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Glenn Beck tells it like it is regarding the Obama health care plan, AARP and Nazi like policy influencers like Ezekiel Emanuel and Cass Sunstein. AARP is not being honest with their members.  Aside from the spectre of out of control spending of a government controlled health care plan, we are entering a new phase reminiscent of Joseph Mengele of the Nazi Regime. Beck presents statements from Ezekiel Emanuel and Cass Sunstein, both part of the Obama camp.

Ezekiel Emanuel

“When implemented, the complete lives system produces a priority curve on which individuals aged between roughly 15 and 40 years get the most substantial chance, whereas the …youngest and oldest people get chances that are attenuated…The complete lives system justifies preference to younger people because of priority to the worst off rather than instrumental value.”

Cass Sunstein

“I urge that the government should indeed focus on life years rather than lives. A program that saves young people produces more welfare than one that saves old people.”

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  1. Thank you CW.

    Here’s a bit of humor to start off!!


  2. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    AARP was good until it hired a non-Senior to do fund raising, and he turned out to be a political operative for the left. He betrayed the elderly accross the nation with the supplement progam that soaks millions for thousands every year, unnecesarily…

    AARP is crooked.

    They continued to bill a relative of mine for membership, even though he asked to be removed from their lists. It took him 4 years to get them to stop.

    Theives…and now advocates of a murderous HC plan…

  3. CNN–it’s a dangerous thing when an organization keeps billing the elderly. Sometimes the elderly don’t remember if they’ve paid the bill or not. So, because they are generally very conscientious about their just debts, they just write the check over and over and over again. Very sad.

  4. truthbetold11

    Money is the root of all evil. jesus warned us about this 2000 years ago. The politician want more power because they don’t know what true power is. They have become the good old boys/girls club and will do anything not to lose their membership

  5. The Obama File is back! I seldom comment but read this daily. CW is the best.

  6. citizenwells

    Thanks Jenna

  7. The AARP membership EXCEEDS the total population of Canada —

    So, I doubt that Congress will pass anything that Senior voters OBJECT to, no matter what the silly people in the office tell Congress.

    AARP MEMBERS actually VOTE!

    I’d like to see where these two policy wonks got their degrees!

    The government seems to have forgotten that the American people are the employER, and they, the government, are the employEE.

    It’s really time to throw the whole LOT of them out of office.

    The best strategy is to find the weakest links, and focus on them, because that will put fear into all the rest of them.

  8. CNN,

    In what state do you live? (I am trying to determine whether it has a law requiring the candidate for POTUS from the major political parties to be a NBC.)

  9. Jenna–Thanks.

    How the health care reform bill advocates are being advised to act:


  10. truthbetold11–important…

    Actually the quote from St. Paul is “For the LOVE of money is the root of all evils, and some people in their desire for it have strayed from the faith and have pierced themselves with many pains” 1 Timothy 6:10 (emphasis mine).

    Money, in itself, is neither good nor bad.

    It’s the love of money that is evil. That’s what gets people into trouble.

  11. America’s, usurper in chief, is plotting, how to eliminate, as many Americans as possible, either through, abortion, or euthanasia.
    So goes Americans, so goes Christians, pretty soon Muslims will have their caliphate.
    When is law enforcement going to arrest, this bastard ?
    I don’t think I can call him a traitor. Don’t you have to be a citizen, to be a traitor, to the USA? Foreign born, enemy, of the state, sounds more accurate.

  12. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204251404574342653428074782.html

    Yes Mr. President you will be having many more whopping headaches.

  13. Glad to hear about Obama File.I plan on sending money to my two favorites when I get back…CW & Obama File.
    Thanks for all the hard work and forum CW.
    I’ll be at Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels.Gonna wear my Up Yours Obama t-shirt the whole time.People really dig it.Also read where these products which I have been buying for months are really selling now.

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  15. Patriot Dreamer

    jbjd, have you done any research on Virginia’s state election laws?

  16. jbjd, Congrats for the attention TRSOL is giving you. It is a well done piece. I am not sure why Re-do once commented that “jbjd” is in fact two peopole but Phil in his opening to your piece reads, “Prolific blogger and commenter “jbjd” created a posting on their blog…emphasis mine.

  17. As I mentioned in a separate post, it should be health INSURANCE reform, not health care reform. This would include tort reform!

    One of the talking points they’re using about pre-existing conditions doesn’t matter one iota to the physicians treating patients. It matters ONLY to the insurance company paying the treating physician.

    The issue about is the person “worth” having this procedure or that treatment, etc., is already decided by insurance companies. Physicians have had to prove to insurance companies their patient “deserves” to live.

    I could go on….but, suffice it to say these talking points involve the INSURANCE COMPANIES, NOT THE PHYSICIANS. This proposed bill means the physicians will become even more impotent in treating their patients, as the government becomes the insurer.

    Let’s face it, this is ALL about money.

  18. JustMe,

    Yes the Hippocratic Oath is being rewritten as we speak. It will not be guided by “First do no harm”.

    Physicians will be placed in the position of Sopie’s choice, and we all remember that horrific scene: who will be eliminated first?

    I recently learned that Meryl Streep agreed to do that scene only once, unedited because of the emotional cost to her.

  19. Patriot Dreamer

    JustMe // August 11, 2009 at 10:00 am

    Let’s face it, this is ALL about money.
    JustMe, you’re part right, but it’s also about control. Control over the American people.

  20. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Many posters ask what needs to be done next.

    That question cannot be answered completely in an open forum, because Obamaniacs want to know what we will do next too.

    But what we need to do is get a unified strategy, and stop nit picking the constitutional crisis.

    If we don’t organize, the Usurper will trample us, because in every revolution, the best organized wins.

    The South had a great deal of zeal and the better generals; but they lacked financial organization and economic initiative to respond to the needs of the struggle they began; and they had no idea that they would be met with organized opposition, which Lincoln brought to bear.

    (I mention this as an example, I am not a Southerner…nor a Northerner, my relatives all imigrated here after the Civil War.)

    But the South lost because the North was more organized, even if its generals were almost universally incompetent and corrupt.

    Some common things that can be openly discussed are:

    1) Need to focus attention of everyone you know on the NBC issue, and the Constitutoinal Crisis as the fundamental reason to oust the Usurper.

    2) Need to explain the personal danger everyone is in from of all Obama’s programs and laws.

    3) Need to explain the totalitarian trajectory of the man and his regime; his Nazi tactics, the goals of a Communist revolution

    4) Need to exlain the absolute necessity of loyalty to the Cosntitution in this hour, and why hesitation and delay mean not only defeat, but enslavement for their children and grandchildren…

    5) Need to recruit concerned citizens, who recognize this, into organizations that will do something, not just talk.

    6) For this purpose there needs to be an identification of groups which espouse nn. 1-4 entirely, and accept esp. the definition of NBC cited by Scotus 7 times, that of Vattel.

    7) We need direct attention of fellow citizens to websites of these groups and explain why other groups are obstacles to freedom so long as they refuse to recognize the problem.

    8.) Show that the GOP and DNC are tools in the hands of the same NWO folk, and how no trust can be given them any more

    9) Expose the press as a propaganda machine which is now, after Obama, Public Enemy no. 1…

    10) Encourage everyone to take the safeguarding of their own liberty into their own hands, with proper preparations, from owning and using a gun, joining a militia, having a family escape plan, knowing how to respond to abuses of Federal and State authority, etc…

  21. “Gold for Grandpa Program” Poster:


  22. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    I live in the State of Shock, the town of Independence, and on Minuteman Way.

    Other than that, I have too many Obots who’d love to know, to make it worthy my while to answer…

  23. PD,

    Yes, I have worked on the Commonwealth of VA. I found no law requiring the party’s nominee to be a NBC. HOWEVER, VA is a binding vote state. This means, their pledged delegates are bound to vote for the candidate they represent on first-round balloting at the Convention. The HRC pledged delegates in VA would be a great group to file civil fraud charges against NP and the DNC, for stealing their votes at the Convention.

  24. CNN,

    Can you leave a message on the blog; all messages are in moderation.


  25. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    Not every one is part of the NWO, but many are mislead by their propaganda.

    I think every adult in the USA by now has heard of the NWO, the internationalists and internationalist organizations, to have had the opportunity to consider whether there is a conspriacy by international socialists and elitists.

    Why you can even google up a bunch of info about these.

    If one does not believe this is going on, when a video of Hilary saying the CoFR is giving marching orders to DC, you are either brain dead, or delusional.

    “Useful idiots” was a term used by Communists to describe those who could not bring themselves to acknowledge the existenct of communist infiltration to work against it.

    I’ll coin the term “blissfuly self deceived” to describe those who live in the world of their own imagining, rather than in reality, because the reality of what is going on is too painful, dark, and evil to acknowledge…

  26. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    Why not publish a chart on your blog, detailed what each state’s laws are on the matter. There has to be a number of folks on the web who have reported about their states. Phil at the Right Side of Life has covered this issue piecemeal, and there should be a good amount of info in past posts there. The site Restore the Constitutinal Republic also has a lot on the pre joint Session research on this.

    As for myself, I don’t give out personal info, ever; its nothing personal against you jbjd…

  27. Andy Martin is pissed off about Obama’s thugs, he has written a letter to, AG Holder. I hope someone can link to it.

  28. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    I have heard horror stories already from patient’s families who reported how their loved one was passively or actively euthanized by the doctors of the hospital, and every time they complained to their loved one’s insurance agency to get him/her moved to another hospital, they got silence, stonewalling and out right lies…the insurance companies I believe, already have a list of who uses their policies too much, and have marked them down to be euthanized. There are already hospitals willing to do this for the insurance companies, by tacit or active agreement. In retirement homes, when your medicare runs out, you die within 3 months: I have personaly heard the testimony of retired nurses on this score, who visit the sick for their churches. Its already happening. Obamacare will institutionalize it, and give the politico’s in Washington a ‘button’ they can use on the local level to irrevocably decimate those constituencies which oppose them politically…

    Its that simple, its that ugle, its that evil…

    Welcome to the Brave New World…

  29. http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2009/08/soros_sticks_his_two_cents_muc.html

    When Soros starts throwing his money away things are desperate. Keep the pressure on.

  30. TO: From last POST.

    Civis Naturaliter Natus // August 11, 2009 at 7:36 am


    There has been some talk here about what to call ourselves.


    Patriots name is a good name BUT has been and will be sabotaged by the MOBama Thugs. Remember the Video of Hillary Screaming that it is Patritotic to Protest, etc. And the LIE-berals saying they are just as partitotic and it is patriotic to pay more taxes (I actually think it is Patriotic to voluntarily send more of your own income to the IRS if you want to, getting taxed more in not Patriotic, it is O-Pressive), etc.

    Constitutionalists I think covers everyone and we know Erosionists are not Constituionalists.

  31. Jacqlyn Smith

    Civis Naturaliter Natus // August 11, 2009 at 10:20 am


    Not every one is part of the NWO, but many are mislead by their propaganda.

    I think every adult in the USA by now has heard of the NWO, the internationalists and internationalist organizations, to have had the opportunity to consider whether there is a conspriacy by international socialists and elitists.

    I personally know many people who have never heard of the NWO….Many people…especially the elderly get all of their info from the Lame Stream Media….hence the reason we have an illegal POTUS….most people bought into the propaganda!

  32. Maybe the FEMA Camps are to be used to empty out all nursing home??? The Flu Shot will finish em off???

  33. What has happened to our country. It’s like a bad dream I can’t wake up from

  34. Eagle,

    You must wake up and join the fight.

  35. zachjonesishome


    President Obama may be using his political action committee funds to stomp out eligibility lawsuits brought by Americans, as he has paid more than $1.35 million to his top lawyer since the election.

    Obama for America, Obama’s 2008 political campaign, merged with the Democratic National Committee in January and is now known asOrganizing for America. The grassroots army that some refer to as “Obama 2.0″ is still collecting financial contributions.

    Federal Election Commission records for “Obama for America” show that the lobby organization has paid international law firm Perkins Coie exactly $1,352,378.95 since the 2008 election.

    FEC records show the following payments made to the law firm from Oct. 16, 2008, to June 30, 2009:

    Good Article – Zach

  36. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Zach, jbjd, et alia…

    My question is, why was Hollister threatened by Obama’s lawyer, and not other plaintiffs?

  37. Looks like we have some excitement coming up with Specter.This in from ALIPAC.Sorry no link yet.

    Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2009 9:46 am Post subject: OMG Watch MSNBC NOW!! 9:46am
    An old guy took on Arlen Spector!!! The goons even surrounded him! He got to rip Specter a new one!!!

    WATCH!!!!! They told him he could talk and than they weren’t goin gto let him!!! He flipped out!
    This country needs a leader and not someone that thinks he’s an American Idol!

  38. The Country is run by EROSIONISTS of all COLORS that Destroy our American way of life every single day.

    You are either a Constitutionalist (As meant by the founding fathers) or an EROSIONIST.

    I have lived in USA since 1973 and it is amazing the EROSION that happened in such short period of time.

    Think about it:
    To protect or punish a few the Majority has been serevly punished and OVERWHELMED INTO SURRENDER.
    Our society that was run by Parents (families especially stay at home wives), common people, etc. is now run by gov’t, media, medication, professional “idiot” handlers and phsychiatrists.

    Erosionists forced this on us incrementally and we “didn’t even bat an eye”…imagine if someone in the 60s-70s had said this was going to be the outcome…there would have been a Revolution and public lynchings.

    STOP THE EROSION it is a Society Eating Disease that never stops.

    Erosionists are like WEEDS and these Political WEEDS need all to be REMOVED.

  39. zachjonesishome

    Civis Naturaliter Natus // August 11, 2009 at 10:42 am
    Zach, jbjd, et alia…

    My question is, why was Hollister threatened by Obama’s lawyer, and not other plaintiffs?

    When I first saw the threats, I assumed that Obama’s attorneys had special knowledge of the judge in the case. Maybe they knew they could get away with it.

  40. Patriot Dreamer

    Watch Arlen Spector’s town hall live now:


  41. Patriot Dreamer

    Oops, I’m sorry. I think the town hall might have just ended.

  42. Can’t wait to see arlen get his a** kicked! They were very blown away at ALIPAC. Hope a link pops up soon!

  43. Civis…

    Medicare has very strict mandates for both hospitals and physicians that come with VERY expensive fines and threats. If a hospital or physician is a Medicare provider, their books are subject to audit without notice. (you know, just like the cash for clunker dictates of open books) The constant fear of a Medicare audit is as big as an IRS audit for them. Add to this, the constant threat of frivolous lawauits. These govern the kind of care we ultimately receive.

    I can’t speak to the euthanizing you write about here, but I can tell you even the physician has a difficult time getting a patient moved to another facility that would benefit them. I’ve witnessed it first hand.

    Remember, records follow the patient. If a patient has been denied care/procedures/medication for any number of reasons by their insurance company/Medicare, a different facility or physician won’t necessarily change things. A different diagnosis would possibly.

    You are right, it is about CONTROL.

  44. We will begin preparing for the 2010 elections.
    This must be a turning point in this country.
    A clear signal must be sent to congressmen.
    They WILL begin listening to us.
    The town hall responses will be a rallying cry.
    We will insist that they hear our opinions on:
    BO eligibility.
    Government control over our lives.
    “Stimulus Bill”
    Anything else that is important to us.
    We pay their salaries.

    The US Constitution Hall of Shame and monitoring Congress was designed
    as a long term project. We will continue to monitor them.
    Unity will be crucial, despite our pasts as Democrats, Republicans, Independents,
    Hillary or McCain supporters, we must gel as united Americans.

    Much more to follow.

  45. OK here is the WEED REMOVAL TEST:

    To Political Weed:

    Why are you in Gov’t?
    If he says anything other than to Uphold the Constitution. VOTE HIM OUT.

    His oath is to Protect the Constitution.

    He is not there to serve the people, etc. THEY ARE THEY TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION by doing that they are already looking out for us because we voted for what is on the Constitution.

    I remember many Constitutional Challenges in the old days it seems that on the Erosionist Age nobody even mentions Constitutionality yet they ALL SWEAR an Oath to Uphold the Consitution. All of these moves done lately are all Unconstitutional. Where are the Constitutional Challenges?

  46. Patriot Dreamer

    CW, don’t forget Cap & Tax!

  47. Is anyone going to Washington Sept 12?

  48. Would someone be so kind as to provide an update on Orly. I have tried everything, but still can’t access her site. I even tried another computer. Same red warning box.

    Thank you.

  49. With Rush Limbaugh I agree on this —

    Most Americans would not object to a national, uniform health insurance plan where the limits exceed $100,000.

    For all other health insurance, let us buy ourselves, through our business or our employers, and be allowed to choose our own physicians.

    All the rest of this is simply too invasive and erosive.

  50. Just me from Dr. Orly’s website. I have had no trouble getting in. Last problem about 2 weeks ago when they were doing strange things to her web-site.
    Recent Posts
    » from reader Kim Thomas in England
    » Newsmax is covering BC now
    » Power hour, MO
    » I am doing Schnit show in Tampa, FL (Pat Campbell is doing the show today)
    » Channel 1 Russia- largest channel has already run the initial report about my cases, more in depth interviews are coming

  51. Bob,

    We don’t need any kind of government intervention into the area of healthcare. If they did away with Medicare period we would all be able to afford a grand private insurance policy.

    Why isn’t anyone calling for the government opening their books to have a look/see as to how these funds have been spent? Remember, this is a fund that mandated contribution by you AND your employer. The operational costs alone have to be ridiculous.

    We need to be able to chose the kind of coverage we need and be able to change it when we deem we need to.

  52. Thanks, Michelle.

  53. “Hillary or McCain supporters, we must gel as united Americans”. Hillary supporter. We are all united for our Constitution. We will do everything we can to help and I am sure all the McCain supporters feel the same way. We are Constititutional Americans first. Can you believe it and we are being dictated to by a foreign born whatever he is.
    I know these feisty old people he is trying to eliminate so that he and Congress can have more money for themselves and their self glorification. These old people are going to have put on their tombstones Murdered by Obama/Congress-known but to God. That will be his legacy. They will get justice from the grave.

  54. Much more to follow.
    Sadly so much of this revolves around money. When the government goes after drug dealers, they follow the money. Is part of the web-site going to be devoted to politicians and follow the money? I know that their are a lot of real smart people on this web-site, somehow these politicians and Wall street have some questionable dealings going on. Is anyone investigating the chicanery that led to this mess, for example Madoff is in jail, but he cannot be the only one involved in the thievery that brought our country to the wonderful position that it is today. If they have not been investigated on original crimes, are crimes still on going. If these crooks are brought to justice can RICO kick in?

  55. Kim, I am seriously considering going on the 12th.

  56. Patriot Dreamer

    Kim and Greg, I’m also seriously considering going on the 12th.

  57. just me: I just sent Dr. Orly a copy of your e-mail, so that she knows what’s going on, in case they are at it again, also it might be more evidence for her court filings. At the rate things are going Orly will need a U-Haul to bring her pleadings into court, sure hope it doesn’t end up being a semi-tractor load.

  58. Michelle, we’re all behind her!

    Has she returned to the states? What is the next court date for her case in California?

  59. I became disenchanted with AARP years ago for sneaky, not-in-senior’s-best-interest (I think supporting some union). I ended my membership with them and have never joined since. I receive an average of three or four pieces of mail a month from them asking me to join. I always trash their mail.

    I saw the interview with the AARP guy on Fox last night. As usual, he weaseled out of some very direct questions. He did better than the head of Acorn, but is still a man who has betrayed the trust of his senior clientelle.

    What Ozero brought to the surface is how many and how corrupt so many trusted names and companies there are. America needs a major overhaul.

    Not one incumbant running for reelection will get my vote until he/she has shown me he or she places their fiduciary duty to their constituants is more important than their unearned pay.

  60. JustMe —

    I left that part out — The Catastrophic Insurance Rush was talking about would replace both Medicare and Medicaid as well.

    It would be exactly the same as Assigned Risk for Worker’s Compensation — private insurers would bid for government contracts, and manage the Catastrophic Insurance risk on a “Next Up” basis, which allows them to “Re-Insure” their risk internationally.

    Once this plan is designed and implemented in the USA, most other nations would probably scrap their current systems for the one that Americans have designed, because it would WORK!

  61. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/07/23/AR2009072302723.html

    Well written exposing what Obama doesn’t want you to see about Obamacare.

  62. Anyone going to NH Live Free or Die Weekend Freedom Rally, Camping, War Re-enactments, Gun Show, BBQ, etc. ?

    GREAT Family event most of it free, I believe RV and Tent sites are Free. Cottages and Hotel available.
    Find out more here:

  63. I would love to see these guys get into Barry’s townhall today!!!

  64. Another way to make insurance available is allow CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, etc to have an affordable plan for stuff that doesn’t need a hospital make these Instant Walk-in Clinics your neighborhood clinic for maybe $50-75/person and 75-125 per family. You choose who you prefer no contracts shift anytime.

    This would free up hospital doctors and nurses to deal with more serious illnesses. Which would be refered from the Neighborhood clinics.

    This is what we need. Than have a policy for major accidents and hospitalization at maybe $200-250/person and 250-350/family.

    ANYONE without insurance would ONLY be attended if it was a TRULY LIFE threatening issue otherwise NO INSURANCE no CARE.

    Also foreigners can apply at a 125% of the premium.

  65. Patriot Dreamer

    Congressman John Dingell (D-MI) compares protesters against ObamaCare to members of the KKK:


  66. Remember this movie? 1968
    What an allegory!

  67. Health Ins.

    For the poor or unemployed there would be a temporary voluntary coverage from providers with a contribution also temporary from a voluntary fund with help, from Gov’t as a last resort. Allow these providers to make a 10-15% UNTAXABLE PROFIT anything above that would be taxable.

  68. Just me: I don’t know if she is still in Russia with her parents or boys still or what? I know she promised them this trip long before all this “stuff” started. I hope she and her family are having fun, that or she left her boys with their grandparents and went to Israel. I don’t know-then there is the time difference. I copy/pasted what I thought might solve some of this. Note: still with the death threat problem, the guys did a reverse look-up so hopefully this person is arrested. I hate death threats, beyond un-American. Hope this all helps. I’ll keep checking Dr. Orly’s site and paste new stuff here. Try googling Major Cook and see if anything comes up, I’ll try the same.
    I will be doing an exclusive TV interview in Israel today 8 pm
    August 10th, 2009 I will be doing an exclusive TV interview today in Israel in prime time 8 pm. It is 1 EST, 10 PST. Chief correspondent Ilan Goren and correspondent Yael Vissner-Levy channel 10. The interview will be available for download on Internet at nana10.co.IL
    Posted in Dr. Orly TV; Videos, Events, HOT ITEMS!, Latest News, Legal Actions, Radio and Media Broadcasts | No Comments »
    Can someone call the FBI and check if this David Rush is indeed the one making death threats

  69. Heath Care.

    Protect Providers with LAWSUIT LIMITS.
    We need to leran to accept that we are all human and accidents to happen. Limit what lawyers can make in a Lawsuits and require the loser to pay Attorneys fees and court costs.

    No lawsuits can be awarded more than 10 times what the operation or medical procedure would costs would costs and nothing over 2.5 million ever, except Gross Negligence which would have limit of 5 Million. NO MORE 100 Million lawsuits nobody is worth that and it destroys the system which is for the common individual good.

  70. Interesting find on the question, or claim made by Zero that his “dual citizenship expired.


  71. Peter Francisco-Altho I was born in Chicago, I live in Florida now. The certified registered nurses are opening clinics here. They found that 90 per cent of people were going to the emergency rooms for sore throats, simple easily treated conditions like that. I think they are charging $15.00-$25.00 per visit something like that. These nurses are very knowledgeable. If it something beyond their expertise or could be a problem you are forwarded to a doctor. The suggestions that I see on this web-site are so sensible and a trillion times better than Obama’s weird health plan from hell, and his salesmen-our representatives (in name only) are failing badly. Unfortunately for our representatives by ignoring Obama’s eligibility the American people are finding out how little these people know about our Constitution, actually they are representing an illegal government. The constituency is torn: are they totally incompetent, or are they totally corrupt? That seems to be the real question. WE THE PEOPLE see the handwriting on the wall, and we have a list of who was for the Constitution and who was against and it will be published thru all upcoming election cycles.

  72. Fernley Girl

    Is anyone here in an urban area where HCAN is advertising for protesters? Would you be willing to sign up? I think it would be great if someone would infiltrate these organizations and then write a report to the public about how they operate. I would, but live more than 200 miles from the closest place they are hiring. Anyone?

  73. Until the Govt. gets off the free handout circuit, Healthcare is always going to be over priced for those that can afford it, to pay for those that get it free and do not legally qualify for it. At my last place of employment , I was appaulled at the number of people working there bragging about getting foodstamps As much as $1000. worth, Medicaid and Tencare health benefits. I ask some of them, you’re working and getting paid rather well. how do you do this? The answer, I got a Hook-up downtown!! I will agree, there are people (old folks & truly disabled people) that need and should get help with such neccessities but until this fraud is corrected and people are prosecuted for collecting undeserved benefits, nothing will change. Most of this happens with Acorns help. All elected Officals that refuse to investigate this and stop this theft should be thrown out of office. This within itself is why healthcare is out of control and it amazes me that the only solution is to euthanize the elderly and disabled, when their not the problem, The problem is with the free loaders from Acorn and those they represent.

  74. Looks like Netanyahu is bringing the bc and passport thing into the spotlight!

    Go Israel !!!!!!!

  75. @L J :

    Thank you for posting that great video.

  76. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Things must be getting bad for Zero, if the Washington Post is printing editoritals against him…

  77. Preliminary Injunction to Halt Mandatory Flu Vaccination in the U.S. Has Been Issued


  78. Civis Naturaliter Natus
  79. Zeeshopper you are welcome! Someone had asked for footage of that and low and behold Fox News delivered! Just puts it into perspective of how out of touch these guys really are. (and they don’t know how to HONESTLY answer a question!) I haven’t seen one yet where they do!

  80. What Netanyahu realizes that Obama being an illegal potus everything he signs into law here, void-any treaties with any foreign country-void. Any and all foreign countries realize this. I think foreign countries are looking at this and thinking if the American people don’t trust this guy, would it be in our own best interests not to trust him either. Obama always says one thing but does another-we can’t count on that, neither can they. The reporter was wrong Obama is not popular. He is tanking, hence the desperation.

  81. Civis Naturaliter Natus
  82. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Obama reported to have been a CIA operative with a

    British Passport
    Amerian Passport
    Indonesian Passport
    Kenyan Passport

    do we need add any others?


  83. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    If he had an indonesian passport after age of 18, would that not imperil his American citizenship?

    Don’t dual or multiple citizens have to renounce their other citizenships upon reaching majority?

  84. Watching the USURPER on T.V.

    All I can say is “SOS”. SNAKE OIL SALESMAN

    I repeat:


    In the 1957 movie “A Night To Remember” about the sinking of the Titantic, there is a scene with the Captain and the ship’s builder. They decide that since the first 5 water-tight compartment have been breached, the ship was doomed and we all know what happened. Many years later after the wreck had been found there was much speculation about what could have been done. It was determined nothing could have been done except that they could have slowed down the sinking, thus giving more time for more rescue ships to arrive. This could be done by opening the remainder compartments thereby allowing the ship to sink in a more level and slower way, giving more time to rescue more survivors. I think our Government has decided that our country is like the Titantic and they are going to spend all they before we sink and like “rats on a sinking ship” they will grab all they can for themselves. Have a good day.

    PS – Sean Connery had a minor roll as a crewman handing out life preservers.

  85. Greg,

    Just read it! Boy oh boy, that Obama is neck deep in CIA financial operations.

    I wonder if this is ever going to break wide open, or is he so entwined in the CIA, that he has what one might call “Diplomatic Immunity”.

    This whole thinks STINKS!

  86. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    The South and Greg,

    Since it is a long know and standard operating proceedure to recuit double agents, since these are the most effective infiltrators, is it possible that Obama was a known KGB agent recruited by Davis in HI and then recruited by the CIA to send backwards false information?

  87. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Obama’s ties to the CIA, explain why no back ground records exist for him. He is a fake persona, because that was created for him.

    Perhaps he is “attacking” the CIA to cover for the fact that he is working with some group of infiltrators in the CIA, who have taken control of it for foreign powers…?

    You don’t know what to believe, lately…

  88. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    However, from the Kenyan BC experience, my first question is:

    Can this allegation be substantiated? By a FOIA request regarding Obama’s role in the CIA front?

    How does this author know so much about a CIA front?

  89. There is the letter of the law, then there is the spirit of the law. I think this is why the Obama Health care plan is so bad. They want a contingency to cover the most obscure. For example what do we do with the one person in a trillion that is hit by a flying saucer? By trying to address every conceivable contingency, you end up covering nobody. The plan is bad, it needs to be dumped completely. Get rid of the waste and fraud and make tiny adjustments to any remaining issues.
    “Yet Montesquieu’s political treatise had an enormous influence on the work of many others, most notably: Catherine the Great, who produced Nakaz (Instruction); the framers of the United States Constitution; and Alexis de Tocqueville, who applied Montesquieu’s methods to a study of American society, in Democracy in America.
    Montesquieu spent nearly twenty years researching and writing L’esprit des loix (The Spirit of the Laws), covering a wide range of topics in politics, the law, sociology, and anthropology and providing more than 3,000 citations.[1] In this political treatise Montesquieu advocates constitutionalism and the separation of powers, the abolition of slavery, the preservation of civil liberties and the rule of law, and the idea that political and legal institutions ought to reflect the social and geographical character of each particular community.”[1]



  91. I think he just said a HUGE LIE among all the other LIES. He said he never supported Single Payer? I believe there are videos that he sasys he supports Single Payer.

  92. the interesting part of this discussion / interview regarding Netanyahu – is BO’s past more than the BC and his determination to hide his past – this is the real story !!!!! WHY is he hiding everything – his birth the beginning is only a piece of the history – manipulation of our system to climb and the lies purpitrated to do so are more the issue . That interview only got to the meat at the end – Do you see where blackmail is so possible when there is a fraud with dual loyalties occupying the Whitehouse – you think Clinton was distracted with his personal infidelities and having been caught with hi pants down ?! what a far cry and damage this evil man is to our well being as a nation and our protections( we are not protected , we are fighting for our freedom NOW !!!!!!!! )

  93. These people are well dressed mostly white did they get BUSED IN?

  94. CNN, TS. Your point is well taken and when you look at the Tom Fife story it kind of all fits together.

  95. I asked this question a few days ago. What is behind all the CIA passports and ties to this British company?

  96. Oh, CNN–Alinsky thinking! You may be right!

  97. Peter et al. Malkin has this up on her website. Funny.

  98. Everyone,

    td’s blog figured out a ‘variation on my theme…’

    The hand signal is, on each hand, hold down your ring finger with your thumb. That way, each hand reads “2” – “1,” as in Article II, Section 1.

  99. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    Leo Denofrio rips WND for saying the is a legitimate debat about what a NBC is…

    An excellent post, the comments are good too.

    Lots of PATRIOTS out there…

  100. “His pants down ” sorry – Clinton was distracted from his duty to serve our nation because he had no self control – BO ‘s self serving is far worse – he wishes to destroy democracy and implement communism – reducing us to common poverty – shared poverty with no way out !

  101. CNN said…

    Obama’s ties to the CIA, explain why no back ground records exist for him. He is a fake persona, because that was created for him.

    Perhaps he is “attacking” the CIA to cover for the fact that he is working with some group of infiltrators in the CIA, who have taken control of it for foreign powers…?

    Yes, I believe the KGB in alliance with the Saudis have brought to fruition their ” German sleeper agent”, and have seized power of the Republic from within.

    I can’t help but refer to this article once again!

    <a href="http://www.oilforimmigration.org/facts/?page_id=284"Is Obama the Secret Son of MalcomX ?

  102. “UUUHHH Lelelelelet me be clear, I I I I just want to be clear and I just want to be honest here…”

  103. OK, it’s been established that Obama is a spy. Double agent? Which country? still does not cover the question where was he really born? He is still not an NBC Obama Sr..
    Why knowing all this would he run for president, or be set-up to win? by whom? for what reason? Many people already know the answer and we are going to find out in spite of them.

  104. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    When I do that I see an additional message.

    My ring finger and thumb form an O!

    As if to say “Zero take a look at this!”

  105. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    I’ve always thought that there was more politics behind 9/11 than we were led to believe.

    That Al Quaida is a Saudi Intelligence front to push the conquest of the world to Islam. Very cleverly backed, so that there would be an initial anti-islamic anti-Arab reaction in the West, which would set the stage for Arab Oil countries to forge alliances with Liberal “don’t discrimate against minority” nuts and international socialists, who bemoaned the demise of their Socialist Dictator-Idol, Saddam.

    Barack Hussein Obama is the perfect player to appease and get sponsorship from all these groups; but it is being orchestrated by Saudi Arabia. I don’t think the KGB are involved, directly, though it serves their purpose by cauterizing truly authentic American foreign policy, which would be anti-Russian.

    Its an alliance of foreign powers against America. Barry is only the tool. That is why being a nobody, he has the support of so many groups:

    1) MSM (commie infiltrated)
    2) Muslim World
    3) European Socialists
    4) NWO folks
    5) Ultra Wealthy Industrialists etc…

    They all have the common American NBC citizen in their cross hairs.

    Obama’s statements/positions manifest this international alliance

    1) I am in bed with the Media
    2) USA is no longer a Christian country
    3) Openness to Europe
    4) Realignment of international priorites
    5) Alliance with Soros, Gates, etc..

  106. jbjd, Again I would point out it is backward. It should be the middle finger and thumb…?

  107. great had signal – if you read the info out there about BO’s grandparents and their suspect communistic ties – whether you believe BO was a planned plant or not – he was raised to hate America – his environment prepared him for this time and while we were sleeping and becoming fat and secure the evil snuck in – Bin Laden siad the next act to destroy America would be from within – question is recognizing this requires action to stop the destruction and are we brave enough to tell the truth and accept that this fight is perhaps the biggest most significant threat that we as a nation could ever be faced with – our whole reason for existing as a free nation – to protect human rights and freedoms is on a fast track to be destroyed – we are trying to be forced to live in controlled poverty – shared common poverty – where all we do is directed by the government – COMMUNISM – ?!!! Are we submitting to such evil ? Not me , not ever .

  108. had ” hand ” sorry

  109. Looks like the CIA was infiltrated years ago, and this has been a well thought out, systematic, organized attack on the U.S. from Saudi Arabia and other foreign nations.

    Obama bowed to the Saudi King for a reason. He is under his rule!

  110. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    No, you are supposed to make a hand sign to be seen by others, not yourself.

    You show the back of your hand to the observer, so jbjd is right.

    You can also hold it up with some upward movement of the arm for effect…if that suits you (bitter humor)

  111. I just caught the USURPER making a BIG LIE. The question was why doesn’t Congress give us the same plan they have. He responded by saying the federal janitor get’s the same plan. Congress has a special plan that federal employees don’t get.

  112. citizenwells

    **** New Post ****

  113. Patriot Dreamer

    CW has started a new thread.

  114. We know he was a spy, but for what purpose? It looks like every country he touched, had major issues. In other words he did more destruction than good for the world. Was he a spy (which country) that was making policy? No wonder he creeps most Americans out? He has many masters, yet none. This guy is not only dangerous to the United States and all the proud things we have done for the world. He is a danger to the entire world. This fool really believes he is the messiah, which makes him insane.

  115. The South // August 11, 2009 at 1:03 pm

    Hi The South, and thanks for this video.

    I hope that P.M. Netanyahu and the people of Israel, our allies, are not blaming the American people for Barky’s actions.

    I feel badly that one of our staunchest allies has been humiliated by this ‘thing’ occupying the White House.

  116. just me: Latest from Orly
    What is the hottest Google trend?
    Obama’s eligibility is considered to be “the buzz”, the most talked about issue. I did 4 TV shows on major networks and one more is coming tomorrow, as well as articles in the major news papers and radio. Most of the interviews are in Hebrew, channel 7 is half Hebrew, half English.
    One of the most significant interviews was with veteran TV journalists Yaron London and Moti Kershenbaum. From what I understand Kershenbaum used to be the director of one of the channels. At the interview they brought one more investigative reporter, who stated that they ran google trends and found that the top search was Orly v Obama, but I am not sure if this is correct.
    Another interview was with Dan Margalit- his investigative reports led to resignation of Yitzhak Rabin.
    The interviews were done for Galei Zaal- it is a radio network of the Israeli military

  117. No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.
    This is the crux of Obama as the spies problem. He has so many masters (countries, ideologies, corporations) to serve, just like juggling balls in the air. He can no longer please all of them. He is dangerous to all of them. He has been caught and will bring them all down. He cannot be trusted by the American people, the world, or even the different entities that set him up. Caught by his own spider webs of deceit, which are all crumbling because of his lust for power, money and his all consuming greed.

  118. GG, it’s much easier with the ring finger and thumb; and once the finger is depressed, and your hands are raised, you can turn each one around as you wave them in the air… Wouldn’t it be a riot if after all the work I have done on issues surrounding this campaign cycle, this hand signal is what I am remembered for…

  119. TO:
    Patriot Dreamer // August 11, 2009 at 2:11 pm

    THANKS very much great video. Erosionist Weeds overtake everything.

  120. jbjd, Greg.

    I think the signal has to be II I as someone is looking at you therefore on your right hand it is thumb touching the tip of middle finger. On your lefthand it is the ring finger tip touching the tip of the thumb. There 2 – 1 on both hadns aas someone looks at you
    Article 2 Section 1.

    This also show the peace sign and ZERO on hand and O on the other meaning O is a Zero.

    Can we all agree? LOL

  121. JeffM & JS: seems even some of the best ones could not resist the lure…I perceive some ‘hooks’ have found their mark, and been set; guess we’ll see. Sincerely, ‘watchman’.

  122. Just Me Can you get into Orly’s web-site yet? Here is the latest, I don’t know what this might mean.
    “Orly Taitz”
    Message contains attachments
    Oath Keepers 8-22-09.doc (30KB), smime.p7s (5KB)
    Dr. Taitz, military men & women & elected officials
    Forgive me my boldness in writing you all directly, even while keeping your identities confidential for your protection, but there is something good happening here! It is not being done under cover of darkness nor surreptitiously. It is not insurrection. In fact, it is Patriots acting in a Constitutional manner: honorable men and women walking the walk. They took an oath and they’re acting in accord with same. It would appear that America’s fighting men and law enforcement are starting to say “ENOUGH!” to this gang of brigands looting the nation, denigrating and demeaning its citizens and using the Constitution for toilet paper. I didn’t raise my hand 3 times and swear an oath “To Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic” (and barry sotero is all three) just to sit impassively and watch this garbage go down. We need to add this to the TEA parties! Call on our brothers-in-arms to make their voices heard. If the president, congress & senate are not in compliance with Constitutional mandates, they’re acting as an outlaw mob to whom you owe no allegiance. The outcome of Maj. Stefan Cook’s case would lead me to believe that barry sotero is not in compliance with Constitutional standards and is therefore not the U.S. president. A “leader” without a military to follow his lead is just a sideshow

  123. Can’t believe the answer to the question asked by the 13-year old girl today at the healthcare mtg. with obama. She asked about the signs people outside were carrying and why. Obama
    answers her by bringing up “death panels” and how he is not interested in “killing grandma.”
    BHO is an IDIOT and a scary one at that. What is wrong with this man. He doesn’t answer the questions posed and to answer a 13 yr. old in this manner (or anyone ) is horrible.

    I fully believe that bho has a plan TO get rid of the elderly by rationing care. I also believe that he, bho, knows alot about “killing” and “killing a

  124. Judge Napolitano, today, on Cavuto’s said that the President was acting outside of the Constitution when he tracks and keeps records of those who oppose him=== the reporting of those who are spreading inaccurate informtion or ratting on your neighbors. It’s illegal according to the Judge. O.K. now how is it going to be stopped?
    Today on Rush L. a father called in who had attended one of the healthcare mtgs. He spoke up on behalf of his disabled child and feared that he would not receive health care under the obama plan. Later that night, the father said his family were “visited by thugs” and had to call the police, etc. The dad said that if these thugs set foot on his property again, he will be there defending his wife and family even if it means going to prison for it.
    This is horrific. Never in America has this happened that I remember. This “regime” HAS
    to GO and SOON!

  125. Sue K–agree, hope Israel doesn’t hold this against us is right. I bet the Israelis are wondering how so many American Jewish people actually voted for the Fraud!

    Maybe we can work with Israel in bringing
    his ineligibility out there big time.

  126. Obama collecting an “enemies’ list”—
    he says he’s not doing that, but that’s exactly what he IS doing! Once a liar, always a liar.

  127. TO: alice // August 11, 2009 at 6:04 pm

    Good to see someone out here with passion like me.

  128. From http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/blog1/


    Monday, August 10, 2009 5:06 PM
    “Kim Thomas”
    View contact details

    Some people say Obama is against the Jews and Israel
    maybe there is some thing to it. Look at this

    That the website of the US Consulate in Jerusalem is Judenrein? That
    ALL of its content is solely about the Palestinians in Gaza and the
    West Bank? That NONE of its content is about Israel or Israelis?

    That the website of the US Consulate in Jerusalem appears in English
    and Arabic but NOT in Hebrew?

    That the website of the US Consulate in Jerusalem reports on programs
    financed by the US government solely for Palestinians but NOT for

    That the website of the US Consulate in Jerusalem reports on the
    availability of educational financial grants to candidates who must
    be “a Palestinian resident of the West Bank, East Jerusalem or the
    Gaza Strip,” thereby EXCLUDING Israelis and Americans from

    read more

    look at the consulate links yourself


  129. alice // August 11, 2009 at 6:02 pm

    Hi Alice,

    I understand that Israel is right there with us. They know; all nations of the world know that it’s HIM and not US. Let’s hope the international community can help us. God knows we need it.

  130. The Good Intentions Paving Company

    The Road to Hell…

    If you voted Democrat, You voted for Green Eugenics (Techno-Totalitarians)! Now it seems in addition to Green Eugenics, you voted for a Death Cult full of “First Class Psychopaths”. Continuing in the tragically ironic tradition of racist, eugenic proponent and Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger where we have euthanasia being incorporated into the Totalitarian National Healthcare grab (her monstrous goal was to do away with black people…). In addition to killing the unborn we have the influence of such people of National Science Advisor Robert Holdren ensuring the pulling the plug and killing of the grandma, and other undesirables. Then we have the genteel Ezekiel Emanuel M.D. PhD. Dr. Emanuel is a noted Bioethicist and Oncologist. He is also a well known proponent of Euthanasia and Green Eugenics. Dr. Emanuel is head of President Obama’s National Heath Care Advisory Board. His brother, the Intrepid Rham Emanuel is President Obama’s Chief of Staff. His other brother Ari Emanuel is Michael “Sicko” Moore’s Hollywood Agent. President Obama’s friend and fellow Harvard/U. Chicago Professor Cass Sunstein is White House Director of Regulatory Affairs. He is also a Social Justice Medicine and Euthanasia/Eugenics Proponent. What is next?

    The first victims of the National Socialists of Germany were not Jews, Gypsies, etc. (or Romini as they prefer to be called) but handicapped, socially and mentally “unfit” beginning in 1936. The great C. Everet Koop wrote a book titled “What Ever Happened to the Human Race”. Indeed what ever happened to the Human Race? Other “Monsters in Human Form” include De Camp Professor of Bioethics, Peter Singer at Princeton University. He would allow and encourage Infacide, Parricide, and Suicide of the undesired people. Human Monster and Professor is the son of Jewish parents who escaped Austria in the late 1930’s when the NAZI’s took over. I am sure his parents are very proud of that their son turned out to be a Human Monster just like the Communists and NAZI’s. The banality of true evil rears it’s ugly head again. I recommend that everyone read Professor (and Rabbi) Richard Rubenstein’s 1983 sleeper classic, “The Age of Triage, Fear and Hope in an Overcrowded World”. Since 1973 over 35 million babies have been aborted. Over 14 million of the babies aborted since 1973 have been black babies. Yet black or African American’s only comprised 13.4% or 40.9 million people. Planned Parenthood concentrates their clinics in Black and other minority communities. Under President Obama the disproportionate ratio black or African American abortions and other killings will most certainly increase. How strange that our first African-American President should be bedfellows with an organizational fonder should be one dedicated to Black Eugenics. Perhaps our new president and his follow Eugenics Proponents may yet be the greatest disciples of the Human Monster Margaret Sanger yet!

    P.S. The followers of Socialism (including the National Socialist of Germany, Russian Communists, and Red Chinese) killed over 100 million people in the last century. How many will they kill in this one? I feel the largest holocaust in human history has yet to be!

  131. So humorous. Most of you haven’t taken medical ethics and are just political extremists. Please do read more into medical ethics!

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