Michele Bachmann, Nancy Pelosi, November 5, 2009, Capitol Building steps, Tea part protest, Judge Napolitano warning, Socialist government Health care Bill

Judge Napolitano, substituting for Glenn Beck on Wednesday, November 4, 2009, warned Michele Bachmann about Nancy Pelosi and her power to disrupt the tea party protest on the Capitol steps today, November 5, 2009.

“Bachmann Warned Of Pelosi Security Crackdown On Capitol Tea Party”

From Fox News, November 5, 2009

“Republicans Try to Rally Resistance to Health Care Bill, as House Vote Nears”

“With health care reform tracking toward a possible vote in the House Saturday, Republicans are making a last-ditch bid to derail or at least delay the legislation by bringing public pressure to the steps of Congress.

The GOP is organizing a “House Call” Thursday afternoon on Capitol Hill, where they plan to rally constituents concerned about the implications of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s bill. Republicans are calling on those who attend to corner, politely, their elected representatives in Congress and put pressure on them to think twice about voting for the more than $1 trillion health care overhaul.”

“”It seems like the lessons of the town halls and the tea parties are lost on these people,” Rep. Michelle Bachmann, R-Minn., told Fox News. “So we need to bring the town hall here … and plead for real freedom-loving Americans to come to the steps of the U.S. Capitol.” 

The conservative “tea party” movement has gotten involved with the rally, which is expected to feature speakers as well as the formal unveiling of the Republican version of health care reform. 

Bachmann said she hatched this idea as a way to “really kill this bill.” ”

“”A lot of Blue Dogs in this country are going to have a lot of ‘splaining to do back at home in their districts, where people do not want the health care that’s being peddled by this administration,” Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele told Fox News. “They don’t want government control. They don’t want a government option.”  The Senate, where Democrats have a slighter majority, is not progressing quite as fast. There are emerging doubts over whether the Senate can bring a bill to the floor by the end of the year.”

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92 responses to “Michele Bachmann, Nancy Pelosi, November 5, 2009, Capitol Building steps, Tea part protest, Judge Napolitano warning, Socialist government Health care Bill

  1. AP,

    see my post for you on previous thread this a.m.
    JustMe // November 5, 2009 at 11:31 am

  2. Rather than founding fathers this time around to save us, we have the three founding mothers: Orly Taitz, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann. (this trio has the real cajones)

  3. Our friend Ian Thorpe posted this on prior thread:

    “Submitted on 2009/11/05 at 11:20am
    5th November is a significant date. I’m not sure how worried Reid and Pelosi should be about Ms Bachman who looks charming but if they see a man dresed in the style of the early 17th century, sporting a goatee beard and speaking with a spanish accent they out to have the apitol evacuated.

    On 5th Nov. 1605 the Gunpowder Plot conspirators led by Thomas Catesby planned to blow up the English Parliament to protest against a new, foreign born King who was forcing an agenda of radical change on a nation not happy with his ideas.

    Guido (Guy) Fawkes was the fall guy who had volunteered to hide in the cellars of the Parliament House and light the fuse. If somebody had not informed The King’s agents history could have turned out very different.

    More on Guy Fawkes
    Guy Fawkes Night

    Or you might like to visit Guido Fawkes blog which by bringing seveal scandals into the public domain has been instumental in blowing up the hopes of our wretched Labour government.

  4. The stacks of pink slips sent to Washington by WND are higher than the monument. The petitions and telephone calls are so abundant, Washington is refusing to accept them. Michele Bachman is calling for eye ball to eye ball communication. I wonder how many politicians will be in ther office today,

    What is unavoidably clear is Washington is deliberately refusing to hear America. Read our lips, read our signs–America does not want government takeover health care. What part of the no do they refuse to understand?

    If this isn’t tyranny, than what is?

  5. Sure would like to hear something about D.C. I hope people aren’t having trouble getting to the Capitol bldg. with the Pelousy security dogs.

  6. Was Guy Fawkes – / same as V for Vendetta ?

  7. CW: Great news the word is getting out! You provide a great forum here for all of us to discuss the current issues facing our nation and spread the word far and wide. Kudos to you and all who post here!

    venice: I have read AARP is not representing their membership and thus, have incurred the wrath of those who do not support this Health Care Bill. Their membership roles have been reduced considerably as many have “jumped ship” by canceling their membership or refusing to renew it.

    Happy Day…Linda

    PS Anyone know anything about the ballot boxes in the NY 23 that were ordered retrieved by a judge? I was disappointed Hoffman conceded without contesting the results of this election. I suspect massive voter fraud. Is it too late to do anything about this?

    Also, is it true Owens has to run again for office in 2010? If so, then perhaps we have another shot at turning this around. The Dems are calling this a victory in a predominantly Republican district…I think NOT!


    I’ve been posting about this for over a year now.

    From Cory Doctorow

    * That ISPs have to cut off the Internet access of accused copyright infringers or face liability. This means that your entire family could be denied to the internet — and hence to civic participation, health information, education, communications, and their means of earning a living — if one member is accused of copyright infringement, without access to a trial or counsel.

    Read the entire article here:


  9. Nancy: Am so happy for you and NJ! Hope your new Governor can do something about reducing those obnoxious property taxes.

    But alas, we in NY, have little to celebrate since the Dems are thinking they have won a major victory here in NY 23.

    However, I am looking forward to the 2010 election because I think there will be many surprises…I think our Governor’s race will see a change in party. We’ve had Republican Governors, but the last one was too LIEbral for the taste of Republicans here. I believe our state will turn from blue to purple…a good start for the 2012 elections.


  10. CW: Any news from anyone attending the rally in DC yet? I know a few who post here said they were going. Just wondering…

  11. Here is a live radio broadcast link to Michele’s teaparty.


  12. Linda.
    Not yet

  13. It’s Begun: Liberals Invoke Specter of “Hate Crimes”

    By Matt Barber Tuesday, November 3, 2009

    Cleveland, OH – Matt Barber, Director of Cultural Affairs with both Liberty Counsel and Liberty Alliance Action issued the following statement on News that the left-wing United Church of Christ (UCC) and other quasi-Christian liberal groups are calling for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to officially investigate talk radio and other conservative media outlets in an effort to “put an end” to “hate speech” and so-called “media violence:”


  14. Obama-Pelosi to Health Insurers: Shut Up or We’ll Shut You Down


  15. DenisetheMenace

    Here is a link to Politico about this mornings arrest of a few “tea party” activists.

    This is the first time I’ve tried to link on here and I hope this works.

  16. DenisetheMenace

    On Freerepublic.com there was a comment after the above Politico piece that those arrested were from an “acorn” group staging a sit in at Leiberman’s office.

  17. People on the prior thread who talked about the radio show last night on Revolution Radio, here’s the link to the podcast:


  18. Yes that was comical, stating there were arrests already, come to find out they were ACORN type people. Still waiting for Pelosi to be arrested. 🙂

  19. Linda from NY

    venice: This one’s for you!



  20. DenisetheMenace,

    Thanks for the link.

  21. I want to know what has happened to my $250.00 bribe money that Barry was supposed to send me? I’m waiting Barry! hahahahaha

  22. Linda from NY

    jbjd: I listened to your broadcast with great interest last night and am looking forward to future broadcasts. I think those listening were so riveted by your dissertation/presentation, the “Chat Room” was quiet.

    Your journey through this “primary/election maze” has been both frustrating and enlightening not only for you, but for all of us.

    I am certain, through your efforts and the efforts of many others who support your initiatives, we now have an informed/educated electorate who will not be “fooled” again.

    Thank you, sincerely, for all you do to keep us all informed. Your contribution is much appreciated!


  23. DenisetheMenace

    Hey all,
    I just made calls to my rep and senator’s offices and got thru fairly easily. Clearly there are not enough people burning up the phone lines.


  24. DenisetheMenace // November 5, 2009 at 1:15 pm

    Hi Denise,

    The idea for more calls and e-mails was being batted around this week, and many Patriots decided that the time for calls and e-mails was over; it’s time to *take it to them* and that’s what’s happening right now:


  25. DenisetheMenace

    I got that – but for those of us who could not go to DC, the phone, fax and emails are what we still can do. If you let down the pressure (where ever we can) – they think we have forgotten about it.

    Just my opinion.

  26. So far it looks like a GOP campaign rally , wrapping themselves in the Flag and the Constitution.

    People there are just wasting their time.

    Politics as usual………..


    Nov. 5 (Bloomberg) — Senate Democrats won committee approval today of a “cap-and-trade” bill to reduce U.S. greenhouse gases over the objection of Republicans who say the legislation is being rushed.

    Ten of the 12 Democrats on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee supported the measure. Senator Max Baucus, a Montana Democrat, voted against the bill. Senator Tom Carper, a Delaware Democrat who wasn’t present for the vote, later said he would have voted in favor.

    “We’re hearing the call to get moving on this,” said Chairwoman Barbara Boxer, a California Democrat and cosponsor of the bill.
    The legislation had been tied up in the committee for two days by the Republicans, led by Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma, who said the bill’s impact on the economy hadn’t been adequately studied. They boycotted most of the panel’s meetings this week to try to prevent a vote until the Environmental Protection Agency reviews the bill further.

    Boxer said the Republican call for further study was a stalling tactic. The Senate cap-and-trade proposal draws heavily from legislation that passed the House in June, and the EPA’s studies of that measure were good enough for the committee to vote, she said.

    Balance of article here:

  28. Linda from NY-jbjd I caught the last 15 minutes of jbjd also, it was fascinating the journey-I was picturing an office very organized, but with little notes, and better save this article etc. I was picturing jbjd going up a flight of steps until she figured this all out in her own mind. To me it had a dizzying quality as she went through it for over a year now. Can’t wait until the next visit with Dr. Kate always a learning experience. I felt like I was in the room with them.
    Linda-something unusual happened on our local news last night CBS, they showed Obama’s dwindling numbers on a Rasmussen chart. First time I saw anything like that. Here is what I don’t understand some of the other reporters here and on the news keep saying “while the potus remains personally popular” my question is with who? with these negative numbers…and most of the country saying the country is headed in the wrong direction-this information does not jibe to my way of looking at it. What do you think?

  29. Linda from NY,

    Thank you. I am brand new at this; first time on the radio. But drkate told me, the reason the chat room and the phone lines were so quiet even with all of the listeners was that, people were riveted on what I was saying. Good.

  30. Sue K

    So, will recombination begin? Swine flu found in cat in Iowa.

    The domestic shorthair, a 13-year-old castrated male, apparently caught A(H1N1) off its owners — two of the three members of the family had previously contracted the deadly virus.

    full article here:

  31. JustMe // November 5, 2009 at 1:35 pm

    Hi JustMe,

    Ya, I read that this morning, but I don’t think it’s any kind of recombination at this point.

    If you remember that this is a *very* easily transmitted virus, it would make sense that perhaps a critter would show symptoms however, I wouldn’t call it a ‘human to feline’ jump at this point.

    With many viruses we see, there are always a few rogue bugs that will hop to another mammal/bird and this seems to be the case with the novel H1N1 virus.

    Will keep an eye on this; it seems that ‘kitteh’ will recover and be fine 🙂

    BTW, the media needs to cut the cr*p with the ‘deadly virus’ business.

  32. Army @ 1:06: thanks for the link…

  33. This Bachmann Health care protest rally is great.
    Voight & Levin gave great speeches.
    Thanks to all of you who helped spread the word.

  34. ARMY D.A.V.
    I could not disagree more.

  35. 9:52am PT: why the sudden shift on live feed, Army…nothin but the press room…and two minutes later: blank…who’s pulling the strings?

  36. looks like they’re waiting for the introductory Roadrunner cartoon before the movie!!

  37. none of them have popcorn, though…what gives?

  38. Citizen Wells-is it just me-I had a hard time hearing the speeches-I had turned the volume as high as it could go.Luckily I think we will hear replays.

  39. jbjd-dr. kate is correct. Riveted is the word. You said you were brand new at this, I think you did Great, I would have never known. You and dr. kate did it in such an interesting way, I could almost picture the information that you were discussing. Thanks you two.

  40. Sue K,

    no, I wasn’t saying it had recombined. It may happen, though.

    The article said they confirmed the cat DID indeed catch the swine flu from its owners. The owner was actually an employee of the vet clinic that confirmed this.

    They are warning pet owners who have indoor pets and have been ill to watch their pets.

  41. Hey Re-do,

    Great to see you back :).

    I was watching at lunch then all of a sudden, the press room!

    Guess that’s all they’ll ‘allow’ us to view…

  42. CW I tried those links, and I didn’t see a rally, it just showed people waiting for a press conference.

  43. Michelle,

    I had no audio at all on my feed. I just read their lips. ha!

  44. Hey Re-do,
    Was wondering where you have been. I have been missing your “colorful” comments and “sparkle.”

  45. DenisetheMenace

    I too had problems with the volume. I tried on three different computers. I even had my daughter (home with a sinus infection) try.
    (Ya know, she knows a lot more than I do about computers…)
    I finally just gave up trying to hear it. I’ll check in later for some utubes on it.

  46. They are showing the rally again, with better volume now.

  47. RON PAUL, for those interested, is a guest on Alex’s show today – he’s coming up next.

    He’ll be covering all the hot topics happening now – healthcare, cap/tax, dumping the dollar, recent elections, etc.

    or call in by phone to listen

  48. I could not hear it also! I also sent Fox a e-mail telling them my disdain that I have that they chose not to air the rally. Barry the fraud gets every waking minute of air time! I also told them to stop calling it just a Republican Health Care Rally that there is all kinds of people there. Not just Republicans there is also Independants and Democrat people there. Of, course only Republican Congress people and Senators were there to help support us.

  49. DenisetheMenace // November 5, 2009 at 2:04 pm

    I too had problems with the volume. I tried on three different computers. I even had my daughter (home with a sinus infection) try.
    (Ya know, she knows a lot more than I do about computers…)
    I finally just gave up trying to hear it. I’ll check in later for some utubes on it.
    Had the same problem with the audio on Fox live stream. Switched to C-span3 and can hear fine.

  50. JOE WILSON UP NOW… Steve King was GREAT.

  51. All-Thank you C-Span3 working, and I can hear it. You Go Joe

  52. Those loud “No’s” can be heard inside Congres.

  53. Amazing!

  54. Wow. AWESOME, JUST AWESOME watching this. I wish I was there. I’m sitting here with tears streaming down my face. God Bless America!

  55. Lee Greenwood’s song was just the icing on the cake!

  56. I just went to C-spann and now BO is on. Is it dense or what?

  57. Nancy,

    yes it was the icing on the cake. That song will move every emotion in your body! IMHO

    CW was right…it was amazing – especially with audio

  58. With my barf bag handy I “sacrificed” and watched the news briefing that was on during the rally. Two things that I noticed is (1) Obunion made a pitch for the healthcare saying it was endorsed by AARP and AMA which makes me wonder why his lowness would want to be the one to come on a briefing himself when Giblet would be able to offer the same info ergo I believe he’s worried, and (2) I payed attention to how Giblet was giving info and he seemed to me to be more subdued than usual, of course he did present his usual laughing at goofy intervals, but not as sure of himself today. HOPEFULLY good stuff is going on!

  59. Right, Ginger, they should be calling it “The American People” protest…not any certain group.

  60. I just received my Glenn Beck email newsletter. He is out of surgery, in recovery, & doing well.

  61. Nancy, I agree, tears. Yes the Lee Greenwood song is one of my favorites. God Bless America !!!

  62. I am still in awe, this was so very uplifting!

  63. LJ-you mean WE THE PEOPLE commonly referred to as astroturf got their attention finally. They should be worried, most of the country is against them, I think he still has children under 3 and his way wacky supporters, not known for knowledge re: our Constitution, very good at criminal activities tho.

  64. LJ,

    The AMA endorsement is a ruse! Physicians abandoned that organization years ago. That endorsement is used now as little more than a marketing ploy to fool the public.

    “Recommended by the AMA” looks good on a bottle of mouthwash, and the folks think it means something. So…the White House decided to use it on this health care bill. Garbage!

  65. LJ,

    btw…AARP is nothing more than a front for United Health Care Insurance Company. Has been for years. Most people don’t know that either.

  66. JustMe // November 5, 2009 at 3:12 pm
    I couldn’t agree more with you. I just wanted to say what I think is going on. I thought it very telling that Obunion would even come on himself to pitch it. Nobody who has anything to worry about wouldn’t be trying so hard. ;0)!

  67. Everybody………… It hurt deeply not being able to voice my opinion at the door of Congress PERSONALLY. They heard me loud and clear at our state Senator’s office though. I loved every minute of the live coverage on C SPAN 3. This is all exactly what we need. “PUBLICITY”; any way we can attract it, and by any one who is willing to take the time to hear what we have to say. Particularly MSM. KEEP IT UP. Have FALL tea parties whenever, and wherever possible, make as much noise as possible, and attract as much attention as possible. IT WILL ALL BE SEEN, AND HEARD BY THOSE WHO NEED TO HEAR IT!

  68. I just called AARP and after being on hold for over 20 minutes due to reps dealing with other phone calls finally got someone to talk to. She said that AARP was endorsing the Healthcare – I said I wanted to cancel my membership. She asked why (duh) and I said as long as they were supporting this bill, I would not be supporting them.

  69. JustMe-scarolina-oldsalt77-Thank you for information re: AARP and AMA I thought those references seemed the usual phony.
    oldsalt77-I agree coverage was great, much needed publicity since the media is DOA. I’m going to watch the national news tonight to see if it is reported, or they pretend it never happened.

  70. SCAROLINA……………………..

    You done exactly the right thing. It has long been obvious that AARP is in Soetoro’s hip pocket. In addition, I was once a member. Back in the days of HORACE DEETS. It didn’t take me long to see who he represented……..(HIMSELF). I quit AARP after only a year of membership. I wished that I had caught on to his chicanery sooner.

  71. scarolina-AARP has a competitor now if you need coverage. I can’t remember their name. They had people cut up their AARP cards and send it them-competition is a good thing.

  72. http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/opinion/oped/bal-obamaoped1105,0,4159976.story
    For young Obama voters, the thrill is gone
    Two things: told you so, and he lied to you.

  73. scarolina.
    great Job!
    Cancel AARP memberships. Spread the word.

  74. Michelle………………………………

    AARP is administered by people with ONE TRACK MINDS; The track is narrow gauge, and will not accept any view points that don’t fit the guage of the AARP mental track.

  75. The lady I spoke to at AARP didn’t seem at all surprised at my call — seeing that I was on hold for over 20 mins, I guess a lot of people are doing the same thing.

  76. SCAROLINA……………………………….

    The AARP moron leadership are like MMMSSS. Pelosi. They think that they are INVINCIBLE! Perhaps a mass resignation of paying members will provide them with a special message.

  77. If this bull healthscare bill passes, what are we all going to do, not pay taxes? Heck, they can’t put everyone in prison.

  78. kittycat // November 5, 2009 at 3:57 pm
    If you cut off the feed the animal dies!

  79. Kittykat………………………………

    That has long been my belief! If a large enough cross section of people stood up, and refused to pay income taxes, it would bring down the alleged Federal Government. It would require EVERY MAN, WOMAN, AND ELIGIBLE KIDS, IN THIS COUNTRY, ALL 330,000,000 OF US. THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH JAILS TO HOLD ALL OF US.

  80. **** New Post ****

  81. kittycat, oldsalt77,

    I’ve been trying to say the same thing.

  82. I have been saying take as many exemptions as you can so you they get none of your money during the year, put it aside.
    Then when you don’t pay your taxes April 15, you’ve got a stash in case there is trouble.

    Non violent civil disobedience.

  83. Citizen Wells & All Helpful Commenters Here,

    I happened to come to this very informative web site today and thanks to your links here, I had the opportunity to watch about 15 min. of The American People’s Rally at the suggested link:


    and I also went to see the live


    Thank you to all who posted these links for ALL people here!!

    Everyone in the USA – WE THE PEOPLE MUST today, tomorrow, Saturday, & Monday, and next week Please DAILY Start Calling and Continue To Call our Senators & Representatives DAILY in our own state and in other states to remind THEM ALL THEY MUST do what We Demand and Want of them!!


    This Obama/Pelosi Health-Care (Death-Care) Bill will Destroy, Kill, and Stop & Bankrupt (& Thus Murder) the USA Sovereignty, USA Constitution, and ALL 307 + Million American’s Civil Rights, Freedoms & Liberties!!

    WE THE PEOPLE do not have the money to pay for this Obama Health-Care Bill.


    PLEASE go to http://www.ResistNet.com and http://www.GrassFire.org to get the Telephone numbers, and Fax numbers of ALL Senators & Representatives.

    You & I can even send Faxs to our Senators & Representatives at the above two excellent web sites!!

    PLEASE ALL People Go To:

    http://www.ResistNet.com and http://www.GrassFire.org

    EVERYONE AMERICAN WHO CAN please get VERY active in saving this Republic – the USA!! LET OUR VOICES BE HEARD & Our Good Works of Love be done and seen ALL over in the USA Everywhere 24/7/365!!!

    Call & Fax Our Senators & Representatives DAILY!! HOUND THEM DAILY!! Hold Prayer & Work Rallies!!

    Everyone Please Get Involved to Bring Our USA Back to the USA Constitution and Back to the Holy Bible and Back to the Forever Living GOD, & Back to Forever Eternal Truth, Wisdom, Virtues, & Morality!!

  84. I say the program that they force upon us should also be the one that they have to participate in, the same goes for the union supporters no exceptions the same plan for all or ditch the plan. Let us see what happens then when they have to participate in the same rules and regulations as they want us to. It is after all only fair and equal treatment one of the major concepts of the law of the land. The members of Congress should not be allowed a separate program from what they say is so great for us. That might change things a little and actually make a good program if they have to use it too

  85. Where’s the Mark R. Levin video footage? He wrote the book on this soft tyranny we are laboring under right now!

  86. Roscoe.
    Mark Levin can be viewed on this blog on yesterday’s article.

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