Pete Hoekstra, Administration is Withholding Information on Fort Hood Attack, Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan, CIA, FBI, NSA, Obama said people should not jump to conclusions, Hoekstra ranking member on the House intelligence committee

From CNS News, November 9, 2009.

“Intel Committee Republican Says Administration is Withholding Information on Fort Hood Attack, Demands Preservation of Documents for Possible Congressional Probe”

“Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-Mich.), the ranking Republican on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said Monday that the Obama administration has been withholding “critical information” on the Fort Hood murders allegedly committed by Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan. 

Hoekstra is demanding that the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Security Agency and the Director of National Intelligence preserve documents relating to the incident for use in possible future congressional investigation.

“President Obama said people should not jump to conclusions about what happened at Fort Hood, but the administration is in possession of critical information related to the attack that they are refusing to release to Congress or the American people,” Hoekstra said in a statement. “I intend to push for intense review of this and other issues related to the performance of the intelligence community and whether or not information necessary for military, state and local officials to provide for the security of the post was provided to them.”

The Michigan lawmaker sent a letter Saturday to the top administration intelligence officials, saying he saw “serious issues” with their performance related to the Fort Hood murders, and indicating that the intelligence community had refused to comply with his request to review certain information related to the case.

As the ranking member on the House intelligence committee, Hoekstra is one of the so-called Gang of Eight–a group of lawmakers that included the leaders of the House and Senate and the leaders of the House and Senate intelligence committees–who are briefed on intelligence activities deemed too sensitive to share with the full intelligence committees.

“Over the past 24 hours, I have been made aware of information from the intelligence community that suggests the possibility that serious issues exist with respect to the performance of U.S. intelligence agencies in connection with what appears to have been a terrorism-related attack on Fort Hood, Texas by Nidal Malik Hasan,” Hoekstra wrote. “I am disappointed that the administration has not been more transparent with the American people.”
Hoekstra’s letter was addressed to Dennis Blair, the director of national intelligence (DNI); CIA Director Robert Mueller; FBI Director Leon Panetta and Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander, the director of the National Security Agency (NSA).

“Given the potential seriousness of these issues, I am troubled that the intelligence community has not been more immediately forthcoming with the congressional oversight committees and has refused to provide specific information I have requested to review in connection with this matter,” said Hoekstra.”

“As a result, Hoekstra requested that the CIA, FBI, NSA and DNI preserve all documents relating to the Fort Hood attack and related matters for potential investigation by Congress.

“I am requesting that you immediately issue a preservation order to all personnel in your agencies with respect to all documents and materials related to the Fort Hood incident and any related investigations or intelligence collection activities, including other potentially related threats,” Hoekstra wrote. “The record must be clear and complete with respect to these matters, which I am beginning to fear will require significant and serious oversight activity by the Committee.””

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  1. just wondering

    Now really? No transparency? Who would have thunk it?
    They sure do think we are a bunch of fools.

  2. You Decide

    Are Obama’s Plans for Afghanistan Too Little Too Late?

    Do you think this decision is too little, too late?

  3. Time to vote again… is the FRAUD helping the economy…..35% say he is……who are these idiots??????

  4. Here’s another tragedy they’re withholding information on.


    Now that our eyes are finally wide open… If you haven’t been following THIS coverup, these two short stories at American Free Press are well worth the read.

    Jesse Trentadue, a Utah attorney avenging the death of his brother, Kenneth, a victim mistaken for John Doe #2 in the OKC bombing, has relentlessly pursued the truth in this case since 1995.

    It hasn’t been an easy road, as we would imagine, but there have been small victories along the way. A recent one that forced the FBI to turn over a missing tape that since 1995 they denied existed. Of course, it had been skillfully “edited.”

    This tragic event has all the usual trappings of government cover-up. See if you recognize any patterns or similarities in disinformation from the recent tragic event in Ft. Hood.

    It remains my prayer that one day we will get to the bottom of the truth for all the victims and their families of this tragic event, but also the tragic event on 9/11.

    Of course, noble patriots who have tried to educate the public about that cover-up who are simply calling for a new INDEPENDENT, outside investigation, are painted in the media as radicals, a.k.a. “truthers.” I don’t think that’s such a bad label to have, especially in this day and time.

    Read articles:


    “The remarkable change in the official story and the twisting of the facts made it plain that the federal government and the controlled news media had collaborated to deceive us. The initial reports that we have maintained on videotape for the past 14 years reveal an altogether different story than what’s in the history books.”

    This website below is replete with lots of info on OKC coverup.

    Be sure to click on the info/pic about the RYDER TRUCK at the army base, and explain that one to me.

  5. Jacqlyn: The “idiots” are the ones who sit in front of the biased MSM TV coverage night after night and are brainwashed into believing what they are being told.

    They are the ones we must “awaken” to the realities of what is going on around them.

    Happy Day…Linda

  6. Video: Wolf Blitzer on marijuana: “I know what it would smell like”

    Breaking News: Wolf Blitzer Knows What Pot Smells Like!

  7. Just Me: As usual, you continue to provide all of us here with valuable information.

    Thank you, sincerely, for all you do…Linda

  8. Video: Barney Frank: More People Need “Protection From Criminals” Than al-Qaeda

    Barney Frank at C.U. (final part – Q & A)

  9. LM: Well, geeez…that is a revelation! Funny how Dobbs had to point out the idiocy of it all!

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Anyone doubt that the usurper is part of the jihad? This country better wake up and take care of business before it is too late.
    The illegal immigrant, usurper, jihadist in the White House does not have this country’s interest in mind.

  11. This is rather long so I only posted the beginning of it… read the rest of it go to….
    Monday, November 9, 2009
    Quo Warranto and the Kerchner v. Obama and Congress Case
    Leo Donofrio, Esq. wants the “right” plaintiff to bring a quo warranto action against putative President Obama under 16 D.C.Code Secs. 3501-3503 in the Federal District Court for the District of Columbia. He in effect maintains that quo warranto is an exclusive remedy available to remove Obama from office. He maintains that Obama may be removed from office only through a quo warranto action and that the DC District Court is the only court in the United States where such an action may be brought. I recently wrote an article about this issue, entitled The DC District Court Is Not the Only Court In Which to File a Quo Warranto Action. I explained that given the causes of action that I have raised in the Kerchner action, I can also file a quo warranto claim in the Third Circuit. Mr. Donofrio recently posted his disagreement with my article at his blog, I will now address Mr. Donofrio’s response to my article.

  12. ** Email sent from a friend in Montana **

    Here’s an interesting read: and some important and verifiable information :

    About 6 months ago, the writer was watching a news program on oil and one of the Forbes brothers was the guest. The host said to Forbes, “I am going to ask you a direct question and I would like a direct answer; how much oil does the U.S. have in the ground?” Forbes did not miss a beat, he said, “More than all the Middle East put together.”

    Please read below:

    The U. S. Geological Service issued a report in April 2008 that only scientists and oil men knew was coming, but man was it big! It was a revised report (which had not been updated since 1995) on how much oil was in this area of the western 2/3 of North Dakota, western South Dakota, and extreme eastern Montana ….

    Check THIS out:

    The Bakken is the largest domestic oil discovery since Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay, and has the potential to eliminate all American dependence on foreign oil. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates it at 503 billion barrels. Even if just 10% of the oil is recoverable. At $107 a barrel, we’re looking at a resource base worth more than $5.3 trillion.

    “When I first briefed legislators on this, you could practically see their jaws hit the floor. They had no idea.” says Terry Johnson, the Montana Legislature’s financial analyst.

    “This sizable find is now the highest-producing onshore oil field found in the past 56 years,” reports The Pittsburgh Post Gazette. It’s a formation known as the Williston Basin, but is more commonly referred to as the ‘Bakken.’ It stretches from Northern Montana, through North Dakota and into Canada. For years, U. S. oil exploration has been considered a dead end. Even the ‘Big Oil’ companies gave up searching for major oil wells decades ago. However, a recent technological breakthrough has opened up the Bakken’s massive reserves. We now have access of up to 500 billion barrels. And because this is light, sweet oil, those billions of barrels will cost Americans just $16 PER BARREL!

    That’s enough crude to fully fuel the American economy for 2041 years straight. And if THAT didn’t throw you on the floor, then this next one should – because the information is from 2006!

    U. S. Oil Discovery- Largest Reserve in the World

    Stansberry Report Online – 4/20/2006

    Hidden 1,000 feet beneath the surface of the Rocky Mountains lies the largest untapped oil reserve in the world. It is more than 2 TRILLION barrels. On August 8, 2005 President Bush mandated its extraction. In three and a half years of high oil prices none has been extracted. With this ‘mother lode’ of oil why are we still fighting over off-shore drilling?

    They reported this stunning news: We have more oil inside our borders, than all the other proven reserves on earth. Here are the official estimates:

    – 8-times as much oil as Saudi Arabia

    – 18-times as much oil as Iraq

    – 21-times as much oil as Kuwait

    – 22-times as much oil as Iran

    – 500-times as much oil as Yemen

    – and it’s all right here in the Western United States .

    HOW can this BE? HOW can we NOT BE extracting this? Because the environmentalists and others have blocked all efforts to help America become independent of foreign oil! Again, we are letting a small group of people dictate our lives and our economy.


    James Bartis, lead researcher with the study says we’ve got more oil in this very compact area than the entire Middle East -more than 2 TRILLION barrels untapped. That’s more than all the proven oil reserves of crude oil in the world today, reports The Denver Post

  13. LM: Listening to that Q&A with Blarney was painful…”As the Stomach Churns!”

    Do you remember what he said about Freddie and Fannie in 2004? The sound was too low…
    Had mine cranked up but, it was still hard to hear.

    Thanks for sharing…I think

  14. Patriot Dreamer

    Senate seats up for election next year:,_2010

    Let us start looking at the candidates and see if we can do anything.

  15. Patriot Dreamer: Thanks for the info…

    We have work to do!

    Carry on Patriots…Linda

  16. Patriot Dreamer

    LM // November 10, 2009 at 9:56 am

    Related questions: why are we helping George Soros with money to drill off the coast of Brazil?

    And why do we allow other countries to drill off our shores, but we do not allow our own oil companies?

  17. LM: Do you really think pp cares about making us energy independent? They have known about these reserves for years and for years, we have been supporting and paying Middle Eastern interests.

    We need to get rid of the Fraud in the WH and the rest of his cronies before we can ever even “imagine” being energy independent!

    Thanks for posting that information. It needs to be spread far and wide.

  18. Patriot Dreamer:

    Because Soros’ puppet is a WH resident.

    Because pp wants to see the demise of the USA!

    Because pp is an Arab who bowed to another one of his benefactors, the Saudi king!

    Because pp is mentally ill!


    Re-Dude: Where are you?

    Sorry, PD, I am tired of pp and his gang robbing our country! It makes me cranky!

  19. DoD,FBI,CIA use Moe Larry and Curly defense……..

    We missed all the RED flags that we were investigating.


  20. Patriot Dreamer:

    Isn’t this how Russia turned its fortunes around and paid off its debt?

    Through “Resource Management?”

    If they can do it, so can we!

    Just saying…

  21. Just got off the phone with the aid who works in Deal’s office and knows about the letter being drafted. She says he will be back in the office next week and the letter should be drafted next week. She doesn’t know yet which colleagues will be signing the draft but a letter will be sent. She was very nice and said….feel free to check back at any time…..she said Mr. Deal appreciates hearing of our support and she will pass it on!!! She said he does believe this needs to be solved!!

  22. Army D.A.V.:

    Who are Mo, Larry, and Curly?

    There are so many! Cannot keep track anymore!


  23. Jacqlyn: That’s encouraging. Am just hoping and praying more will sign onto the initiative.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Day…Linda

    PS What’s Sarah Palin up to lately? Do not have Facebook so always get info days later. Thanks for anything you can do to help.

  24. LM,

    the reason they don’t want to use that crude was explained in a post several threads back. I posted transcribed notes from Lindsey Williams phone conversation with one of the top muck-a-mucks of an oil company. I also gave a link to his book, The Energy-Non Crisis, that is free online. You will find your answers there. It’s is, of course, multifaceted.

    I suspect this is what Sarah Palin was trying to tell us on the campaign trail – shortly after the smear campaign began. I’m hoping her book will expose this further.

    I’ll see if I can find the link to the online book. It’s a quick read. Big type and short chapters – that is IF you’re interested in reading it.

  25. Patriot Dreamer

    Companies we can boycott:

    Starkist: benefits Nancy Pelosi

    MSNBC: shameless water carrier for BO & pals
    GE: parent company of MSNBC – stands to make billions off of Cap & Tax and ObamaCare (electronic medical records technology, etc.)
    NBC: sister company to MSNBC
    CNBC: sister company to MSNBC

    Chrysler and GM: owned by the federal govt.

    Any of the big banks owned by the federal govt. (Bank of America, etc.)

    Other companies that have benefitted from the bailouts: AIG, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase.

    AARP: endorsed the ObamaCare bills because they were offered a nice bribe – by gutting the popular Medicare Advantage program, AARP stands to gain many more new customers for its MediGap insurance program.


  26. Patriot Dreamer

    Don’t worry, Linda, I’m cranky too! 😀

  27. Linda from NY // November 10, 2009 at 10:16 am

    Patriot Dreamer:

    Isn’t this how Russia turned its fortunes around and paid off its debt?

    Through “Resource Management?”

    If they can do it, so can we!

    Just saying…

    My fear is that China already owns our resources.

  28. Patriot Dreamer

    One answer why we’re not drilling is because they want to create an artificial shortage. When there’s a short supply, but big demand, prices go up. We’re paying much, much more $ than we should.

  29. Linda

    The Three Stooges ……………

  30. Patriot Dreamer

    Hi Linda, here’s some info. on Sarah Palin and her book tour:

  31. Patriot Dreamer

    Regarding the Fort Hood massacre, some heads are going to roll. Any predictions on whose?

  32. Linda from NY,

    you are most welcome. I’m glad you find the info useful.

    I have yet another story (I’m developing) that will blow your mind.

    I tuned into a random Internet radio show this morning and caught a bit of information that grabbed my attention.

    I began ferreting out more info on it and ….I wish I hadn’t. It actually fits with something Dr. Parker talked about concerning the healthcare bill, global warming and regional lines being redrawn. Well…little did I know, until this a.m., EXACTLY what that meant to us.

    The host said THIS was the reason why it doesn’t matter that “O” is an illegal squatter of the Oval Office and Congress (and media) is looking the other way.

    Geezeee, I wanna go back to that rock I was living under.

    Look for my post in a little bit.

  33. Patriot Dreamer

    would that be rolling heads attached to bodies or otherwise just heads? Kidding!

  34. Allegations of Nationwide Scheme by Banks, Mortgage Companies to Defraud Veterans

  35. I came across this….it is old but relevant because it was probably glossed over last December.

    Thursday, December 11, 2008
    Historical Documents Prove Obama Ineligible for Presidency – The Times Examiner

    Historical Documents Prove Obama Ineligible for Presidency – The Times Examiner: “My discovery of this historical evidence symbolically came to me on Thanksgiving as I was thinking about how God blessed America with a wonderful land and Constitutional form of government. I was reading an article on the Internet discussing various legal attempts to define the phrase “natural born citizen” and I thought, “I know there is some literature or documents contemporaneous with the Founding Fathers that defines this phrase as they understood it.” Suddenly I remembered that our Constitution was based upon the encyclopedic “The Law of Nations,” a treatise written by Swiss lawyer and diplomat Emerich de Vattel as a manual for how government should function. Written in 1758, this work was read not only by the Founding Fathers, but was also well-known throughout the colonies among the populace.

    Thankfully, I found a copy on the Constitution Society’s website and sure enough, in Book I, Chapter XIX, part 212, it says: “The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens.” Here is the definition the Founding Fathers did not deem necessary to supply since it was already understood. And since Obama’s father was a Kenyan citizen, Obama is therefore not a natural born citizen and is thus ineligible to be President.”

    Here’s the link:

    Read more.
    Posted by USA Today Ad For Obama Records at 8:21 AM
    Labels: obama birth school records citizenship eligibility constitution immigration illegal alien oath of office truth justice declaration of independence crimes freedom liberty america

    The Law of Attraction Group said…

    WOW! Enough said!


  36. Hey CW – this is for your files and all other citizen journalists who own blogs –

  37. Jacqlyn Smith // November 10, 2009 at 10:16 am

    Morning, Jackie,

    I sent Mr. Deal a detailed e-mail last night (one to you, too, if you haven’t checked).

    He certainly can use all the support we and other Patriots can give him!

  38. Patriot Dreamer

    Washington ‘Shall’ Control Your Healthcare

    It’s going to take some time to deconstruct this lengthy masterpiece, but as you flip through the pages of the House bill, you will notice the word “regulation” appears 181 times. “Tax” is there 214 times. “Fees,” 103 times. As we all know, nothing says “affordability” like higher taxes and fees.

    The word “shall” – as in “must” or “required to” – appears over 3,000 times. The word, alas, is never preceded by the patriotic phrase “mind our own freaking business.” Not once.

    for the full article:

  39. SueK // November 10, 2009 at 10:47 am

    Jacqlyn Smith // November 10, 2009 at 10:16 am

    Morning, Jackie,

    I sent Mr. Deal a detailed e-mail last night (one to you, too, if you haven’t checked).

    He certainly can use all the support we and other Patriots can give him


    Thanks Sue….I will check it out!! 🙂

  40. Jacqlyn: Look what I found!

    Sarah Palin Products Soar

  41. Patriot Dreamer // November 10, 2009 at 10:34 am

    Regarding the Fort Hood massacre, some heads are going to roll. Any predictions on whose?


    I predict no heads will roll , who is going to roll the heads???????.. , Eric Holder , ????.

  42. Patriot Dreamer: I saw that enumeration in another article…makes your head spin, no?

    I cannot remember which article, but many of the “words” and “phrases” in the House Health Care Bill have different meanings, too.

    Mind boggling…

  43. Off topic, but what an eye opener.

    You have two families: “Joe Legal” and “Jose Illegal”.
    Both families have two parents, two children, and live in California.
    Joe Legal works in construction, has a Social Security Number and makes $25.00 per hour with taxes deducted.
    Jose Illegal also works in construction, has NO Social Security Number, and gets paid $15.00 cash “under the table”.

    Ready? Now pay attention…

    Joe Legal: $25.00 per hour x 40 hours = $1000.00 per week, or $52,000.00
    per year. Now take 30% away for state and federal tax; Joe Legal now has

    Jose Illegal: $15.00 per hour x 40 hours = $600.00 per week, or
    $31,200.00 per year. Jose Illegal pays no taxes. Jose Illegal now has

    Joe Legal pays medical and dental insurance with limited coverage for
    his family at $600.00 per month, or $7,200.00 per year. Joe Legal now
    has $24,031.00.

    Jose Illegal has full medical and dental coverage through the state and
    local clinics at a cost of $0.00 per year. Jose Illegal still has

    Joe Legal makes too much money and is not eligible for food stamps or welfare.
    Joe Legal pays $500.00 per month for food, or $6,000.00 per
    year. Joe Legal now has $18,031.00.

    Jose Illegal has no documented income and is eligible for food stamps
    and welfare. Jose Illegal still has $31,200.00.

    Joe Legal pays rent of $1,200.00 per month, or $14,400.00 per year. Joe
    Legal now has $9,631.00.

    Jose Illegal receives a $500.00 per month federal rent subsidy. Jose
    Illegal pays $500.00 per month, or $6,000.00 per year. Jose Illegal
    still has $ 31,200.00.

    Joe Legal pays $200.00 per month, or $2,400.00 for insurance. Joe Legal
    now has $7,231.00.

    Jose Illegal says, “We don’t need no stinkin’ insurance!” and still has

    Joe Legal has to make his $7,231.00 stretch to pay utilities, gasoline, etc.

    Jose Illegal has to make his $31,200.00 stretch to pay utilities,
    gasoline, and what he sends out of the country every month.

    Joe Legal now works overtime on Saturdays or gets a part time job after

    Jose Illegal has nights and weekends off to enjoy with his family.

    Joe Legal’s and Jose Illegal’s children both attend the same school. Joe
    Legal pays for his children’s lunches while Jose Illegal’s children get
    a government sponsored lunch. Jose Illegal’s children have an after
    school ESL program. Joe Legal’s children go home.

    Joe Legal and Jose Illegal both enjoy the same police and fire services,
    but Joe paid for them and Jose did not.

    Do you get it, now?

    If you vote for or support any politician that supports illegal aliens…

    You are part of the problem!

    It’s way PAST time to take a stand for America and Americans!

  44. JJ // November 10, 2009 at 9:32 am

    Morning, JJ,

    From the previous post, can you share what you’ve ordered to counteract chemtrails? Inquiring minds wanna know!

  45. Liinda

    This facebook site for Sarah Palin will show articles she has written:

  46. Patriot Dreamer

    Of course not Eric Holder. But I’m betting others will get “fired” for not having done anything to prevent it. I’m just wondering who. Hospital commander at Walter Reed, perhaps? A bigger “fish” (general officer)?

  47. Code Pink deliberately targets kids from military families

  48. Richard

    That’s part of redistributive wealth , Socialism or our current situation , more like Fascism .


  49. Rocknee: Thanks…appreciate your help!

    Happy Day…Linda

  50. “Tyranny is no match for the hope and resolve of those who work and fight for freedom.”

    Sarah Palin

    Carry on Patriots…Linda

  51. Excellent article:,2933,573547,00.html

    On the final slide, labeled “Recommendation,” Hasan wrote: “Department of Defense should allow Muslims [sic] Soldiers the option of being released as ‘Conscientious objectors’ to increase troop morale and decrease adverse events.”

    The guy’s own thinking should have been challenged in its rationality – psychiatrist or no. Good grief …. it’s a voluntary military with its current battlefields well known …. gives the very evidence for no allowance for such “conscientious objecting” by religious sects after they’ve sworn allegiance. This guy got his own level of professional prestige through the military and when it came time to pay back he easily rationalized his cowardice on an excuse he’d been forming all along.

  52. It makes me physically ill that Zero and Moochelle are attending the Ft. Hood Memorial. I also understand Zero will give a speech (another photo op opportunity).

    George and Laura made a quiet, respectful visit to Ft. Hood.

    Would be nice to see the attendees turn their back on fellow Muslim Obama.

  53. Patriot Dreamer

    Being a conscientious objector is one thing, but picking and choosing which wars you fight in is something else.

  54. Pat Smith

    Would be nice to see the attendees turn their back on fellow Muslim Obama.


    Unavoidable disgrace……….

  55. Slide show for everyone to enjoy…



  56. Patriot Dreamer
    Other than the obvious when we do these lists of who to boycott, we need the names of their competitors. In a way-doubly effective. I know Goldman Sachs stock is going up, but I told my investment guru I do not want to put one penny of my money with them. I think they are a bunch of crooks like Madoff, and eventually will be found out. I know of one company personally-company was a top producer, after Goldman Sachs took over 70 per cent down. Not due recession, terrible management which was allowed to continue-for 5 years. Had they done their due diligence a smart person would not have bought it, or at least asked to see a total history of the company in dollars. Smartest guys in the room? I don’t think so. Maybe they mean Smarmist guys in the room.

  57. Patriot Dreamer-“you always chop from the top”
    Harry Truman said it correctly “the buck stops here”. This is what happens when a potus is selected from the lowest criminal element of society.

  58. No heads will roll……..except, well , maybe ours…

    Josh Gerstein:

    Despite ban, Holder to speak to CAIR-linked group.

  59. Patriot Dreamer // November 10, 2009 at 10:23 am

    Add Del Monte Products also – another Pelosy affiliate.

  60. zachjonesishome

    I’m back. This is interesting –

    Gulf Al-Qaida chief: Shi’ites, like Iran, more dangerous than Jews

    “The leader of Al-Qaida in the Arabian Penninsula warned Tuesday that Shi’ite Muslims, particularly Iran, posed more danger to the world than either Jews or Christians.

    “They [Shiites] are being driven by a greed to take over Muslim countries and they are full of a wish to annihilate Sunnis,” Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman al-Rashid said in an audio recording carried by the U.S. monitoring group SITE Intelligence.

    “Their threat to Islam and its people is much bigger than that from Jews and Christians,” he added. The majority of the world’s Muslims are Sunni, but Iran and the Lebanon-based group Hezbollah are both Shi’ite.

    “We call on the nation … to stand by [Sunnis] with whatever means they can against the danger of Iran and those who follow [the Shiite] faith in the region,” added Rashid. He also accused Shi’ites branch of helping to facilitate the U.S.-led invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.”

  61. Patriot Dreamer

    Michelle // November 10, 2009 at 11:35 am

    Michelle, I agree. But watch our state-controlled media do everything they can to deflect blame away from BO, the one that they themselves made too big to fail.

  62. Patriot Dreamer

    The following article says that Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-Arkansas) is vulnerable in next year’s elections:

  63. Linda from NY-That Code Pink article re: children Halloween and military. That is sick, psychologically terrorizing children how many laws did they break?

  64. Talking about the oil reserves, it would be nice if new refineries could be built and built away from the coastal areas too.

    Our government is just completely out of touch with the real world.

  65. zachjonesishome

    I found this on

    It is a quote from Obama:

    …the president asked, “Does anybody think that the teabag, anti-government people are going to support them if they bring down health care? All it will do is confuse and dispirit” Democratic voters “and it will encourage the extremists.” …

    What a turd!

  66. Linda from NY “In every job that must be done there is an element of fun” Can you imagine this in our educational system?

  67. zachjonesishome

    Dunn leaving White House, Pfeiffer takes over
    White House communications director Anita Dunn will step down from her post at the end of the month and Dan Pfeiffer, her deputy, will take over, according to sources familiar with the move….

  68. Anita Dunn – WH Communication Director is Leaving.

    You go Glen Beck!


    I guess Obama doesn’t want to disturb his puppet masters too much.

  70. Hi All,

    If you’re pregnant (not the guys, please!) or know someone who is, please click on the following link regarding the H1N1 vaccine. You decide:

  71. Patriot Dreamer

    “The Road Ahead
    Senate Republicans explain their plans to block Obamacare”

  72. zachjonesishome

    Sue K – the vaccine story link is VERY Important! Thanks

  73. All-this is an interesting story, better to have knowledge of a problem than be blissfully unaware. Another good reason for vetting everyone as thoroughly as possible.;cbsCarousel

  74. Patriot Dreamer

    “[Jake Tapper’s] Interview with the President: Jail Time for Those without Health Care Insurance?”

  75. Michelle: That was enjoyable…thanks. Wish I could clean my house with a snap of my fingers!

    BTW…do you keep these all archived in your “secret closet?” Seems you have something for everyone!

    Happy Day…Linda

  76. venice: Isn’t McChrystal part of the NWO gang?

    If so, then leave our guys at home to fight the pp gang here!

  77. Sue K: For some time, I have been bothered by the insistence to vaccinate pregnant women against the flu…my MD would not have allowed it.

    I had the flu when I was pregnant with my daughter; no drugs, just re-hydration was ordered for three days in the hospital.

    Can’t like it at all…Linda

  78. Sorry this is off topic.

    I’m trying to catch up on taitz — sinclair connection.

    So Larry is alleging Orly asked him to perjure himself.

    Orly vehemently denies.

    Question: Does anyone know exactly what Orly wanted Larry to say that he hadn’t already stated?

    Apparently judge received letter from Larry.

    What is this all about, really?

    I saw this was being discussed by Freepers.

  79. zachjonesishome // November 10, 2009 at 12:11 pm

    Hi Zach,

    Welcome home!

    I think it’s important, too.

    If you scroll down to the short video of Hannity and Deirdre Imus, she’ll tell you what it says in the H1N1 package insert. I don’t think you’ll be stunned by her info!

  80. Patriot Dreamer: The Senate strategy sounds good to me…give ’em h*** I say!

    Thanks for sharing!

  81. Linda from NY // November 10, 2009 at 12:21 pm

    Howdy Linda,

    That bothers me, too. Glad you were OK!

    I read some of the comments by pregnant women stating that they got the shot, and there were no adverse effects.

    I can tell you first hand that diseases like MS, ALS, and Lupus are slow movers and take many years to develop-that’s why diagnosis takes months/years. No effects now, but how about 5,10,15 or more years down the road?

    What about the baby? Is this baby set up for a host of chronic, debilitating diseases due to a vaccine even before it’s born?

    Gotta stop and think about this!

  82. Don’t forget , contact RINO Michael Steele today and tell him white people do not fear him and please resign for the good of the party.

  83. zachjonesishome

    sisterrosetta – hi – I don’t know any details of the issue. I am trying to stay out of it. I am not going to damage either by taking sides. Nice to see you here. Zach

  84. Patriot Dreamer: Don’t believe a word pp says period. Cannot trust the guy…

    Bottom line…you don’t pay; you will stay…in jail! Wonder if you get Health Care in Jail? Nah!

  85. I hope you all realize that Ozero has just called you all C-cksuckers. The meaning of “tea bag anti-government people” is clearly a deep and coarse homosexual slur.

    Never before has a president refered to the citizens of the country with such hatred and disrespect.

    Where is the outcry, where is the outrage?

  86. Sue K: That’s the problem; they have no clinical trials from which to draw any conclusions since this is a new vaccine. Am sure “horror stories” will follow.

    Fear for the wee ones! And their moms, too!

    How ya doing girl? Fighting the good fight?
    When will you know for sure with what you are dealing?

    Peace and prayers…Linda

  87. Patriot Dreamer

    Linda from NY @12:29 pm

    No, I definitely do not trust Dear Reader!

    News story from your state:

    Governor Paterson: NYS Will Be Broke Before Christmas
    Delivers Scary News To Legislature, Says Only Way To Fix Problem Is To Have Immediate Cuts To Education, Hospitals

  88. Of course, the $64,000 question remains — maybe never known unless and until a retired Judge Carter elects to publish his memoirs: Was his Order, replete with errors and gratuitous faults (even his hiring the Obama-law firm connected clerk) actually intentional, to enable Orly to get some case, any case, to discovery and merits without being held up in appeal — or was it merely a horribly bad and ignorant decision?

    Perhaps Judge Carter’s fellow marines may want to reserve judgment on him to a later date.

  89. Carlyle: We are outraged! We just don’t put much credence in anything pp says! He is vile!


  90. Murdoch agrees with Beck that Obama is a racist

    So there you have it. Fox News’ host calls the president of the United States a racist, Fox News’ owner agrees with him, and Fox News’ president has a long history of appealing to racial fears and biases for political gain as a Republican strategist. But of course, Fox News is a legitimate news organization.

  91. Patriot Dreamer: Am well aware NYS is going bankrupt…thanks. Maybe, we can start over in 2010 when Patterson takes a hike!


  92. Video: Obama: People will go to jail if they don’t buy my Health Care but that’s not the “biggest question”

    November 10, 09

  93. Patriot Dreamer

    Carlyle: I am outraged. I have never seen the office of the President so demeaned.

  94. Carlyle // November 10, 2009 at 12:32 pm

    I hope you all realize that Ozero has just called you all C-cksuckers. The meaning of “tea bag anti-government people” is clearly a deep and coarse homosexual slur

    You have to reliaze that to him it is not a slur, he is used to that term being a everyday term. He has possibly referred to himself with that term. LOL

  95. Patriot Dreamer

    Dear Reader has no class. None.

  96. Linda from NY-SueK-Patriot Dreamer I like the Senates strategy. When many more Americans find out what is in that bill, they will hate it too. Finally the Republicans are fighting back. The DNC foisted the un-American crook on the country, let them live with the results of their political insanity. Can you imagine one loyal American going to jail re: Obama’s Health Care bill, brought to them by an illegal alien usurper. These genius’ would probably pick as their first victim a poor downtrodden veteran to add insult to injury. Between corrupt Obama and corrupt DNC, I beginning to believe corruption leads to total insanity, one result within the past week is the Fort Hood attack. They didn’t know Hasan had “issues” in his case many issues. FBI,CIA and others charged with the security of the nation. Stupidity this egregious staggers the imagination.

  97. Anita Dunn , good news or bad news ?. Her replacement will likely be even more radical and corrupt.

  98. zachjonesishome // November 10, 2009 at 12:27 pm

    sisterrosetta – hi – I don’t know any details of the issue. I am trying to stay out of it. I am not going to damage either by taking sides. Nice to see you here. Zach


    Well, you know whose side I’m on, but that doesn’t mean I always agree with Larry and he knows that.

    Apparently this judge used this letter from Larry against Orly in court so …

    I’m just trying to find out what exactly was in that letter.

    Obviously, I’ve been preoccupied.

    And I certainly think it significant that Orly was trying to include Donald Young’s murder in one of her court cases.

    I would think Larry would want that info out there too.

    Is it just that Larry didn’t want to be associated with birthers or didn’t want to be associated with Orly?

    (I just got interrupted and lost my train of thought, which is an easy thing to do these days!)

  99. Patriot Dreamer

    ARMY D.A.V., do you suppose that Mao is also one of Dan Pfeiffer’s favorite philosophers? Hahaha!

  100. Patriot Dreamer

    “The Healthcare Reform Bill: Truth & Consequences”
    by Dr. Elaina George, MD

    The healthcare reform bill (HR 3962) that just passed the House of Representatives is bad on so many levels it is difficult to explain. As it stands, it will destroy both the doctor-patient relationship and change the practice of medicine as we know it.

    for the rest of the article:

  101. Linda,

    Don’t know if McChrystal is specifically, but he is responding to those who want the Afghanistan war and yes they are part of NWO.

  102. Carlyle-re: the derogatory comment made by Obama re: baggers-tea. I don’t think most people know the alternative meaning of the word, I sure didn’t from the original use by tv “journalists”. When it was finally defined then I understood, extremely offensive and insulting. I still hate Pelosi’s astroturf comments to our fellow citizens-this will cost the Dem’s some serious votes. I’m a registered Democrat who will very hard to vote the corrupt element of our government OUT.

  103. okay, well thanks, guys and gals

    I’ll guess I’ll go to the horse’s mouth

    Or should I say horses’ mouths

  104. Thought for today by Usapatriots-shout:


    I used to jokingly say I am glad I don’t live in the Middle East or Russia because I could get killed because of my big mouth. Now living in my own home country is just as dangerous. I could and may get killed for speaking my thoughts.



  105. LM 12: 40 and 12:44 pm.

    Everyone please watch both these videos. Very important and spread as far as possible. This information has to get out now to stop the health care bill.

  106. A Proper Perspective IMHO…

    To the Soldiers of Fort Hood

  107. Great words from USA Ret. Allen West….found at…

  108. HEADS UP –

    Judge Napolitano will be filling in for Beck tonight. He will be covering a number of topics of interest to all. One in particular is the recent headline about the government’s demand from media outlets for IP addresses & salaries for the sole purpose of investigating their reporting and paying of taxes. That should be interesting.

    He just did a short interview with Alex Jones. The gist of the interview was just how FURIOUS he was last week when the faux Conservative Repubs introduced Obamacare lite.

    Their version still presumes a FEDERAL ROLE in healthcare – which there is none, as we all know. He is fearful it will pass because the politicians will do exactly what they did with TARP…bribed to receive perks for their States/regions.

    He briefly talked about the delegation of Federal power to non elected groups – which is exactly what FDR did and as we all know, FDR is O’s model.

    Alex spoke to the fact that FOX figured out they had to come out with anti-NWO stance to GROW their audience. Obviously Glenn Beck has been a huge part of that success, while other station’s ratings plummet.

    However, evidently Murdoch isn’t as brave with efforts to squash cap and trade as he’s been with the NWO because he is heavily invested in some of the technologies.

  109. venice-I can’t believe Obama’s stand on “gaming the system” and subsidies. He was a community organizer in the South Side of Chicago, his entire 20 years there was based on gaming the system, and subsidized housing which never reached the people for which it was intended since Obama and Jarrett got their hands on it first. Could the taxpayers sue to get their $500 million back?

  110. Patriot Dreamer // November 10, 2009 at 12:49 pm

    ARMY D.A.V., do you suppose that Mao is also one of Dan Pfeiffer’s favorite philosophers? Hahaha!

    Could you imagine a Christan of good character being around those people.

    Their skin would crawl and itch like a rash They would have to carry holy water and a crucifix in every pocket, just to keep from being possessed by a demonic demon .

  111. DenisetheMenace

    From the NYP article (comments) on the true unempolyment numbers.

    11/10/2009 9:37 AM

    Barack Hussein Obama
    He came to us from overseas
    To bring this nation to it’s knees

    Read more:

  112. #

    zachjonesishome // November 10, 2009 at 12:27 pm

    sisterrosetta – hi – I don’t know any details of the issue. I am trying to stay out of it. I am not going to damage either by taking sides. Nice to see you here. Zach

    I think its….he said she said….or is it….she said he said…..either way….it is ridiculous!!!!

  113. I received this in an e-mail today, FYI…

    Red Shirt

    If the red shirt thing is new to you, read below how it went for a man…

    Last week, while traveling to Chicago on business, I noticed a Marine sergeant traveling with a folded flag, but did not put two and two together.

    After we boarded our flight, I turned to the sergeant, who’d been invited to sit in First Class (across from me), and inquired if he was heading home.

    No, he responded.

    Heading out I asked?

    No. I’m escorting a soldier home.

    Going to pick him up?

    No. He is with me right now. He was killed in Iraq , I’m taking him home to his family.

    The realization of what he had been asked to do hit me like a punch to the gut.. It was an honor for him. He told me that, although he didn’t know the soldier, he had delivered the news of his passing to the soldier’s family and felt as if he knew them after many conversations in so few days.

    I turned back to him, extended my hand, and said, Thank you Thank you for doing what you do so my family and I can do what we do.

    Upon landing in Chicago the pilot stopped short of the gate and made the following announcement over the intercom.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to note that we have had the honor of having Sergeant Steeley of the United States Marine Corps join us on this flight He is escorting a fallen comrade back home to his family. I ask that you please remain in your seats when we open the forward door to allow Sergeant Steeley to deplane and receive his fellow soldier. We will then turn off the seat belt sign.”

    Without a sound, all went as requested. I noticed the sergeant saluting the casket as it was brought off the plane, and his action made me realize that I am proud to be an American.

    So here’s a public Thank You to our military Men and Women for what you do so we can live the way we do.

    Red Fridays.

    Very soon, you will see a great many people wearing Red every Friday. The reason? Americans who support our troops used to be called the “silent majority.” We are no longer silent, and are voicing our love for God, country and home in record breaking numbers. We are not organized, boisterous or overbearing.

    Many Americans, like you, me and all our friends, simply want to recognize that the vast majority of America supports our troops. Our idea of showing solidarity and support for our troops with dignity and respect starts this Friday — and continues each and every Friday until the troops all come home, sending a deafening message that … Every red-blooded American who supports our men and women a far, will wear something red.

    By word of mouth, press, TV — let’s make the United States on every Friday a sea of red much like a homecoming football game in the bleachers. If every one of us who loves this country will share this with acquaintances, coworkers, friends, and family, it will not be long before the USA is covered in RED and it will let our troops know the once “silent” majority is on their side more than ever, certainly more than the media lets on.

    The first thing a soldier says when asked “What can we do to make things better for you?” is. “We need your support and your prayers.” Let’s get the word out and lead with class and dignity, by example, and wear something red every Friday.



  114. We love you, MommaE!


    I just wanted to let you know that I had to have a biopsy on a tumor yesterday and since I am in quite a bit of pain and following Dr orders, I will be unable to do my show tonight, Wednesday night and possibly Thursday night.


    I hopefully will be able to do my show on Friday night. If not, I will do all of my shows for the week starting the 16th through the 20th.

    I will not be doing any shows the week of the 23rd through the 27th, as I leave for Texas on Saturday the 21st and will not return until Sunday the 29th. I will return to my shows on Monday November the 30th.

    I hope that you will all Pray that the results of the biopsy is negative and that I don’t have to have Surgery!

    Love and Hugs,


    Transcript of A. S. King’s interview with Gary Kreep, on what he’ll be doing in response to Barnett vs Obama dismissal…

    says there is merit to the argument that the case has not been dismissed…

  116. zachjonesishome

    Thank you Linda –

    Linda from NY // November 10, 2009 at 1:45 pm (edit)

    I received this in an e-mail today, FYI…

    Red Shirt

  117. Sue K: That was shocking about the miscarriages. I too, don’t feel right about them advising pregnant women to get the vaccine. Also, I find it odd about the reports of 28 pregnant women dying from h1n1. Why haven’t we heard more specifics, who-what-when-where & what happened to their unborn babies. Were any saved? I’m not sure whether we should believe these reports.

  118. If I were family of the Ft. Hood victims, I would be outraged about b.o. coming to speak, after the way he has reacted to the tragedy. I would be ready to spit on him.

  119. Patriot Dreamer

    ARMY D.A.V. // November 10, 2009 at 1:24 pm

    Thanks, ARMY D.A.V. I needed that chuckle!

  120. Krauthammer nailed it – Pelousy has definitely lead the D’s over a cliff. No doubt about it.

    Just me – looking forward to what you learned today and the additional pieces of the puzzle you are working to bring together regarding healthcare, cap and tax, Copenhagen and NWO. I am most grateful for your hard work.

  121. I see TOTUS is all set up for b.o. at the memorial. He wouldn’t dare speak without it, as his real feelings may slip out.

  122. Hi, All,
    Sent to me in email. HUMOR! Enjoy.

    A Georgia Congressman was seated next to a little girl on the airplane leaving from Atlanta when he turned to her and said, ‘Let’s talk. I’ve heard that flights go quicker if you strike up a conversation with your fellow passenger.’

    The little girl, who had just opened her book, closed it slowly and said to the total stranger, ‘What would you like to talk about?’

    ‘Oh, I don’t know,’ said the southern congressman. ‘How about global warming or universal health care’, and he smiles smugly.

    OK, ‘ she said. ‘Those could be interesting topics. But let me ask you a question first. A horse, a cow, and a deer all eat the same stuff – grass. Yet a deer excretes little pellets, while a cow turns out a flat patty, and a horse produces clumps of dried grass. Why do you suppose that is?’

    The southern legislator, visibly surprised by the little girl’s intelligence, thinks about it and says, ‘Hmmm, I have no idea.’

    To which the little girl replies, ‘Do you really feel qualified to discuss global warming or universal health care when you don’t know sh##?

  123. Linda from NY // November 10, 2009 at 12:33 pm

    Linda, they did *very* limited clinical trials (had to push the junk out as fast as they could) but they have no long-term data. How could they? 6 months from the discovery of H1N1 to a vaccine ain’t considered ‘long-term!’

    I fear for those down the road, too; not so much for those who’ve had the flu, but for those who’ve taken the vaccine.

    Doing OK, thanks! Right now, they’re watching my symptoms because I did come back with a negative spinal tap in March, which is possible in 5-10% of the cases. MRI due in February and we will compare that one to my previous one earlier this year. Probably won’t know much until then.

    Thanks for asking, and always for the prayers :).

    A NEW CONSTITUTION – years in the making.

    (Part 1 of 3)

    I heard a caller today speaking about seeing George Bush, in the 1st year of his 1st term, on C-spam lecturing a bunch of old suits at a national meeting of regional governors. He recalled them talking about how to use Congress to WORK AROUND the Constitution in implementing. He notes that shortly after this, Homeland Security was established.

    Regardless of Bush’s vagueness, the caller was still able to garner enough information to research what Bush was eluding to. It was the plan to establish 10 regions that would replace the 50 states of the United States as we now know it.

    The governors would essentially serve at the pleasure of the President. (IMHO explains why the governor races have become so important to “O” and why Hutchinson is leaving Congress to unseat Perry)

    I feel this may be one reason, right off the bat they brought the census into the white house immediately upon him taking office.

    I found an article written for News With Views back in Dec. of ’08 that essentially toplines what the caller was talking about this morning. It’s a summary of the idea of the New States – notice I didn’t say the United States.

    The host of the show this a.m. spoke matter of fact of “O’s” speech recently to governors about region lines being redrawn. I haven’t been able to find anything on a very recent speech. Still looking.

    This “plan” for federalized regions also fits in neatly with the new smart grid system, healthcare, and the militarizing of our police forces.

    A NEW CONSTITUTION – years in the making.

    (Part 2 of 3)

    snipped from:

    FACT: March 27, 1969, President Richard Nixon divided the country into 10 regions via the Government Reorganization Act. Then with Nixon’s Executive Order 11647, the nation was divided up into 10 administrative regions on February 14, 1972 (Federal Register February 12, 1972, Vol. 37, No. 30)…

    Snipped from

    By this Executive Order, the President by a stroke of the pen divided the United States into ten federal regions to be run by “Federal Regional Councils.”

    The “ten standard federal regions” referred to by Nixon were delineated by him in a press release issued by the White House on May 21, 1969. Purporting to “streamline the structure and processes of federal agencies in the field,” the President then gave the alignment for the federal regions as follows: (The city in parentheses is the federal capital of each region.)

    REGION I (Boston) – Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

    REGION II (New York City) – New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

    REGION III (Philadelphia) -Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

    REGION IV (Atlanta) -Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

    REGION V (Chicago) -Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

    REGION VI (Dallas-Fort Worth) Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

    REGION VII (Kansas City) – Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.

    REGION VIII (Denver) – Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.

    REGION IX (San Francisco) -Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Nevada.

    REGION X (Seattle) – Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

    As can be noted in the foregoing list, in all cases the lines drawn for these federal regions cross State lines, thus to all intents and purposes obliterating the sovereignty of the States.

    FACT: In 1964, the Ford Foundation funded an outfit called the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions to write a new constitution for our nation. After 40 drafts, a staff of 100+ people, and at a cost of 2.5 million dollars a year, a decade later (1974) the Proposed Constitution for the Newstates of America was finished…

    In 1974, an essentially final version was quietly published in a book entitled THE EMERGING CONSTITUTION by Rexford G. Tugwell (Harper & Row, $20), the man who directed the formulation of the new constitution. It is the fortieth draft.

    FACT: A new Constitutional Convention is right around our corners again – with 32 states requesting the Con-Con, and with only 34 required for it’s convening – and with most American states now totally, conveniently, bankrupt…

    I’ve found a number of websites with information addressing more of this. This one in particular seems to be very informative and looks to be a grassroots effort to educate and defend our constitution.

    Be sure to click on the “new” link titled “The United Nations War in Yugoslavia – A Solution. This committee to restore The Constitution provides a model letter and spells out the supporting documentation you will need to take action.

    A NEW CONSTITUTION – years in the making.

    (Part 3 of 3)

    Snipped from:

    Look at a map of your state and you’ll see all the county lines; look at a more local map and you’ll see all the township, municipalities and borough lines… that is for public consumption. If you can picture in your minds eye this layer of government right over the top… all the money and control is being sifted down through there.

    That is Regionalism. The plan that is being used to globalize the United States of America.

    Here’s a final quote from Our Global Neighborhood – The United Nations Report of the Commission on Global Governance :
    “REGIONALISM and GLOBAL GOVERNANCE – The development of regionalism cannot be isolated from global institutions.

    Affecting each other in many ways, these groups should be linked in a dynamic process of interaction. Regional arrangements have the potential to complement and contribute to GLOBAL GOVERNANCE, but may not produce a positive outcome automatically.” [They’re “experimenting” with world government and the people of the world are their guinea pigs]


    Again, I am learning and discovering this information along side the rest of you. I have no desire to “argue” about this information. Offering it up for consideration and discussion.

  127. Venice,

    you spoke to the subject of my recent post yesterday. Have to go back and look at the exact wording, but I recall something about the “hot spots.” Dr. Parker spoke to the redrawing of regional lines – but until today, I didn’t really grasp the full impact of what he was saying. In fact he had a caller that was talking about the waterways out of Colorado and the fact that Colorado most likely wouldn’t be Colorado in the near future. I thought it seemed rather random – until today.

    In my quick research today I saw articles on this same type of thing in Canada. This “federalized regionalism” is probably not new news to you. And I realize this is done for administrative purposes, but what I found today went way beyond this. Would you be able to elaborate on any of this at some point? My brain is still in “processing mode” even though there is rapid firing going on. …i smile…

    The push from this – even way back during Nixon’s reign – was mandated by the U.N. Hasn’t stopped.

    I briefly searched sites for connections of related matters to global warming to this and it’s all there.

    Going to go find my old rock to crawl back under. Be back later.

  128. Happy Birthday to the Marine Corps. My son in-law is on his way home!

  129. Nancy // November 10, 2009 at 2:01 pm

    Hi Nancy,

    I doubt it very much if you’ll ever hear true reports of the deaths/illnesses/miscarriages from this vaccine; they *want* you to take it! I think we’ve all been aware of the local, state, and federal campaigns to scare the beejeesus out of us with this flu.

    I only believe the reports that list the complications, which are contrary to what the gubmint is telling us.

    Do you believe that the Obama daughters *really* got the H1N1 shot?

  130. Has anyone seen this video yet?

    Obama Admits He Is A Muslim

  131. Hello any and all…..
    Is anyone watching the memorial service from Ft. Hood? Gen George Casey just spoke. Did the Gen say: “Mr. & Mrs. Obama….and NOT. President & Mrs Obama? I would have sworn that it was Mr… and not Pres. (My ears do make mistakes__) just wondering.

  132. JustMe,

    With your permission I will ask CW to send you my email addy.

  133. A request to the computer experts here. Would anyone here be able to take a clip of Zero debating Hillary regarding Health care, where he went after her for threatening fines to the uninsured saying you can’t force people to be insured, with the clip of his response to Jake Tapper regarding BOTH fines and JAIL TIME? I think it would be very affective to have something like that go viral.

    He LIED in the campaign…used it as a distinction between he and Hillary and now he even goes BEYOND her punishment. We could title the clip “Obama wants to PUNISH uninsured with JAIL TIME” or something to that affect.

  134. Venice,

    Of course, I would welcome it.

  135. Sue K:

    No, I don’t believe his daughters got the vaccine. But do you not feel something odd about those 28 women who supposedly died of H1N1?

  136. #

    John Charlton // November 10, 2009 at 1:52 pm

    Transcript of A. S. King’s interview with Gary Kreep, on what he’ll be doing in response to Barnett vs Obama dismissal…

    says there is merit to the argument that the case has not been dismissed…

    John….I heard Kreep on the A. King show when she had birther week and all he did was bash Orly….he also said he had 7 or 8 more cases being filed against the FRAUD and I haven’t seen any of them yet!!! I think Kreep is trying to take Orly down just like Berg….they do not want this woman showing them up!!! That’s my take!

  137. Joyceaz:

    I didn’t catch that. But I did hear him say how their lives would live on in our freedoms & talking about life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. The very things he is taking away from America.

  138. Joyceaz said,

    Did the Gen say: “Mr. & Mrs. Obama….and NOT. President & Mrs Obama

    I think he said Mr. and Mrs. Barry Soetoro.

  139. Hi Upstate Warrior,

    I had seen that video a while ago…still makes me sick to my stomach.

    Thanks for the reminder as to exactly what we have in the White House.

  140. Just Me and venice – I want in. With your permission I too would give CW permission to share my email address with the two of you.

  141. Richard,…. barry and mrs. YES,…. that is what I thought The General said. that is exactally what he said.

    Nancy,……… I heard that too. I could hear the anger in his voice and also the determination to keep the Liberty and Freedom that our Country was founded on.

  142. “When the war is over and our country has endured.” Obama in his Fr. Hood speech.

    transitive verb endured -·dured′, enduring -·dur′·ing. to hold up under (pain, fatigue, etc.); stand; bear; undergo; to put up with; tolerate

    Why not prevailed, triumped, or won? Between all the poetic verse he made sure to point out this was not about “Faith.”

  143. Linda @ 10:13: hard to say which of these three things are more stomach -churing than the other…only one of which has been my ‘reason’ for just reading CW’s threads…and staying out of the ‘debates’ here: (take your best guess):

    1) BHO addressing the folks in Texas (“gag me with a spoon!”)…sorry, my gut just doesn’t buy the one-shooter story…and Barky’s faux-concern only adds insult to the injury;
    (inside you know he’s yelling ‘yay!’);
    2) the plethora of hill-bot-yayhoos that are here everyday…blind as bats…but masquerading as ‘your pals’ as they join the down-with-B chants;
    3) the Broncos ‘throw-back’ uniforms…that look like pajamas…only: now that they threw them back: they’re LOSING…better go back to the jammies…

    okay, sorry to have to blast all of that…
    don’t think I’ll be ‘contributing’ any more…
    but will just stick to ‘just the facts, ma’am’,
    courtesy of CW and his ‘new threads’.

    I’ll close out by saying that I find the emerging voices, like those heard at the D.C. rally ala Bachmann & Co. was encouraging.

  144. Ft. Hood. I can’t type when mad.

  145. What a friggin’ fraud………

  146. Everyone: This was sent to me in an e-mail along with beautiful pix of all of the cemeteries numbered below but alas, I couldn’t figure out how to get them all to you…sorry

    Are we arrogant???

    1. The American Cemetery at Aisne-Marne , France . A total of 2389 of our military dead.
    2. The American Cemetery at Ardennes, Belgium. A total of 5329 of our military dead.
    3. The American Cemetery at Brittany, France . A total of 4410 of our military dead.
    4. The American Cemetery in Brookwood England . A total of 468 of our military dead.
    5. Cambridge , England . A total of 3812 of our military dead.
    6. The American Cemetery in Epinal, France. A total of 5525 of our military dead.
    7. Flanders Field , Belgium . A total of 368 of our military dead.
    8. Florence , Italy . A total of 4402 of our military dead.
    9. Henri-Chapelle , Belgium . A total of 7992 of our military dead.
    10. Lorraine, France . A total of 10,489 of our military dead.
    11. Luxembourg , Luxembourg. A total of 5076 of our military dead.
    12. Meuse-Argonne. A total of 14,246 of our military dead.
    13. Netherlands , Netherlands A total of 8301 of our military dead.
    14. Normandy , France . A total of 9387 of our military dead.
    15. Oise-Aisne , France . A total of 6012 of our military dead.
    16. Rhone , France . A total of 861 of our military dead.
    17. Sicily , Italy . A total of 7861 of our military dead.
    18. Somme , France . A total of 1844 of our military dead.
    19. St. Mihiel , France . A total of 4153 of our military dead.
    20. Suresnes , France . A total of 1541 of our military dead.

    If I added correctly, the count is 104,466 dead.

    We have to watch an American elected leader who apologizes to Europe and the Middle East that our country is “arrogant”! And we should be proud that this guy is our Leader?

    How many French, Dutch, Italian, Belgian, and Brit military are buried on our soil defending us against our enemies??

    We don’t ask for praise…but we have absolutely NO NEED TO APOLOGIZE!!!

    Apologize to no one.

    Remind those of our sacrifice and don’t confuse arrogance with LEADERSHIP.

  147. ticktock // November 10, 2009 at 3:04 pm

    A request to the computer experts here. Would anyone here be able to take a clip of Zero debating Hillary regarding Health care, where he went after her for threatening fines to the uninsured saying you can’t force people to be insured, with the clip of his response to Jake Tapper regarding BOTH fines and JAIL TIME? I think it would be very affective to have something like that go viral.

    I can combine them and edit. I just don’t have the clips.

  148. LindaNY: oh…forgot one thing…wanted to leave with a ‘good note’ (pun intended, for sure)…
    for great traditional Hawaiian music live streaming on your computer (usually weekdays from 10am-2pm Pacific time) check out which is Kaua’i Community Radio.

  149. The NWO Bankers Own You.

  150. I listened to the interview with Tom Fife & I have to say that I do believe him. Incredible story.

  151. Nancy // November 10, 2009 at 3:08 pm

    Hi Nancy,

    I don’t really think it’s odd and I’ll tell you why: Pregnant women are considered to be more susceptible to colds, flus, and odd bugs maybe because of the changes happening in their bodies? I don’t know for sure why they seem to be more vulnerable for those 9 months.

    I think if you realize that there are on the order of 36,000 deaths from the seasonal flu each year, this would be expected from H1N1. Actually, I would expect more.

    As of right now, I’m not seeing a correlation between pregnancy and H1N1 deaths in the state stats but of course, that could change any day.

  152. I just heard radio jay serain host say that was a majestic speech obama gave at foot hood. And he cant stand obama. The devil told eve to take a bite of the fruit and probably sounded convincing as well. I’m not buying it. Actions speak louded than words. Call a terrorist for what he is.

  153. Re-Dude: Awwwww…so sorry for you! I miss you, and I know others here do, too.

    Just so you know…Obots need shots, too. Who knows? They just may “See the Light!” We can “Hope” they will “Change,” no?

    The Truth will set us all FREE!

    Peace be with you, Bood Guddy…Linda

  154. I did’t hear the word terrorist or muslim one time. Wonder why?

  155. Re-Dude: Thanks for the link…I will think of you when I listen…

    Happy Day…Linda

  156. The NWO Bankers Own You.


    Sorry Alex , not for sale………….

  157. Re-do // November 10, 2009 at 3:34 pm

    Hey Re-do,

    Sorry to see you go. Really!

    I do understand why.

    Take care :).

  158. Wasn’t there a couple of police officers that did a background check on obama and got caught?

    What ever happened to them and what did they find out?

  159. Don, That would be great! Someone posted the Jake Tapper vid on this thread. I can try to run down the debate vid. Are you able to pull portions out of vid’s?

  160. Don

    I did’t hear the word terrorist or muslim one time


    Self-incrimination …………..?

  161. Linda from NY, If you could email that email to me with the pictures I would love to blog that tomorrow.

  162. ticktock // November 10, 2009 at 3:43 pm

    Don, That would be great! Someone posted the Jake Tapper vid on this thread. I can try to run down the debate vid. Are you able to pull portions out of vid’s?

    I can cut and combine. I can’t modify what is already there, so it would be a honest video.

  163. Prairie: Don’t be offended; Consider the source.

    Some people may talk well, but they don’t say anything worthwhile.


  164. Re-do,
    What was the exact quote- tolerance masquerades as harmony? I will miss you.
    Sincerely, Half-pint.

  165. Greg Goss: Be happy to oblige…will get to it right away.

    Happy Day…Linda

  166. Greg Goss // November 10, 2009 at 3:41 pm

    Jacqlyn Smith, Gary Kreep is looking for money to air a video.


    GG….Kreep doesn’t believe that parents both need to be citizens in order to be natural born….I don’t trust him…..but I wish him well!

  167. Check out the comments …………..

  168. Greg Goss: Sent…

  169. FR thread: was the president suppose to salute the soldiers?

  170. Re-Do: Yes, please do stay. I enjoy your contributions. And no, I am not a Hill-Bot Yayhoo.

    Linda: I agree. It’s never too late for some to face reality. Heck, we’re all still trying to put the pieces together of many past years & figure out what the reality truly is. Not looking too good right now.

  171. Oh yeah, the only reason I asked is cuz the vid’s are obviously longer than what you’d prob need. But yes, honest!That’s a given. Wouldn’t wanna be like Obarfy. I found the debate. I’ll post it.

  172. Prairie: not ‘gone’…just not gonna ‘debate’ with the ‘you-knows’…

    to answer your question, respectfully: here’s that portion of the third of the 5 paragraphs of the little ‘essay’ I posted some time back:

    “Retreating to a position of “tolerance” forfeits unity based on the Truth. Tolerance masquerades as, and is a counterfeit for, real harmony; and so it does not lead to unity, but rather is permits division by allowing error to remain…..”

  173. Prairie: b.o. is busy saluting himself.

  174. Here’s the debate between commie health insurance or commie health insurance. : )

  175. TO:
    Greg Goss // November 10, 2009 at 3:48 pm

    Linda from NY, If you could email that email to me with the pictures I would love to blog that tomorrow.

    Please Forward to me if you don’t mind I beleive I received somethign similat last yr.

  176. ARMY D.A.V. // November 10, 2009 at 3:54 pm

    He’s not saluting for a reason. And that’s because he’s in direct violation of UCMJ A 134 for Impersonating a Military Official and saluting would be self incriminating:

  177. Sorry,

    That comment was for Prairie // November 10, 2009 at 3:59 pm

  178. Re-Dude: You don’t have to debate; as far as I know that is not REQUIRED here.

    You can just “pop in” n “pop out” whenever you want…send us some nice music, say “Hello,” and stuff like that.

    Sad-faced Linda stepping on her lip!

  179. Re-do,
    Thank you. Your words had a great impact on me that day- they still do.

  180. Peter: A friend of mine said that, too, however, he said this time there are more pictures added.


  181. Re-do,

    Please keep the ‘pop in’ part of Linda’s recommendation in mind, OK?

    (Linda, get off your lip-that hurts!)

  182. JeffM // November 10, 2009 at 4:10 pm

    ARMY D.A.V. // November 10, 2009 at 3:54 pm

    He’s not saluting for a reason.


    In other words he’s an undocumented usurping Bastard , is that what your trying to say.

  183. 4:07: thanks for posting the photo of the two of the great menaces of the republic…
    co-conspirators of “NarcissistsBme”…only there can’t be two now, can there?..that would be a contradiction of germs…er, uh…terms;
    they oughta just arm-wrestle right there and get it over with…any bets on who’d win? (remember ‘the pitch heard ’round the world’?)…yeh that one…
    if you want the republic restored:

    ya gotta expose
    ALL those who oppose

    (there’s your poem for the day, Prairie…)

    LindaNYawk: not “awwww”…more like

  184. c.n.d.e. ville II

    I am so glad about the red shirt Fridays. I will pass that info along. Glad America is standing up for our military. o. sends them onto a battlefield with orders not to shoot when attacked.

    Can’t wait to see some of the slogans on the shirts.

  185. Again, thanks for all the information. Never in my life would I have thought I would need to investigate the Government. Well those days are over. They opened a can of worms, and We The People will take OUR Country back.

  186. ARMY D.A.V.,


    Now, what’s the Military going to do about it?

  187. Patriot Dreamer

    Greg Goss // November 10, 2009 at 2:52 pm

    Happy Birthday to the Marine Corps. My son in-law is on his way home!
    Greg, please thank your son-in-law for his service to our country.

    Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day. A big thank you to all of the other veterans on this blog.

  188. Patriot Dreamer

    Re-do, I miss your posts, but I understand.

  189. JeffM ARMY D.A.V. The photo op he did at Dover AFB shows him saluting…

  190. Re-Dude: or is it arrrrrrgh!

    Sue K: Ok…I’m off! But, I’ve got a footprint on my lip…nah…did not have shoes on…lol

  191. Patriot Dreamer et al. You are all more than welcome to leave a comment on that post and thank him yourself. Both my daughter and son in-law read my blog…

  192. CW, Great Post! Thanks

  193. I probably should tell you that it is Jeff Surina and Stacey…I will post that as a comment myself.

  194. I come here to CW’s blog because I enjoy his posts & all the comments & links. So many other sites have such rude, foul comments. There aren’t a whole lot of places to go where the commenters are decent anymore. And, I am finding that there simply not many people in my life that can tolerate talking about what is going on anymore. Things are getting so intense. My sister is getting depressed about stuff I send to her. My best friend of 40 years kind of understands, but has other issues. I get the message – please don’t send me this stuff anymore – I really don’t want to know. My brother & 1 other person on my email list are the only ones I send stuff to now.

    I can see it happening around me. Friends & family can’t keep up with what is happening. Things are directly affecting their personal lives, i.e., finances, arguing, etc. It is going on in my family also. But some don’t see the correlation to current events & the importance of keeping up on the daily occurences. I see them as losing the stomach & fortitude to face the news everyday, so they disconnect. So, my thanks to all of you for being here. Sorry for my lengthy rant, but that’s the way I see it.

    Glass of wine time.

  195. ticktock,
    I’m downloading the clips. It will take me a day or two to get them converted to a format I can use to edit.

    How do I get the finished product back to you?
    I don’t do youtube.

  196. Earlier, some of you were mentioning the general referring to O as barry??? what were you referring to? Was this at the Fort Hood speech? Did he say this in front of the crowd?

  197. JeffM

    Roger that.

    Charlie made it though the wire, their on base, hard tell the friendlies from the enemy. F.O.W.

    over and out…………

  198. #

    Jack // November 10, 2009 at 12:35 pm

    Of course, the $64,000 question remains — maybe never known unless and until a retired Judge Carter elects to publish his memoirs: Was his Order, replete with errors and gratuitous faults (even his hiring the Obama-law firm connected clerk) actually intentional, to enable Orly to get some case, any case, to discovery and merits without being held up in appeal — or was it merely a horribly bad and ignorant decision?

    Perhaps Judge Carter’s fellow marines may want to reserve judgment on him to a later date.

    Vile. Unspeakably depraved. U.S. military as Orly’s private assassins? Unfortunately, this is the caliber of blind zealous support she has amassed. Logic? Reason? Bona fide problem solving instead of temper tantrums and threats? Ha! She and her supporters abuse those same service people they purport to care so very much about, now likening them to attack mobs who move on command against her imagined detractors.


    In August 2008, right after Berg filed his first lawsuit, in a response to a question on another blog, I explained his suit would be tossed for Standing, Jurisdiction, and Failure to State a Claim (on which relief could be granted). Do you even understand the Electoral process sufficiently to grasp that electing an unqualified POTUS is not, by itself, against the law?

    But swearing he is qualified, without ascertaining whether he is, does violate the law in several states?

  199. Army D.A.V.: Thank you for your service.

    May God Bless You and keep you safe…Linda

  200. Patriot Dreamer,
    From a retired USAF TSgt, you are welcome. I was proud to serve and I still remember my oath and will continue to live up to it.

  201. Don, You’re a trooper. Um, I’m no good at it something you could just send to my email? Does anyone know how we can exchange emails here without posting them on the threads? I can get help from my husband or son in getting it onto youtube, so it’s a matter of just sending it to me I think??

  202. A new U S branch has just been formed. The under the carpet branch. To get in you need only a carpet, broom,political correctness,playing dumb all the time, cant say terrorist, and of course never get vetted everyone gets hired.

  203. Don: Thank you for your service.

    May God Bless You and keep you safe…Linda

  204. c.n.d.e. ville II

    LM — About the oil info.

    Thank you! Very interesting.

    I say, (for what it’s worth (lol) let the state legislatures, the knowledgeable oil people and the citizens of those states develop a sensible plan and start drilling that oil, assuming no valid, as in geological, constraints exist.

    When they start pumping and selling oil, no one is going to care what the EPA says. People will be too busy lining up to get the oil.

    The reason the few are unconstitutionally dictating to the many is because the many, me included, are complying with their dictates. I doubt that the few really care about how much Americans grumble and complain, as long as we DO what they want us to do.

    The acts of Congress since the inauguration have been but a travesty of our democratic processes, and I mean that substantively, not rhetorically. The “bills” that have “passed” are merely disguised authoritarian dictates disguised as the “will of the majority.”

    When suddenly, with one accord, the people ignore those dictates, those bogus “laws” will have no power at all.

    But I am not saying anything anyone here does not already know. So . . . on with the effort to throw the bums out.

  205. FT HOOD COVER-UP…Story behind the story.

    Don Nicoloff discusses an alternative view point on A Marine’s Disposition/blogtalkradio


    The Story Behind The Story:
    Dr. Mike Castle and Don Nicoloff guests. The Story Behind the Story of the Ft. Hood Shooting analyzed and the hidden truth revealed. The official “story” is bogus — Hasan, a psychiatrist was trained by the CIA in Virginia at the headquarters of “MK Ultra” was actually “counseling” two soldiers who had declared “conscientious objector” status – for the last 5 weeks prior to the shooting.


  206. Nancy

    You’re not alone , ,,,,,, everyone here is going though the same strife……

  207. On Neil Cavuto – headline “Clinton: TeaBaggers Annoyed Because We Are Winning”. Don’t know all the details (don’t have a TV in the same room as computer). Gonna go watch.

  208. d2i,

    Sorry away from the blog. Of course I’d be happy to.

  209. Cavuto had Jim DeMint on. Actually, headline was “Teabaggers Inflamed (not annoyed)”.
    Commercial break now…………

  210. Army D.A.V.:

    Thanks, that is why I come here.

  211. Patriot Dreamer

    Nancy, someone posted the link above about the Clinton quote, but here it is again:

  212. Patriot Dreamer

    quote from that article:

    Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) said Clinton described the ongoing tea party protests against the Democratic agenda as a sign his party was making progress.

    Whitehouse quoted Clinton arguing: “The reason the tea-baggers are so inflamed is because we are winning.”

  213. Patriot Dreamer

    For folks following the flu/vaccine/global agenda:

  214. Did anyone notice the clenched teeth of General Casey as he spoke. This seemed to say a lot. Did anyone notice the lack of salutes as Soetoro passed each photograph. A salute is a gesture of respect for the uniform. Obviously he is either far more stupid than I ever imagined, or he HATES the guts of these fallen heros. Or perhaps it is ALL of the above combined. A salute at each photograph would have been due these heros,and fully appropriate. Just prooves that Soetoro is one sick bastard who should not be Commanding our Armed Forces.

  215. I think it is about time that we adopted the same national policy that Australia has. Everybody know what I am referring to?

  216. Judge Napolitano is on now. I think he may be speaking about what “Just Me” posted earlier, but I could be wrong. Beck is back tomorrow on radio & TV. But, I have been enjoying Napolitano in the meantime.

  217. Patriot Dreamer, I have heard that the Amish community has NO autism in it! And they don’t take vaccines.

  218. ARMY , Salt and all veterans on this site,”The Lord bless you and keep you, The Lord let His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you, The Lord look upon you kindly and give you peace.” Numbers6:24,25,26……….Thanks a million for your service to this great nation!

  219. If you don’t know I would suggest that you look up the comments of the Australian leader for the last few months. Then you will know my feelings as well.

  220. Quoting from the link/story provided by PD @ 4:58:
    “Clinton argued that even ‘the most cold-hearted person’ ought to support health care reform simply from an economic standpoint.”

    DUH!! The three of them at the top DO!!
    That’s just the point…couldn’t have stated it more clearly myself…


  221. I checked which Senate seats will be up for vote in 2010, and there is none for Michigan. Again I never thought I would work for the government. But I want to work for the people, and live by the Constitution. Thursday I will go to the Chamber of Commerce, where the republican committee meets for monthly meetings. Another first for me.

  222. OLD SALT: I think the usurper “suffered through it”. He did not mean a word of what he said, with the help of TOTUS. The military know he is NOT on their side.

  223. 5:11: right no autism…just horse-drawn buggies.

  224. GM’s now the gubmints’ autism…btw…

  225. Billy boy, The most cold hearted politicians WILL support this bill.

  226. Nancy, you are one smart cookie!

    He is. I wasn’t sure anyone had read my posts. Guess I was wrong.

    He was talking about “federalizing the states” which is the same principle addressed in my 3 posts above. IMHO, this “federalizing the states” is the process necessary to the redrawing of the lines creating regions (10) instead of the 50 states.

    I realize, it’s a lot of info to take in, but the research has already been done for us and all we have to do is connect the dots.

    The Ford Foundation has already written the New States Constitution. It is broken down in the website link posted above.

  227. SueK // November 10, 2009 at 10:52 am

    JJ // November 10, 2009 at 9:32 am

    Morning, JJ,

    From the previous post, can you share what you’ve ordered to counteract chemtrails? Inquiring minds wanna know!


    Colloidal Silver I think works best. Oil of Oregano I hear also works well.

    Since Barium and Aluminum are said to be in the chemtrails, you may also want to do some research on what works best to flush the body of unwanted heavy metals.

    SueK, have you ever heard of Morgellons disease? From what I understand they are very small self assembling fibers that are found within people who have Morgellons. Many times these fibers have been seen to be red or blue and they can withstand very high temperatures. Clifford Carnicom has discovered a link between the chemtrail spraying and Morgellons.

    Here is a video by Clifford Carnicom and Gwen Scott about Morgellons.


    Ok. Bill here’s something for you to ponder and I know you’ll be reading this bc you scour the blogs all the time. Smart people know where the real news is.

    Let us assume that this NWO is honourable, meaning that transformations of any significant degree are difficult, that it takes time, that people will suffer, but that the end result will be the best for the world at large. Let us assume that is ultimately your aim that is to be a benefactor to mankind.

    This applies to you and everyone else who is in collusion with this overarching grand plan. You see this where I start to have difficulty. Marshall Mc Luhan was right, the medium is the message. Your’re a smart man and I know you know exactly what that means. Don’t know if your clan read that chapter very well.

    You know bc you described Obama as a “fairy tale”. Well most now understand what it means, many understood long before you spelled it out. This fraudulent piece of work has to stop if you really want the people on board. That is a tall order.

    No Bill, it is the Dems who are now afraid, contrary to your pronouncement, bc they’ve caught onto the fairytale.

  229. c.n.d.e. ville II

    Margie // November 10, 2009 at 4:25 pm

    Again, thanks for all the information. Never in my life would I have thought I would need to investigate the Government. Well those days are over. They opened a can of worms, and We The People will take OUR Country back.
    Hear! Hear! Amen. Amen.

  230. OT………Are there any history buffs on here that can tell me the name of the jewish man who financed the Revolutionary War with George Washington?

  231. Just Me,

    The Ford Foundation has already written the New States Constitution. It is broken down in the website link posted above.
    Didn’t SAD and elf boy’s dad work for the Ford Foundation?

  232. 5:27: I’ll take a guess: George Burns?

  233. CARMEN……………………………

    I watched all of the presentation today, and I felt the anguish, and the sense of loss that any one who is human would feel. Most of the CW crowd know that I am a brash,individual, and call a spade a spade. That said, let me add that with regard to the time I spent in two of our services, if it was ever necessary I would again answer the call to arms. I would do it for the same reason I done it before. My country needed help. Any citizen of this country knows that each of us have an obligation to our country as citizens. I was taught that this is not negotiable. I joined the services because it was my duty. Nor do I expect any special words of thanks, or commendation from anyone. That is reserved for those who didn’t come home alive. They are the true heros. Today I made it about a third of the way through Amazing Grace before I choked up.

  234. FYI

    Jesse Ventura, former Minnesota governor, wrestler and just all around bad boy has filmed a pilot series, “Conspiracy Theory” due to premier December 2, 2009. It’s on the True Channel 9 p.m. Central/10 Eastern.

    The first show will be about HAARP. He traveled to Alaska to investigate exactly what it was and he said what he discovered was “terrifying”.

    He was contacted by a mother who lost her daughter that tragic day of 9/11 and begged to film a segment that tragedy.

    Mark your calendars. If he has enough viewers, the pilot will get picked up and become a regular series. Should be interesting.

  235. Prairie,

    yes, they did.

    There are numerous arms of that foundation, as you know.

  236. Oldsalt77,

    You may not expect any thanks, but there is armful coming your way.

  237. Venice,

    go get ’em! He knows not who he is fooling with!

  238. The Ford Foundation has already written the New States Constitution.


    Gee ,too bad Ford , we already have one, and our Constitution is the most magnificent document ever written, send your version to Indonesia……….

  239. I have a question about colloidal silver. I have taken a few drops a couple of times in the past two weeks since coming down w/H1N1. No bad reaction so I’m getting braver. Would like to clear up cough and congestion that keeps lingering. Chemtrails have been really heavy lately too in this area.
    Should I take a tsp a day or more? I have heard that colloidal silver kills good bacteria too so I am thinking about getting some probiotic tablets and/or doubling my yogurt intake.

  240. ticktock,
    I am still downloading.. slow internet connection.
    When conplete I will upload somewhere and let you know where it is.

    Oldsalt, Thank you for your service too. I started with the NG, moved to the Army then USAF. I associate myself with them all. I could not watch obama at Ft. Hood, just listened. I am so sick of seeing him on tv every few minutes.

    God Bless us all!

  241. 5:42: wasn’t that the name of the Lone Ranger’s horse?

  242. Anyone with tips on preventing and/or combating a cytokine storm, please let us know…
    especially if what was posted last night is true about the next pandemic…

  243. PD: just when I was convinced this whole business just wasn’t funny anymore…you go and post ol’ Billy with an unintended on-liner ‘set-up’ that was simply too good to pass up…
    I thought he was supposed to be ‘so smart’?

  244. oldsalt77: All of our servicemen are HEROES! For years, they have protected the homeland and our freedom. We are all grateful you answered the call to serve. Please let us express our gratitude…Thanks!

    May God Bless You and keep you safe…Linda

  245. typo…”one-liner”…duh.
    didn’t miss those much…

  246. Glenn Beck on phone.

  247. Re-Dude: You mean you didn’t know? It all depends upon what your definition of smart is.

    There are smart alecs, smart a****, smart grids, smarty pants…so many ways of being smart!

    So which is it, bood guddy?

    BTW…where were you during the “pig roast?”

  248. Former Finland health minister speaks out against Vaccinations!

  249. Don

    My Son started his career in the AF , moved to the Navy, then enlisted in the Army .

    I also could not watch , I actually get ill hearing that thing bark, reminds me of Mussolini with his chin in the air.

  250. Kim,

    I have the dosage amts of Silver. Let me verify, but if my memory serves me correctly it is below. I will verify, though. Also Olive Leaf Extract works wonders. I have it in liquid form.

    Active symptoms – take a tsp every hour. Swish around in your mouth like mouthwash for several seconds before swallowing. You can also put it in your nose.

    I was coming down with symptoms a few days ago. I immediately began taking both and it knocked it in a days time. This has always been my experience with it as well as other members of my family.

    Probiotics – I take them routinely anyway. Can’t advise you here about the combo.

  251. OT…I finally found the name of the jewish man who ‘paid for’ the Revolutionary war it’s not George Burns. His name is Haym Salomon and he financed the Revolutionary War and spent all his wealth because the colonies did not have the money. Salomon died penniless. I had to find out to answer a question……….

  252. 5:52: …and that, of course, all depends on your definition of ‘is’…

    don’t know from pig roast…I’ve had kahlua pig…very yummy…but most frequently have it as soft flour tacos de carnitas con cilantro y ‘walk-o-mo-le’;
    mi entiendes?

  253. c.n.d.e. ville II

    Nancy —

    I feel the battle, too – heart, soul, mind, strength, and spirit. In a way, our lives and sense of well-being have been hijacked.

    I take heart though, as I see more and more Americans, me included, wake up and respond to this threat in our midst. What an amazing and strong resurgence of the American spirit is bursting forth.

    I take heart when I read this blog and absorb all the information that posters bring to light and hear that people are not backing down, but, instead are digging in deeper, determined to take back our land. I actually see more hope for America now, than ever before.

    Also, meaningful to me, reading the Psalms is almost like reading what is going on around us right now. Same issues. Same questions. Some great descriptions of wickedness, which, I tell you, fit o. to a T.

    I love what I read today.

    For God alone my soul waits in silence, for my hope is from him. He only is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be shaken. On God rests my deliverance and my honor; my might rock, my refuge is God.

    Trust in him at all times, O people: pour out your heart before him; God is a refuge for us.

    That you express yourself here, strengthens me. That you recognize the same battle, comforts me. Knowing you are out there, along with all the other patriots, hanging onto America, makes me more hopeful, makes me smile, makes me braver, and makes me know I am not alone in this MESS.

  254. Kim,

    here’s a website loaded with info – including dosing on colloidal silver. There are many.

    It says for therapeutic use take 1 tsp every hour – I took a tablespoon every hour the first day. You be the judge of what’s right for you.

    It is important to “swish” first as it is absorbed from the mouth into the bloodstream, then quickly to the cells.

  255. I’m lov’n Glenn Beck and Judge on FOX!

    What’s happening is truly unprecedented in American History. The Judge is screaming to abolish the income tax, and repeal the 16th Amendment.

    This is truly going against the establishment. Glenn and Judge are talking everyday about the Founding Fathers and the Constitution, and more and more state legislators, governors, etc. are starting to listen.

    If we get rid of the Federal Reserve Banks like the Founders did, and abolish the income tax, this country will once again be the beacon of hope and freedom for the rest of the world to look upon.

    We can do this, yes WE can ….. Yes We Can 🙂

  256. 6:15: that’s not a slur, is it? Larry Johnson got nichts cause a one, you know..

  257. You can take all the Colloidal Silver you want, it won’t hurt you. You can drink 16oz of it a day, and it won’t hurt you.

    Yes, be sure to swish it around in your mouth for a minute or two. This helps it absorb into your bloodstream under your tongue, and if you have plaque in your teeth, you’re in for a REAL TREAT, because it will completely eliminate all the plaque within a week of using it everyday.

    The stuff truly is amazing.

  258. Another problem with this cover-up and not declaring it a an Islamic terrorist attack.

    No , Purple Heart awards……

    Didn’t Rumsfeld hand out Purple Hearts on 9/11 ?. I can’t remember.

  259. EVERYBODY…………………………………


  260. Re-Dude: You will have to ask Sue K about the “pig roast.” I did not partake in the “festivities,” but quite a few here had a fun time. Sue K was in a “New Pork” frame of mind.

    As far as your experience with roast pig is concerned, mi [yo?] es muy estupido en Espanol. “mi enitendes?” I can usually figure it out, but am frequently wrong…sigh!


  261. south at 6:19: you seem unusually encouraged;
    @ 6:23:…yeh, maybe…only watch out for those side affects…like finding yourself counting by stomping your hooves….hoofssss…whatevah,
    winnying…craving apples and carrots…running wild…the whole ‘bit’….

  262. Obama doesn’t want us to jump to conclusions; it didn’t stop him, however, from jumping to conclusions about the Cambridge police, now did it?

  263. Oldsalt, I’m with you.

  264. Professor/JF: maybe he misread the telepromter and the word was really ‘jump to collusions’…as in: ‘those you gotta work at, and sneak up on…’

  265. Richard,

    Thanks for speaking up for me. You don’t know how much that I appreciate it.

    So, Richard, may Yahweh bless you (for the good) and keep you safe!


    Sue, thanks to you too, my friend!

  266. John Feeny // November 10, 2009 at 6:41 pm

    Excellent Point!!!!

    Was so very quick to yell “stupidly”

  267. ah: fun widd woids…eh?

  268. MMMMMMSSSSSSS. PUOSI has taken this country to the brink of destruction. Her insane behavior, and verbal usage has long clearly demonstrated her mentality. She is so intoxicated with her imagined power that she has lost touch with reality. You only need to watch her facial grimaces, the hooking of her wrists as she walks, her irrational exuberance, and all of the rest of her body language to realise that she is seriously disturbed. I personally believe that she is a paranoid. Acute paranoia, is a product of a schitzophrenic personality.

  269. oldsalt77 // November 10, 2009 at 6:46 pm

    Im gonna say she was abused as a child- her parents told her she was stupid(which she is), she didn’t make cheerleading(too off balanced)and didn’t get to go to the prom (Schools weren’t integrated then) . she never had social interaction as a child, that why she can’t communicate!!!!

    I do like your name better -Mssss Pousi. Sue K calls her Old Hang’em Low which I have chuckled about all day!

  270. OS77, you wrote: “MMMMMMSSSSSSS. PUOSI has taken this country to the brink of destruction. Her insane behavior, and verbal usage has long clearly demonstrated her mentality. She is so intoxicated with her imagined power that she has lost touch with reality.”

    Personally, just me speaking, I think she’s worse than BO. Why? Well, for one thing it’s obvious that she’s power hungry, plus she let that sucker get through the cracks. She wanted him there so she could fulfill her own power-hungry ways. Botox Nancy is one of the ones who really make me want to hurl!

  271. **** New Post ****

  272. Patriot Dreamer…………………….
    MMMMSSSS. TUNAFISH is vested heavily in Chicken of the Sea Fisheries. I believe that you might have erred in this belief of her involvement with Starkist. I could be wrong. Perhaps her broker husband has acquired controling interest in Starkist as well.
    Chicken of the Sea used to have a tuna processing plant in San Diego Ca. Nearly next door to North Island, Naval Air Station. When Navy ships were required to tie up to a buoy in San Diego Bay, only the buoys adjacent to her tuna processing plant were usually available. That plant used to continuously stink up over 25 sq. miles of the Calif Coast, and San Diego Bay. You could often smell the place clear out to point Loma. Needless to say I was overjoyed when I learned that we had been ordered to proceed to Long Beach,Ca, as our new home port. It turned out though that I was a bit premature in my happiness. I quickly discovered that in Long Beach when a sailor walked out the main gate, he could walk 50′ and in that distance have 50 propositions from sexual deviates. We soon learned how to get around that problem.
    Nancy TUNAFISH was responsible for putting a real screw job to the employees of Chicken of the Sea. When the minimum wage was raised from #5.50 to $7.00 she introduced a bill to keep the increase from taking effect in American Samoa which is where the San Diego plant was eventually taken. Her bill screwed the laborers at the plant out of over $1.45 per hour. She done this before she became speaker. I have been often tempted to write a letter to be published in the American Samoa Newspaper which would tell it all to the people who work for her husband. The last I read he owned over 217,000 shares of Chicken of the Sea Fisheries. Perhaps this is controlling interest.

  273. oldsalt77-We could learn a lot from Australia. This killing of Americans should stop today. What do they think the word assimilate means? Who likes bad company/bad guests? No one I know. Citizenship has rights, but it also has responsibilities. That goes for any immigrant from any country on this earth. There are those who would come into the country on false pretenses to do harm to a country also.

  274. carmen
    Haym Salomon: Financier of the Revolutionay War

  275. V the series Obama hates is on now in some areas.

  276. #

    Nancy // November 10, 2009 at 4:53 pm

    On Neil Cavuto – headline “Clinton: TeaBaggers Annoyed Because We Are Winning”. Don’t know all the details (don’t have a TV in the same room as computer). Gonna go watch!

    As I have said on many occasions here….the Clinton’s are a part of the problems in this government and both of the criminals need to go!!!!

  277. Jacqlyn Smith // November 10, 2009 at 8:32 pm

    I couldn’t agree more!!! The whole attitude of this country changed under the Clintons. That administration to me stands for AENR(All Excuses No Responsibility). John Podesta and Rham E are EVIL – need to watch them very closely. Also we don’t know how much they sold the US out for in order to liked. Billy Bob only want to be liked by all and Hill wants the Power! Don Not Trust Them.

  278. GBAmerica
    I wonder if the Kenyans have any idea of what they are saying, why would Kenya be proud of a liar?
    “It will be a proud day for us when it is proven that he was born here and a Kenyan became the most powerful man in the world.”

  279. HOW can this BE? HOW can we NOT BE extracting this? Because the environmentalists and others have blocked all efforts to help America become independent of foreign oil! Again, we are letting a small group of people dictate our lives and our economy.


    James Bartis, lead researcher with the study says we’ve got more oil in this very compact area than the entire Middle East -more than 2 TRILLION barrels untapped. That’s more than all the proven oil reserves of crude oil in the world today, reports The Denver Post

    My theory is that the PTB want to hold all countries hostage when the time is right…….the Empire needs control……..but other leaders may have different ideas about that.

  280. Linda from NY // November 10, 2009 at 10:18 am

    Army D.A.V.:

    Who are Mo, Larry, and Curly?

    There are so many! Cannot keep track anymore!


    McCurly, Hillarry, and Mobama

  281. SueK // November 10, 2009 at 10:52 am

    JJ // November 10, 2009 at 9:32 am

    Morning, JJ,

    From the previous post, can you share what you’ve ordered to counteract chemtrails? Inquiring minds wanna know
    Last spring, I did extensive reading on chemtrails…….there are numerous blogs from numerous states about all the sh** in the air…….I recieved an email today from an ex-pilot and he tried to convince me that these wispy things are normal with certain conditions bullsh**…….I had a pool for 13 years…….so Sue, I am damned familiar with my skies……..I looked up for about 13 years…….

    That being said, tell me how I can have clear, beautiful skies for two weeks, and just one day of the 2 weeks, have those wispy, or long skinny clouds that expand into blankets covering the sky, stealing my sun in just a matter of hours??

    Oh, I know…Bowling Green only allows flights one day every 2 weeks over my house???

    Or the 13 days there are no chemtrails, what, they flew a different flight pattern????Bullsh**.

    There are people suffering from these metal things coming from these planes….I researched and got Diatomaceous Earth…it’s for animals to kill worms, things like that…….and when I took it daily for about two weeks, the stinging/pinching in my legs stopped…….

  282. ticktock,
    I have the two clips downloaded and combined, but it is over 1.5 GB in size. I am now clipping out the parts of H Clinton. Maybe get it done tomorrow.

  283. Patriot Dreamer

    oldsalt77 // November 10, 2009 at 7:28 pm

    oldsalt, thank you. I’ll look into it. I don’t want to boycott the wrong company.

  284. Patriot Dreamer

    ticktock // November 10, 2009 at 5:11 pm

    Patriot Dreamer, I have heard that the Amish community has NO autism in it! And they don’t take vaccines.
    ticktock, I have heard that, too. 20 years ago, autism used to occur in about 1 out of every 2,500 to 10,000 births. Now, that number is about 1 out of every 150 births. In that same time period, vaccines for very young children have doubled. I do not think that vaccines are the only cause, but I do think that they are part of the problem. Toxins and proper nutrition are also causes. I bet the Amish do not eat processed food like the typical American does. I bet they are all contributing factors.

  285. Patriot Dreamer

    Re-do // November 10, 2009 at 5:49 pm


  286. Re-do // November 10, 2009 at 5:14 pm

    5:11: right no autism…just horse-drawn buggies.
    And here in Ky, one of those horse-drawn buggies was run over by a tractor/trailer……the Mennonite and the truck driver are lucky to be alive from the word I got about the condition of the truck………

    It’s an every day thing here, we think nothing of going around……..even slow down while passing to not alarm the horses.

    Been thinking of asking if they allow outsiders to join their village/religion if this country get much worse!!!

  287. Patriot Dreamer

    Thanks, Greg.

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