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The Citizen Wells blog began reporting about Acorn corruption, voter fraud, contributions to  mortgage meltdown and strong ties to Barack Obama on August 21, 2008. Since then we have produced numerous articles on Acorn and Obama, in fact, more than enough to prevent Obama from winning the presidency if the public or the MSM had been paying attention. Hat’s off to Michelle Malkin, Larry Johnson and other great journalists who paved the way with extensive research on Acorn and their ties to Obama.

Here are what I consider the top 4 articles on Acorn corruption and how Obama fits in:

October 8, 2008 – Straight from the horse’s mouth

“ACORN Report
The ACORN Report is published by ACORN’s National Office and contains up-to-date information. We have ACORN Reports indexed by date and topic available.”

“City Limits February 1999
During its 15 years in New York City, ACORN has helped squatters claim derelict city-owned property, forced bankers to invest in low-income communities, and organized a war against the city’s workfare program.

It’s also developed a reputation for no-holds-barred tactics—getting results through adversarial campaigns against bankers, politicians and bureaucrats using confrontation and concession rather than consensus. ACORN, unlike most social service non-profits, scorns charity. Their goal is to help poor people seize power.”

This comes straight from the Acorn national office.
Note the following:

“Their goal is to help poor people seize power”

It does not say, as John Mccain or Ronald Reagan would say, help poor
people to better themselves and their economic condition, but rather
“seize power.”

Oct 8, 2008 Acorn National Office report reveals radical agenda

October 8, 2008 – Catholic Bishops report on Acorn, Democratic Socialists of America, New Party.  Obama’s ties

“Barack Obama attended and participated in meetings of the Chicago New Party and the Chicago DSA, the local affiliate of the Democratic Socialists of America.”

“Most New Party members hailed from the Democratic Socialists of America and the militant organization ACORN. The party’s Chicago chapter also included a large contingent from the Committees of Correspondence, a Marxist coalition of former Maoists, Trotskyists, and Communist Party USA members.”

Catholic Bishops report on community organizing, Acorn

“Introduction: This commentary is submitted to the Catholic Bishops of the United States with respect to their possible consideration of changes in the organization, funding, and structure of the Campaign for Human Development (CHD). It is essential to note, however, the limited purpose and scope of this commentary:”

“COMMUNITY ORGANIZING: During the funding period of 1992-1995, CHD gave significant grants to community organizing efforts that implement many of the organizational techniques recommended by Saul Alinsky.”

“The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) which is also patterned on Alinsky’s organizational recommendations, recruits individual members.”

“To be eligible to receive CHD funds, a program must be run by the poor, benefit the poor, and change social structures that harm the poor.” However, in light of the politically oriented thrust of ACORN’s activities, it is fair to ask whether the CHD subsidies to ACORN are advisable and commensurate with the purposes of CHD.”

“This commentary does not oppose CHD funding of genuine, grassroots community organizations, run and supported by individual members of a parish or diocese. There is potential value and virtue in the collective voice. However, when the CHD funds Alinsky-style, church-based community organizations as in the best interest of the poor and supports organizations which advance other agendas, it divests the poor of their right to an authentic voice. This process tends to treat the poor as exploited units of human capital, rather than as human beings created in the dignity of God’s image.”

“There are alternative, self-determined organizations of the poor, which are supportive of life. Those alternative, grassroots community organizations do not merely serve their constituency but rather they are their constituency. They do not use community organizing to further an additional agenda.”
“It would be reasonable for the bishops to consider:

The immediate cessation of all CHD funding to Alinsky-style, church-based community organizations.

To accomplish its goals, as outlined in the People’s Platform, ACORN has developed a political alliance with the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). Together with others, ACORN and the DSA have formed a political party, the New Party.

National ACORN president, Maud Hurd, along with Dr. Cornel West (honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America) and a representative from the Reproductive Rights Coalition Fund, are listed as New Party supporters.”

Oct 8, 2008 Acorn, Catholic Bishops report, New Party, Democratic Socialists of America

October 10 2008 – Obama lied about Acorn

“Obama lied about his connections to Acorn:

  • Obama helped Acorn in organizing of “Project VOTE” in 1992.
  • Obama was a community organizer.
  • Obama represented Acorn as attorney, ACORN vs. Edgar.
  • Obama was involved in Acorn leadership training sessions.
  • Obama, Annenberg Challenge, William Ayers, Acorn.
  • Acorn, New party endorsement of Obama.
  • February 25th to May 17th 2008, Obama camp paid $832,598 to Acorn.
  • Acorn Voter fraud.
  • Obama may have stolen the nomination through Acorn voter fraud.”

Oct 10, 2008 Obama long time strong ties to Acorn

October 13, 2008 – Acorn contribution to mortgage crisis

“FOR years, ACORN had combined manipulation of the CRA with intimidation-protest tactics to force banks to lower credit standards. Its crusade, with help from Democrats in Congress, to push these high-risk “subprime” loans on banks is at the root of today’s economic meltdown.””
““Instead, Democrats like Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) and Reps. Kennedy and Waters allied with the Clinton administration to broaden the acceptability of risky subprime loans throughout the financial system, thus precipitating our current crisis.

ACORN had come to Congress not only to protect the CRA from GOP reforms but also to expand the reach of quota-based lending to Fannie, Freddie and beyond. By steamrolling the GOP that March, it had crushed the last potential barrier to “change.”””

““ACORN’s alliance with the Democratic Party is at the root of the current financial meltdown. And Barack Obama has stayed true to ACORN’s ways.””

Oct 13, 2008 Acorn and Democrat allies built mortgage crisis

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD)  suspended funding for Acorn in October 2008. This is hardly a right wing organization. Where was the media? Where was Congress?

We will provide more details about research done for the Catholic Bishops, much of it done and reported by 1997, and certainly mountains of evidence available in 2008. This is criminal that Obama was given a free ride on this by the main stream media and allowed to continue his pattern of lies and deception.

Stay tuned for more details.

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  1. Obama may have stolen the nomination through Acorn voter fraud.”
    Yes, imho, obama DID steal the nomination
    through voter fraud.
    Look what happened to Hillary Clinton’s
    votes in Michigan and Florida if we need to
    take another look at voter theft by Obama.
    What he knows best is how to destroy
    his opponent in any way possible legal OR
    illegal. He has a corrupt and long track record for his “young” years on cheating his way into positions of power.

  2. It’s a shame when the big wigs with the MSM allow a couple of youngins – 20 & 25 years old do the job they are paid big bucks to do! Hats off to James and Hanna for doing what the others should have done!

  3. somebody else go first this time…

  4. Excellent post CW!
    Glenn Beck says tonights acorn saga contains a murder confession?

  5. Thanks CW for alerting the public to ACORN this past year. Finally Congress is listening! And thanks to Glenn Beck.

    As a genealogist it gives me great pleasure to learn that the Census Bureau Severs Ties With ACORN. If the Census employs enumerators through ACORN, the 2010 Obama census would be considered the most falsified and inaccurate enumeration in U. S. history. What a legacy!

    The Senate is moving in the right direction. The House has already investigated ACORN but can’t get legislation passed –

    U.S. House of Representatives
    Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

    ACORN has repeatedly and deliberately engaged in systemic fraud. Both structurally and operationally, ACORN hides behind a paper wall of nonprofit corporate protections to conceal a criminal conspiracy on the part of its directors, to launder fed. money in order to pursue a partisan political agenda and to manipulate the American electorate. READ MORE

    Click to access 20090723ACORNReport.pdf


    And Congress must say “NO” to ACORN receiving any more stimulus money!!!!!

    Learn more about HR 2715 and check out the listing of co-sponsors for the Bill – Not one Democrat! Shameful! …….

  6. Original Obama Birth Certificate Discovered?

    Apparently the Hawaiian Chapter of AXJ has discovered the original divorce documents filed in 1964, and among them has discovered that Stanley Ann Dunham (with the help of others) did in fact present a Certificate of Live Birth of a child born in Mobassa, Kenya, which is being studied to see if in fact it belongs to a child by the name of Barack Hussein Obama, II, although Barack Hussein Obama Sr. never admitted to having a son, was never notified of any divorce documents filed against him, and was killed in Kenya for political reasons.

    The document presented by the Hawaiian Authorities includes a number “19” that does not correspond to any numbering order in the documents recorded in 1961, and they know it.

    They possibly could be responsible for Fraud against the American People if this preliminary investigation turns out to be true.

    This report needs to be confirmed conflates. It also conflates Tom Mboya’s assassination and Senior’s death in an automobile accident.

  7. re-do re re-do: comment was about self…not anyone else…there were no comments when I hit “submit”…then there were “4” when it posted.

  8. Thanks, CW, for the article.

    Don’t you wonder exactly how many more entities with charitable intentions (good or otherwise) funnel monies to ACORN?

    I can’t wait to see the chalkboard visual Glenn Beck announced he intends to show this week.

    I’m sure Barney Frank and Maxine Waters are squirming in their seats right now, as they should be.

  9. sandy: seems to be two stories floating around about the “announcement” out of GA: some say ‘Tuesday’…some say ‘Wednesday’; confirmation re either?

  10. OriginUnknown-I saw this a couple of weeks ago I just can’t remember where. I’m going to check Free Republic.

  11. JF & twe (OT): I think both the Pats and the Chargers were ‘victims’ of some luck…bad luck for the Bills, and some good for SD; but, heck:
    all that counts at the end of the game is a “W”.
    So far, both are ‘perfect’.

    Wednesday, November 12, 2008
    Catholic bishops cut off ACORN funding
    Excellent decision. Now, if other ACORN donors would join in…
    BALTIMORE (AP) — A community grantmaking arm of the U.S. Roman Catholic bishops has cut off all funding for a group embroiled in controversy over claims of voter registration fraud and embezzlement, church leaders said Tuesday.
    The Catholic Campaign for Human Development, which supports anti-poverty and social justice programs nationwide, will no longer make grants to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, known as ACORN, said Auxiliary Bishop Robert Morin of New Orleans.
    The decision was made following claims that nearly $1 million had been embezzled from ACORN by the brother of its founder.
    Morin, who helps oversee the Catholic program, said forensic accountants hired by the church found that “our funds were not involved with those that had been embezzled.”
    The Catholic Campaign for Human Development, which has an annual budget of about $10 million, had planned to grant about $1 million to local groups across the country through ACORN this fiscal year, Morin said. None of that money will be distributed.
    “There will be no funding relationships with ACORN groups in the future,” Morin said, during the fall meeting of the U.S. Conference of
    Catholic Bishops.
    I wonder if their forensic accountants have material Glenn Beck and others could use, in criminal cases?

  13. From MommaE blog radio:


    I just want to let you know that Attorney Gary Kreep will be my Guest tonight on Monks Media. He will be talking about his Plaintiff’s Drake and Robinson’s case in California and something that he was personally working on in Germany which I feel is an honor for the USA. It should be a hot, rocking and interesting show!


    Some of you are having trouble hearing the show on Windows Media Player and Winamp, so there are 2 links below for two other free players that a lot of my listeners that couldn’t hear the show before are using. I hope that this helps everyone out that is having problems hearing the show.

    I look forward to seeing you all there! Link, time and call in number for the show is below.

    Call In # 317-565-1392

    5:00 PM Pacific Time

    6:00 PM Mountain Time

    7:00 PM Central Time

    8:00 PM Eastern Time

    I hope to see you all there. Please join the new Chat room! It on on the home page of Monks Media. Just put in a Nickname and click connect! If you come to Monks on Internet Explorer then the show should automatically play in Windows Media Player and it also plays in Winamp. If you have trouble hearing the show here are 2 links for other free players that quite a few of my listeners have had to download and use and they really like them and To enlarge the chat go to the bottom of the chat box and you will see some buttons click on the one with the 4 little black arrows pointing to the middle and it will enlarge to cover your whole screen.


  14. Randy & re-do…. it’s scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday Sept 16….

  15. Cartoons a’comin…

  16. The information these ACORN workers have divulged is unbelievable. At a quick glance, it looks like the ones that do get personal with these two young patriots are “elicit sympathizers.”

    I wonder if these two even know the value of the work they’ve done by revealing the corruption at ACORN?

  17. acorn is the very pillar and foundation of the president who wasn’t, it is evil and corrupt to the core.

    if it quacks like a duck…..

    did the judge yesterday call Dr. Taitz’s oratory “talking points”??!??? Now the Constitution is being further marginalized by this clueless liberal toon who swore to uphold the very thing he obviously knows nothing about?

    I withhold further judgement until he rules, but his questions indicate that he failed constitutional law in his studies, if he ever studied it in the first place.

  18. Senate Bill SB-2099: Federal law requiring disclosure of all guns on your tax forms is a back-door federal approach to national gun registration:–.html

  19. In Violation of the Constitution: Obama Takes On Chairmanship of UN Security Council:–.html

  20. Anyone……If the burden of proof falls on Rhodes (in Orly’s current case in Georgia), to prove O’s eligibility aren’t we back to the original ruling of the average citizen has “no standing?” Why wouldn’t Orly, at that point, submit the Kenyan B.C. to the judge?

    Of course, I don’t believe the burden of proof is on Rhodes…

    And…responding to someone in an earlier post about her having help….I thought she put out a request for paralegals and attorneys. Everyone should put aside their differences (read egos) at this point and join together…their goal is the same. To borrow lyrics from the Beatles…”come together, right now, over me”

  21. Patriot Dreamer

    With regard to SB-2099 and gun tax/registration, please see the following link:

  22. Patriot Dreamer

    “The facts don’t lie – he does”
    by Mychal Massie

  23. OU @ 10:20,

    That may be the documents that were posted … at some point involved Ed Hale. They showed all the documents except page “11” was missing.
    Lead to beleive that was the page with the copy of the BC. Could that be what you’re referring to?

  24. Your description of the abuse with poor people is perfect. Thankyou.

  25. twe-What I like best about RICO is the Federal Gov’t gets to seize all their ill gotten booty, in the case the taxpayers money back to the taxpayers, much like drug dealers, mafia etc.
    After court testimony that is, which really is important here so that the people can hear and see for themselves how corrupt and pervasive ACORN and others really are.
    What’s important about prostitution and human trafficking is that they are specific triggers for the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, better known as RICO. The RICO law is designed to enable the Justice Department to go after criminal enterprises. It defines “racketeering activity” as including importing illegal aliens for immoral purposes, falsifying identification documents and immigration papers, mail and wire fraud, and the sexual exploitation of children, among others

  26. Pack a gun and Pay no tax!!!

  27. Michelle, the trouble with the federal government seizing the money back is that they will just spread it amongst themselves, send it to another country or squander it…

  28. Kim-in a way that is true, but there is now a shift whether our government realizes it or not. WE THE PEOPLE are now watching every move they make especially with the taxpayers money, also power grabs, just everything and reporting on it so that more and more people are informed and able to follow-up where necessary.
    The 9/12 march is a good indicator of what’s going on????At least 2 million patriots showed up in DC, the media response scant to no reporting. Is that not the most insane thing you ever witnessed? This group was made up of every political party, not just conservative Republicans-WE THE PEOPLE will be heard. Many people are doing terrific work in ferreting out the criminals where ever they maybe. White House, Halls of Congress, Judicial, lobbyists, community organizers etc. It is all their fault they weren’t happy with a little graft they had to go all the way with it, until it became so obvious a blind man could see it. Top this off with Madame Pelosi’s insults-you’re astroturf and the people are off with their new mission. Clean this government up so well, that it will be so shiny it squeaks.

  29. jbjd, I know JB Williams swiped your piece and I am not sure if you want to pursue this but Williams will be blogtalk radio as a quest for the American Grand Jury. an excerpt from the email.

    Our guest on the show will be JB Williams. You probably already know JB posted the Nancy Pelosi/DNC fraud documents on the Internet. JB will talk more about this and answer our questions.

    If you want a copy of the email you can contact me at

    ALL Andrea Shea King radio patriot
    Tuesday, September 15, 2009
    Glenn Beck just wrapped up what had to be the most compelling radio I’ve heard… and lately, most of his shows have been pretty compelling.
    Whew, where to start? Well, how about this: you should make it a point to do two things today: watch his TV show at 5 ET this afternoon on Fox News, and hit the Big Government website an hour earlier at 4 ET.
    Here’s what you’ll find – the latest video sting of ACORN. This one in a San Bernardino ACORN office where the employee can’t talk fast enough about the connections they have to politicians (naming them by name) and even an admission of murder.
    Scott Baker of Breitbart TV’s The B-Cast was on during Glenn’s final segment, connecting the dots between POTUS advisor Valerie Jarrett and Obama’s past, including his grandparents, his mother, and Franklin Davis Marshall who played an influential role in his life.
    This is stuff you can’t make up.
    Yesterday I came across a detailed expose about Valerie Jarrett, who as we are learning, has and is playing a major role in this presidency. She is Obama’s brain. She’s also Michelle’s brain too.
    A must read. It’s 7 pages printed out, but you can find it online at FrontPageMag.
    As Glenn Beck put it today, “The whole thing is coming undone. Brace yourselves.”
    Posted by Andrea Shea King at 9/15/2009 11:59:00 AM 0 comments Links to this post
    Labels: ACORN Valerie Jarrett, BreitbartTV, Glenn Beck

  31. I was just listening to conservative talk radio: a woman was on, didn’t catch her name…she said that the media is an enemy of the people and she hopes Rush will continue to call for patriots to take it right to the NY media offices…
    and Obama and Co. are trying to shove these bills through whether we want them or not, so they are also enemies of the people.
    We are totally under attack. We are in a bloodless war (so far) for our country!!!

  32. All-this article is a hoot, very tongue in cheek
    Ladies of the ACORN Video I Will Hire You
    by Leigh Scott
    I just found out that the two women featured on the undercover ACORN video posted on our sister site Big Government were fired by the community organizing group. This is really good news. First, it proves that the ridiculously funny and unbelievable video is real. At first glance, it’s so over-the-top that one assumes it must be fake. Now, we have the proof that these women really were ACORN employees and not the most talented improv actors to ever live. Secondly, it means that these two women are now unemployed.
    And I want to hire them immediately.

  33. Again: anyone? what’s the word on Dobbs? Don’t got tv…and he seems to have fallen off of the radar here…

  34. Michelle,

    The key name is Valerie Jarrett. Her father
    a journalist and connected to Frank Marshall
    Davis a staunch Communist and as we know
    a mentor to BHO.

    The dots will connect through ACORN.
    I believe the ACORN route is the pathway
    to getting obama removed.

    And, as I said before, don’t let up on any of
    the multiple issues either—a multi-pronged
    route—BC, ACORN, and Pelosi.

  35. As far as the media, it looks like FOX News
    is having to go it alone. What a disgrace in this

  36. Michelle,
    I heard Beck’s radio this a.m. and agree—very
    compelling. How did you like the ACORN
    women rattling our the politicians’ names—
    including Barbara Boxer?
    Lots, and I mean LOTS to investigate.

    ACORN even involved in HEALTHCARE!
    Thought they were supposed to be urban
    housing and development???????

    Lots of SPLAINING to do!

  37. With Fox News, I’d like to see them off Rivera, O’Reilly and who’s that dandy…Shepard? Bring over Lou Dobbs and cut him loose from CNN censor. Put Glenn Beck in O’Reilly’s spot! Put Huckabee on late late to fall asleep to…

    Wow!Unbelievable!Is this stuff true???

  39. Why wouldn’t Orly, at that point, submit the Kenyan B.C. to the judge?
    >>>she did say that, and she also allegedly said that the defense did not provide any counter to that nor produce any certificate. Sort like a default position?

    BTW theobamafile took down that APX post under shaky filing that hawaii chapter of APX
    found entire divorce documnt listing the BC, maybe updating the site???

  40. Michigan-Patriot

    Kim I would agree!! M-P

  41. Kim @ 12:58 pm

    Yes, they should put Huckabee (Gommer Pyle) on very late, to give us something to fall asleep to 🙂

  42. The people who marched on DC 9/12 came without guns. The next one may not be as peaceful

  43. maddie-I agree every prong in the arsenal. Everything any of them touched needs to be looked at, everything. No country can be strong, if the people at the top are corrupt-impossible. I read long ago in time, the recession of the 80’s in the Mid-West it was ugly, very, very bad. A lot of financial guys got laid off, so they created their own jobs, they went into money laundering schemes (drug dealers at the time). The thing I remember that those guys said was I’m paraphrasing here-there are only X ways to launder money and we know all of them.
    Of course they probably needed to do a lot of hard work to get to that point, but they learned-after that it was easy to follow the trails. You know how guys are they had lots of charts (maps of the world actually) with arrows (coming and going). They can and will find this stolen, corrupt, money laundered loot-they are probably even smarter and more sophisticated by now.
    Honest people don’t like to be shamazzed by corrupt, inept pikers like Obama and Friends.
    As more evidence starts coming out, wait and see how fast the flip one another.
    Another tactical error by Obama and Friends they naturally assumed the entire country is corrupt like them. Wrong, most people in this country are honest, hard working folks who look out for one another, Obama and group just have been sitting in the sty too long, and it is all they know.

  44. Kim

    Agree, but add one hour to Beck and two time slots Shep , O and the rest of the scum should be on State TV .

  45. God Bless Orly

    Exposing the Obots dressed as patriots
    September 15th, 2009


  47. Maddie-This should be started immediately, hope someone outside to retrieve all the evidence their going to try to destroy.
    Senator Calls for ‘Immediate and Thorough’ Investigation of ACORN
    Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala., ranking Republican on the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs calls for a probe of ACORN in a letter to committee Chairman Christopher Dodd, D-Conn.
    Tuesday, September 15, 2009
    A Baltimore ACORN worker is shown here in footage shot by filmmaker James O’Keefe. (
    Related Stories

    Census Bureau Severs Ties With ACORN
    Filmmaker Demands Apology From ACORN for Claiming Undercover Video ‘Doctored’ 27689762
    Republican Lawmakers Turn Up the Heat on ACORN 27703568
    Third Videotape Reveals ACORN Assisting ‘Pimp,’ ‘Prostitute’ in Brooklyn, N.Y. 27700286
    After Census Severs Ties, ACORN May Face Scrutiny of Housing Grants 27680022
    ACORN Fires More Officials for Helping ‘Pimp,’ ‘Prostitute’ in Washington Office 27680076
    Pressure is building for a top-to-bottom review of ACORN in the wake of undercover videos showing the organization giving questionable advice, with a top Senate Republican calling Tuesday for an “immediate and thorough” investigation of the group.
    House Republicans also wrote a letter to President Obama asking him to use his authority to end all federal funding for ACORN and break all government ties with the organization.
    Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala., ranking Republican on the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs called for the congressional probe in a letter to committee Chairman Christopher Dodd, D-Conn.

  48. ms. helga // September 15, 2009 at 1:27 pm

    Hi Ms. Helga,

    Talk about a Blitzkrieg, huh?

    He’s going for the unions because he’s lost the support of even the people who initially supported him.

    Chicago-style strong arm tactics!


  49. Michelle,
    As the lawmakers in DC cont. to sever ties
    with ACORN one of their HUGE motives
    in doing so is to keep this debacle from aiming

  50. ACORN , illegally operating in Maryland.
    Forfeited its corporate charter in Maryland in 2006.

    ACORN Housing forfeited its corporate charter in 2008.

    Obama now runs the biggest criminal enterprize in the world.

  51. new thread already? not even a hunert posts yet!

  52. Great signs, especially the Pelosi sign:

    I’d forgotten about this song, which I nominate as the official 9/12 Tea Party anthem: ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ sung by our pals, Dee Snider and Twisted Sister. When that song first came out in 1984, no one knew what they weren’t gonna take anymore. Now we know.

  53. PD @ 1:44: from the link:
    “…spent all day yesterday up and down Pennsylvania Avenue with people from all over the Union. One guy I met had 45 autographs on his t-shirt from people from 45 states. He only needed 5 more to make it a day.”
    Better make that 12!!! LOL!!

  54. PD: he forgot about the states of Denial, North Mememe, South Mememe, W. Outtatouch,
    and sister states Hide and Seek.

  55. oops…forgot one…know which one?

  56. Patriot Dreamer-
    “There is nothing stronger on this planet than the united will of the American people. Yesterday this nation turned a corner. The American people have awakened, and they want their country back…”
    to continue the work we need something like America’s Most Wanted for Corrupt Politicians, where citizens can call in, or post fraud “you can remain anonymous”, nip all this garbage in the bud, so this cancer of corruption cannot grow.
    Somewhat coalesces all the material from all the web-sites into one place…yet these web-sites can continue to do their own investigative journalism. Sad to say that there is this much fraud and corruption to slog through.

    Maddie-they can severe all the ties they want, these investigations have been going on for quite awhile, I think I hope they are a little too late. Acorn, South Side of Chicago birthed him and they are now stuck with him. Wait til they investigate that seedy little chapter-it would be like the eye of the hurricane and those Chicago politicans are not going to like having themselves and all their corruption exposed.

  57. Patriot Dreamer

    Re-do // September 15, 2009 at 1:56 pm

    Better make that 12!!! LOL!!

  58. Maddie-Note date-this article has a ton of information regarding Obama and Acorn going back a very long time. He cannot deny he was part of the organization. No way.
    This is from the Chicago Tribune-big paper in Chicago.
    Friday, May 30, 2008
    Acorn Fells Obama Tree?
    UPDATE (more below): Related news, Catholic League: Obama-Pfleger tie runs deep–questions judgment of both, funding and politics in a church crossing the line, double standard. Cardinal George issues statement reprimanding Rev. Pfleger.
    Stanley Kurtz, NRO has another blockbuster report, (previously on the Rev. Wright) this time on Acorn and Barack Obama. For background on Acorn, Kurtz cites Sol Stern’s 2003 piece in City Journal. They first drew my notice when they were harassing the University of Chicago hospitals.

  59. Greg Goss,

    This is very kind of you. But I am staying out of this brouhaha from now on, for this reason.

    Yesterday, some readers of my blog, in separate communications to me, reported they had contacted JB Williams to object to his copying my work. Specifically, they explained that anyone listening to his allegations would miss the nuances, or the real meaning behind the conduct he ‘reported,’ which context has been fully fleshed out on my blog (in extensive articles AND through the interplay with my readers). According to these separate narratives, JB Williams acknowledged that the source from which he obtained the work mimicking my work, might have copied THAT work from my blog. He acknowledged his work ‘looked just like mine,’ as well as the fact it coincided with a recently posted expose, on my blog. He assured my readers, he would credit me in the future.

    That night – last night – JB Williams was a guest for 2 (two) hours on Sentinel Radio, along with Leo Donofrio. (I was told his readers were commenting about JB Williams’ article on his blog. So, I contacted Leo, telling him that JB Williams had copied my material, minus the explanation in context, which meant, readers would be misled that there was great value of the ‘facts’ when, in fact, these facts by themselves really did not mean very much. I urged Leo to re-focus his readers to the ‘story behind the story,’ appearing on my blog. Well, Leo re-printed JB Williams’ article, anyway.)

    JB Williams spent 2 (two) hours talking about the incredible importance of the documents – the image of the DNC Certifications for HI and SC – he received “anonymously.” He drew conclusions and inferences from the difference in these 2 (two) documents, which had no basis in fact.

    Leo at least mentioned Justin Riggs, in the context he has worked on getting documents from the states. He failed to credit Justin as being the person who asked for and obtained that HI Certification last December 2008; which copy I saw, noticing the additional line, prompting me to contact Justin. This initial contact prompted my research that led to the discovery, HI law required the additional line. And all of this happened last December 2008. I documented all of this background on the blog at that time, and have mentioned this several times since.

    The show recording is almost over. No one has mentioned “jbjd.” No one referred anyone to my blog. Leo did refer people to his blog; evidently, he has a new article about the Certifications. Wonder what is the source of that work?

    Meanwhile, I have posted the Complaint of Election Fraud against Brian Schatz, state D party Chair, to the AG in HI. JB Williams said on last night’s Sentinel show, he will follow up his first (plagiarized) article about these Certifications, with 2 (two) more articles, parts 2 and 3. You could read ‘his words’ in advance, by reading the Complaint to be filed with the HI AG on my blog, first.

    Please let people know, the HI complaint is up. I would expect MD and VA to be next, shortly. (I cannot say for sure until I see the Certification documents submitted to elections officials in those states. But I heard that the only person submitting the documents in VA is NP and not the D state party Chair; this means, the VA complaint would be directed at NP.)


  60. Maddie-
    From the Chicago archdiocese….
    Statement of Cardinal Francis George concerning remarks of
    Fr. Michael Pfleger about Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton during
    an address at Trinity United Church of Christ on Sunday May 25, 2008
    The Catholic Church does not endorse political candidates. Consequently,
    while a priest must speak to political issues that are also moral, he may
    not endorse candidates nor engage in partisan campaigning.
    Racial issues are both political and moral and are also highly charged.
    Words can be differently interpreted, but Fr. Pfleger¹s remarks about
    Senator Clinton are both partisan and amount to a personal attack. I regret
    that deeply.
    To avoid months of turmoil in the church, Fr. Pfleger has promised me that
    he will not enter into campaigning, will not publicly mention any candidate
    by name and will abide by the discipline common to all catholic priests.

  61. Michelle @ 2:00: like the “most wanted” show idea…would be a relevant and meaningful rebuttal to the phoney, ridiculous “terrorist” list put out the Homeland Security folks. Have you got the means to pitch it to the guy who does the “Most Wanted” show? How about Jeff Prost (SP?) from Survivor as the host?!
    “The Tribe has spoken!” LOL!!

  62. Regarding all these govt officials getting caught up in this sting….innocent, duped?? Not so fast…

    A bird on top of a mountain came across a rattlesnake crying. Why are you crying , the bird asked, and the snake said he couldn’t move, and he needed to get to the bottom of the mountain or he would starve.
    The bird said if I help you, you must promise you won’t strike me with your fangs, okay?
    The snake promised……..and as the bird set the snake down at the bottom of the mountain, the snake used his fangs and struck the bird……. the bird looked up at the snake, and asked why??
    And the bird said, you knew what I was when you picked me up.

    All officials know, no gun to their heads to pick up that snake.

  63. When Beck says it’s about to “become UNDONE” is he referring to Anita Moncrief?
    This is a major impeachable offense:

    “I worked at Project Vote and ACORN for years and can provide inside information on the connections with Obama and FEC violations, IRS 501 (c)3 violations and the threats and intimidation that ACORN has used to keep me quiet. I am willing to submit to a polygraph and turn over Obama’s 2nd quarter donor list with was obtained by Project Vote Development Director Karyn Gillette directly from the Obama Campaign. I also have a DNC list that was forwarded to Project Vote along with donor lists for Kerry.”

  64. jbjd: You have tried to warn those who act without thinking through their argument about the consequences of “jumping the gun” numerous times. They chose not to listen. When you are successful and they are not, they will be eating their shorts IMHO.

    Your hard work will bear much fruit IMHO. Theirs, unfortunately, will come to naught. Until it does, just sit back and watch them self-destruct. You tried to warn them; they did not heed your warning.

    There is justice in this world; sometimes, we see it; sometimes, we don’t. The fight goes on, and you are in the thick of it. Take heart you initiated the action; no one can take that away from you. It’s like someone taking questions about something they did not write; they cannot explain it because they are not familiar with the material or the logic of the opinion, discourse, and/or argument.

    We, here, are grateful for all you have done to bring the truth to light, and so are the many readers who visit and comment on your blog!

    Peace be with you…Linda

  65. maddie // September 15, 2009 at 12:51 pm

    As far as the media, it looks like FOX News
    is having to go it alone. What a disgrace in this

    Maddie, for so long I coudn’t grasp the enormity of this silence…….however, I refuse to approach my neighbors, only 8 houses on this street, with the BC, ACORN, corrupt congress members, 9/11 issue, federal reserve crooks, immigration issues, NAU, NWO, for fear of looking like a boob!!

    Imagine addressing thousands with what we know on national tv with these details of corruption to the nth degree!!

  66. ACORN even involved in HEALTHCARE!
    Thought they were supposed to be urban
    housing and development???????

    PG 65 Line 164 is a payoff subsidized plan for retirees and their families in Unions & community organizations (ACORN).

    PG 95 Line 8-18 The Gov. will use groups i.e., ACORN & Americorps to sign up individuals for Government HealthCare plan.

    PG 100 Line 15-19 The Government Will be using ACORN and other community groups to promote & enroll.

    PG 119 Line 1-3 establish geographically-adjusted premium rates for public option Can you say ACORN census?

    PG236 L22-25, 237 L1-3 National rate of uninsured defined by Census. Can you say ACORN corruption?

    PG 260 Line 1125 Fed Government will adjust Medicare Payment Localities for California based on Census. ACORN?

  67. Linda at 2:41,

    OMG, you know what you did? You likened the people who steal my work, to BO. That is, having failed to do the leg work, when placed in a position to explain what they mean, they cannot.

    Again, thanks for the ‘atta girl’s.’ (Yes, CNN, I am a she; and I could take you with 1 (one) hand tied behind my back.)

    Keep your eyes open for the fraud complaints from MD and VA. Meanwhile, I would really like to file in GA. Can anyone obtain the Certifications of Nomination from GA? If so, could you leave a message on the blog?

    Thank you.

  68. Patriot Dreamer // September 15, 2009 at 1:44 pm

    “9/12: The Revolution Has Begun”

    What began on the border in 2005 has spread to DC and every state in the union. The Revolution isn’t coming, it is here. Call it the Constitution Revolution. The genie is out of the bottle and there will be no putting her back in.

    I love it…a must read!!!

  69. SueK // September 15, 2009 at 1:55 pm

    Great signs, especially the Pelosi sign:

    I’d forgotten about this song, which I nominate as the official 9/12 Tea Party anthem: ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ sung by our pals, Dee Snider and Twisted Sister. When that song first came out in 1984, no one knew what they weren’t gonna take anymore. Now we know

    How about the Beatles, Revolution? So spot on!!

    You say you’ll change the constitution
    Well you know
    we all want to change your head
    You tell me it’s the institution
    Well you know
    You better free your mind instead
    But if you go carrying
    pictures of Chairman Mao
    You ain’t going to make it
    with anyone anyhow
    Don’t you know know it’s gonna be alright
    Alright Alright

  70. jbjd, I do understand. I also worked with Justin. You have probaly seen my email exchange with the SoS of Nh that was posted by Phil on TRSOL. I had a similar exchange with the Geogian SoS and Justin and I had shared all that information, to no avail at the time. Maybe our work will prove to be worth something.

    I do feel that “we” working in the trenches really don’t care how this is played out as long as the goal is achieved. Thank you for what you do and I will continue to post links to your post, as I did yesterday on FreeP in response to someone posting B Williams article.

  71. can’t forget he (O) does have the executive powers that would enable him to pull a fast one….should he chose.

    With the B.C. issue, the ACORN scandal, the march on Washington, poll numbers tanking, the piggy flu and healthcare sucking wind (just to mention a few of the insignificant items he’s facing) the “savior’s” gonna need a rebound.

    What will it be?

  72. Re-do, you forgot the State of Confusion!!!

  73. jbjd,

    There is no question JB Williams stole your work w/o giving the appropriate attribution. I too listened to the show he was on last night and found his understanding of election law to be quite shallow. There is no earthly way he arrived at the conclusions in his post w/o reading your site first and benefiting from your thoughtful prose. He should be embarrassed b/c he’s been busted for plagarism.

    In his article he stated that he received the TX nomination forms from an anonymous source which he provided a link to BUT on the show last night he clearly stated that he received these nomination forms in the mail. Which is it? It certainly can’t be both!

    I could understand his desire to get out in front on this breaking story, b/c he’s a writer not a lawyer as jbjd is. But his journalistic integrity is compromised now simply b/c ALL HE HAD TO DO WAS CONTACT jbjd THROUGH HER BLOG to tell her he was writing this story and wanted to be certain to provide her appropriate credit.

    Shame on him! There is no other blogger out there that has focused the last 12 months of their lives to unearthing the truth regarding the 2008 election fraud perpetrated by the DNC than jbjd. And to learn that some hot dog blogger stole her work and treated it as though it was his original work is just wrong!

    Keep up the great work, jbjd. You are one of a kind and we are damned lucky to have someone of your intellect and honesty sorting out all of this mess while teaching us along the way about election law, the US Constitution and so much more.

  74. Margie O @ 3:47: forgive me;
    “Senior Moment”…thanks for the assist!
    How could I forget? Where is that?

  75. d2i: Excellent analysis of what transpired! I am glad you had the opportunity to listen to the “cheater” make a total “fool of himself.” You put it all into perspective…thank you!

    jbjd: I know what I did! d2i above proved it; the perpetrator cannot keep his story straight or his paper trail for that matter.

    I repeat: No one can dispute you created the initial scenario/case [you have so many witnesses], and no one can take that away from you. They cannot hold a candle to you so when they fail, you win.

    I know; this has happened to me more times than I can count on my fingers and toes. When a person does not put in the time and the effort to develop an idea or premise, they cannot explain it, substantiate it, and/or prove it.


  76. Pingback: Obama lies, Mortgage crisis, Unemployment, December 14, 2009, Obama Bankers meeting, ACORN, Democrats, Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Obama ACORN and Democrats caused housing and jobs crisis « Citizen Wells

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