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The WHY initiative is a new movement that evolved out of
efforts by the Citizen Wells blog US Constitution Hall of Shame
and Democratic Disaster (now Restore the Constitutional Republic)
and others to inform congressmen before the general election
and before Congress certified the Electoral College votes.
We are taking this effort nationwide and will be asking for
volunteers. Our initial efforts are to get some straight answers
on Obama’s eligibility and upholding the US Constitution. This
will continue on through the 2010 election cycle and beyond. We
must hold Congress accountable to the US Constitution and
American people.

Here are some exerpts from The WHY Initiative: Holding Congress Accountable

“I am writing this as a concerned American, not as a Democrat, Republican,
Independent or other political position. I dislike modern political
parties, although in honesty, I am more disgusted with the modern day
Democrat party. We need more statesmen, less politics and putting
America first. I promise you I will go after Republicans with the same
veracity that I question Democrats.

You, I and most Americans have let this happen. Like the frog slowly
cooking in a pot of water, not realizing that it is being cooked, we
have allowed our institutions, like Congress and the Judicial as well
as the MSM, to cook our brains into a stupor of submission. Television
screens, just like the screens in the homes of “1984″ have brought us
just the “news” that the modern day Big Brother, the Obama Camp, wants
us to hear. Revisionist history and adoration of Big Brother.

The changes in this country did not occur overnight and our attempts
to restore obedience to the US Constitution and responsible institutions
will take time and effort. We have been given a wake up call. Just as the
“shot heard round the world” was a wake up call for the patriots of the
American Revolution, we must sieze this unique moment in history and
rise to the occasion. We have seen what will happen if we choose to do
otherwise. Join us in making Congress accountable to the American public.”

From the Mario Apuzzo lawsuit

“110. When so much doubt has been expressed in the public arena about Obama’s
eligibility to be President, Congress had a duty to investigate and confirm for
the sake of the Constitution and the plaintiffs and other American people which
it represents if Obama is so qualified by holding a Congressional hearing and
investigation on the matter with full subpoena power. Endnote 17.”

From Dean Haskins:

“The Death of Common Sense

The Birth of The WHY Initiative”

“Exactly when did common sense die in this country? Obviously, it has
been on life support for some time; but now that our collective national
synapses have stopped firing, we aren’t even in an era of philosophical

“By now, those reading this have likely heard all the constitutional
reasoning regarding the ineligibility of the UPOTUS (Unconstitutional
President of the United States).  However, in spite of our undaunted
pleas to our elected officials, it appears they continue to suffer a
profound inability to discern between truth and fiction.
In response to the many inquiries they have received, they continue to
reply with faulty logic, misinformation, and outright lies.  And, we
are becoming more and more aware of the fact that many, if not all, of
our correspondence with them has never even reached them.  There is a
fortified firewall between the elected officials and their constituents. 
That moat is commonly referred to as “staffers.”  I have been told that
many of the staffers simply toss the inquiries, and their bosses never
even see them.
From the many replies that people have received from the offices of
elected officials (for I am now very careful not to say that they are
actual responses from the officials themselves), there is an Orwellian
pattern of damaged brain matter in their words.  Here are some of the
more common blights of misinformation being proffered by this
inexplicable class of political zombies:”

Read more here:

We have created a new blog, Congress Watch, to place not only the
dialogue we have with congressmen during the WHY Initiative, but
going forward into and beyond the 2010 Elections. We will also
put information there to help convince congressmen that we do
indeed have a constitutional crisis with a usurper as president.
Letters of support and concern from the military will be posted
as well as efforts throughout the country to get congressmen to
listen to their constituents and obey the US Constitution.

We have already been in touch with concerned citizens and other
internet sites. Congress Watch belongs to the people just as the
US Constitution belongs to the people. We are seeking involvement
from other bloggers, internet sites and concerned Americans to
help in this endeavor. Sadly, our best efforts, hurried as they were
before the general election and Congress convening, fell on deaf
ears. That will not happen this time. Their apathy, arrogance
or other defects will be met with resolve of knowing that many
of them will seek reelection in 2010. They cannot ignore us for
very long.

We now have time to organize properly. We will get by congressional
aides to get answers from congressmen. A team of “experts” will
be available to answer questions in a professional manner, but
we will not accept defeat. We will demand straight answers from

What can you do to help?

Dean Haskins, who became chairman of Restore the Constitutional
Republic in January, has reorganized and secured the website
as a .com. We are requesting that those who want to organize
state efforts or assist to get the attention of their congressmen
go there and sign up:

The efforts to get the attention of congressmen will be more
orderly than past efforts. We realize that the people of each
state are more apt to have insights into the office hours
and local meeting habits of their elected officials. We will
have our “experts” available as needed. The experts will not
be intimidated.

We are also asking for volunteers to help with Congress Watch.
Once again, we have short term and long term goals, however
the objective is always the same, holding Congress accountable.
Bloggers, internet sites or concerned citizens, if you would
like to help keep Congress Watch up to date with information
on congressmen and nationwide initiatives, leave a comment
on the blog:

We must seize the moment to regain trust in government and
control of this country.

God bless.

64 responses to “Congress Watch, WHY Initiative, US Constitution, US Congress, Obama eligibility, Congressmen, Senators, Representatives, Accountable, 2010 Elections, Military oath, Restore the Constitutional Republic

  1. Question: What is the procedure for impeaching or recalling Nancy Pelosi?

  2. One part of Porkulus takes an end-run around the Constitution’s 10th Amendment.

    Are there enough people willing to read a certain number of pages each & return a condensed version of the bill? I know I can read at least a hundred pages a day, but that means I’d be reading for the next two + weeks.

  3. Glenn Beck had this guy from NH on his show. Dan Itse.
    His page is

  4. This from a commenter today on :

    This is next. One of Barry’s Illinois buddies, Bobby Rush, introduced H.R. 45. Germany’s Weimar government enacted similar gun registration laws in the early 1900s which facilitated the Nazi rise to power. Here we go too.|/bss/111search.html|

    Click to access getdoc.cgi

  5. I keep waiting and watching for the ultra liberals to start seeing the light.

    You may be interested to see one of their comments on HuffPo today:

    god help obama and the dems if rahm is allowed to stay on as his chief advisor.this man is the WHITE HOUSE NAZI,he only knows how to deal with a heavy hand.
    he will single handedly bring down obama if he does not get rid of him ASAP.

  6. “god help obama and the dems”
    You know, Janet, I am already tired how BO is always the victim.
    Poor Bambi.
    He didn’t use race to get elected. he didn’t trash Palin etc etc.
    He is not going to be responsible for anything, unless it is good.

  7. Going to and commenting there (not sounding like a troll – but rather like a disillusioned Democrat – which I am!) has given me new hope.

    I’ve been watching people there start questioning things – you must realize these are real (seemingly young) liberal blowhard Dems who hate Republicans. Yes, hate. Has their fearless leader taught them nothing?

    But what I’m seeing there now is stuff like “Obama should get rid of Rham, that Nazi! He will bring Obama down.”

    Funny how they don’t yet blame Obama himself for anything, but get the gist? They are seeing problems, lots and lots of problems. Not blaming Obama for them yet, but clearly they see problems.

    My comments there are simply little remarks like: “How come Pelosi wouldn’t give the legislators enough time to read the stimulus bill before they had to vote on it??? I don’t get it.”

    In other words, I am trying to get them to question things rather than go along with them. And generally speaking, there are WAY more questioning commenters there now than before. I guess the sugary taste of KoolAid kinda wears off after awhile. I’m glad I can help! So can you.

  8. It’s OK, Berlin Berlin, left foot right foot, left foot right foot. Every letter we write, every fax, every comment on a liberal blog is another step in the right direction.

    I had an old boyfriend who always used to say no matter what his current problem was “There’s nothing I can do about it.” I couldn’t stand it! Really? Nothing? Just lay down and die?

    There is a lot we can do on a daily basis. You may think your one little fax does nothing. But how do you know whether or not those SEVEN DEMOCRATS defected and voted NAY because of all the letters they received?

  9. Air Force Brat

    Good old Rahm Emanuel. MANY people have questions about him lately. A friend of mine recently said “Hey, if Rahm is so closely tied to Israel and the Mossad, what’s he doing with Obama, who’s making nice with Iran and other terrorists?”

  10. Hugo Chavez, Barak Obama, and Rham Emanuel, are all plants from the middle east sent here to take over the country s in the western hemisphere. All Arabs in sheep’s clothing. When Emanuel worked for Clinton he couldn’t get a security clearance because of the Mossad issue. What has changed? With GPS, google earth, and a copy of the census,Rahm Emanuel can drive to your house and have tea with you because the census says you live there with your wife and two daughters and you are all Christians. Is this why we have a federal government ? Change from bad to worse.

  11. bob strauss,
    Makes it hard to sleep at night, doesn’t it?

  12. Fernley Girl, It’s just like the movie 1984, soon we will all be under control of the big government and we will be in their data base. Just heard Glen Beck on FOX he said were heading for a depression ,and a revolution. He tried to make it sound as if it was a joke.

  13. Anyone interested in hearing from George Soros?
    Here is his plan in his own words:

    Some brief highlights:

    A Plan For Economic Recovery

    … the weight of accumulated debt can sink the banking system and push the economy into depression. That is what needs to be prevented at all costs.

    The public and the business community suffered a shock in the aftermath of the Lehman Brothers default, and the economy has fallen off a cliff. The next two quarters will show rapid deterioration.

    To prevent the economy from sliding into a depression, President Obama must embark on a radical and comprehensive policy package that has five major components:

    1. A fiscal stimulus package
    2. A thorough overhaul of the mortgage system
    3. Recapitalization of the banking system
    4. An innovative energy policy
    5. Reform of the international financial system


    More highlights:

    I advocate adopting, with suitable modifications, the Danish system …
    When Mexico wanted to securitize mortgages in order to promote house ownership, it opted, with my assistance, for the Danish system.


    Another great highlight:

    It is clear, in the light of these observations, that the financial sector became far too big and profitable. In the future it will have to shrink and remain within the control of the authorities. While financial markets became global, the authorities remained national. Since global markets are beneficial, the authorities must also become more international and the international financial institutions must serve the interests of all their members more equitably.


    And here’s another little gem from George Soros, now this is important – you wonder where we’re going to get all this money for the stimulus plan? Print it or borrow it? Soros says “make money” = “print money” which will cause inflation and then … oh here are his own words:

    The economy can be turned around only in two steps. The first is to offset the collapse of credit by creating money, writing off bad debt, and recapitalizing the banks. Then, if and when that succeeds, the excess money supply will have to be drained as fast as credit begins to flow.


    OK, one more highlight:
    Oh forget it. It’s very technical, a lot above and beyond my experience to understand. You can read it for yourself or better yet, just go hug your spouse, your children and your puppy. You’d get a lot more out of doing that!!!

  14. Here it is! Pay for play. We’ll do this if you’ll shut up and not tell what you know …… according to

    The stimulus bill contaings $2 billion for impeached Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s pet FutureGen near-zero emissions power plant project.

    Now we have to find out if Blago makes money off this project – how does it benefit him financially – I’ll bet there is some financial connection there.

  15. This is an outrage that they would pass a bill so huge and no one even read it!!!! I think I want to throw up!!!

  16. Jacqlyn Smith – it’s online now – here is a 19 page summary in pdf form, you can actually print it if you wish:

    Click to access prb021209.pdf

  17. The 19 pg stimulus summary link I placed above – well it’s not a good summary, it basically shows stuff you can’t argue with too much … but judge for yourself, here’s just one item:

    For example, up to a $2500 credit for college tuition/fees.
    Good because it helps people pay for college.
    But bad because it is not an economic stimulus and does not create jobs in the short term which is when we need them … now!

  18. On Hannity somebody quoted Rush:
    “Obama might be too big to fail”
    What does that mean?

    Were all those comparisons with MLK, JKK and now Lincoln pointing out what they really have in common?
    Nobody is too big too fail.
    But a victim of an assault is never questioned about bad policies, right?

  19. JFK (of course)

  20. The last page of the summary is the best:
    Debt limit increases. The bill increases the statutory limit on the public debt by $789 billion from 11.315 trillion to 12.04 trillion.

    At this point I don’t even know what to say.

  21. This bill is not a bill, but a revenge bill at anyone who stood in there way. When obama signs this i hope thats when the feds take him away in hand cuffs, for treason!!!!!1

  22. The death of capitalism. The death of a free America. Congratulations you corrupt, lying, cheating, Democrats. I will invest every ounce of energy I have in seeing you FIRED!!! And that’s the nicest thing I can publicly write.

  23. John F. Kennedy: “A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.”

  24. Right. Keep a picture of Donald Trump near your computer next to a picture of all 538 legislators and with those famous words in the middle:


    You see if you look at that every day, then you will take some action every day towards that goal.

    For more fun, find a picture (on their website) of every Democrat who is up for re-election in 2010. And have Donald Trump’s picture say to them: YOU’RE FIRED!

    That is our goal, to get rid of as many as we can as soon as we can. But no one has yet answered my question: How can we impeach/recall Nancy Pelosi? What’s the procedure?


    Ridiculous! Read the comments too. WTH is happening in this country…not a nation unified, but completely and utterly DIVIDED!

  26. Maybe it is time to file for bankruptcy and save $12.04 trillion. File chapter 11 and reorganize, let’s see, $13.00 a week, if I save for one trillion weeks, and I can pay off the debt all by myself with the money I’ll get back from Nancy and Harry.

  27. I’ve been trying to figure out how the other half thinks and I think this comment by someone who apparently hasn’t lived very long in the real world gives us a very big hint:

    “While we are celebrating the passing of this bill and the confirmation of Hilda Solis we must remember this. The ReThugs, the self anointed family values crew, forced Sen. Brown to fly back to D.C. to vote. His MOTHER died and even though they KNEW that this bill would pass NOT ONE of them had the simple human compassion to vote for this bill so he would not have to interrupt putting his mother to rest.

    I’m speechless – it reminds me of how incoherent and illogical teenagers think sometimes. This was a commenter on HuffPo. All I can do is sit here and shake my head. It’s too crazy a statement to even argue with.

  28. bob s
    Thanks for a little levity. I needed that.

  29. sen brown wasn’t forced to do anything by anybody, nobody put a gun to his head

    what about the DEMS that wheeled poor
    kennedy to floor earlier this week. what a toon. talk about an idiot talking out their a$$ this person needs a full frontal lobotomy, wait a minute, sounds like they already had one!!

  30. Whenever I refer to Kennedy I NEVER use the prefix POOR. Ever hear of Mary Jo Kopechne? It is her day in court showing.

  31. BerlinBerlin,

    MLK and Lincoln were Republicans. Obama has zero in common with these two.

  32. Katie,

    We have the ENTIRE Legislative Branch for the stink hole we’re in. Republicans are just as guilty. Look no further than the last “bailout” and the blatant disregard of Article II requirements to confirm this.

    It’s time for a march on Washington. The message must be clear:

    “Fix this or YOU WILL BE TERMINATED!”

    That means the following:

    1. Get out of the Capitol Building – it is clear everyone there is corrupt
    2. Get out of the White House
    3. If you don’t, expect the public to do it for you

    Our country has been hijacked to enact the world’s biggest heist. We as citizens of this country are witnessing a truly Tyrannical government and we AS CITIZENS under the Constitution have a right to defend ourselves, with force, if necessary.

  33. My research shows this:

    Senate Violates Own Roll Call Rules set January 6, 2009


    “A unanimous-consent agreement was reached providing that for the duration of the 111th Congress there will be a limitation of 15-minutes each upon any roll call vote, with the warning signal to be sounded at the midway point, beginning at the last 7 1/2-minutes, and when roll call votes are of 10-minute duration, the warning signal be sounded at the beginning of the last 7 1/2 minutes.”

    How many hours was the roll call vote open last night?

    Seems to me that their own rules were broken, there doesn’t appear to be any exception to this rule in the reolsution, does there, except when our freedom is at stake. Hold them accountable.


    Maybe by signing the Stimulus Bill on Monday Obama may give the Republicans the gonads to finally go after the Usurper’s eligibility. IT WILL NOT BE LEGAL.

    PS – Someone mentioned Donald Trump. His famous theory is “Owe a bank $1000 and you have a $1000 debt hanging over your head, owe the bank $10,000 and you have a bank for a partner!!”


  35. If small businesses shut down, then they make no money to pay bills–like their own salaries. That will not happen. I AM small business and live it every day. I just hope that I don’t have to lay off the 2 single moms working for me. But, then they’d go on public asssistance and the system will “work” for them. And the cycles continues…


    This from a man who said that “words are the deadliest weapons of mass destruction”.

    Unfortunately, like most things he got that wrong too. Human beings are the deadliest weapons of mass destruction, bar none.

  37. JeffM;

    Amen to everything you said, brother.

    The entire political cesspool east of the Potomac should be evacuated, forcibly, if necessary. And we should rebuild our federal government from within the States. With oversight from a permanent Citizens Grand Jury that prohibits anyone from any recognized political party or lobbying group from ever becoming a member.

    Lobbyists and foreign powers and/or foreign governments should be totally banned from the Capitol area and the White House, by Constitutional amendment, to avoid being altered or distorted by Presidential decree, Congressional action, or Judicial fiat.

    Misfeasance of office aand/or corruption should be severely punished.

    Term limits for those elected to federal offices should be a matter of State choice not a matter for the unelected federal judicial oligarchy with 10 years being the maximum allowed for any federal elected official.

    Federal judges should be limited to 10 years….then out!!!….Not until senility and/or death. Federal judges must pay taxes on their salaried income just like all other citizens. They cannot unconstitutionally exempt themselves from payroll taxes as they do now.

    And last, but certainly not least, Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd should both be marched out to the steps of the Capitol Building and forced to choose to disembowel themselves and be allowed to publicly wallow in their own offal until they are dead, or: to be drawn and quartered on the National Mall as an object lesson to those who may choose to follow them.


  38. CW,
    Went to Dean’s site and there is no place to “sign up”. When I clicked on the email button, no address came up. Maybe my old man’s brain is missing something.

  39. ms. helga

    I was thinking the same thing. Mr. O is attacking so many principals and values of good Americans.

    One can hope that God is giving him and his allies enough rope to bring their own demise. Kind of like a Barky dog that charges full speed and forgets he has a leash around his neck.

    Eligibility being ignored, destructive spending, Mr.O breaking his promises, attacks ongoing and anticipated on religious freedom, speech, system of government, privacy, etc. so much so fast.

    The enemy is showing himself and acting as quickly as possible before we all see that not only does he have no clothes but he has a horns and a tail.

    Hola Congress!
    Not eligibile…….. better late than never.

  40. The reason there is a long wait for justice is it takes time! The republican party can’t be the one to bring justice because we would destroy both parties, as bad as both are right now. So we the people have to bring this to light. this must be a unified effort somehow. democratic people this bill will affect you as well, This fraud must be exposed soon or the damage will be forever!

  41. ALL businesses should stop taking out their employees federal tax withholdings until the obama eligibility issue is resolved

    that will send a message to FEDs

    then the next step will be to take away their printing machine

    operation chaos, find out all the addresses of aCOrn and file fictious change of address forms so they never get their welfare fraud checks

    note how they are now saying it will take years to get the money into the system, don’t believe it. it is disinformation. Barry wants to steal as much money as fast as possble. He sees the posse coming and the wagons circulating.

    he’s no more than a mafia thug in the WH

  42. Obama’s stealing the census from Congress has suddenly awaken and enraged the Republicans. Maybe this will arouse them as well to challenge Obama for stealing the Presidency itself. They surely know he is not an Article 2 “natural born citizen” (which is more than merely being a 14th Amendment “citizen”) by virtue of either Obama’s birth to a dad of Kenyan/British citizenship or birth in Kenya itself — as manifested by his unwillingness to supply his long form birth certificate now under seal.

  43. David A,
    I love your analogy someone needs to make a cartoon out of it. BO’s head on a dog; Constitution written on the collar; leash tied to a flag pole in front of the Supreme Court.

  44. I read that both Obama and Miceli claimed real estate taxes on his mansion in ’05, but Obama never paid them. Further they were assessed at 1/3rd the neighbor’s comps, as were Blagojevich’s.
    Why isn’t this tax cheating being investigated?

  45. Eric,

    The signup is in the Forum. Just click that link at the top of the home page.

    Dean Haskins

  46. George Bush did leave us a parting gift, the exe order for investigating people in public trust on jan16th, Well slick obama on jan 21 first day in office, writes a retract order bascially to hide presidental records based on national security. Wow! I thought the economy was the main reason people wanted change, GW saw this fraud for who he was and wants us americans to bring cases against him, lawyers who read this should step up to plate and help out. Google GW orders on jan 16th. hope its not to late

  47. Time for the flat tax. Spread the debt equally to all.

  48. truthbetold11, check out Dr. Orly Taitz’s site she is in the middle of a suit,right now, over the executive order you’re talking about. DEFENDOURFREEDOMS.US

  49. Mieke and Therese hosts of USAPatriots-shout, a blog talk radio program, share information that is rarely broadcast on main stream media (MSM). We believe the truth supersedes labeling, party affiliations, and “political correctness”. Join them Sunday night as the great “Opinionators” give you their take on what’s happening with our country!

    you don’t want to miss this broadcast
    . . is now
    Sunday night (02-15-09) 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.
    Pacific Standard Time

    Topic is:


    “From December into January, TSUNAMI MEDIA warned that Obama’s mobilization of his propaganda corps – both in Washington and online -was clearly preparing to dominate Capitol Hill with a frenzy and fury unseen before. Investigation indicated an alarming stack of suspicious legislation, all introduced simultaneously on January 6th. Each one was presented with only vague title and a few disconcerting paragraphs of description. (S1 to S10) So far, the public is only even aware of the 1st: HR1. Behind the scenes,it is now becoming shockingly clear what this total package of bills truly intends.

    Starting with a revealing review of the actual contents of HR1, a bigger picture emerges which many might consider pulp science fiction. Unfortunately, it’s a fiction within which we’ll all soon be living unless America wakes up before it’s too late. Until now, penetrating the public mindset with the true facts behind the insane conduct of our current Congress has been an uphill struggle. The Mainstream Media’s maneuvers to manipulate viewers have shifted to high gear – with careful avoidance of the real facts or any actual contents HR1. And that’s far from all, MSM has been excluding from the airwaves. Under a Hitlerian blanket of intentional diversion scrambled with gross exaggeration and large scale lies, the Obama machine grinds forward as has been intended and, apparently, planned for a long time. Take a look here at what’s really been happening while few, if any, are looking.
    Bear in mind, horrendous as it is, this first Act is only the beginning. Here’s a sobering, somber review of the facts:

    HR1 aka “Stimulus Plan.” Prior aliases to cover its hidden agenda include the “Bail Out” (first MSM blitz); then “Obama’s Recovery Plan” (second media blitz.) Worse yet, bear in mind – as staggering as its expenditures are – HR1 is only the first of a series of “bills” prepared for launch in the corrupt one-party system now tyrannizing our nation. The ever-shifting taglines given this burdensome legislation, conceal its capacity to break – not improve – the US Economy and what it means by “Recovery” is the highway robbery of middle class America’s freedom and prosperity. As recently as January 14, this package of lies offered just a 1 page description. Suddenly, 647 pages appeared and received consent of the House of Representatives, whose members had obviously not only not read the contents but could not even have written them
    themselves. So who handed over this bulky fiction to Congress, with enough bribes and threats to ensure compliance? Obviously Speaker Pelosi, America’s very own Medusa. What every American should really be asking is: WHO REALLY WROTE HR1 AND WHEN?
    . . . .”

    We are proud and honored to welcome Publisher of Wake Up America who will be discussing this Stimulus Plan

    What a great opportunity to call in or write and share and discuss these issues!

    You can write to the chat room at
    call 646-727-3865

    You can also post comments at twww .blogtalkradio.usapatriots-shout

  50. truthbetold11 and others, here is the link to President Bush’s EO:

    Let me call your attention to some lines from that order:

    “When agencies determine the fitness of individuals to perform work as employees in the excepted service or as contractor employees, prior favorable fitness or suitability determinations should be granted reciprocal recognition, to the extent practicable.”

    “This order is intended only to improve the internal management of the executive branch and is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its agencies, instrumentalities, or entities, its officers, employees or agents, or any other person.”

    “Effective Date and Applicability. This order is effective upon issuance and is applicable to individuals newly appointed to excepted service positions or hired as contractor employees beginning 90 days from the effective date of this order.”

    George W. Bush
    The White House,
    January 16, 2009.

    In sum, this EO does not apply to anyone other than federal agency contract employees; it does not take effect until 90 days after January 16; and, most importantly, it does not create any right that can be sued for in law or equity.

    People, use your heads. Do your own research. (The Executive Order I linked is less than one page.) There are a million legal well-thought-out ways to expose BO is not a NBC, through the legislative and judicial branches of government. However, filing frivolous lawsuits only obscures the legitimacy of our campaign to expose BO is not a NBC; and invites monetary sanctions for clogging up the courts.

  51. bob strauss, on Saturday, January 17, before I read the EO President Bush issued the day before, Orly contacted me, asking whether I knew anything about this EO. I said I had heard about it but had not read it. So, she summarized the EO and proposed she would initiate a legal action to use that EO to investigate BO. She indicated she would spend the next few days working on this. I asked when she intended to serve BO. ‘First thing on Wednesday.’ I told her not to bother. ‘BO will revoke EO’s right after the inauguration. If you cannot file the action before he revokes, you have no legal basis for filing. But you can always serve him after the case is filed.’ She protested. ‘But Monday is a holiday and Tuesday the courts are closed for the inauguration!’ I told her to file where the courts are open. Well, she took my advice. Unfortunately, having not read the EO, I was unable to advise her, this EO has nothing to do with vetting BO; and does not confer a right to enforce, anyway. Just as is stated in the EO, this only affects personnel management, and nothing more.

  52. jbjd, I will re-read the executive order. I thought it included persons in public trust.

  53. jbjd, check out section 5 of order. This would include Barry, and others, in the Executive branch of government. I see at the end where the info is intended for the use by Office of Personnel Management. Let’s see what they have on these individuals, such as Barry Soetoro.

  54. Janet // February 14, 2009 at 12:58 am

    Right. Keep a picture of Donald Trump near your computer next to a picture of all 538 legislators and with those famous words in the middle:


    You see if you look at that every day, then you will take some action every day towards that goal.

    I take it one step further–email my officials……quite often….YOU’RE FIRED!!!!

  55. No, bob strauss, you are mistaken. The section of the EO you cite, refers to people in “positions of public trust.” I understand you might think this would include the President but, common sense aside, you must interpret EO’s according to what they mean. “Positions of public trust” is a term of art. To find out which positions this includes, one has to look to the definitions section at the beginning of this EO. That the term “Position of Public Trust” appears there is your first hint this is a term of art. That is, it means something specific as opposed to, what common sense might interpret this to mean. Here, “positions of public trust” is said to have “the meaning provided in 5 CFR Part 731.” This requires going to the Code of Federal Regulations. Title 5 of the CFR deals with “Administrative Personnel.” (Title 3 deals with “The President.”) Here is the link to Part 731.101 of Title 5, which explains the purpose of Part 731, the section of the CFR referred to in the EO.

    Click to access 5cfr731.101.pdf

    In other words, for the last few weeks, Orly has been pursuing a legal strategy aimed at vetting BO, that has no basis grounded in the law.

  56. jbjd, what will it take to prevail over this usurpation?

  57. jbjd,
    Would the EO “public trust” apply to people like Rahm Emmanuel & other o appointees?

  58. Fernley Girl, I cannot answer your question about whether Chief of Staff is covered by this EO without first doing the research. Perhaps you c0uld begin the research by looking up the position of Chief of Staff.

  59. Will do later tonight, for now it’s out to the backyard to get my garden ready!

  60. jbjd,

    I have found no reference to exclusions to any employee for any item in the EO as cited in Title 5 of U.S. Code. Could you point me in the right direction?

  61. JeffM, are you saying Obama should be included in the persons of public trust in this EO?

  62. Thanks JJ.

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