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Patriot Michele Bachmann


Politicians Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid

Politicians Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and the Democratic controlled Congress are attempting to ram the Obama socialist Health Care Bill down the throats of the American public. Patriot stateswoman, Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, is trying to stop passage of a government run Health Care Program. Michele Bachmann will confront Pelosi and Congress on the steps of the Capitol Building on Thursday, November 5, 2009. We must support Bachmann.

Regardless of what the out of control Congress does, we must get rid of Reid and Pelosi. Harry Reid can be voted out of office in 2010. Whether or not Pelosi can be voted out of office, since she represents one of the most liberal parts of the country, does not matter. We can change Congress and remove her as Speaker of the House. That is very doable.

Let’s focus on Harry Reid and his involvement in chicanery and constitutionally shady activites, attempting to force socialist health care upon us.

Over the past several months, the makeup of the senate and the number of senators required to pass a Health Care Bill has been talked about and analyzed. Two numbers, 50 and 60, have been frequently mentioned.  The following explains what Harry Reid and his cohorts are attempting to do (recent events may make even this difficult to achieve).

From the US House rules

In the Senate, total debate on a reconciliation bill is limited to 20 hours, although the actual time for consideration of the omnibus package often exceeds this time limit set in the Budget Act. Motions and amendments may be offered and considered without debate at the end of this time period. There are also restrictions on the content of a reconciliation package and on the amendments which may be offered to it. For example, any amendment to the bill that is not germane, would add extraneous material, would cause deficit levels to increase, or that contains recommendations with respect to the Social Security program, is not in order. The Budget Act also maintains that reconciliation provisions must be related to reconciling the budget. For example, section 313 of the Budget Act, more commonly known as the “Byrd Rule”, provides a point of order in the Senate against extraneous matter in reconciliation bills. Determining what is extraneous is often a procedural and political quagmire navigated in part by the Senate Parliamentarian. The Byrd Rule and other points of order in the Budget Act may only be waived in the Senate by a three-fifths vote. Furthermore, the Budget Act prevents reconciliation legislation from being filibustered on the Senate floor.”


From Patriot’s Network, Dick Morris

“Once Obama’s plan fails to attract 60 votes, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) will fall back on reconciliation as a strategy and hope for 50 votes. But if the Democrats pass the bill with 50 votes, it will set a precedent they may come to rue. It would basically eliminate the filibuster as a parliamentary tactic and would condemn any future minority party (Democrats in 2011?) to the same irrelevance as afflicts their House colleagues. To be in the minority in a chamber run by a bare majority is not a fun task.”

Read more


From the Las Vegas Review Journal October 18, 2009

“If Harry Reid decides to use the Senate’s “reconciliation” process to ram health care legislation through his chamber and crush a filibuster, then he’ll have to reconcile something else: his astounding hypocrisy.

The majority leader from Nevada is working behind closed doors to merge health care bills passed by the Senate’s health and finance committees. He desperately wants to come up with something that can get 60 votes — the number needed to halt any attempt by minority Republicans to block a final vote on the massive expansion of federal authority.

Although Reid has 60 votes in his caucus, it might be an impossible task. Moderate Democrats oppose a “public option” that allows the government to sell health insurance and undercut private-sector providers, and far-left Democrats are insisting that any bill include the first step toward nationalized health care.

So Reid has let it be known that wrangling over the public option might compel him to go with the “nuclear option”: ending a filibuster without 60 votes.

To do that, Reid would have to use a parliamentary maneuver called “budget reconciliation.” Votes on the federal budget are exempt from filibusters. If he takes this route, Reid would have to pretend the legislation is a simple matter of fiscal housekeeping — a routine issue that needs just 51 votes to pass.

Given the complexity and controversy surrounding new health insurance mandates and regulations, such an end-around would be unprecedented.”

“”The filibuster is a critical tool in keeping the majority in check,” Reid continued. “This central fact has been acknowledged and even praised by senators from both parties. …”

“The right to extended debate is never more important than when one party controls Congress and the White House. …”

“Some in this Chamber want to throw out 217 years of Senate history in the quest for absolute power. They want to do away with Mr. Smith coming to Washington. They want to do away with the filibuster. They think they are wiser than our Founding Fathers. I doubt that’s true.””

“In other words, the filibuster is “a critical tool in keeping the majority in check” when Democrats are in the minority, but it’s a disposable relic when liberals are trying to run up the national debt and regulate our economy to death.”

“But if he decides to take the filibuster out back and shoot it, he risks incurring even more wrath from Nevada voters, who already are growing tired of his expedience and pandering to the far left. A Review-Journal poll conducted this month found 54 percent of registered Nevada voters don’t want Reid to use reconciliation to pass sweeping health insurance regulations. Only 32 percent approve of the tactic.

“If he does that, he is resigning himself to not being re-elected (in 2010),” said Brad Coker of Mason-Dixon Polling & Research Inc., which conducted the poll.

If he does that, no amount of explaining, no amount of convenient forgetting will save Hypocrite Harry.”

Read more


Nevada citizens speak out on Reid

“He (Reid) and Pelosi have totally destroyed this country,” said Elouise Joyner of Bullhead City. “I have no idea what their agenda is, but it’s not an American agenda,” she said. “There’s nobody that wants this stupid health care bill, yet he’s going to push it.”

“I don’t think he should be returned (to office) because I don’t believe in his philosophy,” said Jeannie Norris of Mesquite, Nev. “I don’t want more taxes.”

“He hasn’t done anything for Nevada,” said Norris’ husband, Jim, “and he just doesn’t represent me and he doesn’t believe in what I believe in.””

Read more


From Defeat Read 2010

“There is a lot of work to do before the Mid Term elections in 2010 and not much time to do it. If you have a little extra time, we are looking for volunteers to lend a hand in this effort.
As a darling of the left, Harry Reid is the one most well funded candidates in the Senate and that is just his own campaign war chest. So far he has over 7 million dollars as of his last quarterly report. He will also be aided by every left wing special interest group in America.

The DNC has identified his seat as one that is particularly vulnerable seeing how unpopular he is with many Nevada voters. Recent polls show his unfavorable ratings hovering around 50%.

Unlike ACORN we will not be receiving any of the stimulus money. This means we are not going to be able to do this alone. It will take a group effort to have a real effect.
Like many of Harry Reid’s constituents, we do not feel that the Senator is representing the interests of the people of the great State of Nevada. Senator Reid has become one of the spokespersons for the expansion of government and for trillions of dollars in deficit spending.”



Harry Reid recently has indicated that a Health Care Bill may not be passed this week. The elections yesterday and the Michele Bachmann Tea party on the Capitol steps tomorrow may cause some Democrats to think twice about voting against their constituents’ wishes. However, do not trust Harry Reid. Keep a close eye on him.

And make certain Reid is voted out of office next year.


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  1. The day Reid complained that the DC visiters
    smelled was the day I said, buddy, you stink!

    (that’s it, short and sweet!)

  2. The best part about this article????


    It’s the comments about Botox Nancy! It’s a must-read.

  3. nothing like “spin,” is there, Kittycat?

  4. Oh, Maddie, don’t you just love the comments? Like I said, that’s the best part, which shows you what many Americans really do think.

  5. kittycat,
    Yes, I read a bunch of the comments, not a good one for Nancy in the bunch. If she wins re-election I would call “fraud” from here already.
    There is no way imho that she will stay in her position. Perhaps the AG suits against her will get her out first.
    Just wondering, do you think bo will get thrown out before the end of the term—I can’t stand another 3+ yrs. of him.

  6. zachjonesishome

    Just checking in. I’ve been having car problems today and will be at mechanic tomorrow at 8 if car will start. I’ll try to check in on Michele Bachmann’s great efforts to save America.

    Have a great evening. Zach

  7. Hi Zach,
    Yes, tomorrow will be another exciting day as
    Michele Bachmann leads the Patriots. Isn’t this amazing? M.B. issues the invite and there are now buses, cars, Tea Party Express, etc. going to DC from everywhere. I love it. I’m wondering where N. Pelosi is going to “hide.”
    I hope your car trouble is fixed soon.

  8. Italy convicts 23 Americans for CIA Rendetions.

    This is crazy ………. WOW !!!


  9. zachjonesishome

    Thanks Maddie!

  10. Call for research needed again from Dr. Orly T.:
    There are a number of “family members” (mostly brothers) whose S.S.#s are needed by Orly. Maybe we can help her find a few.

    The first one we can start with is deceased in 1985:

    David Nidesand (or last name variations Nydesand, Ndesandjo)

    Anyone who finds his SS# let me know, and I’ll send it in along with any other info you happen to find. Thanks troups!!!!!

  11. Maddie writes: Just wondering, do you think bo will get thrown out before the end of the term—I can’t stand another 3+ yrs. of him.

    Yes, Maddie, I sure do hope so, but in the meantime maybe all these voting things will be interesting and it will make him want to l-e-a-v-e, you think? That would be nice too!

    And when it’s all said and done, I hope that we can find out the truth about him and who he really is.

  12. Honestly everyone, I dislike BO, but I sure do dislike Botox Nancy and think she’s into this deep, way deep, if you ask me. May be the ring leader.

  13. These charlatans aren’t passing any bill.
    This whole long circus was about propagandizing the issue to the American people in order to corner the Republicans into bi-partisan support and shared blame so the 2010 elections wouldn’t be affected.

    They failed. They were waiting until last night’s elections. No chance for the Republicans to become involved in this now (nor “Blue Dog Demos for that matter).

    The traveling Obama has been exposed as smoke and mirrors. Keep the pressure on.

  14. zachjonesishome

    Here’s part of a newsletter I received from Newt that gives more reason for hope in 2010 —

    …”The Fallout in Virginia: Four Democratic Seats are Now at Risk
    Four Democratic congressmen from Virginia are now at risk because their districts went for Bob McDonnell last night.

    In Rep. Glenn Nye’s (D) 2nd District, McDonnell was winning by a whopping 63 percent to 37 percent with 130 out of 161 precincts reporting.

    In Rep. Tom Perriello’s (D) 5th District, McDonnell was winning by 61-39 with over 90 percent of the vote counted.

    In Rep. Rick Boucher’s (D) 9th District, McDonnell was ahead 68-32 with 295 out of 336 precincts in.

    In Rep. Gerald Connolly’s (D) 11th District, McDonnell was up 56-44 with 68 of 168 precincts reporting.

    And not just Virginia House members should take note. Virginia Senators Jim Webb (D) and Mark Warner (D) need to look carefully at the impact of the energy tax in the cap and trade bill on Virginia voters.”….

  15. Video: Iranians to Obama: “You’re either with US or with THEM!”

    Iran protest, CNN report 2, Nov 4 2009, 13 Aban 1388

  16. Maddie-sending so I don’t lose
    President Obama’s half-brother Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo holds a press conference prior to a book launch in Guangzhou, China, on Nov. 4, 2009. Ndesandjo, who has lived Southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, has broken his silence and launched his debut novel. (Mike Clarke – AFP/Getty Images)

  17. The South,

    I was indeed surprised to see this headline. Until I read this…..

    Still, the convictions may have little practical effect. They do not seem to change the close relations between the United States and Italy. Nor did they reveal whether the government of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi had approved the kidnapping. And it seemed highly unlikely that anyone, Italian or American, would spend any time in prison.

    Especially knowing we handed over the Chrysler goods to FIAT. The head of FIAT is a member of the CFR. It will be hard to crack that good ‘ol boy’s club, won’t it!

    Nonetheless, it’s great to finally be out in the open – sans tin foil hat!

    BTW, I was cracking up at your post the other night about home remedies.

  18. Maddie-this page has tons of articles re: The Family take a look and see what you think. I’m going to open a couple.

  19. Maddie-from the bottom of the page.
    David Ndesandjo may appear as: Dave Ndesandjo, Davey Ndesandjo, Day Ndesandjo, also try the usernames: DavidNdesandjo, DNdesandjo, DavidN

  20. Maddie-this explains some of the complications with names etc.
    “What is the full name of the Tanzanian who married Ruth Nidesand after her divorce from Barak Obama?”
    Topics: barack obama, ruth nidesand
    Asked by groucho43 6 months ago ( Send a Compliment)
    Please sign in to give a compliment.


    Barak Obama was the father of U.S. President Barack H. Obama. Ruth Nidesand was Barak Obama’s white American third wife. They were divorced after having two sons, Mark and David. Ruth married a Tanzanian man named Ndesandjo and made her two sons adopt his last name. David Ndesandjo was killed in a motorcycle accident. Barak Obama himself was also killed in a road accident. Ruth also had a son by Mr. Ndesandjo, whose name is Joseph (Joey).

  21. kittycat // November 4, 2009 at 6:38 pm

    Awww, geeze, Kitty, those comments were hysterical!

    I wonder when the Mother Ship will be back to pick her up and take her back to her home planet? Soon, I hope.

    Gotta take a shower and change clothes after that :).

  22. Maddie-http://pipl.com/Search engine to find people

  23. Evening JustMe,

    From the previous thread, thanks for the link so that I can catch up with what Dr. Ott had to say.

    Since everyone’s in a budget mess these days, the meetings are flying; I could get a lot more done if I didn’t have to work!

  24. SueK, I know, the comments are the best part. It really shows that “we are not alone,” well, with our way of thinking.

    I still get a huge kick out of reading the comments about Botox Nancy.

  25. kittycat // November 4, 2009 at 8:46 pm

    I wonder if you hit her face with a hammer, would it crack?

    I’ll volunteer for the experiment….

  26. Unfortunately Pelosi will be retain her position because San Francisco will continue to elect her. It doesn’t matter a whit to her that the rest of the country despises her. The Bay Area just elected her twin (Garamendi) career politician with corruption baggage. We in the suburbs don’t want either of them, but we are out-numbered by the liberal crazies in the city. The only way she is going is if we can have her removed for her corrupt ways.

  27. All This is relates to the terrible murders in Ohio, I can relate we in Chicago had the other fiend Gacy. Police did not investigate due to “respected member of the community”. Mrs. Piest-Roselle, a suburb near us, BEGGED the police to go to Gacy’s house. Again they would not listen. Dr. Stein had to autopsies on his 30 plus other victims.
    CBS News 100,000 sex offenders dropped out of sight. The police cannot keep up. This compounded by the insane person sitting in the White House wants to admit illegal aliens and criminal aliens on top of this. I really believe this Obama insanity was the brain child of that super dingbat Pelosi, she is losing it big time if she ever had it in the first place. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2009/11/04/eveningnews/main5527563.shtml
    CBS) Ever since kidnap victim Jaycee Dugard was found alive this summer, outraged Californians have been asking could it have been possible for convicted rapist Phillip Garrido to hide her for 18 years in his suburban backyard, father two children with his victim – all while being closely monitored by parole agents. He even wore a GPS ankle bracelet.
    In a scathing report released Wednesday state investigators outlined massive missteps and missed opportunities by the department of corrections that prolonged Jaycee’s imprisonment: failure to adequately supervise Garrido, failure to talk to neighbors, and even failure to properly train his parole officers, reports CBS News correspondent Bill Whitaker.
    “We determined that Garrido was only properly supervised 12 out of the 123 months it supervised him, a failure rate of 90 percent,” said David Shaw, the California Inspector General.
    Critics say the system for monitoring sex offenders is broken across the country. All 50 states have Web site sex offender lists for citizens to see if an offender lives near their house or a park. There are almost 700,000 registered sex offenders nationwide, but few officers to monitor them. In Florida, there are 40 sex offenders for every parole officer, in Colorado, its 26 to one in addition to their other cases. But the biggest problem critics say is failure to prioritize. States monitor teens convicted of “sexting,” sending naked pictures of themselves over cell phones, just as they do child rapists, like Garrido.
    “We need to separate the really bad from the not so bad, and make a determination who the really bad people are,” said Robin Sax, a former sex crimes prosecutor.
    Even worse, in many states convicted sex offenders are only required to send in a postcard with their address once a year. As a result some100,000 convicted sex offenders have dropped out of the system, disappeared altogether. Still, John Walsh, whose son was abducted 28 years ago, says states are balking at complying with a tough new federal laws to track and monitor sex offenders.
    “The system is broken,” Walsh said. “It’s overwhelmed and I think the public is starting to realize that.”
    Perhaps most alarming, Garrido was being watched more closely than most sex offenders.

  28. JustMe.

    I think you’re right, it probably won’t lead into anything, but I was surprised to see it.

    Glad you liked my home remedies crack 🙂 Just trying to make sure everyone stays on track with what cures, and what supports the immune system.

  29. Right now, this is a pretty good winner…it’s written by a Paul something….get ready for this….

    “I can forgive Nancy’s mental and ethical lapses because she’s so incredibly… HOT. Well, ok, she’s not Janet Reno hot…”

  30. Is there a way to oust Steele and his advisors? Anyone know how this can be accomplished?

  31. ticktock
    Is there a way to oust Steele and his advisors


    Stop sending them donations until they throw the bums out.

  32. http://blogs.reuters.com/james-pethokoukis/2009/11/04/permanent-democratic-majority-begins-to-unravel/

    I think most here will be happy to read this and there’s is no Pelosi hysteria into the mix.

  33. BTW, I agree with the above article. The most important fall out from yesterday’s election results is that it has put at least a temporary freeze on healthcare. But Bachmann still needs to consolidate this shift in the wind, so please anybody and everybody that can go to Washington should.

  34. Too bad no one filed charges against Pelosi in her role in placing a non-natural-born citizen on the Democrat ballot….she belongs in prison….

  35. http://www.mcclatchydc.com/251/story/78359.html

    The spin on this is precious. O and M don’t get the flu shot so as to make it available for others.

  36. SueK // November 4, 2009 at 8:48 pm

    kittycat // November 4, 2009 at 8:46 pm

    I wonder if you hit her face with a hammer, would it crack?

    I’ll volunteer for the experiment….

    I imagine the hammer would be ruined.

  37. I am center right so I agree with this, but the waste and fraud in DC makes me sick, and the FRAUD is just monstrous. RICO them and I think the country could balance the books-then a gigantic tax cut.
    Posted By: danceswithtrees (November 4, 2009 at 5:10 PM)
    The reason Republicans are not negotiating on HC reform Stimulus etc.. is that the proposals are so far left that they need to be killed. The polls show the majority of Americans do not want this. Last nights elections let the Blue Dogs KNOW they are toast if they vote for this. So it’s up to the left, they can bring it to the center, kill it or be gone in 2010. They will try and pass it, and will be gone…soon

  38. Army DAV, You made me think of something. First of all…no problem there! Just can’t support the gang that’s in there now! But there is another group, I think it’s called “Nat’l Republican Trust” group? I’ve gotten emails from them and am thinking about throwing my support to them. They are clearly very conservative and appear to hold the Republican committees feet to the fire. If any of you know anything about this group–good or bad–let me know…so I know whether or not to trust them.

  39. Michelle,
    Just read your Washington Post article you linked. It was very interesting—didn’t know this particular brother existed. We need to get a hold of his book.
    When he said…..
    Since the election, I have been getting a few more phone calls, especially from reporters,” Ndesandjo said.

    I can picture investigators trying to
    get a little “family info” out of him.

    Article said he’s a US citizen—-Orly needs
    his SS#. Let’s see if we can find it.

  40. I see there’s a lull in the posting. Yes, last night was a triumph.

  41. venice // November 4, 2009 at 9:40 pm

    Venice, they don’t wanna be poisoned with Squalene and Thimerosal, is all. I somehow can’t see these two as altruistic human beings.

    Wonder what was in the shot that Queenie and Sloven (as Lame Cherry calls them), the darling daughters, got? I’ll bet it wasn’t the garbage they’re injecting into the rest of the population.

  42. Jerome // November 4, 2009 at 9:44 pm

    Touche, Jerome…thanks! 🙂

  43. Margie,
    Too bad no one filed charges against Pelosi in her role in placing a non-natural-born citizen on the Democrat ballot….she belongs in prison
    There is action against her through the AGs in several states.

  44. Sue K—
    You would have been proud. Someone ahead of me in line at Kroger’s was buying 4 bottles of Apple Cider Vinegar.

  45. Hi SueK,

    For all we know the girls probably got saline solution shots as a photo op.

  46. Maddie // November 4, 2009 at 10:03 pm

    And I *am* proud, Maddie!

    I’m happy to report that my local food bin is a ‘certified organic supermarket’ and carries Bragg’s ACV. I’m stocking up!

  47. venice // November 4, 2009 at 10:12 pm

    That’d be my guess, Venice. It’s fer shure they didn’t get what they have in store for the rest of us!

  48. Maddie, thanks I didn’t know that. How is that going? Can someone make a citizens arrest tomorrow for Pelosi?

  49. Jerome, you write: I imagine the hammer would be ruined.

    No, please don’t ruin a hammer, it might be needed. Well, did you write that or another. Regardless, don’t ruin a perfectly good hammer on that.

  50. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2009/11/04/axelrod_does_interview_with_fox_news_after_bashing_them.html

    Axelrod handles this interview badly eg. “whenever you deploy troops and make decisions relative to war”. Are there other times other than war when one deploys troops? I suppose maybe to deliver goods or services in times of climate catastrophies. But he stutters and stammers and one can’t help but think that he’s working hard to conceal O’s and perhaps his agenda.

  51. Hey, everyone:

    We can start a new joke list. Remember the jokes in a show that your mama is so fat? Or was it yo mama is so fat…?

    Regardless, we can do one on Pelosi. Ms. Botox. Just think, take it off the Internet and start a joke book of sorts. Might be fun.

  52. ticktock

    Just hold on for awhile , I’ve had several calls from the RNC and returned all the donation requests with messages, NO DONATIONS until you replace STEELE .

    Got Conservatives…………..

    When I see them backing Palin,etc instead of McCain and Dede , count me in.

    I still think the RNC had something to do with Hoffman losing………..

    Putting STEELE in was a gimmick……….

  53. kittycat // November 4, 2009 at 10:22 pm

    On that note how about the Jeff Foxworthy jokes? You know you might be a redneck?
    Go with you might be a drain bamaged lib?

  54. You have an Air Force jet at your beck and call, well, you just may be a drain bamaged liberal.

  55. Michelle,
    Your second link above led to an article on
    oilforimmigation that stated something I had not heard. As we all know, BO’s Kenyan grandmother (sarah) said he was born in Kenya and that she was present at the birth. What I had not heard was that 2 additional family members of Obama have also stated that he was born in Kenya—
    one of his half-brothers and one half-sister.
    So, that’s interesting and the numbers are
    growing apparently in that regard.

  56. Margie,
    A website jbjd.wordpress.com has info. on how to file a complaint through your AG against Nancy Pelosi (and Howard Dean/DNC) —
    complete forms/directions are on the site.

  57. Maddie // November 4, 2009 at 10:37 pm

    Hey Maddie,

    A half here, a half there, everywhere a half.

    Did Obama, Sr. take on the challenge of populating the entire planet by himself????

    I’d also read somewhere that the two halves (which in this case, do not make a whole) also stated that he was born in Kenya. I read it again today on the OFI web site…

  58. Michelle/the South—
    Can someone give me a definition of
    just what a long-legged mack daddy is supposed
    to be? Thanks.

  59. Kitty and LJ,

    I wonder if you drill a hole in her head and face her towards the west, could you see Russia?

  60. Sean Hannity said today on his radio show that he was going to send a crew to cover the tea party tomorrow in DC and he would cover it on his show tomorrow night. I hope sign carriers question the legality of our President and get plenty of camera time.

  61. Yep, SueK, I do think so…haahaa! that’s because there ain’t nothing in there blocking it.

  62. SueK—Thanks for verifying that you have read this too.
    How fascinating now that “others” are saying Kenya. Do you think maybe the curtain is ready to fall on him (oh, please, please)?
    Every morning I turn on the morning news just to see if something happened and now bo’s out.
    That is sick, isn’t it—am I mental about this?
    or obsessed or what?

  63. LJ, Go with you might be a drain bamaged lib?

    Yep, that is excellent too. I’m not joking you guys. We need something going on this woman. Maybe CW could open up a joke spot on his blog. I’m thinking that he might get a kick out it too.

  64. bob strauss // November 4, 2009 at 10:55 pm

    Sean Hannity said today on his radio show that he was going to send a crew to cover the tea party tomorrow in DC and he would cover it on his show tomorrow night. I hope sign carriers question the legality of our President and get plenty of camera time

    This is great news! Glad to hear it’s getting covered. Hope we can get the word out to
    try to get signs out there that challenge the
    NBC issue. I hope the crowd is huge!

  65. SueK // November 4, 2009 at 10:53 pm

    No, I think it would be more other worldly, you know like Uranus! ;0)

  66. Linda from NY,

    Further to the article on AT, I watched this video at least a year ago and it is now recirculating. Although it is presumably a rumor, I have to think there is some substance.


    Click “Secret pan to kill internet by 2012 leaked?”

  67. LJ,
    I want a Lear Jet at my beck and call—or
    just a little one-time vacation in it.
    She’s disgusting in her wasteful spending–
    Ms. Queen Bee!

  68. If you suddenly hear the phrase:
    “Let them eat cake.” You may be a drain bamaged liberal!

  69. Maddie // November 4, 2009 at 10:58 pm

    No problem, Maddie…with everything I read I can’t tell you where I originally saw it however, when I read the OFI article today, I commented to myself ‘There it is again.’

    I do hope it’s curtains for the bastid…

    No, you’re not mental; we’re all hoping that tomorrow’s gonna the day that the dike finally breaks and washes him away.

    You’d asked about the definition of a ‘long legged mack daddy.’ The *only* one who can explain it in his own inimitable way is, of course, Dr. Manning. This is a 10-minute video peppered with humor, photos and of course, THE explanation. Enjoy!


  70. You have a hankering for a new tax that you have no intention of paying yourself ? Well you just might be a drain bamaged lib.

  71. L J // November 4, 2009 at 11:03 pm

    Ohhhhh, LJ-I can’t touch that one, or I’ll be censored.. (Good one, though! 🙂 )

  72. Thanks, Sue, I’m off to view:)

  73. #

    Maddie // November 4, 2009 at 10:53 pm
    Michelle/the South—
    Can someone give me a definition of
    just what a long-legged mack daddy is supposed
    to be? Thanks.

    Maddie, I was wondering the same thing.

    BTW Does anyone here live near Atlanta, GA? I have a suggestion that may help Orly.

  74. GORDO-Thank you. I just listened to jbjd/dr.kate after Criminal Minds yet. They were so interesting. I pictured stairs when jdjd said they kept upping the ante. I know how they doctored the documents now too, I’ve done this myself at work. All you have to do is print/assume centered correctly on a white sheet of paper. Put letterhead in feeder trap, check first which way your copier pulls, test, when everything lines up correctly hit copy there you go. Theoretically this person could have had letterhead paper from all 50 states in the tray and did them all at once.
    jbjd explained it very well, I found this easier to follow than read about but new information kept coming in. We Will not be Silenced is GiGi Gastons video re: horrendous amount of voter fraud in the state of Texas. As far as I know Texas got hit the worst in this criminal vote.

  75. Maddie / Jonah…

    LOL! I looked it up….

    1. long legged mack daddy:

    US Senator and Presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

    2. long legged mack daddy

    A pimp is someone smooth and charismatic and good with women and uses his powers to exploit weak women.

    A mack is a pimp that is able to exploit both men and women.

    A mack daddy is a mac that is able to expoit other macs

    A long legged mack daddy is a king or chief or master mac daddy. Sorta like the godfather of all mac daddies.

    Obama is a long legged mack daddy.


  76. I heard last night that in one of the elections held yesterday, 325 ballots were seized by the authorities. Has anyone heard anything about this. I was hoping acorn got caught red handed.

  77. Jonah and Reese,

    And watch Dr. Manning’s video!


  78. Regarding Madame Pelosi, one of my Republican girl friends and I were discussing the election-prior, I’m a Democrat. She was ready to vote for Hillary. I think my girl friend hit the nail on the head months ago when she told me, Pelosi wanted to be the first woman president. Hillary had to be eliminated, why would anyone in their right mind risk treason like Pelosi, and her weak three musketeers Dean-Reid-Obama to go along with this criminal plan. It looks like the plotters made quite a few errors in their insane quest. Who they got to scrub everything as soon as it went up would be interesting, along with fact check, fight the smears etc. must have greased some palms there. My girlfriend is Italian and has no use for women like Pelosi-power crazy mad woman. May she reap what she has sown.
    Can you imagine Pelosi as potus, she and Obama just gross. Criminals only way you can describe them. I wonder if they share a Mob Link somehow?

  79. bob strauss // November 4, 2009 at 11:51 pm

    Hi Bob,

    This is what I posted on the previous thread last night. If you’re talking about NY 23, this what Lame Cherry said:


    From Lame Cherry; The Mirage Media:

    “New information coming out of New York’s 23rd reveals a judge has now seized voting machines which apparently were not counting votes correctly.”



  80. Maddie-I sent you all the information re: brothers as soon as I found it-much of it I had never seen before. I thought I’d better send everything because others may have bits and pieces that would fit. This stuff can make you dizzy, I had no idea he had so many relations-some here some the other continent. Someday this is all going to make sense. I hope that day comes soon. Liberty for US us, Justice for them.
    How dare they treat the American people like they did. Lie, cheat, steal, insult. I hope RICO hits them just like that other big crook Bernie Madoff. What they have done to people is worse than any jail sentence they could ever receive. I mean they have really hurt many many people.

  81. Bachmann Warned Of Pelosi Security Crackdown On Capitol Tea Party

  82. SueK…

    Thanks for the Mack Daddy link. I missed that one! Pastor Manning knows how to tell like it is.

  83. You guys aren’t going to believe this. Sorry if this has already been posted…not sure how to embed it, but here’s the link. You will be outraged…Murtha needs to be fired!


  84. Reese // November 5, 2009 at 12:07 am

    Hey Reese,

    Ain’t no one betta than Dr. Manning as far as an explanation is concerned!

    I’m *so* glad he’s spoken with Orly and will be at the O’Reilly protest in NY…wish I could be there!

  85. The South-@10:49 I loved the video. A note of thank you. To all the guys who spoke up for any and all of the ladies THANK YOU. So many of the ladies really got pounded since Obama a/k/a THE ONE came on the scene. In some weird way I think the glass ceiling was broken, all most women want is respect, and respect for the work they are trying to do. I know all of the hard work the ladies-lawyers, researchers, volunteers, assistants have been doing since Aug 08 and the guys also. We are all Americans and we are all in this together. Guys, gals, Rep. Dem. Still hope our Constitution wins.

  86. LM-I hope Pelosi is not stupid enough to stop the people from coming to the People’s House. I’m sure many people sacrificed to make this trip-money/time/obligations. If she wanted to be Il Duce why doesn’t she move to Italy.

  87. LM // November 5, 2009 at 12:05 am

    Hi LM,

    If there is *any doubt whatsoever* what this ‘administration’ is, your video proves it.

    Rep. Bachmann is right-this is OUR HOUSE to which we must have access, regardless of the roadblocks Botox Nancy tries to throw.

    She’s a boil on the butt of America and must be removed.

    ticktock // November 5, 2009 at 12:13 am

    Ticktock, ditto for Murtha. REMOVED!

    People need to take a hard look at this Democrat Party and see the slime therein.

    This party is *not* the Democrat Party of JFK or our parents-it has dissolved into a radical, leftist, NWO party whose only aim is conquest!

  88. testing??

  89. SueK-I would go further than that, I would call it and out and out criminal organization.

  90. Ugh…don’t know what’s going on! OK, this whole thing might come up three times at least if I don’t get this right!

    Army DAV, Please look at this site, tell me what you think. This looks separate from RNC…much more Conservative.


  91. OK, I don’t know if it’s a moderation thing or what, I’m totally confused! I’ll try this a different way.

    Army DAV, go to ixquick and look up National Republican Trust PAC. It appears to be separate from the RNC. Let me know what you think. And again, if you get lots of posts about this subject…SORRY…having troubles today!

  92. SueK-First in War, First in Peace, First in the Hearts of his Countrymen.
    “I have no lust after power”: George Washington
    God rest his soul, how could DC put such shame on the area of the country that was named after him.
    Note: To all people in government. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Why don’t you try to emulate George Washington, instead of barbarian dictators.

  93. Margie/Maddie…

    Place Nancy Pelosi under Citizens Arrest. This is what I’ve been saying all along. Nancy has committed numerous wrong doings and election fraud. jbjd has done the ground work, now is the time to move forward. Can this be done? I don’t know, but if it happens watch out. This will be like sticking your hands into a bee hive.

    What does jbjd have to say on this matter? Maybe there is another avenue we can pursue, if this is approach is not feasible.

    I believe this would be the wedge to get BO out of office. This act would definitly get the medias attention.

    It will take years for the court system to respond on the BC issue.

  94. Michelle // November 5, 2009 at 12:28 am

    Agreed, Michelle.

    Odd how we have this trash in Washington yet, a guy in Iowa is told he can’t fly an American flag on his apartment building balcony. Odd set of priorities we have, don’t you think?

    I agree with Savage…Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  95. Remember, Remember the 5th of November:
    (V for Vendetta)

  96. venice: Thanks for the link. A pun on the words net-neutrality…another word for “control,” and another war to fight! The “powers that be” never cease to find “new and improved” ways to make our lives miserable.

    When we are no longer “free” to express ourselves, “free” to make an honest living, own a home or business, go where we wanna go, do what we wanna do, and be what we wanna be, we will no longer be FREE to be you and me!

    This alleged contrived plan to control Internet Access will spark the Second Revolution for sure!

    Can you just imagine the protests if this latest intrusion on our lives comes to pass?

  97. http://english.pravda.ru/news/world/ussr/02-11-2009/110259-ukraine_political_pandemic_dise-0
    Ukraine Suffers From Political Games More Than From Pandemic Disease
    Ukraine is in a panic about so-called swine flu, with officials closing schools, imposing travel restrictions and limiting public gatherings. But in fact in the country many are almost sure that politics make a fuss just to gain more election points.

  98. SueK-I keep thinking about what jbjd and dr. kate were talking about. Pelosi must have had her original plot, but she couldn’t hammer events, which must have gotten away from her and fellow plotters, the more it escalated, the more she had to do the same, somewhere toward the end they got sloppy, somewhere among all that scrubbing are little gems of truth. It is amazing how jbjd was able to follow all of this and put it together in a cohesive form. An amazing volume of work and all time great detective and deductive skills at work here. Plus never giving up until she had an answer.

  99. Linda from NY
    This song is dedicated to you

  100. Michelle // November 4, 2009 at 11:52 pm

    Also, NP would do anything to stop any woman in this country to become a President so that she remains to be the most powerful woman in the country besides wanting to be the president herself.

  101. Michelle: Have you been into Sue K’s goofy pills?

    Thanks…you’re a Ray of Florida Sunshine!

  102. Michelle @ 11:52pm
    Also, NP would do anything to stop any woman in this country to become a President so that she remains to be the most powerful woman in the country besides wanting to be the president herself.

  103. cyber-that’s what my girlfriend said, at first I was shocked at the thought, but I see her point now. Nancy has bought the farm mentally. To risk treason for this most powerful woman status, hit the bricks Nancy. What I can’t figure out in the crazy woman’s plot is how was she going to eliminate Obama and Biden to get to be numero uno. Bop them on the head one night, or reveal Obama ineligible and Biden goes with him. Well jbjd has got her in a well documented box.


    I am not sure if anyone has heard or commented of this new form of taxing or not (as I haven’t been on CW for 2wks ) but this is a major ALERT!!!

    My husband, a trucking company owner, received a letter from the state of Nebraska (not where he is based) charging him back taxes (for 7 yrs) for hauling loads in/out/thru the state. I must stress that he pays his taxes (angrily, I might add) every quarter and yearly…he also pays his Heavy Road Use tax, DOT fuel taxes in each state he travels in, his employment taxes, and so on. We have an accountant that oversees our accounts throughout the year…and we make quarterly estimated payments, end of year payments, and April 15th payments.

    This new tax that approx. 22 states have adopted (not sure yet how many are enforcing it at this time) is that they will tax trucking companies, that are incorporated, for hauling loads either in/out/or thru their state. (Mind you that they already pay heavy road use tax and DOT fuel tax in every state you travel) They now want to tax the revenue amt that you hauled in/out/thru their state extra. So he received this letter stating that he would be charged these taxes going back 7 years…but in our state (IA) they will only reimburse you the amt going back 3 years, leaving 4 years that you just pay this other state out of your pocket…even though you have already paid your taxes for those years to the state that your company is incorporated in. I know he has been in touch with his attorney and accountant, and is in the process of writing all congressmen and senators, as well as the FOX news staff. This my folks is UNCONSTITUTIONAL as hell and if they do come down on trucking companies like this…what better way to totally halt the economy.

    Has anyone else seen any info on this?

  105. Oops, sorry for the duplicate!

    Guess, she will figure out the rest like “tomorrow is another day as long as I am still the queen bee of today.” IMO

  106. Haven’t heard or seen anything about this at all. My hubby drives a truck but is not an independant. So many things coming down the pike so fast it’s hard to keep up. You are so right though, if this is a fact, it would shut down a lot of commerce, hence make us be dependant on you know who.

  107. AP-do the truckers have a nationwide organization they can go to to ask questions? I would not want to tick off the truck drivers of this nation. If they all banned together and did a nationwide strike-how long until they could get a little respect. One day? Politicians we can live without-Truckers, trash removal people, doctors, nurses, teachers, this list could go on forever. They keep sticking it to the little guy-we have got to end that too.

  108. cyber-I think Pelosi thinks she impresses people, she is such a WITCH, I think she merely scares them. Sounds like a job for Sarah Barracuda.

  109. Michelle // November 5, 2009 at 12:46 am

    Apologies, Michelle, do not/will not follow those conversations or research, so I’ll take your word for it.


  110. I just googled about the tax…still researching, but apparently they passed this tax law years ago and are enforcing it this year.


    What do you think is going to happen when more states adopt this tax law…

  111. Michelle-Yes, a WITCH she is. Did you see her face when Joe called, “You lie”? She looked like they were even entitled to lie. It is really sad that she and her bad companies are behaving like monarchy.

  112. AP // November 5, 2009 at 1:35 am
    Do you know the 22 states that passed this?

  113. Night all!

  114. zachjonesishome


    I heard this yesterday. It is interesting. The new show “V” is an anology for Obama.

    Off to try to get my car started to get it to the shop.

    Have a Great Day! Zach

  115. zachjonesishome

    Note on Berg’s site – November 3

    …. Press Release 11/03/09

    For Immediate Release: – 11/03/09
    …. today announced an International appearance on television on the 1st anniversary of the election of Obama.
    France 24, located in Paris France, has invited Philip J. Berg, Esquire to be a guest on their show, Wednesday, November 4, 2009 at 3:15 p.m. Eastern time. France 24 is an International TV channel which is broadcast all around the world. The show is called Focus and is approximately ten (10) minutes in duration.
    The topic of the show is “Why are you against Obama?”
    France 24 has a web site located at http://www.france24.com/en/ and the show is televised live at http://www.france24.com/en/livefeed.
    Please join Philip J. Berg, Esquire and France 24 and learn what the true questions into the constitutional eligibility of Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama to serve as President of the United States. …

  116. Is Obama the secret son of ??

    Larry Sinclair needs support for political run in Flordia

  117. Video: Tea Party Leader to Chris Matthews: ‘You’re Making My Leg Tingle’

    Chris Matthews was having a good time interviewing radio talk show host and Tea Party Express organizer Mark Williams. The smile was quickly wiped off Matthews’ face when Williams responded “You’re making my leg tingle.”

  118. Under crime of the century http://www.riseupforamerica.com
    Info on 2 docs signed by Pelosi for for eligilibilty
    under the Constution ,1 legal verbage to Hawaii
    other 49 states ommited
    Needs investigation copy and print out
    Another scam by Pelosi ?? and DNC??

  119. Video: Krauthammer On What The Election Means for Democrats

  120. **** Good News Snippet ****

    Over 5,000 views of Michele Bachmann Health care protest articles yesterday on this blog.
    This is resonating with the public.

  121. http://www.riseupforamerica.com
    Crimeof the century link
    scroll to canadafreepress ,link,before eagle picture 2 docs signed by Pelosi

  122. C.W.
    Please investigate
    2 articles on Sequoia software,Venz.company,Hugo Chavez connections.
    In 8 states now more to come,used in many New York voting machines
    Can alter votes in 5 minutes.
    Is this why Hoffman lost?
    Used also in Last yrs.Presidential elections
    Needs to be exposed

  123. LM 9:02am

    Krauthammer makes a critical point in the vid. and I concur.

    Election ’08 was an anomaly, ’09 reflects politics as usual. The Ind vote is defining the base and there has been a 30% swing toward
    Repubs in the last year. This is critical and yes the Dems need to be very worried.

    It’s why IMO they are rushing to pass health care bc time is running out, but I think time has already run out. If the is health care bill is passed, I fear for a national revolt that could be violent.

    Good news CW and congrats on your great blog.

  124. AP // November 5, 2009 at 1:03 am


    I am not sure if anyone has heard or commented of this new form of taxing or not (as I haven’t been on CW for 2wks ) but this is a major ALERT!!!

    My husband is in Kentucky, has paid out $4000 in the last two weeks………and we have been struggling for 2 years, barely keeping our heads above water…….I wish all independents would sit out for one week and this nation would stall…………and after the second week, this nation would be buried.

  125. Truth Now.
    I have been getting a heads up on the voting machines for many months.
    I will look into this more.
    We must protect the 2010 elections from all attempts to disrupt and alter.

  126. I sure hope Beck gets well soon. In the meanwhile, I’m listening to Brian & the Judge. Napolitano just said how Corzine knew a week before the election that he would lose, but they still brought b.o. to NJ 2 days before election. I like the Judge (former judge from NJ & born in Newark).


  127. From today’s Asbury Park Press, “How the GOP Won”. Seems like repubs are getting organized somewhat. I must get involved with this group.


  128. JJ & AP, That is awful to charge your husbands that kind of money! Is this nationwide or only in certain states?

  129. Amnesty Bill proposed. Criminal, insane, and treason are the non-four letter words that come to mind while viewing.

  130. They are saying on Fox now that the global warming hoax bill is getting Senate Dem. approval….sounds serious!

    Need to make sure all bills are null and void
    Investigate why Pelosi signed 2 DOCS for eligibility under the Constitution
    http://www.riseupforamerica.com link Crime of the century,scroll to canadafreepress link,above Eagle picture
    Needs to be investigated for more fraud

  132. Fox news reporting that Dems break rules to pass Cap and Trade Bill out of comittee. According to rules, 2 republicans need to be present- but weren’t.


  133. Wow. Gold is at $1,089.

  134. cq,
    Oddly enough, the half-brother from China to surface, looks exactly like MalcolmX also- even more so that 0, if that is possible.

  135. cq-Thanks for the reminder of the dollar value. Think I’ll go buy some silver. Can’t afford the gold anymore.

  136. 5th November is a significant date. I’m not sure how worried Reid and Pelosi should be about Ms Bachman who looks charming but if they see a man dresed in the style of the early 17th century, sporting a goatee beard and speaking with a spanish accent they out to have the apitol evacuated.

    On 5th Nov. 1605 the Gunpowder Plot conspirators led by Thomas Catesby planned to blow up the English Parliament to protest against a new, foreign born King who was forcing an agenda of radical change on a nation not happy with his ideas.

    Guido (Guy) Fawkes was the fall guy who had volunteered to hide in the cellars of the Parliament House and light the fuse. If somebody had not informed The King’s agents history could have turned out very different.
    More on Guy Fawkes
    Guy Fawkes Night

    Or you might like to visit Guido Fawkes blog which by bringing seveal scandals into the public domain has been instumental in blowing up the hopes of our wretched Labour government.

  137. Here is another “coincidence.” In a 2007 interview of Auma (O’s half sister) she wouldn’t reveal her age- now, in his recent interview, the half brother from China won’t reveal his age, says only that he is younger.

  138. Ian Thorpe.
    Thanks for commenting.
    We must all hang together, as Benjamin Franklin stated.
    This includes our “brethren” in the British Isles and the rest of the free world.

  139. **** New Post ****

  140. AP,

    this is truly unfortunate. I know you must be at your wit’s end. I’m afraid we’ll see more and more of the resurrection of laws that previously were not enforced. States have lost a lot of revenue in these hard economic times. They’re scrambling to bring in revenue anyway they can. Wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t assign someone to a desk to drudge up and dust off these old laws.

    They’re starting to ticket folks for minor infractions. And, we’re seeing more red light cameras – which are illegal BTW- being installed even in small towns.

    Also, can’t help but wonder if this has anything to do with the situation concerning the Mexican truckers? Do you think they’re creating a situation so they can say they need to let them flood the highways, so open the gates?

    Contact this radio host, Dr. Sam Kennedy (info below). I listened to him for the first time this past Sunday. He knows his stuff. I bet he would work with you. Look on the right side of the page for the place to submit stories and tips to Republic Broadcast. Who knows they may want to do a story on this. Truckers move this nation. We’ll come to a complete standstill if that delivery method stalls.

    Try to contact Alex Jones for a story, too. email: tips@infowars.com or writers@infowars.com. Don’t give up, they get a lot of emails. But…I can tell you he’d love to get a hold of this story.

    Dr. Sam Kennedy
    Take No Prisoners
    Republic Broadcast
    Show Time: Sundays, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM CST

    (click on listen live tab)

    short bio:
    Dr. Sam Kennedy, author of the Instant Criminal Complaint, is known around the world for his creative court-stopping solutions to personal tragedy. Having taught thousands of men and women to settle their cases honorably, pay the bill, and use proof of claim, Sam reveals the intricacies of cutting-edge law merchant remedies.

    Whether you are warehoused as a political prisoner or on the fast track to a debtors nightmare, or simply want to know more about converting liability to 3rd party defendants using the Beneficiaries-in-Common payment method, Sam may have the tonic for what is ailing you.

    A semi-retired doctor who treats pain disorders, Sam served as a journalist and professional writer for many years. Especially if you are in the battle of your life, tune in “Take No Prisoners” every Sunday night.

    Maybe this will provide some help.

  141. Just to remind you – similar to Healthcare bills that are about CONTROL and not about Healthcare, the Climate legislation is NOT about Climate.

    The long term financial impact of this bill will be far worse than Healthcare. It is all based on junk science. The underlying purpose and effect of this bill is a MASSIVE transfer of wealth from developed countries to underdeveloped countries.

    The “theory” is that the developed nations have used far more than their fair share of the global resources that belong to all alike. There is then this massive “carbon debt” that we owe the rest of the world. And we will pay and pay and pay – – –

  142. Nancy and Harry make me sick. They are the downfall of America. Because of these two morons who don’t give a dam about our constitution means their traitors and terrorist to our own country. They should be tried and jailed. Time to rid to these two and drop them in the center of Afghanistan with one bullet and a canteen of Jack Daniels.

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