what kinds of health problems will manifest in the folks who took this shot 5-10-15 + years down the road.

    Don’t know if I really wanna know.

  105. The South // December 13, 2009 at 7:41 pm
    Whack a Banker game, proving to be a hit in Britain.–.html
    A “Whack a Politician game” would probably be a big hit here in the USA.
    Barack Obama, Nancy Polosi, Harry Reid.
    Whack! Whack! Whack!

  106. Don in California

    The Senate voted Sunday 57-35 on the legislation. Democrats Evan Bayh of Indiana, Russ Feingold of Wisconsin and Claire McCaskill of Missouri voted against the bill. Republican Sens. Thad Cochran of Missouri, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine and Richard Shelby of Alabama voted for it.

  107. Don in California

    — Permits detainees held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to be transferred to the U.S. for trial, but not to be released.

    — Calls for federal worker pay increases averaging 2 percent.
    Terrorists on U.S. soil at tax payer expense.
    Federal worker get a 2% pay raise, Social Security none.
    Retired military no pay raise.

    Sound fair to you?

  108. Sue K:

    Yes…we were well aware of what they were doing, but there was no way we could stop it. Since they made themselves “immune” to prosecution, they could go ahead with their “evil plan” without incurring any liability.

    Sickening…just abhorrently sickening! And…they knew exactly what they were doing!

    Wasn’t it Johnny Carson who began his career with a show entitled “Who do you trust?” Answer: very few people/institutions/banks/corporations/Congress…too many to mention!


    Screams in purse!

  109. Jonah,

    I agree, a Whack-A-Politician would be smash hit!

    Maybe some Xbox developer will come up with a cool video game to root out the terrorists in the White House 🙂

    Fire in the hole!

    Clear 1

    Clear 7

    Perimeter secure, targets disabled

    Mission accomplished

  110. Don in California

    Cheney’s choice of words in his most recent interview with Hannity were not random shots:

    “I mean that the — I think it’ll [the KSM trial] give aid and comfort to the enemy. I think it will make Khalid Sheikh Mohammed something of a hero in certain circles, especially in the radical regions of Islam around the world.”

    Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. -United States Constitution, Article III, Section 4, Clause 1

  111. Linda from NY // December 13, 2009 at 9:15 pm

    Right, Linda-no way to stop it except to be armed with knowledge! I think that those who read this blog were aware of what was going on thanks to the many astute posters we have here. JustMe, JeffM, Maddie, Prairie, venice, The South, one ‘Linda from NY’, and many others had some valuable insights and info that was extremely helpful in putting all this together and giving everyone the scoop.

    Yup, no liabilty for injecting people with poison. If the Thimerosal doesn’t get ya, the Squalene will. They knew all along and didn’t care; profit is the name of the game.

    And it’s funny that even from my perch, good, decent scientists and administrators were told the same thing as the public and bought into it for the sake of their jobs. That’s how far the corrupt, deceptive tentacles reached.

    Hoping your purse could take that scream!

    But think of it this way, Linda: We here (and I’m sure many other blogs and web sites) knew what was happening. We formed an opinion and made an informed decision. That’s the way it should be, rather than buying into what some bureaucracy tells us is the right thing to do.

    Informed=armed to the teeth!

    And that’s the way to go!

  112. Oh barf, Oprah’s interviewing the first (muslim-marxist-socialist) family in the Christmas at the White House special. Had to turn it off.

  113. Q. & A. Obama Passport

    What passport did he use when he was shuttling between New York, Jakarta, and Karachi ?

    Q: Did he travel to Pakistan in 1981, at age 20?

    A: Yes, by his own admission.

    Q: What passport did he travel under?

    A: There are only three possibilities.

    1) He traveled with a U.S. Passport,
    2) He traveled with a British passport, or
    3) He traveled with an Indonesian passport.

    Q: Is it possible that Obama traveled with a U.S. Passport in 1981?

    A: No. It is not possible. Pakistan was on the U.S. State Department’s “no travel” list in 1981.

    Conclusion: When Obama went to Pakistan in 1981 he was traveling either with a British passport or an Indonesian passport.

    If he were traveling with a British passport that would provide proof he was born in Kenya on August 4, 1961, not in Hawaii as he claims.

    And if he were traveling with an Indonesian passport that would tend to prove he relinquished whatever previous citizenship he held, British or American, prior to being adopted by his Indonesian step-father in 1967.

    Whatever the truth of the matter, the American people need to know how he managed to become a “natural born” American citizen between 1981 and 2008.

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