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The Chicago Tribune reported on March 31, 2009:

“Rod Blagojevich: Indictment could bring more defendants
Former governor’s brother, wife and campaign committee, as well as lobbyist Lon Monk, are possible targets

By John Chase and Jeff Coen | Tribune reporters
March 31, 2009

With a deadline fast approaching for federal prosecutors to file an indictment against former Gov. Rod Blagojevich, all eyes will be on the Dirksen U.S. Courthouse this week.

Sources with knowledge of the probe have said the indictment could be filed as soon as Thursday. That is the last scheduled day for the grand jury investigating the former governor to meet before an April 7 deadline for filing the indictment.

The grand jury has convened on Thursdays throughout the lengthy federal investigation.

The indictment is expected to include more details about the allegations against Blagojevich and his former chief of staff John Harris regarding the corruption charges leveled against them in December. It also could include more defendants.

Known targets include Blagojevich’s brother, Robert, who headed the former governor’s campaign fund; Lon Monk, Blagojevich’s onetime best friend and former chief of staff; Blagojevich’s wife, Patricia; and Friends of Blagojevich, the ex-governor’s campaign committee.”

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  1. DEFENDOURFREEDOMS.US published a new entry entitled “I need volunteers to make phone calls” on 4/1/2009 9:08:14 AM, written by Dr. Orly Taitz.

    I need volunteers to make phone calls
    Volunteer action needed

    I need volunteers to call

    Eric Holder-Att Gen
    Elena Kagan -Solicitor General
    Robert Mueller -director of FBI
    Marc Sullivan-Director of Secret Service

    We need an immediate response from Eric Holder- whether he will institute Quo Warranto proceedings against Obama, whether he will appoint a special prosecutor to investigate all of the criminal activities surrounding Obama. He has no right to sweep this under the rug, It is a matter of National urgency, matter of National security. He has a duty to institute a quo Warranto proceedings and to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate all the criminal activity related to Obama and his supporters. If he is not doing that, he needs to resign immediately or be removed immediately. His inaction equals to aiding and abetting all of the crimes committed and he himself will need to be indicted, tried and convicted to the full extend of the law.

    Similarly, Elena Kagan, Robert Mueller and Marc Sullivan owe us answers, they are aiding and abetting this massive fraud, treason and other suspected crimes, committed by Obama and his supporters.

    I have received a letter from the chief clerk of the Supreme Court William K Sutter- he is stating that they will not review quo warranto, but I can refile as Extraordinary petition for a writ of Mandamus. While there is nothing in the rules saying that they cannot hear quo warranto, just to move things along, I am rewriting the complaint and will submit it as an Extraordinary Petition for the writ of Mandamus. I still did not get an answer from the Chief Justice Roberts in regards to all the illegal activity going on in the Supreme Court. Please call the Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts, Chief Clerk William Sutter, chief of the police security for the Supreme Court officer Christine Giaccio 202-479-2369. What has been going on in the Supreme Court is the biggest scandal in our Judiciary system. This people have no right to sweep this under the rug all of these illegal activities, they owe American people answers

    1. who erased from the Supreme Court exterior docket information about my case Lightfoot v Bowen, right after the inauguration of Obama, while other cases where on the docket? This is particularly suspicious because my case stated that Obama is not eligible for presidency, and other cases remained on the docket .

    2. what investigation was done on this issue?

    3. who is the police officer or Secret Service Agent or FBI agent in charge of this investigation?

    4. what administrative action was done against clerk Danny Bickel, who refused to put on the docket and forward to Chief Justice Roberts and other Justices my second supplemental brief?

    5. Why didn’t Justice Scalia know anything about four cases dealing with Obama’s illegitimacy for presidency supposedly heard in 5 conferences? Did the clerks hide those cases from the justices? Did the Justices actually discuss those cases in conferences? Where are the decisions signed by Justice Scalia, when he supposedly read the cases and forwarded them to three out of five conferences? Did Justice Scalia sign those decisions, or were those signatures forged? How could he read five pleadings about something that important ans illegitimacy of the president and know nothing about it?

    6. Did all nine justices sign the decision not to hear these cases on the merits, if so, they would’ve known the cases? Did somebody forge their signatures? Did clerks intentionally misrepresented the cases to put foreign National, citizen of Indonesia and possibly still citizen of Kenya Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama in the White House and keep him there by trampling on the Constitution and rule of law?

    7. If all of the above officials refuse to provide immediate answers and action, they, themselves are guilty of aiding and abetting this massive fraud, treason and all the other related crimes and they will need to be prosecuted and punished to the full extend of the law.


  2. decentAmerican

    So, that bastion of news Entertainment Tonight says that Mrs. Michelle Usurper may be pregnant? Goodness gracious, God help this country if the demon seed little Damien is born into the Whitehouse, evil will propagate.

  3. Irony, They are going after the wrong guy from Chicago. Barry Soetoro is the criminal !!!

  4. Fernley Girl

    If she’s pregnant the conception was done in vitro, & the gender selected. It will be a boy, an heir to the throne.

  5. I wish they would go after Obama’s puppet masters. They are the real culprits.

  6. Now would be a good time for Hot Rod to sing like a bird. We know who the corrupt top dog is, don’t we?

    Just reading that Soetoro gave the Queen an iPod. She already has one. Why not just give her a set of cheap Tinker toys from him and his old lady who needs some serious dental work.

    God help us if she’s ‘with child.’ Anyone remember the movie ‘Rosemary’s Baby?’ DecentAmerican, I think you do.

    Past time to take the trash out of the White House. Not only illegal, but totally without class. Waiting to see the mess he makes out of G20.

  7. decentAmerican

    LOL, Sue, I was thinking of both Rosemary’s Baby and The Omen. You remember in the Omen, that Damien grew up to be President? Eerie omen, no doubt.

    Oh yes, is there no end to the buffoonery that the Usurper treats the UK? First giving the PM a set of DVD’s that he cant play in the UK. Now giving the Queen an Ipod? What in good heavens type of gift is that for one dignatary to give another? I mean, really? It’s almost like they are instinctively trying to embarass us in front of the Brits, who have stood by us in war. Oh, the British tabloids will love this. I just hope they keep on reporting on this since our US media refuses to do so.

  8. decentAmerican // April 1, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    LOL, Sue, I was thinking of both Rosemary’s Baby and The Omen. You remember in the Omen, that Damien grew up to be President? Eerie omen, no doubt.

    Oh yes, is there no end to the buffoonery that the Usurper treats the UK? First giving the PM a set of DVD’s that he cant play in the UK. Now giving the Queen an Ipod? What in good heavens type of gift is that for one dignatary to give another? I mean, really? It’s almost like they are instinctively trying to embarass us in front of the Brits, who have stood by us in war. Oh, the British tabloids will love this. I just hope they keep on reporting on this since our US media refuses to do so.


    Hee, hee-The Omen-yes, I sure do remember! Prophetic, no?

    I agree-totally classless. There’s been no thought whatsoever to courtesy gifts given to our best allies. You’d think that he just popped by the White House Gift Shop and plunked down a few bucks for a cheap souvenir. And let’s not forget that the bust of Churchill was unceremoniously shipped back. Classless.

    The British papers are already loving it! Americans are writing into the blogs *apologizing* for the U.S. ‘president.’ Can you just imagine?

    Will be watching the Blago indictment with interest.

  9. Blago indictment is a *Dog and Pony Show* similar to the AIG bonus drama.

  10. CW,
    Please read this and let us know what you think:

    This person has already sent this out to some politicians, Attorney Mario, Corsi, some others at WND. And it’s a paralegal who has studied into this quite a bit. I think it’s interesting.

    Look what he says in his response to someone below:

    Quote: (I put the ***)

    TWO YEARS IS TOO LATE is one of the sections of this article.
    *** If five Republican Congressmen formed an Ad Hoc Caucus to Review Obama’s Article II eligibility,
    and if voiding his electoral votes (as they should have done January 8th) is the law, rather than
    constitutional rules of succession when removing a president, the Democrat Socialist raping of
    the U.S. Treasury and financial future of America can be STOPPED NOW.

  11. That person ,paralegalnm needs to send to DR TAITZ AND MARCH REPORT TO RELEASE



  13. I tried to post at Dr. Orly’s place, so I don’t know if it went in yet. Please pass it on to others as you can. I’m pretty excited about this because the person seems to have a very good understanding of this, and I know from WND forums that they have been studying it for some time now. I really am impressed!

  14. citizenwells

    I say go for it.
    Can we get the attention of 5 republicans?
    As I continue to stress, the 2010 elections are not far off.
    We can get their attention with/without monetary, voting support.

  15. This person’s screen name at WND Forums is this: SU359115.

    Please go and read their stuff:

    I posted at Orly’s, but I have to check again.

    BTW, I’m Jewel777 on there at WND.

  16. sorry, I think it’s Jewel77. oops!

  17. No, I think that I was right the first time, Jewel777.

    Shoot, don’t go there too often to post anyway. But I’m going to watch this person because they know some interesting information.

    Can someone please post at Orly’s because mine hasn’t gone through yet. I hope that it was and maybe some others will impress upon them to look at this blog.


  18. grand jury is pulling an obama on officials who don’t move on their indictment, this is good. Check it out !

    Over the weekend the jurors took sworn testimony from several sources, including Taitz, and then generated an indictment that later was forwarded to the U.S. attorney, the state attorney general and others in law enforcement across the state.

    Georgia resident Carl Swensson cites on his website as authority for the grand jury the Magna Carta, the bill of rights that formed the foundation of British common law on which U.S. law is based.

    He said the members were chosen, sworn in and observed all of the rules of procedure. Swensson declined to elaborate on the specific allegations about Obama, saying that remains confidential at this point because of the possibility of a prosecution.

    However, the website explanation of the procedure includes some intimidating language.

    “If the government does not amend the error within 40 days after being shown the error, then the four members shall refer the matter to the remainder of the grand jury,” it says. “The grand jury may distrain and oppress the government in every way in their power, namely, by taking the homes, lands, possessions, and any way else they can until amends shall have been made according to the sole judgment of the grand jury.”

    Swensson said the indictments were delivered to the U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, state officials and leaders of the Georgia Senate and House.

  19. CW,

    Off topic, but did you ever get a reply from Barnes and Noble?

    Larry’s book is now due out on 4/15 and I want to know where *not* to buy it.

  20. Ron Paul’s Bill To Audit The Federal Reserve Now Has 50 Co-Sponsors!

  21. Tell Congress to Vote NO on Obama’s Massive Tax and Spend Budget!

    Believe it or not, Obama and his Congressional allies are already trying to set another new record for reckless overspending.

    Today Congress is beginning debate on President Obama’s unprecedented $3.6 trillion budget that is literally taking our nation toward bankruptcy by borrowing too much, bailing out too many, taxing too much, spending too much and making government too big to sustain.

    We need you to tell your member of Congress to vote NO on the Obama Budget.

    You know things are bad when even the French say we’re spending too much as their President, Nicholas Sarkozy, has said repeatedly

  22. citizenwells

    I am behind in many areas.
    I have not forgotten B&N.


    “The message is clear. It is America that must budge”.

    I wonder if it’s clear to Obama. But then again he could make an ass out of himself the way he as with every other world leader.

  24. “he has”

  25. Michael Savage – Obama Military Youth Corp in Full Gear!!! Wake up America!!! – March 26, 2009

    House and Senate PASS “The GIVE Act” – Mandatory Volunteerism (HR 1388/S 277)

    pass on


    Obama has been looking haggard lately and his greying is escalating. As one would expect he does not have the resilience to deal with such external demands and it shows.

  27. US FEMA CAMPS – please read

    The United American Freedom Foundation


    Here’s only a partial segment of the Brown Obama conference but as Drudge reported much has been kept from the media, allowing cameramen to largely capture the rioting in the streets of London.

  29. not my president

    Will Larry’s book be sold on Amazon? (And if so, is there a reason why it should not be bought there.) I echo SueK’s question.


    One more for the record…..”Mr. Obama made Mr. Brown look good. An amazing achievement”.

  31. BerlinBerlin

    Fron Lame Cherry again:
    “The charming part is what the Queen signaled in this after Obama returned the bust of Winston Chruchill, gave Gordon and his family the back of his hand, which included some crappy movies which won’t play in England and caused such an upPHROAR in England.

    The Queen gave the Obama’s autographed photos of them.

    Talk about hiking up her skirt and pissing on the jackal by the Royal Hound.

    So thank you Queen Elizabeth, I noticed what you did to this subject of yours and it has had me amused all day.”

    English humour.
    Appearandly the queen gave Obamas a picture of themselves, signed.
    That’s so funny!
    Obama brought the Queen an Ipod with footage from her visit to the US.
    Was that a quick answer, or what?

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  33. china is a craphole venice- they are about 50 to

    100 years behind USA, their currency demands

    are not going to go anywhere in our life time

    they are jeckyl and hyde

  34. now that the usurper is out of town

    the time is ripe for a replacement

  35. da verg,

    now that the usurper is out of town
    the time is ripe for a replacement…

    I said this a couple of days ago or something, why should we EVEN LET HIM BACK INTO THE U.S.?
    Does this make any sense? Let’s have all kinds of military there waiting for him and take him into custody!

  36. da verg

    I hope you’re right about China.

  37. First off, he’s a usurper, so we don’t really and truly have a 100% president sitting in the office. So let’s say that he gets usurped? Well, that’s kind of funny, a usurper who usurps a usurper. That’s even kind of hard to type. Seriously, have some form of legit government in here for the Americans to take a vote again, meaning just someone who has some kind of authority besides the nitwits in office, who can act as presidential authority until we all hold an election again.

    Can you imagine that? What would it be like to hold another election but then we’d have to do it differently this time.

  38. kittycat // April 1, 2009 at 5:53 pm

    I’ve skimmed through the paralegalnm post. This is exciting! I have learned to take it slow. But I’ve got to say the idea of getting some movement through a simple law that does not require elaborate court proceedings sounds great. The HI law seems clear.

    When I looked at the post date I checked around thinking this sounds too good to be true,(APRIL 1)

    My frustration is getting pretty high with the usurper a the mess he is promoting.

    I live in Va and have a good honest Congressman. I intend to write him soon to pressure him to take another look at this ineligibility matter and to insist on a meeting.

    Do you think using all or part of this article from paralegalnm in a plea to my Congressman makes sense?

    Please elaborate on what you see coming from this.


    China as a developing world power, though the article highlights China’s vulnerabilities.

  40. “I’ve in Va and have a good honest Congressman. I intend to write him soon to pressure him to take another look at this ineligibility matter and to insist on a meeting.”

    Hi, David:

    I just started talking to him today. Let’s get with him at WND Forums and I’ll tell you where to look in a second. I know that he’s on there most of the time. I want him to ask Joseph Farah to post this on the main page, and maybe Farah will if it sounds interesting to others. I’ll be back in a second. We need to know what we’re supposed to send to politicians. Plus I want to know that they will read it because I seem to always get a form letter.

  41. David & Others,
    If you’re interested, please go to this place:

    It’s the WND Forums. If you go to that link, then scroll down to 7 places, I think, where it says:

    Is Obama Eligible to be President? click below this and you’re in that forum.

    I’m sure that we can find out what to do, maybe even from his blog if we ask him. I asked. I’m thinking that even Dr. Orly’s stuff going on plus whatever else simultaneously may be the thing to do. Anything is worth a try besides the sicko justice system that many can’t seem to find their way to the bathroom or whatever.

  42. kittycat

    Thankyou, I will keep a close eye on this.
    Great find!

    I can’t resist adding to your comments regarding the justice system.

    When and if this chapter in American history is written , (current events), Mr. Obama will deserve credit for awakening America to what will happen when we trust men a not our creator.

  43. Venice, you said,
    “China is clearly emerging as the new world leader and the rest of the world knows it. Obama is being marginalized and I hope he knows it. This is the first big blow to his narcissism since the primary.”

    Well, if Obama and Geithner would stop raiding our treasury we could be a lot stronger of a nation!

  44. Three words:

    Air Force One

  45. JeffM

    Three words:

    Air Force One


    Tell us what you are thinking?

  46. Just saying where was this honest Congressman from on Jan 08 09?

  47. from VA on Jan 08 09 . sorry

  48. Trudy, a friendly reply to your rhetorical question.

    The man I refer to is Frank Wolf. Frank has proved himself to be committed to just causes throughout his long career.
    Many would agree that he and other Congressmen made a serious error in judgment on Jan. 8. There is no excuse for that.
    I question his judgement, and his integrity, but I will continue to hope that as the error and consequences of the mistake become clearer by the day, that Con. Wolf and others will rise to the need.
    We all should be helping our leaders to see their error and to commit to fixing it. Look at the post above by kitty cat ,

    Please, lets put this kind of compelling material in front of these men and demand they take action.

  49. kittycat,

    thanks again.

    Both WND forums, and Restore the Constitutional Republic contain a wealth of knowledge and wisdom on subject of eligibility.

  50. Daverg……………Hi Guy
    Most of the time I agree with your viewpoints; but where China is concerned I have to disagree with you on this one. Even though it has been years ago I spent some time in China (Hong Kong). I will be quick to argue that they are very sharp people, and are NOW up to date. Including their monetary system. When the Communists let go of their then antiquated system it was for the purpose of putting them in a better competitive position with respect to the rest of the world. Chairman Mao, towards the end of his life is refuted to have once privately said “I am afraid that instead of a great leap forward we have only slid further behind.” While I was in Hong Kong I had the pleasure of meeting, and talking with a number of these people. All of them seemed to reflect the same concerns that all of us do. They simply were not allowed until recently to voice their thoughts in public. The hardline Communist regime was developing serious cracks in it even in the fifties.
    Over the last twenty years China has reinvented itself, and has become an industrial giant that literally has no equal on Earth,including the United States. This doesn’t mean that I agree with everything they do either. In fact I have read and otherwise heard about some things regarding human rights that they have done that really angered me. Gradually they seem to be ever so slowly coming around. It wouldn’t surprise me if we see China become a Democracy, perhaps within the next twenty years.
    The shingles are easing up a little now. With any luck I will be well in a couple of months. It stopped me cold in my research for the Dunham POE. I remain more convinced than ever that it is in a dusty file in a warehouse,and hopefully there is a MICROFILM copy right here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Our Genealogical archives are second only to those at Salt Lake City.

  51. Rocknee,

    Track AF1 and you’ll know where Soetoro is traveling.

  52. Don’t if you have this–Newt Gingrich is going to speak at a New York tea party:

  53. OldSalt:

    Hope you’re now feeling better from the shingles.

  54. Every day I call the Senators & I ask them: Why did the Senator not stand up & question Obama’s eligibility? Some say nothing, so I educate them. I tell them what Natural Born Citizen means; the Founders made a distinction between Senator’s qualifications & POTUS; I quote John Jay in his letter to Washington, “I suggest that to prevent foreigners from becoming Commander in Chief, the Constitution needs to declare expressly that only a Natural born citizen could be President”.
    Some of the remarks: how do you know that is what it means? ans: it is in the “Law of Nations” by Vattel which was widely read by the Founders. Benjamin Franklin’s letter to Charles Dumas in 1775 “I am much obliged by the kind present you have made us of your edition of Vattel. It came to us in good season, when the circumstances of a rising state make it necessary frequently to consult the Law of Nations. Accordingly, that copy which I kept, has been continually in the hands of the members of our Congress, now sitting.” I think we need to send this Congress copies of it.
    One person said many of the first Presidents did not have parents who were citizens(yes they actually said that) & my answer: So I guess “That One” is 250 years old? These are the people who are working for the Senators. We at Citizen Wells are more qualified then these people running Our Country.
    Back to the phone.
    Citizen Wells, thank you for having a place for me to go to when the world seems to be topsy turvy.

  55. Dems know that OBama acted beyond the law.

    There is no law that OBAMA is held accountable too? There is chaos. The bully tyrant reigns.

    To old salt, i worked on project for China in the last ten years, while part of the nation are coming into the 21st century the vast majority is still in the 18th century. Beyond the sea coast cities lies millions and millions and millions of people living in poverty, dirt road cities, eating grubs and monkey brains. But you are right , it is the technically advanced portion of their nation that we have to be worried about.

    link about DEMS outing OBAMA illegal bullying:

  56. da verg: Dems must stand up to this bullying FASCIST before it’s too late!

  57. BerlinBerlin

    Incase You’ve missed it!
    Judge Napolitano on FOX. Freedom watch, yesterday.

  58. Stephanie: You’re marvelous. I have made some calls and quoted S.R. 511 where Obama HIMSELF agrees that a natural born US citizen is born of TWO US Citizen parents.
    The question you need to ask is “ARE WE A NATION OF LAWS ANY MORE?” because as we see with da verg’s article, this is quickly becoming a bullying fascist state.

  59. nawanawanga, thank you, “Are we a nation of laws?” is a great way to start the conversation. A few more calls & then back to work -I am working on a painting of the Constitution. Perhaps I should paint it in little pieces falling to the ground.

  60. not my president // April 1, 2009 at 8:34 pm

    Will Larry’s book be sold on Amazon? (And if so, is there a reason why it should not be bought there.) I echo SueK’s question.



    I just checked and didn’t find the book however, it may be available once it’s out. Perhaps they’re not set up to accept pre-orders?

    B&N has the same 8 comments on Larry’s book that have been there for weeks. I refuse to patronize them if they refuse to publish CW’s great comment!

  61. Obama Milks Military To Offset Domestic Spending
    >>it’s time the military woke up and milked obama to prove he is constitutionally eligible before this happens>>>>>

    Obama’s strategy for obtaining deep cuts in Pentagon weapons buying has emerged: squeeze the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps to pick up more war costs in Iraq and Afghanistan, forcing them to forego new planes, ships and vehicles.

    Obama’s 2010 budget outline now being debated in Congress provides $130 billion to fund the two wars. But that is $11 billion less than this year at a time when 17,000 new troops are moving to Afghanistan and when savings from a phased withdrawal from Iraq are unclear.

    Added to this scenario is the fact that 2010 will be the last year of a separate war budget, or supplemental, as it is known. So the four branches will have to absorb even more war costs in the so-called “out years.”

    An analysis by Republicans on the House Armed Services Committee reveals the four military branches will be forced to make up a $141 billion shortfall over two years. The White House needs to milk the military to help offset soaring domestic spending that will create trillion-dollar annual deficits.

    The crunch can only have one result: deep cuts in programs.

    “They are really setting the stage to drop the hammer in 2011 and 2012,” said James Jay Carafano, a military analyst at the Heritage Foundation. “And at the same time what they’re trying to do is basically come up with the rhetoric to just disguise this as just good government.”

    The military will eventually suffer combat readiness problems as it did under Democratic presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, who both inflicted deep wounds in defense spending.

  62. Kim —

    Every day and in every way, he proves to us that he is NOT an American, no matter what he wants to pretend.

    From Isaiah 1: 21-22 (New International Version).

    22 Your silver has become dross,
    your choice wine is diluted with water.

    23 Your rulers are rebels,
    companions of thieves;
    they all love bribes
    and chase after gifts.

    Actually, the better translation of line 1, verse 23, is that “your rulers act beyond persuasion/conversation.’

    How many letters have been written, and they still DON’T GET IT!?

  63. citizenwells

    From MommaE blog radio:


    I wanted to let you know that I will be doing a show on Sentinel Radio today and every Thursday afternoon. It will be one hour of Politics and fun. There is a special chat room for this show and this is the link for the chat or

    We will be talking about why Obama would be resorting to these kinds of tactics to make sure all records and documents pretraining to him are kept sealed. Sure makes one wonder, just what he is hiding from the American people. Could it be that all of the Law Suits are correct and he is not eligible?? Could it be that he is committing more fraudulent acts in order to stay in the highest office in our Country, thumbing his nose at OUR Constitution?? I believe that if we stay strong and persistent that we will get the truth and that “We the People” will prevail and be able to protect our Constitution and remove the Usurper from OUR Whitehouse!

    Please post this on your blogs, any blogs you are connected with and allowed to post on and send to everyone in your address book. Link to the show, call in number and times are listed below.

    Call In No: 646-727-2652

    12:30 PM Pacific Time

    1:30 PM Mountain Time

    2:30 PM Central Time

    3:30 PM Eastern Time

    I hope that you will join us for the show. You can just listen, or you can choose a Nickname and join in the Chat while listening. The choice is yours.


  64. Watch it and weep for America.

    A few of the Comments that I thought were right on target.

    On April 2nd, 2009 at 2:06 pm, jdubya said:

    You know, I remember when I was in Boy Scouts (the paramilitary organization that offends all non-white people) I was grilled about US protocol:

    1. Do not bow to royalty or a foreign power.
    2. Do not lower the flag to royalty or a foreign power.
    3. When in doubt, review items 1 and 2.

    I guess if you spent all your youth in Indonesia studying the Koran, you might not have learned that in Boy Scouts. I am beginning to wonder what this guy actually thinks of himself.

    On April 2nd, 2009 at 2:43 pm, MNUSMCDavid said:

    As I mentioned on another thread, I served on Embassy duty and what Barry Soetoro did was a deliberate and obvious breach of respect for American sovereignty and values. We were instructed NEVER to bow or curtsy to anyone anywhere, even on that person’s territory. When I was on color guard, the US flag never dipped, ever.


    On April 2nd, 2009 at 2:54 pm, Flyoverman said:

    During the 1936 Olympics, there was a plan for each nation to dip its colors in salute as it passed Hitler’s reviewing stand. Only one nation did not dip their flag; The United States.

    We revere our Flag and our Constitution. The military only salutes the President, because he is the Commander in Chief. To all others, he is a public servant. Our President does not merit a bow or a salute and because of that we should never bow or salute any foreign leader.

  65. BerlinBerlin

    Obama kisses butt at 00.54

  66. BerlinBerlin

    Oh, sorry Katie, didn’t see that Your comment was about the exact same thing.

  67. Obama kisses butt at 00.54

    Question: How can a butt kiss a butt?

  68. Jacqlyn Smith

    Just heard Blago will be indicted tomorrow!!

  69. zachjonesishome

    Drudge has Blago indictment as main headline with flashing light.

    If only it were Obama also.

  70. zachjonesishome

    He has been indicted today, along with several others.

  71. Kittycat,

    At least they got Barky’s good side…

  72. *Dog and Pony show* They want us all to focus on this BS! NOT ME! I know better.

  73. Daverg………
    I do not necessarily agree with your idea about Chinese food. We do have a LOT of Chinese and Asian resturants in the United States,and apparently they are enjoying their share of business. I do not know if they offer MONKEY BRAINS as standard fare or not, but I am sure that if this was a popular dish many would offer it. A few months back some friends and my wife and myself visited a local Chinese restaurant. I read nearly the entire menu, but I don’t remember MONKEY BRAINS being offered. Of course,I wasn’t looking for it so it is probable that I missed it.
    In the early 60s I was active in a Graphic Arts group who were continuously researching and testing new chemistries, and prepress developments. A Chinese delegation was visiting a Graphic Arts seminar in Chicago, and was given our name and address as a plant that they should take time to see. I learned later that another DOD contractor had supplied our name to them. They telephoned me and asked if they could visit my plant. I accepted, and 4 of them was in Fort Wayne the following am. At that time I had not yet added on to the building and only had a little over 12,000 sq.feet, of which a little over 3000 was for warehousing our roll paper inventory. We were involved in printing for the DOD as contractors. This was all high speed ,high quality lithographically produced cataloging ranging up to 200 pages and often more. We had a great deal of equipment crammed into an area of about 9000 sq. feet. This included both high speed binding equipment, and perfect binding machinery. The Chinese were all obviously well educated, and asked some surprisingly technical questions. They were obviously here to learn all they could about high speed web offset lithography. They spent two days here, and upon leaving one of them remarked that for a 5 year old plant it seemed that we were producing a volume that would normally be associated with a plant 3 time our size. This remark made my day!
    After they departed I sat down and sort of reviewed all that had occurred in the last two days ,and concluded that the tour of my company had enriched my viewpoints considerably regarding the Chinese in general, and I was to later see what resulted from their visit.
    Their original visit was in 1960. I was pleasantly surprised one day in 1968 to receive an invitation from Artsen Printing Co Ltd. to come to Hong Kong (expenses paid), to visit their printing company. When my wife and I arrived there I found that Hong Kong did not look like it did when I had first visited it in 1953 during my Navy enlistment.
    When we visited the plant I was astounded by the entire plant. It turned out that it was owned by one of the members of the delegation that had visited me . It was a plant that in the US would have taken 20 years to build. It was very well laid out, and was producingsome beautiful work, at high speed. After the tour they treated us to an evening meal. It did not consist of lizards, or monkey brains. My wife and I enjoyed an excellently prepared leg of lamb, as did our hosts. It was all delicous. Believe it or not we enjoyed some JEWISH white wine with our meal. We were also given a limited tour of the mainland, after a little haggling with the local Communists. It seemed as though all of the mainland people did not know how to smile, or perhaps were afraid to smile. Yet I got a strong feeling that many of them wished that they could truly speak freely.
    Daverg I have NOT written off China, I believe that perhaps in time down the road we will see China become a Democracy. In addition we will see them become the next superpower. I believe that it is inevitable. We need to form strong bonds with China. They do hold one hell of a lot of OUR debt,and they didn’t HAVE to buy it! It is my perception that they will be no more dangerous than IRAN. These are Obama’s buddies, and you can be assured that with Valerie Jarrett at the post she now occupies in the Whitehouse, that Ahmadinajad now has a direct line to all of our military secrets, which by the way includes our NUCLEAR secrets. They are the BASTARDS that we had better do something about……..soon. I witnessed a 15 megaton device detonation from 40 miles away. Later I witnessed the level of destruction that it was capable of. In addition I was to ingest some of the CESIUM 137 fallout from the test shot. This was the infamous BRAVO shot in 1954, that the AEC MISCALCULATED. The US government is still today paying for the health care, and reparations for the Micronesian tribe that had to be moved to another island.
    While China is percieved as a threat to us. Somebody had better WAKE UP pretty damn soon and REALISE that IRAN is a far greater threat to the entire WORLD. Yet Obama thinks he can talk to the maniac. Neville Chamberlain thought that he had made a deal with Hitler too. They called it the Versaille Treaty. HA,HA ,HA HA,HA. I guess Chamberlain never heard of Lincoln’s famous statemrnt about fooling people. Chamberlain was fooled ALL the time.

  74. Oldsalt, thank you for the history lesson. You have led an interesting life.
    Your description of Hong Kong v. Mainland is so true.
    I had a friend who went to China to adopt her daughters. She said the Chinese people believe these girls who are adopted by Americans are lucky. The women kept touching the girls for luck. Let’s hope they continue to come closer to Freedom & Capitalism. I think I should start teaching my girls Chinese, so they can say “I can clean your apartment cheap.”

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