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“You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.”…Abraham Lincoln


Early in the 2008 election cycle there was widespread concern about voter fraud and intimidation. It is believed by many, including myself, that Obama and his thugs stole the Democratic primaries and caucuses. There has been much discussion about the 2010 elections and continued voter fraud and suspect voting machines. Earlier today the Citizen Wells blog reported on more suspicion about the NY District 23 congressional race, narrowly lost by Doug Hoffman.

“We in the 23rd were the subject of a ‘beta test, pilot program’, in the midst of a very important election. There were many problems as a result of this ‘test’. The integrity, credibility and voter confidence in this election is severely challenged as a result. A manual hand count needs to be accomplished in order to assure the voters that the Sequoia/Dominion ImageCast machines worked and worked accurately. Not doing so will forever taint the results of this ‘beta test’ election as well as future elections.

It is not a matter of who won or who lost… it is a matter of our constitutional right to a fair, open and honest election process without vendors protecting their interests (Sequoia), or a State covering their collective <actions>… at the expense of the voting process itself.”
Sequoia voting machines suspect

From American Thinker, August 16, 2009.

“Do you really believe that the next elections in 2010 and particularly 2012 will be the solution to the current socialist infestation?  Do you think that people who are as addicted to power as Obama, Emmanuel, and Axelrod will passively accept their ouster in a fair general election?  After fighting the good fight, will they gracefully withdraw from power?”

“Leftists do not see election fraud or other dirty tactics as illegal, immoral, or unethical.  This is because the socialist agenda is for the good of the nation, a noble cause to promote and protect at any cost.  In other words, the ends justify the means.  In the final analysis, it is difficult to predict what they are capable of.  The rules don’t apply to them.  We can only study the actions of other socialist leaders such as Lenin, Stalin, Castro, and Chavez, and make assumptions.”

Read more:

Voting machine fraud was not my highest priority early in 2008, but it was a concern. From some email exchanges:

Tue, Jun 3, 2008 at 4:46 PM

“Have you investigated the companies and software engineers that
provide voting machines and support in this country?

Tue, Jun 3, 2008 at 4:49 PM

Haven’t taken a look at them, truthfully… I am worried that the companies tend not to open source their software, though, as scrutiny should drive out bugs in software and demonstrate transparency and honesty in the system.

From another person.

Tue, Jun 3, 2008 at 11:13 AM

“and that several of the voting machine companies have very deep Muslim and Venezuelan ties.”

Notice how well informed and ahead of the curve these great CW commenters are:

Submitted on 2009/07/23 at 10:28am   Nancy

“The electronic voting machines are ‘Sequoia’. They are used in NJ. Princeton Univ. did some tests & found they could be easily hacked into within a few minutes to change voting results.”

Submitted on 2009/11/03 at 9:43am   Linda from NY

“Coming Elections: At least 20 states will be using electronic Sequoia voting systems (A Venezuelan company with strong ties to Hugo Chavez) at polling stations”

Submitted on 2009/11/05 at 9:12am   Truth Now

Please investigate
2 articles on Sequoia software,,Hugo Chavez connections.
In 8 states now more to come,used in many New York voting machines
Can alter votes in 5 minutes.
Is this why Hoffman lost?
Used also in Last yrs.Presidential elections
Needs to be exposed

Submitted on 2009/11/16 at 10:33am   Patriot Dreamer

“I do not have a Facebook account (and have no interest in getting one), but the following excert was posted on Doug

Hoffman’s Facebook page:

“Our Campaign Is Not Over Yet!

So many people have written hoping we continue the fight, count every ballot and make sure no one steals this election.

Acorn and the unions did their best to try and say that the conservative movement was a sham. Rest assured they will not succeed. On Election Night the information we received was far different from what we received this week. They will not silence our voice that easily!

There is also the fact that NY is using the Sequoia Voting Systems machines. Princeton University

( cited them as having been susceptible to voter fraud in the past. There’s a reason why the State of California BANNED them. Yet we must now prepare for this possibility as well.

We are working to get the message out that this election is far from over! Our campaign and the New York Conservative Party is watching this recount and preparing for our next course of action. On Friday Doug appeared on Cavuto on FoxNews and will appear on Glen Beck’s radio show on Monday. It is a call-to-arms for conservatives. Help however you can; post blogs, comment on websites and donate to help us mount a challenge if need be!”


Submitted on 2009/11/16 at 1:01pm   bob strauss
“Glennmcgahee, I read a story a while back about the voting machines in Honduras. They were preloaded with enough votes to guarantee Zelaya’s victory.
The voting machines were Sequoia software also, and Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela company designed that software.”

Submitted on 2009/11/19 at 7:01pm   John Charlton

“Virus in voting machines: analysis of salient facts points to Dominion/Sequoia”

Center for Information Technology Policy, Princeton University

“Insecurities and Inaccuracies of the
Sequoia AVC Advantage 9.00H DRE Voting Machine

by Andrew W. Appel1, Maia Ginsburg1, Harri Hursti,
Brian W. Kernighan1, Christopher D. Richards1, and Gang Tan2.
1Princeton University     2Lehigh University

The AVC Advantage voting machine is made by Sequoia Voting Systems and has been used in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and other states. Pursuant to a Court Order in New Jersey Superior Court, we examined this voting machine as well as its computer program code. On October 17, 2008 the Court permitted us to release to the public a redacted version of our report.

Public Report: Insecurities and Inaccuracies of the Sequoia AVC Advantage 9.00H DRE Voting Machine (click here)
This report was originally submitted to the Court on September 2 in the form of an expert-witness report by Andrew W. Appel. The Court has released this redacted version to the public. The version we release here, linked in boldface above, is the same as the Court’s redacted version, but with a few introductory paragraphs about the court case, Gusciora v. Corzine.

Videos: click here. We can now release the 90-minute evidentiary video that we submitted to the Court on September 2nd. We are seeking the Court’s permission to release a much shorter video which demonstrates the most important points much more succinctly.

Frequently Asked Questions (“Why are you releasing this just 3 weeks before the election?” etc.)

What you need to know:

The AVC Advantage contains a computer. If someone installs a different computer program for that computer to run, it can deliberately add up the votes wrong. It’s easy to make a computer program that steals votes from one party’s candidates, and gives them to another, while taking care to make the total number of votes come out right. It’s easy to make this program take care to cheat only on election day when hundreds of ballots are cast, and not cheat when the machine is being tested for accuracy. This kind of fraudulent computer program can modify every electronic “audit trail” in the computer. Without voter-verified paper ballots, it’s extremely hard to know whether a voting machine (such as the AVC Advantage) is running the right program.

It takes about 7 minutes, using simple tools, to replace the computer program in the AVC Advantage with a fraudulent program that cheats. We demonstrate this on the video.

Even when it’s not hacked to deliberately steal votes, the AVC Advantage has a few user-interface flaws. Therefore, sometimes the AVC Advantage does not properly record the intent of the voter. All known voting technologies have imperfect user interfaces, although some are worse than others. The public should beware of the argument that some people make, that “we should not replace the AVC Advantage with voting method X, because X is imperfect.” The AVC Advantage’s susceptibility to installation of a fraudulent vote-counting program is far more than an imperfection: it is a fatal flaw.

What should be done? Most technology experts who study the security of voting methods recommend precinct-count optical-scan voting, with by-hand audits of the optical-scan ballots from randomly selected precincts. We agree with this consensus. In fact, most states are moving in the right direction: 32 states now vote with voter-verified paper ballots (mostly optical-scan, some with DRE+VVPAT). Only a minority of states are still using paperless DRE voting machines such as the AVC Advantage. We recommend that those states adopt precinct-count optical scan.

Executive Summary of the Report

I. The AVC Advantage 9.00 is easily “hacked,” by the installation of fraudulent firmware. This is done by prying just one ROM chip from its socket and pushing a new one in, or by replacement of the Z80 processor chip. We have demonstrated that this “hack” takes just 7 minutes to perform.

The fraudulent firmware can steal votes during an election, just as its criminal designer programs it to do. The fraud cannot practically be detected. There is no paper audit trail on this machine; all electronic records of the votes are under control of the firmware, which can manipulate them all simultaneously.

II. Without even touching a single AVC Advantage, an attacker can install fraudulent firmware into many AVC Advantage machines by viral propagation through audio-ballot cartridges. The virus can steal the votes of blind voters, can cause AVC Advantages in targeted precincts to fail to operate; or can cause WinEDS software to tally votes inaccurately. (WinEDS is the program, sold by Sequoia, that each County’s Board of Elections uses to add up votes from all the different precincts.)

III. Design flaws in the user interface of the AVC Advantage disenfranchise voters, or violate voter privacy, by causing votes not to be counted, and by allowing pollworkers to commit fraud.

IV. AVC Advantage Results Cartridges can be easily manipulated to change votes, after the polls are closed but before results from different precincts are cumulated together.

V. Sequoia’s sloppy software practices can lead to error and insecurity. Wyle’s ITA reports are not rigorous, and are inadequate to detect security vulnerabilities. Programming errors that slip through these processes can miscount votes and permit fraud.

VI. Anomalies noticed by County Clerks in the New Jersey 2008 Presidential Primary were caused by two different programming errors on the part of Sequoia, and had the effect of disenfranchising voters.

VII. The AVC Advantage has been produced in many versions. The fact that one version may have been examined for certification does not give grounds for confidence in the security and accuracy of a different version. New Jersey should not use any version of the AVC Advantage that it has not actually examined with the assistance of skilled computer-security experts.

VIII. The AVC Advantage is too insecure to use in New Jersey. New Jersey should immediately implement the 2005 law passed by the Legislature, requiring an individual voter-verified record of each vote cast, by adopting precinct-count optical-scan voting equipment.”

Read more:


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  1. I always felt that obama never got the votes to win there was widespread massive corruption and spiraled out of control. We are now under mini communist regime lusting for more power and control. they must be drooling if they can pass health care fraud

  2. Patriot Dreamer

    “Obama’s Cloward-Piven Strategy to Destroy American Economy Is Working Out Nicely”

  3. Patriot Dreamer

    “Forecast for Dem primaries: Ugly”

  4. Doug Hoffman admitted he was not familiar with all the ends and outs of elections and fraud! Now that it is a given fact that most likely there was big time fraud in this election, where are the High Rollers of the Conservative Movement that can help him in this matter?? This is the reason the Country is in such a mess today. Are there really any Leaders who give a Damn???

  5. Patriot Dreamer
  6. Fraud seems to be evident in the NY23 election! My question would be, where are the LEADERS of the Conservative Movement? Mr. Hoffman is well versed on the needs of America, but being new to the political scene, he needs guidance on filing against these election returns. HE NEEDS HELP NOW!

  7. I just sent Doug Hoffman an email offering my assistance.

  8. Beck will be covering the fraud perpetrated by Hadley Climate Unit and the UN’s IPCC after the commercial break.

  9. Bob Marley You can fool some people sometimes but you cant fool all the people all the time and now you see the light you caught to stand up for rights!!

  10. I found this poll on FR.

    Anti-Obama billboard stirs controversy (with Poll)
    Fox 31 News – Denver, CO ^ | November 20, 2009 | KDVR Denver

  11. So the current crop of corruption in Congress has no fear for their jobs because TPTB assured them they could fix the elections in 2010.

    I hope that what is starting to be revealed from the NY23 election gives them pause…

  12. Do not be fooled by a “Republican comeback”. This is all a tactic to keep the conservatives under control. Voting in Republicrats in 2010 will do absolutely nothing to oust the evil empire out of the U.S. government.

    Do not look at the last 2 years. Look at the track record of the past 50 years and tell me things will be any different in 2010, 2011, or 2012. The roots run so deep it will be very difficult getting the weeds out of the grass without re-seeding.

  13. In this present time of darkness, here is some beautiful music for everyone:

    Bach – Concerto in C Major BWV 984

  14. Michelle, are you here?
    Just read your post from the previous thread…

    I don’t know where you live/zoning issues etc. These are small (on purpose) they would have their own house, but on your property near-by. Close but independent. It also depend on family circumstances, financial aspects etc., but just another option
    This is a very interesting idea—Katrina cottage looked cute. Doesn’t look too hard to have built either. Where we live now (country) there are still “covenants” that they don’t enforce but gripe if you cross the line. Someone did build a pool house (it’s about the size of this cottage) and they didn’t do anything about that. If
    we couldn’t do it here, we could move further out in the country where building restrictions
    are loose. Any idea how much one of these cottages would cost to have built? even a
    guess? Thank you, Michelle, very interesting!

  15. Joy,
    You are correct! This is what happened in Ohio
    with all the corruption, and Jennifer Brunner SOS did absolutely NOTHING about it—Voter Fraud all over.

  16. truth–
    I always felt that obama never got the votes to win
    Absolutely the way a lot of people felt.

  17. Speedy— We need that billboard re-posted.
    JS had a link for voting on it.
    The billboard tells what most Americans are thinking and want to know. I agree with JS who suggested one of these in DC accompanied by round the clock picketing. Jackie, are you here?
    Can you post info on this again? Thanks, Maddie.

  18. TO:

    Maddie // November 23, 2009 at 6:43 pm

    Michelle, are you here?
    Just read your post from the previous thread…

    I don’t know where you live/zoning issues etc. These are small (on purpose) they would have their own house, but on your property near-by. Close but independent. It also depend on family circumstances, financial aspects etc., but just another option
    This is a very interesting idea—Katrina cottage looked cute. Doesn’t look too hard to have built either. Where we live now (country) there are still “covenants” that they don’t enforce but gripe if you cross the line. Someone did build a pool house (it’s about the size of this cottage) and they didn’t do anything about that. If
    we couldn’t do it here, we could move further out in the country where building restrictions
    are loose. Any idea how much one of these cottages would cost to have built? even a
    guess? Thank you, Michelle, very interesting!

    Anyone interested in ready made concrete cottages I have info on hurricane/tornado/earthquake resistant super insulated R-60 cottages that can be truck delivered with everything in them except utilities hook/up. Anyone interested please let me know. They are monolithic concrete won’t burn, no termites, no rot problems etc.
    The best

  19. There is so much fraud to go around.

    I want us to go back to paper ballots, hand counted. (I was an observer at one such ‘counting’; those of us there, on both sides, felt we were participating in true democracy.)

    A good site is Black Box Voting,

    But first, we need to address the fraud of the 2008 general election. And the outline of that fraud can be found all over my blog.

  20. Maddie-I grew up by O’Hare, but now I live in Florida, in this neighborhood-I don’t think they would be allowed, but if you live in an unincorporated area-in Illinois we were unincorporated DuPage County and everybody in the neighborhood was in the construction industry-meaning your father built the house. Katrina cottages were born in Hurricane Katrina, people much preferred them to government trailers. Maybe there are some for sale in THE REGION-that is what it was called here since it involved many states. I think they are factory built and assembled on site. The “trick” was in the design, small but lot of built ins-let no square inch get left to waste, that to me is the mark of a good design. If your parents have a house that they could sell, you could have a builder build the Katrina Cottage and have money left over. I forgot about Bale Houses, those puppies are really well built. Bio-mass-I think they can withstand very strong hurricanes, tornados etc.
    Maddie-I thought about these houses so many times but I kept forgetting to tell you.

  21. Portuguese, Do you have a website for those cottages? I’m really just more curious than anything…would love to look at them.

  22. Peter,
    I’m interested in receiving your information, too. Thank you for the post.

  23. Peter Francisco-Maddie
    “They are monolithic concrete won’t burn, no termites, no rot problems etc.
    The best”
    Peter-You got me all excited, super insulated too
    my father was a cement man and carpenter, I was wondering if this was feasible. I loved going into a foundation hole when I was a kid, I was wondering how they do the roof tilt wall?

  24. Wow, Michelle, I have never heard of any of
    these—great ideas! We are in a “township”—
    I hate to show my total ignorance, but is it
    incorporated or not? Here’s the weird part,
    down the street is a llama farm, vet around the bend has a horse farm, 2 buffalo in a pasture about 2 mins. away, chickens, sheep, deer wandering around, lots of birds of prey, etc.
    but then there is this area of houses where we are that has “covenants.” Odd isn’t it? I’ll tell you one more odd thing. When this house was built we were almost homeless for a week–moved out of an apt. , house not finished on time, building inspector gave us a permit WITHOUT running water! (and we took it–please do not think we were total “hicks”—it was like Girl Scout camping to me:)

  25. Peter & Michelle,
    What exactly is “monolithic concrete”?

  26. Michelle,
    Just checked out your Bale Houses site–very cool.

  27. Maddie-we were little when we moved out of Chicago, into the suburbs-it was called the boonies then, a neighborhood with a giant farm in our backyard. Great place for little kids to grow up. I will always feel like a hick suburbanite. Kids that grow up in cities totally different, not bad just different.

  28. Monolithic Cabins:

    There are 3 models here is the largest.
    If you intend to order I would appreciate ordering thru me so I can make a small commission. I have visted this company in Teaxas and have been trained by them in the construction of Domes. They are a great bunch of people and it is a Mormon family run business. They share all their info willingly as opposed to another company that I am also associated with that HIDES EVERYTHING even thought they also have a great product.

    Any questions please let me know.

  29. Last I saw 0f the billboard of Barry was 86.6% agreed with the billboard.

  30. OOps forgot the link for Cabins. ALso these people have a foundation to help build housing in 3rd world countries.

  31. Off Topic, but I am soooooooooo sick of the Chia Obama Commercial. Can’t believe some one would pay for it! UGHHHHHHHHHHHH

  32. Kidmon // November 23, 2009 at 7:49 pm

    Don’t worry Kidmon, the reason they are running it so much is because no one is buying them ! LOL

  33. I hate that dang ad – makes me want to cuss!

  34. from the other thread, it was posted that
    Lou Dobbs will run for President. Can anyone confirm hearing this, too?

  35. They are just trying to find other saps than themselves to unload their inferior merchandise! May I suggest to them to market their crap in D.C.?

  36. I think we could have an Obammy Chia Shoot this year instead of a Turkey Shoot! Probably raise loads of money for the needy!

    I think I’ll suggest that at Circle and see how that flys. Not politically correct, but would raise alot of money.

    Oh no, its Lamont Hill on Oreilly. I don’t care for him either. Obammy suck-up.

  37. We need billboards with explanations of natural born citizen that are very, very simple.

    this is from a blog post at Apuzzo site
    NBC, easy as 1,2,3!

    You get one point for
    Mom=US Citizen = 1 point
    Dad=US Citizen = 1 point
    Born in-country = 1 point

    “Natural Born Citizen” requires 3 points. NBC is the only permutation not defined by 14th amendment (jus soli + jus sanguinis both parents), and NBC is nowhere in the 14th amendment (that is to say that status requiring all 3 points).
    Statutory “Citizen” requires only 1 or 2 points by any permutation. “Citizen”, is defined by 14th amendment to include 1 or 2 points or a person can be naturalized (0 points).
    The bots try to confuse matters by stating a partial truth, that there are only 2 types of citizens, “born citizens” and “naturalized citizens”.
    This is true but does not demonstrate what Article II Section 1 Clause 5 proves: that “Citizen” is NOT the same term as “Natural Born Citizen”. They are distinct as seen by use of the word “OR” between them. It reads:
    “No person except a natural born Citizen, OR a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution”
    NBC (requiring 3 points) and 1 and 2 point persons are all “born citizens”, but Article II clearly distinguishes Natural Born Citizen from “Citizen”. A “Born Citizen” is not necessarily a Natural Born Citizen. This is the juncture at which the bots froth and frenzy, using the fault-filled Indiana opinion piece (which takes the holding of Wong Kim Ark and then concludes the opposite) to try to state that a 1 point jus-soli-only native born citizen is a Natural Born Citizen when it is not. Indiana contradicts other bot opinions that a one parent jus-sanguinis citizen is a Natural Born Citizen, since Indiana seeks to make blood citizenship irrelevant to NBC status. Indiana is total bunk planted to muddle the issue. US v Wong Kim Ark holds that the native born child of an alien cannot be a Natural Born Citizen. Minor v Happersett both defines NBC as jus soli jus sanguinis both parents, but goes further to state that no 14th amendment Citizen can be a NBC.

    So overall,
    NBC = 3 points
    (Born Citizen = 1 or 2 or 3 points–but this is an Obot confounder term and irrelevant)
    Naturalized = 0 points
    Statutory “Citizen” = 0,1,2 points
    NBC ≠ Statutory Citizen
    NBC is a birthright to a nation, for indeed a child born in-country to two citizen parents, can have no other citizenship claim made to them by any other nation.

  38. Kidmon // November 23, 2009 at 8:12 pm

    You mean to tell me you are gonna help the Chia people out with their stuff? You better be careful, they may make more!

  39. Well, if it could help the needy in our area – it would be for a good reason! Heck, I’d love to pop that chia right between the eyes! But really, it will never happen!

  40. Did I miss an ad? A Chia obama, are you kidding?

  41. Maddie

    You haven’t seen the Chia Obama commercial? It’s own Fox all the time. I am so sick of it! Has “Yes we can” stamped in base. When you think about it, it’s really quite racist!

  42. Kidmon // November 23, 2009 at 8:19 pm

    Those needy people may just get a couple million bucks for just that simple little game! I’m going on the amount of disgust that is out here with us little folk!

  43. I’m thinking Hoffman is going to receive a great deal of assistance from his late supporters i.e., Palin.

    There was a report out of Canada back in early 2001 or 2002 that warned our state A’sG and Sec’ys of SBEs about many of these machines and the challenges we would face if they were purchased. Unfortunately, many states were lead by D’s which is why they ended up purchasing them.

    Always remember two things, one – D’s started planning the -0 presidency long before 2004 AND two – follow the money. If you keep these two things in mind you see this sham in a totally different shade of light.

  44. This might be a better look to the poll about the BO sign in CO.,0,2612065.story

  45. LJ—thanks for the link. I’d take Lou Dobbs
    over what we have any day.
    Kidmon–I watch FOX every day, how did I
    not see it? Husband just said he’s seen it.
    I’ll pay more attention to the ads. Thanks.

  46. Maddie

    When you see it, you’re gonna want to hurl!

    Yes you can!

  47. Maddie // November 23, 2009 at 8:28 pm
    You are so more than welcome ! Course truth be known, my dog would be so much better than who we have running things now, IMHO.

  48. Speedy—Excellent pix of the billboard.
    One of these billboards (exactly like this one)
    needs to be in DC accompanied by 24/7
    picketing by “Birthers”

  49. Kidmon,
    I’m on my way to finding a barf bag ….

    Did you see the “turban” image on that billboard
    —check out Speedy’s link above.

  50. Maddie

    The pious Martha Stewart is fixing to come up on Oreilly. She says Sarah Palin is “Confused”.

  51. Yep! Loved it! Need more like that everywhere. It will drive he and moochele absolutely crazy!

  52. Without voter-verified paper ballots, it’s extremely hard to know whether a voting machine (such as the AVC Advantage) is running the right program.
    Again, every note needs a paper trail and a receipt.

  53. JJ // November 23, 2009 at 8:39 pm

    Without voter-verified paper ballots, it’s extremely hard to know whether a voting machine (such as the AVC Advantage) is running the right program.
    Again, every note needs a paper trail and a receipt.

    Oh, Pooh, every vote needs a paper trail and a receipt.

  54. Instead of a Resident we now have a Jiresident!

  55. Kidmon // November 23, 2009 at 8:40 pm
    No, a Chiaresident.

  56. LJ

    Good One! HAHAHAHAH

  57. This bears repeating…FLU MUTATIONS

    Troubling Reports Out Of IOWA and NORTH CAROLINA Raise Fears That Deadly H1N1 Swine Flu Mutations Have Already Reached The United States.

    New reports from Iowa and North Carolina are raising concerns that the deadly H1N1 swine flu mutations that have been confirmed by the WHO in Ukraine, Norway and elsewhere have already reached the United States.

    In Iowa, a report that doctors are seeing “very heavy, wet hemorrhagic lungs, lungs with a lot of blood in them” in H1N1 patients is creating concerns among health experts that the deadly Ukraine H1N1 has already spread there.

    In addition, a report of Tamiflu-resistant H1N1 swine flu in North Carolina is raising questions about the ability of medical authorities to combat H1N1 if thousands of people do start dying. If deadly H1N1 swine flu mutations have already reached the United States, what does that mean?

    snipped from:

  58. It is a gigantic embarrassment to this nation, that they cannot/will not get accurate election results. A shame and a scandal, there should not be a whisper or a doubt of accuracy. All machines, scanners, whatever should be made in the United States, certified before/after election. We have to sign in here in Florida, I know we had to do the same in Illinois. 500 people came in to vote, there should be 500 votes spread out as the voter intended.

  59. Kidmon // November 23, 2009 at 8:29 pm

    Kidmon, that cracked me up! Good thing I wasn’t drinking anything…

  60. Listen: Inhofe Says He Will Call for Investigation on “Climategate” on Wash Times Americas Morning

  61. Gosh…I am so excited.Just got my lighting up across our front fence reading CHRIST IS KING.Love that assertiveness when Christianity is being chased out of the public square.It is soooo big and bright too,I just keep laughing!
    Have not been able to read all the posts ru ning a bit more lately but I do so hope that charges are filed in NY-23. It seems to me the climate is getting better and even SNL seems to turn against fraud.

  62. Evening SueK!

    Hope Cricket is well today!

  63. JustMe // November 23, 2009 at 8:58 pm

    Hi JustMe,

    I understand that although this virus is becoming resistant to Tamiflu, it’s not resistant to Relenza. This may very well be the next line of defense.

  64. Kidmon // November 23, 2009 at 9:18 pm

    Hi Kidmon,

    Thanks-he’s holding his own but refuses to have his ear drops. I’ll have to sneak up on him.


  65. SueK

    Ear drops are a pain. I always end up with more on me than in the ears. Dogs are great a slinging it everywhere! Don’t know about bunnies.

  66. Maddie

    The CHia ad is on!

  67. SUE K,

    Interesting you bring this up…one of the links I provided a day or so ago addressed the issue with Relenza. I think it was the one that was the “way too much information” forum…do you still have that link? If you don’t, let me know.

  68. Search the Web on

    I want us to go back to paper ballots, hand counted. (I was an observer at one such ‘counting’; those of us there, on both sides, felt we were participating in true democracy.)


  69. Search the Web on

    It’s late, I’m tired, and the above is me.

  70. how does that happen??? DUH??? again

  71. Kidmon // November 23, 2009 at 9:24 pm

    Got him, Kidmon. The ears are easy to grasp and smoosh the drops in. After that, he can shake. He’s mad, now, but it’s done. One more day of this then I can leave the poor guy alone!

  72. JustMe // November 23, 2009 at 9:26 pm

    I just got that at work today, JustMe. I’ve been bouncing around sporadically here at CW the last few days-must’ve missed your link.

    Although ‘they’ say not to worry, lungs that look like charcoal are a cause for concern, especially when you think 1918 Spanish flu…

  73. Michelle // November 23, 2009 at 9:00 pm

    It is a gigantic embarrassment to this nation, that they cannot/will not get accurate election results. A shame and a scandal, there should not be a whisper or a doubt of accuracy. All machines, scanners, whatever should be made in the United States, certified before/after election. We have to sign in here in Florida, I know we had to do the same in Illinois. 500 people came in to vote, there should be 500 votes spread out as the voter intended.
    Michelle, I believe the real problem is the 500 votes you mention are not allotted to the chosen candidate.

  74. Army DAV,

    Thanks for the vid. This is great.

    Just heard Lord Lawson in England is also calling for an investigation. We have to hope the numbers continue to grow.

    link to article:

    This is disturbing to me,scroll down to Nov.4,2009 Cinncinati,Ohio.

  76. Sara Palin had dinner with one of my heros Billy Graham he is now 91 years young,my other heroes include Mother Teresa and my grandmother. At my grandmothers funeral the pastor said, had she lived during the Bible days there would be a book in the Bible with her name on it….

  77. GB–read the 11/4 post from the link.
    I agree. What’s going on in Cincy?
    This is very, very strange.
    Do you remember when the Muslims
    had their big “convention” in Columbus?

  78. John Charlton,

    While I’m not in favor of war, I find this piece of news most disturbing. What is wrong with this administration? Are soldiers’ lives so insignificant? I guess that is a deeply rhetorical question.

  79. Maddie……………………………………
    The mono concrete cottage might be a good idea,but there are some pitfalls that you need to consider. One of these is do the intended occupants have any form of asthma, or respiratory problems? From experience I can tell you that these homes can hold high levels of moisture for long periods of time. High levels of moisture WILL aggravate, and otherwise complicate asthmatic,or other respiratory,ailments. ie (COPD, lung stiffness, etc). The higher the saturation of moisture the greater will be the intensity of any respiratory problems of the occupant. High levels of moisture can also lead to high levels of potentially dangerous mold.
    This is also a real problem with people who buy a new mobile home. There is a very high level of formaldahyde vapors present in many new mobile homes. This is because formaldahyde is a solvent that is used in the manufacturing processes of carpet, paneling, and in the subfloor materials. It is present in the glue that is used in the manufacturing of these various materials. That is PRIMARILY why so many people who used the FEMA mobiles after Katrina were afflicted with lung, and breathing problems.
    The good news is that if a mobile home is put on order you can require that no products having a glue which uses formaldahyde as a solvent be used in the construction. Also sub floors can alse be installed using conventional sheathing,instead of particle bord. The particle board uses a glue which emits very high levels of formaldahyde vapors ,sometimes for years. Mobile homes or the mono cotteges might be worth considering. But above all take into consideration the geographical location in which you intend to place the home. A mobile in Florida could become an airborne fuselage with people inside. I won’t talk about the crash at the end of the ride; it won’t be very pretty. Mobile homes MUST be tied down by law in most states with special up, and over high tensile tie down strapping, or aircraft cable. But a mobile having ALL of the safety stuff required by local safety ordnances can be ripped apart by the right wind conditions.
    As I said earlier neither of these homes may be suitable for dccupants having respiratory problems. A moderate respiratory problem can become a major life threatening problem within the wrong atmospheric conditions.

  80. Perhaps d2i should repost the “12 steps” of Soros. This would account for Afghanistan.

  81. SueK,
    Putting in the drops is hard on BOTH of you.
    And, yes, you’d be mad too if someone dumped
    liquid down your ears—- just kidding—know you have to do it.

  82. Maddie,
    Yes I remember!People need to start waking up!
    This is getting out of control!One thing I might ask though,Bush signed Patriot Act 1 and2 to protect us right???Then how in the world is this happening if they would enforce this to protect us?I’m gonna put up a video for you and please watch it and listen to what the artist is saying.She sings how we don’t have a judge or jury because of the Patriot Acts.Let me know what you think K?

  83. Maddie,
    That video I just put up listen to the verses that she is singing about and could this be possible WHY we have no standing in any court about Barry due to the Patriot Acts??

  84. I had to share the computer again tonight, so
    am playing catchup again.

    Old Salt77,
    Glad you sent the info on the issues with the concrete cottages. My mom has chronic bronchial issues, so this would not be a good
    idea for her. Mold is really bad. We went in a
    house once that was a “fixer-upper” but it
    turned out to be filled with black mold and
    smelled so bad I had to leave the “showing” of
    it even. Mold is nothing to play around with.

    The cottage would be located in southcentral
    Ohio–cold winters with snow and moderate
    summers. No hurricanes (at least not yet),
    but tornados are an issue. The Lowes Katrina cottage that Michelle posted the link for
    above looked interesting. I’m going to go
    to Lowes and get an idea of price on materials
    and some idea what it would cost to build.
    Thanks, OldSalt, for the lowdown on all
    the health concerns. Better to know them
    ahead of time, that’s for sure!

  85. Whatcha gonna do when your LOCAL YOKAL cops tell you that it is now illegal to havs any seasonal yard ornaments, or decorations to your house which reflect a theme that can be construed as a Christmas theme. This extends to and includes NATIVITY SCENES. Nor does it make any difference if you own the property. Your local yokals could come to your door, and hand you a court order requiring the demolition of your decorations,and possibly your house as well.

  86. We somehow need to keep the HEAT focused on the Hawaii DOH. We need to dream up little things that will cause them huge headaches for a long time to come, and screws up their day to day operations so badly, and cost them such a level of money that they will be forced to wash their hands of all the Soetoro bullsh##. Then make ALL of Soetoro’s records public.

  87. GBAmerica

    This is getting out of control!One thing I might ask though,Bush signed Patriot Act 1 and2 to protect us right???



  88. GB—a very poignant video that appears to
    be covering all the issues Americans are
    focused on either already having lost or in
    the process of loosing. All the key words are there in the lyrics–Constitution, status of the Fed. Reserve, Civil War, a Revolution, etc.
    with “Ron Paul” being the focal leader.
    Not sure what the sleezy-attired
    ladies are attributing to it (only criticism).

    But, I can’t answer your question if the Patriot Acts are impeding our standing.
    Have to think more on that. Interesting
    video message.

  89. We somehow need to keep the HEAT focused on the Hawaii DOH. We need to dream up little things that will cause them huge headaches for a long time to come, and screws up their day to day operations so badly, and cost them such a level of money that they will be forced to wash their hands of all the Soetoro bullsh##. Then make ALL of Soetoro’s records public

    I agree with OldSalt on this one, what
    say you, gang? We could all take turns
    making the DOH in HI one very miserable
    place to be.
    Also, what about working on Occidental–
    they “almost” once release Soetoro’s
    records until …

  90. GB—
    a moment on the Cincy “police”—if I get
    a chance after Thanksgiving and if I can
    take a few hrs. away from family, I’ll try
    to go down and see what I can see just
    by driving the streets. If there is a certain
    area of the city or any more info that
    comes up, let me know. Thanks.

  91. GB

    Hitler’s version of the Patriot Act was called the Enabling Act .

  92. gotta get some shut eye,
    will catch up tomorrow
    night all. take care.

    Education News
    Alabama and Florida US District Courts served with Obama fraud and treason charges
    Southern District for Alabama and Northern District for Florida served with Grand Jury Presentments
    Florida and Alabama 11/23/2009 09:46 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)
    UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTS, Southern District for Alabama and Northern District for Florida served
    American Grand Jury has incorporated the Fitzpatrick criminal complaint and the Nancy Pelosi criminal conspiracy complaint within its Presentments.
    The American Grand Jury Criminal Presentments have now been hand-delivered by Process-Service to the Clerk of the United States District Court, Charles R. Diard Jr., Mobile, Alabama [serve affidavit by Donald Gaines] and the Clerk of the United States District Court, William M. McCool, Pensacola, Florida [serve affidavit by Norman Caron] .
    The “Affidavits of Process-Serve” can be seen here at the
    American Grand Jury business website
    The criminal charges of Eligibility Fraud and Treason (Barack Obama) and Conspiracy of Election Fraud (Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama) are now pending before these and numerous other Courts.
    acted upon, the Grand Jury Presentments would require that both Obama and Pelosi be criminally prosecuted.
    American Grand Jury is actively pursuing decisions in a number of UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTS located in multiple jurisdictions: District for Columbia, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Kansas, New York, Texas, California, Arizona, Connecticut and others.
    More serves will be forth coming.
    You can help American Grand Jury in our mission of serving and demanding the Judiciary act upon the Criminal Presentments by visiting here:

  94. Maddie and ArmyD.A.V,
    Thank you for answering thats been on my mind for a LONG time.

  95. Maddie,
    Will do and Thank you again!
    Got it,now doesn’t it expire this December?

  96. SueK-Sneaking up on bunny music, so you can put ear drops in – for your own good Cricket.

  97. Evening, CW,

    Your previous posts mentioned those who’ve been attacking Sarah Palin and here we have none other than convicted felon Martha Stewart doing the job. Just got this via e-mail.

    I think she needs a few e-mails herself:

  98. GB

    GBAmerica // November 23, 2009 at 11:37 pm

    Will do and Thank you again!
    Got it,now doesn’t it expire this December?

    *********December 31 , It will be Reauthorization.

  99. Michelle // November 23, 2009 at 11:39 pm

    Thanks, Michelle! Got him about an hour or so ago, but will use it tomorrow.

    He prefers the lullaby….

  100. I think I need to register as a Dem and run on the Democrat ticket. You can guess why!

  101. Hey People STAND BY FOR A RAM!!!!!!!!

    Today one of our local attorneys just returned from a fact finding conference which he, and several other Fort Wayne attorneys attended which was sponsored by a local foundation. Intermixed with the latest financial intelligence was some taxing data released by the IRS. Ref; Gifts Received. A gift trom someone other than from a family member WILL BE TAXED on it’s market value, and you will be required to file a separate form which must be filed with your annual tax returns. The taxing formula will be printed in the IRS Taxing Guide. Allegedly this has already been passed. In addition, you can no longer give items to charitable organsations, and take the value of the gift off of your taxes. Lastly if you was the beneficiary of someone’s life insurance policy who died during 09 the proceeds will be taxed as income. If it is over $100,000 dollars, you might want to explore a revocable trust. Giving it to a charitable organisation will no longer relieve you of the tax burden the money acquires as it passes through your hands. This way the trust pays the taxes on the money.
    Also if you purchase a new washer and dryer set,each will be accompanied by a form that must be sent into the IRS along with your Federal tax return. There will be a predetermined amount that is your environmental tax for the washer,and dryer. You will pay ithe taxes along with your Federal return when you file,and annually each year thereafter. Same thing also applies to ALL other appliances……….Nice ,huh! Even if you don’t own any appliances you will be taxed at a predetermined rate with an environmental tax, which relates to your heating plant. Watch out for this one it could get really hairy, and if you cannot pay or,refuse to pay the carbon tax you can be fined, and/or jailed, and your property seized the IRS. This includes ALL personal property within as well. There is much more coming. He doesn’t have everything typed up yet. Courtesy of Cap and Trade!

  102. Sue K-maybe he will like this little melody with some healing properties

  103. RAX UPDATE!
    Ref; Health Care Insurance Benefits. If you choose to stay with your ADVANTAGE PLAN, the benefits will be taxed . Say you generate a bill of $75,000.00 the part which is paid by your carrier will be taxed as income.Here is another one that is still being argued, and not yet decided. The IRS wants to tax personal injury settlements. There is a very strong probability this too will happen.

  104. typo RAX = TAX

  105. oldsalt77- @ 12:20 when I read your note I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. This law sounds like it was written by an insane person, or someone with way too much time on their hands. The business community will be SCREAMING.

  106. Michelle // November 24, 2009 at 12:23 am

    Thanks, Michelle….he stretched out, fell asleep, and started to snore :).


  107. Founding Fathers 10 Obama government -100.
    Too bad they didn’t study American Government, or the Constitution if they did they would see how far from good government they have fallen. Obama is the most pathetic excuse for a so-called world leader possibly in the history of mankind. He’s not even good at bad.
    “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.”
    “These are the times that try men’s souls.”
    “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”
    “That government is best which governs least.”
    Thomas Paine

  108. Talking about all those ridiculous taxes….does that mean if I have paid too much tax this year (as I usually do…) does that mean it works both ways….? Can I expect to tax the government on the excess I have given them this year….? ……!!!
    Whew…old salt….I cannot believe that RAM!

  109. CAROL………………………
    Thanx to Cap&Trade the taxes that I mentioned will be imposed upon all of us. The one that angered me the most was about receiving a gift of some houshold item,or perhaps an automobile, or an appliance. Now the Fed is going to tax you on the alleged market value of that gift. You will be required by law to declare this item,and pay the related tax on it by using the formula provided by IRS in the master taxing directory which is published each year. This all is a product of the insane Cap & Trade Bill, which we now know for certain was prepared using FALSIFIED data,and much more.
    If you had extra money witheld from your paychecks during 09 so that you might be able to take a vacation in the spring,you might not get any of it back when you file your Federal return. With all of the additional taxes that have already been passed might really cut into the amount that you expect to receive. If you are LUCKY you might get a third of it back. But above all ,Don’t hold your breath!

  110. I agree, old salt… is all so absurd!

  111. CAROL………………………
    You can be sure that Charlie Rangel is working overtime to write taxing law that will either take all,or nearly all of the money that you are expecting back. Sadly he himself is a tax cheater.

  112. Thank you old salt…..Frankly, I am not surprised…. I keep thinking that something just has to break soon…..What they are doing is INSANE. (or at least, UN-American!)
    I have got to get some sleep now… Good night!

  113. Michelle……………………………….

    What you are witnessing is an ever widening,and deepening pool of Chicago South side sewage seeping into the lives of 300,000,000 people.
    I personally think that very soon we are going to witness a little sample of how people are tolerating the stink of the Chicago manure every where they go. It might not be a very pretty sample. Keep an eye over your shoulder.

  114. Everybody needs to watch this video. It’s long (48 minutes), but so worth watching!

  115. OLDSALT and others.

    Keep them busy with demands especially in Hawaii.
    I started that by trying to raise funds to bring Obamateur’s family members to a Hawaii vacation and get a parting gift document of their infamous relative… we got up to $400 and then it went no where else.

  116. Monolithic Concrete Cabins.

    Condensation issues and mould:

    These units are so well insulated with sandwiched sprayed polyurethane foam which acts as a heat mass, etc. this makes it very energy efficient in all climates and prevents condensation (like insulating a pipe to prevent condensation). There is no condensation or mould issues. Condensation in Concrete Structures happens when there is no insulation or little insulation and the temperature change and differential is great between the inside and outside. Also these monolithic cabins are built with shotcrete with a thick liner on the exterior. This liner is made from a material like the one used for hot air balloons. As afr as I know there has been no issues at all with these type of issues that you smartly raised Oldsalt.

    Any further concerns please let me know.

  117. TO:
    GBAmerica // November 23, 2009 at 10:10 pm


    Naomi Kline is a LIAR.
    Naomi “You LIE”.

    The Portuguese in Mozambique didn’t loose a war and were never forced to hand over the colony. What you say is a historical and factual LIE.
    The Portuguese had The Carnation Revolution at home because they were tired of fighting a war that was never fought to win. After the Revolution of April 25, 1974 it was decided by the new gov’t to GIVE independence to the colonies. A majority of people in the colonies didn’t want independence because they were happy to have roads, schools, agriculture, hospitals, food, water, sanitation, etc. but the guerrillas had diff ideas. BTW many Portuguese were in favor of getting out of the colonies, because they were tired of the constant war with no victory and no end.

    Naomi Kline, if you had these important historical facts wrong it puts in doubt your looting and concreting of elevator shafts…..I doubt this happened and your credibility is shattered.

  118. SHALL we Continue with raising funds to have George Obama (or any other relative) to come visit where their infamous relative lived in Hawaii and have him get a nice parting souvenier from the Hawaiian Health Dept?

  119. Maybe we can offer the illegal alien Auntie Zeituni a stay of say 5 yrs in trade for her requesting her infamous nephew’s Hawaiian Documents?

  120. BREAKINGS NEWS:  Obama is really “BLOWING IT” LOL …………… 

  121. Oldsalt,

    this is beyond belief. They do any thing they can to gouge us and keep us subservient.

    They just keep taxing money that has already been taxed. WTH?!

    Thank you for this information. I knew it would be bad, just didn’t know how bad. Now I do.

  122. Rasmussen Reports at 9:30 ET
    Obama Poll Drops to New Low: -15
    Strongly Approve 27%
    Strongly Disapprove 42%
    Total Approval 45%

    An early surprise (or maybe not) from Rasmussen.

  123. This is the latest post at Jag Hunter….please visit and see what he wants everyone to do….if you scroll through his blog you will see the treason complaint all written up and easy to serve your FBI…..please pass it far and wide…the more that serve the FBI the better…found at……
    Monday, 23 November 2009
    Joseph Pacetti special agent Department of Homeland Securty, US Secret
    Service, cell phone 215 280 0282, PA state police bureau of criminal
    investigation trooper David Takach, cell phone 215 983 5488.


    Just this morning [Monday, 23 November 2009] a visit was paid to my home by two agents one from the US secret service and one from the PA state police attached to the local office of the FBI. I invited them in we had a long talk. They came in regard to the criminal complaint I sent to the FBI and the fact that BO is going to be in a town very close by Allentown PA. I told them I had no violent intensions but we do intend to remove BO from office thru the court system. I handed them the AGJ presentments I told them they have been mailed or hand delivered to courts and public officials all over this country. They seemed satisfied took a copy of the presentments left their cards and left.

  124. HEADS UP!

    Dr. Tim Ball, renowned Climatologist, will be on Alex Jones show today (11/24/09) discussing the recent hacking of IPCC records. The show is on from 11:00 – 3:00 CST.

    Statement from Dr. Ball regarding the hacking:

    “On a global scale it’s frightening because this group of people not only control the Hadley Centre, which controls the data on global temperature through the Hadley Climate Research Unit, but they also control the IPCC and they’ve manipulated that.

    And of course the IPCC has become THE basis in ALL GOVERNMENTS for the Kyoto protocol, the Copenhagen accord and so on….”

    Emphasis is mine.

  125. The truth shall set you free! john 8 31 -32

  126. When and How were the Erosionists able to sabotage and flip history and goodwill? The PROPAGANDISTS, Bullies and Racists use Alinsky Rules for Radicals on everything.

  127. Bill Ayers “The Tim McVeigh that Got Away” must be advising the Communists at the White House on how to get the Jihadi Pigs free.
    Bring them to USA courts and use the same defense that worked for me….Guilt as Sin Free as a Bird.

    Now we know who’s side the INSURGENCY PRESIDENCY is on.

  128. truthbetold11 // November 24, 2009 at 8:48 am

    The truth shall set you free! john 8 31 -32

    Psalms 109:8

    “Let his days be few; and let another take his office.”

  129. Dear Fellow Patriots,

    If any of your are interested in Advertising at The Post & Email during the month of December, you can download an explation of our rates and ad-positions at

    You can also see pictures of what our new site will look like.

    Our new site rolls out on Dec. 1st, next Tuesday.

    We have very reasonable rates; our adds run $31 to $124 per month, per spot.

  130. If you would like more information email me at

    john (period) charlton (at sign) inbox (period) com

  131. Patriot Dreamer

    warning: the following article contains profanity

    The Wilding of Sarah Palin
    By Robin of Berkeley

  132. Ref; Gifts Received. A gift trom someone other than from a family member WILL BE TAXED on it’s market value, and you will be required to file a separate form which must be filed with your annual tax returns.
    Great, and use it for every Christmas, birthday, Easter card, every $1 trinket, every little thing you can imagine (make up)…two can play at this game!!!

  133. TO:

    Patriot Dreamer // November 24, 2009 at 9:03 am

    warning: the following article contains profanity

    The Wilding of Sarah Palin
    By Robin of Berkeley

    Another recovering lieberal that enlightens.

  134. zachjonesishome

    Climategate reminds us of the liberal-left’s visceral loathing of open debate

    If the argument isn’t going your way, close it down. This was ever the way of liberal-left. Criticize the European Socialist Superstate and you’re a “Little Englander”; object to wind farms spoiling your view and you’re a “NIMBY”; demand curbs on immigration and you’re “a racist”; desire better education for your kids and you’re “elitist”; question the current majority scientific view on AGW and you’re a “Denier” who deserves only to be scorned, vilified and preferably silenced.

    We have seen plenty examples of that last kind of bullying in the Climategate scandal (Warmergate, as Mark Steyn has wittily christened it: damn! Wish I’d thought of that): scientists ganging up to shut scientists who disagree with them out of the peer-review process; scientists actually gloating over their opponents’ deaths…..

  135. zachjonesishome

    Patriot Dreamer

    That is an excellent article!!!

  136. zachjonesishome

    I’m sorry. Good Morning!

  137. zachjonesishome

    Palin packs in a crowd at Bragg PX – Henry Cuningham – ‎3 hours ago‎
    Fort Bragg officials estimated that about 4000 people turned out. Between 500 and 700 did not reach Palin by the time she had to leave. …

    ….The crowd included soldiers and airmen, at least one sailor in uniform, military retirees, civilians with no connection to the military, children who took a day off school, mothers pushing coughing toddlers in strollers, people riding scooters, a man in a business suit and a person with a dog. People chatted, worked crossword puzzles and read her book to pass the time.

    “I love these soldiers here at Fort Bragg, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their service,” Palin said as she came out of the post exchange.

    Palin said she thought the turnout was “overwhelming” and declined to say what her plans were for the 2012 presidential election.

    Palin’s father, Chuck Heath Sr., spoke to reporters and said he wasn’t sure what her political plans are. But, he said, “You haven’t seen the last of her yet.”

  138. Re posting of Soro OSI goals – per venice

    Just Me – read this post over at PM

    Here is my comment on that thread –

    137. d2i:

    Great article! Great comments!

    Someone up thread stated what I believe to be the real deal – that is – it does appear more and more likely that this was an inside job – Medal of Freedom, Nobel Peace Prize and much more should be awarded to this very brave soul.

    Being a member of the Sierra Club IS like being a member of a cult. Back in 2000 I managed a campaign for them and worked with several of their long-term members. They were great people but some of them were nuttier than a fruit cake.

    If you want to point fingers at someone point them at Carl Pope, Executive Director of the Sierra Club and Board Member of George Soros’ Open Society Institute run by Podesta. All of these men are far, far, far left liberals which many now call fascists or marxists. And remember Carl and the headquarters for Sierra Club are located in the heart of San Francisco, CA. Back in 2000 they were just starting their Environmental Justice program and their political work using 527s and their c4 status to fire Republican’s and hire Democrat’s. They are THE MOST PARTISAN environmental group in the country.

    From the looks of the list below it appears that members of the board of OSI are responsible to fulfill specific goals, ones they were intentionally recruited to implement based on their area of expertise. To fulfill the goals they need money which comes directly from Soros, Tides, Heinz and other foundations, likely the very same ones that fund ACORN and SEIU. Here’s the list –

    In 1979 Soros established the Open Society Institute (OSI), which serves as the flagship of a network of Soros foundations that donate tens of millions of dollars each year to a wide array of individuals and organizations that share the founder’s agendas. Those agendas can be summarized as follows:

    – promoting the view that America is institutionally an oppressive nation
    -promoting the election of leftist political candidates throughout the United States
    – opposing virtually all post-9/11 national security measures enacted by U.S. government, particularly the Patriot Act
    – depicting American military actions as unjust, unwarranted, and immoral
    – promoting open borders, mass immigration, and a watering down of current immigration laws
    – promoting a dramatic expansion of social welfare programs funded by ever-escalating taxes
    – promoting social welfare benefits and amnesty for illegal aliens
    – defending the civil rights and liberties of suspected anti-American terrorists and their abetters
    – financing the recruitment and training of future activist leaders of the political Left
    – advocating America’s unilateral disarmament and/or a steep reduction in its military spending
    – opposing the death penalty in all circumstances
    – promoting socialized medicine in the United States
    – promoting the tenets of radical environmentalism, whose ultimate goal, as writer Michael Berliner has explained, is “not clean air and clean water, [but] rather … the demolition of technological/industrial civilization”
    – bringing American foreign policy under the control of the United Nations
    – promoting racial and ethnic preferences in academia and the business world alike
    – promoting taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand
    – advocating stricter gun-control measures

    To learn more click here

    How many of these goals appear to being realized? hhhmmm. Folks, Soros is the bad guy. Soros is the one behind all of this. Soros funded ACORN, SEIU and is now propping up the DNC. He is the one that needs to be behind bars. This is an extraordinarily dangerous man IMHO and he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Obama’s his puppet. Pelosi is his stage manager. His board are the Directors. Soros is the Producer. And the movie drama we are watching unfold with these faux scientists at AGW is part and parcel of OSI. Talk about waking up!!!

    Nov 22, 2009 – 12:16 pm

  139. zachjonesishome

    Good Morning PRWH-PF

  140. **** New Post ****

  141. zachjonesishome

    “Climate Gate” Development: CEI Files Notice of Intent to Sue NASA
    By Chris Horner on 11.24.09 @ 9:46AM

    Today, on behalf of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, I filed three Notices of Intent to File Suit against NASA and its Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), for those bodies’ refusal – for nearly three years – to provide documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act.

    The information sought is directly relevant to the exploding “ClimateGate” scandal revealing document destruction, coordinated efforts in the U.S. and UK to avoid complying with both countries’ freedom of information laws, and apparent and widespread intent to defraud at the highest levels of international climate science bodies. Numerous informed commenters had alleged such behavior for years, all of which appears to be affirmed by leaked emails, computer codes and other data from the Climatic Research Unit of the UK’s East Anglia University.

    All of that material and that sought for years by CEI go to the heart of the scientific claims and campaign underpinning the Kyoto Protocol, its planned successor treaty, “cap-and-trade” legislation and the EPA’s threatened regulatory campaign to impose similar measures through the back door. …

  142. JustMe // November 24, 2009 at 7:57 am

    Thanks, JustMe!

    I’ve printed it out and will send it along to my Neurologist.

    He teaches Neurology at Haavaad (Harvard) and I’m sure he’s aware of this method, but just in case….

    The standard treatments are pretty unpleasant.

  143. off topic, but important….

    Boycott Martha Stewart & Why….

    This post is from my husband who is inviting
    everyone on this blog to BOYCOTT Martha
    Stewart for her comments against Sarah Palin.

    This is not just Stewart’s remarks about
    Mrs. Palin being “dangerous” which made
    absolutely no sense last night on Hannity, but
    is about the lengthier interview Stewart did
    that accused Palin of being an empty suit and
    Stewart couldn’t be bothered to actually read
    Sarah’s book.
    My husband wants everyone to
    know that the demeanor, the words, and the “look” of Ms. Stewart towards S. P. was
    as bad as it gets, in his opinion. He is furious and will never buy another Stewart product. He even refused to eat the cranberry bread recipe I was going to try (remark: what did you ever make from a M. S. recipe that was so great?
    WOW–he’s mad –and it’s probably true).
    I agreed to post here as he would like to ask everyone to BOYCOTT Martha Stewart products, her magazine, and anything she makes money from.
    I hope this isn’t too far off the topic, but I
    promised him I’d post this. He is fuming and
    says what Hannity showed was by far not all of
    the nasty diatribe Stewart said about Palin that he had heard previous on an entertainment show of some sort.
    I know Stewart supported HRC, but this does not
    give her free rein to trash Palin, in my book.
    If you recall Stewart also trashed Rachel Ray
    stating that her new book was just a rerun of the old and basically put down her baking, etc.
    Rachel, in a generous reply, said she was not at
    the level of “Martha’s baking etc. and that she’d
    rather eat Martha’s stuff, too”—this proves
    Rachel is a much kinder person (imo, though I
    do not personally know her) and is a “bigger” person if you get my drift. Thank you for listening.

  144. Martha Stewart’s Arrogance!

    Imagine that! Martha Stewart, a convicted Felon who by law can no longer exercise the right to Vote in America . . . calls Sarah Palin “dangerous” and “confused.”


    Me thinks ’tis Ms. Felonious Stewart who is “confused.” Afterall, I seem to recall in the Depositions and testimony she took under oath, that she “couldn’t recall.” Instead, she turned on those closest to her and tried to dump THEM in the dirt. Poor thing, Stewart was according to her own attorneys (and she had a lot of them on the payroll) SO CONFUSED when attempting to make her insider-trading billions $$$$ that she couldn’t remember making ANY trades at all. All that was going on in the background while Sarah Palin was being a wife, mother, Governor, and American Patriot.

    Ms. Stewart employed unmitigated and carefully crafted defamatory defenses to ruin her competition and her friends. So low did she go, that the Prosecution labeled Ms. Martha Stewart (the elaborate chef and five-star tablecloth maker) “DANGEROUS.” Dangerous because of the lengths she went and would go to accomplish her illicit means along with her contrived cover up, AND because she used anyone and everyone she could to accomplish those means.

    Sarah Palin was never convicted by the Federal Government. Sarah Palin has never done hard time in a Federal Penitentiary. Saha Palin has never had her American Voting Rights stripped away from her. Sarah Palin has never been branded an “insider trader” by the Securities and Exchange Commission. (Stewart did this to avoid paying taxes and bolster her billionaire status–i.e., pure greed) Sarah Palin has never lied to the Feds during an investigation. Sarah Palin was not prosecuted by the Government. Martha Stewart was and has been all and more, of the rotten list above.

    Boo hoo hoo to Ms. Stewart’s whining.

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